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Humana RightSource RX Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Humana
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 3 %
I have had over two years of experience with RightSource and now Humana Pharmacy. It is by far the worst experience I have ever encountered with customer service and website. I ask for things that do not happen. I am shipped things I do not order. Prescriptions take weeks to fill and ship. My doctor sends information that is not received or acted upon.
When I signed up for RightSource, it took over 2 months to get my prescriptions filled. They kept asking for "more information" but did not say what info they wanted. They almost harassed my doctor's office with continual faxes. The prescriptions were finally filled. Now, a year later, I tried to refill my prescriptions and my account with them has disappeared, as has my husbands. They want to start all over, faxing my doctor, etc, while we both go without needed medications. The website rarely work, the automated telephone system has NEVER worked for me. The reps are uneducated about their job and everyone gives you a different (and WRONG) answer. Avoid this company if you possibly can.
I placed an order shown as refillable on July 18th. On July 24th I received a form letter stating the refill prescription was either not in my plan or provider had not authorized it. I contacted my provider, spoke to his nurse who said she has sent authorization. I call the RightSource customer service line, waited 9 minutes and had to hang up for an appointment. Called back the automated system, couldn't find my ID or date of birth. Finally after another 6 minutes, the operator said it wasn't cancelled (even though on their website that what was displayed). He transferred me to a specialist who said it was not authorized by my provider and they needed to fax the authorization to them. Much easier to just go to your local pharmacy, especially if you've run out your prescription.
I received a call from a machine today, did not understand the issue and could not reach a person. Right Source is among the worst organizations I have dealt with. Their service is particularly bad if a person is on Medicare and needs some additional help because there is no way to easily get to a person who can do anything. I cancelled my Humana drug plan because of these people. It doesn't matter when you call. They always experience longer than normal hold times and no one answers.
I am on Tylenol with Codeine for chronic pain. The price has been $20.90 for months, however in April without explanation it went to $41.50. When I tried to call the 800 number, there was only a computer with no human answering it. I emailed them and went back and forth, when they told me the drug company had increased the price. I contacted our pharmacist who said they had not increased the price. I was told the pharmacy make an error, the pharmacy said no they hadn't. When I renewed the script after complaining to the CEO the price was $20.90, after at least 30 excuses as to the price increase in emails. My husband happens to be on this same medication, and he had paid $20.90 for months, then when he renewed it in May the price was $41.50 again.We have complained to the CEO, the Inspector General for Medicare, White House and our Senator. They have not covered drugs they are supposed to cover, not paid the minimum coverage they are supposed to pay, have charged different copayments for the same medication my husband and I are both on. All of these problems seem to have occurred since they got a new CEO. I will be changing companies in open season.
I have quit using Humana and Right Source. I have changed to another provider. Although I have sent them emails, voicemails and snail mail, as well as talked to their customer service department, they keep trying to fill my prescriptions by phoning me and mailing me letter after letter. I have filed a complaint with Medicare and another with the state insurance commissioner's office, yet they keep trying to contact me. This is harassment. I guess my next option is to contact an attorney and sue them for harassment. I don't want to do that, but it seems to be my only other option. I just want them to leave me alone. They could not or would not provide with the service they supposedly provide when I was a customer and now that I went somewhere else they won't leave me alone, claiming to be concerned about my health. That is BS. They never could get it right when I was a customer and they never will. Their so-called customer service people were rude and very uncaring, and still are even though I am no longer a customer.
My husband has just experienced the most frustrating and unprofessional experiences in his life. The staff at RightSource is unprofessional, not consistent in their responses and certainly not empathetic to the customer's concerns or needs. There are multiple issues with Humana and RightSource. My husband called to have his blood pressure medicine refilled and requested that the charge be applied to a particular credit card. He was told there would be no charge, even when he asked multiple times. RightSource charged his debit card, not the card requested. When we refused shipment & returned the package, unopened, the package was returned to us with instructions to call for a return label. When my husband called for the label, he was told "no, the pills are yours!" In the meantime, the doctor sent a script to Walgreen's for blood pressure pills and Humana denied the script! My husband is now 2 weeks without blood pressure medicine! The doctor's staff tried calling and working with Humana and RightSource and experienced the same unprofessionalism, rudeness and lack of customer service. We are spreading the word: No RightSource!!!
I have never in my life done business with such rude people. Not only did they put me on hold forever, when I told them about it, they hung up on me. Stay away!
This company is absolutely useless. I have had NO prescriptions, WRONG prescriptions, INCORRECT dose prescriptions. For ONE medication I have been on hold for 15 minutes. DO NOT USE THEM. Go to Walmart.
My doctor called in a prescription to Right Source on 7/5/12 for a medication to help with significant functional impairment caused by a medical condition. I got email that prescription was under review. I called my doctor a couple of weeks later after talking to RS and learned the order was under review and it required additional information. RS said they were in communication with my doctor to obtain the needed information. When I talked with my doctor to inquire about this, he said he had had no communication from RS whatsoever. I called RS and they said the order was denied, but they claimed they couldn't tell me the reason for the denial because it is only on their computer system for a limited time. I was told they mailed a letter informing me the reason for denial in mid-July and I have yet to receive it at the end of the month. I called again today and was told it was rejected because it required step therapy, meaning I'd have to fail to get a good response from other drugs before they would authorize the next tier. They also claimed that they sent a letter to my doctor in mid-July explaining this and how to go about rectifying the situation. My doctor hasn't heard from them. I had to ask what would be the first approved medication they would allow me to have. If they had simply told the doctor or nurse, who called in the initial prescription, the first medication would be rejected and what to go with, then I'd have my medication by now. I complained about this to RS customer service and the first person (who was clueless) didn't even bother to say, "I apologize for that." I guess that's optional now as they probably pay minimum wage to high school graduates to man the phones. Denying medication plus causing an unnecessary delay in getting what they will pay for is medical neglect in my opinion. I also happen to be a Humana employee and can tell you many others have very strong complaints about Right Source. I can also say they offer poor insurance to their own employees. Back to RS, I was even told by a former employer's benefits administrator that he does not use it himself because it is so prone to mistakes and problems. The sad thing is I heard from Humana members that some are forced into using RS for maintenance medications. I really feel this borders on anti-trust violations. Certainly, from the posts I have read with jaw dropped, it also sounds like the evidence might support charges of fraud involving the postal service. In orientation, they told us Humana was founded by two lawyers whose loved ones were mistreated in nursing homes. So they wanted to build a company that treats those it serves like family members. I guess they meant family members they wanted to mistreat. Run from Humana and Right Source! So much for the private sector being the best steward of how healthcare is delivered.
It took a month but the problem was handled to my satisfaction but only after posting on this web site, Consumer Affairs, did I have an open door to RightSource through the parent company, Humana! RightSource must be a new company because Customer Service apparently can't do anything and has no procedures to fulfil the client's needs. I have never had any other company tell me I was out of luck with a resolution and there was no way I could talk to a supervisor. My problem should have taken one phone call!!!
