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National General Homeowners Insurance Online Reviews

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Company Name: National General Homeowners Insurance
Overall average rating of 3.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 43 %
I shopped around for quotes through Geico, and this company made a binding agreement without my knowledge or consent. They drained our escrow account after I had told Geico multiple times that it was simply a quote. Geico even sent an inspector out to our home and I informed them that we went with Allstate. Our mortgage company called to inform us that this company had taken money from our escrow account. I am so upset, as I never authorized this or signed any agreement with them. They are very scammy. They get all of your information and process it without your knowledge. BEWARE. We are in the headache of a process of getting a refund at the moment.
Our home burned completely in the Camp Fire Disaster. National General initially gave us $3,000 to live on, after contacting them again and demanding more, they sent an additional $10,000. They are always very pleasant on the phone, but nothing ever comes of it. One delay after another, one excuse after another. We had to itemize everything in the house, even after the Insurance Commissioner strongly urged all companies to pay in full without itemization for this disaster. Still waiting... Meanwhile, we have nothing and cannot move forward without our settlement.
I had a slab leak cost over $8,000. I got the repair done like you told me. I got a Check for only 1417. You are evil and lying insurance company. I am get a lawyer involved so you will pay out. They gave me the run away to get estimates to get the job fix and they did pay out and I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY I HAVE INSURANCE!!! If you don't paid out for a claim.
We used National General for our older house and when we built the house we have now, we used the same company. When we needed some paperwork, they definitely followed through. They sent us the information that we needed and we were able to get that part done. Also, the coverage they provide is just enough.
My parked car got hit by someone that has National General Insurances, and I’m having a bad experience with this insurance company. They will not cover the full cost of the car rental. They have their own prices range of how much they will refund you back, and on top of that you are responsible for the cost of the rental up front and then they will refund you back, well that’s what they said. They also want me to put my own insurance on the rental.
National General was recommended by Progressive Auto Policy and I have the insurance for my home. They provide ideal coverage and they had excellent customer service that handled my claim very well. I was very pleased.
I got coverage on my duplex and the National General insurance guy who I talked to was nice until the very end. He won’t let me read the statement and wanted me to give my name. I heard the statement and I told him that if he made me do the same thing and give me a statement, then that will be great. When one buys stuff over the phone and then gets hit with this, “Well, I need you to listen to the statement and say you agree with me and give me your name,” that tells me people are lawyering up and they think one can get it. Yet I still ended up going with them because I needed to get something done at that point. I gotta have insurance and I can’t not have it. It’s just a necessity. I got it and the amount of coverage provided is minimum.
National General Homeowner’s Insurance had a very good price compared to a lot of other ones. I've had RV insurance through them and now most recently we did homeowners. But I would like them to have one deductible for whatever the claim is. There's another insurance company that we were looking at and they said that they have $1,000 deductible for everything whereas, with National General, the deductible is a percentage. Other than that, the customer service reps that I've dealt with have been very pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. And I would still tell people to give National General a try.
A pipe burst in my basement causing a 3 foot deep flood. I had recently moved in and all unpacked boxes were being stored there. My home insurance was paid in full for the year before I moved in. Initially, I was assigned an adjuster who contacted me quickly and spoke to me for a good amount of time explaining that I needed to document all of the repairs and items lost with photos and detailed descriptions. I felt good about our initial interaction, but it all went downhill from there.First, it took over 2 weeks to get the adjuster to come to the house to do the inspection. He had been adamant that we not throw away any damaged items and could store it all in black plastic trash bags temporarily. It was hard enough going through all of my personal items lost and recording them. Then, to have all of my wet destroyed items sitting and molding in bags for 2 weeks was extremely unpleasant. I could not get a hold of the adjuster via email, phone, or text and after 1 month, they paid a portion of the plumbing bill. I was able to get my adjuster's manager's contact info and tried to get her involved. They still have not paid the water restoration company, even after they submitted invoices 5 times, and had tried to contact my adjuster and his manager at least a dozen times. Now, I am having to pay that out of pocket to the tune of 4k+, as the bill is over 60 days past due. Also, they keep delaying the "review" of my personal items lost claim. It has been 10 weeks since I started this claim, and I'm preparing to take legal action. I have never been so distressed and frustrated with an insurance company like this before. It has been such an emotional process as I lost many irreplaceable things (including my wedding dress, photos, antique linens I have collected over 20 years, etc.) The insurance company deals with loss as their business, so how is it acceptable to ignore your customer, ignore their loss, delay processing of the claim, and put me in a position where I have to pay large sums of money out of pocket that they have agreed to pay directly to the restoration company & plumber. All in all, this continues to be a horrible experience, and I just want it to be over and done with. You can be sure that I will warn off all family and friends from using NatGen insurance, and I hope you will stay away from them as well. They prey on unsuspecting people who believe they are safely covered by purchasing their home insurance, and make the process so difficult in the expectation that you will give up.
