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Metlife Dental Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Metlife Dental Insurance
Overall average rating of 1.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 2 %
I have regular dental checkups, one every six months. Metlife wouldn't cover the last two because of a wording technicality in their contract. Metlife is the worst insurance company I've ever seen!! Poor customer service and rigidly stingy. You can do better, much better.
New to MetLife Dental, My wife and I submitted 4 claims so far, all rejected and requested additional details. Claim they sent checks, never received, requires to wait a month before they can reissue a new check then wait the 3 weeks for processing. 2 months 2 checks received. Additional information from my dentist sent, they claim never received and requested information again. This has to be a cash flow problem, hope they go out of business. Can't wait for my year to end.
I recently retired from the USAF on April 1, 2014 after 24 years of service. I received a billing stating for the month of April 2014. I contacted a Metlife representative and asked if I needed to mail the payment or was it still being withdrawn as a direct debit. She verified that it would be a direct debit and that my family would have coverage until April 31, 2014 for dental care. I scheduled my daughter an oral surgery appointment on 14 April to have her wisdom teeth removed.When the oral surgeon filed the claim, it was denied. I contacted Metlife on numerous occasions between April-June and management did not return my call until 1 July. Metlife Representative Jaime contacted me just to say, "I'm sorry you were misinformed about your coverage but we will not cover services rendered." My question is how can they charge customers for coverage and not pay; how many other service members are being charged and not provided services?
My place of employment decided to use them. My Dentist who I confirmed are in their system, billed 100% to my credit card. After contacting my Employer, they contacted Brown and Brown who are the contact for Metlife. I have not received a response from my employer, Metlife, or the Dentist. I have a phone and email. In today's connected society how hard is it to send a text or email "we are reviewing your claim."
Metlife Dental uses my SSN for doing business and refuses to provide an alternate ID number. Metlife claims in their website to use a unique ID # and not SSN but that is not true. I am initiating an investigation against Metlife for such practice.
They are very helpful with issues. Had MetLife dental insurance. They are a very good company, pay for a lot of services. Very happy with this company. Process claims in a timely manner, never have to pay out of pocket expenses, would recommend, never had any issues. Good premium and not a lot of out of pocket expenses paid for a lot of dental and all preventive services, x-ray, cleaning and various others. Had no trouble finding a dentist in network. Love this insurance. Would recommend to anyone if they need a good dental insurance, not a lot of expenses.
As a World War II Veteran, I was pleased to learn that I could get dental coverage through VADIP. I am 93 years old, my dentures are almost 7 years old. They do not fit due to bone loss (because of age). Metlife requires 10 years before dentures can be replaced. In 10 years Metlife will receive $8,333 from one high end policy like mine ($833 annual premium). Just 2 years of premiums will recover their payout for my dental service. Isn't insurance supposed to pool the money from premiums to cover claims of the participants? I sure don't think a Vet (or anyone else) should have to pay $8K to receive a $1500 benefit. Our Veterans, including myself, have once again been cheated by those supposedly serving the ones who have served our country. Another incidence of preying on the elderly and veterans for gain. The on-line summary of exclusions and limitations made NO mention of the 10 year requirement. Of Course, that would have reduced the number of vets who would choose to sign up. You have to wait to receive the policy in the mail, then surprise!
They count your cleanings as part of your deductible and don't give you much to claim. If you get 1 crown and 2 cleaning you are done and sometimes you have to pay extra!!!
I am so fed up with MetLife's antics. I had problem with one of my molars and needed an extraction, graft and implant. MetLife paid for the extraction, but denied the graft. Reason they gave was they need narrative explaining why the graft was needed. I called MetLife to clarify what they were looking for and they told me to write on the EOD that the graft was done in preparation for an implant. I had the dentist to do it. It got rejected as a duplicate. I sent it myself again, and it got reject as a duplicate again. Finally after speaking to 6 different people, someone told me I needed to write that narrative on the very first EOB that I had received. So 3 months later, they paid for the graft. I got my implant in the meantime, so it was obvious that the graft was done in preparation for the implant. Now, they deny the implant. Reason: They need x-rays. Are you kidding me?! X-rays were went with the extraction and graft claims. After spending 15 minutes on the phone with someone, they attached the original x-rays to the claim and sent it to be reprocessed.Thirty days later, it was rejected. Reason was there was no record of extraction for that tooth. WTH?! They just paid for the extraction the previous month! I was back again on the phone and spoke to a gentleman who was nice enough and said he would resubmit it for processing. I called back 30 minutes later to make sure it was indeed re-submitted with the proper information. The person I spoke to told me my dentist needed to send more documents. By then I lost it and asked to speak to a supervisor. Somehow the call was dropped (I suspect they hung up on me but I will give them benefit of the doubt).I called back again, spoke to a supervisor named Colleen who told me I need to write on the EOB that this is an initial placement and not a replacement prosthesis. Wasn't it clear since I had a tooth extraction done?! I just faxed them that information and am waiting to see what happens next. One of the representatives told me these claims are reviewed by softwares. Shame on MetLife! I will be starting an 'I hate MetLife Dental' Facebook page soon. Feel free to add your experiences there and help spread the word so people do not use them.
