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Nationwide - Homeowners Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Nationwide Insurance
Overall average rating of 2.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 15 %
We specialize in hail damage and wind damage to roofs. Our warehouse testing includes shooting all types of hail, size, shape, and density. The hail we use is made in a freezer and we use all types of roof shingles, siding metals, and other materials. We also take our samples and age them before and after, so we can find out how to age the hail strike and wind damage. Some materials are very easy and others are hard, so we know what hail damage to a roof looks like. Hail comes down from the sky. It’s funny sometimes because you can watch a hail storm and your house and the house next to you are getting pelted with 1/2 to 1.5, but across your street there is very little falling. So my POINT is that I have been doing this for 8 years - meeting adjusters at client’s houses, a roofer for 6 years, and also a home builder. So it’s safe to say I know a little bit about hail, wind damage and materials. Most staff adjusters really don't know much about damage to property. If they did, they would get their independent adjusters license and get paid more money. I met a staff adjuster yesterday (Allen **) from Nationwide, and he bought some gutters, turtle vents, some windblown roof, and shingles. So him buying that proves that there was hail damage up there, but he was unsure of the hail damage to the shingles because (he said) he was not used to seeing it like that. So if he is unsure, he must tell the home owner that, “I’m not sure and I need another opinion on the hail marks.” Him denying his roof meant that he was sure it was not hail damage; and he was wrong, that was hail damage. Another thing is that Allen ** said all hail damage was round; after me correcting him about it he said he did not mean to say that, but he did. So my point is that everyone who has insurance can request to have their roof inspected by a licensed independent adjuster. They work for you. A staff adjuster gets paid by the insurance company and cannot give you an unbiased opinion on your home, so they always pay the least for damages, or not at all.
I like dealing with Nationwide because they put the customer first. Whenever I call them about a claim they always resolve the problem that I am dealing with. No matter what I have an issue with, Nationwide seems like they have all the answers. This company is one of the best brands for any type of insurance. They say what they mean and give you an accurate solution to your problem.
I like Nationwide Insurance and I have it for 20+ years. I searched other insurance companies and all of them were much more expensive then Nationwide. Nationwide has better coverage plans that are not that expensive. We had a claim in our new house and a adjuster was at our house the next morning. Our door window was fixed within five days. Nationwide Insurance is great for us and we love it a lot. But I wish they had more adjusters in our area that work at night because some bratty kids threw a rock on our back sliding door and shattered the glass.
I like Nationwide because of their in-depth knowledge and customer service skills. I like the way they interact with their customers and how they settle agreements. I love the way they handle and approach matters. They have more options for you to choose from and they make a way for you to be well serviced and cared for. This company gives me all the advice I need in order to make a decision so that I can benefit greatly from my choice.
I am a General Manager of a roofing contractor in Denver Co and selected certain areas to locate homeowners who might have hailed damage property from some of the hail storms this year. If they are either unaware or were turned down by the insurance companies claiming not enough damage, that would be preposterous for these areas? I have seen enough physical evidence from the hail storms in 2016. The areas we have seen are literally catastrophic. NO claim in these areas should be declined? My complaint is with Nationwide who has denied approving a claim on 5 out of 6 structures that 4 of which has taken over a month to basically get an inspection done and that had to be done by an engineer hired by Nationwide. There was another engineer present and he said the engineer from Nationwide didn't use conventional methods of examination which he thought was odd? The claim on the 4 bldg. property the findings were probably predetermined before they looked at the roof? The explanation seems to center around the exact storm date, but if I'm correct, don't remember seeing that part in the exclusions section? Besides I have enough evidence that hail compromised not only the structural integrity of the roofs but has caused severe damage on all the collateral items not mentioned but can be included in a deposition (Appraisal if necessary) along with a petition of perhaps a class action suit? Accusing Nationwide of fraud by denying claims that weren't really inspected or the Inspector was incentivized by a "not enough damage " result turned in occupied by 4 different tenants in each building. The other location has repeated hailstorms this year of 1.75" up to 2.25" inch size hail. There are obvious holes that have penetrated and severely compromised the wood shake shingle and its ability to ** common weather conditions that would eventually cause internal leakage? The damage reported at the 4 unit 4plex has been inspected by myself, a notable HAAG certified inspector and a Public Adjuster certified by the State. Personally, I have been very disappointed in the handling of the claim. It has been one of the more unpleasant experiences dealing with any one company. I consider myself one of the best Inspectors in detecting hail damage and well versed of how your policy reads. The only thing we're asking is that Nationwide do the right thing and take care of your policyholders in time of need! To have confidence that this company really does have their back. And will honor its policy coverage so the insured can feel good and recommend Nationwide as a company that does what they say. I have witnessed, documented and recorded routine tactics to try and deter, frustrate or give the insured the belief that they don't warrant a claim. Over 90% of entire neighborhoods in parts of Co Spgs, and other heavily hit areas were impacted by these storms, a lot of the homeowners don't even know because their insurance company lied! I would be very curious to see how many of these claims were denied. Denver, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Golden, Lakewood and many other cities and towns were affected also. If they continue to negate what should be corrected, I will advise my clients to do whatever it takes to expose this crime.
It's all fine and friendly until they have to payout on a claim. Having a Nationwide Insurance policy is as close as you can get to having practically no coverage, but still being required to pay for the privilege.
I have had Nationwide insurance for over 25 yrs. I had a fire in September 2017. I have been in a hotel for about 10 months for them to settle. They have tried to make feel like criminal. The adjuster is terrible. He doesn't call you back. He doesn't tell you anything. They are very rude people and I did everything they have asked me to do. They were throwing so much crap at me I had to get a lawyer. The agent told me a month ago that my claim would be paid off but they not sent my lawyer anything. This is a terrible company and they are always going up on my premium every year. I understand how it is legal to do a consumer like this. I am very disappointed in this company.
Nationwide is great. It was recommended to me by a friend who had recently bought insurance through them. I checked many different companies in my area and they were the best choice. It's cheaper and I love the price. At my old company I paid $80 for the basics but with Nationwide I get more for less. Everything in my house is covered by Nationwide and I feel great knowing I'd be taken care of if something happened to my house.
I applied for a policy online. When it got approved, they sent me the policy. I liked the price because I am an elderly person on a fixed income and appeared to be saving a little money. So I cancelled my current insurance because they had just raised their rates. About five weeks later, I received a notice of cancellation from Nationwide that they were cancelling my new policy. There were three minor excuses they used for the cancellation so I told them that they will be corrected and kept them informed of the situation. They would not hear of this and insisted that the policy would be cancelled by 1/5/13. Now, I am left with no insurance on my home and God forbid if something should happen, my wife and I would be homeless. Believe me, Nationwide is not on your side.
Nationwide was the best price for what I was getting. It was easy to go online, search through the application, apply and then get a quote. I then called for some further information. I would have a little less expensive and more options in policy prices. An ala carte so to speak. Make it easier to go through the process of adding insurance for your home. Other than that, it's easy to understand the contents of the policy. What it stands for and the contents within describing what is covered and making sure I have enough coverage in case something was to happen.
Last Jan, a windstorm came through central NC in which my truck was damaged from a tree that fell and limb broke free from. The owner of the tree was insured with Nationwide, not on my side insurance, who to date, has not contacted me but his insurance has contacted an attorney and treated me like a dog; all of which Nationwide cannot answer a simple question relating to the claim which would prove they acted in good faith and neither has their cheap one-sided attorney; who has only sided with the insurer and not fully or fairly investigated this unlawfully denied claim. I would recommend not having these people for your home owner's insurance, I don't and never will.
The previous company I used went bankrupt and I needed to get my home covered asap. I have tried calling for quotes at least 5 different companies, and Nationwide had the best price. Nationwide is on your side, their slogan is great. I have had them for 6 years and never had to use them. Friendly and personable. My premium goes up a bit too high too fast though. I hope somewhere down the line everyone's premium or account gets a credit.
My Nationwide insurance is reasonably priced and covers all I need it to cover. I have never made a claim so I can't make a judgement concerning their claim processing ability.
My homeowner's insurance has increased 191.00 in three years! I have never filed a claim for anything! I'm now going to compare and change companies. I will ask about their policy on increases on both homeowners and Auto insurance!
