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Mutual of Omaha Disability Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Mutual of Omaha
Year Founded: 1909
Address: Mutual of Omaha Plaza
City: Omaha
State/Province: NE
Postal Code: 68175
Country: United States
Phone: (402) 342-7600
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 3 %
I was out of work for 14 months. I would say only 3 months were problem free. The final decision regarding one's disability is decided by the Mutual of Omaha doctors. I submitted my medical records every 2-3 months and each time there was a problem, which caused a delay in payment. Representatives prefer email, so verbal communication is quite difficult. My doctor stated "not able to return to work," but Mutual of Omaha disagreed, therefore terminating my benefits. I am still boggled that they easily dismissed the opinion. I don't believe MO offers the financial stability a person needs during a period of illness/unable to work. The time you spend gathering medical records, communicating with representatives, and following up is unbelievable. Mutual of Omaha STD/LTD was offered through my employer, at my expense. As a consumer I would others to research other STD/LTD insurance companies and avoid MO.
Took a long time of taking from Peter to pay Paul. Doing without getting behind. But received call at 7 in morning. Claim approved. Why so long have no clue. So people if you can hang on long enough maybe not as bad a company as I thought. THEY just need to speed process if possible.
I was working for orange lake resorts for the last 9 years and I have always paid for a short term and long term disability policy. Last year I had to use it because I sold everyday having to use my voice. I started having serious problems with my vocal chords and went to see a doctor because I continued to lose my voice for days and sometimes weeks at a time. I had a precancerous tumor on my vocal chords and had to have several surgeries to have it removed. My doctor told me after surgery that I would not be able to continue working in my current profession because I now have a lot of damage due to surgery and the tumor. I then submitted a short term disability claim and everything was aces. They were very nice and professional and very respectful and most of all they paid every week.After short term was over they turned me over to long term claims and here is where the nightmare has begun. I received a call from a gentleman named Jack ** telling me he would be handling my case. He has been rude to me, he has yelled at me, he has belittled me, he has told me I'm incompetent because I responded to his same email three times because their secure email server will time you out if you don't send it quickly enough. He screwed up paperwork to all of my doctors to get my medical records and even told me he paid these facilities to receive these records and in fact they did not, I even had to pay for one record myself without any reimbursement.Now here is where it really gets crazy. So my wife has also worked for orange lake for 10 years and is the top producer for the company so every year orange lake pays for the top producers and spouses to go to the hard rock live at universal in Orlando and they have done this for over 10 years. My wife won a huge award and also received a really nice monetary check with it. Just because I am not working for the company does not mean I am not going to support my wife in her achievements. This awards concert was last night. So this morning at 10:30 I received an email from Jack ** telling me he received information that I was at a concert until 1 am and why was I filing a disability claim if I were able to attend a concert where people usually speak... Well I am not a mute and I did not know I had a curfew and needed to report to Mr. ** when I attend any social event.I cannot maintain my voice for prolonged periods of time. I'm pretty sure this guy seen pictures and videos of the awards concert from social media which is fine. Here is the issue, I have been harassed by this gentleman and me attending my wife's lifetime achievement awards banquet has absolutely nothing to due with my medical issue and having damaged vocal chords that's medically documented. You see I went from making $250,000 a year to getting a small $1200 a week check. My wife made over $400,000 last year and for this guy to belittle me and minimize my medical issues has really got my wife on a rampage now especially after ruining her night when we woke up this morning. What this guy does not know is that my wife is very high up in the company and she is going to file a personal complaint with her HR department Monday morning.Everyone at orange lake has Mutual of Omaha and they are the founders of Holiday inn. Which is a very large account for Mutual of Omaha. There are a lot of friends and employees watching what's going on with my case to determine whether or not it's worth wasting their money with this company if they do not pay for legitimate claims. The other thing is that we are far from broke and come Tuesday morning I will be contacting an attorney to handle my case from here on out. The way I have been treated by this Jack person is completely unprofessional. It seems I am not the only one having these issues. I had no idea I had to report to this guy each and everything I do something social basis but all of my medical documentation says I am unable to use my voice for long term use. Now I am being stalked and I am very uncomfortable.They look for every reason to prolong and not to pay your claims this is why they were number 347 in Fortune 500 last year. The less they pay the more they make. This guy Jack ** should not work in a position where he deals with people at all. This whole thing has caused me anxiety and stress and I can assure you after what I have been through with him I am going for more then the claim when I talk to my attorney. This man has actually yelled at me on several occasions. I hope they record their conversations because from here on out I will.Please please beware before you choose to take a policy out with them. By the time my wife is done with Human Resources Monday they may be losing 25,000 other policies too. My wife has a tremendous amount of say at orange lake holiday inn. They respect her opinion because she is the top producer for the company and if they feel in anyway her life at home is distressed due to what they have put me through, they will make a change to make her happy.