After several years of filling my scheduled II chronic pain medicines, RightSourceRX informed me that they were no longer filling schedule II drugs. They stated that this has been in effect since June 2012. I have received no notification of this being a new policy. I looked online to check the status of my refills and found the prescription not listed as being received. At first, the CSR told me that either I or my doctor had cancelled my mail order prescription so I could fill it locally? I was transferred to Allona, a pharmacist, and was told that the DEA was cracking down and that their pharmacist denied my prescription, but filled my other medications. They mailed my filled prescriptions to the address requested, but the refill for my pain was sent to my Tennessee address. I am in South Alabama on vacation and I put my mail on hold in Tennessee, so since they did not mail my prescription back to the address requested, I could not even take it to a local pharmacy to have it filled. After asking Allona on what to do, she told me to go to the ER for the pain and explain to the ER what happened with the mail order. That was not an option because it was not an emergency and not the right thing to do! I asked to speak to a supervisor and was called by a pharmacist named Claire. She explained basically the same thing restating the drug problem in the United States and a crackdown from the DEA. I can find no information about the policy change on either Humana or RightsourceRX web sites, no comments from people on the internet either. This policy change, without anyone being notified, is going to cause undue suffering to many patients. This is not an acceptable standard of care for patients.
I have been without my medically necessary prescriptions for three weeks. I made sure to have my prescriptions refilled 2 weeks before they were due, so that I would not have a lapse in taking them. At 5 days late, I called Humana to ask where the prescriptions were, and was told they were in process. At 2 weeks I called, and I was told that the prescriptions were in process. At three weeks, I have called 4 times to urgently get my refilled prescriptions, and each person has told me that the prescriptions were in urgent status to be sent and would arrive no later than today.Today, there are no prescriptions here. Because they have already used my refill quota for the month, I cannot fill the prescription for the month. My doctor and I have spoken, and we will not use Humana pharmacy again, my doctor will call them into a walk in pharmacy but I will have to pay out of pocket to purchase urgent need for prescriptions at walk in clinic now, for this month. Because this is close to $1000 in out of pocket expenses, I am not able to purchase the prescriptions myself. I have asked to speak with a supervisor at Humana and have not received a callback. I am reporting all of this as a well versed RN with 30 years of work experience. Imagine a non-medical patient trying to maneuver such a broken system. Humana should be held accountable. It jeopardizes patients' health and perhaps their life.
I am a totally dissatisfied customer who will move away from Humana RightSource at the next re-enrollment opportunity. I have been generous with my patience, allowing RightSource three strikes before I declare them "out". Here is the third strike. Last week I received a reminder from Humana RightSource that I was due to reorder a medication which no longer allowed for a refill. I agreed, via RightSource's website, that they should contact my doctor for a new prescription. At that point the order had a prescription number, but soon after I saw that the order had been cancelled with no reason given. I called my doctor on Monday and the doctor called in the prescription. When nothing showed up on my order status late Monday, I called RightSource and was told the prescription had been received; it just didn't show up yet. On Tuesday, when there was still nothing on the website, I called and was told they never received the prescription. I called the doctor's office and they agreed to call again. When nothing showed up today, I called RightSource several times trying to get consistent order status info and register a complaint. On one of the many calls, I was told they had received the phone order and on another that no order had been received; i.e. information was contradictory, both for the specific order and how to register a complaint. On what I think was my final call for the day, I was told that they wouldn't take orders over the phone from a doctor's office, all orders have to be faxed in. My doctor's office has kindly agreed to fax the info in tomorrow, i.e. Thursday. I am hoping this works, and this will be over. If it isn't, I don't know what to do next. (Any suggestions?) If it is, I will be tremendously relieved. However, since this is the third order with which I've had problems, my negative feelings about RightSource have been solidified.
I wrote a letter to Michael Mac Calister, CEO of Humana/Right Source. It was written on 6.13.11, forwarded to Grievance and Appeals Department and the final response was received 7.23.11.My grievance was explained, but the Rx I send to him was lost and they have no record of receiving.How can one expect to be listened to when the CEO doesn't?Future members, beware. I will be writing to Medicare to have them removed from the suppliers' acceptable provider list Medicare plan "D".They are totally incompetent.
Phone calls for whatever reason are an hour or longer. The customer is on hold most of that time and has to repeat same information of Human ID, DOB, etc. Agents who give contradicting information, put you on hold for half hour or more, apologize but never solve a problem, are the usual customer experience. A vicious circle between Humana and RightSource continues on and on. Medications sent and charged without being ordered, without being a new prescription, and for no reason. These cannot be sent back. Then another prescription that was not requested was not sent but RightSource said it was sent. This holds up refilling that prescription from any other pharmacy so you are off the medication completely. Their whole attitude is "I don't care, I apologize." Their logo should be of a person yawning and asleep to emphasize their customer service.
I was on the phone for over an hour and a half with a simple request, or so I thought it was. I needed a mail-order override for diabetic testing strips for my mom until Rightsource would send the shipment. I spoke to over 6 people, got disconnected 3 times (most of them didn't even know what a "mail-order" override was). They kept putting me on hold for long periods of time and then transferring me to other people. I had to keep repeating the same information over and over again. To make it worse, one of them didn't even listen to my request because, after putting me on hold numerous times, when he finally came back with what he thought was the solution, he said he strongly suggests that I get a mail-order override until I received the medicine. That is exactly the reason why I was calling! I finally gave up after an hour and a half of getting transferred and placed being on hold and disconnected. I called my mom's doctor and asked them to fill the prescription at my local pharmacy instead, which I can now pick up in about 1 hour! I then called Rightsource back to cancel the order, and the person did not speak clearly at all. I could not understand what she was saying and I kept asking her to please speak clearly. I was then placed on hold again for about 15 minutes and finally, she said the order was successfully cancelled! Enough said.
Three consecutive refills, three consecutive notices from Right Source that my Doctor never responded and three consecutive calls to Right Source giving them the correct TF and fax number for my Dr. Right Source "corrects" after each 30 minute call, but persists in using a TF number not used by Dr. in 7-8 years and a fax number for a practice she left over a year ago. Each time I call and give them the correct number, I am assured it won't happen again... and it does. It not that Right Source makes mistakes. It's that it has demonstrated an absolute inability to correct its mistakes. The gentleman from its Resolution Center, Eddie (declined to provide his last name) was rude, interrupted constantly and never let you finish a sentence before beginning to talk over you. This is the first time I have ever posted a complaint about a company, but then Right Source is the worst company with which I have ever dealt.
