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Pacific Specialty Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Pacific Specialty Insurance Company
Company Type: Private
Ticker Symbol: N/A
Year Founded: 1989
Address: 3601 Haven Avenue
City: Menlo Park
State/Province: CA
Postal Code: 94025
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 303-5000
Fax: (714) 998-3158
Overall average rating of 1.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 5 %
Insurance representative sold me "replacement cost" insurance. Pacific Specialty does NOT HONOR that statement in the least. They discount everything in your claim and try to not cover some items at all. They can send you a 24-page document AFTER you have a claim in small print where they exclude some coverage but that is bait and switch at it's worst. They don't return phone calls after you have a claim, try to beat down your contractors on pricing and coverage and illegally pay claims LONG after prices for materials have risen and do not adjust. Get OUT before you have a claim and are crucified by this horribly dishonest company.
My agent write my home policy with Pacific Specialty Insurance Company. We paid in full for one year. As every consumer aware that you pay to insurance companies all your life, when you have a claim, most of them pay the damage cost and close the chapter. Pacific Specialty Insurance Company's adjuster whose name is Patrick ** send their company appraiser to have an estimate for the hot water pipe and other damages repair cost. He did not satisfy or ignore their own employee estimate, ask us to send an estimate from the plumber who will repair the damage. We send a copy of the estimate copy. Patrick did not satisfied. In the meantime our tenant screaming every day that they can't live in the house because there is no hot water, and they moved to their cousin house. More than 20 days until we hired our plumber and paid to repair hot water pipe from leaking, there is more damages on the dry walls which yet not repaired since November 2013 until today January 14 2014 yet Patrick **, the company adjuster, fishing some excuse until you give up calling them.Every time you call, he return your call after one week or later and give you some nonsense reasons or same question over and over again because he couldn't come up with new excuses. Please anyone can help me or advise me to report other site, call **.
Their client ran into my son's car. It was clearly their client's fault. After 3 months they still haven't responded to my insurance's request for claim settlement. They don't answer phones, they don't return messages, they don't return emails. They are doing everything they can to hide from paying out a claim. It is pretty much fraud. Stay away from this company.
This place has cheap ** insurance! I use it for PLPD on a motorcycle so basically they are just taking my money for nothing and I can't ever get ahold of no one. :0( Has to be bogus insurance but I don't care if I get in a accident on my bike... Not expecting to live much less it being "my fault". This place won't even contact me to renew my crap ** insurance policy just to be legal. :0( I could never imagine if I had to use them for a claim!!! If you needed them for a claim you might as well go bankrupt... 100% total piece of ** company!
My tenant of 12 months was evicted due to major delinquent payments with involvement from the court and sheriff to force him out. Assessing the damage, I had discovered that he had left the house in chaos: broken, missing, or removed furniture such as light bulbs, kitchen tables, mirrors; cracked windows and destroyed blinds in about every room; severed kitchen fountain and defective cabinets. The entirety of the house was saturated with scribbles and tiny holes, and I had also found the walls behind the kitchen cabinets hammered in. The back and front yard were littered with the broken furniture and a massive quantity food waste, clothes, toys, and cardboard. Fortunately, the overflowed garbage bins were not toppled. When the appraiser came, he had a look with all of this damage along with high-quality pictures taken 3 to 4 years before of clean walls, appropriate devices, and a recently trimmed grassy backyard. The appraiser and -were confident that this was a case of vandalism and that I would be able to receive the insurance.I emailed my insurer of all the documents of missing payments, repeated damages the tenant cherry-picked to disclose, and proof of purchasing a locksmith due to tenant refusing landlord (me) access.I was incredibly infuriated when I read their response. It was a denial because all of these damages were unintentional and not vandalistic - that this squalor resulted due to house deterioration. Repeated contact of lengthy gaps always referred to an innocent and untarnished... denial. It is strange that every review supervised by Pacific: Facebook and their Website reviews, possess none of the criticism listed here, but this is just my speculation.
A microburst in my neighborhood did extensive damage to many homes knocking down power lines, trees and blowing off roofs. The roof from my neighbor’s house was blown off and landed on top of our block fence knocking half of it down. I called PSI and they took the claim report and sent an adjuster after a few days. The adjuster took pictures of the roof laying on top of our wall and the neighbor’s house and the damage caused. He stated that it was very obvious that the damage was caused by the roof and that we had a good claim. He promised to send in the report in 4-5 days to PSI, my neighbor’s insurance carrier, and he did. My claim was assigned to Larry ** who promised to handle this rapidly. Three weeks passed and he kept putting me off saying that it was being reviewed. I called him back a week later and he said it could be rejected because it wasn't my neighbor’s fault that the storm blew his roof into my property. I talked to my neighbor and he said PSI hasn't the hotel where he was staying and hasn't started fixing his house yet.I received a letter from them 6 weeks later stating that the claim had been rejected because no grounds were established that there was negligence on behalf of my neighbor and that if I wasn't happy with their decision, I could file a complaint with the California Department of Insurance. Better than that, I will file with the Arizona Department of Insurance and the Attorney General's Office. California has no jurisdiction in Arizona. I recommend all claimants file with their State ASAP.
