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MetLife Long Term Care Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: MetLife
Year Founded: 1863
Address: 1095 Avenue of the Americas
City: New York
State/Province: NY
Postal Code: 10036
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 638-5433
Overall average rating of 3.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 26 %
Sometimes it's hard to get in touch with them and it takes several days to get a response via email. And their phone service is good, but I spend more time on hold than I would like. I feel that their policy options meet my needs. They know what I need and offer policies that can provide coverage for those things. There could be more policy options, but overall, I'm satisfied with what I have. The coverage is topnotch. The actual coverage is clear and easy to understand and it's easy to apply and make use of. There's no red tape or complicated paperwork just to understand the coverage. I think, in addition to more policy options, there should be some cheaper and lesser options. However, I am very happy with my policy and with the price I pay to maintain it. Totally worth it.
We have been faithful METLIFE customers for over 20 years. We have both our home and auto insurance and have paid them a great deal of money in two decades with no claims. My insurance agent was very good. I do not recall ever having an agent be so polite and in depth with helping me make my decision on what coverage I would need. Included in our insurance policy is "MetLife Roadside Assistance". You would assume, this would mean when you're stranded on a roadside, and when you need assistance. MetLife life insurance offers prices that rank close to the middle of the market. Though bargain shoppers can find cheaper policies from other discount insurers.
Every time I call them the representative is always pleasant and easy to talk to. If for some reason I have any issues they are sure to help me work it out. I never get confused because they always are sure to clarify things more than once for me. There are several options to choose from and they help you decide which one is the best choice for you. They also help you to understand what policy is necessary. I like that they work around my budget and not just try to sell me the most expensive. Coverage is great. I have exactly what I need from them as far as coverage. I am not worried about any issues I may have in the future because I know I am covered and my family will be okay. They place high value in my opinion as far as the company goes. They are well known and they make me appreciate them everyday. They are an A list company.
Policy options were great. They fit my budget perfectly and I felt good about using this service. The coverage was nice and pleasant. Value was cheap for the extensive service in which the customer will receive. It's nice to work with this good company. Their service was very reliable, trustworthy and awesome. Customer service was OK but could have been better and more clear. But they were wonderful to talk to and pleasant. Would definitely recommend.
They are always considerate and help with my questions. They are always there to listen. They don't rush you off etc like others do. I enjoy using customer services and never have problems. The policy options are great as well. There are diff ones: life insurance, car, etc. etc. Their policies are great. They keep your stuff private. You can confide in them, ask questions etc. The long term care insurance coverage is great. You are covered. You can choose what you want to be covered for, when, how long etc. They help you decide what is best for you. The perceived value is great. They offer great prices, packages etc. They are very considerate of what you want. Other prices at other companies can be outrageous but they are great.
My customer service experience is they are very helpful & willing to help with any questions you may have or any problem. They will help take care of it for you. There is a probate service. Lump sum contributions are permitted at any time as long as they do not exceed Federal Regulatory guidelines. Death benefit amount is the sum of the specified amount & current net cash surrender value as the date of death. Premium received includes the cash accumulation contributions & the cost of Insurance premium. There is administrative Expense charge. The perceived value is $140,000.00 for employee & $30,000 for spouse. There is a term Insurance cost of $786.24 for employee & &107.10 for spouse.
There is a lot of nice policy option available to you. Each one has a breakdown of everything about the option. Each one has words you can understand and read. My long term care coverage is nice. I have coverage if something would happen to me everything will be taken care of. My coverage will pay any and all medical bills and current bills I would have. Also, customer service is very good. They help you in every way through the entire process of it. They answer all questions you have so you know you are making the right choice. The value of this speaks for itself. It is very nice to have. It takes away the worry of bills and medical bills that will occur. It will take care of everything for you. All you have to do is get better.
Whenever I've had the need to make a phone call, I'm treated with a friendly and knowledgeable rep. They are helpful and try their best to be quick and efficient. It has always been pleasant. The policy options overall are great. There have been a couple times where certain services were not covered, but that is pretty rare. All basic needs that I can think of are fully covered. There have been a couple services from specialists that were not. However, those instances are few and far between. Overall I feel like I have pretty adequate coverage. The payments have all been reasonable, especially considering the coverage that is received. There have not been any moments that I've been frustrated with the cost or feel like I'm being ripped off. It feels like an honest company.
What good is insurance if it does not pay what you need in a timely manner? For 6 months I have been trying to get my father’s claim approved, the last four months calling every few days and faxing yet another form to them. They have lost documents. They stopped processing the claim and did not tell me what they need till I contact them. Metlife does not ask for everything at once but each form one at a time is sent to me. I send it back, wait, and then another document is requested.Today the claim is held up because they do not have the tax id number of the Visiting Nurse Association. This is not the 90-day waiting period. That started October 2012. It is a clear case. He is 89. He has cancer. He needs 24-hour care. He cannot walk across the room without assistance. I am looking into legal help. Should I ever manage to get some money, Metlife will only pay for $120 a day for home health care. That does not cover half of my daily expenses. Is this right? This is not wealth protection.
We were treated according to our individual needs and given a plan tailored to our lifestyle. Every part of the process and our plan was clearly explained, and we didn't feel pressured into anything. We had options for our budget, our lifestyle needs, and different flexible payment options. We chose the Whole Life policy so we could continue to add additional money on a tax-favored basis, and so we have cash to use while still living. We have protection for life, a consistent payment plan. I feel as though my partner is given safe and flexible options if I should die, and that to me is invaluable. I feel good with every payment, knowing that we are making a safer future for ourselves.
