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Jewelers Mutual Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Jewelers Mutual
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-884-2424
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 89 %
The lady who took care of me on the telephone was friendly and professional and did a great job helping me complete the application for the insurance.
Quick and fairly easy. However, advertising and sending lots of emails makes it harder for me to surprise my significant other with a ring.
I called in with questions and my rep was extremely friendly and helpful, even at 6pm on a Friday afternoon.
Jewelers mutual was recommended to me by my insurance agency. They have cheap rates and are hassle free. Auto renew on the account is super convenient.
Always great service!
Excellent company for all my personal items. Totally trust and find them to be most helpful!
The process was simple and my jewelry was insured in less than 5 minutes!
Very helpful!! Customer care experts took care of every question I had, and then some!! I feel at ease with my jewelry now just knowing that I’m in capable hands should anything happen. Thank you for my peace of mind!!
I was able to manage this process all by email. This was a clear and simple and diligent process.
They took care of us very professionally
I've not needed to make claim. Service recommended by trusted jeweler. Easy to manage online.
I never had to file a claim but every time I call with any questions everyone is super friendly and accommodating. The rate is very reasonable considering the value of the jewelry we have insured. My whole family has their jewelry insured with them and has never had any issues. My brother filed a claim and they contacted him within 1 business day to resolve the issue. Jewelers Muntual is highly recommend.
Having to go back and take pictures with the app was frustrating. I wish that my jeweler was aware of the requirement and I could have downloaded the app and taken the pictures while I was in the office.
Always had a great experience with customer service and don't have any problems with any of your services
Excellent support. Easy application process. Cost was lower than my homeowners rates.
Easy company to deal with, no hastles
The finalizing of getting the policy completed was rather arduous. After I requested the original quotation, I kept getting follow ups from multiple, but getting the policy was tedious. Finally got it done. Thanks, Donald Hail
I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to cover their jewelry.
Easy process to apply for insurance.
Akwats answer in a timely matter and no matter who I speak to at customer service they are always friendlyvand helpful.
Very good to work with, I like the way communicate and keep me updated with my policy.
Very easy to use, recently added jewelry, updated my credit card info, did everything on-line. Have emailed questions which were answered the next day. Luckily, no claims yet, but have had the insurance for at least 4 years with no problems - cheaper & better coverage than my homeowners policy. Jewelers Mutual was recommended to me by a local jeweler who I have been working with (purchases, trade-ins, repairs) for many years.
Received a quote immediately after purchasing an engagement ring. The price was very reasonable and was insured on the spot.
hassle free - never had a claim but don't anticipate any problems
Very easy and user friendly app! You were recommended by my jeweler!
No complaints. Fast and simple process. Reasonably priced.
Very pleasant and easy experience from start to finish!
I was referred to this company by a friend. They're customer service is exceptional and refreshing. Highly recommend them!
The claim experience took months and was disorganized and just pitiful. Whether the lack of communication was on you, the jewelry store or both it was a ridiculous experience that took way too long. So many follow up emails and calls had to be made and each time the rep had no clue what was going on or any idea about the status of our claim. The ring was finally replaced so hopefully I never have to deal with your customer service again. I'd just like to forget the experience but now this survey has reminded me so.
He process was very smooth and easy. Customer service rep was very nice.
Easiest application and upload of document ever. Thank you for taking care of us
I can't really provide a lot of feedback on Jewelers Mutual because I haven't had to file a claim. My only issue at this time is the constant emails to renew my policy when it's already on Automatic Payment. This makes me doubt whether or not I've set this up and could cause me to make a double payment, which is not in my budget. Sending 1 email, a week or 2 in advance, advising me that the payment will be deducted from my payment method is sufficient.
Very easy to get a quote and sign up via the website. I hope I never have to file a claim, but if I do, I hope it's just as easy.
Staff stated no evidence of my spouse and I staying at location of possible jewelry loss (hotel). When I called hotel myself, immediately got confirmation of hotel stay under my name. Felt as though I was being viewed as being dishonest. Also find it interesting that I wasn’t asked for ANY documentation of receipt/ ownership when policy obtained, not until items lost. Too much Red Tape- easier to just go purchase more jewelry for my husband at jeweler of choice than to pursue this claim.
Insurance in Florida is crazy expensive your the best I could find
Very easy to work with and responsive to my needs. Quick response to questions and keep me informed of my policy.
The online application was easy to use. I would give 5 stars but would reserve that for prompt handling of a claim.
I would recommend this company to anyway. Affordable service.
A very efficient and professional process. I have total confidence and peace of mind now.
The process was great and very easy, but I will be shopping around at renewal. I feel your rate is very high.
The application process was fairly easy.
I am new to this company but everyone has been very courteous and answered all my questions. My Jeweler referred us so I think that says something about your business.
The team at jewelers mutual has been amazing. They understood how disheartened I was that the center stone of my engagement ring fell out ...lost forever. No blame, shame or guilt trips. They handled the situation with confidence and ease. So grateful to have our jewelry insured by Jewelers Mutual.
So easy to renew my policy on line. I know that my jewelry is very well covered with your insurance.
Jewelers Mutual came highly recommended. Process online was super easy, just uploaded my appraisal and VOILA!
My jeweler was able to initiate & complete most of the process which was great. I received an email from Jewelers Mutual with just a few things to complete & then provide payment. All very easy & very convenient. In addition, the policy covers all possibilities for loss, which is also great!!
Heard this from family member , guotes are great ! Easy application and a place you can trust !
When you selecte ‘creat a account’, the first question request your acct#. Where is it? That info should be automatically filled. You have to do a lot of searching, your set up is not customer friendly.
Was very streamlined and efficient.
