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Kemper - Auto Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Kemper
Overall average rating of 2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 18 %
I've never had any issues dealing with a claim, which was only 2 times, when there was another company to bill a claim to. If you don't have someone to blame it on, RUN. This company is the absolute worst!1) A giant traffic cone flew down the highway off of a city of Dallas truck causing wrecks and chaos. Instead of causing a wreck, the cone flew under the front of my car ripping off the front plate, knocking the bumper loose, and other pieces underneath the car. Called Kemper and they did the usuals, asked where I could take it to get fixed. Kemper told me I could take it to the shop, but they wanted an adjuster to look at it. I said this is pointless because an adjuster can't pick up my car to check underneath for damage. Kemper said they'd send someone just to see if I needed a rental car.I waited for HOURS at a restaurant. Needing to go to work & pick up my child, I went ahead & took it to Honda. When I took it to Honda, they said Kemper closed the assignment so they couldn't look at it. They tried to call Kemper, but they were closed for the day. Honda said they couldn't look at it for a week anyway, but said it was safe to drive for now. They'd call to catch up with Kemper & let me know when I could bring it back. Weeks go by and nothing. Now, the front of my bumper is starting to fall off & drag the ground whenever it feels like it. Also, I'm told that $500 is my deductible, even though this is a flying object that hit MY car, and not a collision with a person or vehicle. And that my rental car may not be covered, per Honda.Finally, after dealing with paperwork back & forth, my car is in the shop. After about a day, I find out it won't be $500, it's $264. Plus, I have to pay daily for rental car, plus I have to get a new license plate, oh but good news, "it won't go on your record because it's not over $500!" Per Honda. Anyway, I finally swallow the cost to fix my car & find out its going to be a couple more days for parts to come in. Kemper was being a B about dealing with Honda & Enterprise for the rental. Not returning phone calls and such. Kemper asks me about the rental & I have called them several times about my rental. They pay only $20/day. Which was a crap shoot & a pain to grind out anyway.After talking to Kim, Cindy, Vicky & every other rude csr at Kemper, Supervisor says she will look into it. So Enterprise calls me and asks if Kemper is covering the rental car. I'm like hell if I know? That's not my job. Why don't you call them. "Well, they're not responding." FIGURES. This happened on 9/30 & it's now 11/17. Enterprise calls & says, "Hey, we're charging you $93 because Kemper decided not to cover your car rental. Sorry." I asked why all of a sudden? "We normally don't keep claims open for more than 5 days, but we couldn't get an answer from them, but they finally said no to covering yours." I emailed my 'rep' Kim to find out why they won't cover it when they said they would.I was already out of pocket, when apparently you can file a claim like this with the city, but the idiots at Kemper don't give a crap about the truth or actually HELPING their customers. I want to know why they are rude, inconsiderate, incompetent and charging monthly fees? Because they do not know how to do their jobs correctly. I've had to do all the work on this claim & pay for it. PIECE OF CRAP COMPANY!!!2) Hit a giant pothole on the hwy on the way to work. 5pm. I call Kemper in a panic to get any kind of help or advice. The girl said, "Well, I don't know? Do you want an adjuster to come or a tow truck?" Ok, I'm at work from 5-10pm over an hour away from my house. She says the adjuster can come tomorrow. HELLO **, I won't be here tomorrow. She didn't know what to say. Anytime I asked a question, she said, "I don't know." She got some other woman on 3way and all she could do was say, "It'll be $55 for them to come look at it tomorrow. I don't have access to your information so it'll cost you. You can get a tow truck for a charge." I ended up driving on a tire that was a giant bubble & I was terrified it dented my rim. Later found out that I could've again called the city. These people do not need to be open & operating!!! Worst company ever!
This is my second term with Kemper, and they have been so disappointing. My fiancé and I were involved in an accident where a car t-boned us, and since their insurance limit was only $5000, we had to go with our own insurance to cover the damages of the cost. The accident happened on June 6, and it is July 1 today and they STILL do not know how much the damage of our car is worth (whether it's totaled or not). They told us in the first week that they should know by the next, so when we didn't receive a call from them, we called them and asked. They told us AGAIN that they should know by the following week, and AGAIN, they told us there was some miscommunication and so they cancelled the appraisal. I don't understand why there would even be a cancellation of the appraisal in a car accident. So again, they told us that we should know by next week.I called them on Wednesday (June 29), and our claims officer (?) told us that they should know by the end of the day and she told ME to call HER for an update. So I told her, "No, you need to call us", so she agreed. It is now Friday (July 1), and she still did not call, so when I called, she was unreachable so I was transferred to another person, in which they said that the appraiser JUST received our car and that we should know by next Tuesday or Wednesday. Since we don't know if our car has been totaled or not, we don't know if we need to buy a new car or not, and so we've been paying out-of-pocket for a rental car since "we didn't opt for the rental reimbursement option" when we were never even told that there was such a thing.Thankfully, the other driver's insurance may be able to reimburse us for the rentals. All in all, their claims department is a joke, and I can tell they do not consider their clients as a priority. They expect YOU to call and ask for updates, and their premiums aren't even that much cheaper than bigger insurance companies. I do NOT recommend Kemper insurance to ANYONE.
It was very easy a purchase. As a matter of fact the 3 party also did set up the policy and that was a plus for me. I like their 24 hour claims representative Along with friendly customer service. They worked very fast to complete my claim and they also came the very next day to take pics of my car. But The price of this insurance has gone from me paying $152.00 to 183.0 0 a month and also the cost to just add more features to your existing coverage. They don't have very many discounts for people my age and there seems to be no discounts for defensive driving.