There were quite a few options that I had through my employer's website to customize it. So overall because of all the options I'm very pleased and happy with the service and options available to me. My coverage is everything that I would need and ask for. I would be more than fully covered if something happened to myself to keep myself and my family safe and covered. Great value for what we get coverage-wise. The ability to customize it with the many available options and the pricing was sensational. With all those considered it's very valuable.
I'm happy with the overall coverage of MetLife Long Term Care. They have a few different policy options to chose from, makes it easy to pick a plan best for you and your budget, cheaper than some other companies. The customer service is pretty good. I currently have no complaints. They are very helpful and easy to understand.
After paying in for 20 years my mother at 93 needs the long term care. Once the claim was started it took not only 90 days waiting but 135 days before we got a payment. The payments get later and later each month. I have to follow up each month to get a payment and each time for the past year get a phone message that the agent will call you in 24 hours and if they don’t you are to call their supervisor. Then when you call the supervisor you get a message that if they don’t get back in 24 hours call their supervisor. Each month when I finally reach them there is a new reason why they haven’t paid. I have been bawled out for writing on an invoice, to calling an agent who is no longer handling my mother’s account. I just know that each month I will spend 3-5 phone calls getting my mother's payment. I can’t believe this company is allowed to prey on seniors. As I read the reviews the positive ones are those who have purchased the policy. They have no idea as to the treatment they will get when they try to collect.
I haven't had any need to use Customer Service yet. I pay my monthly premium every month by automatic withdrawal from my checking account. I really don't know what the policy options are. Maybe, many years ago when I first got the policy I would have read those details but don't know at this time what they are. As I understand it, my policy will cover care I might need down the line for care in a place like a nursing home. I think it will cover my care for as long as I might need it. Even though my monthly premium that I have been paying for quite a few years is almost $120. I think that is about how much a nursing home or place like that charges on a daily basis.
Customer service was okay. It sort of depended on the person you talked to. Sometimes they were very welcoming and joyful and other times they were very rude. I'm happy with the policy options. They were very personal and gave you enough options to pick the right one for yourself and they are great options at that. The coverage is fantastic! They are very flexible and pretty much cover you in any situation. I would recommend it based on coverage to anybody. Overall value I am happy with. I may it may not recommend it to someone overall. There may or may not be better options out there for different individuals.
My wife and I both have LTC with Met life. A couple years back we got a 28% LTC increase in our premiums. Now we are hit with a 50% increase. Hard to believe that they would be allowed such an increase. I would not recommend any type of insurance from Met Life.
Very friendly staff, helpful with questions. Makes you feel valued. Responds in a timely manner, and respectfully. Knowledgeable about their company and services. Resolves any issues you may have in a quick fashion. Great options, many to choose from. Employees can explain each one in detail to you. They tell you what works best for you and why. Customer service breaks down the pricing for you. Great coverage. Very worth the money you put into the service. Covers many aspects and lasts a long term. They mean it when they say long term care. Worth every penny. You end up getting something back for every dollar you pay for the services. Definitely worth the price you pay in the long run of things.
I really really like MetLife and I will just keep blabbing about how great they are. They have wonderful and helpful customer service. Policy options are all through my employer though. This is what they offer and I have to go with it. But I cannot complain very much because it was a very good option.
Good people! When we spoke it seemed like they were genuinely trying to help me out. I've spoken with other financial advisors and they in some way seem to be motivated by commission. The policy options included several options in case there was accidental death or dismemberment but even more content like illness associated with cancer etc. It seems if we age past the age of 90, we will still get coverage as if we were in our early seventies. Not bad as far as we're concerned. The value is pretty good as we will be able to get dividends at the same time. It would be cool if we could roll everything into an IRA but it's probably low-tax issues anyway.
I contacted MetLife Long Term Care today to inquire about cancelling my policy with them. I spoke to Heather and was told that the policy has no cash value and the premium would be lost. I have paid quite a bit of money for coverage for me and my husband and we can't get a refund for our money that we paid in? Is this legal? Where does the money go? Into some reserve in case I need it? Well, I need it now and I do not believe that they have the right to hold anyone's money hostage, if a person wants to cancel with MetLife.What I was also told was that our premiums are going up this year. My payment is due April 1st. I won't be sending in another payment to these crooks. Insurance companies think they have the upper hand over us little people. We need to take action against this type of abuse to elderly people who don't want this insurance. MetLife is pocketing our money.
They know how to handle my needs and were nice to me. They are willing to help and are very understanding. Also, I can cancel the account whenever I want and my payment options are comfortable. I love the policy and the coverage is awesome. It covers everything including my medical exams and visits with the doctor. The value is fair and I get what I pay for.
Everyone is correct about the premium increases. I've had my LTC policy for many years and the premium has more than doubled while I've had to reduce benefits to keep it affordable. I've complained to the Department of Insurance in PA and MetLife many times and I get the standard answer: Your policy has a provision for premiums to increase if MetLIfe and the Dept Of Insurance feel it's needed. Yes, I know that provision is in my policy but based on sales propaganda from MetLife I never expected the premiums to increase 18.8% like they did this year, on top of all the increases every year prior.I've suggested to both MetLife and the dept of insurance they place a new disclosure on their insurance proposals to new prospective clients informing them of all the annual and historical premium increases so the consumer can be advised, I still DO NOT see that disclosure on the proposals. Why, they know if they actually told the truth about REAL premium increases NO ONE would buy their product. I take responsibility for buying a crap product but they should be forced to disclose this for prospective sales. Not disclosing their outrageous increases is as bad as the lie they told me about their financial soundness. I'm sorry I ever did business with MetLife.
