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Nassau Re Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Nassau Re
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 79 %
CSR was very helpful - pleasant and professional.
Excellent customer service provided by Jalon. He was very knowledgeable, had a great personality, a good humor and was very empathetic to the loss of loving wife. 5 Gold Stars to Nassau RE.
Representative was very friendly and helpful
Thank you, LIsa, for your courteous, professional help in guiding me through the annuity maturity options and paperwork!
I spoke with Kristina....she did an excellent job of answering all of my questions quickly and courtesly.
I hate to wait 20 minutes, listening to the most god-awful music (?), but it was so worth it because Kristina handled my call. No esoteric jargon, double-speak...she was efficient, personable, & should be your Poster Person for the consummate CS Rep. She even laughed (bless her!) at my lame jokes. Bottom line, she handled all my concerns quickly, simply, & I hope you buy her a cake, give her a raise, or something.
They answered my questions very quickly and clearly
My name is Anthony Tafuri and I work for the largest provider in Funeral and Cemetery service. My responsibility is Territory Sales Director. I have had many good and not so good customer service and sales representative. I can only say that both of these ladies are an asset to your company and if I did not write this review I would be failing my responsibility as a customer with not recognizing the efforts, Kelley Rosa and Wendy Wiggin, which exceeded my expectations. The went over and above with their superior customer service. Jack Welch had a belief that you recognize effort but you reward success. Both employees need top be rewarded. If you would like to contact me my phone number is 516-313-8355
I wanted to acknowledge the outstanding customer service that Alexia B provided when I called in reference to my dad’s passing. She was so patience and understanding with assisting me on the forms that I need to complete to process the claim. When you are dealing with the death of a loved on it is so nice to come in contact with representatives like Alexia.
I have lost a fortune with this company. Thousands of dollars over 20 years has been mis-managed over and over again. At this point Phoenix has thousands of dollars of my money to pay for a death benefit that would pay for itself after 13 years of paying into it. But 20 years in, Phoenix says "the Market" has not performed as expected so the policy did not make the money to fulfill itself. Some how Phoenix's mis-management is MY fault. Phoenix wants me to pay thousands of more dollars every year of which the amount increases yearly. To stop paying into this disaster I had to give Phoenix HALF, 50%, of the total death benefit. Phoenix gets 50% AND it gets to use ALL of my money to do whatever they want to until the policy ends which requires the death of those who were covered by the policy. How is this possible with a company that claims "high integrity", service and commitment. It has been a nightmare to deal with them and I am not looking forward to working with them when the time comes for the policy to end. The people that answer the phone at Phoenix customer service can't even explain their policy and its benefits with any sort of certainty. If you have to fill out paperwork from them be prepared to do it over more than once. Documents show up from them with no explanation of what it is other than "Here is the document you need to sign. There are 6 lines down at the bottom for a signature. Just sign and send back to us." The next document tells you that your "signature also has to be printed" so do it again, on the 6 lines at the bottom of this document . The third document tells you that everyone involved in the benefit needs to sign and print and have 3 witnesses for each beneficiary sign and print and date but you get to pick any witness you want. Like whoever is available, the postman, the UPS guy, your kids friends, just anyone will do. By this time not only have you lost your money but you have also lost your mind. I do not recommend Phoenix Life Insurance to anyone under any conditions. Not even if it's the last Life Insurance policy in the world. (They might be a ponzie scheme. Not sure.)
From the moment I got online to research my life insurance options, I felt the Phoenix site was clear and easy to navigate. In what seemed like seconds, I was given a number of options to explore. My conversations with their agent was educational and ultimately led me to purchase a policy I feel great about.
Service rep was friendly and patient as I asked multiple questions. I left the call better informed and with full confidence that I will receive my requested paperwork and my questions were fully answered.
I's new to me. This is the first month I received my notice from -Nassau C.Jefferson
Why doesn't this run on Chrome browser? It's one of the most popular browsers used by developers. Seems odd.
