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Humana Vision Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Humana Vision Insurance
Phone: (888) 371-9538
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I sent in a claim for glasses and lenses because it was a out of network store, Costco, so I haven’t got my money so I call. Guess what? No record of a claim. I’ll make sure everyone and their brother knows what a ripoff they are. I’m going to resubmit the claim and if I don’t get my money it’s the BBB and the ins commission.
Humana for unknown reasons terminated my coverage. Only found out when I tried to use it and was denied. Have now spent two weeks trying to get coverage reinstated. COBRA provider has told them by phone and email on numerous occasions that my coverage should not have been terminated. Despite this and two "urgent requests" for reinstatement Humana has failed to do so and still cannot give me a date when such will be accomplished. Yet they still take my money.
When I started Humana, I was quoted one price and now it has gone up. I also paid on a separate for me on vision and eye. It's been a month and no cards, but I paid my premium. I tried to contact the agent about this and he has not returned my calls. Is this thing a scam? Well I'm looking for another coverage. They advertise all this on TV about how good they are. I think it's a scam to get people hooked and then take advantage. Well I'm also going to check on a lawsuit.
I am posting on behalf of Jean **. Jean fell ill on May 3rd. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital where she was treated for a severe urinary tract infection. The hospital felt it necessary to admit her for treatment because of her vital signs. While admitted, Jean was informed she would need to have extended care because of her impaired vision, hearing, bladder/bowel control, needing oxygen and unable to walk. She was told she would need to be in a rehabilitation facility and would need to look for long term care facility because of her struggles with self medicating and personal hygiene.After one week in the hospital, her health care provider (HUMANA) informed her that they would not pay for Hospital nor needed nursing care. The only reason given was she did not meet the criteria for this type of care. This was done without any HUMANA representative even visiting her in the hospital. Jean has paid her premiums for decades with little claims; however, when she needed her insurance company the most in her final years they have abandoned her. After looking up HUMANA complaints, it appears this is not an uncommon practice for them. I will also copy the OHIO attorney general's office on this matter as well as the other related issues I have found while investigating this issue.
I would give this 0 stars if I could. I had Humana Vision Insurance before I was with my new employer. Once with them, I preferred their coverage so I wanted to terminate my Humana Vision Coverage. I did so in June 2017 along with my Humana Dental coverage. Then in May 2018 I received a letter from Humana essentially saying "thanks for renewing. We will automatically charge your card in June $170 some dollars." The letter doesn't even have a number to call for questions, just the Department of Health and Human Services number for if you have been discriminated against.I started my Humana calling journey on a Tuesday by calling a customer service number on their website. For the next FOUR DAYS and over TEN HOURS of calling NOT A SINGLE PERSON knew what number to send me to in order to cancel Humana Vision coverage (which should already have been cancelled). I asked them numerous times if I was the first person to ever call to cancel a Humana plan - I swear it felt like they were just keeping this going so that they could keep me paying them forever. I mean representatives were literally googling "what number to call for canceling Humana" - seriously if you work there how do you not know this information?! Multiple representatives transferred me to Eye Med (even ruder customer service reps than Humana) and one transferred me to Blue Cross Blue Shield - what in the world?!Eventually, after many days and many hours and many inept customer service reps, someone got me to the right person who actually knew what they were doing and terminated the plan, helped with refunding money, and actually helped us figure out what was going on. If you're in the same boat I would say this is the best number to try: 1-800-708-1147 (choose option 1). Another potential number to use might be 1-866-537-0232. Trust me starting with those numbers will save you 3 days of calling. I will continue to share my poor experience with Humana and let everyone I know that this company is completely inept save one or two customer service reps who were actually helpful. Worst insurance experience I have ever had.
I am very upset about Humana's vision insurance. When I signed up to use it, they did not tell me that my location, Sitka, Alaska, is not in their network. What they cover for out of network customers is not even worth what I pay per month. When I called the phone number on the insurance card, I had to enter a bunch of numbers and then they sent me to several different people before finally telling me I was at the dental department, despite the fact that I called the number on my vision card. The same thing happened when I called the number they gave me. I was told it was for vision but after 10 minutes of pressing buttons and talking to various people, I was then told it was dental. Once, I did talk to someone in vision about cancelling my policy. I was sent around to a few different people before I was finally told that I am under a year contract and need to submit a letter indicating that I want to cancel my policy early and that it will take 30-60 days to process. I was not told when I signed up for the insurance that I was committing to a year long contract. I hope the rest of my experience goes more smoothly than this has. I do not recommend Humana.
