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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplemental Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Mutual of Omaha
Year Founded: 1909
Address: Mutual of Omaha Plaza
City: Omaha
State/Province: NE
Postal Code: 68175
Country: United States
Phone: (402) 342-7600
Overall average rating of 2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 8 %
When I signed up for supplemental Medicare 2 1/2 years ago Mutual of Omaha was recommended. My premium was $135.00 a month for plan F. A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with mild COPD. Shortly after, I received a letter from Mutual of Omaha increasing my premium from $135.00 a month to $203.00 a month. Almost a 50% increase. I talked to an agent today as my husband is almost 65 and he recommended Mutual of Omaha, I told him my story. He was appalled as he'd never heard of that company doing something like that (average increase is 1 to 3 % annually). Unfortunately, because I can no longer pass healthcare question to switch polices because of the COPD, I'm stuck. Please be careful if you're looking at this company, you never know when your health might change.
Has been there when and if I ever needed them. Provides good benefits and the premiums are competitive. Been around for a long time. Great customer service. They provide you the insurance that other companies do not, help you when your insurance don't cover it or not enough. Cover you when you get hurt and can't work. They cover everything I need them to. However, the premiums have gone up over the past few years and looks like they will go up again.
Posted 2/9/15................ After signing up with Mutual of Omaha via a local agent I already knew and I'm now looking at this month's bank statement that shows, from 1/13/15 to 2/2/15 MOH drew THREE direct debit payments of $108.34 from my account!! Let's see - that's over $324 they stole from me in under 18 days!!! I'm going to see my agent tomorrow morning and demand that he straighten this out in 24 hours or I'm going to the police and file a criminal complaint for fraud and a small claims suit for $8,000 for the same thing.It's amazing that since I bought my house in July of 20134 every single company I've dealt with has screwed me AFTER signing a contract with them. Including DirecTV, Comcast, Grinnel insurance (for my truck) and now, Mutual Of Omaha. WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT PAY THESE CROOKS BY DIRECT PAYMENT FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT BECAUSE YOU'LL HAVE TO WATCH ALL OF THEM LIKE A HAWK.
We called to cancel coverage after checking with Blue Cross (that he has been with for years). They say a "manager" will call within a week. However, I asked for a name and address to send a cancellation letter. They say, "I'm sorry I'm not aware of any person or address for you to send a letter to." It has been 2.5 weeks, they instantly took out the money from the checking account; but cannot give me an address to send a formal letter. This is too scary that for 17 minutes on the phone this Kris person refused to give me an address to send a letter. She continued to say "I'm not aware of any address to send a letter to, or the person's name". Now this is for a 65 year old person who has in the past had heart attack and stroke. It is imperative that he have health Insurance. I don't know about what you're looking for, personally I like to deal with a company that can give me a manager's name and address to send a written letter or email or actually be able to speak to a person who may have decision authority. I would think twice about dealing with a company that WILL NOT give you an address. Please look up other reviews. Frankly the reviews I have seen about paying, canceling, phone call returns are exactly why I chose to cancel this in the first place. Thank God we are.
Expense worth peace of mind. They pay Medicare deductible and the remaining 20% of what Medicare allows. When I've had concerns about something not being covered, or have not received my summary, they are helpful. They are easy to work with. Medical providers bill Medicare directly and also bill Mutual of Omaha, so rarely do I have to do anything other than wait to see what got covered. All of my doctors like working with them because they pay quickly (once Medicare has done its thing). However, it's expensive; only covers what Medicare allows, nothing else (some companies cover travel expenses, etc.).
I, my doctor's office and a preferred pharmacy have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get prescriptions transferred and pre-authorization recognized by pharmacy. This has gone on for over 2 weeks and I have run out of a medication and the advance on the medication, in that time. Paid for a partial refill out of pocket. I tried to use their mail order pharmacy but it (Express Scripts) has policies that concern me. So I tried to get prescriptions moved to local pharmacy. Each agency said the problem was with the other one. Don't buy a new card the first year it comes out and don't buy this newly released policy until they get the glitches worked out. As of this writing it is still not resolved.
