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MetLife Disability Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: MetLife
Year Founded: 1863
Address: 1095 Avenue of the Americas
City: New York
State/Province: NY
Postal Code: 10036
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 638-5433
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I paid in full for my plan. I even have a confirmation ID# to get my money. I was told they knew exactly how much I was getting and they would kick in the plan when I do not receive the full amount! I only get half of my income since 2013 January due to my income being redirected to medicare?
I am disabled due to major depression, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. I started receiving MetLife benefits in August 2010. I received a letter in the mail in December 2011 advising me that my benefits will end in August 2012 unless my disability is other than mental. I have fibromyalgia and my claim specialist claimed that I never mentioned that I had this, so I provided all the proof that I do and that my disability is not only mental, but I also have fibromyalgia. Well, MetLife sent me some paperwork to fill out and for my neurologist to fill out, which was done. I received a call from their medical department and they were really rude and treated me like I had nothing wrong. Today, I received a letter in the mail that denied my claim to extend my MetLife, which I knew was going to happen from the way that MetLife was treating me. Now, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what more to do to prove that I have been treated from May 2010 by the same neurologist and that I have fibromyalgia. I feel that MetLife does not want to pay and they don’t care. But I am going to fight this with an attorney.
My doctors, a therapist and neurologist, took me out of work for a previous traumatic brain injury which has taken a toll on me after 8 years. Met Life paid the first month of STD, but denied anything physical was wrong with me even though my neurologist sent many notes. Then they say it is all depression-related....and my depression has WORSENED since I've had to deal with them. When I went to file an extension, they claimed they never got notes from my doctors. I called them from my doctor's office and the office manager is telling me she keeps faxing the same thing. I had a TOTAL meltdown on the phone with them and would not let them hang up until they found my doctor's fax. Then, the case manager called me later and chewed me out for making such a scene. She had a "clinician" call and interview me for 2 hours, and they was the only way I got benefits extended another month.Now my FMLA is up this week, Met Life will stop paying me next week and I don't know what to do. If I go back to work, against my doctor's orders, I will fail at work. But if I don't go back, I won't have a job and Met Life will stop paying me. I've filed for SSDI, but that won't come through for a while. I've been crazy for 3 days thinking I need to go back to work and just get fired so I can collect unemployment because Met Life won't pay for a legitimate disability. I'm out of steam or else I would sue the SOBs.
I have Stage IV NHL - Terminal Cancer. The cancer is in my bones and all my lymph nodes. I was diagnosed in 2/2012 and thru my company went out on short disability as was going thru many rounds of chemo. In 11/2014 I was advised that my cancer has reacted well to over 17 rounds of treatment, but that I had one lymph node that was still showing active but not growing at this time. I also have Myasthenia Gravis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and RA among Major Depression and other seriously life crippling illnesses. MetLife has harassed me during this entire process, asking me to continuously provide documents from doctors showing I "still" have Stage IV cancer, and most importantly asked them to provide paperwork that states "terminal." In each correspondence they threatened me with cutting off benefits that I paid for for over 13 years. Each time they asked for more paperwork I was advised everything was good to go over and over again. Then a new letter would show up asking for yet more info. Now after my doctors have filled out yet more info they continue to question the diagnosis. This is after MetLife's "people with tenure" along with a "nurse" verbatim from my case manager of which states "they" state my "condition" is "questionable" for employability. I also provide them with permanent and total disablement from the VA and SS, yet they stated they use those documents as review and not as "determining factors" in my case. Plainly put the Case Manager who has my case now advised my doctors nurse that they are going to do everything they can to get me back to a "Sedentary" lifestyle sitting behind a desk. I think it is repulsive that we as a country allow companies such as this to be able to go AGAINST doctors orders/statements in order to get a % of revenue back from each case they get the disability payments stopped. Anyone can read about chemo brain, bone pain, etc. all which comes with my disease yet here is a corporation that can play with people's lives, life they play with their budgetary operation plans. Shame on them and shame on our country's leaders for allowing this to happen.....
I applied for long term disability with MetLife May 2017. I faxed my Dr papers. I was denied 3 days later. I since then filed a appeal with more Dr letter. More medical records. The person over my appeal called. Did another phone interview. After the 45min on phone she says they have to again speak with my Drs. Then by saying it can take up to 45 days or more before I get a response... MetLife is a scam. If they do pay it will go back to 2016. Sad all this company are ripping off the Little people.
I'm on a short term disability and at first MetLife approved me for 3 weeks then sent me to an IME appt who agreed with my Dr but Metlife would continue to suspend my claim every two weeks saying they haven't received my Dr notes. I've been going back and forth now for couple of months with MetLife and my Dr office who has receipts of the faxed being sent multiple times but MetLife says they still haven't received them. My Dr office actually talked to the MetLife supervisor but the supervisor denies it to me that she ever talked to her. My Dr notes last that MetLife said they received. I was told the notes weren't good enough. I responded with, "My Dr notes are not good enough for MetLife???" She said, "Yes." Well they closed my claim the next day and been fighting ever since with phone tags with MetLife and calling my Dr office them telling me, "Yes, we faxed them three times now."
The horror stories here are very sad to read and my heart goes out to you all. I know now, that I am not alone in this experience now, having read so many posts here regarding Met Life Insurance Co. I am a 12 year veteran Flight Attendant of a major airline with a perfect record in every way, including attendance.I became extremely ill last August and had to file for Short Term Disability for the first time in my 52 years of life.I have a rare form of Colitis and had abscesses and multiple ulcers in my colon. I have a duodenal ulcer diagnosed by endoscopy about 1 month ago. I have cysts and fibroid tumors. I have had diarrhea for almost 8 months and took steroids for 15 weeks. When I stop the steroids the diarrhea returns. I developed a reaction to the steroids including neurological issues and cataracts in both eyes. I have constant abdominal pain, nausea, severe bloating and distention. I was diagnosed last week at the hospital with SIBO, a small intestine bacterial overgrowth infection and I am taking antibiotics now for 2 weeks. I had a very unpleasant phone interview with Nurse ** from Met Life. I felt that she was very rude to me and extremely insensitive in her tone, underlying insinuations and declared that she would be sending out my claim for further review as she saw no reason why I cannot return to my job as a Flight Attendant. She upset me so much that I was violently ill for 24 hours. I asked for a copy of the recorded phone record which they said they can't access for me. I reported Nurse ** was rude and unprofessional in my opinion and Met Life did not respond to me. I did verify that I am a Met Life customer as the employee. Nobody from Met Life called me back to discuss my complaint and several days later my claim was denied. I had a follow up call which I recorded after informing my Rep. that I would be doing so. The Rep. confirmed that the Met Life doctor consulted says that I can work as a Flight Attendant, serving food and drinks to passengers with a bacterial infection and diarrhea. This is not acceptable, of course. What kind of a doctor would allow a food server to work with the public under these conditions? Who are these so called doctors who go against our own expert physicians and diagnostic test results? I asked Met Life twice to see one of their doctors in person so I could be evaluated professionally and they said that was not to happen and they just go by paperwork. This company deserves a Class Action Law Suit from what I read here! We all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We are the customers here. We pay premiums for their service and our insurance benefits. Their process and mistreatment of me has exacerbated my conditions and is not conducive to healing. I encourage you all to record all conversations with Met Life. Tell them you are doing that and they can't say no. They record everything too. I am consulting an attorney. Best of luck to you all in your health struggles.
I was employed by a company that provided short term and long term disability as part of the employment package. I worked for a previous govt. agency for 16 years that I contributed to the retirement fund. After discussing this three times with a Met rep, she advised me that the long term would not affect my retirement. After 9 months of receiving both payments and filing for SS, she informs me that they will be deducting from my retirement. Now, instead of dying peacefully, I have to worry about paying bills to live at home where I would like to die. PLEASE review your long term and short term disability paperwork, the ones that you have to request because the employer does not require you to get the "other" paperwork.
STD. After being led around by the MetLife playbook and sifting through their paths to discourage you, I finally reached someone who was dishing out some more disinformation. I let her finish and I politely asked her: "How can I have my checks sent to my estate, for I will surely be dead by the time you guys decide to pay me?” She paused and told me not to think that way. About a week later, I received a recorded message today notifying me that I have been approved for 6 weeks and my first check is on the way. To say I'm shocked is an understatement. We'll see.
After filing for short term disability, MetLife has changed its reasons for not paying the claim. First, it was that I had a Morphine prescription. Then they claimed they needed an "Authorization to Disclose Information About Me" twice. Then they claimed I was not enrolled in short term or long term disability coverage, then they claimed I never submitted a statement of health, and finally they said my claim was denied because of a history of Morphine treatment. My employer's HR department has agreed with me and worked with me on all this and has contacted MetLife on the telephone with me on the line, but MetLife continues to deny the claim. I am now in the process of filing complaints with every agency I can think of, and will file suit against MetLife if they don't settle with me soon.
I had been on LTD since 11/2011. After seeing 4 of MetLife's Independent Medical Examiners (IMEs), all 4 agreed with my doctors that I was unable to work. On 9/5/2012, I received a call from MetLife advising me they had not received enough medical information from my doctor so they were terminating my LTD case. I filed an appeal and after two months with no income, they finally found a doctor that could examine me, Dr. Mark **, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at ** Newport News, VA 23602. His findings said I could do sedentary work for up to 8 hours. Per day, I can lift things 10lbs and up. I have two bulging disc that are pressing on my sciatic nerve. My left front thigh is completely numb. The outside left outside of the same thigh is very sensitive to touch or anything else. I can barely walk 5 feet without assistance of a person, walker or cane. I wear a back brace. I have had three surgeries on my right knee. I can't begin to tell you about all the pain medication I am on. I have to see a psychologist because this illness has taken a toll on me. I had an MRI in October that states my condition has progressed since my last MRI in 2012. There needs to be some type of class action against MetLife.
Their investigations towards the decision of whether approving a claim or not are very poor. They are very unreasonable, unreliable and unprofessional. They have denied my claims on several occasions and I have had to appeal. The claims are not evaluated in their merits. They do not abide by the contract (policy). They do not respect the due process. I have been without income for months because they take too long to evaluate the claim file. This makes it very hard for me to get my medications and pay for my medical bills. I have not found any coworker who is satisfied with the service from this company. I really wish my employer would get coverage from a better company. Seems MetLife works really hard to deny the claims.
After paying premiums for 23 years I recently filed a claim for Short term disability after having major surgery. I was mailed 2 checks and then they "Suspended" my claims. Numerous attempts to contact them were made and no response. I will be out of work until July 24th as per my surgeon. Having no income is not an option. There has been no reason as to why my claim is suspended. This is no way to run a business; especially after paying them monthly for past 23 years. I don't know what my next step is as they will not return my calls. I am danger of losing my home and that is not acceptable. I need some guidance as to what my next step would be. Thank you.
Metlife has shown incompetence and lack of caring in handling my account. A few years back I had to have 7 surgeries for a bowel issue. It was my first time ever filing a STD claim, and it was a disaster. My payments were fouled up by MetLife and in the end they claimed I owed them $2000+ in over payment. I tried to set up a repayment plan, but they weren't interested unless I could pay over $300/month which wasn't feasible. They sent the account to collections and I filed a complaint with the insurance commission. Never resolved. Flash forward to a claim this year for maternity leave. I got a letter from MetLife saying my claim was approved and gave the dates I'd have benefits for, no mention of anything else. When my first payment came, it was just a statement saying what I would have gotten and fine print on the back of the page saying the entire payment had been applied to the previous claim. Now I've gone a month with a newborn and no income. MetLife is the worst company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I wouldn't recommend them for any dealings. Shame on MetLife for kicking people while they're down and penalizing others for their mistakes.
I have never had such trouble filing a claim for short term disability! I am a single mother. One income household. I had surgery and provided all the documentation from my doctor to be off work for 6 weeks and they only approved 2 weeks. This is a horrible thing to put someone through when they are trying to recuperate! Yes I can file and extension with additional paperwork, which I have and who knows how long that will take to process. Why does my doctor need to tell you 2 or 3 times that I need 6 weeks to heal! I would never recommend this company and will be dropping my policy as soon as I return to work!I have paid my premiums and should be able to use my benefits when I need them!!! Worst experience ever! I have had std claims with other companies and never had an issue. I filled out my 1st set of paperwork, was approved right away and received a check for the full amount right away. I am still waiting on my 2nd weeks check that should have been cut a week ago! This company should be ashamed of what you put people through when they are already in pain trying to heal. No one needs the added stress of worrying about paying their bills when they have insurance for these types of situations! I will definitely let my employer know and hope that they will switch providers!!!
