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Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Mutual of Omaha
Year Founded: 1909
Address: Mutual of Omaha Plaza
City: Omaha
State/Province: NE
Postal Code: 68175
Country: United States
Phone: (402) 342-7600
Overall average rating of 2.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 23 %
In November 2013, I applied for an insurance policy. In December, money was taken from my checking account but I never received the policy. I contacted them to question why. I was on hold for over an hour. I finally hung up and wrote a letter. I never received a response to that letter but the monthly deduction kept coming out of my checking account. I checked with my bank and was advised that I would have to pay stop payment charges to get it stopped by the bank. I tried once again to get Mutual of Omaha to cancel the policy. I reached a representative that told me they sent me a policy and they did not receive a letter from me. I guess I am just a liar!!!! When I became irritated, she was rude!!! She never expressed concern or sorrow for the experience that I had with her company. She then advised me that she was sending a request to the department that would do the cancellation, but she could not do the cancellation herself! I bet it never gets done. Be wise and do not deal with this company!
I love this company. They are helpful, answer any questions and helped me pick the package that would fit my needs! I have been called from a few places with quotes but no one can beat this price! Your loved ones deserve to be left with enough to cover your expenses after you pass as well as a little extra to help out with the bills as they have missed some work! I am very happy with y'all. Love your service!
My wife and I have life policies with this company. A payment meant for me was accidentally applied to my wife's policy instead of mine. I NEVER got any phone call, letter, or official notice but they terminated my policy. Tried calling. The rep said it was in fact it was an error and he would get it resolved. This has been nearly two week and nothing has been corrected. AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE - buyer beware.
I contacted Mutual in writing and also by phone to tell them I wanted my direct withdrawal to come from a different bank, and this is eight months later and last month... attempted to withdraw it again. They sent me a not so nice reminder that my check did not clear. I felt it was my only way to get their attention.
Money was taken out of my account for my husband life insurance. Called my bank TD Bank. Found out my account was compromised. Called Mutual of Omaha in reference. Kept getting the runaround saying they will pay me my money back that the money they withdrew out of my account over overdraw my account and I was charged $35. The lady in which I talked to said it takes 39 days. This was since November 16, 2016. I called again supposed to have talk to somebody higher up in the company they assured me that the money was in the mail. I explained to them that I was a senior on social security. The money was in the mail ever since last Thursday. It now 4 days before Christmas no check. I'm frustrated so. It looks as though I'm going to press fraud charges against them.
My mother has a life insurance policy for my grandmother. The paid out value of the policy is $10,000. She has paid over $11,000 into the policy and the policy requires that she continues to pay even though the payout value will be $10,000. This seems fraudulent. Why would they require someone to continue to pay on a policy if they have reached the value of the policy. If she cashes out, she only gets $4,000, so she is forced to continue to pay. Just does not seem right, and should not be allowed. I do not recommend this company to anyone. Please read the fine print or you will end up in the same situation.
I have had this policy for several years and they have always been good about informing me of upgrades and new offers that I qualify for. This is a whole life policy and to date I have been satisfied with the interest rates they are paying. They send statements to keep me informed about the value of my policy.
My mother passed in late February, she had 2 policies with each of my children as beneficiaries. My daughter calls in March and 2 wks later gets her money. It's June and my son can not get his measly $400 dollars. Constant excuses with paperwork back and forth. I will/would never advise to buy from this company...
Mutual of Omaha is very affordable. They are well established and a very reputable life insurance company. My family has used this company for all of our life insurance needs and we have never had any complications. When my parents died, they were truly here for us when it came time to cash in the needed policies. We didn't have to wait at all. They really made this awful loss endurable. They even offered to assist in the funeral services.
I am writing this review to complain about customer service from Mutual of Omaha representatives. I called a week ago to ask about information about life insurance policies. I was told that an agent or claim rep would get back to me. I provided my phone number and email address. I waited for a week and no one responded. I called back and explained my complaint and there was silence over the phone. I said "hello" and the customer service rep said that she was recording my call and they were very busy! I could not believe how a large company can function like that!
Company sent check for half a month. Problem solved.
