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Nationwide Pet Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Nationwide Pet Insurance
Formerly Named: Veterinary Pet Insurance
Address: P.O. Box 2344
City: Brea
State/Province: CA
Postal Code: 92822
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 872-7387
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 2 %
In July 2016 we rescued a dog with no medical conditions from the shelter. In Sept 2016 He got into some cupcakes so we took him in to get checked out because he had some diarrhea and was scratching at his ears. They checked for mites and said he had dry skin but still got a healthy pet check up with no issues. In Dec 2016 we decided to get Nationwide Pet Insurance just in case.After getting the policy I took my dog in because he was scratching at his ears. He was prescribed medication for an ear infection and possible allergies. He was put on a special allergy food for 3 months to wean out food allergies and given allergy medicine and an ear medication. He is still itching and still on his food diet however nationwide declined all claims because they said he was previously treated for allergies when he was not. We still do not know what my pet is itching from so even though the diagnosis is still not found or treated they said they will not cover anything because he was seen before we had insurance for itching.I'm sorry but that is ridiculous. If I went into the doctors because I had a rash and was itching and then a month later I went in because I got bit and was itching.. you are telling me you are going to treat me the same because it was an itch. No! The symptoms may be the same but the issue is not. Nationwide just groups everything together so they basically will not cover anything. So I called to get confirmation for my denied claims which I got hung up on the first time and the second time the lady was rude saying to cancel if I felt they don't cover anything but I couldn't cancel with her, it needed to be in writing. Also at the beginning of the call you can stay on the line to do a survey. She refused to hang up so I could not do the survey.
My dog, who recently passed away has been with VCA since 2003. I had pet insurance before most people I know, there were also very few options at the time. Thankfully I never had to use it or make any significant claims for the last 12 years. My dog was, however, recently diagnosed with Heart Murmur which progressed to Heart Failure in last 3 months. I am furious as the claims they are paying out are terrible relative to what I have spent taking care of him. The thresholds are based on a national average that have not been updated since 2008!! I am also in the state of CA where everything is more expensive so payouts they are offering are nowhere near in line with what our averages are. They mentioned that they offered newer improved plans since I started with them. I reminded them that my dog has always been on the best plan they offer. I think its outrageous that I am a long term customer of theirs and am being punished for not having the latest plan. Note it is likely my dog would not have been eligible for new upgraded plan because he was diagnosed with heart murmur earlier than 2010 which is when the plans were upgraded.I am paying more insurance premiums per month for a dog than many people have for themselves in this country and to be told that there is nothing they can do because they can't change the premium payouts is outrageous. The representatives are also clueless and just push back with the same explanation. Terrible company, will no longer recommend. There have to be better out there. VPI was just one of the first MANY years ago which is why I picked them but they don't really seem to care. DO NOT use them as there are far more and better choices these days. I am disgusted. Like one other post said, you would be better off creating a savings account with the $40 (give or take) per month for your pet and put it away for emergencies, would likely come out ahead.
I had pet insurance with another carrier. Through my husband's job, we were supposed to get a "big" discount if we went with them. We had 5 dogs (3 were rescues), one of which was a Newfoundland. Prior to signing with the new insurance company, I was instructed that she was approved for insurance. The only exception was if she had cancer even though 5 cancer tests were done before she would be accepted. I paid for a ** load of medical tests before they would take her. I got the acceptance letter. I called the old pet insurance company and cancelled out the policy. Before they cancelled it, they told me that VPI would find excuses not to pay any claims. I figured it was just bad talk between 2 companies. So I blew it off.I brought my Newfoundland to the vet. She had serious ear infections (normal for most dogs) and a skin allergy, to what we don't know. The vet bill was over $450 for just her alone. VPI refused to pay a dime! It was all pre-existing! Of course, the customer service rep was "kind enough" to explain what wasn't covered after I had already cancelled the old policy. The policy I got was for full coverage. It pays for spays, teeth cleaning once a yr, shots, on and on and on.I brought my Chihuahua in for a routine exam (part of the plan and it was to be paid for). Her bill was $90. Yet again, VPI didn't pay **. I've literally had to place my Newfoundland with the Newfy rescue, because I could no longer afford all the vet fees. In the last 3 years, I've paid out over $15,000 in vet bills. Yes, that's the real cost, not a typo.Do your homework before you get pet insurance. The big break in price? 5% Spay? They didn't pay a dime. Yearly shots? Not a penny. Of course, now I can't go back to the first policy, so as usual, I got screwed. They suck. They lie; they tell you what you want to hear. When it comes down to it, they are worthless. I was paying over $250 a month for pet insurance. Okay, I've ** enough.Feel free to respond. I hope this helps someone.
I’ve had insurance. The VPI Pet Insurance and then they became Nationwide. I signed up for my second dog and learned they took away a lot of coverage from what VPI offered my first dog. I took my new puppy for regular checkups and on the 3rd visit she had some nasal drainage. Turned into pneumonia and Nationwide denied the claim trying to say it was “pre-existing”. They only offered codes and when I asked for the reasonings and proof their underwriting team used to back up their claim, I was told I don’t get to see that. Then the manager told me that Because the dog had diarrhea listed from a food change, that Nationwide would also list that as pre-existing so any claims in the future would be denied. I never even filed for that and they took whatever they could to make sure they deny anything!!! They steal your money and do everything to line their pockets.
I took my dog into the vet three times for stomach issues. On the third visit, they diagnosed her with Giardia. Because Giardia is not covered by the insurance, they claimed that all three visits will not be covered. They claimed that it was based on the final diagnosis. Nationwide allow themselves to deny your claims based on final diagnosis. There was no diagnosis of Giardia for the first and second visit. All I got was meds for my dog. It's unfair that they can go back and make that call. There was nothing on the receipt that said she was diagnose with Giardia until the 3rd visit. This doesn't mean that she had it all this time. What is it was a year later. Will they go back a year and deny the claim? I can't deal with companies like this. I cancelled my policy today. Both receipts doesn't show a diagnosis of Giardia. Not until the 3rd treatment.
This company will give you any and every reason to not pay claims. I wish I had done my research before signing up with them. I used to have Petplan and never had a single problem getting reimbursed, however Nationwide had better coverage with lower rates for my older dogs. I have 4 dogs insured with Nationwide. They will honor all claims until your deductible is met and then when it comes time for them to pay up after deductible is met they won't. They ask for vet records, they notify you of 30 day extensions for processing, and then will find any reason to deny a claim. This company is bogus. I will be taking all of my business back to Petplan.
This is a terrible company! I have had this insurance for 12 years. When my pet was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, Nationwide will not pay because my vet diagnosed my dog with an ultrasound rather than a biopsy (I can't make this up). The biopsy would have killed her! Their vet completely agrees with my vet on my dog's treatment but said Nationwide was bound by the language of how to diagnose this illness. I guess treatments don't change in 12 years. This is absolutely pathetic.
First Nationwide customer service representatives are very professional and helpful. However, I have been waiting over 4 months for my claim. They asked for medical records and at first denied my claim saying my dog's surgery happen in 2007, when the claim was clearly for May 2016. I emailed Nationwide and called California Insurance Bureau to complain. My claim was magically under review again. Received 3 letters so far, they need 30 more days. Still waiting and no payment. To be continued...
I filed a complaint with my state business department, but you should avoid this insurance company at all costs. They delayed my claim for over 3 months before denying it based on ‘pre-existing conditions.’ Which is BS. My healthy 4-year-Old cat needed her teeth cleaned. The vet claimed there could be a chance they would need to pull teeth, but they wouldn’t know prior to cleaning. They ended up pulling three teeth but Nationwide denied entire claim stating the need for a cleaning was a pre-existing condition to teeth being pulled. Explain how that makes any sense. Teeth cleaning is basic care.
When this was VPI they were wonderful, then Nationwide took over and what a nightmare it has been. Their favorite answer is DENIED....followed by "we need more information". I have gotten EVERYTHING they need, having gone to my veterinarian myself to get it....STILL "we need more information." This is a typical insurance company... Deny deny deny until the customer, who pays a buttload of money to have the insurance, gets frustrated and just pays out of pocket. My cat was recently diagnosed with very aggressive cancer and now I REALLY need Nationwide... I've been with them/VPI for YEARS and 3 cats... They are heartless and couldn't care less.
I extensively researched insurance companies and was assured by a VPI rep when I was considering signing up that usually when people don't have all of their costs covered, it is because they don't have the top of the line plan. He literally said to me that if I got the best possible plan, that VPI covers '100%' of the costs as long as it wasn't for flea medicine or preventative'. I grilled the rep about this - I said 'so I won't get a bill if he gets ill and gets a diagnosis that you will only cover 50% of, as long as it's also not a pre-existing condition'? "Absolutely not", he says.Well, after two unfortunate illnesses later for my dog, this is a JOKE. For one of my claims, even though the doctor put the primary diagnosis as crystals in my dog's bladder, they counted that as a 'secondary diagnosis' and then said that his primary diagnosis was 'ultrasound'. First of all, how is 'ultrasound' a diagnosis? And they covered the $90 ultrasound but only covered $300 of the $750 of the other tests the vet had to do to diagnose crystals. What??? My dog had to go into emergency because he was peeing massive blood, and the vets did an x-ray to make sure it wasn't a tumor, and an ultrasound to see the crystals better. Then when he still had problems later in the week they did another test to make sure the crystals weren't blocking his urinary tract. I am so confused why this isn't all covered since it all has to do with his diagnosis. Further, they had told me on the phone they cover 100% of legitimate diagnosis costs with the Major Medical Plan.I am sooo pissed! At this point I literally saved no money getting the plan since I could have saved that almost $500, and it would have been the exact same cost of just paying all of his bills. As far as I can see they try to make it really complicated so that the 'normal person' won't be able to understand how they break things down and reimburse you. But my best friend is a vet, so I am having her look things over so that I can try to fight back - so far she said that the way they break it down is bogus. I am so mad at myself for listening to the VPI rep and not the bad reviews.DO NOT GET THIS INSURANCE! I am happy to jump on any class action suit. I might even consider suing myself, in fact, once I finish getting my case reviewed unless they decide to reimburse me more.
I purchased as a new voluntary benefit through my work this year. Sales explained what it would cover, turns out they flat lied. We have owned dogs and cats for over 30 years so we are not new to the pet world and were excited to buy insurance based on what we were told. We bought the Wellness plan, 6 months later our claim was denied and every charge was deemed as pre-existing. Nationwide has vets on staff to pick apart your pets' health to deny all claims as pre-existing. Don't listen to the enrollment sales staff. They will not cover dentals and other issues, they will delay your claim 60-180 days and only pay a small portion of your claim if you are lucky and fight for it. Don't end up like us wasting your money on an insurance and ultimately paying 100% of your pet care - Nationwide Insurance and Wellness plan is a SCAM! I believe a class action lawsuit will be picked up on this service in short time as if you research online everyone is seeing similar issues.