MetLife agreed to pay for a 40 year old dental bridge which needed to be replaced. When the bridge was removed they discovered the anchor teeth was decayed and needed a crown. This was done last October and I've had to appeal their denial of the bridge because of the additional tooth which needed a crown. I have two MetLife dental policies. I'm angry they are only paying 1/10th of what they agreed to pay. The next open season I will change from MetLife. The work done was over 4 months ago and we're still in limbo.
The negative reviews on MetLife dental are accurate. As a dental office, we have dealt with them for years. They seem to be getting worse. A predetermination was recently received. Clearly stating what they would pay for a procedure, the patient paid her share upfront. When the predetermined work was done, the claim submitted, and payment received, it was one half what they had said they would pay. No valid reason. Upon multiple calls to their representatives, the claim is always being "reprocessed". It has been 5 months now. No one can affect any change apparently. Even the supervisors only send it to be "reprocessed" over and over. No change. Obviously the patient does not want to pay either, as MetLife had promised a specified payment amount. Dental office caught in the middle. Union Pacific Railroad - Drop MetLife Dental for the good of your employees.
I never had any serious problems while I carried this policy. I was always treated in a courteous manner. My questions were always answered in a quick manner in which I easily understood. I found the claims process very simply to use and was happy with the way in which my claims were handled. So I was satisfied and stress-free anytime I had to get involved personally in this process. As far as I was concerned the value I received made me feel as though I was getting the return I expected for any and all situations. So for me it was a good experience. The network options that I personally had to deal with to me was an easy process to follow so I always had a positive experience when ever I had to get involved with these.
For the last 3 years we have had challenges with metLife. I had 2 crowns applied almost 3 years ago, discovering after the fact (even though MetLife initially approved the procedure) that I was no longer covered. So we ended up reimbursing our dentist in full just a few months after we were PCSd. So WE paid a few thousand for 2 crowns. Fast forward 2.5 years. The crown popped out during routine dental hygiene in our current dentist office. The dental office staff called the insurance company in advance who told them that "they had no record of having initially paid for the existing crown." This led the dental office to believe the replacement crown would be approved and they went ahead and provided me with a new crown. Fast forward 7 months - we get a bill from the dentist saying that MetLife DENIED the claim. Hmmm.When we called them, MetLife said that their policy is that a crown must last for 5 years and they would not pay for the redo. They also suggested we should have gone back to the original dentist. We pointed out that they didn't pay in the first place, we did 100%, and that we were PCSd over 1600 miles away from the original dentist. They said they would call us back after further exploring the issue.A week later, we did receive a call back from MetLife and this is what they said: "their policy is that a crown must last for 5 years REGARDLESS of who originally paid for it" and would not answer our concern about having been moved by our military over 1600 miles away from the original service provider. And thats it. Again, they don't pay. So, if we WEREN'T in the military and hadn't had to move, we would've had recourse to return and perhaps have the crown repaired/replaced by the first dentist. MetLife is THE dental insurance company for the US MILITARY - we ALL move!!! How many other military families are being unduly affected by this GREEDY company??