I purchase my insurance through someone who subcontracts so he will go through and find me the best deals. I was with Progressive and I changed to Kemper because it was much cheaper. I insure 3 vehicles with this insurance company and I dislike that they change the policy so much. It's a big policy so it's hard to go through and read the changes all the time.
I had my personal auto and home insurance with Kemper Preferred Insurance Company. My payments were on automatic withdrawal from my checking account. I changed to a different carrier and two months later I receive a bill. The bill does not make any sense as they had the ability to charge whatever they needed and now they say I owe more money. They set the premium, charged me every month, collected several thousand dollars without a claim and now I am dealing with a collection agency. The collection letter arrives with zero explanation, when I call the collection agency they cannot explain the bill, but they are threatening to obtain a judgement against me.Kemper seems to think that because they are a big company they can intimidate people into sending them money their hired intimidators cannot explain. Life is too short to have to deal with these people. Note: I have used an alias name as I do not want to deal with solicitors or risk being sued by this company over some trumped up allegation. I am already dealing with a collection agency over a bill they cannot explain.
I was hit from behind by a Kemper insured car this Fri afternoon right before the Memorial holiday. The policy evaluated at the spot and confirmed it was the fault of the other car. My car (09 Toyota Camry) bumper came out, driver side airbag light ON, passenger side airbag light always indicate OFF, and passenger side seat belt light ON, all caused by the rear hit. Kemper accepts the liability, but said that it is "highly unlikely" that the airbag light and seat belt light problem are caused by the hit. I want to have a rental car because of the malfunction of the airbag/seat belt caused by the hit, but they said that they would not responsible for the rental unless the repair shop convinced them about the airbag/seat belt light problem is caused by the hit. And the Kemper person told me "their experts believe it is highly unlikely that is caused by the hit". What a rude/irresponsible comment! After I reviewed all the terrible experiences from Kemper, I almost lost my hope to get payment for my repair and rental from Kemper which is such a terrible insurance company. I will see how this develops and find legal help when it is needed. The policy report confirms the responsibility/fault of the other party and the responsibility and Kemper should pay for their insurance promises. Otherwise they should be put out of business in US and all of the World for their terrible reputation!
Had to use the roadside assistance twice - both times were a joke. 40 minutes with no call back. Stranded on the highway. Then, I call back and they claim that I called in to cancel? We're leaving Kemper due to their poor roadside assistance. If they are any indication of how their insurance is - no thanks.
I have had Kemper auto/home insurance in a package deal for the past 5 years. I have made one claim ($2000) on my homeowners when my house was robbed 4 years ago. Otherwise I have never missed or been late on my payments. Last year my auto insurance doubled in price so I contacted my agent to find out if there was a cheaper/comparable auto plan since Kemper refused to lower the premium. She found a less expensive alternative (half) and we attempted to cancel my auto. She was told that because it was a package plan (loyal customer, yeah right) that I would have to cancel both plans. So I am now in the process of changing both policies and Kemper just lost another dissatisfied customer.
The price of the insurance is good and the coverage seems good. My sister also has the same company and she had to file a claim a couple of times and it seemed to go through without any issue so I am reasonably confident I wouldn't have any issues if I had to do it.
On Feb. 18, 2015 as I was sitting at an intersection at a red light, the young man in front of me decided he could not wait 2 mins for the light to turn green to get himself some lunch. He put his van in reverse and gunned it and hit me full force. This caused me to be flung forward and backwards and I ended up with several cervical vertebrae rotating in two different directions. I've been trying to settle with Kemper since the end of June and they are the most unprincipled and unethical company I have ever dealt with in my life. They continue to lowball me knowing full well that I will not accept their low offers. All they care about is making sure that the big bosses can keep their bonuses at the expense of the injured person.
I was rear ended by a Kemper Insurance client. I was at a stop light, and when the light turned green, I was about to go, when I was hit very hard by a big pickup truck, from behind. My car was a small two seater sports car with rear engine. The back was smashed in. The license plate was driven into the engine compartment. The engine light came on. I could drive it, but it sounded really bad. I took it to a highly rated local mechanic who has been my mechanic for 20+ years. He told me the muffler and catalytic converter were ripped off the engine. The engine mounts are cracked. The tail-lights are no longer made by any parts maker.Short story, he says it is totaled. But Kemper sends an appraiser to the shop; she only looks at the outside body damage and gives an estimate of $2200, which is not even a fourth of the car's blue-book value. And that "offer" I dragged out of them after several weeks of calling them and asking them to deal with this and finally threatening to get a lawyer. If you are thinking to get insurance, think about what would happen if you make a mistake and cause someone else damage. Do you want your company insurance not to make themselves responsible for the damages, and possibly open you up to getting sued along with them? I hate the idea of getting a lawyer and starting a lawsuit, have never done it, but I see no other way out.
I have Kemper insurance, opened a claim, and was working with two representatives. Both never responded to me. The first requested some information, which I sent, and never called me back despite leaving multiple voicemails. I then received a letter from them threatening to close my claim because they said that I was unresponsive. I immediately called the agent listed on that letter and again, no response. I even spent a follow up email explaining everything and left another voicemail. Still no response. I really hate the customer service with this company. It might be cheaper, but do yourself a favor and go with a better company. No point in paying less if you can't even use your insurance to settle a claim.
As an independent agent I can choose from a number of companies for my auto insurance and I have my auto insurance with Kemper. They have very good pricing for responsible drivers and an excellent overall product. They pay claims promptly for my customers and have not had any problems. In reading the reviews I can say many of the problems could have been avoided with a good agent working for the customer.
