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Paws & Claws Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Paws & Claws
Overall average rating of 4.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 57 %
Excellent service, very professional, helpful and approachable. Definitely would recommend them.
Good website with easy to follow requirements for your cat insurance
Haven't needed to use them this year, but their policies seem to offer good value for money
Very helpful Explained everything in detail when I asked because I was possibly leaving another company and didn’t want to make a mistake.Glad I did
Terrible. They just come up with a clause alright One that means they don't have to pay
Excellent cover at a very competitive price
Don't know what rating to use since I have only paid my money for the insurance and have not had a problem with my dog. However I was just about to contact you about problems he now shows !. He has developed a hearing problem and 2 He has cataracts in his eye/s. A Vet will easily solve these problems and after the amount of years I have been insured with you, I assume that my claim will show a positive reaction from you. Regards Tony Mc Glone
The website was easy to use and explained everything in detail. I made one phone call to customer services which was answered promptly and gave me the information I needed.
In my opinion is good insurance, but I have not made any claim, so I can't' say much!
Worst pet insurance company i have ever dealt with
Very pleased with Paws and Claws, have had a couple of claims and they have been dealt with very promptly.
Really pleased, never had any problems with any claims we've submitted. Always paid out what we were due for vets bills.
Smooths claims process and online renewals, no fuss.
Paws and claws have been excellent at settling the two claims we have unfortunately had this year but my premium has been hiked by £16 per month so not very happy about this. Can't change as previous problems will not be covered.
We've had a good service from P & C but very disappointed at the increased premium for this year. Up 95% taking us to nearly £1000 per annum. Any time I've rung them they've been able to answer queries and questions effectively. The staff have been very courteous and friendly too. A good Company despite the cost !!!
Great service, easy to use website.
They were pretty good until they upped my dogs coverage cost because she gained 0.4KG claiming that changed her from a medium dog to a large dog despite the fact my vet says there is no way she should be classified as large.
Very slow at paying claims, but always very helpful when telephone contact is made.
I found the Insurance renewal and change of payment seemless due to your staff being extremely helpful Roy Edwards
Excellent....many thanks
Good price, just joined so can't comment on service provided as yet.
Quote and purchase process was very easy and straight forward - the explanation of different levels of cover and what they meant was clear and understandable which I haven’t found to be the case on most sites. I haven’t had to claim, so we’ll have to see I that changes my view of / when I need to.
Awful company. They have taken nearly 6 months to settle my claim, and only paid out part of it. Repeatedly lost documentation, repeatedly re-requested information i had given to them, gave me email addresses that didn't work. Purpose of the company seems to be to deter you from claiming, and to minimise the pay out through dragging everything out. Do not use!
Never had any problem with this company always good customer service
came up to the mark when needed thank you very much
Awful experiance all round, will not be going back
Excellent insurer. When our dog needed eye operations they handled the claim promptly. We are loyal customers!
No need to use pet insurance as yet.But keeps me in touch any news.
Great company easy to contact helpful staff. Dealt with my claim quickly and efficiently
Positive customer experience.
They offer very comprehensive cover at a good price.
Very helpful and explained everything. Polite and friendly.
Easy to use website, all aspects of policy clear so able to make a good choice.
Great communication, very competitive price for the cover we are getting, cheaper and all the other ones I looked at
would have been a five vut you charged me £2.50 per month as my wife hadnt renewed. she didnt renew in September as she was very ill and unfortunately passed away.
No problems easy to renew
Mixed experience. Slow to review claims and release funds. Change premium rate to a very high premium as pet gets older, premium more than doubled in one year. We have 2 pets insured, we would chose an other insurer if we have another pet.
Quick & easy process and found cheaper then my previous company with all the same benefits which is a bonus
Was a shame they are not in the register at my vets , as I had to pay all the bills and then claim it back , why can’t you pay my vets direct , seems mad that I have to find the money first , someone was in front of me at vets and they checked and said oh you don’t have to pay we will get it direct from your insurers!!!!
Price of cover and level of cover was very good. 5 stars? - subject to response to claims (which we hope not to have to make!)
