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Nationwide Insurance - Auto Online Reviews

Company Name: Nationwide Insurance
Overall average rating of 2.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 20 %
Nationwide as a company is predatory and discriminates. I had a terrible experience with them and did not like any features of the company or the policy. But purchasing the policy was easy and I did it online. Then an agent called to go over the details. But after purchasing a homeowners policy with Nationwide (I had had Auto and renters policies for years without filing a claim) they sent a notice that arrived as a major ice storm was starting that stated they were canceling our policy for no reason. But one positive aspect would have been that they have an office very close to my house, however the agents that work there are terrible.
They have friendly staff that helps with finding discounts, easy pay options and the convenience of having a local agent. They also offer many discounts that other insurance companies do not offer. However the prices are too high plus they continue to raise rates every six months even with new discounts offered. They gave a thirty three percent discount then said they had a forty percent price increase. They need to offer a discount on premiums every 6 months that reflect a lower rate. If I could get a cheaper insurance company, I would change.
This company is reliable, straightforward, honest, dependable and knowledgeable. I am treated more like a family member than just another customer. Whenever I have a question, they're there. Whenever I'm caught in a jam, they're there.
Got added to my wife's policy when we got married. Nationwide comes with roadside assistance so that when you have a flat or your battery dies, they send someone to help you without charging another fee on to anything we already pay. I have not had a difficult experience with them in my fifteen years of having insurance with them.
Nationwide is awesome and reasonably priced. Customer support is awesome and quick to resolve issues. The rates were the cheapest of all that I could find nearby. They didn't hound me to sign up when I requested a quote, which really drew me to the company. Overall, I highly recommend them!
It's ok. I'm not sure if I would switch any time soon but I will see how it will work out with the smartride device. I would like to know what the discount applies to. Overall I would recommend it to my friends and family. It's a pretty straightforward understanding insurance.
I have never had any issues with this company. They're very easy to work with. The one time I needed to file a claim everything went timely and smoothly. The people who work there are also very nice and helpful.
After years of paying for my insurance without a single accident, these people treated me like a piece of ** when I finally got into an accident and needed their assistance. Do not buy anything from them... THEY ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE!
Great, have had no problems, great customer service and notification of new services for the past 25 years. Would not change agent or company. They are very dependable and take care of me when needed.
Their website is so easy to use and getting an accurate rate quote takes just a few minutes. They have exceptionally good customer service reps who go out of their way to help. I wanted to review the rates if my husband and I both changed over to Nationwide and I got a great discounted rate. We've been with them for over 6 years and are unlikely to change.
I called up to get a combined car and home owner insurance policy. Spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with the agent. He asked MANY questions and sent the info to the "underwriters" for approval. He then set me up for monthly automatic withdrawals for the payments, saying I had been approved. He said the only thing I needed to do was to prove that I had an alarm system on my house. He said he would fax over the temporary ID cards and policy. Instead, I got over 20 pages of what apparently were the information sheets that he had filled out. It is hard to tell because the typing was supposed to be inserted in pre-formed boxes, which were out of alignment, and apparently it was on legal size paper which my fax machine spit out with parts of each legal sheet on 2 regular pages. Since there were no page numbers, it was impossible to figure out which page came first or second.He did not tell me I needed to sign anything, however one page did ask for a signature. I sent that in with the alarm information requested. He did not tell me that the company was going to send people over to walk around in my yard and look things over!! I received a little note from the company who came - after they were gone. No one had my permission to enter onto my property!! That is a violation!! He didn't tell me several other important things as well! More than once a week since then, I have gotten mail from them welcoming me to Nationwide, policies written a day apart both with different prices than I had been quoted, one was an application for insurance - a month after I had called to start the policy! Apparently, one additional piece of mail that I DID NOT get from them was a notice that I had to provide MORE information or my policy would be cancelled!! How did I find that out?? I got a letter from my mortgage company stating that they had been informed that my former home insurance had been cancelled and warning me of the things they were going to do if insurance was not purchased immediately!! It was when I called Nationwide to ask why they didn't notify my mortgage company of the new policy, that I was informed that my "policy is going to be cancelled in 5 days, anyway so what difference does it make"?After much questioning (she kept saying that they never got my alarm system paperwork) she finally told me they got that, but now they needed a roof certification and proof that I paid my fire protection. She wasn't going to tell me that the roof certification had to be done by a licensed roofing contractor. I had to grill her for that information.These are all the things that the initial agent should have known and told me about and the "underwriter should have noticed on the first day. I SHOULD NOT BE GETTING SURPRISES LIKE THIS 2 MONTHS AFTER STARTING THE POLICIES!! AND THEY SHOULD NOT BE CHANGING THE PRICES SEVERAL TIMES!! Now it is too late for me to go back to my old company and get my old policy back. They want to start a new policy and charge me a lot more for less coverage now. And 5 days is not enough time to get a roof inspection organized and done when I work full time. On top of that, I will be lucky if my house is not foreclosed on!!
My pregnant wife, three-year-old, and myself were T-boned by an elderly unaware driver. Not only did the insurance adjuster take an extended vacation in the middle of the case, and pass it off temporarily to someone completely unaware of the situation. as well as the fact that every lane of communication we had with him, he ignored for over two weeks. If you ever find yourself negotiating with one of Nationwide's finest insurance adjusters, take healthy notes to put in your complaints to the Official insurance bureau. Also get a lawyer, don't negotiate with these ill-prepared, poorly trained amateurs.
I have never had a problem with the company. But also never a ticket for anything. Nor a collision. I will be looking to add my soon to be 16 year old son within the next year. We will see then how I feel about prices.
Purchasing Nationwide Insurance was very easy. I just called the 1-800 number and the process did not take long at all. They even suggested to call around and get other quotes if I wanted to. They are very easy to talk to and call me if they find a way to reduce my insurance premium. They are also easy to make a claim with and handle them fast and efficiently. They provide excellent customer service and are very easy to reach. I also use them for my homeowners insurance as well.
My son was at a stoplight when he was hit from behind, by a car insured by Nationwide. We have had two different claim adjusters to work on this case. Then when they sent someone out to see the car, we were not notified. They call us and said they look at the car and found all of these problem with car. I told them they have the wrong car. He said the windshield was cracked, the side bumper was scratched, and more stuff. I asked them to have some come back out and look at the car, and to inform me of when they're coming, so that they can point out everything that they find. I have not heard anything from them yet. Now they're calling to tell me to turn in the rental car, but I still have a car that's not driveable, waiting on their adjuster to come back out plus no way to work. The one adjuster said told me that he doesn't work on after 4 pm or Fridays, and the lady says I have to talk to gentleman, because she can't do anything. They are the worst company ever. They need to do better. They are only on their side. Don't listen to that commercial.
My parents had used them and my brother and I both used them when we began to drive. While I had Nationwide, I thought my experience was good. Changing aspects of the policy, as well as making payments was always a smooth thing before the electronic era really set in. I did not like that when I moved to Maryland that my rates went up by almost double of what they were in Pennsylvania. This was why I finally changed companies.
I've never used their claims processing but other people have told me that the customer service was outstanding. Usually they only had to make one or two phone calls and their claim was processed. Their coverage includes all options for cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, and anything that can be driven. Nationwide provides insurance that also includes roadside assistance. Their prices are outstanding. Nationwide has provided me with a great price for auto insurance. It has helped me balance my budget and be able to do extra things at the end of month. I've only had to deal with their customer service once, but they were extremely pleasant. They helped me right away and my questions were answered right then and there.
I created a policy for me and my 21 year old son. Policy each month was $179.00. Last month I logged into the app to pay and my balance was $223.00. I immediately called my local agent who advised me that their system "kicked out" my son's comprehensive coverage and the local agent took it upon herself to select the higher deductibles for us to lower the amount due. Apparently it had shot up to 279.00 after the system somehow "kicked out" my son's comprehensive! NO ONE GAVE YOU PERMISSION!!! When I asked why she could not just recheck the little box beside comprehensive on my son's vehicle, she gave me a runaround. Logged into the app this month to pay, and got the "Smile, No Bills here!" So I asked my son if he paid the insurance and he said no. I called the 877 number and was told my policy was canceled with no amount due from me to the insurance company! No email, no letter, no phone calls to alert me to any issues with our policy. How can a company take it upon themselves to make unauthorized changes to a policy and then cancel before the new month's payment is even due??? This company canceled my policy with no reason whatsoever. I will never use this company again and will attempt to prevent others from using them as well.
Nationwide customer service is always pleasant and helpful. They offer roadside assistance so I do not have to pay for AAA as well as Auto Insurance. Their roadside assistance has always been timely. Fair price for overall great insurance.
Rental cars for work being done was a nice feature, customer service was pretty rapid to respond issues and it was easy to file a claim when I had an accident. But the cost of insurance is too high, and it can sometimes be difficult to find the insurance cards when I need them. I also don't like that rates go up for speeding tickets. I had a safe driving bonus but it stopped working on the car plug in. That made me switch to Allstate insurance because I prefer to pay the least amount and save money for car insurance. But Nationwide Insurance was easy to purchase and I prefer cheap over anything. It is time consuming when switching companies and I think it took too long and too much wasted time. It could have been spent doing other things. I will change auto insurance every couple years to receive a lower quote.