In trying to check on benefits for one of my clients today, I went through the worst customer service experience with an insurance company I have had to date. When I called the number on the insurance card I was directed to check their website for benefits and eligibility, which I did. However, the website failed to explain if this person had hearing aid benefits or not, so I tried calling their customer service number again. At that point, after going through more automated menus than I can count, I was simply read what the website had already told me but still was not the information I needed. At no point could I get an operator on the line. So, I went back to the website again and found a way to submit my question to them that way, which I did. More than 2 hours later I received an email from them, but in order to access this email I had to create a "secure account" requiring me to sign up with an email and a password (seems phishy to me). After jumping through a few more hoops, I was then finally able access this "secure email" which simply told me that all of the information I needed was on their website and to go check there... WHICH I HAD ALREADY DONE!!! BUT, if I still could not find the answer, I could call their 1-800 number, which conveniently is only open for 5 hours a day and was closed at that point. Ugh... At this point, I sent them a reply to their email telling them all of the steps I had taken and that their customer service was the worst I had ever dealt with. I sincerely hope they don't treat their customers as poorly as they treat the providers!!I had checked your website first and could not see ANY information on there regarding hearing aid benefits. When I then tried to call your provider help line for further clarification, I was simply tossed into a loop that read the benefits that were posted on the website and did not allow for further assistance which is why I then emailed my question to you. Your reply conveniently was sent AFTER your provider help line closes for the day, and so in total my efforts to get information for my patient were completely useless. Being a provider that works primarily with the elderly population and deals with many Medicare gap insurance companies, I can safely say this is the most unhelpful insurance company I have ever dealt with, and you will never receive a good review from me. God help your clients... They will need it in their dealings with your company if you treat them as poorly as you treat providers.
Mutual of Omaha mails out cancer protection insurance plan and hospitalization plans. When and if something were to occur with your health as it did with mine... Mutual Omaha was dishonest about their cancer policies. When I first took out my policy I was not diagnosed with cancer at the time. But unfortunately when I had my routine mammogram I was positive with breast cancer. They told me that I 'knew' I had breast cancer... Who wants any kind of cancer? I TOOK OUT THE POLICY FOR PROTECTION JUST IN CASE. And they denied me my claim. I will never ever use this company again and I don't recommend anybody use this company for anything. Research elsewhere.
Mutual of Omaha was a good company. I paid a small fee through my employer for this insurance. I needed monthly birth control pills and monthly doctor appointments and this program took care of everything. I like the low co-pays for doctor visits and no co-pays for most prescriptions. It was also accepted by my doctor. I couldn't afford regular insurance at the time so this program helped me a lot.
We have been customers, both my husband and I, since 2009. It has been recently that I have had problems with them posting our payments. I have had to write to the company 2 times. I have a local associate, LuAnne, who stated she was helping me but was not; I received a letter stating that they were very sorry that they misposted our payments and through all of this, LuAnne stated that I did not owe until May. Then I got another letter stating that I have to get checks from all the way back from 2010 to prove my payments that they misposted. So all of that money that I have been paying for life insurance benefits for my husband and I are gone because I do not have the money to get all of those posted checks. I plan on writing to the State Attorney General for help. I feel they ripped us off due to their accounting.
I have been very satisfied with this company. I have used my plan several times and were notified by e-mail of the claims that were submitted. It was easy to sign up and set up my automatic payments. They have an easy to use website. I can log on and get any information I need and communicate with a representative. I received my ID card promptly and have not had any issues with claims. But it might help if I had a better explanation of claims information. The website does not show how the claims were paid and to whom.