Found out I had to have surgery. I have insurance for short term through work. I started weeks before with paperwork so I wouldn't have to worry while I was recovering. All a dream. When I didn't receive a check, I called and they said they needed more paperwork. On and on, I have bill collectors now, horrible late fees, and they are still bumbling over what to do. They are a bunch of monkeys, heartless people, and lazy.
My mom has this insurance and we file a claim. A short term disability because she had a total hysterectomy, but because of other issues she has the doctor give her 3 months of disability, we filed the FMLA and culinary claim. Everything was approved for the 3 months but Mutual of Omaha is asking for every doctor's visit papers because they only approve 1 month of disability, even though my mom was vomiting and bleeding after the surgery. Now she has a perforated ulcer. She was 2 times on ER and we send all the paperwork and CT scans and is not enough to extend her claim. Those are the worse disability insurance on the market. I know the HR department of my mom's work and we know a lot of people there. We are going to explain every employee how this insurance is so the company can get a different insurance for us. Aflac is really good.
I had a work injury that required surgery in both hands. I applied for temporary disability through my employer. After two months I did receive the first check for a month but was contacted the next morning and told they "changed their minds" and not to cash it. When I asked what their reason was they gave me a medical diagnosis that is nowhere in my medical records and never occurred. Completely false. When I questioned this she would no longer answer any of my questions or tell me who made the decision or who I could contact to dispute it. I am still receiving checks I cannot cash complete with deductions for taxes which will count as income for my yearly totals. I was also told I would receive a letter of their diagnosis for my physician. Never got it. Stay away from this company! I have filed a complaint with my state department of insurance office.
I have been fighting Mutual of Omaha for over a year to pay my claim. Mutual of Omaha just ignores my messages, mails the wrong forms, or claims it mailed forms when it did not. I am currently suing Mutual of Omaha in federal court. If you are in a similar situation and are interested in joining my lawsuit to form a class action, please contact me right away.
You pay into this for months or even years only to find out when you need it you're denied. Looks like preexisting conditions are their go-to for everything. When asked what would happen if it was a matter of life or death? They pretty much told me it would be death. Looks like it's time for an attorney. I would not recommend this company to anyone.