I wish I had found this site prior to submitting my claim!!!! The many stories on here are heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time. I pray that MetLife is forced to pay for the harm they have caused everyone. Sadly, my situation is no different from the other experiences listed here. The "Missing Medical Information" and "Denial" tactics are clearly the Standard Procedure for MetLife.My claim for STD due to stress, anxiety, & depression, was promptly DENIED within 1 week of submission due to missing medical information. Two of my doctors provided medical information to MetLife yet, I am being told my claim is just "closed" and not "denied" while they wait for the medical information. But the status online and in the letter states the claim was DENIED. (How are they able to deny a claim if they have not - according to them - received the medical forms for review to base their decision on??)The apathetic call center reps and this ridiculously condescending case manager cause so much stress and frustration with their deceitful tactics. (My BP is rising while I type this.) I was advised by MetLife at various times that: They had the wrong ph # for me and could not reach me. (My # has not changed since 1998). My doctor had not replied to their request for medical records. (I watched my doctor fax the documents one of the three times she sent them over). The claim status shows "In Review" on their internal systems, but may show "Denied" on the website b/c they do not have a "pending" status available on the website. My claim is not Denied, but merely "Closed" until my doctor provides the missing medical information.Meanwhile, my job is stating my claim is considered "Denied" as reflected on the website. I am now facing having to repay the funds paid to me and possibly losing my job for time taken off that was uncovered. If I had any idea this is what I would face with filing a STD claim, I would have just stayed at work and waited to pass out from the stress and high BP. I do not have the money for an attorney, and I do not know where to begin with a class action lawsuit, but I am definitely interested if either opportunity comes my way!!
I have been employed with Verizon for over 9 years. I suffer with depression and in December 2015 I lost my oldest child. I am a single mother and I filed an FMLA claim which was approved through 2017 for up to 2x per week and 2 days per incident. I called my employer and requested FMLA leave recently and then after the 8 day time of being out, I filed for STD to cover the remaining time off. I was hospitalized with my depression and expected to see the first few days on my paycheck as FMLA using what personal time I had left and the remaining time through current as STD leave. I received my paycheck and there was no FMLA coding done and called Verizon to find out about it but was told to check with MetLife.I sent all the hospital paperwork into MetLife and they called me stating that they will be denying my claim as the 8 days have passed and I explained to them that my employer was to code the first few days as FMLA already approved then STD to cover the remaining time through current. My time card submitted by Verizon was incorrectly coded and MetLife wants to deny my STD claim. I am just recovering from an emotional breakdown and this has me ready to go back to the hospital. I am so upset that I don't know what to do. I have 2.83 in my bank account and I am at the mercy of MetLife and Verizon to protect my children's welfare and to be approved and paid.I don't know where to turn. In a past STD claim with MetLife, a claim was denied and I sent in my return to work paperwork in from my doctor and was told by MetLife that an employee at Verizon's HR CHANGED the date. I sent an appeal and won it because right is right and wrong is wrong. I suffer from Bipolar and PTSD and have been in therapy for years. I pay disability as a employee and feel that it is always a horrific nightmare dealing with trying to be approved for any type of benefit with Verizon. I just don't know what to do, I am extremely emotionally upset at this point and at the brink of being homeless.
Having read some of the stories of other 'victims' of MetLife, it can only be said that this company is indeed vile, malicious, untrustworthy, and yes, a class action suit is probably in order. I received a call from MetLife yesterday that my Long Term Disability benefits have been denied, effective immediately. So, after about 11 months of being approved, (with ongoing harassment from MetLife) - suddenly, and for no apparent reason, I am off their books, which I suppose is their objective.At first, it was puzzling to me that no one at MetLife had the courtesy - or the humanity - to reach out to me to request whatever documentation might be missing prior to this official denial. Then, I read these other stories and I realized that my case is not unusual; this is their MO (modus operandi), to lie, confuse, harass, intimidate, and all else to make the ill person feel truly more ill at each confrontation.I was approved almost one year ago, in September 2013, and now seemingly frivolously, MetLife just obliterates all that my MDs have documented (all my specialists agree that I am unable to work), and further invalidates the true nature of my health condition. The official notice of denial, which was faxed to me yesterday, is riddled with typos, errors, and omissions. MetLife states "protecting families for over 145 years," and then just throws sick and disabled people to the wolves.
I'm trying to get STD for I had a total knee replacement on 10/30/12. Now MetLife is "fishing" for any little thing they can find to get out of paying me 60% of my salary for 3 months, only 3 lousy months! The latest is that they do not have a signed Authorization to Disclose (medical) Information about me. I re-faxed it to them on 12/21/12. My case manager (Jody) also states my primary care physician has not faxed in the information MetLife has requested. According to the doctor's office, they have. MetLife now also wants information from the pharmacy/pharmacies that I use to fill my prescriptions. Really?!I have gone through my life savings to pay my usual bills as well all of these medical bills that keep arriving in the mail. I have sold 90% of my gold and silver jewelry, and now I have some of my furniture posted on Craigslist. Christmas? Forget it. I have never been so sad in my life, not to mention the bipolar depression that I already deal with on a daily basis is worse than ever and now severely impacting my knee rehabilitation. I never thought in a million years that I would find myself in this kind of a jam! I just can't wait to see what the excuse later this week will be.
I have been on LTD since July 2013 and on October 22nd I was told that I was declined. I did not receive any notice about this is going to happen. I am still working with a lawyer to appeal their decision. I have a complex auto immune disease which includes Lupus. My health had decline so much that I am unable to work. I am so stress and sick over this - how do you just decline someone who is truly sick. I was told in the letter that I do not have lupus and that was why they are closing my case. I been without pay since Oct 2014 cause my old doctor did not provide the correct paperwork.Something needs to be done to prevent this from happening. I am now struggling to pay my bills and get by until this is resolved. I wish I was able to go out and work but my health is preventing me. If there is any suits against MetLife please count me in. My primary doctor told them over and over again I am not able to work and if you look at my blood work and medical work from 2013 to now they are far worse. I am sorry if I am a little all over the place but my brain does not function like it use to.
Almost two months ago, I filed a Short Term Disability Claim with Metlife due to high anxiety, depression and panic attacks. I also suffer of additional medical conditions that I did not include in the claim. I had never suffered any of these mental conditions before but after extreme continuous emotional stress for over a year, I finally snapped to the point that I am acting crazy when I was known to be very calm and composed. My Psychiatrist provided detailed information on my behavior, her observations, medical treatment, etc and requested a period of two and a half months of me being out of the office.Every time my Dr. provided information, they said they had 5 days to review the information and make a decision, so the "trained" medical reviewer (who is NOT a Doctor and has no clue about my situation) waited all 5 days to call me or my Dr. and ask a very stupid question, such as "how often do you see your doctor?" After the answer, she would have 5 more days to "review" the information; after that, she requested my Dr. notes for my last appointment (private notes) not the medical assessment, which we decided to share. Of course when she received the notes, she took 5 more BUSINESS DAYS to "review" the information, then she calls my Dr. and leaves her a message. When my Dr. calls back, they don't pick up the phone; she leaves a message, which they took days to respond... Every time I have an appointment (weekly), she requires the notes again and has 5 more days to review, she asks me one stupid question, she gets 5 days, calls my doctor 3 days later, and the clock resets... you get the idea.At this point, 6 weeks had passed and they had not given me an answer. Of course these are 6 weeks that I didn't know if I would get paid or if I had to pay the days back to my employer since I do not have any available personal time. So they finally approved my claim, but ONLY until the day they called me with the decision. Immediately my Dr. filed for an extension until 5 days earlier than the original request, and the process started again. Since my Dr. had already given them everything they needed and requested, they decided to ask if I was seeing a therapist and now tried to make me sign a release, allowing them to get the notes with every detail of my personal life since the beginning of time which is in no way relevant to this claim and they should not be allowed to request that.Of course, now I'm also out of work with no pay and both my Doctors are so frustrated with what they have to do for Metlife. I can see that they wish I would go to a different doctor. Metlife harasses me and my Doctors, they have told them many times that they have other patients they have to take care of and Metlife doesn't care, they keep calling, faxing and requesting additional information that they don't need and had never requested before. The medical reviewer treats me like if I was lying, always asking things she already knows, trying to catch me on a lie and says things to me in a very cold tone that have made me break down in tears and desperation, but because I have not expressed suicidal or homicidal intentions, nor am I delusional and talking to people in my head, she doesn't considers my situation abnormal.Metlife has made my condition significantly worse and has literally disabled me, after their calls directly to me, or the frustrated calls of my two doctors telling me they just received a call from MetLife and they are requesting something else. I can't stop crying and just go back to bed not able to move a finger when all I asked them was for two and a half months of peace, so I could get treatment and get better so I can go back to work stronger and be able to perform my responsibilities successfully.So now, if I go back to work, they will fire me because I cannot handle the simplest of things or deal with people appropriately without breaking into tears, and if I don't, Metlife has kept me in so much added stress that I am not able to work on my recovery. It's like they are purposely making my illness a long term thing and want me to truly become crazy and homicidal, so I end up in jail and they don't have to pay my benefits. On top of that they make sure, to ALWAYS make me spend the holidays (including my Birthday) and now Christmas. They have heard me cry desperately, begged them for a little compassion, asked them what else do they need me to do and they simply do not care (their answer is always the same: "I understand, but we need to follow our policies").Their goal is not to pay the benefits (that btw we as employees have already financed for them), and they will do anything to make you give up the claim. They don't care if you get even sicker thanks to them. They don't even care if you kill yourself or somebody else. They twist the information you give them, lie and make you look so bad that you'd never be able to get a job again, and all this for asking for two months of STD, after 22 years at work never filing a claim before. And forget about confidentiality, not only do they talk among themselves about your case (every customer service person I talk to knows about me), but they will also share with your employer despite your express request not to share anything about your condition.Metlife needs to be sued and after what they have made me go through. I am more than willing to assist even if it takes years! Maybe a class action will make them change their truly unethical practices and influence other insurance companies that may be following the same strategy. Short Term disability is meant to allow an employee to recover and return to work on better health, but Metlife makes it much worse and does not allow us to get better.PLEASE HELP!
After paying into MetLife for well over a decade, I became totally disabled in 2008. Disability forms, notes and letters were all sent in to MetLife by numerous doctors, but MetLife initially denied my claim. After more documents, notes and letters, they approved my LTD Insurance. I was told I needed to apply for SSD, which I did. SSD approved my claim after their own doctors and specialists agreed that my condition qualified me for disability. The games, lies, etc. began right away with MetLife. I kept being told different things depending on who I spoke to. The case managers were changed often and with that, so did the rules along with the information I was given. At one point, I was told in a threatening way that I should have surgery for some of the physical conditions (there are multiple) and go into an institution for the severe depression, PST, bipolar, panic and anxiety I suffer with daily. They felt psychiatry wasn't enough. When I spoke to my doctors about this, I was told that MetLife had no business threatening me and telling me what course of treatment I should have or else! When I called back and spoke to a manager, I was told that dictating claimant's medical treatment is not part of their policy. Since they record all conversations, I told the manager to playback my recorded conversations as proof. Of course, that was never done.The list of deceitful actions taken by MetLife is long to post here. However, to give one example: My benefits were suddenly stopped and when I called to find out why, I was told their records indicated that I had returned to work. I explained that I never returned to work. After several calls and letters, I was told it was an error on the part of a new employee who had input the wrong information into the system. There were many mistakes like these. It seems that although numerous doctors, specialists, independent exams and social security have found me permanently disabled, MetLife tells me their definition of disability differs from SSD. I now know it also differs from all my doctors who have been sending in reports for almost 3 years, as well as their own so-called independent doctor who agreed with my doctors.
I am still appealing my case with Metlife. This is the 3rd denial and they are making my life completely miserable. My work and myself put money into disability for me in case I needed it. Well, I need it and they will not give it to me! They contracted with a Dr. that has tore me up, making my life miserable. I must continue to live this horrible event I went thru over and over again. The last denial comes from their contracted doctor. She did not have all the facts and I don't know why, I gave them all the correct info. She demeaned me and said I didn't have any testing done. How is that my fault. I've seen multiple therapists and I've never been tested for chronic depression or event triggered anxiety. They don't believe I can't work, I wanted to work and it shows me going back to work multiple times and my work kept sending me home saying I wasn't focused and I was mumbling. I don't remember feeling that way, but they still sent me home. I've had to move because of the events that have occurred and this has been both a blessing and a nightmare. It has been 4 years now and they continue to deny me. Preexisting condition, no, not possible. And then it was the dates, no, they had them wrong! Now it's not enough or not a extreme amount of medicine given or I didn't get therapy during a certain period. If I had, had money, I would have had insurance and got help but instead I died inside and cried and I had no way to express how I felt except to the person that hurt me the most. But, now I've changed my mind, because the person that has done the most damage is "METLIFE" by continuously making my life a living hell and for having to continue to relive these horrible events over and over again. They are ruthless, they leave documentation out and they are just sneaky, manipulating and mean! Don't ever trust them or better yet, stay away from them period!! I read that they denied people that lost limbs at their jobs, the disability they paid into and Metlife kept it. I would be disgusted with myself if I worked or represented this company at all. It's worse enough their logo is the "Peanuts!" Don't trust them!! They Lie!! They Cheat and they could care less about you. In fact, you're nothing but a bother to them and they need your disability money for bonuses to give to the people that work so hard at keeping it away from you forever! Hahaha, sorry, they think it's theirs. I certainly don't know how they sleep at night. After 4 years of back and forth, I'm about to just give up on it all! Please, I beg you. You never, ever want to go thru the pain and suffering they have put me thru, ruthlessly for years, and why? They can!
