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John Hancock Long-Term Care Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: John Hancock Long-Term Care Insurance
Year Founded: 1862
Address: John Hancock Safe Access Account, C-5 P.O. Box 790
City: Boston
State/Province: MA
Postal Code: 02117-079
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 395-1113
Overall average rating of 1.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 6 %
Always helpful when I call in to talk with a representative. My questions were answered promptly and they make sure you get what you need. They give me what I need to feel secure and confident about the future. If I had to go with another provider I am not sure I could get the same coverage at the price. The coverage is great. I no longer have to worry about the future because all my needs will be met. I'm a happy panda bear. Hear me rawr. They provide a great value at an affordable price. I can't say the same for some of the other providers I have used in the past.
I did not want to even give one star to my experience! On December 23, 2011 (offices closed for the next 3 days due to the holidays), I received mail notification of a 90% rate increase to my Long Term Healthcare Policy due in 60 days. Included in the notice was reassurance that this increase had been accepted and legalized in the State of Colorado, and that John Hancock encouraged us to use an open enrollment window for coverage changes should we face financial difficulty because of the increase. While this may be "legal" it is certainly shoddy customer service for so many reasons and John Hancock certainly was aware of them all. It creates a true hardship on a fixed income, especially at Christmas and in the tough financial times that already exist.I carefully and purposely chose the coverage I carry. One of the selling points of the policy was to take it out while you were younger to protect yourself from extremely high premiums. I was told minor increases might occur due to inflation and that I would have the opportunity to increase my coverage to protect myself if that should happen. What did happen was not minor and the emphasis is on decreasing my coverage. Certainly not what I was sold. I will be rethinking who I’ll have to carry my insurance, but I am curious as to whether or not any action might be taken for policy holders to soften the increase over a time sequence. We should have been given fair warning of coming changes or at least an incremental adjustment. 90% increase seems very unfair.
Please find enclosed in your form envelope 145-362 (rev 1/11). A void check which you request, Also find includes a void deposit slip, which I sent via fax to show the deposit slip, has the exact same information as the canceled check. The point being, that when I talked to one of your support staff last week, I was informed that a deposit slip was acceptable, which leads me to believe that your support unit is not knowledgeable about your procedures. I spent several hours dealing with your robotic phone system trying to get thru to a human only to be put on hold several time and transferred to different department only to get a nebulous answer that turned out to be worthless, and a complete wast of my time, when all I wanted was to transfer banking accounts, from one already set up to a new one.Fact of the matter is, I am very disappointed in your company. Well really upset is more like it. In fact if I could cancel my long term care insurance policy without losing all the money I have put into premiums, I would do just that. If the agent that sold me the LTC policy had given me more information about the plan, and the fact there is no fundamental or intrinsic value to the policy and I would never be able to get the premiums back, I never would have purchased the policy and thrown 15,000 dollar worth of premiums down the toilet. Especially when I get notices years later that my premium rate has been raised and the benefits have been decreased to the point that the amount of time I would be covered and the amount of assistance I will receive is basically worthless considering the restriction put in place for what you will and will not cover.
When purchasing this insurance, it was said that premium increases were possible but never really happen.This implied that rate increases would be reasonable if ever done. Instead, after almost ten years, my premium increased by 90%. My policy premiums were increased 90%. I had to continue coverage, because at my current age, rates for a new policy were now higher for me. Then the options to reduce the policy cost were limited and didn't match their own projections for future costs. John Hancock only provided limited options to reduce costs at the expense of benefits.
The only difference between all of the 1-star reviews is the amount of money we've lost to these bloodsuckers (I've thrown $23,000 down the John Hancock toilet). Why doesn't the insurance commissioner monitor this obviously fraudulent actor? I suspect it's because they are in bed with the insurance companies. So what else is new? The concept of "consumer protection" no longer exists. It's just a fairy tale we have all been brought up with... this "great nation" is now officially a sewer.
Policy states product ceases when all monies used up OR for the life of the policy holder. Numerous calls and emails to no avail. JH denies their language in the policy. Any class actions suits I can join?
My father had long-term care insurance and paid premiums for many years. Then, he had to go to a nursing home. I had the nursing home fax copies of the same bills 3 times, yet John Hancock says they never received them. They refuse to contact my provider which would make it much easier if there was cooperation between the care provider and the insurance company. Also, when they don't receive what they need, they don't contact me. They just wait for weeks/months until I contact them. You never talk to the same rep twice so you have to start all over every time you call. I think my father's premiums were $79.00/month and we haven't been able to collect any money from them. He died on 2/19/12.