Do your homework, do your homework! I had a fast talking agent give me this big spill on how wonderful this ins was; and yes, their drug plan would cover all of my scripts. That was a joke! Silly me enrolled right on the phone, then started checking into whether certain of my drugs were covered...especially **. Guess what? No way did they cover this drug unless I took the generic brand; which I'm allergic to! They didn't care. There one or two drugs they don't cover. And now, I've tried to dis-enroll; they said they'd do that but so far I'm still in their system! Now, I've been spending the past week trying to get back with my former insurance co through TRS. Folks, please do your homework first!!!
Once again screwed over by Right Source. My meds were ordered on the 4th of December. There were several placed at once. I got a month supply instead of my normal 3-month supply. My doctor wrote it the way he has always done. They claim he has to write it stating 3 months which in the past he never had to. They had always sent 3-month supplies. My last medications that were ordered on that date I finally received right before Christmas. And one medication I had to have them cancel because it was not on the medications my doctor ordered. I have a feeling they put someone else's with mine. I kept checking online everyday to see what was going on with my meds and happened to catch this one. And of course, the day I called to cancel that medication once again, their computer system was down. But when I was transferred to a supervisor, they were able to cancel. Of course, I said I would sue if they charged my bank account for the medication. On top of that, they were holding a script until they could call and verify that I wanted it because the insurance didn't cover it which they have never done before. And since I was already out, I had my doctor call my pharmacy right down the street because it was my mental meds and well, you are not supposed to be without those.There needs to be a class action lawsuit against this company. In the past several years that I have been forced to use them, I have had way too many issues, not to mention that they have lied several times about their policies. And I can never get a straight answer on how much my meds will cost when I call and for people on a set income, this is important. Plus reading all the other complaints and that's just the people who actually do complain. I know of several people stuck with pharmacy and have issues all the time but won't complain. And it's the end of the year, so next month the costs will go up, and now, I am forced to pay even more for meds I should have had two months of not having to pay that extra cost.
I have been using RightSource for several years and have not had a problem with their service. When I go to my physician, I request that he write prescriptions for 30 days and for 90 days. That has been very helpful in being able to get my prescriptions and be able to mail them without interruption.
We refuse to provide a Credit Card and we pay by check! We received a form for my wife's insulin from RightSource. Filled out the form, attached the check and mailed it on April forth. Called RightSource today (April 20th), they acknowledged receiving the check and did nothing about filling the prescription! They do not know how to process prescriptions paid by check...
On July 22, 2016 I called Humana to process a refill on my wife's prescription for ** that was on file and had one refill. The order was placed by customer service agent J.R.. Then on July 25, 2016 I called to check the order status. I have had problems in the past with Humana not processing my refills properly. At this time I was told that I had no order in the system and that my order that I placed on July 22 was cancelled. The customer service agent could not tell me who cancelled the order or why the order was cancelled. I told the agent that my wife was going to run out of her current supply of ** in 3 days. She placed the order again and agreed to pay for 2 day delivery.I received an email from Humana saying that my order was in process on July 26, 2016. I called to determine what that actually indicated about the status of my order. At this point I was told that there was no credit card attached to the order and was waiting for a credit card. I reminded the agent that my credit card was on file with Humana. Somehow their system doesn't connect the two pieces of information, the order pending and a credit card on file.Then the agent called the pharmacy to push the order through the system. He told me that he would call me on July 17 with an update as to when the order would should. He did call me on July 28 only after he was given permission by his supervisor that it was ok to call me. He told me the shipment would arrive the next day on July 28. It is now 6:00 pm on July 28 and there is no delivery. What I did receive was an email saying that my order had been shipped and it would take 3-5 days to be received.Humana never showed any concern that my wife might die without receiving her ** on time. They did not offer any alternative solutions like having me pickup 1 vial of ** at my local pharmacy. I solved the problem by going to my wife's doctor and explaining the situation. The nurse said let me check our refrigerator and gave us 3 ** pens each with 100 ml of **.Now you draw your own conclusion based on the facts I have presented if Humana acted professionally, ethically with compassion and understanding the life threatening implications of the situation. As for me, I will never ever use Humana 90 day mail order pharmacy again. I will also not choose Humana for her health insurance either.
My wife and I have been a customer of Humana since 2010. We've made no changes regarding our medical provider, but when we continued to use their services in 2016 Humana Pharmacy (previously RightSourceRX) discontinued all our prescriptions. I contacted them, was told that the "lost" prescriptions could be reinstalled and I was then allowed to place an order. Absolutely nothing happened. I was then required to have my doctor fax all new prescriptions to the pharmacy and theoretically an order was then created for all these prescriptions. I now discover that that order has been delayed since contact with my doctor is required!!! As a diabetic, I've now been out of one of my critical prescriptions for over a week and I've had to request that my doctor sends another prescription to a local pharmacy. If I could rate Humana Pharmacy with a negative rating, I'd do so.
If you are considering enrolling in this drug plan you may want to think again. Read these reviews first. I have read many of them and unfortunately I can say that I have had many of the same problems dealing with Right Source RX. It seems like they are more interested in finding a reason not to fill your prescription rather getting your medication to you. Their preferences in communicating are faxing to doctors' offices and vague automated phone calls to their customers. It is extremely difficult to talk to a person and when you finally get a real person they cannot help you and will not connect you to someone who can. In reality there is no customer service at Right Source RX. This is absolutely the worst business I have ever tried to do business with. I can tell you these negative reviews about Right Source are not exaggerations. They are true facts. Humana medical plans are good and I am pleased with my experience with them. It is hard to believe that Humana lets Right Source RX drag them down.
HUMANA/ Right Source: I have a Humana Part D drug plan. At some point Humana stopped covering the more expensive drugs that my wife needs and, of course, they continued to cover the "cheaper" ones. If I buy my wife's medicine from Humana, these particular drugs (2 of them) would cost us $ 469.80 per month AFTER the deductible has been met. I can buy the very same medicine on the retail market for $150.75. I wrote Humana and explained the situation and they replied that I can't quit them until Oct. 15th, 2015 which is the next enrollment period. Today is April 14th, 2015. Therefore, I have to continue to pay them their monthly premiums even though I'm not buying medicine from them. This should be illegal.
This company is the biggest joke I have ever come across. Medicare automatically enrolled me into their prescription drug program and you have to jump thru a bunch of hoops and send in a letter just to cancel your account. They are meanwhile charging you for it!
