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Kaiser Permanente Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Kaiser Permanente
Overall average rating of 1.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 6 %
Kaiser encourages everyone on "maintenance medications" to get them via mail order pharmacy. They even offer a "buy two months get the third month free" incentive. However, When you submit your orders, they don't even get to them within a reasonable amount of time. For example it takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks before they mail the medications. In addition, the retail locations are taking excessive amounts of time to refill prescriptions (anywhere from 1-4 hours). Also, when trying to schedule appointments you have to call a main number and when you do, you either get a constant busy signal or you end up being put on hold for unbelievable amounts of time. I have currently been on hold for 48 minutes to schedule an eye appointment. I have tried to schedule the appointment at the actual office location but they will not make the appointment. The same thing happens when you try to contact the advice nurse. It's almost impossible to get through to anyone. I have complained to member services both in person and via email and via phone to no avail. The latest response was that the problems exist because of the "affordable health care act". I asked for contact information for their corporate offices and they said they didn't have any. I asked if my complaint was going to get to anyone that could do anything and I was advised, "No, unfortunately not." Though the representatives are courteous, the lack of availability and service makes Kaiser a complete failure at providing the quality of care that they so proudly advertise. I would not recommend Kaiser to anyone.
Hi. Just got a letter from KP saying my bill is past due and will be sent to collection agency in 10 days. I went online to check if I can pay it or appears on any of my accounts. The bill does not does show up on any accounts. How consumers are suppose to pay such bills? Kaiser's payment systems seems to be buggy. It may be a good candidate for class action lawsuit.
I am six weeks post injury resulting in a meniscus tear (discovered after 1 month and 4 appointments later) diagnosed by a physicians assistant (because I haven't seen a real orthopedic doctor yet AND I was lucky enough to a cancellation with the orthopedic PA and not have to wait 7 weeks for the next appointment I originally had) who believes requires surgery. Here I am 6 weeks, not 6 days injury and initial hospital visit and still have another week to wait before I can have an MRI and another week after that before I receive the results. I'm in pain and on complete disability due to my injury, and all Kaiser can say is: "We begin with the least intrusive interventions first". **! What I don't get is that they hound you for a flu shot and when you're overdue for check ups, yet they are neglectful in treating acute injuries. It seems that unless my knee was detached from my tibia, they don't give a ** about you as long as they continue to collect their monthly premiums. Oh, and the grievance process... it's a joke as it takes 30 days minimum to hear back from the caseworker who says that it's just Kaiser protocol. Had I gone anywhere else, I'd be a few weeks post surgery with PT by now. I don't even have physical therapy yet.
Been paying premiums at Kaiser for 15 years. Recently, after six weeks of waiting for a surgery schedule, Kaiser outsourced my operation to another facility - no reason given. At the front desk, I was slammed with an absolutely undisclosed co-pay of $1,300. I'm an old man, disabled, living on a fixed income, and $1,300 is a hardship. MY SURGERY WAS HELD HOSTAGE UNTIL I PULLED OUT MY CREDIT CARD AND PAID UP. I felt like I'd been mugged at gun point, my wallet ransacked for 100 dollar bills. I felt raped and robbed. This is not medicine, this is piracy. My friends, who are the best folks on earth, offered to take up a collection, but I would rather die than take money from good people and give it to corporate thieves. So there you have it. The CEO of Kaiser and his yes men would probably have a good belly-laugh over this, if they ever condescended to read such a thing on a private jet.
I had my knee x-rayed and surgery was not needed. Six months later it was x-rayed again and I was told I needed a total knee replacement. They should have been able to do a partial. Now they tell me they do not offer the new custom knee replacement surgery which is far easier to recuperate from. Bottom line is that if you have kaiser you are like a second rate citizen. You do not get the latest technology and will have to suffer through old procedures.
In researching the Kaiser Bronze HSA insurance plan, I followed the phone number (available Monday through Friday, from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.) listed under "Experienced Support" in the Kaiser Health Savings Account info page, first to a representative that was not able to help me with insurance questions (so clearly the wrong phone number, for starters). That representative then directed me to a support agent in the Billing department. This representative seemed confident he could answer my questions. He had never before read the aforementioned HSA info page, and had no knowledge of the fees listed on that page. When asked other questions regarding the plan, I was met multiple times with "I'm not sure the answer to that" and similar responses.Eventually, after 14 minutes of inadequate and unconfident answers, the representative says "we have another department that would have the answers to these questions". So I asked to be transferred to a representative in that department. The representative says "of course, let me transfer you over to that department." I'm then met with an automated message, saying the office is now closed, and the call hangs up on me. I see that it is now 5:02 pm, and suspect this specific office closes at 5:00pm.Essentially, had the phone number on the info page directed me to the right department, I might have had the chance to reach someone able to answer my questions. Even still, if either other two representatives had transferred me to the right department in a timely manner, instead of wasting my time attempting to give incomplete and unsure answers (in the case of the 2nd representative), I might have had the chance to reach someone able to answer my questions. Worse still, is the fact that the representative confidently transferred me to a closed department that would hang up the phone on me, either intentionally or out of sheer cluelessness. The complete lack of professionalism and organization leads me to believe being a customer of Kaiser insurance would be an incredibly unclear and difficult to navigate experience, with inadequate support and reassurance.
Even though services are provided month to month and you pay in advance for the following month, Kaiser Permanente makes it a royal pain to cancel. They have a membership services lines, but of course you can't cancel over the phone even though they verify name, address, DOB, membership numbers, etc. Instead they insist on written cancellation only, which has none of the verification information they do over the phone. At least with cell phone and cable companies you can tell them to cancel about 10 times verbally and they will finally give up and cancel... but not Kaiser. From past experience they'll then claim they never received the written request for cancellation, so be sure anything you do is sent with delivery verification and keep photocopies of everything sent to them. Wow, no wonder they only get 1.2 stars! Wish I had seen that ahead of time.
Don't waste your time to get this health insurance! All the doctors are like robots. They don't care - all they care about is their paycheck. I been there several times - can't wait till August to change my insurance. Look at all the reviews above - they're all right!!! This is an awful healthcare provider. Makes me sick I have to pay for service like this. This company needs to be shut down!! Don't waste your time cause they have wasted enough of mine!
I am writing this review concerning my experience at Santa Clara Kaiser. The reason for the review is that, after talking with someone who had to escalate their concerns for lack of treatment for arthritis, I realized that I am not alone in my experience. In 2014, I began to experience increasing pain in my groin, back and knee. I couldn't lift my knee very well and consequently, kept falling. I saw my doctor and received an x-ray. I was told that I had some arthritis and was given anti-inflammatory meds. It didn't help and the pain worsened. In 2015, I fell and the pain increased. I was told by my doctor that I probably had hip bursitis and was sent to an orthopedic doctor. He didn't see me but an assistant came in and gave me a shot that didn't help. My doctor then recommended a physical therapist. The therapist told me that she felt that it was my back and not my hip. By this time, I could no longer place any weight on my leg. I walked with a limp and my hip joint clicked and made grinding noises when I tried to dress. The therapist recommended that I tried a stationary bike. I told her that the pain of getting my foot into the pedal was too much. I went back to my GP who sent me back to the orthopedic doctor. He told me that he agreed with the therapist that it was my back and I was sent to a back specialist and an MRI was performed. (I did look at the orthopedic "specialist" sideways when he said that he agreed with the therapist. He's the doctor for goodness sakes.) I went to the back specialist and on two separate occasions, I was given shots into my back area and told that 80 percent of people who have what I have are not in pain. The last time I saw the back specialist he explained that he was only giving me the shot so that the orthopedic doctor would not send me back to him. January 2016 came around and I had just turned 61 and by now I could barely walk from my car into a grocery store. (I used to hike 10 miles at a time and went to the gym 3 times a week..) I had been laid off from my job but couldn't work and so I asked for temp disability and my doctor allowed this while reiterating that 80 percent of people with my issue have no pain. I changed insurance companies. In March, I found an orthopedic surgeon out of Stanford who had an x-ray machine in his office. Inside of 30 minutes, I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia that he said, I had all of my life, severe arthritis and bone spurs and was given a date for surgery a month later. After a total hip replacement, I now feel so much better and I am so glad that I changed my insurance. The problem is, I had spent so many months compensating for that pain, I now have chronic back pain and arthritis in my other hip. I am trying to figure out how Kaiser missed symptoms of severe arthritis and hip dysplasia. I can't help but think that they want people like myself to go away. Orthopedic surgery is costly and I am sure that there is a message trickling down from the top to keep those costs down. In other areas of Kaiser, I have received very good care but that was a low point and I could never trust their orthopedic department again.
I went to emergency services in November 2010 and was provided services that included a CT Scan code, 74176. There is a charge to me for this procedure of $100.00. I was not informed about the charge at the time, and I would have chosen to not receive the CT Scan. I received a bill in January 2011 for $100.00. I called and have spoken to several Kaiser representatives. All are friendly but cannot or will not help.Is this legal? Can I be made to pay for a service that I didn't know had a fee? Can Kaiser or any other HMO charge for services provided when the member could have elected not to have the service but wasn't given the opportunity? Thanks.
Kaiser refused to give me a lung x-ray unless I was having pain. Being a former heavy smoker, I felt I should monitor the condition of my lungs. I left Kaiser and received an x-ray under another health plan whereby cancer was discovered. My cancer has been cured because it was detected early and prior to having any pain. I feel that if I remained with Kaiser, I would now be dead.
My primary messed up my thyroid a year ago, and keeps trying to push pills (medications) on me. She prescribes meds that interfere with my thyroid, and refuses to acknowledge her mistakes. She treats me like I am paranoid, and blames me for her mistakes. I am annoyed with their automated answering system because I've had to wait over a half hour on hold, and I can never reach the person that I've tried to call back. Their physicians and nurses keep bypassing my email messages and so my treating physician is not making informed decisions. I've requested a specialist (Endocrinologist) in order to get my thyroid medication and levels stabilized again, and she ignores my requests. I had to go to an ER to get my level rechecked and I'm surprised that I'm still alive because my levels are dangerously low.The plan is overpriced, and the co-pay is increasing by $10 for 2017. I don't like having to travel long distances in order to be seen by one of their providers or to be seen at an urgent care or emergency room. Their support staff is rude, and not well-informed. There are too many telephone numbers and email addresses that have nothing to do with the area that I live in, and I've often been referred to these telephone numbers. The mail order pharmacy is not able to answer questions about how the local KP Pharmacy orders their medications. It's a JOKE!
I joined Kaiser's senior plan through the TV commercials and I had time for enrollment and I thought this would be a great plan, until I talk to my father-in-law and he had a better plan and that I should go under his broker. So I did, and she sign me up with a different insurance. So I got dis-enrolled by Kaiser that I started in the mid of December's enrollment. The problem is that they sent me a bill saying I have to pay it for December 2014 and that I never went to a doctor yet and I already had my new insurance starting in January 1, 2015. And I called the customer service and they said I have to write a letter stating the reason why I do not want to pay the enrollment fee. I will do that today too. The fee is $72.00 for one month that I started in the enrollment period and my broker says I do not need to pay it and I hope they do not put me in Collections only because I dis-enrolled the same week I enrolled. And plus, this should have went into my SS payments to pay for it but they said that I enrolled so I have to pay it anyway. I think this is a ripoff. They should have said to sign up in January 1 2015, not December because I already had insurance and I was just enrolling for January, not December. I will complain again if they bill me again. I live on a very small SS checks and I am handicapped, and it's hard to live on little income......
I was using Sharp for the last couple of years. I recently switched to Kaiser & the PCP I was assigned to flat out denied something that was granted to me by my former PCP. To further top everything off, I injured my finger the same day I was supposed to see a specialist & they refused to treat the finger stating that I wasn't sent there for that. So then, what are you good for? I needed a splint & couldn't get one. Kaiser also made me wait over an hour just to cancel my 'walk-in' x-ray on the same finger. I pay more out of pocket for lesser service. Very dissatisfied.
The doctors who work for Kaiser are OK, but the customer service system they have in place is the most incompetent I have ever dealt with. They have lost paperwork more times than I can count, overcharged me, and refused to cover services that should have been covered under my plan. Do yourself a favor and find another company.