They are relatively helpful. They are not remarkable but compared to the customer service I have had with other companies it is much better. You do a relatively good job. They are many different choices. I do not have a lot of experience with this type of thing. However, you seem to have relatively good number of choices. I got the kind of policy that I was looking for. I feel safe with the coverage that I have. It's not for a lifetime but for the time frame that I need it, it is helpful. With a family to keep safe until they can take care of themselves, this is a good policy. The value is good I would say. If I need to use the insurance, which I hope I will not need to, it will be enough for me to pay my bills. If I don't need it, which I hope is the case, I won't feel bad with the money I spent.
They have always been super helpful and friendly. They are sure to answer any questions or concerns I have. I have always received prompt attention from them. I am happy with their policy options. There are options that can be suited for their customer's various needs. It's nice to have a company that gives their customers options. The coverage is ideal for my financial and health situation at this time. I was able to choose a plan that meets my needs. I am very pleased with the value and coverage offered. I have already told several others and recommended this to them. I appreciate the value they are offering us.
I have been working since May 1977 to get payments for my sister who is in assisted living. I am a co guardian of her estate and well being and my daughter is co guardian. MetLife is extremely difficult. All we get is excuses and delays with no check. Yes, we have filled out all the documents and are still waiting for the first check. Their service is deplorable and they don,t pay what my sister is entitled to receive. I strongly recommend that the company be avoided. It appears that we will have to take legal action to get what my sister is entitled to receive.
All questions I had were answered professionally. The person I spoke to was very knowledgeable. She made me feel at ease and didn't rush me. Seemed to me that she genuinely cared. 80% of payment was timely. The bills were played with minor questions. I was just very satisfied with the service I received. I highly recommend the insurance to everyone. MetLife is awesome. I had no hassle with payments and they treated me with respect all the time. If I had a problem it was resolved in a timely fashion. My opinion the insurance is priceless. It kept me from more worry and I could concentrate on recovery. It made life more enjoyable and helped my recovery easier.
I recently had to go to the hospital and was treated extremely well and was taken very well care of. Everything I needed I was provided without any hesitation. Their services provided for me and my medical needs. Every option provided ample services that helped my current situation without causing more distress to my family and friends. The coverages provided left me with no problems to deal with. I was provided the care I needed while I was there and also provided all the necessary needs while recovering at home. Great. They stood behind every word they had said they would. They questioned nothing. Everything was provided for me without a single problem.
Important: something you may not know that can help you against these lying crooks.Before I write out my complaint I just wanted to let everyone that is posting one here know if you are not aware every state has a state insurance commissioner. It is the governing body that overseas all insurance in your state, and when you mention contacting them anyone in the insurance filed whistles a different tune because the commissioner can actually impose steep fines on these companies when they are found to be at fault. Locate your state office and file a complaint. In some cases the insurance companies have had to pay negligence fees to the person they drag through the sham game.My daughter works for Citigroup. She gave birth to a baby girl on 1/21/2012. Back in December her OB/GYN took her out of work because she was suffering from severe insomnia, migraines and sever fatigue, not to mention nausea. The doctor gave her a statement to take her out of work until she was seen at her 6 week check up after giving birth to the baby. My daughter had been on medication for this prior to her becoming pregnant and she had to stop taking the medicine when she found out she was.We had been told on several occasions that the doctor's office was not completing all the paperwork and only submitting some of what was needed. My daughter had just switched to this doctor when he took her off work and on early leave and MetLife was aware that the switch was made because the other office she was going to was very incompetent and you never got a straight answer. Boy, did they use this knowledge to their advantage combined with the fact that my daughter and her husband are young and very trusting.After her visit in December (which Amber took the paper with her for the doctor to fill out) they submitted it. Then this lady named Gail called my daughter and acted as if she was on her side and would even contact the doctor’s office to help them fill out the paper work. All along my daughter was being told the doctors were not being cooperative and submitting the necessary forms, etc. Fast forward to the day after delivery. My daughter contacted MetLife to let them know she had given birth and to inform them that at that point if they did not have to paperwork back, she would just have her maternity leave start the day she had her daughter and waive the pay for early leave, even though she was entitled to it. Her thoughts were: I have had the baby, they can not deny my leave. Think again.They told her that since the doctors failed to return the paperwork, that in fact Gail had called them and tried to walk them through the section that was needed and they refused to talk to her on the phone and had her fax the paper. MetLife said they did and never got it back so they denied the claim for early maternity leave, and because she had not worked up to her delivery her maternity leave all together was denied. How can you deny her leave after giving birth based on her not being at work when she was under doctor's care to not go to work? They break any law they can because people are not aware that all insurance companies answers to some powerful people. I am not contacting the commissioner in our state and then MetLife. Bring it on you scam artist because mama bear is ready to tango. Oh, and by the way, I am so glad I found this site last night because it was my intention to call the doctor’s office first thing this morning and let them have it. Instead I told them what and who MetLife was blaming it on and the nurse went over all the phone records, fax records and what the doctor wrote to them and will be giving us copy. They did everything requested of them and now they are furious too. I will not stop until I get something done because they need to be shut down. Good luck everyone!
I was one of the only 193 people worldwide who were informed about Met deciding they need a 45 percent across the board increase for former and current BAE employees. I have faithfully met my premiums since this program was offered in1999. And every three years, when offered, I accepted the cost of living increase. This alone should reflect Met has adjusted for inflationary costs.I am almost positive I am the only one left from the Eglin AFB, 600 or so, who still has an active policy, and I would be surprised if there were as many as 5 in the whole state of Florida. First Met has to convince the FL Insurance Commission that to deny any increase could cause a hardship for Met Life to continue in this type of coverage. 193 people in total hardly makes a hardship to this mega co., but 45 percent is definitely a hardship to us. It should not be our fault that Met gambled their investments away or didn't plan on the onslaught of baby boomers. I will fight this tooth and nail with the FL Insurance Commission. I have been in contact with them. If necessary, I will drive to Tallahassee to state my case. If anyone out there has received this latter, please contact me. I have investigated this thoroughly, and we all know there's power in numbers. Each states' ins commissioners will make the call for their state.
