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Infinity Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Infinity Auto Insurance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-INFINITY
Overall average rating of 3.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 53 %
Excellent service, price, and claims. Had an accident where I smashed and rocked the car in front of me. I felt bad at first but Infinity paid the claim in full!! Mucho gracias Infinity!!!
So helpful and efficient. Thanks so much!
Quick and verify friendly
When an accident happens, Infinity tries to intimidate and bully you out of your claim. If that doesn't work, they start lying.
I was super nervous at first, when purchasing my insurance policy on my own but The customer representatives were very informative and helpful! I've been with them for a year now, No complaints! I would definitely recommend ! (:
Jenny knew her work inside out and was pleased with her knowledge and understanding.
My car was hit by a new driver with no drivers license, on 11/24/2018, insured with Infinity Insurance Company PO Box 830807 Birmingham, AL 35283-0807 Policy NO. 104631717611001 effective date: 11/19/2018 The policy had no liability coverage. Infinity paid nothing. My insurer, AllState, considers the driver uninsured. I wonder why this company is legal to operate and sell worthless policies.
My claim number is 20003425980. Your client hit my car and TOTALED it on Feb. 18, 2019. No one has called my insurance company to get the process started. The adjuster Michael Krause does not answer his phone nor does he reply to emails or voicemails. I received a letter that I need to contact him before March 14 or my claim will be thrown out. This is ridiculous because I can’t nor my insurance company can get in contact with him. You guys are a scam and NEED to fix what your client did to me. my phone number is 5626567954. i have read countless reviews that your company is a scam and that you delay people’s claims and drag the process on. I NEED THIS CLAIM TO GET FIXED IMMEDIATELY.
My 1st experience with Infinity Auto Insurance has been unbelievable. On 12-3-2018 while sitting in a red light awaiting for the light to change, I get hit by a Infinity customer. I contact the police for a report, which was completed with no problem, as it was no at fault of mine. I contact Infinity with my claim number to start the process. About a day or 2 later I get a return call from the adjuster who then informs me someone will be contacting me to come out and evaluated the damage. A day later i get a call from a person who will be reviewing the damage. He tells me to send him pictures of the damage so I do. A couple of days later the adjuster contacts me to inform me a check is in the mail for the damage. I proceeded to explain how can you be sending me a check if I haven't take my car to a body shop for an estimate on the cost. He tells me don't worry once you take the car to the shop if anything is more they will contact us with that information. By this time the holidays are here and I was going out of town so explained to the adjuster I will be out of town and will take my car in the shop after the holidays. We agreed because he was also going to be out of town. On January 18, 2019 I take the car to my shop and pick up the car rental on Saturday. I explained to the body shop I don't want bonding on my car as it was hit in the center of the door and would like the door sheet replaced. The body shop requested the estimate from the insurance which was not provided and I had no clue of. We then proceed in reaching out to the adjuster to forward the estimate. Once that was complete I go back and forth with them regarding the repairs because they wanted off course to use after market pieces on my car and bonding. I got a manager involved who did additional research. Once that was agreed on the shop proceed with the work. My car was finally finished and I pick it up. The same day I pick up my car I return the rental. Now the rental company tells me I am approved for an amount of days that doesn't cover the entire rental. I then proceed to contact Infinity for that extension and I am told that they will not be able to approve the entire rental because the body shop should have completed the work in a certain amount of days. It's almost funny how I would have to paid for something I didn't do. I was setting in a red little and was hit and now they believe I have to pay for it. It's really sad that I will have to escalate this claim to the highest level possible. The amount owed is very little however it's the principle I am the victim who has been inconvenience and now Infinity wants me to pay. I will not give up until this matter is take care of correctly. I am a community member who provides a lot for our community and will not allow to be taken advantage off.
Awesome company thank you
I got in accident I called in the claim right away, the other car never provided me with any insurance or anything. I pay for full coverage every month. The represtivative tells me yes you are covered for a rent a car, I went and got one. When the adjuster finally called me, they said I was not covered. So here I am coming out of pocket for a rent a car that I was told I was covered for. The body shop has dragged their feet for 6 weeks now. I still don't have my car and now they want me to pay a percentage of the tire on top of the deductible. Why am I paying for a tire? It got damaged in the accident it is not what caused the accident. I will be switching companies asap. I rather pay more and get better service. This company is Crap!