I live in CO, front range, a lot of people. And Kaiser has ONE facility in every town. One in Denver, Boulder, Longmont, etc. Thus I make appointments weeks out in advance. Which isn't terrible if you are flexible. But when you have something not so good on and need further testing each test is ANOTHER 3-4 weeks. So I sit in unknown and I tell them I will drive to ANY of them but does have to be after work but only 9-5 availability M-F. Which okay most doctor offices are like that BUT most insurance companies have 10+ facilities in each town. One Nurse Practitioner sympathized with me and said, "I know, and it's even worse around holidays because doctors all want a week off." So 4th July is here and still I wait and wait before I can get testing before I can make an action plan.Short Hand Version. - Limited facilities per town (ex in Colorado 1 in Denver, 1 in Boulder, etc). - Limited hours despite having limited facilities. - No phone number to call your doctors office directly, every time you have to call the corporate number and press numbers and talk to operators before you can talk to your office. - Charged for things I was unaware of (not crazy prices, but please tell me if my insurance isn't covering something). - DISLIKED my physician, seemingly not caring, attentive, patient and yet because of limited times available somehow I'm stuck with her again. - General feelings of somewhat helpless and frustrated because of my limited options so I wait 3-4 weeks at a time in between Testing/appointments because of limited availability.- My boyfriend's a nurse and has seen patients not transferred to Kaiser facilities so their insurance will cover it. And these people were not necessarily stable either, speaks to our still ** healthcare, and the VERY Flawed kaiser company. I would seriously pay more per month to never ever have to experience this again.
I had Kaiser Permanente as my health insurance carrier. I became very ill and went to their doctors. Their doctors failed to do the appropriate medical tests. The results have been devastating! I am very ill, I have had multiple diagnosis since I went to go see an outside medical clinician. As of the first of this year, I switched health insurance company, and had to have a hysterectomy at the age of 32. KP violated a plethora of patient rights and civil rights! I am in the process of attaining a Malpractice attorney for such gross negligence as well as contacting the board! KP clinicians never took my health issues serious and now, it's one thing after another. I am 33 now, my hysterectomy was 3/26/15; I feel very disturbed over the lack of medical care and would love to be able to do more about it! KP constantly advertises quality care, and that they thrive. Reality is they don't. They nearly killed me and did not do or offer the appropriate care! Their medical clinicians on 2/14/14 ran a series bowel tests and added that my gallbladder looks "unremarkable". Interestingly enough my gall bladder was removed 2/14/2006, in a different hospital because I did not have KP at the time! Please contact me to get more information! I have a ton of pictures and writing. The medical clinicians mocked me in my own medical chart, and again the medical care was absurd! Please contact me!
Since the end of May 2016, I started out with a bladder infection. My doctor, at Fremont, Ca, Kaiser, Dr. Sarah **, just listed in my chart that stress was my medical issue. So, neither her, or several other providers, including Kaiser ERs, would treat me. They all said, go see a psychiatrist. Well, I had to go out of Network, and in the meantime I suffered from Hepatitis A, multiple kidney stones, hypothyroidism, and immune deficiency, Celiac disease, and intestinal infection, as well as ulcerative colitis. I was hospitalized twice in July, not at Kaiser, as they all literally laughed at me, after Dr. Sarah ** dropped me as a patient.Then, after I called member services to complain about her and other doctors treatment, Dr. ** cancelled my already ready medication. Then when I called told pharmacy to call her supervisor, she called my meds into an out of town pharmacy. I almost died. Too bad for Dr. Sarah ** and Kaiser I didn't. Because I have the printed proof of her faked phone appointment with me, which they have since erased. Phony records to begin with, now have been erased... Thanks Kaiser, I'm still fighting for my life... They have not figured out the rest yet.
Blood work given recently by the trainee who made me to suffer with lots of pain and blood clot. Their web site is not user friendly. They only after money payment.
My father was diagnose with brain cancer on father's day. Doctor told me take him home let him do what he wants. He had six months or less. Meet by hospice the day of days release. That's when the horror started. First his stay was horrible to treat a person with brain cancer like my father was. An animal at a shelter was treated better than my father, he was strapped to a chair for over 6 hrs no food. No bathroom, his hands were so dirty etc. then hospice. Doctor told me not to tell my father it was best. Well hospice sure thought they needed to tell him. Everyday was a fight when they came into the home. Doctor Rebecca ** was horrible Gretchen ** was horrible chaplain Sharon ** was horrible. Karen ** the list goes on. The day my father passed he was in so much pain the doctor refused to give him his meds. The nurse came and left in tears due to my father and his treatment. My father didn't even make it a month. To date Sept 1, 2016 I have gotten nothing but the run around. I just don't want anybody else to go through the horrible so called care my father did. No family or family member should go through this. I was told by Kaiser I had a bad team. Really in hospice there is a good and bad team. And if anybody has hospice and not happy you can switch. Never let them think you can't. You have that right to switch.
This review is for Kaiser and Frank **. You are responsible for my Mother’s death. You failed to provide adequate medical care for my Mom. My Mom found out just two days before her death that she had Stage 4 bladder cancer with metastasis which had spread to her liver. ** is such a quack that he told my Mom, at her final appointment (08/17/2017) with him, that she was healthy, and she wouldn’t have to see him for another three months --- My Mom was dead three weeks later. My Mom was extremely jaundiced with spider angiomas on her torso and face, yet ** said she was healthy. My Mother told ** that she had blood in her urine, constant nosebleeds, was very fatigued, unable to eat, had severe stomach and flank pain yet ** said she was fine. All ** wanted to discuss was how his wife was one of the Laborers and they own a lot of land. We, again, requested to see a liver specialist and to have a CT scan done immediately but ** said it was unnecessary, placated us by saying he would do a CT scan in three months. My Mom and I knew ** was wrong, so we made another appointment, returned on 08/21/2017 with Dr. **. He took one look at my Mom and could see her health was not good. ** ordered a CT scan stat and a liver panel test. My Mom and I drove to Kern Radiology then returned to Kaiser. ** told my Mom her CT scan was clear and she probably had a bladder infection. However, he said her bilirubin levels were almost double what they should be. We were never told by ** about a MELD score, or a liver transplant should be considered.Following morning we received a phone call that the CT scan was not clear as ** had stated; instead it displayed a network of lesions on my Mother’s liver. ** called my Mother and said he would finally arrange an appointment IN TWO WEEKS with a hepatologist in Los Angeles. My Mother again stated that she didn’t feel well. ** told her just to wait until she saw the liver specialist. Two of the lesions were over 5 cm which meant they were growing for some time. I emailed Dr. ** and requested a cancer test be conducted immediately. ** never emailed back. Seeing that my Mother’s health was declining, I emailed ** and requested a direct admission into the hospital. ** never returned the email.My Mother was hospitalized in March/2017 when a lesion was detected on the right lobe of her liver and hardening of her bladder wall. ** noted this yet never fulfilled his duty to refer my Mother to a hepatologist. ** also failed to observe obvious signs of bladder cancer. ** and Kaiser repeatedly dismissed my Mother’s bladder issue as a UTI. Any over the age of 70 with constant blood in the urine, flank pain and problems with urinating should undergo tests for bladder cancer. We were never told by ** about a MELD score, or a liver transplant should be considered. My Mom went to UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical and told she needed a liver transplant ASAP. The doctors at UCLA were horrified that my Mom’s health was allowed to deteriorate by Kaiser. UCLA performed a biopsy and cancer tests (which I had requested Kaiser conduct, but they denied), and it was discovered my Mom had cancerous lesions over her entire liver.Members of a health insurance company should not have to beg for services. Kaiser forces members into a network that leads to dead ends. Kaiser essentially is just a giant urgent care. Frank ** should not be practicing medicine. I will be moving to have his medical license revoked. If he is your physician, then switch to another immediately. ** epitomizes everything Kaiser is notorious for: lazy, placating, incompetent, apathetic, and views your health through the lens of cost-benefit analysis so that Kaiser can keep their expenses down and profits up. ** is worthless and should be in prison. I had to stand over my sweet Mother’s coffin because of **. I stood in front of a chapel full of family and friends at my Mom’s funeral and explained what ** and Kaiser had done. My family is proceeding with a wrongful death medical malpractice and bad faith lawsuit against Frank ** and Kaiser Permanente.
Kaiser Permanente is the worst healthcare available in this country. The personnel is incompetent. Since joining six months ago, I have experienced nothing but frustration with the smallest of things. Getting someone on the telephone is impossible. You cannot even leave a message because voice mail boxes are full. No one returns calls. I have requested films/X-rays that got lost and/or took 3 weeks to show up. I have been "lost" while sitting in waiting rooms waiting for my name to be called. My prescriptions have been "lost." My doctor has ordered extra tests for which I have been billed during routine exams. The list goes on and on. INCOMPETENCE is the only way to describe this organization. Poorly run and poorly managed. Cannot reach anyone by phone. You are not allowed to walk in and speak to anyone. They insist that you "email or call." No one responds to calls or emails.
I was told by my doctor to call for my monthly refills days ahead to avoid any problems getting my prescription on the day that is due. So I send the email on 9/11/16 to pick up on 9/17/16 (Sat). I get a email back from Monica stating, "Please call the pharmacy for all refills at 1-866-319-4269." So I called the pharmacy and was told that no refill was authorized but will send a request. It's been back and forth many emails, calls, messages, pharmacy and was promise to get it resolved as an emergency.Now is Friday and the doctor is not going to be in weekends and no prescription has been authorized. They have record of all this call, emails, etc, etc and still no one has called me and answer one simple answer "Is my medication authorized to be picked up on Saturday?" The pharmacy said that they are still waiting for the call to authorize the refill for this weekend. I have been asking for a supervisor or anyone in the doctor's floor and they just told me that "They'll call you." This medication I have been using for several years. They know I have always follow the rules. I never pick up the medication early.
My husband and I am a new members at Kaiser, nonsubsidized. I choose a primary. When I showed up for my appointment I was told I didn't have one. The call center confirmed that I did have an appointment but they refused to see me. I then made an appt. online a week later (first available) with a gynecologist. I am 62 have been on hormone pellets for two years and now am experiencing vaginal bleeding and pain. The Dr. did not examine me or do any test but ordered a pelvic ultrasound. 5 days later I had the pelvic ultrasound which showed the density of the lining and fibroids. 5 days later I met with my primary physician for the first time. I explained some problems I was having, he couldn't address the female concerns but did order blood tests. On Friday I went to Florida, my other home in pain. I made an appointment and was seen immediately by my ob-gyn that I went to prior to Kaiser on my dime. He said the ultrasound was useless, it did not show the location of the fibroids, interior, exterior or in the wall. Bleeding would only be caused if they were on the interior typically. He then did a urine. It came back positive for bacteria and blood. He put me on ** and ** for the pain. I was scheduled this Thursday for a uterine biopsy. The Gynecologist in Georgia said if there were fibroids she'd remove them. I should have had a hysteroscope which could have detected cancer and the location of the fibroids. I received a bill from Kaiser for over $300 for the worthless ultrasound. The blood work came back. I am anemic and my white count is high. I am still bleeding and still in limbo and do not feel comfortable with this gynecologist. I emailed Kaiser and asked to be seen asap by another gynecologist. The auto response was that they'd get back to me within 14 days.
Medical advice always available. Facilities located in very convenient locations. I appreciate that you can change your assigned physician if you want for whatever reason you may have.
May 15th 2015 at 11:30 am - This CLAIRE ** MD works for Kaiser at their Irvine location. My son has a goiter which is nodular and is quite obvious. Dr. ** bedside manner is nonexistent, she is abrasive with a frigid personality. CLAIRE ** MD walked into the room my son and I were waiting in with an attitude as if we were wasting her time. She look at my son and said, "Stop so much eating Mcdonalds." Really? I replied, "We don't eat fast food" and she gave me the most scornful glare. I insisted she check his neck to understand what I am talking about, which she did but said... "it normal for some people to have goiters..." My son cried as we left her office.
As a Kaiser/Medicare patient, I am obliged to use the KP Pharmacy. The walk-in is invariably a wait and I have had charging issues there, i.e., a pharmacist waived a charge but it still appeared on my bill. Best route is their phone pharmacy system wherein meds are delivered by mail.
