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MAPFRE Insurance (US) Online Reviews

Company Name: MAPFRE Insurance (US)
Phone: 1-800-922-8276
Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 72 %
This company does not stand by its promises. I purchased Mapfre travel insurance after reading their policy summary document but when I tried to claim, they pointed out that their document was contradicted by their policy document. Instead of recognizing their error, they refused to pay out. Two months later, their intermediary is still using the same false statements to sell their insurance. Do not trust what you are told, even if its in writing. I have had to put in a complaint to the regulator. Edit - 20 Dec 2017. A PR person has responded to this review (below) to give the appearance of caring. However, I have already escalated this to senior management and still nothing has changed. I will update this review with the PR person's response. Edit - 20 Dec 2017. As promised, outcome of the PR outreach seen below. Prompt but useless: "Hello Jon, Thank you for sending me your information. I see that the travel insurance was purchased in the UK. Sadly, we handle MAPFRE for the USA however, I wanted to provide you with contact information for MAPFRE in the UK. I do hope this gets resolved for you. Regards, Kelly " Edit 15 Feb 2018 - The Financial Ombusdman Service has told them their key facts document is misleading and asked them to reconsider my claim. They are still resisting paying out. Edit 3 Apr 2018 - After they appealed against the Adjudicator's ruling, the Financial Ombudsman again ruled that their key facts had been misleading and instructed them reconsider they claim. They have now paid out.
Our agent is always available and extremely helpful. She goes above and beyond what you would expect from an insurance company.
You are always there if and when I need you.
Loved Diane at Tonry Insurance!
The online billing and document service and people in the claims department have been top notch. The claims process is even more efficient. The premiums are competitive too. I love the option to pay by credit card for no fee in addition to electronic check. I also love the self service options on the website. An improvement for parents of college students who live away would be a self service option to exclude someone from a policy when they're away (at school) and include them when they return. Right now, I have to call my agent and fax/email forms.
For the short time I've been getting this it is A-ok in my book ❤
I searched several Insurance Company's, MAPFRE Insurance saved me the most money on my insurance premiums, with the same coverage requirments.
So far excellent but I have never had to use the service.
Appreciated how helpful Steve at the Auburn branch was!
Just keep the way you are can't be better nice professional people and nice price on insurance thanks
After 40 years with an insurance company which was an hour from where I live now, I decided to switch to a closer agency. My friend recommended the John Walsh Agency in Salem, Ma., only 5 minutes away! She recommended Mark Bettencourt as my agent. That is how Mapfre Insurance came into my life! My first call to Mapfre was answered by Danielle, who could not have been more helpful and friendly. I felt at home immediately!
It was a very typical procedure, you went in, they got someone to wait on you and then they sat down and set everything up. It did take a little longer than I liked but they stayed and completed our information even though the place was closed. Overall, I would recommend their service.
So far it's been a great experiance
When i stared shopping around for car insurance, MAPFRE was the only one that was reasonable and the discounts where unbelievable had me saying "Wow i never known you can get a discount for that. Its my 2year anniversary with them and I'm excited for more. Thank you MAPFRE
Excellent experience and great insurance.
This was a better choice than liberty Mutual w got to talk directly to an agent Steve from Kirby ins who helped this project now changing all cars and home over to him
Everyone has been very friendly, helpful, and professional. Angelica was the person who helped me when I first called about our accident and she was so friendly and patient.
Had horrible experience with MAPFRE, planning to take both business and personal policies out as well as making sure that no-one will stay with them in our family. We had vandalism to our car, it took their unprofessional and rude agent Bryan White 3 month for investigation in order to decline it. We ended up hiring an attorney, planning to take them to court and final complaints with insurance commissioner. My husband owns few businesses and it is scary to think that this company had our business for so long and we were under assumption that we were protected for the money that we are paying, when this company is being represented by such unprofessional scammers! They will go out of their way to find any excuse just to not pay for the claim!
Loss reporting was simple, drive in estimate was quick and convenient. Now if the preferred body shop didn't take so long.
We are very pleased to have good agents at Phipps Insurance in Hopkinton. Ma. Commerce has given us great discounts, especially when we decided to obtain renter's insurance along with our auto. Thank you
Signed up for the first time with MAPFRE Insurance, And they double charged me on the Home owners insurance policy, Still trying to get my money back on the double charges.