During Super Bowl week heavy rains came to the Phoenix area. Our roof leaked badly causing significant damage to the inside of the house. I called the 24 hour emergency line and they told me to call Service Master or Servpro. We called Servpro and they went to the condo to dry it out. The bill was 4000 dollars. Servpro submitted the bill to my obscurant company and the company has never followed up, with them. That was in February 2015. The company has since denied the whole claim telling me that I could not prove that the heavy rains caused the roof damage. But it certainly caused the damage inside the condo. Drywall, ceilings, laminate flooring all destroyed. The insurance adjuster did tell me that had it been from snow load they would cover it. My point is that they told me to get Servpro to the house and I did but now they basically walked away. I would have travelled to Phoenix myself had they not told me that they had national accounts with Servpro and Service Master. That are a horrible company.
I am currently in the process of trying to cancel my insurance policy with Pacific Specialty Insurance for various reasons. They will not accept. First I attempted to cancel over the phone and got put on a loop. Eventually the person on the phone began to help me and said she had successfully cancelled my insurance policy. I still got billed for a month's worth of insurance. After calling them they told me to email them my policy number and some other personal information and they would complete the cancellation, no mention of a refund for my false charge was ever mentioned. Now that my email has been sent, it's been almost two weeks and I have not heard anything back yet. I'm typing this review because it is currently outside of business hours and I cannot contact them. I don't know what actions I can take since if I cancelled my credit card they would probably send the fees to collections and ruin my credit.
In April 2014 I filed a claim of water leakage and an adjuster was called out. He was shown everything from wet carpet, walls and tile coming off. I soon received a letter stating claim under my deductible. It seems they decided to omit/deny the shower pan leak saying it was 2 separate claims. I was furious and have been fighting ever since even involving the state board of insurance. Seems they weren't given all the facts. They finally sent out another adjuster to meet with the contractor. They both agreed that it was a shower pan leakage. You would think that would be it. Nope. Now they want to send out water leak detection company. My next step is attorney because they aren't getting away with this. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.
I have had several positive experiences with Pacific Specialty Insurance. They aren't nearly as bad as these reviews show them to be. When the hail storm hit, the claim was paid. It was as simple as that. I have several neighbors who were not happy with their insurance companies, and they had the "name brands" with all the TV commercials.
Simple water leak had insurance with this so called company PSI for over a year. Mr. Charles ** gave me every excuse why he wouldn’t pay for my claim. I’m so glad it wasn’t anything major and now I am definitely going back to Farmers Insurance. And on another note, when everyone in the office doesn’t speak English, that should have been my 1st sign to run and run fast. Word to the wise, if you find yourself wanting to get insurance with this company, not a good idea!
Pacific Specialty has wrongfully denied my claim. I have never written an article or a blog before, but there is always a first time for everything. This is my first time dealing with Pacific Specialty over my water damage claim. We had a clog in the master bathroom standing shower upstairs on a Sunday. However the rest of the master bathrooms, downstairs bathrooms, kitchen and toilets were functioning properly within the house. The use of washing machine upstairs caused a sudden and accidental discharge of water due to the stoppage on the residence premises.I have been a customer for Pacific Specialty Insurance company for over 7 years, with a history of zero claims and have always paid them for an entire year of policy coverage. I am not happy with Pacific Specialty, as they have wrongfully denied and are constantly misconstruing the facts of my claim. The company did not follow proper protocols when handling my claim. A claims adjuster, a person professionally trained to assess the damage to your property, did not visit us. We did not receive a "proof of loss" form to fill out and were denied a copy of the filed claim by the company. Our insurance agent (third party) contacted PSI on our behalf after the accident and we have no clue what paperwork was filled. The claim was denied on the same day it was filed without the plumber's written report which contained important information relating to the overflow.They are denying my claim on the basis of the provision that "water backed up from a sewer or drain" and from multiple fixtures in the house. The water only overflowed from the standing master bathroom shower and no other fixture in the entire home. The rest of the plumbing system in the house including bathrooms, kitchen and outside the home premises were working perfectly. There was a no backup on and off my home premises. As an average consumer, what am I do if my insurance company denies my claim? You can file a consumer complaint form with the California Board of Insurance. It's a simple online process, where you create an account and upload all the necessary documents. If your case is valid a case representative will be assigned to your case and will follow up with your insurance company. California Board of Insurance main goal is to protect consumer rights and can hold companies accountable. My case is currently open and I am hoping that they hold PSI accountable.You can file a complaint with NBC Bay Area consumer complaint and Michael Finney Contact 7 on your side. I have received a response from NBC asking for further correspondence relating to my case. Social media links like Linkedin, Facebook, and other blogging websites can be used to voice your story. A letter of complaint can be filed with the senior management of your insurance company. Public adjusters can help you with your claim, however only show interest if the damage amount is high. I spoke to several public adjusters and insurance agents during my research phase who advised me that our claim was being denied on the wrong basis. An inexpensive legal way to resolve your claim would be filing a complaint against the company in the Small claims court, where lawsuits can be filed by individuals for $10,000 or less, and where no one is allowed to have a lawyer.I would not recommend Pacific Specialty to any Bay Area consumer after my experience with this Palo Alto based company. Company performance and comparison date from the California Board of Insurance shows that they received 117 complaints in 2015 and 144 in 2014. Their complaint ratio is about 3 times higher than the industry average. Throughout our claim process, PSI has shown bad faith and poor business practices.It's very important for the consumer to do research on insurance company records prior to trusting their homes and car coverage in their hands. Companies like Pacific Specialty do not care about their consumers and families. For them it's all about reducing the cost of doing business. As homeowners, we rely on our insurance companies to stand by us and provide coverage against sudden accidents. It's unacceptable for insurance companies to deny claims wrongly and stick the consumer with the bill.