Rate increases 7 times in 3 years! It's supposed to be based on age but I would have had to age pretty quickly to account for these increases! I'm in great health. No chronic ailments or conditions. I haven't been in the hospital since 1953. I'm seriously looking for a different insurance company! Mutual of Omaha Supplemental Insurance price increases. May 15 2015 ACH MUTUAL OF OMAHA $137.16. Jun 15 2015 ACH MUTUAL OF OMAHA $143.70. Sep 15 2015 ACH MUTUAL OF OMAHA $150.88. Jun 15 2016 ACH MUTUAL OF OMAHA $156.61. Sep 15 2016 ACH MUTUAL OF OMAHA $169.14. Jun 15 2017 ACH MUTUAL OF OMAHA $176.55. Jun 15 2018 ACH MUTUAL OF OMAHA $191.86.
Was with them for 8 years, never missed a payment. Had to change a bank account number (because of family issues) where their Premiums were paid out of. A check was sent back to Mutual of Omaha because of this. That being my fault which I followed up on. I was told that they would consider reinstatement after doing exactly what they had asked. What a waste of time. I did all that they wanted and then they dug into my health records. If this ever happens to you, you might just as well consider your insurance cancelled. Because we have 2 residence our mail is forwarded and when the notice came it was a little late which took me out of the grace period. However, it was not until the second letter that they had referred to this. The worst customer service I have ever had. Asked to talk to a supervisor after several phone calls, forget that. They kept wanting me to write and appeal letter of which I did, overnighted 2 of them at the cost of 24 dollars each. I had to have back surgery over a year ago which they obviously approved or I couldn't have had it. Now this was their reason for taking my insurance "out of force." After that I had cataract surgery which they approved. Why would they approve this if they had planned to drop me? Often wondered after this why Medigap insurance. Especially from this company, which I changed over to 8 years ago as my agent told me "they never let you down". What a mistake that was. Absolutely no consideration. They have been a pain. This is what happens when you become a senior. So be careful with this inconsiderate company. Anything they can find to drop your insurance I am sure makes them pleased, especially when you are a senior citizen. Thanks for listening. If lawyers were not so expensive I would take this to one. But now I will just look for another secondary insurance company. Thanks for listening.
My overall experience with this company would have to be the great customer service I get if I have a problem. I am completely satisfied with everything. They're a respectable company that cares about their clients.
I have 30 years experience with Mutual of Omaha and I trust them. They are very affordable and easy to contact. They are tied to my union and they offer many other insurance options and easy to file a complaint and claim. It is great the way it is. Perfect. I also have insurance for my children through them and coverage for myself.
Just wanted to say I have been a client of this companies since 2009 about... I have and will continue to recommend them to all retiring people... They have been there for me in every way... I have had a lot of medical bill and have not had to put out one red cent. They are a fantastic company. Their rates are a bit high but under the circumstances and my health it is still a bargain. You are better to have a plan to cover the extra expense than to not have one. Things in the medical field are not cheap and are not getting any better. Pay the price. Or file bankruptcy. This is no joke. My medicals bills have gone well over $300,000.00. And I have peace of mind knowing it wasn't my part to pay. Thank you Mutual of Omaha.
My sister and her husband are disabled. Their youngest son (24 years old) had been handling their financial affairs through his checking account. When he passed away unexpectedly, I agreed to help their daughter straighten out their finances. I tried to get Mutual of Omaha to send the bills for my sister's Medicare supplemental insurance to her daughter. The first phone call, Customer Service couldn't find her record. For the second call, Customer Service said it couldn't work with me because I wasn't the insured. I had to ask my sister, still grief stricken from the loss of her child, to call them to verify that I had authorization. Then Customer Service at first refused to accept her phone call as approval. The third call I spoke with a very cold, rude woman who insisted that direct-charging a checking account was the only way to pay the bill and that Mutual of Omaha refused to accept debit or credit cards. And since I was offering to pay with a check, the payment was due immediately even though the direct-charge option was set-up for mid-month processing. She ended the call by telling me this was a one-time favor which would never happen again. With Customer Service people like this, I'm surprised the company has survived as long as it has. I'm going to ask my sister to review other plans and give Mutual of Omaha the big kiss-off.
