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National General RV Insurance Online Reviews

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Company Name: National General RV Insurance
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 64 %
We're using an RV for the postal driving and we got an RV insurance through National General Insurance. When I signed up with them, I talked to a gentleman and asked him for a quote along with my regular insurance. He was very prompt and nice about getting back and the amount of the coverage provided on our plan was good. Also the plan's price was fair and a lot cheaper compared to our previous provider. I got back to him after two days and switched to the General. I recommend National General RV to the fellow that are out there driving for the postal service. It’s a lot cheaper and it’s got good coverage and you could have the security if anything happens out there. And everybody that I worked with was very prompt and very nice.
I had GEICO previously but when I talked to them, they were unable to write me a full-time RV policy. Although they called me back after I had cancelled and told me that information was incorrect. But the rate I got with National General was good. The one difference was they don't offer roadside assistance but I got that separately.
I shopped around when I was buying insurance and National General RV Insurance was the best policy. I got the home policy. I liked that their price was good and I liked what they covered. I spoke with someone initially and was given a quote, and then I called back and signed up. My interactions with their reps have been fine. They walked me through the policy and they were great. The woman that I interacted with was very friendly. Their customer service has been very good and they’ve been very helpful so far.
We got an RV insurance through National General. I liked the rates and the offers that they had for the RV versus other policies out there. We also liked the amount of coverage compared to other policies. It was very comparable and affordable.
National General's name was familiar, under Direct, and it was not far from where I was so that I can make a call and set everything to go in and see what I needed to do in an expeditious way. And their service was valuable, excellent as mediocre, and magnificent. I won't forget the name of one of their reps. She totally went along with my quirky personality and was willing to lend a laugh to my crazy humor. I was in a really good mood that day which came bubbling out in my personality and she rolled with the punches. She had everything set up before I got to the office and took care of me immediately. She was even very professional upon my arrival as she didn't neglect the customer she was already working with. And everything was on the dot and to the point.Also, the amount of coverage on my plan was adequate for the purpose of acquiring my state driver's license again. I do plan to get a vehicle soon so I'm probably going to be using the rep I worked with again. She was very personable and respectful. I work in customer service and she was everything I would expect from a customer service representative.
I got a basic RV insurance coverage from National General. I did it online and it was very easy to use their website. And I was in Thailand at the time and I found it very convenient. I had Progressive before but I switched to National for they have a better price than them.
I got an RV insurance from National General and so far, my interactions with them had been good. The amount of coverage has been good as well and I've been happy with my experience.
The cost of the RV insurance was a little high for the coverage, but the rep that I talked to was really nice and helped me out. I called National General to pay in full for the year, and it was very easy and swift. They were very helpful and easy to talk to.
I was with Allstate and I had a claim with the RV, but they wouldn’t insure it so I had to find another insurance company. I had great and fantastic interactions with the reps at National General so I switched to them. I haven’t used the insurance plan yet, but the coverage is good, so far.
I would definitely recommend National General RV Insurance. I am happy with the coverage provided on my insurance plan and I have had great interactions with their people.
National General RV Insurance was pretty awesome. They were quick and they were the only company that would insure my RV in the whole country. Their rep followed up, got me the quote, and got me insured. It was at a great rate and they did a great job.
National General RV Insurance is a member of Good Sam RV Club. The amount of coverage provided on my plan was pretty standard. That's what I wanted so that's what I got. The lady I talked to was really helpful. She knew what was she was talking about and she helped me out along the way. Now I know that my RV is protected in case we have hailstorms. I will be good terms with them long as they keep their prices down and they keep the coverage up. I'll tell my friends that National General was easy to work with and they're pretty reasonable especially if you're a Good Sam member.
I had Progressive before but National General was a little better for us. They've got me covered pretty good. I've had little interaction with their representatives but everything has been fine.
I have an RV insurance with National General and the amount of coverage provided is exactly in line with what I need. My interactions with the reps have been good and I like using the online features.
