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NJM Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: NJM Auto Insurance
Year Founded: 1913
Address: 301 Sullivan Way PO Box 428
City: West Trenton
State/Province: NJ
Postal Code: 08628
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 232-6600
Overall average rating of 3.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 50 %
It's a good when they take your premium but this company refuses to pay a trauma reconstructive surgeon fair customary fees for services performed. They are basically paying doctors the minimum wage. Hence, poor payment equilibrates with inability to provide quality care.
My windshield was cracked in the summer and Safelite came out for repair, no problem. Then last week during one of the snow storms the crack grew larger splitting my windshield. I contacted NJM to report a windshield replacement claim and was on the phone a long time giving details of the claim and set up an appointment with Safelite. I contacted Safelite to confirm and they advised me NJM never set up a claim and my windshield had to be ordered and I had to now reschedule a new appointment date. Therefore if I didn't call I would have waited all day and no one would have showed. The damage ended up being under my deductible so my question is what did I actually need NJM for? The inadequate girl answering the phone, didn't even know how to process a claim properly.
I have had NJM car insurance since I received my license at age 17. I have never had a problem with the insurance company. At age 26, I have gotten in 1 accident over the years and NJM was very easy to deal with throughout the process. My entire family uses this company and loves it. If you have to call them the people you speak with are very easy to deal with. If you get insurance for your house through them too then they give you discounts.
NJM was very helpful and prompt with payment when I filed a claim. You get to speak to a representative when you call. However, adjuster was not accurate. I had to fight about a flood claim when car got flooded trying to say there were dents before flood which was not true.
I got my car repaired and fixed, and their Claims Dept (Tina and Donna) would not reimburse the money. They cheat and betray and back out on their own words, even when everything is documented. They are bunch of liars and cheaters. Now I would have to take them to the court.
New Jersey Manufacturers is a great company. They are very easy to work with, to set up and maintain your policy. They handle claims quickly and efficiently. Their reps are very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Best of all, they pay you 2 dividends a year!
The very best insurance company in the whole wide world. Everything went great and I got more than I expected!!! They even give out tremendous dividend bonuses but you have to be a government employee to be eligible for this insurance. Sorry!!!
I have been with NJM for several years, and always received good service. I have not experienced any problems with NJM. Filing a claim was not a problem - response was quick, and fair. I have no negative comments.
I have used NJM insurance company since I was on my parents policy at age 17. When I moved out on my own I purchased my own policy. Since then I have married and added my husband to my policy. We have had a few claims over the years and they have always been helpful, nice, and resolve the claims quickly and to our satisfaction. Would recommend to others!
I filed a claim with N.J. Manufacturers about a three years ago. I was involved in a minor car accident out of state. I was stopped in heavy traffic on the Pa. Turnpike and my foot slipped off the brake pedal in my car and I rolled into the car in front of me. I pulled to the side of the road and checked to make sure no one was hurt, etc. The owner of the car was very hostile and when I suggested that we should contact the police, she refused. To make a long story short, I continued on to my destination in Pa and the women went her way. We did in fact exchange driver's license, insurance cards, etc. I telephoned N.J. Manufacturers that very day and explained to them what had happened. There was no damage to any one in either vehicle and very little damage to either car. After (2) years with no claims filed against me, this woman hired a lawyer and is now trying to sue me for damages physically for her son and damages to her vehicle. I have only had (2) calls from N.J. Manufacturers in last (3) years. I was told they were going to investigate this claim but as of this date I am still in the dark as to any outcome in this matter. I have had N.J. Manufacturers for many years and I don't say they are a bad company, but I still feel I have a black cloud hanging over my head and I don't know what to expect to happen in the future.While I still feel N.J. Manufacturers is a great insurance company, I am a little disappointed in my current dealings with them, but I believe the company could keep me informed a little bit more as to the proceedings in my current situation and I hope that they are doing everything they can to resolve the present issue I have with a claim filed against me.
The cheapest insurance and all others say they cannot compete with their prices. They are always available to answer questions and if not then they get back to you very very quickly. If you have a claim, they are extremely helpful in finding repairs for your car, a rental car for you to use in the meantime and all the proper medical help for any injuries.
They are cheaper than the other companies. Another company tried to greatly increase my rate just because of my age even though I had a perfect driving history... I then switched to NJ Manufacturers. They give members a check at the end of the year part of dividends which is nice.
I rarely have to call, because fortunately I have little need to do so, however when I have a need the process is painless. All it takes is one phone call and everything gets done without a problem. I am sure I could get insurance for less, but I could also get other things for less too, and I am not going to base my decision on cheaper deals. I have had NJM for more years than I care to count and when the need arises I feel that this company will address my needs in a responsible way.
We now have AAA Roadside Assistance thanks to NJM! Working with NJM's Roadside Assistance (which is included in our insurance coverage) was a horrible experience! My vehicle broke down and had to be towed. My husband and I both tried calling, but kept getting an automated system. I finally just stopped resisting and went through the whole request process through automation. Shortly after, we received a text stating that it would be a 90 minute ETA for the tow truck which was understandable since it was 11:00 p.m. at night. I ended up canceling the tow request and got an Uber home since it was so late.On the way back to my vehicle the next morning, I called NJM Roadside Assistance again for a new tow request. I spoke to a live person and asked her if it was normal for it to be automated after a certain time. She said no, and that she would have to speak to her supervisor about that. I gave her all of my information and was told I would receive a text with the tow truck information and ETA.After 30 minutes, I still had not received a text so I called back. They said the request was put on hold, but they didn't know why. So, I had to give them all of the information again with no explanation as to what happened with our first request. I then received a text with a 90 min ETA. When we had approximately 15 minutes left to wait, we received a call stating that the tow truck backed out due to a multi-vehicle accident. They stated they would send me a new text with a new tow truck company and ETA.We received the text with a 60 minute ETA; however, the price for this tow increased by $30. The tow truck finally arrived, and we followed him to our garage. When we went to sign the paperwork, the tow truck driver advised that NJM did not include the tolls cost in our final price. He was nice enough to let it go, but he also mentioned that the other tow company is known for backing out and NJM is aware of it. So, in the end, we wasted an entire day waiting because NJM dropped the ball several times throughout this entire process. While we waited for the tow, we signed up with AAA who we always had previously, but cancelled when we got NJM. Now we know better so thanks NJM for letting us know that your roadside assistance leaves much to be desired!!!
I been with them for over 15 years, with the same vehicle. My rate has reduced due to the age of my car and I receive a rebate deduction each year. The price is right for me.
Small but reliable, willing to work with you if you have a spotty history. I had a DWI and that was not a deterrent to them continuing to renew me for many years and lowered my premium.
They are easy to deal with. We always speak to a real person and the dividends are great. The renewal process is easy and quotes are given in advance so we have plenty of time to review and ask questions.
New Jersey manufacturers has excellent rates, excellent customer service. They send rebates home every year. They also offer other insurance options such as homeowners. New Jersey manufacturers is a local New Jersey based company. New Jersey manufacturers has a wonderful payment plan. Will adjust your payment schedule to fit your needs. I've been with New Jersey manufacturers since 1997.
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