The customer rep (I believe her name was Christina) was outstanding. She was informative, friendly, and caring.
filling a death claim for my father's acct has been a nightmare , papers were fax'd after 3 weeks was told they don't take fax'd paper but I had to call no one called me. they after another 2 weeks of sending new papers I called to find out one was signed wrong. Here I go again it has been 3 months since my Dad passed have family giving me a hard time. now I'm told when it does get processed it has to go into a concierge account that I don't want . Now how long am I going to wait, I've had a lot to deal with since my Dad passed this is by far the worse, stay away from this company I am telling everyone I know
I've have had a life insurance policy with Phoenix for decades. Setting aside the fact that the policy never performed like they said it would (it was supposed to pay for itself but never did), I spoke with Phoenix about dropping the option term on the policy and using dividends to pay the premium (I would make up any difference). The Phoenix representative sent me an illustration confirming my instructions and the change form (pre-filled out) for me to sign and return (which I did). So, it turns out they filled out the form incorrectly. Instead of having the premiums paid by dividends, they "borrowed" from the cash value to pay the premiums and used the dividends to buy additional insurance (what they call paid-up additions). A few years went by and they just continued to add to this "loan" for the premiums; charging me interest along the way. When I found out about this just recently and brought it to their attention, they said that they could only go by what the form said that I signed; totally disregarding the illustration they sent with their representative's handwritten confirmation of my instructions. They told me that that part was not legal. I forwarded earlier email attachments showing that it came from them but they refused to refund the interest. SO, WHERE'S THE INTEGRITY IN THAT? So much for the "history of keeping our promises since 1851." What a crock! I still can't believe Phoenix can't bring themselves to refund interest that they shouldn't have charged in the first place. It's not like I'm asking for more. My personal opinion is that Phoenix is a bunch of thieves that hide behind whatever technicality they can to avoid admitting they made a mistake and making it right. How could I recommend a company like that to anyone? BTW, had I originally gone with Northwestern Mutual Life, the policy they quoted would have paid for itself. What's the difference?... the only thing I can think is that Phoenix is mismanaged.
Absolutely miserable customer service and response time. Have been on the phone for 44 minutes waiting for a real person to answer the phone and respond to a simple question. One person answered and transferred me so I can wait again. (I am still on hold at 52 minutes.) You should have spent money on your service capabilities instead of a name change. A bad company is a bad company, no matter what you call it.
Over the past month or two, I have spoken with at least 10 Agents. All were very polite and helpful. The only issue I had was with company "Forms". The signature box was way to narrow. Made it very hard to fit a signature in the small space on 80% of the forms.
I called with two questions after a somewhat confusing set of audio messages that are pre-recorded. The person who answered was polite, made sure she understood my questions, and answered them quickly and efficiently.
Kristina was very helpful and answered all of my questions.
Weak customer service, keep requesting the same thing over and over with no resolution, web site needs work, and difficult to accomplish the simplest things.
Cathy Lemnar was very helpful to me with some forms I had to fill out, and responded very timely.
Cathy from customer service is always helpful whenever I call in for policies.
My experience was extremely positive and productive.
Nassau Re formally Phoenix team is fantastic! Every single time I need their assistance they go all the way with excellent customer service! Kristina Smith is an excellent service Rep as the team members I speak with are great also. I enjoy calling them and know for sure they are there to help our clients. Donna Kornbrath Scranton Financial Group
Customer service people were friendly, helpful, responsive, cheerful and had the information I needed at their fingertips.
The customer service representative was very helpful, professional and kind.
Christina was so helpful in answering our questions about my husband's VUL policy. We have had to call twice now and each time the employees have been so helpful. Christina knew everything we asked and was so pleasant to deal with. That is so very unusual in today's day & age. She has restored a small piece of my faith in humanity because I had about given up on our population as a whole. Thank you for training your employees the way it "should" be done. That goes a very long way!
