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Ladder Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Ladder
Email: [email protected]
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 79 %
They used old medical records to increase premiums and they where over 5 years old instead of the tests they took to qualify me. I asked for clarification when applying and would not get a straight answer to my questions the records they used were really old and my life style and circumstances have long sense changed
So much better than dealing with a traditional insurance agent and their ages long timeline. I filled out the ladder application on my phone while waiting for the traditional insurance agent to explain I’m not sure what. Speaking to the ladder guy was like a breath of fresh air. I’m insured now and truly believe this is a better way.
It was great! The application form was a bit confusing around the idea of applying for insurance. It was unclear what that meant if I get insurance through my employer.
Wow! That was easy!
The process was simple. If it wasn't for Ladder I wouldn't have life insurance!
The process was very easy and fast. Lower rates than others.
The application process was simple and easy and the coordination with the lab agent was superb. The original rate quoted was exactly the rate offered after the underwriting process and the decision was the fastest I have ever heard of. My only beef was that you are allowed only 14 days to accept or reject the offer which does not allow one as a consumer to shop around and compare rates but all in all I cannot complain. I accepted their offer.
Excellent customer service and super easy process. Would recommend to anyone!
Made buying life insurance super easy
Like many, I had been putting off applying for life insurance. I saw an ad for Ladder, read some reviews, starting the application and before I knew it I was approved. No medical exam, no hurdles, just 10 minutes to fill out a form. Easiest financial step I’ve ever taken. Rates are competitive and I love the idea of being able to increase or decrease coverage at a later date if circumstances change. If you like transacting completely online, Ladder is excellent.
It's very simple and takes less than 3 minutes to fill the application online. Decision is instant. If you need a Physcal checkup, Ladder's nurse practitioner will come home and do things for you, you need not step out. Over all i am amazed with their service and competitive rates
Great experience getting life insurance from Ladder. I literally bought a policy while in the security line at the airport before going on vacation. As a millennial who does everything online, a life insurance company like Ladder Life is awesome. They sent a nice care package full of trendy products as a welcome gift which was a nice surprise.
Really straightforward process!
It was as convenient as ordering on Amazon.
The entire process was quick and easy! I was able to get the coverage that I needed for the price I wanted. Thanks!
Easy and very convenient!
Ok website , not very informative though
I spent months going the traditional route for insurance, but was not able to find insurance at the right price. I found Ladder and writhin 30 minutes, had completed my application and signed up for insurance. Doesn’t get much easier than that!
Quick, easy, hassle-free
The application process was fast & easy. I chose coverage during the underwriting process & scheduled my health exam. I was excited about the ease of the process & was relieved that I had begun the process of providing my daughter with a safety net. I’m 29, have been an athlete all of my life, live a modest, healthy life. I had this in the bag. Well, to my surprise, the very next day, I received an email saying I was denied. The only reasoning: driving record. I was shocked, as I have no DUIs, no reckless driving, no accidents at all & my most recent ticket had been over two years prior for no registration. I even requested a copy of my driver’s record & it had reflected what I had expected, except for one error that the DMV had to correct, which was for a false 2-week suspension for a payment that I had paid a month before the supposed “suspension.” (Their systems still update slowly, but luckily I had kept the dated online confirmation.) But how does a 2-week suspension get you denied? And, for an insurance company based in CA, they should be well aware of the insane ticket costs/fines for the simplest of violations ($25 violations can become $600, $50 violations can become $1000), which lead to suspensions for failure to pay. It wasn’t until July 1st of this year that Governor Jerry Brown eliminated the suspensions of licenses for failure to pay, because it was so excessive. There is clearly nothing on my record saying that I drive to endanger my life, but I was denied anyway. The worst part? I couldn’t even speak to anyone to gain a better understanding of my denial; to attain a more informative explanation, which is unfortunate when you really want to know why you’re denied and since that can affect your future policies with another company. Luckily, my paramedical exam I took with my new insurer was superb & they placed me in Super Preferred. Also, I can convert to whole life within 15 years. I don't recall even seeing a conversion option with Ladder. So, although the process was easy & quick, unless you have a squeaky-clean health/driving/living record, you can be denied just as quickly.
I discovered Ladder Life through an affiliate company that I utilize. I found the process of getting information concerning coverage to be comprehensive, and when I had additional questions, someone was kind enough to speak with me and answer my questions to satisfaction. I was able to get coverage at an excellent rate. I am very pleased with the service Ladder provides and would recommend anyone to see if they could services they provide could work for you.
