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Legal & General America Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Legal & General America
Phone: 800-638-8428
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 68 %
Nice, helpful, responsive.
Just want to thank Banner and Zander Insurance for there above and beyond customer service. You get real people to go over all your information and answer any questions you have. I will be recommending Banner and Zander Insurance to my friends and family.
Honest, quick and easy. Fits most peoples lives these days!
It was a positive process and everyone who assisted me on the phone was very helpful and friendly, especially Joy. The nurse who did my exam was very nice and professional. Thank you, I feel so much better that I can continue to help my loved ones out of something happens to me.
The auto-prompt feature stopped working after I signed the payment page, i.e. the "sign here" and "next" prompts. However, there were still pages that are required before policy is in effect, i.e. statement of good health page, etc. Customer service, after discussing with 3 people, were unable to figure out how to move forward. Their solution was, just click finish and we will let you know what we still need. Even though the required pages are right there in the document.
keep up the good work
Easy to use and individuals were available to answer questions.
They seem to be professional but it took quite awhile for the whole process
I could not continue signing my documents after 2 days.
Very helpful and they made the process easy
i was intimidated by this process but was made to feel comfortable. i appreciated the conscientious follow-ups.
Very easy process, Straight forward contract.
This was the best decision process I ever made. Thank You
The customer service rep was friendly, helpful and informative. She was wonderful!
Thanks for your service. Your customer service person was very helpful and I would call again with no hesitation. However I think the software that I used to provide you with information and learn about my application could use a review from an outsider. I feel that there were times I was not sure what to do next or what the next step should be, if any. So, hire a couple of retired people and have them spend a day with you filling out the forms etc. Thanks again, Allen
Everything went smoothly.
Fast service!! 100%
Everything went smoothly with my transition to this Life Insurance Company I was referred to through Geico.
Curt Zacharias was so helpful and responsive! Thanks very much!
This was the third time trying to execute this transaction via Docu sign. There were no prompts to stop one from continuing or let you know if there was a missed signature. Other sites that are similar to your has this feature.
Approved amount made no sense and banner could not be contacted for reasoning or to discuss the matter. At least that is what I was told by the broker, Policy Genius.
Very thorough and detailed.
Legal and General America made applying for life insurance a breeze! Also, the customer service was wonderful. Thanks L&GA!
This process was so easy to use, and now my family can have a financial peace of mind if anything were to happen to me.
Though I worked through an insurance agency, Legal & General America's policy was the easiest to sign up for, the cheapest to obtain, and all the detailed information was made very clear.
Tenderá quality service
Process was simple and easy to follow and my agent had complete knowledge and understanding of the products necessary to address my life insurance needs.
I would recommend this company. I used Zander and they help me find this company and I am sure glad they did. It was quick and efficient and no problems at all.
Overall great process. Banner should use electronic access for medical exam results.
Easy Application Process. Quick Approval Time!
Easy. Professional. Loved the experience.
Bill was great in helping us find the correct policy.
Thank you so very much. The process went by smoothly and your rates are excellent! Christina Ritter
Speedy, efficient, and genuine company to work with. Very courteous and professional.
Very helpful, friendly, personable staff with a easy to understand and simple signing process
Application took a bit long I feel but not a big problem. All folks I came in contact with were very professional and helpful and kept me posted on the process.
It was an easy and pleasant experience! I would highly recommend it!
Very easy to use. The rate is very affordable and payments are easy to set up and do.
Easy too use.
Honest & trustworthy company
It was straightforward and easy to follow along and very helpful and every circumstance.
Before I even open my account it almost got shuf down, customer service never got back to me, process to sign up extremely difficult.
I was connected to Banner via Zander Insurance, they have been very responsive, thorough, and overall it has been a smooth sailing experience. I used the electronic signature document Banner sent me via L&G America, it was easy to understand and use, again, smooth sailing.
all seemed to go smooth
The process was quick and efficient and the staff was knowledgeable and helpful.
I bought the policy through Select Quote and the whole buying experience is awesome.
Providing all the medical history was easy . The nurse scheduled the appointment to fit my schedule so I didn't have to miss any work. Entire process was very easy. The end result was we saved quite a bit of money over my current policy with increased coverage. Thank you.