I have always used Nationwide because my family and my husband's family all use them and it is just a tradition. Also it is easier than starting over with a new place. They have mostly served all my needs for 43 years. However, I wish I could choose a cheaper coverage plan, I don't like the generic plans they use. I would like to customize my own plan just including property I own. Other than that, pretty well satisfied. I like that I have a real agent that I can go to for questions and know that she will be upfront about cost and other questions I might have.
I feel lucky I had never had to use it, it covers all the elements of living here South East Houston TX. Fire, Water and many many more at a very affordable price with the Bundle I have.
On Thursday, January 12, 2012, I returned home from work, to find that our home had been broken into. I immediately called 911. This was about 4 PM EST. After filing all the necessary papers with detective from our county, it was after 6PM, so as soon as my Nationwide agents office opened the following morning (Friday the 13th), I called to report the theft. My agents where not in, but I spoke with a secretary who took the necessary information, and told me we would be contacted by an adjuster within 24 hours.After waiting all weekend, without any word, I called our agent back on Monday, January 16th, around 2 in the afternoon. I asked to speak to my agent, and once again, he was out, so I expressed my disappointment with the fact no one had contacted me, and that as a result of the break-in, our front door had been busted down. We were able to piece the door back together, so we could feel halfway safe, but I asked the secretary what would we have done if we had not been able to afford the repairs, and the adjuster never contacted us. I was told that she forgot to tell me it was 24 business hours, and that because of the MLK Jr. Holiday, that the adjusters offices were closed.On Tuesday, January 17, at approx. 5:15 PM, we were finally contacted by an adjuster. I went through all the proper steps, answered all the questions, explained what happened, and reported the items that had been stolen. My solid oak jewelry armoir had been taken, and all the contents that were in it. My husband and I had thousands of dollars worth of gold, diamond, ruby, sapphire, peridot, and amethyst rings, slides, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I was very angry, and disappointed in my agent, and dissatisfied when I found out that the jewelry was basically a loss, because we where never told we had to add it to the policy. I thought my agent would have looked after me better than that. I did have a section added 18 years ago, to cover my diamond engagement ring, but it was never mentioned that I might want to add my other jewelry items.I am not only upset with my agent, but with the Nationwide Company itself. After being told, I will basically only receive about $2,000 total for the whole claim. I am heartbroken. While I know that my items stolen can never be replaced, it would make it a little easier, knowing that someone cared enough to help me with things and that my insurance company and agent went above and beyond what was necessary to put my mind at ease. Are all insurance companies like this? Do other agents tell their customers what is best, or just let them find out after its too late. Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated. I will be changing insurance companies after the claim is complete. We have been with Nationwide for over 10 years, and this is very disheartening.
This company is one of the best out there. Very affordable and they really come through for you. They called me to make sure I was alright and if they could do anything for me. Told me to call if I just wanted to talk. What company does that in this age and time?
Two years ago my farm was hit by the tornado that ripped through Mayflower and then went on to destroy Vilonia. My insurance company is Nationwide Insurance and they have yet to pay the claim. I have an estimated damage of over $700,000. I have made 10s of thousands of dollars in repairs myself just to keep the farm from totally deteriorating. I am a widow and I feel that Nationwide Insurance is taking advantage of not just me but I feel other people also. I have an attorney and we have a court date, but before we can get to court, I have run out of cash and cannot afford to continue to make the costly repairs on my property. I am turning to the media as a last resort to get some help or direction. Thank you if you can offer any coverage.
I called Nationwide after hurricane Sandy. I was told that they were so busy that they would get to me with a date for a home adjuster. I waited and waited until I couldn't take it anymore, so I kept calling them and got the runaround. Finally, some nice man told me he will make sure someone comes to my house to assess the damage. $12,000 is not going to cover half for what has to be done. I'm very upset and unhappy with how Nationwide handled my claim.
Nationwide has life insurance and auto insurance. It offers more than homeowners insurance and you can get all of your insure through them. They are always there when you need them. They were easy to talk to and the quote was free plus the price was reasonable. I was able to insure my home and my truck with one company. They need to lower their prices though. Young people deserve a chance of having insurance without paying a stupid high price. Insurance companies need to give younger people a break on insurance.
I shop for insurance and Nationwide gave me even more coverage than the company I had for less money. The agent I spoke to was very informative and helped me also combine things in order to save money. I told him of the high costs of the other insurer I had and he assured me that they could beat that price and they did just that. I was very happy with the final result. I just wish that the companies would all have to make it plain to see how much they charge for each service they provide so we could easily compare who is ripping the people off.
I have been a customer with NW for many years with global coverage. In March of this year, my oil furnace malfunctioned and I reported this. I also had home warranty with AHS. I was informed by NW that the furnace was not covered by the policy, despite the fact that the damage was from recent rainstorms with water damaging the equipment. The agent promised that they will send out an inspector to evaluate but he never appeared. The agent called me a few days later and said that although the furnace was not covered, the clean up etc. would be taken care of by NW. By now, most of the cleaning had been done and paid for by me. And I also ended up paying for the furnace which cost around $5000.00, of which only $1600 was paid by AHS. The NW referred cleaning services Duraclean submitted and paid $4500.00, which in my opinion was ridiculous and hyper inflated. They also billed me for $500.00 deductible, which I refused to pay. And I will be going to court next month. The issue could have been resolved amicably had an inspector been out to see the damage. I do not feel that the Duraclean services were worth the cost. And had I known what they were charging, I would never have approved. I was never given an estimate.
I had nationwide policy for my auto (4cars), home and 2 commercials for past 10 years paying over $5K/year. There was huge hail damage in my neighborhood. All my neighbor's insurance (not nationwide) have covered and repaired all their damages (roof, siding, gutter) but nationwide rejected almost every damages at my property. Contractors & I provided pictures of hail damages from roof and outdoor AC but based nationwide experts, all damages have been rejected. They ask me to get HVAC contractor to indicate the location of AC leak and if it is due by hail damage. AC contractor has charged me over $200 and indicate the location where it was leaking (from hail damage). I then submitted the report to Nationwide and they still rejected the claim without paying me back for the report. Just wanted to share my experience with Media. Hope this helps your decision.
Sandy -- we got hit. We live on the south/western part of Long Island. They came promptly but denied a good portion of the claim and specifically the back up portion of the policy. They paid part of the relocation and blamed the power down on the flood and not on the wind. They managed to twist and bend the facts in order not to make payments. I need information from whoever can help identify whether or not they paid for back up insurance. In addition, after an accident by car did you experience an unusual increase in premium?
I wanted a reputable company with a local agent and when I checked reviews Nationwide came out on top. Nationwide has both local agents and online access. Very convenient for managing policies. Fast service is important. I had a very positive experience.
My home was vandalized and flooded. Three years later, Nationwide/Allied is attacking me with their lawyers to try and cover up their own incompetence. I have not been able to live in my home the whole time. They tried to force me to settle the claim for $.10 cents on the dollar and then refused to reply to me. Now, three years and five claims agents later, I am still renting another home and they hired a huge law firm to harass me and my friends. This is while their preferred contractor took two years to give a bid for half of the repairs. They are truly disgusting.
Nationwide purchased our old company a couple of years ago. We had a whale of a hail storm shortly thereafter. They paid the entire amount minus my deductible and was very prompt on service. They even paid for the 50 year shingles on the roof, new gutters, and siding and a couple of screens and a storm window. No hassles at all. I am happy thus far with them, and have our auto insurance with them.
So beyond angry, I don't even know where to begin. We buy a house, call up Nationwide and get a quote. Quote sounds good so we go with them. In the meantime, HUGE mistake! They decide to come by our house one day while we're at work (that's what most people do, work) and decide they want to say that we're not living there. #1 who in the world are you to say we're not living there? We moved in the day we signed papers, the lazy person obviously just seen no car in driveway and deemed it that we didn't live there, which is beyond bull crap!!! #2 if you had any reason to think we weren't living here, you should have asked. Anyway, so we get a random letter saying that we didn't occupy the home and that our policy was cancelling. We got this letter twice when the whole time we've lived at our address. We called in both times and the guy on the phone assured us that our policy was fine and that no further acted was deemed necessary. Who would have thought this company was a joke? Not us, we've never had trouble with them until we got homeowner's insurance with them. So, we had to talk with these people many times over our account and we were told our policy was fine that it must have been a mistake and blah blah. We're like ok, fine just wanted to make sure everything was good and whatnot. Again, countless times, we were told our policy was fine. This was December of 2016.So, after being told many times that it was a mistake on their part and it was fixed and blah blah blah, we find out in April of 2017 that we haven't had insurance since November of 2016 that the underwriter or whatever never reopened our account after talking to multiple people hours at a time to figure out what the heck they messed up. That's nice to know that you tell people their policy is fine only to screw them over. I'm done with this ** company, I suggest you go somewhere else if you're even thinking about Nationwide, they're definitely not "on your side". All they see is $$$$. I will NEVER use or EVER recommend this company to anyone. There is nothing they can say or do to change my mind. They've completely lost their chance of fixing this. We may pursue this out and see what our attorney can do for us and this beyond ridiculous company!
