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MetLife Auto Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: MetLife
Year Founded: 1863
Address: 1095 Avenue of the Americas
City: New York
State/Province: NY
Postal Code: 10036
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 638-5433
Overall average rating of 2.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 16 %
I had my homeowners and auto policy with MetLife. A storm came through and the roof was damaged on the house. I filed a claim and had the repairs made. Metlife would not accept the receipt from the repair person as proof that the roof was repaired so they indicated they were going to cancel my homeowners. Therefore I found another insurance company to cover all of my policies. I sent in my cancellation notices and proof of insurance with the other company. Metlife continued to bill my account for my auto insurance for over a year. I have been requesting a refund and cancellation of my auto insurance for over a year. The auto insurance expired in September so they stopped billing me but they have yet to refund the money that they kept taking out of my account after I canceled my policy with them. Every time I call they have a different reason for not refunding my money. The last two calls they indicated that they did receive proper notification and cancellation and they are working on the refund. As of a year later, I have yet to receive my refund.
I've been insured with MetLife for the past 30 yrs. I like their fast ability to send an assessor to check the damage to the car and receive payment as soon as possible. Quick in getting the car fixed... not just quick with us... but also if we are at fault they are quick on paying the other car damages and get everything repaired. I like that while the car is being fixed they can pay partially or fully for a rent a car. The deductible is fair and they take their time listening to your full explanation to how the accident occurred. They are reliable and fast acting, but I would not mind a better discount for having been a customer for a period of 30 years if not more.
When I called and talked to an agent about a policy for auto insurance, I was quoted $280.33 per month. I was charged $312.55 each month for two months. I called to ask why I was being charged so much and I was told because I chose an 11 month policy??? Why would I want to go uninsured for one month out of the year I am paying for? When I asked to cancel my policy, I was told I am still going to be charged another $49 by the end of the month. I was told before there was no cancellation policy fee. MetLife is unprofessional and absolute liars. I definitely DO NOT recommend MetLife.
Overall I've had a wonderful experience. Purchasing this policy was very simple and I love the fact that they offer payroll deductions through my husband's company. It helps with making sure payments are on time and never overlooked. But I would love a lesser payment. We have had no claims in over two years and still no decrease in premiums.
Was involved in an accident where a MetLife-insured driver was at fault. The rude, arrogant, and incompetent claims adjuster for MetLife, S. ** out of Dallas, refused to return repeated phone calls to take my statement. After leaving 10-12 messages she did call back, but wouldn't proceed with conversation without a claim number, which she had never provided. She is now refusing to accept fault. The accident was 4 weeks ago and nothing has been done. She hasn't even taken pictures of the other vehicle, which was insured through MetLife. A complaint was filed against her with the insurance commission; I'm sure not her first. Hope someone of importance reads this and cans her as she is WORTHLESS.
I thoroughly enjoyed the ease of online and by-phone customer service and MetLife Auto's truly affordable rates. However, I would like more local agencies that would allow for face to face customer service. Even so, it was all so easy and user-friendly, which is crucial for this busy gal! My experiences have been very satisfactory. I would freely recommend this company for any and all insurance needs.
My car was involved is an accident that resulted it being totaled. It was an old vehicle so I had recently dropped collision coverage. The car was towed by a police authorized company to their location. When I reported the accident to Metlife they recommended a company called Copart who would pickup the car, bring it to their storage yard and then make an offer for the vehicle. It took 3 weeks for them to pickup the car, all the while incurring $30 per day storage fees. When I tried to get paid at least the salvage value for a 1999 Dodge Stratus, Copart said they don't pay for vehicles and call Metlife. Calls to the person at Metlife do not get returned. I can only leave a message on this person's voice mail. If Metlife did not recommend this other company that they partner with, in situations where they does not have collision coverage, the vehicle would have been scrapped much sooner and I would have gotten something for it.
In January after a severe snowstorm I was on my way home from work when I hit some ice and slid across the road into a curb. I drive a Chevy Avalanche which weighs about 7000 and the vehicle contacted the curb with enough force to strip off a six inch section of my rim. I took my truck to a local mechanical shop that has performed all the work on my truck. They worked up an estimate for me which I sent to MetLife. They sent out an inspector from PDA, a third party consultant that does work for them, to look at the damage. He took one look at the mileage on my truck and determined that all the damage, except for the rim, was caused by normal wear and tear and rejected all mechanical damage associated with the claim. I spoke with my MetLife claim rep and explained the situation and she had the inspector return to take a closer look. My mechanic, myself, and the inspector walked through all the damage and he maintained that all the damage was due to the amount of miles on my truck and denied any further inspections. I spoke with the MetLife claim rep again and was told that there was nothing that they could do. The damage to the front end of my truck consisted of a broken rim, the only thing they paid for, blown out front wheel bearing, bent steering control arm, front wheel alignment, front worm gear drive (I have 4 wheel drive), and transfer case replacement. The total for the incident was 2,800.00 which they only paid out 175.00 after six weeks of working with them.I have never had an insurance company be so uncooperative and refusing to pay out on a claim. I had selected to go with MetLife with my auto and home insurance because of a discount I received through the company I was working with. I had only been with MetLife for a short period of time prior to this incident. I was with my last insurance company for over 15 years. So refusal to pay on a claim cost MetLife a long term client and based on my insurance premiums spent over that same time period about 60,000 dollars. I have dropped them and highly recommend that if you are looking for a new insurance company, that you look somewhere else... Customer service is not something that they do well or even care about and they only want your money...
MetLife Auto has very good policies for cars. Having our vehicle insured allows us not to worry about any unwanted event that happens with our vehicle. Additionally, I like the responsibility and seriousness with which the company treats its clients, as well as insurance coverage. The company also responds effectively to all the situations offered in the policy. Moreover, part of what I like most about MetLife Auto is that it is pending of the renewal periods and that the client is always satisfied and updated with his policy.
On Oct. 30, 2014, I was hit by a driver that was insured by Met Life. The police were called, and the other driver was cited for unsafe movement determining he was at fault. I got the drivers insurance information, and filed a claim that same day. My car was badly damaged; (the whole front end was torn off), but I was still able to drive it to the body shop to get an estimate, also the same day. The estimate was just shy of $4000. The claims rep. that I initially spoke with was warm, and friendly. She assured me that someone would be in touch with me "quickly." This is where the headache begins. The accident happened on a Thursday. By Monday, when I still had not heard anything, I called my agent that had been assigned my claim. She was scatter brained and unorganized. She took a statement from me and told me that she already had a statement from the other driver. She stated that she needed a copy of the police report and an estimate from the body shop. I told her that I had copies of both, and I could fax them, and email. I faxed them twice and emailed them four different times. They refuse to give me a rental. I am driving 50 miles one way to work in a car with less than 5,000 miles with no front end. As of today, two weeks after the accident, my car is still wrecked, with no repair scheduled, and no answers. I have called these clowns everyday to no avail. I find that I am transferred from person to person. Each one has a different excuse. "We're waiting on the police report." "We need a witness." "We need more pictures." And on, and on. I am required to give at least one star, but I am really rating them zero because they are terrible. They way they treat people is unacceptable. Stay away.
My payments started at 120/month and for no reason at all went up to 360/month. I had no claims or accidents while with them and no explanation as to why. Bad customer service, there is no actual number to call and talk to anyone on the phone. The only to communicate with anyone is through chat (which barely works) and Facebook. Awful and unprofessional.
MetLife Auto is cheap, easy and simple. Was easy to access and to start up a plan with. Sounded like a good policy for us and adding our children. Monthly rates are not too pricey, like Allstate for example. However, they total cars way too often. Small incidents and they scrap an entire car. Also angry because they kick you if you have two accidents in three years. Don't appreciate being punished for using the service they are supposed to provide. They were good at first, but now bad. They don't strike me as a super reliable auto insurance company. Very frustrated with how speedy they are to just drop customers. Would prefer a more reliable service in the future.
