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Mercury Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Mercury Auto Insurance
Overall average rating of 2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 15 %
Promised 100$/month before I decided to choose Mercury but charged me 170$/month. They gave the quote on phone (They call me after I left my number on some website) so I couldn't prove they ever said 100$/month. After I found out I tried to switch to other companies, but Mercury just never picks up phones, and when they finally did, they said I should send an email and didn't tell me which address I should send it to and what to say in the email, until I asked. No response after sending the email until I send another to ask when can I have the insurance cancelled, and their reply was that I have to inform them 5-10 days in advance. That means I have to pay another 170$. Anyway I'll try my best to stop it as soon as possible. Remember to AVOID MERCURY next time!
I have had Mercury insurance for several years now and fortunately have not needed them until recently. And, since accidents are not something I am usually involved in I do not have comprehensive coverage. I got into an incident recently and the person who hit my car and I have vastly different explanations as to what happened. I was going across a street from an alley onto an alley and was more than halfway across the street when I was hit by a truck. The other driver and I were unhurt and we exchanged insurance and driver's license info. I spoke with Mercury almost immediately to start a claim and was told a claim's adjuster would contact me in the next day or two.The next afternoon the Mercury insurance adjuster called me Brett **. He asked me to explain what happened and immediately he tells me I am at fault. The problem with that is he was not comprehending what actually happened and where, although I was explaining it simply and precisely. It was on a residential street off a Main Street in Los Angeles I had stopped while in a one way, east to west, alley (heading west). Then proceeded to Cross the residential street to get to the next alley (the entrance to my doctor's parking area is off the alley). The residential street runs North/South, The adjuster Brett kept asking me if I was going north or south. I kept explaining to him that I was heading west, that I was CROSSING the residential street. It took Brett ** more than 20 minutes to understand where my car was going and where.Initially, when I first Told Brett ** what happened he immediately tells me I am at fault for the incident. This without his understanding of what happened and the details of the situation in actually. After 45 minutes on the phone with Brett, he tells me we do have a case and that once they hear from the other driver's insurance we will need to go to arbitration and that can take a few weeks to schedule. About 10 days after speaking with Brett **, I get a phone message from him saying they are not going to arbitration and that they are citing me as the responsible party. Citing as California Vehicle code. Which I looked up and it states the term highway. Well, we were not anywhere near a highway. Then, when I called Brett ** to discuss the code he cited, he tried to backtrack without further explanation and told me that if I was not going to cut him off and he hung up the phone.I called back to speak to his claims supervisor a woman named Denise. She was completely defensive from the start and even after she got the damage report from my car and the other driver's car showing that it would have been impossible for me to have hit him as he hit the driver side front quarter panel and the side of the front bumper with the back quarter panel and back wheel of the passenger side of his truck. Then when I told her about the wording of the code cited, she told "a highway can mean any road traveled on". I asked her where on the code record she saw that and could she send it to me at which point I was told by Denise that she wasn't there to send information to me and if I wanted to I could look it up myself and she told me she "has been an adjuster for over 29 years" and that the facts of how each car was impacted didn't matter.She was completely rude and defensive. And Mercury insurance has been totally unprofessional and not looking out for my best interest or defending the facts of the situation. They would rather not defend their customers and are around to incur as little cost as possible especially when that means defending their client base. SAVE YOURSELF THE AGGRAVATION AND UNPROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE AND GET YOUR INSURANCE ELSEWHERE. They have a medium-low to low rating across the board anyway. And they have earned it.
I have had them for 20 years, I am very satisfied because they are dependable. Good and positive experience dealing with them. They are also the lowest cost insurance company when I have made a comparison.
I love Mercury so so so much. I have been with them for a little over a year now and will continue to use them. They have cheap, affordable rates and great customer service!!! I love that the rate I have locked in is so low. They offer easy bill pay online which is a huge plus for this busy mother of 4. However, cost of paper bill really sucks that they charge extra. Other than that, they are by far my fave insurance provider!!! I have had nothing but exceptional service through them. I'd recommend them to friends, family and even strangers!!! Can't go wrong with Mercury Insurance!!!
I sent them a request to accommodate my loss after 17 years of continuous payments and service with no claims on my house and auto. I even told them that I plan on staying with them for another 15 years as my son goes through school and until he is 26 years old. So they would get another $23,000 in premiums from me.It did not matter. My policy lapsed on 7-2-11. My electronic payment was "on its way to them" from Wells Fargo to their account. My son had an accident on 7-3-11 and the payment got there on 7-5-11. The lapse was two days... and now no coverage.Not much service for someone who has been a customer for a lot of years. And I was hoping to get something out of the coverage I have paid on the car, even though I was unlucky enough for my son to get in an accident on the exact day my new coverage was to begin.I let my coverage lapse due to the 4th of July holiday, bank and timing of Mercury getting paid. It took 3 working days. It was due on Saturday, July 2, and got processed 2 business days. July 3 was a Sunday. If I could get $1,000 in exchange for the $5,000 or $6,000 that was going to come out of Mercury's pocket? I would think that Mercury is a company that, in good faith, wants to keep someone with lots of premiums to pay in the future as a customer.All those years of coverage and I was very low risk for your company. For 15 years, I paid $13,000 in auto premiums alone and my forecast of coverage was $22,000 for me and my son, as I cover him while he is in school or until age 26.
Agent called and was on top of things. Followed up and gave some options to keep my monthly premiums lower and followed through until recently when they upped the monthly premium out of the blue. I haven't called to find out why yet but I hope they have a good reason as to why when I do. Let the customers know the reasoning if you're going to raise their monthly premiums. Otherwise, keep them the same. Touch base every few weeks or months at the longest to see how they're doing and gather feedback.
Mercury client hit my car on the freeway. Traffic was stopped at the time. It has been a full month since the accident and have received no compensation, a lot of drama, and continued excuses of why they are shirking their fiduciary responsibility in which their client pays for in order to handle this. In my opinion this company is fraudulent in their business practices.
I was involved in an auto incident where an uninsured driver hit me in a parking lot. I was told by this company that the claim was settled in my favor. 2 weeks later they call me to tell me that it was now in the favor of the other driver. I felt complete wronged and not safe as the insured. This was completely unprofessional. I felt as though I was merely carrying insurance to take care of other drivers that mess up without insurance. The other driver lied to me and told me that he had insurance and said that he would get his car taken care of himself, then 5 DAYS later called me to say that he wanted my insurance to pay for his car because his insurance had expired. THIS is that man that MY insurance company is siding with. This whole situation has been complete crap and BRIAN ** in the claims department was unhelpful and rude.
I like all of my features of Mercury Insurance. I can visit them online to see my policy, change my coverage, pay my bill and chat with an online agent if I want to. They asked me about my car and my driving experience and which kind of deductible I would like. I could set up 6 month payment or pay it all right there. I can get ID cards also. I find it easy to navigate the website and like the way that it is set up, it makes it easy to work with. My overall experience has been delightful.
Ms. Nancy ** (Mercury Rep.) is a great asset to Mercury, she has search for the best coverage for me and my family. Ms. Nancy has been there for us during some tough times and has had great follow up, she tries many attempts to make sure you are satisfied with the product she represents.
Being able to contact them directly when we have had claims for accidents has been great. I liked having a direct line to our adjuster. They also handle them quickly so we could get our new car. I like that they have discounts for good drivers, older drivers, and multiple drivers. And they have the option to purchase renter's insurance with our auto insurance plan. However they have raised our rates with each 6 month renewal period without checking to see if life circumstances have changed. And granted it isn't a lot, it still affects our budget.
My husband has had them for 15 years. We let my daughter's boyfriend use our address and a few months later they added him without permission. He only used the address so he could fly back up to Washington state where he's from. We have been trying for 3 months to remove his name and they won't. They wanted a driver's license proving he's not at our address. Done. Now car registration and his insurance. He doesn't own a car. We live in Florida not Washington! He can't be in 2 states at the same time. Meanwhile they are charging more than double what we paid before. So had to cancel the policy.