I've been with Nationwide for a year and a half. I had just switched my insurance over to Nationwide after moving to a new state. Before the ink was even dry on our policy (literally the same evening), our car battery happened to go out, leaving us stranded. We called our agent to ask about a tow (we had purchased roadside assistance). She told us since the policy hasn't been completely set up in the system, yet, it would be best if we called a tow truck and paid them directly. Then in a couple days, when the policy is in stone, we should bring the receipt for the tow truck to her office and she would make sure it was reimbursed. It took about two weeks, but we DID receive a check for the full cost of towing. AMAZING!!One month later that same car was totaled when another driver backed into it as it was parked in front of our house. State Farm, the insurance company of the driver-at-fault, tried claiming all sorts of reasons why they didn't have to cover it. Our agent was fantastic stepping in for us (when she didn't have to) making a number of phone calls to State Farm to make sure they did the right thing. We were disappointed with State Farm's assessment of our vehicle and asked them to look at more closely related comparables. In the end, we felt the State Farm settlement was a touch less than fair, but we had done everything we could to reach a fair settlement and it was time to move on to purchasing another vehicle.We purchased the new vehicle and the transfer of vehicles on the policy was seamless. In fact, if I remember correctly, we didn't pay for a full month while our old car was in the scrap yard and we hadn't yet purchased a new vehicle. We had originally volunteered for the SmartRide program. A plugin-module is sent to you and you plug it into your vehicle. It monitors how you drive for more than 6 months and then you get a discount based on your driving habits. I'm not a fan of this program, which is why I give Nationwide 4 stars; not 5. This program sounds like you're going to get a huge discount for being a safe driver. I'm a very safe driver. Very alert; only texting at red lights. ;)Perhaps a little hard on the gas at times (in order to get out of someone's way), or hard on the brake (again in order to stay safe, when some weirdo pulls out in front of me without signalling). SmartRide doesn't monitor your "safety", it merely monitors the number of miles you drive and the number of times you hard brake or gun it on the gas. It doesn't ask "why" you slammed the brakes (to avoid a deer, for example), it just counts up all of your "offenses". There were countless times in the beginning of this program my wife and I would come home to check our driving status online and see several dings. We became very paranoid about slamming the brakes or gunning the gas. So paranoid that I would rather run a red light or almost get into a fender bender, than risk decelerating faster than 7 miles per hour per second and receive another mark on my SmartRide record. All in all, we learned to deal with what the system wanted to see and in the end felt we might receive a decent discount. We did not. For all of the trouble, newly developed "unsafe" driving habits and what turned out to be 8 months (not the promised 6), we now receive a whopping $2/month discount. WOW!! The stress of trying to please SmartRide is NOT worth the several accidents it nearly caused. I couldn't get rid of that device fast enough discount or none and get back to safe driving!Finally, still within our first year, we were out with some friends and their car broke down. We thought to use OUR roadside assistance. Not one to fully trust insurance companies, I was nervous about how it might turn out the second time in one year and for a friend's car; not mine. This time, I had the little card in my wallet and so I called the FNOL number for roadside assistance. This time, they handled calling the tow company and within 20 minutes their car was being towed to their preferred repair shop (fortunately we were within the allowed towing radius for their shop). This time, there was no out of pocket payment and then a later reimbursement. We never got a bill for this; Nationwide simply handled all paperwork and payment directly with the tow company. Again, amazing.So I haven't had any experience, yet, with an actual collision claim. I don't like the SmartRide program. I can say our local agent has been fantastic, doing everything she can to make good on the promise she sold us. And I can also say, I'm a fan of Nationwide's roadside assistance. Today I was searching for homeowners insurance and found these reviews. It occurs to me, as I'm sure it occurs to you, that people only write reviews here when they've had a bad experience. Well, I've had a decent experience with Nationwide and I've now taken over a half hour out of my day to write this review and let you know. FWIW.
I have full coverage and not too pricey and they are very understanding and they work with you on the billing. If you need an extension they will do whatever they can to help you and overall it is great customer service. But they could use a little more communication. We had an accident last year and my deductible was outrageously expensive because my husband was driving the vehicle and he was not covered under my insurance which I have heard of before. Other than that, NATIONWIDE INSURANCE CO. is the best! Very satisfied customer.
On attempting to enter a freeway on an acceleration ramp, a wrecker exiting in front of me began crossing the median between his through-lane and my acceleration ramp. As I passed him on his right side, he looked directly at me, stepped hard on his accelerator and turned his steering wheel toward me, forcing me partially onto the shoulder to avoid his obviously intentional attempt to ram me. As I accelerated more to prevent the obvious pending collision, to get out of his way, and to gain my position in front of him, he accelerated harder and turned his wheel more into me. My acceleration put me ahead of him (verified by his own dash cam video, I am told). After clearing the front of the wrecker, I started to move across in front of him to enter the freeway. However, since the wrecker was in the median between the lanes, my view of oncoming traffic was blocked. Plus, at that point, I would need to cross the median (illegally) to actually enter the freeway. I then considered just sliding on over in front of the wrecker. However, under his extreme acceleration (with his foot on the accelerator instead of the brake where it belonged), I knew he would squash me between him and the slowing car in front of me. Therefore, in order to give the wrecker alternative evasive options, I did not swerve in front of him. Bad choice. The wrecker took absolutely NO evasive action. Instead, being intent on colliding with me, he kept on accelerating. The right front of his front bumper hit the left rear of my rear bumper. I felt the nudge but kept moving forward to give him the opportunity to slow down or swerve to the left a bit to minimize the damage. At that point the damage (merely a small dent in my rear bumper) would not have been enough to warrant my filing a claim for damages. However, the driver of the wrecker took it upon himself to continue accelerating, whereupon his right front bumper then got into my left rear fender. At that point, realizing the damage was obviously more severe, I stopped, assuming he would also stop. Again, bad decision. He continued on an additional distance equal to more than the full length of my car, tearing up the full left side of my car from bumper to bumper. It was as if he was going to flee the scene, but he finally stopped. The most severe damage was actually done by his three-inch long spiked wheel nut covers. They not only tore up the whole left side of my car, but they also tore up both tires and both wheels, neither of which would have been damaged were the spikes not there. The spikes clearly performed as intended. It is clear that the wrecker driver made no attempt to avoid the collision or to minimize damage to my vehicle. Rather, he was intent on inflicting as much damage as possible, especially with those sharp wheel nut covers.However, the Nationwide Insurance adjuster judged that I ran into the wrecker on his deceleration ramp. She has yet to explain to me how this was possible, given the pictures, the video and the police report. She totally disregarded all of my explanations and pictures. Even BEFORE she received the police report, she finalized her ruling based solely on HER interpretation of the wrecker dash cam, to which she has repeatedly refused my access. The next day, after receiving the police report, she simply THREW OUT the police report because It clearly indicates that the wrecker crossed the median between the freeway through lanes and the acceleration ramp, which is simply not consistent with her prior ruling. Now, who does she think she is to be doing this. She was not even there, as the police were, to see that both vehicles, AFTER the collision, were on the acceleration ramp way before the end of the separation median, clear proof that the wrecker crossed the median prior to the collision, as so indicated in the police report.I did all I could to avoid this collision and minimize damage, while the wrecker driver did all he could to create the collision and maximize damage. Yet, Nationwide claims I am at fault, which cost me $500 deductible. Plus, since it is my insurance company making the payoff, I don't get my fair compensation for reduced value caused by the collision, which is at least $2,000.All I need to refute Nationwide's conclusions is for Nationwide to allow me to view the dash cam video (the only evidence they are using to justify their wild conclusions) so I can first handedly explain what is happening at every frame. The video probably is of very low resolution and fairly slow frame rate, but all that is required to substantiate my claims is a fairly detailed observation of frame-to-frame distance estimates and timing. Such detail would show that the wrecker, which was supposed to be decelerating to get off of the freeway and to avoid the accident was actually accelerating. It should also show fairly clearly that the wrecker crossed the median prior to the collision.In conclusion, I justly want my $500 deductible reimbursed to me as well as at least $2,000 to somewhat recover the reduced value of my vehicle resulting from the collision. Plus, I want my name cleared from the state records as being responsible for this collision. Lesson Learned: If the other guy is at fault, do not count on Nationwide to represent you against the other guy's insurance carrier. In order to have a fighting chance of keeping your name clear, you must tackle that yourself.
AVOID NATIONWIDE AT ALL COSTS! 1. Nice touch submitting a survey to a customer (with a finite completion date), when in fact said customer had not had their damaged vehicle returned to them. Interesting way to obtain and compile data... definitely skewed results! 2. 102 days! Yep, 102 days from day of accident to when the vehicle was finally repaired and we were contacted to pick up. If that’s Nationwide being on MY side, well, that’s just a huge joke! Suffice it to say, that the only side you were on was your own!3. The vehicles that were damaged were PARKED and unoccupied. Yep, an uninsured individual driving on a suspended license exited an off ramp (witness say at 50+ mph), and plowed into our trailer which in turn hit our truck which in turn pushed our truck into the path of an oncoming semi truck. So our truck/trailer was hit from behind as well as in front.4. A rental car was initially provided and then TAKEN away. Our vehicle was still not repaired. The other insurance company complained that Nationwide was “taking too long”. The understatement of the century! 5. The other insurance company contacted us FIRST, actually within 48 hours. They immediately accepted responsibility and sent us an email to that effect. Obviously, no word from Nationwide. There’s that “on your side” thing again... what a colossal joke!6. Eventually, WE contacted Nationwide. We explained the situation and that the other insurance company had accepted TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY for the accident. The claims manager for the driver encouraged totaling the vehicle due to the extent of the damage incurred. YOUR Nationwide affiliated repair shop also encouraged totaling the vehicle, again, due to the extensive damage.7. The vehicle damaged was a 2016 Ram, 2500. You, Nationwide, refused to total the vehicle despite the other insurance company‘s recommendation and going against your own repair shop. Hmmm, since when did a keyboard warrior have experience that exceeds their own affiliated repair shop as well as the insurance company that was paying the bill... THE OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY. Shameful antics, Nationwide!8. The fact that you, Nationwide, does not assign a single “case manager” that would assist the customer from beginning to end. No, instead you bombard the customer with more than 30 people...emails, telephone calls, letters, etc. Yes, we started keeping a list of the various individuals...the number exceeded 30! No one had any authority. No one had any answers...”I need to transfer you, I need to have my manager talk to you, I have to talk to ** and will get back to you., etc., etc.” I’m presuming that you feel that type of approach will serve to confuse the customer and your shady antics will go unnoticed. Again, shameful, Nationwide!9. I could continue, but I don’t see the point. You don’t care! At all! You are out for yourself and the customer be damned! You collect premiums, but when the customer needs to access the insurance paid for... well, they are left holding a very empty bag! And this wasn’t even our fault... you should be so ashamed of yourselves... apparently though, you believe your model to be a viable business model. I for one, will attest to a different opinion. The only way a valued customer can combat your inexcusable atrocities is to fight your despicable process the only way we can... take our business elsewhere. Which we did... all 14 policies... homes, boats, automobiles, etc. We have also told anyone and everyone that we come in contact with to avoid Nationwide at all costs.You, Nationwide, are the absolute WORST example of a customer-centered business. You, are who give insurance companies a tawdry reputation. Unfortunately, Nationwide, you deserve the award for THE WORST COMPANY IN AMERICA! Hold your head high and proudly display the well-deserved banner, THE WORST COMPANY IN AMERICA! You are so bad it needed repeating, if for the only reason that your folks can’t seem to understand the concept of doing the right thing.I will end this diatribe with something that again, bears repeating... collectively, Nationwide, you should be so ashamed of your behavior as it relates to the adjudication of this claim. If I were you, I would be unable to look myself in the mirror. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. Apparently, you have become so desensitized, that doing the right thing is not even in your wheelhouse. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES AND YOUR SUBSTANDARD HANDLING OF THIS CLAIM!