I have been with MetLife Auto and Home for over 20 years. I recently got into an auto accident where I rolled into a truck at a red light. There was no damage to the truck and $1000.00 damage to my 4Runner, which I paid for out-of-pocket. The guy I hit agreed there was no damage to his truck and waved it off. I took pictures anyhow. He filed a claim for body injuries of $9000. MetLife didn't try to fight it at all. They asked me to forward pictures and my bill for the repairs to my car. Then they doubled my insurance.When I called to inquire they asked me rudely why I was calling the person who called me to ask me for the pictures and copy of repairs and told me he was not handling my claim any longer. Then told me that I had gotten into an accident and the claimant had obtained a lawyer and was currently getting medical treatment. When I asked why they wouldn't fight the obviously false claim they just said that I had hit him. They were so rude! I canceled my policy and I will never use them again. I guess being a loyal customer for over 20 years means nothing to them! Do not buy this insurance - they are the worst! Agents are rude.
I just began with MetLife this year, but the local insurance business I deal with found them to be very good. The local insurance business, Barrato & Sullivan, recommended them to me and the annual came in under my previous carrier Travelers.
Stephanie was assigned to me as an adjuster following my accident that recently happened. I am insured through Metlife but was hit by a company vehicle that has another insurance policy and the claim was taking forever to get started. I filed with my insurance company, Metlife, just so they can know what happened, even though I wasn't at fault. For one, Stephanie NEVER contacted me after 2 weeks of filing that claim. I finally called her to get their take on the incident and to see if I could at least get a rental through my insurance and the other company could pick it up. She never asked, "Are you ok," never took a statement or anything! The 1st thing she said was, "You don't have a rental on your coverage," which I already knew but what was the purpose of me even having to file a claim with you all. I added the roadside assistance and thought that the rental was a part of that. I just wanted to see if they could help me in any way get things moving. Instead of her being empathetic or giving me any additional options that I could take, even referring to add the rental to the policy, she just was rude and nasty. I didn't even want to talk to her after that! I understand that my insurance wasn't at fault but they do encourage you to let your insurance know if an accident happens. It was just the worse experience. You are an adjuster but can't help at all? Just brush me off and tell me to contact them when clearly I couldn't. This kind of stuff is important to customers. We pay insurance to cover incidents like this but having to go through a serious accident on the highway, thankful to be alive, and the call the people that suppose to be on your side just to be treated that way. Why are you an adjuster if you can't do or say anything to help in situations like this? I wish they could've gave me someone else! Talking to her was a waste of time. They give these positions to some of the worse people! Lord. Only thing they care about is money but being sincere or empathetic to a deadly situation goes a lonnggg way! Stephanie, you need a reality check. Everything is not given to you and the people that work hard for what they get and could have lost everything due to a deadly accident deserves to be treated with more respect. Especially when you work in a field to deal with those types of people every day! Lord.
I have just registered and inserted into auto insurance in 2015. Until now I've made 2 claims when I crash and my car hit by another driver, for claims then it takes about 1 week and so far I am very satisfied. I like and choose MetLife Auto because the process of claims are not convoluted as in general and its service is very satisfactory to the customer, but I plan on insurance will return my wife's car. However, I do not like the old car cannot enter here, and the claim process is a bit long but its claims easy, less once do promotion especially I rarely see any ads about this insurance on TV, newspaper or internet.
I had this insurer and my experiences with them were good. Whenever I had a claim, everything was taken care of with no hiccups or obstacles. The rates were par for the course as far as insurance goes.
I like that MetLife offers different ways to pay and that they make the customer top priority. They are willing to go above and beyond for the customer. I also like the feature of having our payment coming straight out of the paycheck. It makes it so much more convenient. My overall experience with MetLife has been nothing but top-notch. The process of purchasing our policy was very easy. All I had to do was make one phone call to my agent and he took care of my needs.
I had MetLife Auto for 3 years and everything was fine until my husband, now ex, moved out of the country. I called MetLife Auto to have his name taken off the Insurance, and they tell me they could not do that. The agent on the phone was extremely rude, telling me that it was my ex's record that had us having a great rate. I was the primary, the insurance was through my job, and I have never had an accident or ticket. It was my SSN that was the primary, and here she was copping an attitude. I asked to speak to the Supervisor, and I told her, "Are you trying to tell me that I am stuck paying double what I should, when he is not in the country, the car is in my name, the house, utilities, etc." and she said, "Yes". I hang up, called another insurance company and got a policy by myself. They really need to retrain their customer service reps and review their policies.
I have never written a review before but if I could rate 0 I would. I switched from Geico to MetLife back in Aug because the rates were great. However in Nov when I switched bank accounts I provided all the details I could in advance. Since then my account has been messed up. First they charged the wrong bank account. I tried to fix that and they overcharged not only the amount but on the wrong day to my new account resulting in a fee. Tried to get that fixed and since then they continue to try to cancel my insurance, won't fix the rate. My Rep who once tried to assist now won't take my calls or text messages. It has been over a month since I heard from anyone. I tried to just bypass my Rep and get it resolved with billing only to be told I can ONLY fix it with my Rep and that my insurance was indeed cancelled. Now they want me to pay way over the amount due because they changed my plan to a Direct plan (without my knowledge or permission) to re-establish my insurance. I told them I could provide phone call logs and text messages showing I have been trying to resolve on my side since Nov. Unfortunately that doesn't matter to them. Pay over the amount owed or be driving without insurance because of course now it will be more difficult to change companies showing a lapse. I wish I never changed from Geico. In my 25 years driving I have never experienced anything like this with an insurance company and I have used several. If you are considering to save a few bucks by switching to MetLife you might want to reconsider as in the end you might end up paying more.
I am very happy with the decision I made to change from Allstate because Metlife insurance has better coverage and gave me so much more for my money such as multiple discounts because I was purchasing the insurance thru my job, allowing me to save on my policy and get more perks as well, and my insurance is cheaper. I never have to worry about being late because it comes directly out of my paycheck. And Met life has added roadside assistance and a rental car service if needed. Purchasing the policy was done over the phone, the rep was so nice and helpful. She took her time to explain exactly what each area of the policy meant and she even managed to sign up for rental insurance for the property in my apartment just in case something might happen, a few weeks later the hurricane hit Houston.
Won't return calls. Nickel and dime your valuation. Arrogant and non-caring adjusters. Another example how overpaid insurance executives are ruining this country. It starts with medical now it's moved on to car and home insurance. I guess we need more bureaucratic infringement to keep these thrives under control. I sure wish I had my car back since it's costing me over 1000 dollars for a total loss when hit by a MetLife's client.
This company is awful to deal with. They never return calls and take forever to respond to anything. Waste of money!
I was rear-ended by a kid with this insurance. The adjuster wrote up an estimate for the repair of a bumper that is not repairable--so 500 dollars that won't cover the damage. I called to get a rental and drop the car off to body shop. Oh no I have to bring the estimate to my shop and can't get the rental til the parts are ordered and there was some BS about the lowball estimate not yet approved even though I received the pdf already. It's Friday but I can't drop it off until Monday because this cheap company won't pay for a rental over the weekend. So more time off from work. Insult to injury when they accept liability, they lowballed estimate that won't cover the repair and won't give me a rental until the parts are ordered--parts that won't cover the damage. This is why people hate insurance companies. METROPOLITAN SUCKS.
I called Metlife auto about a quote through my employee discount in May, when I was going to be getting a new car. Needless to say, I didn't get the car. Meanwhile, Metlife started the policy on my behalf without my consent or any car info, and also without my signature on anything. I have taken this up with NO RESOLVE. They set up the policy also using my sister's car, who lives at the same address. All the calls are recorded. I advised them to listen to clarify their reps error and have a supervisor call me back. It's been 3 days and no call. They have taken $243 from my payroll. I have since advised my company. They have ceased auto deduction from my payroll, but Metlife still refuses to cancel my policy even though it was set up on false pretense. Not to mention the deduction was not in my budget and caused me an undue hardship. Hence why I didn't buy the car. WHAT A NIGHTMARE this has been. I have never had an issue with a company in my life. I'm a reasonable person, but they are in the wrong all the way. This has also happened to a co-worker the same way..
