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Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance
Year Founded: 1909
Address: Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company Mutual of Omaha Plaza
City: Omaha
State/Province: NE
Postal Code: 68175
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 896-5988
Overall average rating of 3.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 17 %
Long wait on the phone. It sucks. When calling people like this you must be prepared to sit wait and hear a very long set of ANNOYING bit of songs. Not songs but melodies of lame songs, then to be told by an automated idiot, to wait, and my call will be answered in the order it was received. And after, what would seem to be a lifetime, a call center affiliate asks a set of annoying questions. Now after this set of bs, if they cannot assist me, I would then be placed on hold and wait for a supervisor, to then go through a new set of **. This in turn, leads people like me to say ** THESE crooks.Send money, keep my money, lie to me, treat me like a NUMBER, not a human being, then after we rob you for several years, drop me for getting sick, or hurt, or some other bs we will come up with. "Thank you the cash, IDIOT. Let us see why, you were in this predicament in the first place", then tell you "You bought the wrong policy, but we love robbing you for such a while. Now we want to sell you a new policy with more bs so we can rob you even longer. Not a very good value for any human on this planet, but a way to keep on robbing people like you, SUCKER." What idiots like you are coerced into buying a new kind of headache, then treat you like you're trying to rob them. Wait wtf, um hmm, this is the American way. Capitalize on the old, weak, or dumbass.
Mutual of Omaha is very polite when they sell you this policy. My mom paid $120 a month for 7 years. When we finally needed it, they stall you with paperwork and do not return calls and hopes you give up. We opened a claim before my mom passed in March of 2018. They never did return our calls or follow up on the claim at all. We continued to have to call them every time. We have been reassigned to multiple people over the past 6 months. They claim it's still under review. I seriously doubt we will get a Don out of this policy and sadly my mom is already passed away and was unable to exercise any of the care she needed when we open the claim. Very dishonest company and plan to report it to the Louisiana insurance commissioner.
I have never found myself in any type of situation in which customer service was not able to help me through any given situation that I was in. All the policy options I have seen I feel would cover almost anyone in almost any given situation which I feel is a very good thing for sure. The coverage meets any situation that I might find myself in should I ever find myself in a long term coverage situation during my life time for sure. The value I feel is well worth it. I feel as if I define tell get the bang for buck and for me that's a real good place to be for sure I feel.
Great policy options, long care coverage, perceived value and customer service which always do whats good for me. They always got my back in times of need. Great overall service from a great company.
They are prompt with communication and can usually answer my concerns in one phone call. I haven't tried emailing them yet as I prefer to communicate over the phone. I'm happy that it offers 100% medical coverage for an not off-putting price. It also provides the option for at-home care, which is very important to my family. I do appreciate that they try to tailor the coverage to fit my personal situation. The policy we chose does for my family's and my needs. I haven't had to use my policy just yet, but pending they follow through with everything in my policy, the cost is definitely reasonable.
They have great customer service. They want to make sure you and your loved ones have everything you will need. They go out of their way to satisfied you. In addition, the policy options are wonderful. You get so many choices and it is so amazing. I could not believe it until I seen it. Everyone should try it out. The coverage is very great. If you ask you can get coverage for it. Also, the perceived value is wonderful. Everyone should be able to afford it. You will get your money's worth. Give it a try. You will love it. No joke.
Very helpful. Answers questions thoroughly. Very polite representatives. Don't wait long when you place call to them. They seem to know how to answer your questions and all and all I'm satisfied with their customer service. Their policy options are great. They have nice easy to understand options. They give you some varieties with low prices. Different and easy ways to pay your payments. They cover a lot. They cover nursing care, medical care also a lot of other things described in their policy. I feel they're really ahead of their competitors in price and services. A lot of companies' services are only until a certain age. I find this company is for whole life.
Customer service is very polite people and do everything in their power to help you in any way they can. And answer any questions you may have. They have different policy opinions and will inform you of them all and explain all the details to you for each policy option. They are very helpful. The long term care insurance has great coverage. And the company helps you with everything so that everything goes fast and without a lot of red tape. Long term care life insurance have different policies at different prices. The value of the insurance is very well worth the price you pay.
They are very helpful if you have any questions about your policy. They answer the phone in a timely manner and you're never on hold long. They answer all questions quickly. The policy is clear and precise on what you purchase. Nothing is hidden or in small print so there are no hidden surprises if the case you have to rely on the policy you purchase in the event of an injury. The policy is made the way you want it with no hidden clauses in it so you know what you purchased at the time of purchase and you know how it will affect you.
Customer service was always answered on a reasonable time frame. They went above their duty to ensure satisfied customers.They did not keep their clients on a wild goose chase forwarding me to the next person. Always polite and helpful. Options to terminate long term care was exceptional. They did not try to force me into staying with them. They listened to my reasons and accepted them with dignity. Coverage was pretty good. Except the out of pocket price that was needed that they didn't cover. It was a bit high for a single mother of three such as myself. Other than that, no complaints. Value was great. I got what I needed to be covered for an ok price. However I feel that more people that are better off with money have the advantage to afford it. I, myself just couldn't any longer.
Every staff member I've spoken to has been extremely helpful in deciding how much coverage was the right amount for me personally. I would recommend their services to any family member or even friends. They have tons of options to choose from and the staff will help you chose which is the right amount for you if you're not positive. They explain the differences in a way that's easy to understand. I have great coverage with a decent deductible. I no longer have to worry and stress that I might seriously injure myself and end up homeless from not being able to pay my bills as I heal. If you want the most coverage possible for your money, Mutual of Omaha is the way to go. I made sure to shop around first and they had the best deals across the board.
It could be easier to contact the call center when you need questions answered. Nobody wants to listen to recordings and take forever to get to person. The company needs more options that would help the consumers who are looking to buy long term health company. As for me, I'm neutral with their coverage. They're in it to make money so it will never be ideally how consumer would want it to be. Value does not meet amount put in or worth of purchaser in my opinion. We need more options with good value for us the purchaser who keeps business afloat.
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