I have all of my insurances through my agent and she farms out my accounts to different companies. I've had plenty of coverage and one of those companies that provide insurance is National General. Having my insurance though has never been about a better sense of security. It has been about meeting requirements 'cause if it weren't for the requirements, I wouldn't have any insurance. I don’t have National General anymore though. It didn’t work so well. There needs to be better coordination and better communication from the agent trying to streamline and simplify the whole process. We don’t have claims. All we have are policies and bills, and the bills get confusing.
I used National General before, so I got a home insurance policy through them. As far as their professionalism and courteousness, the customer service reps have been good. They've responded very quickly. Also, the amount of coverage provided in my insurance plan is fair. I would recommend National General.
I used a lot of insurance providers over the years. I was with Progressive but there was a contractual problem with the company I was with and they weren’t writing policies anymore through Progressive. So Progressive steered me to National General and I got a home insurance with them. The rep I had for the initial policy questionnaire wasn’t the most knowledgeable but the interaction we had went okay. The amount of coverage on my plan was a little less for more money than what I had before. But it was only $20 or $30, so it wasn’t anything to make a federal case about. I was relying on the agent to steer me through all the different coverage options but she didn’t seem to have a grasp of the whole picture so I just let her do her thing. She said that she was gonna email me a copy of my policy and then she was gonna email me something else. And I never got an email from her at all so I was disappointed. I wanted to get a copy of the policy right away rather than wait for it to show up in the mail, but they didn’t send it.
I was looking for an insurance company for me and my wife. National General has better coverage details than other companies. I got an auto and home insurance from them and it's a good plan. Their customer service rep was really good, as well.
National General sent a notice of cancellation based on the incorrect assumption that my house was vacant. They could have easily verified that I live in the house. Instead I had to prove that I reside on the property. There was no explanation, no apology for my stress and inconvenience. I won’t be renewing this policy.
Everything in my experience with General is good. Going with them because of their price, I also loved that things were done really quick. Everyone was very prompt and the rep was great. However, prior to buying the policy, it was not disclosed that they would subcontract an inspector to come to the house to take pictures. All that was mentioned to me was that I needed to have photos of the outside of the house, which I gave them prior to them underwriting my policy. And then two weeks later, I got a phone call from a private sector saying that General was requiring an inspection. I’m fine with the inspection but I wish the person that sold me that insurance over the phone would have mentioned that because I’m a really busy person and now I have to meet somebody.
National General raised my premium, only 2 months into the coverage, saying that my home was "under insured" at 194,000, increasing it to 255,000. I only paid 90,000 in 2013.
We have a home insurance from National General. Compared to our previous insurance provider, National General is much better as it is cheaper and it covers more. I like the amount of coverage the insurance plan provides and the people that I worked with at National General were very helpful. They tried finding whatever discount I could get because we have an auto insurance with them too.
I was notified by National General that they purchased Century National who handled our Bundle Policy for Home, Cars, Earthquake and the Umbrella policy for the last 22 years. The new rate increased 35%. After several calls speaking to supervisors and underwriters I was told that National General rates are just higher and we were welcome to shop around. So on that advice we shopped around and found an even better policy for 30% less than the new rate National General invoiced. Their Business model of buying other insurance companies and then increasing those existing policy holders 35% drove this loyal customer to a competitor.
I have a travel trailer and I got an auto and trailer insurance from National General. I interacted with the reps pretty well. They explained everything and gave me a good rate, and I liked that. The amount of coverage provided by my insurance plan is fine. National General is a good insurance company and they’re cheaper than the previous one I had.
We have our home insurance with National General Homeowners Insurance. The coverage on the plan is good and so far, I'm pleased with them. I had called their customer service when we had moved and misplaced the bill and their reps were very helpful and very kind.
National General had the best rate, so we had our RV and home insurance with them. We had our RV with Progressive previously. And when we changed the RV, we wanted to see if we could get a better rate keeping the same coverage. So when we looked across the board, National General came in exceedingly less. So, we chose them. They also gave us a decent discount for our homeowner's insurance. They also gave us an extra discount on the cars, not the RV. We were really pleased, even the realtors and lenders. They said the rates were amazing and that the average price for Homeowner's insurance in this area was $1,200 and National General quoted us less than half that. Unfortunately, you weren't able to do the same thing for a Prius. So the Prius is still sitting with Progressive for the time being. If they can match or beat their offer, we'll be putting them all on one policy. Overall, their reps were highly professional. Everything went smoothly. The rep emailed the binder rate over, all they had to do is plug it in to the closing cost and the bank sent them the funds and I've already gotten my declarations documents and everything for the house and it worked out really well.
I obtained a home insurance policy from National General Homeowners Insurance and I very much appreciated and enjoyed the experience I had with them. Prior to using National General, I had purchased from another insurance provider through an insurance broker that I've been with for 13 years, ever since I’ve been in Colorado. But the cost of that prior insurance kept rising and I didn't have any claims, so it didn’t make sense to me that it would continue to rise. I found out how uncompetitive they were after talking with the new company. Price was 100% the reason why I chose National General.It has all been pleasant with the reps at National General. I dealt with the gentleman who gave me the quote. There was also a very pleasant gentleman who came out and did a brief inspection of the exterior of my home. The amount of coverage provided in my insurance plan is exactly what I requested, so it’s all there. I got a quote from them for including coverage on my umbrella, but it wasn’t competitive to what I currently have. Nevertheless, I’ve already recommended National General to a few people.