I was diagnosed with a degenerative disease several years ago, Ankylosing Spondyloarthropathy. I've been dealing with it, managing my own pain and so forth. It has progressed rapidly in the last 2 years. I was on short term disability thru my employer (reduced hours, to no more than 6 per day) with pain management help with Doctors. I ran out of short term disability and filed a claim for long-term with MO. The only reason I am giving a single start is because the insurance person, while being short with me once, was generally a nice person to speak to. We, doctors (Human Resources and myself), jumped thru giant hoops trying to get this to go. The insurance person kept asking again and again, we need an MRI. I've had bilateral hip replacements. I can't have an MRI. The insurance person, later, after cc'ing my company HR person and myself, recanted and said that I didn't need to get an MRI just for her. The insurance person submitted all my paperwork to the "nurse" reviewer. Question 1: why a nurse review? It's been 14 business days, and I had to call MO. When I stated my name the insurance person said hello in a voice reminiscent of getting a call from an ex. I said "uh oh". The insurance person stated that the "nurse" had declined the LTD and stated that it was not necessary. I was asked if my employer had provided for my limitations, I said yes and gave specifics. I was asked about other equipment that I declined with my employer, 1) because for the length of time that I could utilize it, per day, would not warrant the cost spent on this piece of equipment 2) the noise disruption with my group would be great (it's noisy). I was told, that this equipment information would be passed on to the "nurse" and they would be in touch. I asked why is a nurse reviewing this and not a doctor. I was told, "That's just the way we do things here." Ooooh kay!!! I am not degrading a nurses' expertise as some are more on-the-ball than some Doctors, but the review of something as important as this is should be done by a qualified Doctor in the field of the disability. So there we stand. I was convinced by my HR person to pursue this and it's come back to bite me in the backside. I guess no matter what I'll have to get an atty., if it's for the LTD or workers compensation... as this will probably go to that. I don't know. I will update as I find out more.
I filed my claim as advised by my employer for STD that I pay the premium for through my employer. STILL WAITING! I have had to jump through so many hoops which I have done but it seems they always need just one more thing. What should have been an easy process has been a nightmare and meanwhile not only am I recovering from major surgery I am receiving NOTHING from this coverage that I PAY FOR. I will certainly convey my experience to my employer so they are aware of what their employees have to deal with on the hope that coverage we pay for can be used when needed.
Disability claim - I am having a bone marrow transplant. I filed a claim with Mutual of Omaha Insurance. I feel that I am being given the runaround. I have two policies with them but they keep asking for more and more information, that I have sent over and over again. I made my claim in June.
I have resolved the issue. I just wish it didn't take so long to have my money in my account after check is issued. But none the less Mutual Of Omaha is a Great group to deal with in my opinion.
My husband paid this company for years for short-term disability through his employer. Well when the time came that he actually needed to use it, the experience was horrible. The initial check was mailed to the wrong address, so it never made it to us, they were pretty unconcerned and took quite a while getting us a replacement check, then for a few weeks they actually got his weekly check to him in a timely fashion, then they just started mailing them when they felt like instead of every Friday like they told us and had been previously. I know this due to the postmark dates and they're very rude and extremely unhelpful.
I was on disability for stress leave. They denied my claim. With all of the doctor reports that was sent to them by Kaiser. Bad attitudes.
I have been contributing to my insurance plan for over 7 years and have never touched it. I was recently in a car accident that put me out of work. Mutual of Omaha is claiming my symptoms are "subjective" even though they are backed by doctor's notes and medication. They claim my doctor noted that I should be back to work, but when I requested that they give me the document stating that they ignored my request. I spoke with my doctor and she said that she never put that anywhere in her notes. They seem to be lying to get out of paying a legitimate claim. I will be filing an appeal which will include letters from all the doctors that have treated me for this accident as well as from my employer who has stated that they cannot give me a light enough workload to bring me back on the job.
The company had always been trouble to deal with, from 1 hour hold times on a phone call to lack of communication. Their documentation process is weak and they work with legacy systems and do not invest your money you pay them advancing into the 21st century. David **, in particular, was a very rude, unhelpful sort that berated me for asking why the backlog of documentation I had sent was insufficient to prove my disability. I am 100% disabled veteran who suffers from Neuro Cardiological Syncope, with frequent episodes, and the doctors are at a stand still but still see me to check on how I am doing. Mutual of Omaha has made it their mission to get out of the terms of my policy by every means necessary and refuse to contact me by email or by phone, though those are my preferred methods. I have never been so disgusted with a company.