Both of my parents have Long Term Care policies, which are/were being paid by myself and my three sisters. My father's claim process was nightmarish but since I have extensive experience with insurance, I was able to call consistently to get the approval started and once the elimination period was up, had the expectation that the claim payments would be received in a timely manner. What a joke! As with the other reviewers here, I have found that even though the bills from the assisted living facility we faxed in to JHI 40 days prior to their due date, they take their sweet time in sending the reimburse checks. I literally have to call EVERY month to see where the check is. Every time I'm told they will "expedite" it - which is their lingo for be prepared to wait another 2-3 weeks before we receive the check. In the meantime, the assisted living facility has begun charging a $50 late fee (which of course JHI says isn't their responsibility). I would never recommend this company and wish we could take our business elsewhere for my mom since she hasn't needed the coverage yet, but at 76 years old - the premiums now with another carrier make that out of the question.
Too pissed to go into detail. I'm cancelling my policy TODAY!! I found out that in order for them to honor my policy, they're increasing my monthly payment. And, this is just the 1st price increase, there will be several more in the future. After "donating" $23,550, I feel conned.
My family and I have had the worst experience with the company! A relative started a claim when she didn't feel well and I took over as her power of attorney a few month later. The documents were constantly being returned to make small changes. Even after making the change, the same document would come back for another change. Their legal group would flip-flop on advice, so I had to get my an attorney. They would request documentation that did not make sense; if the documentation wasn't returned within 30 or 45 days, then the claim process would stop. With slow mail forwarding and caring for someone out of town, this was not a lot of time.Five months after the application process was started, my relative died. I shifted from power of attorney to a trustee. This change pretty much started the whole application process over. I continued the process to be reimbursed for the medical bills. More documentation was requested with timelines. After lots of paperwork shuffling, the application was approved! I sent the claim in for reimbursement. I received a letter saying I couldn't file a claim and they needed additional documentation proving I could legally make a claim. They would only accept a certain document, but it wasn't done in my state. I had to have my attorney talk with them to accept another document, which they agreed to.I spoke with representatives many times and they said this was the LAST document needed. (The phone folks are always nice, but they are just a middle person.) I sent in the documentation, and they sent a letter saying the document wasn't good and additional information was needed. Some of the requested information was sent in months before. I'm having an attorney deal with them exclusively from now. The death of a loved one is heavy, and this company makes the situation worst.
Just received a letter from J.H. informing me that they will no longer bill by the month. Starting in 2018, they will only bill semi-annually. That means all of their customers will have to pay their premiums six months in advance or allow J.H. access to my bank account for monthly withdraws. As retired IT professional, anyone giving a vendor access to your bank account is just asking for disaster. Easy to start but really hard to undo.Basically, I will give them a six month interest free loan and they will save the cost of billing. This will make a nice increase in profit and probably force a lot of long term customers off their rolls with policies that you can't buy anymore. Which means they will no longer have to service policies that are unprofitable for them but they were OK when they wrote them long ago. Sound like something Trump would think of. I've had this policy since 1995. I guess this is a no big deal since from what I read from consumer sites J.H. usually find a way to delay payment for as long as possible or deny them all together.Updated on Dec 22, 2017: We just received our invoice for the January 2018 payment. They have begun billing in six month increments. Which means our $161.02 monthly payment goes to $966.12. That's the minimum payment due. We bought our policy back in 1990 like a lot of other people. Those policies are great and they are no longer available. Which means that they will be expensive to service if required which is probable due to people living longer and better medical care. So, John Hancock came up with a brilliant idea: A. Save a lots of money by ending monthly billing. B. Up the ante for policyholders to keep their policy. (A lot of them will not be able to make the payment so, they lose their policy.) To make it simple; We are playing poker and I see you only have $100 so I raise you $1,000. You fold & you're out of the game. It may not be that bad because from the reviews from consumer sites this company is really good at taking your money but good luck when it's time for them to pay.
I have been paying into the LTC program for 12 years (about 32,000). A few years ago I had to drop the inflation coverage to 4% to keep the premium the same. NOW to keep my policy the same... they raised the rate to 566.00 a month from 250.00 a month. It feels like I am getting robbed. My premiums went up over two time what they were last years... Beware OPM and John Hancock's long term care policies. Perhaps... there is an agency who can look into this... It sure sounds like a fraudulent move. By the way, OPM had to approve the increase.
