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Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance
Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 63 %
Liberty is a reputable, nationwide company with a great reputation for helping people at their lowest point. They give a lot for value for money. The premiums are quite affordable and they pay out. But from what I have heard they tend to take a while settle matters which is not exactly ideal when dealing with a flood and damaged home. I still did my due diligence and tried to see whether they would be a good fit for me. After doing lots of research and seeking advice from my friends and family I finally settled on Liberty after quite a lot of comparison between many insurance firms that are on the market.
Our insurance guy did all the work for us. He had three companies for us to choose from. We have heard of Liberty before and they had competitive prices. It was easy to set up our policy. We renew online or submit problems. The time we had a question, Customer Service was very polite and helpful. We have not had to use it yet so I can not rate that part. But the communication could be more personable and less automated. It would be nice to get a call about renewing our policy, not just a letter stating the payments and to call if there are any discrepancies.
I went to Liberty's website and sought out the type of insurance I was looking for and then asked for a quote, eventually talked to an agent. They are totally upfront about the policy and it is able to be understood by most people. The flood coverage is pretty good and includes flooding from many sources. I did comparisons with other companies and I purchased Liberty's policy. On the other hand, like every insurance policy, there are some exclusions. I really think most exclusions should be removed so that would amount to more coverage.
My experience with Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance was that they provide good coverage for a reasonable price. I am happy with the coverage I receive from this company. The purchasing process was pretty simple. A friend recommended them and I completed the process over the phone with rep. It was good and easy.
They are just an overall respectable company. They give me the coverage that I need. They process the claims fast and efficiently and I know they go the extra mile if something should happen. I like all the service that they provide would not change it. I get a great product for what I pay and know I can count on them if something were to happen. I figured out the value I needed if something happened and priced based on that. I also searched to see what type of reallty I was in and seen it. I needed and required this type of insurance.
Liberty has so much to offer. They different policies to choose from and they have the total package for anyone. I love how everything is combined and the price is doable. I purchased my policy online and it took some time viewing different policies going from one to the other comparing prices. I picked the right one for my home and my wallet, and I'm satisfied with my policy!
Fast and responsive, and reliable. I like the help I can get and know I will get. Everything is awesome. I have been a customer for a while and I do not see that changing anytime soon. There are nothing that I dislike and everything is great so far. Liberty Mutual has done a great job and nothing will change that. However, they can lower the premiums and that would be awesome. It is nice to save some money. I needed to make a claim and I was able to contact the insurer and the claim was handled in a great way. I had to deal with an adjuster that was pretty nice and in the end, I am happy with the outcome.
Read between the lines before trying to utilize the insurance you pay for with such high premiums. LIBERTY MUTUAL DOES NOT COVER WATER DAMAGE OF ANY SORT!! Although they will contact Stanley Steemer immediately to come help with the cleanup (a company apparently on their payroll). Stanley Steemer arrives promptly, sets up their equipment, contacts Liberty Mutual only for the supervisor to inform you “This has never happened but Liberty Mutual doesn’t cover water damage, do want us to continue for $750?” Now we are stuck, the supervisor leaves his cronies to do a lousy job. We then lose two days of work waiting for the Liberty Mutual appraiser to arrive who gives no information. Liberty Mutual takes a whole week to let us know about their DENIAL OF YOUR CLAIM! In the meantime the claims specialist basically sends a condescending email suggesting we relax during this “stressful time”. While still DENYING, DENYING!
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