I got hail damage in my home. The insurance only paid part of the damage and I was mad how the insurance just underestimated the damage. My husband was approached at work by ARAC Experts contractors claiming they can help us get the insurance to cover the damages if we agreed to let them do the work. I was at work and my husband met them. They gave him the contract. Since I am the insured, he wasn't on the policy. They asked him if he could sign my name, so he did. They met with the insurance adjuster and got it approved; not all the damage, but more than the initial settlement. When I got the check, they asked for a copy of what was paid for and my bank information, which made me wonder why they needed my bank info. I took a second look at the contract and found out the contract was really against what I would consider normal business practice. No estimate on what they will charge the total, only said insurance proceeds. They can put a lien on my property if "they" don't pay the company that supplies materials or labor. I have to provide them with my financial information on the mortgage and I can't contract any additional work to my home without "their" approval by any other contractor. There's a lot more to this, but all of these made it feel like they were a shady company. I looked on BBB, they have complaints for poor quality work and never resolved complaints. I feel they are crooks and that's why they have all these waivers in their contract to protect them from their shady practices. I also looked up their address in Omaha, it doesn't exist and it seems they are based on Missouri. Am I responsible if they pressured my husband to sign my name so they can close the deal? My mother-in-law also signed a contract for their home and their business, I don't want them to do cheap work and run or take my money and run. I feel that I am going to get ripped off by them. The contract states that I have to pay 30% of total insurance estimate if I don't want them to do the work. I feel that they are up to no good and they need to be stopped.
Had insurance that was good until Jan 31st 2018. Filed a claim on Jan 12th and was not paid. Having to pay for a cleaning out of my own pocket. Would never recommend this insurance to anyone. It is a shame companies like this exist.
I started Plan F Medicare Supplement in early 2011 at $125 per month. I just canceled as of July 1, 2017 at $295.77 per month. Blue Cross which is really expensive was $234.00 per month. Avoid Mutual of Omaha. The price increases are unbearable once you start with them. NOT RECOMMENDED!
I attempted to get a long-term disability due to my failing health. My doctor agreed that I could no longer work due to my deteriorating health but Mutual of Omaha denied my claim. They are the worst insurance company. Please do not pay them your hard earned money. This company is a scam.
I had bought a United World Life (a Mutual of Omaha Company) Medicare Supplement, attaching a check to the application. Mutual of Omaha used a fraudulent technique called "double presentment" to cash the check twice, causing a shocking hole in my checking account of over $500. Fortunately, my bank replaced the funds within a day and will be vigorously pursuing Mutual of Omaha to recover these funds. Mutual of Omaha tried to cover this up by sending me a check (which is sitting idle in a drawer) for these funds after they were caught perpetrating this hack, but I am leaving recovery to my bank. I would find it hard to believe that a company of this magnitude could handle a paper check this incompetently.
I have been a customer for quite a while. I pay 116.50 per month. I think the policy is **. I have yet to receive a copy of the policy. Any assistance will be appreciated.
I had a policy for supplemental hospital coverage for almost fifty years. When I turned 65, they increased my premium rates by 400%. I could not afford this kind of increase and made a complaint. Their answer was they did it because they can. They stated they do this to everyone who turns 65 and that it is not age discrimination. Of course it is. They bank of the fact that most seniors cannot bare the load of a 400% increase and will let the policy lapse; thereby freeing them from any responsibility to maintain coverage during the years when a customer will need it most. Shame on them.
Great company, no bad experiences thus far. They have been helping me via email and phone calls, and getting all of my questions answered as soon as possible. Great customer service and it's affordable. This makes my life easier, and I need to worry less about insurance and saving costs. However, there are no yearly discounts for a family plan. I need to cover my family at an affordable cost, so I can live a good life.
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