Mercury Insurance is one of the most dishonest, unethical, cheapest, ugly companies in America. More than a year and a half ago, I was rear-ended hard by one of their policyholders, and torpedoed a couple of lanes over into a County truck. I was hurt, my car demolished, and all witnesses, photos, and CHP attributed liability to the Mercury policyholder, who in addition was using a cell phone. Still, Mercury hasn’t paid and today made an absurd offer of ten thousand for medical bills, injuries, and then there’s the totaled car… along with two years of extra trauma from their withholding resolution. I should receive damages for having to deal with Mercury, and all persons and lawyers with whom I’ve spoken confirm the same as Mercury’s awful reputation.
After 18 years with this company they changed their billing policy. This new policy forces payments closer together. With rates going up (for no reason) there is no longer enough time to save enough money between payments. Only option is a forced auto payment that doesn't allow for sync up between payment and paychecks. The company isn't going to change, they claim they want to 'talk' but it is pointless. Unless the company will revert back to their old billing system, talking isn't going to pay the bill. They have upped and upped rates for both house and car for no reason.
I was very happy with Mercury Insurance because they had very reasonable rates and they were very easy to deal with. Sometimes I was not able to make my payments on time but the amount of time they gave before terminating my policy was more than fair. I had an outstanding relationship with Mercury Insurance company and my overall experience with them was very good. Making payments was easy and they had the SR22 policy for those who need SR22. But my insurance agency had a difficult time renewing my auto insurance with Mercury Insurance company. My insurance agent was trying to renew my policy online and Mercury wasn't allowing it. I had Mercury for three years and I hadn't had any traffic incidents or accidents so it was very disappointing when I had to sign with a new company all because my insurance agent was unable to renew my policy this particular time. I really did not want to sign with another insurance company.
I had Mercury Insurance for many years and liked it for giving a discount if you have a degree in science. However, as the victim of a serious car accident, I have learned that they are the most awful, unethical company imaginable. A woman with Mercury Ins rear-ended me (no braking) on the 405 S in LA, knocking me two lanes over into a truck. My car was totaled, I was almost totaled, and transported by ambulance to an ER. I’ve been in therapy for 8 months. The CHP assessed full liability to the woman with Mercury Ins, the truck driver sued her as well… pictures documented the clear evidence of the crash. Yet Mercury still won’t pay because this woman has the gall to say that rear-ending me at approx 40 mph really wasn’t her fault.After 8 months, THEIR lawyer took a depo of ME!... and agreed, it was THE WOMAN CRASHER’s fault. Will Mercury finally pay? Nope. They just want to hold onto Mercury money as long as they can, court is next December, 2018 (a year and a half after the crash) - they could care less about the suffering incurred by denying a legitimate claim. It’s really sickening. While I can forgive an accident, I can’t forgive the lying and lack of any ethical principles.
I recently switched my daughter's auto insurance to Mercury due to a quote I received and was pleased with online. I set up auto pay through their website and was charged the quoted price the first month. The second month I was charged over double the quoted price! After over 3 hours in 2 days trying to cancel the policy (I am going back to USAA!) I was told that there might be a cancellation fee!!! Are you kidding me!? DO NOT do business with Mercury!!! They will suck you dry for every penny possible! THIEVES.
A few months ago my girlfriend and sister went to go get dinner for the whole family to a local restaurant. When they were pulling out of the parking lot they were hit by a Rav4 that was driving by a 16 year old boy that was driving by his self. (At 16 don't you need a passenger with a valid driver licence with you?). The 16 year old boy had taken the red light and was speeding down the street when he hit my girlfriend and sister in our 2011 ford explorer. With the force of the impact the explorer front end was lifted and thrown onto the curve until they came to a stop. The boy in the Rav4 coz of the speed he was traveling was sent in the air and flip over the rav4 taking down a tree in the center divider. We have a lot of people that came to us to give us their number saying that they will testify that the boy had taken the red light, was speeding down the street, and he was at fault for the accident. So now I received a letter from Mercury (our insurance) saying that after their investigation that my girl was 75% at fault. Even though he was 16 without a licence driver with him, took a red light, was speeding down the street, and even have people that will testify.
I signed a settlement for $3,600.00 with Mercury Car Insurance due to the car accident in which their client was at fault. The insurance company told me that I had to sign a settlement before they mail me a check. Since the beginning of January, they keep lying to me that they already mailed me the check. I never received anything from them. Note: All prior mail from them I was receiving within two days. My postman never lost anything. Now according to the Mercury Insurance agent, my post office and their working personnel keep losing checks, because Mercury Insurance agents already mailed me several checks provided that they voided the first check and issued a new one. The second check that Mercury mailed two weeks ago, I also never received either. I am so tired to listen to their lies. What should I do?
The customer care is horrible, they come across as helpful, but then behave despicably by adding fees never discussed or other issues I find unethical. Each office is owned independently, but the office I utilize is suspect for hiding fees and or being less than forthright when it comes to billing.
My 2012 Honda Pilot was parked in a parking lot when someone hit it from behind. The driver in a very polite way gave copy of his insurance and driving license. I called the Mercury and reported the Claim, After a week I got a mail asking me to wait, they are going to check with other driver. I called them back as I didn't hear anything in three weeks. The lady, in a very disrespectful attitude told me that "where is your address, I will introduce to a collision center as long as I know at which city do you live". This was the most foolish question. If you did not know my city how did you send me the mail. I took my car to the Cooks Collision and they estimated the damage. After a week I got another email from Mercury; they denies the full or partial payment. They think I have made this story and the damage had been from days back in my car. Now, I mad, can't go to sleep. How such a big company can steal workers money. I am really frustrated.
Had this insurance for 1 month. Customer service is horrible. There is no way to get in contact with them besides calling them and it is not a 24-hour service. They say they can help you through their email customer service but they never response. Long story short I live with my 13-year-old brother and he does not have a license obviously and they gave me the hardest time about it. I contacted them through email to let them know 3 times. They never got back to me until now emailing me that they are canceling my policy because of not giving them my brother's license number that he does not have. Don't bother with them. If you are looking for cheap insurance try GEICO. That is who I am switching to. They are actually cheaper. Hope this helps you.
On October 12th 2015, I was involved in a car accident with my two children inside. Their client, Mercury Insurance, back over the top of me on my 2013 and broke out both headlights, took out my hood, took out my grill, took out my front bumper and other things as well. In my contract with GM Financial and my extended warranty, for the next 7 yrs everything must be replaced with OEM parts. They were not! And besides that the car is not finished, according to the state code, it says that the car is to be returned to its original condition prior to the accident. It has not! I have pictures before, after, during and after the repairs were done. I am fed up with this. They say that my car was done according to the auto body shop. The auto body shop has submitted several different claims and it's just not getting done. They would not approve of certain things that was done to it by their client. No wonder why they have D in their ratings. Far as I'm concerned they should be put out of business. After I've read several complaints against them through another source, they should be put out of business especially the person they sent out from the Sacramento area. Which is the person who is to come out and appraise the vehicle. She works for Mercury Insurance and she has no idea about vehicle whatsoever. She has no heart. And I fully intend to pursue this. My car is not back to original according to state law. I want it done right Mercury Insurance! You need to approve what your client did to my car on October 12th 2015. Just do the right thing Mercury Insurance. And pay for my mental anguish too. It's just pure mental abuse what they did.
Luckily we never had a claim, but whenever we like to know something, Mercury is just an email or phone call away, with a fast response! We have home insurance also with Mercury and together you get a good discount.
I had an auto insurance policy with Mercury for nearly two years. Today, I received a letter that my policy had been canceled due to lack of payment. As far as I knew, my account had been on auto-pay and drafting just fine. After reaching out to the company, they informed me that a customer support agent had taken my account off of auto-pay during a previous call. This was not made clear to me and I received no related notifications or warnings before my account was canceled. Mercury refused to reinstate my account (even after I offered to pay the missed payments in full), reduce the remainder they said I owed, or help me in any way whatsoever.The way Mercury handled this case is insanely irresponsible for an insurance company. Had I been pulled over in the past week or two, I would have lost my car. All because a customer support agent didn't clearly inform me that they were taking me off auto-pay. I had been a consistent customers, fine credit, no accidents, valid licenses, etc. There is no reason on earth I should have been treated this way. If you're ever so unlucky to end up circumstance to a clerical error on Mercury's part, they will do absolutely nothing for you and leave you at risk of driving around without insurance.