Hello my name is Barry **. My experience with rs has been great. I always have my humana ID. I never complain. I understand that (customer service) are not the pharmacist, and or pharmacy. I always tell my doctor not to send in a new rx until I'M ready. I make sure that I have enough medication until my next fill date. Yeah I understand they may seem a little upset but is only because they work 12 hours a day. Though they want to help and understand, I'M old I need to speak up loudly and clearly. They aren't my insurance company so when prices go up my insurance company doesn't cover them anymore, I should be careful.A normal refill process take this much: Verify the member
Give the last 3 digits of rx #
Repeat the shipping address 2x with agent
Confirmation #
It takes 7-10 for refills. 10-14 days for new ones. I always have enough to holdThe endPrior authorization, I always tell my doctor to call it in then since he can't fax it I give him the number 800-555-2546. Otc is another department. CC info is needed in the automated call always. And it's fast even though I have no copay it won't charge me. Customer service needs to know how to manage phone calls. If they want to say something I don't interrupt because they have the info I need to get my meds. AND I ALWAYS CHECK MY MAIL FIRST BEFORE I CALL TO TRACK MY PACKAGE. Keep in mind the tracking # for post office is more than 30# long. Always talk loud and clear because they can't hear you well because they work without walls next to each other. Mondays are the busy days always so transfer calls take a while. System do crash when a lot of member calI .........I should make a book called rightsource for dummies. I can go on and on. But I make sure to keep you posted. Ask questions. They know you don't want to pay a dime for your generics, trust me every one like knows we need Lisinopril, Omeprazole, Ext...Explain to them we need the supply you need. I don't always give them the proper information so they ask me a lot of questions. My doctors always make the mistake of not putting in the prescription (do not fill until after 1-1-14).
I have never used a mail order for prescriptions but decided to use them since it's part of my Part D plan. My prescription was received on Jan. 13 and is still not filled. When I called customer service to ask why it was delayed, their answer was "I don't know. Check back in a few days." When I called to ask why another prescription was showing up for the same medication, they said "I don't know." The next day that new one was in Cancelled status and the original one said Delayed. Another phone call and I get "I don't know. Check back on Friday." Also I was told to take a deep breath and count to 10. Oh, and to top it off they charged my credit card $347.00 on January 14. Meanwhile we had to get a few samples from the doctor to get me by. Now today January 27 the status says Delayed and when you click on the More Details it says "Your order has been delayed. We are working to correct the issue and should have your order processed within 3-5 days." If their performance is this bad, who’s to say they will send the right medication. I do not trust this company at all and will NEVER use them again. I don't see how they stay in business with such poor handling of a prescription.
Was ordering meds thru Right Source - started to feel bad after taking some of the meds for awhile... Called the pharmacist and inquired about the meds as to find out if there were some fillers or other ingredients that may have been in the meds that had not been there from other manufacturers.... He could not answer, told me to contact my DR... After doing a little research, I found that all my meds were manufactured outside the US mostly in India.... Why can they import my meds from other countries and tell me it is against the law to order my meds from foreign countries??? I quit using them and use a local pharmacy and have not had any more weird side effects..... Check all your labels and look up the mfg. Who knows what is being put in these meds from foreign countries...
I want to say so far, I am satisfied with the service.
On at least 6 different times, 3 in the last 3 weeks they have withdrawn money from my account without my permission. Most recently $194.00 which caused a roller coaster of returned checks and $32.00 fees for each. They never contacted me in any way to tell me they were withdrawing or what the amount was??? Plus they don't reimburse returned check fee even though it was their fault. I do not allow automatic withdrawal and spoken with Humana more than once about this including today. I just withdrew all my prescriptions from them today. I don't trust them anymore. I live on Social Security and those bounce fees are my food and expense money!!! I just withdraw all my prescriptions from them.
When I asked Rite Source to fix their communication problems of having my wife get a communications authorization from me "every time" she needs to conduct our business. I asked the customer service agent for an 8D Corrective Action form to be sent to me. She didn't know what I was talking about. I asked her supervisor for the same. Same story. Rite Source as a whole doesn't know what problem solving is and has never heard of an 8D corrective action form. This explains all of their problems. Weeks later, I still have not received the form. This is Rite Source's customer service in a nut shell--sheltered by their "that's not our policy" umbrella and no response beyond that.
We submitted several prescriptions on 1/5/13. We received all but a depression medication by 1/30/13. As of 3/12/13, we still have not received the depression medication despite numerous phone calls and being "misled" by their customer service folks. We have had to resort to taking a pill every other day for 3 weeks - this seems a little "dangerous," but have no other option at this point. This company is the worst! Here's the background.The original prescription was written to not be a generic med (doesn't work), so the doctor wrote something like "do not dispense generic." Apparently, they didn't like this, so they suspended the order without any notification to us. I called and was told that we needed to have the doctor write another prescription with "D.A.W" (dispense as written) clearly stated on it. The doctor’s office complied and faxed them the prescription. The Right Source online status showed as "Faxed" beginning 2/14/13. Our credit card was charged for the 90-day amount. We assumed that we would receive the order shortly. On 3/4/13, we called Right Source, informed them that we had not received shipment and only had a few pills left. We were informed that there was a "problem in shipping," but that they had resolved it. Since we were out of medicine, they would expedite our order and we'd receive it by 3/6/13. We decided to take the remaining pills every other day.Being a little skeptical, we checked the status online on 3/5 and saw the order was on "hold", so I called customer service again. I was told that this is "typical" when the order is being shipped. They put me on hold and came back to tell me that the order was scheduled to go out the door by noon and that we'd still have it by 3/6. Again, it sounded good. I was starting to get irritated (probably due to inconsistency in taking medicine).On 3/6, we noticed that the status was still “on hold" after we did not receive the order. I called again at 7pm and was told that there was a problem with the order and it had to be "restarted." I asked to talk with a supervisor who told us that they had fixed the problem and that we'd receive the order within the next several days. The next day, the order went back to an "order placed" status and the date on it was changed to 3/6. This seemed odd to us and it was obvious that the process had been started over again. This was becoming a complete joke.On 3/8, we were completely out of pills and decided to call the doctor to issue another prescription so we could get pills from the local pharmacy. We didn't want to screw up the Right Source order, so we paid "full price" for 7 of the pills, hoping to just have to wait another week. (We didn't know that the pharmacy was going to submit the prescription a few days later to see if they could get the 30 days approved).On 3/11, the order still was not received and the online status was still in "order placed", so I called again. I was told that the order was now canceled because our local pharmacy had called to get a 30-day prescription filled and that this had been approved. As a result, they were no longer able to issue our prescription. What? I was told that the only solution was to call and have my local pharmacy cancel the 30-day prescription, then call back Right Source and have them start our order over again. At this point, I was not happy at all. I asked the customer service rep to walk me through how this could possibly have happened since this order had been in the system (and supposedly being processed) since early January. She made up all kinds of stories (none of which made any sense) and said that there was nothing she could do. I persisted and said that I wanted them to override this on their end and not require me to call back and start this whole process again with another customer service rep. At this point, we've been on the phone for about an hour. The rep finally said that she wanted to put me on hold to talk with her manager. Finally, she came back and said, "My manager looked at the order and noticed that there was a problem on 2/14 when the order was reversed. A flag was set to put the order on hold and we need to reverse the order again and then resubmit it in order to get everything re-set." At this point, I didn't even know what to say. Heck, I didn't even know why they reversed the order on 2/14, but I am tired of discussing it. The rep put me on hold for 20 minutes and then came back and said that everything had been cleared up and the order had been resubmitted. We should get the order by 3/15. Did I believe her? Heck, no. It is currently 3/12 and I can't tell you whether or not the order will be here on 3/15. That isn't really the point of this review. This kind of "customer service" is completely unacceptable. Unless you have no option, don't ever use Right Source. I am extremely dissatisfied with their customer service and lies.