I can't tell you how much I hate Phoenix/Nassau Re. I have been with Phoenix for over 20 years. I have Whole Life, Annuity, PSP and Concierge accounts. I have been trying for the past 3 years to obtain a referral to a local agent as I now long deal with the agent that set up my business 25 years ago. SO. Since I can NOT find a local agent I am forced to transfer ALL of my accounts to so other company. I am looking for an alternative after completing this email. Sincerely, Doc
I dealt with Cathy Lemner today and she is excellent. Always professional and quick. She knows her stuff and is a pleasure to deal with.
Nassau Re will not accept a digital signature for an address change. You have got to be kidding me. Their web page is about the most primitive that I have ever seen. Well their web page is indicative of the overall company performance in the financial market as well. I guess someone has got to be the worst.
I spoke with Brenda and she was, by far, the nicest and most patient representative that I have had to assist me since I have had an account with Phoenix.My rating would be 5 stars had it been based on my experience with Brenda only.
Excellent customer care representative. She was very professional, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I'm very happy that I bought my insurance through the Phoenix Company.
Everything was excellent in the end your customer service person and the life death claim process was excellent. The only problem I have is that you offered the concierge account I said no and then tclaim representative said "even if you indicate no they're still going to give it to you unless you write down specifically I was offered the concierge service with all the benefits and they were fully explain to me and I still opted not to. "That to me seems like a breach of confidence And if it's going from a 3 to 4% interest-rate from date of death until you put it into the concierge service paying less than 2% it seems like you may have started an account without my permission. Which is what got Wells Fargo in trouble. No means No! Compliance issue...
I found employees of Phoenix to be caring, professional, and most helpful! Their service was efficient and fast.
Waited on hold 15min to talk to someone about my annuity to find I needed transferred and I waited again. I called number on my annuity. Then i filled out paperwork for a withdrawal and it stated my state would get 10% taxes held out, to make sure I wrote in 10%. I received paperwork yesterday of my withdrawal but haven’t received money. I also noticed no state tax held out! I’m disappointed so far with service, hope I receive money today! Called them yesterday about state taxes, again long wait to talk to someone!
Laurie was very helpful with answering all my questions and made me feel comfortable during our conversation
Katy Lemner answered all of my questions and assisted me (and my clients) to the highest degree.
I cannot rate Phoenix based on this contact, but I was very impressed with the service representative, Brenda ( I believe.) Service, responsiveness, and product knowledge were excellent so that puts stars in the Phoenix column.
The insurance plans they sold us have extremely high monthly fees that are eating away at our policies.
Laurie was very efficient and a fantastic person to work with
My experience with Christina from Nassau Re, was beyond helpful. I was very confused filling out my contract forms and had many questions which Christina took her time in explaining my plan and answered all my questions in a very professional manner. Christina's customer service is one to be admired by many in the customer service business. There is a lack of this in the industry and I appreciate all the help she was able to provide for me, I am very confident now that I am on the right path.
so difficult to get information that should be readily available. will not use this company again.
I called nsre to inquire information about my Phoenix life policy changes January. I spoke with Daune, who was very condescending and spoke over me. She explained it couldn't make changes to my policy until renewing but was rude. I wanted to cancel my policy After speaking to Daune which isn't a good idea. I'm visionary impaired and need help completing paperwork. I never received the information I was calling about.
I had a very positive experience this afternoon concerning 2 policies that I have had for many years. One was a term policy and one was a whole life policy. Unfortunately, I did not get the lady's name that helped me, however she was most professional and helpful. She took the time to go to another department to get some important info about the term policy. My only negative was the time it took to speak to a representative. This was my second call today... I just had to give up after a long wait this morning. Overall I am pleased with your service.