The overall experience with Mercury Auto Insurance was easy going. It did not take too long which was nice. I like that they are always polite, patient, clear, straightforward and knowledgeable about the company. And when I was in an accident they were very helpful. Their prices are also reasonable but I wish it was cheaper and they had more bonuses or incentives. I wish that they also offered a cash back or rewards program of some sort. Nevertheless, they are a trustworthy company.
Horrible company to deal with, poor customer relations, they lie and steal money. Once you sign up for automatic pay, they continue to take your money out of your account after policy cancelled and give 101 excuses why it can't be returned. They make you do everything through emails which they then say they never got. Found better insurance for 300 dollars a month cheaper. Don't ever deal with this company. You'll regret it.
I was previously insured through Country Financial while living in Oregon & was very satisfied. Had home & auto Insurance with them for approx 5 yrs. Moved to Florida last year & decided to stay here permanently so we switched to Mercury through a local agent several months ago. Have not been with this company long enough to rate it above satisfied. At this point that is an HONEST rating although it is more expensive & am now checking rates with alternate companies.
Mercury is a fantastic insurance company. I have been using Mercury for about ten years now. The renewal has always been easy until this year. The coverage cost went seven hundred dollars, it was 350 for the previous years. I was quite frustrated with this for it caused a great strain on the payment process. There has to be cheaper insurance. I will shop for new insurance next year. But other than that it is an easy process to make payments.
I had just called to see what the problem was. Vericona had informed me that my 2 vehicles were not covered and just now found out that my fiance (who is a truck driver and barely home) they will not reinstate my coverage unless they have his insurance card... Yet hard to get by the end of month. Needless to say they were aware of EVERYTHING for months. DO NOT USE THIS INSURANCE NO MATTER WHAT... They tell you one thing in the beginning and mess things up.
I would not recommend this company at all. After being with Mercury for over 20 years, my husband and I have decided it’s time to leave. They do not value your loyalty. I was hit from behind and was told it was my fault. I am clearly in the middle of the street, my neighbors saw the accident and I was still told it was my fault. Our house has a leak in the wall, Mercury's claim adjuster, the plumber and recovery team all said how were we to know there is a leak in the wall. Mercury said we have no claim. They are good at taking your money, but refuse to give you a claim. I hope they go out of business. My husband called and told the field rep, “I hope you sleep well at night.”
Company dropped us from Insurance after my wife made payments and no heads up on being dropped. We paid our premium but company lack ethics and customer service to keep customers happy.. Glad to find new company.
Before I sign up on anything that I pay the next 2-3 years or probably more I ask to give me affordable policy which they look for it. After 2 mins of wait they've come up with mercury which these insurance agent told me I will only pay $86.80/mo for a liability but I need to put down payment of $165.76 to sign me up. They say the word one time payment. I was amazed that I am saving thru this quote that's why I signed up for it. And then as of what we agreed I paid this down payment and they started the policy and then new car added and I called and ask how much if I add the new car and take out the other car from the policy.If I knew that this will become a nightmare I will never add the new car to this policy and I will get a different policy from other insurance. And the agent never told me anything about that. She just told me that she will add my new car to the policy and she took off one car. So basically I thought everything will stay the same because this agent never told me anything. Now I am trapped with 5 months of $163 of liability. If I cancel I have to pay. The only word they told me is misunderstanding which I follow the steps but at the end they just don't save you at all. Be aware.
Mercury is beyond HORRIBLE! I rarely take the time to give a review, but this company is terrible! I got a new car, and they charged me to update my policy! Also, my record of an accident from three years ago fell off my record and they refused to update my policy until the end of the six month limit. So they will up your rate for adding a new car, charge you an extra fee for adding that car, then ream you for anything they can, regardless if it fell off your record! I finally canceled my policy because State Farm doesn't play dirty pool like Mercury... AND THEY HAD THE NERVE TO CHARGE ME A CANCELLATION FEE!! To top it off, there is NO ONE you can talk to over there about this. They say it's just their policy and that's the way it goes. So you're not a person in their eyes, just a number. TERRIBLE!
Mercury Insurance gave me obscene coverage for a very low price. The web app is very clear and easy to navigate. Customer service is good although hardly necessary.
My son slid off the road and the car free fell about 4 feet into a ditch. The engine mounts failed as did 2 of the 4 struts (shock, springs). Flat tires, car all bashed in. Mercury used body and fender inspectors and only checked mechanical parts when they later failed - and claimed it was not accident related. So we've sued them and finding this is a business practice which we are trying to stop.
Mercury has been reliable yet affordable for years. I've never had a single problem with them. My agent is always available and great to work with whenever I am filing a claim. This has kept me from moving to another insurance company. Purchasing my policy was very standard. I purchased liability only for an older vehicle as I saw no need for full coverage, any repairs would have been more than the total value of the vehicle. Mobile access is so standard but the functionality needs to be improved. This would better increase my access to my policy, especially in the event of a vehicle collision in areas where there is cell service. In general, I get great service from Mercury.
We found a broker because Mercury was one of the few offering home insurance for an older home. We then priced out auto with them and we were pleased to find them the best price. Our broker is easily accessible and answers our questions. In addition, we get discounts for having home and auto insurance through Mercury. Although, I would like a few more payment options including through their website. It doesn't seem to be set up that way right now.
About a year ago I changed employment causing my annual mileage to drop drastically. I called to provide that information and change my employment. I recently saw a spike on my premium and therefore called to review my policy. I was told that due to the location of residence and the high number of miles, my premium changed. Well, guess what? They changed my employer but no changes on the annual mileage, and I just noticed one year later. Looks like I am now on the market for a new insurance carrier.
I'm the wife of my husband who is supposed to be getting his car fixed by Mercury Insurance. I am very disappointed with Sherri ** who is supposed to be representing his claim. Their client hit my husband's car from the back and when their client wasn't out of the car she seemed to be on the phone. It was obviously her fault. I've been trying to get a hold of Mercury Insurance and not one person has helped or called back. I give them 48 hrs. If not I will sue. & I think it's inconvenient that they want us to pay a $300 deposit for the rental car. I know I'll be getting the deposit back but we obviously can't give up $300. I have kids to feed and bills to pay. I shouldn't have to give up a penny if none of this is my fault.
We unfortunately had another person hit our vehicle in a parking lot that did not leave a note. So, I called Mercury and turned in a claim and got an estimate, a local body shop that I like and trust, which happened to be one of their approved vendors in town. The adjuster was very kind and efficient which you hope for when buying insurance. Anyhow the problem was quickly resolved with the body shop and the adjuster quickly paid them and was back into my vehicle in a few days' time. My only complaint is towards that person who decided to be selfish and drove away, I wish I could file a complaint against them. But since I can't I wanted to take a moment to thank my insurance company, thanks Mercury.
