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Phone: (866) 866-1999
Overall average rating of 5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 96 %
I was very impressed with the level of service I received from this company. I was provided with all the information I needed to make my decision and all my calls were answered promptly and all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I was never pressured to buy something I did not want.
This was my first time using Immediate Annuities. Their website was easy to understand and use. The Annuity Team was very helpful, professional and answered all my questions and even followed up throughout the complete process. I plan on using them again.
In every aspect of the decision process both leading to and actually making an annuity purchase, my experience with them was most rewarding. They offer a large spectrum of annuity providers, provide key information about annuities, and their personalized rate quotation service is second to none. Their people follow through as promised, answer the client's questions clearly, accurately and patiently and guide the client completely through the annuity purchase application process. In short, they are effective communicators, I believe this quality is what sets them apart from their competitors and I recommend them to anyone either desirous of learning about annuities and/or purchasing one.
I have researched annuities for some time and have always found their instant quote system quite helpful. After I concluded my research and was ready to purchase, Ariel was helpful and very thorough in answering my detailed questions. The application process was efficient and my contracts were issued in a timely basis and with the benefit amounts surprises! I would recommend Immediate Annuities to anyone researching retirement funding options.
Second time we have used Immediate Annuities. As before, fast service, regularly keeping us apprised of progress. Money was in the account in less than a month. They even filled out almost all forms from previous information they had. Very painless process.
Utilizing Immediate Annuuities I purchased an annuity througfh an insurance company. Throughout the entire paperwork process any questions or concerns I had were immediately answered by the highly competent, professional, and friendly staff at Immediate Annuities. In the future, should I decide to purchases another annuity I would not hesitate to contact Immediate Annuities for their recommendations and guidance..
I would rather eliminate the human element in all my financial transactions; that said they were competent in taking my application info, getting the app to me filled out correctly, and then following up when the policy arrived. It was smoothly done and they answered my one question so I didn't have to look it up
The staff was very helpful in explaining the intricacies of the annuity contract, and during our application the insurance companies had raised the benefit they would pay out on new contracts - the staff helped us obtain the higher amount. Everything happened just exactly as they explained it would. Very much a breeze to work with them.
I would do business with again.
WebAnnuities helped with getting my rating improved due to my medical history. They provided me with all the necessary paperwork and helped guide me through the application process. I ended up purchasing three annuities from different companies and am very satisfied with the service and follow up which they provided. PFB Chicago
My experience with you was exceptionally professional and efficient, without the seemingly needless delays and procedural holdups I have experienced with other financial firms.
I've purchased two immediate fixed annuities through WebAnnuities and plan to purchase more. There's no hype, no preasure, and they answer your questions fast. They also assist with the paper work so as to minimize the ordeal for you. Both insurance companies that I bought the annuities from have been paying right on time.
Other then the extra lengthy paper questions to fill out, all else went well. Gordon
To-date I have purchased two annuities through Immediate Annuities. I have found their people to be very knowledgable and they did not make me feel pressured in any way. On one occasion, their representative did not have an immediate answer to my question, but within 10 minutes, I got a call back with the answer. I would strongly recommend using Immediate Annuities if you are in the market. They are especially helpful if you want to know all the options available and which options might serve your needs best.
This is my first time buying an immediate annuity. Both Ariel Hersh and Jennifer Timko were very helpful and were always available to answer questions and explain things. Web Annuities responded to all my questions promptly and professionally. I would highly recommend them!
What more can I say?
I have completed one transaction with this company and found them and their representative to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I am very happy with the transaction and with the communications. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to purchase structures.
