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Liberty Mutual - Homeowners Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Liberty Mutual
Year Founded: 1912
Address: 175 Berkeley Street
City: Boston
State/Province: MA
Postal Code: 02116
Country: United States
Phone: (888) 398-8924
Overall average rating of 2.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 19 %
This company was our homeowner insurance until they refused to live up to their policies. We had hail damage to our roof, air conditioner, and awning. They said we had hail damage but not to the roof. The awning did have a damage, and it is attached to the roof. We had four air conditioning people check our AC unit, and they said it could not be fixed. Liberty Mutual sent someone to check it, and they said it could be "combed out". We were paid for the awning and the roof on the guest house, but not for the roof or AC unit to be "fixed", that came from our own pocket. They disallowed insurance for the roof because they said it was already "old". Also, Mr. ** accused me of insurance fraud and said I got up on the roof and "beat up" the AC unit. Of course, he denies this. So we changed insurance companies, so that if we have something that will happen to our home again, we will be covered. There is no use to pay insurance premiums if it is not going to cover anything. We are senior citizens, and it is not easy for us to come up with money for repairs for things we already paid insurance for.
My husband I cancelled out insurance with Liberty Mutual over a month ago. A check was supposed to be sent back then for mortgage premium. I called twice inquiring about the check and girl told me yes it was mailed a few days after canceling. Now a month later my husband calls... check was mailed to an address we had 6 months ago in another state! Yes, I'm angry. Last days she needs to reinstate policy to correct the address. Address in the other state was NEVER given to LM and never insured under them. How and why did that use an address that was 6 months old in another address. Then a man calls back this morning and says that I owe for our auto policy, also cancelled a month ago. I explained that refunded me at the time for that policy as well and now that want a payment. Don't insure with Liberty Mutual or watch your billing and policies VERY closely!
When Liberty Mutual reached out to me to apply for their homeowners insurance, I was willing to do so because I have been happy with their auto insurance. After committing to their homeowners via written agreement and first month payment, AND written cancellation to my current insurance, I received a cancellation notice from Liberty following their home inspection. My home is newly renovated, therefore its appearance is neat and tidy, with curb appeal and no visible reasons for a cancelled policy. Their reasons included a missing railing, moss on part of my roof, and a branch that just barely over hangs a corner of my roof, and is nowhere near touching the roof. I called and expressed my concerns and aggravation. Here are my main points about my experience and why I would not suggest to anyone to use Liberty Mutual: I am a veteran home buyer and buy and sell, rent homes, and renovate them. I have NEVER had this experience with any other insurance companies. ENTRAPMENT, a company should not assist you in canceling your current policy and cash your check before completing their inspections, therefore not fully committing to you. 1 YEAR PENALTY, even if you can complete your necessary changes immediately, Liberty will not review your policy again for a minimum of 1 year. I have now lost my insurance company that I have used for my properties, and have to start from scratch in finding a new policy on my home and have it in place within 3 weeks.
We had water damage to our kitchen, which was reported on November 20, 2012. There was extensive water damage on the interior walls, cabinets and wood floors. Wall, including appliances like microwave, refrigerator, oven, cabinets and countertops, was removed. The mold was removed two weeks after. Since then, the wall has been bare exposing electrical wiring and plywood for over one month. Cold air has been seeping through the wall. Our insurance adjuster said he wasn't aware that the first contractor had backed out of the job. He stated he doesn't listen to his entire messages, therefore he never got our message informing him about the contractor stating there was too much controversy with the insurance agent. Therefore he was backing out of the job. He had a second contractor come out. He also gave him an estimate. He has now received two estimates from two separate contractors, yet he has failed to approve repairs as per the estimates. We scheduled a date to meet the insurance agent and the contractor. The appointment was scheduled for today, December 28, 2012. No one called to reschedule nor did anyone show up. At this time, we are seeking legal advice.
I got a notice from my college alma mater that I could get a group rate. This made Liberty Mutual stand out as a more attractive rate than the company I had at the time. Getting the policies set up very, very easy and any interaction with the insurance company has been pleasant. I can access all my information online at the Liberty Mutual website. This is very convenient for me. It was previously bundled with auto insurance but I no longer have an automobile. So far, so good!
Liberty Mutual provides good choice of coverages that are needed by any homeowner for any and all possible exposures. I no longer use this company because the policy is too expensive - the policy doubled in price the year I stopped using this company - switched to a comparably rated company with much much better rates. Originally had coverage because I used to work at this company - when I worked there I even was given a discount.
What good is insurance if they don’t pay for damage to the house. The insurance rates have more than doubled, while the value of the house has dropped by half. Insurance is a scam.
I signed up with Liberty Mutual in 2012 as i was directed to them by GEICO. My 1st year premium was reasonable, but when it got renewed they bumped it up by almost 50% and told be that it was because my home no longer qualified for a new home discount. Next year they bumped it up another 30-40% with no reason given. So, in a matter of 2 years my premiums went up from roughly $1100 to $2200, despite no claims or change in my credit profile. I had enough and decided to cancel my policy on 10/22/2014. I was told a check would be mailed out to me and was asked to verify my address. After 1 month, and no refund i decided to call them again for the money and was told that it probably got lost in the mail and they would re-issue a check. Then again after 1 month i called them telling i did not have the check and they told me that they would send it out again and asked me to verify my address again. This happened once again and i asked them to send my refund by certified mail or priority mail so that it could be tracked and they refused. Today i called them again as its been over a month and now they tell me that the checks were being sent to my old address, though I am not sure why as i verified my address each time i called. And of course this time around also they promise I will get the refund but will not send my refund by certified mail. Stay away from this company. I am down $2200 for over 3 months now and am not sure when I will see my refund. Even government bureaucracies function better than these guys.
I have been a Liberty Mutual - Homeowners client for 45+ years. This past January we had a flooded basement and filed a claim. When I received a statement showing my new premium, it showed an increase of over 50%! Needless to say I am outraged and may drop all my policies with LM.
My sister had such high regards for Liberty Mutual that I switched from GEICO and never looked back. And I saved money when I switched and they were so nice. I just wished I should have done it sooner than I did. Although I thought they would have a better bundling plan after I brought my cars over. And they don't have to remind me that my statement is ready since I have them on auto pay. But other than that, I like that they didn't raise the rate of my premium after one claim and how they were so quick and courteous settling my claim. And I like the way they send me a birthday card every year just little things like that.
Sales reps are a little pushy and want you to sign on without seeing a quote. Also, they say they will fully pay claim but double your deductible to get their money back. But simple and easy process to obtain home insurance policy. Lower rates than other companies and great discounts. And will work with you until everyone is satisfied with the terms of the policy. They will have a policy to fit your needs and financial situation. Their employees are extremely knowledgeable and will help you through the process.
Rambling rant ahead. Bought a home. Home is 60 years old. Home is stucco. Home is suburban. We were elated to move in after a very terse inspection process. LM sent out a noob to come photograph the house to find leverage to drop us. No, really. She admitted this was her 3rd house ever and was still new at it. She's photographing hairline—and I mean human hair width—cracks as "structural" cracks in the stucco as "water damage." Uh no, sorry. That's not structural.Then she photographs a downspout that goes to dirt rather than onto a concrete pad like all the others. So I grab a concrete pad I have nearby, lay it in place like the others, and say, "you mean like this?" "Yes, but I already took the picture." "So take it again." "I can't do that." C. Then she says the driveway has cracks. Yes, observant, aren't you. It does have cracks. Is a cracked driveway a wedge to exploit an insurance carriers liability? The house is 60 f years old and passed a rigorous inspection and yet LM comes in right after with this impersonal robotic letter dropping me. I had been a customer with them since college. HFS!I emailed my contact there at LM and he was horrified to learn of it. He has no power of course because underwriters want a sure thing: collect money and .001% risk of payout. Greedy fs. They didn't even offer a means to refute or correct. THAT'S what drew my ire. Now I have to roll with the most expensive three-initialed company out there. I used to rave about LM. No more. Horrid horrid way to treat a customer after all these years.Oh, I forgot the zinger. She, the photographer, tells me if I have a padlock to put on the gate, it'll help. I go get one. I go to lock it and she interrupts, "oh, you don't have to lock it; I just have to photograph that it's there." Oh, ok, so you photograph that, but won't take another image of the concrete pad? The vocal anti-man photographer and her dog that photographed the house was from Mueller Service, Inc of Tonawanda, NY. Hey, Mueller, tip for you: teach your photogs the difference between superficial and structural cracks. If someone would have to Dremel a trough in a "crack" to make it wide enough to even get Dap 50 year in, then it isn't structural. Oh, and as a PS, stucco cracks. Funny thing about physics: heat causes material to expand and cold causes it to contract. Who knew.
I switched over my insurance about a month ago because I was going to be saving roughly $100 a month. Everything went smoothly with my new company and I got the confirmation emails that I was promised from my new agent. The 2A letter that is required to cancel insurance was sent three weeks in advance prior to my next payment coming out. Apparently no one received the letter and my bank account was deducted for the payment. This was not planned and my new company took their payment out two weeks before Liberty Mutual so my bank in turn assessed me $90 in fees and I paid both companies their payments. Both companies are playing the blame game on one another and the only person this has affected is me. I am appalled by the lack of customer service and absolutely disgusted that this is how your company does business. I feel bad for anyone that has to do business with them or deal with resolving an issue. Not sure how people get away with not doing their jobs.