We have had Nationwide auto & home insurance for several years with no claims on homeowners and one claim for an uninsured motorist, not at fault accident. They had been consistently increasing our rates by $100 every 6 months for a while, but then in September 2017 they increased our auto by $100 per month. We started shopping around and found cheaper insurance and called our local agent Janet to give her one last chance to reduce our rates. Janet told us what she had previously told us 3 other times and said she couldn't.My husband cancelled both policies at the end of September to avoid a new policy starting on October 1st. Our local agent never cancelled the policy and Nationwide sent us a big bill because they wrote a new policy and expected us to pay. My husband finally called them back after they kept sending bills, and had to send them our new Amica policies to prove we had a new policy. He forwarded an email he had sent Janet and they said they would cancel the policies but we still owed $37.85. I paid the $37.85 even though I didn't feel I should, I had made my last payment on the old policy, so how did I owe anything?That was in January 2018, and now today (2/18/18) I receive a notice from a collection agency that I owe $25 for my auto policy, I never received a bill for this, and how do I owe anything when I made the last payment on the old policy. I bet if I would have had a claim from Hurricane Harvey and hadn't paid my bill for the new policy starting 10/1/17 I wouldn't have had coverage, but since I didn't they conveniently write another policy and expected me to pay for it.I also believe they thought I couldn't get another policy in my area due to the hurricane, I just had to wait a month so they could see I didn't file any claims with Nationwide and Amica was happy to have my business. My credit is always in the upper 700's to lower 800's, so finding someone else isn't an issue. Nationwide doesn't reward you for being a loyal, claim free customer. Instead they continue to increase your rates until you are forced to shop around for other insurance. Amica was able to provide the same coverage for $100 less than what I was paying for just car insurance, almost $400 less a month in total.
I was just in a hit and run. The guy keep going after knocking my car into a ditch. I call the cops right away and followed my Insurance co which is Nationwide. I suffered from bad whiplash and a cracked rib. The wreck happened 1/6/2016. It is now 2/10/2016. No real word of what they are doing about my car. I am paying 115.00 for full coverage Insurance. They put me in a rental car right away but took it 2 days later saying that part of the damages was not due to the wreck. They have sent out 3 people to look at my car. I have at least 2000 worth of damage to my car and could not drive it until Monday safely. Missed lots of work over it and I have been paying out of pocket to get my own car fixed. They asked me if I had been on drugs or was drinking and in fact I was coming in to town from a client's home. I do IN HOME HEALTH for a living and the wreck was filed. No fault of my own and I agreed to do a drug test of any kind. Still nothing. I call them 3 times a day and never get a call back to know what is going on. With this keep in mind they made me return the rental car and drive my broken unsafe car home 60 miles. It has been in the shop more than on the road. I have spent over 500 in repairs myself and they swear the wheel bearing was not part of the wreck when I had nothing wrong with my car before the wreck. After the wreck it burnt out 3 wheel bearings and wound up having to replace the wheel assembly and put shim in to keep it fixed and they tried saying my car had been in 2 prior claims due to hail damage and one of which totaled out my car and it had a prior salvage title. I went to my car dealer right away and he showed me the car had a clean title. Took photos and sent in and still nothing about my claim.
I have been a long time customer. My rate is also continuously increasing, reason given, because of the accident rates in the state. Keep in mind I have no citations, or accidents period but stuck to pay for others. It's ridiculous. From 89 to 161... I would say is a huge increase. I'm currently switching to Geico, the cheapest rates I've seen yet! NATIONWIDE IS ON THEIR SIDE, NOT YOURS NOR MINE...They once was awesome but as time move forward, companies don't care about customers or loyalty. It's all schemes and ways to benefit the company only. Sad but true.
Great service continuous for over 30 years. Good service and quick phone call response from local agency. Quick response for claims and my rate has never increased after a claim. Would recommend 100 percent glass coverage if you travel on roads with trucks frequently.
Wow did I feel so left alone when dealing with Nationwide. My car was parked and a woman backed into it trying to parallel park. She completely crushed my hood and the bumper fell off. I have never had any accident with my car and I had no idea what to do. The police officer gave me a card with the person's insurance company policy number which was with Nationwide. The insurance agent who was handling the whole thing that I was assigned was Morgan **. I thought to myself okay, I will call and tell Nationwide what happened and they will fix it and I can move on with my life. Morgan called me and explained to me that a Nationwide agent will visit to look at the damage of the car, so I told her, "Please send an agent as soon as possible." It took over a week for someone to finally come out to look at the car.The agent who looked at the damage was Lisa **. She was very polite and kind and wrote me a check after looking at the damage, then told me to call her if I had any questions and I thought she was very helpful at the time. The very next day, I had questions regarding a rental car so I called Lisa and there was no answer so I left a message asking her to call back. For whatever reason she never called back so I continued to call and ask for help with no answer. I then gave up and called Morgan but she too did not answer and I left messages asking for a return call. The next few days, I thought it was just getting ridiculous. My mother started calling both agents and leaving messages as well with no luck.It boggles me that someone can be so kind to your face, hand you a check and say call me if you have any questions at all then completely ignore your call as if you are not worth anyone's time. I thought about the jingle on their commercials, Nationwide is on your side now. It just upsets me to hear such a lie. I was completely left to just figure out everything on my own. I could not even pick up the rental car because I needed questions answered. I put the car in the shop. They told me Nationwide will only pay for alternative parts and I thought to myself it is bad enough that my car's value took a hit now having been in an accident but they want to further the pain putting cheap parts on the car. I was just fed up with the whole thing and said, "Just fix it."I had no guidance from Nationwide and now I am left with a devalued car with alternative parts. Oh I still have not heard from either Nationwide agent. I wonder if they are told to just ignore phone calls after they write the check. Treating me as if I am not a person and I am just someone to pay off.
I had an auto policy with Nationwide for my 2 vehicles for about 5 months. Then I notice my bill was higher in Sept. No notice why. I continued to pay the usual amount. October bill was higher too. I emailed my agent to find out why. He said they added my daughter to the policy as a driver on my car. I said she lives with her mother for the past 2 plus years and not with me. And she has her own car. They said because she never changed her drivers license, she lives with me. Email after email was sent to my agent explaining that she doesn't live with me. Supporting documents of mail with her address on it and a bill from her community college with her address on it. Still no action from Nationwide. I started receiving collection calls and collection letters. I called Nationwide customer service and spoke to someone about this. They went over the billing and said I only owed them about $27.00 for going past the expiration date and that they would send the final bill. None ever arrived. Now the collection agency has put a bad mark on my credit report and my score has gone down. Big companies don't care about the individual anymore.
Nationwide is a company we had been with for years, and they continually raised our rates every 6 months when they did their check. Then, when our son, age 23-24, had two accidents close together, they really raised our rates. So, we went to State Farm and told them about our son's accidents. They said fine and gave us a nice quote, so we took out their policy and paid them. Within a couple of weeks, they called us up and said we would have to take our son off the policy because they wouldn't insure him. So, we went to Farm Bureau and told them our story. They gave us a quote. We agreed and cancelled the State Farm policy and took the one with Farm Bureau. We paid them 2 months upfront. Then, a month maybe into it, they called and said they were doubling our insurance rate due to son's accidents. They were all unable to explain the rate increases coming up since they were aware of the accidents when the policy was written. I feel ripped off. We were honest with each of them. We trusted them to stand behind the quotes and policies that were written, at least for the term of time on the policy.
I am a licensed insurance agent in the state of Texas. I worked in the insurance business for over three years. I thought I understood underwriting and regulations regarding insurance policies. I started a policy with Nationwide online and input my moving violations in the quote and paid for the first month of insurance. I checked on the policy several days later to find that the policy went from $77 monthly to $195 monthly. I quickly sent in a cancellation request dated 10/15/2011 as the effective date of cancellation and the first day of coverage for the new policy. Yesterday, I talked to a representative and she stated that I need to send in proof of duplicate coverage in order to flat cancel the policy so I faxed over the cancellation request again with proof of my new policy.Today, I called and they said they are unable to flat cancel my policy and I will be charged for one day of insurance. This equates to about $6, but I never agreed to the increased premium and I have never had to tell someone we could not flat cancel their policy in the state of Texas. I just want to go on record to say that I am very displeased with the cancellation process at Nationwide. I feel like they are taking advantage of people who start their policies online and have to wait for their violations to rate overnight to find out what the true premium will be on the policy. I feel like they take advantage of people trying to cancel their policies flat by not allowing them to flat cancel per guidelines. Please make an attempt to contact Nationwide and educate them on cancellation process that is fair to the insured. I don't need a duplicate coverage even for a day. I have a new policy with GEICO. I would like to have more faith in the insurance business, but the practices stated seem fraudulent.