Two months ago I had never heard of Web Annuities ( I wanted to see the latest annuity rates and found their web site. Their site provided annuity rates and didn’t require that I give them any information about myself. I thought they had an excellent service and liked that they weren’t just trying to market to me. They have a huge selection of annuity products and did the work of finding highly rated insurance companies for me. After looking at their site, I called them. I spoke with Kyle for a considerable amount of time. Kyle was very helpful, knowledgeable and patient. I didn’t feel like I was being sold to at all and there was no pressure. I liked Kyle and their web site so much I decided I would consider doing business with them. Before investing, I conducted a considerable amount of research on their company including the following: • I checked with the better business bureau and found they had an A rating and no complaints. • I Googled their company and found that the owner, Hersh Stern, has been interviewed on a number of television programs. • I read several articles by reputable publications such as Kiplinger’s recommending • I found Hersh Stern has been in business for well over a decade. • I went through their web site and found a long list of magazine articles they have been quoted or mentioned in. I felt very confident that this was a reputable company. I called and spoke with Kyle several more times. I felt bad about taking up so much of his time, but he insisted that I not rush into my decision. I have never had a company insist that I take my time. After several weeks, I finally started buying annuities from them. Their service was better than anything I had experienced at any company in my entire life. I ended up buying all the annuities I wanted at the time from them. They filled out the annuity paper work for me as much as possible and provided me with overnight envelops and addressed them to go straight to the annuity company once I completed the application. During the process, I changed my mind about a couple of annuities after turning them in. I was pleasantly surprised to see what huge advocates the people at Web Annuities ( were for me. I didn’t have to do anything to get my money back. They contacted the annuity company and even gave the annuity company their overnight UPS mail account number so I could receive my money back as soon as possible. This was honestly just one example of the kind of over-the-top service I received. I also have to say I was a major pain in the neck. I changed my mind on several other occasions too. Kyle never once flinched. He was incredibly calm and patient. In short, I highly recommend Web Annuities ( and intend on doing business with them for all my future annuity needs.
Overall very professional service. Very competitive quotes! Both my security trading houses could not match. Quoted me all the annuity options and providers so that I could choose among them. Sent me paper work application and very clearly noted how to fill out and submitt the paperwork. I choose AIG for immediate fixed annuity. Staff at Immediate annuity would periodically follow-up and check with progress of my annuity at AIG. regards, Glen
I want you and everyone at WebAnnuities to know that I couldn't have been more pleased with the whole process. From the first time that I called and a real person answered the phone until the contract was sent in, it was absolutely first class service. It is very rare to experience service like this today. I will, with no hesitation, recommend WebAnnuities to anyone in the future. And if the situation arises where we want to buy another annuity in the future, you will be the people that we call. The checks are coming and if I could give you ten stars I would! Thanks again for a great experience!
I am well satisfied with web annuities. My biggest fear, after I pass, was that one day a broker would tell my wife that she had no money. I feel good that neither of us will lut live our money. Web Annuities made it easy. Thank You.
This is an excellent company to work with. The people I talked with were very pleasant and professional. I asked for several options and they quickly explained them and even sent me additional information. You won't be disappointed with them.
I'd use them again for additional annuity needs in the next few years. They are professional and look out for you as would a family member.
If you want the streight stuff, don't fool around with salesmen, go directly to Hersh.
I found WebAnnuities on an internet search while exploring my options for converting an IRA to an immediate annuity for retirement. Naturally, I was cautious, but it turns out my financial advisor had done business with them himself, so I was reassured. I made several phone calls to them over a period of some weeks, and asked for projections of I don't know how many scenarios as I carefully weighed all the options. The people at WebAnnuities were always very responsive, articulate, and most of all, patient with me. Once I made my decision, they continued to be very attentive, helping me to work through some issues in closing out my IRA to make the transfer. Even after the annuity was established, they followed up to make sure everything had started okay. I have nothing but praise for these folks!
I did my first annuity with these people in 2005 and another in 2012. Both transactions went rapidly and without a hitch due to their professionalism and person-to-person walk-throughs with me every step of the way. Their web site is easy to understand and use and it provides a large listing of available annuities based on your site inputs and without any committment on your part. If you select an annuity, the process they hold your hand through is painless and I received my first payment in about two months both times. They offered more options and better payouts than my employer's 401k-type plan. First class operation---I strongly recommend them!
This is the second time I've completed the purchase of an annuity. Once you've made up your mind to purchase one, immediateannuities makes the process fairly simple. And they follow up to make sure you're not lost in the procedural steps. There are several considerations to make regarding the types, company ratings, limitations but they offered information that seemed impartial in making those decisions. I have no reservations in recommending their service.
It is so refreshing and reassuring to finally meet a broker who is not trying to sell you something that pays him a big commission even if you don't want the product. This field is filled with glorified used car salesmen who pray on the ignorance and naivete of the uninformed. I would only use Hersh and his staff were I to buy another annuity.... Period
Everyone patient, courteous, helpful. I would recommend and use them again.
This is the 2nd New York life annuity I have purchased thru Mr stern.The first was in Feb. 2013.I was very satisfied with it and that is the reason I purchased this second one nine months later thru Mr Stern again.I studied all my alternatives and these annuitys fit me best.I am a widower,in good health and i hope to live long enough to double my investment in the future,God willing.I was very pleased the way Mr Stern handled the whole thing for me
My experience with Web Annuties was a very positive one. They were professional, accurate and timely in every aspect of the experience. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to my family and friends. Great Job.
