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Liberty Mutual - Auto Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Liberty Mutual
Year Founded: 1912
Address: 175 Berkeley Street
City: Boston
State/Province: MA
Postal Code: 02116
Country: United States
Phone: (888) 398-8924
Overall average rating of 2.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 20 %
This has been the worst company to deal with regarding a claim where their insured hit me. Bad customer service. Incorrect information given during the entire process. No adjusters available to speak to me. Was told the office was closed due to a storm and there was no one else available to speak to me. Adjuster does not return calls. They constantly throw roadblocks in your way to avoid paying the claim and costs related to it. Due to the poor customer service I have received I would never use them for my auto insurance and would not recommend them to anyone else.
I was involved in an accident where a construction truck plowed into my parked car (while I was in it). The truck driver was unlicensed, and his work site supervisor (passenger) provided the insurance info & truck registration. The paperwork ended up being false, and I had to demand the correct insurance info, and did not receive it until a month after the accident. Here comes Liberty Mutual! The claims agent (Monica **), reviewed the claim and informed she would get in contact with the company owner so we could pay for the damages ($4K) committed by her insured. Over the next 7 months we emailed back and forth, and the claims agent (Ms. Miller) informed she could not contact her insured and ultimately stated that because her insured did not respond they would no longer pursue my claim and dropped my case. That leaves me on the hook for +$4K! So, next step... I go to small claims and win. I present the court's findings to Ms. ** and Liberty Mutual and she dismissed the claim stating that Liberty Mutual is not named in the court case and will not pay. After back and forth, it's now up to me to hire a collection agency to recoup any money from this company which caused personal damage to my property and left me thousands of dollars in the hole. I have several family members who are senior managers at insurance companies (in other states) and advised how this claims agent and Liberty Mutual responded was in extreme poor practice. Ms. ** and Liberty Mutual are hiding behind their insured so as to not have to pay the claim, even after a court's ruling. This company (and agent) are dishonest and should not be trusted (unless you are a criminal). I have learned a lot over this ordeal and hope this review may benefit others. Stay away from this dishonest company! Liberty Mutual are fraudulent hacks and will not back up good people put in horrible situations. They will hide behind any loophole they can find in order to save a few bucks. Dishonest and scamming are only two words to describe this company.
Always timely with some guidelines and recommendations for the case to be submitted, either by accident or minor repairs truck insurance covering. By joining a good insurance package, will have the opportunity to cover expenses of any eventuality that presents itself. It is a way to be certain in life. Having a safe and continuous security gives me peace of mind, is a way to feel good and continuous backup, having a secure safety guarantees for all yours. I had a mishap with the car, not serious, but thank God my affiliation with good insurance cover the cost of repairs and towing service timely.
I was in an accident this past weekend, my fault, or rather Michigan's lousy weather. I had major damages to my 2014 Chevy Cruze. I have heard the horror stories about dealing with insurance companies when filing a claim. In a matter of 15 minutes my Claims Adjuster, Amanda, assured me that from this point forward she would handle everything and the next call I should receive would be from the collision repair shop (Keford Collision, which I highly recommend) telling me that my vehicle is ready for pick-up. Keford is providing me with loaner vehicle (at no charge) to use until repairs are finished. My experiences with Liberty Mutual since 2013 have been nothing but incredible. I would recommend them to anyone who wants the peace of mind that comes with having a company, and an adjuster, who cares about the impact that this all has on my life.
I had a blow out and was slid off an incline into about 100 ft. of cable and post. The driver's door was jammed. 2 deputy sheriffs pulled me through the passenger door. I called Liberty for a wrecker and she gave the phone numbers of the closest. I asked to call them and she told me that wasn't their policy. I had to borrow a pen and paper from one of the Sheriffs. I later called again and asked for a rental car. Again the Lady only gave me a phone number. This was about 4:45 in the afternoon so she added I might want to hurry because they close at 5:00! They never answered the phone! I wound up calling a friend. This was 300 miles from my home! Thanks Fidelity!Later the settlement of my truck since it was totaled was contracted to an adjustment company. They tried to low ball me three times on the replacement cost before I accepted one. When I got this settled, I wanted to cancel their policy. They nastily charged me 85.00 for early cancellation. I didn't pay them the money so they turned me over to a collection agency. Doesn't sound like their advertisement does it? Don't be a sap and believe anything they say! You'll be sorry!
We have been using them for years and we have Never had a problem. Their staff is knowledgeable and efficient and they have quick service. Also, the price and the service are good. My overall experience with them has been good.
It is easy to sign up and that you can really trust them with your car/automobile so you don't really have to worry about anything bad happening to your car, just like their commercials say. But it doesn't cover 100 percent of everything and it probably isn't really the best insurance but it is better than nothing and there are still lots of positives to this insurance over other insurances you will find out there. I would definitely recommend this insurance to my friends and family as the pros of the insurance definitely outweigh the cons. It's a good buy!
When we obtained the policy initially, it was all done online, I don't even know where a physical office is. This made it easy when we purchased our home and vehicle, but I would like to have more personal touches and interaction. Every renewal the price goes up and we have to renegotiate. My emails are not quickly returned and also, we are still waiting for reimbursement for deductible on any accident that was not our fault. Nevertheless, I appreciate that Liberty Mutual - Auto Bundles with home policy and multi vehicle for discounts. I like the ability to access policy online and we were able to obtain the policy remotely in the final days of closing on the house.
Problem solved - I called my agent, who is really a nice guy. He contacted someone and send over another adjuster, then I got the second appraisal for amount $4036 to pay to fix my car (before 500 deductible). I am finally able to fix my car.I would like to give Liberty Mutual 5 stars rating now and recommended to others, because every insurance perhaps has some rude adjusters who think they can help company financial by cut down payable to 10% from actual cost of fix, but they don't care company's image, like my report above published in 10 days and already have 4251 people viewed, hundreds agreed helpful. The loss is more than they thought. hopefully, this is the good lesson for every insurance company.
After being associated with Liberty Mutual for over 40 years I was told that I was not able to transfer my policy to Florida and that I had to have it rewritten. Let me mention I have an excellent driving record. Not being able to retain a quote online, or the central office or the next place they transferred me to, they finally sent me to the office in Florida. Each time they asked me for information they already had. After spending time on wait and going through a ridiculous amount of time re-answering the same questions they finally came up with their quote. 6X times more expensive than what I was currently paying. I then went to Geico online and signed up for insurance at $200 less than what I have been paying with added coverage. I guess the commercials are true. Liberty Mutual practices in price gouging, know it.
Absolutely great experience! I like the decent prices and great customer service from Liberty Mutual - Auto. It was very easy to enroll and also I have roadside assistance included and it's still cheaper than my previous insurance company. However, they could have a better app. I am enrolled in the safe driving discount program and am being monitored. I would really like it if the results were available on the app. It would make it easy to see how I'm doing. Nevertheless, the purchasing process was quick. In just a few short minutes I was covered. I like things that do not take all day to take care of. I would recommend them to anyone!
I was hit in the rear end of my 2015 Toyota Tacoma by a person insured by Liberty Mutual. My truck had less than 1800 miles on it. The driver of the truck that hit me was ticketed for failure to control speed. I took my new truck to the dealer since I want it fixed right. Again new truck estimate was for $4719.00. The adjuster at Liberty Mutual her name is ** originally said that if the estimate was not over $4000.00 then I could just get it fixed. They said they would send their adjuster and then they would tell me what they would pay for. Again new truck. The independent adjuster came out on Friday 5/29 said I would have the estimate in my email on Monday 6/1. I did not get so I called him. He said he was working on it and would send it as soon as it is complete. Finally I called his office on Wednesday 6/3 and was told by the lady who answered the phone that their estimate was $3750.00. I email the lady at Liberty Mutual and this was her response: "Good afternoon **. The appraisal was just uploaded to us today. It is being reviewed by our audit team. Once the approval has gone through, I will let you know." Is this a company you would want to do business with? I would love to get comments on the inept way Liberty Mutual operates.
I found out you only get the 30% discount if you never drive for 90 days! You can drive very well with no sudden stops or starts but you lose your discount because you are driving at all! I find it a waste of time and would only recommend to use it if you are not going to drive at all. Like maybe going to FL for the winter and leaving you car in the garage.