Nationwide Insurance/Duffy Plumbing and Heating, Brian and Erika Duffy, Honesdale PA 18431. Duffy Plumbing and Heating was recommended by our General Contractor on a project known as the Anchor Building Project, the revitalization of Downtown Honesdale by the development of a Data Center to bring Business Class Broadband to Wayne County PA. He was first contracted to install the plumbing system in the building. He put the system in but did not put the clean out traps in properly. He then demanded full payment for unfinished job. We had to get another plumber to finish the job.Duffy Plumbing and Heating was then to install 9 heat pump units in the building including all duct work. We agreed on $600 dollars per day for the 3 people that worked on the plumbing. He had 7 on the 9 units installed in 5 weeks but then realized he was working too fast. He then had one guy on the job. I told Brian Duffy several times that I was not going to pay him to have one guy spend half his day climbing a ladder to get materials into roof. The company, Smith & Morris Holdings, LLC. had a running total of the people and hours on the job. Duffy Plumbing Heating then started to present invoices for $600 per day regardless of the number of people on site. I told Brian Duffy that I would not pay him for the invoices as written and only for the hours ($75.00 per) per person that was on site doing work. He dismissed my demand and I fired the company.We learned after Duffy Plumbing and Heating was fired that 6 of the 9 units were hooked up incorrectly. This was very dangerous as the 220v power was also hooked up wrong. (The power was hooked up according to the engineering plans but the units themselves were not in the right place.) We have to have the plans changed; the electric changed and rewire the thermostats as moving the units were not an option. Duffy Plumbing and Heating took us to court. The Judge was a fellow plumber of Duffy Plumbing and Heating. Does that tell you how it went down? After we appealed the decision, Erika Duffy decided to write Honesdale about this. Honesdale was part of the State of Pennsylvania DCED grant program to put Broadband into Wayne County. As part of that we were also going to put in green wind power to offset the power consumed by the project.While I do believe that Brian Duffy lied to his wife (benefit of the doubt) about what really happened, it was a clear attempt to destroy the project and the millions of dollars invested by my investors and partners. In August they then did a full front page story in the local newspaper. Once again it was full of lies. Finally, we just paid him off to get rid of him and filed suit for Slander and Libel. His actions triggered off a catastrophic failure of the project with the Borough of Honesdale that ended up with the Pennsylvania Inspector General investigating what happened. Millions of investment dollars were lost including taxpayer dollars. As it turns out Duffy Plumbing and Heating has insurance that would cover what they did with Nationwide Insurance.This catastrophic failure would eventually force me and my partner to declare bankruptcy. It could have been avoided but Nationwide refused to settle even when the amount was under $100,000.00. Now the damages have exceeded $7 million dollars including real estate (business and home), lost contracts and much more. All Nationwide has tried to do is delay this for three years and at one point they got a court order to do depositions and never showed up or rescheduled. That attorney's name was John ** of Snyder and Associates in Plains PA.The matter has destroyed the life of my 5 children that my wife and I could not even pay for the wedding of our daughter. To Nationwide and their attorney thought it was all a big joke that we told them all off of this - he just laughed. He told me that I lost sight in my left eye was not their problem as I could not afford the deductible. When my partner and I started this we only wanted to create jobs and a good life for people. I had my house paid off and money in the bank and a steady income. I am 57 now and I have nothing and no prospect to any job other than a greeter at Wal-Mart.The business practices and moral and ethics of Nationwide Insurance and Duffy Plumbing and Heating are what are wrong with America in a corporate example. They are in my opinion dishonest and dangerous to those who they service. If you have Nationwide Insurance I have started the hashtag #BoycottNationwide on Twitter. Use it, tell your story. It is time that only moral and ethical companies in America still do business.
They gave a quote a full month before policy started. I made a decision based upon this quote. After policy started they doubled the premiums under the rationale that my property was undervalued even though they had valued it more than any other company to start with. I canceled and they turned it over to collections. Quotes are bait for suckers.
Nationwide is bundled with our other insurance so we get a slight discount. However, they give us the run around sometimes. They should be local, too. We have an agent that disappears and I wish we had a different agent. He is hard to get a hold of most the time. He's worthless and doesn't help.
I've had Nationwide for probably over 30 years. They've been very easy to talk to, easy to get a hold of what I need them and explain things very well. They are close by and whenever I need to speak to someone they are very friendly. The only thing that I don't like about Nationwide is their rates are quite a bit higher than a lot of other companies that I've been checking with. Despite that, I chose Nationwide because my parents also had Nationwide and I just felt they were good company and were Reliable and always there when I need them.
The only reason that I like my insurance company is because of my agent. Otherwise the price is too high but my agent helped make it more affordable. She didn't let the company rip me off. My agent is the best. She walked me through my policy and told me everything that I needed and didn't need for my area. She was honest and straightforward about everything and gave me the best rates possible.
Nationwide is simple, I setup an inbound account that pays the homeowners insurance bill once a year and I don't have to deal with paying another bill each month. But the company can't seem to find a structural engineer to evaluate my concrete deck which is cracking and Ramjack came out and gave me a bid to repair it but the Nationwide is dragging their feet. Don't use these guys. It was affordable but I'm going to bundle my car insurance with my homeowners to get a better deal with Allstate. They seem to have their ducks in a row.
I have now been in temporary housing (a small 2-story condo with no furniture in some rooms) for over 5 and a half months for a job that should have taken 5 weeks. While I was out of town on a business trip, the faucet in my sink failed, causing water damage. I also have cancer. As a result of chemo, my bones' density has been impacted and I need a new hip. I currently walk (barely) with a cane. I cannot get the surgery I need until I get back into my one-story house. I cannot get back into my house because Nationwide simply cannot settle a legitimate claim in a reasonable amount of time. I am 57 years old, I've never had a claim before, and I simply cannot believe what a nightmare this is.The first (idiot) adjuster I dealt with was Faith. She refused to approve a general contractor to coordinate the removal of an island in the kitchen (large island requiring removal of a stone top, new top installed, cabinets replaced, etc.), wood floor repair and refinishing (continual wood floors throughout the house), drywall, paint, plumbing, electric, and painting. I travel about 50% of the time on business (I use wheelchairs to navigate the airports). I know nothing about construction. So everything stalled. Between road trips in a wheelchair, I demanded another adjuster. In all fairness, so far, the new adjuster Corey at least has good interpersonal skills. However, the entire corporate culture is simply poisoned and it impacts everyone. The company "adjuster" Kathleen is a total joke. Everyone is paid not to cover the policyholder's loss. Ironically, their own incompetence costs them money. Every month I stay in a rental just runs up the bill even more. I will revisit this site as this saga continues. I am thinking of starting a daily blog about my experience with Nationwide and sharing it on social media. Just Google #NationwideNotOnYourSide to find me. And I urge you to get active on Twitter using #NationwideNotOnYourSide to let people know that this is a company to stay away from. (If you don't tweet, it's easy. Sign up and everyday just tweet #NationwideNotOnYourSide) If enough of us get active, maybe we can get some of the comedians to pick it up and highlight the pathetic, incompetent, and frankly inhumane business practices of this wretched company. Remember: #NationwideNotOnYourSide. I end with a query: Remember from math that if A=B, and B=C, then A=C. If Nationwide is causing me stress (Not to mention keeping from needed surgery!), and stress is a causal factor in cancer, is Nationwide Insurance a causal factor in my deteriorating health? Stay tuned.
Do not get insurance from Nationwide!! I recently had my roof damaged from hail, they gave me so little money I feel like I have to get a fly by the night roofing company that will not be there tomorrow... I had hail damage 7 years ago and was insured from AAA. They were great! They got my roof and a/c fixed with no headache at all... Nationwide has been the exact opposite!!!