I contacted immediate annuities for help acquiring an annuity to supplement other sources of income in retirement. Kyle guided me through the process. I found him to be knowledgable, professional and extremely patient. It took me several months to reach a decision and complete a transaction. He offered me valuable insight and advised me without any pressure. He was very responsive to my inquiries and ensured that all the details of my transaction were completed efficiently. I look forward to working with Kyle again on my next annuity purchase and highly recommend the services of Hersh Stern without reservation to anybody in the market for an annuity.
I was looking for a DIA from New York Life using an online platform. I could invest some money now at age 53 to lock in some guaranteed income later at age 67. I already have a Universal Life Insurance policy with New York Life and Web Annuities offered a DIA from them as well as providing me with a list of the other carriers who also offer DIAs. I called their office and they were very helpful and knowledgeable with no sales pressure. The reading manuals they provide contain more information about SPIAs and DIAs than many finance books I have read in the library.
The comparison of rates for an immediate annuity made it quick and easy to select the right one for me. This was my first annuity purchase that went through very smoothly, both Ariel and Jen were very helpful. I plan to purchase a second annuity with this this company next year
Every one very helpful and very quick. Immediate annuities satisfied every thing I think a company should do. I would watch IMG tough. I also have an annuity through this companty with met Met life - excellent company.
I found the Hersh Stern company to work well for me. Searching out many options that i could choose from. The experience was great.
ImmediateAnnuities had been recommended on several financial website articles. I used their website to look at a variety of different scenarios. e.g. cost / $100k of coverage, annuity amount, ages, amount of coverage, inflation assumptions etc. Anyways the website made it very easy to model what I wanted and arrive at the cost. After that, the next steps - applying for the annuities, filling out the info etc. was carefully done (they highlighted and tagged all the paperwork that needed signatures) and the kind folks kept me up-to-date with the status of the whole process to make it very painless. There was no pressure just careful updates. They were most helpful and I would highly recommend the website and the folks at immediateannuities.
This is my 2nd experience using WebAnnuities. They are very professional and help you through all the steps to purchase your annuity. Cannot recommend them more highly!
Prior to buying my first annuity, I did a pretty thorough evaluation of companies, the rates offered, and users' review comments. Immediate Annuities came out on top. Then they proceeded to produce as promised in getting all the paperwork together. They told me what was needed, what I could expect to receive and when, and they delivered clear instructions and forms (overnight). The overall process turned out to be very smooth and relatively effortless.
Mr, Stern and company at Webannuities are courteous and helpful.They made it easy to speak with them and they were always in communication with me.They helped me thru the process by always being there and answering any of my questions.They will guide you thru the entire process.I would recommend using their service to anyone who needs help purchasing an annuity.
I had 401(k) accounts from various former employers and knew I wanted to purchase several annuities to provide guaranteed income. I also knew the type of annuities I was looking for. provided me with comparative pricing on annuities with the features I was seeking. There was no hard sell, nor was I overburdened with paperwork. The process was quick and relatively painless. My experience with was very positive.
A wide assortment of insurers with their payout rates and ratings made picking the right annuity easy. I was kept fully informed on each phase of the process
Kyle B. at ImmediateAnnuities has detailed knowledge of Secondary Market Annuities (SMAs) and provides superb customer service and support in acquiring these securities that are complicated because they must first go through a legal process in court in order to permit an irrevocable transfer of an income stream from one annuitant to another. These securities are unfamiliar to most investment professionals. Different companies have different business models in dealing with SMA's, but ImmediateAnnuities has the most user-friendly and transparent model. No broker could be more expert, patient, and helpful than Kyle. With his help we are building a "ladder" of SMAs that should provide a completely dependable income stream far into the future. Their website is an excellent place (in fact, the only place we know of) to view a large inventory of SMAs; Kyle will be happy to show you how to use it.”
Definitely yes! The service, which includes communication, was excellent. I was very pleased.
I really didn't know about annuities. My wife did some homework and found Hersh's site. She asked for the information. First of all, the package was well done. It showed the quotes, the ratings and the returns. It was easy to follow. When I contacted the office, I spoke with Hersh and Kyle. Both answered my questions in a way I could understand. But, never was there any pressure of sense that they were trying to "close" me. They helped me with the application, supplied the necessary mailing materials, and kept me informed through the whole process. There's a gentleman named Kyle who also was very responsive to any concerns I had. All in all, an excellent experience. My wife is ready to purchase and will be working with them soon.