I had both hips replaced, and still had severe pain when I walked. MetLife (which I bought when I was at Raytheon Vision Systems) turned down my long term disability. They said their doctor said that I can go back to work, even when my doctor wanted to keep me off work. MetLife stopped all LTD payments and told my employer that I could go back to work. Not having any disability coming in, I asked my doctor if I could try and return to work. He said I could try, but only with limited duties. The following week, Raytheon Vision System in Goleta, CA laid me off. I had already started my paperwork for SSDI which I was approved. I am still in pain when I walk, and arthritis in the rest of my body is getting worse. I bought the insurance from MetLife and they backed out. Something should be done. I would like to find someone or some law office that would help me. The lawyer that advertised on late night ads looks kind of shaky. Any suggestions?
LTD approved except for the 20 hours of my partial hours for my first 4 weeks upon my return to work. Unprofessional, disgraceful company. Stating they haven't received doctor information, but oh there it is under a different tab. Taunting in phone calls, stating the paperwork looks like I filled in the information and just had the doctor sign it. Made me vomit questioning my integrity! Still denying to pay the 20 hours, even with a letter written to MetLife stating my partial hours were well within the disability guidelines. I'm now during the company.
I was denied LTD insurance because I had one prescription for Sonata (30 pills). Supposedly, this is an indication of anxiety. Never mind, I am going through menopause and only had a few sleepless nights. What a joke this company is. To have to wait another two years is beyond crazy. When I contested, this is what the nurse finally told me. I can only imagine what would happen if I had to file a claim. Would probably be denied or dropped for the slightest reason. I am with Raytheon and am going to let them know they are wasting their and their employees' money on this company. I can understand why it is rated so low.
I applied for long term disability benefits after having back surgery, Feb. 2013. After my initial 6 months of short term disb. which ended in August of 2013, I still am in as much pain as before my surgery. My surgeon says my back is not fused yet which could be the reason. Prior to this last surgery, I have had two cervical surgeries and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Needless to say my pain is 24/7. After months of getting two of my drs to deem me disabled, MetLife's claim rep., Sharon **, has rejected my ltd claim. Reason being she said I was able to perform a desk job. This decision comes after months of waiting, pushing every decision to the absolute very last minute. Then when the co. had everything they needed from my drs, which is what they asked for, they called my supervisor at work and then rejected me. I did tell her prior to this decision that I had not been in good standing with my job and they tried to fire me. Why would she take their word? They #1 do not want me working there, #2 they have never examined me by a dr. I find it absolutely ridiculous the person who made the decision has no medical backgroundI have two rods and plate and screws in my lower back. I have two plates and six screws in my neck. I have fibromyalgia and every joint in my body hurts. Dr. reports to back up. A claim rep. has ruined my life. I don't understand how this happens? If anything comes from this, great I haven't wasted my time. Otherwise I do not know why any company would buy this coverage for their employees. Waste of money!
My husband had surgery in April, and then started radiation treatments. We completed all paperwork, doctors have completed paperwork twice - faxed it all in - three times as of last night. I called last night to get status update - woman told me it was cancelled May 15. Then, she told me we did not have disability insurance. After a couple more rounds with her, she had the wrong customer pulled up. When I asked to speak to a manager (I was still being very polite), she came back to the phone and asked, "He wants to know what you want" (word-for-word). Then, "He says you haven't submitted any medical information." Three separate times, I've faxed 38 pages to this company, once, I called and verified receipt the next morning - and was told they had received it. I notified their customer service, but as with many of the other complaints I've read - no answers, no calls back, no notifications. AMAZING!!! Time to get a lawyer!
I am pretty happy with MetLife. I had 2 herniated disc in my back, had surgery and 6 months later herniated one of them again. MetLife has been pretty good on both STD leaves. I will say though on the first one we had issues three times with them telling me they hadn't received documents and the doctor office showed me proof where they had already sent them. As in all service today, most is extremely lacking and it's up to the individual to stay on top of any company to make sure everything gets done. It's a pain in the butt but unfortunately that is reality. I would have given them a 5 if not for this as who wants to sit on the phone and make multiple calls trying to take care of things when in pain.
I get MetLife through work, my father has ESRD, and I am driving 4 hours to help take care of him. I am having a very hard time dealing with this. I am diagnosed with major depression and anxiety, my doctor sent a letter to MetLife saying that I needed short term disability. I have seen therapists , psychologists, and have been on several medications. MetLife denied my claim, saying depression is not something they can approve, so I have to go back to work against my doctor's request. The case worker has been rude, and didn't seem to care. I have been paying for this benefit through work for 15 years and have received nothing but grief from this company.
2016 has been a year where every medical condition has come down on me hard. I was diagnosed with severe depression and was asked to take leave by my therapist and PCP Metlife took forever to get the documents and my therapist had to take her own time to fight with them. After 3 Weeks I return to work but was placed on an intermittent fmla claim to help manage the side effects of the depression medications and also the symptoms of depression. This took another 5 letters and countless phone calls to get correct meanwhile worsening my condition. Once I reported I was back to work and off of std they felt it was funny to close my intermittent fmla claim which I fought for 2 weeks to reopen.A little over a month later I have a bad reaction to a medication increase that took me out of work for a week and a half. This claim was denied stating my Dr never provided paperwork but Metlife never sent it. I finally had to go through Amanda ** a supervisor because they kept saying my case worker Marlene could never reach me. Turns out Marlene had the wrong phone number all along but I only had ONE number but Metlife couldn't tell me where the other number came from. Luckily after a month after the week and a half off Amanda was able to fix the claim. I finally got paid for that time.September 9th I began to get overwhelming pains in both arms, burning, numbness, soreness. It kept me awake at night for a while but the condition kicked it into high gear where I couldn't tolerate the pain. I took fmla leave as I didn't know what was happening and thought it was a side effect from my many medications and it would pass. My PCP scheduled an emergency nerve study thinking it was either carpal tunnel or nerve pain. The study revealed carpal tunnel worst in my non-dominant hand than in my dominant hand. I called Metlife and filed std. They got my PCP paperwork fine but said it wasn't enough so I forwarded the nerve study and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.Marlene calls me to tell me she has to deny my claim because I took fmla for depression and std for carpal tunnel that I can't have TWO symptoms at once. Are you kidding? I argue with her and become very upset. I've been out of work since September 9th and still haven't gotten any pay, my rent is past due and so are my lights. I had to pay 200 dollars out of my pocket for a nerve study and these people are telling me I can't be sick with two things?So I am having surgery on both hands October 12th. Metlife still has yet to pay me. Supervisors play phone tag and call you when they want. I contacted a local attorney to see if this would be a workers compensation case since I haven't had issues until working for Verizon. Yes, it is. He also advised me regardless what fmla is for I should be entitled to it by law.So I am giving Metlife one last chance, waiting on a disability unit supervisor to call me back. If they tell me my claim is denied I am seeking legal action. Reading all the reviews they have no idea the strain they put on already sick people. No compassion. I had to get my therapist to calm me down after the conversation with marlene. She had to make me realize my worth even though Metlife didn't see my worth. So I am a Verizon employee, out of work due to a carpal tunnel injury to both hands on 10 different medications for depression, diabetes, pcos, high blood pressure, and most of all pain and Metlife has my entire medical work up and they STILL deny my claims.It's sad that Verizon would employ such a disgusting company to handle their employees. Honestly the whole ordeal has me not even sleeping at night anymore and my depression is bad enough to be admitted to a hospital. The government should crack down on Metlife. Why? Because I have 100% considered just applying for full time disability rather than ever have to go through something like this again. Yes, I am willing to give up the job I love and support my family with to never have to deal with a company like Metlife again. This is the pain and sadness they encourage in people.
My father is dead but he is really upset with MetLife. He was the founding father of managed care and modern rehabilitation. MetLife has violated every principle of treating its disabled fairly and restoring them to dignity. I became totally and permanently disabled with MetLife in 1999. According to Social Security, I am legally blind. My doctors have filled out basically the same information 14 times every year. Metlife has gone from one subcontractor to another. Now, they send most claims to India. You think you are dealing with Metlife but you are not. I am lucky in that I have doctors in the family and my sister is an expert witness against disability companies. I have never seen such a group incompetent people. I save every record, every note as they don't. Their records are wrong almost every year. Their purpose is to get you off disability any way they can. This year, MetLife terminated all employees on disability and made them pay for 100% of health care cost. I personally hope they get a class action suit.
I am dissatisfied because my claim has not been paid, no I have any funds. Every other day in a call to check on my claim in my case manager. Or anyone that looks at my claim tells me that my claim is being processed. When I call again someone tells me that they have not received all the information from my doctor for my job. When I call my job they said they sent everything that MetLife ask for. When I call my doctor my doctor say that they sent everything that MetLife ask for. I'm still waiting. I have no income, bills are in the red and holidays are passing. I feel like I'm not significant or important.
Not only did I need to file a claim, but I was an employee of the company, which means that my claim was viewed more harshly than any other person. I went out for severe anxiety with panic attacks and major depression. They paid my short-term disability, but when it came to long-term, they said I could do my own occupation. Funny, I did get awarded SSDI and they look at any occupation! I appealed with Metlife and they claimed to not have received any information from my doctor, so they denied the appeal based on no new information received. Then, two weeks later, they send me a letter that they found the information in someone else's file, but it didn't make a difference. So, I am disabled enough by SSDI, but not my insurance company. I got SSDI approved the first time around, so you know that I am a major mess because approvals on first application are rare.I could have pursued this through an attorney, but seeming Metlife offsets SSDI, my benefit would have only been $100 and it just wasn't worth it to me. I just don't have the patience and mental capacity to deal with them over $100 a month.I can tell that this company is shady since I worked for them. My manager would tell me not to reopen cases even when I had good hard medical evidence that said I should be paying the person. I had a manager who was transferred over from the Life Department, and knew nothing about disability and the other manager I ended up with, well, she got her job just by being there so many years but got demoted after I left. I had more overall experience in disability plus a bunch of credentials that they didn't. I got fired the same day I advised my manager that I was filing for FMLA; it was two hours later to be exact. She cited performance issues though (typo errors she found on letters). Funny thing is that I was on the quality committee and a review of 600 random letters, all had typos! The year prior, I had gotten written up two days prior to a scheduled hysterectomy for performance issues. It seems like if you have health issues and are employed here, you might as well kiss your job good-bye.
As a physician, it is no surprise that to utter the term insurance company leaves a bitter taste in my mouth; but my experience with the individual MetLife Disability Department has left me nauseated and just sick to my stomach. I bought life and disability insurance from MetLife in March of 2014, because it seemed to be cost effective. Unfortunately, in February 2016, I had to go out on medical leave. By April 2016, it was apparent that I would not be able to go back to work as soon as anticipated, and on April 27, 2016, I applied for individual disability. Within three weeks, MetLife had received all required documentation including my medical records, and by June 9. 2016, I was informed that there were multiple unanswered questions, and that I would have a 2-week window - I responded on June 21, 2016. Since then, I have kept in touch with my IDI Claims representative, and was told that due to the complicated nature of my case, there was a seven member team assessing my claim, as whether to rescind the policy and return my premiums, or grant me the conditions of my policy.Would you believe that as of today, September 4, 2016, no decision has been made and I have been told that this team cannot meet before September 12-13 2016 (via telephone conference), due to other engagements i.e. vacation. Yes, you heard me right! Imagine being ill and on medical leave for more than 6 months, applying for disability over 4 month ago, responding to all questions over 2 months ago, being depleted of ALL financial resources with expenses including a mortgage, and two children (one of whom is already in college), and you are being told that your temporary means of financial support is not a priority. Furthermore, I am returning to work (at reduced hours), and will receive my first pay check from my employer before a decision is being made by MetLife! For many who are temporarily or permanently disabled, we seek to have some degree of medical and financial normalcy, but MetLife shatters this with its lack of consideration and respect, in this intentionally delayed process. To my IDI claims representative - T.S, Claims Manager - A.W, Director of IDI Claims Dept - J.D., the Assistant Vice President - J.M, as well as your executive board, I only have one hope: that for every person that has suffered at your hands, that each of you have a sleepless terror-filled night; and judging from your negative claims review, you would become Full-Time Insomniacs!
We purchased a MetLife Insurance Policy in which we have to pay some premium every year 26999. After paying premium of 2 years the companies 2 offices in town gets closed forever without any information. On investigating or contacting higher office they are asking for more premium. After long harassment they asked for 3rd premium. Problems are still on, managed to get some amount. Still didn't get 30,000. Before taking the policy they come to your house thrice a day. Then they don't even know how to talk to customers. ** company. DON'T GO FOR IT. Waste of time, energy and money!!! 0/10 for customer satisfaction!!!
I have CAD and work for large co in which I pay extra for my LTD. We have MetLife and when first got sick was on STD for the normal period. MetLife stopped paying claims more than 6 times. There was always a paperwork error according to them. My job still paid me as our disability paid through pay checks. I went through process with MetLife throughout the whole Short term claim. Finally went on Long term disability and did not have as much trouble. They do require many updates on medical reports which is fine. It's been 15 months on here with no problems and out of nowhere they call me and Approve my any occupation. I still had 6 months to go on it. I will say they were bad at first but seem to be doing better now.