In 2013 I got infected with Salmonella Bacteria and had been hospitalized for quite sometimes and needed my long term care to help and had my long term care insurance with MetLife Insurance Company. Currently I'm struggling to get my expense from MetLife Insurance company and they keep ignoring me.
On my Met Life policy I have an individual listed to be notified in the event I do not pay my annual premium. This individual was notified 2/5/2016 that my premium was not paid, which was due on 12/27/2015. The payment was made on time by my bank's auto payment. I called Met Life customer service and spoke to a Michelle who was very impolite and could not explain why my son received a notice of lapse of payment on my account. She refused to contact the billing department or IT on my behalf to determine why the lapse of payment notice was sent out. I would evaluate the whole episode as extremely poor customer service. I requested to speak to a manager or supervisor and was told none were available. Interesting that Met Life operations were on auto pilot. Is it any wonder insurance premiums are so high? No management available to help resolve problems. The phone number I called was 1-888-563-3761. I was not able to determine why the notice of non payment was sent or if this would happen again.
With the long term insurance I choose to go with is Metlife and they have a great policy option. I really feel like I don't have to settle for less. They cover a lot of what I wanted. I didn't have to worry about not having what I needed. Metlife has a great value for what they offer. What I pay for is what I get and its great. The customer service that I've had with Metlife is also great. I never have to wait on hold when I call and have a problem. Its resolved right then. I always feel like I come first with Metlife.
Where do I begin! My 95 year old WWII vet has been paying into this policy for more than 30 years and now he needs it more than ever. This is the most inefficient, poorly run, joke of a company. Every time I call, I get a different answer. There is little to no follow up. I have to calendar myself to follow up on everything. They can't find my emailed claims, when they can, they can't read the scan of the email. Finally I received a note that my father's start date for service was in Oct 2016 and that he could retrieve benefits after the 90 calendar waiting period. I have since been told that the waiting period only counts when he receives 2 days/week of treatment which pushes us out over a year to March 2018!!! It seems at every turn there is an excuse or a loophole holding my father's benefits hostage. Between the year of premium payments and now the immense amount of time it is taking me to squeeze funds from this company, it is not worth it. Considering getting an attorney involved.
I am thrilled because I had a lot of questions when I first signed up and they were wonderful and patient. I never was left feeling like an imposition, but a valued partner. Policy options for me included hospitalization and an in-home nurse should it be needed. I paid a $1000 deductible per calendar year and the rest was covered at 100% which is nothing like what most policies of this nature cover. I would say that my long-term coverage is enough to take care of me when I need it if I am in long term rehab or if I have surgery then I know finances are not something I need to worry about here. The value of reassurance is immeasurable and I would say the price was more than reasonable for the service and security this policy and company provides.
Agents are very helpful with assisting you with finding the right policy for you. Any issues I have had, they have solved them in a matter of minutes! They are extremely efficient in all that they do. I definitely recommend! They offer a nice assortment of policies that are fit to your lifestyle, your income, and your other needs as well. It's easy to pick a policy because they are all fantastic! And there are wonderful agents to help you along the way with your needs. There are a lot of options offered within each policy. Each policy has its own benefits and offer great coverage that fit whatever your needs may be. This is a wonderful company. The policies offered are very cost efficient and worth the amount you have to pay. They are a lot cheaper than most companies and offer more too.
I had some concern about coverage when I contacted your company. Your operator was helpful and informative, had answered all my questions promptly. I would recommend this company. There are an average amount of options and when I called to change my options they were all explained to me but it all seemed very confusing so the customer service rep helped me pick one that would fit me well. I have had very little that I had to come outta pocket for, so very little to complain about. Coverage is extensive and you will have no problems. Coverage is not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. You can choose to pay a low rate and pay more outta pocket but why would you want that.
Constantly raising rates. Company will not release unspent funds in the event customers find a better policy/rate and want to change to a different carrier. They seem to appropriate the assets for their use. Over $20K of my money is parked in their account, would hate to walk off from it. Employees of ML seemed unconcerned. (Did I miss something? I was raised thinking it was against the law to steal someone else's money?) Anyone have any experience or advice?
They were very friendly to me when I talked to people and they had no troubles answering all of my questions. Overall I'd say great customer service. Great business. I pay a little bit every month and I'm covered for pretty much anything that could happen to me for the rest of my life because of my MetLife long term care insurance. They allow you to pay basically what they think you're able to afford and give you the best coverage possible. The value of my insurance is great.
I have read the other reviews, and I cannot agree more. I had no idea that I could make a complaint to the Florida Insurance Commission. My husband and I will certainly begin that paper work. We feel we are behind the eight ball. We have had to tap into savings to pay this year's premiums... a 102% increase... seriously. When my husband was in assisted living for several months, I jumped through every hoop that they required, and then they had the audacity to require us to pay back the amount that we used for that stay.... I thought there was a waiver??? We have held this policy since 1996 when we bought it at the suggestion of the educational system where we were employed. The premise was awesome... the delivery, not nearly so. If only we could receive a refund so that we might look to purchase another, more equitable policy should one exist. We will see a financial advisor to help us to determine where we can cut back on these premiums and still be covered for a modicum of care. This is so reprehensible.