My parents both recently had to go into long term care due to dementia. I became their court appointed guardian and trustee of their estate. In going through all their finances I noticed my mother while going through the beginning stages of dementia began taking out lots of credit cards and spending a lot of money on magazine subscriptions and other things like many different life insurance policies which had high monthly premiums but very little return due to her age.I cancelled all of these extraneous expenses. As an example of the typical experience of cancellation I had no trouble cancelling their New York Life, life insurance policy. They asked that I fax in the guardianship paperwork and they would cancel the policies. I did and called them back and they cancelled. I even got a refund, albeit small, for the value of each policy.I found Mutual of Omaha on their bank statements as United/DTC INS Premium but couldn't find an actual paper policy in their files like I did with their other policies. So I called in and gave them their information to track down the policies. They found the policies and asked that I fax in the guardianship paperwork. I did and when I called back on a later date to make sure they processed the paperwork I got a very rude customer service rep who at first seemed to not be able to find the policies by simply giving her their names. After finally finding the policies she put me on hold and came back to tell me that my guardianship paperwork was received which would give me access to review their policy but wasn't a high enough level to allow me to cancel the policy. She said I would need to get a specific court order sent just to cancel their policy.Now I know for a fact this just isn't true. I had gone through the process of much more rigorous scrutiny of gaining control over their retirement accounts and bank accounts by simply presenting the documents from the court ordering me as their appointed guardian of their estate and persons. I cancelled all their credit cards by faxing in these guardianship papers to each credit card company. Not one company challenged this paperwork and all cooperated accordingly. Guardianship is a level higher than a power of attorney. The court appointed me as guardian because they were deemed incapacitated and weren't able to make any decisions like signing a power of attorney with me. So either Mutual of Omaha is intentionally lying in order to make it difficult to cancel policies which is fraud and illegal or they are terribly incompetent and not knowledgeable of the legal system. Either way this doesn't look good for a company that deals with legal matters like life insurance. I resolved this matter by calling my bank to have them block reoccurring charges.
My dad has had this life insurance for several years, about 8 or 9 to help pay for his final costs since my mom died almost 10 years ago. This year, they failed to send his bill. Then they lost his payments. This happened after my dad went to get his annual check up. I suspect his medical files are no longer private, since in April his payments were regular, now it is almost impossible to make. I plan to stop payments since I have Power of Attorney for him. I am glad I write checks to cover his bills, but strongly believe they want to push my dad out of insurance program to keep his money and not pay his $5000 final payout. He pays $267 quarterly and I suspect they want to raise premiums because they send new policy requests every 2 weeks to both dad and now to myself. It is not happening. They are apparently stealing from my dad. He is not getting anything from this company and apparently lost approximately $6408.00 since enrolling in this fake insurance program. I am angry.
In October of 1993, my mother took out a life insurance policy for $5,000 with United of Omaha. Her premium payment was $36.75. She was 73 years old at the time. She faithfully paid monthly until November of 2009. When her payments stopped, a letter was sent stating the following: "We have not received your payment due on November 2, 2009. Your coverage is being continued under the extended insurance provision." It goes on to say that this will cover her until February 4, 2013. She passed away on April 13 of 2013. I have no way to verify that this letter was sent.I am the beneficiary of the policy and was not contacted when the payments stopped, but have received a letter saying basically there are no benefits coming. She paid in over $7,000 and at 89, her mind was slipping and did not understand much of what she was doing. The company tripled her payments and paid themselves all of the funds she paid to them. How is this legal, much less, morally right?
I was happy with my life insurance policy but living on disability couldn't keep up with the premiums. My monthly premium was about $60.00 a month and at first I had no problem paying for it then my monthly cost for prescriptions went up and something had to go. I had to have my medicine so I had to drop my life insurance. Yes, I would recommend Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance to other people looking for a policy.
This company and their billing is a nightmare. It is impossible to work it out with the company. They run you around and no one ever fixes the problem. They say, "Contact us and we will discuss it" and it still never gets resolved. There are better companies for life insurance. Please stay away. Money is too hard to come by, this company is terrible.