On April 20th, while driving home from work on Crenshaw Blvd, I was rear-ended by a truck insured by Alliance United Insurance (Kemper Insurance). I took photos of the damage, his insurance card, and other pertinent details. I contacted Geico (my insurance carrier) who suggested I reach out directly to Kemper. I did so on April 21st. Not only did I have to do the work in providing them the information, including using an app for my car's relevant info/photos that was difficult to navigate, they have been basically unresponsive. I keep being told an adjuster will be in touch... and nothing yet. While I'm grateful that this is not my insurance company, it seems beyond sketchy in how they respond to victims of their drivers. Today is May 30th. Horrid experience!!!
A Kemper customer who was driving in front of me struck a concrete barrier with his metal bumper (picture a large box moving truck). Concrete flew back, smashing my windshield. The driver pulled over, claimed he struck the barrier due to something in the road and gave me his employer's insurance info (Kemper). I called the claims department twice and was disconnected when they tried to forward me to the adjuster. When I called back for the third time, they suggested I call MY insurance company and report the issue. The adjuster finally texted me the claims application. I took the 13 pictures required by the application. However, the application failed to upload properly.I called the tech support number, waited on hold for while and finally was told the office was closed and to call back Monday. This company appears to be unwilling to help people. The claims adjuster, Beverly **, is confrontational on the phone and unwilling to be helpful. The Kemper customer, SPARTAK LLC in San Leandro, did provide me insurance information but nothing else. I had to get the driver information (Darren **) and office manager (Tony **) on my own as they refused to give it to me. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worse. I'll update this if anything improves.
Without having filed a claim, value of policy cannot be objectively evaluated. However, procedure as outlined appears to be easily accomplished. Customer service is based on local agency, with personnel which is always available, knowledgeable and friendly. The local agent is always happy to explain any questions about the policy and to suggest any other policy which might better meet my needs, but never pushy or aggressive to make a change.
I was recently rear ended by a client of this auto insurance company. I recently purchased a new vehicle and inspite of there being LESS THAN 800 miles on the car they took an extra 2 days to approve repairs with new authentic parts and not refurbished parts. I drive a 7 passenger SUV and was given a Nissan Altima. This was fine until the planned company we were expecting was due to arrive and they absolutely refused to help or accommodate any requests for a vehicle with enough seats. Not to mention they were INCREDIBLY RUDE to deal with on the phone AND BASICALLY LAUGHED AT ME FOR BEING UPSET. Their customer service is appalling and they are clearly not trying to gain any new clients through the appeals process. I would strongly advise against doing any future business with this company based on my experience.
New year's eve a person insured by Kemper Auto Insurance hit the back of a truck so hard that he bounced over to my lane hitting my car, also causing it to jump sidewalk. Well first we hear nothing for 3 weeks and when we finally get the police report to send to them and they acknowledge they were indeed a 100% at fault. Everything seem to be going smooth when Felicia ** was working on the claim, then it went straight to hell when the case was passed to Maria **. Felicia called to update me about the change and said she would be giving me a call that day. Well of course you know that day really meant a week later. When I got fed up waiting and called her only to be put on hold for 30 mins with nothing done until I called back again. Keep in mind when he hit my car my computer stuff inside the car start messing up, my seat belts won't lock anymore. And by jumping the sidewalk it cracked my rim, not to mention you use the signal light and the windshield wipers come on.
I was rolled over when Kemper purchased my company. Kemper auto insurance is one of the companies I have had auto insurance through for almost ten years. Great and dependable service, however their rates increase dramatically every year, even with no tickets or accidents and refuse, when I called, to lower their premiums for long term loyal customers. I would like Kemper auto insurance to want to keep long-term, loyal, accident-free, ticket-free customers premium. I would really like to see them better their loyal customers!
I really like that it easy set up to pay, and I can do auto pay. They have good customer service over the phone and my husband has easily made changes to our policy. But I would like an option to pay online without having to be auto pay and they keep increasing rates in small amounts frequently. I wish they had an office close to me so that we could deal with some issues in person. They weren't easy to deal with when my husband had damage to his car from avoiding an accident. Overall they could be better about dealing with accident incidents. I understand they have to cover their end thoroughly but they gave us a big run around and I didn't appreciate. Although, since that incident they have been a lot better and we haven't had any issues.
Went with another insurance company, had all the paperwork from new company forward to Kemper. Yet they withdraw a payment from our bank account 6 days after we canceled the policy. It's been over 6 days and still can't get our money refunded. Stay away from this company.
In November 2018, I returned via snail mail my policy renewal notice, that was set to go into effect in January 2019. I wrote to cancel my policy as soon as possible (as I had secured cheaper coverage elsewhere), and to not renew my policy. I signed my handwritten statement. I received a call in December stating since I did not specify an exact date, my coverage would continue and my checking account would continue to be debited. I was told I could email my request and was provided an email address. I emailed the company on January 3, stating to cancel and not renew my account as previously requested, and included the date January 3.On January 21, I received a call that because my email contained a typed signature and not an actual signature, my policy was still in effect. I asked if the agent could use my signature on the snail mail request from November on the January email, and I was told no. I received snail mail today, January 22, notifying me my policy would be cancelled due to non-payment (I notified my bank in December I was not renewing this policy and to stop debits) and that if payments were not made timely, I would be reported to the credit bureaus. I have never filed a claim with Kemper, so I cannot attest to their claim service, but their business practices are reprehensible. Look elsewhere for coverage, or you may end up with lifelong coverage you do not want at prices that can easily be beaten with other insurance providers.
Kemper provides fast service for claim. Customer service was not great but it was ok. Cheap payouts on cars totaled. Not a lot of premiums are affordable and the policy is too expensive for the coverage that you get but that's usual with company nowadays and not surprised.