I started my STD claim 3 weeks ago and I had to call them to find out there was a problem with a form my doctor's office had sent in. IT WAS ONE OF THEIR OWN FORMS, how can it be inadequate? Now I have to wait at a minimum of two more weeks to see if anything happens, much less to start receiving benefits that I paid for. Oh they're professional enough on the phone, but that's all a smoke and mirrors act, and it's designed to make you wait longer. Eventually they hope you'll just give up and go away, just like every other insurance company. I'm tired of fighting an insurance company when I'm sick and I'm not seeing any benefit whatsoever.Updated on 06/08/2018: I was told a week ago that my benefits check was cut and sent Monday, and here it is Friday. No check. It took 4 months to go through their process and now I'm about to be homeless and I can't afford my drug refills that are due. I sent an email to a rep, but she just tells me the check is in the mail. Why would you do this to someone who has incredible anxiety and depression? Are you trying to kill me?
I’ve been off of work since May 13th with my illness. MOO had been fighting me every step of the way. MOO has been claiming that there isn’t enough paperwork. My PCP has sent paperwork as well as my psychologist. This is the eighth week off with no pay. I’ve spent my family's savings paying bills and now we are starting to borrow money from relatives. It’s not only embarrassing but a shame. Corporate America continues to take from the little man but not pay when the time is right. This is not helping my current situation at all. I talked with my Dr. today and he said it’s time to seek legal help. Calling an attorney is not the route I wanted to go but I have to now since MOO is turning push into shove...
I do not recommend Prudential or Mutual of Omaha Disability Insurance to no one!!! Why? Well for starters, my employer advertised the policy will pay 50% of your salary, but later was informed after I had to utilize the policy that the policy pays $600 dollars weekly maximum no matter what your salary is. The payments are late weekly and Mutual of Omaha does not utilize direct deposit. My advice is to not use this money to pay bills because you will always be late.
My husband went into kidney failure in August 2013 and almost died. He had to be off work for awhile due to dialysis and not feeling well, not to mention the severe PTSD that followed. My husband's mental state was also deteriorating. After his 12 weeks were up of short term disability with Mutual of Omaha, his employer had to let him go because he was unable to return back to work. This put him into a drastic increase to my husband's mental state. So my husband was able to get on long term disability with Mutual of Omaha. His kidneys were slowly but surely getting better (yet they will never be 100%), but his mental state was not. It is from this time to present that I speak on his behalf of any doctors or any officials because my husband's condition is so severe he is unable to talk on the phone. He can not handle driving, has trouble talking face to face with people, and his moods were shifting all over the place. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, manic-depression, anxiety and severe mood swings. Since his kidney numbers were looking slightly better, they tried to take my husband off of disability saying he could work, although his psychiatrist wrote in his notes that my husband will most likely never be able to work again. He also noted my husband's constant suicidal thoughts and instances of self-harm. With notes from the psychiatrist and a constant battle with them, my husband was again able to receive long term benefits. Well a few months later he was denied completely of his long term. We called and said no one has informed or tried to contact us about his disability being under review because we would've provided any information they asked for and they replied with, "long term disability is always up for review". Yet they never contacted me about needing any documents, especially the one the psychiatrist needed to fill out. My husband's psychiatrist never filled out the paper, so apparently this is our fault. His psychiatrist was tired of always having to send over paperwork and repeating the same paperwork over and over again. His psychiatrist said that it just seems like they didn't want to pay my husband anymore. Their response to my question of why we were not contacted about the paperwork that needed to be filled out by the psychiatrist was, "we cannot disclose that information to you". They told us we needed to file an appeal and send in several different documents, WHICH WE HAVE DONE. Now they are saying they can't make a decision until my husband sees one of THEIR doctors. THEY NEVER TOLD US THAT THAT WOULD BE ONE OF THE REQUIREMENTS. I don't understand why they are making us jump through hoops and are consistently lying to us! We have done everything they have asked. We are beyond upset we have tried telling them that we are about to lose our home and are 4 months behind on our bills and they replied with, "There's nothing we can do for you". I am going to get a lawyer for us being prejudice and especially for the pain and suffering they have caused my husband and his condition to EXTREMELY worsen.