I am writing as I just signed up 2 days ago and they have taken $49.99 out my account. I have no ID card. Nothing. I was on the phone for 42 mins getting passed from one department to another and no was able to pull me up in the system. They can take my money but not find me??? Then the last place I was transferred to I got hung up on after 42 min of this with no answers whatsoever. I am thinking that if this is the way their customer service is I picked the WRONG Vision plan!!! Very disappointed.
They sent a letter by mistake saying our dental plan was cancelled due to not receiving payment. (Parents paid it on time.) Then while I thought plan was cancelled they kept charging my parents and refuse to return the money they stole. Never used the plan thinking my account was cancelled. Today’s customer service was absolutely atrocious. The ladies think they knew what they were talking about and it was absolutely wrong. Honestly even Walmart customer service is way better. That’s something crazy to say!
I enrolled in Humana's Dental and Vision plans. Immediately following enrollment I discovered that I was enrolled in Humana's Eyesight/Select plan. My local vision care provider was not part of this Network. They were part of the Eyesight/Insight network. The Humana sales rep never even bothered to check to confirm in which network my vision care provider was a member. I spent 4 days calling Humana to get this changed. They could never find my account and kept transferring me to various departments, none of which could make the change I needed. After 4 days of this runaround I finally called and canceled both Dental and Vision coverage. Humana is terrible to deal with. No one in their organization knows how to resolve issues. Beware before purchasing any of their plans.
My wife had gone to Rosenstein Vision Care in Durham, NC for her eye exam and glasses. She had paid for both thru Humana. She had ordered eyeglasses and when called back to Dr. ** office was told that they were no longer a VSP provider. However, they were listed as a VSP provider on Humana's website. The same situation exists with LensCrafters, Sears and Target. There is misleading information while we are paying premiums each month. This needs to be addressed and corrected.
I recently purchased Humana vision insurance. I got a pair of glasses. Found out that I am paying more for the glasses and insurance than I would pay if I paid for the exam, glasses if I just paid out of pocket for all of it. What a rip-off. I'm hoping I can cancel the insurance and just pay out of pocket for the glasses.
My 2016 card does not show that I entitled to vision benefits (as the 2 prior years); I called, the first rep said that I had those benefits and I was going to receive a new card showing it, but the new one, did not show it either, I called, this time, the rep said I do not have it. On the 2016 book they sent me, on page 104 evidence of coverage it says that I do, then what? Who's going to take care of the problem? Am I going to receive a new card? Humana promises to reimburse expenses but they don't. Humana has not yet reimbursed me the $200.00 allowance for my glasses that I submitted more than a year ago by fax at their request (so they cannot say they did not receive it, Robert was the rep I sent it) reference # **, I sent everything they asked for. I signed up with Humana for 2016 because I did not have time to review all the other companies' services.
My Humana Gold HMO has a basic dental and vision included. The dental says "Bite wing series paid for." The assistant had called for pre-cert and was okayed. Then, I got a bill saying it was not part of plan. They claim I only pay for one set not full, so no payment whatsoever! I appealed twice and the same baloney. I sent the plan info to dentist to fight for me. I will have to get Medicare involved, complain with CA state and go to senior group council on aging to protest. I want this fraud in the newspapers too. When Oct. comes around, I will bolt out of Humana. They have big money for tennis tournaments but none for claims.
I wasn't sure if I was covered for vision insurance with my health insurance so I decided to look elsewhere. I have been seeing the same eye doctor since I was a child and I can't imagine going anywhere else. I found my provider accepted Humana vision insurance so I decided to apply. I was preliminary approved on the 10th. By the 11th, they (Humana) had already taken my money out of my account. But according to them, I wouldn't start coverage until the first of March. I was simply applying to see if they would accept me and I thought I would have the final say if I wanted this coverage. I guess I was wrong! So I called to tell them about this and they immediately asked if I wanted to cancel, so I said yes! Blah blah blah. They cancelled it and said that the refund is going to take 45 days. Because I wasn't aware that they would take the money out so quickly, they caused me to have an overdraft fee which they are not reimbursing. So you mean to tell me that it takes you one day to take my money but it takes you 45 days to give it back. I am so angry. I never ever write reviews but these ** deserve every bad thing that is said about them. They are scum and even if they were the last insurance to take me, I would never, never ever go with them. I would rather be sick and broke.
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