I recently switched over to Kaiser in July 2014. I have been to see their doctors twice. I will never go back and I will change insurance in January 2015. The first doctor I met with told me I wasn't getting pregnant because I had an std and she wouldn't be able to help me with any questions. She had no history or bloodwork, she just assumed maybe based off of appearance. She ran an std test for three different diseases but only advised she would run it for one specific disease. Needless to say they were all negative! For my migraines she advised I would need to take over the counter medicine as she couldn't give any migraine medication. The second doctor I met with today told me I was depressed and needed anti depressants. He also told me I should be on birth control even after I advised my husband and me were trying to have a baby. He advised he couldn't approve or request an FMLA because I didn't have a history of migraines or visits with Kaiser. Well duh, I've only been a member since 7/2014. I offered to bring in all my medical history from my old provider showing my history with my neurologist and primary doctor. He stated I would need to make routine visits every time I had a migraine (like once a week at 40.00 a visit), in order to submit FMLA paperwork for my job. I have never been so disgusted with doctors in my life. I can't wait to be rid of Kaiser and their pathetic excuses for health care professionals. The only thing they are good at is prescribing useless medication their patients do not need.
So, we've been with Kaiser for about three years total now. Honestly when you go into the actual facility everything is nice and great. People are friendly and the service is excellent. However ONE hospital visit will break your budget. Three and you're out of your mind. I had the Kaiser Platinum insurance for the entire family, and honestly I thought we were pretty well covered. Any hospital visit should be 250 dollar copay and that's it.When my son was being born my wife had to go to the hospital on several occasions. Three in a month, and none of it was covered. Instead of being run through both insurances (her Cigna, and my Kaiser) it ended up that Kaiser completely washed their hands of the situation. Every time I call they say that the claim is processing, this was in June 2016 and it's processing until now, June 2017. The hospital bills came directly to me. Only Cigna paid their portion, on each bill that arrives you see Kaiser's portion, and then Kaiser saying they won't pay. Not only did they not pay, but each time we had to call to get approval to be seen, then we had to drive about 45 minutes away to the hospital they had a contract with, and even after all of that, it didn't help.I left my job about a week ago, and when I did ALL OF THE CLAIMS came back denied, saying I was no longer a Kaiser-covered individual. This is ridiculous and I'm still dealing with it. If you're young and have no problems, Kaiser might be the way to go. If you have a family, or you want peace of mind, definitely don't pick Kaiser.
My Name is Asha and I've been taking care of my aunt Joyce ** for some time now. Picking up the pieces that Kaiser had broken apart. She has this terrible diabetes disease and heart disease. Kaiser has been administering/prescribing a high dose amount of insulin for my aunt to levels that caused her to go into diabetic shock. In November 2015 my aunt Joyce ** had been rushed to the ER while on In Home Support care through Kaiser, because of a pressure wound on her leg Kaiser failed to acknowledge.With that ER visit she had stayed over a period of 6 months in the hospital. With Kaiser racking up her medicare bill and taking $900 a month from her retiree allotment insurance. While being treated for the pressure wound, one doctor at Kaiser noticed that she had CHF which is why she stayed so long in the hospital. They ran test and said it's inoperable and she has 6 months to live! Placed her on hospice.Joyce ** was placed on hospice March-September at a Kaiser facility called Coming Home. There she did not die and was discharged from hospice after 6 months! The family refused to pay for any nursing facility because of Kaiser negligence, so Kaiser hospice social worker Erica, place my aunt at AgeSong, assisted living for one month where she was rushed to the hospital ER for her blood pressure and low sugar! (She needed nursing 24 hr care not assisted living). While at ER the doctors couldn't understand why she was taken out of hospice and referred her back.The In Home care nurse and hospice director rejected THAT referral and placed her back at AgeSong. While at AgeSong they didn't bathe her nor take care of her. She acquired pressure wounds severely deep and painful. Kaiser - Erica hospice social worker - told our family they were only paying for one month at AgeSong and that we needed to figure out where to put my aunt who were still dying from her conditions. So Social worker Ericka placed my aunt in Omare a boarding care facility.When visiting my aunt I noticed she didn't have a bath nor did her dressings get changed from her pressure sores she acquired at AgeSong. She smelled like feces and dressings on her legs were leaking and dirty. She acquired bed sores that were painful. While at this boarding care facilities, In Home support from Kaiser had been overseeing the care of these facilities and allowing the progression to continue without mentioning.Joyce was sent to the ER for the last time from the abuse and neglected care received from Omare. The In home nurse finally reported her conditions and they sent her to the ER. She had bed wounds so deep she was heavily sedated with ** for her pain. Kaiser then placed her back on HOSPICE care. Sunday November 6, 2016 I visited with my aunt and she was feeling better and the pain had subsided. Tuesday November 8, was my aunt discharge date and before her discharge she was given 10 mg of **.I later learned Kaiser were administering 10 mg of ** per hour for my aunt's pressure sores. The family wasn't notified of these procedures and when my aunt returned to her home for hospice care she was almost brain dead from the overmedicated doses received from Kaiser! It is now November 11, 2016 and my aunt is still delusional and incoherent from the dosage of ** received from Kaiser South City campus.The family was given the ** to continue the care at home but my aunt is unresponsive, blood pressure extremely low, and not eating! This huge turn around happened in three days of just going to the ER for pressure sores and wound care! Kaiser failed! They overmedicated her with ** which caused an allergic reaction and now she almost brain dead! She was coming home to receive hospice care with CHF and diseased body from diabetes. Now we're dealing with yet another problem Kaiser caused from their neglected care!Our family has filed grievance with Livanta and member services. We get to get compensated for what my aunt had endured and is now still enduring. We have a great hospice team from Vitas helping us take care of my aunt now, and we're seeking legal help to prevent Kaiser from doing this to another family! Please refrain from picking Kaiser as your healthcare. They're heartless and are now an entity for profit!
So her dad screwed up her insurance and I had to take my 9 year old who has been treated by a great doctor for the past 4 years for ADHD. She got stuck on Kaiser insurance so her dad could try to save a buck on child support. So I take her in to see the pediatrician in Aurora, Co, Dr. Callie **. I was already upset because I have been on the insurance before and I hated it... She tried to calm me down to discuss my daughter's medication needs. She says they don't cover the medication she is currently on (wow what a surprise...not) and can try to adjust it to make things stay consistent since we finally found the right stuff that works. She said she had to reach out to the psychiatrist and make sure they can do an emergency fill so we have it for school. She insisted she would have some more information and she would call me in 24 hours to let me know what they were going to put her on. The appointment was Sept 9, 2014 and today is Sept. 30, 2014 still no call... I only have 30 mis for lunch and they say the recording when you call the wait time will be more than 30 mins or 47 mins.. It's impossible for me to reach them and then they are closed when I get off of work most nights... This place is a joke... and now my daughter is getting in trouble in school with her $300.00 prescription.
Took two months to get online access since I had insurance and just needed additional for my son. No one followed up in the 5 or so calls I made, and I was paying for services I couldn't really use. Then when I canceled, they continued to bill and I have been fighting them for 4 months to get my money back. I have sent them proof of insurance 2 times now, and no one has bothered to follow up. You also can't cancel or communicate unless by paper snail mail. No fax no email. What is this, 1980? It's a slap in the face that I had to pay for this service at all. By the way, I don't use most conventional medicine and would not need insurance so Obamacare hurts my family and bank and wallet. The healthy pay for the sick to be cared for. Thanks a lot.
When I tried to make a dental hygiene and check-up appointment, I was told that there were no appointments available and they would call me when they opened up the schedule three months in the future. I did not receive a call even though I was supposedly put on a waiting list. I called back two times in an attempt to get an appointment and was told not to call back. I was very polite each time. I submitted a complaint to Membership Services and filled out the form for a complaint to the Insurance Consumer Fraud Division. The attorney at the State Department advised me to do so as my insurance payments were all on time and Kaiser's Patient's Rights state that I have a right to timely treatment. The third time that I called requesting a dental appointment, I politely told the representative what I had done for being denied services for which I had paid. Within minutes I had an appointment.
Kaiser is the worst healthcare facility I have ever dealt with!! I'm in my forties as a reference point. It takes 6 weeks to be seen by a specialist after an initial waste of money (consultation) with the primary care Dr. That is a scam to begin with, but fine it's an HMO. I'm being seen for knee pain that's been progressively getting worse. After seeing the Ortho DR. **, she believed I had a medial meniscus issue and that I would require arthroscopic surgery. She ordered an MRI so she could see the extent of the damage and decide what type or how detailed my surgery would be. She told me she would call me with the results of my MRI and we would take it from there. 1 week later she apparently called (which is great). However, she didn't leave a message, nor did she try contacting me at another number or send an email or leave any messages anywhere. So I was completely unaware. Kaiser takes forever with most everything so I waited 3 weeks before contacting the DR. via email (because you certainly can't call and speak to them in any kind of timely fashion) to see what was going on. At that point I received an email back stating she was out of the office until the end of the week. In the meantime my knee has gotten so bad I can no longer put any weight on it and I desperately need crutches. I called this morning and was told by a female at the appt line number that the Dr. had called on 7-23 and was unable to leave a message. I verified she had the right number and asked why she couldn't leave a message... Of course the girl didn't know why! She verified the radiologists reading that I have a lateral meniscus tear and I was approved for surgery. Again, why did no one attempt to contact me??!! I told her I needed crutches. Can I just swing by the Dr. office after work and pick up a pair because the knee brace she originally gave me (which by the way I had to ask for) is not cutting it anymore and I'm in a lot of pain. I was told I would have to wait 24-72 hrs for a response from the Dr. about getting crutches. Are you kidding me??!! Plus I would have to either wait 2-4 days for them to be delivered or I could pick them up at their vendor's facility if I needed them sooner. This is NOT thriving and far from any type of acceptable patient care. This is a joke. They should be put out of business. I could probably write another 10 pages or more about other issues I've had with them prior to this one, but I'm just done with them. Completely unacceptable! I'm switching asap.
Kaiser confuses members by not making it clear if your policy covers durable medical equipment. If get medical coverage through your employer you're covered with DME, if you buy Kaiser Insurance on your own you don't have the option you are not covered for their durable medical equipment nor allowed to buy a plan that covers DME.
I have just read over 20 reviews and my situation is very close to those complaints: Lack of Standard Care, extremely RUDE/NASTY (most MD's down to clerical), Ridiculous co-pays for so much stupid stuff we don't need and little (at best) to NOT getting what we do need. I have been a member for 25 years and I am still dealing with the two issues I had back them... Severe head pain, 5th Cranial Nerve Damage and constant nagging stabbing pain with RT. Rotor Cuff/Scapula dysfunction. After 9 Bay Area Kaiser's and lots and lots of MD's... About all I ever got was Vicodin. 2 10/325 AM & PM. The Vicodin/Norco would only help somewhat for about (maybe) 3 hours.Since the BIG... STOP ALL NORCO... I was downsized to 1/2 without my knowledge, next MD... Ordered me off of all NORCO, next MD was very disturbed with me but had some pity to take me off each month by 5 pills but he was still very condescending then he discovered the RT. Rotor Cuff/Scapula major dysfunction with 24 x 7 stabbing Pain... Plus the stabbing/burning 24 x 7 Head injury pain that I have had to live with since 1987. I married, had a child, worked and went through Graduate School then secure the BEST JOB I could ever ask for at the 7th TOP Hospital in the USA.But because of LACK OF PROPER CARE from Northern Kaiser... Year after year after years despite my begging, crying and INSANE Pain Levels complaint... They give you PT, Needles into your body, Pain Management classes (which I could teach with me eyes closed) and of course I just can't NOT mention all the Anti-depressants they put me on too. Various Professional would contradict each other... Saying I had Pain coz I was just Depressed. A few others actually agreed with me and said... The Severe Pain caused the deepening Depression... But they did NOTHING either.Now, here's the deal... 6 months ago I got sent to a Kaiser employed TMJ specialist Dentist DDS... and HOLY **! He told me that Kaiser near S.F. did the very surgery I needed for my Head Pain... And, they have been doing it for 15 years. NO NOT ONE MD or whoever EVER mentioned this surgery. I was LIVID!!! I drove over 5 hours to see one of the MD's that deal with serious PAIN ISSUES and she made all these... YEAH, we can HELP you... Not with the standard surgery... But the cheapest, to put a tiny TENS Unit under my scalp. Plus she agreed to handle my PAIN MEDS.That was three weeks ago and both me and my Brand New WONDERFUL lady PCP can not got any communication with this Pain Specialist... She just totally FLAKED on me. I had NO NORCO. Call after call, emails and emails from me and my great PCP... So, my new PCP went ahead a wrote me a Triplicate Script which I had to dive 50 minutes to get... Then take it to my city's Kaiser Pharmacy... Which took over 3 hours to process it coz they said they needed to talk to the PCP... To check if it was real. Sickening isn't it. GOD SAVE US!!! So, to make a long story short... Kaiser did not/has not treated neither my HEAD and Rotor Cuff/Scapula pain. And what's this B.S. that the Pain Specialist just skipped town... What's up with that.Then I discover that TARGET sells a hand-held TENS UNIT for $26.00... Why in the hell, didn't anybody ever tell me that??? Yea, Target $26.00... I haven't checked with Amazon or Ebay yet. Some years ago I was given a Tens Unit to use on my badly Sprained ankle and I tried it on my Head Pain Area... ZAP! The instructions said NOT to use on the HEAD or it could give you a seizure. DAMN IT... Just give me MORPHINE... Like they should have 2 decades ago. YES... I HATE THEM and I too am looking for a money-hungry BLOOD SUCKING sympathetic gang of ETHICAL... LAWYERS. And sue the **...So, get the word out there... Lets get a huge class action Suit going... They have been jacking all of us around and it's getting worse everyday. Lets BAND TOGETHER... That's the only way we can voice our discontent and Anger with Kaiser. If we were in Russia in the 1600's I know what would happen. Let's Fight back the American Way... Dig into their pockets and Stand Up and throw all the TEA back in the Bay... Got it? Keep writing, our congress, our Representatives, the News Papers, Radio, Media of all kinds... But keep trying to find LAWYERS that will BUST Bad MD's BALLS! After that I will move to Alaska and go to a Medicine Man and live a long and HAPPY LIFE. I HATE KAISER **!!!