I am almost seven month pregnant and I am a flight attendant for a major airline. About a month ago, I filed for a short term disability, due to the fact that because of my symptoms, I was no longer able to perform the essential duties as a flight attendant. The amount of pain I felt while working was unbearable. I also have complication in my pregnancy. MetLife denied my claim due to the fact that my symptoms are "normal" and because I have no complications in my pregnancy. The doctor has provided all the documentation to support my claim, but still they denied my claim. I am currently appealing the decision. I am under so much stress due to MetLife that even my blood pressure went up. If I had a choice, I would never have dealt with MetLife. Now I am in the edge of my seat, waiting for their decision on my appeal. More stress for someone who really doesn't need it.
Do not get insurance from this company!!! #MetLife are the worst, almost criminal. They will ask you for documents, more documents and will not give you a straight answer to the status of your claims and will try to tire you out. I have been going back and forth for half a year on a disability insurance that I have had for a decade where I made diligent payments etc... I gave them all my financial docs for 3-4 years as big as 2 dictionaries... And they have had it now for over a month and can't give me an answer... Now they want my last month's docs and more docs signed - the ones I already signed but now with today's date now... Etc... The same one they had me sign months ago but now with an updated signed date. Get it? They just want to tie you up in paperwork in hopes that you will get tired. This is a criminal enterprise and I would not recommend getting insurance here unless you want to have a heart attack.
The company I work for offers excellent benefits; short-term disability through MetLife is one of them. However, MetLife has made my life a nightmare since I’m becoming too ill to work. I have two physicians claiming that I am 100% disabled while they try to determine if my symptoms are caused by lupus or Lyme disease acting like lupus. My symptoms do not allow me to work, and even if I tried to work, I would be a liability to the company because of my brain fog and low productivity. I have sent MetLife every piece of medical documentation that exists on me. I have paid countless fees so that doctors' offices will send paperwork to MetLife. I have been out of work for 8 weeks and I am no longer getting paid. This is very difficult for a single person living alone and someone with limited energy. Each day is spent fighting with MetLife. I have had to spend more time focusing on MetLife and disability benefits than I have in trying to get a diagnosis and get well. This has resulted in severe depression.MetLife misled me about the disability process. They are certainly not your advocate and not interested in helping the claimant whatsoever. It is a money game for them. I want to say that the MetLife personnel are incompetent, but I believe they are simply trained to perform that way in order to benefit the company and save money. They will send letters via postal mail indicating you have a timeframe for action as of the date on the letter. But because it is via postal mail, much of the time is already expired leaving you limited time for action. This is their game.My advice to new claimants or those considering purchasing benefits from MetLife : (1) Do not use MetLife if you can avoid it. (2) If you cannot avoid working with Metlife, stay on top of them. Ask questions, dates and details. Do not assume that anyone at MetLife will do anything for you. Do not wait around. MetLife will not call you with information. They will also not call you back even when you request it and they promise a call back within 2 hours. My recommendation is to call every day and ask the same questions over and over. I got different answers all the time and my case manager was absent. I finally had to call my employer to see if they could assist, after all, Metlife works for my employer so try to get your employer on your side, if possible.Bottom line: MetLife is shady. Do not trust a word they say. Avoid using them if possible but if you must, remember that you are your only advocate and you must stay on top of them.
I was on maternity leave and upon having my daughter I suffered with severe postpartum depression that I was put on meds and it was upped three times. MetLife sent my doctor a booklet to fill out and he did. He also spoke with several people at MetLife. They kept denying my claim and my doctor was so mad. I ended up having my lights cut off and my water. Thankfully a friend up paying my bills. I had to go on public assistance and I'm seeing a counselor due to the postpartum and the stress.
With SO many people, including myself, experiencing the same thing, is there a lawyer who would file a class action lawsuit? Has any filed a complaint with New York Insurance Commission? I want to get paid, and I am SICK of being the little guy dealing with financial chaos because of MetLIFE!
When I got sick and had to have surgery I was worried about my health, my future, life in general. Sudden news of having to have a surgery will make anyone step back and take a look at the big picture. I thought at least I didn't have to worry too much about my bills since I have insurance to cover this type of thing. Well I was wrong. Dealing with MetLife is a nightmare. My wife was on top of this with the proper paperwork signed by the right people and sent the day after the surgery. They start the claim and make you feel like they are on it and everything is gonna go smooth but then they don't call when they said they would. Then they put it off till the next Monday. Still not returning calls. You will not be able to get in contact with your case worker.Luckily we had all the paperwork so when they asked for it a second time we could fax it right to them. It came down to me threatening a lawsuit, telling them I checked consumer affairs reviews and see how they operate. But what got it settled was me calling my H.R. Department at work and telling them what was going on. After all the company I work for let them come in and sell me the insurance and I wanted them to know how I was treated. So the H.R. Dept. called MetLife and not 5 min later MetLife called me and said a check was in the mail and they lied about that. Didn't receive a payment for another 8 days. Over a month after I had my surgery, missed my mortgage payment and a few other late bills they finally paid. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of frustration before anyone even thinks to look at reviews. Good luck and call the human resources dept of the co. you work for to get help.
I worked for IBM in Denver, CO and suffered a work comp. injury for which I subsequently had back surgery for. AFTER the surgery, BUT, just while I was in my room. I suffered a heart attack and while they tried to place a stent, the dr. filled me up with a litre of iodine dye which I'm highly allergic to and even had an alert wrist band on for my surgery and it was in my files. So, I passed away, was resuscitated, on life support and in a coma for 6 days after having a hypoxic episode (lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in brain damage). When I woke up from my coma, I was suffering from total renal failure, double pneumonia, and other complications. I was in the ICU for 17 days.After my short term disability through IBM ran out after 6 months, Metlife took over as my long term disability insurer. They had me complete all the forms, apply for Social Security Disability, and approved everything. I started receiving monthly checks for half of my regular salary. About 3 and 1/2 months, I get a call from some guy who asked me a few questions and then a month later I get a letter from Metlife saying I don't meet their standards for disability and are cutting my payments off. This was out of the blue. I had not worked and still have not worked since my heart attack in 2008. I was independently evaluated by a company that said I was unable to work. Social Security Disability approved my case without a hiccup. But, for some arbitrary reason, I was not Metlife material. On top of it all, they wanted me to pay back the approx. $8,000 they had paid me.I found this out when I received a collections letter. Colorado state law says they are only entitled to be reimbursed a $1,000 a month from my Social Security or Work Comp award. When I questioned them on this, they said they do business out of their headquarters in Massachusetts. Well excuse me, but you entered into a contract in Colorado and Colorado rules override their little excuse. But, they continued to pester me with collections, etc. until I threatened to sue them. Then, they submitted my case upstairs for review which took about a year for a decision and of course the decision was in their favor and the time for me to file a suit had expired. Then, they started up with the collections business again. Someday, when I'm older and grayer and don't have anything to lose anymore, someone in Metlife is going to get a surprise because I'm holding everyone of them from the top down accountable.
On August 23, 2011, I went out on stress leave and also medical due to finding out that my wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. The stress contributed to my blood sugar raising, complicating my Type II Diabetes. My claim was only approved through October 23, 2011. But I wasn't notified until November 8 that my claim was denied. This caused me to not get paid during that time.The case went to a "review" status. They said that it would take 45 days and today is day 45. I just got off the phone with **, the appeals "specialist", who told me it could take up to another 45 days for an answer. Dealing with these so-called advocates is worse than the situation that I am facing. They really make it harder than it really is. After 9 years with my company, I have absolutely no faith in the system! And the only reason why they got 1 star is because it was the only way I could submit this complaint!
I had an organ transfer at the beginning of September. Since then they have never been prepared for anything. They claim they didn't receive anything from the Doctor's office. When I called the Doctor office and asked them to send it and call them, they said they have been trying to call them and have sent the paperwork several times. They stop my short-term when all the paper work has been sent and re-sent to them. I keep having to call MetLife and it goes straight to voicemail and they don't call back. I am very displeased with them. If you have a choice of a different company I would say go with them.
Disability Claim Closed For No Reason - I became disabled close to three years ago while working for Verizon Wireless. MetLife oversees my disability claim. Ever since my disability, they have played games with my case, never paying me the proper monthly benefit I was entitled to, requesting redundant medical records every three months from my doctors and then finally closing my case. My monetary benefit stopped, my health insurance was cancelled and my life insurance policy was also terminated. MetLife is claiming, since day 1, that I have a psychological ailment, which I don't and they have a two-year limitation on psychological issues. I suffer from sever and chronic tinnitus which is a neurological ailment that currently has no cure.
(Long story short, if I can.) I qualified for STD and FLMA's starting with the year of 2005, I believe. First, it was for Fibromyalgia then in 2006 COPD. During that time, I went to work regardless of how I felt or looked. Then it got to be too much. For the last 2 years, not only was I in constant pain but had to tote two oxygen bottles (approx. 50lbs) to work and home. I know stress plays a part in pain and breathing, but I was single and had to take care of my obligations. When I finally passed out at work, my doctor said no more. So on April Fool’s Day in 2008, my doctor said this is how it is going to be. I was in too much pain and felt worse than I looked, I couldn't argue. You see when I first started working there, I took out all the insurances and benefits I could, because one never knows what is going to happen in life. I thought I would be able to work there until I retired. So I paid for all the insurances along with long and short term insurance. It brought me peace of mind, so I thought, knowing someone would have my back.Little did I know then how this insurance company was going to treat me. After all, I had paid into it for so many years and my only mistake was to trust them. All went well and they said I needed to apply for government disability by Oct. or Nov. Well, I decided to get an early start and applied in May. Little did I know it would go through right away after the 6-month waiting period. In the meantime, MetLife was sending the checks and Social Security goes or starts in the month behind, i.e., you get October check in November. So I had to pay back the money from MetLife even though I didn't get an actual check from them. Confusing. So for the next year, they kept my little check from MetLife because of this. The trouble started when I was sent a new claim form that I was to give to my new doctor, as I had to change insurance. That was the only thing I got. Christine ** said I was supposed to give the long-term disability claim form to the attending physician statement to prove I was still disabled. He had not gotten my first and last visit from my doctor that I had been seeing for 9 years. Nothing from her about my medical problems. He said he couldn't fill out this report only knowing me a few months.With this info, Christine told me if he didn't fill this out and fax it in, I would lose my benefits. At that time, she didn't mention nor was there a letter telling me that all they needed was my doctor’s note about my visits. When I called MetLife, there was another person that asked me why I didn't just have my doctor send over my records. I said I had no idea that it could be done this way or it could have all been resolved at that time. What did I know about claims or insurance for that matter? Christine called me back this morning saying that I had left a voicemail saying that my doctor would not fax over my medical records. She said it had been recorded and I asked to hear what I had actually said on voicemail. Well, they don't keep the recordings that long. Working in customer service, I know a rep can write down anything they please so at this point, I really didn't believe her. Yesterday was the first it was ever mentioned about doctor notes. It was always about filling out their report.I, too, lost my home due to not being able to afford my three different inhalers; one is over $300 when I am in my dough hole. They cut me off of $113 when I had paid off the month or so they said they overpaid me. I should have been able to get LTD until I was 62, I think. It was closed because I was given the wrong information. I lost my home in 2009, did a change of address and again in 2010. Since they don't send things out certified, they assume you get whatever they send you. The last mail I believe I got was that claim form that Christine wanted my doctor to fill out. I told her that my company switches insurance on me and had two different doctors that wouldn't fill out the claim. It may only be a small amount to some but over the course of eight or more years, I should have gotten $10,848. It almost reminds me if you had car insurance and you get in a wreck, they will not cover it. When do we, the customers, get a break? Why do they say something is being recorded when they can’t or won’t produce the tape?
Customer Service consultants willfully and deliberately mishandled and incorrectly input and delayed information in processing approval and extension of approved benefits resulting I'm my NOT receiving any approved disability payments for 3 weeks at present count. I have been told checks in the mail when it hasn't been sent. The direct deposit requested was improperly processed 3 times. Initially not even set properly in their system. Each consultant blames the other, the bank, the employer, me the employee, the dog, the cat whomever as a stall tactic to fulfill payment obligation. In my opinion They could not be this incompetent rather these are deliberate company wide frustrations tactics endorsement and even taught to defraud and not pay legitimate STD claimants. They post system updates on accounts as though the payments have been processed to pay all the while knowing they haven't actually mailed them or they have deliberately misentered data to keep money from being applied to claimants account.
No one ever wants to become disabled. I for one planned on working my entire life, even past retirement if I was able. Nonetheless, as I often tend to expect the unexpected... I purchased a LTD plan from none other than Met Life. All was well as long as I continued to work and pay my monthly premiums. However, when I did become disabled, those so called long term benefits went into short term effect. Met Life has a way of making you believe one thing while they actually do another. Six months into my disability, I applied for SSD, at the recommendation of health care providers. In many situations it can take up to 2 years for approval. I was approved in less than 6 months. SSD however, (or anything for that matter) doesn't influence Met Life in any way, shape, or form. They even boldly stated that a government approval of disability makes no difference to them. It is now 3 years into my disability. I was supposed to be collecting 60% of my salary but have been reduced to $0 as time marches on. My condition is worse than when I was originally approved. And I do have medical documentation and clinical proof to substantiate this. Met Life however, continues to deny me saying "my proof" isn't proof enough. Don't try challenging a denial on your own either. Hire an excellent attorney and even then, this company will lie and cheat their way in a attempt to forever "beat around the bush" and never pay. Most disability lawyers are very familiar with Met Life and the disgusting, despicable and highly unprofessional tactics they use against the disabled. And most of these lawyers tend to agree that the horrific practices by this company should be deemed criminal. Lastly, I don't know how a billion dollar insurance giant can be allowed to continue such injustices at the expense of the unfortunate. And if others out there are totally fed up with Met Life like I am, perhaps a class-action lawsuit might just be something we should look into. Anyone??