Despite calling three times I still cannot log-in to the online portal to download my paperwork and see the cover in place due to a circular error: register to login/ you can now login/ you're not registered / register to log in etc etc etc. Although i was finally emailed the paperwork I was also promised (twice!) that it will be sent out in the post. Over two weeks later nothing has arrived. I have been assured that the insurance is all set-up and correct but do not feel confident due to the poor systems in place. Call centre staff friendly and helpful but there's a disconnect between what they say will happen after they've pressed a button and what actually does. If simply setting up the insurance is this flaky I hope I don't have to make a claim.
Absolutely love the service provided for both of my dogs.
very reasonable price,
The easiest pet insurance set up, very helpful and attentive! Answered the phone pretty much straight away!
I obtained rescue dog with little or no information after a period of time she developed a infected uterus which required extensive surgery...fortunately having been insured with Paws & Claws my claim was dealt with quickly and efficiently despite some queries and the vets bill paid in full. Excellent service
Reliable, good communication and excellent service.
We had to make a claim when our yorkie injured his leg. It was dealt with really fast and without fuss. Thank you paws and claws
I think its unfair to charge the client a percentage of the cost of any veterinary fees on top of the excess, when the dog is over the age of eight years.
Great price & easy to arrange with support when wrong dob entered by mistake.
Having a very bad experience and wishing I never had choose this very bad company ! They told the vet that they send me emails asking information and I never replied and it's a lie...not setling my vet bill puts my beloved dog at risk now, I am now to seek advise in order to complain of them and will review this company so that others will be warned and could avoid the problems I am dealing now! Avoid [email protected] all cost!
Uncomplicated claim form. Quick payment
Set up insurance.. £35 a month . Assuming my dog has health cover. He needs dental care.... It's not covered The policy is unclear. Even they take a long time to find if your covered or not. They had to check the wording. Surely if they didn't know without research, how would I. Terrible insurance. My advice... Open a separate account and have a direct debit towards your vet fees. First time I need help, and there isn't any. !! Tough luck policy!
You only know how good insurance is when you claim!! have not had to yet, so time will tell.
Not had to use this insurance as the only time I had to take my dog Bella to the vets i had to pay as it came under the threshold. Disappointed the premium has gone up again this year as it's my third year and I have had to pay for her treatment anyway.
I Have been with Paws & Claws now for over 5 years with my Dog Baylee going into her sixth year ! Although they may not be the cheapest,I have never had a problem with them reference to paying for Baylees illnesses and operations in the past.They seem to be very quick with this process.
Though the bed I bought for my dog would be perfect for him. I can only get him to sit on it, he hasn't once lay down on it. I've even tried lying next to the bed but he still will not have it. However there's nothing wrong with it. It's a lovely bed, big enough for my greyhound to fully stretch on it, it's looks like a doggie camped.
The Paws & Claws Pet Insurance policy was best suited to our needs at a competitive price. Friendly and efficient customer service team.
Bit early to rate a company, would prefer to rate them after a claim if and when. So far have found them very helpful with setting up policy,
We have only just joined Paws& Claws, setting up the dog insurance on the phone was excellent and gave us all the information we asked for and also sent it all in the post, we looked at many pets insurers and found this one best for us.
Easy to set up the new policy for our dog & premium was reasonable. No claim yet, hopefully the procedure will be straightforward.
I had a very pleasant conversation with your adviser who answered all my questions, he was very helpful. Sorry I cant remember his name. I think the premium i am now paying is great as I was paying 3 times the amount. Hopefully I will not have to use the insurance but if I have the same experience I have had so far I will be a very happy customer who will be recommending Paws & Claws to my friends and family.
Just taken out the policy 2 days ago. when I checked the policy online some details were incorrect. Contacted by email about this. The site stated they would ring me, they didin't, they emailed asking for details the following day. Sent an email back with information for correction. Just logged on and checked, not been corrected yet. Price reasonable but far from the cheapest, did expect a bit better service.
Very easy to use website, good job
Totally unacceptable sales culture
Paws & Claws provided an excellent level of cover for our two Collies, at a fantastic price.
When telephoning you get through to the service very quickly not put on hold which is good, I would recommend This company to anyone
I really liked the choices of cover that were offered, the website was easy to navigate and the price was very good compared to others. So, overall very pleased.