This company has been illegally taking money out of my checking account for almost a year without my knowledge b/c the policy was cancelled by me in 2014. Since I wasn't aware that the payment was still being taken out in 2015, I called to request a refund of all of my money and they refused, stating they do not owe me any refund b/c I shouldn't have waited almost a year to contact them. I was only aware b/c I received an email stating my payment was going to be taken out for 2015.
I would recommend this family of agents to any and all peoples. We have been with them for 35-40 years and knew the parents who started the agency. We have found them all to be honest, reliable and truthful. We bundled our house and cars together with them. We've only had very few claims over the years and they have been handled quickly.
Cheap price for pretty good coverage but still well known companies to choose from. I was familiar with Nationwide from past experience with my family having this insurance while I was growing up. My experience with Nationwide has been fine and have had no problems yet and I hope when and if a problem arises in the future they will have my back.
Nationwide was easy to deal with when they were merely collecting premiums from us for 26 years. We were loyal, never shopped our policy once. But when we experienced a major loss due to storm damage, Nationwide was very clearly NOT ON OUR SIDE. Their claims process is utterly unbearable. We have always liked our agent and dealing with Nationwide, but this process has left us heartbroken and disappointed.
Nationwide is very trustworthy and has been around and beats out many, many, many of the other companies that are around nowadays who provide homeowners insurance. Nationwide is amazing and we love them. I chose this company for their friendliness and ease of business to do with them. They have had our backs whenever disaster or inconvenience occurs and they have never given us a problem about settling with a check or squaring away any differences in the policy amounts that may come from what we have to come out of pocket for any expenses. They've always reimbursed and always been there no matter what many times that we've never had to go out of our way to have everything we needed. I also chose Nationwide for the price. It is very lenient and very marginal to what the homeowner's home is worth compared to how much you pay on a policy. It's also a good deal as far as you always get more than what you pay for. They have a extremely wide range of what they cover. They cover damages as far as natural disaster damage, hail damage, wind damage, theft, fire damage and more. The policy could always be cheaper as far as how much you pay. They could also provide more coverage for a wider array of things that could happen. The only thing that could make them better is if they were available on point on demand anytime, anywhere, anyplace. The fact that if you were to pay your homeowners insurance faithfully from the time you start to pay your mortgage on your home till the day you die you will never pay more on your insurance policy than what your home is worth because Nationwide is awesome. They're the best at negotiating prices and knowing what the loss and Gain ratio is as far as how much you will stand to gain. As long as you have Nationwide you will be okay!
I had a termite bond on a house that I purchased. The bond stated that there was no previous or current termite damage. Nationwide insures these companies for things such as this. My purchase depended on this report clearing the house of such damage. When we got in there, we discovered that the house was completely termite eaten from top-to-bottom. We had to replace the whole structure from the rat sills, floor joists, wood flooring, wall studs, top plates, and part of the roof and spent over $65,000. Senior Claim Rep Jessica ** handled the claim. After dragging her feet for a couple of months, after I provided her with a very detailed report w/ pictures, and after termite company dodging them insurance adjuster for weeks until he was told firmly that he had to meet with him and provide a report, Jessica called me today and was extremely rude, telling me that due to exclusions in the contract and the "facts" that they will not cover the damage. I asked her what the 'facts' and exclusions were and she stated that she did not have to tell me. I have the same contract and there are no exclusions. As a matter of fact, the termite company was going to pay the damages themselves rather than turn it in to their insurance company because he didn't want to risk his insurance being raised. However, when he came and saw the obvious damage - that could be seen with the naked eye - and realized it was a complete rebuild and way more expensive than he had hoped, he decided to submit the claim. The insurance inspector, when asked what the worse termite damage he ever saw was, he laughed and said, "Uh! Not even nearly as bad as this!" He said, "Hands down! This is the worst I've ever seen!" The termite company (Lightening Pest Control in Mobile, Alabama) owner told me that he was just doing a friend from the real estate company a favor. As it turns out, the termite people never called the sellers, the realtors, or myself to notify them they would be doing and inspection or be let in and they stated that they did a treatment that they never did.This is now going into a lawsuit! Nationwide should not be providing insurance if they are not going to pay out on it. Jessica was very nice through the whole process until she called to decline it and then was very rude. DO NOT INSURE WITH THIS COMPANY!!! THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A SCAM TAKING MONEY AND NOT PAYING OUT! I lost my whole life savings because of them - and now have a house sitting dead in the water! NATIONWIDE IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE! They are only out for themselves. Their team gets bonuses for not paying out!
Nationwide is connected to my mortgage payment and it is what was recommended by the realtor and the finance company. But I had to purchase flood insurance separately. Given that I live on the Southeast coast you would think the insurance companies would figure out a way to include this coverage.
I have had my home and auto insurance with Nationwide for 1 year. I have always paid on time and have not had any insurance claims. Yesterday, I received a notice of cancellation for my home insurance. The reason for cancellation, "log siding, too high of risk". Really?! Log siding is too High Risk? I live in town less than a mile from the fire station. The home is 2x6 construction with log siding! Needless to say I will be cancelling my auto insurance with them ASAP! Thanks Nationwide! I see who's side you're on!
I have been a loyal Nationwide customer for over 20 years both home and auto, premiums paid every month as required. Never really had any problems with them until March 2013, I had a house fire and my home was a total loss, the first realization that there was going to be a problem was the adjuster said "Why are you insured for such a low amount?" I told him I answered a bunch of questions the agent asked and even questioned the amount but he (the agent) stated "Don't worry you have replacement coverage," well the reality is, replacement coverage is basically a small portion of the policy limit 20% to cover what they call replacement coverage, the real problem is when an adjuster lowers the value of a home by manipulating the square footage just to obtain a lower rate. When there is a loss it creates a huge problem.In my case my home was insured for 230k and should have been insured for 390k, Nationwide paid the 230k plus 20% and told me to "PH" off basically. When I rebuilt the home Nationwide reappraised it, now just to be clear, the house was built on the original foundation of the burnt home, same square footage, yes I moved some rooms around but not major add on's or changes. Nationwide now states the home is valued at $690k (yes triple), I have gone round and round with them but they refuse to make any adjustments, they claim that is what the rebuild cost would be (even though I just rebuilt the home for around half.Fast forward to August 2015, I was finally able to get another company to write a policy for me, so I call Nationwide and request to cancel, I was told by law I have to provide proof of other coverage before they could cancel it, I requested to know what "law" was being referred to, the rep stated that mortgage companies require homeowners insurance, I asked is this the law she was referring to and she said she wasn't sure, I told her IF I had a mortgage and that lender required insurance that would be between me and that company not Nationwide, but being I did not have a mortgage I could do whatever I wanted, she said she would discuss it with her supervisor and call me back, never got that call.In September of 15 I sent in an email and advised them to cancel the policy, I got an almost immediate response stating that I would have to send in a signed form letter to cancel, bottom line Nationwide never cancelled the policy until the monies I had paid ran out. In the interim I had a toilet overflow and ruin some hardwoods, I honestly thought I had cancelled the policy and just chalked it up to bad timing that is until I received a collection notice stating the policy was in effect until 10/2/15. I filed the claim and the first question was "Why did you wait so long?" "Because you idiots didn't cancel the as I had requested and now you're going to have to pay." Currently the adjuster is avoiding me and telling me she has to do further investigation, she said it happened in September so why be in a hurry now.
I pay a higher premium than others I have asked. I bug my agent about it, to no avail. Any homeowner claim I have ever made with them was long ago and I remember little. I don't remember the outcome but it hasn't left a bad taste in my mouth. My auto is bundled with it and we have made several auto claims. I am so satisfied with them about their treatment of us there that I have nothing but praise for the company and would never leave [almost].