We purchased our policy originally through a friend's husband who was a broker for several companies. When he retired we continued to use his company and have been very happy and extremely satisfied. They have fair pricing, especially when combining my car insurance with my homeowner's policy. We have never had a problem with claims and they are always available for our questions. However the policy papers themselves should be written in "plain speech" as opposed to legalese. They are difficult to understand.
First of all this insurance is high as the sky and second I will not recommend no one else to MetLife. I cancelled my policy and they garnish my checks 2 weeks after I cancelled them, so they put me in a terrible situation and now I having issues because of MetLife. They will not have to worry about me nor anyone else who do voluntary paycheck deductions. I will never do that again.
Purchasing my policy from MetLife Auto was good experience. Always able to get a live agent and treated with respect. Agents usually able to answer questions with one call and they offer to do extra things like checking on the insurance accounts to make sure that they are all current. Payroll deduction was available which is a big advantage to me. I don't have to be vigilant about due date or amount due. I am very pleased with the service and the policy's coverages. If they can't answer my questions they will not put me on hold. They will research the answers and give you an answer at a time convenient to you. I would like to have my home insurance with the same company as it would make it more convenient for me. They also have our life insurance And some investments.
My wife was hit from the back. The other driver was issued a ticket for the accident. MetLife has not returned my calls, when I got hold of someone, they were combative towards me because I requested after 1 1/2 weeks I would require a rental since the spare was stuck on the vehicle because of the accident, and she said that that wasn't grounds for them to pay me a rental. The accident was on March 6th 2012, they left one message in all of this time. The appraiser came and told me that the claim was worth $1,500. I had the vehicle evaluated and at its minimum was $4,300. If the latch that holds the spare is not bent, otherwise, fix collision said it would cost $13,000 for the total repair. Now, I read how bad this company is and I work a lot and do not have time to deal with people who don't listen and are unprofessional towards the victim. Should I get a lawyer to get the most out of this accident since they were very forth coming with me?
I called a local agent and talked about our needs and found the best coverage for us. We really need rental coverage, could we get along with one car for a little while if we needed to, since we are retired we could. Saved us about 600 dollars over our former coverage. The deductible goes down by 50 dollars every year we don't make a claim, although we don't see the savings this provides, this will save us money someday when we do need to file a claim. But I don't like that to get a 3 percent discount, payments must be made monthly instead of one annual. I like to pay annually but the savings from letting MetLife take the payment monthly from our checking account is worth the savings.
I have been a faithful MetLife customer with home, auto, boat, and trailer insurance for the past 17 years. I have never been late on a payment and have had a perfect driving record for 31 years and an excellent credit score! I had my first fender bender (less than $5000.00) in total damages and I was dropped one year later by Metlife! The reason was I was now too high of a risk. Really! After 31 years of driving and one minor slow speed bump and MetLife insurance company drops you like a hot potato, not a great experience. I have had no other claims in 17 years at all on any of the policies I've had with Metlife. If you have MetLife insurance now, or are thinking of getting it... I would suggest running away and going elsewhere. They are definitely not a company that will stand behind you for the long term.
I quoted for my car insurance, MetLife came up that I had 3 accidents that I never had. I called them, (they put me on hold for 20 minutes) they said they got that information from my current insurance company and told me to buy their insurance "as is" then get the letter from my insurance blah, blah, blah... I called my insurance, they pulled my record and said I don't have any accident at all. MetLife is such a shameless liar.
They raised my rates 18 percent with a great driving record.
Filing a claim with MetLife Auto was effortless. I was rear ended and they handled everything with other insurance. It comes out of my paycheck thru my employer. They're wonderful. One less thing to think about.
Met Life is a horrible insurance company. I am a good customer and have always paid my premiums in full and on time. Last year, I was hit by a tractor trailer. The driver was cited and I have witnesses. It was clearly not my fault. Met Life settled with the trucking company to put me at fault 40% and I have to pay $200 of my $500 premium. I was just in another accident where the other driver was speeding and made a left hand turn in front of me with no turn signal. My own insurance company, Met Life, wants to put the fault 100% on me. As soon as this is settled, they will be losing my business from both my homeowner's insurance as well as my auto.
My car was severely damaged by another party. MetLife is trying to force me to take a diminished value amount without even talking to me on the phone. My car, which is a 2012 Camry, was hit and sustained almost 8000 dollars worth of damage. I first received a phone call from a man who stated that he was handling my claim. He offered me 2000 dollars and I declined. He stated that he was authorized to give me that much. I told him not that was not enough. He then stated that he would call me and/or pass on my case to someone who would have authorization to talk more about the sum. I did not hear back from him for two months even after calling him several times. Finally, he called me back and he seemed to forget our previous phone call. He stated that he could give me $2500 and I again stated no. I waited another 2 months and wrote an email to MetLife asking the status of my claim. I received a call from another woman and she stated that Mr. ** should never have been assigned to my case and she was not sure why he had called me. Ms. ** then stated that they would work on my case and get back to me. This was the last time I heard from her. MetLife used an out of state appraiser who did not even look at my car. They gave me a sum without any sort of documentation to back it up. Yet they wanted me to supply documentation regarding why I would not take the sum of 2600 dollars. I called them several times. Yet I have never received a phone call back except for the initial call. Ms. ** sent me a final letter stating that if I did not get back to her within 5 days, they would consider the case closed. I did get back to her via email and fax stating why I would not accept the offer. They have never addressed any of my issues with the report they sent me from the appraiser that I brought to their attention nor have they ever addressed any of the issues that I brought up regarding my vehicle. A few days later, I received a check for 2600 dollars and it stated that this is what they intend to pay. I called Ms. ** and asked for her to call me and I stated that I would not accept the check.
I have had both home and auto insurance through MetLife for several years and never had a claim so was happy as a clam with it! 2 weeks ago my car was stolen from my driveway with my purse, phone, car seat EVERYTHING in it when I ran inside to change my daughter's diaper. I had paid $30,000 in to my car and was $3800 away from finally having a paid off car so I was DEVASTATED. My car was recovered the following morning by police with the thieves still in it. I was happy to know they hadn't crashed it or parted it out and thought it was the best case scenario. When I talked to MetLife they said I needed to go pick up my car at the tow yard to make sure I didn't incur additional costs as they would only cover a reasonable amount for the towing so they felt comfortable enough with its condition to have me drive it. I saw minimal damage (a few little scratches on the exterior, 2 little tears in the interior and 2 cigarette burns) but drove it home no problem. That night I went to go to the store and noticed my automatic lights didn't come on and had to physically turn them on. When I did, the dash lights went out. I finally found that the thieves had cut a wire up by my rear view mirror and ripped off a sensor on my windshield. I called my adjuster the next day and she said we needed to get my car to my shop of choice. I dropped my car off at a repair shop a friend had recommended and called MetLife and since it was a Friday I would have to wait for their estimator to come and estimate the damages. The following Friday, I was contacted to let me know it was going to be a TOTAL LOSS! I get that electrical can be expensive but they wouldn't give me any information about what was in their report and what deemed it a total loss. I had driven it for 2 days and other than the dash lights not working when the headlights were on and the minimal cosmetic damage, it seemed fine and the thieves had been driving it at the time of arrest so they obviously didn't do anything to it to make it undrivable.I was contacted Monday morning and told my settlement amount and said they needed me to authorize them to take the vehicle immediately and agree to the settlement. I had taken such great care of my car, had just replaced the windshield and with sensored glass it was a pretty penny and had just bought a new battery and headlights which cost me another $500. I asked if I could buy the car back and get the necessary repairs on my own because I had so much invested in it and while dealing with all of the police stuff and the fraud they did on my credit cards, I just couldn't buy a car right now. They said that because it was a theft there was no way to buy back the car. Basically I have no other option than to accept the settlement that they felt was fair and each day that I prolong the process the settlement amount will go down because the shop where I want to have it repaired is charging $75/day for storage.How is it that people buy back crashed cars all the time with a salvaged title and they choose the work they want done but they refuse to sell back a car that wasn't crashed??? And they wouldn't tell me what was in the estimate that forced it to be a total loss. They said "There could be additional things we can't see because it was a theft" so it would be a liability to sell it back to me. But what if there aren't additional things wrong? I drove it for 2 days! I feel like they are strong arming me to hurry up and accept the settlement that I don't agree with because they "feel it is fair" although they won't disclose how they came up with that ACV amount. I am afraid to sign over the car because I feel like they have only given me option that I don't agree with. Isn't a settlement where TWO parties agree? Can they really say this is your only option, take it or let that amount go down every day until you finally agree to take it?? Just feels very shady.In all fairness it isn't a horrible offer. The way this is being handled is giving me a very bad taste in my mouth. Should they be required to share the damage report they put together to come up with the fact it should be totaled? And can they say just simply because it was stolen, it is a total loss? The homeowner's claim was as easy as pie. No complaints, fast and pretty painless. But the car part has been a nightmare!