We purchase a insurance for our dog and all claims got denied. They said my dog had a pre-existing condition. My dog is 1 year old and I purchase a insurance when he was only 1 month. Please share this so they would not do again. Worst service ever.
I had contacted VPI for pet insurance. I was told they needed a 12-month history from my vet. I had contacted my vet and they needed my signature of approval. So they faxed everything over after signing. A month had passed and they contacted me that they have not received anything from the vet. So my dog was in an accident during all this. So, I was going back and forth for my vet to fax and confirming if VPI had received it. Nothing. They do not receive their faxes in an approximate timely manner. I emailed customer service and they had told me that it's noted in my account that they contacted me and they never received it until two months after. I was trying to get my effective date changed prior to the accident since they did not receive the fax. The gist of all this is they told me that if they faxed it and it was confirmed that it was sent and they haven't received it, then it would not be their fault and they could do nothing about it.
I had another dog who I had insured with VPI, which nationwide has now taken over. I had a very positive experience with it, so when I got 2 new pups a few years later, I decided to go with them again. I’ve had the plan for the past couple of years. The premiums have inched up a few dollars per year, and were now approximately $80 each per month per dog. I had the 90% plan with $250 deductible per year per dog. The money was deducted automatically monthly from a credit card.I sent in a minimal claim for both dogs for a visit a few months ago. I had been waiting for the reimbursement check. Finally, after a long time, I got a letter stating that they needed a diagnosis... It was just for a check-up. There was no diagnosis... And they said I needed to send paperwork from the vet, which I had already done.Now, a few days ago, I get a letter telling me my cc payment didn’t go through. So, I call them and begin the update. I ask the rep what’s going on with the 2 claims I sent. She informs me that one of my dogs wouldn’t be reimbursed anything because his policy lapses in June!!! What??? I said, "How can that be when you automatically hit my card for both dogs every month??" She says they sent me a letter informing me about it in June... Nope!!!! No, no, no!!! They did not! She looks back in her records and says she sees I called in June to update payment for the policies. And, oh! The rep never updated for one of the dogs!!!I was furious!! She apologizes and says I can bring the policy up to date by paying $560!!! I said, "Why should I pay that when he wasn’t even covered. If I had gone to the vet, would you still allow that to happen, and pay??" All she does is apologize and keep telling me I’d need to pay. I got a supervisor on the phone, and she did the same.I ended up canceling BOTH policies. All in all, I’m not so sure it’s such a great deal. I was paying almost $2000/year plus 10% of anything I had done. Hmmmm??? A person who made the suggestion in an earlier post to put aside the money every month into a separate account may be on to something. That’s exactly what I plan to do. Nationwide was definitely not on my side. :(
I switched from Trupanion to Nationwide November 2016. Huge mistake!!! Nationwide looks for loopholes to not pay. Absolutely everything and anything is a pre existing condition. My dog developed Hypothyroid and they claimed it was pre-existing condition. I was able to prove that was not the case since her thyroid was checked in June of 2016 and was completely fine. They still claimed that it must have been pre-existing. Her Doctor was completely appalled and will no longer recommend them EVER!!! Additionally she wound up with surgery removing a small mass cell. They also did not cover it because they felt it had to be a pre-existing condition. They have no proof it was, in fact her doctor records show otherwise. This assessment took over two months. All their claims take at least 30 days and then they ask for more time. I have had nothing but huge problems with them. Do not use them, they are scam artists.
I have had one of our Bulldogs insurance for almost 14 years when Nationwide was VPI. Ever since Nationwide bought out VPI the service, paying of claims and customer care is a joke. We recently added our Bulldog puppy to the insurance because of the discount I get through my employer and that was my first mistake. Everything is a pre-existing condition, they do this so they don't have to pay any claims. I have submitted around $800 in claims and Nationwide has paid $57.69. WOW, what a joke. They have people answering the phone that know nothing and you are not "ALLOWED" to speak to anyone else. Sounds fishy to me that you can't talk to someone that actually handles the claims. AND it takes over a month to get paid on a claim or denied on a claim. I have another bulldog and a cat insured with Nationwide and I will NEVER use them again. PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND USE A REPUTABLE COMPANY. Nationwide Pet Insurance is a ripoff and a joke.
If looking for pet insurance, please look elsewhere. They have denied several claims that were submitted to them. They will keep requesting medical records. Even when they do have all your pet's medical records, they will still continue to ask for them over and over and then they will continue to deny your claims. Also they will keep increasing your premium yearly. My dog had a bad reaction to a medication and we had to rush her to the nearest emergency hospital. And yes her claim was denied. The reason stated was they needed medical records. DON'T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!!
I was very disappointed that surgery for a torn ACL on our dog would not be covered until we had the policy for a year. The fact that they would not cover even though it was an unforeseen accident was enough for me to cancel my policy.
I had insurance through its predecessor, Veterinary Pet Insurance, which had been good up until my last dog's last illness, at which point it dragged its feet in paying what it owed under the policy. Bought another dog right afterwards & insured again, and found Nationwide, which bought VPI, more reliable, though had no major health issues until recently. Veterinary hospital I was referred to said Nationwide is excellent. I hospitalized my dog there for two days. He had incurred an infection from somewhere, though hospital not sure where or which one. Nonetheless, the care there is excellent and expensive. I submitted bills of $3700 to Nationwide. Today I was informed by email that are reimbursing me $545. Annual premium has risen over the years to $800. I relied on insurance to incur big expenses I might have avoided - by choosing less expensive facility - had I know this is how Nationwide would treat the claim.
My miniature pinscher Sporty passed away from kidney failure and pancreatitis. My veterinarian and I submitted all documentation, itemized invoices etc. and they refused to pay as they stated the itemized information showed a high grade fever. They only use their specific codes and said that their organ failure/death code was a high grade fever which, of course, is not covered. My vet has resubmitted the information they requested two more times and (of course) NW claims to have not received it. Do not purchase this insurance for your beloved animals as you are simply throwing your money away. Sporty was older so his policy was almost $1200 his last year and they don’t want to pay anything for him having kidney failure. They also have horrible customer service and threaten to hang up on you so they don’t have to deal with an unsatisfied customer. Purchase the insurance from a company that is there for you in your time of need. Not Nationwide which codes your dog's death from kidney failure as a fever so they don’t pay claim.
All the money that I put on that insurance out the 100% of the money they only cover 10% and they always loopholes. It’s a waste of money. Big name for nothing & if you cancel the insurance that doesn’t work. They keep the money. So yes, might as well just burn money. “Miss we only cover this vaccines, not those”. Hey, I need my cat to get his teeth cleaned. - "Miss the insurance only covers if the cat need dental surgery but we can only cover if the teeth need to be extracted". What? So my cat has to be in severe pain and about to lose his teeth in order for the insurance to cover only 25% and then I have to pay out of pocket??! This insurance is a scam. Worst experience ever. I regret the moment I decided to get this insurance. Banfield Hospital has a better insurance and they cover everything and it’s cheaper and it’s a PET HOSPITAL. This insurance company is a scam and so many loopholes...
I have the Nationwide whole pet with wellness plan on my three Maine Coons cats and had it on my Maine Coon who passed this year. In December 2017, one of Maine Coons became sick really fast. Two emergency vet visits and a hospital referral. Well after 4 days in a hospital ICU, and over $6000 later, his diagnoses came back as Stage 5 Lymphoma in his spine/central nervous system and it had progressed to his kidneys. He had a small eye issue on Dec 10, and a comprehensive blood test, as well as urinalysis, were done and everything was good, he was perfect. It wasn't until Dec 21 when he started to decline. All it took was 10 days from start to finish. He was only 17 months old and never had any prior issue during his life. The only time he visited the vets for regular check-ups and neutering. Just like that, he went from healthy to terminally ill. We had to say goodbye on Jan 1, 2018. Nationwide paid what the plan said they would pay, the 90% after my $250 deductible was met. Not a single claim or the items within the claim were denied. He had x-rays, specialized bloodwork, ultrasounds ($400), MRI ($1700), and spinal tap performed. One particular test on his spinal fluid was over $500, just for that one test. They could have very easily denied my first couple of claims, which were the regular check-up and neutering because I did not submit them in a timely manner. I submitted them all at once with various visits throughout the year. But they didn't, they reimbursed me the 90% of the bills after I met my $250 deductible. His policy renewed in mid-December so I had to meet my deductible once again in the middle of his diagnoses.
In hindsight, I wish I had paid myself $30/month during the life of my dog and used that money to pay the recent higher vet bills than to have paid for this pet insurance for my dog. For most of my dog's life, the insurance was under VPI. Also, for most of his life, I paid for the insurance and he did not have any issues, but now that he is older, he has had some problems. One thing to note -- they exclude anything to do with a dog having worms, under the major medical plan. Also, after paying into this for so long, I would have expected the policy to cover more than just a fraction of the vet costs. Instead, there is the deductible, and then there are some type of limits on what they will actually pay for different conditions or treatments. Overall, if I had to do this again, I would NOT pick this pet insurance. I never had to make a claim when it was under VPI so I can't speak to that. I insured my cat under Trupanion instead.
VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) started pet insurance at least over 15 years ago and was maybe the first, or one of the first Pet insurance companies. Sadly that is the only positive. Gather from all the customer complaints they went under and Nationwide stepped in to swoop in the brand and hide it under their well known name (It would only appear). I had Nationwide and after bought the policy paperwork came in with what do you know VPI written on it. Very sneaky--bait and switch!! VPI is horrible so I recently dumped them for the same reasons everyone else is complaining about--Claim timing and excuses. Snail speed processing, coverage avoidance and more. This company continues to hide behind excuses and utter false reasoning for delays. I have had Heathy Paws with a deceased pet and NEVER NEVER had such hold ups, which is why I cancelled this Nationwide (VPI) weeks back and went to Healthy Paws for my new pet. Please be smart and do your research as people speak and the web knows.
My husband was provided pet insurance through his employer. We signed up, began paying premium and provided them all info we had from our senior rescued dog. Nationwide denied first 2 claims stating we didn't meet the deductible. Now they won't reimburse his ear infection or the follow up because they want records from years before we had the dog. The dog was neglected for 8 years in someone's backyard. There are no records and when we tell Nationwide they continue to ask for records from 11/2016.One letter states if we have no records, provide the most current. And we did several times from our vet, the rescued invoices were sent and Nationwide ignores and refuses to reimburse. I have filed a formal complaint with the State of CA. Nationwide also admitted that they failed to underwrite the dog properly prior to our getting him because my husband signed up as a work benefit. They stated that they have discontinued that set up because it's caused so many problems. Yet, I am out claims & credit card fees. I have cancelled Nationwide and you should stay away too.