We were provided with all the information that we needed to choose the annuity that was right for us. There were numerous extremely helpful conversations and emails with Ariel Stern in which we were given personal attention and guidance through the process. We were especially grateful that there was never any pressure to make a particular choice, nor any hesitancy in giving us updated information for various options.
Delivered the goods as promised. Would do again.
I bought an Immediate Annuity through this firm, worked with Hersh's son Ariel, and things went smooth as butter. Would be happy to work them again in the future if i need to buy an annuity. Most forms already filled out for me, all I had to do was sign. They are pro's and they know how to get the job done. They also have an excellent informative website, best I've seen.
Throughout the processI always felt comfortable they were putting my needs first.
A friend recommended you. My wife died and I needed additional revenue to be deposited in one account, This was a perfect source. The advice and cooperation from you was extremely helpful and appreciated. Thank you.
Wanted to establish a bit of reliable extra income. Happened onto the Immediate Annuities Web site through an Internet search. Excellent reviews. Most important was the personal and immediate contact from the principals of the firm, who research and handle customer needs themselves. Very thorough from advent of inquiry through to purchase, with excellent follow up, also.
Immediate Annuities had expert knowledge on fixed indexed annuities. I had several questions concerning this very complex insurance product. They were able to answer every one of them and gave me a good understanding of the annuity I eventually purchased. There was no pressure - I made my decision to buy only after I was completely comfortable that it was right for my situation.
Everything went great. No snags. 100% up to expectations.
You made the process seamless and easy! Thank you
Great Service with the most extensive list of annuities available.
Immediate Annuities was very helpful and knowledgeable -- they answered all of my questions quickly. They were usually available when I called or if not a call back within a short time. I tend to ask for lots of help, and ask lots of questions but they were patient and explained everything in plain English. I would recommend their service to others without reservation.
Over the past several years Immediate Annuities has helped my wife and me acquire 8 annuities and we expect to continue buying through them. We've always been completely satisfied.
I obtained one fixed immediate annuity through this company 9 years ago, and another one a short time ago. I have been extremely satisfied with services this company provided. I believe the best way to obtain an annuity in the US is through this company, particularly for a person that does not have enough financial knowledge or time for doing financial research - this company will do all of it for you. They have an outstanding website with very clear and comprehensive information about annuities; additionally, they are thoroughly knowledgeable about annuities, and are always ready to provide any additional personalized information or explanation. Both times when I dealt with this company, they processed my financial application rapidly and thoroughly. I have been highly satisfied with the annuity policy that I obtained 9 years ago through this company, and I believe that will be the case with the additional policy I obtained through them recently too. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is considering a relatively safe investment in an annuity, either as a source of lifelong income, or as an option to receive a better return on a deposit compared to currently available bank interest rates.
I first heard of the company in an article in AARP. It asked the simple question: "Could I comfortably continue to watch fluctuations in the stock market now that I am retired?" It is unexpected for an on line transaction to assume the sense of a personal relationship, but that did happen for me and I did feel both professional competence and personal caring during our interactions,
One of the problems with 401(k) retirement plans is that retirees need to self insure against investment losses and longevity. The answer to the problem is a life annuity with a cost of living adjustment. The Immediate Annuity web site allows you to model different types of annuities and get proposals from multiple annuity providers. We bought three annuities so as to stay under the Massachusetts $250,000 Insurance guarentee cap. The folks at Immedate Annuities walked us through the steps quickly and effeciently sending all paperwork via overnight mail. They helped correct a couple of errors I made on the applications. We have recieved the first monthly payment from each of the 3 annuities and are looking forward to a secure retirement. We will be setting up one more annuity in a couple of months and will definately use this service.
I researched purchasing an annuity for at least a year before I bought one. I found Immediate Annuities on the internet and I was a little hesitant to contact them at first, but I am so glad I did. Their customer service was well above any expectation I could imagine. I was in contact with an actual person each step of the way. I felt the process was personable and my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. I am a highly satisfied customer that recommends this company to anyone looking to buy an annuity!
I compared WebAnnuites with Vanguard and found much better deals with reputable companies at WebAnnuities. The process was clear, easy, and quick. I have recommended WebAnnuities to my friends.