My experience with Kaiser, medically, has been wonderful. My experience having medical insurance through Kaiser has been HORRIFIC. Worst experience ever. I am a long time member of Kaiser. When I started a new job last year, I found the company didn't offer Kaiser Permanente medical insurance. Because I have a complicated medical history and the team of doctors at Kaiser have been so helpful, I was reluctant to change providers. I decided to become a member of Kaiser through Covered California and not chose the medical provider offered by my company. The experience of being a member of Kaiser through Covered California compared to being a member of Kaiser through the cushy group policy of a large corporation is HUGE. I cannot complain enough about the administration and website coordination with departments and billing.I have had my Kaiser Account terminated twice now, through NO ERROR OF MY OWN but due to incomplete bureaucratic process internal to Kaiser. Both times Kaiser claimed that they were back-logged with memberships thru Covered California and whatever the pathway of paperwork flows from Covered California and Kaiser... the channels were blocked thus I ended up without coverage. The first time was for over month until things caught up. They assured me things would get handled and I should go get Kaiser for treatment under their "Trust Me" policy with those of us in the purgatory of Covered California. I tried this and was turned away from a routine visit as it showed my medical coverage was cancelled.Fortunately, I experienced no real medical emergencies during that time, but the terror of no medical coverage and the impending financial ruin of a large medical bill was almost too much to bear. I have experienced this twice through Kaiser in a 2 year period. I was on the phone daily for almost a week with Member Services the first time. Anyone that would listen, but each time it was new person that didn't know what the person the day before had said. Computer screen notes if the representative could locate them were insufficient to help. At the end of at least 5 different re-routes of Customer Service Reps, none knowing with the other was doing...the one after more apathetic than the previous.Now, I'm sitting here facing this again. I'm on hold with Member Services (the 3rd department line I tried, 1 hour into explaining my story to 3 people). I am unable to logon to the website to reorder my prescriptions because they are telling me one policy was ending as a new was being loaded. This is the worst. Covered California people are those that need the coverage without protection and they are treated the worst.
Kaiser is obviously a wait-to-die company. My mother has been in pain for the last two months... and all the bs we've been through is just a stall tactic. No pain alleviation, no sleep aid... nothing except tests. I'm sure glad my healthcare is not Kaiser.
I haven't had a doctor for almost a year now. For the time being I've been suffering a great deal. No doctors will accept patients with a kaiser plan. I hate kaiser! They are a full of **. You don't get service from the doctors once they find out you have kaiser!! I've been told that the doctors won't take kaiser because kaiser don't pay them. Plain and simple KAISER SUCKS!!
I took my husband to a Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento, Ca. The doctor who did not treat him sent him away with fluid retention in his stomach caused by a liver disease. My husband was referred by a doctor from an urgent care treatment center to a hospital emergency room, for treatment for his condition because the center did not have the necessary equipment to perform the procedure. My husband chose to go to Kaiser Permanente Emengency for treatment. The attending doctor ordered X-ray and subsequent tests but after viewing the test results, he decided that although the condition did require treatment it was a waste of time to come to ER because the patient's primary doctor should have followed this condition more closely.My husband was in severe discomfort and pain and his stomach was swollen so badly it looked as though it would burst. My husband tried to explain to the doctor about the pain that he was experiencing and the doctor still refused to perform the procedure required to reduce the fluid retention, and that wasn't all, my husband's blood pressure was dangerously high. We left the Hospital and went to another local hospital where we are treated and also advised that my husband's blood pressure is dangerously high, something like 269/140, and he is admitted until he is stabilized and later, discharged.We are very dissatisfied with this, and we do plan to contact an attorney and file against every entity of Kaiser Permanente and a malpractice lawsuit against the attending physician.
Seventy six year old mother admitted Thursday, Thanksgiving, with colitis. Friday to Saturday my mother's urine output was inadequate & she continued to have blood-streaked diarrhea frequently. Apparently no one was monitoring her I&O and her IV was also left out for over 4 hrs. due to infiltration. Though she had frequent diarrhea, contrast dye a day before and essentially was not drinking fluids, her IV was run at 125 ml/hr. Only interventions done for her was scanning her bladder and nothing more though she had inadequate urine output. After 18 hours of just scanning her bladder she had 400 ml in her bladder and they inserted a Foley. Her kidney studies on Thursday (adm) and Friday were normal. Labs were drawn late on Saturday afternoon (because the doctor forgot to order her lytes and BUN for the morning draw). The MD charted the results with her creatinine up 3.5x and her platelets dropped to 50k. And again nothing was done. The nurse Saturday night monitored my mother's zero urine output and did nothing until I found out in the morning and forced her to call the on-call MD who begrudgingly ordered a 250 ml bolus and told her to call her doctor when he arrives on Sunday. Hrr assigned hospitalist came by in am and insisted that the kidney failure was due to dye used when they did a CAT scan vs inadequate fluids. Additionally vigorously dropped her BP from 150 systolic to 100 systolic. Either way no interventions were done for UOP & elevated creatinine until Sunday regardless if problem was dye or I&O imbalance/severe dehydration. Mind you her labs were normal and she was a vigorous elder with colitis when she entered the hospital on Thanksgiving. Doctor on Sunday ordered a bicarb drip and by this time her creatinine was 4.5. Her level of consciousness continued to diminish through the day. I requested interventions & ICU transfer for close monitoring to deal with her declining status and renal failure. MD refused though he never even came in to see my mother & just spoke with the nurse on the phone. He had the nurse inform me that they could handle her care on the floor that she was on. I told the nurse that if my mother "crashes and burns" that I will be very upset. 30 min - an hour later my mother had a grand mal seizure and was unconscious postically. CAT Scan showed no abnormality. Her encephalopathy and subsequent seizure and low platelets were the result of the acute renal failure not managed during the Thanksgiving weekend. Please know that the combined years of RN experience over the weekend was probably 10 year. All the rookies were working and it is clear that the on-call MDs and her primary Hospitalist just didn't want to be bothered. My family had to beg & insist for care in the ICU. Again my mother was a vigorous and independent elder who came in with colitis. MDs & intensivist finally agreed to treat my mother and although she had the seizure at ~ 1800, nothing was done until 0200 the next morning. Working diagnosis was HUS TTP though not all labs indicated this diagnosis. Personally, in retrospect, I believe that diagnosis is a cop-out so that they didn't have to admit that they caused the renal failure, associated low platelets and uremic encephalopathy and subsequent death. She was in and out of consciousness the remainder of her hospitalization, had 2 more seizures and gradually became completely paralyzed (Todd's paralysis?). We withdrew interventions on Thursday and my mother was dead by Friday, 12/5/14. Instead of planning for my sister's 50th birthday on Friday, 19th and the holidays, we picked up her ashes today, 10 days after her death. Kaiser Hawaii killed my mother.
Been going to Kaiser for 5 years. Have seen several different Drs... The first one who was at least 50 lbs. heavier than myself told me that I needed to lose weight then I would feel better and quit smoking. Saw another Dr and by this point I am made to feel like a fat lazy good for nothing hypochondriac... Then onto the next Dr. She rattles on a mile a minute, going in many directions obviously overloaded with patients or just plain scatter brained. She said she couldn't help me and suggested I see another Dr. Which I did a male this time... I go there for my severe hand pain. He says its carpal tunnel, gives me some braces to wear at night and tells me he is concerned about my breathing and suggests I may have a 'lung disease'. So I have the test he ordered for me a month ago done today, and this evening I have a kind of snarky email from him on the health manager that I need to quit smoking that was determined from my test results from earlier today. Thank God it’s open enrollment time at my job. I am dropping Kaiser. Hindsight I could have saved myself time and co-pays and not gotten insulted had I just visited my local veterinarian. I have worked 35 and yes am overweight and smoke cigarettes. Kaiser is too much about prevention and they discriminate against the heavy and the smokers.
Finally, we seem to be in the " system" and finally we received our membership card. But this could be too good to be true, there comes another problem. We were with Kaiser until 3 years ago. The last 2 or 3 years we were insured through Kobra. Now, one of a sudden after 3 years, Kaiser claims I owe them money for a doctor visit. Haven't heard from Kaiser tin those 3 years, new that I have signed up with them, again, they claim I owe them money despite that we were covered by Kobra. So now there's going to be a long back and ford and I have to figure out how in the world I can prove that their claim is invalid. One head ache after another.
Kaiser is robotic medicine. Anyone who can use a computer can work at Kaiser. You type in your patients signs and symptoms and your diagnosis is generated.... then the computer tells them a process of steps to follow. If they don't follow the steps in order they are penalized. In other words they can't jump from step 1 to step 4. It takes practicing medicine out of the doctors hands. Blows my mind the doctors they bring in. Most are very well educated and have proven their worth in the community. They are drawn to Kaiser because of the promise to work less for more money.... not to mention the benefits they provide them. It's like our government telling companies how to provide healthcare to all of us yet the government employees are exempt from what they dish out to the American people. Then their medication formulary. A medication has to be proven for a decade before Kaiser will consider putting it on their formulary. So if you are blessed having any other healthcare than Kaiser and your doctor puts you on a newer medication and it works for you then your company switched to Kaiser. You are forced to go back to what didn't work for you and go through a series of steps (remember it's all about steps) for them only to find out that your previous doctor did know what they were doing but now you are going to pay an inflated price because the medication isn't on their formulary. I could go on and on but hopefully you get the idea.
This year after being seen by her MD during routine physical my daughter was referred over to what I was told was a "ear, nose and throat specialist". We attending the specialist appointment he the specialist prescribed antibiotics for a possible slight ear infection that my daughter never complained about or knew she had. He the doctor had us schedule a follow-up to be seen two months later. Today she paid that visit, I took the day off from work only for this doctor to tell me that he was going to refer her to a "ear, nose and throat specialist". I told him that I was told and under the impression that he was that person. He seemed to wiggle around the question and said that he wanted to send her to the best to see if he would recommend surgery.At that very moment I felt swindled and taken advantage of. I paid for not one but two visits only to be referred to another specialist. Swindle because I got the impression that they must really think I have an unlimited number of financial resources and money just falls out of the sky. Well quite the contrary medical cost are high and they are careless of how they refer people. I never had this experience at other medical firms. If I was referred to a specialist that meant that the person I was seen by was the same person that would do the analysis refer to tests and make recommendations and if approved would perform the procedures (surgery etc). To be referred to a specialist with the same title within the same department gives me a lack of confidence and feels like a system that just kicks the can down the road.