This is a very useless insurance company. This people do not care about their customers. I bought an auto policy with this insurance company in 2011 and since then I have been paying high monthly premium. When I relocated and decided to switch over to another insurance company they made the transition extremely difficult. This company engages in fraudulent business practices and you will never save a dollar in auto insurance with them.The same thing applies to their other coverages. Do not buy any insurance from this company.
I cancelled all my policies after getting much better rates elsewhere. I was refunded over $100 for what I already paid but got a collections notice from a collections agency today. Never once got a bill. They've done this to many others from what I read. Never had this happen in my life as I pay all my bills promptly.
I will NEVER use Liberty Mutual again. After 5 years of clean driving with them my insurance costs kept going up and up and up. Then when I canceled to switch to a cheaper competitor (Geico, highly recommend it) they hit me with almost $200 in hidden fees. These people will ** you 10 ways to Sunday, watch out.
Switched to Liberty & everything went well via email. Unfortunately my daughter was in a wreck 4 days later. Liberty denied coverage saying she was not on policy even though I had the email sent to agent asking for her & my wife to be added. They only added my wife. After 3 weeks of no callback, I filed a complaint with Dept of Insurance. The President's Office called & apologized. They backdated the policy so it was covered. Had I not filed the complaint this would not have been covered. Beware of Liberty. They were about $150 a year cheaper but do not honor their policies unless force to by Dept of Insurance.
I am having an incredibly awful time dealing with this company. The more I research and review it, it starts to come into focus. My adjuster, Amanda ** is delaying my claim and, making my life very difficult. The Liberty Mutual customer was at fault and received a ticket. I just want the money for my totaled car and 2-3 weeks of compensation for a rental. I just want the insurance company to take care of an honest American.
Was t-boned by Liberty Mutual insured on 12/21/2017. Claims adjuster wasn't sent out until 1/18/2018!!! I had to initiate communication because the claims adjusters assigned to my claim never called me to keep me up to date with the progress of the claim or provide rental coverage. My rental was covered by my insurance company and had ran out after I had it for 26 days! My car ended up being a total loss and I ended up getting a very low offer for the value of my vehicle. I attempted to contest it and show proof of other vehicles in the area with similar values and LM denied my request. This has been the worst company ever and one of the most annoying experiences of my life. I feel as though I was punished for obeying the law and their policy-holder that hit me walked away with minimal responsibility due to the poor service that this insurance company provides.
Purchasing a policy is a smooth process and easily attainable. You can call their number and acquire a lot of information regarding your potential purchase. Online website is easy to understand as well. You can get quotes in various manners and ways. However, depending on the area you need coverage in. Prices can fluctuate. If your vehicle is damaged while parked and you need a rental car depending upon the duration of how long the rental is needed for they might not foot the bill as promised even when you are not at fault for the impacted damages you may have sustained as well as cost for rental. But I like the fact that they have new car replacement features and medical pay when qualified. They also feature property damage liability. So if you are in an accident that causes damage to private or public property you can get covered for it depending upon the circumstances.
When I signed up with Liberty Mutual, they offered a competitive rate. I asked them if they raise rates after the first year. Their response was that they don’t do that. After the first year, they raised my rates about 32 percent without any claims filed. I stuck with them for a second year. At the following renewal year, they increased rates another 30 percent. After calling them for an explanation for such a drastic increase, they couldn’t offer one. I immediately dropped them and went with another company.
The agent called us to offer us a one-year payment option with a fairly good rate, but he did not tell us there is a program we had to participate in order to get the rate. We did not like the program, so we decided not to participate. The agent did not let us make the one-year payment choice as he promised. We had to pay half year first. The next half year payment increased about $100. We cannot reach the agent, and no one willing to adjust the rate to the yearly rate promised initially, so we canceled the policy before renewal date.Now we received a balance of $35 for the program we didn't participate (no one ever told us anything about the program ). We were tricked into buy the policy. The agent should inform us about the program according to the Liberty Mutual policy, but he didn't. We called a couple of times to communicate with Liberty Mutual, but we still have to pay the balance. This is not fair for us to pay. Then the Liberty Mutual will send us to the collection if we do not pay the balance. We think the Liberty agent gave us a false quote to trick us to buy. Be careful to buy from Liberty Mutual, you may trick into a lower rate ended up to pay more.
I was in stopped in my Honda Accord '93 at the George Busbee Parkway crossover prior to Chastain during a red light on 10/30/2013. I had my foot on the brake when a rear impact was made on my vehicle, and I was pushed into the vehicle in front of me and that vehicle pushed into the vehicle in front of them. The driver continued to accelerate into the back of me. My Mom and good friend were in the car at the time for witnessing this. I pulled my emergency brake up and shut the car off. My Mom, friend, and I got out of the car only to realize the opposing insured driver was in mid-seizure. Her window was broken out (construction stake), and she was pulled away from the pedal by another driver (male, 40s) that had stopped behind her. During which time the Ford Explorer was finally shut off. The others involved in the accident in front of me came back to the opposing insured to see this girl waking up. Come to find out the girl's purse was sitting on the passenger seat next to her, and fully exposed. A variety of three pills in closed prescribed bottles were shown clear as day. My car was totaled during this experience. I have been put in a situation, where I am no longer employed since this has not been resolved in a timely manner. I cannot make it to school. I was forced basically to go spend what savings I do have on a low grade downgrade of a car. No settlement has been made sixty-two days later. My car has been deemed totaled, although I cannot get rid of it since the case has not been completed. A dead car in my parents' garage doesn't really work for organizational purposes, plus I can't even part sell and recover financially till I get the word to get rid of it. Liberty Mutual says it doesn't matter how many repairs I have made with my car, it isn't worth what I say it is since I don't have a new motor r transmission. Sorry to say but both of those can last for 450,000+ miles. I had a newish car for a '93, it had 183,000 on it. New Power steering pump, hoses, new radiator, alternator, starter, spark plugs/wires, timing belt, serpentine belt, pulleys, tensioner(s). New radiator hoses, cruise control system, battery, fluids/filters, and tires/brakes. All of these within the last 4 years. Still no cash. I have a car I had to buy that now has issues, no school/work, and no reimbursement. This case is still under review by Liberty Mutual for "Medical" reasons. This girl had pill bottles in her car. Who knows what Cobb Police did, no field sobriety testing or photo taking. She was the only one ticketed though. Hospital has no listing of toxicology testing. You can't have pills in a bottle unless they are prescribed or bought illegally. You can't be insured if you are honest about epilepsy. Although you will get screwed in this state if this girl is revealed to have no prior history of seizures. "Sudden Emergency" client protection law. Although some folks are dishonest about their conditions so I may get screwed out of a $3,000 case. It doesn't take but a few minutes to obtain your own medical records from a hospital, so why is this taking so long. I haven't even gotten the check for my towing costs or impounding costs. I had liability on my car since I hadn't had any prior tickets or wrecks. I didn't see a reason to have anymore than that on a twenty-year-old car. Now I know you will get pushed around for not spending premium amounts with State Farm. They have done nothing for me either. That was a huge rant.
I have had insurance with Liberty Mutual for over 30 years. They offer excellent customer service and are extremely fast with paying claims. I would not consider switching to any other company.
Used Liberty Mutual for over a decade to insure car and home. Never had an accident nor made a claim on either. Bought a new car (with a higher safety rating) and was quoted +$400 more per year for the same policy coverage. Disgusting. Immediately cancelled the policy and went with Progressive at a lower rate. Liberty Mutual has behaved like a spurned lover, and made it extremely difficult for me to collect on overpaid premiums. Their customer service is the poorest I have seen and I am in the sales business. Despite having promoted this organization through various public events for many years, I would never recommend this company again.
I hit a deer one dark night when driving home on interstate route 80 in NJ. I made a claim and had my car fixed. Shortly after that, I bought a new car. Liberty Mutual sent me to have my brand new car looked at for any damages and equipment. I took my car where they said. About 4 months later, they requested that I take my new car there again. They had that info already so I ignored it. Shortly after that, my policy was up for renewal. I was informed that because I didn't take my car in, that they will not renew my insurance for a full year. I had to immediately shop somewhere else. I would like to warn others. Every time their TV commercials come on, I just want to scream. Don't believe a word they say. If I could review minus five stars. I would.