I was pleased with our customer service representative. They were very clear and concise and helped us with a concern we had. We were very happy with all the policy options we were given in our long term life insurance policy. We felt we would be adequately covered by the coverage of our long term life insurance policy. Our family would feel comfortable and will be helped out by our policy also so we feel satisfied. It was not the cheapest policy but we will pay more for quality so it was satisfactory. We will always pay more as long as we are happy about the service we are getting.
My mother fell in Sept. 2014 and needed home care when she came home from a nursing home. When I initiated a claim with John Hancock, we were told my mother needed to satisfy a 60-day elimination period before they would cover costs of her care. She had been in a home in 2010 for a previous fall and I was told that her stay in that facility would count toward her elimination days. I was told over and over that this would not be a problem. I had the forms from the nursing home submitted and heard nothing from John Hancock. Meanwhile, my mother has been getting home care services and John Hancock has been using those bills to satisfy the 60 days, which means my mother would have to pay out of pocket for this in the amount of about $2000.00. About a month ago, I received a note saying they would not consider any days before Sept. 2014 for the elimination period. When I called to ask about this, I have been told several stories. One said that when the nurse visited my mother for an initial evaluation, no one mentioned the first nursing home. Then I was told that they would send the request to use these days to specialists to review. Today I was told that it is their policy not to review anything before 360 days prior to a claim being made. This information is not in the policy, it's an internal rule. When I asked the supervisor why after all the phone calls, no one ever told me this until now, she couldn't answer me. When I asked why I was told specialists would review these bills when in fact this wasn't true because she was telling me about this internal rule, she could not answer that either. When I asked why after months of phone calls, I was first hearing about this internal rule, she went to find a manager and left me on hold for fifteen minutes only to return to tell me no one was available. If the company has an internal rule, why would they not say anything? We could have left her in the nursing home and had Medicare cover this for many more days, but we felt it was better for her to be home and we had insurance after all. They are either criminals or the most incompetent company around. Stay away from them if you can.
We were also informed that a long term health care policy would "lapse" if the amount was not paid. The big increase was due to inflation. So, since we could not afford the policy any longer, we just did not pay the amount owed, and thought that was the end of it. Then, several months later, the entire $4,335.72 was automatic withdrawn from our checking account, making us over-drawn. I sent a written notice to cancel the policy the same day of the withdrawal. I should have sent it earlier, but I believed their letter, which I believe was deceptive. Anyone else get one of these? I don't have it now, and I would like to obtain a copy.
Applying for long term care insurance is a nightmare with John Hancock. They denied both myself & my husband, yet issued a fictitious, worthless policy to one of us & drafted our bank account for it. They say they will refund our money. We'll see about that. Their underwriting department is evidently grossly inept. They denied me for a disease I have never suffered in my entire life. It was like pulling teeth, to get their denial letter only to find the reason I was denied was because of a disease I never suffered. They gave me a chance to challenge their decision via corrected health information from my doctor. I declined to go any further in the process. It was a long, tedious and totally frustrating experience. I would never buy any product from them. If I had this much trouble applying for the product, imagine how many problems I would encounter in ever submitting a claim!
I purchased John Hancock LTC insurance 16 years ago when I was 52. I purchased the inflation and lifetime riders. Four years ago, before John Hancock was sold to a Canadian company, premium increases (as reported by the news on most LTC insurers) were sent to me. I was given options: Keep the benefits and increase the premium, keep the premium but reduce the benefits by either dropping the inflation rate and/or length of the lifetime term to 10 or less years. Since both of these riders are no longer offered and YOUR health and longevity determine the odds of your needing the benefits, I looked at my own case and determined that I would keep both benefits but reduce the annual inflation increase from 5% to 2.5%.My mother is currently using her John Hancock LTC benefits at an assisted-living home. After the 90 days elimination period, my sister worked with my mother's John Hancock LTC agent (as is instructed by John Hancock) and set up an account for John Hancock to automatically deposit the monthly reimbursement invoiced by the home. Yes, it took about 3 months to get all the paperwork filed and processed but the payments were retroactive. The John Hancock LTC website has instructions on how to file claims. You should work through your agent to be sure the claims are processed effectively and efficiently. There are rules that John Hancock LTC needs to follow so you, too, should follow the rules.