March 19 2018 we got caught in a hail storm in Cullman Alabama. This storm was so big it was declared natural disaster by federal authorities. The result from storm to our motorhome was at least 147 holes in roof, broken windshield, rained for 3 days so therefore rain soaked interior of RV. We had zero help from NG. They gave us no direction on how to handle damage or what to do next. After 3 days of nothing we had to drive over 600 miles home in damaged motorhome. Here it is almost October and we are neither repaired or salvaged. The only thing that has changed is big hole in ceiling where adjuster thought he could repair roof/ceiling. He claimed the TPO roof was no longer made however we proved to him it is being made.This motorhome was made in 2016. Our premium for insurance has also gone up $200. The fair market value NG came up with is $7000 higher than what we had originally paid for it a year ago??? How can that be. No depreciation. Due to no progress at first repair shop we moved RV to manufacturer. The adjuster had estimate at first repair shop at $18000 for total repair. At this point and at no point yet has he even seen damages. The manufacturer has done estimate and there’s is a hands on estimate. Theirs is at $68,000. Nothing but frustration. 7 months and nothing has changed.
I have used several different providers before National General RV Insurance. And at this point, I'm happy with the coverage I have for my vehicle.
I called the National General number and the rep gave me the details on what the coverage would be for my RV. It was adequate and we did it. He took my card through the phone and issued a policy.
I bought National General RV insurance and everything went fine when I was signing up. Everything worked out.
I got a home insurance from National General RV and they've been awesome. My daughter went online, got quotes and did everything for me and it turned out well. At first I told her I didn't want to go through everything since I'm busy but she told me that I needed to save money. Yesterday a guy from National General RV came and inspected the house and now it's all over and I'm glad I went through the process. I used a different insurance provider before and there was an unbelievable difference price-wise despite the coverage being the same. They have saved me money and what they're providing is much better. Their rep was also professional, kind and very thorough when we went over everything. If you want a better price in insurance you need to check National General RV out. Go through it and get a quote..
I acquired a new motor home and I just wanted to get it insured for the winter. I got an RV insurance from National General. I didn't look into it a whole lot but just went on the price. I did everything online and their website worked just fine. So far, I've been happy with them.
I got my home insurance through National General RV Insurance. The only thing different compared to my previous provider was it had an app while National General doesn't have one. My interactions with National General's customer service has been good. When I called in, all my stuff got handled well and properly. Overall, the plan and the price are great and I'm happy with the coverage that I have. It's a good money saver and they provide everything you need.
Had our RV stolen in Feb 2018 and was found 40 days later. National General had it taken to their preferred shop for an estimate of repair. Shop one sent a partial estimate for 20k which National General sent right away and marked claim closed. Made several calls to National General claims and the shop to find out claims don’t follow up and the shop took the money but never worked in repairs. So National General moved RV to shop number 2 where we had asked them to take originally but they would not pay for the additional miles. Now they had to pay for it since shop 1 went out of business. It is now 9 months later and we still don’t have our RV. When contacting National General they have advised it is our responsibility to see that the repairs are done and get our RV back. In our opinion we think National General should follow thru with the repairs until their customer is satisfied and not just leave it up to insurer. They're quick to collect their money but no personal interaction when it comes to a claim. Hope they handle their Homeowner's policy better especially for those who have lost their homes.
The rep set up the insurance really nicely and everything was really, really straightforward with National General. He helped me pick what I wanted to be covered, so I feel that it's great. It's exactly what I want, and I feel confident that if something happens to the RV, they're gonna help me out. I'm satisfied with my experience.
I got my RV insurance from National General and it was easy to fill out the paper online. The amount of coverage provided in my plan seems reasonable.
I had a Good Sam membership before, so I had National General for a brief period of time when I had my first RV. It was an older RV and I didn’t keep it. Then, I got this new RV and went with Geico for insurance and then Progressive was cheaper, so we went with them. Progressive then started being crazy wanting me to pay the whole payment upfront, so I went back to National General. They had better coverage for RVs anyway. Also, if Good Sam recommends them, they should be a decent company since Good Sam is an RV place. I was able to sign up with online, which is a plus. I don’t like to have to call if I don’t need to because I’ve got so much other stuff going on, so I was happy with it. Everything has been fine. They’re a little more expensive than my Progressive policy. But I’m not a multi-car and they’re not trying to make me pay all of it upfront. Go get a quote from National General. It’s quick and you see everything. It’s not somebody on the other line just telling you you're covered. You’re actually choosing your coverages and that’s good because it has a lot of things that you may not have with another company that covers the RV like the travel reimbursement. It has got RV towing on there too.