On 7-24-2017 at 1:25 AM a tornado hit our community in Stevensville MD. Our home sustained heavy damage from multiple trees falling on our home. After settling ourselves from the horror and shock of this tornado hit we began a long process of recovery. At first the insurance company was good. They arrived quickly, gave us money to house ourselves in a hotel and to purchase the essentials. The adjuster stated that we probably had $30,000 to $40,000 in damage and would be 8 to 12 weeks before we could be back in our house. A rental home was arranged where we live now - 3 months to the day later.As it turns out the damage was far heavier than the adjuster stated. In fact the adjuster disallowed multiple issues from the appraisal that the recovery construction company included in their report. Even with those removals the insurance company has already sent nearly $100,000.00 but nothing has begun because of the removed items. I have now hired an independent appraiser and have invoked my right to settle the claim by appraisal - and they denied my "request". Note that this was not a request - it was a demand as is my right under the contract with Nationwide. In the end they will lose but for now they're happy trying to frustrate us into submission with veiled threats to discontinue our housing payment in the rental property.Know that the adjuster from Nationwide has lied to my face, misrepresented the facts, changed his story multiple times, and now is snide with his responses. He presented himself as a "Christian" who goes to church - so typical that when someone wears their faith on their sleeve beware. I can prove everything I am saying here. NEVER allow anyone in your property once it has been damaged from a major storm, IMMEDIATELY contact a Independent Competent Adjuster and let them handle everything. The insurers hate them because they're on YOUR side. The insurance companies have only one goal - screw you out of as much as possible.
Jimmy Bibb is the worst insurance agent ever. He is non-responsive and not capable of writing a policy correctly. Worst of all, when it becomes clear he has made a major mistake, he not only doesn't fix the problem he denies he made the mistakes. Run fast from Jimmy ** and Nationwide Insurance.
I have been insured by Nationwide for over 55 years and have always trusted them and their agents. My parents also trusted them. I like their exceptional agent, very pro-active, down to earth and willing to inform and provide any discounts I may be eligible for. However, after a house fire 25 years ago, adjusters should be better trained and more sympathetic to the homeowners problems and not try to "nickel and dime" them to death. Adjusters main concern seemed to be to limit your claim.
Through strong storm my garage ceiling fell over my car that was parked there! I have two claims. Car & home. The adjuster for the car took her sweet time & showed up 4 days after & was late about 4 hours from the time of our appointment. She has not down a thing! The adjuster of the home came on time but 4 days late! He reported everything to the main office but the guy who reviews the adjuster documents is declining everything! His name is Ray **. The most dishonest, prejudice, hateful, full of complex man ever. I am so disappointed with these people & this insurance co. I will definitely will change my insurance after these claims pass through! Please do not join the Nationwide insurance!!!
Nationwide homeowners insurance policy was the cheapest at the time we were looking and we have heard good things about them from close friends. They are easy to work with. They responded back to us quickly when we first contact them and whenever I contacted them, I got a quick response back. Was able to contact through email and get a quick response back as well. The agents were all courteous and friendly. But like any company I would always improve the cost of home insurance. Always seems high or there always seems to be catches as to what will be covered and how much they will cover. Seems like insurance companies try to pull fast ones on you.
I would choose this homeowners insurance policy over other insurance policies because it's retro. Other insurance policies don't have the standards set straight than Nationwide insurance. I like this homeowners insurance policy. I like the comradery between the agents in the insurance.
There was an attempted break into my property via my garage door. The garage door was damaged with a crowbar and was sticking out of the wall by 2 feet. The garage door was pulled so far out of alignment that it is non-operational. I filed a police report and contacted Nationwide home insurance who I've been a client with for several years with no claims during this period. Nationwide sent a representative from a garage door company, he took photographs and made a report. However, I received a letter from Nationwide indicating that even though my garage door is covered in my policy they will not replace my door. I am a senior citizen and now have no security on my garage. Nationwide are "not on your side" as they claim in their slogan. Do not insure your home with them as they do not conduct themselves ethically.
Price matters. I had an agent look up prices for various companies and he gave me quotes. Nationwide was the cheapest rate. We go with the same amount of coverage but cheaper rates than my last company. I like having all of my insurance in one place as having different companies makes no sense and is a waste of time.
When I switched to another insurance company I requested reimbursement due to the impounds were covered for one year. I received the reimbursement 2 months later. However I am not able to deposit the check due to my ex wife name is on the check. I have explained to different representatives from Nationwide this issue, to find out the Underwriters will not remove my ex wife’s name regardless of circumstance. They will not make any exceptions to their rules or policy. My question to the Underwriters what happens if the person in question cannot be located?Before this incident occurred I requested several times to have my ex wife name removed from policy and for some reason my request was denied. Now I am required by my bank to deposit $677.00 for the shortage of funds in my impound account which is the check amount from Nationwide. I will never recommend this Insurance Company to anyone. Extremely Dissatisfied Previous Customer.
I recently lost my wedding rings. After accepting this fact, I reported it to NW. We had a homeowner policy for over 20 years now. When my husband gave me my rings we added them on the policy, a separate clause. They were insured for $3500.00. We paid premiums for $3500.00 worth of jewelry, for 19 years. We showed the appraisal paperwork at the time insurance was issued. Now I'm being told by NW that 1) the appraisal was 'woefully inadequate' and 2) that they (NW) would only pay replacement amount, not face value of what was insured. NW was to contact a "Jeweler" to figure out what it would take to replace my rings. The next person to call me was a person from a "replacement service". She explained her job was to evaluate my lost jewelry, but she could also help me with a replacement of it. I guess I left really confused. Why, for nearly 20 years, would I be paying insurance to cover the value of $3500.00 rings (based on the appraisal) if the insurance co. could turn things around and say it was valued at less than that? I used that same appraisal to obtain the insurance in 1993. I'm also confused about this replacement services. How can the person who is determining the value of my lost property, be the same person trying to sell me new property of the same value? Whose best interest does she have? Does she work for me, or NW or herself? I'm in need of answers I can trust. Are there any answers out there? Please help!
Nationwide sold me a bill of goods when my agent proposed I consider using their commercial policy for protecting my condo in the event there is interior damage to the condo. 3 years into the policy a pipe burst in between the wall facing the hallway and my utility closet. Nationwide stated that because the water originated from the external side vs. internal / interior wall to the condo the policy does not cover this event. The building / HOA maintains a policy for such circumstances, however there is often a huge deductible associated, which oftentimes is a shared expense to the homeowner(s) should a claim is reported. In my case the total deductible came to $5000 (out of pocket) shared between the owner below my condo unit and me. Living in the condo 8 years feeling reasonably protected - now I realize I have major exposure leading to massive $$$ out of pocket expenses to situations well outside of my control... Nationwide claims there's no insurance company in the USA providing gap coverage for circumstances of this type. Wondering if am the only one feeling this way, and if there's any solution out there for reducing this risk, other than selling the condo. Thanks in advance!
I really like Nationwide. I compared this company and other companies before making a decision to go with this company. Nationwide has a great reputation and they have met the needs that I have had. They are a well known company that provides excellent coverage. Their rates are excellent, and the customer service reps are awesome. Their commercial are good too. They are clever, and they let you know that they will always be there when they are needed. Customer service is excellent. There are lots of locations and their website is set up in a way that allows to obtain the information that I need. My family will be using them for a long time. Nationwide is one of the best insurance companies ad I think they are better than Progressive, Geico or State Farm.
Nationwide has the best price I could find for what I'm looking for and also I bundle it with my car insurance. Before I sign up I checked the reviews online and all I asked some people around that I know. I want to see that my premium it will not go high if I file for a claim. I want to feel that I'm safe and I can do the best. What I dislike the most is when I cannot reach my agent or my agent is not very helpful. I want to feel that I can depend and my agent is there for me.
I decided to shop for auto and homeowners insurance. In doing so, I found out from the new insurance company that Nationwide had reported on my MVR report and accident that I had nothing to do with! Thank goodness that there was a police report on record with their Claims Department and it clearly stated who the actual driver was. Good thing, because it would have been my word against theirs. To add to this, I asked them to re-rate my policy correctly and refund me what they had overcharged me. They refused and it was their error to begin with. I couldn't even get my agent to call me back on this! Nationwide owes me about two years worth of back premiums. Now, I am saving $1200 a year by changing mine and my husband's auto coverage. Nationwide is not on your side.
I had several leaks in roof due to horrendous weather conditions of a harsh winter. Lots of snow and ice compounded storm after storm leaving me with a lot of water damage in several rooms. I had been with this company for approximately 17 years and put my first claim in and was extremely disappointed with the service and outcome. I was denied any help for fixing my roof. Nationwide hired their own Engineer to write up a report to discredit my claim. Meanwhile, the Engineer never even went up on the roof where I had put a tarp to investigate why it was leaking. When I asked the adjuster for a copy of the engineer’s report, he told me it was not their obligation to provide it to me.Not only was I denied but I couldn't even see reports to as why?? They can say whatever they want and not pay on claims and it’s not their obligation to explain to me or anybody else. Very disappointed and will be looking for a new insurance company. It was almost evident upon the adjusters visit to my home he had a cocky attitude with the mention of not covering before inspecting. I wish I could of recorded the conversation. He was very condescending. However, I never expected this outcome, and I am not a happy customer.