I developed a brain condition that made it impossible for me to work; after multiple medical reviews and reports from my PCP, neurologists and neuropsychologists, all supporting the LTD policy that I paid EXTRA for was denied. On appeal, the hack "neurologist" Mutual of Omaha hired (hack is being generous, this Dr. has had her license to practice suspended and been accused of arson in the destruction of a $500,000 building) to do the review denied my claim with no further study or information. THIS IS THE PERSON DECIDING YOUR FUTURE!So we are lawyered up doing another appeal... It's pretty obvious Mutual of Omaha is difficult to work with on purpose; if 40% of the claimants drop off the cart due to them giving up in frustration, that's 40% that goes straight to the bottom line, they are obstinate ON PURPOSE! If you get a LTD policy from MOO, I strongly advise you have a year's income in the bank because you're going to need it to support your family while the Mutual of Omaha runs you and your family through the meat grinder! Shameful!
Husband is going through a STD claim from his employer, as he pays for this benefit. He was injured in an auto accident and has been told from his employer that he can't return until 100 percent clear and no restrictions. Husband is suffering with nerve issues within his spine and has a concussion. I am authorized on his account to speak on all claim related issues and personal questions on his account. I have spoken to many reps whom are great and assist me. However, Natunja, a claims officer spoke with my husband weeks ago and asked typical questions about what had happened. In that time we have obtained a lawyer and my husband has as been in treatment for almost a month, Natunja called yesterday and asked to speak to my husband, she called my phone number and seemed surprised that I answered, she asked to speak with my husband as to provide the status of his claim. My husband gets on the phone and Natunja tells him that she was just letting him know the status then suddenly starts asking him why he can't work and what are all his restrictions, when my husband would answer her vaguely because he doesn't know medical terminology, she would snidely say what does that mean? My husband couldn't even verify our address properly because he has a BRAIN injury as well. His treating doctor has sent the detailed paperwork explaining his injuries and work restrictions. She was asking my husband what is his restrictions we're though they have the medical info in their hands. Also we gave emails from his employer as that he can't return until no restrictions are shown. She said they are waiting for the ER records only. My husband then asked her to please speak with his wife and she was silent for a few seconds and agreed. I then told her I can send more information on what his employer corresponded and why she seems confused on what his restrictions are. She then said she can't understand or hear me but yet was responding after I spoke and then told me fax to this number any questions or documents. Asked me is there anything else? I said no, and she rudely hung up. NO thank you. No formal closing. I immediately contacted the main number and complained as to why she was suddenly interviewing a person with a concussion whom has legal representation. I was connected to Todd her supervisor, whom automatically stated it was her job. I explained that she never stated that the call was recorded nor did she explain she will be asking him questions, SHE said she was calling to give him the status of his claim purely!!! He then began to take fault as that was not okay, but then said they didn't have the accident report and our Dr paperwork. I told him that WE submitted all that and was confirmed by 2 reps and also Natunja a few mins prior. He then began typing and replied that he meant only the ER records...I am beyond upset and feel that my husband is being treated unfairly. Misleading practice is being performed here and they are lying about what docs they have. Why would you call a person with a concussion and a lawyer on file and lie about the reasoning of the call? I demand her termination and something be done about these practices going on at this company.
I had just lost my husband. I had a bad car accident. I just was not able to work. I have cervical dystonia. My neck was always in pain and many other health issues. I said to the lady, "I have paid for this many years." She said smartly, "Everyone says that." I was very discouraged with this company. I had doctors' statements. I was denied twice for short term disability.