Adjusters are not serious and professional people. They hide from you. If you have a collision with an Infinity customer, be ready to live one of your worst life experience. High disappointing.
I have been with infinity for too long to be treated in such a unprofessional manner. I recently was in a unique type of accident were theres wasnt an actual collision. This was the first time I experienced this . I called , made my initial claim, and felt somewhat better after talking to the rep. Approximately 2 wks later I received a call by an agent by the name of An Nguyen from the Norwalk ca location. He didnt explain much other than the police report states I'm at fault , oh and that I might want to file a sr1 by the way. I felt as if I was being attacked by my own insurance co. I actually had to ask him to repeat who he was due to the aggression, and lack of customer service. Brad & An obviously dont like their jobs , and are detrimental to the success of the co.I thought the police station was calling me. Of course, naturally moving forward I don't feel comfortable proceeding with this agent. I call infinity and they give my the info to his supervisor Brad Olsen. I explain my concerns and asked for another agent. However he explained he cant switch agents mid claim. I then agreed to finish the matter up mr Nguyen, but going forward I don't want him handling my claims... Brad then told me he wasnt going to do so ... so to infinity! Maybe you need to retrain your agents & explain to them the importance in having trust in a company you pay for . I'd be stupid to continue to pay for mistreatment. So I've canceled! And will make sure to spread the word to friends and fam. Unbelievable!
The coverage was immediate! I got a plan with roadside assistance and I used it the very same day unfortunately. I really appreciate the speedy assistance and I was taken care of like a V.I.P once the towing company arrived.
Good attention.
My car was rear ended by a woman insured by this company. Over a month has gone by and my car still sits in the body shop. An adjuster has never shown up. 7x now they have scheduled and never shown up. I have now had to put a claim into my insurance company to get my car fixed. All I was doing was sitting at a stoplight minding my own business...Choose a good reputation over great riches; being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold. Proverbs 22:1
Time and patience along with the care and concern with my well being at difficult hours made Infinity Insurance number one compared to all my other insurance companies... Good Job Infinity Team
I've been calling Infinity for days and it's a nightmare! It takes forever to get somebody to talk to in their 1877-821-7335. Really you have such heavy calls everyday? They need to improve their customer service hot lines. I tried chatting with a representative through their website and they gave me other phone numbers which were not of any help at all. Talked to a my adjuster and pointed me back to this number. Could somebody from Infinity please reply and tell me who to get the statement or letter about the accident I had last 11/26/18. Please I need a written statement from you that it's me who was driving during that accident and not my husband.
This company is junk they cancelled and refused to cover me when I went out of state. They refused to help me in anyway even after I have been using them for a year. It’s unbelievable that they are allowed to do that.
At all the times when I contacted my insurance adjuster I have a full time understanding and pronted respond, support and solution for all my claims, thanks infinity team,,,
We recently had an accident and our experience with our claim agent, Dominique, was amazing. However, a previous experience we had years ago was so horrible! I literally cried every time I got off the phone with infinity insurance because I was so frustrated with them. I eventually went to a lawyer for assistance. His focus was on the other insurance company of the driver who hit me though instead of our insurance company even though The problem was not the other insurance company because they did amazing job on their end. It was my own insurance company, infinity insurance, that was the problem through the whole claim. So I'm only giving three stars. Originally it would have been zero but because Of our experience recently I upped it to three. I'm still not confident to recommend them to anyone. However because of our previous experience I have decided to hold off canceling our policy with them Simply because we worked with an amazing woman. It was Dominique who really saved my opinion of infinity insurance.
15yrs I've been with infinity insurance and when I needed them it was easy and the fastest service I had ever seen, I couldn't even recognize my vehicle it looked brand new I was very happy and satisfied thank you infinity.
My son was involved in an accident with a customer of Infinity ins. This person was found at fault. At this point everything was moving forward ok. A claim number was established. After that nothing. No update, no phone call, no offer of a rental car nothing. I have been calling for the last 2 and a half weeks and left messages for the claim agent and his supervisor. Nothing. Crickets. My son has been without a car for almost a month now. I guess my only option now is to sue. I am also going to file a complaint with the California Ins Board. This is the worst experience I have ever had with an insurance company.