There was a claim filed by us (the homeowners) that were taken care of quickly. There was a guy that showed up with the claims adjuster that specialized in roofing. He gave the estimate to the claims agent and he based the claim on this estimate that this provided. I called the man right back (within 10-15 minutes) to let him know that he has the job. He told me that he would be back to start the job in 30-60 days when the weather improves. Well, that was in February 2011. The date is Sept-Oct of 2011 and still no show. We called 3 other roofing companies to give us a quote similar to the 1st quote that was given. The best quote was $300.00 more than the original quote. I misunderstood (what he said anyway) when he told me to fax or give him the invoice and he would take of it since it was so small of an increase. Well, I did just that. He said I had to have it approved before any work was done. My contention is that the first guy that laid down the estimate had an impact on the claims agent's finale settlement. He didn't even show up to do the work that he quoted. It seems to me that he knew that he misquoted it. Now I am out of $300.00. Wow! Now that seems fair! I wonder what the Department of Insurance will say when I tell them this story?
I have been a customer with Nationwide for twenty years. I've only used it twice. When my neighbor's tree fell on my house, their insurance handled it. After months of have a hole in my roof and not being happy, I made a call to my agent. He was at my home the next morning. Went back on the roof and found damage they had not included. After his inspection, a check was written to me and a new contractor number.
Lender-placed. I live in Florida. Insurance is difficult even when I have had no claims or issues and do not live in a flood zone. But am glad for the good coverage and service I receive and know if I had a claim I would receive help when I needed it regardless of the issue. Easy to deal with Nationwide and helpful and responsive when called regarding questions and provide answers in understandable plain English explanations of your policy and coverage with polite service. But their website is somewhat clunky and phone wait hold times are sometimes long. But overall result is very good which offsets any annoyances navigating their site or listening to their hold music which is also good.
Nationwide has great customer service. They care about the customer, their phone can be called anytime and the phone representative is always available. It's easy to use and on the web. Sometimes though, it seems that the bill is hard to understand. There should be more clarity and transparency should be a mission. Still, Nationwide is a solid company and their name is popular. It has been used for generations. It was what my family has always used and it is what I'll keep using.
I chose Nationwide through recommendations from other people insured with this company like friends, family and other acquaintances. Plus their reputation over the many years they have been in business. Nationwide always has great customer service and when you have a claim they handle on a very puthional schedule. You always get a check rapidly. But I would like to have a local office instead of handling 100 percent of everything over the phone. Their service is exceptional over the phone, but sometimes it's nice to meet with someone face to face.
Nationwide is not on our side. They do as little as possible and do not communicate or follow up on any matter. 5 months later, water and trash still remain in our home because their preferred water damage restoration company hasn't finished the job. How can reconstruction start with my preferred reconstruction when their preferred reconstruction company isn't going to get the other part of the job. We were told there would be detailed and open communication throughout the process but initiation was always on our end. Even when the roll off dumpster was filled, they joked about taking the rest of the wet trash down the street to another dumpster... Well, that wasn't a solution. So it remains at our home. By the way, Nationwide's preferred restoration company is Total Construction in Omaha, NE.
Back in June 2013, my family suffered a house fire. I can go into a lengthy and horrific story of what has happened, but will give readers the best summary I can. The original Claim Adjuster became hard to reach, no return calls, and only when I contacted the State Insurance Commissioner's Office, he finally called us back 3 months later. He submitted us a check for $113,000 for an estimate to repair of $160,000.00. He was also looking to use a contractor that has know to have committed fraud. This contractor's past clients had nothing good to say about him. While all this was going on, our house had been retaining water, no electric for sump-pump in basement, and mold growing throughout. The reports provided had no Hygienist or Structural Engineer attached to estimate of repairs. I had to fight for this to be done, which turned out to be that one foundation wall needed to be replaced and special handling of mold. This Claim Adjuster was moved from property to another department, but recently has been stated to no longer work for Nationwide.Sometime in November, we received a call from a Claim Adjuster out of Maryland that Nationwide assigned to us. At this point, my house has mold growing throughout. It is raining in my home. My basement does have electric and is draining water out of it. However, we are now into Winter. My house has not been winterized. We met with this Claim Adjuster and he informed me of my policy and what it covers and does not cover. Come to find out that he stated that I elected not to have coverage to include bringing the house up-to- code, if needed. You guessed it. My house is on a corner lot and was built many years ago against the set-back code in today's world. Even if I were to renovate this house, it is against code because of the percentage destroyed. I have 6 rooms, which only 2 survived (but have been damaged since). We also have to mention that since the house was not winterized, recently the pipes were tested and found to have been cracked because of NOT being winterized.To date, we have an increased repair estimate from our contractor of over $200,000. Nationwide has their own contractor to say that it can be repaired for $170,000. My wife and I have spoke to an Attorney who thought we had a good case, but has come back to say Nationwide could want to fight this and it could be up to another 2 years before resolved. I have been with Nationwide for over 19 years paying on a policy that gives me $240,000 to rebuild, but they do not want to honor. On top of this all, the agent I originally signed my policy with no longer works there and someone else has indicated that agent signed me to areas indicating I did not want that coverage. I have asked for my original contract to review showing my signatures as well as the full policy to review. To this date, I still have not received. To think, someone spilling hot coffee on themselves at McDonald's can walk away with millions because it doesn't say "HOT" on the cup. Yet, I cannot get Nationwide to honor what I have paid them to do.
I have often wondered why there is insurance. You pay the high premiums. You do this so that you are protected when something happens. Unfortunately, if you do put in a claim they tell you not to do it. I had water damage from a burst pipe under my sink. It was a 5000 claim. All went well. I thought this was great. Nationwide took care of it. Then two years later, I had another water problem in my back bedroom which appeared to be coming from the roof/or the electric heat pump that butted up against it. Well, Nationwide told me not to put in a claim. That I was putting in too many claims, I could lose my policy. I ended up paying for the repairs myself.Now they say I am going to lose my policy in July because I have not kept up the exterior moulding around the roof, the fascia. Unless I redo the moulding which would require painting the house as well, I will lose my policy. And if I lose my policy, they red flag you and you cannot get recovered by another co. My best friend had her home broken into twice in one year. The second time she was molested. She didn't even put in a claim either time; and they cancelled her policy because of the police report that went in each time. She was a high risk. It took her forever to find someone that would cover her home. And she did not even put in a claim. I am redoing my home no and then I switching insurance companies. I have already dropped Nationwide from the other things I had them covering, car and life insurance.
Terrible Adjusters!! Terrible Service! They avoids phone calls, gets rude with an attitude and does not return calls or update the client. I have been a customer with them for over 20 years and the treatment is horrible. Once the claim is resolved, I will be switching companies.
I have a bundle policy with Nationwide Insurance, Car Insurance and House Insurance. I had to file a claim on the house insurance for damage to my roof on September 9 2018. We had a hurricane come through our area and it rain for 3 days and dropped about 8 inches of rain during that time. I noticed two spots on my roof that were not there before the storm came through. These spots were dips in the roof and you could tell the paneling under the shingles had been damaged by water from the rain. I went up on the roof myself to inspect these areas and could tell that the wood had been damaged. I called Nationwide and filed a claim. Because of some many claims from the storm Nationwide had to send out a contracted adjustor to inspect the roof. When the adjustor showed up he did the usual things adjustor do. He took pictures of the roof and ceiling inside the house and took measurements. The pictures of the roof did not show the damage that was there and you could not tell anything was really wrong with the roof itself. To make a long story short the insurance company would not pay for any damage to the roof. They said that because under their policy of wind damage that there must be loose or missing shingles on the roof for any damage to be considered and since according to them there weren't any then we would not be getting any money for the roof. You can clearly see the damage from the street on the roof itself. The contracted adjustor did a terrible job of taking pictures of the roof and you could not even see the damage the storm did in the pictures. The story for the ceiling damage was not any better. I got an estimate of $720 damage to the ceilings. Well it just so happens I have a $1000 deductible on my homeowners' policy for the inside of the house so I got screwed on that end too. They won't pay out a dam dime for that either since they made sure to estimate the damage under a $1000 to keep from paying out any money. If you read this complaint please beware. Don't buy homeowners insurance from Nationwide that are a bunch of **. I have had insurance with them for 35 years and this is how they treat us. The claims agent tried to tell me that the damage to my roof was probably just wear on the roof from years of wear and tear which is **. I just filed a complaint with the North Carolina Insurance Commission but it probably won't do any good. I was talking to the man who was the contracted inspector who looked at the roof. He told me personally that Nationwide Insurance was really cracking down on the claims that were being filed by the adjustors and finding any excuse possible to reject the claims to save the company money. If this does not sound like cheating the policy holder I don't know what does. By reading this I hope you don't get ** by these **.