I canceled my policy over 1 month ago. I was told I would get a refund check back, after 1 month still no payment. Called, they said the check was mailed out of the 20th. Called back again after waiting for 20 minutes to get to talk someone. This service is unacceptable. I would hate to find out the wait time for my kids if I passed away waiting for their money to bury me. This company is large enough. Why does it take over 26 days just to get it ready to send to you and another 6 days to cut the check. Again after waiting 32 days still nothing. Waiting to get to talk someone. I might as well call Obama. They would answer the phone faster. I will not buy another policy from them again. Glad I found out how unorganized they are before I passed away.
I like that Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance is an older company and that they've been providing life insurance for so long. I know they will be in business when time comes to cash in my policy. I am satisfied with them but they sometimes seem old fashioned so the fact that they are an old company can be a minus too. But there are more benefits than spoilers. Overall experience has been great. Never considered many other companies because this insurance was given to me by my mother. I am responsible for making monthly payments. The policy can be borrowed against too. Payments are low for a decent amount of coverage. Their customer service is always nice and will go out of their way too. Would buy it again.
Being fairly new to this particular insurance policy, there isn't a whole lot to say about it yet. However, so far it's been great. I can access their online website to make adjustments, contact customer services, and research other products in which this company has to offer. Upon joining, the representative answered every one of my questions thoughtfully. He also offered a complete written manual, which he sent to me by postal mail.
My mother passed on Aug. 3rd 2016 and she had a policy on myself with this company. I called to check on this policy and was told that in order to cash-out I had to get the policy in my name to surrender it. Well, I did everything that I was supposed to do on my end and in a timely matter to just be done with this policy. I was told 21 calendar days to process and the funds will be mailed. I called again today which makes it day 23 and was told they are still processing. I asked were they behind and the lady said no they weren't. It's not about the money at all I just want to get what's due the family because my mom's hard earned money was put into this policy. I don't like the run around that they give you like it's a call center that you are speaking to and the professionalism makes you feel like you are getting on their nerves. I will be reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau because I do believe that this company has fraudulent activity. I would not recommend getting life insurance benefits from here.
This company has ZERO customer service!!! From day one they've had little customer service. I canceled for a cheaper company with customer service... When I canceled my policy my new insurance sent a letter and I called. Mutual Omaha sent me a cancelation letter so I shredded all the packet information and never looked back. Two months later I realize they had mischarged me two months so I called to have it fixed. The woman was nice, back dated, and promised me a refund 10 days later via USPS. 16 days pass and nothing so I call again to find out they declined my refund because they claim there's no proof of this letter they sent me and they are unwilling to refund me the mistake on their end. The woman I talked to the second time kept interrupting me on the phone and wouldn't listen until I reminded her I was in the middle of talking and wished to finish one sentence without being disrupted.She told me she'd have it reviewed again and I asked for someone to call me. She was rude not because she treated me rude but because she treated me like just another customer and I told her I was getting really frustrated and upset with the lack of customer service and misinformation and bad record keeping on their end and she had nothing nice to say. I requested a callback from a manager and she said she marked my account and got off the phone. All I want is my refund promised to me in the first place. But after being treated so rudely, not having anyone call me to talk about anything with my policy and being treated like just another **. I will NEVER use this company again AND I recommend that you don't use them. If you do - good luck. All reviews I have seen now say 2 stars at best. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!
I rarely write reviews, and have never done one for an insurance company, but Mutual of Omaha deserves one. My mother passed away on 3/26. I called the company to find out how to go about collecting her life insurance benefits. Customer service rep looked up her accounts and obituary online and I had the checks within days (not that I was in any rush mind you). I called back saying I needed forms 712 on both policies, again they arrived within days and completed correctly. Other companies she had policies with wanted their forms notarized, and one even has me giving her medical history and permission to contact her doctors. WHAT?! Give me a break!!! She was 85. So un-user friendly! Extremely impressed with Mutual of Omaha. If my husband and I hadn't bought our plans years ago, I would definitely purchase them from this company.
I spoke with someone in February. She signed me up with Medicare Plan G coverage starting in July. I am now employed and am trying to stop coverage - nothing yet! Please discontinue coverage and confirm!! Thanks.