I have been fighting for about a year and a half with MetLife because they billed me twice in one month. I still have not received amount of the overpayment. This fight started around June of 15. Despite that, I have been paying my premiums on time. Today I received a letter from MetLife requesting I pay them because they paid my dentist too much. Confused I called to inquire. Calmly they explained that my coverage was cancelled around February of 15. Now I'm really confused and starting to get irritated.They further explained that the overpayment to my dentist was because of my son's cleaning and I supposedly did not have insurance (and hadn't since then apparently). So with no notice of my supposedly mystery cancellation, MetLife continues to bill me and me being the responsible adult pay my premium. Oh! Let's not forget I was double billed when I didn't have coverage!So it isn't until I call and inquire to why I owe them, when they owe me, that they realized that they weren't covering me. So I am still left with fighting for the money they owe me and waiting for "their approval to retroactively" give my coverage. Hello people, I never lost it! Very dishonest company and employees are do not know enough to fix a simple problem without sending a request to some department they give a fancy name to make it sound sophisticated. So here I am... waiting with no coverage for my family and me.
Once again, I am having problems with a claim from Metlife. I finally "wised up" and did not renew for the coming year. As I read another person's review, Metlife Dental Insurance is a scam. I could go into all the horror stories but just won't take the time. Metlife will pay for teeth cleaning - but that is about it. I had major gum surgery and they are disputing paying anything. My periodontist has sent in so much information... And yet they say they need more. Not worth the time and headaches.
Easy to submit claims and to understand the coverage. Customer service was easy to reach and very courteous and helpful in explaining coverage amounts and procedures. Claims were handled in a fast, efficient manner and never delayed, and all claims were processed within the estimated time window. No claims were missing or delayed in any way. The value is great for regular checkups and cleaning and often require no additional payments. Payments for additional work such as crowns and fillings help offset to the total cost of the procedures. The network includes many local doctors and specialists that can provide service for all required dental procedures and the in-network benefits are worth the cost of the insurance.
I was able to get a better dental plan from my new employer so I called in August to cancel Metlife Dental. I asked for a confirmation number and they said they don't give confirmation numbers. Seemed odd to me that a business wouldn't give a confirmation number but I expected at least an email for confirmation but I received no follow-up. They said I'd still have to pay the next month's fees and I figured that was standard so I said alright and went on with my day.Fast forward 7 months and my wife was reviewing our finances and realized we were still being charged monthly for Metlife Dental. I called again and was told that there was no record of my previous call. I asked that they look into it so I can get reimbursed for the money I've been paying and said again to please process cancellation of my service effective immediately. They said they would and to call back in 15 business days to follow up on the investigation of my previous call.Today is the day I called back. Unsurprisingly I was informed that they had no record of my call from August. I said fine, but wanted to verify that they had cancelled my service on the previous call. The rep informed me that they had not cancelled my service on the previous call but he would cancel it now. I again asked for a confirmation number and was told that they do not give confirmation numbers. I have not received any confirmation that my service is being cancelled and have a feeling that I will be calling again next month when I get charged. This is ridiculous and needs to stop. They are fraudulently charging people that want to have their service cancelled.
GREEDY company that uses any opportunity to avoid paying. My daughter is in college overseas and can only come for cleaning during her breaks. MetLife of course has no coverage overseas. So we asked that instead of applying 6 months rule between cleaning they would authorize twice per year cleaning, so she could get one service slightly earlier during her Christmas break. But they refuse to budge. So this means that even though they collect premium payments for the service, we only are covered for one service per year, and have to pay additional $140 for the second service ourselves (although it means only one month difference in their calendar). They also don't cover tons of services needed for the kids. I would drop them at a heartbeat.
I've had this insurance for over 10-years. The coverage has gotten progressively worst. Sometimes they pay for services and other times not so. I may switch plans.
Been covered under MetLife since 2016. The premium for me averages $300 a year. Finally needed some work done last summer. In as few words as possible: most of the work had to come out of my pocket for a filling, root canal, caps, X-rays etc. MetLife even sent a nasty letter saying that the remaining tooth structure did not qualify for treatment at this time. I suppose they wanted me to do nothing until the tooth needs to be replaced with an implant so that MetLife can send me another letter saying that my implant falls under a cosmetic category and will not be covered at all? Will be terminating this garbage insurance ASAP.