John Hancock helped my family when we were in need through my dad's long term care policy with them. We moved him into an assisted living facility in April 2016, filed the claim with John Hancock, and it was approved in a timely manner. They sent a nurse out to talk to my dad and did a much more thorough investigation than another insurance company that he had a long term care policy with. They also always paid what they said they would and were very professional. I highly recommend them!
Simply, John Hancock Insurance avoids paying on the long-term policies that they sell. JHI has created more loopholes and appeals and followups than is realistic for anyone to manage, let alone someone in need of the long-term care that they have paid for in full years ago! John Hancock Insurance is horrible to deal with.
I purchased a long term care insurance plan for my wife and me about ten years ago. We were told by the agent that while our policy could increase now and then due to inflation. He showed us John Hancock's rate increase history and assured us that no more than 10% increase would ever be assessed. After the first year the premiums were increased. No, we received a notice that the premiums for my wife and I will increase another 90%. While we understand the need for gradual rate increases, this is ridiculous. They provided us options, such as reducing benefits, or canceling, which would benefit John Hancock well, since we've paid into this insurance for over ten years. We feel that John Hancock misled customers on rate increase expectations and now are preying on people who can't afford the premiums, urging them to either cancel or reduce their insurance. It seems to me that this is a good ground for a class action. I would not recommend John Hancock to anyone in the future. Scam artists.
My mother-in-law has been paying for her policy for over 20 years. She was diagnosed in 2009 with Alzheimer's and this year became too confused to remain living alone. Her doctor revoked her license after she repeatedly got lost while driving and eventually caused an accident. We moved her into an assisted living facility and filed for her long term benefits. John Hancock denies her claim, stating she is not cognitively impaired. She was evaluated twice by the medical staff of the approved facility and they found her to be impaired using the SAME mental status evaluation instrument specified in the long term care policy. This woman cannot remember how to work a coffee pot, stove, microwave or other appliances. She can't remember if she has taken her blood pressure or thyroid medications. She can't remember her house alarm code or how to operate the alarm system. However, John Hancock claims she does not qualify for assisted living benefits she has paid more than $50,000 in premiums for. She is going bankrupt very quickly while this company refuses to honor their promise made to her that they would provide care for her if she became unable to care for herself.
I am the adult daughter of a policyholder. My mother complained about the premium increase but she continued to pay each year from age 60 to 81. She died suddenly 6 months ago leaving my father who is 87 and has dementia. All of her benefits were assigned to him. I came to this site and read these reviews which was very troubling. I also read the policy. At first we kept my dad at home with home health agency. After getting through the 90-day elimination period, the checks started coming. This policy has provided us with much peace of mind about how we will take care of my dad. I am so thankful that my mom gave us this gift. We have asked the home health agency and an assisted living residence about their experience working with John Hancock, the response has been very positive. They do what they say they will do and they pay what they promised. Each month they pay more for Dad's care than an entire year's premium. Our experience with their customer service has also been positive. Because of our experience with John Hancock we looked into buying a policy from them only to find they no longer sell them. As many of the other reviewers, I do not really trust insurance companies. They have raised your premiums and they are hoping you will drop the policy. If you really want to get back, keep paying the premiums.
I'm 52 years old and been paying into LTC for 14 years. I just received another premium rate increase. I started LTC at an early age -- age 38 -- so that I would have a lower premium for life. Since enrolled, I have several price increases and a policy change. I'm not happy. I wish that I could get my money back; I feel as if I have been taken. I may have to drop the policy and lose my money. It is getting too expensive. John Hancock should be audited and sued. I was under the impression at 38 that my premium would stay low because I started the policy at a young age. Wrong! I am so piqued at this scam.
Customer service was fast, competent, efficient, friendly. No waiting just good service quality. Responsive, awesome. Could not ask for a better company's employees. Wish had policies where you could borrow for colleges or a new car for graduation but still a good life insurance company. Nice affordable price. Good quality rates that don't go up. At 10 dollars a week is a great family rate with 100 thousand on me, fifty thousand on wife and thirty on my child. Is a wonderful deal for the price. A wonderful long term insurance and well enough to take care of my family no matter the circumstances. Quality at its finest. A really great deal for the price and I am well pleased with the quality of this great company.