This company is a very bad company. They will lie to you about their rates. They will go and take money out of your payroll without your consent. They will just increase your rates and when you call the customer service no one will be able to explain you nothing. I was with them. I cancel my policy with them and they still went and still keep on deducted money on my payroll without my consent. This company is a scam. Don’t make any business with MetLife. My rates was $94 a week for 2 cars jump to $308.64 every week.
They are very easy to work with. They have good prices and good coverage. I made one claim with them and it was easy. The process didn't take long and they were easy to deal with. I would recommend them to my friends and family.
I was hit by a driver with MetLife insurance while I was at a complete stop. The police were called, and the other driver was cited determining he was at fault. I got the driver's insurance information, and filed a claim that same day. My car was badly damaged; (the whole rear end was torn off), then they assigned an adjuster by the name ** 1800 8546011 ext ** that was rude and incompetent. She stated how I am responsible and that I should go through my insurance to get a rental vehicle. The way she spoke to me is unacceptable.
I like that I can combine my auto and renters insurance. I can also call my representative any time day or night. Very friendly, very helpful and courteous customer service. And they have same day coverage. MetLife is a great insurance company! They cover all the bases and do a fantastic job.
One of the claim adjusters named Kashea ** made it very hard for me to make a auto claim when the driver that hit my car accepted fault. She asked me to get a video recording of the accident and asked to speak to the owner of the vehicle that I was driving which was under my mom. My mom is on vacation and I don't want to put stress on her life.
If I could rate MetLife with a negative 10 stars I would. I've been a dedicated customer for 15 years with MetLife with both my home and auto. My record is clean, no lapse in coverage ever, always made payments on time. 15 years of perfect driving and I have one tiny incident where I backed into a pole and I get a letter saying my policy is being canceled! What's the point of having insurance if you can't even use it? 15 years of my business to them and this is how they show their appreciation. DO NOT USE METLIFE. THEY DON'T CARE AND WILL DROP YOU IF HAVE TO USE THEM. All they want is your money and not to have to cover you when you need it. Do not use them!!!
My car was vandalized 3 weeks ago and I was told they were doing a coverage investigation!!! Car still not repaired and haven’t heard a word!! I spoke with the investigator and gave him all the information I could to assist him with his investigation and I still haven’t heard anything!!! Any suggestions??
I had signed up for Metlife home and auto last summer (2013). They quoted me a good price at the time and then to get my house insured with them, they send an representative to inspect, which was fine with me. However the rep. didn't get to the inspection in time so they cancelled my home insurance because their representatives are so far out of reach with getting things done and reported back to them. So in May of 2014, they started more than doubling the amount they took from my payroll deduction (as I set it up through the company I work for to have the deductions straight from my check). I could not ever get a hold of anyone to explain why it almost tripled so i searched and found a different company to insure from. When I sent the request to cancel (9 days) previous from my notice to them, my next check showed a deduction of 27% more than what my original deductions were and when I called to try and work it out they told me that I had a previous balanced that was required to be paid.Well, they withdrew money from my check almost 1 month before I started my policy with them so how could I have a balance? It's just another way for them to royally screw their customers and make more profit. It would be really nice if someone from their company could explain or just give me a straight up answer on why??? Their customer service totally sucks. Every time I try to contact them they are "experiencing larger than normal call volume" so why have you not added more customer service people to handle it. It's been more than a year I've dealt with it?!! And at least train your reps to make your customers feel like people not "IDIOTS THAT YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF". I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy. It ridiculously so unorganized and distant from the need of the service people need in insurance requirements!!!
I have been with MetLife since 1999 so I paid a ton of money on insurance since 1999. Made 2 claims - one on glass and one other car amplifier due to water damage. And was late for a payment 2 weeks. Was going to make a payment. Was told my policy was cancelled and was told I could not reinstated it. Loyalty I gave for 17 years because I made two claims. WOW. Going to Geico.
I like company brand. They always keep in touch with me whenever I need them and customer care is really helpful and solve the problem as soon as possible. The company has place strong reputation in its segment. I have not received any negative impression from them from the very beginning of my attachment. They are really positive minded and make me feel positive. It is really awesome.
My Chevrolet van was stolen/robbed and vandalized on August 16th of 2011. It is insured by Metlife Insurance Co. It is almost half of the year since that date and my vehicle is still at workshop. It is still neither in workable condition nor safe to drive. Metlife incompetence is horrible. One day they come with a decision which is reversed the next day and case is stopped at dead end. I feel like Metlife plays the game with me. It is a shame that Metlife is first to collect the money and the last to fulfill the obligation. Please feel free to contact me for further detailed information about this case.
I have been a customer for almost 6 yrs. I recently moved from Utah to California. In the process of moving, MetLife put me through the ringer. Something kept showing up in their system, that had been cleared through both the state of Utah and California. After over 5 hrs of back and forth nonsense of sorry we can't fix it. I'm canceling my service and going with a company that can insure me in California. Beware if you chose this Company. They couldn't care less about the consumer. I have never had such a horrible experience with a company.
I received my new auto insurance policy from MetLife. For the third time in 1.5 years the policy went up 10 dollars. I called and after being on hold 10 minutes I was told it was a rate revision. I then asked why and was told these happen all the time. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that I would be on hold awhile as the supervisors were busy with other callers. Gee, I wonder why? I'm shopping for a new company. MetLife does not care about the people that keep it in business. I have been with them since 1991 and have had no tickets or accidents, and no claims and pay $594 every 6 months. I'm hoping a class action suit gets going, if so, I'm in!