I was driving very slowly through a parking lot. A car backed into me from a parked spot, hitting my right passenger door and tire. The car was attached to my tire as the driver continued to back up. Finally he stopped. I had my two daughters in the car, one in the back right side, one in front passenger side. The driver got out of car to see if we were OK. Shook up but uninjured, we were OK. I couldn't move car into parking spot as my tire was blown, a huge hole in it from the driver's car. I finally got it into a spot. We exchanged info, but I didn't get to see his info. He just wrote it out on paper and said he was in a real hurry. He left.I was stuck there for 3 hours with my one child, a child who is disabled. I finally called a local who brought me a tire so I could get home. The driver began calling my phone harassing me, calling me names and acting very strange. I found out that witnesses had seen him racing around the parking lot just prior to him backing into me... They recognized his car.So, pictures were taken of my damages. I spoke with his Mercury agent and finally heard back... They said it was my fault and I needed to pay $1200 to their client. Meanwhile, my car was inspected and deemed totaled. After months of nothing, I had to buy new tires, get an alignment and bang out my crumpled door so passengers could get in and out. I also had a broken brake line due to the accident. I laid out $395 in repairs and didn't have enough money for rent. We were nearly evicted, if not for a charity who helped. Finally, after numerous emails, calls and voice mails, Mercury was sending all correspondence to the wrong address (even though I gave them my mailing address).Now, after 5 months, a check came for $400 with a legal paper that stated if I cash the check and sign up he paper first, I release all further responsibility for Mercury. I refused. The KBB value was @ $1500 for my old Bessie, but I couldn't drive safely. Alignment was still out of whack and yet another tire was needed So...I have called, left messages, emailed and called supervisors and still no response. I am afraid to drive my car, the steering is off and I can't keep buying tires due to them being damaged by the accident causing severe alignment issues.Amazing, now that they owe me what I put out already and the fair value of my car, they ignore me, and send a partial award for my car. I can't even drive to a job that I've been attempting to get. I am appalled that this business hasn't been closed down and these agents aren't fined. How terrible a way to treat a disabled mom of a disabled child whom both need a car desperately to be safe to use. A true disgrace!
DO NOT use Mercury Insurance. Sadly, I found a better rate and cancelled. They charged me a 15% cancellation fee on my unused premium. I wasn't even with them a month. I ended up owing $57. I'm a teacher, and do not receive a paycheck in the summer. I needed that money, and they stole it from me. Go with Kemper. They are cheaper than Mercury. Also, I've been with AAA, State Farm, GEICO, Esurance, Allstate, and 21st Century, and they NEVER ripped me off for cancelling early. Mercury is a rip off.
Bought used car 2 months ago, purchased Mercury Ins. extended warranty. Had a problem with heater, called Mercury to see if repair would be covered. Waited on phone for 30 minutes. Agent said it would be covered. Had it fixed. Dealer called Mercury for claim, was told it was not covered, even though I had preapproval that it would be covered. Had $91.00 bill. I called Mercury, waited on phone for 30 minutes. Was told by another agent that they did not tell me it would be covered. I am cancelling this policy. Lousy customer service. Don't cover what they say they will.
I had a water leak in my kitchen. Not knowing what to do, a friend said I should call Mercury and file a claim, which I did. Everything went smooth until Mercury's adjuster referred me to a contractor that they recommend and that was when my problems started! Since I had been with Mercury for decades, never had a claim, I figured their contractors would be top notch and the work would be guaranteed. BOY WAS I MISTAKEN! Not only did their contractor ruin my tile floor (which Mercury paid for), never finished the job (Mercury paid for), but now he is trying to sue me in Small Claims Court for work that he did that Mercury did not approve. With over 14 estimates from both the adjuster assigned to my file and the contractor (Topline aka: RW Construction), nothing was made clear. I emailed my adjuster, their supervisor and went all the way to the President of Mercury Insurance. Almost a year later their contractor tried to put a Mechanics Lien against my home, failed! Now he is taking me to Small Claims Court for money I owe him! How? Why? This was a water leak claim I filed with Mercury Insurance. This was a Mercury Insurance contractor referred to me by the adjuster for Mercury, yet Mercury is now telling me "Oh well"! They will not stand up for me, they are now telling me that their contractors are not "Mercury Contractors", and that there is nothing they can do. I never signed a contract, never signed a "Change Order" as the contractor was ONLY supposed to replace the tile with tile and NOT granite. I WAS NEVER TOLD THAT. All the contractor did was gave me a sample to chose from of the granite and that was it. No mention that it would NOT be covered. Now that he is suing me Mercury wants no part of it! WOW! I'm the customer that has paid my premiums on time for decades, never had a claim, and their contractor is causing me nothing but heartache, and Mercury won't cover it and won't do anything to stand by me their loyal customer! MY LAST WORDS... GO TO ANOTHER COMPANY LIKE AAA OR STATE FARM, where I hear they do stand behind their work, contractors and loyal customers.
A client of Mercury Auto Insurance hit my parked car in a parking lot, left a fake business card to make it appear as though he was leaving his information, leading me on a 3 day chase to find him. I obtained a rental car while my car was in the shop being fixed. Out of pocket expenses that I, MYSELF had to pay for insurance on the rental car was $79.96. I spoke with Mercury several times explaining that I should not incur these out of pocket expenses due to THEIR slimeball of a client hitting my car and running. They were uncooperative, non understanding and unwilling to accommodate or help in ANY way, simply saying over and over “we aren’t responsible for gas and insurance on rental vehicles”. Instead of swallowing their pride, actually being helpful and doing the right thing by paying me the $79.96, which to me is a good chunk of change, but to them is pocket change, I’m here giving fair warning to others who unfortunately have to deal with them. AVOID them at all costs. Unwilling to help, unprofessional and unethical. I currently have a renters insurance policy through Mercury, but will now be seeking a BETTER and more ETHICAL insurance provider ASAP.
Mercury Auto Insurance give me good deal on everything and the people Help Me what I want. They are really nice to you. They take their time working with you, explain everything on the paper your insurance and give me the max protection on my car. I can pick out the place to fix my car and if I want to get a payout don't give me a payout instead of fixing my car. However, when you get an accident one time they raise your premiums really high. $30 more and I don't like that. They should really do forgive this on accidents the first time. But overall I like this company.
They have a good price and easy to get a hold of. When I filed a claim they helped me win my case and my prices stayed the same. They are easy to bill your bill online or by phone. The customer service is good, the wait time is low and the reps are willing and happy to help answer all your questions.
I was sent to collections when I wasn't even cover for the month that I didn't make a payment for. I couldn't afford the payment at the moment due to hardship times and they just made it even worse.
By far the worst insurance company in the world. I was charged $138.00 on 3/4/16 and again on 3/31/16, which left me overdrawn in my bank account. I was never notified or anything. I have rent, car payment and bills coming up and this is by far the worst company ever. They're the equivalent of Monsanto. I will make it my sole mission to make sure people do not do business with them.
I was assigned an agent for the entire process. They didn't send me to different people. I picked the repair shop and rental car company. The process was completed over the phone. There were no surprises as to cost or coverage. After filing a claim the repairs to my vehicle and obtaining a rental car all went very smoothly and in a timely manner.
12-17-2015. After 3+ weeks of back and forth haggling over a mere $1,000 difference with claim representatives Rani ** and her boss' boss Kenneth ** in the Clearwater, Florida office, I am now a month without any vehicle or acceptable claim settlement, even though we have been loyal Mercury clients for over 8 years (3 - 5 cars insured at any one time) at premiums of ~$850/month. Our broker/owner/agent in Corpus Christi is of no use at all - except to collect the premiums!I contacted the President & CEO, Mr. Tirador in the Mercury General Corporate offices in Los Angeles by numerous emails, phone calls, and USPS Priority Mail and his silence is deafening. None, nada, nothing. CUSTOMER SERVICE - What Customer Service?? It's non-existent with Mercury. Buyer Beware! Lower rates don't tell the whole story here! RUN, RUN, RUN to Liberty Mutual, State Farm, Allstate, Geico, USAA, The Hartford, Progressive... This poor service attitude permeates the organization from top to bottom. Don't waste your $$$ or your time here.
Heads up. Unlike many other auto policies (AAA for one), Mercury Insurance will keep on debiting your account in perpetuity. You must cancel the policy early to avoid paying for duplicate coverage and penalties. Canceling is a pain! You must send them a copy of the new policy to do so, and it takes weeks so they can extend the billings. Given the choice to keep month's charges for nothing and waive the additional penalties, they were "unable" to comply even though they had collected month's fees for nothing already. User experience means nothing. They are shortsighted and greedy. Beware!
I have used Mercury for 8 years now. I transferred my auto insurance to them when State Farm became ridiculously expensive for no known reason. Over the years, I have been in a couple accidents (one my fault), and Mercury was quick to take care of everything and was not stingy on the payouts. Both times they made me whole. Friends have told me how their insurance companies were tight-fisted when it came to reimbursing them and not much of a supporter when payment was needed from another insurance company. Finally, Mercury's pricing is very attractive.