The customer service at this company is very good. They help you with all your needs and answer whatever questions you and your family may have. It is a great company to be there for you and your family when you need them most. This company had the best policies and the best coverage. They help you through the processes of policy options and gives you more options than you can ever imagine. They protect you from everything and is there to answer whatever questions you may have or not have. You may choose from a variety of things, and they help you through the process of choosing what products are right and wrong for you. The value is very cool and so worth it.
I purchased long term health care form John Hancock back in 2001. In 2010 they raised the premium 23%. In 2012, 77%. Great legal process to take $30,000 from me. Why would any body trust these folks? Buyers, beware. This is how they maintain their profit margins. Oh, one last thing, thank you Ohio for supporting this company.
What happened? I have read every letter submitted to this site and have had the same experience as every person who has written. The calls that were answered in Manila, the supervisors that promised expedited attention because we had fulfilled all the necessary requirements, etc. My next move? I will contact my state elected official and personally complain to him. After that, I may consider a class action suit and will contact my lawyer. My husband spent almost 3 months in skilled nursing facilities and hospitals, paralyzed from the feet up to his chest with Guillain-Barre syndrome.Thankfully he can now walk with assistance. He is one of the lucky ones, and he is 92 years old! As a former Bostonian, I remember when John Hancock was a respected company. That is why we both took out policies 25 years ago. Today they should be sued by every person who has had to go through the exhaustive work that all the families have had at a time when they were so burdened with the welfare of their loved ones. They do not even have a Boston phone number. Manila indeed. Cowards! They deserve to be put out of business.
The customer service was good. They were helpful mostly. The customer service wait time was reasonable and they were patient with me and tried to answer all of my questions. The policy options were plentiful and reasonable. I looked and found things that I needed and looked for. I am satisfied with the policy options that were given to me. I am satisfied with the long term care insurance coverage given to me. The long term care insurance coverage covers what I need for a reasonable price. The perceived value is satisfactory for me. The coverage of the insurance is good and the price I pay for it seems worthwhile for what it costs.
My 87 yr old mother paid into this for decades. She has been in an assisted living facility for 3 months and has received $0 because of their constant run around and broken promises. They are purposely doing everything in their power to keep her from her money. Every single time in my over 23+ phone calls I'm given a different story by a different phone rep. Speaking to supervisors is a joke. By their actions I can truly say they have no concern or compassion whatsoever for their customers. They repeatedly send my mother letters making demands that have no merit and then after I spend hours (literally!) clearing their mistakes they say they'll send a retraction letter. When I tell them that my mother can't sleep at night and is in tears over this... No response. Every week since July 1, we've been getting the mantra, "The money will be dispersed within 10 business days."
I took out a long term health care policy with them around 7 years ago. l purchase this policy when l was easily 60's because they always say to purchase at an early age because as you get older the premium goes up. l received a notice that the premium is going up 100 percent stating that they expect claims over the life of this policy are significantly higher today than they were expected to be when the premiums were originally determined. There are options. One would be to decrease benefits. The other would be to decrease the inflation option. This would be no promise that there would be no increase in future premiums. What in a few years they do the same thing by raising premiums another 100 percent. What a rip off.
My mother has been paying a significant payment for her long-term care for 19 years. She is now 95 and had to move into assisted living. The process to get all her claim information in and the process started was long and arduous. Given I had the time to sit on hold to get questions answered, the representative I finally reached had virtually NO knowledge of my question... Finally, I was able to get the claim off the ground and approved. After sending in bills for 4 months, I cannot get a response. I get the note which says that the email was received, and nothing further. Once again today, I called. It took a full hour of sitting on hold to be told that payment on my claim was being escalated and that I should call back if I heard nothing within 5 days. Infinite loop??
The customer service has been satisfactory and well worth the money. Friendly employees and very helpful when I've needed to talk to them. They have a good range of policy options uses to meet many wide ranges of people and options. They are tailored to meet the needs of the one applying. My long term care coverage is great and covers a lot. It meets my needs and I'm often updated on new options to add to my coverage as they appear. The value of my coverage is well worth what I pay since it covers a lot of low coverage and was compared to other company's values side by side.
