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NACAMS Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: NACAMS
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-964-0158
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 73 %
Easy to use and quick
Fast, easy and affordable! Great coverage too.
So easy!! Took just a few minutes! No hassle, not a million questions! I’m so relieved to be insured, peace of mind!!!
Great prices!!! So far I have been extremely lucky to NOT need to file any claims but its a comfort knowing you have insurance just in case. Hopefully I will NEVER need the protection but for this price, you can't bet it. Been using other companies for years till I found NACAMS.
Fast, easy and Cheap. What more could a. Yogi Teacher in Training ask for. I have shared the name with my training group also. You won’t be disappointed.
The site is easy to maneuver through. Gave explanation that were consumer understandable. Will be returning when policy needs to be renewed.
Fortunately U have not had to make any claims. Purchasing and renewing my policy is vey easy.
Great website - easy to find information and as a dance educator and Alexander Technique teacher I find the coverage here fits my businesses.
Excellent, second year insured with them.
Very easy and convenient renewal for my Yoga Liability Insurance. Love that insurance certificate is provided instantly and that I don't have to worry about any time lapse. Appreciate the appropriate amount of email reminders in advance which don't overwhelm my inbox but is enough to keep in mind.
The Process was very quick and easy!
The process is easy and straightforward
Quick and easy to renew! Its awesome to have very affordable and reliable insurance.
Website was easy to navigate and an agent called me back to answer my questions. Have not had much experience other than buying liability insurance to this point, but so far so good!
While I have not had to make a claim (thank goodness), NACAMS provides excellent coverage that is accepted by all the venues in which I teach Yoga independently, i.e. businesses during lunch hour. They are also spot-on at alerting me to renewal dates so my insurance never lapses by mistake.
Great company, easy to use.
Fortunately, I have not had to submit a claim and therefore, cannot speak to that part of the process. As a result, I felt I had to give a rating of only 4 stars. However, obtaining my policy was easy and I received great customer service when I needed to add a Certificate Holder.
I trust Nacams and thank you for the good customer service I receive!
NACAMS coverage is a great price as a student or teacher and has fantastic customer support! I had issues during checkout for the $25 student policy where I was charged for continuing education but didn’t have an option to opt out. I didn’t find info on it so I assumed it must be standard. Customer support called me as soon as they found out with appreciation for the feedback and refunded me for the money since it was a mistake. Definitely the way to go if you are a currently getting your first yoga teaching certification or already a licensed teacher Thanks NACAMS ❤️
I just renewed my policy on line and it was easy to use, the rates are great and as a Small business owner that’s important. Talking with a representative was very easy when I started with them last year. So far i haven’t had to make a claim, so I can’t say anything about how it works.
Easy, affordable insurance. Documents were ready right away.
I haven’t needed to use the insurance, but the buying experience and help were good. The only very small down side is that alternative modalities are not all listed and I was kind of unsure which category worked.
Thank you so much for making my life a little bit easier today..your web site is wonderful and easy to navigate Maggie Pelzer RN
Easy process to enroll and renew.
I find it very easy to navigate their website and get what I need for insurance documentation. They were originally recommended to me by other bodyworkers.
Great experience. Thank you for insuring my practice.
This site is very easy to navigate and this company provides necessary coverage needed!
This organization has no working phone numbers. I am unable to reach anyone by phone, however, after some activity on their "website," I receive a phone call from Massage Magazine who is apparently my actual insurance provider. It's a don't call us, we'll call you situation. Why does it say " not an insurer" at the bottom of the website? Extremely shady, would not expect them to cover anything if I were to need to file a claim. I will be insuring my yoga practice with someone else.
Super easy to sign up to get the insurance needed to provide people with your services.
Easy enough and straight forward.
5 stars so far. I have never used it.
I think more information should be provided to the buyer
I was very impressed with the rapid application and approval process, as well as the immediate assistance to raise my limit to cover unanticipated needs. Courteous staff, easy to use credit product. Thank you
The second year that I purchased insurance the company listed me under massage tech instead of cosmetologist. I got it sorted out but I still receive e-mails about massage. It was another instance of having to re-visit my purchase to make sure it was done right.