I went in for 6 month+ dental check up/cleaning/etc. Hygienist said I was due for certain type of x-rays, that it had been several years since the last set. I trust the hygienist (& my dentist) to know when I am due for particular procedures & when that is covered by my insurance. For instance, they do not schedule my 6 month cleanings/checkups unless they exceed the min. 6 months that Metlife requires.However in this case the hygienist made a mistake - actually perfectly understandable since it would probably take 10 years to sift through & figure out all of Metlife's changing coverage requirements. I last had these x-rays in April of 2013. Now it is 2018. Sounds like 5 years to most of us. Yet Metlife will not cover the x-rays because I was "early" on that 5 year cutoff by about 2 months/60 days. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So I am expected to pay the full cost now myself. AND NONE OF THIS WILL COUNT TOWARDS MY DEDUCTIBLE EITHER. WHAT THE HECK DO I HAVE INSURANCE FOR? If I could change to another company I would but unfortunately this is the only dental coverage offered through work. Next year I will strongly consider dropping it altogether however since I do not want to give this crap company one more cent.
Terrible customer service in billing dept. Put on hold for over an hour and no one was able to be reached for a billing matter.
About 10 months ago my dentist informed me that I needed a partial crown to repair a tooth with a previous filling that was deteriorating. Because my dentist office, which I have been going to for decades, is not in the MetLife preferred dentist network, I ended up having to put the entire balance due on a credit card (about $1500). I then submitted my claim and did not hear back from MetLife for a couple months. At 1st I figured that it may be taking them longer to review this claim since it was much larger than most of my typical claims for regular cleaning, etc. However, I finally called after a couple months and was told that they were waiting on additional information from my dentists. When I asked if they had contacted the dentist they said no that it wasn't there policy to do so, or something like that and that I needed to contact my dentist to get them to provide additional information.I then resubmitted my claim and waited about another month. When I called again, I was told that they could not find this 2nd submittal and that I needed to resubmit my claim (if I am recalling correctly). After following through on my 3rd submittal and finding it had been denied, due to there dental experts indicating that they saw no need for the work I was told to have my dentist write a letter. After this was done and I followed up on that I think I was told that they couldn't find the information from the dentist and I needed to have them resubmit.Eventually it has gone through at least two further reviews, plus one period where I was told that MetLife would re-forward the information to whatever department reviews the claims, but later was told that apparently it had not been forwarded. Currently, now 9 1/2 months later, I called again to check on my claim’s status only to be told that it again has been denied, and that since my dentist is not in their network, when I asked the gentleman on the phone what my options are, I was told that my only recourse at this time is to have my dentist resubmit a claim.In the mean time I have discovered that, several times when on their automated phone system where I have pressed whatever button I have to have them "mail" me a copy of why my claim was denied, I have never received any thing in the "mail" (even though the automated message specifically says they will) because apparently at one point before all this started I had clicked a box online "to go paperless". And as such it appears that they have assumed that agreeing to go paperless a couple years ago supersedes currently specifically asking for something in the mail. Unfortunately on top of all this, somehow something has gone wrong in their internet site preventing me from accessing my account for the last couple of months limiting me to only being able to try and deal with them over the phone.
I am a disabled veteran, Metlife was/is offering a dental insurance program on behalf of the VA (Veterans Affairs). So I signed up for a 1 year contract or commitment that gave coverage to my wife. Come to find out, the insurance covered very little, and I would've saved money if I'd have just paid everything out of pocket, but that's besides the point. I agreed to a 1 year contract, so I fulfilled my end of the agreement.2 months later... I get a bill that states I'm 2 months late, & owe MetLife $$$$, so I called them. I had already called them 2 months ago, to acknowledge that I had fulfilled my contract, & to cancel my wife's policy, & at the beginning of every phone call, there's a recorded message that says all calls are being recorded. But they keep telling me that they have no knowledge or data on any canceled policy, which they mysteriously cannot access. But that I still owe them for another 2 months of coverage... So, I've been trying for the last 3 hours to access ChampVA, or the VA, or Metlife dental program on behalf of the VA, and there's no access point, no way to contact them, (other than by phone). I'm starting to get a little agitated over here. VETERAN's: DON'T DO IT!!!
After hours of my dentist talking with 2 CSR back on 4/13/17 going over ALL MY PROCEDURES IN "ENGLISH" what would be covered & not. Now over a year later, Oh BOTH CSR gave us the SAME wrong information. Yah, we took your money for years but TOO BAD TOO SAD!!
