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MetLife Life Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: MetLife
Year Founded: 1863
Address: 1095 Avenue of the Americas
City: New York
State/Province: NY
Postal Code: 10036
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 638-5433
Overall average rating of 2.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 21 %
I like my policy and the amounts I can carry. Also I like the customer service I get. They are really fast and friendly. I never have to wait for a response and I never have to wait on hold to speak to customer service. I've had nothing but good experiences. Really fast and friendly customer service. Knowing that I'm protected and feeling secure with this company is great. I wish the policy payments were a little less expensive but even then I'm paying a very reasonable amount. I really enjoy being a customer of theirs. Overall I would recommend them to family and friends.
All my married life our family has used MetLife and before that my family used MetLife and we have never had a problem with them. They processed our claims quickly and efficiently and their fees are comparable to other insurance companies.
Our relative passed away on May 28th 2013. He was a federal government employee, working for the U.S. Government Land Management Office, Albuquerque, NM. USA. The relatives were contacted by MetLife, from Ithaca, NY about a insurance the above relative had purchased previously many years ago. Basically: 1. MetLife had many stipulations concerning the "payoff" of the insurance.
2. MetLife never gave any type of answer concerning "the face value of the insurance"!
3. Usually insurance is bought in "even stipulations of value" such as: $10K, $20K, $25K, or even $50K. They claimed the insurance was for the small value of $10K, which is "peanuts" in (2014).4. MetLife never "undated the recipients of the insurance money." Stall tactics, holding back, playing chicken, looking the other way, ignoring the recipients of the insurance, and other evasive tactics were used, "so that MetLife did not have to pay this insurance". MetLife was asked several times, to tell the "face value of the life insurance", which they ignored on purpose! On - MetLife has acquired a very bad reputation as a insurance company, and using "Snoopy The Dog", as a icon.
I am out of work for surgery on my injured elbow. I am in bankruptcy. I cant make my Mortgage payments while I'm out of work. I have been out since July. I received a letter saying they filed a motion to relieve my automatic stay, with intent to follow through with foreclosure. They denied my hardship withdraw even though it was to prevent foreclosure. It also was a ridiculous game of phone tag with them. If I had a choice I would never give MetLife a dime.
I'm new to the company. But, from what I've gathered. It was the best deal going on a new policy for a person my age. I look forward to working with company on other policies.
I have not had any substantial dealings with this company as of yet but I am happy with the premiums. When I need some information, they deliver it in a timely manner.
We have had a good experience with insurance. Not too bad of a price and good coverage that we need. Have been with them for eight years so but as we age we are always looking for something new and fit to our lifestyle and age so if there is anything new out there for we are always willing to look into it and see if it is something we would like so we are covered as we grow old.
MetLife is a friendly and time effective company. From the initial contact, MetLife and its reps maintains a open line of customer service either by phone or email. MetLife has a very solid claim management process that is quick at delivering customer's results and get them what they desire. They give customers high level of control over their policies and allows their insurance coverage to meet their changing needs without hassle. MetLife is not only there for you, but is also there for your family.
I have had a claim in with MetLife for 60 days and it's not been processed yet and they just give me the runaround with every call. The reps are rude and do not know anything about customer service. Don't ask to speak to a lead or supervisor they are never available. I have sent all medical records the day I filed the claim 12/13/2017. I am over the lies and the different stories every call! I regret ever dealing with them.
MetLife has the best rates and I have had good customer experience with them in the past. They have a very good online site. They make it easy for me to modify the policies I have and change things as needed. I have automobile insurance through this company as well. They have been very helpful anytime I have had a claim in the past. But I do not like the lack of a mobile app for this company. I would like to have one in which I can interact with them for any questions or claims I might have.
I am satisfied with my life insurance company because of the convenience. I set the amount each year when I set my benefits at work and then I never have to worry about it, I trust it will be there for my family if they ever need it. I like having an insurance company that is easy for me to set up and reliable enough that I know that things will be taken care of if anything were to ever happen to me. I really like that. I can't say that I am more than satisfied because I personally will never need to use my life insurance. Hopefully my family won't need to use it in the near future either. I trust my company and the insurance providers they have us use so because of this I feel confident that if the worst was to happen and my family needed to use my life insurance, the money would be there for them.
This company insured my daughter's car. She had an accident from poor repairs on putting on tires which Discount Tire- over tighter lug nuts. MetLife had my daughter take the car to their DRP shop who failed to repair the car properly. They failed to put in a lower control arm and bail joint ordered in writing to pick up the car 1800 miles away while ordered by her Doctor to stay on bed rest or they would pull the rental. She picked up the car against my wishes. Car was all over the road, lost control twice on this trip and ended up on my orders to stop and take to shop. Found ball joint and lower control arm never replaced but claimed alignment was good, not possible. Was claims manager car was unsafe. MetLife takes no ownership of this as expected. It is their DRP shop- makes them look bad. Car now is total loss per them. Review any company for insurance they all claim to give the best prices- but the service is what matters- cheap insurance is as bad as none. This company by far is worst insurance company out there. Do your homework before you buy!
After my husband had worked for a company for 39 years with the same life insurance plan, he had to retire with a disability of True vocal Cord cancer. Metlife reevaluated his benefits and decided to jack up his rates and offered us 25k for 178.00. NEVER do business with this company, cold hearted.
As a business owner, they are HORRIBLE to work with. It is absolutely painful to work with them. If I ran my business this way I would be out of business. The list of hoops they make you jump through just goes on and on. They won't mail invoices, they won't take payment over the phone. They don't staff their call centers to speak with someone on the phone, they cash your payments and don't apply it to your account. The list goes on and on. I have only used them for 6 months and I am definitely in the market for find a replacement. Surely there has to be an insurance company that doesn't treat their customers this way.