After only having my 2015 Mustang for 2 weeks, it was hit in the parking lot by an individual w/ Kemper Insurance. I live in East Texas. He was fully covered with Kemper Insurance. After several days of no response from the Texas agent, I had to finally contact an agent from Florida, Mike ** . He was an exceptional employee. THANKS for his help.However, I am very disappointed with the Texas bunch. I finally got my car in to the Tyler Ford body shop and was instructed by Kemper to go get a rental car. I was informed I would be able to get a rental car comparable to my car. After holding on the phone line for over 50 minutes, finally talked to an agent at Kemper to get a confirmation number for the rental. The rental company had a camaro available for me to rent (most comparable car to my 2015 mustang). However, the Kemper agent, Maria, informed the sports car, camaro, was not comparable to my car and would not pay for this rental. Only a 2013 Altima (or mid-size car). I had been told prior by another Kemper employee I would be able to rent a car comparable to my 2015 mustang. This is my first sports car to ever own, brand-new, and was hit by a Kemper insured individual. Not my fault! I am very unhappy with their attitude. In fact, Maria told me my reason wasn't good enough for Kemper to allow me to rent the camaro. (Just because I had bought a new sports car!)I then contacted Maria's manager, Greg **. He was no help in solving my complaint. In fact, he told me to contact my own insurance company to see what their service on rental cars would be in this type of incident. I have TX Farm Bureau Insurance and have used them several times with prior car incidents. I have always been satisfied with their service in car rentals as needed. In fact, I rented a mustang with no problems!Finally, I asked Mr. ** to send me a survey of Kemper Insurance. He says it's a random selection, which, I am sure I will NOT be receiving a survey from them. I am very dissatisfied with their service and would NEVER recommend Kemper Insurance to anyone. I feel that since I do not send them money/premiums, they are not concerned with my satisfaction from Texas.
How can you say someone is not 100% at fault for an accident when they ran a stop sign. There were witnesses. The other party wasn't even speeding. A week after the accident and I still have not received a rental car. I was told to borrow the money from someone and pay for it myself. I'm a single mother. That is not option. I will sue this company if it continues. You are leaving me no choice.
I bought it through AAA and it was an easy process for me. I really didn't do much but sign paperwork. They did the rest for me and it was great! I got a discount for paying up front and it includes benefits that are appealing to me. I love not having a monthly payment. It is a great feeling. My deductible is very reasonable and that puts my mind at ease. Very friendly and caring individuals to deal with as well. However, I wish I was eligible for a loaner car when my vehicle was in the shop being worked on. It is a very big inconvenience being without a vehicle so if I would be able to have access to a loaner vehicle it would make my life a whole lot easier!
Had a rear end collision, my fault, of course. A great experience in an awful situation. Firstly I called claims, their first question was how was I. YEA! I was fine, thank you. They asked if I needed a car, unfortunately yes I did. They found a rental agency that would come and get me. Good idea as I had no transportation (ha). Within 2 days of my accident I was advised, by the adjuster, how long the repairs would take and they asked where I wanted my car to be repaired. It was as effortless as it could possibly be when damage is done. My car was already faster than expected and the car return was no problem.I don't want another accident EVER, but if I had to say anything my Kemper Adjuster was there for me. She even sent a complete breakdown of what transpired when I asked for it. Excellent. I hear people at parties complain about how they were ** by their insurance company, but they can't really tell me how. They just say they didn't get enough money or it took too long. When I hear that I wonder how honest they were and if they followed through for the company, it was a give and take situation with paperwork and information for me. So, thank you for the excellent service and care I received. Really appreciated by this customer.
Hey, the people buy your insurance is suck. Over a month no one contact me. I try to call many times then you answer and then you promise call me back but NEVER. And u also send me a mail that "we try contact you but can't. You may not interested in this... " How stupid is that . If your guys still human do the right thing. Pay for fixing my car.
I was insured with Kemper for a few years. Always was unhappy with their service so eventually I got fed up and canceled it. Today I got a letter in the mail from them. Included with the letter was a check for $5.84... in the letter it said "Concerning your above referenced insurance policy: We recently discovered that the premium calculation on your auto policy included an incorrect fee charge. You will be receiving a refund of the cancellation fee, plus interest, soon. Please contact customer service" etc. So the original cancellation fee was almost $50 and according to their letter they would be sending the full amount "plus interest". When I called in to inquire I was met with attitude and they told me "$5.84 is all you're getting!" They encouraged me to take legal action against them and I told them I would just write bad reviews on every site I could as when I was insured I paid on time monthly and felt I didn't receive services I paid for. Example. The last car accident I was in was caused by the driver behind me and I was rear ended. Kemper found me at fault for this and that's the final straw that led me to canceling my insurance policy with them. This is a terrible insurance company. I hope they go out of business because they are robbing people and getting away with it. Another instance I had with them was when my car was parked. I wasn't even in the vehicle and it was struck by a moving vehicle right in front of me. I was still found at fault. Kemper specialty is a scam from the word go. STAY AWAY! Save yourself the aggravation. The customer service representatives like to argue and they are very VERY difficult to deal with.
Tried to cancel the policy through customer service to be told I had to go through my agent. My agent never canceled the policy so I had to call customer service again to be told that it could be done through them. It was finally canceled though 2 months later I am still waiting on a $200 refund check that has supposedly been mailed 3 times! I was told by 2 representatives that the last check would be sent overnight though now being told that didn't happen. The senior underwriter, supposedly a supervisor, was extremely rude and unhelpful. When asked to speak to her boss I was sent to a voicemail. When I had a claim a year ago I had to wait for an adjuster and investigator for almost 1.5 months before my car was looked at. After that claim my insurance doubled at renewal for no real reason. I was able to get insurance through several other companies for a third of what I was paying with Kemper.