I was diagnosed with PTSD from two doctors however MetLife told me today that after reviewing my claim that the doctor records does not back the claim. After all that I am going through now I have to deal with this stress. This is a big setback for me adding the stress on top of the PTSD. I agree that a class action case be brought against MetLife.
In December 2005 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and opted for radical prostatectomy. Surgery was initially scheduled for 23 January 2006 but postponed to 13 February 2006. (A small non-related bladder tumor was found which required removal prior to the prostatectomy) I made arrangements with the HR rep at my employer to complete the required forms for short term disability; anticipating a total of 4 weeks away from work including 1 week vacation time and 3 weeks disability. I am retired Navy and had the surgery performed at the Navy Hospital in Pensacola. As soon as I returned home from 4 days hospitalization, I had mail waiting from MetLife, seems they were unable to obtain required information from the doctor. I have made a number of phone calls to MetLife and the hospital to try and get things coordinated. At one point, I went back to the hospital to again fill out an authorization to release medical information. Note that this was while I was supposed to be recuperating... At the time I went to the hospital regarding the form I was in moderate pain, having difficulty walking and most likely legally intoxicated on **. Upon returning home, I called MetLife to let them know that the form was signed and the name, phone and fax number of the contact person in the hospital. Two days after completing the form, I received a call from MetLife, asking for contact information for the hospital. I was surprised, as I had already given this information to MetLife. On 6 March 2006, I received a letter informing me that since I had not supplied required information, my claim was closed as of February 11, 2006. I have a prejudiced opinion regarding insurance companies in general and any company selected by my employer in particular, so I was financially prepared for this. I cannot imagine the hell my wife would be going through had I died during surgery. Regarding that, it was successful, I'm cancer free now but that's the only good thing to come out of this so far.
On the day of my surgery we submit all the documents for disability and used all my PTO for lead time for my disability approval. Until now nothing happened. Mid May MetLife called and informed me that will be getting a cheque starting Tues but to our surprise we received a mail from them on a Thurs informing that it has been denied because of insufficient information. How can this be? When they already informed me they will be sending how much starting Tues. Now talked to them and asked me to send them information or doctor to send them information since they didn't indicate the dates. I called doctor office. They are so rude too and even told me will charge me 25 dollar per page for any forms or letter needed. This is the first time I heard this. Maybe because they already got the payment from the surgery. Anyways tried to call them and left a message. Nobody tried to get back to me. I tried to fax discharge papers for the dates. I don't know. And doctor office said when they talked with them they said it's all ok. But they told me a different one. METLIFE is such a pain in the ass and we better sue them.
I have cancer, peripheral neuropathy from the chemo, diabetic neuropathy from untreated diabetes that I am now having treated, and not only is my life very painful but I am too dizzy to drive, much less work eight hours a day. They just don't get it. My doctor suggested that I go on short-term disability and some nurse at MetLife who has never seen me or even has a clear idea what is going on, denied my claim. This has caused more trouble than I can deal with. And most of all - MetLife just does not care.
I hate to even write this but MetLife was horrible in general to deal with at least from my experience. I would like to have been able to outweigh the good with the bad but no such luck. I did have communication with a few good people mostly the call center though. My claim agent was horrible, never communicated what was needed or fax my doctors for it. I was put on a suspension at one point because they didn’t fax the paperwork, then after I spoke to a supervisor they approved it because it wasn’t my fault but only approved it to current day. Which then meant I wasn’t getting a check the following week. Due to the fax time and 7 day window to review the paperwork I wouldn’t receive a check for at least two weeks. If this was just one situation I could have lived but it was the same way the whole four months I was out of work on medical leave. To this day, which is six months later they still owe me money but I can’t be bothered with contacting them any longer regarding it. Even my employer, which is where I get the short-term disability insurance through, tried contacting them. My providers wanted nothing to do with the by the end of my four month medical leave and neither did I.
I have been through more tortuous days, more grief than words can ever express and anxiety that make me feel like life wasn't worth living anymore! I worked for Verizon Wireless and ended up with some very painful and debilitating disease, as well as, dealing with a terminally ill husband and two daughters that were also going through serious medical illnesses. I had to fight for every penny I was ever given from either company. I purchased and paid my disability and life insurance premiums which were offered to me as a Verizon employee. I'm still battling the same runaround and continual appeals for benefits owed to me for unforeseen disability myself. They took precious time out off me that I could have and should have been able to spend with my husband who is now deceased and are still fighting me for his life insurance money which I paid for!! This needs to stop!! Our quality of life should be of value too!! They are crooks!! Looks like lots of attorneys will get paid to have them keep their end of a legal responsibility! They need to be held accountable! May we all receive our benefits paid for and worked for! My story is so long and horrific it would take me an entire book to go over all off their wrongful pain! 4 Drs who know I'm disabled and know what I'm going through and BEEN through. They both need to pay for their commitments!!
I became ill in August 2015. As my illness progressed it became clear to my employer, my doctors and myself that I needed to take a leave since I could not perform my duties as assigned and my illness was progressively getting worse. I put in a claim to MetLife for my short term disability and from the start they were did not provide me with any information as to what I needed to do to get my claim going. I did get a release form and sent it to my Dr's as well, but heard nothing about my claim for weeks.I finally spoke to someone in late November who said my Dr's had not sent in the correct paperwork. I followed through and had all my medical records re-sent from all three of my Dr's. Still I heard nothing from MetLife and so I called on Jan 4, 2016 and had no reply. I called again today Jan 6, 2016 and did not get to talk to my caseworker a Mr. ** whom I have never spoken to and was told by another person named Kathleen that I had been denied and that she could not really talk to me about the claim until I read the letter and for me to call back with any questions I might have after I receive it.In this day and age when life is so difficult especially when one is ill, how can an insurance company be allowed to judge your illness and how it affects you personally without ever even talking to the patient? My Dr's all agreed I needed to take time off in order to heal and yet MetLife disagrees. I had an attack of diverticulitis which landed me in the hospital for 4 days, with acute liver failure and had knee surgery within a 3 week period. My liver failure made me weak and my body was shutting down, kidneys, bile tree issues, and a deep depression. I work with children in an educational field. I could not expose my students to my condition as it worsened, how could MetLife not agree that my short term disability was necessary. It is a fraudulent company that misleads its clients in their time of need. I would not recommend them to anyone.
Just looking at all the negative responses to this company and wonder why nothing changes. This is the company my work institution has used and I had to pay into all those years of working (20?+), and now close to retirement I got injured and needed early retirement. I found out I would be able to get SSDI but it has taken forever to get responses from MetLife. We finally even called the cooperate offices in NYC and then my case worker did call me the next day! But otherwise she is super slow and the message phone is a week old! Reminds me of that movie with Matt Damon where the insurance company denied all claims at first. So how do they get away with it. My Claims have been paid now but listening to all these stories makes me wonder how many more people have to go through these frustrations. I worked in a hospital where I loved taking care of people. I wish our country would have that work ethic for each other but I'm a dreamer.
I was in multiple car accidents that aggravated old injuries from a 2003 fall at work. I also had a concussion causing memory, balance, headaches and vision problems. Besides previous claims that were either delayed needlessly or denied, MetLife (the admin for VZW - Verizon Wireless), has delayed multiple times approval of my current short term claim. They claim medical. Although this same medical was good for approval before, they seem to change on the fly. They are always saying they didn't get the documents when you're there watching your providers submitting the info with all requested information. And many more disabled employees out of the Metro Atlanta area. The rules change as they go along and the MDs just said that down the road, both parties will be sanctioned as the practices are becoming sloppy and reckless. Many believe that what is happening are retaliatory tactics due to the EEOC Verizon (Communications - VZ) twenty million dollar judgment of their disability "No Fault" attendance policy, which didn't make sense to me as the VZ and VZW umbrellas are still somewhat separate, so I thought. The judgment was for VZ employees only, but the rise in incidents seem to have been increased since the judgment has been levied. Get ready for an even bigger sanction VZ, VZW, MetLife if retaliation is proved. Some bad publicity for MetLife in general. Maybe the life and auto portion will then discontinue the disability portion due to company image concerns.
I was denied for Short-Term Disability (STD) under the University System of Georgia group policy because I had PTSD and took an SSRI for a year. MetLife said I couldn't exclude PTSD coverage because it was a group policy. They encouraged me to dispute the denial. HOWEVER, after I tweeted about it, two different corporate representatives in the Statement of Health division called and told me all disputes related to PTSD or Anxiety are denied. Anyone who has had one of these conditions "fails" a "pass/fail" evaluation. Therein lies the fraud. A fake dispute process means MetLife is defrauding patients and insurance companies because the dispute letter must be written by the applicant's psychiatrist--which costs $$$.I recorded my calls with MetLife, which is legal and admissible in court in Georgia, and am waiting for the GA Insurance Commissioner to complete an investigation before I pursue civil action. I'm sure Blue Cross et al. would like to know they've been paying untold sums of money for dispute letters. Perhaps a class action is in the works for the fraud, which is the more winnable case, or the more important but more challenging issue of discrimination against ** and abuse survivors (and those of us who went to Iraq).
I had surgery in August and have nothing but trouble with Met. My caseworker never answers her phone and the other agents tell you something different every time you call. Have had the same issue as everyone concerning paperwork. This has been a nightmare and I get no support from employer. Other coworkers have had the same problems. I had 5 hours surgery and 6 inches of colon removed and have to wear bag and they treat me awful. I did speak to one agent and she found paperwork in the wrong folder duh... That they had been saying they didn't receive. Michelle ** is my case worker and she called the other night at 8:00 at night and guess what she wanted... Paperwork! I hate this company. Would not recommend them to my worst enemy! We need to file a lawsuit against this company... Who is with me?
After a brutal allergy season, MetLife is 'reviewing' my claim for not being able to breathe outdoors. To make matters worse, my doctor's orders are being reviewed by a nurse. This company should be sued for gross negligence.
Mid summer I was having severe pains in my abdominal area. My Dr sent me for an ultrasound and it was determined that I had gallstones. My Dr stated the gallstones could be a problem, but many people have them and can live with them with no symptoms. However was not the case with me, come mid August, I had such a severe attack, I had to go to the emergency room for the pain and wait out the attack before I could be released. I missed a day at work. My Dr set me up with an MRI and sure enough the stones were still there. My Dr recommend at this point removing my gallbladder since I was having more frequent attacks and if they persisted my pancreas could be affected. I set up an appointment with a surgeon he recommended. I continued to work, even though I was hunched over in pain most of the day really restricting my movement. I unfortunately do not have desk job and it affected my work. Would have attacks before work and be late, or I'd have to call out sick if they didn't pass. My Dr and I concluded I had to stop working and rest before I have my surgery. I was placed on a specific diet to try and avoid attacks. I filed a claim the next day. I physically went to my drs office and had them fill out the paperwork. I faxed it and Metlife stated they got it, but my claim status went from pending to denied. I was now on the phone with metlife everyday, stating my info was not enough to prove my case, I sent my mri/ultrasound and all records of my gallstones. However, since I had those tests prior to the start of my claim they could not use them. I'm basically be penalized for trying to work through the pain. My claim is still denied even though I just had surgery. I asked them to contact my surgeon if they needed that paperwork and they basically told me my surgery doesn't matter, I'm still denied. So now here I am stuck in bed recovering from a gallstone removal surgery, in pain and can't move. Not getting paid and wondering if my job is on the line now. They don't want to help me, I have gotten them everything they asked me to, and I'm still denied. What kind of benefit is it if it only causes more stress. I've been with my company for 11 years and never needed to take time off. I have a legitimate medical issue and Metlife will not even help me, apparently removing organs that are diseased doesn't count.
I filed for short term in September of this year. I was approved four times from 9/9 - 10/22 and then my Doctor requested an extension. I received my approval letter dated Oct 16th indicating that I had been approved through Nov 18th. Then MetLife did not pay out on these dates. The claim manager left me a voicemail on Nov 23rd saying that she made a mistake and that I really wasn't approved for Oct 22 - Nov 18th.How can a company the size of MetLife get away with just 'making a mistake' that results in undue stress and financial hardship and no one will look into this? I read the complaints and wonder why someone isn't reporting to the Insurance Commission? I certainly am planning on it and am in the process of an Appeal (which I'm sure MetLife will deny). Sounds like a class action suit is in order based on the number of complaints I am seeing on this Consumer Affairs site. All I can say is you better keep all of your faxes, correspondence, receipts, etc. from MetLife because you will need those copious notes at some point.
MetLife denied my claim due to a pre-existing condition, even though my doctors specified a code that had never been used with me. I exhausted all appeals then was told to write the State Insurance Commissioner, where the business is licensed.That prompted immediate action. MetLife hired an outside independent contractor and they found it in my favor. Now, MetLife finds any excuse not to pay and does an annual review.