I have never filed a claim for homeowners in 28+ years of homeownership and the rip off artist at Liberty Mutual specifically the Office at 149 Plantation Ridge Drive, Suite 170, Mooresville NC 28117 704-360-1840 sent me a notice that sign the North Carolina Consent to Rate form increases my homeowners policy rate from 951 in 2017 to 1,344.00 a year which is above the state rate of 1,138.00. A thing named ** (he won't give his last name because he is a coward) made-up a plethora of lies to justify the increase in the macro, but could not give me a rational reason why MY insurance will increase above the NCRB suggested rate. They pull this maneuver one month before renewal to prevent people from looking up new insurance. I will NEVER do business with Liberty Mutual for any reason in Home or Auto.
I would like to impart some general experience I gained after my house burned down on 09/2009.If you are not satisfied, then contact your state insurance commissioner. The way Citizens dealt with my claim was like day to night. In 3 days, they had been contacted by the Florida Insurance Regulation department. I was reassigned to the supervisor of claims adjuster. If I gave proper documentation, I was given the money. Citizens was my HO insurance provider. My claim began much like the stories read on this site. I was unemployed also at the time. This ended up being a good thing. I decided to educate myself and manage this claim. Over the course of 18 months, I learned how to deal with not just Citizens. I learned how to deal with the contractor, city building department, restoration company and many other people eager to get in on collecting as much of the money the insurance was paying as possible. The general attitude is "Hey, we can over charge, do sloppy work, steal personal items, Play Station, TVs, stereo equipment and entire bedroom suites". If you confront them, they will all say, "Hey it's no skin off your back, since the insurance company is paying." Well it's skin off my back, because every dollar you cannot spend will go into your pocket. I have put all my experience into a report that will save people 1000's of dollars, hours of frustration and a road map to recovering from a catastrophic occurrence. You can read more at **.I received a notice about 6 months ago, saying my premium was going up due to the 2 accidents on 3/17/09. I had many things going on, as I just moved back into my house that burned down on 9/2009. Anyway, I recently looked at my premium. I saw it had just about doubled. I saw that the accident is not even listed on their website. I saw that I did not have 2 accidents on 03/17/09, just one. I talked to someone in claims. They said I was not being held for two 03/17/09 incidents, but that only one caused an 85% increase. So now I heard a different story from the person I talked to. The website is giving contradicting information. And the notice is stating even another version. I get the feeling nobody really knows what is going on. And as long as I am paying, who cares other than me? So, what is the correct way to find out the truth about what I am getting credit for and caused the increase? Why would it take 2 1/2 years on the 11/11/2008 accident and over 3 years on the 08/27/2007 incident for your company to decide to raise my premium? Also, one is marked open and the other closed. I really get the feeling the right hand has no clue what the left hand is doing. And it is the insured customer that pays the price for a company that looks to be all confused. What would you think if you were getting this type of information? Can you point me in the correct direction as to who I need to contact?
Customer comments here encouraging me to share you my experiences with Liberty Mutual insurance. 1) They're always come up with many excuses to raise your premium because of many other claims (even if you have NO claim).
2) The TV commercial are the paid actors/actress and NOT regular consumers like us. The replace new vehicle is ONLY FOR BRAND NEW VEHICLE & ONLY for the first 12 months. 3) I had a claim in for slow water leak behind the wall and between my shower and the clothes (water is only leak when the shower is turn on). Their adjusters came and refused to pay because they said this have been leak for a while and blame for not keep up. NOTES: I called them when I see the first leak thru wall. Whatever the reason is/are... we are the policyholder and Liberty Mutual responsible to take care of our home/auto claims.I finally LEFT Liberty Mutual insurance for good. I took ALL my family members and friends AWAY. For those of you want Liberty Mutual to be your home/auto, do yourself a favor. Do your research online. Just remember this and DO NOT be afraid. You buy insurance because you will need some insurance stand behind you and fix the problems with ease to you and NOT add headache to your issue.We LEFT and much much happy with the current insurance company that we have now. My new insurance company name start out with letter "A-i-A" (sorry, I am not sure ConsumerAffairs will post my review. But I am NOT promote the whole name spell out) and on top of my home policy I get a check dividend just last 02/2017 was $305.00 because they treat us like a stakeholder. Anyway, I just want to share my bad past experience and hope that you can find one will help and stand behind you in the future.
Liberty Mutual offers insurance to cover my livestock in case they get out and cause an accident. They have knowledgeable representatives that seem happy to help with my questions. They also offer a reasonable price for their coverage but it would be even better if they offered incentives or discounts for keeping their coverage over time. But other than that, Liberty is the best bargain overall. They offer the best coverage for the best price that we could find and I am happy with the people I deal with.
I have dropped Liberty Mutual in October of 2011 due to their ever increasing rates. My new insurance company advised me that I have roof damage. I contacted a roofing company. They advised me I had storm damage from severe storms the previous year. I contacted Liberty Mutual because they were my insurance company at the time the storms had hit. I advised them that my roofer wanted to be present when they (Liberty Insurance) inspected the roof. The adjuster (Daniel **) told me he likes to wait till spring to do roof inspections. Both my roofer and I were concerned the roof might not wait until spring. They sere notified about the problem in January 2012. I called him a couple of weeks later and told him of my concerns. He called my roofer and told them that he would be out in about an hour. My roofer went to my house and the adjuster was already done inspecting my roof. He lied about the time he would be there. He told my roofing company he was only going to buy half the roof and left. I got a check of $1200.00 for a $3700.00 roof! The breakdown of the costs did not cover everything and they (Liberty Mutual) refused to send me a detailed breakdown. They only say everything is rolled into the cost breakdown. My roofer advised me that they have never had a breakdown that does not itemize everything. I contacted **'s supervisor, John **. Trying to talk to him is worse than **. He plays phone tag and refuses to send the breakdown of costs as well. My roofer tried to talk with him. He threatened them by stating that if my roofer tries to give me a discount so I don't have to pay my deductible, he will have her arrested because a new law is going to be passed for such acts. This guy has no leg to stand on. My roofer said half a roof is no good and they cannot replace only half a roof because they cannot match the shingles or the type used. The insurance company I have now would like to meet with Liberty Mutual, my roofer and I to try and work things out, but they refuse to talk. I advised him that I will file a law suit—and I mean it. Liberty Mutual should be sued for their illegal practices. My policy was paid up at the time and they don't want to replace the roof because I am no longer a customer of theirs.
We have been insured through Liberty Mutual for homeowners, auto and flood insurance since 2009. Each year when I receive my renewal policy, the rates have increased, without ever making a claim. For the first few years, the rates would only go up by about $100-$150/year, but for the last few years the homeowners rates have increased by about $500-$600/year! The auto has also increased, and we have no tickets, accidents or anything on either record.When I inquire about the increases, I am told that construction costs in the area have gone up so our rates in turn go up. We have a storage shed on the property (with nothing even in it) and that went up as well! In the past I have looked into switching to another company, but this year I am finally going to do it. I have looked into other companies and for the exact same coverage I save almost $2000! Don't insure through Liberty Mutual. Your rates might be low for the first year, but they will keep going up and up.
Liberty Mutual gave good flexibility with policies so we could bundle. Discount through work, easy to get a quote online and meet with someone in a day. Local office - we had a great representative. She was very nice and easy to work with. Friendly staff and convenient office. They should provide the ability to review the policy more for more discounts though and more discount options would be nice- seemed like it cost a lot for the size of the house but overall a good company. We also had car insurance so enjoyed both.
Without any warning, I noticed a pool of water collecting on my beautiful hardwood floors, beneath my kitchen sink. Long story short, water had been collecting under my sink overnight due to some malfunction with the piping. I contacted Liberty Mutual, and the customer service rep was so kind and accommodating. Her first words were, "I am so sorry you and your family are having to deal with this sort of situation." As a skeptic, (I've had many negative insurance encounters), I assumed this was some sort of company jargon, and of course she could care less! Boy, was I wrong. Each and every person I encountered--from the call center, to my estimator, to my claims adjuster was kind, upbeat, accommodating, and resourceful! I can be a bit demanding, and on occasion a "tough-cookie" to deal with, especially when I am undergoing the stresses of an uncomfortable living environment. Yet, throughout my entire dealings with Liberty Mutual, the angry disgruntled consumer never had to emerge. Immediately, my family was offered hotel accommodations (virtually of my choice) due to my circumstances. I was again offered a hotel for my family while my contractor worked in my home. I am always wary of hotel arrangements that aren't made by me, because I am extremely picky, and require a great deal of space (I have 5 children). With that, Liberty Mutual allowed me to choose my own accommodations, provided they were within a particular (high-quality) chain. I was able to find, new, clean, spacious rooms, that comfortably fit my large family. The rooms were close to home, close to my husband's job, and met my embarrassingly high standards. I even required a one-day extension on my stay (my contractors, didn't finish the job within their original timeline), and Liberty Mutual's placement company worked hard to find available lodging to suited me (a large local conference left many hotels fully booked). Most importantly, Liberty Mutual did not resolve my issues by compensating me for a patch-up job. They literally too.
The gave us the most coverage for our money. Very happy with them. They understand our needs and wants. They explained our policy to us. Our deductibles are not outrageous. Liberty Mutual is a great company and would not want to change insurance company. We also have our car insured with them and also very happy. They have a very low rate for our 18-year old son. They gave us the best deal and we looked around. We check prices and compared them to Liberty Mutual and they were the lowest and have the best coverage than any other insurance company.
I have only put in one claim a few years ago and I thought at the time that it was handled quickly and without any problems. We had a small leak from our roof and had to have someone come out and fix it right away and since it was on a weekend that the roofer came I wasn't able to call the insurance company until Monday and within 3 weeks they had mailed us a check so I would highly recommend them if you were looking for a good insurance company with no problems.
