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MedAmerica Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: MedAmerica
Year Founded: 1987
City: Orlando
State/Province: FL
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 724-1582
Overall average rating of 3.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 40 %
MedAmerica has great customer service. They provide good care to every customer and provides everything I need. I have never felt left out of anything or dissatisfied. They had good policy options to choose from and everything you could ever need. Everything they stated in the policy option it was done very properly. My long term care insurance was very useful. A few months ago I got into an accident and was paid full coverage. I didn't have to pay a thing because of the good care insurance they provided. I recommend that you really put thought into this.
Customer Service was Outstanding and absolutely one of the Greatest by far. I recommend this to everyone who's looking for Great Insurance and Constant Help. Policy Options we all wish they could Be free, in fact their Policy Options are so satisfying they're basically free. Almost no different than any other Insurance but definitely worth the application. I was very happy with the overall coverage simply because it fit my budget and the Coverage was more than the Average insurance company. Better benefits, longer warranties, etc. Value is a recommendation. Who wants products without value? Who wants quantity without quality? No one. MedAmerica is One of the Greatest.
Quality customer service that is quick and convenient. Friendly and helpful service every time. I was given detailed descriptions and helped to make the best choice for my family and I. Options were varied and flexible. I had help weighing out my options and choosing an option to fit both my budget and my coverage needs as well as addressing my concerns. Long Term Care Insurance has coverage for everything that could happen. Making sure you are covered for any course of events is important. Good value for the price and you really can't put a value on good service and being informed as well as prepared. Feels like I got the. Amy for my buck.
They are wonderful. They are quick to answer any question and fix any problem. Everyone is so friendly and their insurance plan is wonderful and affordable. I think anyone who try them would love it. Their policy is great. If youre not satisfied they will refund you your money and you can find someone else or they let you find someone cheaper and compete with their prices. I love the coverage. They cover everything and you don't have to worry about nothing. Even when something happen the price do not go up. They stay the same and help you with whatever you need. The value is good. I would recommend anyone to join this company if they don't have insurance. It's affordable and fair and will cover you fully. I love this company.
MedAmerica does not provide coverage for long term care. Bait and switch. They do NOT cover anything as it relates to the needs of older persons. They sell riders for home care and assisted levels of care but their stringent criteria does not allow these levels of care to be covered. They say they cover the cost of care for seniors but then don't approve anything. I would highly recommend that you don't spend the dollars on their policies. They do not pay anything because they have the loophole that allow them to not pay anything for claims. I will be pursuing with the DOI (Department of Insurance in our State) due to how they operate.
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