Horrible company to deal with. I was unfortunate enough to have a major mitigation company to deal with a water leak from above the ceiling. They did a south of the border job of mitigating the damage. I had Nationwide rep inspect the site and then had 2 of their "preferred contractors" bid the job. My own contractor wouldn't touch it because of previous problems with Nationwide. The bids were ridiculously low. They failed to acknowledge major amounts of work required. I called the Nationwide rep back out to point out the deficiencies. She merely stated that any additional work would be dealt with on a case by case basis. NEVER ALLOW THIS. Get an accurate baseline bid first.I then brought in another contractor who used an independent insurance appraiser to establish an accurate baseline bid. Nationwide then brought in their other mitigation company to verify my contractor's claim. At this point I am 60 days into the claim and not a bit of construction work has started. Nor was I compensated for out of house expenses because I had another home 52 miles away I was using. The actual damage estimate from my contractor was 3 times their estimate. The most ludicrous statement Nationwide made was that thousands of gallons of water pouring from the ceiling and down the walls did no damage inside the walls and the sheet rock did not need to be removed and the tile would be fine. Only then did I advise them that I had a degree in Architecture and 30 years in the construction business.All I got after that was lowball replacement costs, delays in communication and damage denials. I had full replacement coverage and Nationwide was aware of custom tile and granite work. It took 5 months for Nationwide to pay for the additional mitigation and to issue a check for the final damages. This project should never have taken more than 2 months. I am aware that this is a consistent approach with most insurance companies in this modern age, but this is my experience with Nationwide.
I just called my Nationwide agent to see if I could get an inspector to come look at my roof for hail damage. Immediate response: "Before we get started, and if you want to file a claim, I want you to know that you have a 1% deductible, so your part before we begin, is $3,300." I'm currently looking at any 'policy changes' which would have changed my (grandfathered in - I thought - as a 20+ year customer) $500 deductible to 1% of my home's value. I certainly didn't agree to the change. I was given an 1-800 number to call in the event I want to file a claim. My home/auto/other Nationwide premiums continually go up - even though I haven't any tickets, claim filings, etc. I'll be shopping for a new Insurance company due to Nationwide premiums, service, and changing my roofing deductible w/o appropriate discussion and/or communications and/or my approval if applicable.
I called Nationwide regarding some questions about my policy. I was told that my policy was canceled and the reason given was that the policy had been rewritten. No explanation and no warning was given. Supposedly, they send me letters of the changes which I never received. I was without homeowners insurance for 11 months. After being with Nationwide for 20 years, I cancelled my entire insurance package with them. Their attitude was so uncaring about my situation that it was very upsetting. Nationwide is not in our side.
We have had Homeowners insurance with a company called Allied for over 30 years including through three separate forest fires in Colorado. In that time we've had no claims and always paid on time. At some point last year, Nationwide took over Allied. Apparently someone drove by our house and took pictures of our house and surrounding area. Within the year Nationwide canceled our house insurance based on their claim that we have trees 100 feet from our house. 100 feet! It is impossible to not have a tree 100 feet from your house in most parts of Colorado. There were no options to rectify the situation or any suggestions for mitigation; we were just dropped like a hot potato. We had one month to find a new company.Fortunately we bundled with our car insurance company and we are more than happy with our insurance which ends up saving us money. But the customer service, the communication with Nationwide was extremely poor. No one cared. Plus, their reason for canceling was not listed in their policy. I recommend staying far away from them. On your side? The jingle is meaningless.
I've been a loyal customer for many years and have almost everything under Nationwide. I've been faithfully paying my premiums and have never had a claim. In November of 2015, I had water in our finished basement due to a leaking refrigerator hose. The claims process is horrific. They first tried to bully me into thinking the damage came from ground water. The inspector they used was lazy, the remediation company they used was lazy and all Nationwide cares about is themselves and how much money they save. If you have a choice, change insurance companies asap. It was the worst customer service experience I've ever had.
Three months ago, the crawl space (basement) of our NEW home (purchased 7/2/2017) was flooded by a broken water pipe in our crawl space. We notified the plumber who installed ALL of our plumbing. The plumber in turn notified his contractor's insurance company, Nationwide Insurance. The plumber's insurance company, came to our home some two days later to investigate (examine) the flooding damage to our home: ALL of the insulation in the floor (crawl space) was destroyed and had to be removed.The flooding of the crawl space had to be dried out. The INSULATION required to be REINSTALLED in our crawl space has NOT been replaced, after a three months period. We have submitted an insurance CLAIM to our insurance carrier, USAA, who are currently working on our claim. Our insurance company, USAA, has contacted the general contractor who has submitted ALL of the required information to our insurance carrier (company), USAA. We are currently in the process of having our insurance company take action in this matter. Including submitted a claim against the Plumber's Insurance Carrier, NATIONWIDE Insurance Company.
I already had an auto insurance policy with Nationwide. After comparing their coverage with similar coverage from other insurance companies, I found that Nationwide's coverage was as good or better and their prices were about the same or lower than other companies. Nationwide is a privately owned company so no stockholders to satisfy. They give discounts for multiple-policy coverage (home and auto). They give you the option of signing up with a local agent to service your policy or of signing up through their website so everything can be handled locally &/or through the website.
We just received our annual bill from Nationwide for our HO insurance. They have raised our rate 40% due to a change in the rating that we have for our fire coverage from our county. We have lived here for six years and have been rated a 3 for risk based on a 10-point scale. They have changed our rating to a 10 which means that our fire dept does not meet minimum standards. We live six miles from the fire station and have a hydrant on our property. Our Fire and Rescue Dept is a mixture of professional staff and volunteers. There have been no changes in our fire service. Why would they change the rating after 6 years? I have filed a complaint with the VA State Insurance Commission and challenged this rating directly with Nationwide.
They are a great conversation with the company and they are always there for and seem to care about what's going on with you. I like that they will let you know what's going on with your policy and availability of other people. They also offer policy that will call in the night if something is wrong. They also are more affordable price than other companies.
I received a letter stating that if I didn't take the branches from touching my roof and put a rail up on the deck where my pool entry exit is and if I didn't remove "debris" from my yard, my insurance would be cancelled as of March 29 of this year. I was rear ended by a tractor trailer (doing 65 mph and I was stopped) last October 21st and have been out on disability since that time. I was hoping to have been back to work by now but that doesn't seem to be happening at this point. I have been insured with Nationwide for almost 20 years now and filed only one small claim in that time. Now they want to cancel my insurance because I can't get out and do the stuff they want me to do because of their new "Safe Home" program. Safer Home how about we get rid of the electricity and the bath tub and the stove and geeze even the toilet too and then our homes will be really safe then.
Very poor customer service. Was with this company for over 30 years. Never filed a claim. They hiked my premiums every year and tried to tell me I was getting a discount. Went with another company and paid much less. Don't be fooled people.
Eric **, the adjuster, was very professional and dedicated throughout the process. I was able to get a new roof quickly after filing my claim. Really thankful for all his work! Great and positive experience.
I feel Nationwide is a leader in their industry and I'm confident in my choice. I bundled my homeowners insurance with my auto insurance which gave me a discount. I like my awesome local agent. My agent is easy to get a hold of and answers all my questions in a timely manner. It is easy to access information whether by phone or online so I have help whenever I need it. But as a long time customer with no claims I should get more benefits, I wish items were easier to figure out what I need and do not need.
When I first purchased my policy, I went with a local agent that was recommended by my in-laws. Nationwide has many options to choose from and the price was good then as well. I like that they offer a flood insurance rider. I think that's important. But prices are going up, so I am not sure if Nationwide is an economical policy. I am thinking about bundling coverage, but haven't been given an incentive. But it's nice that it's a local branch office. The people in the local office are friendly and helpful. Customer service from corporate is not the best.