Liberty Mutual has excellent customer service from calling in to the main 800 number to communication with our agent and his office. He has been great. As first time homeowners we did not understand a lot of the technical terms on the policies - he took time to explain each term and section and how it would pertain to us as well as how it could impact price. Overall he helped us narrow down our policy to the best option for our needs and he never pushed us towards the more expensive option. It was a very honest and trustworthy process. In the end we also moved our auto and purchased life insurance from them as well.If our Agent wasn't as amazing as he was we would have had trouble understanding sections of the policy as we never owned a home before. Liberty could perhaps have a section online or a pamphlet for first time buyer or general customers that explains some terminology. It is intimidating at first when you begin to look for policies. Other than that, our policy gave us the right amount of coverage we needed at an affordable price. We got to chose coverage to fit our climate. We reside in and we were able to bundle other insurances to lower the price. Even moving auto and life over were more affordable on their own. I was also able to get a discount as well for where I graduated college from and because of the type of degree I received. They have other perks the agent can assist you with.
I am a previous customer of Liberty Mutual. I cancelled my insurance after I had roof damage on my home. When I was in need of their help due to storm damage I was passed off to three different adjusters before anything at all was done. They sorely underestimated the amount of damage and didn't include all the loss, not to mention the further damage due to heavy and continuous rain for a month.
Recently changed insurers to save money. All is well until 2 weeks later they contracted with an inspector to come and do an inside and outside inspection of my home and property. The inspector spent about 5 minutes taking pictures and left. Two weeks later I get a 30-day cancellation notice from Liberty Mutual indicating that based upon the inspection, my homeowners insurance is being cancelled because of the condition of the property. The following items were noted: 1. In a fenced in area, at least 150 feet from my home, I have recyclable materials from home/property improvement and cleanup plus two tires.
2. One side of my renovation in process barn is not finished (siding in disrepair). In the last 9 years I have taken the unusable barn and invested over 8,000 dollars to make it useful. It is not yet complete.
3. My shed, which was updated with a metal roof last year, is in disrepair. 4. Undomesticated animals (13 chickens).Since 2006 when I bought the property I have put in over 40,000 dollars into the septic system, leaching field, siding, roofing, furnace/ductwork, and interior renovations. The home has upgraded window and electrical system. This is so wrong. Liberty Mutual refuses to let me correct these issues and is cancelling my insurance.
Liberty Mutual Insurance Group of New Jersey are a pack of Thieves. As a victim while a passenger in a private automobile, we were rear ended. From the onset of my claim for injuries Liberty Mutual did everything possible to Delay, Deny and Defend the provisions that my auto policy was to provide. They even went as far as sending me for an IME with an Retired Orthopedic Surgeon only to have me examined by a Fraud. It turned out to be not an Orthopedic Surgeon but his son a Laser Hair Removal specialist who assumed the Identity of his 82 year old father. But they were caught in this fraud, all caught on video. We are waiting until after the Civil Trial at which point charges will be filed against all involved. My advice never insure with Liberty Mutual - "A pack of thieves".
Liberty Mutual Insurance impressed me a lot when I changed my Car insurance to them after having wrecked one. They didn't elevate the price when the company I had for six years did, and treated me like I was a new customer. Liberty Mutual Homeowners is especially customer friendly and my mortgage company was happy that I chose them. If I could get this insurance a little cheaper, it would be nice. But other than that, Liberty Mutual stands behind their promises. They are honest, and they rebuilt my garage when it was destroyed by fire. I love this company because it costs less and is the most trustworthy of all the ones that I checked out.
Reasonably priced, moderate increases, convenient payment options and good value for premium paid. Also knowledgeable employees, good coverage options; responsive to inquiries, soft sell of additional products and competitive discounts. Chose for best value available for coverages offered; extensive research. Easy to sign-up and good online information on easy to use access. Also timely renewal notifications. But should have fewer increases. Have loyalty discounts for renewal, premium reductions based on changing home value, suggestions for reducing premiums and offer a 12 month policy to avoid 6 month increases.
Couple weeks ago, we had called Liberty Mutual for a leak that was coming thru our window panel. First we were told that this would be covered. Then we found out that the mold was over 14 days old so it would not be covered. From there onwards, this company has been nothing but a nightmare. The worst insurance company to deal with and the people working there are liars. Stay away from this company. I am cancelling their service.
Liberty Mutual tacked on a $3000.00 a year surcharge to my homeowner's policy, raising my premium from $1092.00 to $4554.00 annually. I did not receive a letter of intent that they were going to do this. I found out when my mortgage payment double from $745.00 to 1449.00. Since I have an impound account, my bank (Wells Fargo) went ahead and paid the increase, then of course, to avoid future impound shortages, started collecting an additional $329.00 a month to the $329.00 they needed to pay for the increase in premium. My house is now in foreclosure and I am going to lose it, not because I can't make my mortgage payment, because of my insurance company's surcharge. Liberty Mutual's reason for surcharge? Because I made a claim in 2011 for water damage from a leaky roof. They assessed the damage to the room and cut me a check for $2800.00 to repair the sheet rock, etc.Obviously, I dropped Liberty Mutual, but the damage is already done because my bank paid the increase and I now owe them. Wells Fargo will not adjust my payment to reflect the amount I owe to my impound account, they will just give me a refund after the year is up. Great. I can make my mortgage payment, but I can't make it with the additional $704.00 increase for the impound account!
Have been a customer with Liberty Mutual for ten years...two houses and two cars insured. Last spring after 4 hail storms I submitted a claim for the roof on one of the houses...first claim on that property in the ten years I had this insurance, never a claim on the vehicles or the other house. Without sufficient notice, they hiked my homeowners premium over 300% to just under $7000 annually for a home insured at $120,000...took a $581 payment from my account for that property. When I called to find out why the astronomical price increase I was told it was statewide increase, which I find impossible to believe. Refused to refund the payment even though I cancelled the policy. Horrible, horrible way to treat a long-term customer. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS INSURANCE COMPANY.
Autos and home increased every 4 six months and never had a claim with the company in the 11 years I was with them. Called each time and they played the reclassification/discounts checked routine. Yesterday said I was cancel and they made up some state discount they could give me. They (retention) took off $300 off the non adjusted current policy. This pissed me off so much I still cancelled. They play games, attract you with a decent rate then, before you know it, they have increased your premiums 50%. Look elsewhere. Also, State Farm did the same.
Liberty Mutual was my homeowner's insurance since early 2009. First thing they increased my coverage without me having any idea that this increase coverage had even been fraudulently been placed. October 21st 2017 I was on my roof starting a home improvement project, "building awning over back deck and stairs" when I slipped on algae, and fell 21 feet. During my month long stay in hospital I reached out to L. M. for some assistance and was told that they were so terribly sorry to hear about accident, but there was nothing they could do to help me, medical, mortgage, nothing. So May 15th, 2018 disabled from fall off roof now, I returned home to find my house had been burglarized. Just to emphasize they even stole my flower beds, WOW.Sheriff's dept. was dispatched and report filed that day. I reported it to my very apologetic L. M. claims dept. that sent an adjuster out. Soon after I was contacted by a lady from special claims investigator dept., whom proceeded to ask a series of questions that I now am feeling as a villian not victim. I now had to move in with my parents because I haven't been able to make my mortgage payments since my fall. So now my home I built is gone, most of anything that wasn't bolted down has been stolen, a private investigator shows at my parents home unannounced to interrogate my fiance for 2 hours and father for 1 hour then to ask me to open my storage shed to make sure the items that were stolen were not in there. So a month later still no sign of reimbursement funds. Hey! "What's a man to do?"
Never had a claim so I can't comment in that area however, if you're looking for a company to increase your rates annually, Liberty Mutual is the place for you. Been with them 3 years now, every year $200.00 premium increase, and they weren't cheap from the start. Currently looking for another company.
We switched to Liberty Mutual 2 years ago for both homeowners and cars. After virtually no claims on insurance for 40 years, a county wide storm felled a huge tree, ripped shingles off the roof of the house and barn and pulled the heavy barn door off track. They had an out of state appraiser come in, we had an estimate and he agreed. Then the company said they would only pay half. The local office assisted and, after another estimate they paid about $1500. This year got a letter from our bank that escrow would be going up as our house insurance increased 25%. No word of this from our agent. I called and he said, of course, you used the insurance, we have to penalize you. So in a couple years they will recoup the paid amount and continue to charge us at a higher level. How good for them! (They also increased our auto insurance without notification.) So while our level of insurance was good, apparently using it was not. Went to other agents, Liberty put in the system that the claim was over $2000 (I guess including the deductible we paid). That is not fair, not fair at all. So we found another company and recommend you do the same.