Buying my Liberty Mutual insurance was one of the more pleasurable insurance buying especially when comparing it two lower-level insurance companies that try to compete with their services. Liberty Mutual has a very good customer service and rapid problem resolution. Where other insurance companies fail to deliver on promises they make in customer experience Liberty Mutual not only meets those expectations, they exceed them. They have systems that can ensure that you don't sit online waiting for a representative to come to you and where you waste your day, they have a callback system that allows you to leave your number and name and they hold your place in line until someone is available at which time they call you back and continue ahead with your call.However the roadside assistance program could be implemented more and response time could be greatly improved when the service is called upon. In many instances I am aware that the roadside assistance program is merely contracted out to various and multiple local businesses within the area the call is received from. However the insurance company employing these individuals should do a better job when it comes to monitoring and ensuring that those they work with give the same amount of customer service and likability that they expect their own employees to. Taking the time to ensure that those in partnership with them live up to their expectations goes a long way and making sure the overall customer experience remains a positive one and one that they can use as a example of their overall ability as a company.
I specifically liked Liberty's customer service compared with other insurance companies. I liked everything about the company. However, I wish that it would have been easier to negotiate with them when another more affordable offer comes around. It was more expensive than bundling State Farm with my home insurance. I switched because it was cheaper but I would go back to Liberty if anything happened with my current insurance.
Liberty Mutual informed my Motor Vehicle Administration that I had been operating 3 vehicles without insurance for 5 months (on October 27th, 2016) after I had obtained other insurance. Liberty Mutual kept increasing my price for Auto and Home Owners Insurance. My Prudential Casualty Insurance was sold to Liberty Mutual in 2006. Starting in 2010, Liberty Mutual starting drastically increasing my insurance policies even though I had no auto accidents, no tickets or points on my driver's license, and no homeowner claims. My Liberty Mutual homeowners policy for 2016-2017 jumped $500.00, and my Liberty Mutual auto policy jumped $200.00.I had previously read the September 2015 Consumer Reports article on The Truth About Car Insurance (3 times), and USAA and State Farm were rated very high. I reached out to my local State Farm agent, and was provided with a quote for a Million Dollar Blanket Policy on my home and automobiles. The cost was $400.00 less than my Liberty Mutual Insurance quote that had one third the coverage of the State Farm quote. I purchased the State Farm insurance for my home and automobiles that was effective June 1, 2016. I then telephoned Liberty Mutual June 4th, 2016 to cancel my policies. I told Liberty Mutual that I had obtained far greater insurance coverage for less money. I was pulled over by Maryland State Police November 2nd, 2016 and asked for my driver's license and registration. I had done nothing wrong. The officer then told me he was taking the license plates off of my car for an insurance violation, and that I had 24 hours to remove my car from the side of the road. His car had a license plate scanner, and that is why he had stopped me (my tag showed there was an insurance violation with the Motor Vehicle Administration). I displayed my current State Farm insurance card, but he still took my tags. I had to have my car towed home (I was less than 4 miles away), and I telephoned the Motor Vehicle Administration the next morning. The MVA told me that Liberty Mutual had reported to them that I was operating 3 vehicles with no insurance, and that the MVA had a case against me. I told the representative that I was insured with State Farm, and that I had canceled Liberty Mutual 5 months previously. She put me on hold for 10 minutes, and came back saying that the MVA was dropping the case against me as I was indeed covered with State Farm. I asked the MVA Representative why they did not check my account for insurance when they got the notice? She had no answer. I then asked for a letter stating that the MVA had made a mistake, and I was told they do not mail letters of that sort. I then went to the MVA where I was charged $20.00 for new tags (for their mistake). In closing, Liberty Mutual had no right to inform the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration that I had been operating 3 vehicle for 5 months without insurance after I had canceled my policies with them.
I am a Liberty Insurance customer and have been since 2012. I left GEICO for them because they offered a really good rate. Anyway, up until since October 2014, I regret going to Liberty Mutual and here's why... My husband's car was stolen (thieves stole the tires and wheels, damaged the back bumper, steering column and steering wheel, cut through the handle door and caused cracks on the windows) in October 2014, and as a result was heavily damaged and LM declared it a total loss. Note that this is the second time we had filed a claim for the same car. The first claim was in February 2013 and it was handled fairly well (we weren't totally satisfied with the tire replacement but wasn't significantly bad) - they replaced the stolen tires and wheels and fixed any damage as a result of transporting the car.It took about close to 2 months for the repair and they kindly extended our rental passed 1 month per the policy limit. However, on this claim, the whole process was horrible. (1) The claims rep didn't return our calls and messages promptly. (2.) They initiated an "special unit" investigation which took months because the investigator didn't bother to get the police report and the investigator made false statements during the investigation. (3) The negotiation process for settlement took a long time because they were not willing to work with me until I filed a complaint against them with the state insurance administration. I could go on and on but it was just a terrible experience. Thankfully, we were able to settle and I'm now looking to leave LM. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!
I have my payments automatically withdrawn from my account every month and Liberty Mutual allowed me to pick the best date for my payments. I like Liberty Mutual inductance and I enjoy the level of customer service that I received from the company. They're the best insurance company I've ever had business with and I would recommend them to all my friends and family.
I have had an extremely bad experience with this company. On two different occasions, their insured(s) have damaged my property due to their negligence. I have had to file a complaint with the Bureau of Insurance governing my state to get corrective action and now court filing in small claims court. Although Liberty Mutual writes me with the following, "As you are well, Liberty Mutual has accepted liability in this claim," their actions are completely different and at the present time not paying out-of-pocket expenses I incurred due to the negligent actions of their insured. A federal and state review of the actions of this company is well warranted!!!
I was in a wreck a month ago and am still awaiting approval from Liberty Mutual claims department. I've had 3 different claims representatives. I've submitted the information they've requested several times. They don't answer my emails and when I talk to my representative they aren't keeping the deadlines they tell me. They've been very friendly to talk to but am tired of BS they keep telling me.
Purchasing was All done online. Very easy. I looked up Progressive, State Farm, and Geico, and Liberty was cheapest. Also less expensive than Allstate. But they charged me more to cover a single vehicle after my divorce. Ridiculous to charge more to cover one car, one driver, than 2 cars and three drivers! I have not had contact with anyone from the company since they got my money as well. Less personal. But I guess that could be a positive thing, too.
I purchased insurance last year and was given a good rate 7 even. Had my car fitted with a device for three months and received an additional discount. My credit is excellent. After a year they raised my rates 30%. I am an excellent driver. Bait & switch!
Liberty Mutual Insurance is nothing but an advertising scam. I had their insurance and their advertising claims are an outright, deliberate lie. The very thing they constantly are advertising in the excessive and annoying commercials is the EXACT reason why I fired them. Their commercials are outright false advertising claims and they do exactly what they accuse other insurance companies of. They lie and steal money. Save yourself a lot of money and frustration and avoid this insurance company at all costs. They are nothing but a scam!
I have complacently been with Liberty Mutual 13 years. My husband and I are 40+ yrs. old, have a perfect driving record, and have never been in a car accident. Over the past 4 years we have filed claims on one of our vehicles. 2 claims was due to potholes damaging the wheel of the car, one was for a nick in the windshield caused by pebbles on the highway. All claims filed never involved another driver or a moving violation. LM has reported all of these small instances, including the usage of the rental car option we chose, as "Collision - At fault". They have raised our premium over 100%. Further, their reckless reporting prevents us from becoming insured with another carrier. After much research I found out about ( This is a company that collects and sells data to all the insurance companies, DMVs, government agencies, etc. which is why insurance companies have your information. You will be shocked to see what companies are reporting!! Consumers have the legal right to receive 1 free copy of their record per calendar year (similar to a credit report). The caveat is if a claims agent enters incorrect information, you are the one to pay for it. However, you have a legal right to have this information corrected (similar to the process with the credit bureaus). Hmmm, I wonder why this information is not communicated to the consumer. I advise all consumers get a copy of their insurance records (auto, home, rental property, etc.) to see what insurance companies are documenting in an effort to overcharge you. I also advise researching the insurance laws of your state. You will quickly discover you have more rights, than has ever been communicated to us, towards reducing your rates. Those greedy **!