I too have experienced all the same delaying, dishonest sometimes illegal tactics as everyone else here has described about Metlife Long Term Disability. I've started calling the Director of Human Resources at my company to get copy of policy. Look their name up in Google or LinkedIn and then where the HR Director is located. Google the main phone number for that location and call, ask for the HR Director by name. It took several calls but I finally got a copy of the LTD policy after getting the run around from the benefits depart and Metlife. My disability is approved but I never get a call back from my caseworker. So I call the main Metlife phone to log a complaint every time. Of course they do nothing.Now I have a private investigator showing up in the parking lot of my doctor's office with a cell phone hanging out her car window taking video. In my face. I'm videoing her too and going to file a harassment/stalking complaint with the police. My house has been subjected to repeated multiple minor criminal mischief which I believe is Metlife's PI trying to get me outside - although I'm too sick to do so, so I have to pay someone to repair the damage. Now I'm having cameras installed to catch them and prosecute. And if they mess with my car again I'm going to have to protect myself with Texas Castle domicile law. I'm buying a taser because at this point I don't feel safe walking to and from my car/doctor’s office with the "in your face" PI tactics I saw today.I'm being evaluated by a Neurosurgeon for a shunt in my brain to drain CSF and something in the left side of my brain which is causing seizures. Stress triggers the seizures so Metlife has apparently decided to increase their harassment. I'm not going to quietly "go away". I hope each and every one of you will write your congressman with your Metlife story and suggest they initiate legislation to change ERISA law to allow punitive damages against Metlife or any other insurance company to be awarded in lawsuits for such bad faith behavior by Metlife. Or maybe a CNN news story about Metlife's behavior is best way to get better behavior by Metlife by publicly exposing them and calling for new ERISA legislation.
I submitted a claim form and MetLife received the claim form on June 5, 2014. My wife and I have called at least four to five times since June 6 and MetLife gives us excuses as why they have not contacted us and that the claim is still being reviewed. They told me that they would contact me before June 25, 2014. I called today at 11:30 a.m. and I received the same excuses!
Worst company ever. I had a leave set up to care for my mom while she was going through chemo. It took 12 calls and the doctor faxing the same documents 4 times to them in order to get the leave approved. I missed my mom's first chemo treatment because of it. Recently, I was out for my own leave. My doctor filled out the form stating I needed to be out for 6 weeks. I was denied because my doctor didn't put on the form the diagnosis and the non-OTC medications I was prescribed yet nowhere on the form did it ask for those things. My doctor then faxed in nearly 30 pages of information containing notes from my doctor, specialists, physical therapists, and multiple MRI results showing the horrible health issue I've been dealing with and they still denied my claim. I plan on submitting as many formal complaints about the company as I can, letting my employer know they need to switch the company that handles our leaves, and appealing the decision. How do you determine that I should be at work when my DOCTOR says I shouldn't and has pages upon pages showing what I've been through??
MetLife approved my disability claim through 2027. Each year or so I am asked to send in the proof I am unable to work. March of 2018 I had a reconstructive foot surgery which required me to be wheelchair bound for 2 months and then to a walker. MetLife canceled my claim. I have not received a payment since March and it is now September. With each call I either get someone I can't understand who wants me to do their work. A doctor's office will not send MetLife information at my request. When I told a claims adjuster this and advised she must send in a request for my information, she advised me that it was my responsibility. I am struggling severely because of their lack of concern and refusal to pay my benefits. You can never speak with the same person twice and tell you a new lie every time.
My wife short term disability was denied by MetLife on November 21, 2017. She was injured in a motor vehicle accident in July 2017, and treated by chiropractor, medical doctor, and neurologist. She has bulging disc in the neck; shoulder back, and is still in significant pain, back, neck, shoulder, headache, dizziness vertigo short term memory loss etc from concussion. I took over the tasks that have become too difficult for my wife to do. I watch her suffer as she tries to do simple things that was normal. She forgets why she got up from a chair or mid sentence what she was saying. She is unable to help our 4 kids with homework although they has a graduate degree. Yet MetLife disregard her neurologist report. Added to that, they lied and claimed they have not received documents from the doctor who originally took her off work. The doctor, Dr **...faxed the completed form plus all office notes that you requested. My wife is still paying her employer to maintain benefits with MetLife, but MetLife refuse to pay. No one should pay these heartless thieves. They have caused my wife much distress and exacerbated her illness. We have to hire a lawyer and pay which is not right at all. She should get what is rightfully hers instead of more pain and suffering. She was injured in an accident that was not her fault and now is being injured again by any unscrupulous company representative "Jessica". You know very well that you received documents from Dr **. Be honest and do what's right. They sent a stack of papers for long term after subjecting her to a lengthy interview over the phone. There is no way she can fill those herself. Plus if they denied short term, they will not approve long term. She would be at work if she can. Two doctors state that she is unable to work at this time, yet MetLife is saying that she should have gone right back to work through all her pain etc. Laws need to be changed to protect people against these beast entities who take advantage of people when they are at their weakest. Shame on you MetLife.
On Easter Sunday, I got very ill in my car at work and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. Turns out I had a partial seizure due to a withdrawal from a medication I was weaning off of with doctor's help. I had become very ill and also along with it became very depressed and almost suicidal. I was unable to get in to see a psychologist right away due to the high volume of need for them in my area. I have always worked well with MetLife in the past. My mother and daughter were in a serious car accident and almost killed and caused me extreme mental anguish along with my husband had 2 suicide attempts that also caused me the same issues. Although I had to appeal a lost claim, I won both of those claims and now that I am sick myself legit I have been fighting with MetLife and I have been forced back to work because I lost my car due to no pay from where I work. I'm losing my home. My landlord said I got to go. I'm also losing my marriage because of the stress and mental anguish it has caused us. I don't understand how I can be awarded a win on several appeals that were indirectly my own health issues but when it comes to my health it seems to be a problem. I mean why approve me for mental anguish for family members if you're not going to approve me for my own illness now? I'm STILL waiting for an answer from MetLife and I honestly feel like contacting my lawyer and starting something because I shouldn't even be back to work yet. I can't handle the stress of my marriage ending and I need to be home taking care of moving and finding who I am again. I work in a very fast-paced call center with a lot of stressful situations that usually are not a problem for me. But since I have become ill and my separation has begun, I cannot seem to handle a bit of stress without feeling like I need to run to the hospital and ask to be admitted which I haven't done but it's honestly coming to that. I have been with my company for 4 1/2 years now which the agreement with MetLife and my company that entitles me to 100% pay at 8 weeks and 60% after that. I lost my car like I said. My marriage. My friends are having food drives for me to keep my family fed and due to the unfortunate circumstances of my marriage ending, I had to let my daughter move into my mother's and I am moving into my brother's which is just causing more mental anguish. Like I don't understand how they can do this to me. I have been put on medication that honestly I feel can knock a horse out and I walk around like a zombie all day so being at work now is also risking my job as if it wasn't at risk at all due to all of this. Just approve it for Pete's sake. What is the problem? You did before when it was due to family issues. Now I'm having my own issues and they are making me suffer. Before this is all said and done, I think I'm going to end up in the mental ward because each day that passes with no answer that's where I fight going. I hope and pray I get approved on my appeal so I can try to get some of my life back and move on with my career before that gets taken away from me too.
I been paying my MetLife for about 19 years from my job. So on 8/26/2017 I was unable to work. I was admitted to the hospital. I have to have surgery on my foot so I had to file for STD. Got approve so after STD was up I had to file for LTD because due to my injury doctor said I couldn't do my job at work. My job don't do light duty and my specialist told them in May that I was disable. My job told me they had to let me go but here's the kicker. MetLife approve my LTD for two years in May. After one month they sent me a letter saying my case was under review.They denied my claim after their independent doctor saying that I can do my old job now. Taking MetLife acknowledge that I was disable in May but remember my job let me go in May because I was unable to go back to work. My specialist sent in all my information and a handwritten note stated I can't do the same job now. They giving bunch of bull crap about my claim now. It's rough on me now because thinking about commit ** because I can't work. My bills is piling up. I have no insurance now. Don't mess with METLIFE. This may be my last review. May GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
I am a flight attendant. I have been sick for some time. I have been to doctor after doctor trying to find out what is wrong with me. I finally came up with BPPV and they denied my claim. I have had no kind of income for 6 months and before that, $600 a month for 6 months. Now, I’m looking into suing MetLife. They are the most disgusting company I have ever worked with. How can a flight attendant work with vertigo?
On 6/25/2014 I received an off work order and was diagnosed with stress, depression and anxiety. On 7/28/2014, MetLife received 22 pages of medical information for my claim. The information they received was for all medical information from 6/25 - 7/21/2014 but according to my assigned case specialist Camesha **, only 6/25- 6/30 was approved. Not sure why these dates in particular especially since info was dated til 7/21/2014. MetLife was also sent another 18 pages of documents on 8/18/2014, as well as another 4 documents on 9/5/2014. I returned to work on 8/28/2014, and have continued to fight with MetLife about my claim since July.Initially my claim was denied due to "lack of medical information." However I have the same information that was sent to MetLife and in 44 pages of documents that excuse just was not going to work for me. I requested to speak with Came, she's boss and received a call from the Unit leader Helene. She is now saying there is plenty of medical information, but that my claim is denied because my doctor's notes show "reported" symptoms, but not "observed" symptoms. They are full of crappie if they think I'm going to now let that excuse slide. I am contacted a law office for class action lawsuits and I will continue to work on this. MetLife will not get away with this!!! I requested to speak with the unit leader, Helene's boss. I am now waiting for a callback from Richard, the operations manager.
After being questioned time and time again by several different people from MetLife about my medical conditions and requiring multiple doctors to fill out and refill out questionnaires time and time again about my incurable degenerative disease, they now are trying to send a private investigator to interview me that is supposedly a psychic crime fighter. Yep, a psychic crime fighter! Sounds insane to me. The battle just gets weirder and weirder. Whatever you do, DON'T GET SICK!
I have been declared disabled as of 5/4/2012. MetLife tried to deny me because my termination of employment date wasn't after the 7-day grace period. How ridiculous! You go into work and give them a letter from the doctor saying you can't work anymore. You have disability insurance as a backup, so you think that you have paid into for 8 years. Today's date is 8/28/12 and my disability claim is still pending, filed on 05/04/12. My doctor's office has sent them the required information 17 times and they keep saying they haven't received it. The lady at the doctor's office has set up auto fax to send them 4 faxes a day everyday until we get a response. That's a lot of paper cost for MetLife. You think it would be easier to just pay the claim. I will be seeking an attorney on them today, which is an additional expense they will have to pay.
The Day following Easter, I went in for an angiogram that turned into an angioplasty and 5 stents. Due to my job, and its capacity, my cardiologist and internist thought it would be best to go through 12 weeks of cardio rehab before returning to my job. Prognosis is stay calm, reduce stress, ease back into whatever. Doctor/hospital bills start coming in and several weeks without an income and panic will set in. The problem is MET Life STD. No one returning phone calls and when they do excuses, excuses, excuses. As I feel like a ping pong ball being battered between MY Company and MET Life STD. My Company has approved my FMLA but MET Life STD won't let go of any of the money they owe and with one condescending excuse after another. Deflate the Blimp and pull the commercials. Pay the insured coverage for the premiums I am paying for.
MetLife has denied over six months in my short term disability claims. Every time they contact me with a decision it has failed due to lack in medical evidence. I have more than three doctors of all ranges through psychologist, psychiatrist and a licensed medical doctor. They will approve me for my FMLA but will not allow any payment. I am ill due to the place that I work at and the horrible conditions I am working in due to the stress the company is placing on its employees to hit sales targets. I was a top sales representative for over a year, and I just can’t take it any more. Their company did not assign me case workers; I would get calls from multiple individuals. They would also call and barely spoke any English. Jumped through every hoop they gave me. They allowed release of my medical records, allowed communication with my doctors, took in paperwork to doctor’s office and returned to them and nothing has been settled.
I have been on disability for some time now, and I cannot believe how terrible the MetLife Company is. I am harassed occasionally, the most recent episode just a couple of days ago. This last event made me wonder if this is done on purpose by the company and if it is happening to other people. I decided to look online for any complaints, and lo and behold, there are many complaints about MetLife. One of the responses I read even stated that a class action suit should be started against MetLife, and I agree. It has to be illegal the way they conduct business. They lie and harass people. My advice to other folks is to just keep fighting and don't give in. MetLife will try and confuse an already difficult circumstance of medical health issues, and at times it feels like you just don't have the energy to fight anymore, but don't give up. Long term disability insurance is something that most of us worked and paid for, myself for many years before I became disabled. The MetLife Company does not care about the people and are ruthless in their attempts to keep people from collecting on their insurance.