My friend, Marion, passed away on Jan 2, 2018. She had taken out a life insurance policy with United Life of Omaha Co, designating me as the sole beneficiary. However, it has been practically impossible to get through to the insurance company because they just hang up on the 1-800 number due to "heavy call volume." It does not matter what time of day you call to make a claim, you can never get through. Together, the executor of Marion's will and I have called nearly a dozen times. The one time we got through (after an hour's wait!), we complained about their service and asked if there was a direct line, fax or e-mail and were told no --the 1-800 number is the only way. We have still not been able to have a meaningful exchange of information to process the claim, and it has been over a month of trying.
They stole my 51.00 bucks off a military credit card. I ask the VA for a free lawyer and I'm getting it. The lawyer said, the military always gets their money back but since I'm disabled I'm going after these people for emotional stress. Their rep knew I could not have whole life ins. I asked him 5 times who I end up giving my policy to Medicaid some day... He said no! They can't take it... Well they can and he knew it. I cancelled 9 hrs later and never got my 51$ back... Do these people knowingly stole 51$ from a disabled vet on a military credit card.I just sent my state rep copies of the bill and reported them to Channel 5 news in Massachusetts. Channel 5 has received numerous complaints on this company. I advise people to seek ins. With a more reputable ins co. When you call for your 30 back day refund they hang up. Go after them for emotional stress...It's worth the doctor's visit if they upset you. Get letter from your doctor and submit it to your local legal office for free legal aid.
We enrolled with Mutual Omaha life Insurance. Because the policy was not what we were looking for at the time we decided to cancel the policy within the first 30 days of purchase. My husband contacted the sales agent to cancel as he was instructed to do in the time of purchase. The payments continued to be withdrawn from our bank account. Adding overdraft fees for unexpected payments as well. A total of over $800. We tried to contact the agent, his boss and no one has responded or answered the calls. We call the company and their response was that they have nothing to do with what the agent does. But they are authorized to remove Money from the account. No one has taken accountability for their actions. This is completely unprofessional and irresponsible.
Flawless process for term-life policy, decent customer service. Tried to apply with Protective and it took them 4 month to issue the policy! (Obviously I didn't signed it.) Mutual of Omaha took them only 3 weeks.
Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance were a great company. I was with them for about 3 years when my husband passed away, they sent me a check right away. I don't know what we would have done without it. Thank you United of Omaha.
I bought a $20,000 life insurance and best part was I did not have to wait for it to be effective. Very well pleased with my agent Steve **, great agent!
They keep taking money out of my bank account and when I call them they tell me they are mailing me a refund check, but I never get it. They just lie all the time.
My son's father had a life insurance policy with his employer West Side Transport. The policy was with United of Omaha Life Insurance Company, owned and operated by Mutual of Omaha. My son's father passed suddenly. We were told at the funeral home the policy was worth 181,000 dollars and was good. A paper from United of Omaha Life was faxed to the funeral home. After a few days we were notified that the policy was no good. That there had been a mix up between the employer and the insurance company even though the premiums were being take out of his check each pay.My son's father wanted this money for my son and his family, wife and two grandchildren. My son is a disabled Veteran and this was a way for his father to make sure they could get a home and provide for the grandchildren if anything happened to him (the father). United of Omaha Life Insurance Company has refused to pay now changing their story since my son has filed a lawsuit against them, saying there was a computer error on their end. The case has been decided by District Court in Columbus, Ohio twice in favor of my son, so the insurance company decided to take it to a higher court in Cincinnati, Ohio where it is currently under review and awaiting a hearing.By the time this case is decided my son will be lucky to get one third 1/3 of the monies his dad intended for him. The attorney fees are astronomical having to hire 3 attorneys to fight this case, whereas the insurance company has all the money and can fight as long as they want. My son will be lucky to have one third 1/3 of the original policy amount left. This has been such a hardship on his family. His father helped him and his family a lot and this was his intention for them to have a home and secure future for the grandchildren. I would recommend no one ever put their family's future or trust into this company. They are horrible people with only money and greed being their interest. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!
I have cancelled my policy after over 6 years. The misleading and false information is unacceptable. Not once not twice but 3 times within two years. Say they mailed out the information requested. Never arrives. They continue with no accountability. They have taken out premiums every month on time from Chase. Yet when they owe you money they mislead you that it is the mail... The person that you spoke to trying to correct the problem is no longer available. Can't get beyond the person (Customer Service). Finally relief that I have cancelled. Waiting for my cash value to end my association with this company. Said was in the mail. Do I believe them? No!