I would recommend Mapfre to others and especially Karen Robinson in your Newburyport Ma. office . I switched from Met because I never talked to the same rep. Karen answered all of my questions made recommendations and did a great job .
A new Mapfre agent saved me $1000.00/yr for auto insurance and damage from a fender bender which was not my fault was quickly repaired with no hassle.
Because we have paid car insurance for the whole year 2017....We sold the car in March....and we still have not got money back....or anything....Why cannot we cancel a car insurance at your firm ? it is Mapfree, Spain...we live in Pozo del Esparto, Almeria.... You have an office in Águilas.... We have contacted them several times, nothing happens..... Christensen
Mapfre has worked wonderfully for me offering significant savings on my auto insurance with a user friendly website and in conjunction with the Bettinson Insurance Agency in Arlington Ma offers prompt and friendly customer service
Agent explained coverage and how it compared to my existing coverage. He was friendly, not at all pushy.
Exactly customer service took care of my claim right away very pleased
you guys are the best I will recommend you to anyone
I hav been with This company for many years. They are always easy to deal with. Just a call away. I strongly recommend them for your insurance needs. (Auto and homeowners)
The company and its U.K. Representative Travel Claims Services are inhuman. The way they handled my claim was insulting, callus and calculated - taking full advantage of my vulnerable mental position. The advice offered was lacking worse than dishonest, it was a deliberate concealment of the truth from the very first contact. I have an open claim against this company worth next to nothing to their corporate balance sheet - I will let you know how I get on with a response. They don't even deal with claims themselves, choosing to hide behind agents instead.
United Insurance of Buzzards Bay MA
The company help me find find right direction and trusted way to get my business goings-on without any issues.
Just got my truck insured through MAPFRE. Great rates and coverage, and no hassle. I hope I never have to file a claim, but I trust that experience will be as painless as possible with this company.
Returning to "Commerce" after changing due to crazy rate increase ,too soon to tell.
Took complete care and control with my home and auto insurance transfer from another carrier, couldn't have done it better myself. Better insurance pricing also.
My wife had an accident with my jeep, we called the next morning. They were very quick and helpful. I was in a rental car in less than 2 hours . They settled claim with body shop quickly and I will be getting my jeep back soon. I highly recommend this insurance company for both rates and service Jeff B
I switched from another company and was very pleased with the curtious service. The rates are much lower.
I have never had the most horrible experience with this insurance company!!! I was hit by their insured and because they can not reach their insured for a second time, they have not paid out my claim. Every time I call in to get an update I get the same answer, “its under review”. I hate this company!
Nice people, fast service!
Very pleased with the price quote , I saved a significant amount of money.
With my accident in May of 2017 i thought due to where my accident happened and the circumstances the ruling of me being at fault was wrong which caused me to miss a day of work for an appeal which I won
I was so incredibly pleased with my Agent and experience. I haven't bought a new car in 15 years, and it was so easy. My Agent even reminded me about the total loss clause and made sure I didn't get it from the dealer (who often charge very inflated prices!) And it was all rolled into my auto-deducted payments. Honestly could not have been better! Great communication, service and assistance. Have had this for many years and will stick with it forever.
Paul Godfrey at AAA in Peabody,MA gave outstanding service. He saved us a great deal of money while offering professional assistance to create a new Auto Insurance policy for our family. Can't thank Paul enough!!!!
STAY AWAY FROM THIS INSURANCE COMPANY. My son was a third party in an accident with someone that goes through this company We have done everything possible to try and get my son's car fixed and they are giving me the run around. Every single time I have called to talk to someone I get an extremely rude representative and then transferred to a voicemail. They have changed the point of contact multiple times on me, I have left 20+ voicemails and have yet to get a return call. The accident happened OVER A MONTH AGO!!! Most insurance companies work very hard and diligently to get cars fixed, this company refuses to do so. I am now having to contact my attorney and filing a complaint with the WA state commissioners. If I could give anyone a word advice, stay AWAY and go to a more customer friendly insurance company.