Their adjuster filed a claim without first gathering evidence and justified certain illegal acts on a recorded phone call. When it was revealed the other party was under police investigation for a scam, they tried to cover it up. It isn't worth saving money here. They're cheap because they are incompetent and crooked.
This is the absolute worst insurance company. They don't answer the phone and your adjuster doesn't return calls. We were supposed to get an advance on a deductible because the accident wasn't our fault. Not only didn't we get it, but our car was in the shop for a month and paid in full... and we still didn't get it. "Check #2 was supposed to be overnighted." Definitely not! After almost 2 months and having our car back for a few weeks... we finally got it. Buyer beware because their customer service is awful along with the adjusters!!!
Can I give less than one star? A vehicle that was insured by Kemper insurance drove through my yard, ripping out 50” of custom made post and rail fencing and snapping 2 30” tall incense cedar trees off at the ground and extensively damaging 2 other 30” tall trees to the point that they also had to be removed. The car came to rest in my garden where all of the engine oil dumped. Kemper's adjuster who was assigned to our claim, Ignacio **, told my husband that the driver of the vehicle had taken his girlfriend's car without permission, making it a stolen vehicle.It took Kemper 9 weeks of stalling us until they ultimately refused to pay our claim. We have over $84000 in damages to our property and now OUR homeowners insurance is left holding the bag. I STRONGLY URGE ANYONE WHO HAS KEMPER INSURANCE OR IS CONSIDERING KEMPER TO FIND OTHER INSURANCE IMMEDIATELY. Even the adjuster who came to take pictures of our damage said "good luck getting this company to pay you".
Stay away! I wish I had read reviews of this company before getting renter's insurance with them. I signed up with them, but I soon realized that the coverage was much higher than other renter's insurance policies. I bought a policy with a different company, and let Kemper know that I intended to let my paid in full policy expire. A month after the policy expired I received a letter that said Kemper was going to turn me into a collection agency for a portion of the policy which had not been paid. The bill was $15. I am now waiting to find out what this bill is considering the policy was completely paid for (I've been waiting on the phone for over 30 minutes now). This company wants to try to ruin my credit over $15 which I do not owe in the first place. I intend to turn them into my state attorney general consumer protection division, and I suggest that anyone who experiences similar issues to do the same.
The adjuster for the claim never answered the phone. I tried calling the supervisor of the claims team and no respond. The customer service representative did not know any details about the claim and they only forwarded the calls to the adjuster. It was a loop with no ending. Avoid dealing with Kemper Insurance as much as you can.
There are two convenience office locations available to take care of transactions in person. The website is very good with access to all types of insurance offered. The information about your account is complete and easy to understand. The website is setup for easy renewal and monthly payments. They offer a variety of ways to make any payments. The customer service is very good, whether by phone, in person at the local office or via chat through the website. I have been exceedingly happy with this company for almost 10 years. I have shopped around a couple of times, but this company has always been the most reasonable for what I need.
My car was involved in a car accident February 16, 2015 with one of Direct General customer. It is now April 20, 2015 my truck is still not fixed and customer service constantly is giving me the run around. Now they are saying there may not be enough money in their customer's policy to reimburse me the full amount for my vehicle's damages. This insurance company is making my life very stressful and after all there customer was found at fault.
I got insurance through Drive Insurance and was placed with Kemper. It was simple and my broker knew what we needed and basically did everything for us. Having ride share makes it better for my husband since he does driving with Uber. I had a previous insurance that I really liked and had all my discounts applied but they didn't have ride share so we had to switch. I have only been with Kemper for three month and so far I have not had any problems with them. And for full coverage it's still affordable but those of us who has a great record should be offered less expensive insurance than others.
My insurance agency was great in helping me find Kemper when I went off my parents car insurance. It was a smooth and easy transition. As a young adult insurance costs can be very high. I like that Kemper took into account my clean driving record and everything to provide a cost that is manageable for someone my age who is just starting out in my career. I have been with my car insurance for about year now and have had 0 issues with them. They take the money out of my account quarterly and have great costs while also providing great insurance. I highly recommend them to everyone especially young adults.
My son was rear ended by a Kemper "insured" and Kemper has denied the claim after taking over a month. Their insured had an active--and paid in full liability, comprehensive and collision coverage policy listed on another vehicle, but was driving his father's when the accident happened. Kemper says that since he wasn't driving the listed vehicle, they are not responsible. After waiting over a month, we are having to go through our own insurance carrier and file as an uninsured motorist claim. Our carrier also said that Kemper should have taken care of it and was astounded that they denied it.
I would give it a zero star if I could. 2/12/2016 was when policy started. We canceled on 3/23/2016. We got notice that the refund premium will be calculated but instead they billed us $106 which includes $50 cancellation fee that they never mentioned. They never sent a bill to us and we could not log into our account to see the bills. They sent it to collection. My son had paid the balance and when I just called them the underwriter asked me if I wanted to pay the balance due. Are you serious? Balance is zero now... Stay away from this company.
When my car was hit while it was parked and front bumper was knocked off by a hit and run driver I called to file a claim. The agent was excited to tell me that I do not have collision coverage on my policy. As a result, "We will not provide payment, and closed this portion of your claim." I did not receive any help, any advice. Nothing, just thrown to the dirt. The agent of Kemper did not even offer to look at the vehicle. Pay attention to this insurance fraud, they are the frauds. This insurance company is a real FRAUD. They take your money but then refuse to help you when you need it.