This was an incredibly long process. However, the rate is good and the customer service was fantastic.
Great experience. Smooth easy process.
I was impressed with Banner's thoroughness during the application and underwriting process.
It was a pleasure to work with your company. Thank you for all your assistance.
Prefection on the agents and underwriting staff. The Nursing staff that comes out to gather information and lab samples. need work, It took me several days AFTER the appointment time and date for someone to come. But when she got there she was Awesome and great on the phlebotomy work (didn't feel a thing).
Very professional and easy to follow instructions. Really a joy to work with this company. Well done.
It was a great experience, buying from banner more affordable than my previous company and more customer service oriented
Premiums lower than expected and all calls handled with a professional attitude. Great Job!
Used PolicyGenius - it was a great and quick experience!
took a bit longer than it should have
Easy to complete, but policy price is too high considering I have an equal plan at slightly more than half the price.
Thanks for making the process easy.
Very simple process
This was a long process for an oft injured, older man, but the professionals on the phone interviews and customer service professionals were always helpful, clearly communicated. The online signing process and payment method was a breeze. Painless!
Easy process! Liked the ability to be able to sign electronically!
Excellent - everything was done first rate
Great! Easy process !
That's great
experience was very professional and friendly.
hope we have a LONG relationship
This was a very simple process and agent was the greatest.
What the hell, you cannot get a pay system that will accept a credit card number until it is submitted 3 times. You people want nothing by money don't provide anything and then make it impossible to even pay. This is crap...plan and simple! I don't know if I paid 3 times, 1 time or anytime with a stupid system like this. BS all the way.
excellent company, great service!
Good company and great customer care.
The process was very easy. The policy is extremely affordable. Very happy with my experience! I called another company and they didn't even want to fill out an application due to the melanoma diagnosis. You all were very easy to work with and accommodating.
Lots of background checking, but with some time it all worked out fine.
It was a painless smooth experience
It’s a great apps
Very efficient and fair
The information I gave over the phone did not get entered correctly. We had to go through three changes to get it entirely correct. Also, the policy was sent to the wrong email address, and I had to keep calling and emailing to get it to the correct address. Overall, I was pleased and would recommend your company.
There seemed to be no way to save or print the document once it was completed.
Price is very good and agent is knowledgeable
The experience has been a good one.
You made it very simple and pain free to purchase life insurance. Thank you!
the process was smooth and communication was constant. Very efficient.
easy peasy lemon squeezy
The process was so easy and quick. I would recommend.
Quick process; everything done online.
I am more than annoyed to be given the choice of payment that excluded my ability to send payment from my bank. You have NO business accessing my bank account or credit card but I wasn't able to proceed with clicking something. I want someone to call me on this and rescind those invasive options........ You have my phone number. If I don't hear from someone within the week I will be forced to cancel this policy.
Acquiring life insurance was new to me. The process with this company was rather painless all things considered. I did have to give blood and urine and that is never a good time, but I understand the need. All the people I dealt with along the way were friendly and professional. I also found the price to be one of the best I had found. Other companies either raised my premiums every so often, or they lured me in with one rate and then when it was time to set up the policy it had doubled. My premium here was the same from day one to when I signed the dotted line. I think I chose the best company to work with.
When I bought my policy I tried to make my wife the owner of my policy. The agent that I was speaking with when this came up immediately and very rudely questioned my doing this and talked me out of it. After doing a lot of research I later decided that I definitely want to make my wife the owner of my policy as I knew I wanted to do all along. Now the process of changing the owner has required a lot of paperwork and communication back and forth which was all unnecessary and I don't have time for. That's why on the first call I ever had about my policy I said I wanted my wife to be the owner. I didn't want to have to deal with this later like I am now and I really don't appreciate the agent weighing in and giving me her opinion on how I should not make my wife the owner. That was not her place.
Quick, easy & painless. Thank you!
process was great. simple and didn't take as long as expected.
Very quick and simple!
The whole process was handled very professional and with great ease.
Great process, accurate quote.
Very smooth process.
Very easy to understand everything!
Very easy to do. Everything was prompt and explicit.
TRicky sign in with 5 letter and 4 ss#. But effective.
Generally very good experience. Took several months, however. But satisfied with the results.
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