It's life insurance. As long as I'm breathing there is nothing to say. The premium could always be lower. Billing is OK but comes at the wrong time of year.
It's comparable to other insurance I have seen offered. I chose this one because of the coverage and competitive price of premium. Haven't had a chance to make the claim to see if they are what they are promised but so far I have not seen anything really bad about the insurance yet.
My Husband purchased this policy almost two years ago. It was paid every month. Now MetLife claims it hasn't been paid in five months. No letter and 500.00 to reinstate. They are shysters. Now he has to shop around for a new Co. How have they stayed in Business!! They claim they sent letters. Not true. Did they call, NO. He had trouble with them almost Six months into the policy. First they would say there was no money in the account then it was something Else! The funny part is that so far I haven't had any problems yet!!!
I was in an accident in May 2015. Even though the police report showed the Met Life driver to be at fault, the claim was only rewarded fifty percent of The costs. The road on which the accident occurred had a left turn lane and the driver pulled into it and tried to turn right (no signal was used). How can this be a "he said, she said" claim? This is a rip off by Met Life and is really bad practice.
I buy medicine from MetLife site. They promised to getting 30% discount but actually, we get 20% discount with VAT extra. Medicines are selling with all inclusive. Then why charge VAT? At outside medical store not charge VAT on medicine because of its all inclusive. So finally I am not satisfied with your site.
Got sick. Went on short term dis. Waited weeks and weeks to get paid, sometimes 2 months. Always some paper screw up. I didn't send this or that. Call, ask for her supervisor and wow, there's the papers. Got sent to long term dis., same crap. Doctors' paperwork never right, never on time, not complete. After 13 months of getting jerked around, I begged my doctor to let me go back to work. I was broke couldn't pay my bills waiting for MetLife's checks to show. He said okay but any problems with my heart or passing out for no reason like I have been doing, I'm back out. MetLife needed more. MY doctor sent me to Cleveland clinic to figure out my heart and passing out issues. MetLife needed papers from them. I needed a release form. My doctor filled out paperwork for my employer (at their request) I can go back to work. The company on suggestion from MetLife said I should not come back till they get more info. 5 months later, MetLife tells me and the company they paid for medical records but I'm stopping them from getting them. The Cleveland clinic tells me that's not true. MY employer calls me and tells me because I've been out for 18 months and won't give MetLife the papers they asked for, I was terminated. I never got the release forms from MetLife and requested them over 15 times. Found the form on the website, downloaded it, filled it out and faxed it to them. MetLife called and said they got it. An hour later, I get called I'm terminated and two days after that Metlife calls me and tells me yes, they got the paperwork but after talking to others she was going to back date a letter and close my account to that date where my paperwork was to late; "You should have sent it earlier". I told her she should have sent me the form. She said that's not her problem now and "Have a nice day" and hung up. They did all they could for me to go back to work and when I tried, I couldn't get back in. Was held out for MetLife not getting paperwork and a major hospital saying they never asked or did the right stuff to ask. Did all they could to get me fired. See how they get their money to put their name on a stadium.
I have had term life with MetLife since my early 30s. It has been affordable peace of mind although it is more expensive now. I also have life insurance through my employee. I am insured at 1 year's salary and I have purchased 3 additional years. It accumulates cash at a reasonable interest rate. It is with Prudential.
I currently have auto insurance with MetLife which is who my agent recommended to go with. We have been with MetLife for around 5 years and have never had a claim. In fact we haven’t had a claim in over 20 years with any insurance company. My wife recently had a small accident where she backed into another car and pushed in the fog light of the other vehicle. Upon talking with the MetLife auto insurance adjuster I explained that before this claim was paid I would like to be notified because I would most likely pay this claim out of pocket. I was told by MetLife that it would be fine to do this. The adjuster told me she would call me back once they knew what the total cost would be and this could take a few weeks. About a month passed and I realized I had not heard back from MetLife. I decided to call and find out why I had not received a return call and was told the claim was paid. This was very frustrating to me because I was told that nothing could be done and the claim was already settled. To make matters worse my deductible is $500 and the claim was for $503. So as you can imagine my frustration with this company is huge. This is not a company I would recommend and will be going elsewhere with my insurance needs.
MetLife is a great company. It is a great insurance company have for someone who need life insurance, but is on a budget. Their decisions to accept someone for life insurance is very quick. You only take a couple of tests and then you are all set to go. Their customer service skills is great. Anytime you have a question or concern, they are right there to help you swiftly. They understand their clients' need and they do their best to get their clients' issues resolve in a timely manner.
I am completely satisfied with MetLife insurance. My mother introduced this company when I married in 1976. As this was a company they had insurance with. My other family members also use MetLife for insurance needs also. I have never heard anything negative about this insurance company in all the years I known them.
My husband and I took out a Variable Life Insurance policy for $250,000.00 upon the death of my husband on December 20, 2004. We paid $150 (approximately) a month through March 2011. This is when he started getting really sick. My husband passed away on July 6, 2012, his 44th birthday. I was left with four children, 3 of which still live with me even though in their teens. After making contact with MetLife several, several times, I have been told (I have all of the emails too to prove this) he surrendered the policy, then he let the policy lapse, on and on, it lapsed in June, 2011 is their latest date, different excuses. Then, I just noticed after going thru all of this paperwork the discrepancies in what looks to me as if they are looking for a way not to pay. After paying on this for over 6 1/2-7 years, all of this time it is making money through the variable annuities, they are still stating it is no good. It shows a cash value of $5,966.44 at this time. We were under the impression that should any premiums not be debited to our checking account, the cash value built up would cover any premiums due. If you deduct the amount of premiums that would have been taken from the cash value, the total amount is only $2,254 and that is going on the high side of it all, that leaves a cash value of $3,712.44. Why would they do this other than to keep from paying out the $250,000 pay-out. I am very, very angry and upset. I have lost everything while they keep stating they owe nothing to us. Is there anything I can do about this? Do I have a chance at all if an attorney helps me? Lord knows I don't have a penny to spare at this point. Thank anyone who can offer some insight.