Choose any other insurance company but this! They may offer competitive low rates but cancelling a policy with them is a huge hassle. I have called twice and spoken to two different people regarding non-usage of my vehicle before nov 24. First, they said I need to pay 20 cancellation fee and they'd send a letter by mail. I provided a new address to send said letter but what I got instead was a new copy of my policy with change of address. So of course I got billed again for the following month. After calling the 2nd time, I was reassured they'd process the refund in 2-4 weeks and just subtract the cancellation fee. A week later, I get another mail saying I need to provide proof of garaging and failure to comply could result in change of or cancellation of policy. That's what I've been trying to do in the first place! Giving me the run around is extremely unprofessional. I've never heard of a problem like this with my relatives' insurance companies. Now I have to call for a 3rd time. Please save yourself the trouble and stay away from Infinity
Worst insurance company to deal with! I got in my first accident (not my fault) the other party uses infinity insurance. The accident occurred Friday and I recicieved a call from an infinity representative on Monday, her name was Vonice Benjamin. She asked for my statement, when she asked what were the next steps I would be taking I told her I would need to consult with my father, she then scuffed as if the call was inconvenient to her. As soon as I spoke to my dad I called her back about 30 min later. She never answered, this was one of the biggest issues dealing with infinity, THEY WILL NEVER ANSWER THEIR OWN LINE OR CALL YOU BACK. there is a “press 0” option to speak to any company representative, which is ironic because no matter what time of day you call they are ALWAYS closed. I was looking to purchase auto insurance and not use my parents because it is expensive but infinity will not be an option ever. When she finally responded to my father she left a very aggressive voicemail about the rental process. Needless to say I’m happy my car was finally fixed so I don’t have to deal with her again. Infinity I have worked in customer service for the past 6 years and I strongly recommend you retrain your company representatives, especially those who deal with individuals who do not have a memebership with you.
After my accident infinity Insurance company took very good care me. I got everything taking care fast and curtesy. Thank you for the way you too care of everything.
Call line has a great response time. Timely in getting adjusters in line with my needs. The Agent is cordial and professional and answers my questions and concerns.
Love love love
Wasn't happy with the price, the agent quote and sold at the set price but when I received my policy the price was increased $20.00 dollars more. Not happy about that at all....
Worst company Infinity insurance. 6 months into my claim & nothing has change. I got rear ended & had to pay a $500 dudutable the damage to my car was $1000. I didn't get anything. I had to pay everything out of my pocket I added the $500 on top of another $500. Infinity workers. Adjuster: Michael Hopkins Appraise: Omar Rodriguez Treat you like craminals and don't care about helping their customers. When I did the claim & had pictures they gave me a hard time. Like I was to blame & a con artist. I didn't mind paying the $500 dudutable but they still didn't want it to pay the rest. Just save your time and money & go fine another company.
Great customer service, had my car up and running in a couple days, definitely would recommend to friends and family.
Everything was quick from start to finish!! Great customer service!!
I have had excellent customer service and they have great response time to claims.
Just started so we will see.
Great service and helpful
I love them they were very helpful they broke things down when I didn't understand they are the best so far.
Not pay the claims ,denied to pay a car damages after accident ,and i pay for commercial full coverage,...this company is not good ,
Terrible company! Horrible service, on hold for ever, dropped calls, dumped on infinite hold, gives you every run around on claims. Save yourself the hassle do NOT use infinity insurance Co.
After having infinity for 3 years I have learned that they are a terrible car insurance. Instead of helping m threw this stressful time they made it worse by not helping with the cost to repair my car. Sending me a check for 700 dollars when my damage was over 3,000 dollars. The appraiser made me feel like I didn’t know what I was talking about because I’m a girl. Little did he know I work for Nissan service shop. I will never recommend anyone to infinity and I will sure put you guys on blast on all social media.
Very helpful and always at reach.
The worst insurance company ever!! My boyfriend had an accident on 11/01/2018 car was total lost, as of today the haven't paid the car because they said claim is under investigation. The special investigator Andres Vasquez and the adjuster Oleg Ignatenko sent us a letter saying that the claim in under investigation because of fraud, that is a very big accusation. Also as a matter fact of the accident, my boyfriend looked for doctor's treatment. The special investigator Andres Vasquez cited him(my boyfriend) for a record statement and after he(The special investigator) finalized the recording, he(The special investigator) stared to blackmail my boyfriend telling him that if he suspend the doctor's treatment he(The special investigator) will paid the car faster so we do not have to make the next payment to the bank. But that was not the only thing he(The special investigator) did, I called him a few times and he said that if he (my boyfriend) had go to the hospital or to another doctor's office things will be different, but they do not give us a list of the places we can go, and as far as I know we decide where to go not them. We are entitle to the medical coverage wherever we would like to go and also that they have to pay for the total lost car. I have been making their monthly payments and they never have had a problem debiting that money from my bank account, and now that I claiming my rights they accused me and blackmail me. This is not a trusted insurance company!!!!!!!