I am sick with Diabetes, Fibromyalgia and Sarcoidosis, all diagnosed active illnesses. I became so ill with fatigue and pain I asked two of my doctors to fill out a LTD request form so that I could stop working due to my illnesses. Both doctors filled out the forms and I submitted the requested information, this was in early July, 2015. Then late July more request for medical records came from Mutual of Omaha and again in August 2015 I believe.Then in September 2015, a notification that a medical expert would be sought to review my claim, even though they had both doctors forms and all of my medical records. Then without getting any clarification as to the September 2015 notification, I received notification in October 2015 this month that they were awaiting an explanation and further clarification from one of my doctors that had already submitted records and a LTD form back in July 2015. So now we have gone from early July 2015 to nine days in October 2015 only to be denied by special email, but to be fair, the case worker did call to give me an explanation.Now I feel that this was stretched out much further than it should have been and I feel as though I have been given the run around and the old brush off. I am sure of the three illness. I have surely someone would not doubt how sick I become, sometimes daily, and really depended on my insurance to help me through this difficult time. Now I have no job, no income and no medical insurance. I lost my car, and am receiving SNAP benefits and will lose my apartment for non payment of rent at the end of this month October 2015.
My husbad has cancer and when he had applied for long term disability they told he had to apply for SSI. Now they want him to pay back pay more than what he got in back pay. The policy is supposed to pay up to 2 years though his employer. We have only 26 days to come up with money we don't have. Also they called him when he getting treatment. Told him they would email him and call him back which they never did.
I have been covered by a group STD policy as a salaried executive. At the end of November last year I had a TIA and have had ongoing issues with my feet and legs with excessive edema. When I had the TIA, I was hospitalized for three days and used personal time, so I had no lost wages. I have worked since then because the other two executives were out of the country for the most part and my absence would cripple the company. My work was suffering because I couldn’t do it effectively so I began the process of looking at taking FMLA and applying for STD benefits. I missed work the second and third week of March because of my health and used personal time for one week and the company didn’t deduct for the other week.I filed my claim on a Sunday as my doctor had decided to put me out for three months to get me the treatments I needed. I went to the office the following day to discuss the fact I was going on STD and was notified the company decided to take my position in a different direction and let me go. Mutual of Omaha is now saying I had no lost wages prior to termination and that I have no claim. My disability was clearly documented and known before my termination by my employer and my claim was recorded and accepted prior to my company terminating me. I am a parent of 6 special needs children who I am trying to make sure are taken care of but the actions of MoO are making things so difficult to do. MoO, I am completely astonished at your actions.UPDATE ON 04/30/2018: After being denied and being contacted by the insurance company after posting a review my claim was revisited. It has been two weeks since the contact and I am no further along than I was before. I submitted my medical records release on the day after the initial claim and was told a week ago they needed it because they didn't have it. It has been four weeks since my original claim was filed and my medical condition is still as it was when I couldn't fulfill my job functions which put me off work to begin with. My attending physician completed the forms as required but I was told she was vague.I am honestly feeling the insurance company is delaying in hopes that because of my need to support my family which includes 6 special needs children including one that is blind and has severe seizures. Our other children have varying degrees of conditions.and I hope the severe delays will not continue as the impact is real. I am completely amazed at a company I promoted to every employee working for me as one who wasn't more interested in profits but more interested in doing what was right by the policyholders.
I sent all requested documentation confirming condition, MRI, doctor, and spine specialist and Mutual of Omaha continues to deny my benefits claim. After the first request for paperwork, Mutual of Omaha kept requesting more paperwork according to notes from my provider. Never ever do business with this company! I have kids and no money to pay for bills or food. They should be ashamed and know these are not "in good faith" business practices. We pay for these benefits; they are not free.
I applied for short term disability through an agent. She was very nice. They needed information from my doctor, my doctor office sent them all the information that they needed. When I received the letter saying that they denied my claim because of information from my doctors, I went to my doctor's office and showed them the letter. The information that my doctor office sent them was SO much different from what my doctor sent them. They diagnosed me with things that I don't have and neither my doctor in her notes. I know that my doctor is not lying because I have been going to her for the past 20 years. She knows me very well. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE A FRAUD.