My husband has had a long term care policy with John Hancock for about 17 years. Now that we are retired, we have moved from Washington State to Alabama, in part because the cost of living especially health care is much cheaper. His premium was just increased by over 50% and when I called the company, they referred me to the original representative. I couldn't find him and was told he had died a few years ago. I called John Hancock again from a different toll-free number, got a call center in India and asked about the increase. The letter said it had been approved by the State of Washington. I said we no longer lived there - tough. The rate is based on the state where the policy was taken out. I guess I'm glad we didn't take it out a year previously when we lived in Alaska. This is unreasonable, and no one will talk to me about it. I am going to check other companies but as my husband is now in his 70's, I don't suppose we will be able to afford a new policy with a different company.
My husband had dementia. We bought our JH policy when we were in our seventies. We opted for the shared plan. When he was home I occasionally paid a sitter. My former agent told me to fill out their form for contracting outside help. The policy wouldn't pay for it but it counted toward the ninety day delay in starting the claims. Later my husband went into the Mississippi State Home for Veterans. During his time there JH paid each claim without question. When he died the balance on his policy was passed to me. When the policy increased I agreed to a lower increase by agreeing to a lower covered inflation. The policy clearly states that there might be an increase in costs, I do agree that customer service is terrible. My heart sinks whenever I receive a letter from John Hancock. It means another long frustrating phone conversation. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Manulife now owns JH it seems. Maybe that is the reason.
I have a long term health care policy which is limited in total payout and length of term for the payout, yet John Hancock claims they are raising my premium because people are living longer and the cost of long term health care is going up. Neither of those things should affect me or them, yet they will not budge. I have contacted the Ohio Department of Insurance and they, so far, are not willing to fight the issue. I have made contact with several lawyers who say that I have a good case but they want to give ODI more time to come around. My question is: "How many other policies are out there just like mine which would be candidates for class action lawsuit? Remember, if you have a policy which pays out until death with no defined end, you are no in my boat.
Customer service was pleasant to work with, very reliable and reasonably quick. My husband used them for a claim at work and found them very helpful which was good. He likes things done fast so he was very satisfied. Their long-term care coverage and policy options are very reasonable so my husband was very happy with that and he is a hard man to make happy. Their value is also very good for my husband to still keep it cause he's a penny pincher so value is one thing that has to be a great thing for him.
John Hancock long-term care insurance: John Hancock has had substantial increase in premiums in each of the last two years. In order to keep my premiums at an affordable level, I have had to cut the benefit period from 4 years to 3 years, and now this year to 2 years on my policy and on my wife's policy. If this was not bad enough, I have spent almost two months going back and forth with John Hancock via phone calls and e-mails in an attempt to find out what my new premiums would be. Every phone call invariably involves a long waiting time listening to music, interrupted frequently by a recorded voice saying that my call is important to them. What a joke. I received quotes via e-mail that conflicted with one another. I was told that the lowest quote was in error and they would not honor it. I received very little help with options to lower my premiums. It has been almost two months of complete frustrations. I finally threw my hands up and accepted the last quote that I received for half the benefit period that I had originally. These people do not seem to care whatsoever about their customers. I would never buy a policy from them and would certainly never recommend them to anyone. With the "service" that we have had up to this point, I shudder to think what it will be like for my family when I have to go to a nursing home.
I have been paying my premium since 1992 every month on time. It wasn't until I became sick with stage 4 cancer and tried to put a claim in for a benefit extension which was denied. When I filed a dispute and stopped paying my premium, they cancelled my policy. I have given this company thousands of dollars over the years and in the end what they paid out didn't even come close to what I paid them. Save your money and either invest. Obtaining a policy through John Hancock is a waste of your money because you will see little to no return on your long term care insurance policy with them. Believe me, I am speaking from experience.
Both my parents had/have a JH long term care policy. My mother passed away before she could use her policy. It is insurance and I understand how that goes. My father now needs 24 hour care at home. The process of getting reimbursement is disappointingly difficult and arduous. I cannot imagine an elderly person navigating such a process effectively. After dealing with this system for 2 years, it blatantly appears to be a system set up to make it more difficult to get your insurance paid. I have called for the same problem 4 times now. Each phone call is over an hour, including, at the minimum 45 minutes of wait time. This particular problem has not been resolved. After being instructed on what to send in to receive reimbursement and then sending the appropriate paperwork in, they are still sending the incorrect, inadequate amount. I call repeatedly, get the same story (as in "You need to send in a different version of the exact same paperwork'), and then send in the next set of 'required paperwork' to only have the same incorrect amount sent. As of right now John Hancock owes my father over $30,000.00, and with the continued run around that I am getting, I am not sure when they will reimburse my father. I know he will get it eventually but why does it have to be so arduous?