5 starts everybody should choose infinity insurance over the other insurance companys handles everything for u
Been with infinity for years love the service.
very nice , knowledgeable respectable
Exelent customer service!! Great people! Good prices!!
I was rear ended by a driver of Infinity in New Port Richie Fl. It has taken Infinity 2 months to start the process to repair my car. Infinity sent my Auto Body shop a bumper that was warped, scratched, and cracked as a replacement, worse than my damaged Lexus bumper. My Auto Body replaced and painted a bumper they obtained but Infinity will not respond to the actual costs to repair my car. My Auto body shop will not release my car until Infinity pays the additional $400 from their extremely low estimate. Infinity will not answer calls, emails, voice mails. My car is being held hostage, it won't be released until Infinity pays the adjusted repair costs. What Insurance Company acts like this??? I now have no transportation and I am handicapped!
Infinity has always been there for me when I had any insurance issues.
Excellent Service; I'm grateful.
Very reliable and easy to contact. They worked with me when my vehicle was involved in a hit and run and got me into a shop very quickly. They also assisted me with a rental throughout the entire process. Very happy with their service and would definitely recommend this insurance provider to family and friends.
excellent service every time!
Very unpleasant experience so far got rear ended by a infinity insurance policy holder and they can’t even get a hold of their own client how sad. Unfortunately because they can’t get a hold of their client they have not mentioned anything about fixing my car. They gave me the number of a supposedly adjuster that will call me in 2-3 days and never got call day 5 comes I call them and now that said it was given to another adjuster. Sadly they never called and mentioned a new adjuster was assigned poor communication and thanks for informing me a new adjuster was assigned .Horrible company to deal with
Excellent coverage and quick and courteous claim response. My accident claim was finalized within a week!
This insurance is the worse, will do anything to not cover your claim. Yes I understand you have to have you customers back, but when YOU'RE customer left another person car less, you guys have to step up and own up, when your customer made a mistake, do not go around and find a tiny excuse to cover the claim.
You made getting insurance easy ! Your agent was so helpful. He gave me so many options and savings . When no other insurance wanted to give me a good price yours did just that . Thank you infinity !
I was referred to you by my friend. The guy who helped me was very professional and courteous. He was very helpful in explaining the policy to me and finding one that’s in my budget
Very grateful to receive excellent care and solution.
Inconsistency with my claim.
Yes I would recommend Infinity Insurance company
They are cheap for a reason. Ridiculous hold times, doesn’t matter what time you call. Could never get through to a claims rep.
I am pleased with the total price and help I got from the employees.
I spoke to Mr. Meyer & he treated me very well. He explained thoroughly & made me feel comfortable asking questions to a process I am not familiar with. I hope to resolve this claim in our favor with his help
Lack of knowledge with phone reps
Check your options before you sign!. After two weeks of being insured with Infinity we found a way better deal with All state my old insurance to which we decided to switch because at the end of the day it was like a 100 dllr difference monthly. After two weeks when we decided to cancel they would only return us 100 dllrs of the 455 we gave for down and first month. I GET IT! some companies have a cancelation fee and bla bla bla but keeping 355 for two weeks of being insured? That was the most expensive insurance ever for 14 days. I see where I went wrong, I should have asked around for quotes but now that would be my advice to you BECAUSE THEY WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY.
Worst insurance ever !!! They want to pay my mother back only 65 dollars when there supposed to pay her back 4500 !! That came out her pocket!!!!! Lawyer hire an we are for sure going to sue!!! On top of that worst customer service ... Unprofessional
WOW! I am so glad this is not my insurance company! I have never dealt with a company that is so difficult! Difficult first off to even reach. So if you don't have a life then they are perfect! I have had to call them multiple times over a week and every time I sat on hold over an hour! Sometimes you sit on hold so long the system disconnects you and then you are back to square one! Terrible that they can't assign someone to your claim and give you an extension for that person. My car has been in the shop for over a week because one of their policy holders hit me. Now they are telling me the rental car is no longer covered. They only covered it for 3 days! So now I am left paying out of pocket for someone else's mistake. NEVER- NEVER would I ever purchase insurance from this company! I would advise everyone else to stay away as well.