We had two weather events about a month apart and our roof was damaged. When we took the policy with them about three years ago, I advised them that their "replacement cost" for our home was almost double of what it would actually be. The guy I was speaking with replied that the amount would make sure that our home was built back and for no other reason.Fast forward to a couple of months ago when we had the roof damage. The adjuster shows up and the first thing he does is hands me a paper that said our deductible for the roof (roof only) was .5% of the replacement cost of the house. So, that very inflated replacement cost actually was for another purpose. I advised the adjuster that if he wrote us a check for their replacement cost, that we would be out of the house by midnight that day. He said it was not his call on that. When he came down off the roof, he did say that we would be getting a new roof. BUT he said that since it was a 20 year roof and the house was 20 years old, that LM would depreciate the amount they would pay. I advised the adjuster that it was indeed a 30 year roof and that I had kept everything from when we built the house, including the warranty section from one of the roofing packages. He said that the roofer just gave me something that he had - but then I told him that I had torn that piece off of the wrapper myself. Then I added that when the adjuster for the insurer of my neighbors house came and looked at theirs, he told them that it was a 30 year shingle, and that they liked our roof so much that they put on the same shingle - 3 months after ours was done. I told the guy that he really needed to get another job because what he was doing was pathetic. We received a check from LM and it was made out for the amount they said was depreciated as well as less that .5%. Since the damage was over $10K, it was also made out to our mortgage company. The four estimates we have gotten were ALL over $2500 more than the LM estimate. I filed a complaint with our state insurance commissioner office and they contacted LM. I did not have high expectations. They sent me a copy of the policy from LM along with their explanation. They said that LM was doing what was in their policy. The very next day I see a commercial for LM on TV and the lady is talking about how people do not read their policies because it is mostly legal stuff. People only read the first page. The commercial says other than the first page all of it is blah blah blah, blah blah blah. When I contacted their customer service, they were very rude and wanted to talk over me. When I told the female on the call that she wasn't going to talk over me and not listen to my complaint, she hung up on me. From reading these other complaints, that seems to be standard operating procedure for LM.I'm not done with these clowns and have secured the services of an attorney. I have also contacted my mortgage company and they are investigating. The person handling it even stated that there is something wrong when they inside my home for far more than its value. My roof isn't repaired, but it doesn't leak. Stay away from LM. They are terrible. No, they are pathetic AND terrible. I have told several people about them and will continue to do so. Our auto insurance is with them also, and we will be dropping all insurance with them before any renewals. Stay away from them!!!
I have been a liberty mutual customer since 1996 with my homeowner's policy. Over the years I've had 2 small claims; minor damage for hurricane sandy, and a stolen laptop--with $1000 deductible, their out of pocket was minimal. Our payments are made directly to our mortgage holder, so we never write a check and the renewal is automatic. Unfortunately we were very naive, and assumed we were working with a well established, respectable company, assuming they would be competitive with other companies. Our rates increased 10-20% a year, until the declaration was close to $6000, at which point I called to question why? With little prodding from me, they were able to cut my premium by more than 50%; presumably with the same coverage. This year again they raised my premium by close to 12% (one year it was over 20%), and I called again after reviewing my records. To see market costs, I procured a half dozen bids, based on the same coverage I had in my LB policy. The highest bid I received was @ $1200. When I look back over the history, I feel like a moron for not soliciting quotes each year.When I confronted customer service, they agreed that it was a terrible thing, that it is all done by computer, which seems to have gotten out of control. They apologized, reiterated that it was my responsibility to deny or accept the declaration as it was sent, that while they can see that I was grossly overcharged, there is no going back for reparations nor forward except the current year, that's company policy. I probably have no legal recourse, and amazed that they can admit to (in my mind, fraud) the fact that it should have been less. It's the computer's fault. It was like in the movies, corporate doublespeak denying any responsibility at all. If you have or are considering Liberty Mutual, do not rely on their integrity. Get new competitor quotes every year, or better yet don't do business with thieves.
We have had this insurance company since 1984 covering our 5 homes. In 2012, the lower floors of 2 of the homes were completely wiped out by a large water main break. The party responsible came in and removed all the damaged property (floors, lower 1/3 of walls and personal items) and never returned to reinstall anything. We turned to Liberty and they denied calling it a flood. We argued and argued and finally had to file a lawsuit to get them to pay. They did pay and paid policy limits on the homes. But because they got rid of their agents and went direct to buyers using their own customer service, no one ever reviewed our policies and the policies were still listed as 1984 property values. We got less than 35% of the values, and only after spending $30,000 to get them to pay. THEY SUCK! Don't trust them with your homes or investment property.
I bought my home in 2010. I have never had to make a claim so I am pleased with my service. I often wonder about the price but have been too busy to take the time to compare.
I obtained a policy through Liberty Mutual in April 2012. Pictures were soon taken of the exterior of my property. I was given a long list of items to be repaired within 30 days. We started the repairs, but could not complete them in time. Pictures were sent to the underwriters. Apparently, Liberty Mutual cancelled our policy. I have never received a cancellation notice or refund from Liberty Mutual. I have just been informed from my mortgage company that there is a lapse in insurance. I contacted Liberty Mutual to find out about the cancellation. I obtained other insurance from another company immediately at unfortunately a higher rate. My mortgage company just informed me that I am being charged $3,200.00 for the lapse in coverage. Why is it my fault that Liberty Mutual never contacted me about the cancellation? Apparently, they had inverted the last two digits in my address even though I corrected them every time I was on the phone with them, and their picture taker came to the right address. Now I am battling my mortgage company for something I can't afford and is not my fault. Liberty Mutual says there is nothing they can do. I sure will let my voice be heard.
I have never written a message like this and really am sorry to have to do so, but I am so very disappointed with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. I had insurance covering home and autos for over 20 years. I moved last year and requested to continue my coverage. I received a call letting me know they approved my move, but I wasn't aware I was to expect to sign all kind of documents to bind the coverage. After all those years I wasn't sure what the process was, but depended on them to make it work. Evidently they tried to call me and my voicemail was full. However, they had my "approval" to move forward. They never sent the information and without knowing it I didn't have coverage from July 2015 to the time I made a claim for a scheduled item lost in the move. That's when I found out I had not homeowners insurance coverage at all.We went round and round about coverage, the issues, what happened. I was glad to know I didn't have coverage, but would never had called to make a claim if I knew I didn't have coverage. At the end of the day the company I sent other people to, bragged about, stayed with, treated me as if I was a second class citizen and no matter what, after seeing deficiencies on my side and theirs -- they told me they would not honor anything with me. I am flabbergasted and will be looking for insurance coverage elsewhere and will encourage everyone else to do likewise.
My experience has been positive. Liberty Mutual has been a good home insurance company to use. Their rates are very affordable. I can access my account online and pay my account online both of which make things really easy for me.
Liberty Mutual canceled my homeowners policy and did not notify me. They said they sent a letter they were canceling Florida policies, but I did not receive one. I had to find out from a co-worker that they were canceling Florida policies and when I checked, it was 3 days expired. I immediately called my escrow company who told me they had sent a letter also and put me on forced placed insurance. I can't even get a good rate on a policy now after 30 years of home owners insurance and never missing a payment due to their lack of caring. No one can come up with a tracking number or sent anything certified mail. My mortgage company Bank of America sent the letter Jan. 9th 2012, 20 days after the policy expired.
Liberty Mutual has been a very good insurance company for us. They have given us discounts where applicable and have been very prompt on any questions we have had. Although we have not filed a homeowners claim with them, I feel they would be here to support us in case we had a need to file a claim or had a catastrophic loss of property. We just recently purchased a new home, and have a new agent, who was helpful in reviewing our old policy and revising our new policy to fit our requirements for the new house. Overall we are very pleased with our new agent and Liberty Mutual.
I experienced storm damage. Water entered my home and there was damage to my roof. They underestimated the damage in my home. The adjuster was rude and rigid. I would avoid this company as a consumer.
I filed a claimed with Liberty Mutual, homeowner Insurance. I have been treated harshly. They sent an Investigator to my home. This man harassed me, used intimidation practices. It was an awful experience. I would go into further details, but I intend to take legal actions. Then they continue with their Intimidation to set up an appointment for me to meet their attorney at the jail. This is the worst treatment that I think that I've ever received. The investigator display pure deep seated racism. I'm asking anyone that has insurance with this company, run to your telephone and cancel it ASAP. The stress that I've been through is unreal. I lost my mother ring, my Mother died, and they hurt me. I'm never going to get over how they treated me and threaten me. It has to stop. I shall tell everyone that will listen. Evilness has an expiration date.