I purchase a term life policy 18 years ago and was told at the time that it would build in value and I could borrow off it years down the road interest free. They have been deducting from my account every month and I thought everything was good. I just received a letter of cancellation if I don't pay a certain amount by July. I called and found out that the cost of the insurance has gone up every year and it has eaten up all of my value. I need to increase my payments to stay ahead of the increase. The agent said nothing about this when I first purchased the policy. I've paid about 11,000 over the years and it looks like it is a losing proposition. I'm afraid that it will continue to go up. I'll never build value and I will pay beyond the value of the policy.
When I left my last employer five years ago, I converted my policy with Mutual of Omaha to a personal life insurance policy. Since that time, I have not received my quarterly billings in a timely manner. I have reported this to their customer service dept on several occasions. I was receiving the invoices no earlier that 3-5 days before they were due, and sometimes after they were due, requiring me to next-day-air the payments to them. Some invoices I have never received. They have nothing set up to pay online, and will not allow us to have them draft from our checking account. As my husband is 65 and I am not far behind, I am suspect that them not giving us payment options and prompt billings is a way to eliminate senior customers who are more likely to have pay-outs. I have dealt with their customer service reps several times, with promises of remedies, but no results. I have started a file with copies of their postmark dates, etc. just in case this ever needs to be pursued. I have not received invoices for either of the 2014 quarters, and have not received any satisfactory explanations. I am interested in hearing if other seniors are having this issue, and would like to pursue getting results on this collectively.
I have tried repeatedly to appeal the rating on the LTC policy that I applied. They keep ignoring my letters with the address to use and giving me a deadline by which to respond and I cannot meet it because it was sent to the wrong address. They claim to have rated my policy 1) because I'm a woman and live longer (doesn't that mean they also collect more premiums?); 2) because way back in 1999 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have had no symptoms since 2006, as reflected in my medical history. ** refuses to request an up-to-date medical history, gave me 60 days to respond, said I had to provide the proof, and once again, sent it to the wrong address. It sat in a mailbox for 2 months before someone discovered it and forwarded it to me. ** has made NO attempt to be helpful, courteous or get it right. I would NOT recommend ** to any woman looking for a long-term health care policy. If anyone has a women's discrimination suit going against **, I would be interested in joining!
My father's life insurance had a contract for 10 yrs. From 1994-2004 for 10,000. Now this insurance says there is no such contact. My dad has the paper work.
After being contacted about the insurance through the mail; we returned the paperwork to the company with the stipulation if anything was different than stated, we would reject the insurance. Everything was right on target and has been since having sent it off; approximately 4-5 years ago. We are satisfied policy holders.
I have only had the insurance for three months. I had insurance with MetLife but their coverage increased over the span of twenty years. The coverage amount was only 10,000 but over the span was very costly for the coverage and the insurance would only good for insurance. After shopping for better insurance around the same time I obtained Auto insurance I came across the insurance at Mutual of Omaha. This coverage does not increase but provides me with all the coverage I need to pay for my final expenses.
I chose Mutual of Omaha because they could offer me the best deal of all the companies I researched. I compared a few and it is from a reputable company. They were easy to work with and offered exactly what I was looking for in an insurance company. It was a good overall experience.
When my husband passed I contacted Mutual of Omaha for the payout of the policy my husband had been paying for years. After a lengthy time I called for status and the customer service rep took great delight in informing my claim was denied. I contacted my lawyer and he was able to get a fifth of the payoff. They have so many clauses that they rarely pay off. I really could of used the funds and I am sure my husband thought I would of been taken care of. They have no compassion.
I needed to put my mother into a nursing home. I've been trying for several months to get her on Medicaid but the only obstacle was an insurance policy she had with Mutual of Omaha. I called in June of 2016 to cancel it and cash it in so I could pay the nursing home room and board. I sent in copies of the required documents (Power of Attorney, etc). I emphasized that the reason for cancelling was to get mother on Medicaid. It took them over a month to send the check. I called several times trying to speed up the process. They offer a "call back service" but it doesn't work and I got cut off every time. They seem to have a chronic 1-2 hour WAIT just to speak to a representative. And one of their sales reps tried to talk me into a policy. I told him, NO I was unemployed and didn't have any income at the time. That didn't deter him in the least. He called me several times at home with a sales pitch and sent me about a half dozen offers through the mail (Cancer policy, etc). What part of "NO" did he not understand? There is more, but this is the gist of it.