My husband was declared permanently and totally disabled in 2012. Under short-term disability, MetLife required a new statement from the doctors every 4-6 weeks regardless of the fact that he was permanently and totally disabled. We would send the paperwork, it would get lost. We would have to resubmit the paperwork -- then we would get a payment including the back amount owed, then no payment at all for a few months -- impossible to plan your finances when expected benefit amounts are withheld because they lost the paperwork.Fast forward -- long-term disability benefits, once they started, have been less of a problem. However, we did not get Nov or Dec 2015 disability payments into our checking account. In early January, we got a form letter from MetLife informing us that they had overpaid us during 2013 and 2014, and they had recouped the overpayment. We have been unable to get anyone to explain where the recoupment came from. Therefore, we can only assume it came from the Nov and Dec 2015 payments that were not made to us. Note that these payments were withheld with no prior notice to us so that we could make arrangements to get money into the accounts to cover what needed to be paid. None, Zip, Zilch, Nada - NO PRIOR NOTICE to us.Last week, we got a call from a MetLife representative. "I'm sorry, but we made an error in your cost of living adjustment, and we have overpaid you by $67,000 (yes, that's sixty-seven THOUSAND) and we need to make arrangements for repayment". I don't know who got that extra $67,000, but it wasn't us. Surely we would have noticed it. Finally managed to get two live human beings on the phone. Neither could explain anything to us. We also asked for corrected tax forms for 2013 and 2014 so that we could go back and amend our tax returns - if we were overpaid, then our tax was overpaid. We were advised that they DO NOT ISSUE corrected tax forms. They will issue "letter of credit" that we can "just show to the IRS" and make everything right. What? If you own a company or have short term/long term disability policy thru MetLife - find another company ASAP.
I was on IBM short-term disability from Dec 2015 - May 2016 until my benefits under the IBM Short Term Disability plan were exhausted. I applied for Long Term Disability benefits with MetLife at the recommended time and it took them 5 weeks past when my STD ran out to deny my LTD claim. My doctor is a board certified orthopedic surgeon, a certified examiner of disability and impairment ratings, certified independent medical examiner, American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians (AADEP), board of directors AADEP, president of AADEP 2010-2011, chairman of the AADEP board 2011-2012. Both my doctor and IBM management agree that I am unable to return to my regular job at IBM due to my illness and injury and that my condition has not improved since the time I first went on Short-Term Disability and has indeed worsened. MetLife has determined I am not disabled and according to the plan this means I am able to return to my regular job at IBM. I am on unpaid leave of absence and therefore my family has no income and I am having to pay for IBM medical and life insurance benefits and all other living expenses from my savings.I believe MetLife is trying to wait me out until my circumstances become desperate and my life is ruined. How is it I was disabled from Dec 2015 - May 2016 when without any improvement in my medical situation I suddenly became ready to resume my regular job at IBM in July? I requested a different case manager at MetLife when I first applied for LTD and they refused. I believe this case manager has had it out for me since I first submitted my claim with MetLife. I hope someone at IBM would help me and find out why MetLife is treating me this manner. I don't even know how I will pay my son's college tuition for the fall and he may have to drop out of college. I had the same MetLife Medical reviewer, a Puja something that was mentioned elsewhere on this site and a case manager Tammy ** who I shouldn't comment further on since I would violate the site policy. In my opinion MetLife is a dishonest and corrupt insurance corporation that profits from cheating the sick and injured. If you are with MetLife you think you have disability insurance until you try to use it.
I had a surgery last January 11 and came back to work four weeks later. I was told by HR to file short-term disability because I can still have some benefit due to the medical leaves. So I went ahead to file the form and have all necessary information they need. Back in February, they called me and confirmed if I have been back to work. In March, they sent me a check for $801, which covered the four weeks leave ST benefit. I thought that was part of the benefit we should get. Who would call them back to ask if that is the right amount? They should do their job right!In May, they started to call me and left message to have me call them back, I called back and listened to the auto-message: it said the claimant's case has been closed and amount of $$$ has been paid to the claimant. So I didn't bother to call them back, until beginning of July. I got a phone call from my office line. I talked with the lady--who can hardly speak proper English--named Sheila. She told me that because I was paid by the company, I should not have been paid by Metlife for the disability. I was stunned and told her I had no clue what was going on here. I needed to clarify with HR department. I went ahead to send email to HR and HR responded me one day after and said I need to pay them back. I called them back and asked if I can pay them with scheduled payment since it was an unexpected expense for me. Sheila said she didn't have authority to arrange that. She then transferred me to payment settlement center. I was talking to another non-English speaker CS representative and she told me that I can arrange the payment, but I need to pay off before 15th of December or else I will have to bear all of the taxes applied (my gross payment was $850, there is 50 for tax). So I said I didn't cause this mistake and I can only afford $100/month payment so it will take eight months to pay off, which will be a little over Dec 11. The lady kept saying the same thing, that I will have to pay the tax. I asked her if it is because they need to file tax return on time, she said no. She said it is company's policy to obtain the overpaid payment within six months after they notified the claimant. I said I was not notified officially that I was overpaid. I was left a message without any detail. This was clarified on July 11. She said on their record, there is a note stating the claimant was notified on June 6. I said I never was notified on that date, that since it is their system, of course they can put whatever they want and tell us lie. So I ended up telling her I am going to pay it off because of their malfunction and mistake, which has caused me to do extra load of things and deal with unexpected expense in a short time. I don't mind paying them back since it doesn't belong to me. However, when they apply all of the rules to their customers, have they ever done self-checking about their operations? If they didn't make mistake at the beginning, there will be no issues for me to deal with. There will be no complaints here!
As an 18 year employee with Verizon Wireless I am very angry that my employer contracts with the insurance company MetLife. On February 5th, I left work as I was unable to perform my job functions due to problems with severe muscle and joint aches and pains, constant fatigue, and my inability to focus on my work. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, and Gluten Intolerance. I began treatment with a doctor who treats holistically in all areas and when his treatment is not effective then he resorts to drugs. The first claim that I submitted was on February 6th and it was denied therefore I was not paid anything from February 5th to August 5th, 2012. The basis for the denial was I did not provide objective medical evidence of my illness and did not provide any documentation to support my inability to perform my job function. Since Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome does not have diagnostic tests proving their existence and according to MetLife's skilled medical board the Hypothyroidism was not severe enough to be interfering with my job I did not have a valid claim. It did not matter that at times I could barely walk and I was sleeping up to 18 hours a day even though every month my physician increased my Thyroid Sublingual. I had also begun to see a Neurologist, who with some testing, diagnosed neuropathy in my legs. In order to protect my job my employer placed me on a Work Place Arrangement in which based off of the medical information I provided them they would put me on an "Unpaid Medical Leave of Absence". So ironically, Verizon Wireless placed me on "Unpaid Medical Leave of Absence" with the same documentation that was submitted to MetLife. In July, I received a call from the Verizon Employee who managed my Work Place Arrangement Claim telling me that unless I returned to work on August 5th, 2013 I would lose my medical benefits for myself and my family because I wasn't paying into my benefits as I was in an "Unpaid" status. Even though I was not able to be awake for more than 6 hours at a time and I was in constant pain from Fibromyalgia I attempted to return to work on August 5th. To return to work, it meant that my day started at 4:30am as I work 60 miles from home and have to begin working at 7:00am. My day does not end until around 8:00pm which is when my granddaughter, whom I have physical legal custody of, goes to sleep. On my first day back to work, August 5th, when I came home that evening, I was unable to prepare dinner or be involved in my granddaughter's homework due to my severe pain and fatigue forcing me to go to bed at 5:30pm. I worked August 5-7, 2013 and on August 8th I called MetLife advising them I was not able to work and that my previous claim needed to be reopened. Prior to returning to work, because I was so emotionally taxed by dealing with MetLife and following up with my numerous doctors, dealing with creditors who were not getting paid as I was not receiving a paycheck, filling out mortgage modification papers to address my non-payments, borrowing money from family and friends to keep my utilities on and filing a request for Food Stamps so I could at least feed my family, I finally had to seek psychological help. I called Verizon EAP (Employee Assistance Program) who referred me to a counselor who I began to see on July 16th, 2013. Since my illness caused such a catastrophic domino effect with my finances, dealing with family who did not believe I was sick, and constantly having to give up activities or not being able to participate with my family because I was in pain or tired, I was diagnosed with Chronic Depression and Anxiety. So when I reopened my previous claim and MetLife saw that I was now seeking counseling, they closed my prior claim and reopened a new one due to the counseling. Within a couple of weeks my claim was approved all because I was seeking psychological counseling. So now from September 16 thru December 16th, 2013 I went to the same doctors and still maintained the same medical diagnosis with no notable improvements; however my claim was approved and I did get paid. Unfortunately, each month I had to make sure that after every doctor appointment I had to call MetLife advising them that I just saw a doctor and requested they send a request for updated information so that when my claim manager reviewed my claim for extension, he would have all the doctors, counselor, and psychiatry office notes. The month of December proved to be a challenging month as MetLife was slow to approve my claim to extend my claim out until December 16th and with no approval Verizon Wireless would not put me in an active status therefore I was not paid. I did not have any money to pay for doctor's co-pays, medication or gasoline to go to my appointments and I was forced to move my appointments to dates that I believed my case would be approved and I would have money. Now because I moved the appointments I could not get my documentation to the case manager until December 18th, 2013. On that day, I called MetLife to request they send a request for records to my doctor and I wanted to verify that they had received documentation from the neurologist, counselor and psychiatrist. They said they had not received anything even though I called MetLife the day I had each appointment requesting they send an updated records request. I called my doctors/therapist and they said they never received a records request! So I called MetLife back and they said that they had sent out the records request three times to each of the doctors but did not receive anything back from them. My doctors said they either did not receive the records requests or did receive the records request and sent out the necessary documentation but MetLife claimed they did not receive any records. This kind of activity was constant in my history this last year therefore I was never free to be stress free or to focus on my recovery because I was bouncing back and forth with the documentation issues. The final conclusion was MetLife was not being forthcoming to me when I called them to send out the records request or to verify they received documentation. I spoke with my case manager on December 20th to go through the normal "Who did you not receive documentation from" review and was told that my primary doctor who treated my fibromyalgia had not sent any office notes from my December 11th office visit. I advised my case manager then that my doctor's office did send the requested documentation three times and that since there was a challenge with MetLife's fax system, I would send him the documentation to his email. He provided me his email address with no contest and I immediately sent him the doctor's notes from that visit via email. So now all I could do at that point was sit back and wait for the approval. Of course, it meant that I did not have money to have Christmas for my granddaughter or other family members and I had to find money to pay my utilities. By January 6th, 2014 I had not received any information on an approval or denial of my case so I called MetLife to get updated on my case. Since I was never able to call my case manager directly, I had to wait until he received my message and then he would call me back. He called me back on January 7th and advised that my case had been sent on for further review by the clinician and that he did not have an answer for me at that time. My question was how come my claim did not have any activity on it from December 20th until January 7th? Then when I finally did get the call that my claim was being denied how come they waited until 3:30pm on January 10, 2014 to advise me? AT this point, I was not going to be paid up to December 16th, 2013 nor was I going to be extended until January 16th, 2014. When I received the denial letter I saw one interesting fact... The case manager did not mention he received the documentation from my Fibromyalgia physician even though I had emailed it to him on December 20th. The denial letter stated that "There was no medical documentation provided to indicate with sufficient severity, any abnormal exam findings..." So now I was very upset because my prior claim also was denied based off the documentation yet ALL the documentation MetLife received was the same and showed that I was still being treated but was not able to work due to my anxiety, depression, severe pain and chronic fatigue. When the second claim was approved I knew the approval came because of the psychological information they received but now that I provided the psychological information they did not have any medical documentation (which they did not feel was sufficient enough to approve the first claim!). They denied the claim. How can anyone stay mentally well dealing with this kind of blatant abuse? I use the word abuse because the whole time I have been dealing with them they never once showed sincerity or apologized for any confusion I was experiencing. They didn't care nor did they wish to work with me in helping my claim become approved. So how could my employer continue to contract with such an abusive disability company? While I have much anxiety in dealing with an illness that has put a one time "hit the ground running" person to one who can barely get out of bed, I have also been dealing with MetLife who has basically insinuated to my employer that there is nothing wrong with me. I was an exemplary employee who had perfect attendance which meant no tardies, did not use my sick time and was always "leading" in my job performance. I feel I did not get to 18 years of employment with Verizon Wireless if I was an employee who lacked integrity or had to be monitored because of suspicious job performance. Yet my company allows their outside contractor to virtually place me into a category of being unscrupulous. Additionally, while I have been trying to protect my reputation with Verizon Wireless, anytime I was faced with MetLife's scare tactics and abuse, I had no advocate within Verizon Wireless to be a liaison between them and MetLife which left me constantly not knowing what my next step was going to be. Sadly, because I can no longer afford to not be paid, as my home mortgage company is threatening foreclosure, ALL of my credit accounts are in write-off or collections status, I have not been able to continue with my medication because my mail order pharmacy who I have to get my prescriptions through because of my health benefits will not provide me anymore medication unless I pay my outstanding balance (which is money I don't have because I haven't been paid!). I will be returning to work tomorrow February 3, 2014. I am saddened because my employer of 18 years does not care about me as their employee to help me in dealing with MetLife, but rather they (my employer) hide behind contracts and generally allows MetLife to abuse their (Verizon Wireless) employee. All I have ever wanted was time to get better physically but this last year has done nothing but cause my physical state to worsen due to the stress (which is a trigger of Fibromyalgia). Also, my mental state has developed into an area in which I never believed someone of my integrity and work ethic would ever have to see. Honestly, several times I have wanted to end my life and since I have gone that far in my mental thinking it has brought me to a level of thinking I would have never gone to on my own.My motive to write this complaint is to see if there is anyone out there who can help me understand why two large corporations (MetLife and Verizon Wireless) are allowed to continue with such practices/treatments. To force a person into financial hardship and continually abuse them by their scare tactics is unacceptable and unethical. I want to understand how this cannot be stopped as I know that I am not the first person to be driven down this path of destruction.