My car was stolen. I had comprehensive insurance and GAP insurance. My agent at the time said if anything was to happen to my car I was covered. 2 years later, my car was stolen. I figured that although I was out a car my loan would be satisfied with my insurance and GAP coverage. To my surprise Nationwide adjuster pulled some tricks and suddenly they are only going to pay the actual value of my car and 25 percent of the remaining amount under the GAP, leaving me to deal with 5000.00 left. I cancelled all of my insurance and will never do business with them again. And I advise anyone and everyone considering a insurance company, not do business with them. They will screw you.
My Aunt was in a car wreck. My niece and mother were also in the car. My Aunt contacted the agent. He did nothing however in two years she heard from him. My oldest sister and brother in law were in a separate accident neither of them at fault. The agent went to my oldest sister and brother in law with check in hand to pay them. This agent did nothing for my aunt. A guy pulled in front of her car at the light and the 3rd car rammed into my aunt's car. My niece and mother were hurt but not bad enough for an ambulance. So I tell people that Nationwide sucks because the way this agent didn't take care of my aunt and her occupants.
This company is an absolute joke! One can never get in touch with the agent. Apparently the agents are individual agents, and apparently Nationwide doesn’t have control over them. Our car got stolen and it has been a nightmare to get the vehicle repaired. Not only took a month for the whole process but also they only paid a portion of the work and we got stocked with the balance. The day after our car got stolen, a representative from Nationwide called to question me about my finances and if I was having trouble making my payments or if I had any criminal record, in essence asking me if I stole my own vehicle? Then we received another call from a bozo from the claims department asking for radio model and pics of the dashboard; he offer to buy a stereo and send it to us so we could take it for installation… what? What kind of Insurance Co. conducts business this way?We took our business elsewhere and my new insurance company sent a letter of cancellation. They still withdrew money from my account this month, and two weeks later, we haven’t got reimbursed. I am trying to speak to someone about the issue but it is virtually impossible to speak to anyone. So I called the Nationwide 800 number and I explained to the person whom answered that I was having a terrible time getting a hold of my agent and that I wanted to talk to a manager or someone in complaints; she just kept repeating the same, “Sorry, the agents are individual agents” “you have to talk to them”. WOW!!! As the commercial says, Nationwide is on your side.
I had Nationwide about 3 or so years ago before switching to another company and decided to go back. Well when I signed up for GEICO I did not know I had a balance as I thought I had completed the switch prior to my new policy would start with Nationwide. This left me with an $85 dollar balance. When I decided to come back I was able to start my new policy. No problem making payments and all. Go on site to make a new payment and the account is labeled as cancelled! I call asking what is going on and I was told that it was cancelled because of an owed balance! So basically I have been driving around with no insurance for about a month now. Will NEVER use this company again.
My entire year with Nationwide was a joke. First, they added my stepsister who doesn't live with me to my policy; I'm not entirely sure why, but it took a couple of months to have her excluded. I had to file a complaint with the BBB in order for them to actually respond to me. Their customer service is lacking. I never got the same answer twice. My premium increased each time the policy was renewed. By the time I cancelled, it had increased by at least $25 a month, and mind you, I have a clean driving record with no tickets or accidents. My credit is also fine; my car is new and equipped with an anti-theft system which most companies provide discounts for. They never replied to any of my emails to customer service, and when I called and requested to cancel, they send some bogus form for you to fill out. I was with Progressive for years and they cancelled over the phone, and actually fought to keep. Nationwide did not try to retain my services. Apparently, they can afford to lose customers. I had to call and badger them to refund my unused premium. The place is a joke. I would not trust them to do right by me if I ever were in an accident. You need an insurance company you can rely on and they are not it.
I had the pleasure of dealing with Phyllis **, the most horrible experience ever. I sent Phyllis video footage of the accident and she says it was not clear to see. Then I sent Phyllis text messages from her client that clearly states that he hit my car. These were text messages and Facebook messages from the Nationwide client begging me not to submit the claim to his insurance and stated that he would fix it and how sorry he was. THIS WAS STILL NOT GOOD FOR PHYLLIS ** and Phyllis denied my claim. This has been an extremely horrible experience that left me driving a dented up vehicle. Nationwide obviously employs crooks. I would give a negative star rating if I could.
Nationwide Insurance incorrectly reported DMV that my liability insurance already expired, which caused me a lapse penalty ($50) and the chance of revocation of my license plate. I don't understand why this can happen - my policy is still valid 6 more months than their reported date; and I use automatic payment. They did receive all the payments on time. If my liability were expired, why would Nationwide still charged me after the expiration date? I contacted the insurance company and they don't know why either. Now I have to negotiate with DMV not to revoke my plate and hope this is not going to happen again in 6 months. Never seen this in any auto insurances I had.
This is a total scam - save yourself the time and instead spend your time just shopping for a better insurance company. The initial few weeks it shows great discounts to get you to stay with it and then the discounts drop like a rock the last weeks based on nothing! I don't think there is any actuarial analysis performed on the data - the discount and the driving truly seem to have no correlation. They don't analyze the data to remove abnormalities and there is no way to have them remove hard braking or fast accelerations of others, such as when your car is in the shop or in the hands of a valet. Abysmal program - save yourself the trouble!
Met all of my standards until I cancelled and was being charged for more than a month's payment premium which has now ruined my credit and the reason I cancelled was because the rate was very high for liability coverage.
Was in accident when a driver ran red light. I hit him in side and stopped very sudden. At scene of accident my car sounded very different almost like one on the pulley wheel to belt was bad. The mechanic said he couldn't rule out that the a/c compressor went bad because of accident. But if it didn't sound like that before then I would say the accident caused it. After multiple calls and discussions, Nationwide refused to pay for repair and now I am out $500 to fix compressor because it is not safe to drive it without repairing it. Suck when accident wasn't my fault and I could drive it safely after repairs.
We contact Nationwide. They get a quote and tell us where to take our vehicle to be repaired and then, Nationwide pays them. We just have to handle our deductible. We have comprehensive coverage. It helps pay for damage to your car from vandalism, weather events and accidents involving animals. They also have liability and collision. My favorite is the Vanishing deductible for having a good driving record. Nationwide offers much more than this with its roadside assistance plan, towing and labor, and rental reimbursement insurance. Nationwide is definitely worth looking into as your insurance company. It gives me ease of mind when I'm traveling that if there is a problem of any kind, I am covered. Also, my children travel a lot and I am very comfortable with them out on the road because I know they are taken care of in case of emergency. The agents and others I have dealt with at Nationwide have always been very friendly and courteous. They have been quick to apply good student deductions and age deductions to my kid's insurance. Also, are quick to help get a claim filed so the car can be repaired in a timely manner.
Was rear-ended by someone insured by Nationwide in August 2015. Though they contacted me right away and accepted responsibility for the accident, everything moved pretty slowly. Have been taking every opportunity to slow the process even more. The vehicle is commercial and not readily replaced by rental and so downtime for repairs was going to have to be the bare minimum. Out of one side of their mouths they kept saying how helpful they were going to be until they decided the claim would exceed their insureds policy limits, (who has a $25,000 limit these days!!!) then they wanted my insurance to pay for everything then they could get reimbursed by Nationwide.Finally got vehicle repaired in February out of service 12 days (their estimate was 5 weeks) and I had to find the shop to do the job that quickly (Nationwide authorized shop). Here it is now 2 weeks shy of 11 months since the accident and still no final settlement. The body shop got paid but I have not received my lost wages, medical and pain and suffering settlement plus now Diminished Value appraisal which cost me $525 to acquire and submit ($8700).Today they offered $6000 to settle that part. I'm tired, their insured nearly cost me my business by his negligence and Nationwide doesn't give a rat's patootie. They are not on my side, not that I expected them to be though they sure made it seem like it way back in the beginning. I will tell everyone how poorly they have treated me, dragged their feet and generally caused my opinion of insurance companies to drop even further than I thought it could go. Judging by the other reviews I've read here I guess I'm not alone. Caveat Emptor folks.
I love Nationwide! The company is prompt in sending out an appraiser even in the midst of disaster areas with large demand. My family had serious damage to our 3 vehicles in a tornado. We were able to get repairs underway in just a few days. My husband also had a deer wreck, and Nationwide got right on the situation and authorized our selected body shop to do whatever was needed and they would take care of everything. We also like the fact that we have a local agent who we consider to be our friend. She is always responsive to our needs and usually available right when we need her.
Decided to use Nationwide for my car insurance needs. Was quoted a rate which was increased twice in the first billing cycle. Decided to use another carrier. Surprise they sent me to collections. I have changed carriers in the past and never been sent to collections. Unfair business practices. Was not contacted before being sent to collections. Has a policy with a different company for the coverage dates listed by Nationwide. Would have worked the billing out if contacted. I would rate Nationwide a negative rating. There's to some great Car Insurance Companies who are eager to give the consumer great customer service and coverage. Please take note Nationwide.
I chose this company because others in my family have used it for decades. I've been with this company for a couple of years now, it's ok service. But I wish there was more incentives or such safe driving rewards.