So my daughter was in an accident. She was turning left and another car came flying over a hill. Oncoming traffic wasn't visible due to the hill. There was a dip in the road that traffic goes into that makes them invisible to anyone turning. She was speeding and on her phone. She looked up in time to slam on the brakes, but not fast enough to prevent her from hitting my daughter. The other driver was driving an Altima and hit my daughter's Jeep Grand Cherokee (which is a tank) and spun it one and a quarter full turns before pushing it another 30 feet. My daughter's engine parts were spread over a 30 foot area. The girl ended up with a shattered ankle. She was driving someone else's car and was not insured.We reported the accident, but did not need a rental right away. They had a week to look at the car. They determined it was a total loss. We called the adjuster and left 4 messages. He never returned our calls. We were out of town and I had to call them to find out why the adjuster (name we were given when we reported) was not returning our calls. It took them another day to determine that it wasn't actually assigned to anyone. Because it was a total loss it goes to a different department. He didn't call back because it wasn't his. They did not assign it to another adjuster or so they told me on the phone. It took them another day to assign someone. This was 10 days after the accident.Having said that, when I got home there were several letters in the mail from them. One said that they were sending the letter because they were unable to contact us. One problem we never received any calls. Not even one at home. Not one on my cell phone or my daughters cell phone. These were all numbers that they had in the report for the accident.A month ago (3 weeks after the accident) I got a call from an adjuster telling me that they were sending the other parties attorneys a check for $100,000 (the bodily injury max) along with a blank release of liability form. I said I did not want them sending anything. My daughter was not at fault and they knew that because we sent them her statement. They said it didn't matter. They accepted 100% liability. This even though the police report was fiction as was evidenced by pictures from the scene that we have. The cop didn't even get the posted speed limit right. There was a sign in the photo of my daughter's car.So I argued with them. I did not want them sending a check until there was a signed release that covered me, my daughter and my husband. The adjuster said that it was ok because if the girl's attorneys had a problem with the form they would change it. I don't care about the attorneys. I needed to make sure that they released us from liability. So she told me we needed to take this offer because the girl had $197,000 in hospital bills. She said the poor girl had to spend 4 days in the hospital. Poor girl - don't speed and text next time. In addition to that, you don't rack up that much in 4 days. You also don't settle for $100,000 when you have $197,000 in bills.I said since they were going to do it anyway I wanted to see a copy of the form. She sent me a fax cover sheet. No document and then when I complained she waited 5 days to drop a copy in the mail. I called last week to ask for a copy of the signed document and she said "oh, we don't have it." They haven't decided if they are going to accept it. So she lied to me the first time. They sent the check because that was all they were liable for. The check goes to the attorneys who put it in escrow. When it ends up being settled if the settlement ends up being less than $100,000 they get their money back. No skin off their nose. It collects interest for them either way.They basically threw us under the bus by claiming liability. They don't care if we get sued. They have made no attempt to resolve this. They also tried to cheat us on the car rental. This after 30 years with both auto and home policies. Don't use this company - they are crooks. I would have given them a zero except it won't let you give them less than one star.
MetLife Auto is easy to work with, great discounts and prices, fantastic customer service support, and easy to get a hold of. I work days and their phones are open until eleven pm my time. Originally, I got the policy through work and received a discount. Then I changed jobs. My representative found other discounts to offset the one that I lost. Always helpful cs representative. However, no brick and mortar in my town. When my daughter switched to her own policy, it seemed like her discounts from our policy didn't roll over to her new policy. She ended up changing companies.
MetLife Auto has great customer service when I needed it. I like the roadside assistance and the fact that someone else is covered even if I'm not the one driving. If I have an issue I know where to call to resolve it. Usually they understand what is going on when I call and they find a solution pretty quickly. The purchasing process was easy, fast and personalized. They tailored the plan to fit my individual needs, they asked questions to understand the amount of driving and what my needs were in terms of coverage so that I would not be overpaying.
Everything has gone smoothly in this first month and I haven't been with the company long but I like that they were able to get me on the spot coverage when I was purchasing my car and at the cheapest rate. They were the best one to me. However, their web system is a little ugly though. My overall experience was that it was fast. They were knowledgeable to what I needed and made sure I got it.
On a Friday evening I was involved in a Motor vehicle accident with a MetLife insured driver. The MetLife driver was deemed at fault. By Wed. the following week (5-days after the accident) MetLife still had not contacted their driver and was going to close the claim. MetLife claimed they had made two phone calls and that was all their policy required. So using the phone number on the police report, I called the MetLife driver and asked them to call into MetLife to report the accident. The MetLife drive stated they had called the same day as the accident.I called MetLife back and now the claim agent admitted to having gotten a call but stated she was really busy. By the following Wed. (12-days out) Met life had just gotten in touch with an adjuster. By Friday (14-days out), the adjuster met with me, looked at my truck and missed about $1000 in damage. By Monday (17 days out) and nine calls to MetLife, I finally got a claims rep to admit that Met Life is not "holding up their end" and that "this should not be taking so long." Finally, the body shop called and was able to get authorization to start work 20 days after the accident. This is not to mention MetLife will not return a call, send my claim paperwork in Spanish (I only speak English) and has tried to stall the repair at least four times The rental car place I was told to go to did not have a reservation because the claims rep had called in a reservation for another city.
I've never had any problems with MetLife Auto. It was really easy to get my policy set up with them. My credit union has a discount program with them. They renew my policy every 6 months. I've had a policy with them for 25+ years. Whenever I called with questions, they've answered them all. I get several discounts for being a good driver and having other policies with them. However, I've heard they want to get out of offering insurance altogether, and I worry about finding a good insurance company if they do. I've had some not so good experiences with other insurers when someone damaged my car and I made a claim through their policy.
The process of purchasing was easy. Just select the coverage options that you want, and the price you are willing to pay. Low cost premiums, easy payment options, good coverage and good selections in policy options. Also, you can print your ID cards on a printer right off the website. However, it's hard to reach a real person to talk with when I'm having difficulties making payments or anything in general. I would change this to better serve those that need help using the online service options.
I purchased auto insurance through MetLife, I received a quote and paid for the first month. During the first month, my policy went through the underwriter, which I know is normal, however my policy premium went up considerably. I received a notice regarding an increase in premium, and it advised of an effective date of 12/26/17. When I realized the increase in premium was something that I could not afford, I cancelled the policy effective 12/25/17, which was the end of the monthly term that I had prepaid, when I began the policy. MetLife still charged my account for the new monthly term, and I reached out via chat, the representative refused to explain why I was being charged despite me cancelling the policy before the start of the monthly term.
When I was at the dealership purchasing my car I called MetLife Auto insurance to find the best price for insurance and decided to go with MetLife. However, I wish they gave a check each year for not getting into auto accident because I believe other companies do that sort of thing. Would be nice if the price quote was better than what it is now but hopefully it will go down with time. Also, sometimes when I call with a question I have to wait a while. Nevertheless, MetLife Auto has a helpful representative on the phone if you have questions about anything and easy to look up information about questions regarding auto insurance rates.
I cancelled my MetLife Auto Policy on June 5. My payments were deducted on the 2nd of every month. They deducted on June 2, I cancelled on the 5th. Not only did they not refund me the difference of June, they still withdrew money for July. My father had the same problem. They took 2 months from his checking account after he cancelled policy. Even after they gave him a refund, they never refunded the overdraft money he was charged for them taking money they weren’t supposed to. I hate this company. I hate them.
I got MetLife thru my employer. I put full coverage on my car with rental. They deduct automatically from my paycheck. I woke up one morning and found my car to be a victim of a hit and run. I called the local PD, they said there was no calls or complaints made regarding it and since I did not have a description of the vehicle or what hit me I need to contact my insurance company. I contacted MetLife and filed a claim. They put me into a rental. 4 days later, said my claim is under investigation. Never told me they stopped paying for the rental until Hertz took 450$ from my account. I called MetLife and my representative said, "Oh sorry I forgot to tell you we stop paying for it once it's under investigation." After the appraiser came out and deemed my car a total loss they wanted to take my car to a storage free facility coparts. I declined because I had my own storage. Two days later I get a call from the shop where my car was and the car was missing. MetLife sent coparts to pick up my car after hours and sent it to the auction. I got a hold of my claim representative and she said apologized again and said she messed up and the car would be returned. They returned the car two days later completely stripped down on the inside with auction lot stickers and writing all over the car. "Runs and drives" this free storage facility was selling my car. The rear view mirror was ripped off the window all the interior was ripped off the car. The speakers torn out the doors, the horn was missing, the head lights were ripped out and dangling. Ect I called my representative infuriated and she said they would send a field supervisor out to see the car. I took pictures and emailed everything to them in the meantime. They came out 3 days later and told me coparts said they never touched the car and won't pay for any damage done. Needless to say my car is still under investigation after they made me meet their attorney and testify under oath. Made my boyfriend who had nothing to do with this provide them with a statement bc he seen the damage on the car. It's been over 2 months they never respond to calls and last time my representative picked up, she told me no claims in a non payment status and doesn't know why. They take insurance out of my checks still for a car I can't fix or drive. Yet they have done nothing but make my situation worse.