The only reason I gave it a 1 is because they were previously VPI insurance and I had no complaints. Do not use Nationwide. I wish I had done the research and read these reviews prior. I have had them for 10 years. The premiums have gone up tremendously and not only do they reject 98% of my claims, they have paid almost close to nothing when a claim is approved. For example, on a $100 claim, if they accept it, they send you a check for $5.00. They make up exclusions that are conveniently not on the policy packet you receive when signing up. Please save your money and take it to a better business. I have a small claims pending! They shouldn't be allowed to do this!
VPI ( is a rip off. I paid extra each month for the Major Medical Coverage for my dog. We have had this coverage since he was a puppy. For his recent claims, he had several different doctor appointments that for whatever reason were not covered. Several diagnostic procedures that were not covered, and what was covered was reimbursed at a fraction of the actual cost. My dog has never been sick, in fact, I never even put a claim in until now. I always felt comfort in knowing that if my dog had a major medical incident, this coverage would help pay for it. My dog had an eye issue, which ended up being a tumor on his optic nerve. We had regular vet bills & procedures, eye specialist visits and procedures, specialist hospital visits and procedures, including an MRI and surgery. Total of about $8800 out of pocket, and we have received just over $2600 from VPI. We have received 30.2% reimbursement of required doctor visits and procedures. These were not optional, everything was required in order to figure out what was wrong, and take care of him. The worst part was his $5000 major surgery, with hospital stay and everything - was only reimbursed as $1275. He had his eye removed, a large tumor removed, and 2 nights stay & intense care - and they think its worth only $1275! Nuts! I didn't expect full reimbursement, but even the cheapest, least coverage human health insurance gives you more than we received. They tout their high reimbursement levels, and great coverage. Wrong! Don't waste your money. Instead of paying them each month, put that money in a savings account for future pet medical bills. We are up for renewal in November, guess what? We will be cancelling!
My Scottie Terrier Midnight has been insured with VPI since she was a puppy. Midnight is 10 years old and had never been sick once. Finally I took her to the vet for a check up in December 2007. Midnight had an irregular heart beat. Iwas referred to a specialist for further tests. Midnight was diagnosed with a form of heart disease, however the more concerning problem was the irregular heart beat. A pacemaker operation could prolong her life I was told. I had the operation performed and it was a success. The vetrinary bill was over $4000.00. I have the VPI Superior Plan which VPI touts provides the best reimbursment. I was shocked when the only reimbursed me for $1800.00 Only after written complaints and filing a small claims action did they adjust the amount. in the dogs entire life this was her only claim. The insurance is a RIP OFF
It is impossible to get reimbursed for an animal illness. My 7 year old Newfoundland had worms at 6 months of age called enteropathy and was see and treated by my vet. Now at 7 years of age she has vomiting on exertion and they will not pay the claim because they believe it is related to the enteropathy -- worms, that she had at 6 months of age. I would advise anyone to NOT use Nationwide Pet Insurance EVER. Save your money and put it in a pet savings account to pay for your animal's illnesses. This company is a ripoff and will take your money and you will pay in full for your animal's illness! This company function far better when it was VIP Pet insurance before Nationwide took it over.
First they denied allergies and ear infections as pre existing. Anything to do with allergies is not covered which is ridiculous, because allergies can cause a lot of things. To get the ear infections covered I sent the notes showing she had one infection which resolved. The notes mentioned a one time heart murmur as stated it could be a result of the steroids she was on for the medication. All the other notes I sent showed no murmur. Even though the records I sent were for the ear infection, because they MENTIONED a one time heart murmur, nothing involving her heart is covered now considered pre existing. Every other exam before and after has shown a healthy heart no murmur. Third the website and emails say you will be billed a deposit first two months and then for the 10 subsequent months. Today marks my second month and I was charged the monthly fee. When I called and even spoke with a supervisor I was told, "Oh that's actually the first and last month," she even agreed with me that it says first two months specifically - which should mean the first two months, but that's just not how it's done. I will be reaching out to their legal department as this is a flat out misrepresentation when it SPECIFICALLY says first two months but they actually mean first and last months.
Adopted dog in February started coverage same month. Dog had Diarrhea or soft stool on and off and was related to food. Finally found a food that resolved issues. Over 30 days after consulting with regular vet that his condition was not from parasites or GI issue but a food formula problem. We resolved the Intermittent Diarrhea issue. In the middle of the night our dog started to scream in pain and was vomiting everywhere. We rushed him to the ER in fear of bloat as his stomach was squishy. He is barely a year old. We had no idea if he ate something or was poisoned. Fearing for his life we did every test the vet suggested after all we had insurance just for this reason. We had got him to the vet in time. Was able to have the air removed from his belly and stabilize him. The vet said it was Gastroenteritis. Nothing our dog had before. Our dog had Never had symptom like this. Never vomited, never in pain. We submitted the claim only to have it denied. We resubmitted the claim with all of his records for the short six months we had him. The claim was denied due to his Diarrhea he had that was resolved months prior. And was nothing related to this ER visit. Then VPI added Gastroenteritis as a pre-existing condition and made an adjustment to his insurance policy. The bill was over $1000 on top of the wasted monthly fees for useless insurance. I can't get the insurance company to listen to reason. They are a scam. Canceled our coverage. They obliviously don't cover anything just take your money. This condition was not pre-existing. We don't wait to take our dogs to the vet. We are proactive and protective of our pets. There is no peace of mind with Pet Insurance. We were scammed.
I have a small breed dog, just turned three years old. No pre-existing conditions, relevant to a neuter or dental surgery!! This company would not reimburse my dog's neuter or dental surgeries. These procedures are expensive, but since I had new pet insurance through my employer with Nationwide- at an advertised 90% coverage rate, as advertised through Nationwide, I went ahead to have the procedures done! My young dog is healthy, he's young- no 'pre-existing' conditions 'relevant' to the procedures done as a rude, unprofessional customer service agent had mentioned!Very disappointed. A total waste of money! I should have stayed with the Banfield Wellness plan, at least there I would have received a discount rate on these very expensive procedures. I ended my Nationwide coverage immediately, and went back to the Banfield Wellness plan. Nationwide does not cover expensive procedures. They use every way possible to not reimburse!! Months of waiting. Their tactics are misleading. Isn't this why good pet owners pay for health coverage for their pets?! We expect coverage for medical procedures to keep our pets healthy!!
I canceled my policy after 1 year. I purchased this policy for my Mini-Schnauzer who was a puppy (3 months old) and when she was 4 months, she had gastroenteritis and they deny my claim as they considered a "pre-existing condition". How can a 3 month puppy have a "pre-existing" condition? I spoke to many representatives and even supervisors for MONTHS until they finally said that they were not paying the cost of $180.00I also had other claims and with Nationwide Pet insurance you have to fax or mail your claim form which is inconvenient in the age of email. Processing is very slow compared to others - up to 6 weeks (even longer at times). I had to constantly call them to follow up on my claims and get my money back. Overall my experience with them was horrible and that's why I canceled my policy.
I have had 2 policies for my pets for nearly 13 yrs. with VPI (now Nationwide). I've never complained about pricing or anything for that fact, but recently my payments went up almost $20.00 per policy a month. This may not seem like a lot but for a payment to jump that much I figured there would be a valid reason why. So, I called Nationwide to find out and the only reason I was given is "your dogs are older". OK, well they have been older for a while now. I can see maybe a couple dollars in increase but almost $20, is what I asked and the responses I was given are "you can downgrade", "you can cancel", "you can pay higher deductibles"...None of which benefit me in any way or give me a better explanation or dollar breakdown of why the increase is almost $20.00. I was offered a 5% discount, not because the increase isn't fair or that there is no good explanation for it, but because I work for a "big company". This is not fair to me or the current policyholders with Nationwide.I now see the reality of insurance companies taking advantage of their policyholders. I was basically told "pay or cancel when you break it all down." My dogs are both 13 years old, I don't have many options here. No other insurance company will insure them at this age. I was also told that "it's not just your policy, it's everyone's" as if the fact that all of Nationwide's policy holders are being taken advantage of is supposed to make me feel better or make it okay.
VPI has been OK for claims, but very selective and choose to club claims into "pre-existing" conditions and leave it for you to follow up. In our case, the home cat has been covered for the last 6 years and has been diagnosed with cancer. He has been prescribed pain killers to ease his pain and after 6 months we find that the covered amount is only around $350/- , while his monthly expense for the pain killers is around $450/-. I was shocked to hear this information.In my opinion, if we get cancer, the insurance covers the expenses, except for the copayment, while we are stuck with this expense at this time. I am not happy at all with the way they have treated our pet in an inhuman way. We will do whatever is necessary to keep the cat happy and healthy till he loses the will to live. Very, very unhappy with the coverage given by VPI, which seems to be tricky and will not recommend VPI to anyone. I will recommend all my friends to shop around and not to go with VPI at all.
Prior to getting the Pet Insured they said, "No problem." Now that I filed a Insurance Claim they told me that my pet dog had a pre-existing tooth condition and is not covered. They SOLD me on the BOGUS POLICY stating there would be "No Problem" with pet coverage, just needed to pay the monthly fees. BIG MISTAKE, going to file a Formal Complaint Against them for misleading me. $884.00 Lost plus monthly fees of $66.00 all for nothing. You're much better off setting up a side bank account every month to take care of your pet’s needs.
When I prepaid my pet insurance for the whole year, my pet was perfectly healthy, all medical records were sent to the insurance company as they requested it in order to pay for my claims and every time I call to wonder about my claims, they keep on telling me that is taking longer than expected. First they told me 30 days, now they tell me 45 days and nothing happens. I paid the whole year in advance and they just don't want to take any responsibility for the claims they get in order to pay the consumer back. Very bad insurance company. I will follow legal procedures against them if no payment is received on my claims.
VPI does not pay any claims. It is a scam. For seven years, I have paid over $600/year to insure my two dogs. They have rejected 95% of the claims and the remaining 5% they have paid a total of $96. The last claim concerned a routine yearly procedure done for the first time in seven years, teeth cleaning. They are asking me to send the records for the one dog from 2005 to the present. This is outrageous and abusive, as it is not an on going illness but a covered procedure which they claim it is covered, no questions asked. I am dropping these crooks and going for a respectable company. Beware of this scam!