I have been using RightSourceRX for about four months. Their responsiveness to my inquires have been inconsistent, usually entailing five to ten-minute waits as the questions are researched. RS service has been inconsistent. Sometimes, I get the correct answer immediately; other times, not. Most recently, I placed a new prescription order on-line and requested expedited delivery, paying the additional $17 for this service. Several days later, I found out that the order was being filled without expedited delivery. Somehow the request was not carried out. I once again requested and provided credit card information to pay for expedited delivery. Two days later, while making another inquiry, I found out again that the order was not being processed with expedited delivery. To RS's credit, they still were able to expedite deliver and did not charge me. However, I would not have uncovered this were it not for having to clear up an order discrepancy caused by my medical provider.Today, I needed RS’s assistance with getting my on-line account to work. To date, I have been unable to see any prescription history or a list of the prescriptions I have on file. I called customer service. I was first miss-routed to Humana’s technical support and then routed back to an RS service rep who placed me on hold at least four times as he attempted to connect with RS’s technical support. After the last request to place me on hold for another "two to three minutes", the apparent standard response, I noted that I had been on the phone for almost an hour. I requested that he have the appropriate person contact me by telephone or e-mail. I was told that they would not contact me by telephone, but only by e-mail, at which point I terminated the call. As an aside, throughout the call the volume level coming through from the RS phone system was so low I was barely able to hear the rep with my phone volume turned up to maximum. My prescriptions are being filled, although with some processing difficulties. I do not have the ability to use the on-line system to request refills since my prescriptions on file are not visible to me on-line. Service is sufficiently spotty that I will likely choose a different prescription drug provider during open enrollment at the end of the year.
I previously used RightSource mail order pharmacy but discontinued service due to their abusing my credit card. When I first signed up for the service, I was told I could charge up to $30.00 a month in prescriptions. I paid my bill every month, and it never even reached $30.00. On one prescription I needed right away, I got a call (automated, of course) and they told me I needed to pay for it before it would be shipped. Not knowing what the problem was I gave them my credit card number, but it was just for that time. After that they started slapping charges on it every time I ordered a med. When they dipped into my grocery money that did it. I stopped using them and transferred my scripts to a local pharmacy.Now a year later I am getting calls from them, every day, two and three times a day, and they're always automated calls. I called and finally reached an associate and told her that I was having problems with harassing calls, but she of course couldn't help me, and put me on hold and LEFT ME THERE. I guess I will have to change my phone number just because of them now.
If I could I would give Humana zero stars, or better yet, negative stars. In addition to other problems (described in another review) that almost bankrupted us despite our having employer chosen health insurance and despite paying hundreds a month out of my paycheck toward the premium, and after averting bankruptcy from the medical debts resulting from unethical and illegal Humana practices, we are still left with $36,000.00 in medical debt we shouldn't have. We also cannot access hardly any medical care! There are very very few medical providers in Humana's network, and those very few who still are in the network are telling Humana patients they are not taking any new patients (meaning, no new Humana patients!).There are zero medical specialists (like cardio and gastro), emergency physicians, ambulances, emergency radiologists, mammogram services, and the list goes on and on, within 100-300 miles of us! It has been this way for an entire year with no relief. I and my employer are paying premiums for a plan that is providing no actual medical network. Humana routinely denies medications even after their necessity has been established. It forces our physicians to jump through hoops until they refuse to do it anymore and we are just out of luck. In addition to new meds, it denies those we've taken for years with no issues. Humana also moves meds from tier one to the more expensive to us tiers, and it also entirely drops meds from its formulary.In our over 60 years of life, this past year with Humana is the absolute worst health care we've ever had, and it is due to Humana not providing a network of providers and interfering in our medical care by dictating what we can and cannot have regarding procedures and medications. At this rate, as far as our healthcare goes, we might as well be living in an under-served third-world country.
Humana does not know I was with them for many years, they lose records left and right, they sent me a letter wanting me to prove that I had part D coverage or pay a large penalty. It was them taking money each month from my SS account. I have kept the records. They have not. They want to penalize me for not being covered? They were supposed to be covering me, they were paid too, but I think they did not know. What a company, very mismanaged.
I'm going into my second year with them. I was unable to switch to another company for a number of reasons. 1) It takes forever to get to talk to a live person 2) They frequently send me emails or make robo calls to me that are inaccurate, 3) I've placed about 10 orders with them and they have yet to get even one correct.
In reading the reviews on this site, I just cannot believe the negative reviews. I understand that each circumstance is different but all of my friends and family are 110% satisfied with the customer service and timely delivery of medications. Every once and a while, there is an issue that arises due to the fact that one of my medications is a narcotic and needs prior authorization. I understand that it is not Right Source that makes the laws and that they must follow strict guidelines. Because a few bad apples spoiled the bunch by taking the medications recklessly, we have to suffer. That is not Right Source's fault. Something I have come to understand is that the customer service rep is not a pharmacist or the person actually shipping the medications. The reps have always been very nice with us and if they place me on hold, it is never for long and I understand why they do it. Imagine trying to read a book with someone yelling in your ear or having an awkward silence. Sometimes just like me, the reps need a moment of silence to process the information. I order my meds like clockwork every 60 days (so that leaves me 30 days worth of meds), so I do not run out of medications. While Right Source is the pharmacy and should satisfy their customers' every need, there are guidelines they must follow, just like at the local CVS or Wal-Mart. Well, I just thought I would let people know about the wonderful experience I have had after just over a year. If you are considering Right Source, I suggest signing up. Some people just have nothing better to do than complain.
I have been doing some price checking on ** and saw that I was overcharged by $200.00 on my last prescription, which will put me in the donut hole much sooner than expected. The generic was more than the name brand! What the heck is going on? Not to mention that the last couple of times I ordered from Right Source, it was so frustrating I was almost ready to check into the hospital! I got taken by the low monthly premium and the so-called convenience of them being affiliated with Walmart. I do believe I am going back to Silver Script next year. Now I remember why I left that pharmacy and plan in the first place. I think there should be a website in the US that lists the prices of all the drugs so a consumer can really compare what they are getting. I am feeling that some pharmacies and drug plans are really taking advantage of consumers and ill consumers at that! I also think Right Source and Humana need to be investigated for fraudulent pricing that kick their customers into the donut hole sooner, which saves the company money. As they say, "something smells rotten".