I was rear-ended by an overspeeding guy having Kemper Insurance. They don't send adjuster, they ask to send pictures thru their app but their app while they know the app doesn't let upload the pictures I took on the incidence. I am wondering if this is intentional avoidance to provide the service they ought to give. My Exhaust pipe is dragging and they expect me to drive this car. Sooo disappointed.
Worst insurance to deal with for Home insurance. They asked me to send estimates by contractors for roof replacement. They only allowed for $8000 and change according to a pricing program they have. Not only that no company in my area coming with less than $12000, but they are also off on square footage and even the Craigslist guy is more than them.They are not accepting any company except for the Craigslist person who has no details on what he will be doing and said that this is between him and me. They keep asking for details from other companies but when they send them details, they refuse it. I sent Sears, American roofing, and Allied. I have to pay the difference on a claim that the insurance should be covering according to the rules. The leak is caused by wind and the damage is getting worse to the house.
I have been a Kemper Preferred customer for almost 10 years. All my claims for me and my family have been handled very well. We have had multiple car claims, fence claims, boat claims, never an issue. I have been working with my Kemper Preferred agent for many years. He is an independent agent and could recommend multiple carriers but he sold me on the Kemper service. I don't have to deal with 800 numbers. A while back I was changing banks and had to pay online versus automatic payments. In that process I learned that there are various Kemper companies. Kemper Preferred is different than Kemper Specialty. It is my understanding that Kemper Preferred is for those who have better credit scores and no accidents. Kemper Specialty is for those driver that have had a lot of claims or have had a lapse in coverage for none payment. I am someone who demands high customer service and I can say Kemper Preferred has never let me down.
Kemper says I owe them money which I do not... Here are quotes from a broker I had since 2012, and stop using them because I switch cars which Kemper would not insure me from what my broker told me on the phone. My broker talked to Kemper and this is what he said they're saying to him. Kemper is a fraud I'm not paying ** I don't own... SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR WORDING. I'M FURIOUS RIGHT NOW!!!BROKER QUOTE: The preceding email is proof of insurance per 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer 5/26/15 emailed to you. Underwriting said they mailed you the declaration pages and proof of insurance. Further, they said the only way to back-date coverage for this vehicle is to show proof of insurance for this vehicle with another company during this time.ME ANSWERING BACK: I didn't have insurance with any one at this time, reason for why I was trying to get insurance from you even after 5/26/15. So that's proof once again right there. Wasn't driving the car since the DMV suspended the registration cause no insurance since we spoke... Nor did I get insurance email and if I did have insurance I would have paid for it in advance, not down the road. That's ridiculous. And I was told by you that I would not be covered by Kemper, I remember those exact words. Then I got a quote from a different company from You Few days after which was too high. So I said no on buying the coverage because it was too high. So this amount needs to be cancelled out. I don't owe any money whatsoever. I'm not going to give free money out.I also remember you adding the Mitsubishi to the Subaru policy. Then you told me on the phone, you found out that Kemper was not going to insure my Mitsubishi because of the cost of the car. Reason for me this entire time I've been calling back past few months for quotes, since 5/26/15 and denying those quotes. Because the cost was way too much, you even agreed when I said that. This miscommunication is between you and Kemper. This debt needs to be zeroed out. I would not get insurance unless paid for in advance like I always have, ever since I've been with Kemper for 3 yrs and always has been that way.
Rear-ended by Kemper insured. The agent wouldn’t return my calls for weeks. I called my insurance and they were able to get me in touch with Kemper agent. They send out an adjuster and emailed me a quote for repairs. I never heard back from them. I have called them multiple times and they would not return my call. I finally reached agent and they asked me if I had made a claim with my insurance. I did not want to make a claim on my insurance and pay $1000 deductable and my rates go up. It has now been 40 days and vehicle is still undrivable, I spoke to them and they just keep asking me why don’t I just file with my insurance. CAUTION: I probably will never see a dime from Kemper and have been without a car for over a month.
I love the coverage I have with my insurance company. I purchased online and it was super easy. The coverage is affordable, their customer service is great, and they're easy to contact. I had a question about my policy and the representative I spoke with was incredibly helpful. I would recommend Kemper to anyone who needed an affordable and comprehensive auto policy. But I wish they offered discounts for multiple policies like some other companies offer. I currently rent and would love a renter's policy, and I plan on purchasing a home one day. I'll likely use Kemper.
I have never encountered a worse customer service, that I have with Kemper. You call for help and NOBODY will help you. They will transfer you over to the "right department" over and over and over again, only to wind up, AGAIN, with the first person I had talked to. You simply can't get any help with any of the CSRs. I have had this experience more than once. I have had years of customer service experience. I simply am flabbergasted, as to how that company does any business. This company is worthless. Besides, their car insurance is extremely high. Luckily, I changed car insurances and I am selling my home the end of the month. So, then I will have no more dealings with this, completely worthless company. If I could give it zero points, I would have.
It's very affordable and very reliable. I will probably never use another Insurance company. I am extremely satisfied. Why downgrade? It also helps that on top of all that the staff is super friendly.
OK I had an accident in 2012 while covered under their company. I was required to provide the state with further proof which was requested of this company. They never sent proof, now I am suspended and have been calling for several days and get no response. I spoke directly with a supervisor on Monday and she promised to call me back on Tuesday AM but never called me. I have been calling her a bunch of times but keep getting sent to her voicemail. I requested to speak to another supervisor and they flat out refused to transfer me to another person. They were supposed to pay for the other persons vehicle damage which they didn't so now the state is requiring me to pay damages and fee on top of fee. I am on the verge of losing my job which I have worked at for 6 years because I live in an area without public transportation and nobody is able to drive me to and from work. Do not use this company unless you enjoy additional problems.
