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IHC Health Solutions Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: IHC Health Solutions
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
We needed Interim Health insurance to cover us while my husband waited 90 days for his insurance to become activated at work. It was $267 per month. I was told that it would be an automatic w/d from checking each month, but the salesperson told me all I had to do is call and it would be cancelled with immediate effect. She didn't mention that if I called after a payment period started that it would be cancelled at the end of that payment period with no prorated refund. I cancelled a few days after a payment was automatically deducted and requested a refund for the unused portion of the month. They said, "No". I appealed, based on the fact that the person who sold me the policy did not mention the "no refund" policy. The response was that it is "clearly" written on PAGE 10 of the policy terms and conditions. I appealed to the Ethics person, hoping that my naivety in believing the salesperson and not looking closely enough at the 10-page document would be given consideration. The person who said "no" in the first place would not give me a direct connection with Ethics. She said she would forward it. A couple of days later, she wrote back saying that Ethics upheld their original position. She said that if I wanted to appeal it, I should send her another note and she would let them know. This Company obviously lacks transparency. Any Company that truly has good Ethics would make it clear how to make a customer complaint and ensure that I was responded to by someone other than the person whose decision I had an issue with...I even tried to write to the President of this Company, but my email was sent to this low level supervisor for handling. I know that "legally" the company is not obligated to make a refund, but in the spirit of transparency and open dealings, they could have made an exception on Ethical grounds. Any Company I have worked for in the past would have done so. Unless you are prepared to ignore the highlights that their salespeople provide and study the 10-page document that covers the policy, don't do business with them. They are a legally, not ethically responsible Company.
I rushed last year when I found out I was losing my coverage and rushed into this last minute. Do not and I mean Do not purchase this scam. They do not cover anything at all. They also have a bogus prescription coverage that is worth absolutely nothing and no pharmacy in the U.S has ever heard of it. I'm trying to figure out how this company and its employees are not in handcuffs because this is pure garbage. If you have a choice between paying out of your pocket and a fine and this choose paying out of your pocket and the fine. I've got a feeling my 4 grand I paid last year went to some warlord in Kenya???
I signed up for insurance and dental 2 months ago, and have never received any actual policy coverage, only the cards. I have cancelled as I spoke with the finance/billing department of a doctor I was considering signing up for, and they had no idea who this company is. Called back to the agent who enrolled me and he couldn't confirm either. THANK GOODNESS I didn't cancel my policy with ObamaCare. As much as I don't like the plan (that was the reason for trying IHC) At least I know what's covered and they do pay what they say. I think this is a scam, like so many have mentioned in these reviews. I wish you all the best. Playing games with people's health, so pathetic. They also told me that this coverage would cover the minimum needed for the affordable coverage act. NOT the Case.
Basically they changed a policy, told my dentist office I did not have coverage however have continued to charge me for months. No response to the "policy services" email or voice mails you must leave.
Before you decide to buy this insurance, just dump 2000.00 in the toilet and flush, because that's exactly what happens... My husband died in Feb 2015, I was left without insurance, I'm very healthy and only got the policy for preventative care... i.e. Colonoscopy, Mamo, Yearly physical. After faithfully paying all premiums on time, was told I was approved for all procedures... Ha...You have to be accepted, not approved... Bottom line. I am on a fixed income after the death of my husband and I have been billed a total of $1355.74. Just to be told... (thank you God) that I'm in perfect health. ** IHC HEALTH SOLUTIONS. I someday hope you need insurance.
I did my health insurance with this company over the phone and billed me twice within a two week period. I tried removing my spouse from policy because he has coverage and they removed him and adjusted the policy. I sent emails in writing with all of this information and the company never followed through. I wouldn't recommend this insurance company to anyone. Horrible service and they take your money and provide you with nothing.
This company has the worst customer service and does not pay the claims. I have given the information they requested several times and they still have not paid the claim. I do not recommend them ever.
If you need insurance for only 6 months (I guess now it's only for 3 months) then this might be an option, but if you need insurance for longer than that then this is not the company for you! Not only will they NEVER notify you when your policy is expiring, they will also supply you with zero written documentation on their policy but rather they will give you a link to print it all out. Their customer service is horrible and don't bother to leave them a message because they will NEVER call you back even though they say they will call you back within the next business day. JUST A HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!
Nefarious business practices. Despite answering all questions accurately and honestly regarding my family's health, I am finding it close to impossible to have claims paid. I have contacted customer service who said there might be a case review to determine if claims were based on a pre-existing condition. GO AHEAD, THEY ARE NOT. Now customer service says they have "flagged" my claims to management for review. What is there to review? I bought and paid for insurance for six months - we had some unexpected medical issues arise in that time, PAY THE DAMN CLAIMS. My daughter is in law school - I am thinking it's time to get some legal advice and letters drafted.