Run run run do not buy insurance with infinity insurance company. Do your research go read the Better Business Bureau and read thousands of complaints. They’re designed to steal your money not pay out your claims they also have sexual harassment at the Better Business Bureau along with other thousands of other claims that was not paid out go read it for yourself do your homework God bless. run run run do not buy insurance with infinity insurance company. Do your research go read the Better Business Bureau and read thousands of complaints. They’re designed to steal your money not pay out your claims they also have sexual harassment complaints filed at the Better Business Bureau along with other thousands of other claims that was not paid out !!!,go read it for yourself do your homework God bless
Todo muy bien hasta que tuve acidente y ya ha pasado un mes sin recivir respuesta alguna acerca del Property Damage Estimate, es realmente imposible comunicarse con la persona encargada del caso(adjuster). I'm very disappointed with the service.
no one ever returns your call. This is my 3rd attempt. My 4th attempt would be to cancel my policy
My claim was handle very professionally and in a timely manner i would recommend this company to anyone...thank you for a job well done
Love them in Armona
I purchased a used 2016 Jeep Renegade from Car Max in Miami, Florida. My car was in good condition and passed inspection. On October 19, 2018, my jeep and a second jeep was struck by a sedan travelling on the US 1 in Coral Cables. The driver of the sedan was found 100 percent at fault of the accident. I was struck at the back of the vehicle and side passenger side of my jeep. The driver of the sedan passed away the next day. The deceased and the second vehicle were both insured under Geico. I initiated the claims process on October 16, 2018. I was advised by an adjuster to use one of their preferred shops because the work would be guaranteed. I selected a shop from their list of preferred shops and took my vehicle in for repairs. I was told on November 13, 2018. I drove to the repairshop and when I arrived I noticed that my bumper of my car was not repaired. When I brought this up to one of the mechanics at the shop, he asked me if the bumper damage was a result of the accident. I responded yes it was. He then told me that Infinity did not tell the shop that the bumper needed repairs. The mechanic made a call to infinity and then I was told that I would not get back my vehicle that day. On November 28, 2018 I was contacted by the shop and told that the dealer sent the wrong bumper cover and so this caused a delay in getting my car back. On November 27, 2018, my adjuster, Celia Shapiro from Infinity insurance contacted me and told me that I would be back charged for the rental since my rental was past the thirty days coverage. I was very upset because I was contacted about this issue after my rental coverage had lapsed and because it was their preferred shop who erred in not fixing my vehicle in a timely fashion. There was also a discrepancy in the information that she provided to me about service or repairs to my vehicle. That is the information that she relayed to me conflicted with the information that was relayed to me by the repair shop. For instance, Ms. Shapiro explained that parts for my vehicle was taking long and that they had no control over the length of time it took for parts to arrive. However, the shop had ample time to fix my car and order the parts from the time I dropped off the vehicle October 19, 2018. Auto Sport finished repairs on December 3, 2018. When I retrieved my vehicle, my car smelled really bad. The back seats of my vehicle looked dirty and I discovered the tint on the passenger side window was damaged. I contacted Auto Sport and they offered to reimburse me for the damage tinted Windows. They sent me a cheque for the damaged window. My car still continued to have issues the week I got my car back from Auto Sport. Autosport offered to reinspect my vehicle when I voiced concerned about issues that I had after I got my car back. However, since they took three months to repair my vehicle, came back with damage and my car looked worn when I got it back, I opted to take it back to Car Max to have their mechanics look at my vehicle. I took my vehicle to Car Max and there was issues with the suspension, tire sensor/ pressure, steering which all had to be repaired. Please keep in mind that I purchased the vehicle on October 15, 2018 from Carmax and my vehicle passed inspection and was in great condition before the accident. I contacted Ms. Shapiro’s supervisor about my concerns with the adjuster and the repair shop and in short he told me that there was nothing that he could do. That I should contact the repair shop to reimburse me for the rental. This was quite peculiar to me as he did not initiate an investigation into the preferred shop or look into the issues that I had with Ms. Shapiro. I followed up with Ms. Shapiro about reimbursement of my out of pocket expenses, such as my rental and Uber expenses while I didn’t have a vehicle. I was told by Ms. Shapiro