This is where I am. I am wishing to settle our claim, immediately. I am not wishing to play phone tag with Nationwide Insurance Company or its list of employees. I no longer wish to speak with anyone but the Corporate Office. Please, do not have anyone from Raleigh, Fayetteville, China Grove, Ohio (specifically, S.F), or Richfield to contact me. I realize the Corporate Office is in Columbus, Ohio.Though S. (Claims Manager of Raleigh) called wishing for a settlement number($), I was not prepared to give her one at the time of the conversation; this morning. And although C.P (Claims Representative of Raleigh) attempted to have the deposit waived for the rental vehicle and informed me all seven of Nationwide's representatives have their own specialty to discuss; right now SF (the Adjuster from Ohio) has caused frustration and agitation. He states my vehicle assessment is $1,429 after the deductible of $250 even though his comparisons from Florida and Delaware are $4,000 for an 05 Kia with 174,000 miles.He went on to state there were further damages to the doors, that I did not have upon releasing the vehicle to R&L Towing (of Richfield) who transferred the vehicle to Copart (of China Grove). He also deducted $600 for paint peeling due to age and cited "he was doing me a favor" because the original cost of paint for the entire vehicle was $1,200. This is versus the 8hours cited on the vehicle estimate.Let's calculate his numbers: $4,000 comparison - 600 paint deduction - 250 deductible. By my calculations, this would render $3,150 for the vehicle assessment. Yet, my deductible does not apply because it was a "Hit and Run" from another Nationwide customer who was arrested and the insured was his father. Therefore totaling $3,400, if I believed anything SF had to say about paint cost. Verifying the estimate from CC (the Adjuster from Fayetteville), this is the Adjuster who relayed this information to him; I do no trust or believe the word of an Ohio Adjuster who has not been in the presence of my vehicle but cites that of a PDF file as if were gospel.Furthermore, the PDF does not cite damage to both door handles, its states damage to the front door. So I question who is lying; Copart, Fayetteville or Ohio. And why is Copart relaying information to Fayetteville (to CC, Adjuster Fayetteville) to be sent to Ohio (SF). Do you see my current frustration with Nationwide Insurance Company?My comparison is of a NC vehicle prior year, more mileage at $3,999. I also did Copart, your salvage company's comparison nationwide. Similar comparisons across the board reflect $4,000 as SF himself, quoted. Be it from Ohio, Florida, Delaware or North Carolina ($4,000). So as asked by S. (Claims-Manager), she desired a number for injuries sustained as a result of the "Hit and Run" by BF; specifically soft tissue neck and back injuries from my medical report and therapy for my child. I found two legal comparisons, should we elect to go to court. To the left is ** and to the right is **. My daughter suffered emotional trauma and sought medical help. I cannot put a dollar figure on being scared of what may occur due to the reckless driving of BF or anyone else she may come in contact with.S. (Claims Manager, Raleigh) requested a number($) for settling this claim and CP (my Nationwide Representative) stated RT (representative for BF, son of insured and Ms F) will be meeting tomorrow to go over the circumstances that caused him to hit our vehicle, flee the scene, have his father assist him with aiding and abiding and ultimately, his arrest. So to whomever; here are numbers($) you can forward to Nationwide (c/o: RT and Policy-F). Property Damage of 05 Kia Rio: $3,999. Bodily Injury for Headaches, Soft Tissue Neck and Back Injuries: **. Supplementary: To be determined.Please thank SF. His attitude, concern, and business ethics lead me to go above and beyond to collect the necessary data for my injuries and cases reflecting that of a Hit and Run and Soft Tissue Neck and Back Injuries with Headaches and my medical report to confirm. As I stated, I believed this claim would be simple; the vehicle, the injuries and the contact with my insurance company, Nationwide Insurance. What I did not believe would occur is seven representatives with different specialties attempting to confuse me into a half-ass claim. If you desire, please have someone from your Corporate Consumer Complaints Office or your Corporate Office contact me to settle my claim. I will publish this on the ConsumerAffairs website and update the NC Attorney General, NCDOI, and BBB about the current ethics and company standards of Nationwide Insurance Company.
Quickly communicate and helped me through the process. Told me what was going to be covered and what I should expect. Was an exciting and I felt relief. They had a plan to cover my specific needs and were very willing to help me out. Were upfront about the cost and what it was going to cost me to get everything done. Has given me the peace of mind to go out and have one less thing to worry about. Felt they gave me a fair deal and were very helpful. Fresh and exciting process that was very nice to have. They did not leave me waiting and I felt they knew what they were talking about. They were helpful throughout the entire process and very easy to understand.
Haven't had any issues so far with them. Never had to file any claims though with them. The customer service so far has been good. Have their home insurance too with them and they were excellent with my claim.
I had called to cancel my renters/auto insurance with Nationwide to give them a month's heads up that I would be canceling because I was buying a house and got a much better deal from another company. The agent, Ed, at the Burrell, PA location was very, very rude to me and stated that "well if you're switching to save money or struggling, you probably shouldn't be buying a house then because you can't afford it". My jaw dropped. I was very friendly with him on the phone. Always paid my bills on time. I had this company for ten years and for them to make such a nasty, degrading comment. I'm sorry, but if another company is able to save me over $500/year for the exact same plan, I think most people would change insurances. Stay far away from this company.
I don't usually do one of these. I am so upset right now, I want to remove my soon to be ex-husband from my policy, one that I had by myself when I was 18. It wasn't nearly a problem putting him on and taking extra money from me each month and now you won't remove him and these were the reasons I gave. Husband removed from home for 2 years (PFA order to stay away from home). He is ill and is unable to drive per his dr. Filed for divorce already. Have a standing order that we are separated from one another and are on our own as far as our vehicles are concerned. Legally filed in the courthouse through an attorney. I mean really must I go on and tell the gory details of it all? Will someone get satisfaction from hearing our private sad story of our home? These are the facts. HE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE. WE ARE NOT TOGETHER. Now after 34 yrs of being with you I have to look for another company. Is that customer service in your eyes? I have filed for divorce in courthouse. I can show all this documentation and it means nothing? Really, I am very sad, but upset I came to you 34 yrs ago and now you show no help to me after being a customer of yours for 34 yrs. I have to go, and I don't like change as far as this stuff goes but times are changing and so will my insurance policy.
Is it a common practice in the insurance industry for insurers to take it upon themselves to add drivers to insurance policies they think they live at our address? Nationwide sent us a letter informing us that our rates are going up because they have reason to believe they are a resident of our household or have frequent access to our vehicle(s). This individual stayed with us for about 3 months last summer because she had nowhere to stay while she was home from college. They evidently found her name connected with our address somehow and assumed she still lives here and drives our cars (she has always had a car of her own to drive). The Nationwide agent I spoke with indicated that the burden of proof is on me to provide some evidence that this individual lives elsewhere. I think I can manage this, but I'm wondering what my recourse would be if I was unable to, or if we no longer had contact with this person. This seems like an underhanded way of inventing customers to bill for.
I was a Nationwide customer for 12 years. 6 months ago I moved across the country. At that point I needed to update my policies. Auto motorcycle, drop homeowners and pick up renters insurance. Swapping over seemed simple, I set up auto pay and no account info had changed. 2 months later I called Nationwide to help me get my keys and wallet from inside my locked car. At that point they let me know that my policies had been canceled due to nonpayment, which infuriated me because of their clear difficulty finding my account. Picture me standing in the rain staring in the window at all of my information. I spoke to 5 different representatives that evening, each insisting I pay a bill before they would help me, refusing to understand that every bit of information was locked inside the car. Realizing Nationwide would not help me I demanded the representative cancel all accounts. And I called AAA, with whom I had no membership with. Nationwide never called or followed up. Instead they sent me a bill for $42 and absolutely no explanation why I was being charged. I figured I'd wait to hear from them before I would address this charge (I gave them all the information to auto pay) but their silence turned into collections notices. And not just from one agency, I am now being chased by 2 different agencies CEP, and CCS each claiming I owe them approximately $300 and both promising to report this to ruin my credit.I am reaching out for advice, I am afraid to confront the collections agencies for fear of harassment. And on the other hand Nationwide has absolutely no reason to entertain my situation, clearly because they sold the problem away. Nationwide was not on my side.
So, nothing has changed with my vehicles or driving record. However, my insurance rate is climbing and climbing and climbing. I have had this insurance with this company for 15 years. So, I called. What Nationwide had to tell me was that my rate was rising based on the driving records of others in my area and increased accidents and thefts. So, I did some research. Of course, I can't view other people's driving records, but since I live in a rural area, I checked out the other two. Both accidents and thefts are down and have been decreasing for the past several years.So, my guess is that the actuary who is creating my rate has no idea where I am. Either way, the $1368 a year increase over the last 4 years finally tipped the scale. Loyalty can only last so long. By the way, we are claim free for 15 years. So they have just been collecting premiums for 15 years! That's a long time to be collecting money and doing nothing but jacking rates. Pretty disappointing.
I called Nationwide for an insurance quote on my home. After waiting almost an hour giving an idiot information on my home, they wanted to charge me $3,270!!! After that I told him I was only paying $1,411 a year with Liberty mutual for the same coverage. Nationwide rep said, "Well I guess we can’t do business" then hung up on me. NATIONWIDE IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE!
A lady left the road and went through a parking lot and hit my car after I had made a left-hand turn. She lied to the cop who wrote a false police report saying I ran a stop sign which was not correct - I turned left, I did not go straight from another road. To make matters worse, the cop did not even take my statement. It was a sheriff who turned out to know the lady's husband on a personal level. After he talked to the lady, he spent 45 minutes talking to her husband who was not even involved in the accident. He showed up in another car 15 minutes after the accident happened. When I approached the sheriff to give my statement, he told me to go back to my car or he would write me a ticket. So, I took photos and video of the lady's skid marks of her going through the parking lot. She was talking on her cell phone and lost control of her vehicle, went though the parking lot, hit me and spun my car around in a circle then she crashed into AT&T electrical equipment by a telephone poll. AT&T billed me later and I turned that bill over to Nationwide. Nationwide got her statement that the police report was wrong over the phone and proof by way of my photos. Nationwide paid for her damages because I did make a left-hand turn, but the accident did not happen in the intersection at all whatsoever. The lady crossed a parking lot then hit me on another road after I had made the turn and was going straight.The lady's insurance company held a court hearing which Nationwide did not attend even after getting notice and I was found at fault because Nationwide did not fight it. I was not given a ticket by the sheriff but the lady wanted me at fault so she did not have to pay AT&T for what she did. Nationwide did not even attend the hearing. Where was Nationwide on my side? THAT IS FALSE ADVERTISING!!! Now that is not the worst of it. My wife cancelled her auto insurance with Nationwide and a year or so later, they turned her into a collection agency to get the rest of money owed on the policy. No one in my family will ever do business with Nationwide again. I was going to go file a complaint against them with a regulatory agency but I read they will sue you if you complain against them to a regulatory agency. That insurance company does not have its customers interest at heart.