My monthly premium is very affordable, I had no issues setting up my policy and Mapfre Insurance even mailed me a schedule of when my monthly payments are so that I always know when to expect the payment. I also had no problems setting up immediate withdrawal from my bank account so as not to worry about writing checks or paying over the phone
i have not had an insurance claim in years and found everyone i dealt with to be extremely helpful and nice great company
I am the proud owner of a well-behaved, certified canine good citizen dog, who has been tested and proven to be VERY GENTLE with children, adults and other pets. She is obedience trained, and certified as non-aggressive and friendly, well-behaved. Still, my homeowner's policy (which I have had for a very long time) was at risk due to unfair breed-specific guidelines. My insurance agent helped me to find MAPFRE, and I am already thrilled to move my homeowner's and 2 auto policies to this company, which is clearly informed and fair. They approved my policy based on my dog's history and certifications vs. the uninformed and outdated policies banning breeds in general. I am now a new and happy customer-grateful to be welcomed to MAPFRE, a company who has already shown that all are welcome- even those with dogs that some fear, based on proven behavior vs. biology! Thank you, MAPFRE and company leaders who have taken the time to educate themselves in order to be open-minded and rational when considering new clients, and supporting existing clients. Most of us are responsible dog owners, generally offering rescue dogs a second chance and taking the responsibility seriously by providing training and proof of temperament in order to meet your policy guidelines. It was a refreshing to find your company after being shunned by less-informed, less-inclusive companies holding on to breed-specific biases, regardless of an individual dog's temperament and behavior history. I am grateful to be your new client!
The problem was not really with MAPFRE but with the appraiser. Water entered my recently purchased car and soaked the passenger side and floor carpeting. I did my best to dry the carpet with a hairdryer. The problem was some small drain tubes which had become clogged. I contacted Commerce and the agent was highly responsive. When I brought the car to the appraiser, the carpet was dry to the touch. What I didn't know was that underneath, the carpet was developing mold and the linings were still wet and moldy. So the initial appraisal was $0 damage. The dealer explained that the problem was serious -- and expensive. She contacted the appraiser and from then on everything went quickly and smoothly. I love Commerce -- their people -- and coverage -- are just THE BEST!
too much work to do on line with registering etc. and fees are crazy to get mail from you- not happy
Why is it, please, that I am NEVER able to view a policy after logging in? I click and I click and I click and nothing results but for some colored boxes that mean nothing. Not once over the past years have I been able to view a single policy for an of our customers. I don't understand that. Below is just one of our customer's policy number. It is for Commerce West. I did use the correct portal. Thank you,
I have been so pleased with all my dealings with the staff! Whether it's paying my bill, or calling with a problem, I've always been treated with respect and cheerfulness!
your add says in Massachusetts you get up to a 15% welcome back discount if you had Commerce beforeI did have it and live on disability so I COULD USE RGE MONEY ewgards john hughes 4 heather circle n. billerca ma. 01862 cell 978-502-4545
Have been with you guys for over 30 years and always feel comfortable. Reliable and there when you need them.
As a client of Commerce Insurance, I am very satisfied and content with the care and service I receive from Commerce Insurance. They are right there when I need them and have a problem. I am extremely impressed by the friendliness and skill that they use when handling my problems. It is wonderful to feel so secure and safe. These days, it is very important and reassuring! Thank you Commerce Insurance!!
Great and helpful.
I received very thorough and courteous service from an agent in Marlboro, Mass AAA office. He took time with me to explain everything. I felt satisfied after our visit.
i'm very pleased with MAPFRE Insurance, they make it so easy for you. guys tag along, you will be happy
I enjoy the fact that I can go online and pay my bill ahead of schedule if I want to my bill online. ahead of schedule or extra payments.
I was with Liberty Mutual for 10 years without realizing that they were ripping me off every year with huge premium increases even without any incidents. When I switched this year to MAPFRE, they saved me a whopping ~$1,000.00 almost in annual premium for both my Auto and Home policies. Their agents are responsive, knowledgable and very helpful.
Mapfre was $50 cheaper than our previous auto insurance, Safety. Wish I had checked them out sooner!
was quoted one rate then was told later it would be much higher. Previous insurance had a replacement value $450,000.00 while Mapfre is using $493,000.00 quite a difference.
Liz was great to work with. Took care of business under pressure, near closing time.
Rosa at Gorman insurance is the best I wish all insurance agents will like her
The representative I worked with was amazingly thorough, efficient, and explained everything to me in a manner I could understand.
Called to put in a claim for the frame around my two car garage door. Entire frame was rotted out causing extensive damage requiring a contractor. The lady I spoke with at MAPFRE was great and the claims adjuster who came to the house was also great. So far 9-01-16 I have not heard a word. I believe I called MAPFRE on August 25th. I am anxiously awaiting an answer. I have never placed a claim before this one.