I have been out of work since the beginning of August 2015. They denied me. I appealed. They keep putting off and saying waiting on Drs. This is not right. I've heard other employees at different companies not satisfied.
Several years ago I was listed as disabled by another company. I thought they were bad until now. I returned to work. My next employer had Metlife as our short/long term carrier. I had extensive orthopedic issues but continued to work until being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. RA is incurable and involves extensive medications, constant blood work, etc. The fatigue and secondary infections are crippling.Short term payments began with no interview and receipt of one letter. Two months later payments stopped with no calls or letters. My case agent had never spoken to me ever. After calling the toll free number numerous times, I find out they are obtaining medical records to decide if they should extend me to long term. That was February 2, 2016. I am writing this on May 2, 2016 and have had zero income since. They refuse to return calls until you leave pushy messages then some lady leaves a message with no name or extension number. They've gotten records from three doctors but find them "insufficient." Keeping me in limbo means I can't even appeal. I'm dipping into retirement to live. The records they seek will not show any major change. I've been told not to even expect remission. Metlife's phone center folks have been very kind but their case agents and supervisors are rude, do not understand chronic illness, and just don't care.
I became disabled in December 2011, experiencing illness due to an enlarged liver. Biopsies were taken and I filed for short term disability. My case worker was a foreign lady whom I had a very hard time understanding. I jumped through all the hoops MetLife threw in my way and received a letter stating my disability payments were approved.Three days later, I received a letter stating they were denied after a month of not working. We were devastated. They told me I had the right to appeal this decision after 45 days. In the meantime, we drained our checking account and now have tapped into our Christmas club savings. If I had known how this company did their business, I would never had signed up with them.I'm letting all of the other employees know how they are treating claimants so they can get out as fast as they can, so MetLife does not get any richer. This is America, don't these companies have any remorse or compassion?
Please do not buy any insurance plan from this company. Save your money. This is my second time around with this company. The first time, I bought a personal policy from one of their agents. The company accepted my premiums for three years. Then I filled a claim for an injury. Then after months of haggling, they denied my claim and refunded all my premiums. BS! Now, my company has a policy they provide for me. I had my legs amputated. My knees were replaced with titanium. I filed a claim. They denied it too. These jerks find a way to rip you off, no matter what - they suck.
I was approved for short-term disability through this company as of 12/29/2010, right before my 6 month period was up. My service rep. turned my case over to long-term disability. They called me about two weeks before my short term ended and started the ball rolling I was told. I was informed my long-term, if approved, would start as of 6/27 and my short term ended on 6/28. I was later sent a letter stating they needed to extend my case to see if I could receive my long term. That usually they decided within 45 days, but in my case, they needed to extend until 9/4. On 8/25, I was sent a letter stating I had been approved and that on 8/26 they would send out a check to cover my claim from 6/27 until 8/26.After several days of not receiving my check when the letter only took two days to reach me, I called Met Life and was informed the check had been mailed to my employer, when I had already received a letter from my employer stating I was no longer employed as of 6/28. After several more days of not receiving my check, I called the employer as I was advised by Met Life. I questioned if the check had been sent to the main office in Greenbay or the local branch, which I worked for since neither had received the check as I was told. On 9/2, I was told that if the company did not receive the check that day in the mail and they would stop payment and reissue another check and overnight it. I was called later that evening and told they wanted to wait until 9/6 to do a stop payment. If the check was not received by my employer and at that time they would do a stop payment and issue a new check, which at that time would be sent to me and not the employer and they would over night the check. I called on 9/6 and informed Met Life after the employer called and said it did not show up on the 6th. Met Life informed me that they would take care of it and overnight a new check if they could not overnight, I would be called back. I never received a call, but on the 8th, when I called Met Life and to inquiry this time about the new check. I was informed that it would be at least the 12th of Sept before I would receive the new check. This, after making me wait 10 weeks for my befits to pay my bills and after I am about to lose everything with a 10-year old dependent child. I do not believe anymore that I will receive my funds from this insurance company. I have been promised for so long that I would be taken care of for benefits that I paid for though deductions every week through my employer. I would not recommend this company disability insurance to any employee ,who thinks that this will help them pay their bills if they can not work due to no fault of their own or to any employer also thinking that they are helping to cover their employees.
I applied for disability after my doctor told me I had to, I couldn't work any longer. Met Life all I can say, is if you are having a tough time hire a lawyer. I have had disability since 2009 and my lawyer deals with them, I don't. The little time that I did deal with them, I figured I was going to have a heart attack from all the stress they have given me and continue to give. I don't know how people survive the process, I really don't. And you would think after 5 years of the same forms my doctors have filled out, they would stop re-evaluating me or what ever you call it, I call it harassment. Every year I have to come up with $1,000.00 to pay my lawyer to deal with Metlife LTD through Verizon. If I had to deal with them on my own, they would deny me, first chance they got. They don't want to pay and that is what this is all about, it is not about being ill or disabled. It isn't verifying your disability, it is Metlife trying to find a way to deny your benefits, you are entitled to. I Had a tough time finding a lawyer, and I had to basically pay one lawyer to get the name of the lawyer that is representing me now. DO NOT try to win on your own, this is your life this is your financial future, you can not risk it. You see the stories here, and yes I believe you will lose everything you worked your butt off for. Sorry to the woman who lost her marriage, your husband wasn't a good one, marriage is for better or for worse sickness and health. But I know it is very stressful and can stress your relationships. If anyone ever wants to sue metlife for harassment, I am all for it and I am in for the long run. I get somewhat depressed of how they treat me and try to take all I have left from me. Get a Lawyer. Mine is in Boston, they travel all over the US to represent people with disabilities. Rafik they handle Erisa too. They are my life savers, my hero's, thank goodness for them. Good Luck and Hang in there, don't give Metlife any information or speak to them about your condition. They can only send you forms and review the information your doctor fills out. They try to act nice on the phone and sympathetic but they will take you for everything.
I was out of work having breast reconstruction surgery after a double mastectomy, and they were very unkind. My first complaint is they claimed to be there when you need them; however, hopefully, you won't need money for weeks or even months (that's how long it takes for claims to process). I also found out the hard way that the way they calculated your claim has to do with months only being 30 days. The calculations are so complicated, it would take an accountant and math wiz to figure out if they are paying your claim correctly, never mind that you are sick or recovering from surgery to even try.I filed an appeal after my doctor put an incorrect date on the paperwork (he was not looking at the calendar). After I won my appeal, they actually told me I had to pay money back because it somehow added three days instead of one, because they counted Saturday and Sunday as paid workdays and they somehow averaged the month, and because that Monday, I went back full-time, adding these three days, although these are not normal workdays for me, and my doctor and my intent was based on a normal 5-day workweek from Monday to Friday, and I end up owing them money??? When I asked for an explanation, I was referred to some formula and calculations, so I guess the moral of the story is to be careful how your doctor words return to work notes??? Think this unethical and cold-hearted from the company "that is there when you need them." LOL!!
I was taken out of work for being ill, my physician completed all appropriate paperwork and sent it to the case worker. I placed five calls to the caseworker who still has NEVER returns a call. They have been reviewing the paperwork for two weeks despite being told it would take 5 business days. There is zero compassion for the fact that the inability to financially plan is destroying my health, my credit, my ability to plan and care for my family.Updated on 05/28/2017: Have been on STD for a period of time due to a chronic debilitating illness that prevents my return to work. At the beginning, MetLife had small issues but was fairly good. Now, it's a nightmare. Recently my claim was held over 6 weeks while they "reviewed" it, saying they were waiting for medical reports. After calling several times, they admitted they hadn't even requested the reports from the doctors in question. I was treated horribly by a case manager and requested a new one in a formal memo, then coincidentally got put thru an additional "independent review" holding up my claim again now for weeks.They sent me letters demanding responses by a certain date, but the letter was mailed several days after it was typed (I saved the postage metered envelope for proof) and I never even received the demand until two days after the deadline. They set you up to fail, hold up claim payments, and speak to you like garbage. Don't purchase disability for yourself or your employees.
I would like to complain about a recent request for STD through MetLife that was turn downed even though my physician had taken me off work d/t new onset of stress and anxiety in which my physician felt like I needed to be off to try a new medication and also to try and relax and regroup. But my Case worker Sabrina and her supervisor Lois felt like this was not adequate reason to be off work (as they are Licensed professionals, NOT!). This Sabrina lied in my account twice - the first time when stating she had in my records where she had tried to contact me on Oct. 28 with a message left which is a lie because my phone is not equipped or set of for voice mail. The second time when Lois stated that Sabrina put in my chart that she had contacted me in mid-November to tell me that I had been denied. This came after I had spoken with Dena, another MetLife employee who stated to me that nothing had been done on my chart since early November but that she did see where my doctor had submitted more information and that she would make contact with Sabrina and let her know to contact me. Needless to say, I was denied and lied to by my case worker and her supervisor and I feel they put what they want in your personal file illegally and determine who they want to approve or not based on their own personal agenda. I would not recommend MetLife to any person or business. You would just be wasting your money.
I've been with MetLife for five years. I became disabled in June. It is now October. I called them up. They state to me, "We are still looking in to it!" I called a lawyer. He stated that he cannot do any thing until they give you a denial letter. I feel they are playing games with me.
I've been on Long-Term Disability since 2009 through Aetna, who just last year, changed their disability administrator to Cigna; and this year, to Metlife. Each year since regaining LTD in 2010, I've been subjected to a 'review' once a year to be sure I'm really disabled. I have Lyme, co infections, demyelinating disorder - to name a few; and now Lupus on top of it, as the Lyme went undiagnosed and untreated for years, leaving lots of time for medical complications.This year's came just six months after Cigna conducted their last 'review' and this year Metlife has come up with some crackerjack - box doctor by the name of Puja ** who has never seen me and I have never heard of in my life to refute medical evidence of disability from my four current treating doctors. This after subjecting me to pages-long 'updates' from said 4 doctors, which I had to get to each doctor while battling pneumonia so bad it sent me to the hospital.Now, I find out that Metlife faxed my doctors a document to respond to, but only gave them a week to do it, with proof of their opinions - and they didn't bother to tell me this until one day before the deadline, so there was no way for me to chivy my doctors into sending said documentation; or even explain what it was and how they were expected to respond! As a result, half my doctors couldn't respond before the deadline, so now Metlife can "decide" I'm not disabled and go with the crackerjack box doctor's assessment...Real nice tactics, Metlife - very classy and they claimed to be 'helping' me... Yeah, right. Metlife can go suck a bag of **! They're just as bad as Aetna, who pulled the same dirty tricks in 2009. It took 2.5 years of legal wrangling to get the LTD back and it almost went to court but I guess that's what happens when money is your only bottom line. Don't bother getting any kind of insurance through these jokers - all they care about is money.
MetLife has also denied receiving information from my doctors and it took 2.5 months to receive my 2nd check for short term and it is now 2.5 months since my last check. They decided to lump together my last 6 weeks of short term benefit with the long term claim. Every time I call, they say everything is in, then the next day either something is missing or they need more info. They even tried to close my case for information not received, but I demanded they reopen since I knew my case manager was lying and I told her so. I had my doctors call my case manager or vice versa and even had them email the forms that my doctors were not receiving. I finally decided to report them to the Ohio Department of Insurance. This is the best way to get results because this costs them in the ratings division. The DOI doesn't mess around. So contact your state and report them there. Go to your state, then the department, then see if you can file online. I was able to upload my 3 pages explaining it all in detail. Also, let them know about this website and the number of complaints. The way they treat paying clients is a sin! I have benefits from my company as well and I am an agent. I sold for MetLife a few years back but did not like some of the changes they made so I no longer include them in my sales. I left a message on my case manager's voice mail that I filed the complaint so let's see what happens now. A class action might be necessary.
Failed to reimburse for services provided - Metlife requested documentation about a client of mine applying for FMLA. I provided the documentation and sent a bill for my time (about 4 hours). They will not pay. I have proceeded to leave voice mails, send faxes but I get no response. I have gone up the chain of command. Additionally, there was much mismanagement (time wasted, incompetence) on the part of the person(s) handling the claim.
I have a medical condition where I cannot hold a conversation focused for a long or short period of time. I also have a mental disorder and blackouts. I'm not able to drive or take care of my child. I filed a claim with MetLife and they denied my claim several times. I lost my home and my car because MetLife kept denying my claim. They keep asking for medical info. I'm homeless and now they still ask for medical info and my doctor has taken me off work. They are negligent and will make you homeless. They don't care.
They're literally the most unscrupulous, disgusting, lying, rotten, awful excuses for human beings in the world. They will lie to you repeatedly. They will never approve any sort of claim. They will give you misinformation at every corner possible. They are simply lying to you to make sure you don't receive a penny from them and so that they can force you back to work despite any illness. How these "people" can sleep at night and even kiss their loved ones is beyond me. They have an option to have a job requiring morals and not the lack thereof. They're monsters, they're not humans. Disgusting.
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