They will not give your refund for a policy to cancel - they are a shady insurance company to work with! Had to take up with my bank the amount they refused to give me back. Also, check out their reviews - shady people to get into an accident!
I mailed my premium payment five days before it was due. My wife and I drove as usual, believing we were insured. I was involved in an accident approx. one month later and when I contacted Mercury they informed me that my policy was canceled because I didn't pay my premium. They stated they still hadn't received it and sent me a letter to that effect. We didn't receive any notification from Mercury and drove without any coverage for a month. While I insisted I sent them a check they insisted they sent me a letter regarding canceling me.Then, approximately three weeks after learning of the cancellation I discovered that my check cleared my bank a few days prior. I contacted Mercury and they told me they finally got my check and deposited it. I asked them what the postmark date on the envelope was and they told me it wasn't postmarked. I then asked to see the envelope and was told they would send me a copy rather than the original as it wasn't available. The copied envelope had a stamp affixed that I have never seen or used before. I have used only one stamp for several years; an American flag, forever stamp that I purchase in blocks of forty or fifty at a time. Neither my wife or I have ever used the stamp on the envelope.It's obvious that an employee has tried to cover up the fact that Mercury received my premium payment on time by taking a Mercury envelope, placing a stamp on it and passing it off as the one I sent them. The result of all this has cost me $20,000 to pay off my car with my bank as the car was a total loss. This is a clear case of fraud. Mercury has been unresponsive to the matter, apparently unconcerned that they have an employee who would engage in an illegal act.
Purchased online/over the phone. Very convenient and was able to download ID card straight to my phone. That is the most conveinent way to me to have your ID card on your phone and to be able to pull it up whenever you need to. Also the app that they have for you to download to your phone to keep track of your account and pay your bill. That is also a convenient way to keep track of things and pay your bill. How much more could a customer/client ask for! I love it! Most of all I love the customer service! That is my favorite part! Their employees are very professional and courteous. Any time I have a problem and speak with someone over the phone they are extremely patient and sweet. Have had several laughs over the phone with representatives. Great customer service which nowadays is very hard to find! It is also affordable and they work with you when you need them to. But I would improve their policies on giving perks for people who have not been in any accidents. Maybe if they gave out perks for not having been in any accidents for long periods of time then that may peak people's interests in purchasing with this company. I'm a very cautious driver and have not been in any accidents before so it would be nice to be rewarded for that! Maybe even discount off of the next month's bill.
Purchasing my Mercury auto insurance was fast and easy. Their customer service was excellent and the agent gave me all the options that were best suited for me. They offer easy payment options and I like that they have a direct deposit and easy bill pay. As a teacher, my finances are great and discounts I can count on are appreciated. I wish Mercury offered a few more discounts related to auto insurance.
I filed a stolen vehicle claim with Mercury Insurance back in November 2011 and have not been compensated for my loss. I had full coverage on my 2003 Chevy Suburban and was a policy holder for over 5 years with Mercury. When my vehicle was stolen, I reported it and assisted Mercury insisting with the local police department to run finger prints on the truck. I even provided a timeline and had family members give statements to the insurance investigator which was recorded by Mercury Insurance. All of this was done months ago. I have not been paid for my loss! I have even hired an attorney for this and have yet to get results! This company is only out for themselves, period! They are quick to collect your payments for coverage, but when it comes time to setting a claim, it's a different story. When you first file your claim loss, the insurance company will be more than happy to talk to you but beware everything that you tell them will be used against you in order for them not to pay your claim. Bad, very bad insurance company! All I can say is do your homework when looking for insurance of any type through Mercury Insurance company.
My mother was blindsided at an intersection by a Mercury Insurance holder. He was 100% at fault. Luckily, her injuries were not bad. She just had a back surgery. My mother wanted them to pay her related medical bills and compensate her for her car that was totaled. My mother had to travel to South America, because her mom became sick. She left me a power of attorney, so I could handle this for her. It was becoming too stressful for her. I spoke several times with her, and she stated my mother had no medical bills because she had medical as insurance and that therefore, there was nothing to compensate her for. She offered $8,000 and sent a release of claims. After I signed, she then a d only, then told me she had to file a claim with medical to see how much the medical bills are. I was furious. She lied to me, until she knew I couldn't do anything about the amount that was owed. I think it is the lowest, most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed. How low can these people get. Something has to be done. Is there no law to protect the people from companies like this that can just lie through their teeth to make a profit at our expense. How can the government not regulate this? I need to get the word out. Maybe if we all get together and speak up, we can demand them to act human! Enough is enough!
After my case was handled by the other party's adjuster, everything was taken care of. I was issued a rental car with an extension, they were really helpful. I would've given them five stars if it wasn't for the negligence of the first agent that took my case. But overall it was a pleasant experience, except for the negligent start of the case.
I have a brand new car and got a crack in my windshield in the first month. When I filed the claim, they said that the coverage of my car has not started at all and that made me really nervous. It was the agent's fault who did not process my payments and he did not inform me about it. I was lucky that nothing bad happened in between that time. And again, I have the same problem. I fixed the previous crack paying out of my pocket and now again, I have a crack and they do not want to pay me saying that it's natural causes. I do not understand why I am paying my hard-earned money to these people as I am being covered for nothing. So I no longer recommend it to anyone especially if you have a new car. Don't even think about this company! Rather, pay a buck extra and you definitely won't regret it.
The staff I dealt with were great, but I didn't get all my money in the end. I was given a price, and then the Mercury person said several hundred dollars would be deducted from the settlement. I call and questioned the repair company and they said the Mercury adjustor accepted their hours for mechanical teardown and repair estimate and accepted the amount, without questioning amount. When I questioned Mercury they said the adjustor accepted hours and since he never questioned the money amount for the number of hours charged, I had to pay the extra hours, which after the fact, he decided were over what Mercury would accept. Why have insurance if the adjustor will not even try and get the repair shop to come down on the final number of hours. The secretary at the repair shop, they often times work out a satisfactory amount, but that Mercury adjustor on this case just accepted the amount and when he went back to the office and credited me for a small amount of the teardown and repair estimate hours. My car only had 7000 miles and I lost more than several thousand dollars so every hundred dollars helps. I feel Mercury owes me the extra several hundred dollars since they accepted the amount without any kind of discussion for the excess charges which I have checked on.
After 13 years of never missing a payment and 10 years of no claims. We were dropped when a series of Extreme weather events required us to file 3 claims in the last 3 years. I have my (FIVE) vehicles bundled with Homeowners insurance and have always loved this company. But I guess this is how they reward loyalty! By dropping you first opportunity.
August 14, 2013, I was involved in a car wreck with a guy who had Mercury insurance. He was in a rental car, and rear ended a car in his lane, shoving that car into my lane, where I rear ended car he hit. The girl was 17 years old. She is alive and well, thankfully. It has been 4 weeks, and still have not heard a thing from Mercury. They did not contact the young lady's family, or the rental car company. I was more than happy to give the girl's family the claim number. The rental company called me to get info. Janet ** is handling the claim, but she is very bad at her job. Going to the lawyer next week.
I have been with Mercury over 4 years plus. Their customer service sucks!! Paperwork never gets updated!!! Agent never respond to phone calls nor is he never in his office!!! Trust me if you want horrible service then try them, you will be disappointed!!!!! Trust Me!!!
I heard of them on TV and decided to give them a try. It was easy to purchase. I checked everything online and chose what I needed, then called. The call was quick and easy to set up once I knew what I wanted. And their price was the main reason I went with them. But it is hard to get a hold of a live person after accident though. You get too many recordings.
My family and I have had the most awful experience with Mercury Insurance. I would not recommend this insurance company to anyone! My daughter had Mercury insurance for about 2 weeks without realizing that she was locked into a 1 year contract and she was extremely under-insured. We ended up paying just under $400 to have their terrible insurance for about 2 week and to get out of their terrible contract. I'm convinced this is how they stay in business - by swindling customers with cancellation fees. We found better insurance with triple the coverage and for about $40 less per month with Progressive Insurance. She should never have gone with Mercury in the first place! Their customer service was the worst! Don’t go with Mercury! You will regret it!