They don't seem to pay too much toward any type of Dental work... to me that just doesn't warrant even having dental insurance and paying a monthly premium if they don't hardly pay for anything. I could just save the monthly premium and just pay the dentist myself. I've had Metlife Dental for 3.5 years, and this year is the first time I've used the insurance for dental work I needed... this is includes cleaning, xray, 3 fillings, and a partial. Out of my total bills from the Dentist for everything I think Metlife paid about 20%. That is not acceptable at all. I feel completely ripped off. Needless to say, I'll be canceling my dental insurance with Metlife.
I had MetLife insurance through my previous employer. When I left my employer in February of 2014 for a new position with another company, Metlife sent a letter to me and my dentist requesting a refund for services rendered in September of 2013 and stated we only had 45 days from the date of the letter to notify them if there was any discrepancy. Note that the letter was dated over one week earlier than the date I received the letter. When I called, they told me my benefits were terminated by my employer on September 1, 2013. This wasn't true.Metlife had been accepting premiums from my employer on my behalf up until my termination month of February 2014. When I phoned, they said they had September 1st in the system. They just happened to backdate it to the month I had service. This sounds shady to me. I will be reporting this to IL Attorney General, Consumer Protection Section, The IL Department of Insurance, The Consumer Protection Bureau. I am sure this happens often and needs to stop.
The lengths MetLife goes through to deny claims are epic. I recently had bone graft surgery. The first time around, they refused to pay anything at all. I appealed, and the second time around MetLife covered everything EXCEPT THE ACTUAL BONE USED IN THE GRAFT. They are claiming the bone wasn't necessary. WTF??? They covered all other aspects of the surgery. Now they want ANOTHER appeal form detailing why bone was used in a bone graft. Incredible.
They have no billing options except auto payments through a credit card. You can't even log onto your account online and make a payment. There is no paper mail bill, no email, and the only way you've notified a payment didn't process is their cancelation notice, which comes after the fact. What a garbage company!
Met Life denies claims which are legitimate and have just been coded wrong by the dentist. My dentist files the claim with what we both thought was the correct code and it was denied again. I spent hours contesting this denial and got nowhere. I was told by a supervisor that if I were to contest the denial I would be wasting my time. Here is my beef with this company. Talking to their representatives or supervisors is a waste of time as they have NO authority to do anything but read off the computer screen what you already know. I have dealt with Met Life before when I was working and wasn't pleased with them then. They are just awful.
I was told I could have a crown replaced at a certified dental school and then file a claim. I did so and immediately was denied saying they lacked a "treatment plan". The school complied on the same day. I was told to wait 30 days for a decision. Metlife never followed up and again denied my claim when I called them. They now said they didn't have x-rays. The school again complied immediately. I was again told to wait 30 days. When I followed up again, they now said they needed a letter from the dr. explaining the work done and why.This waiting game continued for 14 months. I again called them only to have them tell me yet again they didn't have the x-rays after verifying earlier that they did have everything. I hired an attorney to send them a demand letter which they ignored completely. The claim was never paid. I was told by the state insurance commission that this company had a propensity to drag out payment to the point a consumer has no more rights to appeal their denial. This company needs to be sanctioned for their dishonest practices.
MetLife denied saying there wasn't enough decay to justify replacing the crown. I have about 16 crowns. I guess they want it decayed so bad, that you can't replace the crown. Usual insurance. Make up an excuse so they don't pay the claim. MetLife dental insurance is the worst I have ever had.
I recently had my wisdom teeth taken out and MetLife was suppose to give me a claim check. Of course being the ** company that they are they have failed to do so after 4 months. I have consistently been on the phone with these people for 4 months now, they tell me they have the "incorrect address". I tell them to change it each time and every time I call again they say they have the wrong one. The company I work for faxes them the correct and still they have incorrect one on file. MetLife likes to play these games with their customers because they are too cheap to pay out. I will be getting an attorney and finding a new insurance company. If I could I would give them zero stars.
Very good dental insurance and I wholeheartedly recommend. Pricey but not so bad really; I am on a fixed income so everything seems pricey to me these days. Customer service is great. Good benefits and truly affordable monthly rates for my plan.
My dentist said I needed a night guard due to my teeth grinding. If I didn’t get it, I would need painful and expensive surgery down the road. My dentist checked with MetLife for coverage, and they said it was coverage. I had the night guard made and all was fine... NOT!!! Once the bill was submitted, MetLife retracted their agreement to pay and declined. The dentist and myself both fought it, but MetLife would not budge! I had to pay it all out of pocket, over $500. Thanks MetLife, guess I won’t be eating much in the coming months. “DON’T GET MET, IT DOESN’T PAY!!!”