MetLife is a good company and we feel secure with them. We are confident that they will be there when we need them. Their policy options are satisfactory. It could be better but the more you want the more the premiums go up. Coverage includes room & board, medical staff, and a nice outside environment for walking & exercising. They also have a nice cafeteria & public facilities. Value would be somewhere around $150,000 but this is my perception. Moreover, the staff was nice. Living quarters were fair, clean, and well maintained.
It was fine. Lots of details to process in a short amount of time. Agent was patient. I was pleased I made the selections I made with the assistance. There were a lot of options and choices that had to be made. I could not have done on a website. The new regulations force unneeded changes. The representatives had to spend a fair amount of time explaining the pros and cons of the different options. I rest easier with peace of mind with what feels to me like an affordable option. I am still unclear about some of the differences.
In 2003, I signed a contract with AARP MetLife Life Insurance. I elected a policy with a fixed premium and coverage that would increase with inflation. The contract stipulated that my contribution would never increase due to my age or health. That was the Custom Program. Yesterday I received a letter saying, due to actuarial calculations, my premium will increase 15% in 2019 and more in subsequent years. There was an envelope enclose for me to opt out of MetLife Long Term Care Insurance or greatly reduce my benefit. What!!! After 15 years and $16,000 of premiums paid, MetLife is going to welch on the deal. Does someone out there have the same experience? Who knows what I should do? HELP!
MetLife’s policy options were extensive making it easy for everyone to receive the type of coverage that they desired. I am getting everything that I need and the rates are much better than the ones I researched with other companies making it accessible to people of various income. Plus, the numerous options make it easy for people to choose what is best suited for their needs. I like to get as many details as possible when it comes to purchasing items. The customer service representatives answered all my questions and were very professional.
My mother paid $224 monthly after rate increases, for long term care policy, with cash out if never used. June 2018 I called to make claim for help. I was told up to 15 days for forms. They never came. Mom died July 1st. I faxed death certificate and forms for premium refund $30,000. I've faxed and called and emailed everything they asked for... This is the most UNPROFESSIONAL, CONFUSED company I've had to deal with. It's now January 2019 and I'm still trying to get this straighten out. Next step will be attorney. Very upset. I wonder if this is how they profit!
I have received a letter from Metlife dated 9/10/2014 stating a 102% premium increase on my LTC policy. Options significantly reduce coverage -- with a 60-80% increase. Coverage change forms are required by 10/10/2014. No reasons for the increase were given. I called Metlife on 9/15 and spoke with agent Rhonda who informed me the company had applied to IDOI for a 58% increase and had been cleared for a 102%; NOT true per Metlife's 8/2014 documented applications.I am 67 and I cannot sustain this increase; nor can most other seniors. This is unconscionable on the part of Metlife and even more so, the state of Illinois. Metlife is an educator's policy, and I would hope educators are not a group to alienate--certainly not at election time. On behalf of its already beleaguered seniors, educators and residents, Illinois needs to address and redress this atrocity. Clearly, Metlife has no social conscience and cannot be appealed to. I know they have dropped the sale of LTC but do they really expect to keep a customer base for their other products with this sort of abuse?I have filed a complaint with DOI, and contacted IEA, the governor's and inspector general's offices, my state and US reps, and AARP. As of 10:00 this morning, AARP had received more than 60 calls from Illinois policy holders.
Everyone there at the customer service is very good. I like the fact they take time to answer my questions. They are very nice and helpful. The policy options, I like the fact that they verify your contact stuff. They are very nice and remind you of the policy. They do not let any of your information slip. The overall coverage is very very very good. I do recommend this insurance company. You will not be disappointed because they take their time to talk to you and understand you. The value of the insurance company is okay. I do like it a lot. I cannot complain, but I don't like that sometimes the calls or website glitches.
Every person that has helped me with my situation has been a big assistance to me and my family. Employees are very knowledgeable and always genuinely involved in making my experience as good as possible. The policy options are definitely acceptable for me in my situation. I personally recommend anybody to go over the available policies with an expert to help guide you in the right direction. The coverage provided by MetLife has always been exactly what I need from an insurance provider. The options available allow you to cover almost any situation that might come up. The perceived value I've always found to be very beneficial for me in my situation as I look to insure those who are closest to me. Once I found this company I knew it was the best choice for me.
After looking at all reviews I noticed that the individuals giving this company high ratings are the ones that have purchased the policy. Believe me if you ever have to use your LTC policy it is a nightmare. My father has had this policy for over 20 years and due to illness had to start using his plan. EVERY month I have to contact customer service about his reimbursement not being paid within the time frame the policy states. They always different excuses and I feel horrible for the elder that have this policy and do not have any family members helping.
They have me the information I needed, but they didn't sound exactly pleased to be helping me, or doing their job. The tone of the salesperson was dry. He didn't try to set my mind at ease. It was just trying to get me done to move on with life. Of the choices that were presented, I felt very comfortable about what policies I could choose. There was a good balance of service to payment options, and that was all I really needed. I don't really know too much about which policies cover what, but from what it seemed like I think that they provided enough for certain providers to pick up. Based off my income, and the services offered, I felt like what I did earlier which was that the ratio of pay to services was pretty decent; enough to be content about.
I have MetLife Long Term Care through my place of employment. They have very well customer service when they explained the plan. I am very very satisfied with all of the options that they provide for me to choose from and the coverage plans seem to fit me very well. The value seems to be reasonable with all the other programs that are available to me. Will be checking around but very satisfied with the value. I will be trying to upgrade in the near future.