I purchased a new vehicle. I had to cancel my policy. I was told the policy had not been effect for 60 days therefore I could not cancel. Lo and behold I just got off the phone with them and you can cancel before the 60 day period. Money has been deducted from my acct. Thankfully they will give me a refund check. Not the whole amount but for half. I changed my address for the refund check and go figure, it's a different zip code so my premium has gone up that's why I'll only get half the refund. Oh wait I canceled that though. I'm confused. Well I can send paperwork in to backdate my cancelation. No thanks. Kemper got some free money out of me. Hopefully it won't be the same for you.
Took 2 weeks to hear back from them when I was told 3 days. Multiple emails and phone calls went unanswered. They totaled my car for $4K when I fixed it for $400, and it wasn't worth 2K. I had every agent telling me how they were going to bat for me, yet after being on hold, multiple complaints, and idiotic reception, I'll take the money and run, and ask for a refund of prepaid insurance, seeing as now my car doesn't benefit from full coverage.
I have worked with Kemper for many years and always found them to be helpful in all matters.
Guy hit my car during a mild snowstorm and took off. Luckily a home heating oil delivery guy saw the whole thing and gave his contact name and number for insurance purposes. Well, my insurance company investigated the claim and found the culprit who hit my car, questioned him and me about the particulars. Based on my answers, the oil guys answers and the culprits answers. They found the culprit lying and said he was not even in the area and got the weather that day wrong. Kemper Insurance did a good job protecting my interests and paid the claim and got the car fixed shortly thereafter.
When someone hits your car in the middle of the day and totals it, while it's parked outside your house, you would think the driver's insurance company would accept responsibility, right? Not if that insurance company happens to be Kemper. Our first indication that we were dealing with a company determined to deny a claim no matter what, was when we had the misfortune to be assigned a claims agent by the name of Yolanda **. We were patiently prepared to give her all the pertinent information, including the police report number, but the first question she had for us was "where's the car?" When we told her the police had ordered it removed, she said "I'm not filing this claim if the car isn't at the scene of the accident." We then attempted to speak to her supervisor, but even though this individual was pleasant to deal with (unlike Yolanda), she also asked why the police had removed it. I responded that perhaps she ought to ask the officer in question (whose information I provided her with), but perhaps it was because there was glass and metal all over the street, and we were opposite an elementary school, where students were due to be released at any moment. Since that conversation, we tried to get information from our insurance agent, hoping that he would have better luck getting cooperation from the Claims Team at Kemper. At one point he indicated that he thought they would deny our claim because they stated to him that they had been unable to contact their client. My husband knew that the driver had been issued a citation for inattentive driving and that he would have a subsequent court date. We tracked down the prosecuting attorney's office and made note of the date and time of hearing. I emailed both insurance companies with this information, suggesting that they send a representative to hopefully be able to speak with the driver in person. Just in case, my husband showed up, and (no surprise) neither insurance companies were represented. My husband was able, however, to speak to the owner of the vehicle and asked her point blank if she had authorized the driver to drive her car that day. The owner was a passenger in the vehicle. She told my husband that indeed she had asked him to drive since she was suffering from a migraine. My husband asked her to contact Yolanda ** and tell her exactly that. The owner claimed that both she and the driver had attempted to contact Yolanda on several occasions and couldn't even leave her a message because a recording came on saying "mailbox is full". Today we received a curt letter from Yolanda saying our claim is denied because "we determined there is no coverage under our insured's policy for this loss. As a result, we will be unable to provide payment for any damages resulting from this accident and closed our file." Unbelievable!
I was hit by a driver who ran a red light. My car was deemed a total loss. After weeks of multiple phone calls/emails with no response, I finally received an email from the total loss adjuster as well and a settlement offer. The offer was a JOKE... I called to discuss this with the adjuster...and ask why such the lowball on and upgraded 2015 car? The response was based on current value. I pulled over 20 comps of the car that were well over the amount we were offered, which did not even come close to covering what is owed on the car. I asked them to extend the rental (my only means to get to work) while we submit a rebuttal to fight the lowball over they gave us, they said absolutely not! This accident was not even my fault...and I feel as if I am being punished for something I could not have prevented! We have our home and auto bundled with this company. Once this is all over...they will lose our business 100%! We pay $500 a month and get treated like nobodies. HORRIBLE. JUST HORRIBLE.
It has been the worse experience ever. I don’t have this insurance but I was hit by someone insured with Kemper. They been the worse. Customer service sucks. Denise the adjuster was rude all the time. She would tell me, "I’ll contact you next week," and when I would call again it was always the same answer... The police report was in my favor. My car was parked and the driver hit my car... not only they denied 100% of coverage they decided my car was a total loss and only sent me a check for the amount of 1900.I spoke with a different adjuster Tiffany which she was much nicer and she indeed agreed with me that it was unfair and that the value of my car was much more but unfortunately she couldn’t do anything. She said to contact Denise again but my efforts were pointless. Now I have a debt of 4,500 because I still owe my car. I also have a car that doesn’t work and a check 1900 that doesn’t cover half of the damages... not to mention they took over 6 months to tell me I was ** and their decision was 50% or 0%. This is so unfair. They shouldn’t be open as a company. I wish they could treat people better and not only ** them over. I wish I could rate Kemper with 0.
Kemper would insure me at a very good rate. They recognized that the three horrible accidents that totaled three different cars in less than 6 months were not my fault. Yet my other insurance company tripled my rates! My agent, who works at Associated Insurance Marketing in Loveland, CO, found Kemper for me and it was a lifesaver.