The National General insurance is a little more expensive compared to my previous provider. But I like the concept of being able to put it on hold while you’re not using your RV. I had very good interactions with their reps and the amount of coverage provided in my insurance plan is very acceptable. I’m satisfied with them.
I shopped around for RV insurance and decided to go with National General for their price. The reps I spoke with were knowledgeable. We've had them for four years now, ever since we've had an RV. There was only one person who I dealt with that was laissez-faire, but for the most part, they were very helpful. I had to deal with them a lot lately because we traded in our old trailer and got a new trailer. And one thing that I found that was really odd was when I went to update our insurance through them, it was cheaper to initiate a whole new policy instead of just updating it. That was a pain but it was doable and I feel good about the coverage. Since all the insurance companies are pretty much along the line the same, people should do their homework and pick what’s usable for them.
Only a select few carriers offer full-timer’s coverage. Mercury, for example, does not offer full-timer’s coverage for RV. I got my Auto and RV policy from National General RV Insurance and their rep was very quick over the phone then everything came through email. I switched my policies over in January and the monthly deduction has been consistently the same. I'm in a bunch of Facebook RV groups and have recommended National General RV Insurance. I bought a new car today, so I need to call and add that on, too. They should add an increase in content coverage with the RV policy though.
Based on the online reviews, I decided to go with National General RV Insurance. The amount of coverage provided in my plan is fine. I’ve dealt with strictly one person and she was fantastic. The details that she gave me was very thorough.
I did Geico before but they wanted a very large down payment which I didn't have. It was almost a thousand dollars. The auto insurance I got with National General Insurance is a good coverage. When I run out of my tow for AAA, I can go to them to pick my vehicle up and that’s what I got in my coverage. I'm happy about their customer service too. The rep that I spoke with was very polite and knowledgeable. He was very well-groomed from when he would talk and he knew me quite well. I thought he was an excellent customer service representative.
I’ve been with National General for about a year for the RV insurance and they were a lot cheaper compared to Geico. The customer service rep was helpful and there were no problems dealing with them. I didn’t use their claim service and I hope I don’t but the prices are fair.
When I did the Google search, National General RV Insurance came at the top as the best full-time RV insurance provider. If our RV is totaled, they offer full cost replacement, something that I did not have before. Unfortunately, we had a solar panel and the brackets broke and it went off the RV and hit the roof of a car. And they just raised my rate a thousand dollars for six months. But the interaction I had with the sales reps when I was signing up was good and they were very informative.
Initially, we got an RV insurance from National General, then we also added a car insurance. Prior to using them, we had a different insurance provider. But while National General provides full-time RV policies, our prior insurer did not, even though they told us they did. So, the fact that National General didn’t lie to us was good. When we were seeking out alternate options for insurance providers, recommendations from friends and their quoted price made us go with them. The amount of coverage that is provided in our plan is comparable to what we had before, but at less money, so that's good. I've got a good feeling about the whole experience.
I have auto and RV insurance through National General and I’ve had them for five to seven years. I chose them for their price and the amount of coverage that’s provided on my plan right now is adequate. I have interacted with their customer service reps a few times when I’ve added a car or something and the experience was good. The first time we called, they were great. They answered my questions and took care of me well. I also had another interaction when I got a pamphlet in the mail saying that a homeowners combined all together would be a good discount so I tried to get a quote. But with the fact that I had a dog, they denied me instantly. I was perturbed about it. They judged me like everybody else which is unfair. So as long as you don’t have a dog, National General is a decent company.
Insurance agent was very friendly, polite, and professional. The negative part of the transaction was not having true cost of insurance upfront. I was being provided cost as if I would allow automatic deductions, but I wouldn't authorize that so my cost jumped up about $35. The next day, I very much considered calling back and canceling the policy because of this. The additional cost did NOT make it as competitive with other policies as I was originally lead to believe.
I signed up for the RV insurance with National General and I just put liability insurance on the motor home that I'm living at. It was just necessary.
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