Very painless! Thanks
Very easy to apply, and instant coverage is a big plus!
Excellent customer service. I've recommended Jewelers Mutual to many.
Our experience was fantastic from start to finish. We had many questions and the Customer Service personnel went above and beyond! We are very happy we chose Jewelers Mutual to insure our jewelry! Definite 5 Stars!!!
I had a lost, and it took over a month for them to do anything. Lack of communication. Also they assigned a private investigator as if I made a false claim. Met with the PI and he asked a bunch of irrelevant questions in my eyes. So if you don’t want to be treated as so I wouldn’t recommend this company.
I’ve had a wonderful experience with Jewelers Mutual. They handled my claim with the upmost professionalism and made what could have been an upsetting and stressful situation easy. Very grateful for Jewlers Mutual!
Absolutely easy and simple process! After reading all the great reviews of this company, I knew I would be in good hands. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone!
I didn't have any problems! The application was super quick and easy to do!
The application process could not have been any easier, and I thought their rates were very affordable. So far, my experience with Jewelers Mutual has been top notch!
Great Company, handled my claim quickly and painlessly
When I needed to reach out to you guys you were very helpful and answered all my Questions
I have had jewelry insured with Jewelers Mutual for years. Fortunately, I have never had to put in a claim. I rest easy just knowing that my diamond has full coverage with your company.....and the premiums are lower than you can find on a homeowner's policy. When I had questions, I was able to reach a representative quickly and if they didn't have the necessary response, I was contacted very shortly thereafter with an answer to my question.
Easy and painless insurance process.
I haven’t had to make a claim with Jewlers Mutual, but they are always friendly and very helpful when I call. The rates are amazing. I wouldn’t insure my ring with anyone else!
So easy to sign up! I wish I would have known about it before I went through the hassle of adding my engagement ring to my renters insurance! Of course, I hope to never have to use it.
I purchased a policy online and it was so easy . Very clear and clean. Everything went smooth. I called to ask questions about my policy and the lady i spoke to was kind and helpful!
I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant experience dealing with my recent loss.
Easy application process and immediate insurance.
Quick and easy thanks for all your help
I have had no claim or contact with Jewelers Mutual so I have nothing to base my experience on.
Wonderful employees always on top of everything!
Customer service has always been great. When I actually had to place a claim recently because I lost a couple of pieces of jewelry, I was very impressed with the timeliness and clarity of communication between me, JM, and my heweler, as well as how quickly we were able to have the new pieces made.
I love the customer service and how trusted I feel insuring my jewelery with this company.
Couldn’t ask for better customer service and response to a claim when needed.
We had a minor issue with my finances engagement ring. Some preventive work was recommended by the jeweler to secure the main diamond to prevent possibly losing it. This work isn't standard but Jewelers Mutual understood that it was being requested to prevent a bigger issue and was willing to work with us on it.
Great customer service and our jewelry is insured at generous rates. Two thumbs up
New to this company and jewelery insurance. Hope I never need to use it, but feel secure that I have it now.
The application process was easy and painless plus the coverage is very affordable for such priceless items!
Easy sign up and excellent communication.
Easy. Very professional, knowledgeable staff
Online transactions are easy and the company is a well regarded insurer. Rates very competitive.
The process went smoothly and quickly. Julian was very efficient and knowledgeable.
Have been great since signed up to have all of our jewelry insured. They have a very reasonable annual price.
I've had no problems with Jewelers Mutual.
Simple, fast and easy.
I like that I get reminders of my payment date several times and that the money is just charged to my credit card, I also like getting not too many emails and all of the ones have pertinent information
Nice and easy. Thankfully no claims. Good rates!
My experience has been good and with the annual renewal I am notified and the renewal fee is deducted from my account. I like this option as I don't need to worry about missing my payment as Jewelers Mutual notifies me.
I am beyond grateful to have discovered and insured my wedding and engagement bands with Jewelers Mutual. I experienced the agonizing loss of my engagement ring, and every step of the process in searching for it, and finally with regret, making a claim for it, this company was supportive. The agents I spoke with were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and treated me like a highly valued client. The customer service is outstanding here. The cost of coverage is reasonable for even a tight budget, and the value in knowing that your sentimental jewellery is insured in its own policy, separate from any other insurance in your life is priceless. I recommend Jewelers Mutal to everyone, and I can’t give enough positive feedback. I am a very pleased client.
Very pleasant people; it's a great comfort knowing they'll be there if (Heaven Forbid) something happens to our rings!!
It was a very easy process. If you check the price of gold your homeowners policy usually don’t cover every valuable piece you own. Somethings are very precious so I try to treat them as so.
Made insuring a new ring. Very easy and premium was very reasonable.
It was a smooth process but the process could be a lot more digital and requiring less lead time between steps. This could have been a one day process but took more like a week.
I recently needed to have my wedding ring retipped. I went to a local jewelry store and she asked if I had insurance. I never would have thought to ask. My ring looks brand new (after 29 years) I couldn't be happier. Thanks Jewelers Mutual!
Best company to deal with. Great customer service
Everyone has always been so very nice and so very helpful . Thank You.
I was referred to this company through family. Although I have never had a claim to rate my experience, I feel safe in knowing my most treasured material position is insured with a reputable company.
Simple application process. Very easy to understand and fill out. Only took a few minutes too
On line service is easy and fast.
From my initial phone call to ask detailed questions about my insurance quote to the actual issuance of the policy, the whole process was very simple and human. I feel like this outfit is actually staffed by humans that will pick up the phone as they did for me.
I haven’t had to file a claim, so I can’t speak to that side of Jewelers Mutual. Paying my premium was hassle free and the people I’ve interacted with have been wonderful and pleasant.
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