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Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group Online Reviews

Company Name: Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company
Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 50 %
I had a stone fall out of my wedding ring and it was repaired to my satisfaction so I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who would be interested. I can't remember the exact amount that I was charged or exactly how much discount that I was given but I do know that I received a fair deal. The price that I paid for their services was more than a fair deal and I would highly recommend this service to anyone that was in need of it. The claims process was not too long so I would say that it was good. I do wish it had been a little bit faster but I am very happy with the results.
They are awesome at repairs. They make it less of a hassle to fix and are trustworthy dependable and safe. They don't charger a arm and a legs on prices. Very affordable. They have great discounts package available for any body who may need to use it. Very afford prices to help people who need it. Very trustworthy and safe. The prices are pretty reasonable I think. They are very cheap and trustworthy company. Very afford to those who live on a small income families. They are very easy to apply for if need. If they need anything trustworthy affordable dependable safe awesome very fast working to help out with claims.
I used the repair option one time and was happy with the service repair options for repair places and cost. They offered multiple locations for the repair and a convenient option for me. I purchased the insurance to protect the investment and did not do additional jewelry purchasing to use the discounts. Very satisfied with the price of the premiums for what I received in return. Just having the peace of mind for my investment was invaluable. I was happy with the service and quality of repair that I received. I was extremely pleased with the claims process. I submitted a claim for repair and received prompt attention, not a lot of hold time on the phone. The customer service rep was very friendly and said care of my needs and offered options for where I could get the repair service completed.
Very good and willing to understand on what exactly the piece needs. They know a lot of different ways to help fix the piece or pieces of jewelry for you. They offer very exceptional discounts on very good looking jewelry. They have many options on discounted jewelry. It's affordable and you'll love the looks. Prices are semi good value depending on the piece or pieces of jewelry. I am happy with what they offer and keep in the stores and websites. Helpful and understanding to keep you happy and secure with the piece you want to buy or bought already. They know what they do very well.
You couldn't tell that I had severely destroyed my wedding band because this company worked wonders. They buffed scratches, shined metal and precious stones. Were able to make the ring larger than originally was. They gave me multiple discounts on an already low price. I received 3 different discounts, one including an online discount since that is the way I found them. Very professional with beginner prices. Love them and will use and recommend in the future. The claims process couldn't have been simpler. I had no problems with paperwork or payment. Very quick fast and efficient. Thanks for making the process simple.
The repair options are endless. I have had to send in my ring from my grandma at least 7 times since I got it. They were great and friendly with getting it back to me. The discounts are eh okay I supposed. I don't really expect A LOT of discounts since it is for jewelry. I do wish there was more like if it was cheaper to replace something than it is to repair etc etc. I would recommend this for the price. The price was a great price. IT covers a lot for that low monthly cost. I pay 20-30 bucks a month, great for a struggling college student. The claims process goes so swiftly! it was super fast. It took maybe 2 weeks tops to receive my ring back. I enjoy how quick it is to get back. The claims process is so fast.
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