After a year and a half of all payments being on time, I was two weeks late one month. About a week after mailing my check, I got a notice that there was an additional $15 late fee, so I mailed a check in for that. They didn't receive it until the day after they had it scheduled to cancel, so they issued me a cancellation refund of $9.82. Meaning that they canceled my insurance for the want of $5.18. Never have I experienced as much self-righteous, obstinate, and idiotic customer service as I did trying to talk to them about this situation.
If you have a manual vehicle, you probably shouldn't even waste your time with this crappy program. I have 2 vehicles, I drive the same in both of them. One is manual, one is automatic. In order to get up to 2nd gear in the manual, an event was triggered almost every time! Some manual transmissions are different than others, so if your transmission requires you to shift a high rpm but low speed, you will probably regret even trying this crappy data collecting program. Btw, the automatic, only 4 events! 4! Driving the same way!
Horrible company!! I paid twice as much as three other auto insurance companies. If you try and reach a representative, they will not call you back, unless you are calling for a new policy. I finally cancelled my policy and was told I did not owe them any more money - then of course they send me a bill for $160.00. The only time they will respond to you is if you owe them money!!! Paid $5,500 for one year, had no claims, then a rock hit my windshield, they would not approve OEM glass. They put in $100.00 piece of crap glass in my brand new Lexus. Worst company I ever had to deal with.
Extremely upset with how our auto accident claim was handled and basically thrown out by Liberty Mutual with no basis. Their insured ran into my son as he was turning right, and they said my son should have evaded the other car so he's partially at fault, so they're closing the claim and taking no responsibility. They also lied about what was in the police report. They're saying that the police officer and their driver both said my son didn't have his headlights on. That is not what is in the police report. Their driver lied and told Liberty Mutual that my son didn't have his headlights on. In the police report, it says that their driver told the police officer that his headlights weren't on. It doesn't say the police officer said his lights weren't on. I plan to argue my case with them further.
I received a rejection letter last night March 30, 2016 around 5pm and I promised this man and his company an honest review. Claim # ** - REJECTED. I'm at fault and they are coming after me for $$. Their letter says that, not me. I own the car that got all the damage. No one was injured. Thank God. The driver of the car was waiting to make a legal right turn at a stop light. The guy next to him in a big truck decides he wants to turn Right without a blinker or the legal right to do such and literally runs over my car with his side step bar and almost keeps going. My friend gets out of the car dumbfounded and that other driver pulls over finally and says, "Where did I hit you? I didn't even see you parked there." Wow. There's some honest conviction coming out of a man...I waited 5 days for someone from Liberty Mutual to call me. Finally I called them and got the runaround, a falsified temporary claim number, a promise of a smooth handling with multiple promises that the "claims specialist" will call me and keep me "in-the-loop" since I wasn't driving my car, my friend was. My friend wasn't at fault, his client was. Not their words, his client's words at the accident and on the phone when I talked to him, not that it matters. I just wanted someone to call me and inform me. So just be patient and wait. I did. After 3 weeks of waiting and getting nothing, I got an email from this guy asking the same questions about the same information that he already has, dragging on this process longer than it needs to be.But see the problem is, this man is the one verbally telling everyone, to include his client, lies. Then people like his client, tell me what he says. So, I ask him directly these things that he says via email. He ignores them, demands more information and then immediately, rejected the claim. All the while knowing his client is at fault. Did I mention his client had expired tabs, DEC 2015. Today is March 31, 2016. Pretty sure that guy is not a responsible driver. What kind of insurance company, who has personal agents, allows their clients to knowingly drive around the entire State of Washington with expired tabs and then rejects accident claims pinning the other driver/owner for all the costs and fines? Liberty Mutual that's who.See I wouldn't be making this a big deal, but because this gentleman has that long elaborate title attached to his name, that raises huge concerns to me as a prior US military member. See if you have a title like that, that means you are trusted in your company to handle the simple cases. Not make the simple cases hard, run everyone through the ground then reject the claim knowing it's a fraud. That being said... 2 weeks later I tell all parties involved in the accident to have the insurance claim rep call me as soon as they get a hold of him. He tells them both he's going to call me right back. Well here we are still waiting for that professional phone call.Very unprofessional. Continuously lied to myself (car owner), the driver (my friend and victim) and the guy who had the large truck that ran over my car. Yep lied to him too and that's his client. Never once called me. Repeatedly asked me to give him the same information that his company already had, just to delay this claim. If he just wouldn't have told everyone else, who then in turn told me what he said (his own client even), he was going to handle this properly and call me right away, make sure my car gets fixed...I think everyone else would have trusted him a little bit longer than 5 minutes, to include his own client.Now me being a disable military veteran, single dad of two kids, who pays his child support, no job, has to figure out a way to pay for $1,750 in damages for a car that I wasn't even driving. It was clearly the other guy's fault. He even admitted it. As you can probably tell, this man rejected the claim all fully knowing his client was at fault, who has full coverage insurance. Not a trustworthy businessman and a horribly managed company. This is coming from an outsider trying to get his car fixed and get back to normalcy. I'm sick and tired of crooks running this country into the ground. I really am.Proverbs 6:16-19 tells us that God hates 7 things: I won't list them all, but the first 3 are these and in this particular order: 1) A Proud Look, 2) a Lying Tongue and THEN he hates, 3) hands that shed innocent blood. That's something really deep to ponder when you think about all the innocent death that takes place around the world, for no particular reason. I'm just an innocent car owner who's trying to help his best friend survive a divorce after 30 years marriage. He has 4 kids and 1 of them he can't keep out of jail. He was making an honest, legal right turn and because another man trusted his Insurance Agent, I have to pay for all the damages now. All because I asked for someone to talk to me about everything?This is the America we live in today. Never received a single phone call and now I have to figure out how I'm going to pay for not only my damaged car, but in Matthew's letter, it says he is coming after me and my insurance company for all the damages to all the vehicles involved. Can you believe this guy? This entire review is not an insult, it's the facts. I'm quite disgruntled about all this and really don't have time to deal with liars. I've given all these problems to God to handle, but I'm not going to ignore a chance to warn others. Please Beware of this company and their untrustworthy agents.
I was hit in October 2016 by an irresponsible driver. His car was immediately totaled. He was in a company car and his commercial insurance is Liberty Mutual. After the accident was filed the driver and Liberty Mutual accepted full fault. My son and I received chiropractic treatment. Liberty Mutual called and was very nice offering immediately to pay all medical. As soon as medical was settled they no longer took interest in trying to settle my auto claim in a timely manner. I sent my car to a body shop who deemed it a total loss and refused to repair the extensive damages. They assigned me an adjuster, Kwame, who immediately sent me a small amount check and attempted to close the case. After several weeks I could no longer reach Kwame and finally got Liberty Mutual to assign me another adjuster. They assigned me Jasmine. She was never available or at work. Eventually I could no longer reach her as well. The list continued with Brian, Gregory, Nicole... all of which would not settle my claim in a timely fashion.Today is January 6, 2017 and I still have not received the promised check from Liberty Mutual for the total loss of my vehicle. They refused to continue paying my rental car after January 3, but have not issued a check to me for the loss. I would be hesitant to ever purchase Liberty Commercial Insurance as their customer service is terrible. Phone calls and emails are not returned in a timely manner from the commercial total loss Allen ** team and Timothy ** team. I have been sent in a circle for months thru more than 10 people and my claim still isn't resolved.
Purchasing the policy was a very easy process with Liberty Mutual. I told them what I wanted and they obliged. They also found discounts for me, which is always great. They made me feel like I was family member not just another policy holder. I like the ease of filing a claim and the safe drivers program that they have. They made me feel like going with Liberty Mutual was the best decision. I am a happy client.
I've only had the car insurance for about 6 months and so far have had no problems. I did have them a few years ago and thought they were a good company until they raised their rate. Now I am in a different state and the rate is lower than before.