I had life insurance through work for over 10 years. When they closed, I took it all and started paying it every month for over five years. Then one day, I got a bill for a double payment. I called MetLife to ask, "Did you receive my payment?" and the lady said no. She then told me that they canceled the policy. She said they don't like these policies for some reason. Maybe you know why. I asked her why didn't they notify me that they didn't get my payment. "We don't have to. It states it in your policy." I never got a policy, just a letter of coverage, the amount with my information and it stated that I'm covered.
I have to pay yearly premium: issue: 1. I am not able to log in with my old credential. 2. Not able to reset password as not receiving password generation code in mail trying since several hour. 3. Given customer care no is invalid. Now let me know what anyone can do. I have not seen such a poor service ever.
MetLife has been our insurance company for 15 years and our coverage hasn't changed nor have the representatives. They are always available to explain our policy and to insure we're getting the right amount of coverage. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for life insurance.
I have been trying to get a payout for my mom's long term care insurance. I have called many times and every time I call I never get the same answer. The Agent assigned to me seems to be incompetent. She has given me deadlines several times and has never met them on her end. One time was four weeks late. She was honest and told me she forgot about the case. Since then I have been told three times that I would have a check. All three times there is some problem that I am not notified of. The latest is information that MetLife has been sent twice. While on the phone I looked up the email and read the info the rep said we were missing. It is now July 3rd, I was told by my assigned agent I would have a check by early to mid April. I am three months past what I was told. I am extremely frustrated and upset I have to go through this when MetLife has all the information they need. I keep getting a new excuse every time I call the company. It takes a lot to get me angry but MetLife has done it.MetLife employees do not care about the people they service, bottom line. They are there to collect a salary, and get in and out of the workday with as little effort as possible. Of all the people I have talked none of them give the impression of caring about people. Insurance is a business that deals with the care and service of people, and no on cares about people. Especially the agent that is assigned the case. How can you forget about a case? How can you tell a customer they will have something three times and not come through three times? How can you ask for information, be sent the information and not realize you have the information? How can need more information for case, and NOT contact the people for the information when they have called multiple times? I have even asked what can I do to speed this process up and not a word was said about not having information.It is baffling to me is how a company can expect the customers to pay the premium on time in full. But not even come close to getting claims processed in an efficient quick manner, or honor the deadlines the company sets. I am at a loss of how MetLife can operate like this. It takes a lot for me to lose my cool but I have done it with the reps on the phone. The one I talked to I used poor language and raised my voice with. She did not deserve that. She was not listening, or willing to check and was disrespectful but she did not deserve to be treated how I treated her.I hope something can be done soon. We started the process in January, it is now July and I have no promise of resolution. My expectations for MetLife or any company are simple: Honesty, Integrity, Great communication, To be treated with respect, Efficient process of business. MetLife has not met any of these simple expectations. I hope it changes in the future.
MetLife has always treated me with the utmost respect and has always guided me to the greatest policy that would meet all my needs and desires. Always fair priced and always innovative.
I cancelled my policy with MetLife on 6/11/2018. I understood that they would have to take the June payment from my paycheck because I was doing payroll deduct. They took partial payment on 6/29/2018 and sent a letter stating that they would take the rest on 7/13/2018. I check my pay stub on 7/12/2018 to find out that they took 725.00 from my paycheck. So I called and spoke with someone in payroll deduct and was informed that they should have cancelled the payroll deduct but they didn't so it was their mistake, but they won't be able to get my money back to me until the end of July. It was so quick for them to snatch it from my check but they are dragging their feet to give me my money back. I was even told that for me to contact my payroll at work to see if they can give me the money, what!!! It was not my job's fault. As soon as I cancelled the policy everything should have cancelled with it. What the hell!!! I do not recommend MetLife to anyone. If you receive things in the mail saying that they are a great insurance company that is all lies. Do not trust them.
Well it's great. I have no complaints. I don't know too much about it to be an expert but for what I know it has everything I need. Slightly disappointed in some things that are not covered but I think I should be okay without them.
I purchased MetLife short term disability insurance in June 2013. Automatic payments were taken out of my checks every week. In July 2014 I gave birth. I had placed a claim ahead of time, 2 weeks before my due date. I was told to call and give them the date she was born. I did, and they told me I would be contacted 10 days later. I was never contacted. I called them and they told me they needed more information and when they received it they would contact me. Again I was never contacted.A full month later I received a call from a MetLife agent and was told that I didn't have short term disability insurance. I asked them why they were taking my money every 2 weeks and he didn't have a response. He then told me he needed to get more information again. I was really upset because it seems they don't care that I have bills that need to be paid. They get their money on time every month but when I need it they drag their feet. It's so frustrating. Instead of being able to enjoy my new baby I am worried about my bills not getting paid and having to play phone tag with MetLife.
It's fair enough, although I am considering switching after the next year. We'll see what the next year brings me. I'm thinking if I can cover any costs before my death out of pocket, there's really no need to have insurance.
Since my husband is in the military automatically I get MetLife. It's not the much money and I can't find a job so I can see what others options are out there.
It saves us on car insurance more than the former insurance company. More than one policy like car and home (bundles) offers lower prices. There is also rental car coverage which means that if for some reason you have to resort to a rental car the insurance includes rental income refund covering repair time if the car is in an accident. There is also a lease/loan gap coverage. Besides the current value of your car after totaling it, the company covers the difference between the amount owed on the lease/loan and the vehicle's value at the particular point in time. Nice one to check out.