Accident happened on July10, 2013. It was a 3 car accident. My car was the first car and got rear ended. The third car is insuranced with Nationwide. So I filed a third party claim through Nationwide. Two weeks later it's confirmed I'm 100% not at fault. Nationwide accepted all the liability. On 7/31/13, Claim handler Joanne ** called me, kept insist me to go through my insurance company. So I asked why if I'm not at fault. She stated she's not sure if it's cover under the policy. So I asked "what you mean you don't know? It's been 3 weeks already and you still don't know if it's cover or not." Then I asked "how much more time you'll need?" She replied she doesn't know. After she replied she just hung up on me. This is the most unprofessional customer service I ever have!!!
Not only was their customer a bully, but they were too. They actually got the police to cite me in a private parking lot with no witnesses and their customer was partially at fault because he took the "right of way" in which he refused to do anything to avoid an accident even though he had 4 lanes and good visibility to see me. I did the 4 second rule and he wasn't there. He said he was going under the speed limit and honked for a long time but if that were the case then he could have slowed down to avoid me. He and Nationwide called me as I was traumatized in my first accident ever where I was partially at fault at the least and cited for a moving violation based only on what their customer said. You NEVER call the other party as they are still on scene by themselves waiting for a tow truck. His car had a scratch and he should have paid for it but he said his insurance would have totaled it since it was worth $2K so he had to get my insurance to pay for it. I guess I need to treat others not the way I want to be treated but the way he treated me and his insurance. He just wanted a quick payout. Nationwide wanted me to admit fault immediately. There has to be an investigation. Because of Nationwide and the Bully in Mesa, AZ, I my insurance declared me 100% at fault. I was cited by the police and went to traffic school based on what the jerk said but the jerk was the only person the police got a story from. I've been hit 3 times before in which I was stopped, but not the first person as I was stopped maybe 3rd car behind and I exchanged phone numbers because I wasn't going to make a big deal about my old car with a slight scratch on my car despite they were 100% at fault. I remember that the last time the lady blamed my shoes but that didn't play a role since I was stopped and she was on her cell. Her insurance paid out and she was at fault and she apologized. Her Mercedes poked a hole in my rear. I never called the police but I exchanged insurance information. I could have been an ** and called the police and gotten her cited and declared whiplash, etc, and made money. Nationwide "is on your side." Ya, they are on their client's side by bullying the other party and getting the claim settled as an "at fault" before leaving even though the other party is 100% co-operative and proved having insurance and apologized for their side of it. I could have gotten the cops to cite him for not slowing down, honking (that's not a way to avoid an accident by the way-it's a bully method to say "get out of my way as I have the right of way and I'm not going to slow down or swerve to avoid you". I would never use this company. They don't use proper methods to be fair to both parties. They get the other party and bully them to admit fault with the police. I couldn't believe their customer said that, "Don't worry, they will just cite you and get your insurance because my car has over 200K miles and it's only worth $2K and my insurance would total this piece of 2005 crap." WE both had Nissan Altimas. I got hurt the most. He got a scratch and could drive away but my 2009 was totaled and it counted against me after 20 years of driving.I learned something after this "Get a Dash Cam" and other features to protect yourself and declare point of impact because he was speeding. I allow a lot of time before I make a right turn. I am not providing receipts because it's already in a database and I don't want it anywhere else. It's been 6 weeks now and I still don't have a car to drive. I was unable to work or go to school as I sit at home because of this.
I have had no problems out of the insurance company. They were there when my father had a collision. They paid 100% with not many questions asked. It is a company that a person can trust.
After 18 years of being a loyal customer to Nationwide, I received my renewal and discovered a $480 6-month premium increase. I have 5 vehicles and 3 drivers on my policy, NO accidents, NO tickets, NO anything EVER! No changes made to my policy between last 6 months to this 6 months. $480 = $80 per month increase! I called Nationwide customer service, asked "Why is there such a huge increase in my policy?" Agent Jaquilyn says, "We have had an increase in claims in the Randolph area." Now here I laugh. Randolph is the town I live in and has about 700 people total for a population, if that! REALLY??!!!!! An increase in claims???!!!! I have always been happy with Nationwide and feel very let down by this company after so many years. No claims, no tickets, no violations in any way and this is how I am treated. An $80 per month increase and basically lied to to explain it away. Nationwide has become all about the money instead of service. I am moving to another company and saving $130 per month by moving. Unbelievable!! I will no longer recommend Nationwide as a company. And anyone interested in insurance, please avoid Nationwide. They will overcharge and do not care about the customer at all.
It is very customer considerate. They try to help you improve your coverage, keep your costs low, and help you with improving your coverage. If I have any questions about coverage I can call the service center and get help either immediately or within the next 24 hours.
I was stranded in the cold waiting for 6 hours and counting... poor results. Rip off and ridiculous 3rd party companies. Do not trust them. They will leave you stranded. The agent told me I am stuck. I now hate that song... nationwide is not not not on your side...
I feel I am thoroughly covered with my current insurance without feeling like I'm overpaying for coverage I will never use. When I call customer service I am met with a helpful, engaged representative who knows how to answer my questions.
Okay... So on May 10, 2015 I got in an accident which was my fault. Not that it should matter, because that's why I'm paying for full coverage. My claim was reported immediately. This was my first accident, so I was kind of clueless on the games these insurance companies play. I brought my vehicle in to the shop they suggested. They gave me an estimate of around $3500 minus by deductible of course. I thought the damages were more, so I brought it to my mechanic. And as I thought, the damages were more. I called my rep and he Made it clear that they won't be increasing the check. Then he also stated that someone will be calling me, and I needed to make sure that I have the shops name when they call. I'm waiting for this call, but received an email instead, stating that the check was mailed. How are they going to mail me a check if they didn't have the shop's name... I thought to myself. The check was so called mailed on the 13th of May. It's 4 days to a month since he mailed the check. One whole month for a small ass check... that's not going to cover the cost to repair my vehicle. I had to call my rep and threatened him, requesting to speak to his boss/manager. That's when he offered to overnight my check. Smh. What kind of scam is this? So just be aware when choosing this company for your insurance provider. Because "NATIONWIDE IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE".
I had NATIONWIDE home and auto insurance for decades. One day they decided to double the value of my house and my premium jumped to $1400/year. I switched to FARMERS MUTUAL and my premium is $313/year. Now just in the last week I find out my auto insurance (3 vehicles) is $100 more per month than the company I just switched to. I have known my agent for close to 30 years and acts like we are the best of buddies but really he has been ripping me off for decades. Just in auto insurance alone he has overcharged me $100 per month and that's $1200/year every year for years. Your insurance agent is not your friend and he does not work for you. Keep in mind also I have never filed a claim ever.
I was in an accident with a Nationwide Customer. It's at the point now where my lost wages have forced me out of my home into a rent-a-room situation. I lost my truck that was promised to my granddaughter. It was paid for!! I am now on the verge of losing my motorcycle and my car due to lost wages/behind in payments. Here is the deal, I was willing to accept a settlement at reasonable damages. Now... Nationwide has played the game of HAND OFF from adjuster to adjuster, ignoring phone calls, losing paperwork, etc until you, the customer, will soon be paying for my lost car AND motorcycle as well as my truck, legal fees, back rent on my lost home that I still owe, attorney's fees, etc an additional 20k!!! I am at the point where I am researching suing the driver himself and not his insurance. (He blatantly ran a red light.) So tell me... who wants to use Nationwide??!!
When I started with Nationwide Insurance they gave me a great rate with discount and stuff. Was paying around $185.00 monthly, nevertheless, after six months I realized that my monthly about $225.00 monthly, a big and huge difference. When asked about it they stated that fees where added on, which they said that my policy was renewed because the first six months is over. Okay! I was mad because you already budget to the amount they first told you about. Nevertheless, I called and signed up for the SmartRide that makes you get 10% discount which made my monthly payment off $195.00 for the on the month of June.Come to find out that July amount went up to $206.00. When called and asked, they stated that my policy got renew. Like how many bloody times do they renew your policy! I feel cheated and disappointed, they have this big talk and yet add more and more to your policy, now I am afraid that next month is higher. I do not recommend, because they aren't honest and when you call them they try to tell you, "Ohh you didn't read the fine print." Like really!!! I'm DISAPPOINTED to the MAX. I'm ready to change insurance.
I own a Bravado that had repairs done by a shop that is represented by NW. I was surprised to hear that they denied my claim of fire due to repairs. I was told that the fire started at the firewall. We all know that the fire wall is a prevention for the fire to move forward; it is to protect the fire from moving into the car. There had been several other investigations that stated the fire was caused by a wire that was not installed correctly to the alternator and, in time, wiggled loose and sparked the flame. I asked NW several times where did the fire begin, and was just told the most heat was at the fire wall. I agree that may be true because the firewall was doing its job, but where did it begin?I was informed, "Since you have driven the car before it caught on fire, we are not responsible for the fire." Really! I made it plain and simple, I said, "You can get up in the morning and tie your shoe, and look down a few hours later and it is un-tied, does that mean you never tied it in the first place or in time it became untied?" Same difference, if the wires were not connected right within time, they will wiggle loose and spark and cause a fire, Chemistry 101. I am very disappointed with the response and comprehension of NW Insurance. I will continue to get to the truth of this issue, starting with my own insurance company, let them take care of this disagreement for me. Time is on my side.
My husband was in an accident. The car was totaled. During the claim process we found out that Nationwide had the wrong VIN number so the car wasn't actually insured. After they fixed that problem they then told us that we owed them money because we weren't paying enough for his insurance policy. They continued to charge us for a totaled car to be insured on our policy for 2 months even after I called to have the car removed several times. Then I got a letter in the mail telling me that the policy on the totaled car was renewed and I was being charged almost $100 more that month for the renewal process and the premium. And every time I called I got a complete run around from every person that I spoke to. And then when I asked who I should complain to I was given an 800 number that didn't work. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere for your insurance. If I could give them zero Stars I would.
Trying to gather insurance quotes using online quote system. Had to call two times before even filling out first two pages on website. The representative Rick was the worse about trying to help the situation, I tried twice to explain my issue with website and he acted like I was too dumb to figure out how to fill out basic information. The website displayed a error message without a cause or way to correct. Rick pretty much told me if I can't figure out how online works then you need to call in. I told him why have online quote system if nobody there knows about it or how it works. I am Extremely frustrated! As I told Rick that I'm trying to give Nationwide my business. He said he can give me a Quote now but after speaking to 3 highly incompetent workers including Rick, I will no longer consider Nationwide Insurance and I encourage other patrons to review from all websites before doing business with companies like this one.