It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but it was decent enough when I compare it to horror stories where companies do all they can to delay or not pay up. This claim took a while, but it was decent enough. It's a company with decent packages. I'm just not fully aware of all of them. My packages is nice. It covers me well enough to get the job done if I in fact need to make a claim of any kind. If you look at quote for car insurance for Liberty Mutual and you live in a place like Detroit, the rates can be a bit pricey and unaffordable to be frank. If their prices did not rise for those living in the city I could give a better review, but NO.The customer service is serviceable, which is all you can ask for, I would like to point out that overuse of computers or machines in this line of business does not seem appropriate. Customers are calling and may be panicked, and need to speak to people that understand the situation and can approach with humanity and understanding.
I signed up with Liberty over the internet and signed up for a policy for around 1600 term for full coverage. 4 days later I got an email telling me that my policy went up over 1000. No notice, no phone call. Nothing. I called and was told that my license was suspended and I was driving on while it was suspended. I was never ticketed for it, I never drove on it, my wife drove while I was getting it resolved. The state of FL was quick to suspend a license for not paying a toll ticket even if you were not the driver at the time. But Liberty never bothered to ask me what happened to take it into consideration. Also I have not had a ticket for well over 5 years, Have not been in an accident in over 20 years. It's a sham, bait and switch.
Liberty Mutual won't give us an adjuster's name and date to assess our totaled damaged car despite numerous phone calls and admittance of full responsibility. They only responded to the PIP claim as required under FL Law. Accident date 12/31/2016, report case Saint Lucie Co. Sheriffs #**. Today is 1/6/2017 and we have a junked car, unusable sitting in our driveway with no means of transportation and they are required to provide us with one by law. Two old seniors being shown no compassion or respect by Liberty Mutual, know as LM General Ins Co.
On 10/6/14, my car hit another one making a left turn in front of me while I was travel straight with the right of way defined in Maryland traffic law. The driver was insured by Liberty Mutual. I contacted Liberty many times. They refused to pay the auto shop before they finished the investigation of the liability internally. After seeing on hope 4 days later, I used my Geico policy to covered the repair. They also refused to pay me to rent a car. I rented a car with my own money. Adjuster Joe ** insisted the rental expense would not be reimbursed before the date Liberty accepted the liability even though the customer service promised covered the expense since the accident. The guy encouraged me to let my attorney talked to him after I vowed to get the all expenses back through litigation. After I picked up my repaired car and returned the rental car on 10/23/14, I called Liberty and was told the liability investigation had not been finished. I am getting ready for a litigation. I feel disgusted when I see Liberty Mutual commercials.
Liberty Mutual has claims adjusters who are responsive and fair in their claims practices. My last automobile claim was only a towing bill but it was processed promptly. I had to call back because they did not give me full reimbursement, and I had enough coverage on my policy. The claims adjuster apologized and quickly sent out a check in the mail to reimburse the difference to me. The coverage Liberty Mutual offers is comparable to the coverage provided by other carriers. Most carriers today offer accident forgiveness and replacement coverage, with some restrictions. I thought I was paying a competitive price until my son reached an experience level which should have reduced my rate significantly. Instead, I only saved $12! Customer service is usually very good. I did have one exception recently, where I was "disconnected". This has never happened before and, coincidentally, the rep was disagreeing with me.
They are the worst when it comes to customer service. I was owed money for a car rental and spent almost a year to get reimbursed. Called so many claims reps and just got the run around over and over again. I finally just gave up trying to get the reimbursement and canceled all my insurance policies with them because of how they treated me.
I had home and car insurance with them for about a year, then I got my renewal and surprise. Let's see if we can sneak a 4 to 5 hundred dollar policy jump in now. Nope! Changed to Geico and saved over 500 dollars! You have to watch these people. They are underhanded and sneaky!
2 months after the accident, 100 emails exchanged, Liberty's insured hit me in the rear, accepted fault in writing. All pictures crystal clearly show liability on Liberty's part. Liberty accepted the liability in writing. All information received 3 times, changed adjusters 3 times as soon their adjuster reaches near to settling the claim, take me back to square one and still refusing to repair my car or pay anything for damages. Keep asking for same information over and over in many forms for a absolutely simple/straight forward claim with a written admittance of fault and crystal clear proofs by pictures and videos on the spot. Forcing me to take legal action. Undoubtedly, the case is against them. Frustration for me that I need to focus on work, but getting derailed into this legal, moral, ethical battle. On top, I have inoperable car for last 2 months.
Our car was hit by one insured through Liberty Mutual. 100% the other driver's fault. They refuse to repair the vehicle using Lexus parts. They will only pay for aftermarket parts. We're lucky the damage was minor because we have to pay for real parts. EOM parts are the only ones with a warranty, fit properly, won't rust and are safe. Get insurance elsewhere.
I was encouraged by them that if I add my car it I will get better rates. I initially contacted State Farm and got a quote for my 2009 Toyota Camry full coverage. Their quote $490.00 for 6 mos. Talk to Liberty Mutual, got a $428.00. Oh great I got a discount because of the house. I set it up, come out of my checking account every 6 mos. Payment will start after I signed the contract. I got the contract via e-mail. I read it thoroughly. There were no collision. They're bare minimal. This took place on Friday. So Monday I called them first thing. I told them I could not signed that contract. It was not what we discussed. Cancel contract. That day went on and took 428.00 out of my bank account. I call them back and their respond was, "oh well," it would be 2 weeks before they could return the money. Moral lesson: Don't trust unethical practicing business such as this one. Some of us do read our contract. I was wrong for setting up, making sure they got schedule timely payment. They saw a opportunity and pounce on like a snake which is what they are (greedy snake).
The company had great rates and really personalized customer service. There was one representative I always dealt with who always took time to go over policy details. They usually took the time to show me different ways to save money. If I was near to policy lapse, I could count on a phone call. When new rates were available, they would contact me with offers. I had good rates with low deductibles. But they only do business online now, my rates have increased significantly, and there is no personalized service anymore. The company just no longer meet the personal touch I need while dealing with my insurance needs. My rates have increased by nearly $500 per year and I have no claims, an excellent driving record and nearly 20 years with Liberty Mutual and I pay my yearly insurance in full every year. My insurance lapsed as a death in the family occurred & I thought it was off. I was in another state. 19 good years, 1 bad month.
Good service, friendly, a little expensive but worth it. Have been with a long time and have always known that they will be there for me when I needed them. Has many plans and can build a program just to fit my needs.
I have never made a claim in the 12 years I've had Liberty Mutual insurance automobile insurance, this I cannot really accurately assess their claims processing. They provide a variety of different levels of automobile coverage and give discounts for using them for other coverage, like homeowners insurance. Liberty Mutual provides great customer service and coverage at rates that are often lower than its competitors. I have looked at other insurers and their rates are higher for the same or lesser coverage. Every time I've dealt with their customer service, they have been helpful and responsive. They are easy to reach by phone without a long wait and they also can send information by email, reducing the time spent on the phone.
They were quick to respond to an accident that was not our fault. They went to battle for us, and even got our high deductible back. They have great customer service. They made filing a claim easy, were very prompt and took care of everything.
I was recently in a hit and run. The insurance company was great. They scheduled a session with the repair company and asked if I needed a rental. They followed up a couple days later saying the police caught the person and they were working on getting my money back for me.
I have looked up different companies and requested quotes online. After picking the best quote I contact an agent in my area to sign all the necessary documents and get the policy started with Liberty. Accident forgiveness is the thing I like the most because I don't have to worry about my rates going up. Satisfying and no haste. But wait time for a claims are usually too long and there is a lot of being switched between operators. Feels like nobody wants to deal with your accident.
First, this was not our insurance as it belonged to the person who ran a red light and hit us. Tamika with Liberty Mutual ended up being the rudest, most disrespectful person I have dealt with in insurance. The woman, I believe made up her mind about our claim prior to even talking with us. Of course that took a couple weeks to even get her or anyone with Liberty Mutual to call back. She would attempt to call us at 5:30 am. Why? Padding her call stats maybe? Could it be the same reason she'd also leave the line open after we finished talking? Everything was our fault and her continual response was "claim it on your insurance, your car isn't worth that and the dealerships must make money too." (Yes, but not twice what you offered us.) They offered us of course the bottom line dollar, tried to blame damage to the vehicle on us and not because of the wreck. She promised email paperwork after being prompted to do so. That never arrived after multiple times giving our email address, said she mailed paperwork that never arrived. I thought I'd never come to this conclusion, but with the way things have worked lately in this messed up world, is all this rudeness and lack of service because my son, who drove the car... is a police officer?