We have had Liberty Mutual Insurance for 10 years, both homeowner and car, for a while we had renters - renter and owners. We have had several claims. Claim #1 found out the upstairs bathtub drain was not connected to the drain pipe, flooded the ceiling and part fell down - with renters in the house. We were out of state, and had a $1,000 deductible. Called Liberty Mutual to report the claim, they had the mitigation company out the next day. They orchestrated the plumber for the plumbing repairs and all of the ceiling/ wall repairs and paint. The total came to $1017 so we decided to just cover out of pocket - but they got everything done for us in less than 2 weeks the house was completely put back together.Claim # 2 My husband was T boned driving down the road, he was not at fault but they had an appointment to have the vehicle assessed by the next day, it ended up being totaled out and we received the check within the week, with the reimbursement for our deductible from the at fault's insurance arriving within 2 weeks.Claim # 3 Freak hail storm damaged several neighborhoods in our city. It was declared a natural disaster as so much damage was incurred. the adjuster took a week to come out and tried to pull "these shingles were recalled so you need to contact the builder." Contacted the company with proof that the entire neighborhood had roof claims and proof of the hail damage. In response a new adjuster was sent out and she reviewed all information and granted our claim, we had a $500 deductible which the roofing company agreed to waive for a yard sign. This repair took 4 months due to weather as it was mid fall when the damage occurred, a patch was done and when the ice was gone a new roof was installed.Claim # 4 My suburban was T boned driving down the road, the adjuster had the car in for inspection the next day. Overnighted us a check for the car seats so we could buy new ones. The Suburban was totaled out and we were given the option of a check from Liberty Mutual less our $500 deductible or for them to orchestrate payment from the at fault driver's insurance, we decided to wait and the check came within 2 weeks.Claim #5 The drain pipe from the upstairs bathtub came loose and there was a slow drip. I have no idea how long it lasted, but I noticed a mushroom in the corner of the ceiling. So I put in a claim. The next day the pipe fully broke loose and flooded upstairs and downstairs (impacted 8 rooms). The pressure was raised that week by the water company and it blew our water heater and all valves (toilet, shower, bathtubs, and sinks). They just adjusted the claim to cover all affected rooms. The entire house ended up needing new floors, we needed 3 new bathroom vanities, several walls and the master shower to be ripped out to repair the damage. It was over a $20,000 claim. We were given checks as the work progressed to pay the variety of contractors. We did elect to do some upgrades, and those were at our personal expense (less the amount the insurance would cover for the original quality/ materials). We were told when all the work had been completed and the paperwork filed we would receive the depreciation check - for several thousand dollars. It never came, I tried for months before I gave up as I did not have the time to put into all of the follow up.Claim # 6 Husband was rear ended by a semi truck. We filed the claim the same day, we tried reaching out to the adjuster several times and never received a response back. She closed the case and now we are working to reopen it, with a new adjuster to get his repairs done (likely the car will be totaled). It has been 3 months since the accident.Claim # 7 - This week the upstairs toilet (new house) clogged and flooded the bathroom, a bedroom, hallway, staircase and the garage ceiling started falling down. I filed the claim on Tuesday night, mitigation was here Wednesday morning. Adjuster arrived Thursday morning, I was handed a check right then for the repairs. Because it was fecal water that flooded the house, Liberty Mutual is covering in full the mitigation/ clean up - it induced mold in 2 days in the garage due to the hot humid conditions. We have a $1,000 deductible and a check to cover the rest of the repairs already in hand. Overall, we have had pretty good fast resolutions. It seems to depend on the adjuster what happens and how fast. What I have found is if you have an adjuster that is not cooperating speak up, or try to get a new one assigned.
So my husband and I were about to purchase a house (we just moved into an apartment at the time) and we wanted to get a quote from Liberty to see if their insurance would be cheaper than Geico (our current carrier). My husband spoke with a salesperson named Jessica (can't recall the last name), and my husband asked about getting a quote on a policy. But something weird was happening. Usually you just get an email or something about a quote, but not this time. She was aggressively trying to get my husband to sign off on paperwork. Wait a minute, you don't that for a quote, so my husband declined and hung up. A few weeks later we get something in the mail from them. It was an actual insurance policy. We didn't sign any paperwork nor did we give them permission to send us anything. On 9/25/18, We called them and I left a message on their public page on Facebook to let them know that they were scamming us. I spoke with Lauren and Bernard through FB. We had to fill out a cancellation form (why? it's a fake account). They got the fake policy number that we received and we were told that there will be a 48 hour turnaround time for a cancellation. Fine, we thought that this was over. A few weeks later, we have moved into our new home. It is now 10/18/18. My husband went to check our mortgage info and found out that Liberty has received a payment. Wait, what? They're not our insurance company, Geico is. My husband called our mortgage company and found out that they have been harassing them about a payment/late charges, so they sent them a payment. Once we dug more into this situation, we found out that Liberty didn't decide to cancel the fake account until it was time for a "payment", sent our mortgage company a bill, then once they got the payment, they "cancelled the policy". So apparently scamming people and creating fake accounts is now the new trend for insurance companies. We went through this whole nightmare with them (and still are) all because they want to get extra money from consumers. My husband called them to find out why didn't they cancel the fake policy. Of course there was no answer. Also, instead of just sending our mortgage company the check back, they wanted us to give them our address so that WE can get the check and send it back to our mortgage company. We were afraid to do that because then that will be another scam for them to create another fake policy. Right now, we're going to wait and see if this fake account is removed and get our refund. If not, then may need to seek legal help. I hope that there are others out there who have had similar situations and take them to court, because this is grounds for a lawsuit.
The first of May I had changed my insurance over to Liberty Mutual. Exactly 7 day later a very intense hail storm hit my home in Colorado pitting my roof and vehicles. I had not entered a claim on the roof despite the 30 or so roofing companies that had stopped my house. I was going to wait a bit due to the large number of claims being submitted. On June 1st I received a email from Liberty Mutual stating that they are cancelling my policy due to "roof worn due to impact marks and granule loss" AKA HAIL DAMAGE!!! My current roof is less than 10 years old and was damaged from the hail storm. After speaking with customer service they agreed to send out a adjuster but my policy will still terminate July 5th. I would highly recommend against doing business with Liberty Mutual!!!
I will be fair to Liberty Mutual - I called them. That is when the lying started (3 years ago). I dropped Farmers and went to LM due to their decent rates. Erin ** told me my scheduled jewelry would be 'outside' the normal process if there was a claim - we had a small one for $1600. Our rates have gone up 54% in less than 2 years... They have made their $1600 back and then some. "You made a claim" is all they will answer. They are devious and will lure you with low prices. RUN! They are the epitome of snake-in-the-grass salespeople.
Today I got a notice in the mail that my policy was being cancelled due to a report given on an inspection done. The report stated that I had branches hanging over my metal roof and also over the shed roof. I had just bought this home two weeks before the inspection was done, so had very little time to fix these issues. Instead of giving me a chance to do so, they completely discredited me and decided they would no longer cover me. I could not put in and appeal or get a new inspection done, they said I could do nothing. As far as I am concerned that is the most unfair and disrespectful reason to no longer give coverage.
Initial coverage great, following year increase rates above other companies. They rated the roof for aging and after replacing metal roof rates didn't go down.
I insured my home with Liberty Mutual/ Geico Insurance Agency back in December 2010 and my Escrow company paid the premium through December 2011. I received a letter in the mail stating my policy had been canceled due to lack of payment. After calling my mortgage lender, I confirmed that they did in fact pay the policy through the end of this year, and that there must be a different explanation. Upon calling Geico/Liberty Mutual, I discovered that an additional $482 was added to my policy for earthquake coverage based on a letter they claim to have sent out. They said that they sent a letter giving me the option to "opt out" of earthquake coverage, and that by not responding or returning the letter, I was opting in. I never received such a letter, nor did my mortgage lender, who paid the policy to begin with. I never requested, authorized, or received any notification about earthquake insurance, so it's absolutely absurd of them to take the money I paid to cover the insurance in full for a year, and use it at their own will. I spent over 7 hours today making phone calls back and fourth to Geico/Liberty Mutual trying to resolve this matter, and was told that since I didn't return the letter the coverage is automatically valid. After expressing my frustrations numerous times I was told that if I signed the letter now, opting out, they would send it to Liberty Mutual's underwriters and get it rolled back and my policy could be re-instated. I sent the letter back promptly via fax, only to be told that they for sure sent the letter back in February and they could not assist me any further as they were not willing to roll the insurance back. I have never been treated with such disregard and disrespect by a company in my life. They also told me that if I could prove I had earthquake insurance through another company that they would consider reinstating my policy. They did confirm that they did not receive authorization from me, however not returning the letter was "authorization enough". They basically stole $500 from me for coverage I did not request or authorize. And now I am left without coverage, and re-instating coverage is set to cost me $500 out of my Escrow account, which of course raises my mortgage payment to cover the lost. My policy got cancelled, the "full year payment" I made to Geico/Liberty Mutual was used in 6 months by them adding on coverage i did not authorize. I had to pay another company nearly twice as much to get new homeowner's insurance. I contacted the Washington State Office of Insurance Commissioner and presented all the evidence (the discrepancies, lies, and downright disregard) and they determined there was nothing they could do. My husband and I are in the mindset to now pursue them legally.
On 11-07-2015 while my wife and I were away our house caught fire from a outlet. There was not a lot of fire damage, but heat, suite, and water. At first they were talking to us then they said possible arson, they accused and threated us, my wife and I went and hired a lawyer. Our damages for house and contents was around $200,000.00. We had some antiques, new double oven and other newer appliances, not counting all of clothes, everything in the house had smoke and soot on and in them. They offered us $89,000.00 total in July 2016, we are going to court and they still have not offered any more than $130,000.00. Liberty Mutual should be investigated for the way it treats its customers. Plus they increased our premium from $1100.00 to $2500.00 a year. My wife and I are retired and I am disabled.
I filed a claim for wind damage Dec 15, 2013. I was passed from a claims adjuster to a field adjuster. In March I finally received a summary of damages with what was supposed to be paid out but was told that I wouldn't receive all the money (recover depreciation). I finally received a check made payable to me and Vystar Credit Union. I attempted to cash the check at the branch in Green Cove Springs and was told that I needed to have the work done before they would cosign the check with me. I went to a branch in Jacksonville and they had no problem cashing the check for me. However, that's a complaint for another day. After I received several bids, all of them were far more than what the check was sent for which meant that I had to come out of pocket and be reimbursed. The claim included damage coverage for the roof and inside paint damage. I called the adjuster and let him know what was going on and obtained his fax number. After receiving a paid in full receipt from the roofing contractor, I asked for a certificate of completion. He told me that I only needed to fax the paid in full receipt and that would be sufficient. Needless to say that the adjuster insisted that the roofing contractor didn't know what he was talking about. On top of this, I paid over 1000.00 out of my pocket that I took from my mortgage to pay for my roof because I was expecting to get this check that I was due. Wouldn't you know that until I pay more money out of pocket to get the other work finished, I can not recoup anything that I have spent or collect on the money that I am supposedly due? I say supposedly due because after this, I don't believe a thing David ** with Liberty Mutual has to say. They know what the industry standard is and should have been on hand to write the full check to the roofing contractor or should have sent enough money, without me having to come out of pocket a dime. Not only is this bad business, this is shady business. I have been with this company for 14 years and when I need them to do their job as my insurance company, I am hosed. I don't know how far my complaint will go, but I am telling any and everyone that will listen. From the perspective of a customer, this is wrong on every level. From a business standpoint, I guess they get to keep money that I am owed because it is going to take me a while to dig myself out of the hole they put me in and I have no idea when I will have the money to get my other repairs done. As a widow and a single mother that works full time, I have to spend my money wisely. This company has lost my trust and I have nothing good to say about them or this experience.