Had the most difficult time with the short term disability process. They're undertrained representatives who aren't able to do anything in terms of help. I got my papers to them just to hear that they "didn't get them" even though I had the CC showing they were sent the same information as myself. After 2 weeks of nightmares I finally got to an analyst (not my own, my patience were too short by this point) and having to explain what was going on, even with my doctor saying I couldn't return to work and my work denying me themself. Which all you should need is what the doctor say, otherwise why go see them? Finally got everything sorted out (it's been almost a month since I've received a check and am now way behind on bills). They said they'll send out the check, which would have been sent out last Friday. So today (me not being smart enough to realize that it's a holiday) go check the mail and no check. I may just be complaining but after an unhappy customer gets off the phone with you and they haven't been paid. I'd probably send that mail express. But God forbid they spend an extra dollar so people can live their lives without the stress of finances. I will NEVER use them again after I go back to work. This place is a scam. Just trying to take your money and screw you in the process. Hope this helps others. I'm sure it will considering all the 1 star reviews they have.
After reading other negative reviews here, I can see I am not alone. I had knee surgery 7 months ago. My surgery seemed to go well at first, but here we are 7 months later and my knee and leg are both swollen just as big as it was before the surgery, I am still in a great deal of pain and I am still under treatment because my doctor cannot figure put why my knee and leg are not healing. I have had a second MRI which indicates there might be re-tear in the meniscus. In Oct. I went to another surgeon for a second opinion and he took one look at the swollen knee and leg, and sent me out for an emergency ultrasound because there was concern that it might be a blood clot. Thankfully it was not. About two weeks ago, my doctor did a shot directly into the joint of my knee. This did nothing to reduce the swelling or the pain, and it hurt so bad that it actually caused pain.I filed a claim with this company United of Omaha Life Insurance company and they covered my lost pay at first. But they stopped paying in Sept, 2017. I lost my job over this injury because I was not well enough to come back to work on time and they said I would not be able to work while I am taking narcotic pain medication. There is no way I could function without it - the pain is just too much and it still hurts while I am on medication so I cannot imagine how it would feel if I did not take any at all. I cannot stand on my leg more than 30-40 minutes. I can't sit at a desk for longer than an hour or my knee and leg begin to swell and the pain gets worse, and yet this company denied my dispute and told me that I should still be able to work with this injury.I don't think any place will hire me once I explain that I have be able to sit down and elevate my leg frequently and that I cannot stand or walk and if I sit, I need to lay down with my leg elevated, and lets not forget, I must be able to work while taking strong narcotic drugs- and this company denied benefits?? After reading other reviews, I think this company just denies everyone, they don't want to pay claims. I called an attorney today about this and I am going to let them deal with this. I am also sending them copies of this review because I want them to see that I am not the only legitimate claim that this company is refusing to pay. It is absolutely ridiculous.