They're definitely NOT Aflac. I purchased MetLife Critical Illness coverage via my employer. I had to be approved for coverage. I was informed that it was MetLife not my employer who did the approval. I thought ok, good. They never asked for my medical history. I had double mastectomy the prior year and still under doctors care.Falling further behind in my bills, I decided to file a claim July 2018. I faxed in original pathology reports as requested. It is now Sept and no decision. I did call mid Aug. The rep said they ordered more medical records for review pre existing. I commented MetLife approved me. She said my company approved me. My employer does not pay the claims. They're not underwriters. She stated they weren't underwriters. Any insurance company has underwriting department. I worked insurance claims for 10 years. Cancer center sent records Aug 27th. It is now 9/5/18, still waiting. I was approved for them to receive premium. I asked before filing the claim was there any other paperwork/questionnaire to complete. The response was no.
I have never had a problem with my insurance company, they are always nice and helpful when I reach out to them. When one of my family members passed away they were very nice and did everything they could to comfort our family in our time of need.
TRANSAMERICA is our life insurance co. We chose them due to a $25,000 payout if we got sick. This money is available to us when requested. We got this policy due to our age and minor health issues that would not let us get another different kind of life policy. For two of us we pay $217 a month. The fee is taken out of our checking account. There are questions to ask but they are the typical ones. If you are already terminally sick you would not qualify. The process was quick without having to give blood or do a physical.The company is local and can be reached by phone, e-mail or stopping by the offices. We found this to be the best option for us to cover burial expenses and if one us becomes really sick and needs care at home or in a nursing home.
The financial crash happened in 2008. Had $100,000.00 in account and was left with $30,000. Now that the companies have recovered, why can't we get our money back that they were supposed to protect? Please let me know if they are any lawsuits in progress.
There was a death in my family and we have had coverage for over 20 years! I contacted this so-called insurance company that, of course, is out of state. When I did reach them, they ask for a death record and said that would be all they would need. Days go by and I give them a call. They replied, "Oh! We are sending you a letter because we need more information." Mind you, this is a bad time to lose a loved one! This company is slow, has no compassion! They have my number, but won't call for information. I have to keep calling them to keep getting the runaround! Do not deal with this company!!!! I would never recommend them! I paid into this terrible company for over 20 years!!!! And now when I need them, they show nothing but slow moving people that doesn't care about the client!!!!!!!!
Just in case anyone has a life insurance policy from MetLife/Brighthouse and wants to make any sort of change, I was told I was responsible for finding a financial broker. They couldn't find one for me, nor could verify if any broker would be able to service the policy... Pathetic. To anyone that might be considering obtaining a new policy with either of these companies - rethink it. There are plenty of other companies that provide an actual LIVE person that you can speak with or meet in person. These 2 companies no longer can provide that in the life insurance space. If your insurance broker goes out of business for any reason, you are on your own. Dated 10/18/2017.
The customer service I received when trying to decide which type of insurance I should get was very good. The agent spent a lot of time with me on the phone to make sure I understood the differences and was able to pick the policy that was right for me. I didn't feel pressure to buy more than I originally wanted.
I chose MetLife as they are best company to deal with. They are a reputable company. They are amazing and if I ever have a problem I know it will be taken care of. They are a wonderful company to be associated with and I have only good things to say about them. My overall experience with MetLife has been completely positive. MetLife is easy to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone.
Life insurance is a necessary evil, basically like all insurance. Most people go their whole life without benefiting from insurance. The cost vs the claims. I personally can say that I have benefited from my auto insurance, but not from my home insurance. Life insurance is basically for those you are leaving behind, so they can pay your funeral expenses and continue to live the life before the death.
I have this insurance through my employer. I have never contacted them or really looked into the product/service, so I am satisfied at this point.
I keep getting notices about cancellation of my policy, which I have had for over 30 years. When I called the service center, however, your assistants informed me that the present policy premium, which you draft monthly, is sufficient until December 2013. This is becoming very annoying. Doesn't the right hand know what the left hand is doing? I want this matter settled in writing. Please confirm the sufficiency of the $100.00 per month premium until December 2013. Today, 04/04/13, I was speaking with Deany and was cut off. This isn't the first cutoff. Your system is not efficient.
Have had MetLife for 30 years. They are always on top of things that really matter. For as long as I have had their insurance (annuity) they never make mistakes.
By far the worst company ever to have disability with. My case worker was giving inaccurate information. They took forever to pay me. I will be checking to see if I could change to Aflac beginning of next year. Being on maternity leave and dealing with this ** company was not fun at all. Thank goodness I have a wonderful support system.
Very nice insurance company. I am very, very, very satisfied and I would definitely recommend it to others. I think it is one of the best insurance company I have ever known. It is unique and different from others and it doesn't cost too much. Very affordable.
I had taken policy for authorized agent name Mr. Sarfaraz **, where I had been committed wrong that I need to pay only for 3 years. I have paid the premium regularly for 3 years. In 4th year when I asked for my full and final payment I was told that your locking period is for 5 year. If I withdraw I have to pay the surrender charges or if you withdraw after 5 year then surrender charges will be not charge to you. I request you please clarify if you terminated my policy forcefully then on what basis you have deducted "Surrender Charges" that too after 4 years? Request you to pay my surrender change back to avoid legal action against your company.
My parents have been paying on this policy since 1993. I call today, Nov. 2014, to find out the amount - it's worth only $2,600.00. And my mom is currently dying from lung cancer, hopefully she will make it to 75 years old in January. I looked at her policy and it reads it will be paid once she reaches the age of 93. Is this legal for their insurance agent at the time Boyd in 1993 be so dishonest and misleading to them? This is terrible to find this out.
I took out a Funeral policy. They phoned me and I decided that I will take this funeral Policy because R186 per month for my husband and me, and I can add 35 people to my cover, and with a pay out of R400 000, it's great, but after I paid 2 months premiums, I still haven't received my funeral cover documentation, so I phoned the number they gave me, 0860 1212 229. I cannot seem to find these people and the number is wrong. It goes through to an FNB line which doesn't get answered; a recording just says they are unavailable.