Short term medical, 3 months - They are so janky. I worked with Jason ** and now his office won't answer the phone. I specifically told him what I wanted and the insurance doesn't cover anything. Now I'm stuck with a $1,200 bill. The customer service gave me Arlisa's email and I still haven't heard back from over a week ago. I wish I would've looked at these reviews. Stay Away. I wonder if I can make this a legal issue?
I bought insurance for my daughter who is 28 because we can no longer carry her on my husband's employee ins. We are unable to locate a doctor on the east side of Orlando AT ALL, and we have been looking for over a week. When we call the numbers that used to work for IHC, they tell us to call in the morning and we get no answer. We are getting the runaround. I will probably have to cancel this policy at $125 a month (bought out of open enrollment) because it is useless. I am throwing my $$ away and my daughter can't be seen. Save your money.
Kendall (rep) and Athena (manager) are the rudest people I've encountered in a very long time. After several attempts with Kendall to locate my account by my name, my kids' name, and the amount of the transaction, I asked is there ANY other way to find this charge and cancel the billing. I was told flat out NO by Kendall. I asked to be escalated to a manager to get this resolved once and for all and was sent to a voicemail. I called back again, sent to voicemail. I asked for an address to write management so they know how their customers and being treated when asking for support and again got nowhere with Kendall. I got a call back from Athena about an hour later and she's like "yea, I listened to your call and I checked the system and I can't find you either so how can I help you ma'am..." She came on this phone with animosity towards me without hearing my side of the story. I said, "excuse me, you're being one sided right. First off, I need an address or email when I can send a complaint about the treatment from Kendall." Long story short she blamed me for Kendall not taking extra steps to handle my inquiry. I found out that she could've looked up my account by my ssn but she didn't bother to ask and told me there's no additional options. When I asked about sending the complaint she said "you can send your little letter".... (basically she knows she won't be reprimanded for her poor excuse of support), I kept having to say hello because she kept muting the phone and taking long pauses to respond (as if I was getting on her nerves) (this was the manager #unbelievable) and long story short she hung up on me 6x and still never pulled up my account to cancel. I said, "Athena did you hang up on me?" She responded, "No, I disconnected the call. We're not helping you!" The whole time I had their service the bill was never late $132.09. This needs to be addressed!
I got this insurance because an IHC representative came into our office (my company does not offer health care and my husband is self-employed). I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2016. All my providers preauthorized treatment, and not only did IHC dictate treatment but also dictated where I went for treatment. Half way through all this they cancelled my insurance stating it was a preexisting condition and after the first appeal, decided it wasn't and reinstated it. They continued to delay payments and to this day still have not paid my providers. I have over 2 million dollars worth of outstanding bills. I have just filled my fifth appeal and will probably ultimately declare bankruptcy. It's such a shame they get away with this!
I was laid off 3 yrs ago and needed insurance for myself and my family. I contacted an agent and described to him what I wanted and he gave me information to IHC. I thought it was great at first because it was inexpensive and affordable however, after having it for awhile I found out that they do not cover anything and everything is pre-existing. I was also told by IHC that I had to have life insurance from Mutual of Omaha with the insurance as a package deal which later I found out was a lie. I called to find out where I could go to the doctor or if I would be able to continue to see my same primary doctor and the lady on the phone didn't even help me, she just told me to go to the website.
I was contacted via email by Shanta ** who stated she reviewed my resume on in regards to health insurance experience for work at home. She advised me to contact her for an interview. I contacted her for a interview which was done on the Internet. She advised me of the company IHC group and advised my job description and duties. She asked a series of question just like an interview. She then proceeded to stated I got the job, I will be meeting with someone in person to finish paperwork. She also stated I will be receiving a check via mail to purchase work equipment. Check was sent from Watson ** (training supervisor) for IHC group. However never receive the check. The USPS held the letter for fraud. However this was not updated on the tracking number for over 2 weeks. Once I found out my account was closed for fraudulent activity. Please be aware of work at home scams from these people and anyone. If you cannot go on site for an interview or fly to their nearest location and the company expense for training do not believe it. These people make it hard for people who want a honest living to find a good job. I have my bachelors. All I wanted was a job in my career choice. This make me want to settle for the minimum because I know it is secure.
I have not received not one thing in mail or email about my account etc. No cards no nothing. Try to call over and over no answer. Message says they are closed or on phone. They sure were open to take my money a month ago. I was scammed in a big way!!! I don't have nothing but a bill.
When I signed up for this health plan, the gentleman on the phone sounded sincere and knew what he was talking about. He helped me understand what was going on, and I felt safe and secure in the coverage that should have been provided. The documents I received in the mail looked legitimate, as well, which helped increase my sense of security.That sense of security was utterly shattered the first time I went to the doctor. My deductible wasn't anywhere near what I was quoted. The dental and vision coverage I was guaranteed were simply non-existent. My prescription coverage card turned out to be a VOUCHER, and not even actual insurance! I ought to write to the FBI instead of ConsumerAffairs.