Liberty Mutual was recommended when we got our home loan. The loan officer at the bank told us they did a lot of business with them so instead of getting quotes we went with them on our officer's recommendation. Liberty Mutual was very easy to deal with and make a claim through. They were very helpful with our choices and the process. They also have not raised our rates after making a claim. While they are easy to deal with, it takes a very long time to hear back from them regarding questions. It took days to hear from them with regard to certain things the workers needed to know so the workers had a lot of down time for this reason.
The quote and reviews of the company was right on. The customer service is great also and the representatives were some of the best to deal with. They seem to care about their customers. They have even sent out notifications when there was storms in our area.
Liberty Mutual have No intention paying claims for Hurricane Harvey. I been with them nearly 30 years and I am so disappointed with the way my claim was handled. I had damages to kitchen cabinets from wind blowing rain water into kitchen window back wall area. Power outage 17 hours. The Adjuster shows up greets him at the front door let's him in. I turn my back walking toward the rear area in my home, I hear a flash from a camera. I thought that was odd, but continue to talk and show the adjuster the damages. The adjuster was not interested in the damages, but was very interested in taking pictures of inside my home. He unlock the back door, immediately started taking pictures of exterior house, the backyard. He also climb on the roof. I did not expect Liberty Mutual to send an Adjuster out to do a risk assessment. I felt so violated by this. I received a phone call days later informing me they are not paying the claim. I was told unless the power line was down in my yard and I verified it, then they will pay for food spoilage. That was very insensitive. After suffering a major loss of all my foods that was in the fridge. Also, trying to recover from Hurricane Harvey.
Liberty Mutual wrongfully and with wanton disregard turned my small home based business in to collections for 300k. They then sued me for 95k. After a year of litigation they agreed to settle for 2k. Die in HELL!
I have been with Liberty Mutual For Years. First I had my car insured with them. I have had some type of insurance with them since 1997. In 2012 I went with another insurance company but kept My homeowners insurance with them. Last September a Large tree fell on my house. To this day my floor still need repairing. Every adjuster that I talk to with this company is rude and nasty. I know if they are treating me this way they treat everyone this way. I don't think they know who pay their salary. Without the customer they would get paid. They talk nice when they are trying to get you to sign up. But after you take the policy they treat you like crap. But what they don't know what goes around comes around, I am thinking about call the media.
I chose homeowners so that my personal property that I have in the house would also be covered rather than having to take out a separate insurance policy for it. I like that Liberty could bundle the homeowners with the auto policy and that the subsequent total was significantly less than I was paying with a different insurance company. But I would prefer that the homeowners was also payable twice each year rather than only on an annual basis. In addition, I would believe that the insurance rates for the homeowners insurance on its own would be less expensive and more competitive.
I do not recommend LIBERTY MUTUAL!!! They declined my claim! Read the exclusions and small print. If you have a leak and do not notify them within 14 days, they WILL NOT pay you. I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran who proudly served my country for over twenty-six years and I am retired, and stuck with having to pay out of pocket for everything. I have lived in Arlington, VA for about ten years. I have a secondary home in PA. I changed my insurance in 2014 to Liberty Mutual (The worse decision). I did ask about flood insurance. The agent looked it up and said it was not a flood area and I would not need it. Now fast forward 15 Jan 2016, I received a text my neighbor said water in his basement was coming from my home. I immediately, called and my family and then a plumber a pipe broke. It was fixed. On 16 Jan 2016, I left the country for a couple of weeks. I learned during my departure Liberty Mutual declined to pay because it was over 14 days. They declined my claim for the following reason. (9) Seepage, meaning a gradual, continuous, or repeated seepage or leakage of water, steam or fuel over a period of 14 days or more, resulting in damage.
Liberty Mutual's rates were reasonable and price is always the reason for choosing an insurance. When I purchased my home a realtor assisted with the purchase and she recommended Liberty Mutual as well. I was a new homeowner so I took a lot of opinions of other home owners and this helped me decide who to use for insurance on my home. My home was totaled after a hurricane and State Farm honored my policy on flood quickly. However Liberty has to wait for the area to open back up and send 2 agents to look at damages. They did fight me on a new roof but then I did not see reimbursement for the roof until years later. They could be more sympathetic and issue payments quickly. Nevertheless, Liberty Mutual got me a check for food lost from my loss of power quickly. I had to drive far to pick up the check but that was the first payoff they issued after the hurricane.
Let me first say that I have been a long-term customer (over a decade in three different states) of Liberty Mutual, so the company's treatment of me is very discouraging...Buyer beware! I have just moved from Ohio to South Carolina and purchased a beautiful 95-year old Craftsman home in a historic district of Anderson. After paying a year in advance, I receive a letter stating that I am being dropped from coverage; an inspector has cited me for not having a sufficient railing on the front porch. Since this is a historic home any changes to the exterior require permission from a city board. After six phone calls to both national and local agents, there is no discussion, no remediation, only one returned call. I am dropped at midnight tonight. If I can't find another insurer by midnight no company will insure my home without sky-high rates. This is very poor business practice for a long-term customer. From my perspective, Liberty Mutual has shown its true character, leaving me to fend for myself. Take this information into consideration if you are looking for insurance. There are many other companies available that consider your business relationship important. What a betrayal of my trust!
I did a lot of research online and did comparison shopping on everyone. I was able to do an umbrella policy with my auto policy. This saved me a lot of money. The person on the phone was very knowledgeable and guided me through the entire things to helping me choose. Their cost was very competitive and I liked that I could do my auto payment too. I have called for help and it was easy to contact a live person. I would recommend this company Liberty Mutual.
I am the owner of TriCounty roofing. I have a contract with Angela ** of ** *** dr. Langcaster, TX to repair her roof. She contacted Liberty Mutual for a meet between my company and the assigned adjuster for Liberty Mutual at the client's home. My supervisor arrived on time to see another roofing company called by the adjuster Jay **. I called Jay and asked him why he had another roofing company at my job site. He stated it was for a ladder assist to get on the roof. I asked him if the customer had told him our company would be there to assist and meet him and he said yes. So I asked him why he called the other company and he said Liberty Mutual wanted him to call them because they didn't want him on roofs. I asked him if my roof getting paid for was determined by my competitor. He said no. He went off my competitor's info but he determined it. So I asked him if he got on the roof and he said yes. So why did he need another roofing company? Of coarse, the roof was not approved (no surprise there) since my competitor wasn't getting it! I called Hancock Roofing and they knew my customer's claim number which is confidential and they weren't giving permission by the homeowner to have! Hancock said they don't do roofs but their website shows they do. They said they only do the adjusting for the insurance companies. I asked her if their guy was a licensed adjuster and she said not necessarily. I went to the BBB website and couldn't find Hancock Roofing as a member. So in short, I have been a licensed contractor for 23 years, BBB rated A+. I have licensed adjuster on staff. I even have a public adjuster on staff! But your insurance company calls my competitor and has him show up at my customer's house for a supposed ladder assist when we have a roofer with a ladder there without consulting my customer or me about it. The roofing company they called says they aren't real roofers nor insurance adjusters and help determined whether my customer has enough damage for a roof! I am not happy. Then your adjuster says he doesn't have to discuss what he did at my job site. But he had no problem discussing it with Hancock Roofing! Tomorrow, I'm contacting the insurance board in Austin and filing a complaint then my attorney! If you would like to discuss this, email me **
What a joke of a company. With them for 10 years, no claims ever. They snuck inflation protection on my policy and it goes up every single year. I am now insured for 3 times what I paid for the house. Wind damaged the roof of my house. Shingles were ripped off and water was getting in. After 1 week they finally sent someone out. Another week goes by and yet no contact or reply. I had to have a roofing company come out to do repairs. Total was $7900. I knew it was gonna be between $5000-$10,000 for repair. Then of course after I paid out of pocket I finally got their paperwork and was told a total of $116 payment was paid to my claim. Guess what Liberty Mutual? I work with 3000 people and each and every one will be told to not to do business with you, thanks very much.
Purchased 10 policies from Liberty Mutual after experiencing losses due to wind/hail damage in a rental community that were not covered by my insurer. Moved to Liberty Mutual and purchased additional coverage for special assessments on all income properties. Agent got exception to write new policies with recent claims, and sold me additional coverage to make sure we would not experience similar losses. 18 month later experienced identical losses in the same community for 4 units. Claim representative cited an endorsement in the policy limiting these claims for associations/corporations to $1000. Agent acknowledged he was not aware of the endorsement. Sent me email stating in the case of special assessments claim for association master policy deductibles they would pay up to $5000. Email described virtually identical situation to claims filed, only fire not hail/wind. Liberty Mutual presidential team representative, agent, agents supervisor and claims rep simply said, "Sorry, you should have read your policy closer." It was obvious from the timing of my purchase, (immediately after loss), the purchase of additional coverage specifically to this type of loss exposure, and the email from the agent that they represented that I had purchase coverage for this type of claim. Instead, I get another $12000 loss on top of $10,500 loss the year prior.