I had a leak in my kitchen behind the wall and was not aware until a bubble came up in my floor. After calling a plumber and getting the leak fixed, he suggested I give my home insurance company a call about that bubble in the floor. I called Metlife, they promptly took my claim over the phone...sent an agent out 2 days later...received an estimate of damages within 24 hours ...check was sent 3 days later....made me feel very good about my insurance company. Now have home and auto insurance with this excellent company. Also looking at life insurance for my entire family.
As far as I can tell it does the job but I have been thinking of just putting money away rather than pay for insurance starting to not make much sense to me.
MetLife, they have a good reputation and the choice of policies was good. The customer service is decent and the hold times are acceptable for me. Our policy fits our situation pretty good for our needs. Compared companies to one another and MetLife met our expectations. I seem to pay a lot for insurance, though. I’m rather young for electing to purchase life insurance so a much lower premium would be great!
I am currently off work for maternity leave. My doctor has extended my leave, but according to MetLife the Doctor's authorization means nothing to them, because they keep telling me that they have closed my case, even though I have provided evidence. This company is a damn joke. It's a shame that companies choose to use this waste of time/money company.
I received MetLife Long Term Disability as part of a benefit from my prior employer. We had a 5 year contract with MetLife (who my former employer on longer uses) and if we became disabled MetLife will pay a full 5 years of part of your income. They just suddenly decided in September that my time period ran out. I contacted them and they said "You only had a 43 month contract." I've never heard of any payments being for 43 months. I now have my employer help me continue to receive my last year of benefits. A few days ago, when I spoke to my employer again she said MetLife told her my 45 month contract was up in September. They can't even keep their lies straight!!! I am so thankful I have my employer backing me up because MetLife will not honor what they were paid to do. If you pay for MetLife out of your pocket FIND ANOTHER COMPANY!!! If you just do a Google search you will find so many people ripped off by MetLife & if you have to get your own attorney that will take even more money out of your pocket. I am very lucky to have had this as a benefit of my employment!
I tried to create an online account so I could have instant access to my policy and change the address since I recently moved. I got a PIN to activate the account within minutes but the account refused to allow me to add my policy. I contacted web support and was told: It would take up to 5 days to activate the account. I told them I got it in minutes and it was done. They don't have a social security number associated with the account I need to talk to normal customer service and have it added. Um, the site requested the social security number when I created it. Being Friday I had to wait till Monday to call "normal support.""Normal" support had no clue what web tech was talking about so contacted them and then forwarded me to them. I was then told: They needed to open a trouble ticket and it would take 3 days to go through. I could call back then and they would fix it. Um, I'm talking to web support, who the he.. do you need to open a ticket to? So I wrote the Email "contact us" address to complain. 3 almost 4 days into a "it takes 1-2 business days to respond" told me I need to talk to web tech. My response was, "Are you freaking kidding me. They are the ones that keep blowing me off.3 days into a 1-2 business days to respond they asked for about 9 things. All which were readily available on my account using the information already provided so I responded with just the policy number and said if they can't get the rest using it I'm still talking to the wrong people. They responded, "We can't help you via this email address please contact web support." I told them to kiss my **.
Am beneficiary for a life policy. They completely ignored my request as to THEIR OPTIONS of method of payment. Of the 2 options, they chose the one I did not want. It opens and maintains an account with THEM. Jerks. Just what you need when you are grieving and accounts are frozen due to death. A giant conglomerate to delay your payout and try to make money off of you. Isn't it enough that they already made their profit off my dad? What a bunch of creeps.
My husband has had a $250K Term Life Ins. Policy for several years. At the present time the monthly payment is $132.50/month and it goes up every year due to he is a smoker. We were contacted by a representative/agent of MetLife that we could lock in to a fixed price for the next 10 years of $168/month. If not, then in 10 years his payment would have increased to $400/month or more. So we decided to do it.They issued the NEW policy Feb 2014 without our knowledge, they still took the premium payment for the old policy for Feb & March 2014. Yesterday, they wanted me to pay them for the NEW policy for Feb & March but I would only get a refund for the old policy for March. I told then that I should get a refund for Feb & March, I was told no, only March. I said but if my husband passed away on Feb 20th, BOTH policies would NOT have paid so why do I have to pay for two policies when both weren't effective? Then the agent said that he could "try" to have the date re-issued to April but it was a 50/50 chance and then if they didn't then my husband would have NO life insurance. Basically he led us to believe that if we didn't pay $336 right then and there, that my husband would have lost any and all coverage. So, we paid $265 for the old policy for Feb & March, and last night we paid another $$336 for the new policy for Feb & March. And in 3 weeks they will take another $168 for April's payment. How does ANY of this seem right? If we had to pay for Feb & March NEW policy, then we should get a refund for the old policy amount for BOTH months. They are taking advantage and it is NOT right by any means.
I have a life insurance policy; it was bought on me by my Dad. He died and ownership passed onto me. He died four years ago. Policy I figure is worth around $22,000. To put it simple, I have not been paid. It is just about impossible to get through to talk to anybody... I have not been past their call center yet??? People who are directly employed by MetLife will NOT talk to me, and every game in the world is played, no doubt so the company can keep my money along with other customers' payments to have higher daily balances in bank... using our money for investments. They are wearing me down, and I have no doubt this is a part of MetLife's technique NOT TO PAY up on policies. MetLife would NEVER be recommended by me. I am a victim of NO COMMUNICATION, CHICANERY, and NON-PAYMENT of what is owed me. I guess I will have to go to an attorney... but I could not even get information regarding their legal department... Call center will just not release names of MetLife people, or give out their numbers. I am in shock and now realize I am a victim of Big Fat Cat greed in America... Hard to believe such a company is allowed to sell life insurance. MetLife has definitely not been honest or fair with me exhibited by not cashing my life insurance, and still deducting cash for payments. ALL TRUE.