Easy to do and hardly any wait.
This company makes it so easy for you to get life insurance.
Easy to use, not the worst pricing.
Amazingly fast and easy process to get coverage. All done online. Hassle free. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get solid life insurance coverage.
Quick, simple, awesome. No confusing language to navigate pretty straight forward
Easy process friendly and knowledgeable staff. Yerry was excellent in assisting through out the process
Easy and affordable!!
Very good web integration with email for easy online transaction. I also thought the nurse who came to do my blood tests and such was excellent.
Quick and hassle free
Terrible customer service. Took an unnessary amount of time to complete this process. Did not return phone calls when I left messages.
Very easy to follow and submit.
The onboarding process was transparent, easy, & straightforward. My questions were answered in a timely manner. And no pressure from any brokers.
Very easy and quick approval process. Plus prices were extremely fair. Highly recommend
Easy application process. Lab technician was great!
Incredibly easy and straight forward process. Everything was streamlined and the site very informative.
Before getting covered by Ladder, I'd been putting off buying life insurance (independent of the coverage provided by my employer) for over a year. Before Ladder, I'd tried to go through traditional life insurance brokers and the process was frustrating and spammy. I was put on auto-dialer lists and couldn't go 24 hours without a call to schedule a "lifestyle interview" or a "personal survey." Conversely, I signed up for Ladder and had temporary coverage for $1MM in less than 15 minutes. No phone calls. No scheduling appointments. There is an associated medical screening that needs to be conducted in-person, but it's all scheduled online with Ladder's tools.
Simple, fast process. Would like to have better clarity on what happens in the event my beneficiaries would ever need it.
Easy to use and great price to protect my family.
Super fast and easy.
Very helpful, easy and quick! It’s great!
Great, fast and easy. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
The home visit was quick and professional!!
Quick and easy process. Also received support via both text message and a scheduled phone call.
Simple and easy. Recommended for anyone looking for life insurance.
I think the value they offer is very competitive.
Fast, easy, responsive, Inexpensive. Was great.
It is very easy to use. The platform and assessment are easy to submit and understand. My estimate was no where near the final amount charged so I am a bit confused as to which questions I answered wrong or where the discrepancies were between the quote and final charge. I also had not heard anything from LadderLife regarding the progress of my application for 4-5 weeks after my labs so I had to reach out. Turns out my doctor's office was the bottleneck which was easily resolved but I wish that I had received proactive communication from them.
Makes buying life insurance a low friction, seamless process!
Simplicity at its finest.
I am truly satisfied with the awesome experience I had with Ladder. The process of obtaining life insurance as an older adult was surprisingly quick and simple, and any clarification I needed was addressed in a timely manner. I am absolutely happy I found them online!
The application process for Ladder Life Insurance was so easy and quick. It was a great peace of mind to be covered instantly. I will be recommending Ladder to friends and family!
Happy to find an easy process to apply for life insurance :)
Super fast and easy way to get life insurance
Great user experience from beginning to end.
Very easy! Even though I have a slightly complicated health record they were able to work with me to get affordable coverage and now peace of mind.
Just bought term life insurance from Ladder Life. The policy is priced well and the whole process was easy.
Straightforward, informative and easy to use... overall using Ladder was a great experience.
Life insurance. The "great necessary" insurance with the "great unnecessary" process. That is, until Ladder came along. They've made it stupid easy. Going from quote -> completion was painless, simple and efficient. The decision on what drink to buy at the coffee shop today was more difficult than which life insurance policy to get, thanks to Ladder.
Great experience working with Ladder. Very simple and quick!
Took awhile to get an notice of approval. I had to call ladder to find out what is going on. The guy did call be back and checked on. Other wise it wasn't so bad.
Super easy! Amazing!
Super easy process! Highly recommend Ladder!
Ladder Life has been a 5 star experience from start to finish.
Took me 20 minutes to lock in a great policy. Truly revolutionary. I feel a lot better knowing my family is taken care of.
Very easy with no hassle to sign up. I completed everything in 5 minutes.
Streamlined process.
great way to get affordable term insurance. very easy to use, fast and intuitive, and explains benefits well.
Amazing that something so important could be done without any hassle.
Everything was super convenient, especially having them come to my house for the lab work. I couldn't have ask for a better experience
So got my free quote for 46.44. Great math with these geniuses.