This company & I have had claims going on for 2 1/2 years with my filing a complaint with the Insurance Commission and the Contractors Board. PSIC hired a licensed contractor to UNDERBID my claims and issued checks per that contractors bid. I could not get anyone to repair the claims for the price I was paid so I phoned, emailed and faxed this same contractor to get in touch with me, advising him that the job was his for the amount that he quoted PSIC. No reply... I then filed a complaint against the contractor with the Contractors License Board, who dismissed at first but I then got in touch with the Chief of the Contractors Board in Sacramento, and he sent out an industrial specialist. I received more monies after but it took more than one year to get an engineer out to properly access the water damages after PSIC OWN adjuster advised that it was needed. I have it in writing. The suggestion for the engineer was mentioned in May 2012 but it was not until April 23, 2013 before PSIC was forced to send out Rimkus Consulting Group, whose report denied my claims.I was then forced to hire an engineer who disputed the Rimkus Report and PSIC again sent me a few dollars, but not enough to properly repair the damages. PSIC hired a company on 10/17/2012 to do an inventory of the water damaged items, and to this date they have not come up with a figure (today is 08/14/2014) as to what I will be paid for that.I have called their office to speak with the president of the company, Michael McGraw and was told by Michael **, that "that's NOT going to happen." Fortunately I have not had too many dealings but this company should not be in business, they are corrupt and they have raised my policy premium by almost DOUBLE and yet refuse to be fair on paying a claim properly.This has been the worst experience of my life since I lost my husband of 38 years three years ago. I caution everyone to please google "Complaints filed against Pacific Specialty Insurance Company" before you decide to insurance ANYTHING with them. The minute you submit a claim, they ignore you and I have begged to please close out my claims and yet they are still working on an inventory list that they have known about since 10/17/2014 and today the claims examiner claimed that she has not received a first class letter with a return address that I mailed off 3 weeks ago and their last 4 emails just "Bounce" back because they expect you to resend it and eventually just hope that you will give up and go away with the all the frustrations they create with their non professional tactics. I have dealt with at least 5-7 claims examiners and after reading all the complaints, I see I am NOT an isolated case. I wish I had googled them to begin with, but the broker who referred PSIC to me told me they had a good rating.... Of course they have a good rating... It's because they defraud their customers....Most of them just give up....My next step....?
I had a micro burst in my neighborhood. The insurance company first said that I needed to prove I have my roof repaired. I showed that proof. They then asked for a receipt of repair. I showed that. They then said the roof was over 25 years old, and I had to prove it had been replaced in the last 25 years. I obtained 2 letters from contractors stating it was not 25 years old. They then said I had to make a claim to get coverage, 1 and 1/2 years later, after going to the head of the company. They denied my claim, stating my roof was excluded, and none of the proof was good enough. Everyone else in the neighborhood got new roofs. From the $13,000 I filed for claim, they paid $2,500, depreciated everything else, or excluded from coverage.