My wife ** Xiang Wang in her account, Kaiser Permanente charge $54.84 since she lived in Virginia. When she move to Maryland, Kaiser Permanente charge $142.49 and more every month. I called then many time. This are overcharge, her account in Virginia has been closed. But they never make change and terminated the service.
I have gotten progressively sicker dealing w/ KP. They will ignore documented evidence from my current & prior physicians that show I have fulfilled the requirements for more expensive prescriptions. They deny auto-immune related dental issues as not medical, draw out the appeal process, then get sign off on the denial from someone who has never examined my teeth, is like 80 and apparently collecting checks for rubber stamping KP's greed. I have lost count of how many rude people I have dealt with administratively. The medical pros are OK, but they can't really fight for the patient because the insurer is their boss.
I moved from Nashville this year, where I had a terrible experience with Cigna, my employer-provided insurance company. I signed up for Kaiser Permanente without knowing much about it, but it was one of 2 options from my employer. I have been extremely pleased with their services. Their employees have all been very friendly and seem happy with their jobs. I've barely had to wait on hold for telephone calls, and everyone I've talked to, from pharmacists, to customer service, to doctors, have all been very kind and helpful. I love the online options, like signing up for appointments online -- for a recent illness I was able to find someone to go to the same day. This is such a wonderful change from what I'm used to in having to deal with insurance companies. I would recommend Kaiser to anyone -- in fact, my fiance just signed up because of my positive experience.
October 9th 2016 - my daughter went to the Kaiser Vallejo ER for abdominal pain, was diagnosed with appendicitis and told it needed to come out. We were told that she was to be transferred by ambulance to Walnut Creek then left in a room for hours until the condition was so bad that her appendix had ruptured. They had forgotten to call the ambulance.Jan-Feb 2017 My husband was having his eyelashes fall out and went in to see his DR. She ordered bloodwork then asked if he was gay because she said that syphilis was something that caused that and as per her- it's more common among gay people. Profiling at its worst. 5/8/2017 Pregnant, I was admitted to Vacaville ER with a severe migraine. Despite being listed in my chart as a medication I'm allergic to, the ER Dr fought to give me this medication and to offset the reaction suggested first giving me Benadryl. If my husband hadn't been there to stop him he was going to do this. They also took many vials of blood but no tests were ever run. 6/2017 Despite me asking repetitively about what blood tests I should have had done I am now 6 months pregnant and had my first pregnancy blood panel done 1 week ago, months later than I should have because no one ever ordered it.
So when I first signed up for the Washington State Health Insurance, I was assigned Group Health as my provider, Group Health covered my medications and had even approved of fully covering a $466 experimental heart medication (that I need to take so I can live like a normal person). When Kaiser bought Group Health I was told my coverage would remain exactly the same. But it definitely did not. Kaiser no longer covered my heart meds because I "hadn't tried every other option" according to their records, even though I had and it was in Group Health's records. So then my cardiologist had to send over my records multiple times because Kaiser supposedly didn't get them. Kaiser even said I didn't have the proper referral to a Cardiologist in the first place and I then had to get re-referred to him in order for my prescription and records to be considered valid.This was something that I have never experienced with insurance before, not with Lifewise or Group Health and it's not something I am currently experiencing with Molina. It's only Kaiser, and nobody should trust them when they say they only provide the best insurance, and I wholeheartedly believe that any positive reviews of them must be sponsored, because they simply are disorganized and outright lie to their customers.
I had a slip & fall at their facility back in June. It had been raining that morning and there was still a slight mist. I was on crutches coming into the clinic, when my crutches out from under me. I landed hard on my rear end. Some members in line for check in helped me get back up. I went to sit down and wait my turn. A security guard had me fill out an incident report. When it was my turn the receptionist told me the Head Nurse wanted to talk to me. The nurse asked if I wanted to see a doctor. After much convincing, I got her to call my podiatrist's nurse. The front desk told me I would have to re-check in for my doctor's appointment after I did my scheduled bone density scan.I came back and paid my $15 copayment to see my doctor. When my doctor saw me she was puzzled why I wasn't sent to X-ray first, because she wouldn't be able to see if anything had changed in my foot until then. Well took another half an hour, because they needed the referral. Spent $5 on X-ray. Doctor tells me my bone fracture has moved slightly since last X-ray 2 weeks prior and recommended a bone stimulator. Which is sold thru a 3rd party. After copay it is $337.Well, I filed a claim with Kaiser which they denied. Denial was based on some false statements. First, that an officer at Kaiser came to the scene and saw the floor was dry. Supposedly before the security guard took the incident report. This never happened. Second, the nurse said I talked to her and continued without incident. Another lie, as I spent an additional hour to hour and a half time there for the doctor and X-ray. None of this was supposed to be part of my visit. They told me I would have to file a complaint with the Dept of Health care. Well, Dept of Health Care denied me saying in the evidence of coverage members are responsible for their own copays. No attorney will take it because it is so small. So I have to pay out of pocket for something that is due to their negligence. Anybody who has an incidence due to their negligence cannot expect Kaiser to pay for it. However, if it is someone else's fault they will be the first one to ask you for the other party's info so they can get their money.
I'm switching away from Kaiser for a few reasons - I have high expectations: 1. my doctor wasn't up for discussing the scientific literature for my chronic illness. 2. doctor told me to keep taking a drug that made me sick. 3. closed network, so can't go find the best specialist in the world. 4. medical records are all in PDF and I want machine-readable. 5. Kaiser delayed my seeing a specialist for a month; luckily, my situation wasn't in the most dire but it still sucked.Overall, Kaiser could improve their IT systems but their people seemed to care and I did seem to get a decent and affordable medical workup. I'll be switching to United Healthcare and hopefully that doesn't suck as much as everyone says it does... Reason of review: Bad quality. Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution. I liked: Price. I didn't like: Website, Lack of specialist options.
There are four members in my family, and each of us has had our own difficulty with Kaiser. The continual headache is scheduling appointments. When I call, I am often told that there is nothing available for the next two months, and the schedule after that isn't out yet. I am the put on a wait list. Occasionally, they will call me at home, even though I've told them to use my cell as I work for a living, and will tell me at 10:45 that they have an 11:30 appointment. Even if I got the messages, I would be unable to make the appointments since I am a teacher and cannot leave my students and get to the dr. office that quickly. After they pull this b.s. a couple of times, I get a letter in the mail that they have tried several times to reach me and due to my failure, they are taking me off the wait list, so the whole thing starts over. My two year old son requires weekly appointments, and the scheduling for him has been equally as messy. It wasn't until my husband started throwing around legal words that anything got done, but things still aren't fixed. Additionally, I've gone off and on my medications four times due to their inability to provide me refills. Just like another poster, mine are medications that I am to take regularly, and I am warned time and time again by my doctor and Kaiser's paperwork that I am not to suddenly stop taking them! Finally, there is a general apathy towards patients, especially by the support staff. In my experience, about one in ten of the staff (doctors excluded) are friendly, compassionate, and competent. The only thing that keeps me with Kaiser is my son's surgeon and ENT. If they ever leave, we will be long gone regardless of what we have to pay elsewhere.
I like that I can phone in my needs and they will be mailed to me within a week. I also like that if I have a problem, I can visit a 24 hour pharmacy that is about 10 miles away.
They bill for an annual exam which is supposed to be free and they add some extra tests be done that I was unaware of and did not authorize, and now it has been 6 months and the bill that they told me they would cancel simply continues to linger. They also send what they consider an itemized list that contains a list of "lab test", "lab test", "lab test" which is totally unacceptable. They contacted myself and my place of work agent to notify us that the bill would be "covered" and now deny it ever took place. I have been told there were notes on my account and most recently they are stating that there are no notes concerning the bill being covered. I can only assume that they are making everything as difficult as possible on purpose. Sounds like a case of trying to recover some costs on a "free" annual exam.
I didn't realize how unhappy I was with KP until things kept adding up. I like my doctor well enough, but I haven't felt like I have been taken seriously. I have chronic headaches (occasional migraine). I rarely have significant relief. I am told I take too much Excedrin, but the PRN prescription I have can also be overused. I try to avoid it to so it won't look like I am medication seeking. I take no narcotics. These pills are minimally effective at times, but at higher doses. I cannot get anything to specifically address a significant headache event. They won't consider Botox. None of the other classic headache PRN prescriptions have been offered. They say not enough (failed) options have been tried yet to consider Botox.This Summer I hurt my left hand in the area of the 3rd metacarpal. I saw a different doctor on short notice (good). It was X-rayed and looked negative. I was satisfied with that. About a week later, I was called and told I have a fracture. I called to clarify and was told I fractured the 5th metacarpal and I needed to get it splinted. Finally reached my doctor and questioned things. We did second X-ray, but he said to go get splinted anyway. I went to Orthopedics for splint and the tech said the record showed the problem was my left 5th metatarsal (foot). Cleared up and hand splinted. The new X-ray was still negative. I was called the next week and asked about my left shoulder.I complained about both issues over the phone in October 2013 and was told I would be contacted. It never happened. I called in approximately November and was told, "Sorry, someone will contact you." Didn't happen. I did an online complaint on 1/9/14, adding the fact that customer service/complaint dept was non-responsive. No call back. I forwarded complaint again on 1/24/14. I called customer service again on 2/10/14 asking why customer never calls back. I have yet to receive a call back from the complaint department. Also, the neurologist has not responded to a brief email question to clarify what form of magnesium supplement I should take. It's only been 2 days, but a simple question. My doctor does respond when I contact him online. His nurse is great also. It's the process.
My husband was sent to Manor Care of Denver for rehab on Christmas Eve Day. On Christmas Day they called me to tell me that they were sending him back to St Joe's ER because his blood sugar was 533. They did give him any of his meds on Christmas eve nor did they watch his sugars on Christmas day. He spent the night in St Joe's Er and then was transferred to Power back rehab, they were not much better but that's another story. Between my husband and I, we have been in 4 of their contracted rehabs and none of them have given good care. Kaiser needs to contract with rehabs that can do the job and do the skilled nursing that they are supposed to do.
I received a letter from Kaiser one day that they had terminated my health insurance because I had a balance passed due of... 1 cent! Yes, no kidding, $0.01. When I tried to understand why I wasn't notified about this "debt" it turned out that Kaiser has sent me notification... to an old e-mail address that I was not using for months. I had updated the e-mail address in my profile on Kaiser's web site months ago but they kept sending messages to the old address. And every department I call at Kaiser give me the same robotic answer of reading me the policy that they can cancel my coverage if there is a balance due for more than 3 months. No one there seems to care that they made a mistake and the balance past due is a freakin' 1 cent!!
Kaiser will not help you if you have neck injury and need surgery. I have cervical spinal stenosis from double whiplash and major bone spurs. They will put you through months of PT, and then refer you to physiatry. They said they do not do surgery for this. They make your life miserable and live in pain and they don't care. I have many family members and friends who have had surgery for this problem outside of Kaiser. Kaiser is CHEAP. But if you want to change from a women to a man or vice versa, it will be paid for. Or have an abortion - it's free. Kaiser is Satan. Evaluate your values and morals before choosing this backwards insurance.
My first time I seen my doctor I pick I did not get all my medication. I am a sick person. I have arthritis, very bad. Have wheelchair. She told me she can give me medication for that. She said I have to take drug testing for my medication every 6 months. I am getting out the membership, going back to my old doctor. I have a lot of health problems and I did not get all my medication. They said they was going to email her. Mouth was usual, my tongue was usual and she gave me no medication for it. Now I am at emergency, may be a light stroke.
There are so many things wrong with this organization. 200 characters doesn't even scratch the surface. I have had the misfortune of losing my original Dr at KP to retirement. The young inexperienced line of Dr's I have had the disadvantage of meeting, have left me in chronic daily arthritic pain. There is no solution to my problem. So I have become a number in their system, that now has to come in every couple of months, pay an unrealistic amount of money for prescriptions that haven't helped me at all. I will continue to pay the ridiculous amount of money necessary for the rest of my family to remain "covered." I, however, have elected to search elsewhere for answers.