I am kind of stuck with MetLife Auto at the moment. I paid over $4000 last year and didn't need to use it once. I pay over $300 a month for nothing. If I need a tow, they don't cover it. I am only with them because it's offered at my wife's job. They need to add towing and some kind of loyal customer incentive would be wonderful. I will be changing auto insurance but unfortunately I have to save up to do so. I honestly can't afford the down payment these other companies want. I am actively looking for another company that I can afford the down payment, so until then I'm stuck.
I like MetLife service and they are always there for me to help me through every case to make sure I'm protected. Overall the purchase process was long but MetLife made it very straightforward and easier. Metlife was the first insurance I purchase so I was new with the entire process, but Metlife guided me through the entire process, making sure I do not miss anything. My vehicle feels protected as they always work to make sure I get the service I need without having to worry about the cost and process of finding the right place to get my car fix. But one thing I dislike would be the price of the insurance. In order to keep the plan I have to pay a high expense every year despite when I do not use the service.
The overall coverage is just right for my family and also we have full coverage to be sure we are covered in the event that something happens. We don't have to worry about getting around and will be able to get a rental if at all needed. But I would like very much to have accident forgiveness as some of the other company that I have seen in commercials on television. That would be a great incentive. Also helps keep rates down and make me feel a lot more confident about the policy. I think a lot of times how long I have been with MetLife and it should be a lower rate. Age and no accidents play a part in the overall policy however rates are so high nowadays you really have to shop around to find a good coverage.
I was with MetLife Auto for several years and very happy with them. When it was time to renew a couple of years ago, I was shocked when they raised my rates for no reason. They're crooks. So I fired them, and went to another insurance company.
Purchasing a policy was very easy. Overall, it probably only took me about 20 minutes to do online. I would recommend doing it online if you are used to doing things online. I have also contacted customer service and it was easy going through them as well. But I am not happy with the increases I have had recently. I have had 1 claim in 15 years and it was because of a hail storm. Also, I don't think it is fair to raise rates to compensate for other people's claims. Nevertheless, it's a great experience overall. Metlife is a dependable company that has been around for many years and I can count on them being around for the foreseeable future. They have always been there when I have had any issues.
Pissed consumer! This company needs to evaluate their guidelines to be in sync with other companies to compete. The customer service reps were always professional and courteous, but the information and quotes received was always incorrect and totally ridiculous. I am a person who needs to account for every penny and I am over 50 years old and I have an excellent driving record and the quote I received on a used car and not a luxury vehicle made no sense in addition to a renter's policy. Not a happy!
I have been with MetLife for a few years and just received my renewal policy and it went up 25%. Have had no claims, tickets and credit score is excellent. When I contacted them they didn't make any attempt to retain me and just said they would cancel my insurance on the date it expires. As a prior business owner I understand that customer retaining a customer is your best income stream and it cost a lot to get new customers. Very disappointed in MetLife and I would not have canceled or even shopped for a new provider if they had not increased my premiums. Just stupid in my book and I found another company that is even less with a higher rating so my gain and their loss.
On November 2, 2018, I was hit in the rear by a man driving a truck while I was not moving in the parking lot of Burger King. This individual went to his Agent and told them that I was driving in the wrong direction. My mistake? Believing him when he apologized for hitting me and not calling the police to get a report. We exchanged papers and he admitted that he was at fault, so I'm thinking that he was an honorable person, there is no need to call the police. Wrong! MetLife took my claim, sent me to get an estimate and canceled my policy three weeks later. I still haven't heard any type of resolution on my claim, and at this point, I do not expect to. I logged on to pay my December payment and noticed that my policy was canceled. I never received any type of notification. When I called to inquire as to why my policy was canceled the agent first told me that I did not pay in November. When I told him he was incorrect and that my bank statement would prove this, he redirected, stating that I did not pay $700.00. At this point, I am very confused because my payments have never been that high. I went onto my Account Management Portal and noticed that there was a letter dated October 18th stating that my policy was increasing to $716.00. This was not there before and I have proof and because I keep very good records of every correspondence from them along with screenshots of my Management Portal. I wrote a letter of dispute and today, I received a letter from the DMV stating that they informed them that I have no insurance. So, they took my payments in October, November and now my policy is canceled in December. I am pretty sure it's because of the claim and the fact that they don't know anything about how to protect their insured against other insurance companies such as State Farm. They just don't want to be bothered if there is a claim and they have to actually do some real work. So, I get rear-ended, my car is damaged, I make a claim expecting my insurance company MetLife to help me recover the damages and now I am uninsured. I would never advise anyone to use MetLife AT ALL! Just go the other direction because there are other auto insurance agencies that are far better and cost far less.
They offer payroll deductions with most employers. Payments were reasonable and they were taken every paycheck and it was never a bother. While on payroll it was a fantastic experience. But when I lost my job due to it closing, they asked for huge payments and when payments were incomplete or late they threatened cancellation.
Originally wanted to switch from Geico to Metlife because they were offering substantial discounts but not worth it if you have to sacrifice good customer service. I rather pay more and get good customer service than go with Metlife and get mediocre customer service. Please do not switch. You would get bad reps that do not earn your trust, they will mess up the dates and details that you need. They will get them wrong. This co. does not care about bad reviews. They won't even keep good notes on your account. They passed you down from one bad rep to another. When you call their 800 # the option for customer service is non existent, try to call, you will be talking to a machine for a while. I had such a bad experience starting off that I turned down a $60 a month savings. That's how bad they are, 0 stars.
It was easy to get a quote and complete the process to get insurance. I was able to get the policy with phone calls and emails - no in office appointment was necessary, which was key given my hectic work schedule. The agent was helpful and did not make any mistakes along the way, and he had answers to all my questions. It has been easy to pay all associated fees (I have monthly costs directly taken out of my checking account). Prices aren't the best though so I plan to shop around shortly.
After 21 years with Met and good service, I had to question them on a $70 price increase for renewal. Nothing changed with car, tickets, accidents, other claims, but Met could not help cut my premium. Even discontinued the multi-policy discount for having auto + renter's. GEICO gave me the same coverage for 50% less.Shame to say goodbye but necessary.
I had Metlife insurance and paid through escrow account. They doubled my homeowners from 1741 to 3104.00 per year even though I had not had a claim. It was my mortgage company that pointed out to me that my bill was way too high. Because it is paid for by escrow, we don't look at the bill carefully. Be very careful or you too will be taken advantage of. I was told by another insurance company that all of our rates are going up because they had to pay for national disasters...What a rip off. Changed insurance company, got better coverage for 1/3 less money. DON'T BE DUPED BY METLIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taken advantage of.
I experienced water in my vehicle and contacted MetLife about the nature of the incident. I was told that my only responsibility was $300 deductible. The adjuster, Ron **, came out, assessed and stated that he could smell the mildew from the water. We were advised to choose a mechanic - Halls Chevrolet. It was indicated at the time of the call that the truck would not go over 35 mph and would not go in reverse. It took approximately 30 days to identify the problem. The transmission pan had to be removed in order to identify the problem. The dealership stated if water was in the engine, it would cause the glue to release. As a consumer, I question the validity of what was stated. There was evidence of water in the bed of the truck and you allow water to dissipate before you assessed the engine. The truck was drivable prior to incident and now it is not drivable. I understand the truck has over 200K miles, but there was no damage before. I did contact the insurance company and expressed my concern and asked Roshanda what she would do if they had her vehicle for approximately a month and they advise you after several weeks, after a car has set idle, there was no evidence of water and now the car is not drivable.