We had put in a claim for a new roof in 2015 due to the ice dams that built up and ended up causing interior damage. The Liberty Mutual adjuster was friendly and knowledgeable. He examined the roof along with a contractor we hired to give us a free estimate. The contractor replaced the whole roof and also the interior wall around our 10-foot bay window where there was water damage. It was a very pleasant experience in all and the adjuster stayed in touch with us thru the whole process. Extremely happy with this company.
Liberty has been around for several years and they have a great reputation. They have pretty good rates and I trust them. If I were to have a claim I'm positive they'll help me each step of the way. I've been with the company for several years and I will stay with them as long as I can. I will also always suggest them to my friends and family so they can belong to a great company. If you are looking for a great company that backs their clients Liberty Mutual is for you.
House had a kitchen fire in May of 2016. It is now October 18th and Liberty Mutual has run me through 3 investigators and last week they actually sent me to their lawyer to be deposed under oath! They are not accusing me of anything, nor was the fire my fault. They have raised my premium over the course of 6 years from $1,100 to $2,400 and the recent claim has been my only claim. Five months since the fire and Liberty Mutual is not there to help. I am without a house, and apparently I have to start begging friends for help to get my house fixed.
We had Liberty Mutual for almost 10 years and found out they were WAY overcharging us! Shame on me for thinking I should trust a company I had been loyal to for so long and that keeping multiple lines of business with them would keep me safe! SHAME ON THEM for being so greedy and completely unprofessional! Found in our 10th year when I FINALLY checked the marketplace that they were overcharging by over $500 on our auto-policy and again over $500 on homeowners. Then, when we cancelled they tried to collect over $300 in ‘cancellation fees’!! The local agent kept calling us and threatening us with legal action and credit reporting, when I contacted LM 800# they said I would have to deal with the agent!!We switched to USAA, who after 6 years of staying there and double-checking continually, I can say TOTALLY rocks! My further-eye-opener was working the past year with a Restoration company... I witnessed first-hand how all the other Ins. companies deal with customers when 'disasters' occur - from total loss fire to water damage issues under $5k. It was CRYSTAL CLEAR that USAA was the BEST when it came to how they treat their customers!
When I purchased my house I contacted several potential servers and did not go with Geico/Lib Mutual because they were the most expensive. Instead they call me to confirm my homeowners with them and I have REPEATEDLY told them "NO I have not and will not use them." I get multiple bills with amount I owe for homeowners policy. I have signed NOTHING. I now have called, written and still they will not leave me alone. They seem to think that regardless of what I feel that I must be a customer, NOT.
Premiums paid through mortgage company (Quicken Loans). My mortgage payment increased, because taxes and insurance went up. I filed a claim for roof damage and had to fight that for a year before the roof was replaced - I had to get a mediator. I called the loan company and discovered my premium was increased and my payment is $80.00 more per month. It was intimated that it could have been because I filed a claim... I thought this was why you pay insurance?
I have home owners insurance through Liberty mutual. The house was empty and well maintained as we were determining if we would sell or rent. We completed recent renovations preparing the property. We maintained heat and electricity on the property. During low temperatures the pipes burst due to freezing. When I filed the claim they informed us they were behind as they had numerous claims all over the country. They came, removed the walls and floors and the entire finished basement. They later denied my claim stating there wasn't adequate heating. I furnished the heat bill for 6 months and they denied the claim. The house is now completely unlivable. I am a customer in good standing.
I just recently purchased a home and I went to Geico to see if I could get home insurance through them since they had my car insurance. Somehow, I got signed up with Liberty Mutual, which was not explained to me at the time. I then received notice from LM saying they were going to drop me because of the condition of my house and listed a bunch of BS things such as chipping paint, having an overhang, unsafe walkway, etc. My house is 100 years old and it is in great shape so I was very surprised. I was also mad that Geico set me up with them as they apparently have a reputation for this. I then called Farmers and they looked at the house and said they didn't know why I was dropped. Ended up with the same coverage for about $300 less a year and dropping my house payment by $35 a month. Really turned out to be a blessing in disguise! If anyone is having issues I would certainly say to look around because there may be cheaper and better options available.
My husband and I have had Liberty Mutual insurance for a one year for auto and home. We received notice that both rates increased, especially the homeowners insurance. The rep informed me that "the first year we had certain credits (which we were unaware of) and now the roof, furnace and other home coverages are older. Just like a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread, prices go up." In one year? We have a ten year old home. We had no insurance claims within this year. He could not give me a justifiable reason. Same with the auto insurance. I have not had an accident in twenty years nor a speeding ticket. I live in rural Indiana. Yet my auto ins. increased. We are in the process of canceling coverage with this company. Sounds like rates will increase annually due to the roof getting "older" and my terrible auto driving history.
I want to share this disappointed and really uncomfortable situation. By the end of August I got a backflow due a malfunction of my sump pump, during the middle of the night and just myself and two small kids. While I was trying to wash my 1 year old daughter I noticed that no hot water was coming from shower, so I decide to check the water heater. As soon I open the basement door I hear a strong noise coming from basement. Then when I turn the light the entire basement was flooded.At that moment I google some local plumbing companies around my neighbor. Nobody pick up or it was off regular hours. My last resource was to call a company located in new york. They came within an hour and half. This company evacuate the water with pumps. They brought and repair the backflow from defective sump pump. They work for several hours trying to dry the basement. They, as a professionals, advise me that water heater stop working due flood damaged the burner and ignite system and then they replace the heater.Next day I start looking for my insurance policy. While reading I found that I was covered and my deductible was 1000 for backflow sum pump, so I decide to call Liberty Mutual. An adjuster contact me to set an appointment. So the day came and he inspect the property damage, took pictures of everything and advise me that an internal adjuster will contact me. Days come and go and nobody contact me even I send pictures, videos, and invoices. The internal Desk Adjuster Jason ** answer me after several calls. This incident happen to me for first time in my life, so I had many questions. During the conversation this person was very irritated and sarcastic about my questions making me feel uncomfortable, So I decide to raise my concern about his behavior.At this moment he raise his voice and shouting, so I had tell him why he is behaving like this with a customer. Also many time he provide me wrong information. Like for example "Oh your deductible is 2500 and many of the damage things are not covered." So I explain to him that my deductible is 1000 and I just need correct information. He was keeping being rude and sarcastic. Then he said that he will contact me after investigation. Ok, days pass again and no communication was provide to me, so I decide to call again since he was assigned to my case. Again I start asking questions about the claim and again this person start giving me attitude and being disrespectful, so I inquire to speak with his supervisor, and at this moment he just hang off on me.If I am writing this paragraphs it's to warn customers to be very careful with this company because allow people like this to treat customers as they are doing them a favor - unprofessional and not helpful at all. The essence to get insurance is to have a peace of mind and that you should be in a good hands and not the opposite, even getting afraid to ask them questions when an accident happens to you of your properties.
Worst homeowners insurance company. Zero stars. I had Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance for over 13 years, never once filed a claim for anything and always paid my premium. After a hurricane came close to Oahu a few weeks after they did "random" home inspections. No one contacted me that they were coming. I got a letter saying my insurance would be canceled due to trees close to house and a rain gutter that was not secured. After contacting Liberty Mutual on the phone they said if I make the repairs and email pictures they would not cancel. I immediately trimmed a few trees and replaced the rain gutter which I might add was in the same shape as when they originally insured my home. I email pictures of the repairs but no answer, email again and verified that I had correct email still no answer, sent a letter with explanation and pictures no answer. Finally almost 1 1/2 month later I talk with customer service. They say that once they cancel they do not reinstate the policy. Exactly the opposite of what they told me 6 weeks before. They are greedy, saw possibility of actually having to pay a claim and cancel many policies here in Hawaii. They should be reported to the Better Business Bureau for bad practices and are not true to what they say. Timing is too coincidence that the hurricane passed by a few weeks before they would probably have not paid a claim anything to get out of it just as they collect my policy plan for 13 years then dump me.
I have spoke with a lady customer representative this morning, 8/16/2018, because Liberty Mutual has added coverage to my Home Insurance Premium. I asked this lady that I don't want these additional coverage. What I want is for her to find a way to lower my original premium. I am a loyal customer, I hate to leave, but if there is a company that will give a lower premium, then we go to the lower premium. She said, she can't lower it anymore. My original premium was $1660.00 and the new premium will be $1874.00. I told her to remove this $1874.00 and move it back to $1660.00. She said, she cannot change it and I could go ahead and shop with other companies, "just call back if I find one." So I went ahead and shopped and found one, a little bit difference. I could have stayed at Liberty Mutual. But the agent in this new company, she was patient and treated me nicely.
I chose Liberty Mutual because my homeowner's policy with another company increased each year for over 20 years with no claims. Liberty Mutual was recommended by a friend who saw a savings from her current homeowner’s policy. The coverage with Liberty Mutual was better than my previous coverage with the Philadelphia Contributionship and the cost for our homeowner’s insurance was much less.
I've been a customer of Liberty Mutual my entire adult life. Three separate homes in three states. Never late with a payment and never had any issues until recently. Our home had a toilet leak. We contacted Liberty Mutual and they sent a adjuster to take a look at the damage. Their quote for the repairs - $404.00! In the end after discovering microbials growing in our floors and walls, after my son and wife getting sick and going to several doctors to find out what was causing their illness. My wife and I paid over $25,000.00 in repairs.Liberty Mutual refused to honor our policy because they said the leak was more than 14 days old. We contacted them immediately when the leak started, however they refuse to honor our insurance policy and claim. I'm a business owner and I can tell you I would never take a Customer I've had for nearly twenty years and throw that relationship away over a small claim. DO NOT USE LIBERTY MUTUAL unless you want to make endless payments only to NOT have them stand by you and your family in your time of need.