Run from Mercury Home Ins. RUN! Bait and switch, liars, unjust, water leak destroyed my kitchen. Mercury's John Lewis said we were covered and so was our neighbor (condo) next door... then they found an obscure rider in policy 6 weeks later and said our HOA covers this which it does NOT in bylaws! We were paying mercury for 10 years for no coverage! Run people... RUN.
I spoke to them about my windshield getting cracked due to rock from another company vehicle. They could not see if it was covered in my policy and I was transferred to several people where I had to explain my claim several times. The first 2 did not know if I would be covered although they had access to my policy and then I had to wait for another representative to call me back. They are not efficient and I frequently have to call as they price will fluctuate without cause to why.
I believe customer experience is very important in any business. We had to add my 18 year old son, a first time driver, to our policy recently. I really like my insurance agent. Though there were many questions to answer, it didn't take as long as I imagined. He is quick to respond and set up the policy knowing what was most important to us. But our rate went up. I would like if I cost less and a more reasonable monthly payment, regardless.
Mercury Auto Insurance is always good about contacting me and they answer any questions I have. My agent knows me, takes good care of me and makes sure I get the best auto insurance deal. Very affordable for my circumstances as well. Would not change anything.
Got a policy as I needed coverage. The7 agent in Thousand Oaks AIS quoted me one price but when it came to payment it was higher than quoted. Customer service is lacking, so it shows in the way they respond to questions. Not adaptable. They have a pay up clause cause once you find out they are not that good, they want to make sure you pay for "walking their way!" Got AAA full coverage again as they taught me truly "you get what you pay for."
I was completely stopped and was back ended into the side of my week old 2018. Didn't even have plates on it. The girl was drunk and parked in a handicapped spot even though she was obviously not handicapped and wasn't allowed to park there. I have gone through everything possible to get this resolved. I have had the pictures taken, a quote done and have been having to make almost daily chiropractor visits. My car is still not fixed and Mercury keeps advising that I just use my own insurance. This company is a joke and shouldn't even be a legal way to carry insurance.
Mercury Auto Insurance is perfect in every way. They are thoughtful and kind and they help me out whenever I have a question. The process of getting car insurance was a breeze. They don't hassle me or try and add on hidden fees or other expenses. I like the policy also because it meets my needs and that they have roadside assistance. The company and policy is great, inexpensive and always in high demand.
My son was broadsided by a gal who was running late for work. He pulled out into the street and started to merge behind a trash truck while the other party was 207 feet way from him and there was a stop sign between the two of them. He gradually pulled into the street and the next thing you know she broadsides our car. Mercury insurance found us 100% at fault and didn't even give me time to dispute the claim. They don't answer their phones and called us back from a blocked number at 7 AM and then didn't leave messages!! I spoke with the supervisor ** and her manager and they all stood behind their decision claiming that they have been doing this for 20 years and no matter what we stated as fact, being their customer didn't much matter to them! They simply are uncaring, crass, rude, self-centered individuals. They are the cheapest insurance around until they falsely make you at fault then they rack in the dollars on the increased insurance premiums!!! Buyer beware, cheaper is not always better!!! If I could give minus 5 stars, I would shop for a better insurance company. Trust me, in the end it will be worth paying a little bit more.
My son was driving my car and was in an accident. I was told by the insurance agent that anyone driving any of my vehicles would be covered. He had just gotten his license. My claim was denied because he was not on my policy. A month later, I was driving behind a diesel truck when a metal railroad track fell off and I hit it. Flattened all my tires. $1500 worth of damage. My deductible was $500 and was only reimbursed $700. Finally, I called to cancel on the day that my policy was to be renewed and was told that I would have a cancellation fee of $100. I will tell anyone I know to not give any business to this company.
We had Mercury Insurance for all of our cars for many years, I believe more than two decades. We were happy with them for a long time, but things have changed greatly and not for the better. We added on our daughter, a new driver, for coverage, and of course, our rates rose dramatically. We get that. She had two minor accidents. The first one happened in the college parking lot where she tapped a parked car. She waited till the other owner returned to her car because she is honest. The other one involved a lane change that was considered her fault. But here's what we are so upset over: Early this year she left the country for a study abroad program for 4 months. I called the insurance agent whose been handling our account for years and asked if we could temporarily remove her from coverage. The agent (I won't name her here because of my husband's request) asked me when she would be back. I told her she was booked for a return flight on the 3rd of May and I would let her know when she returned. Didn't seem to be a problem and it saved us over a $1,000 so seemed like the right thing to do.So the day our daughter returned from England, my husband called to reactivate her under our insurance. We were told that because she had 3 accidents, that we could not. She only had two. They recorded the parking lot incident twice under different days. We could only put her back on if we purchased a special rider costing us over a thousand extra a month which we deemed ridiculous. Although my husband is protective over this agent, she clearly lied, telling him that I said that our daughter would not be back for a year. Why would I have said such a thing? She'd asked for a specific date which I gave her. I'm not sure why this even matters exactly, other than I believe that one of the accidents would have been over three years ago if there's was more time allotted. Anyway, they wouldn't budge on things, so we have left Mercury. For good.Even before this recent change of events, I was none too happy. About two years ago we donated one of our older cars after purchasing a new used car. I thought it would make our rates go down. Make sense, right? But no, our rates went up. One of the reasons for the rising cost, if I understand correctly, is that they could then assign whichever vehicle they wanted to whichever driver they wanted regardless of which one of us was actually driving each car the most. So naturally, they assigned our highest priced vehicle to our daughter, the highest risk driver in the family, even though she never drives it. We had no say in the matter where in previous years we could declare which one of us drive which. In addition, their rates have just generally gone up.Anyway, we've now switched to Triple A insurance, and they seem happy to have us. Discovered that they are actually a non-profit of sorts and that there may be a return of some funds at the end of the year. We haven't been on long so I can't speak to that, nor to how good or bad their service really is. There was a hiccup with AAA losing the photos of our vehicles after we brought them in for pictures per AAA's request. It looked like they were going to actually close our account. We had to return for more pictures. So I guess they are not perfect either. Maybe none of these insurance companies are. But I will say that our rates have actually gone down overall with the switch, so maybe it was a good thing that Mercury dropped our daughter. I still resent the whole way that they did things, though. If they had said that if we suspended her service they would not put her back on without a special rider, then we wouldn't have chosen to do so. I thought that agents were there to help you figure things out and work in both the customer's and the company's best interests. But apparently not. This agent worked only for Mercury's bottom line with no regard to treating their customer's fairly and honestly. I was tricked and unfairly treated!
Been faithful customer for 23 years. NEVER filed a home claim. Had a flood that ruined half my home. It's been 1 month as of yesterday and we still do not have a confirmed $ amount from Mercury. I had one of their agents hang up on me because after numerous phone calls, she finally called me back and I told her she needs to do her job. She hung up and I was assigned another adjuster. New adjuster doesn't like my contractor and because of it, this whole thing keeps getting delayed. My contractor that I have chosen is pushy and detailed and the only one fighting for my home to be put back together. They are doing everything they could to save themselves a few hundred $ while we sit and wait. They originally called ServPro out to dry out my solid wood floors. Dry out was not done proper and mold was created. Mercury wouldn't stand up for me, rather they stood behind their contractor (ServPro). After 3 contractors confirmed ServPro ruined my floor, Mercury was more concerned about going over the limited amount on my mold policy than they were about live fungus growing in my home. The mold was only created because THEIR contractor didn't properly dry my floor. It's been one thing after another. My beautiful solid oak floors have been taken out and we are now living on slab. Mercury should of made me feel taken care of and protected. All they have done was give us grief, and continue to do so. Good luck on trying to call someone. IF you get a hold of anyone, consider yourself lucky. It takes a day or two to get a return phone call with the excuse that "they are really busy". When this is all said and done. I am considering seeking legal action. They make me feel like I'm trying to return a pair of shoes that I have worn everyday for 2 years. Disgusted how I have been treated.