Maria Carvalho is great and she gives us all the time we need to make any decisions we may want. She explains our insurance easily, so when we walk out we know what we have or what we may want in the future. Thank you, Maria
Fair evaluation of past driving record. Efficient handling of my complicated situation. I recommend checking this Company out for auto insurance.
Thank you for a quick and painless claim process. I was very impressed with the communication that went on as well as the quick payment. Thanks again
Great price and they actually help
I would like to draw attention to the exemplary customer service of Robin Russo at the Leominster, MA AAA office. When I wanted to transfer home and auto insurance from my previous carrier, Robin asked insightful and thoughtful questions leading me a place where my husband and I saved several hundred dollars.
I have had an insurance claim being investigated for over 6 months. The insurance company never had any issues taking my monthly payments.....but once they have to pay on a claim they have done nothing. They totaled my car over 6 months ago, never reimbursed my rental fee. They never asked for any documentation until I advised them that I have cooperated and this is beyond ridiculous. When I opened the claim they were calling me constantly so they could get the car out of the collision center that "They" were being charged for. They were extremely unprofessional in their statement that it was my responsibility to get a correct telephone number for them to contact the collision center. I was also harassed by Samuel one of the many people who were handling my claim in the beginning phase, it has changed hands a few times. He lied and tried to threaten me that he had pictures . They lied to investigators and said their were tickets 19 tickets from New York and 30 something from florida- both complete lies. It appears I will have to hire an attorney to get my insurance company to do their job and fulfill their end of the contract that they have no problem collecting money for. Both agents that I have are great, unfortunately I WILL not continue to use them as long as they offer Mapfre. I will tell everyone about their horrible communication and lack of professionalism when it comes to paying out on a legitimate claim. Being down a car and money for rental for over 6 months is NOT acceptable.
This year my insurance with another company went up quite a bit even though nothing had changed and my truck was a year older . So I decided to shop around . I ckecked out Five differnt insurance companies and Mapfre ( commerce) was the least expensive and with more coverage. I did every thing online it was great thanks Mapfre for saving me MONEY
Thankfully I have not had any claim in quite a while. Any questions that I did have for customer service were answered quickly and kindly. I have always found customer service reps to be knowledgeable and polite. They answer all concerns thoroughly and are not in a rush to get you off the phone. This is very important because insurance matters can be complicated and understanding terms and regulations can keep a person from making costly mistakes or misrepresentations.
An accident reviewer rudely commented that there were two sides to every story and she had already heard the other side. After listening to what I had to say, she rudely said that she doubted the other party was trying to take my insurance for a ride nor abusing my system! After calling back to check on the status, she rudely said she had checked into the claims and found for the other party when he rear-ended me! I can't believe that she is letting him get away with a claim for a whole front and side of his car damage when my baseball size dent above my wheel well shows he hit me! I still haven't received any paperwork on said accident, even though it happened July 20, 2016! It is now Nov.! If I ever hear from you, I will appeal!
Calling in the claim was quick and easy. Representative was knowlegeable. I was able to leave my car on the weekend ate the all in one apraisal auto body shop as they are part of the easy care shops with mapre. The process slowed down when I had to call to find out where my car was in the process. And then the autobody shop had not sent the appraisal to the adjuster but had spoken to amother claims sdjuster who said I was responsible for the accident. This slowed down the process as I hadtocontsct my adjuster who made the decision based on my accident report that I would not be responsible for the deductible but asit wax the end of the day I could not pick up my car for another day. It is not fair forme to say what the workload of these autobody shops are but I do think maybe a phone call after it was appraised to give a rough estimate. Quality of the autobody shop was very good.
I been insured by GEICO for several years, but I was wondering: If I have an impeccable driving record, why my policy price never went down? Now I pay less for more coverage, thanks MAPFRE!
I have nothing but praise for this company. I have been dealing with them for a little over 3 years on a day to day basis and the professionalism shown on all aspects of business is unparalleled. The turn around time on questions and issues is exceptional. I certainly would recommend a relationship with this carrier to anyone looking for A+ service and pricing. The agent that I insure my vehicle with is exceptional at what he does. Personal and professional.
Just started the insurance so far so good.
The change over from the old insurance was smooth and painless.