You people SUCK. I've paid my disability insurance religiously for years. Now that I have a claim (that I filed Feb 2012 18 months ago) I've had forensic accountants go through my business & personal finances. I've had a Independent Medical Exam IME. I've had 2 Dr's. state that I'm disabled. They paid me for a few weeks after I was in the hospital for pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in lungs) & DVT. I just keep getting put off by my claim examiner. You must pay his bonus by how long the claim gets denied. If anyone has disability insurance with Met, dump it and get another. This will probably get deleted but I don't care. They have created a monster.
I have no issues, I have never had to contact them or obviously use this. The cost is what I was told and has not increased. I am getting what I paid for. I would recommend this company to anyone who asked. They are a professional company and I can check information on the internet if need be. Their website is easy to use and if I had issues I could always call.
There were some settlements MetLife had to make, and this was done quickly and efficiently. I also had several claims for deceased family members, and received the payments for these in a timely manner.
I have been very satisfied with MetLife rep on my account. The rep is very helpful, keeps me informed, and always willing to go over anything with me until I am completely satisfied.
My insurance began as a benefit from a previous employer, after leaving the company I was offered to the choice to continue my plan with MetLife. I was a bit nervous about transitioning to a personal plan, but the representatives were very helpful and nice to work with. After the representative explained the benefits of staying, I renewed my plan as a personal policy. It was an easy transition to personal plan from employer. Overall MetLife is pretty good as a policy.
When my brother Philip and I were young, our parents took out term life policies on both of us. Several months ago, my brother received a refund of the monies that were paid into his account and I was denied my refund. I contacted MetLife and their response was not satisfactory. The following is their response to my quarry: Thank you for writing to MetLife Online and for providing the additional information. This policy was issued on 2/1/1964 and was being continued under its non-forfeiture option. Although premiums on the policy were still due, they were discontinued as of 12/1/1985. At that time the policy's non-forfeiture option, Non-Forfeiture Continued Insurance (NFCI) went into effect. This option allows us to apply the net cash value to purchase term insurance for the current death benefit amount provided under the policy for as long a term as that cash value can provide. The length of the term depends on the amount of coverage, the size of the net cash value, and the insured's attained age when the option is exercised. The policy continued under the NFCI until the expiry date of 2/4/2003 at which time the cash value was exhausted. This policy no longer provides any value or benefit. I was never advised of the policy absorbing the cash amount nor did I give my permission for them to do so. They claim they don't have my address yet, I keep receiving dividend checks on another savings account with them. I feel I have been ripped off and that the company should correct their error and remit the funds due to me. Also, the company does not have a very good reputation for doing an honest business. There have been numerous complaints filed against the company. The company also claims that they do not have my current address. This is incorrect since I have been receiving dividend checks on another account I have with them. I have tried to resolve this through the Washington State Better Business Bureau, Washington State Insurance Commissioner, Washington Attorney General, Consumer Protection and the New York Better Business Bureau, New York State Insurance Commissioner, New York Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division all without success. All I'm asking for is to receive the same fair treatment my brother received and to have the company to remit the funds due me. My feelings are that I have been "Ripped Off" of $3,000.00+. I recommend no one get involved with this crooked company. I wish there was a way to put crooks like them out of business.
I've bought three life insurance policies at MetLife while I was residing in New York: One for myself, my wife and my mother. I paid thousand of dollars. I missed a couple of payments, MetLife cancel my policy and my mother's policy because of our age. That is absolutely unfair.
My father worked for the US Postal Service and paid into his life insurance for 20 years. When w passed I was in prison. Well MetLife never found me to tell me about the policy which they have a responsibility to do so. My Father never named me as a beneficiary because I am his only child so he figured I would be the only one who would get the money. Well because they never told me about the policy after one year they paid the policy to the executor my cousin. They knew he had a child and knew my name. I had a phone in my name at my sister's house and I had a daughter in state care. They could have found me in a few minutes if they tried. I after I found out about the policy I called them and they told me I did not file a claim within a year so they paid the policy out. They would not tell me who claimed it and told me if I wanted to find out who, they paid to get a court order. How rude. I've called them many times and they are very rude. I just can't see them paying $250,000 without investigating who they paid and did they do everything possible to find the only child. They broke the law by not telling me and paying someone else my father's insurance. Don't do business with this co. if you want your children to have what you paid into for 20 years.
MetLife insurance offers several kinds of life insurance. With a very affordable amount of money each month, it gives a coverage amount for more than 100,000. It helps cover specific financial responsibilities like mortgage.
On 4/3/12, I called and requested funds from my annuity and they said it should take one week, On 4/10/12, still no check. I was waiting a little longer, I thought because of Easter. So on 4/11/12, I called and nobody knows anything about why I do not have my money. However, Besty said she would bring this to her supervisor and get it Next Day Air by FedEx. I called on 4/12/12 to get the tracking number and the money was put in the mail according to Nathan **, but he said he will put a stop pay on the check and have the money wired to my account. Then on 4/13/12, I called and asked for Nathan and he was not in, but another person could help me. I said, “No, I want to talk to Nathan.”He said, “Then give me your information, i.e. contract number, dob, ss, etc.” I asked, “Why do I need to give you that info, when I want to talk to Nathan.” I just was now madder than a wet hen, hung up and called back when I calmed down. So when I called back Nathan was out and was asked if Kevin could help me. I went through the whole story now for the 4th time. He said he will get the file and put it on his supervisor's desk. Now the file has been moved to the bottom of the pile 3 times. Last I heard from Kevin was at 10:30am on 4/13/12, that he should know something in about an hour. Okay, I waited 2 hours, called back and no Kevin. Bill will help me. I gave him the story and now the file has been moved 4 times to the supervisor's desk and it will not be transferred to my checking account today 4/13/12 but maybe by Monday 4/16/12.My contract states that money when requested, takes about 5 working days. It has now been 2 weeks since I requested my money. I have read many complaints about MetLife and now find them to be true. Thanks to MetLife's incompetent employees and I have lost out on an investment. But I guess that since it's not MetLife's investment, they can screw the little guy. I have quite a lot of money in MetLife and I will take the penalty to get all of my funds from them. They are the worst company for such a high profile company. I wonder if Charles Schulz had such a hard time getting his funds, and if he did, I'm sure he is kicking himself for letting them use and I mean use him and his characters.