Liberty Mutual has one subsidiary "Sedgwick" Insurance Company for workers compensation. They falsified medical documentation for their benefit, a really good doctor also left the medical field due to their unethical practices. When it comes to life insurance---Liberty Mutual has special codes to prevent a beneficiary from ever receiving a dime!!
Suspension of my License/ Totaled my S500 / added to my policy: We can start with the basics. I have been a customer for the last eight years and I promise that Liberty has done more to me than I could express without tears so I will take it a step at a time. My S500 was in Florida during the flood. I was advised to take my car to a certified approved repair company and my repairs would be covered as long as I owned the car. I took the car to the approved company which had it for one and a half weeks before they said there was nothing they could do with it. They then sent my car to a collision center that had it jacked up in the back with a man under the hood in the back of the building. They also determined that there was nothing they could do with it. So at that point, they sent it to Orange Park Benz where they replaced some cluster panels as advised that the insurance company was not willing to make the rest of the repairs needed that we would continue to have ghost code for future repairs. I met with ** from Liberty at dealership who advised me that they would cover repairs related to the water damage as long as I owned the car. He lied to my face. I paid for repairs out of pocket for many, many months before they totaled and refused to fix the same issues caused by the water damage. Then, they trashed me on the price based on the condition of the car at the time they decided to total it. If they had fixed it when the damage happened, it would have had a real value as well as they would have made me whole. They did not make me whole at any time. They also scared my driving record with all of this to increase my rate.Liberty has added a car as well as a truck to my policy that I have paid for that were never mine nor did I add them to my policy. When asked how or why, they tell me it’s not their job to check who the car is registered to and that I needed to call and find out who the car belonged to. They provided me the VIN number. I asked for the amount taken from my account to be returned as well as to send statements of the account. I asked why the amount returned didn’t match the amount taken. The explanation given didn’t add up. They were still taking money every month.Jim ** came to my job, called my mother, made treats that made me travel from Florida to GA to see him because someone stole my identity, rented a car and wrecked it. This man called every week to ensure that I was not driving the car in the accident. He made me jump over, around, and under hoops to provide him proof that I was in Florida at the time of the accident and did not rent or wreck the car. Yes, there was a police report that stated it was a 6 ft. 6 something male. I am 5'5", female, in any event they got out of the claim the company sued me and suspended my license for not having insurance. I have been calling for months Mary **, Jim supervisor and Jim to provide a letter to DMV that I was insured at the time but was not the driver or present at the accident; so I do not need SR22 nor should I have been without my driving ability from last year August, that this is an error and omission on Liberty. Cancelled my policy because I need my driving license back as well as understanding about my payments and a return call before I make another payment.
Liberty Mutual does not stand by your side. They are liars!!! I had Liberty Mutual for about 3 years. My husband had two tickets before their representative came to my job for new clients. They signed me up with auto pay. My husband backed into a car and Liberty Mutual paid out $375.00. Last year, I noticed my money was still in my account thirteen days after it was due to paid. I called them and told them that money was still in my account. They told me that they dropped me because we were high risk drivers! I told that they should have sent a letter. They claimed that they but I never received one. I also told them that I had to pay a high down payment because of their negligence. I also told them they should have sent that letter certified! I asked them if they could at least carry me for the 13 days to keep me from paying a high down payment. They said no.
Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance raised my liability/uninsured rates by 8.5% without cause. My driving record is clean with 0-points. When I called to speak with my agent, I am told she is in a meeting. My email messages go unanswered. With the above outlined, I decided to switch to another auto insurance company, which gave me a better, a much better rate. However, I have a homeowners insurance policy, which I filed a claim in the month and year of November 2011. Thus, I am placed in a 5-year window before other companies will provide a homeowners policy. I ask all here if they have been through a similar situation, and what was your outcome? Thanks ahead.
I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but I would never buy insurance from a company that has such stupid advertising. "You had your car for three years. You named him Brad. You LOVED Brad." Every time that annoying ad comes on the TV I either mute it or switch to a different channel...!! Who on earth names a car, let alone the name BRAD?? LOL. Also, one of my family members had Liberty Mutual, and they had nothing but nightmares with this company after they had an accident which was NOT their fault.
Just received my insurance renewal after using Liberty Mutual for one year. The rate is due to go up over $400/yr because of an incident where my car was damaged in a shopping center parking lot. No ticket was issued by the local sheriff's department but Liberty Mutual stated in the renewal that the damage was my fault. When I called to question the increase, I was told that the small print on the television ads says that you have to be insured for 5 years to get the "accident forgiveness." I was also told that I had a 3-yr old speeding ticket that was causing the increase. What? I have not had a speeding ticket in the past four years. The whole ACCIDENT FORGIVENESS is deceptive advertising. Don't use this company.
I am relocating from AZ to OK for a job and traded in an AZ vehicle in Ok. I still have a home and 2 vehicles in AZ with Liberty until my spouse can transfer. The newer car is going to cost over 200 more in Ok and they raised the cost in AZ because of the one car in Ok is on a separate contract. We have had no claims or tickets but they have raised it every year. I requested help from Customer Service and still have not received a response. If I could give them negative stars, I would.
I began an auto policy with Liberty Mutual earlier this month. I disclosed a recent lane change violation in my initial setup, but forgot about another lane change violation that occurred a couple of years prior. I simply paid the ticket a couple of years ago and completely forgot about it. Liberty Mutual sent me my insurance cards and a separate cancellation letter the same day, basically implying that I intentionally failed to report the one moving violation from years ago. I inquired with a representative on the website and fully explained the situation. They said that I am now barred from having coverage of any kind through Liberty Mutual indefinitely. I was literally treated like some criminal who intentionally misled them.They could have easily adjusted my rate up upon discovery of this one minor violation, but they instead decided to do the equivalent of spitting in my face and ostracized me completely. We're not talking about a major at-fault wreck or loss of life here. It was a simple improper lane change. No fuss. Paid the ticket, moved on with my life, and completely forgot about it. Even if I could, I'd never do business with these guys again, and I'm recommending that people avoid them. If they'd rather falsely accuse you than take your money, so they can have it their way as far as I'm concerned.
I have been shopping around for insurance and have found Liberty Mutual to be extremely high. I have been driving for 50 years and never had an accident or a ticket. I have a credit score over 800 and I’m a Credit Union member. I had saw on my credit union's website that they offered Liberty Mutual. I constantly receive emails and mailers telling me they can save me 600 dollars but when I got a quote they were 600 dollars more than the other quotes I was getting.
The service at Liberty Mutual has been good, however the premium increases every year, even after having a perfect driving record.
If I could give a negative rating, I would. I was hit by a Liberty Mutual customer who ran a red light. Once I was assigned a claims representative, it was impossible to get her on the phone, and I couldn't even leave a message because her voicemail was full...? Obviously not very professional. At some point after about a month of waiting around and nothing happening, they put a new person in charge of my claim without notifying me. Once I finally figured out who I was supposed to be talking to, I couldn't get him on the phone either.I talked a random claims person into giving me the name and phone number of his manager, and (big surprise) she wouldn't answer the phone either. When I finally got her (because I called multiple times, not because she actually called me back), she said she would call me back within 30 minutes. Hours later I tried to call her and of course got voicemail. I have gone days and even weeks without receiving a call back from Liberty Mutual, no matter how many times I call.Never in my life have I dealt with such ridiculous customer service. I have been driving a rental car for a month and a half and am still waiting on something to happen. I don't know if this is how they treat their own customers, but I do know that NOBODY deserves to be treated the way I have... especially after a wreck that was not my fault.