I have General Dystonia. I tried and tried to continue to work, but was sent home a few times because I was shaking so much, and eventually, spent more time in the bathroom crying than working. There's no crying at work! Eventually I was only able to make it on average for 2 hours of work, at when ended up as 1-2 days only. I submitted short term claim, and that went through, but not until 3 months later. They do not pay on a weekly or monthly basis. They pay when and if they feel like it. Took them 5 months to figure out how to deny my LTD. Meanwhile no payments whatsoever for LTD. The Rep was drafting a letter approx 3 weeks ago that I was supposed to receive explaining their decision. No letter yet. I expect they will use the date on the letter, as the date she "started" working on it. Then, by the time I get it (if I ever do) the time limit for appeal will probably have passed. Who knows. We'll see.Super broke now. In debt big time to my loving friends and family. Leaving my home. More than likely no money will be available to hire a lawyer and fight it. I'm furious! Furthermore, why was it OK for them to accept my short term disability claim and somehow find a loophole to deny the long term. They also said we think you're fine, and should be able to work. That's physically impossible. Emotionally and Financially DEVASTATED! I've worked since I was 14, with the exception of a few years raising my kids. Want to hear something funny? I was unable to contact anyone at Mutual of Omaha for MONTHS. No returned phone calls. No emails... No letters. I was desperate! So I decided to email every department at their company. Guess who responded? The IT Department! Omgosh! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!The IT dept has better customer service and communication than the 3 representatives I went through later, who accomplished nothing. I was told that it's out of their hands and is decided by medical. I believe that's true. So I realize the reps are at a loss if the other dept.'s aren't doing their job. The general response when I would call to check status was "It's been sent for review with the medical dept". Once that 30 days was over, they again said, "It's been sent through to a medical specialist, for review, again". They had me running all over hell's acre's to resubmit papers that were already submitted 2 and 3 times. Going to pharmacies that I never use, to get print outs to prove I had no medications filled there. Commonplace is for the rep to denied receiving records.They denied receiving some of my voice mails and emails. They denied receiving a lot of my doctor's submitted paperwork, even though my doctor's office had confirmation transmission reports on everyone. So, I copied everything. I worked so closely with the medical records dept. at my doctor's office, that we are now on a first name basis. We're phone friends now. She, bless her heart, finally printed all of my records back to 2012 and left me a package at the desk. I copied them, scanned and emailed them and sent them certified mail. Never received notification that they had received them via USPS. I could go on forever. Last but not least; they made me feel like a liar, looser and unimportant. I also had representatives that were rude, and behaved as if I was interrupting their day. Good Grief. Shameful! That's all for now...
On April 22, 2011, I incurred an injury while playing basketball. On May 6, 2011, I filed a claim for disability insurance with Mutual of Omaha for a ruptured Achilles tendon that required surgery and several months off work. On May 10, 2011, Mutual of Omaha received the claim and assigned the case to Debra **. After talking with customer service, I was informed that the claim would take about 30 days to process, but that was erroneously conveyed as the specialist I spoke to by the name of Mindy ** informed me that the case takes longer and there were several steps to insure the claim was expedited appropriately. I allowed another month to pass with no response to the claim, so I contacted Debra **, who returned no phone calls or responded to emails sent. It has been 4 months, and the claim is still unresolved.
I wish I could give a negative 5 stars. They have screwed me out of my last 4 short term disability checks. They will do their best to not pay you. I am currently in the process of getting an attorney to try and get my pay. I would STEER CLEAR of this company if I were you. They are con artists.
I’m at the beginning stages of filing a claim. First encounter with the rep was awful. I cried for an hour afterwards. Super aggressive and angry because what he’s looking for was not in the initial doctor report. "Sir I do not write doctors reports, did you clarify it with them?" When dealing with ill people some decorum is needed. I’m not even sure if another encounter with this rep is worth trying to receive 60% of my pay. This rep has worsened my mental condition, but maybe that was the whole purpose... Awful experience and sure he’ll be calling back causing more anxiety. The level of treatment/service Omaha Mutual perpetuates is shameful.
This has been the worst experience ever. It’s probably going to cause me bankruptcy. I fainted and got a concussion. I lost consciousness and 911 was called. I’ve been to 2 er’s And was sent home from work until I could get clearance. My neurologist would not clear me and I was sent to a neuropsycotherapist. After being off work 2.5 mo I finally got cleared for work. Mutual of Omaha is doing everything they can to not pay me. They are seeking all kinds of info on me that has nothing to do with my injury.I’m alone. I’ve used every resource possible to survive and been very blessed with resources but now heavily in debt also. This ruining my life. At this point they owe me several thousand dollars and I don’t have enough medical info to support being off work even though my neurologist is a specialist in concussions. I am in extreme anxiety and despair. I will be months catching up with my payments. I thought it was their job to support their customers, now I realize they are your enemy. My case is not closed yet, but I now realize they are working against me.
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