My rate is so high. My pay in full mandatory premium was extremely painful financially. Wish my 9.5 years with commerce would have translated into a middle ground. My AAA agent Jaimie was fabulous. The nicest agent ever.
Was looking to change from insurance co I’d been with since 1970 as had become Very I’m personable and difficult to speak with an agent face to face. Went to Prince Ins locally as recommended by my husband. Total satisfaction. Wendy and Melissa were beyond helpful...GREAT!
Had hail damage to my roof. Had two roofing contractors with 30 years experience look at my roof both said I need a complete new roof. Mapfre wants to patch my roof. Both contractors will not patch roof. Can't guarantee the work and it won't match. Also both said my warranty is now void. Every house on both sides of my street have new roofs paid by their insurance company. Don't use this Insurance company.
The insurance agent was very informative and took time to see what discounts we were eligible for even when we didn’t ask. We were very pleased.
Unreal. My car insurance used them as an adjustor when my car was totaled. The adjustor took almost 20 days to make the total loss estimate. She then explained to me it would be faster if she sent out 60% of the payment and when they received the title they would then send out the other 40%. It took another week to get the 60% check. I wanted to immediately send back out the title but was unsure where to sign. I called the adjustor 3 more times with no callback. I finally was able to get someone to explain where to sign and I mailed it in that day (with a promise they would overnight the 40% check when they received it)... I then waited 2 weeks. This morning I finally called and was sent to voicemail,.. again. I called back in the afternoon once again when I got home and saw the check had not arrived... I was sent to voicemail. I called back again and asked to speak with ANYBODY. The person I spoke to said they had documented receiving the title 3 days ago (impossible it couldn't have been received at least a week before that) but that no check had been scheduled to be sent out. He said he would now put in a note to send it out . I'm not holding my breath.
the Agent at the AAA office that fixed me up, just about turned himself inside out to help me, both during the application process, but also the next day, when I was trying to fix things with the local DMV. You know what a bunch of over-officious pencil-pushers the DMV can be, but my Agent smoothed things over to a remarkable degree. Thanks Johnathan, you're alright!!
What happened in regards to canceling my policy in October and backdating it to August is unforgivable. I have been with this company for years. I ALWAYS pay my policy in full at renewal time every year. If my payment was missing and information sent in the mail was not responded to, why did neither this company nor my agent, who happens to be my chief on our fire department who I see on a regular basis at our fire station where I am an EMT and a Firefighter, call me, email me, or even say something in person when he saw me. I have now purchased new insurance through your company but at a substantial increase in price. In addition to that increase, I am now on the hook for a window repair I had done, thinking I had glass coverage, that I must now pay out of pocket for in addition to my increased premium. I am tempted to file a 93A complaint against this company but I am too busy with my final exams in this the fall of my 3L year of law school.
I have insured my house and car and I get good discounts
Terrible! Liars and thiefs I would never deal with them again. Horrible service and bad employees
My young daughter fell very ill whilst on holidays in the USA. I assumed that I could claim flight change costs/doctor cost and hotel cost (€800) when I returned but they stated that I voided my policy as I never called them when my daughter got sick. Well forgive me for not reading the small print but where is your sense of humanity and understanding? I provided them with all the necessary paperwork and never received a penny. I am disgusted with these people. I have used them. My Company has used them as well for years but never again.
I have used The Commerce Insurance Co since 1984. I have had wonderful experiences with them over the years. The agent's office has always been knowledgable & helpful with any questions or situations that have arisen. I am sure I will continue to use Commerce for a long, long time to come.
I have nothing but good things to say about MAPFRE Insurance. Even though I have only had them for 7 months, I had an issue with my cracked windshield, and needed it replaced. It was the painless process I have ever had with my car. I highly recommend MAPFRE to anyone who needs insurance coverage!!
My agent was quick and had my new policy processed efficiently om the same day. Prices were affordable and many discounts available for good drivers.
Staff was knowledgeable and advised on types of coverage needed. Very helpful, no pressure to purchase
Maybe just a bit too much snail-mail from them, but I guess being over-informed is better than not being informed.
I just began with this insurance company and so far I am very pleased!
good insurance. it is easy to understand
Mike Letorney made the transition to MAPFRE seamless and worry free. He knows his stuff and gets it done - fast!
Has been a very good experience
My experience with MAPFRE Insurance was excellent. I will recommand MAPFRE to anyone.
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