I have had Mercury Insurance for about 23 years now and never did I have an issue with them until now. I recently was involved in a hit and run and the representative person (Bret **) that they gave me has not once called me to. I have been trying to contact him for over a week now and no answer. Very poor customer service and very disappointed in a company that I have been very loyal to for so many years. It is sad that it was such a great insurance company and it is going down. Do not get this insurance, you will regret it and prices keep going up everytime your insurance is renewed.
Mercury has great rates and the coverage that I need. I like my agent and they are helpful and answer all of my questions that I have. Paying my bill online is simple and easy to use also. However, the rental car coverage should be extended for more than 30 days. The repairs on my car took at least 41 days and the insurance did not cover it so I had to pay out of pocket and the accident was not even my fault.
I have home insurance with Mercury for over 6 years. When I have the claim they are denied before they've seen what exactly what happened. Please if you really need insurance don't buy Mercury. I promise you, you will be sorry.
I have been with Mercury since I started driving. I am in my 50's. I have a clean record. No tickets or accidents. I used to drive a Mini Cooper. I traded it in for a 2 year old VW Golf. Nothing fancy, not the GTI sports package, just the regular old Golf. They raised my premium $400 a year! I couldn't believe it! I asked why and I was told it was because it was "a newer car". If that was the case, I asked why my premium did not go down as my other car depreciated? No answer. I haven't had the chance to look around but if I find another company that is one cent cheaper, I will switch. I can't believe the way Mercury treats their good, loyal customers.
It seems as if no matter how many complaints, these guys still are not held to a higher standard. Back in June, a driver blindsided my wife and hit her car at 55 miles an hour causing both airbags to deploy; thus sending her to the hospital in an ambulance. We have a leased 2011 Acura TL. The other driver was ticketed and charged with failure to control vehicle, and was cited for maximum impact on our car. Damage to the vehicle totaled $11K and hospital and other services around $5K. My wife has nose bleed and headaches at random times, and still seeing an orthopedic on her finger. Mercury admitted fault, but has dragged this on forever. They just keep saying get an attorney.I am getting calls from the ambulance service, the hospital, and they are saying that they are going to put this on my credit. It is a sad day when you are a law abiding citizen who pays his insurance, taxes and fair share of the common good that the wealthy owner of Mercury can hold me hostage. I know I am not a huge case, but at wit's end and they want to offer some paltry settlement.
I have auto insurance with them for 1 year because they quoted us a few hundred dollar cheaper than my old insurance company. Right after the 1st year anniversary they raised our premium so much without any reason. Obviously, I went and shop for new insurance and got a very good quote from GEICO. After I've cancelled my policy with Mercury, I received another invoice from them balance due in the amount of $651.70. I was curious why this since I've been paying $581 monthly debiting my checking account. They told me that this is cancellation fee of the months that I didn't use with them. I've never heard from any company that I deal with over the years that there is cancellation fee. So basically, they raise your premium when they feel like it and then won't let you cancel or you will get a 10% cancellation fee? This is highway robbery or what? Anyone out there even tries to considered Mercury for insurance, please think twice.
Shout out to **. You have always been there for anything I needed for my car insurance. I know that I'm always with questions, and I appreciate the time that you take to answer them. The prices are also very good. Thank you ** for all your help.
2 unfinished claims within 20 plus years with Mercury Insurance, and NOW they canceled my insurance. They removed my one rating with other rating company.
Arbitrator awarded settlement less $20,000 for an accident where one of their insured was at fault. Mercury refuses to accept this and is taking the next step with the possibility of a trial. I heard if this goes to trial, it could take 2-3 years as the system is backed up. I am beside myself that they are able to get away with this and back up an already clogged judicial system. And what about me? I was stopped at a stoplight when I was rear-ended. Why should I have to put up with this abuse?
I am a 45 year old female with Zero moving violations or any infractions, ever. I've been with Mercury for many years and like most people here my rates go up every year even though I've had no tickets or accidents. That, not being frustrating enough, my daughter moved out in January when she turned 18 years old. She never got a permit and did not want to drive. After she started driving and got her driver's license she had a car with her own insurance at her new residence. Mercury assessed that she had my address on her driver's license, they raised my insurance from 1000 every 6 months to $3,000 every 6 months. That was just to add a driver to my policy. I informed them that she did not live here. They said I had to get her to change her driver's license address or provide them with proof that she's covered with her own policy. She is over 18, she is an adult and I should not have to go around proving that she doesn't live here as opposed to them proving that she does. It's very unprofessional. I could go on and on about an accident I was in that they even said they knew it was not my fault, but they were electing not to pay any of the damages using the uninsured motorist that I pay for. Worst company ever. Please shop elsewhere. They definitely operate very sketchy business. I'm waiting for them to send me a prorated amount for my daughter not living here and charging me for her portion. I have switch to State Farm. Will see if they can treat me better. But in the meantime, I will be searching for a good attorney. This is ridiculous. They should not be allowed to do this to anyone!
I was involved in an accident on January 5, 2016. The driver admitted negligence yet Mercury Insurance adjuster still wants to dispute. If your insured is at fault, accept your liability and move on. After I gather the evidence and show them the footage, they accept 85 percent liability. My car was deemed a total loss. Their adjuster Jose ** was handling my case is awful as well as his supervisor Adrienne (Claremount California). They are trying to get me to accept 15 percent liability. Stay away from Mercury insurance! Save yourself the headache and go elsewhere.
On July 3, 2013, my car had overheated on the highway and I had parked my car on the emergency lane. A vehicle had spun out of control and impacted was head on the side of my vehicle where I was laying down and fell asleep. The impacted had scared me that I had hit my head on the door handle and twisted my back plus felt whiplash. I had a bad headache within few hours of the impact. The next day my lower back and neck was sore. Due to the accident, my car was consider TOTAL. Was without a vehicle for approx. 2 months. The bus stop from my residence to go doctor appointments was 1 mile walking distance. The hottest time of the year. I had so much pain that it was difficult for me. Everything I had experience I am so angry with Mercury Ins. for they do not want to pay for my medical expense, plus insulted with their offer for my pain and inconvenience. Mercury Ins. should be embarrass and ashamed, especially that accident was not fault. Mercury Ins. claim I had no pain. Who are they to say what I felt? I want my medical bills to be paid and receive a fair settlement.
Purchasing the policy was simple and easy. We simply had to call an 800 number and a woman named Wanda walked us through the process. She explained the process very thoroughly and in terms that we could understand. Wanda was also friendly, personable, and seemed to understand our needs. Mercury pays off quickly and negotiate well on our behalf. I also like the discounts and that they are affordable. When we had State Farm, it was much more expensive. However, I wish it covered pizza delivery drivers. Our son had this part time job and we did not realize his vehicle was not covered while he was working until he had an accident.