Very low monthly affordable rates which is awesome since I have insurance on my kids too. I purchased this policy for my mom and since she hasn't had a lot of health issues this policy was great for her. But very slow about answering questions whenever I called about concerns that I have, also they were dishonest about not needing a medical exam, they also seem to have a lot of new people on their team that act like they did not a lot of training and knowledge. The overall experience was amateur, they reps act as though they were not sure about what they were doing, I also had signed up for electronic billing and I NEVER received any of my statements via email. Would not purchase another policy.
I've never been more disgusted with a company. In December we made our normal payment on my life insurance policy. We sent an application in with instructions for an automatic deduction from our checking account. They cashed the check, three days later they then took an automatic deduction. The three days after that they took another deductions. Three payments in 6 days. We have had this policy for nearly two years. We are both elderly and live on social security. You can imagine our shock. We called customer service and were told we had been behind a month for all this time. The original terms through our bank who actually sold us the policy was that we didn't have to even pay the first month. For nearly two years we never were told we were "behind". The very rude customer support person told us that the change we initiated for automatic deductions triggered the opportunity for the company to charge us the three payments in 6 days. What a sleazy company. I'm sorry I ever got involved with this company and will also contact my bank and let them know the nature of the company whose policies they are promoting. As usual I doubt they even care but at least I can warn some other poor sucker not to get involved in the very poor company.
This bunch of rag tag thieves are lower than low! Like many of the other reviewers I've experienced poor customer service, (I too was told they would be back to me in 24-48 hours--it's now been a week) poor leadership from the top down promoting a culture that approves bully intimidating tactics pretending to care about their policyholders. All they care about is the money. 95 year old female, premiums going up due to age, requested a solution for a lesser amount of insurance so she would not be left without some coverage after paying a 5 figure premium for 20 years. They want the policy to lapse so they make money and pay nothing. Horrible, would not recommend them.
I appreciate that Mutual of Omaha is a household name and has been in business for many years. I remember commercials from when I was a kid. They have a great reputation. I got insurance through them for both my son and his daughter when they were infants. My husband and I also have the cancer insurance.My overall experience has been fine although I haven't had a reason to test them. The price seems fair and comparable to others. Customer service has been very helpful when needed.
I have been with my employer for 12 years working with mental health clients, drug and alcohol abusers and homeless single adults. One of my clients went on top of our building to the 7th floor, jumped and committed suicide that took a traumatic toll on me until I found myself in a deep depression not eating, and sleeping running myself in the ground, working long hours trying to satisfy all 88 of my clients at one time it seemed. End up being hospitalized for manic depression and PTSD. So the chief psychiatrist of the hospital put me out of work for 6 weeks initially. Mutual of Omaha paid me for 3 weeks and wanted a review for aftercare. I have been to 3 psychiatrist appointments and about 6 trips to see the therapist that are not free. I can no longer see the doctor. I received my last check on Nov 10, 2014 and still fighting for a payment and still out of work since October 6. Our companies trust this company to their employees for 35 years and now are pulling them after this with me. I am now homeless myself, car insurance cancelled so I can't drive and my medication dosage is going up due to stress. I can't believe this company can go against a Dr's orders for disability.
I have had this insurance for many years. Payments are reasonable. My grandparents and my parents all had their policies with them too and when my grandparents passed away they paid all the amount of the policy and I also received a condolence card from them when my father passed away. My mother still insist I pay her policy every month too.
We bought a Universal Life Insurance policy for my husband and I over 20 years ago. They did send me a summary sheet. They ended up requiring that I pay over $2500 a month to catch the policy up. I called the company and then my agent. No response from her. After over 20 years of making payments, the policy has cash out value of $1184.25. The agent is WELL aware of the scam or she would call me back. This type of scam collects yearly fees for over 20 years around $50,000, allows a policy to go into the bad somehow, to such a degree that the policy is eventually canceled because we can't pay the monthly payments. Guess we got too old and they didn't have to pay out the death benefit. We're going to have to stop making payments and let it cancel. Our 4th payment monthly of $2000+ is due 1-27-2018. So they got another $7500 from us for the last 3 months trying to work this out.