They just want your money and when it comes time for them to cover you.... THEY DONT and find any excuse not to!! The following things are things that occur often among our furry friends and they are what my dog is a 3 yr old German Wirehaired Pointer. I use them for hunting and they are extremely active in the outdoors. I applied for this insurance because they came recommended from a friend; however, it should be noted that she has never had to file a claim.I submitted several claims for random, common things that happen with dogs... from just getting some basic meds for a quick fix, cheatgrass (which can be deadly for dogs) removal, and a allergic reaction to something. One would expect these things to be covered and that is what I understood when I read their list of things. However, they have used every excuse in the book NOT to. They then requested documentation from every vet he has ever been to for any reason and used anything he had against him not to cover him and called it a "Pre-Existing" condition and stated that he had to wait 6 months and then I would have to ask for a review for any further coverage of that condition for the future. It should be noted that these particular conditions were a UTI and an eye infection that occurred 1 time in his past.I called when I needed to and asked if things were covered and any additional clarifying questions and Nooooooo Problem until you actually fill out that claim then get ready for the excuses. Seriously?? Pre-Existing?? They just want critters that dont ever get sick, injured, or have any issues whatsoever EVER in its life!!!!! Additionally, they requested additional documentation which they had access to in the beginning. Then they wanted all of his records from every past vet for any reason... there wasnt one since he was 3. They acted like I was trying to hide something from them but they had everything on him from the beginning. After a couple of weeks of "review".
We have had VPI Pet insurance for 8 years now. We have never used it until my dog had an ACL injury. We submitted $3252.40 for the TTA surgery. Beau is an 85-lb dog, and had to have the TTA. Otherwise he would have been in pain. We received reimbursement for $1653.00! A touch over 50%. I felt fooled and deceived. What they claim their benefits are do not line up with the actual reimbursement. Time for a reality check!
DO NOT SIGN UP! We signed up in case our dog needed another TPLO. VPI was the only pet insurance that claimed to cover TPLOs for dogs that have already had a TPLO. As long as the knee in question wasn't damaged prior to the 12-month probationary period, they claimed they would cover approximately $2,500 of the surgery and rehab costs. I've spoken to at least 4 different agents between the time I signed up up until my dog's TPLO last month. Each and every time they confidently assured me they'd cover it and that all I needed to do was make sure the surgery was after the 12-month probationary period. They were so reassuring I didn't think I needed proof of their verbal agreement to reimburse me for the TPLO costs. Well, I'm an idiot and out $5,000 (price of surgery and VPI monthly fee for the past year). My dog just had the surgery and they aren't covering any of it. DO NOT SIGN UP!
Basically company seems to do anything feasible to not provide coverage and when coverage is provided likely to be at significantly below anything close to actual costs. Strongly suggest to find alternative to avoid the added financial & emotional impact when your family member "pet" needs care.
I am very disappointed with this company. I purchased this cheap policy through my employer and when I spoke with the rep it sounded like a AWESOME Deal. Easy claim processing, easy easy easy. Not so... Well let me tell you when I try to file a claim nothing, or it's not covered. I finally am so fed up I filed a complaint with my employer and HOPEFULLY they will take it off their list... I have still not received my claim money and it's been over 90 days. I have a new GSD and he is only 1 year only and have been to the Vet 3 times and this company seems to keep giving me the run around wanting more documents from me and the VET. Ridiculous and unprofessional. PLEASE don't do with this company just because it's cheap. Sometimes a good deal is not a deal. As soon as they finish with my claims I am CANCELLING ASAP. Don't do it.
This review is subject to change, but as of 3 days ago, I was told on Tuesday that I'll be getting a call back in 2 days, yesterday. They really have been good but seems like as they changed to Nationwide, formerly VPI, looks like, LIES and deception. If they choose to separate, I will give them back their 88 dollars and dispute the last 90 days of charges. I have enough trouble, stress and worries and I got a mail from VPI on Thursday but I have yet to understand it. I will update asap. I will not be deceived or lied to by any insurance company as I never committed fraud in any way, shape or manner in my LIFE. I won't elaborate until I talk to them on the phone, if I end up upset, personally.
I have been reading the reviews and I have to tell you I have had only great experiences with this insurance. I started with VPI (veterinary pet insurance) when my puppy was 4 months old and they changed to Nationwide sometime back. (My dog is now 2). I have to file 5 or 6 claims in this amount of time and I have ALWAYS been reimbursed! I have met my deductible (easy to do on one visit alone!) and the reimbursement in my last 3 visits has been 100% within 2-3 weeks. I am hoping this letter will not jinx me, but so far so good! I actually have no complaints!
Wrongful denial of the claims for payment of life saving medical services performed for our dog, Max. Your denial was not only wrongful, but also in bad faith as it has absolutely no basis in fact. Therefore, we ask that you re-consider your denial and reimburse us for all claims submitted for payment. Below is the timeline of pertinent facts that will assist you in your investigation:1. We adopted Max, a 1.5 month old GHD dog on July 4th 2017. Prior to the adoption, we purchased medical coverage through VPI Nationwide Pet Insurance Company on June 27, 2017. Contrary to your company’s unwarranted assumptions, we had no idea whether or not the dog had any medical problems. Both of my other dogs (GHD and yellow Lab) have been insured with VPI since 2007. We were advised that company requires 14 days waiting/verification period before policy takes effect. Policy effective date was July 12 2017. There was absolutely no indication of any medical problems or pre-existing conditions. Therefore, the denial on that basis was improper.2. Max was doing fine for the first couple of days, but I changed his food to the one which my other dogs eat, so all of my 3 dogs would eat the same type of food. Switching food and/or resulting stress triggered diarrhea. We took Max to Evesham Vet clinic on July 7th to treat his diarrhea. 3. Dr. Bell of Evesham Vet advised us to have a consult with internal medicine doctor if the condition persisted. Since we did not know his medical condition/history, we decided to take him to CAREs for a consultation with internal medical doctor. The first available appointment we could find with internal medicine doctor was on July 12th. The ultrasound showed no signs of chronic GI system disorder. Dr. ** advised us to show Max to a Neurology doctor because Max was limping on his right leg. Neurology doctor advised us that, if symptoms worsen, Max would need to have MRI or/and X-ray done to identify the root cause.4. Max’s overall health including walking condition had improved over the next week. But to be 100% sure that Max had no neurological issues, we decided to consult with Neurology doctor from Red Bank. We took Max to see a Neurology doctor on 8/27/2017. Dr. ** advised us that without MRI is performed, she wouldn’t be able to diagnose Max.5. Max suddenly lost his coordination, became very weak, disoriented the night of August 31st. We rushed him to emergency Red Bank Vet Hospital. He has MRI and number of other tests done that night. After all the tests’ result came back, MAX was diagnosed with Diagnosing Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis (GME). This is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system (CNS) of dogs. This was the first time the diagnosis was made and there was no indication of this condition prior to the policy inception date. 6. Below all the claims I have been submitted:7/12/2017 claim for $ $1,752.00 was submitted to VPI, claim was processed and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS. 07/14/2017 claim for $48.48 was submitted to VPI, claim was process and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS. 07/31/2017 claim for $38.99 was submitted to VPI, claim was process and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS. 08/03/2017 claim for $185.92 was submitted to VPI, claim was process and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS. 08/07/2017 claim for $48.48 was submitted to VPI, status: in Process. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS. 08/16/2017 claim for $72.49 was submitted to VPI, claim was process and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS.08/27/2017 claim for 185.00 was submitted to VPI, claim was process and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: Walking. 08/28/2017 claim for $72.49 was submitted to VPI, claim was process and declined on 9/15/2017. Problem: GASTROENTERITIS. 8/31/2017 claim for $6,023.40 was submitted to VPI, status: in Process. Problem: GME. 9/04/2017 claim for $368.68 was submitted to VPI, status: in Process. Problem: GME. 9/04/2017 claim for $273.71 was submitted to VPI, status: in Process. Problem: GME. 9/17/2017 claim for $95.00 was submitted to VPI, status: in Process. Problem: GME.I had to make numerous phone calls to VPI Insurance asking for the status of the submitted claims. Per VPI Company policy, the turnover time is 30 days to process a claim. It took VPI more than 2 months to decline all of them. I believe VPI purposely and in bad faith denied the July and August claims in order to subsequently assert that the basis for denial was the pre-existing condition. As you can see, there is no evidence of the pre-existing condition and we certainly had no knowledge that this dog had any medical problems prior to procuring the policy with VPI.We request that the denial of the above claims be immediately reversed and that we be reimbursed in accordance with the provisions of the policy, for which we are paying timely premiums. Anything less would be tantamount to bad faith in claims handling and we reserve all rights to seek any and all remedies for VPI’s wrongful conduct.
My aussie is 7 years old. She's been to the vet way more than any pet I owned so I decided to finally look into pet insurance. I've had pet insurance with Nationwide for almost a year now through my work benefits. So far I've really only had to submit a couple of claims. Unfortunately my aussie was diagnosed with IBD like a week before the waiting period expired so anything related to that (meds, additional testing, etc.) is "pre-existing". That's my fault though for not getting insurance sooner. Recently I noticed an ear infection. I took her to the vet who confirmed the ear infection & also noticed a foxtail in her foot (she had no symptoms, so that was weird). The total cost of the visit was outrageous in my opinion. Thankfully it was covered by Nationwide. The annoying part of the claim process was that Nationwide delayed my claim decision multiple times for what seemed to be for no reason at all. The first reason was valid because they hadn't ever received my pets entire medical history (this is because I signed up through my work benefits). After I tracked all of her medical records down (we've moved a lot & been to a bunch of different vets) I thought it would be smooth, but they continued to delay. I did finally receive payment. If I remember correctly it took 2-3 months. I noticed that a lot of the negative reviews on here mention things that were not covered like dental, neuter, etc. Those are preventative procedures... it specifically states in your policy that preventative procedures are not covered. Although the claim process takes longer than I'd like, I'm still going to add my new puppy to my policy.
I have been waiting since JULY for a $50 refund. I've called several times with assurances that my problem would be handled. It never was. I've since stopped using Nationwide Pet Insurance. BTW, I never had this issue when they were VPI Pet Insurance. It must be a nationwide thing.