I have been quite ill and unable to work due to multiple complex health problems. The most serious ones were caused by Kaiser. Contrary to advertising collaborative care assisted by Electronic charting, I have found this promise lacking. The care received has been most disappointing. I have seen multiple consultants yet providers don't seem to communicate collaboratively at all. I requested & received copies of my charts. The documentation makes it look like all is just fine & I am the same as any patient Jane Doe at same age but without problems. However, things have gotten progressively worse for me since 2009. Kaiser used Electronic Medical Records to document my care or lack thereof. Many notes were just cut and paste of chart templates. Providers frequently Pre-chart using "dot phrases". Cookie cutter medicine is further demonstrated by cookie cutter charting. When medication changes were made, rare documentation of why and responses are found. When I go in to see one provider for about a 5-10 min visit, it is clear that they have not reviewed consultations by specialists. Documentation is inadequate and often inaccurate. I suffered from 2009 from inadequate management of a rare problem CAUSED BY BOTCHED SURGERY FROM KAISER. Problems have made it impossible for me to work yet Kaiser's documentation is so poor (omissions & inaccuracies) that 2 applications for Disability Benefits have been denied though I was led to believe the providers agreed (at least they verbalized to me) that I could not work. It has been over a year and a half since initial application. Provider outside of Kaiser commented that they felt that my medical & surgical and subsequent mental health issues clearly made it impossible for me to work. This outside provider has supporting documentation of disability but can only do so from Jan 2014. So I will lose benefits from 1.5 years. Kaiser's poor charting may even be used to invalidate new provider's assessments as stated in SSDI application instructions. I am so saddened by this situation. Kaiser has ruined me surgically, medically, emotionally & financially. I have not "thrived" with Kaiser. They may be okay if you just need basic health maintenance. Beware if you are ill & especially if your problems are not common. You will get cookie cutter care and cookie cutter documentation of a most unsatisfying recipe. Sad if you become disabled and need supporting documents. Choose carefully.
I'll do a numbered list. I may miss a few things, but the gist will be there: 1. Misdiagnosis -- said I didn't have any health problems when, in fact, I had prostatitis.2. Kidney stones. Did no follow through after first attack and stone surgery. After second surgery, a nephrologist said I had stage III kidney disease and couldn't take nsaids, along with many other restrictions. My kidney surgeon disagreed and said high readings were normal immediately after stone surgery. No one addressed my complaint. (How could I take their kidney docs seriously, anyway? The kidney transplant dept had been scandalously shut down by the State not long before.)3. Related to #2, above -- Examined for leg and back pain. Misdiagnosed the problem as L5-6 related. Completely missed a "red flag" I reported every time I saw the doctor that would have established the problem was need for hip replacement. Eventual hip replacement magically cured my back and leg pain!4. Related to #s 2 & 3 -- It took 5 years for them to figure out the correct diagnosis. Because they wouldn't let me take nsaids, my only pain relief option was opiates. They put me on all different kinds and I eventually became dependent. It took me more than another year, maybe 2, to fully kick the dope and get it out of my system.5. Sometime during those 5 years, I must have developed peripheral neuropathy because after I kicked the habit and could walk without my "back" pain, I realized I had no surface feeling on my foot and ankles, and great internal pain from dying nerves and the fasciitis (or so they said). I might have known earlier and in time to treat had I not been on narcotic medications.6. Podiatrist did not X-ray feet and just assumed Rx of peripheral neuropathy and fasciitis. Second opinion recently found bone cysts, gout and arthritis in both feet. Earlier treatment would have been nice.7. Dropped off a prescription to be filled at 2 pm. Returned 3 pm to pick it up. 12 people ahead of me in line. It took more than 1 hour to get to a clerk. During that time my feet were in excruciating pain. The pharmacists themselves were beside themselves because pharm management apparently is incompetent!8. I complained about the incident and got a boilerplate reply from a claim manager's assistant that clearly did not make any attempt to understand my complaint. Claim mgr left message to call her back, on a Saturday when I was out of town. I did and left message. She never called back before determination was made.9. Now they just terminated my family policy WITHOUT NOTICE, even though we're paid in full and up-to-date. Have to wait 30 days for reinstatement. Meantime, I need labs every 2 weeks for my kidneys and blood sugar, and medications for other things. Nobody there gives a poop.10. I also complained about a similar incident in Dec. 2014 that they never responded to. They claim they never received it.You may be thinking I'm the responsible party for staying with them after the first or second gaffe. If so, you're probably right. Fact remains, though, KP doesn't even deserve 1 star.
My opinion is that Kaiser doesn't believe in fibro or chronic pain.. I have been in there quite a few time and the appointment lasted maybe 5 minutes. They say "Oh do this and it will cure you..." Well just walk in my shoes for one day and then maybe you would understand how I feel. They don't treat their patients with any understanding. "Oh go do this - it will fix it." Well I work my ass off at work and on my feet for eight hours... my pain level never goes away completely. Where did they get their degree? Out of a cracker jack box... Wish I didn't have to have them as my insurance. God help them when I come back in cause my wife will give them a piece of her mind...
This review is straight and to the point. My CPAP supplies were free until July 2018 when Kaiser sent me a bill. Bill - Mask $135. Hose $25. Filters $8. Covered - Mask $27 Hose $5. Filters $1.60. CPAP Supplies online at cpapsupplyusa... Mask $99. Hose, Filters and Wipes $21.95.
I was sold a bill of goods. As a retired senior on Medicare I was with United Health Care. A salesperson told me how good KP was and that my hospital coverage would be less with KP than my United plan (not true). So I got on board. BIG MISTAKE! First thing is I told them to take my payment out of my Social Security. They said fine. Then got a bill and called them. They told me they were having problems with SS so I best pay the bill direct. Gave her a credit card. They hit the card not one time but two times!! Two days later Social Security sends me a letter that they were withholding funds and paying KP as I had agreed. So now they were billing me and being paid by SS!! Took weeks and long time on hold to fix this problem they created! My co pays are higher. Also when you see a doctor pay that co pay just wait. You will get a bill for more very soon! You never can call your Dr's office as you would. You have to call some 800 number and talk with someone that seems clueless most of the time. I made a big mistake. Now I must wait until October to sign back onto United Health Care and that will not take effect until Jan. So as of now I will avoid using KP and hope I can hold on until Jan without needing heath care. I have zero trust in KP. Be very aware before you make the same mistake as me!
First off, I only use Kaiser because of a discount I get from work; otherwise, I'd go elsewhere. I was having anxiety issues, so I made an appointment with a psychologist. Before even hearing the root of my issues she said she wanted to prescribe me some medication. I told her that all I was looking for was someone to talk through my problems with and wasn't interested in such drastic measures unless nothing else worked. She said we could talk through my problems only if the medication didn't work for me (which is completely backwards from the way any other psychiatrist/therapist usually works. In my experience, meds are a final solution). It made me feel like she either a) doesn't care much about her patients and just wants a "quick fix" regardless of what's best for the person, or b) she just wanted to prescribe medication to get her bonus from the pharmaceutical company. Either way, I didn't feel like I got "personalized care" that Kaiser always boasts about.My regular doctor isn't any better. She's fresh out of medical school and lacks any sort of confidence, which makes me feel very uneasy about any diagnosis she gives me because she doesn't seem too sure herself. She is also content to diagnose things without actually inspecting them. I had broke my nose before I had insurance and it messed up my sinuses to the point I couldn't breathe from my nose any longer. About a year after the incident I got insurance and I was finally able to get an appointment. I told her the story and she said that she thinks my nose was just like that when I was born and it wasn't worth her time to fix (this was several years ago, I still can't breathe through my nose). Another time I had went in after discovering a large lump on the back of my skull. Without looking at it or even touching it she said it was probably a cyst and had nothing to worry about. It more than likely is just a cyst, but I would have felt better if she had at least checked it to be sure. The worst thing that she's done, though, is completely ignore my previously diagnosed conditions (I have hypothyroidism and asthma). I'll try to discuss them with her (specifically that I don't feel the medication I'm on works for me), but she always seems uninterested and switches to another topic, like getting a flu shot. It's concerning because if my hypothyroidism goes unchecked I can slip into a coma, but I guess not having the flu is more important. Overall, I feel like Kaiser is the McDonald's of healthcare. It's cheap (compared to other health insurance options). They're rather abundant, but don't expect good quality or service. That being said, having Kaiser is better than having no insurance at all, even if it's only by a small margin.
If considering Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, I advise run - don't walk to any other because they are to medical insurance coverage, what Xfinity/Comcast is to TV. Every month, they take money out of my paychecks, usually, for nothing. Recently, for a 5 min. talk-only dr. visit and simple blood lab, they charged me $773, of which Kaiser insurance would pay Kaiser hospital $541, leaving me, their member, with $202 out of pocket expense. Worse, I do this about once a year, yet they never overcharged me this bad before. I contacted a local TV consumer help guy, and he said he would not touch the case, because rather than relying on past experience, I should have made sure about price beforehand. But really... for a once a year talk only appt. and simple less than 1 minute blood lab? Why would I anticipate a significant increase in price with that? I am their member - if they don't cover that, what do they cover? I tried to call the number from Southern California, some 500 miles south, but they had me on hold for 45 min. and never answered. The BBB told me that the zip code they provided was invalid. Their "address" was the word "FILE." I emailed my dr., and all she said was she had no idea about prices, and maybe I had the wrong insurance. (Kaiser insurance is the wrong insurance for Kaiser??) I tried to respond to my dr's email, and got a no reply response. Xfinity/Comcast would be proud. If you ask me, no company deserves a 60 Minutes investigation more than Kaiser health insurance.
We were terminated and our bill is NOT late And KP won't reinstate. So, I lost my credit card in Iceland (amazing trip by the way) and I had to cancel it, luckily my husband had his and he had his on file with KP. But did they Autopay with his card, NOPE, for some inexplicable reason they used the card I removed from our account. 2 months later, they've terminated our account although they're saying we have to pay for the rest of the year. Rest of the year, really for service not rendered? Also, I can't get any manager's manager's manager to press the override button and let me pay my premium. All bills - up to date. Letter of fair warning: NOPE nothing. Email of fair warning: NOPE nothing. Reason for termination: we're past due, on our October bill. I'm willing to drive over to KP's Denver office and give them the money in pennies, one dollar bills and whatever they want, but they won't let me.Besides usually receiving substandard care, we only go in for flu shots and yearlys, we don't use them, but I do know that we need to have health care. Yet they SERIOUSLY won't take our money. This is unbelievable, unconcievable and the worst in healthcare. Our rights are being violated. I just want to pay my bill. Waiting on a phone call now to see if some benevolent person will allow me to make all my premium payments to the end of the year. Here's the thing: We're self-insured as we own our own businesses. KP is supposed to cater to 'our' type. And yet, they don't. They are evil. I mean if one of my or my hubby's clients want to pay their bill, we let them. We're lawyers. Now you might hate us. But I have a feeling KP is about to hate us more.
I lost my job 3 years ago and in March my Cal-COBRA benefits ran out. As I do not have a permanent job right now, I need to get individual coverage. I have been with Kaiser for over 10 years at this point. I applied for a plan and was promptly denied because I was too high a risk. They informed me that I had a right to appeal the decision. I did.I got letters from my Kaiser doctors addressing all the issues that they stated for denying me coverage as well as giving my own detailed explanations. I faxed the appeal to them and in less than 24 hours they denied the appeal. I don't know how they could have even looked at the information in the appeal in that amount of time. In addition, they sent me erroneous medical records when I asked to see what they used to base their decision.However, before I could even get those records corrected, they denied the appeal and told me I had no more recourse. How is this fair? I thought that if you are staying with a provider that it was illegal to claim pre-existing conditions as a reason to deny coverage. All of these "pre-existing" conditions happened while I was a Kaiser member!
I got a blood test on June 30. It was blood work about a blood disorder. I waited and waited for an answer about my test she said it hadn't came in yet. I had to go for my warfarin test so I called and was told to make an appointment with my doctor. I paid $15 and waited two hours for my test results. I have never seen this doctor who ordered the test. I went to my internal medicine doctor to get the results. I am 80 years old. I have low iron, vitamin B12, low thyroid, and have atrial fibrillation and 8 disc problems in my back. CAN YOU BELIEVE I'M HURT AND I'M TIRED?