We had water damage in the master bath when a shower arm broke. It broke because I adjusted the nozzle to make the water force lighter. UPSTAIRS DAMAGE: The damage was in the master bath shower wall, the master bedroom wall, carpets. And the damage went down one wall and across another wall. DOWNSTAIRS DAMAGE: The ceilings and 4 walls directly below the water damage above, a built in floor-to-ceiling wood pantry, the pantry doors, the adjoining walls around the pantry and wood flooring and baseboards. The adjacent bathroom 3 more walls and ceilings and alcove tiles.We contacted a local water damage company, Kade, instead of using Mercury's preferred vendor - Servpro. We didn't go with Servpro because they had horrible reviews. The Mercury Insurance inspector came out, did a quick review, left and then came back with a bid that was nowhere near the cost to cover the damages. He would not return phone calls or emails. The Mercury agent refused to use email because he told me: I get 60 emails a day, I can't answer them.THREE INDEPENDENT BIDS: Everything was done on Mercury's terms. They wanted to wear me out. He processed the claim and came back with zero additional funds. In other words, the total cost would not exceed the deductible. The 3 independent contractors came in between $25,000 to $30,000 of additional damages. For example, Mercury said we could just dry out the carpet upstairs and replace a PORTION of the carpet in the master bedroom. And leave the other existing. Over half the carpet was damaged in there yet they we were supposed to 'cut and paste' some new vs. old. There is no way that carpet would match, let alone be safe.I know our house very well. One, we've lived in it 37 years. We've remodeled it twice. The second remodel was the 2nd story. We remodeled our house and I worked directly with the architect that took my plans and put them into a rendering. When the Mercury inspector came out, he spent about 30 minutes, if that inspecting our house. Made a quick lap around the house, then BAM, out the door. Then he went back and submitted the claim and came back with his analysis. Our deductible would not be met - based on HIS estimated. He was not using CALIFORNIA LABOR RATES for the subs we need to hire.There is no way. Materials and labor are higher in CA. We got (3) separate bids like we always do for our work at our building or home. Our independent bids exceed Mercury's by $20,000 to $30,000 for total cost (including deductible). For example, there is no way to rebuild a floor to ceiling solid wood pantry, paint it and replace necessary hardware using California licensed labor. Yet the Mercury bid came in less than $500. I dare any California homeowner to find a licensed contractor with great skills to do that kind of work.I contacted the supervisor of our inspector at Mercury and he ignored me. Then I contacted the Department of Insurance and they agreed with Mercury. Yet, the rep from the Department of Insurance had NEVER reviewed my case the first time. I know that, because I contacted him again and asked to reopen the claim. The same Dept. of Insurance rep asked me to send him the same documents again because he wasn't aware of some info. I told him the info was in there. He finally admitted that he had not reviewed them in depth. I also submitted the 3 bids for the damages as well as extensive photographs to the Dept. of Insurance. Apparently, The Department of Insurance suggested that Mercury come back out one more time. It took NINE MONTHS before Mercury sent out the agent again.And guess what they did? The same inspector made a nominal additional payment in order to exceed my deductible. In other words, they would increase my premiums (penalizing) me for going to the Department of Insurance. And pay in excess of the deductible - but just enough to get us off their backs. Not based on the actual cost of the damages. I was advised to contact a lawyer. But why should I have to? The terms of the policy were not met. Mercury dragged its feet - for almost a year. They evaluated the claim again, only at the request of the Department of Insurance.The second time the inspector came out, he brought his own Mercury contractor. We were all together in the upstairs master bedroom and bathroom same as they inspected the house. But when they came back down, they did not follow us into the kitchen meeting area where we started. Instead, they were having a pow wow down the hall and out of view. After a few minutes, I finally went back to find them WHISPERING. I asked why they needed to whisper and have a private meeting. They got a bit rattled and joined us.After one year of hassles, the same adjuster said he would resubmit the claim. Even though he was no longer an adjuster. He told me with a smug look: I got promoted. Yep, Mercury promotes those adjusters that drag their feet and get claims lowballed or denied. That's job security for Mercury. Forget about the terms of the policy and the actual damages. We ended up getting addition payment of just under $3000 for our initial claim. That's $20,000-$25,000 less than the repair estimates we got.Of course our premiums went up: Just over $3,000. So, we were penalized for reopening the claim. Yet our contractors came in with bids well over Mercury's definition of damages. As a final disclaimer: My husband and I own a life and health insurance agency. We do know about insurance. Not, we're not experts in homeowner's insurance but oftentimes, we hear the horror stories of underpaid homeowner's claims.And finally: the reason why we were so adamant about our claim with Mercury. It wasn't the first time we had damages with them. Just the year before, we had water damage from the upstairs second bathroom. It was Christmastime and the water went down the wall of a downstairs bedroom. We called Mercury and an inspector name Matt came out. He taped off the area he said was damaged and marked it with orange tape, if I recall. It was taped off. Based on his assessment. He estimated the damages to be under $500. Well, turns out the damages were $1,500.00.A week later, we had guests visiting from Thailand. Half of the closet wall and the adjoining ceiling collapsed. Yep. Fortunately the drywall didn't hit them. We had (3) contractors come out and bid to replace the drywall and paint. The bid came in less than our deductible. That's why we have been so prudent. Mercury lowballed the SCOPE on the first claim. And they did it again on the second claim.Our deductible was and is: $5,000. When we contacted our agent who sold us the policy for the second claim. The agent OWNS a huge casualty agency. We have mutual insurance related friends. But we've known him for years so he oversaw both claims enough to be dangerous. He said, "Why did you guys get a $5,000 deductible?" We reminded him that he suggested the high deductible. We have plenty of photos that we've taken at the time of the damage as well as the work in progress.
They are helpful but they don't always have the lowest rates. I would recommend shopping around before selecting this company. I also suggest that you make sure you are not getting charged for coverage you don't have and also make sure you get any discounts that you are entitled to.
I had a full coverage auto policy which included personal and commercial coverage. My car was repossessed by Uber/Bama Commercial Leasing (which is also a HUGE SCAM, DO NOT DO IT). The insurance company STILL drafted out a payment when my policy had been cancelled. They are saying that the policy charges a 10% fee of the unused portion of the policy. I had ONE month left and 145$ was paid and I am getting 4.55$ cents back.I was also lied to about my policy being completely cancelled, my bank account ACH set up, it was coming from the wrong account, and I also am very confused as to how I am charged for a policy I CANCELLED and I don't have a car to be covered. I thought by law, I could not be charged for a full coverage policy unless I had a car. On top of it, I asked for proof of the policy breakdown and they said I would receive an email in 3 business days to see what the breakdown was. They refused to tell me over the phone. This company lies, deceives and steals money.
Sometimes don't know if there are not enough customer service representative or not. Not easy to reach real person to talk with. The other day I tried to withdraw a car and added to a different car. It was a disaster just to do so. It took me forever and a Representative was not so nice. Otherwise I'm ok with this insurance company.
They're insured, drunk with a 1.9 alcohol blow, and open containers hit my parked 2016 5 month old Mustang in the middle of the night sending it through a small brick wall and into my front yard. The claim handler is doing everything in their power to make it difficult to get Mercury to take financial responsibility for the damage. The claim handler also refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor and stated that no one other than herself could address my concerns, then told me it could be weeks or months before resolution, and that I would be responsible for any storage fees! Worst company I have ever dealt with in my 54 years!!!
I went through a 3rd party agent that represents and sells Mercury, and the overall experience was very simple and straightforward. I did not have to go to their office and almost everything was accomplished via email. I like that my Mercury policy offers the lowest price when compared to other companies for the same or similar amount of coverage. I like that my policy is straightforward and easy to understand. The website is a bit antiquated though, and as far as I know, Mercury does not offer a mobile app. And I would like the chance to independently explore adding or subtracting features from my coverage and judging their effect on my premium without having to go through an agent.
I recently submitted a claim to Mercury Insurance under my Homeowner's policy. Policy is not based on exclusions, rather inclusions, and a very improbable and specific list at that. While my personal property may be covered during spontaneous combustion, airplane crash, or lightning strike, falling off a truck is not an acceptable condition, unless I get in a car accident in the process. Moreover, they would not assign my case to a different claims adjuster even after I made a complaint to the supervisor. This is a two-fold issue, unreasonable exclusion of coverage plus poor customer service. The manager, Gary, was very diplomatic and tried to explain the coverage exclusion, but refused to understand that I am also upset at the way this was handled by the claims adjuster and his supervisor. Before any of this they tried to tell me that I had no policy in force, even though I had a copy of it in my hand, paid in full for the year. Regardless of whether this claim is eventually paid, Mercury has lost a customer for Home and Auto insurance.
I filed a claim years ago and they fixed my car and supplied me with a rental car during the repair process, and my insurance didn't go up. It might have helped that the accident was not my fault. Other than too high of premiums, with seems to be the norm with all carriers, I am quite happy with Mercury. Always had an easy time contacting them. I go through an independent agent. Overall they are very easy to deal with and handle all my insurance need, I also insure my home through them. The independent agent are quite helpful in recommending changes to my policy to save some money. I did check with AAA and the price would have been about the same, although I do like the convenience of AAA's multi locations.
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