I have always gone to the regular pharmacy to pick up my daughter's prescription. Well on March 25th I went to pick it up as usual and I was told it was going to be 100.00. I was confused due to the fact I had picked it up for free twice before. I called Humana where they informed me I had to get it refilled by RightSource in order for it to be free. So I went through the process as requested. It is now 2 week later and they told me that no one processed my daughter's prescription request. I am having to go through the whole process all over again. So if they process it today it will take another 7-10 days to come in. That is one month until my daughter gets her medicine. Then they told me that they can't ship overnight. They don't really care that my daughter cannot get her medicine. They don't want to do anything to help me get her medicine quickly. IT IS DISGUSTING THAT WE ARE BEING FORCED TO USE HUMANA'S PHARMACY TO FILL OUR PRESCRIPTIONS.
I sent in a narcotic prescription a month ago and Right S. said it couldn't be filled yet! Fine, so I check back (online) and it's now ok to order. I order the prescription and 3 others that were ready! Check the progress a few days later and they are all on hold because the pharmacists wants to talk to my Dr about one of the meds messing with the other! However they shipped the same two meds together the last time and there was no problem! Anyways that's fine so customer service says they will ship the other 3 scripts! Well I check back today and now there is something wrong with every script and of course they are being held per the pharmacist! So needless to say I will not be filling anything with right source again!
** is a narrow therapeutic index medication where fluctuations in exact dosages can be fatal to the consumer. Humana mail order pharmacy will not stock or order a specific generic manufacturer's product with a doctor's prescription order. Humana cannot tell you which generic manufacturer that they current have in stock for any of their ** dosages. Small variances may be acceptable in manufacturing but can be harmful if not fatal for people who must maintain a therapeutic medication range. This therapeutic range can be difficult to achieve initially but once a series of stable PT/INR tests have been achieved, then it is imperative to stay with this medication regimen.Humana would not respond to letters that I written to their CEO and to their Chief Medical Officer. Humana would rather put their consumers at a grave health risk than to do the right thing. Needless to say, Humana Medicare Rx PDP will not be a plan of choice for myself or my spouse. I have also alerted friends and family to their abusive practices.
Humana ID #** - The first representative I spoke with on 12/3/2012 gave me the wrong address to ship my hard copies for my medications. I then was told the error had been corrected and all was well! Three days later, I received a letter stating the medications that I faxed to them had to be mailed - which I explained earlier on the phone it was for immediate credential information and that the hard copies were mailed on the 4th of December 2012. December 10, 2012 I received a letter stating the hard copies were invalid due to the doctor not signing them, which they destroyed my original hard copy by marking it with a red pen. I called immediately and spoke with Gabriel (**), which he told me that the pharmacist spoke with my doctor's office and faxed the needed signature; that my order would be mailed 10-14 days. Sixteen days later, I hadn't received my medications. When I called, I was transferred around for 90 minutes which they ended hanging up on me! The consequences are my medication has run out on 1/1/2013 without refills because Right Source destroyed the hard copies; lied about the status; and my doctor is out of town until 1/4/2012. I have begun to withdraw from very powerful medications, with a lot of pain and suffering and will have to wait until my doctor returns from holiday on Thursday! Had they told me right away about being unable to fill the medications, I would have had plenty of time to see my doctor before he left for the holidays. The doctor's office claims that they were never contacted by Right Source nor did they fax them any information. I was guaranteed that I was making a sound decision to use their services!
I have been a very satisfied member of Humana Right Source RX going into my fifth year until recently. I do not like to register a complaint unless it is a serious one and it usually falls on deaf ears. On February 18, I ordered online a 90-day supply of Buspirone 15mg, with the dosage of one tablet daily. It took about a week or less to receive, which is usual. Two weeks later, my doctor increased the dosage to three 15mg tablets daily. Since I did not want to waste any medication by getting a new prescription at that time, I continued to use the original supply of 90.On March 19, I sent the Physician Fax Form to my doctor's medical secretary requesting 270 tablets of Buspirone 15mg dosage, three tablets daily. The balance of this medication which was received in February (ordered on February 18, order #**) was extremely low and yes, I almost ran out. I kept checking online to see when this new prescription would be shipped. After several business days of seeing no order received, I contacted my doctor's office again. They had to re-fax the same order again. I finally called customer service on three different occasions, the week of March 19 to see what needs to be done to get this going. During that time, I spoke with Laura and Tani. Then I asked for their supervisor and they connected me with Adam, who when asked if he was a supervisor said yes. Actually, I found out from someone else that he was a pharmacist and not a supervisor. Adam told me it's best to have my doctor phone the prescription in rather than using the form and this is after almost five years of using the form with only minor problems. The doctor's office did phone in the new prescription and again, no order. The real problem is in three parts:1. Adam told me that I can't receive any more of this medication until April 15th, which was from the old information from my last prescription received in February. I said, doesn't a new prescription supersede the old one as well as anything else? He agreed to that with no results.2. I received a letter dated March 24 from Right Source Customer Service Group saying copies of faxed prescription orders are not accepted from members. Obviously, my name appears on the form at the top, since it went from my fax to the doctor's fax. This is after acceptance for almost five years of doing this the same way with no problems.3. After receiving this letter, I called and again, asked for a supervisor after explaining my whole story to a customer service representative. I was told the two supervisors, named Leslie and Michelle were on a conference call meeting and one of them would call me back in an hour. After an hour and one half, I called back to finally reach Leslie. After I repeated my story again to Leslie, she finally agreed with me. Leslie volunteered to send my shipment of Buspirone "next day air" at no additional charge, which I did not request, but it would have helped me tremendously. I finally received my medication six days later by regular mail, not overnight.Don't you think Leslie, the supervisor, should have seen to ship it next day air or she could have just told me a bold face lie? I had to go to the local drugstore to get some additional pills and wait for the medication from Right Source. In conclusion, I will be in the process of reviewing my options to go to another company instead of Right Source. Certainly after a multiple series of "poor customer service events" leads to my conclusion. Thank you.
Today I received my Amex bill and found TWO charges for over $1100.00 from RightSource on the same day. They double charged our medicine - NEVER INFORMED US - but ONLY put a credit on our RightSource Account instead of issuing a credit on the credit card, thus causing us to have a balance due on Amex for TWO $1100.00 charges. Nice! I spent 3 hours on phone calls to day and they just can't seem to issue us a credit for almost TWO WEEKS!!!!! (If I bought a scarf I'd get faster credit refund.) They promised my husband they would call back with a resolution... and guess what... NO CALL. They had promised I'd receive a call from the supervisor and guess what... NO CALL. I think our next call will be to Medicare Fraud unit and our State's Insurance Commissioner. Something is VERY WRONG when they can charge your credit card twice, never notify you, never send you a receipt and then fail to be able to TIMELY issued a credit or even return calls. EXTREMELY UNHAPPY.