I pay $834.13 annually for each of my two dogs and have had Nationwide (VPI) since 06/2015. (I wouldn't pay this much for my own insurance). When the topic comes up, people often tell me, "Why don't you just put that money into savings, don't spend it and if something happened you could just pay for it". $1700 over 10 years, with interest would be about $18,000. I liked the sense of security that came with pet insurance, but with each claim I've submitted that sense of security has diminished. I enrolled because Nationwide's wellness benefits page seemed reasonable, but there is a lot of invisible print. In the past 13 months, I submitted a grand total of one $15 claim on each dog for a nail trim. According to their benefits page is covered up to $20. I've had no other claims since 08/2016 (which was for regular checkups-which they've covered 50% to 75% of the cost of).My 2017, $15 claim was denied because the trim was done by a professional groomer in a shop; it wasn't performed by a veterinarian. Nowhere on the benefits page does it indicate, the trim has to be done by a veterinarian. Not even one of those asterisks (*) that have you go to another section to get the details. This is akin to "bait and switch".Furthermore, the denial letter: "Z171 - The "Insuring Agreement" section of your policy states that we will only pay for covered veterinary services. Veterinary services are medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment provided by a veterinarian who has physically examined your pet." There is no "Insuring Agreement" online. (Perhaps there was a paper one back when I enrolled). Z171? That implies that there are sections A through Z. Wow. Important disclaimers which contradict the BENEFITS page is hidden in the last letter of the alphabet? Having the trim done by a wonderful grooming facility where the dogs were in and out in 5 minutes costs less than having it done at the Vets office (by about $5 or $10 each) AND very important to me, my guys don't have to be caged waiting for their turn. Hey Nationwide, Veterinarians do NOT TRIM NAILS. The techs/groomers in the back do that. DUH.I really want to cancel the coverage, but now that they are getting older... I'm afraid to. I am very unhappy and I certainly won't get coverage for our new pup. I want to make other folks aware that Nationwide is NOT on your side. The rep and her supervisor, though not very rude, were not even remotely pleasant. Didn't even get a fake "I'm sorry" whereas most companies would have concluded with, "OK, we will pay the $15 this time, but you must understand in the future nail trims have to be done by the Vet." I am debating cancelling my policy, and perhaps now that the dogs are older (9 each) that is what they want.
Submitted a claim for my pet on 1/24/18. Still have not received payment. They keep claiming they need medical records, just like the other reviewers have stated. My dog had surgery for an ACL tear that we were hoping would heal on its own but after several months of trying to treat it clinically with no improvement, we opted to have the surgery this past January. I called Nationwide back in October when we thought that the surgery would likely be necessary and they told me I'd be entitled to $1300 reimbursement if he had surgery. To date, I've received nothing but aggravation. After 7+ years of collecting premiums for a pet that has thankfully been healthy they refuse to pay my claim. I've filed complaints with the BBB, Department of Insurance, now ConsumerAffairs. Save your money... Do not buy this insurance. Under VPI they were so much better.
Only wish I could give zero stars! I signed up our 3 dogs in late May. VPI came back with one of our dogs having a pre-existing condition of allergies. Funny, because this 8 year old dog has never had allergies! 2 weeks ago, we actually did take him in for itching and lo and behold - allergies! I sent in a claim form, and it was denied. Come to find out that in July 2011, our dog was seen for a pyroderma, which is a bacterial infection, however VPI has lumped it in as an allergy. He was given Benadryl because he was scratching the scabs from the infection. Apparently, if you give a dog Benadryl (for whatever reason), it is considered an allergy. I filed a claims review, and had my vet send a letter and called - claim denied! I called and spoke w/ Mike, apparently a claims supervisor, and he told me that if we had anything else to send them, they would review again. VPI had already received ALL records they needed to review this claim. He kept saying that "We do not agree with your assessment." And, when I told him that we will be cancelling our account, he didn't even care. Wow! They must get so much business that my little 3 dog account doesn't matter. I am appalled and disappointed at the lack of moral and ethical business practices at VPI, and have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
Many of you are pet lovers and debating which insurance company to cover your pets. We have been paying monthly premiums for the last 12 years for the best policy Nationwide Pet Insurance (800-540-2016) had to offer just to cover our two cats. Recently one of our cats was diagnosed with kidney disease. One of the vet bills was for $175 with a reimbursement check for only 18 cents!Nationwide is now saying the policy was changed over the years, although we weren't informed of any changes or we would have canceled our policy and looked for a better pet insurance company. Nationwide is also now saying their cap for kidney disease is only $178 per year. If you've got a pet you know that doesn't cover anything! We were never told this while paying our monthly premium of $65 per month for over twelve years.I know all of you love your pets very much and this information will help you avoid a total scam! My wife and I are both 68 years old who feel betrayed and ripped off. We both counted on Nationwide to be responsible and now that we're both retired senior citizens who have paid into an insurance policy for more than 12 years, relying on Nationwide to be there when our pets aged but instead they come up with excuses not to pay the vet bills. There are plenty of pet insurance companies out there and if we knew about Nationwide caps we would have gone with a far better company and it’s too late to change companies now because our cats are 12 years old. No pet insurance company is going to accept a 12 year old cat with kidney disease.
If anyone was ever interested in getting their pet Nationwide Pet Insurance, DON'T. It is a ripoff and a complete waste of time. My fiance and I got our 2 cats Shadow and Thunder (Before Thunder passed away) Pet Insurance. We thought it would be great because when we take them to the vet, we would get our money back for whatever we spent. Here is where I start complaining.First of all, I had to make a down payment for the insurance. It said that the down payment was $55.00 ONLY. But when I looked at my bank account the next day, they took out $110.00 dollars. So basically it was a down payment for both cats but they didn't specify that. I was pissed. Second, my fiance spent $300 dollars, money that she did NOT have, on our beloved kitten that passed away for his vet bill. She processed the claim through them to get the full $300 back. She only got $42.00 WHICH $29.00 was taken out overnight for some odd reason, so she was left with $12.00. And last but not least, I tried to call and complain this morning because they said their office is open from 5 AM to 7PM but it says they are CURRENTLY CLOSED. I have never been so pissed over something besides my car accident. This is a disgrace. Bottom line, it is not worth it to get pet insurance because you will be paying more money than what you get back.
Here is my story. I purchased a puppy from All About Puppies store and I applied for Nationwide Pet Insurance most expensive 87.44$ a month. Over a month later puppy got sick so I took to a vet. They did x-rays treatments over 1000$ bill. I paid for it and I was happy cause I have insurance, so I submit a claim, and what do you think? It take them almost two months and finally they refuse to reimburse because puppy has soft stools. When I got it 4 months puppy is a baby so they refuse to reimburse anything because of that. And when you apply anyone checking what--soft or hard stool??? And how do you know as an owner how describe your 4 months old puppy stool? Is it too soft or not??? Stay away from this insurance company. I never had anything like that.
I filed a claim for my pet’s vet visit with Pet Plan. They had me submit the same information repeatedly. They kept insisting that they needed the past two years of vet visits for a 1 1/2 year old cat. Finally, they cancelled the claim.
Advertise 90% coverage on claims. They pay around 50% to 60%. They get away with this by allocating extremely low amounts for services. My dog had torn ACL. Family vet charged $2400. Other estimates $3000-$4000. VPI covers $1200.
If I could give zero stars I would. Please do not trust these people. This company is a complete scam. I had VPI for years then Nationwide and he never had anything more than routine vet visits. On his yearly visit I was told he had a slower than normal heartbeat and that they wanted to do an EKG to rule out any heart problems. The EKG came back with a very minor level one heart block which athletic dogs and/or people commonly have.I continued on with testing to see if anything underlying was causing it and found out that he had hypothyroidism. I submitted the claims for the testing which added up to about $1200. They instantly denied my claim pending vet records. I immediately had the vet fax over records... A month went by. Nothing. I called and was told to wait another 30 days. I called again and told the same thing. This time I said absolutely not and then was told I was not getting any of it paid because it was a preexisting condition. WHAT?? I argued and argued to the point that I just got so upset and said to cancel my policy. These people are slime balls.
I was a consumer fraud and housing law professor before becoming disabled several years ago. I have chronic severe pain since 2/2012-trigeminal neuralgia nerve pain in face and also chronic PTSD, among other issues. My eldest cat Jack went into kidney failure. As he is beloved, there was no question I was going to take my vet's advice and bring him to emergency hospital, where he had supportive care, fluids, etc. Vet bill was at 1,000 for Jack and Jerry, as bloodwork was done on both and Jack had further procedures. The cost of hospital stay was at 2500$. When I called to get forms for reimbursement they said the policy lapsed for nonpayment. They insisted they sent a letter and emailed me, several times. They did not email me. As I had autopay, I was not concerned about premium being paid when Dr ** took me off hard core narcotics for trigeminal neuralgia pain caused by having 8 root canals and unnecessary in fact harmful and medically not recommended. Once a root canal causes nerve pain, it is duty of MD to do no harm. Not do 3 root canals on the same tooth till it's perforated or fractured. My 4 policies lapsed September 8. That week I was at U Penn Pain Clinic, 2 ER visits and oral maxillofacial MD was trying to keep me from cold turkey withdrawal from narcotic meds when pain MD dumped me with one month's prescription - actually the prior month he wrote for the wrong medication so it was by weaning myself down from April / May till September that I was bedridden with withdrawal symptoms, enormous pain. As I get 4 VPI envelopes stating premium is paid or some other non-issue, as I had autopay, and as I could not talk, as Air into mouth makes pain worse. I only today found one pet's envelope, saying his policy would lapse because of nonpayment dating back to the summer. The week it lapsed I had exhausted my medication and the MD refused, although I was a patient for 3 years, to prescribe medication so I wouldn't become "junky sick" from his prescriptions. I lost 50 lbs from not eating because it hurts to eat - during and after. Tension causes face to tense, causing more pain. I live half a mile from the best beach in Nj. I lost 4 cats who saved my life in a early morning electrical house fire. I have seen the beach once since Memorial Day 2015 due to pain/related emotional distress. They insisted they sent me emails regarding the lapse: 100% wrong. I am an attorney though dues have lapsed as I cannot practice law. If I could, I would bring a class action lawsuit against these people after my experience and reading of others' experiences. Clearly consumer fraud is indicated in my opinion, and I was the attorney in a published case that held landlords are liable under consumer fraud act for unconscionable practices, misrepresentations and no need to prove common law fraud (no need to show jury that the perpetrator INTENDED THAT YOU RELY TO YOUR DETRIMENT- on their misrepresentation. This requires proving their state of mind, which in egregious cases speaks for itself. The case, 49 prospect st tenants seen v Sheva Gardens, et al ( appellate division,1987) also gave NJ a new cause of action: intentional infliction of emotional distress. Since the rep said that "my babies" especially Jack, my favorite, age 9 should be covered, I answered their questions about my pets' past health, after being beside myself that my pet was near death, he cautioned me that if I lie I can among other things go to jail. Still, they run a good con. A 14 day review period required-although advertising says it's 24 hrs. Thanks Nationwide. Why did you change your name if such a great insurer?? Thanks because I will write AARP, to local papers, etc. because I will be advocating for Jack's health. Then I will go after those professionals who injured me or walked away from a lawsuit based on fraud. It's a crying shame there should be strict regulation of this area of insurance but there isn't. If you are interested in advocating for better legislation in this area or wish to brainstorm how to get decent insurance for our "pets" I would be glad to discuss it via email at **. They were nasty on the phone and insisted they sent email to me re lapse due to nonpayment when on autopay and sicker than I've ever been in my life. I had no idea of how they treat claims as I never filed one. I would call to get the form but it never came. I think gets should be told of this site as many vets have VPI information. PS: the man tried to get me to accept a 7500$ limit (bait and switch) care credit card in name of Nationwide so I would have funds. "But I have funds sir", he explained I could get a credit card immediately for peace of mind. I should add that I have extended auto coverage, and during this same period of illness and lapse, that company emailed me several times, wrote me, and although payment was not timely due to expiration of my Amex card, there was good customer service and I paid, nothing lapsed. I can read emails. I know they sent NONE. Let's fight for ourselves and our pets' health. When we get upset and stressed so do they. Nationwide sounds a bit like Countrywide and Bank of America. Countrywide being the mortgage lender part of Bank of America, who allowed their prior customer in Texas with my same name to steal my identity - get social security # as Bank of America sent her rights to my Nj safe deposit box and one of my 2 checking accounts. When an old lady can't fix it in 3 days, the entire Corp denied it ever happened. This is emotional distress as we love our pets and are very distressed when they are in crisis.
