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National Income Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: National Income
Overall average rating of 2.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 30 %
I was called by Matt for an interview with Mr. **. After a pleasant conversation with Matt I agreed to come in for an interview. I did my research and found out that they have an A+ with BBB and A.M. best Which is impressive. I searched other insurance companies and I couldn't find any other A+. I also checked with some union friends and they all had the benefits and had nothing but great things to say about the company and the professionalism they'd experienced when dealing with reps. When I read all the negative reviews on here it made me wonder what the deal was. Why would a growing company, that works with unions, have such bad reviews? Well, I went anyway and glad I went with my gut because as soon as I walked through the door I felt the energy of a great company. Nick did an excellent job describing how the company and job works. The reviews on here couldn't be more untrue. There is a weekly base, warm leads, non-persuasive, pushy business practice. A really really supportive culture, and a great leadership team. I asked Nick, Matt, and a few other people why there were such negative reviews and it all makes sense now. Human nature is to blame everything in the world but one's self for failing to succeed. This company gives you all the tools to succeed. If you aren't disciplined, honest, and have a great work ethic, this probably isn't for you. It's just crazy to me the more ridiculous reviews people write on here. It just snowballs and the majority haven't even been in for an interview. They just flock to and spread negativity. No wonder they were never hired, or ended up flourishing. This company breeds success and positivity. Don't buy in to the negative bs. This company is legit and the opportunity is phenomenal. Good luck with your interview. You'd be lucky if you're chosen.
I tried calling everyone in the Oldham-Gryska Agency to get help. I never had a call returned except from an agent and Mga that were from Syracuse. I submitted a claim for an accident, they cut a check in seven days. I was waiting for the check. On day 10 I called the home office in Texas where the check was cut and I am told it was voided for a review. After months of sending more information and even having my doctor write a note stating the accident they tell me they don’t pay those claims. They tell me to get a lawyer and have them write a letter stating the accident and they will pay. I asked to speak directly to the SGA Durhon Oldham and or Brett Gryska but was pushed off to Hal **. I still never had a chance to speak to anyone. I worked for this company for two years, I heard stories of accident claims not being paid but never believed the stories. Now it has happened to me. Not even the manager In Claims would speak to me or return a phone call.My credit union could not receive a call back. These benefit are to keep you on Your feet while out of work for an accident or injury where you seek medical attention. They tried saying I didn’t go to a doctor in time but I proved I did. I was told to prove everything they asked and I did and they did not pay. But being told you will hear back and cannot get a phone call is ridiculous especially for someone that worked for you and has sold these policies on good faith. I heard stories about a check getting cut for someone who died after a DWI because he was part of a big union, this guy even signed a DWI waiver because he already had a couple prior to getting the policy. But your average Joe gets screwed and cannot make ends meet months later.
Had the pleasure to purchase my first Life Insurance policy from a genuine and honest person. Nas was warm and very informative on the different types of Life Insurance available. He gave me a few options to work with. He took my budget into consideration and provided me with a great product that fit all of my financial needs.
I received a call yesterday from someone looking to fill several positions in a company that is opening a new location. The lady that called me was very professional and mentioned she was calling from National Income and was interested in my resume. Mind you, my resume is detailed with my extensive (20+) experience in banking. She asked me if I would be interested in scheduling an interview this week. But what raised a red flag was the fact that she did not ask me about my background experience and was only interested in scheduling. But what really made me skeptical about this position was the fact that she did not mention she works for a life insurance and only mention they were a company that helps fund Union members?What does this have to do with my banking experience? Nothing! I almost fell for this, but what made it more suspicious was the fact that if she had my resume like she said at the beginning of the conversation, why is she asking me for my email address which is already noted on my resume? Hmm. Today, I googled this company after it took her a full day to send a confirmation email and I found out there are numerous report of scamming to get people in sales position. I do not appreciate this kind of scam as I'm not looking to be hustled for commission. And yes, this is called a pyramid which is illegal!
I am the creative and marketing director for a high end lighting company in NYC. I have a private high school education and a degree from NYU. I wanted to intern part-time for an interior designer for a while now and figure it can't hurt to put my resume on When I get a message from 'Theo', a 'State Director for National Income Life' I was at first confused. I made it clear on my profile that I come from a design background and am looking for a design internship. I thought maybe he was a headhunter. Then I found this site. I don't care how arrogant I sounded but my response to the email I received was "An insult that your scam of a company would even think of contacting someone like me. ** off 'Theo'." Anyone researching this company, you deserve better. Ignore their calls/emails or respond like I did. Put 'em their place.