Quick easy done
Very easy process. Rates are very competitive.
Very straightforward! Love it!
Very simple process and that was important.
Easy, affordable and the ability to change it is awesome!
Excellent to work with, very timely, and professional.
Our experience with Ladder has been wonderful. From the paperwork to the nurse who came to the house it’s been stress free. We appreciated the communication we received, everyone was helpful and friendly.
Super easy enrollment/qualification process. Excellent price for coverage.
Absolutely easy.
The application process was very easy. I'm glad it popped up in my FB ads because I had been meaning to get life insurance on my husband for a while. *Review edited after my issue was address.
Was a very easy going, understandable process to apply and purchase life insurance
Super simple and to the point.
Very easy process, it could not have been any more enjoyable. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in life insurance.
So easy - loved that I never felt pressured to buy more than I needed.
If only everything were this simple!
Easy,Convenient, Affordable and safe. Highly recommended
Just what I've been looking for....Easy, fast, all online no agents calling, no up selling, instant decision and great prices!!
Very seamless process overall. Two minor suggestions: Login/password section is a bit confusing, still confused. how do I access my account? and no app?
Garbage company. I applied in January which was easy as advertised. My husband did also. I go to the Dr. regularly, my husband hasnt been in years. Somehow he was approved without an exam, and I had to have one. They of course had no reasoning for this. I was given the runaround when asking. The "technicians" did not show up to my appointment twice. When I called them, I was spoken to as if i was the scum of the earth. The technicians blamed ladder life, ladder life blamed the technicians, etc. I was hung up on by the medical company they hired multiple times just trying to schedule an appointment, and ladder doesnt even have a phone number to call to speak with them! It took 6 weeks for someone to finally show up for my appointment. They were LATE and walked unto my house with mud covered shoes. How is this supposed to be a sanitary medical exam? But, I did it. Ladder cancelled my temporary insurance in the meantime because themselves and their affiliated "medical professionals" were incompetent. I was told it would take 2 weeks to get an answer. It took a month. I kept asking what was going on and they said they couldnt get medical information released from my DR. I kept asking if they wanted a release form, or for me to call but they wouldnt give me a definitive answer. I looked at my results from their lab, and as suspected every single level was perfect! I exercise regularly, eat healthy, never smoked, only drink socially, never took a drug, etc. I havent had any kind of speeding ticket in over 10 years. And yet, DECLINED. They say it is because of information in my medical file from my endocrinologist. I have my medical file. I am hypothyroid. I have taken medicine for this for years, and it has been stable for years. This is normal these days. My DR is baffled, I am baffled, and ladder wont tell me what the reasoning is for the decline. And now, they wont even answer me. It is required by law to supply this information, but they refuse. I see a lot of good ratings for them, but they havent been around long, and as a licensed insurance agent, who is state licensed and certified in health, life, and annuities insurance sales for more than 10 years, I can tell you to be wary of this company. The prices arent that great, and are comparable to many other companies with much longer history, and better service, What kind of life insurance company doesnt have a phone number, or doesnt send a policy with limits/restrictions etc., to their clients (my husbands "approved" policy doesnt have any of this information). No way, stay away. It seemed shady from the start, and seems even more shady now. UPDATE. don’t let the response from “teddy” fool you. Nobody ever told me the reason for my decline and my doctor and the records department have both verified they never disclosed any information to them. So, they continue to decline me a reason yet keep saying I was provided with one, and have lied about receiving medical information.
Great overall experience. Frictionless process.
Five stars for ease of application and paying the premium. It would have been five stars if they had additional features like adding a spouse and more term duration. Overall a very satisfying experience if your need is vanilla term life insurance.
Site is easy to navigate and anytime I had a question, I received a response in a timely manner. The technician was awesome and she knew exactly what she was doing. Very professional. After my lab results were approved I received a better rate. Cannot ask for more from Ladder. A wonderful company!
Very easy to apply and very fair rates.
I am very pleased with the ease of setting up a life insurance policy, as well as the monthly premium.
Amazing experience! I completed the information and was approved quickly! Thanks for making the process so smooth and easy.
Easy to apply; physical was scheduled within a few days and accommodated my schedule. I would've appreciated a follow-up such as: we are still waiting for your medical records or the results of your lab. I liked getting texts from my customer service associate.
The process couldn't be easier and the rates were far below quotes I've shopped for in the past.
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