There were mix ups from day one. I had the mail-out service for my prescriptions and the company would call over and over when nothing was due to be filled. Usually, I would let them be filled to avoid further confusion. At the same time, when I really needed a refill there was no reminder, so I would have to call it in.A major problem with them is they do not send eye drops in a cold pack when it says right on the package to refrigerate before opening. And this is from Arizona, where it's anywhere from warm to hot most days! Today I found out they CANCELLED one of my prescriptions without even telling me, claiming they could not reach my doctor. Which I really doubt. So today I cancelled them and got a new prescription service and I am thrilled about that. Right Source needs to be put out of business. Out of all the pharmacies I have dealt with, these people are the ABSOLUTE WORST, ANYWHERE.
I have been with RightSourceRx for almost 1 year. Each encounter with them ends with me almost in tears. I ask all the right questions, document their responses, and follow up; and yet my prescription order is ALWAYS, always wrong. Wrong prescription, wrong dosage, delivered to the wrong address (?!), delivered when I am not at home even when I ask that the order be held as I would not be in town for 2 weeks. HUGE amount deducted from my account (can you afford $1,495.95 for one 90-day supply of medicine? I can't. So I had my doctor cancel this prescription). Should I continue? I have pages of documentation complete with names, dates and times and their assurances that my medicine WOULD BE HANDLED WITH THE UTMOST CARE! To this I say **. I have ended every encounter with this company with “PLEASE, don't mess this up. PLEASE, I am counting on you!” Thank you for the offer for an attorney. I have my own!
I just joined Humana Right Source RX in Dec. 2012. Big mistake! I've been waiting for three weeks for insulin and heart meds! I've been reassured that everything was fixed and the order was to be expedited and shipped overnight several times. Now I have to call again on Monday for a tracking number. It sounds like every other story here. God help us all! Atheists too!
On 28th of July, my doctor's office faxed three prescriptions into Right Source. They were for Trilipix, Simvastatin and Amlodipine-Benazepril. By August 1, I had received the Trilipix. I waited, waited and waited; ran out of the high blood pressure medication. On August 11, I went to my doctors office (the doctor was out but the receptionist was in). She spent over an hour on the phone trying to straighten this out. The phone was passed to me for the person on the other line to verify my information. She explained to me that they had two addresses on me and tried to reach me to verify which of the address the medication was to be sent to, and that was why the medication was not sent out. This is a lie. I had received medication before this and had just received one of my orders. The employee was silent when I brought this up. She read off a telephone number which was off by one digit, but on my paperwork that I had already received; the phone number was correct.The Humana employee was lying to me over the whole matter. I wonder why this is their policy. Meanwhile, I have been without my high blood pressure medication in a very stressed-out mode. I missed taking a vacation waiting for my high blood pressure medication.
I was contacted by Humana Right Source RX because I had just gotten the Humana Medicare plan. I spoke with them and was told that they would ship my RX overnight following them receiving the RX. I was not told it would take over 4 days to receive. I stated that I was due new medicines ASAP. I was assured that I would receive them. I am a kidney transplant patient. I didn't receive them as advertised and had to still go to my local pharmacy to pick them up. Then I received the medicines with a bill for $107.00. I contacted Right Source about returning the medicines and was told that Medicare regulations stated that they couldn't take them back even though all packaging wasn't opened and that we had to pay the bill. After being passed around for over 1 hour, I finally reached a rep manager who stated that he was able to fix things with the pharmacy and that we should destroy the medicines and that we wouldn't have to pay anything.Today, I received another bill saying I still owe $107.00 for the medicines. My husband spent 45 minutes on the phone with a Kassi **, CS manager, employee ID # ** who told him that she spoke with the pharmacy and that unfortunately because they did not make an error and that we didn't return the refused medicines, we would have to still pay the $107 for the medicines even though their CS manager told us to destroy them. We are on a limited income and are both totally disabled.She wouldn't give me any names or addresses of any of the CS, CEO or president to write to but said I could only write to their.
On February 19, 2015, I submitted my initial order to RightSource. About three weeks later I still hadn't received my order. I called them. My order was no longer on their computer! After many calls to RightSource and my doctor's office, it was found R.S. was using an incorrect fax number. I had never been notified by R.S. that their fax had not been answered by my doctor's office. So I gave R.S. the correct fax number and repeated the order for five prescriptions. My doctor's office assured me they'd reply to the R. S. fax as soon as they received it. However, I never received the medications. So I called R.S. yet again. The old fax number was still in their computer! Now I need to call the doctor's office yet again and ask them to initiate the order. In the meantime, though I initially placed the order in plenty of time, I will soon be running out of my medications. I have worked with several mail order pharmacies but none even come close to the incompetence and lack of follow-up demonstrated by RightSource. This has been an absolute nightmare.
I have run into extremely inane problems with using Humana Mail order pharmacy. To try to refill an asthma medicine this is what happened: Placed refill order. Got phone call that the dispenser for this inhaler changed so that my prescription is no longer good and I had to get a brand new prescription from my doctor because essentially the shape of the bottle changed. Doctor's office put through new prescription while I was on the phone with them. A day later, nothing had happened on Humana's end as far as getting an email alert that they received the order and my online account showed no order.I called and after 35 minutes of being moved between agents and being put on hold, they said, "Yes we received the prescription from the doctor, but not an order." So they had to put the order in. Always in the past a prescription going in from the doctor triggered an order. The next day saw that the order was now cancelled. It took 45 minutes on the phone and getting moved between agents to finally discover that supposedly the cancellation happened because the doctor's office didn't put all needed information onto the prescription. I am never using Humana again because this was ridiculous.
Ordered the prescription I have been on for five years. The rightsource people informed me that would need to contact my doctor for new prescription. I said, "fine and when your to fill my prescription DO NOT use my credit card on file." The last time I refilled in December they automatically used my credit card and I told them to bill me. Both times they used credit card on file. Which put my debit account into insufficient funds both times now. I called and asked them as to what is on my records. They said it says not to debit card. I asked who can't read, what does it mean when on the phone it starts out with the conversation this phone call maybe recorded for whose protection?
