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Metlife Homeowners Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Metlife Homeowners
Year Founded: 1869
Address: 200 Park Avenue
City: New York
State/Province: NY
Postal Code: 10166
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 638-5433
Overall average rating of 2.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 14 %
I find the customer service at MetLife topnotch. Representatives are knowledgeable and responsive to my questions. While I've never had a Homeowner's insurance claim, I'm confident MetLife would be there for me if I need them.
Our home has been insured with Metlife for over 15 years. We NEVER made a claim until 2016 for which we received $5,000.00. Our Renewal just arrived and the premium increased by $1,100.00 over FIFTY PERCENT!!! I immediately called Met and asked what caused the increase. The rep said it was a number of factors including the claim. I asked for the dollar amount the claim attributed to the increase and was told it was over $1,000.00, basically all of it. I was then made aware the increase would be in effect for 3 years. Isn't the point of insurance to be covered in the event of a loss? Clearly not to Metlife. We didn't know Metlife was only going to cover our loss TEMPORARILY. We now have to pay back 60% of the loss, $3000.00, over the next 3 years. We spent the $5,000.00 never thinking we needed to save $3,000.00 to pay them back.Be forewarned Metlife's business model is CORRUPT. CEO Steven A. Kandarian receives bonuses based on how profitable the corruption business model works and CORRUPTION has been lucrative for him. 2015 the latest salary data available reported to the SEC he ripped off/gouged his customers to EARN (HA!) $14,975,921. Of course all the stock options he receives provide a little extra and I guess his salary is inadequate for his lifestyle --- between February 27, 2017 -March 13, 2017 he cashed in a small portion of his stock for $1.4 Million. Even after the sale he still has 271,000 shares and at today's price that is worth FOURTEEN Million (All this information is readily available on Yahoo Finance). Yet Steven still wants more - our $3000.00. I called State Farm for a quote - they won't insure us for 3 years and I fear no one else will either. Held for ransom...
MetLife has been my insurance company for a very long time. Their customer service has always been very helpful, and they have responded to my claims very promptly. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
I have great retiree discounts through my former employer for HO and auto, plus my dental separately. My overall experience is that they're not even trying with their customer service, on the phone or online. It's as if they WANT you to have a bad experience so you'll just give up and leave them alone. I don't recall EVER being solicited to complete a survey of my experience with them. You decide: low premiums or great customer service. It seems you can't have both with MetLife.
I am most frustrated about how I contacted the office regarding a claim on my roof. The adjuster came out and said he did not find any damage. As a result of that, I have not been able to shop for insurance elsewhere because of the claim which was never activated.
No problems - only called them once to remove an additional property after I sold it. Received my refund check promptly. Same for my husband when he sold his rental property.
I would give them zero stars if I could, because they provided me zero service. I found out the hard way that they canceled my homeowners insurance policy when they sent me the notice in the mail (according to the postage, they didn’t send until three days after cancellation). When I called them to ask why it was canceled, they said it was because the bills were never paid. My escrow was supposed to cover that, so of course I called my mortgage company furious. As it turned out, the reason the bills were never paid was because my lender never received any bills; in fact, they never even received a declaration letter. That means I went over a year without actual homeowners insurance because MetLife did literally nothing. Even after paying to reinstate the policy that had been canceled, they STILL didn’t send any paperwork to me or my lender, despite lying and claiming that they did. It is an outrageous and even dangerous dereliction of duty on their part. I’ve since switched insurance for both home and auto because these frauds don’t deserve anyone’s business.
We have had Metlife for many years and have never had to file a claim on our homeowners... That is until SIX WEEKS AGO when our house flooded. There is a total lack of communication between the very young part time INEXPERIENCED 3rd party adjuster named Emma and the Mishawn at the main office, the repairs are still not done! SIX WEEKS??? As of today 3/12/19, (SIX WEEKS LATER) Metlife is telling us that they do not have a contractor in our area? Why have we been paying homeowners insurance for so long if you cannot "insure" us and be there when we need you most? Never again with Metlife!
I have not made a claim in a couple of years but a few years ago we experienced a hurricane and had some damage, mostly outside. I have to say that compared to companies that our friends and family had, MetLife's response was quicker than most. We had an adjuster sent out and received our check for repairs a lot quicker and obviously they were busy due to the storm. The price is about average compared to other companies as I've shopped around. I'd say overall even the claims process is fairly easy. I have no major complaints or concerns.