Very good service when I had to claim. Insurance this year has gone up though so that is why it is 4 stars instead of 5 - still worth having though
So easy online to do
They have always looked after our pets very well and in my experience I would have no problem in recommending to other pet owners.
I am really pleased with my renewal policy. The customer service was very helpful and obliging.
Very efficient and helpful young man on the phone.
]excellent service and easy do set up.
All seems good but, fingers crossed, I have not yet had to make a claim for my dog.
Takes to long to settle a claim ,was also given wrong information about my policy when i queried a claim with them ,it took 3 phone calls for them to admit they had made a mistake
We bought annual health insurance for our wee dog. He is very precious to us and we know that vet costs can be very expensive. We bought pet insurance from PAWS AND CLAWS. We soon realised through other pet owners that PAWS AND CLAWS dont have a good reputation and went to their own web site and read reviews. We were shocked by what we read and decided to check out other insurance companies and got our dog better and more secure cover. We then contacted PAWS AND CLAWS and cancelled the policy. We were deeply shocked to see that they kept our money and said that they charged a cancellation fee for termination of a policy even though we acted with in a couple of days. We think this is disgraceful behavour from this organisation and we would advise anyone buying pet insurance to go else where. If any company needs to resort to this type of action to make their money, they cant be very good. Shame on you PAWS AND CLAWS.
Paws and Claws are a great pet insurance company
The price is fab and all I wanted in a pet insurance
Can't say that I am happy as you have doubled the cost if my insurance. No company takes into account all the money you have previously spent and not claimed against.
Not worth it nothing seems to be covered
Paws and claws are amazing
The application was easy to complete and response efficient. Let’s hope I never need the insurance but if I do I shall review then.
Was not easy adding a dog
They changed my policy part way through saying THEY had made the mistake and if I didn't agree they would revoke my insurance. It was a case of like it or lump it. They are still cheap though.
Claimed for my cat, excellent service and very quick in dealing my claim.
We have renewed our pet insurance through paws & claws. The cost of cover is competitive and you have the choice of 5***** cover, for peace of mind. Our golden lab (shadow) is now 13 1/2 years old and is still remarkably healthy, however, we know paws & claws will be there when we need them.
User friendly. Great price
Have both our cat and dog insured with Paws &0 Claws. Never had to claim for our cat, but couple of claims in relation to our dog early on in the insurance - claims were both settled, although slight debate over whether part of claim occurred within insured period. Overall, reasonably happy with this insurer, although quick to increase premiums!
No problems at all with this company. This is our second year with paws and claws. Found them to be very good.
Quote was very good. Best value for lifetime cover. Also extras other company didn't offer. Would have been 5 stars if website performed better.
Excellent price for comprehensive cover.
5 stars this time but I fear for future premium rises if this year is anything to go by. The company have always met and paid previous claims promptly and in full - I notice, however, that this year's premiums have jumped by around 30% - for a five year old dog this seems excessive.
changed my policy after starting with them 3 months in to say i wasn't covered for what i signed up for without claiming for anything would stay well clear mislead people
I'm a fortunate owner of an older cat because I have never had to make a claim, but the company offers me a cost-effective way of having peace of mind.
Just signed up for my six year old rescue dog and was very pleased with how easy the overall completion of the form was. Obviously I have not had to make a claim, so juries out on how that pans out. If it’s as good as it says then all’s well.
Warm friendly caring customer service. Quick and easy to deal with.
Excellent service was with another company put the price got a bit expensive
Setting up the policy was quick and easy. The only issue was the date of birth for my pet was incorrectly recorded. This was noticed as soon as the documents came through, contacted Paws and Claws as advised. Was told to contact them on the start date of the policy to amend, which seemed strange considering when arranging the policy, I was informed to let them know of any incorrect details as soon as possible. Contacted them on the policy start date to amend the date, was assured it had been amended as requested. When the new documents were available, the date was still incorrect, this led to repeated phone calls, speaking to different advisors each time in an attempt to change. After a stressful and inconvenient two weeks this was eventually sorted. Have decided to stick with Paws and Claws this year, but not sure if I will renew next year. Hopefully no claim will be required during the year as I'm not sure how easy it would be to get sorted
Good value considering lots are covered
So easy to deal with, answered all my question and everything was explained to me well. The person who took my call was very polite
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