I had to have new roof put on my house due to storm damage. They were great. They sent an adjuster out quickly and he explained every step of the process.
I switched to Nationwide 2 months ago for lower homeowner's insurance rate. Two months went by and I got a phone call. A third party said I had a "biting record" on my German Shepherd! Apparently, when the man came out to take pictures of my house for insurance, we talked and what came out of it was some third party said that I had a vicious dog with a biting history. She said my insurance may be cancelled. After that angry call, she called back saying that I also had a water claim 2 years ago! I said I've only owned the house for 1 year! It made no sense.Later I realized she meant my house I sold in another state. I learned that I did not have a claim as they did not pay me for a leaky toilet that I paid out of my pocket. My complaint is they cancelled me for no reason. Based on hearsay, there was no reason legally to cancel me! When I emailed the woman saying I wanted to cancel now, not in 30 days, she said she was working on trying to keep me insured with them! I said sorry, I only have 30 days and I knew nothing about her trying to save my policy. These people are crazy!
They are within a couple of miles from my residence and know me when I call in. They are most helpful and always take time to answer any of questions and concerns with a smile and friendly attitude. At the moment and I am happy with all the features of my combined home and auto insurance policy. They go over each feature and discuss options that are within my budget means. I have had them as my home and auto insurance company for over 30 years. This company also is one of the larger and a very reputable company.
I had painters paint my home a few years ago. The first rain after they had left water was leaking heavily into the garage. I called a Roofing and they made a repair to the flashing on the corner of the garage where it exits into the gutter. During the next rain, we did not notice any leaking into the garage. Fast forward - My wife and I are adding much to the front of the house where it meets the garage. I notice a small hole in the cedar window trim. I touch the area which looks fine on the outside but is springing back and forth with no support behind it. I call a Handy Man service who removes the siding and reveals the damage. The damage was to 4 exterior studs, the OSB, Insulation, Window Trim, Sill, and Siding. I put a tarp over the affected area until repairs could be performed. During the next rain, I went outside and noticed a small amount of water was spilling past the gutter onto the front of the house. This was the exact location where the flashing repair was performed as mentioned above.I contacted Nationwide (My Home Insurance). During the next few weeks, they told me to get estimates and provided a construction company they work with. This company came out and took pictures and provided a estimate to replace all the damaged structure. They also sent pictures to Nationwide. After nearly two weeks had passed they finally said maybe we should open a claim. The Nationwide Adjuster came out, reviewed the damage and said before leaving this will not be covered as it appears to be ongoing. I told him and my insurance agent, that may be true, but we were not aware there was a problem until now. And that the damage appears to be the result of the roofing company's work. I felt my insurance should proxy this and contact this company's liability since their work is what caused the issue. This didn't matter to either the adjuster or the agent, and I received a denial letter.Once my coverage ends with them, I will change insurance companies. In the end we paid for this costly repair out of our own pocket. It's clear to me these individuals are not in business to help victims like us, and are more interested in counting profits by not paying claims. As a footnote, the contractors that repaired this damaged agreed it was the result of poor flashing work.
I had all of my assets (car, boat, M/C, & home) insured through Nationwide. My home for 32 years. I had a roofing company (Joe Shearin - Shearin Construction) replace my roof (that wasn't leaking - just old) and they left the shingles off overnight and it rained into my home. Nationwide paid to replace the roof but fought me "tooth and nail" on paying adequately to cover the damages from the water coming into my home. They sent out an adjuster several times who refused to acknowledge the obvious damage, had a forensic engineer come out and he claimed that the damage was due to humidity and cats rather than the obvious of rain pouring down my walls and damaging the insulation in my attic and drywall on my ceilings. Nationwide got approximately 26,000 dollars from me over the years and would not give me more than $1,600 for damages from water, even though repairs were estimated from 4,000 to 7,500. They are thieves and what they do by taking consumers money and not paying fairly on claims is white collar crime. I have since changed over all of my insurance and have saved approximately $300 on premiums. Consumers beware! Don't let insurance companies take your hard earned money and leave you stuck with the hardship when you need to get some of the money back that you paid into them for "insurance". Insurance? Really? Or is it consumers' money for their investments?
The price is high and it goes up if you use it but you must have insurance and Nationwide was everything I wanted. They are well known and have a long history of faithfulness to their customers. Great coverage. The price and the features are fantastic and the people are great. The company has never let me down and I don't ever expect them to disappoint me. If they did I would find another company.
Was rushed by CFP & now ex-spouse to place $136,000 of disabled child's funds into investment with 12 percent return. And sign up with money management firm, Keystone Capital Management, Inc. Months later, realized this was not mutual funds but insurance policy, with $126,000 commission, and paying 2.65 percent daily to SIA, with CFP receiving 60 percent of that. Long story short, no one at Nationwide could explain to me what this was, or how suitable for a very hurt child. Insurance Commissioner for MD investigated, but nothing happened. Finally, got out of this thing after $99,000 premiums and $50,000 to Keystone. And ending 30 years marriage. CFP still in business "no claims!" Nothing ever from Nationwide about anything. Avoid these clowns!
In 2005, I canceled Nationwide. I found much better price. I gave them notice. The next thing I know, Nationwide reported to DMV that my insurance lapsed and my license was suspended. It put me through hell to straighten the mess Nationwide caused. Then due to my stupidity, I went with Nationwide again in 2010. I found insurance for half this time. Nationwide reported to credit bureau that I was delinquent when I was not. What a rotten company using strong arm tactics. Stay away from them at all costs.
This is the most outrageous story I think you'll read... Just dumbfounded... (can't believe it after 20 years). My wife and I bought our house 20 years ago and of course like everyone one else, we needed to buy Homeowners Insurance and bring the policy to the settlement table. Well the Nationwide Policy looked fine, and you figure Homeowner's includes fire right? WRONG! So here's what happened about a week ago in 2013... I received an $80 increase in a letter regarding the Homeowners Policy. When I called and asked our agent, he said we did not have fire insurance and now we would be covered. I said "You mean to tell me we didn't have fire coverage for our home for 20 years???" He just replied very matter of fact. "That's right, you were not covered by fire". I just said "have a good day" and the wife and I are now with a different company. Also their Homeowners was over $1000 a year and now we have more coverage and our payment is in $480 a year. Sorry, Nationwide, but people need to know. Thanks for listening.
I had accident that totaled my car and they helped immediately with the process of filing my claim and guiding me through the process. They were nice, very caring and professional. They made a not so nice incident, painless and they made feel at ease that everything would be taken care of.
Hurricane last fall, structural damage caused by flood water coming in fast and sitting under my house for a day and flowing out so fast that it undermined my mud silts. Now, my house is having major structural issues. Many people in town are having similar problem, but their insurance has taken care of them. I pay a large insurance fee of $1,900 a year for flood and it covers nothing.
My 83 year old mother has been insured by Nationwide since the 60s. She returned home from rehab to find a damaged floor from water leak. She called Nationwide and they sent a crew to dry the area. This was followed by a contractor who tore the flooring up. It was at this point that an adjuster came out and ordered the work to stop, stating Nationwide would not cover the claim. The adjuster should have assessed the situation prior to any authorized work. My mother did not approve or ask for her floor to be removed. Now she has ambulatory problems and a damaged kitchen floor, unable to fully use her kitchen.
I like Nationwide because you can bundle services to get a better rate. They allowed me to bundle my home insurance and auto insurance. They also have great customer service and cares about their customers. I have used other insurance companies previously and I think Nationwide is better than the others.
The underwriter would not disclose the reconstruction details, so the lending company wouldn't want it. When submit the cancellation through DocuSign (which has digital DocuSign envelope ID), 4 months later they would claim never received it or associated with the account, and insisted the cancellation is due to non-payment initially. Even sent the non-existing coverage to debt collection agency. That would be another branching headache to deal with.It doesn't help that my settlement company mistakenly sent them the payment, so obviously it would take a bear to get that back. There will be many agents to deal with. It just appears not every call is logged or recorded as they claim. Until you get someone who is nice and responsive, things goes nowhere. Nobody seems to see the whole profile of you. I have not dealt with any commercial entity so disorientated. Again, very thankful to nice agents who at least response and take ownership. The rating does not reflect their personal efforts to do their best, it is the systematic process lacking as a whole company.
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