I made a profile on Monster and I was contacted by a woman who said she was the human resources manager and she saw my profile and wanted me to come interview to either be a manager or work in the office. When I got there I was told this was a commission job and I need to get a license. I stated that I was not told that I would be interviewing for a position as a agent. They pretended to make another appointment with me for another interview for that job then. Complete waste of my time. And the company is outright deceitful! People are looking for jobs and they are wasting people time to get them in under false pretenses.
I am not going to write a story but understand before going to a interview at American Income Life you will be going to sell Health Insurance door to door. This company is a scam over all scams.
Today, I got a call from a Nina at National Income Human Resources. She stated she got my Resume from I am already aware of their schemes and will not be returning that call based on my uncle's personal experience a few weeks ago, as well as all these helpful online reviews I came across. My uncle got a call from a Tasheda at the same company a few weeks ago. He is desperately searching for a job and was very excited to get a call the next day after posting a resume on I accompanied him to the so called interview for moral support, where we came to realize it's all a scam. The look of the whole thing when you first enter the building makes you wanna make a U turn. There are so many people in a tiny room. The "interview" was extremely rushed and unprofessional. There was barely any information provided. It ended with them trying to get you into some training you have to pay for!? He traveled two hours to get there. Time and money wasted. It's repulsive the way people take advantage of others need and desperation.
I started working here about 6 months ago and I've never been happier with any other job as I am here. The amount of money I've made in 6 months is more than I've ever made in a year. The best part is, there's no cap on the amount of money you can make and we are helping people! It's a great feeling to be able to help people with their benefits and be paid well to do so. Unions are the backbone of the working class in our country and being the one and only company contracted through the unions is a beautiful thing. I love it here and am very happy I accepted the position. You must definitely be hardworking to succeed here but they will definitely give you the support you need to thrive. I work out of the Syracuse office and there's no secret to the success here. The leadership team goes above and beyond to help us be successful.
Thank you all for your reviews and feedback on this SCAM of a company. I just received a call a few minutes ago for an interview with them, etc. Thank God I always do my research before calling back. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. What's really disturbing is that they are messing with and lying to people that might be in desperate need to get a job. Thank God I have a decent job. I don't understand how people could volunteer to work for a company like this, knowing full well they are lying to others, just like they were lied to, and accepted it just to make a few dollars! SMH.
Today Natalie called stating two positions were identified for me @ her company; did not state she was from National Income Life Insurance - the name came up on caller ID. The positions were for first level account executive the second for benefits coordinator. She talked so quickly and rushed to set an appointment. I felt something was wrong.
My overall experience with NILICO was amazing. The representative was amazing and the prices can't be beat. The company is invitation only and I was very pleased that my cousin invited me to take a look at what they had to offer. I would recommend this company to all my friends and family!
An ex-boyfriend sells this insurance. I told him I did not want to purchase this insurance. He stole my bank account information, forged my signature to these applications to proceed to purchase this insurance. I have called and made complaints. My bank account was put in the negative balance and had accumulated overdrafts. The company is reimbursing me the money taken out of my account. The bank was nice enough to fix the overdraft charges. I proceeded to make a complaint with the police of this man purchasing this insurance without my consent. I have spoke with the directory of this company and wanted to make a complaint on this ex-boyfriend, the agent salesman. I was directed to his main office in Elmira, NY.I spoke with an agent manager who is not taking my complaint serious and has basically called me a liar and is taking his agent's word of a customer, not even a customer, but a person who was victim to fraud and harassment from this company. I do not think they are for the best interest of anyone but themselves and making money on other people. I am not happy. I am upset and sad. My bank account had to be closed but worse of all I had to listen to a gentleman say he can tell female handwriting to male's handwriting and not so sure if I am telling the truth. His agent is saying this. WTF!
I was contacted by National Income about 9 months ago for a interview - same thing, they called and said they found my resume on Monster or whatever and it intrigued me because I wasn't sure what to expect either, so nonetheless, I went for the interview and was still intrigued by the opportunity. Still curious I googled the company to find bad reviews and a few good ones. And I am honestly happy that I followed my own instinct and went for the second interview. If you want a job that pays you to do NOTHING this isn't the career for you. If you expect things to be handed to you this isn't for you. But if you want long term rewarding income that will take care of your family - Ding, Ding, DING, this is for you. Honestly working for this company has challenged me in ways I haven't thought of. Those lazy days can't exist for me. Thank you National Income for the opportunity and the consistent check. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. So far I have not missed a paycheck and the benefits I have provided they have loved. I don't have anything bad to say about this company sorry. Current employee and future retired at 35.
After doing my research and contacting a Labor Union official for Upstate NY who I am related to I heard nothing but excellent feedback from him regarding their preexisting relationship. During the interview Nick was very upfront regarding the expectations he had of his potential applicants. There is a base pay weekly and the class is the only thing we had to pay for which was $80 (not bad at all with 50,000 in college debt). If you are searching for a rewarding career with growth opportunity I would suggest interviewing with them. Yes it seems to have a learning curve but what career doesn't.