Nationwide is not a typical insurance company, but it works. Breakdown: if your pet has a pre-existing condition the claim will not be approved. The older your pet is, the more expensive your plan will be. If you deplete your benefit amount for that policy year, it won't be paid out if the same incident happens again. I have this insurance because it'll cover PREVENTATIVE care which are the checkups, shots, flea medication, heartworm preventative, chips, etc. My plan also covers any major accidents, but the downfall is that whatever the diagnosis is there is a set amount for it for the policy year. If your pet suffers from that same condition and you've already been reimbursed for the amount, you may not get paid out again if you've been refunded the entire benefit claim amount until the next policy year. I have another insurance company for my dogs as a backup that will cover the remaining amount.Why 2 insurance companies? I was grandfathered into an older plan which covered teeth cleaning and it makes the plan worth it to me. Also, VPI does a preventative care plan! I also applied for the Nationwide VPI Visa pet credit card. I got a decent credit limit and 6 months to pay back all charges from the vet which I wait for my reimbursement. I've had nothing but good experiences with Nationwide with over 25 claims sent with mostly everything paid out. There was one instance where I did not get paid out, but that was my fault. Please work closely with your vet to ensure your claim fits description, fits the diagnosis and procedure in the benefits package booklet for a smoother experience.
Zero stars is what they deserve. You pay premiums. Your dog gets sick. Your dog gets treated. Your claim gets denied. And, repeat. That is their business model. Do not be fooled by kind emails. Everything will be denied. My dog is fighting cancer. My efforts should be focused on his health. Instead, I email daily with VPI. How can they help me? Pay the claims and let me focus on my dog. Instead, we battle and battle - involving vets, endless paperwork. Let me be clear. His condition was not pre existing. It is being treated per vet instructions. Does not matter. They deny all claims.
This company is by far the most devious in paying out claims. I have had several instances where I had to call a supervisor for extremely low payouts for claims. This last claim was $1,200.00 for the hospitalization and euthanasia for my dog in which they cut me a check for $145. It is not worth the stress going back to them to fight yet again. Another ridiculous experience with them. Buyer beware!
My border collie was limping, and unable to walk without cries of pain. I wanted her seen by her vet to make sure she did not have bone cancer, a broken leg or a torn ligament. So we took her in and had her x-rayed. The doctor said it was probably arthritis. So when we got the claim back for $645, with the total amount rejected, we were told they did not pay for diagnosis or treatment of dysplasia or osteoporosis. My purpose was not to have this 'diagnosed' but rule out serious ailments or conditions that would require treatment. They did not even pay for the visit to the vet. When I called to complain, and explained this, the woman's response was so flagrantly cavalier. She said, "That's the good news, she does not have cancer." So 10 years of paying for this insurance with nothing but wellness claims, and this is how they get out of paying for a legitimate claim. I wish I would have just put all my premiums into a bank account -- it would make a lot more sense than this rip off insurance.
I choose Nationwide due to my employer providing and also speaking to representatives of Nationwide beforehand which basically told us submitting a claim was easy and simple generally paid within 2 weeks time. We had the full coverage and wellness for the dogs. I had three dogs on the policy that are well taken care of. When we placed a claim for one of our Pomeranians to have her teeth cleaned through the vet (as recommended) for the first time (as she generally had her teeth cleaned at the dog spa with her grooming). She had no extractions and was in very good health. After submitting the claim and following up with Nationwide they finally sent a request two weeks later requesting her medical record. The record was sent three times and in the system that takes 48 hours to update. Extremely old and outdated system. I then spoke to a Manager and stated this was a simple procedure and her first time she has no pre-existing conditions and that it had been over two weeks since the claim was submitted. The manager, "Marsha" said she would place a rush on reviewing the record and get back to me. Two weeks later after I had followed-up up several times and was told two different responses from customer service I then asked to speak to the manager again she left a voicemail two and a half weeks later that Nationwide denied the claim (saying a preexisting condition) (my Pomeranian had no pre-existing conditions) and it was her first time to be put under anesthesia and have her teeth cleaned. She had no extractions and was basically given an antibiotic due to a small fracture seen in one of her teeth for precaution. Needless to say after spending a months worth of pet insurance for three dogs, receiving lousy customer service with Nationwide and after spending close to a $1K that month we received $50 towards our deductible and basically told them to cancel the insurance policy. If I could rate a 0 flat out I would have. Not worth it after reading all these reviews and wish I read beforehand. Moving on to a better company. Bye Nationwide.
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I used this company for multiple pets over the span on 15 plus years --- tens of thousands of dollars of premiums. One dog had liver failure and all of the treatments were conveniently exclusions. Now my other dog has cancer and VPI is saying that there will not be coverage for that. There are other insurance companies that do not have exclusions that are miles long. Unless you have a crystal ball and can go and read what will be covered down the road, you certainly are not getting the peace of mind that this company is pretending to sell. Liver failure and cancer are exactly why people buy vet insurance!! And no, they do not care about the health of your pet. Nobody asked me how either pet was doing. Either put the money aside or choose a different company.
I have had VPI Pet Insurance for over six years now but when I filed a claim for veterinary services for the first time, they had me running around in circles. They have said twice now that they can't read the forms sent by the Vet's Office. I found this out on my own; they did not notify me. Now, they are denying a third claim that is unrelated to the other two forms. They gave me the same reason even though I already spoke with a supervisor and asked her to intervene. This is like a bad movie trying to get someone to resolve the Issue! I have spoken now with four different people on four different occasions to resolve this. What else can I do?
VPI is a ripoff. Their website makes you think you will be covered for a lot of common problems furry babies encounter. That is until they have your money and you file a claim. They have someone there who is going to change your pets' diagnosis as to make sure your claim is denied to their advantage. Twice now our pets' diagnosis has changed to things we have NEVER even heard of from our vet. Diagnosis not listed on their deceiving website. Disgusted and so angry I gave them $362.32 for this ** coverage. Save your money and the frustration you WILL encounter with this awful, bogus company. Take at a look at all the bad reviews. VPI seems to be ripping a lot of consumers off who are dissatisfied with this bogus policy. EVERYONE I know is going to know about my experience and they shouldn't be even promoting pet insurance to consumers with all the negative reviews.
I rescued a dog in October 2013. She was brought to the Dr. with NO medical problems at all!! Clean bill of health. I decided to get pet insurance just in case. The day her health insurance took effect, I called VPI to ask a few questions. I told them on the phone that I wanted to take the dog to the Dr. because she was itching and biting her paw. There was NO rash or nothing there; I just wanted to see why and what was bothering her. The "Young Kid' on the phone said THIS WILL BE PRE-EXISTING. I asked what he was talking about. I told him she has NEVER been to the Dr. for this and I didn't even know what was wrong. He said it didn't matter. He threatened me and said he has it recorded that I called and said the dog was scratching, so whatever I do it will BE PRE-EXISTING!!!! I was beside myself. I tried talking to others in the customer service department but they are all a waste. There is NO concern regarding pets at this place. It is all about the dollar and the commissions. I took my dog to the Dr and there was No diagnosis. The dr. did not see a thing. However, after 6 months of making me get paperwork, saying they did not receive it, having me go to the dr. to get the records 4 times, they finally sent me an EOB and DENIED for pre-existing because she was itching prior to the effective date. These people are horrible. They are rude and nasty and just out to make a dollar. They have NO concern over your pet at all!
I think this isn't a real insurance company, but more of a scam company posing as an insurance company. I found a clause that basically allows them to claim anything they want as a pre-existing condition so that they don't have to pay out. It is a total waste of money and I think it's really a means to help you lose cash while helping your pets die. Just save your money for the vet visits. I've never been able to get them to pay for anything as somehow it always falls under pre-existing condition even if its a one time accident. I can sometimes get them to pay out a little on the wellness visits, but anything other than that forget it. In my opinion, the only thing that will make these people sad is if your pet dies so that they can no longer steal your cash in return for nothing. Do not buy this insurance.
We were recently denied for a claim involving a false pregnancy and mastitis. I argued with them that the only way for a dog to get mastitis which is caused by milk and the mammary glands is to be in heat, pregnant or a false pregnancy. Because they don't cover pregnancy, they denied it but my benefits say they cover $350 for the mastitis.
My dog was perfectly healthy when I signed up for the major medical policy with a $14K annual benefit. Last year, she came down with some health problems that required some significant testing to diagnose. A few other problems earlier this year, and so far, Nationwide has only paid $2,716 out of $7,113 total. I have paid almost that much in monthly premiums over the last 5 years, meaning I would have been just as well off putting that money in savings account and just setting it aside for emergencies. Their customer service is horrible. They will offer you no assistance throughout the process and they will make every excuse to not make good on the services you signed up. $14K annual benefit? Yeah right. It is flat out false and misleading advertising. They should be forced out of business.
We faxed our information for one of our dogs who had an ear infection. If there was some fine print stating they wouldn't cover this condition, that would be all fine. However, we didn't receive any callback or anything. Waste of time for us to have made copies, faxed (twice) only to hear that back. Our vet actually helped copy/explain fax the first time. The only interaction we had was during our cancellation when they tried to keep us paying.