My husband started his policy at age 82. Only 5K because of his age. He answered the questions to the best of his knowledge. There was no medical exam. I paid the premiums for exactly one year. He passed away in late January. It is now late March and I was denied the 5K because they claim he lied on his application. He was not a liar! He was a veteran who served this country. His death was not related to any of the questions on the application. I will get my premium money back but your company is a fraud, not my late husband. Denying a widow 5K is just wrong! I will take this matter as far as I can because you are liars in all of your commercials and ads. I wonder how you sleep at night. My husband's final expenses were more than 5K. No condolences, just rude people.
I'm the irrevocable beneficiary of my mother's policy. I've been making payments as well as paying intrust payment as well on a loan my sister took without permission. Fraud. Last week the same sister called to stop payment or cancel. So they canceled policy. Which is against the contract! I called and recorded the conversation. Was told the policy would be reopened which it wasn't. In fact they mailed a check in my mother's name as a payoff on whole life. Also against the policy contract. I'm not sure if an idiot did this or just another case of a bad faith policy. I going to call tomorrow to try to fix this. If I get no satisfaction I'm filing a complaint with the state, which will end up costing them more money in the long run. I have all the paperwork and copies of online service. My payment came out on 10th the policy was canceled on 15th. I was lied to on the phone. But as I stated I records the call. Instead of being a victim and the back and forth. I going to email my complaint to have even more evidence if I don't get satisfaction with tomorrow's call. I will then file a complaint with the state and the BBB. My time is valuable and I'm not one to waste time with cheats and dilettantes. I suggest to take charge and do your homework before dealing with a billion dollar industry. They will always take the route of what's best for them. By either paying or deny payments. Luckily for me I have overwhelming evidence and nothing but time. Just want what is owed. No more no less. Rather they pay a little now or more later is on them.
I purchased a life insurance policy one year ago and having been making monthly premium payments online. No problem until a few months ago when a payment was not recorded. I then went back on line to confirm and make another payment and it said it was not 'available' to me to make a payment online... what??? I then had to scramble to find the right phone number and got through to a female and she said she couldn't take the payment over the phone and that I would have to mail in a check... what??? So, I did mail a check which was very inconvenient. So, I recently went back in to the site to make an online payment and 'again' would let me do it online. I called again and they said they didn't know what the problem is and trying to find out what to do! I said 'I'm done!' Will NEVER have anything to do with Mutual of Omaha again in any way whatsoever!
I called and ask for a receipt for my premium payment that I had paid up to date. I was told by an unqualified rep that the company does not give receipts either by paper or by email. This boggles my mind! When you pay for anything in this economy you always get a receipt after you pay for something. I have to depend on their word that my policy was paid. Then I was told that I missed my August payment which I know I didn't. But if I did, my policy would have been cancelled. Then why are they still accepting my premium payments? There was no written or oral conversation to let me know this. When creating this account to write a review, it states I have been a member since this month, 11/2015! Horrible insurance company!
Ever since I've become member with Mutual of Omaha I have had all my questions and concerns answered in a timely, caring manner and feel they are truly happy to be there to help me as many times as it may take for me to contact them with any questions and/or concerns I may have.
Upon contact with the Mutual of Omaha rep, and before signing papers, I insisted on whole life. Upon receipt of documents, I called the rep and she assured me she sold me a whole life policy. Their trained rep lied, sold me a universal life, not whole, and nothing but a slap on her wrist took place. After investing over $25K, I found out the truth, because premiums had gone up. Never on whole life. Whole life was easy to purchase back then. Mutual of Omaha’s staff “pass the buck” and now my orphaned granddaughter will be left with nothing. I trusted the name so much I even tossed an action file suit form in the trash. I trusted the rep. I am heartbroken to have sacrificed so much and be disregarded. Never an investigation. Begged rep to be honest and tell them she made an error. Last time I spoke to the rep, she informed me she was told to never speak to me again. She would not reveal the name. Return my premiums and stop the corruption. Where is this company’s conscience, to do this to a 2 year old in 2002 then ask for additional premiums. Epitome of indecency. Advice: Take documents to an attorney, pay a fee to “read between the lines” and ensure this never happens to you and your loved ones. I have a copy of documents. Respectfully submitted.