I have 3 vehicles insured with MetLife for over 7 yrs. I receive discounts for multi-vehicles plus, security system and homeowners insurance as well. I just recently filed my 1st claim for a cracked windshield. The claim/windshield process was fast and went smoothly. I have been very happy with the service/discounts.
I have been with MetLife for 25 years and have never filed a claim until this month. My claim was for hail damage of the soffit and fascia to the roof. All of this seems to have stemmed from a simple misunderstanding on my sister's part and the oversized ego of one man. Grant **, the claim adjuster called my house to determine a time to come out and look at the damage. My sister answered the phone, and assuming he was selling insurance, told him we already had it, and proceeded to hang up on him.On the second phone call, I answered, and after realizing what had happened, I apologized, and tried to explain what had happened. After finishing the phone call with Mr. **, I could tell he didn't believe me, so I made sure my sister would be at the house with me when he arrived so I could explain again. I feel I should point out now that, my sister and I are identical twins, so I can certainly understand why he wouldn't have believed me over the phone.When Mr. Grant arrived at my home, my sister and I again apologized, and explained that it had been a misunderstanding. He informed me that "I am the man who will be deciding how much money you will get." and he left. A few days later I was told that the hail damage would cost more to repair through my insurance because I had not met my deductible, so I chose to hire a "handy man".About a week after that I got mail from MetLife informing me that the "soffit and fascia to the roof needed to be repaired, the garage and breezeway singles were worn and needed to be replaced, and the garage door need to be replaced, and the debris around the house needed to be removed", and that I needed to "complete these repairs as soon as possible so that we can take that into consideration for your renewal." A week later I received another letter from MetLife informing me that I had been dropped, and that I now have until July to find new insurance. I just can't believe that after being with this company for 25 years and never filing a claim this is how I am treated, and it all seems to over one man's ego being hurt. I believe this be highly unprofessional.
I bought the policy when I bought my home over 15 years ago and I've never made a claim. My bills are auto-pay. I've never visited the website or spoke to a representative.
I am satisfied with the amount of coverage and the premiums for my homeowner's, auto, and umbrella policy. However, I cannot access Met LIfe without going through the independent agent we used years ago to obtain this insurance, and it is inconvenient when the agency is closed. I would like the option of being able to speak with a company rep at Met Life during my agent's off-hours.
I was with Metlife for about 10 years before I made my first claim. During those ten years my premiums slowly increased. Then came the two claims I made - one for hail damage of my roof and the second for a failed sump pump that flooded my basement destroying my wall to wall carpeting. Both claims were handled entirely different. The hail damage claim only took one estimate and they cut me a check minus my deductible fairly quickly. The carpeting was a different story. Newbies beware. My coverage was for replacement cost. The Metlife adjuster took a sample of carpet and had it sent to a lab because I could not find my original receipt. He also sent out a company to measure and perform remediation. I received an estimate from the insurance adjuster for the carpeting that was not close to what I remembered paying for it.After I personally measured the area, I found out that they under-measured by 800 square feet. After correcting the measurement we settled on an acceptable number minus my deductible. However I was told I would only receive 30 or 40 percent upfront and the rest when the carpet was replaced. I chose to install a slightly cheaper carpet and save some of the money to pay for a sump pump backup system. After the carpet was installed I requested the rest of the money. That is where the problems began. The adjuster wanted copies of the receipt. He said they only paid for the cost of the carpet I put back in. This was not clearly explained to me at the beginning. Just going through the process the year before on my roof I thought I knew what was going to happen with my carpeting.The kicker, in carpeting, the square foot measurement for the estimate should include an additional 10% more for waste that installers charge. I had to point that out and have my estimate adjusted a second time because the Metlife adjuster conveniently left off the estimate. I left Metlife in November of 2016. About three years after my second claim. In those 3 years, my premiums more than doubled. In 2016, I contacted Metlife to get a reduction in premium. They said that not only can they not reduce it but I was receiving an increase because there was an across the board increase to account for a higher claim rate in 2016. Changing companies dropped my premium to less than half what Metlife wanted me to pay. Insurance is a license to steal.
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