Cathy was great the both times I contacted the customer service department on behalf of our client. She was prompt and accurate. Thank You. Nikki T. Fourth Insurance Office
Robin Greene just happened to be the voice on the other end-twice! I was lucky enough to have her assist me with my insurance issue. She made everything very easy. Robin was professional and willing to answer all of my questions!! Thanks again Robin
I would like to give a special thank you to Kristine Smith in claims,after many difficult months and. Numerous corresponding,,finally Kristine was able to resolve all issues, i wish I could have spoken to her in the first place,kindness and so very prompt in helping me, I have spoken to others in the past from this co. But felt brushed off to be honest, saying a prayer for This sweet lady today,thank you Cathleen gagliardi
I have been diligent since Nov 2017 trying to reach a decision on Face Value. My current policy will lapse in 6 years. I've been searching for that elusive answer, but mortality is not an thing to answer. Today, Kathy X 8340 was of tremendous assistance and value into many insights. Together we reached a workable solution. She is requesting updated "solve", then a final decision can be made. My thanks and appreciation to Kathy. David
Representative professional. Responsive and timely responding to client's needs.
Our organization has had a very good working relationship with Phoenix Companies. Everyone is always very friendly, helpful and competent.
Cathy did an excellent job discussing options with me and helped me make a decision that meets both my short-term and long-term planning needs. GREATLY APPRECIATE and HIGHLY RECOMMEND Nassau Re.
I called this afternoon to get two pieces of information today after 4 hours of calling other companies to collect info for a mortgage application and Kristina was the best person I dealt with all day. Even at the end of the day she had a cheery voice, she was polite, and best of all, she knew the answers to all of my questions. She took the information down she needed without needing me to repeat anything. She put me on hold very briefly and came back and read me exactly what I needed to be sent to a bank. She had a very positive interaction and solved all my problems. Thank you!
Answered all questions I asked, polite and knowledgeable.
I was not able to establish an account so I called customer service and the representative was very helpful in helping correct the problem. She was polite, courteous and very professional in her handling of my problem. I would without a doubt recommend your customer service as top notch.
It was a pleasure to converse with Naomi in getting my business concerns completed.She was very congenial in responding to my financial needs superbly, and knowledgeable about my life insurance benefits.She should be commended on her spectacular service towards me as a life insurance policy member.
Help to all my question were answered
Capable and efficient service
I had the pleasure of speaking to Michelle on 12-28-2018. She was very informative and helpful. She also had plenty of patience and took the time to explain everything to me until I understood. I really appreciate the excellent customer service. Thanks for making this process easy.
Kristina Smith was very polite, patient, & helpful. She made me aware of all the choices I have, very informative! She is a 10+ & a credit to your company!
Just what I needed - courtesy and sensitivity.
The representative that spoke with me was very helpful and courteous. She answered my questions and provided what I needed regarding my requests.
Excellent phone service
Has satisfied our needs. Cathy was very professional and will recommend her and NR to family and friends
I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know what a great job Cathy did with me on the phone a few days ago. I was struggling to understand one of the aspects of a loan from my VUL and she was very patient and did a great job of explaining what I wasn’t understanding. She displayed a thorough knowledge of the subject, was pleasant and helpful. I believe in giving credit where/when credit is due and Cathy deserves a great deal of credit for helping me. Tell her “thank you’ from me and Merry Christmas.
Questions and concerns were addressed quickly and efficiently by Kristina. Follow up was very timely and addressed all the needs we had. Well done and thank you!
Kristina at Nassau Re helped us and so professional
Always have a positive experience when calling in! Kristina Smith is particularly helpful.
Krisitina did a great job. She answered my questions quickly and efficiently. a
The person I worked with was extremely helpful and efficient.
Representative was very helpful and expedited my request . I appreciated the fast response
Very efficient and knowledgeable service.
The 5 star review is reserved for the person I dealt with....not the company. This was my first experience dealing with the company direct and Kristina Smith went the extra mile to get me the answers I needed. If the products I'm aware of had better benefits for the client, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the company.... so far based on the complexity of the contract, guarantees, and actual performance, I'm not impressed. Therefore I wouldn't recommend someone purchase a contract today unless certain requirements were ,meant....and even then, there are competitors whose product would edge out the current portfolio in most scenarios.
I wanted to say Thank you! Kristina did more for us in past 7 to 10 days than the old Phoenix company did in 2 years. She is excellent representative of your company!! Thanks again from The Thompson family!
Mary Grace was SO helpful! WOW! Great Customer Service!
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