I was placed on disability by my doctor on May 18, 2014 and have been through 6 reviews. I have currently been denied extended benefits and my health issues have not changed. I was one weekly payment away from long term when this occurred. It is sad that you pay a company weekly and when your health fails and you need the assistance, you are denied. I am on the verge of bankruptcy due to Mutual of Omaha.
I haven't had to use but it is a comfort for me when I pass away my children won't have to worry. I trust Mutual of Omaha. Have never had a problem with their company. Long as I keep paying my bill I'm ok. Think you can have complete trust in Mutual of Omaha. Thank you.
I was the beneficiary on two 10K life insurance policies through Mutual of Omaha. The owner of the policies was friend who had no immediate family left. He named me a trustee to his estate of very little left. The policies were to compensate me for my efforts and for monies I had loaned to him. He had to be hospitalized for an amputation of his foot. He also suffered a stroke while in the hospital. He was sent to a rehab after the hospitalization. He had missed his last payment and it went 1 week beyond the 30 day grace period by the time he passed. Mutual of Omaha is only going to pay out $50.00 on one $10.000.00 policy, and $2200.00 on the other in which they collected over $3500.00 in fees on. They will give NO consideration due to circumstances. They knew he was a single man. There was no immediate family to help handle his affairs. There needs to be a law that the beneficiaries should be notified of any possible defaults to give them chance to make the policy whole before they just get screwed by a company that doesn't give a tinker's damn if you get paid.
My dad recently passed away and I was absolutely dreading filing the claim for his life insurance policy. Saying it out loud is difficult since it's still so fresh. About 3 weeks after he passed, I called United of Omaha Life Insurance Company to report the claim and ask what they needed from me to file the claim. They said they only needed to verify his passing and asked who was handling the funeral service. I explained that we were having a memorial for him and that he had actually donated his body to science. I suggested they contact the donation center to verify his death. The rep put me on hold, called the donation program and verified his passing. The check was cut and mailed the very next day. I thanked the rep for making a difficult call / process so easy and for being flexible in the death verification process.
I've been with this company for over 6 years and I've always found them helpful & courteous whenever I call. I am comfortable interacting with them on anything. It's a great insurance company anyway...! Usually, insurance terms are 'over-my-head', but I have a pretty good understand of my policy & how it works... I trust them.
20 year ago this November my husband purchased, through his business a million dollar -20 year pay term insurance policy. When he left the company, we kept paying the monthly premiums to this day. Now that he is coming to the end of his 20th year, the policy goes to 6 figures a month. Obviously, beyond what we can pay annually. They tell us that somewhere in the 20 page+ document 5 years ago, if we had called THEM (or the agent)... who don't know where he is we had a chance to buy less insurance and continue the policy like at $100K. Obviously at 15 years into the policy, we had it filed with our final documents and never called. Consequently, he is turning 79 and he has NO life insurance and he has had health issues and cannot pass a physical. As seniors this is a RIP OFF that we should be expected to remember something that happened 20 years ago. We don't make a practice of reviewing our final documents on a yearly or even at that time 5 year basis. So we have paid in over $200,000 and can't get insurance. I find it interesting that not once in the past 20 years have they missed taking out on a monthly premium... Wow, if I had changed bank accounts or did not have funds,, they would have reached out to me. But they can't do the same... Don't they realize we are seniors and have not the best recall of things that happened 20 years ago. What made us recall is that we remember it was a 20 year policy. I understand it is common amongst insurers like Mutual of Omaha to do this... They win - we lose.I think this practice of ripping off people as they age (and did not have to collect on the insurance) should be investigated by Congress or at least State Insurance policies... We are not asking for anything but at least a portion of the total premium paid in should be put into force as term insurance and we would gladly pay the premium for $100K or the same outrageous amount that we were paying for 1 million... we would pay for $100K.
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