LM's insured pulled out of a parking space in a parking lot. He had backed in. The problem is that I was already backing out. He wasn't moving when I started backing out and it was a clear day. My car is dark blue, but he gunned his little convertible right into my brand new car, hitting it hard enough to dent the bumper and crack it! He was totally not watching where he was going and was obviously 100% at fault. BUT - the adjusted from LM told me I was 20% at fault and would have to pay that much of the damages! I would not accept that and spoke with her supervisor. It took 30 minutes for this person to realize that she could not give me one reason for their decision. She promised to consult with other managers and call me back. Of course, she did not. It has been close to a month since the accident and these people at this major company are trying to beat me out of $170 from an $844 claim! I receive social security, and $170 is a lot of money to me. I doubt if anyone would miss that much out of petty cash at Liberty Mutual. I actually feel embarrassed for them, quibbling with me over this claim. It's not like we're dealing with a Rolls Royce that was totaled - this is a relatively small claim as auto claims go, but these people just will not take care of business. Forget their cutesy little commercials - these people just collect money and won't take care of anything that requires a pay-out - even for a lousy $844. Very VERY poop.
Contacted Liberty sales office for 3 vehicles and 1 home. I received 4 different quote from the same office in Arizona location. I asked the agent Jack ** why there is a discrepancies in pricing, he replied, " I don't know. It is all computerized". I had my domestic partner contact the same agent and she received a substantial price reduction. Does anyone regulates the Insurance industries?
A Liberty Mutual customer hit the front end of my car due to running a stop sign at 40 mph on 6/10/2013. The police wrote on the report the other driver was solely responsible for the accident and issued a summons. Liberty Mutual did not to accept liability stating that the police report was being amended. I'd been going back and forth with the company. They would not cover my rental fees or anything. I had been given the runaround for 30 + days and eventually I went to the police department on 7/12/2013 for the amendment where I was told by the officer on the scene that he will not be amending the police report. Liberty Mutual was aware of this fact days earlier but now is saying they are waiting for a 2nd assessment in order to accept liability. I just found out that the 2nd assessment is the supplemental insure and has nothing to do with the initial damages being paid on the car. Meanwhile, I've paid $1800 in car rental fees and have been without my car for 45 days. This is ridiculous. Liberty Mutual Sucks.
Perhaps Liberty Mutual replaces your car without a penalty. I do not know. But I do know that I got a traffic ticket, the first one I had got in probably 45 years. When my insurance renewal came up, they raised my rates for my house and car by more than $600 per year. When I contacted them, they wrote that the ticket was the problem. That is an absurd amount of increase for that infraction. I will be changing companies soon. I suggest you never fall for their advertising claims that they understand and stand behind you when something adverse happens. They are lying.
This company is reliable and provides accident replacement. It has covered what I have needed covered including glass that has needed replacing due to a crack in the wind shield. It's a little pricey compared to other companies but worth the cost. I would like it if the company would keep cost down for us consumers to afford other living expenses.
When I signed up, I was hoping that Liberty Mutual would be perfect for someone just starting out with auto insurance. Purchasing was really simple and was one of the easiest experiences I have ever had, they have really good starting plans. And they have really great rates on their auto insurance. If I were to make another decision, I would make the same exact decision I made because the way they did things was really good and well handled. But they should improve customer service and how they take certain calls and request. Bad service can be off putting at times and having a difficult service experience can make many things more difficult, and can reduce the amount of customers they receive.
They are nice, helpful and honest, but 24-hour assistance can improve. They took forever to get to me when I was waiting by my car and it took 4 hours as hot as it was and I had an infant with me. I would also improve customer service rep. I dislike how long it takes someone to answer. They didn't seem to care and it seemed like they only cared about the money, not the people. I also dislike the fact they have to call in every time they needed something to help me. They didn't even offer to get me gas while other people did. Nonetheless, it's a good experience and I like Liberty Mutual very much. If I had to do it all over again, I would do the same thing and choose the same company. They are very knowledgeable and they like to help people. I see their commercials all the time so they must be doing something right.
Definitely not recommended. Approximately around 5:20 am I got a flat tire. I called road assistance number, and an automated operator indicated all steps to follow in order to put the request for the flat tire situation in my car. After filling the details, a person named Mohammed was assigned to my case, but never contacted me. I called him directly since the phone number was provided to me via text message, but instead, the phone call sounded like rejected. Instead I received a text message from same number saying "Can I call you later?"Four days later and I am still waiting for this call. 3 hrs later a person named Moe (different person) contacted me saying if I still need the service. I ended up changing the tire myself because nobody was efficient enough to attend my case. I called customer service in Liberty Mutual webpage and a person redirected my call to the same Roadside Assistance number I previously called, which does not have any operator inline. Unfortunately this is the worst experience for what I am paying for. I submitted a complaint through a phone number provided to me and $10 gift card was offered as a remedy for my case. Sad...
Up until yesterday I was happy with Liberty Mutual. I pulled up my recent transactions through my bank and noticed they withdrew almost $80.00 more for my monthly payment. I called customer service and the agent said there was a slight increase in my yearly premium (I don't think a 67% increase is slight). Nothing has changed, and our driving records are clean, the agent couldn't find the reason for the increase. I was not informed of this, but called GEICO and was able to switch companies with a 6-month premium of just over $600, versus Liberty Mutual's new 12-month premium of over $2100 and we get a little better coverage. Now I'm fighting with them to refund my recent payment for the month the May and they will not. They are trying to tell me their customers are always billed a month late. I'm pretty sure the day I signed up is the day of my first payment. My most recent payment was on May 4 and I cancelled on May 5, I should get that money back.
I had set up an automatic payment for deduction from my account. After the payment was accepted on a scheduled date, proceeds were sent to Liberty. I was hit by a driver going the wrong way on a one-way. When I called in the claim, Liberty informed me that I had no coverage. Their explanation was that my payment was scheduled before the cancellation date, but received after the cancellation date. My response was that even so, the payment was still accepted and policy should have been reinstated. So for over a week, I was thinking that I still have coverage.After speaking with several people from Liberty who all gave the typical insurance jargon for not wanting to pay a claim, I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I am already out of pocket a lot of money and now it has been over two weeks. I never had an accident, or towing service as long as I have had the policy. Liberty has denied to pay the claim, even when I have documents from their system accepting payment and thanking me. I am ready to pursue legal actions towards them.
I was told to get reimbursed for car rental after repairs. Emails don't get answered, claims service does not answer in less than half an hour, but I can get a salesperson immediately. They do not care about customers or service - they just want money. They behave just like shady bankers.
I unfortunately hit a deer going to work one morning, end of February. I called LM and started a comprehensive claim. About a week later a LM preferred body shop called me to schedule a visit for an estimate. I asked why didn’t someone from LM call me. So I called LM and spoke with the claims representative Karen ** which told me that is the way LM does business. I told her that I wanted to look at other shops. She said that I could but she would not be able to manage it since they do not have relationships with any other shop in my town and if the other shop decided to run up the charges and take an excessive amount of time she would not be able to help me. Well my car has been at their shop for 3 weeks. The initial estimate was $3600. I was told initially that the repairs would take 8 business days.Well 9 business days later I called the shop to check and was told they found more damage, $900 worth and that would take another week and a half. I contacted Karen ** and she called me back after an extended period of time and told me she was busy and basically everything is going as planned. I told her that she is not doing the job she told me she would do, manage the claim. The body shop told me they estimate they’ll have the car done April 12th. They’re replacing the front bumper cover, fixing minor dent in front right fender, and replaced door skin on right door. 5 weeks for that minor repair? Karen ** is incompetent. I’ve called Liberty Mutual every other day for 3 weeks and get nothing but a bunch of lip service. Liberty Mutual cares more about the body shop. I’m just a source of money.
They are good at the job. When I call to put in a claim the first thing I was ask was if I was ok. That means they were more concerned about me and not the car and that right there is what made me happy about this company. They hop right on my claim. They keep me in the loop about my claim with the email and the text sent to my phone. I can easy look at my policy online. Sometimes it's a little hard to get in to see it but it does come up. Very happy with them. They are kind and they also know how to treat the customer and that right there is what I look for. Great customer service is a must for me and they go out of the way to do that. I left another company because I was not getting that.
In April 2012, I sent Liberty Mutual a form notifying them I am cancelling my auto policy immediately (policy number **). But on May 14th, 2012, they withdrew $73.33 from my checking account. That should be returned to me. I would appreciate if the money is placed back in my checking account. Thank you.
Auto insurance in NJ is just too expensive for any company one insures with. But, that aside my experience with Liberty Mutual has been OK. The claims procedure was made very simple and the result was fair.