My mother has a LTC policy with JH. They are the worst customer service company in the world. Their claims department is in Manila and they are useless. I have POA for my 87-year-old mother and constantly receive threatening letters from them with dates posted 8 days earlier than I receive them telling me that they are going to cancel my mother's claim if they do not hear back from my caregiver or myself within the next 5 business days. I hate these jerks!!!! I cannot imagine how difficult it would be for anyone without a POA trying to deal with these people. As POA, I should receive copies of all correspondence sent to anyone regarding my mother's account and they refuse to make that happen. When I ask to speak to someone with authority, all I get are so called "supervisors", who also are not helpful and will not provide the name or contact information for anyone above them. I asked to speak to the Director or Vice President of Customer Service and they hung up on me twice. If you are shopping for a LTC company, do yourself a favor and stay away from JH. You will regret it in the future.
John Hancock is a "Canadian Company", which means there is no US government agency to provide a "watch dog service" to the American people. My wife age 69, and myself, age 71, bought long term care insurance about 10 years ago. When we received the new information on our long term care insurance policy from John Hancock, we discovered that after paying on this policy for over 10 years (approx. $10,000) they were raising our premiums by 85%. Our options? Pay up, for your now downgraded policy or we will cancel your policy, and take your money and run.
In reading other people reviews, dealing with this company is an absolute nightmare on behalf of both my parents. We have paid premiums since 1997 and getting benefits is a full time job of many phone calls with some long hold times. Even when the 100 day elimination periods were satisfied on both accounts, John Hancock still deducted the premiums, and getting these monies refunded has been very difficult. One check, so they claim, was sent to an address unrelated to my now deceased father. I am seriously thinking of reporting them to the NYS Attorney General for their very poor customer relations and mode of operation.
I purchased long term care insurance from John Hancock when I was 47 years old. I'm sixty-seven years old today so I've been paying modest premiums with small increases as promised for twenty years. I've never had to use this policy so I've put a lot of money in for this insurance. Last fall, 2013 I received a bill from them that was four times my usual premium. They said due to their costs they were increasing my premium to $429.49 a quarter. I couldn't believe they would do this because the agent who sold me the policy guaranteed me they wouldn't make any big increases in my policy. Now that I'm old and may actually need this policy, I'm have no choice but to pay. There's nothing I can do about it. I can't afford not to have the policy nor can I afford a lawyer on my own. I would like to be part of any class action lawsuit you bring against them.
My mom has had a Long Term Care Policy since 1993. Now that she needs it, we can't get the reimbursement. Have met all requirements and deductibles. Have submitted claims. No answer. We call and there is always some sort of excuse. Going on my third call now. I have seen a few stories on this site that mirror my story. In my opinion this is financial exploitation of the elderly. If I get another excuse, then I will have to get a hold of the Insurance Commissioner of Washington, or possible an attorney.
Long-term health insurance payments are fully eligible for Health Savings Account (HSA) payments. John Hancock does not accept HSA debit or credit card payments, but will only accept checks. No HSA accounts that I've found issue checks. All HSA accounts that I've found only issue cards for payment. So essentially John Hancock refuses to accept HSA payments. I believe this little conundrum is their way of refusing to accept HSA account payments for long-term insurance.
The agents are very knowledgeable and friendly. They are eager to assist and always willing to go the extra mile to help and make sure that all questions have been answered. They provide a wide range of coverage and plans, making it easy to choose which best fits your personal budget, needs and goals. I'm happy to have the knowledge and ability to know that no matter what happens I am secure and am able to face whatever comes at me ahead in my life. It makes me feel comforted that my family has the security of knowing that if anything happens that they are not going to adversely affected and that security is worth the world to me.
While handling a claim for my mother in Hospice care I routinely submit qualifying documents via email. Within minutes an email is sent out confirming receipt. Then another and another the next day for the same submission. Do NOT believe it! Recently I waited 45 days for payment. When it was not received I called only to be told (by someone not in the U.S. with the fake name Mike) "we never got your email." And never mind you have proof, those confirmations mean nothing. Not only that we are entitled 30 more days to process your payment. Word to the wise. Submit your paperwork, wait 48 hrs then call and make sure they see the document on the file while you are on the call. And whatever you do not buy "we will call you back." Won't happen.
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