Everyone has a situation, so not going to bore you with the details of that. Just know, I tried to cancel my daughter's car insurance with National General because my daughter has been deemed incompetent due to her mental illness and granted me guardianship over her. I received Guardianship papers in May 2018 and I felt due to her illness driving would not be a option for her anymore. Fast forward, sold her car, turned her tags into the DMV. Called her agent with NG as a courtesy to let them know all measurements were done, cancel insurance. NG agent wanted a copy of the guardianship papers with good right to cancel insurance. No problem, scanned over. Here's where the story gets frustrating, the agent wanted to go around and around with me as to why my daughter needed to call and cancel instead of me, her guardian, awarded by the state with proof of that. Wanted more explanation as to why she can't call herself and why. After having to go into painful detail once again as to why, she then says, let my manager call you... really?... so I can explain this again? No thanks. Here's the beautiful twist. Called the Customer Service representative, Emily. what a breath of fresh air. She was kind, she listened and very understanding. Got the cancellation DocuSign via email, electronically signed and went back to bed to retrieve sleep for my next shift. Thank you, Emily. And thank you National General for having some people on staff that will hear, listen and react positively.
I had my other insurance company for seven years and this year I decided to switch to National General Homeowners Insurance because I was told that if I move my house insurance, I would get a discount. I liked it, so I switched. So far, I'm satisfied with them. Their customer service agents were knowledgeable. One time, when they tried to adjust the rate for my home, I called the 800 or 888 number from the statement, yet it wasn't the right number. I'm confused but I understand the company has many other company and everyone has a different 800 number. Other than that, I'm okay. I already recommended someone to them. He was looking for a new home insurance and he liked it and he thanked me for that.
I just canceled my National General Homeowners policy (through GEICO) after receiving notification that their home inspection found the replacement cost to be $200,000 higher than 2 months ago when I signed up for the insurance. The inspector took his (faulty) measurements over those on file with our town (my house is only 12 years old so all the assessment data is current), overstating our finished square footage by 850+ sf. He added a 1/2 bath that doesn't exist. He guessed (incorrectly) at our electric service (it's 200 Amp, he said 150), although the house is 12 years old, he said everything but our electrical panel (roof, furnace, plumbing, etc.) was under 5 years old. The errors go on and on. The additional replacement cost upped our policy by $249 - and it would have automatically increased annually if I hadn't canceled. This inspector pulled numbers out of a hat when determining costs. Most importantly, properly insuring a dwelling is the responsibility of the owners, not the company.
National General Homeowner's Insurance is a good insurance. The amount of coverage was okay and I had a good experience with them.
I am writing regarding Claim ** with National General Insurance. I filed a full roof replacement claim with National General back in November 2018 due to a numerous amount of missing shingles on my roof due to a windstorm. I was on vacation and when I returned back, I noticed that there were quite a bit of missing shingles on the ground along with noticeably a ton of branches due to the windstorm. I filed a claim and was provided Linda ** as my first adjuster. Linda and I had a preliminary conversation regarding the claim and what had happened and she advised that an independent adjuster from Hancock Insurance would be coming out to do a roof inspection. Following the inspection, Linda unprofessionally called me in the middle of my workday and start accusing me and asking me questions such as "how well do you know your roofer," "who was up on your roof, etc." She declared that she wanted to see the roof inspection since this was a new home I purchased back in May 2018 along with estimates from reputable companies such as Power and DiGiorgi Roofing. I sent over this information and was transferred to Dennis **, Linda's boss regarding this claim. The company then sent another independent roof inspector to my home for a second opinion. Again, they advised that my roof had been vandalized and that the shingles did not come off from a windstorm. Please note that vandalism is covered in my Homeowner’s Policy. I have been extremely disappointed in the lack of communication, professionalism and false accusations that have been made to myself and my boyfriend. We have invested hard earned money into my first home purchase and I simply want my roof replaced. I pay hard earned money monthly for my mortgage and homeowner’s insurance. Now after months of aggravation and back and forth with the company, I have go to see an attorney on March 12th to answer questions regarding this claim under oath.
I got a home and an auto insurance from National General. Prior to them I used Allstate, and National General is cheaper, so it is better. My few interactions with the customer service reps have been good. They were nice on the phone and easy to get along with. The amount of coverage provided in my plan is enough for me. I would recommend them.
I called to see if my Comprehensive deductible could be raised from zero to $1000. And what I could save by increasing this deductible. The agent I spoke to, and I didn't get his name, was super helpful in telling me my options. Seems I could save quite bit, so he increased that for me.
I purchased a home and I was directed to National General through my Progressive agent. Adam was the name of the agent I went through on the phone to get my policy set up and he was very helpful. Then, a man that came over and took pictures of the house. He was very nice and very polite. It was a great overall experience and with the amount of coverage provided on my insurance plan, I feel like I got set up right where I need to be.
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