I had a motorcycle policy for approximately 17 months. On the second year of my policy, I was on a payment plan to pay 4 installments that were to be taken out of my bank account. Little did I know was when I received my new debit card, the numbers on the back had changed and they were not able to debit my account. Found this out just before cancellation and paid over the phone which should have paid my policy in full for the year. The customer service talked about auto renewal and I stated that I didn't need that. Nothing else was said. A few weeks later, received a new bill, requesting $17 and change and threatened cancellation for non-payment but no explanation of why. Called customer service and she could not give any explanation. She referred to the auditors. A couple days later, my wife was contacted and told that because I stated that I did not want the auto renewal so, they added on a surcharge. (Why did they even ask when I made my payment??) My wife was told that we could fill out a form and reinstate the auto renewal to avoid the charge or pay. She opted to have customer service email the form. It was filled out and emailed back within an hour of receiving. We get a call a week later stating that our policy was canceled due to non-payment and that they did not receive the paperwork back in time. We sent it the same night we found out! Let the customer service know I was not happy and that it was their mistake. I didn't pursue it any further. Never had a claim, ticket or accident. If they can't handle basic customer service how are they going to handle something like an accident??
My Allstate agent set me up with Pacific Specialty for insurance for a motorcycle I just bought. I trusted my agent to do me right. Got the quote and signed papers without even reading them (not smart). When I finally got paper work from them I was surprised at what little coverage they were offering for such a high price. Checked online with Geico and got a price five times cheaper. I am saving over $300 a year with Geico. Now I have been waiting for over a week for my refund from Pacific Specialty. It only took minutes for them to take my money! Make sure you do your homework and read everything before you sign. Also don't trust a agent just because you have been with them for years.
I filed a claim on March 24, 2014 for a burst water heater that flooded my garage and part of my kitchen. It took me two days to get in contact with a real person about my claim. Then they assigned my claim to Karen who is disrespectful and unprofessional. She told me that I cannot claim any property that was not mine. I am married with two kids and she implied that their property was not covered and suggested I take it off the claim. When I confronted her about that she had no response. She then accused me of taking property out of my home and deliberately placing it into the flood area so that she can deny all of my personal property claim. I have never been so offended and disrespected in my life. Who purposely destroys perfectly good items to get the bare minim from a scam artist insurance companyMeanwhile my house has holes in the wall from the water damage and floors are destroyed as well. Tomorrow will be three weeks and I have no answer about my claim or when anything will be paid. I am sure they are trying to find a way to deny my claim. I pay a lot for my insurance each year and do not deserve to be treated this way. My children do not deserve to come home to a house with holes cut through the wall and floors destroyed. This is why we have insurance so that we can protect ourselves from these types of problems but it's clear that Pacific Specialty goal is to take people money and never pay anyone's claim. How is this company still afloat. I will do all I can to let people know what kind of company this is and to stay far away from them. I even called my producer and told her I was disappointed for the suggestion and to make sure she send no one else to this horrible company. Just pay me my money so I can get on with my life.
Dont buy their home Insurance. They made it very difficult to cancel. I have to call their customer service. Call my Allstate agent twice. Write 2 emails to Pacific Specialty and 2 emails to my Allstate insurance agent to cancel. They never reply back whether my Insurance policy is cancel or not. I feel very frustrated.
I paid in advance for a year of motorcycle insurance. When I cancelled my insurance 10 months in because I had to sell my bike, I composed then faxed a letter to them requesting a refund for the difference which is what THEY said I had to do. I should have received +/- $33 back and instead received only $10.84. Not a huge financial deal but right is right and wrong is wrong. When I called for the difference, they said that $100 of the cost of the insurance is "non-refundable" and that costs were incurred to run my DMV check when I proved to them right off that I have a M1 license and have for a number of years now. The lady at PSI made sure she kept talking so I couldn't get a word in so after 5 minutes of listening to her drone on and on I just hung up and decided to blog them to let everyone else know what a shoddy business they are. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, THEY WILL BURN YOU FOR MONEY!!!
Rain seeping into back door under laminate and causing the subfloor to soften and laminate floor to buckle. They denied my claim because it was rain instead of a leaked pipe that caused it. These people find any reason to deny your claim. We'll be changing. We also had a cooler leak into our ceiling. They fought me on this. Also only give us enough to put a band-aid on it instead of fixing it.
It will take me a book and half to go into full detail as to why you should stay clear of this company....but I will say that they are a FRAUD company. It has been over 3 years since we had a fire in our house to only (to this day) never once have been paid a single cent from them. After retaining an attorney and subpoena all of their records for our case, SEVERAL illegal situations on their part has proven that this company is nothing but a scam. Take all of these testimonies seriously and AVOID this company! You know it is a good case, when you have several attorneys begging you to take on this case!
I bought insurance with this company and when my roommate rode my bike and got into an accident they refused to cover it saying that if a person lives at the same address as I do they have to be of 35 years of age or be registered on the policy. Their process to arrive at this decision took 8 weeks and I had to follow up with the agent every week - otherwise there was no communication from their end. I feel like I have been scammed and would not recommend this company for anyone. I am also not happy about SF Moto (an otherwise great dealership) recommending this company to me. It was my first bike and I had no idea that bogus insurance policies like mine exist. Not even sure it is compliant with state laws. Reporting them to the BBB.
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