I'd like to thank all of the people who wrote here about National Income Life. You have saved me time, money, and a lot of inconvenience. I received the same call all of you did. They told me they got my resume off CareerBuilder and that my resume may fit 2 positions they have available. The lady then proceeded to tell me that one of the positions would involve managing 3 people; the other is "higher up" and is "the highest paying position in the company" having something to do with managing workers' benefits. While this thing may be "legal," it's clearly a pyramid of some kind. There is nothing wrong with a well-run, legal pyramid-type business, but they should definitely be upfront about it and just say it because it's not for everybody. I have tried calling to cancel my appointment and if I can't get hold of them before my appointment day, I will not hesitate or have any qualms about not showing up. Thank you, everyone, for helping me save time and money!
Someone called me from National Income stating that they found my resume on monster and wanted to set up an interview. I asked for the title of the position and she said the hiring manager will answer those questions. I consented but was cautious so I did my homework on the firm but unfortunately not enough because I decided to try it even though the place and the people looked shady. The first red flag were the individuals who were in the waiting room. I shouldn't judge a book but most of them didn't look like they graduated from college. Anyways, I met with the manager and I asked about the pay structure and he gave me a vague answer. He stated that the presentation would answer all my questions. The presenters sounded like actors playing a part. I attempted to ask questions but the vagueness continued. I left with more questions than answers and that was the second red flag, they avoided answering certain questions. I got a phone call that I was considered for the position, so I came in for a final session with my manager. Again, I asked about the pay structure and a detailed description of how the firm makes money and again, the vagueness! He said I needed to get licensed and that they offered a class at their location for $275. I told him I had the license years ago but was currently expired so all I did was study online. It cost me $65 dollars saving $215. I took the test and passed. Then, I was scheduled for boot camp, I allowed myself to go this far because I wanted to gauge my ability to identify fraud. By the end of the second day of boot camp, I had gathered enough information to make a decision. Insurance agents generally have a bad reputation, so gaining client trust especially an acquaintance (union member) you will be a hurdle. The insurance products are somewhat appealing but are about the same as any other insurance company products. What appealed to me was the fact that the union members would be expecting our phone calls but National Income wants referrals more than sponsors. The sales pitch we were drilled to memorize during boot camp ended with an aggressive referrals endings. For example, "Let's call your neighbors" or "Let's call your coworkers" or "Let's call your siblings!" National Income Life are deceitful and vague when it comes to answering or presenting the truth about what their company is really about. NEW YORK LIFE is an agent commission based company, they don't hide behind VAGUE answers! I hope my experience helps someone gain the insider information before becoming deceived by these people. They make money two ways, the insurance course which will cost $27525 people per week, that's about $9000 grand a month plus the referrals! REMEMBER THEY DON'T GUARANTEE ANYTHING SO MONEY SPENT MIGHT MONEY LOST.
National Income, Flushing ran an ad looking for an accountant/bookkeeper in their Flushing office and after submitting my resume, received a call that they would be very interested in speaking with me and an interview was confirmed. Upon arriving, I found that there were many people waiting for interviews for sales positions, and rather than meeting with the "Regional Manager" some other employee brought me into a private office and explained that "this interview was only to place a face with a resume", and that the interviews were for sales positions. The meeting took one and a half minutes and the travel took 2 hours. This company is extremely deceptive.
I got a policy just over 4 years ago. It had a cash face value of $1,349.00. Well, with the cutbacks and all, I figured it was overpriced and would rather have the $52 a month, pay a bill instead. Glad I canceled it! With fees and all, I will get $69.92, period. Does anyone else see something wrong with that? Or I could borrow $3.68 against it? Their fine print will burn you! Beware!
I have had National Income Life Insurance for 3 + years & never filed a claim. I just sent in my first claim because I had to go to a Chiropractor. They sent back a letter that said the only way they cover you is if you go to a HOSPITAL. As far as I know there has never been a Chiropractor in a hospital. I was lied to so I would buy the ins. I have 2 other accident policies, Aflac & Combined Life, that sent me money right away for the Chiropractor visit. I have cancelled the policy & recommend that no one pays for this accident insurance. It is a scam.