I cannot even begin to express how disappointed I have been with how our Home Insurance Claim has been handled by Liberty Mutual. We had a sudden water damage claim where much of our upstairs flooring was effected as well as our downstairs ceiling and flooring. All of our hardwood matched and was either contiguous, adjoined or connected by direct line of sight. Liberty Mutual is only willing to cover the floor that was directly touched by the water, which in most cases would be fine, except for the fact that they can't match our current hardwood floors. They want to put down transitions where transitions didn't exist before and leave our home with mismatched flooring that is "close enough".Many of our phone calls have taken weeks to be returned, our contractors have received intimidating and coercing phone calls from our claims adjuster attempting to get them to side with Liberty Mutual on the scope of the repair and to top it off, Liberty Mutual has not only told us that they won't budge on their stance but has told us that if we want any further action we would have to sue them. Absolutely unreal. My family has already pulled their business out of Liberty Mutual and I plan on making sure everyone else in my life stays away from this crooked organization.
My home got burned down and I filed a claim with Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual dragged it for almost a year and denied it for false lame excuses fabricated by the Liberty Mutual. In my opinion the Liberty Mutual is the biggest fraud insurance company in the world. I will never do any business with them. Liberty Mutual is a dishonest and discredited and a manipulative homeowner insurance business.
They have great customer service, and are open about any policy or billing changes that are going to occur. This is a great company and I don't really have anything that I dislike about them. It was easy to sign up and get a good rate. They had the most competitive rate and were the most clear in their policy terms. Their customer support is exceptional and answer any questions that I have and are always polite.
My upstairs neighbor left his washing machine on and unattended last Monday, and the water ran for several hours and completely flooded my condo (living room, family room, sun room, entry hall, laundry room, and a part of the dining room). The hardwood floor, ceilings and walls in these rooms were all damaged, so were some of my furniture. I was called at late afternoon, at work, to come home. It was such an unbelievable mess! Water just comes down from the ceiling like rain!My condo association group insurance covers the structure damage but not the property damage. Since I just bought the condo not long ago, I had not bought property insurance yet. My downstairs neighbor (since her condo underneath me was also flooded) and I contacted the Liberty Mutual agent Randy ** who was in charge of our upstairs neighbor's claim. He was exceedingly rude and told me that Liberty Mutual was not going to pay any damage to me ("it is your own insurance that pays for these", he said). When my lawyer contacted Liberty Mutual, they admitted that their client had liability to pay and gave him the claim number. However, when I called Liberty Mutual with the number, the agent (Ashley **) once again tried to deny me the claim. She said she’d investigate the case and unless the upstairs person is “negligent", they are not going to pay anything at all. Leaving his water running on for several hours is not negligent? She also refused to come to make an assessment (one week after the damage) and it took me 4 phone calls in three days to get this woman on the phone, and she was completely insensitive and very rude. Liberty Mutual should be investigated for insurance fraud like this; they’d do anything to avoid their responsibility. There was also racial discrimination by these agents, they only answer to a lawyer.
After a plumbing mishap and water damage, LibMut sent in Paul Davis Restoration to quickly start drying in prep for demolition. An incompetent freelance adjuster delayed producing a settlement for a month so I paid for reconstruction myself. Not only did LM claim my repairs were only worth 30% of actual cost, 4 months later, Paul David (their restoration sub) wrote me they were owed $10,800!! Willful bad faith.
Only good experiences with this company for over 15 years or so. I had two claims and both were addressed promptly and fairly in consideration of my insurance policy. I would definitely recommend them. The two lower scores of 4 vs 5 having to do with cost/coverage is mostly because I have no comparison and as a Sr. citizen on a very fixed income, I feel like I am paying at my limit and rate keep rising.
Liberty Mutual was the best coverage for the best price. I got a good deal that did not compromise the coverage. I compared many, before I decided on this policy. I liked how easy it was to get the answers I needed. I was impressed with how fast and easy it truly was. It was simple to get a quote and the people I spoke with were very knowledgeable. I wish I did not have to pay as much. But, I think I got the lowest price I could.
We had a long hail storm the other day and I called Liberty Mutual to see if someone could look at our house/car to determine if there was any damage and if so to file a claim. Imagine my surprise when I found out from a friend that simply BY CALLING, they consider that a claim and your rates can/will go up! I quickly was able to stop the house claim. However the car claim can't be reversed EVEN when NOBODY even looked at the car yet!! Apparently not all insurance companies work like this.My friend works for Am Fam and she said they consider hail an act of nature and it is what they consider an "un-chargeable claim" -- just keep that in mind. What a person SHOULD do is have someone look at it FIRST, unrelated to the insurance company and if they say it looks like you need to file a claim, only then call the insurance company. Another issue I had with Liberty Mutual is when my husband had his very first speeding ticket at age 48 they raised premiums for 3-5 years!
MY INSURANCE COMPANY IS DISHONEST. A few weeks ago, my new insurance company cancelled me for various reason - none of which I agree with. I was speaking to a friend of mine and he told me many insurance companies get you to do work on your home prematurely (before they will cover you) to avoid costly claims in the future. They referred to this as being preventative. Is this widespread and is it legal?
Home burned down... surprise we cancelled you 2 weeks ago! Switched home and auto to Liberty Mutual in June... our home caught fire mid October and I call them and they said "oh we cancelled you on September 30th due to underwriting reasons" and our premium was paid up!
Protecting my home is perhaps the most important thing, and I must keep it in good hands, under good protection. Being able to travel and traveling quietly, knowing that I have a large insurance company fills me with calm. Liberty Mutual is a protection plan that gives me protection, from flood to what is inside my house, as far as material goods are concerned. I am really pleased to have such a good protection plan. This protection plan also had better benefits in terms of the amount that he would receive for damages.
We have been with Liberty Mutual for 7 years and in that time they have raised the policy value by over $600. We have never had a claim with them. They had bought out our policy from a previous company and then the rates went up and up. We just recently learned they are no longer in our regional area and so instead of notifying us they had left the area they just raised the rates. We have recently begun the search to insure under a locale insurance company so we have a local agent.
So doesn't cover much when your 150 gallon fish tank explodes and ruins the floors throughout your entire first floor... Including your iPhone and iPad and brand new Roomba that were charging on your end table and smashed by the tidal wave, and your newly reupholstered 120 yr old couch and of course the fish tank that was so cool a lot of people pinned the photo of it on Pinterest. They only cover cleanup.
I get quick response to my call, and they know the answer or get it asap. Very happy with this. I believe their prices are fair and they try to help me save money on things I do not need. They inform me that I should have certain items listed, which I didn't even think of.
We had a hail and wind storm. We have a $20000 dollar wood shake roof. Our agent sold us the most expensive full replacement policy no matter what happened to the roof. The first adjuster came out and met with our roofer. She wrote $5000. The roofer said she missed all kinds of damage. We had to fight for weeks to get a second adjuster out. The second adjuster came out and said she saw no damage! Our roofer laughed and told us that they were trying to bully us. This has been very disappointing. We are no going to hire a attorney. They already up our rates within a few days. I would never recommend them to anyone. They are cheap, and their adjusters don't know anything. Stay clear of them. I will make sure I tell everyone I come in contact with about my experience.
I was with Liberty Mutual insurance for 3 years and every year my rate jumped up about 400.00 to 500.00 dollars a year. I had no claims, tickets or incidents. The reason they told me of the rate increase is because of all the claims everyone has filed from the storms and hurricanes.
Sadly, you pay for insurance all your life thinking you have protection and are covered. Despite their heavy ad campaign (maybe they should save ad money to spend on their clients!?) Liberty Mutual has been an exercise in frustration. We had a house fire. They initially said we were "underinsured" and would have to Sue our agent if we wanted to be covered under their "errors and omission coverage." Then they agreed to pay out but they estimated our $685k house at $245K to repair, so we were forced to substantiate everything we did with estimates, pictures, receipts, etc. If you have a mortgage, all the money goes to the bank and you have to jump through HOOPS to get the funds released. We had to hire experts to prove it needed to be gutted due to smoke damage and hire a public adjuster so they would pay the "replacement value" and complete a total home inventory vs. what some min wage worker in Wisconsin looked up on Amazon. Thank God the house was still standing to substantiate what was there. We were dealing with no less than 10 people (home adjuster, property adjuster, both of their supervisors, a textile person, an electronic person, a temp housing company, a restoration company, experts in smoke, mold, and remediation - an entire staff of folks) which is nuts when you are kicked out of your home with children, moving, salvaging, and overwhelmed. They interview you immediately to establish your "normal spending" so they can mitigate costs. Trust me, they are a company concerned with their bottom line, not you. They don't care if you have to eat out every day; they just pay you what you normally spend in groceries. The money they advance you for temp shelter? They deduct from your personal property. You will have to fight your way through the muck for years. It's been two years and we are still fighting them over a 2,000 electrical upgrade and landscaping damage. Looks like we will have to hire an attorney to get what is covered and should be easily paid out. It's a miracle we are back in our home and only $50K out of pocket. After 16 months... and now we are locked into them for 3 years because of the claim. Absolutely horrible to deal with, wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. We have PTSD, no joke.
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