This company is the worst ever. The phone numbers in the identification card don't work. Always busy. If you have a emergency, be ready to drop dead. The only answer you will get is "leave a message and we'll call you in 48 hours". They quicker to take your money. They don't deserve the one star.
I planned to take insurance from IHC for only one month i.e., July month. But they tricked the paper documentation to add Autopayment and left no choice to cancel it through call or on-line. Had to do writings to email [email protected] to cancel the policy. I had did that but it is an automated email system. I have tried to call to the customer care representative but it is going to voice mail. Sure it is a fraud company. Please refund my money. I want to cancel the insurance immediately and don't want to continue. I was locked completely with their hidden rules.
I bought a policy in January when I lost my old plan. As a college student, this seemed like a good price for what's included. Don't do it! Absolute scam. Terrible customer service and virtually unusable coverage. Several companies now have my info and are asking for payments, although I cancelled within a week. I am still fighting charges from them. At least I know better now. Long story short? Scam! Save your time and money!
After 11-1/2 months of coverage, IHC abruptly cancelled my insurance back to Day 1 - as if I never had insurance at all. During those 11-1/2 months I had two surgeries and several doctor visits believing that I was indeed covered. In fact, IHC approved both of those surgeries. I am now having to deal with medical bills totaling several hundred thousand dollars. Logic used was that my situations were pre-existing conditions.
They are quick to take your money. I enrolled and should have known the cost was too good to be true. After reading fine print and realizing that the plan does not meet Obamacare requirements and I can still be fined, I cancelled the next day. Customer service stated I would receive refund LATE December. Still waiting. I plan on contacting anyone and everyone to get my money back!
I recently lost my job and thus my insurance. I went to the Maryland website for the ACA, but because I'd missed the Open Enrollment deadline (hadn't been let go yet), I used the "search for insurance" button. When I clicked on a selection (the cheapest), I got a pop-up saying that I was going to an external website. I agreed, stupidly thinking that it was somehow affiliated with/endorsed by the government. NOPE. I spoke on the phone with "Keith", who enthusiastically extolled the virtues of this *fantastic* plan for only $104 per month. I should have known something was hinky, because that is extremely cheap for insurance.Anyway - I signed up. Waited 2 days for the "ID Cards" to appear in my account on their website. Printed off the Pharmacy ID Card to fill my Rx (Maryland now requires insurance for certain prescriptions), only to be told at the pharmacy, "This isn't insurance... it's just a discount card of some kind. I enter this in the computer and it just gives me all kinds of coupons." I was furious, not to mention embarrassed. I tried calling "Keith"; the phone is answered by a machine which says how important my call is and please hold. It let me hang on "Hold" for about 4 minutes, then says, "Goodbye" and disconnects. I tried it two more times to be certain. Same thing each time.The contact on my account is for DONOVAN **. That number gets a recording which says, "We are sorry, this number has not been set up to take calls." I also emailed, and of course received no response. When the post office opens tomorrow I am sending a certified, signature-required letter demanding they cancel the policy and refund my money. I WISH I'd looked up reviews while talking to "Keith", but that would have done me no good - what I *thought* he told me was that Aetna was the provider (as I understood him). He purposely mispronounced "Ebix", which is not insurance at all. Words cannot convey how angry I am. I'm complaining everywhere I can, including Maryland's website.
My brother purchased a six month temporary policy from IHC. They approved surgery for him from UCLA. Following the surgery they did a "review" and decided that he had a pre-existing condition, denied his claim and left him with thousands of dollars of debt. This is despite the affordable care act which bars denial of claims for pre-existing conditions.
I had an ER visit and they have taken 9 months to tell me it was a "pre-existing condition" and will not pay my bills. I have never had any medical issue to call this pre-existing. They never sent a letter or communication regarding the claims. I will be filing a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner and be filing a lawsuit. Stay away from this company and do not give them your money!
Unfortunately, I had to purchase interim insurance. Unfortunately, when I called the number on the back of my insurance card (Anthem), they recommended IHC and immediately connected me with an agent. Unfortunately I purchased IHC because it does not cover anything as far as I can tell. The insurance card is not worth the paper it is printed on (which is a small slip of paper you print out yourself). I paid more than $400 per month for insurance and found out that even though it supposedly covers two doctor's visit. It DOES NOT COVER routine doctor's visits or anything related to that visit.
Stay away from this company, the enrollment center are full of people that do not know anything and will tell you anything to sign you in. It is hard to cancel the insurance because they don't actually insure you, they send this to other companies and then the other companies. I asked if could get a 1095 and they are refusing to give it to me. They tell you their products comply with the law and then they back off from what they say. They are really a scam.