Great insurance for a great price. I appreciate that NACAMS covers so many modalities. I have recommended it to my entire team.
Affordable, good coverage. No problems thus far.
I’ve got only good care from them and insurance coverage for those businesses I’m involved with. Thank you so much.
Easy understandable insurance renewal. Thank you.
The process was easy and provided the coverage I was looking for.
Great customer customer service and reasonably priced.
So helpful and quick.
Easy to apply for yet you fail to ask some most basic questions for example is the business address different than the billing address, which fields of practice do you work etc...
Fast, easy and very user friendly process. Thank you.
Financial invoice has not been provided with purchase. Invoice sent later does not show tax separately. Insurance conditions are not clear and can not be easily found Multiple insured does not show comprehensively in insurance certificate
Easy to work with. Affordable. Very happy.
Always get the ' time to renew' alerts. Picking up the certs online is simple. Adding additional insureds has never been easier. Practicing the art of Yoga knowing I'm covered can make all the difference in the world.
I am happy with the customer service and coverage. Would recommend.
I had no issues signing up, process was fairly straightforward.
They are quick to make appropriate changes and easy to renew with!
I was expecting to receive something in the mail with information of benefits etc. I have always received something from past insurance companies.
Tried to add additional insured at time of original purchase but it didn't go through. Called and left message to see if something on website was not recognized or possibly duplicated and didn't receive a return call as far as I know. Had to call and add additional insured later.
My online purchase of coverage from NACAMS, is the extent of my experience and it was super easy.
I would recommend to anyone needing this type insurance. Best price and efficient service which is refreshing.
In all fairness purchasing the product was a snap. I'm sure the odds of using it is very slim so can't rate the product.
Have recommended this company to all my esthetician friends and colleagues. Great folks to deal with. Easy peasy lemon squeezie.
I was easily able to review the information and make a decision. The appropriate notifications and confirmations were sent immediately. I had what I needed within minutes.
Simple easy to understand
Uneventful , just like it should be
The insurance coverage I receive is perfectly fine, it was the phone call post-renewal that was less than fine. I made a call to question the 2 confirmation emails sent to me (from the same day as my payment) not only because there were two, but because one was $10 higher. This could have been explained easily as it turned out it was a simple matter of the price of the policy being raised this year $10 and that I was not actually charged twice, and that the system had charged out the first time at the wrong price but it was not put through my credit card, and the second charge - the correct charge - had been. Now had this been what happened, then okay, I still would have called my credit card to confirm only one payment, but all would have been good. Here is the rub, instead of the above, the representative was certain that 1: I had not received 2 emails; 2: the $10 was on a new "additional insured" even though I have had an additional insured for all my years of coverage, which I of course knew about and it was not new; 3: as I read her my records of past year's payments including the additional insureds, from the very paperwork in my very hands showing my prices and coverages, she STILL was telling my I was the confused one! and lastly 4: it took me finally asking some very direct (and likely rude at this point) yes/no questions to determine that "yes" indeed it was that my POLICY had gone up the ten dollars and that this had NOTHING to do with the additional insured $10 fee, and that "yes" they had only charged my card once. Bottom-line, it was very frustrating, she was quite rude, and this whole thing could have been simply solved had your representative been a bit more polite and actually trusted I knew my own business. I intend on keeping my coverage with NACAMS as you as a company have always treated me well and I do not fault you for one "bad attitude" employee. I thank you for the opportunity to share.
Highly recommended.
Super easy to get a quote as a student teacher in training. Great pricing with a lot of extra perks!
Teresa Brown has the best customer service. I always feel satisfied with my needs after speaking to her.
Easy to process my renewal
Ease of use. Very easy to understand your coverage. Never had to use it and hope I will never use the service but the peace of mind is priceless
I thought it was gonna be cheaper
My online purchase experience of acquiring coverage for dance classes and summer camps, has been quick, clearly explained and quite affordable. I have recommended NACAMS to other youth recreational and sports providers. Thank you.
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