My wife has a long term care policy that she has now had to tap into twice. Both experiences were miserable and beyond frustrating to say the least. MetLife sends one form at a time to complete and it takes months to even be able to begin submitting expenses. Same experience as many other writers. Just curious...for others who have had to use benefits, MetLife sends a letter stating that premiums are 'waived' during the time you are benefit eligible. Then, when that period ends, they back-bill you for the months the premiums were waived.....seems unethical to us.
This is an excellent program for life insurance and longterm care. I feel secure and safe with this insurance. I am very satisfied and would recommend this to anyone. Monthly price with coverage up to 1,000,000 dollars and with greater benefit later if I continue. Covered from all accidents, death as well as future disabilities. The coverage continues lifelong and keeps me protected. I have an illness and this keeps me safe. I love it!! The price is reasonable. It may seem like a waste initially but nothing quite covers for the protection it provides in the future. Especially if you have a difficult illness.
Long story short... After getting my policy reinstated (took months) they want me to pay the back premiums and current due! The scathing reviews about Met, Genworth etc. made us reconsider the value. My husband has a policy as well. We decided since he is more likely to need the extra coverage I won't keep mine. I believe our risk of both of us needing LTC at the same time is less than the cost of continuing the costly premiums. Met did the shuffle with Genworth, I stayed with them. What an industry rip-off! Class action please include me! I have documented everything!
Reliable, reasonable and secure. The kind of insurance everyone would want for themselves. Top of the line quality and dependable. I trust them with my family. Their policy is best for me and my family. They work with you based on each individual situation. They have various payment plans and various payment options. They covers kids of all ages and adults as well. They also pretty much cover various insurances and work with people if your insurance does not cover necessities. The value of the insurance is worth the risk. The quality is top notch and I would recommend this company to anyone looking for something worth while.
Applied and was accepted and have gotten the policy we felt was right for our family. The policies we were given to choose from were right for our need and budget. They covered the things we were most concerned with and thought we would need if the situation warranted. The rates and fees were within range for the services and benefits we were looking at compared to other companies with the same general comparisons.
I love the customer service of MetLife. They have become one of the popularity in the United states. I would recommend these to everybody. They are very honest and have much respect for the customers, well mannered. The policy was very hard to understand but since you read the terms of it it is very understanding. I had to get my lawyer to help to make decision with them and I pick the right company to myself. The coverage was full and honest with the value. I would tell everyone to get the best for the best. It is worth it. You wouldn't waste your money on nothing. My money was well spent on this company. I pay every month to them. I would let everyone know to be with them and to get up hurry and sign up.
The customer service representatives were very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable about insurance and explaining how everything worked. I was very pleased with their service. The customer service representatives were very helpful at helping me find coverage that would be able to cover my mother's needs. They made everything seem so easy.
We have had this insurance for over 18 years without claims. During this serious health crisis we have found that receiving payment for a claim is a very slow tedious process. After dealing with this process for months MetLife, though they had a copy of our bank check to confirm electronic deposit, entered the information in error. I have been checking with them for a week without any satisfaction. They told me it was my bank's fault and to contact them. I did and found that the payment had been entered erroneously and returned the same day. 5 days later they have still not rectified the issue and sent a new payment to my bank. We're senior citizens on a limited budget. This company needs to be more responsive when they make errors and timely in rectifying them. I was told it would be at least 3 days longer before anything could be done. Original check sent out on Feb. 13 by bank and returned as there was no account for the number they sent it to. It is now Feb 21 nothing has been done.
MetLife has the best value for your money. They’re very cheap and I’m covered from head to toe. The customer service representatives are professional and prompt. They make sure they handle whatever issue or concern you may have. I would recommend this company to anyone of my friends and relatives.
They have a lot of options for you to choose from and the coverage that you need. If you see something that you want they can tailor it to you and your family's needs. You can save a lot of money if you deal with them. I would recommend MetLife because it is a good company.
Great. Every time I call I get great service. I love the coverage for me and my family. I feel protected, covered, secure. I do not worry about this company screwing me over. Never have any questions or concerns about the policy options. The policymakers are very clear and concise with what I need and the policy terms. I can always depend on having coverage for everything for me and my family. Anything I have a question, it is very easy, and simply explained to me and I don't feel dumb. The value of this company is very important to me because of the history. It has helped me and my family for generations. Had it not been for my family's recommendations, I would be with this company.
It’s been 2 years trying to get mortgage modification with MetLife They don’t listen, they don’t help, and they don’t care. It is very hard to communicate.
My husband and I have had paid into this insurance program for 15 years. When I tried to use the insurance they gave me a runaround. 1. It would take 8 days for me to receive benefit forms through the US postal service. Park Plaza Long-term Hospital insisted that they send the form through e-mail, the hospital faxed the completed forms back to them. They gave us a tag by phone runaround for 4 days. We call them and our call was not returned until the next day when they claimed they need more forms filled out. My husband died 4 days later. We received nothing from this insurance. It is a big fraud. They accept money from people and do not pay up when you need the service. After 15 years of payments I think we should have received better service. Think of all the people that are members of AARP that fell for this fraud insurance.
They were nice to me. The experience is okay. It's harder to come to terms that you need their company in the first place. Customer service was not at all like what I had been expecting from them would be like. They don't handle questions very well. I am paying out of my butt to have certain coverage from them. They aren't covering everything I was told that they would cover. I am very disappointed with them. They aren't covering enough for me when compared to what I'm spending. I would probably be better off paying out of pocket.