I am very happy with the price of my policy. The cost of our family vehicle policy is good for our tight budget. I am also pleased with the coverage my policy gives the family vehicle. Our customer service responses have been helpful whenever we have had an issue. The only thing I would change is wait times for customer service calls. I don't always have a tremendous amount of time to be on the phone with such things. Overall, my experience with my insurance company has been pleasant and satisfying.
I switched from Geico to MeLife with a sibling for auto insurance, needless to say, it was a HUGE mistake. I had an accident and disputed the Claims Adjuster's finding. My claims Adjuster was Suzanne (ext **), initially she was very nice and professional when taking my statement. Once I informed her I disputed her findings, it was like pulling teeth to speak with a Supervisor. Her direct Supervisor was Allen or Allan (ext **) who did a great job of playing phone tag, purposely avoiding my calls/voicemails for an entire week! After leaving detailed messages of my work hours and best time to call, he did the exact opposite. Calling after business hours (his work hours) knowing I was at work and couldn't reach him back. Finally after some push back with both Debbie and Susan (CSR reps) I spoke to Andy (ext **), his condescending tone assured me I was dealing with a company who could care less. All they're interested in is collecting their premiums. I also work in the Insurance industry and are familiar with how claims are handled and I found myself dumb founded by Andy's scripted replies. I honestly couldn't tell if he was a live person or an automated system. Understanding the process with investigating that goes into claim handling, it's very imperative to provide all detailed information and that it's also factored in. We are all consumers and expect to get exceptional service given the money we spend for products. It's both upsetting and insulting to know that this company that advertises so much about providing the best rates and service are the most unprofessional and inconsiderate. Their slogan should acknowledge how much of an inconvenience they cause customers.
Just got a letter stating my auto policy will not be renewed. It states I have too many claims. A tree fell on my car. Just body damage but Metlife totaled it. (Not my fault.) Someone hit me from behind and took off. I never filed a claim but Metlife has it listed anyway. (Not my fault.) My wife got hit in a parking lot. But whoever hit her took off. (Not our fault.) I guess if you have Metlife, don't file any claim or even mention that someone hit you.
I feel more comfortable with MetLife Auto in comparison to some generic insurance companies. Case in point when my husband got into a car accident they were very attentive right away. A larger company means you have better options. In contrast, a bigger company often means a larger price. It is a bit pricey but that's to be expected that we added our teenage son to the policy.
Don't buy even if they offer cheapest rate. They are a scam and will raise rate in a few days. I took an auto quote from Metlife in mid Oct 2014. The agent gave great rate and said once I give driver's license nos and social and they run checks, the rate is confirmed locked in. I have all that and paid the 20% advance to buy policy. I also disclosed the two past claims with dollar amounts. Two days later they called and said underwriting has raised the rate by about $150. I asked I was given a locked rate, the agent didn't care. Nightmare didn't end here. I was asked to send proof of medical insurance to get the discount so metlife can coordinate PIP benefits (state law in MI to have no fault insurance). I fill a form given by Metlife and form asked a signature from insurance provider ie Bluecross in my case. I called and explained that I cannot get signature from Bluecross but am providing policy details and Bluecross contact no and Metlife can verify like my previous insurance did. The agent said, "that's good no need for signature."Lombho instated of discount. Few days later I get a letter from Metlife raising my premium again. I call again and agent said, "well your PIP form was rejected because no signature" and I said, "well we discussed this before," but no good. The agent was so clueless that he said he is calling underwriting and put me on hold and later got connected to me and started talking to me thinking I am an underwriter. I was hopeless by then and disconnected the line, cancelled the policy next day and will not buy from this company even if they give it free.
I can agree with a previous rating. MetLife failed to cancel my policy when I put in a request for cancellation. Apologized then continued to try to collect out of my bank account multiple times! I owed no balance to them. They had even sent out a small cancellation reimbursement check and two weeks later they billed me saying I owed them money yet cannot explain how they determined this figure. I did not think I would be a victim to whatever acts they are committing. Please take my advice and avoid any of their services!
I've had MetLife for a year now, and the only reason I initially got it was because I could get it discounted through my employer. When I changed jobs, I decided to keep MetLife and pay for it on my own, which was the worst insurance decision I've EVER made. I've been on the phone with MetLife multiple times over the past six months, and I've never gotten the same answer to my issues. While their customer service employees are respectful, none of them have given me the same answer twice and few seem to be knowledgeable. Because of their inconsistencies and lack of following protocol, my license is now suspended and I owe money I don't have to collection at no fault of my own. In addition, there is no option to manage your account online! It's 2019. Who spends the money sending paper communications, when everything could be kept in one spot online? I cannot wait to switch to a cheaper insurance that can actually meet my needs.
I have had MetLife for several years and could not figure out why my insurance was so high when I have not had any claims and my husband and I have good driving records. I continuously called them to discuss the rates and realized that when I sent them my marriage certificate 4 years ago they never changed our marital status to married rather than unmarried. This company has been overcharging me for 4 years to the tune of about $350 a year. They are trying to tell me that they can only give me a $100 credit. This is not an error on my part and I supplied this company with everything required of me. Basically they just stole $1,500 from me.
The only thing I look for in insurance is its price and what is affordable for me. MetLife had a low premium and that's what I needed at the time. They were fast and easy and it wasn't a hassle to get the policy started the same day. They allowed payments over the phone or internet and didn't request any additional information to start the policy. They also allowed me to do auto payments from my checking account. I wish they were cheaper a little but the prices are far for the minimum coverage that they offer. Other than price, I have no issue with this company. I like having them for insurance.
My car was broken into and as a result it was a write-off. That was in April. It's July and I have no car and no settlement. They made me an offer a month ago and it was low in my opinion so I ask for the backup data they used to make the offer (my legal right to have). The comps they attested too were bogus. One comp was a wrecked car in Manitoba, Canada that was sold at an auction. The other had no info except a phone number that was in Santa Barbara 200 miles away. They claimed the comp was in California City. Nice, might as well been with the other one in Canada. No verifiable info supplied, just the year and a phone number, really? They asked me to prove the mileage on the car by drive down to the body shop and taking a picture of the dash. Is that protocol? They apparently don't do that during the inspection process.California law says this was suppose to be settled in 30 days. I hoped to get an email every 30 days. It is now passing 4 months. I have not heard from the adjuster in since June 29th. It is July 20th. As mentioned, I asked for the data on the comps and I believe in my opinion the supplied ones were bunk, so now they are scratching their heads on what to do. What throw more bogus fraudulent data my way. Here is the scoop in all. I am married to an insurance defense lawyer who in the past has worked for MetLife. My entire 9 sibling family is in the auto business. I have had several earfuls of advise. Even after 4 plus months I haven't pursued the normal course of action and sued them. Was raised with the morals of "don't chase after bad money 'cause it prevents you from making good money." At least that is how I was raised to believe. If I was not well off and that was my only car I would have had to cave in and do whatever they told me to do regardless of the number being right or wrong.Nevertheless, I have my car at a shop and the storage bill is 120 days in. Figure 50.00 a day and I now owe 6000 on that. Not far off from what they offered me for the car. MetLife cut me off on the storage after 40 days or so. Said they would tow it to some other place they had. Would you let someone tow your car away without knowing if you are getting paid for it or not. Why pay these guys for "acting in bad faith" insurance. Yes they are easy to sign up with but what do you get. Ripped off. The worst part is they use CCC-One for their evaluation on right offs. Google in lawsuits under CCC-One and you will see what you need to see. An endless list of complaints. Oh, almost forgot, they raised my rate 500+ without even paying out on the claim. Nice... What about this personal attention and care they claim as their motto. So, I am just going to go out and buy a new car this week and let the cards fall where they may.