Because of the affordable care act (ACA) requiring insurance to avoid paying a penalty, I took out a short term insurance with IHC Health Solutions until the next open enrollment. While this company offers the bare minimum, and was a struggle from beginning to end, I was covered by them for 5 months. The problem here is that neither IHCs website or ACA website tells you that "relying on short-term coverage for more than two months would result in a penalty being assessed." This company is taking advantage of those who pay longer than 2 months (thinking they'll avoid a penalty) by not making a clear statement of this on their website. Horrible company.
Find another "outfit". I found their site from a link on a site of a well known National Carrier (made me think it was legit). Does this policy meet needs for ACA? (nope; not if it doesn't cover pre-existing conditions; i.e.: not "creditable"). If "NO", then you will pay a penalty, per conditions of ACA if it is for more than 2 months. (Not to mention that any medical cost will be YOURS). I tried for a month to get my ID Card (they sent a "Welcome email" saying if you don't have access to a printer click this link for customer service. A quick reply via email says you will be contacted within 10 days. After 10 days, no response. Try again, same results. Hmmmmmm, seems to be a pattern). Call my "agent Anthony" - "No problem, I'll send it to you." One week later, he sends email attachment with the 39 page policy (already have that attachment, but no ID Card). Email "agent Anthony"; include all the previous correspondence! I want an ID Card! "Agent Anthony" says he will send me one. Still waiting. Run, don't walk away. Call a Reputable agent; too late for me.
Signed up in January and was told several times that routine exams like colonoscopy would most definitely be covered. Asked 4 specific times and each time told yes. Even followed up with an email. Today called day before procedure just to be sure and was told that they would not cover this procedure. Have never received a copy of our policy, getting through to this company is a nightmare. This entire company is a complete and total fraud. They insure nothing and pay nothing. You can even get cheaper prescriptions through good rx than their plan. Please do not sign up with this company. They are a total sham and fraud.
Please stay away from this company, their customer service is the worst you will ever experience and they have a very misleading info!! I purchased a short term medical insurance for 3 months and I am being charged for an extra month for no reason, and the person at the customer service gives me no explanation and is being extremely rude to me. Save yourself some time and money and never purchase anything from these scammers!!!
Dec 2015 we purchased health insurance through a agent (Infinity HealthCare and life). We were provided agent with CC info for monthly billing. Dec charges applied. Jan 10 I received a cancel letter for nonpayment. I contact our agent here, affirmed our CC info and replied it was a computer glitch. Feb again the same thing. Again I was assured we were covered, Feb 18 I went to Doctor. March 3 I received a statement from IHC Solution regarding processing my claim. On March 15, I received a email from our agent with complete health care coverage information and cards. On march 23 my husband entered the hospital with pneumonia and a blocked intestine only to be told by hospital we are not covered. I have called the agent with no response. I called IHC to be told that charges were denied by my CC. I called my CC and no charges were ever denied. And IHC cannot comment on why I have received now 2 notices about processing my previous office visit - and yet they deny to our hospital that we are insured. I am waiting results if my husband has cancer. I have contacted an attorney regarding this matter...
Don't waste you money. I purchase this insurance because I needed something to carry me over. I had an accident which sent me to the ER for further test. No overnight stay just a few test. They have not paid a penny on that bill. They keep asking for more information which is just a delaying tactic. In December I was contacted by a representative to renew my policy. Well of course my application was denied. They will keep you insured until something happens and then they will refuse to pay. So my advice to people is to look for something else. Because with this insurance company you're wasting your money, you might as well give it to the mob. You will get better protection.
I went online to get health insurance and I came across a company that sold health insurance policies called Insurance Academy. They told me that I should receive my policy information via e-mail and a packet in the mail. I waited several days and never received the information, so I called Insurance Academy and I was told that I would get the information from IHC Group the provider of the healthcare plan. Originally the Insurance Academy told me they would provide me with the information and now it is out of their hands and I have to contact IHC. I became leery at this point and found some unfavorable reviews on Insurance Academy and The IHC Group. Your website finalized my suspicion and I will attempt to cancel my health insurance policy with them.
For 2 yrs or more, I've paid IHC at $60 a month totalling over $1200 dollars in monthly premiums. If in network, my policy was supposed to be 100pct coverage on preventative maintenance. Ie: cleanings etc. On top of my $60 a month premium I also ended up paying roughly $400 additional out of pocket. My dentist pushed a continued balance and billed me fractionally at each visit instead of informing me they were out of network. The minimal billing led me to believe there was a deductible to be met. Once the balance reached $247 the dentist billed me. I asked if they dropped out of network and they said no. Then they informed me they were never in network. After 3yrs! Both the dentist and IHC pointed fingers at one another. Neither had my family's well being in mind. Both only saw dollar signs.There is negative value in IHC's insurance. Literally I could have paid out of pocket and saved hundreds!
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