Thanks to everyone that took their precious time to write a review about "National Income or/and NILICO" You saved my time and money. I received a call from their Flushing office by a woman called Lynn. She briefly explained to me that the name of the company was National Income. And that they saw my resume on Craigslist and were interested in having an interview with me. That they had opening for entry level sales and manager positions. She also mentioned that I would be working with Union... Then she quickly asked me if I was interested in any of these positions.With a smile of a Lotto Winner, I said "Yes, I am very much interested." And she immediately scheduled me for an interview at 10 am Friday February, 26 2015. She went on telling me to bring a copy of my resume, and to dress professionally for the interview. Additionally, she told me to ask for a guy by name ** when I got to the interview site which was supposed to be at 30-50 Whitestone Expy Queens, Flushing, NY 11357.I decided to do my homework about this company just to establish whether or not it was a reputable company...and more so to gather information in preparation for my interview. And OMG! Lo & Behold!! NATIONAL INCOME is a SCAM! Without a doubt, I know for a fact that every review here is 100% accurate. Based on the phone interaction I had with their Human Resource team members, I can confirm the reports of those previous reviewers to be nothing but a true representation of their HR weird, misleading and deceptive style of communication.The only difference with my experience is that, I did not have to waste my precious time and money going for a SCAM interview. Thanks to everyone that has shared their experience here. Indeed, you saved me from wasting my time and money. Yes, times are hard but never be desperate for a job folks. Take your time, look around and make the right decision. Always do your research before indulging into anything. Finally, if it seems too good to be true, do yourself a favor and ...RUN!
I would not recommend this company to ANYONE. They have the absolute worst customer service. They illegally took money out of an account they were NEVER authorized to take money out of. The agent stole the account information off a check and set up automatic payments out of my mom's account. I am 29 years old and NEVER authorized this. I am the sole owner of my account. Then when I called because they caused her account to overdraft and ended up causing fees of $186 due to the overdraft they claim they have my signature. Oh but it's an "electronic signature" something I never signed nor authorized. BEWARE they are dishonest and hide behind electronic signatures.
I've had a NILICO policy for 3 years and I must say I've had nothing but a positive experience thus far. I received the benefits through my IBEW union. I've been a union electrician for 6 years and I sent in my request form in 2013. I had a guy named Nick come to explain what the union had set up for us and I was very pleased with the affordability and coverage. The program covered everything the union didn't and I'm glad I enrolled because it has helped offset some out of pocket costs from being injured. I got hurt on my snowmobile in 2015 and broke a few bones, was in the hospital for a week, and the company paid me over $3,000 from the accident portion of the policy. I can't remember the girl's name who helped me with my claim but she was awesome. It went pretty smoothly and I highly recommend looking into a policy for your own family. The programs are great, very affordable, and really help when accidents happen.
I received this phone call. She provided two positions management and consulting jobs. I asked whether I can have more job descriptions. She said NO! Then I felt wired. After that, she directly booked interview time. OMG! I don't know what this job is. Thanks for all your reviews. I figured out what happened. I think they just find your resume on Monster and provide jobs related with your interests. Ask you to come and pay the license fee then sell insurance. Again many thanks for those reviews!!! I reject such interview!
I have life insurance through this company. When the agent came to my home to discuss the insurance plans and my options, I was able to tailor it to my own needs and wants. The agent was also very personable, knowledgeable, and friendly. I am so happy with the insurance I have, the price I pay, and my agent. Anytime I have a question my agent is just a phone call away and always gets to the bottom of whatever I need in an extremely timely matter. There's nothing better than having an affordable plan with the perfect coverage and also a dependable National Income agent to help me with whatever I need. I cannot relate to the bad reviews or complaints on here because my experience has been nothing short of wonderful.
I received a phone call from Kia from National Income offering a consultant position after seeing my resume on (and some other position I was not clear on) and wanted to schedule and interview for the next day. I inquired what the duties were, which was about trying to get union members to get insurance or explain their benefits - not the consultant position I was looking for. So basically, I asked 'so this is basically me trying to get people to buy your insurance packages' and she said yes. I said ok, I am not looking for any sales positions and before the next millisecond, she hung up the phone. In lieu of calling back to say how rude she was, I figured a complaint here may be better justified. Hopefully, it will save someone else the pain of thinking it's a different type of job then, just being honest by saying they are looking for people in sales or for cold callers for their insurance packages. Kia was very rude and unprofessional, therefore, even if I was thinking of considering it - she just turned me off - which could be a loss for really good working people for the company.
I received a call from a Matt ** at "The Moore Agency" who got me talking with him about a union job that I could work with nurses, firefighters, cops, etc making 70K a year. I set up my interview but as always, I do my homework. I asked him for their website that just so happened to be "under construction". I don't think so. Then he told me I would be interviewing with Mr. ** the executive of the Moore Agency. So I began digging deeper. I looked at this Matt guy's facebook that said he worked for NILCO & that's when I used the power of google & happened upon Consumer Affairs and read the reviews of everyone having the SAME experience. So I'm not wasting my time. Sorry Matt, but I'm not losing hours at my real job for a scam. Thanks Consumer Affairs!
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