Liberty Mutual is a huge FRAUD & SCAM of a business. Very sad. They do not pay or take responsibility. A large work truck of a company (Blackwell Engineering) they insure crashed into my convertible & they REFUSE to pay in an effort to save money. Corporate American Greed. After telling my story it turns out I'm just one of many scams & frauds... HORRIBLE customer service. Nothing but people who don't answer their phones and don't know what they're doing. They have the worst communication skills, and have us going in circles. Some of the most simple tasks can't even be made like returning a phone call or filling out paperwork correctly. Whoever that lady is that answered the phone, drives away potential members like myself. You guys need a new replacement for this location for whoever is working the night shift on 10/27/16. And if you get an adjuster named Megan run! Worst company ever!
I had no tickets or accidents on record or claims in with Liberty Mutual but was canceled because of accidents while operating a company vehicle. 40-50 ft. moving target I call it. All intercity driving 50-60K miles a year. Backs out driveway into my side, runs red light into my side, sideswipes me, I'm in the turning lane to make a left turn, light changes and I'm not moving and the car to my right does not go straight but turns into me. Parked and car runs into back of me. Never cited or at fault at work but my personal insurance canceled me?? Every time I see a Liberty Mutual ad on TV of how great they are compared to others [I'm pissed ]. They are the wrong insurance company. This happened years ago with them and forced me into other companies paying a higher rate as a new customer. Where I cant kiss they should!!! Canceled personal policy for accidents in company vehicle that were never my fault. Never a dime they paid in claims but had no problem with accepting my payments. My last ticket was around 1980 and will give you my opinion on Liberty Mutual Ins as terrible till I die…
I dealt with an agent on the phone to work through what types of coverage I wanted and then paid online. Not going into an office is very convenient and desirable for me. I wish there were declines on deductibles for each year without a claim. One other thing I would like to see is more discounts for number of years being Liberty Mutual's customer. But other than that, the price is very competitive and I like the car replacement in case of a total loss of your vehicle. I also like that I can make policy changes online. Price changes are shown as you make changes so you know your new payment immediately.
Liberty Mutual is an extremely good company to do business with. The representative was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She was very courteous and knew what I wanted and needed. She tried to see if her company could help me with home insurance. They did not have that service in my area but I was very happy that she took the time to try and help me. She called me as many times as needed without being pushy. Furthermore, I like that they understand my needs and they are reasonably priced. You can also pay your bill online. They even mailed me ID cards with my name and my spouse's name on it. Other companies would not do that. I wish more companies would be like this company. I would recommend this company to anyone who has auto insurance needs. I plan to continue to use them for my car insurance needs.
I have a brand-new Toyota that I've made three payments on. A glass company truck in front of us spewed glass on the highway and suddenly our air conditioner quit working. Apparently some glass damage the condenser underneath the bumper. I took the car to service king for the appraiser to authorize as advised by my claim adjuster. They then told me that the adjuster didn't look at it and had me take it to another one of their locations... because they could not get an appraiser out to Toyota. The claim adjuster told me it was only for the purpose of getting it authorized. Explain to her that we lived in Arizona and that it was going to be over 100° so we needed the AC fixed soon as possible. I advised them that I wanted Toyota fix it. They said no problem but their adjuster had to approve it first. So once again we took the car to their designated location and got an estimate. I told them that the car would be at the Toyota dealer at 9 AM Monday which is today. So I'm on my way to an airplane after getting a rental car and taking the car to Toyota as I told them, and they are denying the claim! They are refusing to allow Toyota to work on it. Was certified part and they want to use lower in parts and cheaper labor. I am flabbergasted! I have full coverage and I should be able to take my brand-new Toyota dealer. When I get back from out of town and get this resolved I am going to cancel Liberty Mutual as soon as this claim is processed and file a complaint with Better Business Bureau and the insurance commissioner. The incredible amount of stress this has already caused me is insane. I was so upset but I had to go back to TSA three times before getting on my plane! Because I was so distracted!! I would give them less than one star if it was an option! I am furious right now. Run. Run fast!
I have not had any issues with my insurance company. It is a good price and I am able to bundle it with other coverages that I need for my family. It is convenient to have one company providing different types of coverage for our needs. I have not had any claims with my insurance provider however they have always been attentive in answering my questions or addressing my concerns.
It is a well known, successful and reputable company with decent rates, easy account management, good customer service, excellent claims process, and 24 hour customer service assistance. Everything was done online and whenever I need to make a policy change, I can easily call or email my rep directly and he gets things done right away. But I wish they have cheaper and more competitive rates; rewards and/or discounts for safe driving, professional affiliation policy discounts and loyalty discounts.
I have been with Liberty Mutual since 1991. I have always had multi cars on the insurance. Well my daughter was in an accident and the experience and treatment I have received is unspeakable. Nathan and Melissa are the worst to work with. They treat you like they are doing you a favor. Hello... I have not had many accidents in the last 29 years. I have called several times in regards to see when I will be seeing my deductible returned and no calls back and no up to date information. I am busy and don't have the time to do their job too! The claims department needs some serious training on how to treat loyal customers!!!
I was put into contact with Liberty Mutual when I was attempting to obtain a quote for USAA insurance for home and auto. Liberty mutual is apparently the carrying agent. The first agent I spoke to asked me to wait until I was certain of my new address (I am in the process of moving into a new house). When I tried to call him back two weeks later, he was out of office and had no one available to take his new clients. I waited another week, contacted the agent, and received a quote from him. He gave me a quote claiming it was $500 less a year than my existing insurance. He asked for a payment over the phone. I informed him that I wanted to go over the quote with my wife and existing insurance before finalizing the policy.When I contacted my present company, I found that he was misrepresenting his claim. I actually had more coverage for less money with my existing insurance. I called and asked for a refund of my deposit. Today, I came home from work to find out LIBERTY Mutual had contacted the department of transportation of my state and told them I didn't have insurance. The DOT wanted me to take the plates off my vehicles and not drive them until I got insurance. Even though I still had my original insurance. Calls to Liberty Mutual accomplished nothing. They refused to correct their mistakes.
I had LM auto insurance back in 1965. I drove a Corvette, I had an accident, you paid, then canceled me.
Liberty Mutual is consistent. Liberty Mutual is a bad vendor. Instead of cancelling your insurance they send you a bill for services after the fact and then turn you over to a collections service. They were taking the amounts out of my checking account the entire time. Hate 'em!
Service Reps: Received suspension notice from the state. Liberty Representative said it was handled. Told me to get on state web site and check looked good no problem. Two weeks later license suspended. Liberty had done nothing according to the state. When I called them again they would not provide the information the state requested dozens of times and in writing. They won't give you contact or escalation information. They won't provide a sheet that covers all of the information the state says they need. Your representative will go dark on you (stop responding) after a few rounds of trying to get common sense information. They say it is due to the legal dept. I spent a solid week prying information and my time suspension will be on record 3 years and on permanent record for ever. I am a captive customer due to their branding. Systemic to Liberty planned in my opinion. Policy numbers last two digits are not part of policy number so don't include on traffic issues. The reps won't tell you I was a long term over insured customer. They don't care! Also check your driver's license number on file they dropped my last digit. Similar thing happened my brother they dropped a digit in his vin. also suspended I'm over insured but it does not matter to them. Claims dept. They threaten you with imposing lot charges for your vehicle when the body shop is their preferred body shop and by contract they cannot charge customer lot charges. They threaten to cut your rental car if you don't let them tow away your car to auction before they make you and offer. they do drive by phone calls (every 3 days) and almost never provide information requested. Their comps are based on Junkers towed to auction less than half of market value. Total car at 60% of value. Very resistant to escalation requests and if you do escalate the supposed supers or leads or managers are worse. They are very reluctant to provide full names, contact information and titles. One of the service dept. rep said upon renewal said "you can only check on price quotes once every three years." Whaaat. Run away from this company. The culture is rotten. Finding a good rep has become almost impossible. Getting needed information during an issue is taboo. This use to be a great company but since they pulled out of homeowners in Florida the LLC LM General Insurance has driven the culture into the ground. Shyster organization RUN RUN RUN AWAY.
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