MetLife accepted me as a client after a physical at a reasonable rate, due to my having a chronic disease. Many companies will not even consider insuring me, so I value what MetLife is doing for my dependents.
Did not receive my bill for my homeowners policy. Called MetLife twice. Second time spoke to Anthony who extended the policy until June 30th in order for you to get our bill to pay as it was being re-routed to our winter home. I received my bill 5 days later, called to make a payment .Was told by a heavily accent woman who did not speak good English nor have good understanding that the policy was cancelled too bad for us! When I demanded to speak to a supervisor she got snippy and tried to talk over me. I hung up on her after filling her ear with something I knew she could understand... and called back and it was reinstated along with an apology from MetLife. These folks are the worst. Next call Monday to the Attorney General in CT to report them and their practices followed by a call to the Insurance commissioner... Enough of these buffoons.
The cost is very affordable, however trying to navigate thru the automated system to talk to someone is not very user friendly. When you do finally get to speak with someone, they are quite nice, but we were not given the correct information and by asking just a question pertaining to another auto insurance company, they assumed we wanted to cancel with them and we had a little mess to fix, but it was all worked out and we still have Metlife.
I have not had to interact with my life insurance very often and so I am neutral about my opinion of their services. The company sends me bills on time and are good at explaining my benefits in emails/mail.
I love MetLife because their customer service is amazing and there to answer any questions that I need answered. They also have affordable rates. I like that you are able to get a customizable policy at a good price.
Called MetLife around January 2014 to check on my account since I had just come off a deployment. They told me that it had been cancelled in November 2013 while I was on deployment for lack of payment, even though I was on auto pay. Even though they never notified me of lack of payment or termination, they said they would reinstate me and start my auto pay again. I then had an issue with deers in Mar 2014. I called and fixed it but then was notified in May with a bill for $326 for lack of payment. Again never received any prior warnings and was supposed to be on auto pay. Called and was told that they would fix the issue and call me back in ten business days. Never received any contact until June 2014 when I was mailed a notice of lack of payment again for $246. The letter said I could pay by July and be fine or my account would be terminated backdated to March 2014. So I call and they say my account is already closed out at 20 June 2014 and that it was back dated to November 2014 for no payment since October 2014. Now I cannot receive coverage for 12 months. They also said that they only just found out about this because DOD did an audit of their system and discovered this. So because they messed up, and they said that twice in recording, my two boys and pregnant wife will not have dental coverage for twelve months because they did not notify me while I was deployed. There has to be a way for them to pay for their mistake. I would understand if it was my fault, but it was not. Oh, and this whole time they have been paying for dental bills as if nothing was wrong.
MetLife - providers of insurance among global. MetLife offers several life insurance policies: Term Life, Whole Life. Whole life is the best, it coverage for your family. Also, their agent will products' information and services for you.
This is a Universal Life policy. After having it for over 25 years and paying premiums, my cash value is paltry. Between fees and cost of insurance, I have little to show for it.
My wife has Metlife through her company. When we finally got registered they did not have me listed as a beneficiary. This error was corrected, I filed a few successful claims. The company changed name and everything had to be resubmitted, after months and months of waiting I find out they put my Date Of Birth wrong. After taking forever to get a hold of of course a non English speaking person I could barely understand I verify all the info and they tell me my d.o.b. is wrong but will not tell me what the d.o.b. is because. They say my info is wrong?? After waiting for 20 minutes they finally tell me after verifying through the old policy, there is an error they say. They put my wife's D.O.B. where mine should be but they can't/wont fix it and tell me I have to resubmit all the enrollment information again!!! They know the correct information, they KNOW they made the mistake but will not change it... They are incompetent, rude, and unhelpful.
My unfortunate experience its Met Life began in 1972 when I surrendered a whole life insurance policy to a local Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. agent. I had lost my job and couldn't afford to pay the policy's premium. When I didn't receive a check from Met Life for the cash surrender value of the policy, I returned to the agent's office and told him about the company's failure to send me a check. He said he couldn't help me with the problem and when I asked him for Met Life's address so I could contact the home office, he told me he wasn't allowed to give me that information. Since I couldn't contact the company, I assumed Met Life did not intend to send a check for the cash value of the policy.However, when I was out of town in 1983 and called my wife, she told me I had received a check from Met Life. Assuming the check was for the cash surrender value of the policy I gave to the agent in 1972, I told her to endorse it and deposit it in our joint checking account. It turned out that the check represented a loan that Met Life fraudulently created to pay the premiums for the policy after many years of using the cash surrender value of the policy to pay the premiums. The corruptible Illinois Department of Insurance ignored the information I provided when I brought Met Life's fraudulent activities to its attention. The Department defended Met Life even though the company admitted it didn't have a copy of a loan application I would have had to sign.
I absolutely love Metlife. They are very nice and very informed. Last year we had to have the roof repaired on our camper due to a branch falling on it. The adjuster was there within 48 hours, met my husband and gave him an estimate. They worked with us getting it to the dealer and back. No hassles. Just recently I called and asked them if we could change the due date on our policy, again no hassle. I really enjoy working with them.