They do everything they can to reject the claim. Everything is pre-existing condition. Unless it's an accident, they would not cover it. This company is worse than any home warranty companies. I will pull out all my annuities and insurance for my rental properties. Nationwide is in business to trick people and steal the premium.
I purchased this pet insurance a year ago; Major Medical AND Pet Wellness Plan ($44.00 biweekly). Our family just got a new puppy and we wanted to make sure we didn't get caught off guard with high vet bills. You can imagine my surprise to discover that despite this coverage, Nationwide only paid $18.10 for a $617.00 procedure (spaying). Further, the other claims submitted to them during the last 12 months went towards my deductible and the amount Nationwide paid back to me was minimal. Purchasing this insurance was a mistake. Take a closer look before purchasing this insurance... I wish I did prior to signing up for it.
I had fill out a pet claim and they said that I had to fill another one because the name on the claim was Snowflake instead of Snowny. I was upset with how long my claim was taking. The customer service was poor and she was not understanding at all. I wish we had more choices for exotic pets.
From their response to my claim: "We will not pay for diagnosis, medical management, or surgical correction of any endocrine tumors, both benign and malignant, or endocrine hyperplasias of any kind, or associated splenectomy." This is referring to adrenal disease which is the most common long term illness to affect ferrets. If they don't cover that, then what use are they? Nationwide has proven to me over and over again that they do not care about your pet's health and only want money.
I took both my dogs for their annual vet visit. They were due for shots and checkup. I was denied payment on one dog because they said my annual vet visit was ten days too early. They paid very minimally for the other dog stating “Vet checkups are covered up to $20 and shots up to $30. Blood work is $50.” Their payment fees are so out of line with the actual costs. I have been a customer for nine years and was told, “Sorry, but that is policy.” I was never told that ten days early would cause them to deny a claim. I immediately cancelled my policies. They were okay with losing a customer of nine years with two dogs. I told them that I didn't think they would stay in business much longer if that is their attitude. I spoke with customer service rep, Michelle **, and then her supervisor, Steven **. I have a feeling they do this denial thing all day long. It’s very unacceptable and deceptive in their practices!
I’ve had Nationwide Pet Insurance for months now or so I thought as I provided payment, credit card for them to take the Pet Insurance fee from. My cat got sick and is going to the vet today, I called Nationwide Pet Insurance because my plan comes with the 24-hour vet helpline and they informed me I’m not covered and haven’t been since June!! They said, "But your pet does need to be seen at a vet today!" I was transferred over to their customer support to make sure my policy is still valid and they said they cancelled it and sent me notice. I checked my emails and nothing. They have my phone number, NO calls from them. They will not reinstate my policy and sadly my deductible was already met back in May! Other companies have the same credit card on file and have been charging it up until a week ago no problem. I even asked to speak to a manager and anyone higher and they all said they cannot reinstate. My card has not been full as it’s linked to my checking that has the money in it. So now I get to fork out all the bills and not get reimbursed anything from them. What a rip off and a scam!! Nationwide is NOT ON YOUR SIDE. They are not there when I need them as my pet is sick and I expected to have insurance coverage for my cat. Any person thinking of using this Insurance should just walk over to the closest toilet and flush your money down it as it would be the same results as paying for this insurance!! I hope my review stops someone else from going through the same thing!!
First of all I want to note that I never leave 1 star reviews on any company. With that said, VPI / Nationwide Pet Insurance is a complete scam. I paid for two dog Major Medical Plans ranging from $50.00 to $60.00 per month each. I have been a customer for over 3 years and always paid my premiums on time through auto pay. When I purchased both plans the "Salesperson / Customer Service advised me that the Major Medical Plan was a great plan that provides extensive health care for each of my dogs. It covers everything from teeth cleaning to heartworm prevention to accidents involving my pets. Long story short my Great Dane got her tail cut in the back yard. I took her directly to vet as it was bleeding. She was put on antibiotics to fight infections. The cut would not heal up as it was towards the end and even with vet wrap and antibiotics it got infected. Tail had to be surgically amputated due to fear of infection spreading. In a breed with a large tail this is not an easy process. The total cost for the tail amputation and follow up visits to maintain the stitches and changing of bandages was over $700.00. I'm not worried at this point because I have the Major Medical Plan through VPI. Well after I submitted my claim and received a denied status saying that VPI plans do not cover cosmetic surgeries I called them. VPI proceeded to try to inform me that this was listed under the not covered portion of the fine print in their policies. I informed them this was not a cosmetic surgery as I would never have chosen to have my dogs tail amputated / docked if I didn't feel my pet was in danger. They refused to pay my vet bill so I told them to cancel both policies and they became very defensive. They asked me to send in every medical record since the time we got the dog. I advised them that I had already done that because I was required to in order to get the policy in the first place and I have submitted every vet visit to them ever since. We have taken our dogs to the same pet clinic for years! Moral of the story, don't think for a second that just because VPI / Nationwide Pet Insurance sells you the idea that they have your pet covered that means they will pay your claims. They do everything in their power not to pay out for claims. I learned the hard way that the best insurance policy for your pet is to open up a savings account for your pets and put a monthly amount (ie: $50 per pet) and collect the interest on the money and it's there when you need it. Whatever you do don't waste your money on VPI / Nationwide Pet Insurance like I did. I am sick to my stomach just thinking about $110.00 I have paid them on time every month for what I thought was quality pet insurance coverage. The only reason I created an account and wrote a review is because I hope I can save a fellow pet lover from being duped by VPI / Nationwide Pet Insurance. They are a complete scam and fake like they actually care about your pet by reading off a script that says, "Thank you for calling VPI /Nationwide Pet Insurance how can we help you and "your pets name" today?" Complete hoax of a company.
Why people try to compare others to what others agree upon is a salesperson with the brain of a fly. What should any care what others do unless others pay their debts too, it is basically a voice of stupidity. Nationwide Pet Insurance originally quoted $754.96 for full coverage for my dog, $250 deductible and no waiting period. I told them I was a disabled vet, and had to budget my funds to buy that coverage - Response in Spring 2018 was "No problem. Call us when you’re ready." Today it's May 2018, and this person tells me they have lower my deductible to $100. Rather than the $250; then they raised the insurance cost almost $400.00. The smarty pants says "what's $400 dollars." It is a heck of a lot of money for ones already struggling, but that isn't the point. Then tells me there is a 14 days awaiting period.I said, Nationwide has listed "no waiting period" - Well I am changing that he says - An employee makes decisions for a company - Yea right. Just admit it Nationwide Pet Insurance you’re liars, you lied to me from beginning, and now you're lying again calling it a savings. Where is the savings if you increase same coverage almost $400.00. It's so true that "insurance isn't worth a damn unless you need it; and, if you choose Nationwide for your pet's care it still isn't worth a damn." Be wise and Be smart. Do not believe a word Nationwide Pet Insurance says, even their written agreement is filled with misleading and hoodwinking words - Save the blood pressure - Just say No to Nationwide Pet Insurance.
DO NOT FALL FOR PURCHASING THIS INSURANCE! I had used their wellness policy for a couple of years and then upgraded my policy last year to the Whole Pet with Wellness so that I could rest assured that my fur baby was completely covered. I was sold on this policy by the mere fact that it included dental where other companies did not. Unfortunately I discovered that the dental coverage offering is just a big lie. Basically if you take you pup in for their first routine dental cleaning they are not going to cover it because if there is any tartar it is considered a pre-existing condition!!! I just spent $900 at the vet only to find out the hard way that none of it was covered!!! My vet, who also had this insurance, was appalled because she said ALL dogs have tartar!!! Needless to say, I believe neither of us will be using this fraudulent insurance company anymore!!! Don’t be fooled!
I wish I had read all of these reviews before I enrolled my dog with VPI. All of you say the same thing; that VPI denied the claim saying your pet's condition is pre-existing. My story is too long to tell but, in a nut shell, the same as almost all of yours. VPI is supposed to be a reputable company. I actually get it through my employer! What in the world??? My vet specialist even called them herself and the person she spoke to gave conflicting information to her! She is baffled. They have no ethics and no consideration for those of us who think so much of our pets that we insure them to do our best to care for them. I am actively researching a lawsuit!! If you would like to be included in a possible class action law suit, the more of you, the better. I am not going to go away quietly. Please reply to this post if you are interested in helping me force VPI to stand by the service they claim to offer and conduct themselves in an honest professional manner.
I had Nationwide Pet Insurance for 12 years. The pet insurance market has changed over this time with the entrance of other choices in this market. I have had experience with others that offered much better coverage. Nationwide Pet insurance: you have to fax or mail your claim form which is inconvenient in the age of email. Processing is very slow compared to others - up to 6 weeks. There is a $50 deductible for every claim no matter the total amount submitted. If you have 8 claims that would be a total $400. I paid $75 mo for my senior dog or $900 per year. 2018 I submitted $3600 in bills received $1100 or 30% reimbursements. Bottom line - it's not worth it when you do the math. Do your research before purchasing pet insurance. There are many choices that are far better than Nationwide.
Since Nationwide took over from VPI they have consistently increased reduced coverage and increased premiums. But the worst is that they deny nearly every claim with some spurious "reason". I have complained, I have threatened them with the California Attorney's General to little avail. Our cat is 17 years old and we have been paying her insurance since she was five, for just such an instance when she would need care towards the end of her life. That is the contract we make with the insurance companies and that is the contract they have broken. I hope that someone can bring them to justice. Class action lawsuit anyone?
I don't even want to give any star to them, it's a fraud. I trust the vet which recommend the pet insurance company. I wonder the doctor also want to make money on it. I have similar situation with others. I claim my dog's first vet bill, and they ask for medical record, so I sent them. She was good on record, they said it takes 30 days to review. Now I got another mail says it will take another 30 days, I think it's **. They have every excuse to deny the payment. I will call them again and ask them to return my money back. I also think people had been fraud by them. we should gather the money to sue Nationwide Pet Insurance company. It's a trick. We can't let them do this to fraud people who loves their pet so much. They are wasting our time to argue and wait for their response.
This Insurance is a big scam. I purchased the most costly full coverage for my kitten. Unfortunately she got sick about a Month after. I submitted first claim over 2 month ago. Send them all paperwork as well as my vet send them everything they requested. After a month and a half when I called to find out why I don’t have any response, they said they will look at my claim when they get to it since they have more people in front of me. In my contract it stated that it takes 30 days or less. My poor kitten was very ill and my vet and I were doing everything We can to help her to get well. I thought this insurance will be “on my side “ like in their commercial, and will gave me a hand when I needed most... Over 2 month later still did not hear from them, very frustrated. I would not recommend anybody to use Nationwide Pet Insurance!!!