My car was damaged in a private parking lot by one of the insured customers. Of course the police will not investigate on private property so they used that as one reason not to pay for damages to my car (no police report). Secondly, MetLife stated there was no witnesses so therefore they were not obligated to pay. Funny thing though, stupid insured MetLife customer left her car on my bumper after hitting it. My passenger and the hotel security guard saw the damages as I pulled my vehicle from the other vehicle. Now tell me, how is that proof not enough? Even third-party adjuster took measurements, but they still said no proof. Come on, people... no proof... right. Just a way to screw someone who actually incurred damages to their vehicle. I hope you all who have lied and screwed me on these damages can live with yourself. You know what they say about karma.
Our insurance bill was $2,597 last year and increased to $3,021 this year. We never received a notice or explanation for this increase and nothing is noted on the bill. I called Metlife and they said we are paying for the high claims in AZ. We have to pay for Metlife's losses. This is ridiculous!! We are senior citizens trying to cut back on expenses and are now hit with this unexpected bill. Is this legal?
I supplied MetLife/Kristen ** (Total Loss Adjuster) with all documentation associated the accident. Included in paperwork to MetLife Auto was: A payoff statement, tow fee, lot storage fees. My car was picked up from storage yard without them paying me/bank for it. My rental was cut off by Met and I was told that they would not cover it any more even though I had not been reimbursed for anything. My own insurance agent, Aaron ** - Allstate, got involved and they apologized and they were supposed to overnight a check which then took 4 more days. When the check arrived, it only covered the estimate for the car. This check was written to me and not the bank which I felt was incorrect. They did not include tow fees nor lot storage fees. It has now been a month since the accident but I only received the check on Sat. Sept. 30. I have tried to contact them multiple times. My own insurance agent has tried to contact not only the Total Loss Adjuster but upper management multiple times. Every time we get pushed to voicemail and we have left messages that are never returned. My insurance agent has also emailed them with no response. It has been now 8 days since I received the check with no responses from any person at MetLife Auto. I cannot deposit the check that they have given me as it is listed as a "Settlement Check". I am on a deadline to get this car out of my name before I have to make more payments on it. I have to submit the check stub to my GAP Insurance so that I may get this resolved. They are preventing me from moving forward with anything and costing me more money with daily accruing interest on this loan.
DO NOT RECOMMEND. They are a horrible company to deal with. Their customer backed up into my car while getting out of a parking space and damages my front bumper and grill. I quickly write down license plate number and make police report. I call MetLife and wait for over half an hour just to get someone on the phone. It took them about over 5/6 months for them to agree to pay for the damages. I take my car to the agreed place so they can fix it and when the day finally comes for them to fix it they CALL me to tell me they aren't fixing anything. Insurance claims their customer said nothing ever happened because their car doesn't have damages... she took back her original statement of admitting fault. Sooo to get out of paying MetLife DENIED THAT AN ACCIDENT EVER even HAPPENED.
I did an online quote with MetLife for my son and answered every question accurately. With him being 19 the rate quoted online was $320 per month. This is high but almost expected for his age. However, when we called the company to set up the policy the rate jumped to $527 per month. The agent on the phone used the exact information provided on the website and came up with this entirely different quote. They would not budge on this so of course we went elsewhere. However, this is a huge waste of time and borders on false advertising by MetLife. I would avoid this dishonest company and go with someone else.
I am pretty happy with MetLife as my auto insurance company. My only complaints are the premiums are too high, we have never had any moving violations, any accidents, any claims on the policy, and yet the policy price goes down pennies every year. We've been with them almost 10 years! My other complaint is that their website is often down, very frustrating when I am trying to pay my premium!
MetLife Auto is pretty affordable and they give me what I need when I get into a wreck or anything. They've got me covered. I had gotten into a wreck not too long ago and they really helped me get through that. Sometimes people are a little rude over the phone, but just be nice and they'll get you what you need. I was able to do the purchasing process over the phone. Not a very long wait or anything. But you have to pay a down payment so I'd save for that cause it can get pretty expensive. But it's not too bad and it works for me.
Auto Accident Claim older than one year not yet settled. One of the insured by MetLife Auto ran his car into my gas station and burnt the gas pump on Jan 3, 2015. Police report and claim was filed same week with MetLife Auto. They never settled the claim. I then filed complaint with NJ Department of Banking & Insurance. MetLife then processed the claim for all items but two. They mentioned that these two items can only be settled with actual invoices and not on estimate as submitted by me. I agreed and asked them to proceed. They sent me a release form for the total amount, including the two items that would be settled later with actual invoices. When I complained, they agreed that release should be specific to exclude these two items. But they never sent me the new release form. I have had several email exchanges - one sided exchanges as I write and they do not respond.
I really like the price quote for what's included in our bundle package. Every time my husband has to make a payment they are always very helpful and nice to chat with as well. It's so very easy to make a payment when he calls there. MetLife Auto is really a great company to do business with.
Metlife offers many options for vehicles, home, such as motorcycle, boat, cars, homeowner's and renter's property and belongings. They also offer other features for travel as well. However, they could improve upon response time and make service more personal. I want to feel I am the only one. I have always been treated fairly in any services I have requested or any claims I may have had to process. They have made me feel I am the only one who matters.
MetLife has my home and auto and I've had them for years. They are the best at what they do and provide good, quick customer service. I do payroll deduction and it makes the premiums so much easier to pay. Filing a claim has been efficient and quick. They answer all of the questions in a professional way and provide courteous service.
Metlife gives me the best price for the package that I have. I also get a discount on my deductible for every year I am with them. I have shopped around to make sure that I am getting the best price yearly but side by side no other company is cheaper without sacrificing coverage. I am happy with metlife.
I recently received a few notice of cancellation our auto policy. I assumed it was due to my husband having two accidents within 3 years, though the first one would be very close to being three years old at renewal date. That was not the case. It was because there had been two claims filed, one glass and one collision that I'm still arguing fault on. I worked in auto claims for 8 years and still can not fathom how this claim is considered at fault! When you're in a newly built subdivision driving that has vehicles on BOTH sides of the roadway and there's a manhole cover in the middle of the road, how are you suppose to go around it? Hit one of the cars on the side of the road, wait till someone decides to leave or better yet go door to door and ask people if they can move their cars so you can drive past without possibly damaging yours? Please! What I suggested to the supervisor was that my husband became Superman so he could be able to pick up car his and carry it over the manhole cover in the roadway that he could drive around because it was in the middle of the road and that was all that was available to drive on due to people parking on the sides of the road. Yeah she got a laugh out of it but I wasn't saying it to be funny, I was saying it to make a point because they were being beyond ridiculous in their decision in the claim. My husband did even provide pictures granted it was after he got his car home and got mine because that manhole cover did a number on his transmission housing and he couldn't sit around snapping pictures. Our agent has called MetLife to try to get them to work with us about the cancellation and the claim but their agent/customer support staff is absolutely horrible!!! I am now in the process of looking for new auto and probably home insurance too along with filing arbitration on the auto claim due to their finding it at fault.
Their customer got paid from them 1200.00. They're trying to come after me for bill but he never had work done. Also, he had someone commit fraud making a false invoice saying he got work done he never did. But the company gave me proof he never got it done nor did they give him an invoice, so I have a credit collection dept coming after me. I told them take me to court. I have proof. They want me to prove it to them the proof. It’s their client that committed fraud not me, plus they said, "Well we paid the claim. You owe us." LIKE HELL I DO...
I have full coverage with collision and hit a deer. I had one of their adjusters come and do an estimate. Then all of a sudden I get an investigator trying to get a hold of me regarding the claim. They are trying to get out of paying for the damages. They have used excuses and since then I have had to retain an attorney to get my vehicle fixed. I pay my premium every month without a problem. I feel victimized by the way they have made me feel. They are making me feel like I have done something wrong. I would never recommend this company to anyone.
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