I called my agent with the details and the other driver's insurance information. Nationwide paid to have my car repaired so I wouldn't have to wait for settlement from the other drivers insurance company and then they went after the other company. All in all, the process of having my car repaired only took a week. I have had Nationwide for years and have never had a problem. They are friendly, listen to you and explain things in layman's terms. Claims processing is fast. They want your vehicle repaired and back on the road as much as you do. I always receive offers from other insurance companies, but I love Nationwide and will never switch.
All claims have been processed quickly with no problems. My last claim was hitting a parked car, my fault, and they handled it with no criticism of my driving and paid the other person promptly. I have two cars and they are covered for collision, medical and comprehensive. I feel secure that if I have an accident I will be covered properly. It has given me a feeling of security knowing if I am unfortunate to have an accident I will be taken care of financially with no surprises. Customer service is great - they will cheerfully answer any questions and help you with any problems. You can also pay your bills by phone and make any changes to your policy easily.
I've never had a problem w/ Nationwide. My local agent is caring, friendly, and personable. The one time I did have to file an accident claim, I used their online system so that I could diagram vehicle damage. My agent called within minutes of the submission, first asking how I and my daughter-in-law were and then discussing the claim process w/ me. The claim was handled professionally, in a caring manner, and I received compensation for the damages promptly. All paperwork, details were handled by Nationwide with little effort on my part. Rates are very reasonable and my agent has always contacted me as eligible discounts or other cost saving adjustments to my policy become available. I would highly recommend Nationwide Insurance.
Somewhere in Downtown Columbus Ohio (Nationwide has several buildings) they have bike guards. Apparently they patrol the streets. Last August, we were sitting in front of the BWC building on Spring Street when about seven or so bike guards surrounded us. One became verbally abusive and accused us of shooting up heroin. It was a Saturday afternoon. Everything was closed. There were no other cars around us. No people walking. My husband was headed into his office just to check on some things. I admit things got bad in a hurry. My husband was trying to get out of his car, but the guards surrounded him and one began yelling at him. I know Columbus has issues with gangs. I thought they were a gang since they never identified themselves.There was no way to know who these guys were. They were all wearing black and riding black bikes. As one yelled at my husband and accused him of shooting me up with heroin, I became frightened. I jumped out of the car and dialed 911. I also yelled at these guys to leave at once. But one continued to claim that they saw my husband shoot me up with heroin. We are in our 50's. We've never used drugs. Never! With all the police shootings going on during that time period, I had good reason to believe these guys might have guns, and they might use them. This was all caught on video.A week or so later I went to the Nationwide headquarters in Downtown Columbus. Nationwide denied these were their guards. I confirmed with police that they are Nationwide guards. My understanding now is that Nationwide reviewed the video (this info came from a source I can't name on here) and claimed that they would use this video as a training session. My belief is that these guys are complete frauds. It was a very quiet day in Downtown Columbus. The police even agreed that it was very strange that this situation occurred. We believe we were targeted as a training session. There were several guards, but only one of them spoke while all the others just surrounded us and blocked my husband from leaving the car.Police did finally catch up with these guys and they admitted they were Nationwide guards. They also claimed they were in training. I have an issue with Nationwide or any company targeting people on the streets and using them for training purposes. I want answers to my questions, but Nationwide will not give a contact for this type of issue. We live close to the site that this situation occurred and every day is a reminder of what happened that day.
I have two cars and a house insured by Nationwide for the last 3-4 years, with no tickets, no accident, and no claims. I paid my premium in full every year. I was paying around $1,313.00/year for both cars. This year it was raised to 1616.00, about $300 increase. I was told by the agent because they had a lot of claims. So, being a good client with no issues at all, instead of getting some break or reward I get punished. That's what I don't understand the logic and justification behind it. I have done some researching and finally I will be starting with another insurance company that it is about $400 cheaper with the same coverage. My advice to you, get quotes from several companies, read their reviews, ask your friends about their insurance. Your time will pay off.
In Auto and Homeowners policies, I was completely dissatisfied. Not only do they charge then refuse to pay claims, they are so RUDE. Not just one agent or representative, but all of them. The local agent flat out lied, then backtracked and spun out more ridiculous reasoning. Told me I was legally bound to continue to pay NW after cancellation - then said in her 25 years as an agent, she has NEVER had a client cancel. I am 27 years old and had to watch a woman twice my age pretend to be a blithering idiot to try to avoid a refund. Being as she had NEVER had a cancellation, she could not cancel, much less refund my policy. Finally, after I filed a complaint, I got a $25 refund of a $220 down payment and $120 monthly paid together. Basically, I paid them $340 for one month of auto, cancelled after finding a better rate two days later, and they would only give me 25 back after extensive effort on my part. There was no logic to be had. Don't get me started on the homeowner's debacle. It's not just one bad apple, it's the entire company. So awful.
I do not recommend this insurance for the following reasons: I've asked to resend me my policy document several times (my insurance card was expiring every 6 months and I wanted a new one) - and never received anything. I moved to another state and let my agent know that my address changed - and he never told me that my insurance will not be valid if I don't change to another state policy. I got to know about this through another agent who told me. Thanks god I didn't get in any accidents during this time, otherwise my insurance would pay anything since my policy isn't valid anymore.I got in an accident - somebody hit my car and after a while it was considered to be my fault... I don't know who failed to prove that I was innocent victim but of course I was unhappy with Nationwide and the only reason I got to know that I have this accident on my record as at fault (so unfair :(((( ) - because my payment has changed - and nobody notified me or send me any information regarding this. Poor communication and customer service.
I really think that the company is great. They work with you, they take their time. I personally would advise them to anybody. The only issue is that they are a little expensive. Great but expensive!
The agent is very prompt, and returns calls within a couple of hours, and the monthly premium is very reasonable. I do recommend this insurance company, as I am totally satisfied with it.
They are local and easy to get a hold of. I just call and things are done in a instant. No segueing. They were pretty quick getting the insurance policy together. Overall the price needs improvement. We pay almost double what we did with previous company which was State Farm. Nationwide has a better coverage than with last company. My husband was in one accident and State Farm dropped us.
Great customer service. And they have the lowest premiums. They're a great auto insurance service. They will take care of your product needs. They will make sure that the product fit your needs.
Reasonably good service since bundled with homeowners insurance as well. Rather expensive, but have had them for decades and am loath to switch. My agent is terrific and I know that he will always work with me so I get the best deal.
Resolve claims quickly, your check is in the mail real soon, or if you need repairs, the repairs are made in timely manner. The employees are really nice, very knowledgeable. Auto coverage is considered very good, accident forgiveness. If you run out of gas, they will send someone, if you need a tow or a tire replacement, or a jump when your battery is not working. I value Nationwide very highly. Top notch. They have been around for a long time, smart, go-getters, help you find the best rate and coverage for less. They try and find the best coverage for the lowest price. They have good patience. I would recommend Nationwide in a heartbeat.
I wish there was a way to give no stars. I was contacted this morning by a gentleman who called himself Nicholas, who stated that he was from Cadillac Corporate and that my coverage had expired and wanted me to sign up for extended coverage to the tune of $3800.00, but because I was a "preferred customer", I would get a whopping $300.00 off. When I requested that he email me the information so that I could review the details of the plan, he hung up on me. I then called the number that he had rung from, 706.760.4916, and a man who called himself John **, said that it was Nationwide Insurance acting on behalf of Cadillac and that I was very rude, even though he continued to interrupt me and refused to let me finish a statement or a question.When I told him that "Nicholas" had told me he was from Cadillac, Mr. ** told me that was not correct, but because they were an authorized underwriter it should not have bothered me. If this is how Cadillac is represented, I will have to reconsider my opinion of the company as a whole and has definitely affected my perception of Nationwide. I was thinking of including Nationwide in my list of options for insurance providers; however, thanks to these two and their insulting, abrasive, and unprofessional manner, that's no longer a consideration.
After speaking with a Nationwide insurance agent, I received a decent quote. I decided to buy Auto, Home and Umbrella Policies. I gave her my credit card number. Then I was billed for $70 of Farmers insurance which I neither consented to or asked for. I decided to cancel all the insurance apprehensive of what else would be charged on my card. It was really hard to get a hold of an insurance agent who would spend time to cancel my policy so that I could get my money back. I had to use the credit company to get my money back. Much easier to give money... hard to get it back. I am NOT going back to this company!!
It is one of the best insurance company I have ever worked with. They are faster and comforting to their customers. They give roadside assistance to their customers without delays.
Well, Nationwide is great. I've had accidents and their response was immediate, thorough and complete. When talking to agent I got clear advice and solutions that help me feel at ease about the situation. Payments are low and reasonable.
I called nationwide in October because my previous insurance company of many years was going out of business. I heard of nationwide was great and they could offer me a right around the same as I was already paying. That was a lie. They said my rate would be the same but then I added on additional fees for stuff I don't even know what it was and they told me the rate would go up because of an accident in 2012. I was never in an accident in 2012 and I had only had my car for a few short months in 2012. Couldn't get out of that because they always seem to be right in every situation so I just paid the money. Then they called a week later and said they were missing some paperwork and if I didn't turn it in in time I would owe an additional almost $200. I waited four weeks for them to send in these alleged forms that they needed and never got them.I called back 2 times in those 4 weeks to let them know I still have not received anything. They sent me a letter stating that I have 5 days to return the forms or I was going to be cancelled. Called them back, once again was told they were going to send in these forms for me to fill out so I did not have to pay the additional fee. To this day I have not gotten them. Called them yesterday because my policy apparently cancelled on the 14th of January. Today is the 27th of January. Have remained in constant contact with these people for these past few weeks trying to get these forms to save myself some more money. Paid $161 yesterday to supposedly renew my account. When I called back today I was told that the policy was still cancelled and the money that was paid yesterday was applied to the balance I had already paid in October.So now they are keeping my money. I'm still uninsured for 10 days and still have not received any forms. All I've gotten is the runaround, then put on hold for 15 plus minutes at a time. Never mailed the forms they requested. This is the worst insurance company I have never had to deal with in my life. I've never had to pay more or had such a hard time getting car insurance.