that I needed to contact Windhaven. I was quite puzzled because by this response because I not aware that Windhaven insurance was involved in this matter. On December 27, 2018 I spoke to Bruno Santander from Windhaven Insurance. He informed me that the deceased was insured under two different auto policies before he died. That their policy was that they could only reimburse me for half the damages and that I would have to go after Geico Insurance for the other half of the claim. At this point, I was quite upset and wondering why Ms. Shapiro did not relay this information to me. I contacted Ms. Shapiro about this issue and she said that she did not tell me because she thought it would be too complicated for me to understand if she explained to me. She also told me that she thought it was information that I did not need to know. I explained to her that Windhaven did a good job of explaining the issue to me and that the issue was not that complicated to understand. I was quite offended that she thought I would not understand the issue. I was also taken back by the fact that as my adjuster representing Infinity and representing me that she felt the need not to relay this important to me. Ms. Shapiro was well aware that I was on a student visa and that my stay in the USA was temporary. She was also aware of my financial situation. Many times I expressed my dismay with Ms. Shapiro about how my claim was being offered and how my experience with other insurance companies in Canada were by far a better experience. She at one time responded, ‘Well this is not Canada.’ I switched to Progressive Insurance and my service was a better experience than what I had with Infinity. I also contacted Ms. Shapiro and Infinity customer service many times over the course of three months and asked to speak to a Director or higher up on the chain of command and only was contacted a week ago by a director in Mid February when I moved back to Canada. I have still not been reimbursed by Windhaven or Geico. Geico has told me that they will not reimburse me for my out of pocket damages and Windhaven states that their policy will only allow them to give me back half my damages.
Love the mobile app!
The worst insurance company ever!!!! Refused to extend my insurance based on prejudice that i worked for uber!!!
This is the worst company I ever had as my auto insurance. I was in a car accident 4 days agi. I needed a car rental immediately. My adjuster said he needed info about where my car was financed from and the account number. I provided every info requested from me. After that I called the adjuster numerous times ... no answer. I would call the customer service number and I would have to hold for a lengthy time before an agent spoke to me. I was told the adjuster could only provide car rental monday-wednesday. Since I couldnt reach my adjuster, the customer service would transfer me to the supervisor. No answer from them too. It would go straight to their voicemail. My problem is still not solved. I still havent been able to reach any of the people they told me to reach out to.
I'd like to say that trying to get to speak to an agent with you because there is no button for roadside, can be a little frustrating, but once u get in contact with someone it's great service. Roadside asst awesome. Short story: Car left me on the side of the freeway..infinity helped and in less than an hr, I am home with my car. Thank u
Every customer service representative I spoke with were very informative and polite.
i was in an accident and after i make my initial claim i shouldn't have to chase people around, wheres the customer service? remember i was in the accident.
One star for infinity insurance. Let me start by saying they were ok in the beginning. Then they screwed up my billing by making a mistake on my bill. Spoke to so many different representatives. Im so disappointed in Infinity. So I cancelled my policy. Then I get a bill. Saying I still owe then money. Really!! There so stupid!!! They can't get there billing straight!! So.. Update.. I called infinity. Now' mind you. This is the 10th person I have spoken to. Now they tell me just fax your declaration page stating you have new insurance co. That's all they say to me. Nothing eles.!!. So I call again 3 days later. Then' they say now I have a balance to pay. Really!!!. First of all the person sounded like he just woke up!! Didn't say how can I help you or anything. Just said.. You have balance.. Told him just send me the bill. I will pay it. Then Never!!! Deal with Infinity Again. They all need Customer Service Training!! Sounds like there Agents are not train currectly!!
Love them. They are great
honestly are so bad , i had an accident with an infinity client she was guilty now infinity says that i have a 20 percent guilty after the police and my insurance gave me not guilty in 100 percent i think that it is really being supportedby some law that makes everything look bad and unfair and also email provided by the person who replay my review it is incorrect i send email with info requested by the infinity representative and i was returned as email non-found.