After wasting an hour trying to get an answer to a very simple question, I found their website doesn't contain accurate information and they do not seem to care. It is January, I had a 2 dental claims in December but they do not show up on the website. Even though it allows you to search by claim number and time periods it will ONLY display claims from 1/1/18. That sucks! Not only because you cannot get the info you need, but they make it nearly impossible to speak to a human that can help. Then you have to wait at least 20 minutes and they refer you to another number. The only thing they could tell me is that the website doesn't work correctly. Duh! I know that. Why bother? I gave up, again they suck.
I never received a booklet that I was suppose to get when I got this coverage. That being said, I had no idea that there was a max amount of $1300 for a spouse. I went and got my wisdom teeth out (the estimate showed my insurance covering the majority of the procedure) because they were starting to bother me and was uninformed that I had NO COVERAGE left, so here I am paying out of pocket for all 4 of my wisdom teeth getting extracted.
I used the coverage for free cleanings and also used them twice for extractions. The staff at the dental office took care of everything. There was never an issue with claims processing as far as I know. I only ever paid my copay at the time of service. The staff at the dental office never approached me for any reason so I can only assume the speed was okey. It was addon to my existing health insurance through my employer. The value was great. My premium was less than &15 and I had some dental work done at the time. I know that my preferred dentist was in the network and I had no other issues related to network coverage.
I am an Office Manager in a Prosthodontist office in Texas. We are not a Provider office with MetLife. Mind you, a Prosthodontist specializes in tooth replacement via crown/bridge/implants/dentures,etc... I have been in the dental office management field for 24 years. I have been having such a horrific problem this year with getting MetLife to cover implants and all related procedures for our MetLife patients, despite the fact that their plan coverage booklet states clearly that implants are covered. If it's stated that they are not covered, I call the ins. co to get clarification as to the benefits available for the restorations that would be placed on the implant and abutments. We then give the patient an estimate for the treatment and if the patient chooses to proceed, we start their treatment. We receive, from all appearances automatically, a denial from MetLife due to "not necessary treatment"; then begins the fight to get clearly stated covered benefits actually paid by MetLife. I have to make numerous phone calls, send documents and information that was originally sent with the original claim, and deal with inept MetLife employees that tell me one thing and then tell me another a few days later. This is a nightmare, a quagmire, a black hole that information is repeatedly thrown into and then just disappears. I repeatedly respond to requests for information from MetLife that has been sent to them multiple times and then MetLife claims they never received it. Or one rep will state that it was received and then the next one says that it was not sent through to be considered and processed. I asked them at what point do I not have to call at each step and do their job for them, to which their response to me was to hang up. I'm so frustrated with them and have started putting THEM on notice that we have noted their repeated, automatic denial of benefits for implants and/or their restorations due to "Not Necessary" and for them to justify, specifically, the denial with valid reasons why they feel that they aren't "necessary" procedures. This is so unfair for the patients that are paying their premiums and cannot receive their clearly stated benefits due to MetLife's unspoken policy to deny any claim that they think they have a shot at no one responding to, thus saving themselves the cost of the payment on those denied claims. The truth of the matter is, the bean counters at MetLife know that only a certain percentage of denied claims will be appealed and that of those, even fewer will be appealed again, thus saving the company literally, Millions of dollars. Shame on MetLife for pulling this stunt on their subscribers. The poor patients then have to pay for the full fees charged, and think that we, the treatment coordinators and office managers, don't know what we are doing or are trying to hide something from them in order to have them start their treatment. Nice ploy, MetLife; it takes the heat off of you and re-directs it to the ones that are trying to HELP your subscribers and families, unlike you!
I went to the dentist who wanted to perform a panorama xray. I had them contact MetLife Dental before they did the xray as I could not recall how long it had been since I had had a panorama xray. They said I was eligible for one but when my dentist billed the xray MetLife dental refused to pay for it as it had been just 3.5 years since my last one. I had relocated and changed providers so I could not remember. I highly advise not selecting this dental insurance if you have other options. I have now changed insurance carriers and will advise all to not choose MetLife Dental.