I like the fact that they are a local company and they know who I am when I call them and need help. Personable has been a good quality but they are still a big corporation. And I feel at some point all insurance will be done online and the stores will be gone. I like the online bill pay and autodraft when needed. I also like the mobile app and it is easy to use. However Nationwide is more expensive than some other new insurance companies out there. And I feel all the advertising they do makes customers' auto insurance higher. I am open to exploring other options.
Nationwide gave me the best rate that fit my needs as my car is 17 years old. I like having everything I need at my fingertips because of their handy app. But my rate has increased even though my driving records is spotless and no accidents. I've had the opposite with other companies. Still, my experience with Nationwide has been easy from the start from my first estimate to my current policy my payments come out automatically and no hassles.
I apologize for the interrupt and hope this communique may serve to bring about some kind of positive change. Recently after over a year of claim free tenure with Nationwide Insurance (for both Home and Autox2), I got into a minor fender bender with another driver while at a local Home Depot. I was backing out of a parking space and he attempted (not so successfully) to quickly squeeze through. This resulted in t-bone style collision. After the obligatory unfriendly greetings... I came to find out the other driver was not licensed, not in the country legally, and had no insurance for the vehicle he was driving. Further investigation on my part later would reveal that the gentleman was driving a salvaged vehicle, which had failed all state required safety checks, had been in another collision less than 2 months prior, and was not listed as safe to drive in Texas.The accident was minor and the only damage to my vehicle was to my rear bumper. The total cost to fix the 2014 Honda Pilot was 1069$. After the accident I had a very pleasant conversation with a Nationwide claims representative [Daniel **] from Iowa. He informed me during our initial conversation that since the other driver was not insured and not licensed that my 250$ deductible described in my uninsured motorist policy would apply. I wasn’t even aware I had this coverage. I was happy to hear this information and felt better that he was supportive. He assured me that Nationwide would attempt to recover the money from the other motorist. I immediately felt better. In addition he scheduled out the repair services needed to fix my vehicle for the next day, and we ended the call.The tone with Nationwide changed as I brought the vehicle into a Nationwide approved service center for repairs (Caliber Collision). At checkout I was informed by the service center rep that the deductible I would need to pay at the counter (on the spot) would be $500 instead of the previously agreed upon $250 deductible discussed the prior day with Daniel. I called Daniel immediately (while at the service center) and for some reason he magically could not recall the contents of our conversation that occurred the day prior. I was left on the spot to foot the 500$ bill.The following day I reached out to Daniel to try and determine what had changed. He calmly explained that because they had not determined liability yet I would be required to foot the standard collision deductible of $500 until the liability could be determined. I reluctantly and unwillingly had to accept this as the current state of the matter. He assured me that the investigation would continue and they would rule on the liability soon.The tone of our next call a few days later turned even worse. He accused me of causing the accident, being at fault and stated that license, insurance, vehicle safety and operability were not determining factors of liability. He told me the 500$ was most likely gone and that Nationwide would wait for the police report to make a final decision. I was aggravated and upset at this turn of events. I felt I had been swindled out of 250$ and lied to by my insurance company. I calmly told him if it continued this way I would cancel my insurance policies with Nationwide. His response to this was smug and uncaring.After hearing nothing from him for over a week I called State Farm and requested an auto quote. I was shocked to find out that the claim with Nationwide was listed as closed and that no further investigation was pending. I was quoted a MUCH higher rate for them. BUT based on my experiences in the past, you get what you pay for. I swiftly signed up and unapologetically cancelled my Nationwide insurance policies today. I was shocked (although I probably shouldn't have been) to see that Nationwide didn’t even attempt to preserve me as a customer. My main logic for cancelling is this: “If Nationwide lies to me and 'nickel and dimes' me over 250$ in relation to a minor incident, what will happen if something catastrophic occurs? I doubt Nationwide is on my side"The interesting thing about this whole thing is that Nationwide stands to lose thousands worth of policy premiums from me in the future (which are ALWAYS paid on-time) over a 250$ dispute. The whole thing seems financially foolhardy as a company to behave this way. It’s also a sure fire way to drive customers away. That being said I thought I would share my experience in hope of some positive change taking place in the future.
This company is very prompt at responding to calls and emails. Customer service is very satisfactory. They are courteous and very professional. I enjoy the ability to pay online and not receive paper bills every month.
I needed an SR22 in order to pay my reinstatement & begin the process of obtaining my driver's license again. Why I went w/ Nationwide' without checking the reviews first, I don't know but I paid $196 in July 2016. That was supposed to take me until Oct 2016, & after calling a few insurance companies prior, I felt I would go w/ this one. BAD idea! So I paid $200 to take me to Jan 2017 thinking I was good to go. All of a sudden I had to move to another city. Called Nationwide & they said I would have to pay $55 or my insurance would lapse. The increase was due to the move. What??? Furious, I called back and was told to pay by Dec 11 or it would lapse (by the way, the rep was dry & inconsiderate). I called Dec 1, 2016 & the automated said I owed $77 Nov 5, 2016. WHAT??!! I talked to another rep that said it was due to me being late. LATE?? After fussing about me feeling like I'm getting played, she said she would be willing to waive the $12 late fee. Today is Dec 7 & I just received a letter from Nationwide saying I owe $250 Oct 2016. I was so mad that Nationwide has stolen $400 from me. In anger I ripped it up!!! My advice to Nationwide: You all will keep people if you don't get over on them!!! My advice to you: read all of these reviews & DON'T waste your $$$ on Nationwide. They are NOT on your side!!!
I had Insurance with Nationwide and was involved in a accident. The car I had as a 2008 Camry Solara Convertible with 39500 miles. The car was worth $19,500 and they lied and gave me $12,300. When I asked why the adjuster said, "You take what I tell you or get nothing." I am placing a call to the Insurance Commissioner and will let you all know what happen. Watch out for your own safety...
I have an auto policy with Nationwide, I switched from Liberty Mutual which was meh as well, thinking it would be better. It was good until another driver made malicious claim against me. The initial claims adjuster was a nice young lady who seemed to understand the circumstances involving this particular accident. In her email she mistakenly stated that the person who would inspect my vehicle for any damages from the other party was the adjuster, he was a nice man as well, but to my discontent he was not the adjuster. Instead, their investigator called me without notice (email) as the initial adjuster said she would if any further information developed regarding this particular claim. I then receive a call from a very RUDE & AGGRESSIVE guy who claims he needs to meet with me to go over additional information and his schedule is so busy that he needs to know NOW WHEN I WILL HAVE TIME TO MEET HIM! He left a pleasant message, but certainly duplicitous. I was trying to keep my composure in check as I was being patronized by some guy who's NOT ON MY SIDE who like every single insurance company out there are trying to incriminate their drivers to make an extra buck by dropping you. "Oh you have bad credit, oh you got into one fender bender, oh you passed a stop sign... blah blah blah"... Give us a break... Just say you're here to give us a hard time... 500.00 a month for rude service... I will add to the record here the other party had a lower tier insurance policy and physically harassed the driver of the vehicle they made a claim against... Blasphemy is what's going on here...
Charged us to leave 68.00... over charged the rate deductible... over charging 100.00... didn't send anything in the mail... I have dealt with a lot of insurance... they are by far the worst I have ever seen. What the hell is equity bill... There is no equity in autos... just lies. Be careful of companies who try to hide pricing or disappearing quotes.
Nationwide is a wonderful company. Easy to start a policy. Always helpful and good prices overall. Like that there are local offices so I can deal with a person, not just talk on the phone. Also, Nationwide is reliable and trustworthy. Always have what seems like fair prices. But Nationwide could do the accident forgiveness or the rebate checks after you go so many months with no accidents or tickets. That would be absolutely awesome.
I left State Farm Insurance to save some money on my premiums with Nationwide. What a mistake! After my fiancee had an accident with our minivan, which I had full coverage/comp on, Nationwide took six weeks to decide that they would not cover our claim. During this six week period they refused to answer phone calls, called my fiancee in to a kangaroo court in which they basically accused her of insurance fraud due to the fact that THEY forged her signature on the policy application, and then cancelled our policy because she delivers newspapers! Now I am stuck with a 6000 lb paperweight in the driveway that I still owe nearly $5000 on. However, I can take some comfort in knowing that they did pay for the medical costs when my son was in an accident as a passenger, and they paid out nearly $50,000 in medical cost before they cancelled us for this accident so at least I know I didn't lose money with this farce of an insurance company. Not only will I never deal with Nationwide again, I will tell everyone who cares to listen that they are better off with NO insurance than with Nationwide!
I left my car parked in front of my cousin’s house because I lost my keys when we went out. I had elective surgery 3 days later, so I figured that once I recovered from surgery, I would go to the dealership and get a key made so I could pick my car up. Well the unthinkable happened. My car got stolen and my cousin thought that I came and picked it up. It took me longer to recover than I had expected. I was down for almost 3 weeks. When I called my cousin to let her know I was coming to get my car, she told me she thought I picked it up a while ago. So I went to her house and called the police to report my car stolen. To make a long story short, I did everything my insurance company asked me to do. I did a recorded interview over the phone, I filled out and had paperwork notarized that Nationwide Insurance requested and I signed my pink slip over to them. They told me once they received everything back, then they will settle my claim. Once they received all the papers they had requested, they said they need my cell phone records. I refused to release my text messages so they had them subpoenaed. They also said I need to do a face to face interview with one of their field investigators which I did. It has been 7 months since my car was stolen and I am still waiting for nationwide to settle my claim. If you ask me, 7 months is an awful long time to wait for my auto insurance carrier to settle my claim. I don't know what else I can do besides wait. I wouldn’t recommend nationwide insurance to anyone. Based on my experience so far, nationwide isn't on your side.
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