I was able to change my mind for one contract within the review period to another with exceptional service!
Always someone live and knowledgeable to talk with. Appropriate follow up and touch pointss
I asked for quotes from other annuity providers, as I had done my research and I knew exactly what I wanted. I also wanted to roll over some funds I had in deferred compensation. I spent hours on the phone with some places as they tried to sell me items that would make the best commissions for them or were structured in a way that benefited their organization, rather than me. Immediate Annuities provided me with lots of facts on the possible flavors and structures I had as options and helped me roll over the funds I wanted. They were easy to work with and helped me get that outcome that was best for me. They are easy to work with and very accessible. No waiting on long holds to get a customer service person who then bounces you here and there every time you have a question that is outside of their department. Immediate Annuities got it done, were easy to get in touch with, and also very knowledgeable.
The representatives were friendly and helpful and not pushy.
I was fully satisfied with the service I received while dealing with the Stern's.
WebAnnuities was very easy to deal with , they did what they said they would and I was very pleased.
I had been visiting their website and getting a true estimate of the annuity term and rate that I wanted. At one time some 35 years ago, I was a series 7 investment broker and did not need much help. Called immediate annuities and Kyle was very professional. He provided me with the quotes and credit ratings of the insurance providers. Made my choice, all the paper work arrived timely. Had a few questions and Kyle gave me the info I needed. The transaction was easy and I would highly recommend them !!
I did purchase three deferred fixed annuities over the last few months. I started researching several years ago for ways to some more diversification among other investments and real state. I became a self thought investor and financial planner many years ago. Being very familiar with the financial services industry I know how difficult it is to get open and honest information verses sales talk. I highly recommend doing business with Hersh and his team. They were always responsive and followed up with me through out the process. The few questions that they could not answer immediately they got back to me on promptly. Many thanks to especially Kyle and Ariel. We will be talking again soon. Thanks again - Jan Minneapolis
As I started doing research on the possiblity of investing a large part of my savings in an annuity, I was very apprehensive. I spoke with a few friends and a couple financial advisers and each had their own horror story. However, while doing a Google search I (very lucky for me) came across a web site called "". The more I checked this site out, the more I knew this was for me. I made the call and it was the best move I've ever made. Hersh "held my hand" through the whole process and I will be forever greatful. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
If you are looking for an annuity....look no farther.These guys know all the answers,will give you quotes from many insurance companies,and how they are rated by S&P and Moodys.Their book " Annuity Shopper" is a wealth of information on any type of annuity.Their friendly staff are a joy to talk a good neighbor across the back fence.
Getting the right annuity for me was made easy by ImmediateAnnuities. It was user friendly and I will purchase another annuity through the company in 3 years.
Very Professioal and efficient reps
After an early retirement and out of state move, I contacted for their expertise on immediate annuities. Upon completion of the easy step by step process on line, I spoke with Kyle who was professional, knowledgable and courteous. He was patient with my many questions and clearly explained the process verbally and in writing. I have recently received my first payment on time and would recommend! Service is definitely a priority in their company!
if you call back after you bought the annuities service not asgood
This is the second fixed annuity I have bought through this company. I also have bought an annuity elsewhere. These people know the business, and help find the best product at the best price. I was also pleased with the personal help they provided in solving problems in the process.
I didn't know anything about purchasing an annuity. ImmediateAnnuities made the process easy, with easily understood instructions every step of the way.
immediate annuities made the purchase very easy, it was nice to be able to compare the companies and the different types of annuities,
At this point, I have only received the first scheduled annuity payment. But, it occurred on schedule, and for the expected amount. May well use the service again in the not distant future.
I had nothing but super help during the entire process. From the time it was recommended to me to make this purchase, until seeing the money in my checking account. Makes me feel confident that if I ever have questions, they will be taken care of with ease. Thanks
Web annuities did a great job of helping me set up two annuities. They answered all my questions and made sure my paperwork was in order so everything went through quickly. There was no unwanted sales pitch for products I'm not interested in. Everyone I spoke with was knowledgeable and professional. Thanks so much, now I'm ready to retire.
Information and service every step of the way is second to none. Thoroughly impressed with every phase of my transaction and all employee engagement at all levels. They are the essence of professional. Would highly recommend without any hesitation.
Very professional & knowledgeable personnel with prompt follow-up & service.
I found to be helpful, informative, and gave valuable advice on buying my first annuity. I needed advice for this important decision and they provided just what I needed. Thanks so much!