I rarely go to the doctor because I'm pretty healthy. I chose Kaiser because it was the cheapest option and I have never had issues with any healthcare professionals. I thought that with my minimal visits with the doctor and past healthcare experiences it would be the best option but the cheapest option with Kaiser was not worth it. I had doctors rush me out of their office because they were being timed. I was misinformed on charges that I was going to receive. I have a minor rash under my eye that was misdiagnosed 2x which I have had since May (8 months ago). The rash cost me over 400$ in doctor's visits alone. I made numerous requests to compensate for the charges and get rid of the rash to no avail and eventually opted out of the insurance for a slightly more expensive option. Like I said, I have had very few medical issues in my lifetime.I spent 3 years living in a developing country with no serious medical issues (saw a doctor 1 time the entire time) and was surprised with how poor the healthcare was with this particular organization. I think our healthcare system is headed in the right direction but it's a shame encountering organizations like this one. From a financial point of view I believe it will be much more advantageous to pay a little more for better quality healthcare to avoid some of the fees that you will encounter with routine medical problems with Kaiser.
If you have Kaiser pray that you don't get injured or sick, because they will send you hidden bills and charges 2 weeks past your procedure. All I had done is an x-ray. Which supposedly cost them $995 dollars, yeah right. You kidding me. I pay $540/month; then had to pay $75 co-pay, then two weeks later another $45 - FOR ONE X-RAY. Btw the x-ray was total waste of time, which I had told them ahead of item.They punish you for using their services, they want your money. See they advertise that everything is under one umbrella, whoa ho!! Hold your horses, you will be getting different bill from different departments. For 1 single x-ray that took them less than 5 minutes, I have got mailed two separate bills already: "Hospital bill" and "Professional Services bill". I am not looking forward to use Kaiser. They are in for money, not patient care. It's sad they have become so big.
I was a Kaiser member through my job and loved it. When I had to switch an on-call position due to not having a constant babysitter I lost coverage and had to reapply through WA HealthPlanFinder. I applied during open enrollment in November 2015. At the time I chose the plan that I wanted for year 2016 which was the Silver 2016 plan that was offered. They (WA) had me also choose a coverage for the remainder of 2015 year which was just December. The plan I choose for 2016 was offered so I chose a Bronze plan - I figured it was just for 1 month.At the end of January I call Kaiser to make an appointment. But as it turns out, I didn't have coverage. Apparently the Silver Plan was never sent to Kaiser. Which is not Kaisers fault. What is their fault is the process and how long its taking to get coverage. That day a Kaiser representative told me that I need to contact WA and have them send it over. Simple enough I thought. So the process began. I called. They sent. I waited 2 weeks, called Kaiser - still not a member, they are processing info. "Fair enough" I thought. 2 weeks is soon. I wait another 2 weeks. This time never mind, they never receive anything. Even though I have a ticket number to track it.So I again I call WA (keep in mind the wait on hold is so long for both places. I once waited 1 hour 10mins). Again they said they are waiting - things didn't go through so they will send another ticket which was already 3/2/16. I give it a week to go through and call Kaiser again. They received it. "It's in process, give it 10 business days and it should go through." I waited until 3/30/16 because we were out of town and what do you know, I called and again it's being processed. The worst part is when I would ask about how long this should take each time they would get defensive and make it seem like it was my fault. I spoke to them so much and only once did I get someone helpful and willing to help and explain.
I pay over $400 per month for what so far has been a routine physical exam. I have been told, since KP is supposedly (don't believe it) a preventative care hmo. Do not believe it. Whenever I request a test, like a urinary test to test for certain things, to ensure I am still on course as far as prevention, my doctor pooh-poohs it. Like it's not necessary. Here's the thing, I am over 60, I did smoke, though I quit over 20 years ago, and a lung x ray every 5 years or so is not over the top.I went in for a routine pap smear, and they wanted $50...My doctor had coded it as something awry. Nothing is awry. I am 3 years overdo, since he also doesn't seem to regard pap smears as necessary for prevention. Nor mammograms. Nor ekgs, nor anything. Heart disease and strokes are in my family. It turns out that he is head of internal medicine. I thought this meant he was a good doctor. Turns out, he is obviously more interested in numbers for his department than my health. What else is new? And how could I be so naive? My husband is fortunately on medicare. He has the same doctor. I have not been in for another physical since 3/2011. Why? Because of the stress of having to battle Kaiser nickel and dime charges, I have not wanted to go back. Only when I threatened to take everyone into small claims court, were the charges dropped. My husband was called the minute a year passed since his last physical. Why? Because he's on medicare and Kaiser and my doctor, head of internal medicine, wants his money. I could wait for 5 years and never be called. Interesting.....Discrimination? I guess so!! I guess they all operate this way. I hate it! If it turns out that I have a problem with my health, particularly in terms of a pap smear, I will be suing them.
Complete incompetence. I am still trying to get my prescriptions (issued by my Kaiser physician) filled. Have spent hours between visiting the pharmacy, the Dr.'s office and telephone calls trying to get the problem resolved. Please be wary when selecting this insurer since they lead you to believe that there are options to fill prescriptions at pharmacies other than Kaiser's, however, if you do, you are essentially uninsured.
Kaiser has moved to a new low level for medicine. There is a conflict with insurance company hiring doctors, with receive bonuses for non-treatment or cheaper way to get patient out the door. I have seen this process in action and it is scary. They deny needed treatments, referrals, and other medically necessary procedures. I have been misdiagnosed for 3 months and after being giving wrong meds, blurry MRI, referrals for 2nd opinion for surgery being denied, I am in a bad health position. It is Kaiser's fault.
I would give this pigsty masquerading as a healthcare institution a zero star if this was an option. Kaiser Permanente in Southern California keeps sending me fraudulent charges. It took months for them to clear everything. I thought the worst was over until I noted on my recent credit card statement copay charges for service that was not rendered. I did not give them my credit card information. They must have stored this somewhere and automatically charged my card without my authorization. Please check your credit card statement closely. There are a lot of wastage at Kaiser because the majority of their managers especially upper managers are so inexperienced and incompetent. Most of them got their degree from diploma mills like University of Phoenix. These folks wasted so much money in creating useless positions so others can do the work for them. They have layers and layers of bureaucracy. It is tough to get into Kaiser to work for them because their HR is retarded. They have so much staff in HR that they do not know what to do except going to meetings all day long. They do not take in experienced workers. Don't feel bad if you could not work for them. Consider yourself lucky. Most of their union folks are conservative Republicans. What an oxymoron, right? They reap money for don't exactly nothing. They need to make more money so that they can waste more. They do this by ripping off their unsuspecting customers. Well, they finally struck the last nerve of this customer. If any attorneys want to contact me, please do. I post this in hoping to find more people like me who received fraudulent charges. We need to let them know that we are not their typical stupid consumers.
There was an incident that somehow at the beginning of this year, 2 accounts were created. The account that was attached to my Kaiser number was terminated though the high payment for January was deducted from my credit card on file. The payment I pay for 2015 is a lot lower than 2014 due to income change. So, what was supposed to happen? Was the money in the old account should be applied to the new account which should also have the Kaiser number attached to it. Easy peasy right? Nope. Hours upon hours on the phone, in the office, etc. trying to fix this. Seven months later it's still broken and we can't use a lot of the services we are paying for. I've had lots of blame thrown at Covered California for this one. They were confused at the beginning too, but every time I talk to them they have the correct ONE account with the correct information. They've had that fixed since March. This is beyond ridiculous as I continue to fight this battle, wondering if it will ever end. Will I receive an enormous bill soon? Will it be so big that my credit is ruined? Will I have a big tax problem at the end of the year? Anything's possible with the accounting system at Kaiser. We will be changing our care next year, if we survive that long.
I had to drive myself to a Kaiser ER due to the fact that I was in agony due to hemorrhoids. I waited over twenty minutes in a hospital cubicle before the male nurse - who looked no older than 17 - took a quick look at me. Then, after another twenty minutes, a doctor came in and spent less than two minutes with me. Another twenty minutes go by, and finally another, female nurse, shows up with my prescription. I am directed to the pharmacy counter. I drive myself home, still in pain. Now, I get the bill - Over $1,200!!! I am already pay a $460 a month! Thieving, lying crooks!!! We need single payer now!!! Put these crooks out of business!!!
I have been with Kaiser for over a decade. Every year the price increases substantially (around $200/month). I have tried to find counseling/psychiatry services with VERY few options and "counselors" who tell you everything you already know and give you handouts you could have read online with a few clicks. They are condescending and patronizing. Their admin people have even been insulting. I was yelled at once for admitting that I researched a symptom online as if I couldn't tell the difference between webMd, the World Health Organization or the Mayo Clinic.They are severely understaffed when it comes to pediatricians and psychiatric doctors. You have to be "assigned" a doctor and if your assigned doctor isn't available when you're sick, you can't schedule an appointment. You just have to call the next day and see if they can squeeze you in. This happened to me with my 11 year old a couple weeks ago. He was sick and they wouldn't give me an appointment. Crazy. I pay them $1700 month and I can't get an appointment for my 11 year old. I would cancel them now but because of the healthcare "reform" laws, I can't do anything until October/November enrollment period allows me to change plans. Who does this benefit? It benefits Kaiser and any other Insurance Agency that can get away with crappy service and not lose customers because those customers are captive. Obama Care was absolutely great for Insurance Agencies and I'm pretty sure that's who benefits most.
My family and I moved to Northern California few years back. I was already set on changing medical plans but my husband insisted we just give them another chance coming from The Bay Area. I don't have the best health and I am anemic. Once my labs were in and my old doctor would contact me and send in for iron infusion. Anemia basically sucks the life out of you no energy and feeling horrible. My kids are under 10 so I need to be ok. Well I have been anemic numbers the lowest they have been in years and spoke to my doctor and he is like "Ya you take extra vitamins and we will check you again in 6 months." Another time went to ER a few weeks ago had a fever, vomiting and face going numb. Got there took my vitals went to the back sat I a chair. A female doctor came in and said, "Let me swipe your throat. I think you have STREP." No joke! She did not look in my ear, listen to my heart, ask me anything. She said I'm going to give you antibiotics and I said, "Well when will I know if it's positive?" She said "You Won't since I'm just gonna treat you with antibiotics." I spent a whole 3 minutes with her said one sentence. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Just shove medication/antibiotics down me without knowing whats wrong???? There are many other incidences that I just can't go into. That was the last straw. I'm already tired. I don't have the energy to allow these doctors to expect my health to take a back seat. They are all in the same network read the same notes and really do not care. I am done with Kaiser's choice in not educating these doctors regularly on how to be good doctors compassionate and understanding. It is almost non existent to have good honest and quality care. I have changed plans hope it goes into effect soon.
I have been thrown to the curb by Kaiser. I was laid off during the process of getting approved for a spinal surgery which took about 2 years to finally get! I could not get my surgery date until June. I thought I was going to be insured due to being disabled. I was wrong. I told Kaiser for months I was getting laid off and needed my surgery before June. They canceled my surgery even though I was going to get the cobra. Kaiser does not look out for their patients. They are crooks!
On Tuesday June 28 a phone conference was held concerning my wife's medical coverage (Donna **) who is currently in a nursing facility here in Florence, Oregon (Regency Florence). Kaiser has determined that my wife should be discharged from Regency. My wife had surgery in March that inserted a drain tube into her stomach, removed her gall bladder, sectioned her intestine, and then operated on her brain to repair the damage that resulted from a stroke she had the same day. All of this occurred within a 4 hour period on March 17. My wife is paralyzed on her right side, she cannot toilet herself, needs total hands on assistance for daily activities, and has a feeding tube to her stomach. How can Kaiser believe she is ready to be discharged? Since her stroke and surgeries she has only been outside a nursing facility once and that did not go well. I would love to hear the reasoning behind Kaiser's decision to discharge her. I know that there is no way in the world that I can provide the level of care that my wife needs. I've been a member of Kaiser since 1974. I have always supported and spoke highly about Kaiser. I think that is coming to an abrupt end. I will be posting my feelings of my wife's treatment everywhere possible. With everything we've been dealing with, Kaiser's refusal to continue her treatment/rehab is something I never expected. Fool me once...
I have been double billed by Kaiser on several occasions. In most cases, their business manager has reversed the charges, but it keep happening. Today, I received another bill for services that they say took place on July 28, 2014. Today's date is January 30, 2015. I have written a formal complaint with Kaiser in hopes they could improve their billing process, but unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case. I am not only concerned with my situation, but what about others who do not keep diligent records to prove a double billing situation. Also, when I make an inquiry to Kaiser and ask them what I am being billed for, they cannot tell me.I am very happy with the medical services I have received from Kaiser, but their administrative services are beyond "awful". Hopefully, messages of this nature will encourage Kaiser to further investigate such matters and implement some type of corrective action.