MetLife sent me a letter dated December 13, 2011 stating that my monthly premium for my life insurance is going from $252 a month to $555 a month and are demanding I send $1171 by 2/12/2012. I am retired and caring for my wife who has late stage Alzheimer's. I am on a fixed income and will potentially have to give up my life insurance due to them more than doubling the premium.
My parents had them for policies so I chose them as well. They never had any problems or issues with them and I have never had any problems with them or any errors in billing. They have never taken any unauthorized payments out or anything. They have good customer service. The policy is clear and easy to understand. I feel certain they would cover my family if something happened to me without any issues or problems or hassles. They are easy to deal with and they offer flexible and reasonable payment options. They also have a nice clear website that is easy to navigate. They are good the way they are but the customer service call times could be a bit shorter and a one-call resolution model would be ideal. Hate getting bounced around to different people when I call there for a question or a concern.
I was in a car accident and metlife DID not pay on the entire time off of work because they said they had no record of ongoing medical treatment. I was off for 6 weeks and after sending all my records in twice they refused to reopen the claim. My doctor even said good luck with this company, "they will do anything not to pay".
Well we just found out that the policy my mother purchased in 1996 will expire within the next 5 months around her 80th birthday. After she got the policy, never missed a payment. After all these years we never heard from Met Life or their representatives have bothered to stop by and see my mother and discuss anything about this policy. She was led to believe was a great policy. We get a letter from Ft Lauderdale Fl stating that the person in charge of her policy will not be working for Met Life anymore. The letter states a new rep will be in contact with us soon. Well they sent us a nice person who really has been working hard to get her into something else but a lot more money and has to have blood drawn. Really! And over $10,000 into this policy she will not take any more than $200.00 and some change when the policy dies. This is not the american way. Sorry, Met Life should've guided my mother. "Now too Late". They send in a person to help her out. Shame on you Met Life. You really should do a lot more than that. I feel we were led down the wrong path by Met Life and the part time Moonlighter that they hired to sell this to my poor mother. In 19 years some one really should have visited her home. Shame, Shame on you.
I have had a terrible experience with MetLife. As stated in previous posts representatives for this company continually lie to you. I have disability insurance with MetLife through my employer. I would never recommend this company to anyone. My agent Victoria (Vicky) ** is an incompetent liar. I was supposed to get paid weekly. I call her ask what's ongoing. Then she magically sees the medical reports in the system. Every time I call her it's something different. This last time I was supposed to get paid before the July 4th holiday. I haven't received a check in 2 weeks. I called to speak with a supervisor. Suzanne which was no help at all. She explains to me once an action has been put into the system. She cannot override it. What was the purpose of her returned call if she was not going to assist me was useless. I explained various issues I've had. She didn't acknowledge not one concern. Overall, this company will not acknowledge any wrongdoing. It's sad when you're on the receiving end of such harsh treatment in your time of need.
The price is high and the customer support is really slow. I'm put on hold for more than 20 mins but once I do talk to someone and they send me to the right department they are pretty good solving the issues or questions I may have.
I like the fact that I get my MetLife insurance through work which makes it much easier to deal with. MetLife is pretty basic, straight up term life. But I don't really favor them over other insurance companies but I have no choice. Also, I do NOT like the website at all. It is terrible.
I got life insurance from MetLife through work. It has a low premium every paycheck and I have the ability to take out the cash value. I don't get a tax deduction for the premium payment, but if I take the cash out it is tax free. MetLife gives several life insurance options so it should not be difficult to find a plan that works for anyone. The security that life insurance gives to your family and close relatives cannot be quantified. Working with a MetLife agent was the best thing I could do to protect my family.
Is a very reliable company, based on people I know that used them. Their claim process is seamless and they pay promptly. I have a policy for 9 years now, and never had an issue with them. They are reputable and being in business for a long time.
Good choice I have ever made. This insurance helped lot of times and it will be useful for everyone.
Satisfied with them, just wish I could afford whole not term. It shouldn't cost so much for whole life insurance. The other thing is it is very expensive to get insurance for the older you get! I don't think having a cap is fair. Just my two cents!
They keep me apprised and the pricing is good. They gave me a good quote and I feel as though I get a lot of personal service. I'm not sure what else there is to say really. I feel like they have my best interests at heart. They are a profit-driven company, that is the name of the game, but they seem to go above and beyond.
They are great. They inform me promptly when there are any changes coming to and about my policy. Overall great company. I have never had anything negative from them in terms of my policy any questions, comments, or concerns I may have about my policy. They were great when I inquired about referring family members.
I like MetLife. They're caring and I chose it because they are well-known big player in industry. It has competitive rates. Good customer service, answers anytime. Friendly and honest. Safe, trustworthy, awesome. I like it gives me confidence. I can take care of my family in case I get sick or die like it they will be there for me. I am happy chose company with MetLife.
My agent is always available. He guides me to what the best coverage is. If I have to file a claim he is there. They have been fair - their rates.
I have enjoyed having Metlife, when I contact them with an issue it is resolved in a very timely manner. Their associates continue to contact you to see if all matters were handled, if there is anything else that they can do. They just don't make sure you get to the appropriate person, they will give you the number plus transfer you. I would recommend them to anyone to use especially if they can use the payroll option thru their employer.
I am one of the beneficiaries of my sister in her life insurance with MetLife. My sister passed away last November 15, 2012. Her two children and I were her beneficiaries and when she died, her husband knew about this. I was waiting for his advice to let me sign for the claim. I was surprised after a month when he told me that they had claimed the insurance already and mentioned that it was all fixed by his attorney. How could they falsify my signature or my sister's signature (the insured)? Is MetLife that lenient? As far as I am concerned, a life insurance policy is a contract wherein the insurance company should only pay the proceeds to the stated beneficiaries. I live here in the Philippines and am willing to go to the US if ever I was contacted by my brother-in-law, but he claimed that his lawyer fixed everything but not a cent was given to me.
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