Joined MetLife, mailed $135 check required for Option 2; however, they put me in Option 1. Dentist requested 2 times (in writing, I don't know how many times on the phone) for preapproval on a crown that was supposed to be covered in Option 2. 2 times myself and the dentist received denial notices saying that a crown was NOT covered in my policy. This went on for 3 weeks out of the $135 coverage time period and then dentist received a call (all of this is documented either in writing or recordings) that the crown was covered and they had corrected my Option 2 selection. Because of these delays the crown was installed after that month's coverage and I had canceled. Why pay for another month when MetLife had already made a free $135 off of me? Now MetLife says that my Option 2 (policy) was NO LONGER IN EFFECT when the crown was put on. Of course not, MetLife wouldn't cover it in the time period requested. Now, does that make any sense. Anyway, since MetLife's rep had spoken directly to the dentist and the crown had finally been approved we set up a time for me to get the required crown. Oh, but that's not all, wait for it... Since the crown was NOT installed in the $135 covered time frame MetLife says that I owe them another $263 because I had canceled my coverage. ALL of this is, like I said, documented by myself and the dental office records and, of course, MetLife if they would only check their records. Would you continue to put out $135 a month after receiving denials? I think NOT.
I had dental insurance through my employer. Metlife Dental. We had 2 claims that we submitted for services on 1/4/17 and 1/19/17 - faxed the information to them 1/26/17. They began processing my husband's and then stopped and never started on mine until 3/1/17. Each time you would speak to a representative you get a different story. Today I spoke with Grace who told me my date of service was 1/4/16 a year prior and that both of these claims were denied. She sent me to a new Escalation supervisor named Debbie who sent another request to have this dentist name added which can take another 30 days, but I spoke with Leslie on 3/21 and Jo/Jose on 3/1 and 3/14 that both did the same thing!How hard is to add a name. At first they said that Denver Health wasn't in their system. When I called back on 3/21 and spoke to a different representative who confirmed that Denver Health Dental Clinic was in their system and there were several doctors under that tax ID. But of course when I bring that up to Debbie I am told it can still take up to 30 days to add his name but she sent a request to expedite it to add the dentist name and get the claims processed which will still be another 10-15 days to process!!!! What a crock of **! Then again when you ask to speak to someone other than these escalation supervisors you are told that there is no one else that can assist or speak to you. I have informed every representative that at this point I am writing a horrible review and contacting Better Business Bureau and contacting an attorney like my husband wants to. Just don't get METLIFE. IT'S HORRIBLE!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!!! THEY ARE NOT HERE FOR YOU!!! They are only concerned about getting their money and not sending you yours!! Any way to stall or deny!!!
This company is THE WORST!! I want my Delta Dental insurance back.:( These guys won't cover ANY PORTION of my dental implant, even though it is clearly stated in my benefits that they are covered. They are trying to say that they won't cover it because my tooth was congenitally missing, and that they need a record of an extraction. Ummm HELLO!!! I was born without the tooth!? How would anyone have a record of it being extracted!? These people will ** their way out of paying for anything. THE WORST!! They also will give you the run around over the phone (and email) and give you a lot of conflicting answers from person to person. I will be dropping this insurance like a hot potato.
My husband and I are double covered. My first is Delta Dental. Love them!!! Metlife is secondary. Delta Dental paid $700. Remains balance owed is $268. Drum roll please and Metlife paid a whopping $16. Ta da! So I owe $250. What in the hell is wrong with this picture??? Piece of crap company. I'll soon be shopping for some health coverage as I'm retiring. Guess who I won't be calling. Save your money folks. Get your company to go to Delta Dental.
Contacted Metlife Dental before procedure was performed to see if it was covered. Was told yes. Claim was denied. Contacted Customer Service. They claimed it would be resubmitted. Contacted them again, nothing was done. Customer rep was rude and condescending. Tried to avoid the runaround but it happened. Very frustrating. Now I know why some dental offices that take insurance do not accept Metlife.
No payment received after performing surgery for their insured. After a year waiting for MetLife dental to pay a claim they denied payment. The reason is because they said that the pt is not longer eligible, and it's true. The problem is that he was at the moment that we perform the surgery, even showing that we have a copy of the breakdown that they send to us by fax. They just don't want to pay and this is not acceptable. We are in network with MetLife and THIS IS THE WAY THAT THEY TREAT US...
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