I went in for an evaluation of pain in my foot last week. It turned out I need surgery. I'm not happy about it. I can hardly walk. So let's do it. Oops! Sorry, we're booked up for 5 months! You've got to be kidding me! Five months to have my foot fixed. And to think they charge you for this service.
While there are many things I like about the 'medical' side of Kaiser, their Mental/Behavioral Health Department is shameful. I am on long-term disability for PTSD, DID, and Major Depression. Kaiser will provide anti-depressants and anxiolytics, but refuses me therapy. Kaiser actually sent me a letter that said, "You may think you need weekly therapy, but you don't. "As a Medicare Beneficiary on the Kaiser Senior Advantage Plan, Kaiser is legally required to provide me with AT LEAST the same minimal services that I am eligible for under standard Medicare. Medicare confirmed this fact to me. Yet, Kaiser still refuses to provide weekly therapy. And, as if that isn't bad enough, I must wait, on average, four weeks for a semi-emergency mental health appointment. Kaiser treats mental health patients as second-class citizens. And - get this - if you complain about the mental health department, they add 'Personality Disorder' to your diagnoses!
I went in to Kaiser Permanente, San Marcos California in the morning of 11/1/16 feeling really sick requesting for an appointment. She said I cannot be seen until 2:50 and that I should've call them earlier. I told receptionist that I didn't start feeling really horrible until now. I had to come back at 2:50 pm because she said she had nothing. She even added that I should've called earlier if I wanted any appointments. The Physician Assistant assigned to me briefly spoke to me, did the regular stethoscope, checked my ears and throat visually and touched my lymph nodes. He didn't ask much questions or probed more and concluded I had Bacterial Infection. I was given ** and antibiotics ** & a doctor's note to take a day off.I got worse and came back to urgent care on 11/7/16. I was told by the same receptionist that they have no appointment and that I would get a phone consult about 4 hours from that time. It was then that I asked "what if this is really serious, what options are you giving me." This is only when she suggested I go to Urgent Care. I saw Dr. David ** and explained how bad this could be and shared all my symptoms again. He claims I have Bronchitis to which I said "could it be Dengue fever since I told you guys that I just came from a tropical country and had mosquito bites." He also did not do anything extra but use his stethoscope. He said it's unlikely and was about to end our convo when I said that I would like to check so I need something done. He didn't do any extra tests to me either but thankfully he agreed to order blood work for me after MY suggestion.After blood work, I was emailed by my actual primary physician, Dr. Richard **, on 11/10/16 and said that my antibody level for Dengue fever is elevated. Then he added that no specific treatment or follow-up is recommended per the people he consulted with. I emailed him back explaining how is this possible when people with Dengue fever had died! I demanded for a platelet count that evening via email. No one contacted me the next day so at 7:40 am, I called Kaiser and requested for blood work myself. The lab assistant was going to say no because my doctor didn't order it so I insisted that I at least have an email that can show them. Fortunately, she scheduled me at 9:40 am the same day. Before I got my blood drawn, Dr. ** finally emailed me saying he finally ordered what I recommended, as a patient, for myself.I'm upset that I have been misdiagnosed two times. Been given antibiotics, then asked to continue this on another diagnosis that isn't supposed to take antibiotics and then after confirmation on MY OWN GUESS, was told that there is nothing that needs to be done. I could've died during the times both initially staff didn't take me seriously. This is not appropriate.
I paid insurance premium (deducted from my paycheck). Kaiser kept the premium but stopped my insurance coverage three weeks early. My understanding is that Kaiser can't keep the premium without providing service. I filed a grievance for two times for the premium refund but the request was denied all times. It is very ridiculous that Kaiser keeps saying to provide a quality healthcare services without actual service but keeps the money.
1st Kaiser has been great as has my doctors to me. The bean counters now say I can only get 100 mg of opioid pain med a day. I have severe pain that has been going on for over 5 years. I took my previous dr 1 yr just to get the meds right so I could have some type of quality of life. When I came to Kaiser 2 yrs ago they said "no problem we will continue the mgt." Now an edict has come down saying I must live in pain. Period. They will no longer give what I need. They are cutting my meds by 75%. Their pain management dr said nobody needs more. I used to need my wife and kids help me out of bed. I was told to switch insurance if I don't like it. What happened to treating the patient? They are saying what's good for 1 is good for all. They say people die. My answer is if there are abusers drop them. If kids are stealing then be parents. Don't tell I'll die. I have read over 7 excuses drs at Kaiser told their patients. Reality is money. Imagine how many billions will be saved. Of course they'll get their co-pay. I would like anybody to email me if they are experiencing the same problem at ** with your story. I will be contacting attorneys and pain mgt doctors outside of Kaiser to say how well their patients do and prove that this is greed in the guise of public service. I am confident we can win this war and let Kaiser know that because they're so big they cannot do harm. Please help me help you. On a side note. I know a young lady a old friend that complained of leg pain. She needed an MRI. Kaiser wouldn't approve it. It turned out to be cancer and unfortunately her leg was amputated. She received 28 million dollars. If my pain gets worse again and it will and I bedridden again and my pain is so bad I become depressed like suicidal, I will make sure they pay me or my family will not suffer because kaiser wants to save money. I will be contacting Kaiser ceo and board, over 100 pain doctors, JAMA and AMA. They will all testify that opioid pain manager works or they wouldn't teach it or allow it. Kaiser either get off your high horse or be ready to be humiliated in court. Oh also there is only 1 pain dr at Kaiser from Fallbrook ca to corona ca. I think 4 or 5 facilities. And over 75 pain mgt specialists non kaiser in the same area. Hmm, I wonder if you just don't want to pay for more doctors too. Contact me at ** for all inquiries.
I ordered my normal prescription online for Humira. I was sent email that it would be ready that Monday. Went to kaiser pharmacy in largo... MD... was told to wait for my name to appear. It was being worked on. Well over an hour my name never came up and I got back up to get the status. Was told it was out of stock. I have psoriatic arthritis and without this relief I can't walk at all and have to take time off work. No one was apologetic and this was not the first time. I will switch as soon as open season arrives. What a horrible experience. About a week ago same pharmacy... I was getting prescription for ring worm med.... just left doctor office... The tech in pharmacy joked that it took so long and then said the med was over the counter and she gave me vaginal cream. Are you serious??? I truly believe Kaiser kills. Hate this place!!
Kaiser, you suck. I am in pain and I just want my symptoms to go away but you won't fill my prescription ANYWHERE! I even went to the Kaiser pharmacy! I don't understand how you call yourself an insurance company! What a waste of time and valuable energy from your paying customer, I hope you read This but you probably won't since you can't seem to handle a simple task. Screw you.
Kaiser employees constantly violate HIPAA Privacy Act. I've had it done to me too many times, & have had them call me & leave other individuals health info. They push pills, & they misdiagnose all the time. When you become healthy you consider throwing back the prescriptions that your provider overprescribes that are hurting us all - you become more happy, not believing in your provider & they will become angry, which isn't about you at all! The employees cause too much drama & more trauma than it's worth! They even have manipulated Police in order to defend their false fantasy bond with our society at large, in order to falsely cause harm to the ones that understand their BS! They are unprofessional. I left. Kaiser will need better object to survive - They have a long way to go.
Be careful!!! They send you a bill even in the things that are covered like the ANNUAL PHYSICAL CHECK. In many years that I was with Health Net and Blue Cross never had received a bill for a physical and they did a lot more (EC, XR CHEST), here in Kaiser I have to beg the doctor to do my PAP. Also if it is needed do a test that is not covered they must to let you know before. They do not have idea what they are doing. People, OPEN YOUR EYES, DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR MONEY!
I've never found a mainstream pharmacy I like. Kaiser pharmacies are far superior. Very accommodating, prices are great, although they don't have any rewards programs.
I receive feedback surveys after every clinic visit and feel the surveys are used to deceive people. My appointments have been in Mental Health and the feedback surveys are for Medicine, therefore misleading by my providing answers to my experience with other Kaiser services as being excellent and access to services as excellent after being seen in Mental Health which is the only department within Kaiser that I have experienced that provides inadequate care and access to services are beyond poor. I feel that the surveys can only be used to mislead potential subscribers, especially those who suffer from mental illness and require weekly or bi-weekly therapy, and will also hinder the department's possibilities to grow because the mental health patients can't leave feedback that speaks directly to our experience with their department policies. They created phone appointments to fill the gap when a patient is in crisis which is good, but no patient should have to tell a psychiatrist or psychotherapist that a patient suffering from mental illness isn't the best judge of whether they're in crisis or not and the need for regular appointments is detrimental to our lives. I am bi-polar and live within 10 miles of three Kaiser offices but have to drive 20+ miles away in order to see a therapist more than once every 60 days.
This review is about my mom. Back in late 2004 to early 2005, my mom had THREE mammograms. About a month after each test, she received a call from her doctor, telling her there was a "technical issue" with the mammogram film and to return to re-take the test. These three appointments took about 6 -7 months. What they didn't tell her is that there WASN'T any technical issues. What they SHOULD have told her is that her mammograms showed lumps in her breasts. And since they didn't bother to tell her. By June 2005, (when she could hardly breath or stand up) my sister and I took our mother into the Emergency Room at Kaiser and told them we were not going to leave without a proper diagnosis. That is when we learned she had cancer, which besides being in her breasts, had now spread to her colon and more importantly to her lungs. She died three and a half weeks later of lung cancer. I seriously considered trying to sue them, but as it's well known, it's super hard to sue Kaiser. But I did subpoena all of her medical records as well as the CD which contained her three mammograms. What I found interesting is that for each time she saw her doctor during those 6 months (for other stuff), the doctors notes were removed from the medical file. Because my mother kept incredible notes (on everything) we know exactly which days she visited the doctors and what the outcome of each visit was. There was NO mention of lumps or even of the "technical issues" on her THREE mammograms. Plus, she also always paid her co-pay with her credit card, so I even have proof of the visits with her doctors, which again, her doctor felt the need to have removed from her official medical records from Kaiser. If the doctor didn't feel like she did anything wrong, then WHY WERE HER NOTES REMOVED from official records??? FYI - I'm about to write another review, as now they are doing something equally horrible to my husband. Advice - the next time your company has open enrollment - switch to non-Kaiser health care. Especially if you are close to retirement age - you might need proper care one day.
Just when you thought this production line health care system couldn't get any better with their billing, they went and made it worse. An upcoming appointment tomorrow for Radiology. I received a call (while at work) from Kaiser, representing herself to be a caring nurse to tell me about my upcoming appointment. Instead, she asked me for my deductible payment. "Can I run your card today for the payment?" WOW. I haven't even had the service yet, so... "NO!" This is unacceptable and completely disgusting. I pay high enough premium, that I am forced into, and a high deductible, because my work doesn't want to spend the money to split the high monthly costs. 5 years ago, heck even a few years ago, this was not an issue. Classic, Kaiser... Asking for payment of service days before the appointment.
My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 non hodgkins lymphoma November 2013 and he was dead by March 2014. He was misdiagnosed for about 2 months with shoulder injury. It took a lot of calls and visits to Kaiser before a Sports Injury Physician finally diagnosed cancer with MRI or CT Scan (one of many after diagnosis). He was sent to Oncologist who sent him for more tests and confirmed that he was Stage 4. Immediately prescribed chemo with Rituxin.Treatment was worse than diagnosis. He was only able to go through 3 sessions before pneumonia set in and he was hospitalized three times. We begged Oncologist for help because he was so sick and having problems breathing. Oncologist told us to take him to local Kaiser facility and ask for fluids! Oncologist did not lift finger to help him and my husband died shortly thereafter. The Oncologist had a cold bedside manner and treated us very poorly in my personal opinion. I believe Oncologist should never have prescribed Chemo. I was livid that my husband of 46 years was killed by Chemo. His lungs gave out and he suffocated to death. He more than likely should not have had it. I have decided that if I should ever be diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer I will not let Kaiser Oncology in Riverside, Ca. touch me. I can't recommend Kaiser as a viable Health Care Provider.
Went to see Dr ** for my minor child's physical and she asked if she could see her privately, which I said ok to and then the doctor tried to actively sell her on the HPV vaccine when I had said we are still doing our research on it and did not want it yet. Doctors should not be undermining parents.
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