Very easy to use service and the agents are knowledgeable and helpful. Paperwork is well prepared and labelled for easy understanding and access. Response to questions and phone calls during the process was excellent. After service followup, that is, once all papers are signed and money exchanged, could have been better with respect to returning phone calls and emails.
I needed to provide a steady monthly income as I entered the retirement stage of life. I liked the 'cover essentials' concept and needed fixed income. I searched the various Annunities and chose Period Certain since it was a simple concept. My money and a small interest paid back to me. I have learned that if you don't unsterstand something then it may not be for you. I searched several brokerages. Contacted my State Insurance Commision and inquired if H Stern was a clean broker. I was told there were no files against him. I am not sure why I choose IM but I am happy I did. IM is very easy to work with. Annunities, as I found out, require a lot of paperwork. 30-50 pages of reading and signatures. All were completed without problem. Their direct contacts were very helpful. I was assigned an agent but if I called and she was not available another was able to answer any questions directly. I am very pleased with the process, however I do not receive my first check until Jan 2016 so check back in 6 months for an up date. is the way to go is you want a fixed annuity. All of the staff put the customer's interest first. Emails and phone calls are answered promptly. Paperwork packages always arrive next day and are very organized. I my situation I initially was in the process of going through a financial adviser with a MAJOR financial services corporation until I discovered I was being deceived. I had only a few hours to get financial matters changed over to Immediate Annuities...and the staff jumped through hoops to make it happen.
It was a pleasure working seamlessly with WebAnnuities Insurance Agency to establish my annuity for my semi-retirement. Professional and caring people indeed.
I highly recommend this company. The entire staff that helped me get into the right products for my financial goals made the decision an easy one. I received excellent customer service from everyone who I dealt with. I will continue to use this company for future investment needs. Thanks to the entire staff!
I was looking to begin implementing a Social Security bridge as part of my retirement planning. I was interested in 5 and 10 year period certain annuity products and allowed me to easily acquire comparative quotes from several insurance companies. Once I was ready, Hersh Stern and his team were able to quickly guide me through the process with ease. Doing business with them was awesome and I plan to continue to work with them in the future for my annuity needs.
Interestedly I found out about the company in an old Kiplinger article that I saved in my investment notebook. They were very easy to work with and allowed me to buy the type of annuity that I wanted at this time. With all of the volatility in the market I was tired of trying to figure out what to do next. They made my work very easy and helped me find the right type of annuity. Thanks.
This was one of the smoothest business actions we have ever taken. The service was open and informative. Everything was very timely. In terms of the paperwork that had to be done there was full disclosure of everything and the company did everything it could to make things easy for us. We are very, very satisfied and would recommend Immediate Annuities to anyone. Simply put, we are very satisfied.
The people at provided excellent service and paid attention to my needs. I would highly recommend
I was thinking about buying an immediate annuity but uncertain how to begin. I saw a positive reference to Immediate Annuities in a financial planning magazine. Gave the folks at IM a try and I am very glad I did. Their approach makes the process actually simple. My initial phone call was answered by a knowledgeable, professional person; the packet of information arrived quickly which built my confidence in IM. I reviewed offerings from the major vendors and their credit ratings using the materials IM provided. I completed the annuity application and wrote a check for the annuity I decided was best suited to my need. And IM's services were free. This is the way to purchase an annuity.
I turned to Immediate Annuities again after I had a great experience with them about 5 years ago. I am helping my mother acquire another annuity to increase her monthly income and Immediate Annuities made what was a complex process very simple. They follow-up and do what they say they will and provide an extensive list of options.
I would like to say THANK YOU Herst Stern-Immediate Annuities for all the help and patience you had with me while I was making my decision on what was the best avenue for us to take in investing my 401 k. We needed help and you provided guidance and went above and beyond getting us the information we needed to make what we feel is the right decision for us. I really felt comfortable working with you and believe that you had our best interest at heart. It was a very pleasant experience and I could and would recommend your services to anybody that needs help in matters like this.
Purchasing an annuity can be a fairly daunting task, especially for people new to the process. This website educates and clarifies the process in a clear and straightforward manner. Hersh and his entire team have earned my respect and trust. I have purchased a fixed index annuity and a deferred annuity with the help of Adam, and could not be more pleased in both instances. I will definitely use them again.
All of my questions, and the process for getting everything set up and started was pretty straight forward. Every time I felt I needed to call back for help, each person was really knowledgeable and helpful.
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