Overall an enjoyable experience. MetLife made it easy to apply, made sure I had a firm understanding of the policy, worked out the details of coverage and made it affordable. The policy in which I currently hold has a coverage of about a quarter million dollars or $250,000 in coverage. But more than that it gives me and my family the peace of mind that in case I do need care that there is going to be a way to get it and maintain that care in a fashion that is reasonable for me and my family both. It allows for placement in long term care with the coverage of all services and medications to be covered.
My Mom lives in an assisted living facility and has been receiving MetLife long term care reimbursement for a couple of years. The money has helped to pay a portion of the monthly rent at her facility and the family appreciates the assistance. However, it was not that easy to begin receiving the benefits, it appeared to be unnecessarily difficult and time consuming and MetLife makes receiving the monthly reimbursement too difficult to receive as well. MetLife changes the fax # to receive the invoices and does not notify anyone and they do not offer direct deposit. When I call customer service, they appear to just want the customer to go away as opposed to truly helping resolve issues. I will not do any further business with MetLife for any of our family’s needs in the future.
My parents faithfully paid monthly premiums to MetLife LTC for over 20 yrs. They were both satisfied with the insurance until they needed it. In the Spring of 2018, my mother entered a nursing home due to permanent health issues she was having. My father contacted the company to initiate benefits. His experience was similar to others: every time he called, either his rep was out of the office, or would call him back (which never happened), after completing a mountain of complicated paperwork & submitting it, his customer service experience did not improve.It simply changed from it being frustratingly hard to even be able to contact someone to receiving paperwork from the company indicating they were "researching" his claim. Unfortunately, after two months in a nursing home, my mother died. MetLife LTC is still "researching" my father's claim. Even worse, he has now received written notification that MetLife LTC is increasing the monthly premium ON MY MOTHER, WHO HAS BEEN DEAD FOR A MONTH! My elderly father must continue to pay the increased premiums. If he cancels the LTC coverage on my deceased mother while the company is "researching" his claim, he gets nothing.As of this date, all my father has received from this company is excuses & delaying tactics. Also, after reviewing the 5 star ratings on this site, most of them were submitted over a 4 week period and the information associated with each, indicating what a great company MetLife LTC is all contain general statements, such as "My long term coverage is nice." I saw only one that actually had to use the insurance & it had no specific details, only generalities. Very suspicious to me. I used to think MetLife was a reputable company. Not anymore.
The customer service they provide at MetLife is truly exceptional. They were so kind and helpful and made sure I understood all of my options and helped me select what best fit my needs. At MetLife they had plenty of policy option that customer care went over with me. I let them know what I was looking for and what I could honestly afford and the helped me choose one that best fits my needs at a price I could afford. The coverage offered by MetLife is amazing, given what I knew I could I afford it went in expecting very little but was shown something affordable and more than worth it is definitely walked away feeling secure. The value of what I was offered by MetLife is more than what I pay it truly is affordable their customers care and service also make its value much higher I couldn't expect anything more
The agent was helpful and took time to explain the benefits of the plan and answer questions that I have. The agent recommended different plans that might interest me and let me decide which option I would like. The provider has different policy options that you can select from depending on your financial situation and what type of policy you are looking for. The long term care insurance plan was affordable and seems to provide the right protection that I need in the future if I needed long term care. The value seems satisfactory and the price that I pay per month is affordable.
MetLife is reliable, reasonable and secure. The kind of insurance everyone would want for themselves. Dependable. I trust them with my family. They covers kids of all ages and adults as well. They also pretty much cover various insurances and work with people if your insurance does not cover necessities. Their policy is best for me and my family. They work with you based on each individual situation. They have various payment plans and payment options. The value of the insurance is worth the risk. The quality is top notch and I would recommend this company to anyone looking for something worthwhile.
Always friendly. Never had a problem when calling. Generally answers the phone quickly. They always answer my questions. Great service. The coverage seem to cover all of the options that I need. They are very helpful if I have any questions related to my plan. I'm glad I found them. The value of their medical coverage is adequate for the monthly price I'm being charge. I never have had any issues when I've need to use the coverage.
I'm paying for a long-term care service and I am extremely happy with my coverage that it's locked in at a flat rate for at least 5 years. Even if they change it, it usually doesn't go up by much. I also get exactly what I pay for and ask for. In addition, there are many policies to choose from and they are very flexible. Whatever kind of policy you need, whether it be an ordinary one or a policy specific for you, they will get it done. Sometimes I get someone who is more than happy to deal with me but other times, I get someone who seems like they don't even want to be there, let alone help me with my problems.
Wonderful customer service! Personalized to each family and always a fast response. Great representatives and always have the right answer. Multiple policy options to choose from and can be tailored to each of your needs and/or wants. Love all the different policy options. The long term care insurance is one of the best policies that I have researched. It works best for my family and I. Would definitely recommend others to research with the company. The value is wonderful. I do not feel overcharged, etc. I feel like my policy package and the price I pay is very equal. Very satisfied!
I've never had a question go unanswered. Whenever I call, Customer service reps do their best to give me the answers I need as quickly as possible. I'm not very familiar with my policy options, but if I had any questions I know that I could reach out to MetLife and they would be answered immediately. MetLife offers comprehensive outstanding long-term care coverage. Everything has been transparent from the beginning, and I have no complaints. The value of having good long-term coverage is something you cannot put a price on. Knowing that I will have help when I need it is extremely important.
Met Life just DOUBLED my premium for long term care insurance. Current "economic conditions" in the health care industry are now really better than in the last decades. This seems to be a totally bogus argument. I don't know what my options are.
MetLife's value and coverage are awesome and the policy is amazing. I can honestly say that compared to other companies this one tops the list and I am proud to be a part of this company. The customer service is amazing too. Each time I call in the representative is happy, has a positive attitude and is willing to help.