My car was stolen in Los Angles in early December 2016. The car was stolen to LAPD and was recovered by Oakland PD. It is now March 10, 2017, and my claim has still not been paid. I have complied with every request from Kemper/Alliance. I have provided every documentation requested by Kemper/Alliance. Even after my claim was turned over for a "special investigation," I provided the necessary information in order for my claim to be processed and paid. However, it seems as though Kemper/Alliance is doing everything that they can not to pay out my claim. The claim adjuster barely, if ever, return calls in regards to my claim. During this process, the tow company in Oakland sold my car, without my permission. The claims adjuster told me that I would not be paid the full value of my car because Kemper/Alliance was not in possession of my car. He stated that the "salvage cost" would be deducted from the final payout. I asked why the car wouldn't be treated as an unrecovered vehicle and I receive the total payout for my car. He told me that I personally would have to sue the tow company that sold my car. I have provided receipts for my rental car and has custom equipment on my car. None of these factors have been included, to my knowledge, in the payout of my car; because I have not received any information from the claims adjuster that my claim will in fact be paid or how it will be paid. This is the WORST insurance company I have ever had to deal with my in my life. They have tried to do everything possible to not pay this claim. I'm three months into this process even after the car was recovered almost immediately after it was stolen. The money you might save from a more competitively priced insurance policy is not worth the aggravation incurred if or when you have to actually file a claim with this company. The only time I have heard of claim taking this long to be paid is when there is an accident and there are injuries or a civil suit filed. I will never again in my life do business with this company. I encourage any and everyone who is considering using Kemper/Alliance as their auto insurance company, to please stay away and do not use them.
I was involved in a small accident with the other driver pulling out of a parking spot and hit the side of my vehicle and we exchange insurance information, etc. I made a police report and contacted other party insurance. They told me they were going to send me some papers to fill out and send back with a copy of police report and pictures of damage and estimate too. Well almost going on 2 years with this insurance company, they finally decided they were declining my claim because the other party was not providing them with the information they needed from them... What! Stay away from this insurance company (Direct Auto in Chicago). Any legal advice is greatly appreciated..
I honestly have no words for this insurance company. My car was involved in a hit and run a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately I was nowhere near my car so I don't have any explanations other than my new car is ruined: the wheel flare was off, my back bumper is damaged, the left rear side on the top to my jeep has gashes in it and a scratch along the back window, a dent in the passenger door, and my mirror was shattered and hanging. All of the damages consistent along the driver left side. I filed my claim online right away and did not hear back from anyone. I had to call in order to start the process and unfortunately this went on as a collision report, I was originally told an appraiser was going to take a look at my car, however I did choose an auto body shop that works with Kemper so I was told the appraiser was not necessary. The shop made the estimate and submitted it. The woman that reviewed the estimate told the shop to separate certain damages because by the looks of the pictures the gashes on the top rear side of my jeep were previous damages and that current damages were not consistent. Myself and the shop tried calling the representative handling my claim several times to say that the damages were consistent and that that was a misunderstanding and that someone needed to look in person at my car. After a week, I finally heard back from the representative Anne, and she told me and the manager of the shop that an appraiser will be coming out to look at my car, she also informed me this was the auto body shop's fault, that they submitted two different estimates (which was not true, they were told to). Another week goes by and nothing, I have left several messages within that week. I finally get a hold of another representative that gives me the number of the appraiser. I called on a Friday, no response. I called again on Monday, she answers however, she is in New York. She informs me she is not looking at my car, just getting another statement. I was incredibly frustrated at this point yet, I cooperated and was incredibly nice and patient. I called Anne shortly after and she informed me she gave this case to her supervisor to look at and that she will call later that day. I never got a call, I called the next morning on Tuesday. She said her supervisor gave it to HER supervisor and they will be in touch. I got a call later Tuesday evening that they are not covering all damages being they are inconsistent. They told me to get coverage for the gashes on the top rear left of my jeep I would have to submit ANOTHER collision report since the gashes in it could not have been from a car, possibly from ski racks, etc... I was so angry and I said "but we don't know exactly how it was hit or what kind of car it was or anything, I wasn't there, it could have been anything, and it was all at the same time!" I was told in return, "yeah, it doesn't matter. My supervisor has been doing this a long time and the car couldn't have done that so it was something else"... THAT WAS THE RESPONSE I GOT!!! This process has taken 3 weeks and I have gotten nowhere.I would have to pay my deductible $1000 to get some damages covered and report ANOTHER collision report for the same incident. I am so disgusted by this company, I was treated like a liar and a criminal this entire process. I have submitted a complaint to the CA department of insurance. My advice to anyone searching for cheap insurance, DO NOT USE KEMPER!!! Unethical, fraudulent, and dishonest.
I was in an auto accident with a Kemper client in June 2013. They have gave me the total runarounds. I had to eventually hire a attorney because of the disrespect and unprofessional employees. I'm still waiting on a trial date to settle. Kemper suck.
Neighbor ran into me at a stop sign and the body shop estimated $4,200 damages. Kemper estimated $2,400, both estimates were with used parts. When the used parts arrive, they were damaged worst than the original parts on the car and couldn't be repaired. Six weeks into the process and I have a low ball estimate and I can't open the hatch of my SUV. The process doesn't appear to be any better for my neighbor.
I have had Kemper insurance for several year now and have nothing but good things to say. Someone smashed a window on my vehicle. I called Kemper and they set up an appointment to have it replaced, with no cost to me. A few years ago there was a huge winter storm and I have over $20,000 worth of damage. Kemper was quick to come out and look at the damage and was also very fast in sending claim check for me to have all repairs I needed fixed. Whenever I needed Kemper, they have always been there, without any hesitation. Great company.
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