Don't be fooled by the salesperson who tells you that your claim will be covered in full minus the deductible. That is not always true. We paid all premiums when due and the policy was active when our dog got hit by a car. She needed and I paid for surgery and treatment totaling $5800. I submitted every invoice with paid receipts as required to make the claim. VPI paid back $1319. I requested reconsideration, and they paid an additional $605. That's about $1900 of a $5810 claim. That's not insurance. That's fraud and misrepresentation. Total bad faith. I am preparing to litigate. Don't make the same mistake. Find a better value.
I purchased Nationwide Pet Insurance because my employer offered payroll deduction. I was told it was ok. They were senior cats (the cats had been in good health). But a couple months after enrolling, my cat was not eating well. I took him in and he is in early stage kidney failure. They won't cover anything because they say it is pre-existing even though blood work 6 months prior before dental showed no kidney issues. I wanted to leave a bad review on their website (which has all glowing reviews), but there isn't anywhere to submit them, go figure. It's a total scam!!! Save the money for emergencies instead.
I had the injury plan for my puppies mostly since they liked to chew on rocks. In Sept. one of the dogs fell off the couch and popped his knee cap. It never really healed so he had to have surgery (patellar luxation). Even though this was the result of an injury, verified by many letters from the vet, they refuse to cover since that is one of their many, many exclusions. Run far and fast from this company.
I have a healthy 3 year old chocolate lab, but decided to get Pet Insurance. I did extensive research amongst 4-5 pet insurance and finally decided to go with Nationwide Pet Insurance. Their website prominently claims that their "Major Medical" plan covers cancer, ACL surgery and a few more. So I signed up with Nationwide Pet. A few months after my dog got an ACL issue playing with other dogs at the park. The surgery is $6500 and I was relieved to have purchased insurance. But when I call them to in advance of surgery they said, "Oh we have this long list of major things we do not cover in the first 12 months," even though I am paying $850/year for the insurance. Their claims on the website are deceitful and I would have selected a different agency. I have filed a complaint with the California Dept of Insurance. Do not buy this insurance. Look at their ratings. There are 260 negative claims and a rating of 1.5/5.
I cringe to even give 1 star but I have to choose something, would love to see a 0 star option. I also wish I had read these reviews before signing up with this insurance through my employer. I acquired this insurance in Jan. of this year, never had pet insurance in the past. My dog passed away 30 days later from bone cancer, no idea he had it, limping and went to vet, put him down that day due to broken leg from tumor and assumed metastasis to lung. Called several days later to cancel policy and stop auto withdrawal from paycheck. Notified withdrawals happened through a third party company and Nationwide would need to notify them. I also notified employer. Over a month later premiums still being taken from checks. I called Nationwide and no record of any previous notifications were logged. Spoke to 2 representatives, one of which was supposedly a manager who stated he needed to contact their national payroll dept. to process and issue reimbursements. Called several weeks later, payroll deductions still happening, was told finally deductions will stop and reimbursement will be issued. This was about 7 weeks after death of dog. At the same time I filed the claim for the euthanasia and X-rays of my dog. They were quick to ask for 3 years of his records to determine if they will pay any part of claim. Dogs diagnosed with bone cancer usually don't live very long so not sure what they were thinking when they wanted to go back 3 years. I was sure they would come up with some pre-existing condition to deny claim. Not sure what pre-existing condition euthanasia falls under. Still not having received any information I contacted my Human Resources Department to involve them as I was feeling quite scammed at this point. After their investigations I was assured the premiums had stopped and reimbursement would happen in 7-10 days. I also received a call from Nationwide stating the same. We are now at a month later, almost 4 months since this saga began. I have been told 3 times they have mailed the check 3 weeks ago from Chicago and it could take 30 days. I told them I could walk to Chicago in less time, but they insist the USPS tells them to state this. After seeing all these complaints isn't there some kind of class action lawsuit available to us as consumers? This would constitute fraud in the human insurance world. Maybe 60 minutes could do a piece on pet insurance scams.
We had a very sick 4-year-old dog with sudden onset respiratory symptoms. Took him to the ER. Turned out to be a form of lung cancer and the dog was euthanized. I was reimbursed ~$600 for a $3000 bill. I did not do every test under the sun. Main portion of bill was "nursing care", oxygen, and fine needle biopsy. We changed to Pet Plan and they are less expensive with better reimbursement and good reviews. BEWARE OF VPI.
We got their major medical with wellness rider for our puppy because that’s all they allow for puppies. They said he would be eligible for whole pet with wellness when he was a year old. So when his first policy was about to be renewed I started the process of trying to upgrade him. It has been a nightmare! First off they didn't tell me what I needed to provide them with. They never called me to tell me what the status was or that he was denied or that I had to prove he was over his infection before being approved. They never told me the Vet office didn't send in the records. NOTHING! Also you can't upgrade their policy at any time. You can only do it at renewal. So by that time it was too late and I had not been given any information. It had also been noted that they were suppose to call me with updates but never did. Now we have to wait until next year to try again. It has just been a nightmare and it's not worth the hassle especially when there are other companies out there offering just as good insurance at a cheaper price.
I purchased the wellness plan for my puppy, along with the injury/illness plan. They lump everything into one plan, so you will have a $250 deductible for wellness visits. If my puppy never has to go to the vet for anything other than a wellness visit, they will never have to reimburse a cent because our vet visits (including the vaccines, prescriptions, etc) did not total $250. If your vet, especially Banfield Hospital, offer a wellness plan, go with them. The monthly fee is less expensive, and they cover more. If we would have had the vet coverage, we would not have paid anything except the monthly fee for the plan. Also, when I called to cancel the Nationwide Insurance, the rep told me that she would cancel immediately. Fortunately, I double checked by looking online - she did not cancel.
Stay away from this company. They are a complete ripoff and they have no humanity. They only care about getting more customers to rip them off, but once their pet is sick, they'll try everything not to cover them. I took one of the most comprehensive insurance for my cat who is healthy and not even 1 year old and still they would not cover her vet bill for a conjunctivitis, asking me to send all her medical history plus a personal letter. I did all this and sent 5 pages of documents for a cat who is healthy and not even 1 year old and they would not cover her for her conjunctivitis!
I insured our new rescue with Nationwide on Dec. 24th and on December 26 we picked her up at the rescue and took her to the vets on Dec 28 to be check because her papers said she tested positive for heartworm which was in September. Our vet wanted to do an xray and blood work to make sure she was clear. She also did a stool sample. Xray and blood came back all clear and no damage done, but she was loaded with hookworm and whipworm so we started her deworming process. I submitted the vet bills and Nationwide declined payment because they said it was pre existing. I understand about not paying for the xray and blood work, but to not pay for the worming. I have been with them since 2003 on our first dog and again since 2014 with our second dog and now with our new baby. I am in the process of looking for another insurance company and would never recommend them to anyone.
We are disappointed with our choice of getting pet insurance through VPI. Our experience had taught us a valuable lesson that once again, insurance company's best interest is in the money they make and not the policyholder. We submitted our claim several times, VPI claims they never received it. Once we terminated the policy, we did exactly what they hope you don't do--We opened a savings account for medical funds for our dog, plus our accounts earns interest. The monthly cost of VPI's insurance did not seems to make financial sense. Monthly we were being billed $29.00 per month. The insurance only covers up to $30.00 for yearly shots/well-care visits. Our last yearly shots/well-care visit was $379.84. It is dissatisfying that VPI claimed they never received our claim forms even after I faxed them two confirmations showing in fact they did receive it. The math: $29.99 X 12 months=$359.88. Deductible: $250.00. Well-care: Pays up to $30.00. Our medical pet's surgical medical bill was $814.25. $814.25 - $250.00 = $564.25. $564.25 - $149.95 (5 months of payments of $29.99) = $414.30. $414.30 is what VPI owes back to us. In the end, if we have continued with Nationwide/VPI we lose money. Thus far, they made $149.95 just off of us. What is this costing YOU! Please review your pet's medical cost. You find that it is not worth to continue with VPI.
I've had Nationwide Pet Insurance, which used to be VPI since 2010 for my Rottweiler and Pomeranian. The premiums, unlike others, have always been reasonable, considering I only have a $100 deductible. I also have never had to wait more than three weeks for reimbursement. My first and only problem just happened this month, July 2016.On June 21 I faxed 3 separate claims for surgery my Rotti had on her knee for a total of approximately $1,800. I deposited the checks on July 18, 2016, on July 21st the checks cleared my account. I verified it before leaving the house because I was planning on using the debit card at the store. When I did used the debit card within hours of checking my bank balance, my debit card was declined. I could not figure out why. I called my bank and found out the 3 checks Nationwide had issued had all been returned for reasons no one care to disclosed to me. Nothing prepares you for the embarrassment of using a debit/credit card at the store, after you have filled the conveyor belt with groceries, to then be told in front of others, your card is been declined.I called Nationwide and I was told I would have to wait 4-6 weeks to be reissued the checks all over again, which at this point I went off on them and told them that this was not acceptable. I have pet insurance to cover my finances when my pet needs it, that I needed that money reimbursed immediately. Long story short, I filed a complaint with the Connecticut Insurance Department, The Better Business Bureau, and The Connecticut State Attorney's office. Oh, and may I say, I found out the reason for their checks been returned unpaid through the Better Business Bureau website.I also wrote them a very angry review on their Facebook page. Nationwide didn't care. They did not warn their customers of what was happening. Also, within hours of filing all these complaints I got a call from a company official promising to wire the money within 3 business days plus the fees I've been charged by my bank for their incompetence. I told this woman, I do not cancel my pet's insurance with them because their prices are reasonable compared to many other companies I've inquire with, otherwise, if that wasn't the case, I would have closed both accounts.
Nationwide is an insurance company. Just like all insurance companies, their job is to find reasons to deny claims. We had a premium policy. When I got my puppy, she had Giardia. It was resolved immediately. Then we got pet insurance and of course told them of the Giardia incident. Since then, any stomach or intestinal issue is denied and called "pre-existing". For example, when she was spayed, she had a bad stomach reaction to the vet medications. I took her back to the vet and had her treated. I submitted a letter from my vet explaining that the diarrhea and vomiting was a result of the anesthetics. The claim was still rejected. There have been other denials from them and realize it is time to move to another carrier.
Very rarely use my Superior Plan (cost: $75 per month). I've had it for about 10 years. I was paid $183.80 for a $1370.32 vet bill. I've paid more than $6000 dollars to this company and have not in total collected ever near $2000. You should NEVER get pet insurance... Just put $50 per month into an account and use this... You will be much better off... And you don't have to deal with a company to get paid.
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