Best the best
Both agents very very polite and informative! I was in a rush and they took care of me in a timely manner. I would def recommend friends and family over to Infinity Insurance. Also, I appreciate the fact that they didn't try to sell me a roadside assistance policy but they explained the benefits of roadside assistance and i purchased the policy=)
I have used Infinity Insurance and left because of their incapability to display acceptable and proud customer service. Within the last year I decided to give it another shot and opened up another account. Last week I was in a accident and low and behold it took my claims rep a week to respond! Then, Richard (the rep) was very unfriendly, inapproachable, and spoke in a condescending tone along with sounding as though he did NOT care. Considering I’m sure he does not after our conversation, once this is complete I’m leaving this insurance company!! The accident was not my fault and he made it seem as if it was!! Dude, your my insurance the last time I checked!! Hated this entire process, the people you guys hire to speak on your behalf need a rigorous training on how to communicate with clients!!! Hate Infinity!!
They help you a soon as you request they service I'm very satisfied I'm strongly recommending them.!!
I have had Infinity for years and have never had an issue with them. Hassle free and always a phone call away!
I recently reported an accident, our agent and adjuster did everything professionally and we received a settlement check in less than a month, that really helped, thank you.
Good day, I am needing assistance with the claim number referenced above. The agent in charge of the claim is on vacation. I was told there would be a follow up but when in today I find out the agent is on vacation. I have been given the complete run around and need advancement on the claim. I called the second time today today and was placed on hold for over 20minutes and than was sent to a voicemail, in which I did not receive a return call. This is poor customer service, and an unacceptable way to treat individuals involved in an accident which was no fault of their own. I need a response and follow up I sent this email and received an email response that undeliverable, mailbox is full!! How does a company operate like that!!!
Very helpful during my claim. Helped me get my vehicle fixed within a couple of days and provided me help with setting up my rental coverage all at once.
Great service and fast claim response.
They were very professional and give me an excellent price.
So i fell off for a good few months but they wjere able to re-insur me love it
I’ve been with infinity for years & they are great especially if u ever have to file a claim. Very efficient
Worst experience I have ever received in my life if I had a choice I would give this sorry excuse of auto insurance no stars that’s just fine with me I got my policy with a 500 dollar deductible and renters insurance and roadside assistance someone hit my car while I was at a stop sign and now my car is not driveable so I call them to start a claim at first it was all good they sent me out a check and so I’m thinking so once I get the check it’s 400 dollar when the price for repairs a 2,150 that’s when I called them back and that’s when they said I got a 1000 dollar deductible and no renters insurance I only have roadside service and I let them know that was not the policy I signed up for they told me they’ll look into it that was a month and 5 days ago a adjuster never came to look at my car so how did y’all come up with that price? my car is still not fixed the other insurance company be trying to contact them for the past week and a half to no response claims department is rude and unprofessional and just don’t care I even tried tired to contact the manager I even left 3 different VMS with my # and still no response I even asked for corporate number and Diana told me she can’t provide me with that information that’s when I got in contact with the BBBs I’m not the one that always complain about nothing but my god I just want my car and get in contact with the other insurance company so my car can get repaired and make a decision already I’m I will be taking my business elsewhere Porsche was my adjuster btw
U cn not go wrong w/ Infinity....
Customer Service will not provided you with affordable rates..
I have been with Infinity Auto Insurance since 2015. My husband had his first car accident June 21, 2018, car was totaled. The truck in front of him stopped abruptly causing him to go underneath (he could have lost his life) was a miracle he only had scrapes and burns on his arms from the air bags deploying. As of today, August 3, 2018 my claim still has not been fully processed. I had to pay my car note last month even though my car is totaled because of this long process of back and forth between me and my adjuster and I don't want to mess up my credit. I keep getting pieces of paperwork that this needs to be filled out and then we can process and then another comes this needs to be filled out and then we can process, instead of sending me a packet to complete all at once. I called my car loan people and they were not even aware that the car had been totaled so they were never notified by Infinity I had to notify them. Now my car note is due again, I can't even lease another car until the paperwork on this car is complete and reported, so I am wasting money on rental cars and Lyft rides to go to work and drop kids off at school. I almost stopped paying my insurance and going with another company but fear that this would only extend the wait on this claim being processed has stopped me. Insurance companies want their payments every month on time, but get an will find out then the quality or lack of you have been paying for. Signed, Thoroughly Disappointed....
My experience has been awesome
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