I called to address a concern, but for some reason I couldn't pay through online crediting but, customer service help me clear this up really well. The option same range from life insurance with mild illness. You can also get family insurance. And burial insurance. They help with everything. As long as you keep up with your premium the quality of services will be exceeded. If you stop payment the previous payments don't matter and still belong to them, after they drop your coverage. There can always be better options and better choices. But if you want someone that will be there in your time of distress, they will come to your aid. It may be a costly penny but it's definitely worth it.
I am very happy with the coverage. I think for what the benefits I would be receiving the price is very valuable. Being a physician, I depend on my hands to do my job, if god forbid something were to happen that my hands cannot be used their insurance would be a lifesaver. I thankfully have not needed to use it but I am confident that when and if I needed them they will be there to assist me. We had a rep come to my workplace, a hospital, to sit and explain to each of us all of our options. They were able to show me how much my monthly cost would be depending on how much of my salary I wanted to receive monthly if I was needing long term care. Every time I call, their customer service were always very helpful and answers all my questions. Even if the wait was long, which was never longer than 5 mins, they were apologetic and ready to assist me in whatever I needed.
Customer service is great. They are fast and efficient and very, very nice people. They make sure all your accommodation and needs are met and that's why I'd recommend this to anyone. Lots of different policy options to choose from so that's really good and I appreciate that because I honestly didn't know what to do before I heard about this. Coverage is great. I'm definitely satisfied with the coverage. It's just what I need and I'm glad they cover their customers or else I wouldn't be with them. Their value is pretty decent. It could have been a little bit more cheaper but I appreciate it and couldn't have found a better company.
There are many different policies to choose from and can be somewhat intimidating for someone who does not understand the differences between all of the plans. The coverage seems to be broad enough to cover any needs that may arise in the future as I get older. The price I pay for the plan I chose seems to be comparable with other similar companies' offerings.
I have had limited experience with their customer service, but whenever I have called they have been helpful. Short wait times, minimal or no transfers, clear responses. They provide plenty of options, allowing for optimal coverage even for those with lower income. I plan to save more as my income increases, and the plan allows for this but it suits my needs now as well. The plan allows me to feel confident in my ability to be covered. Even though my income is relatively low, I was still able to find a plan which suits my needs and which is reasonably priced. Again, I feel the the cost is affordable, but without sacrificing quality. The ability to feel secure is really invaluable... But nevertheless comes with a price tag. In my opinion, the price tag here matches the value.
It's been limited but they legitimately want to help and are very professional. Easy to speak with and they seem caring and concerned. Don't spend much time not speaking to a human. Options are plentiful and good for all customers. They seem fair for most people and gaining a quote was simple. They knew what they were talking about. They seem to want to help with the most coverage. Options are good. With good customer service it means the experience solid. The price seems fine. Coverage is good. Options are appropriate. Overall we are going to say good things.
So I guess you pay thousands of dollars year after year for insurance protection you hope you never need. Then the time comes and you need LTC for your elderly family and guess what? MetLife NEVER CALLS BACK. So good luck getting "Long Term Care" before you die waiting for a call back. As well, you cannot submit a complaint on the phone! Well, try calling their corporate office on the east coast! I had to call several times to get that number. For now, be warned and save your money. Better yet, find a reputable insurance company because MetLife IS NOT the one you can count on!
My wife and I are approaching our 10th years of being insured by MetLife for long term care. We just received notice that as of May, 2015 our premium will increase by 102%. I have called the company and lodged a complaint with the Illinois Department of Insurance. In both cases, this increase has been defended as necessary because of unexpected increases in the cost of providing long term care. MetLife needed to prove to the Insurance Commission that their reserves were inadequate to cover expected expenses and the green light for this crazy increase was lit.My feeling is that insurance company are protected by Insurance Commissions from bad forecasting and can't be allowed to lose money. Unlike other businesses, there is no downside to bad forecasting, poor investment results or fewer lapses than expected. Insurance companies don't pay for their mistakes, they just raise premiums. Since MetLife got out of the long term care insurance business 4 years ago, they don't have new insureds to zing with big premiums so they are left with abusing existing customers. They are demanding premiums that will force many to cancel their policies which is exactly what MetLife is hoping for. They have a protected status that insulates them that is unique and grossly unfair to the unsuspecting insureds like us.We fully understood that there could be increases and in the 5th years there was one for 18% but would ever had expected 102%! Because of the size of the increase, we will be entitled to paid up long term care insurance in the amount of the premiums we paid but at 10 years it will amount to about $35,000 as compared to the $350,000 we would be entitled to if we kept the policy in force and there will be no inflation protection or shared care.I think legal action against MetLife is worth considering. What is to keep an insurance company from low balling their premiums when selling a product when they know they can show an insurance commissions poor reserves later and then get an whopping premium increase which causes many insureds to cancel their policies??? How can other long term care insurers have no premium increases in those same 10 years? Are they that much better at estimating than MetLife? Lots of questions that need answers. I wish I had faith in the Illinois Department of Insurance to look more closely at this instead of nodding their heads and saying, "yep, they don't have enough reserves so let them raise their premiums 102%....why not?"
My company used to do business with MetLife, but they've dropped them for good reason. We could choose to stay with them and I did. Not only have I had to call multiple times to get my personal information updated, but they can't get my billing correct. They are overcharging me and no one can explain why. I've asked to speak to a manager, but am told the manager is not available and I'll get a callback. I have been a long time client and deserve to be treated with respect. I've never filed a claim, they've just been racking in my premiums and this is the treatment I get for years of my business? Time for a change. I now see why my company left them.
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