I was a satisfied member of the Humana-Walmart drug prescription plan in 2011 and continued with them in 2012. I also signed up my mother in October 2011 for their plan for 2012. They cancelled her drug plan for 2011 and advised they could not start the plan until 2012, and advised me I should contact Medicare regarding a drug plan for 2011 for my mother. I called Medicare and resolved the issue with them, advising them what happened. I was contacted by Marsha ** in the Humana office in Kentucky, who reinstated my mother's 2011 drug plan with Humana. I called on January 3, 2012, after several attempts to get through, they said they had computer and telephone problems. I inquired about the status of the order for my mother's drugs. After being advised my mother was not enrolled in their plan, I went through the information how they had made a mistake and had supposedly corrected it. I was advised they could see the discrepancy and advised the order would be shipped in seven to ten days. I requested the order be shipped as an expedited order and was told it would be shipped on January 4, 2012. I also inquired the order for my drugs and was told they did not have the order. After discussion about this advising my doctor had sent the request to them by fax, they admitted having the order and would ship it in seven to ten days. I requested it also be shipped as an expedited order and was told it would be shipped on January 4, 2012. On January 7, I had no drugs and no contact from Right Source or Humana. I called and went through the same story about not being enrolled and the order not being received and finally told the drugs would be shipped the following day. On January 13, I called and went through the same as before, the same routine, finally advised the drugs would be shipped the following day. I called back on January 20, 2012 and started the whole fruitless conversations again, with a promise from a supervisor that the drugs would be shipped the following day. January 26, 2012, I called again starting the same sad story again, telling the agent that I wanted to speak to a supervisor for resolution. Hopefully, they have some recording and notes regarding the conversations about the times I called. January 30, 2012, I called and started again with the same stories, this time, being told they needed clarification of the drugs for my mother. I inquired if they had advised anyone of this and was told they had not been able to speak with the doctor when I advised that was a lie and I called the doctor's office to confirm the lack of contact. I requested the doctor send the prescription to the local Walmart pharmacy to be filled. I called on February to Humana and was told they had not shipped the order for my mother. Then I went to the Walmart pharmacy to pick up the prescription and was told they could not fill the order because Right Source had a claim on file that they had shipped the drugs on January 27, 2012. At this time, I told the pharmacist that I needed to know what must be done because I was not leaving the pharmacy without the drugs. She advised me what needed to be done. I walked outside and called Right Source, asking for a supervisor and proceeded to explain the scenario which had been going on for more than 30 days. I walked back to the pharmacist with the Right Source supervisor on line and let them talk for about thirty minutes while the Right Source order was supposedly cancelled and the Walmart pharmacist filled the order for me. I carried the drugs home and was surprised in a few days that the order from Right Source was delivered to my mother's home. Now I have letters advising that both our accounts are past due and will be deleted from the Medicare enrollment. The wrong monthly amount is shown to be past due. I have called Humana and advised of all the problems. They told me both accounts are paid in full and they are sorry for any inconvenience. I requested something in writing by email or by mail advising the accounts are paid and not delinquent. This will be a continuing saga unfortunately for the rest of 2012 or for as long as my mother lives and then I will forget that I ever had anything to do with Humana and Right Source!
I ordered two prescriptions for my 95-year-old grandmother. Both arrived with invoices and in bold font indicated the amount due. After I had a check issued to RightSourceRX, I discovered that both charges were already charged to my credit card. A call to customer service was fruitless. The agent stuck to the script - even when it was laughable and clearly didn't match with the circumstances of the call. This billing protocol appears to be fraudulent. I was offered a credit and advised that I needed to write to customer service to receive the overpayment as a refund. Issuing a bill to customers and, at the same time, charging their credit card - how can this be legal? It sure isn't ethical.
Unsolicited Merchandise Mail Fraud: In the past, I have been notified to refill medicines and would then have the option to decline if there were any changes. My doctor said she called in a renewal of an existing prescription, not a new order. Upon speaking with the agent, they claim it is a new order and their policy is to bill and send out without contacting the customer for authorization. The agent then looked in their records and cited to me the preexisting prescription that they are now claiming to be new. Regardless, I was then told the meds had changed to a tier 3 which information was available to me in the booklet. However, is this available to the doctor? My doctor may send in a request but it should be up to me to commit and affirm the business contract. Upon looking in their booklet, in fact, the medication is not listed at all. Mentioning this to the new person the following day, they then tell me it is an abbreviated list. Yet, I am expected to compare with this list to let my doctor know whether to renew refills for the New Year. We had a similar problem like this before but they allowed the doctor to change the orders to something they would cover, they did not just send over the mail without authorization or an order from the person who would be paying the bill. A third party should not be able to commit to payment with a business for another person whom this business is claiming is true. I have spent hours bouncing between Humana and Right Source and was informed to send a complaint to their grievance department but not to expect a good ruling as many people are dealing with the same type of thing. To me, that constitutes there is indeed a problem with their business practices. How many people is this mail order company cheating through our postal service? Even if this were a new order they should still be required to notify the customer if they would have to pay anything, whereas I for one, only do business with them for the free, no cost to me medicine, as my records would show. If I were inclined to pay extra then I would do it on my account at Wal-Mart or through my local pharmacy. I have also filed a grievance with Medicare but not sure anything will come of it. Not sure if I should file mail fraud with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service or not. This was indeed not solicited by me. If this is posted to public, please do not put my real info. Thank you.
RightSource is the most time wasting thing I have ever dealt with; the automated system is slow and stupid. It wants your credit card number for prescriptions that have no co-pay; the voice makes me ill; I have multiple prescriptions that it has to call for each one instead of doing all at one time from same doctor from one visit. I went online to bypass; online told me I had no co-pay; phone system called and said I did; this system is all messed up. They need to find some way to speed up automated voice and change it; it is so grating and give option to speak to person. They call all day long; morning through afternoon; I am disabled with problems and I am glad when I can sleep; this thing always seems to call at the wrong time. This company has no respect for your time. I would give it negative stars if I could. My prescriptions are simple and it messes it around. I get frustrated talking to computer and hang up.
I cringe when I have to call RightSource regarding my medications. I received a letter stating one of my medications couldn't be refilled because it was not authorized or unavailable. I called the pharmacy about this since it is a common migraine medication. The person I spoke with had no idea why I would receive this letter. He finally had to transfer me to Humana and the person explained everything. She also told me that the Pharmacy line had the same information. The RightSource pharmacy customer service is simply terrible.
My father was getting his prescriptions through RightSource Rx and back, around the beginning of August. He was supposed to receive his medicines from RightSource Rx. My mother, my daughter and I had been calling these people to get his medicines because he had run out and we always got the runaround, about why he hadn't gotten his medicines. We even had his doctors fax in more prescriptions for him and he still went without his medicines.My father was a very sick man. He had leukemia, emphysema and congestive heart failure. He went for 4 weeks without his medicines and then somewhere around the end of August, he fell. The doctors said he had a heart attack and was so far gone, with all the other stuff he had going on that there was nothing more they could do! So we took Dad home and got him hospice care. Then on October 7, 2012, Dad fell again and the nurses gave him only 3 to 5 days. He passed away on October 12. I feel that if my father was getting these medicines that RightSource held off on getting them to him, then there would be a possibility he would not have had the heart attack and possibly, he would still be here with us!
We have had 3 different doctors submit prescriptions for different drugs and each one has submitted those prescriptions multiple times. To date, Right Source Rx says they never got them. Next year, we are definitely changing Medicare Part D plans. Humana and Right Source Rx stink.
I mailed in a Rx and it was mailed back to me without any contact by phone or email. It was with a letter stating I did not have coverage for it on part D. The coverage was on part B. I have part B from Humana as well. I called Humana to get them to let RightSource know I had part B through Humana but they said it wasn't in their job description to do that and refused to transfer me to a supervisor. I called RightSource to talk to a supervisor and after being put on hold for a long time, finally was told they could cover it on part B and to have the Dr. fax in the Rx. I told her that the reason I mailed the Rx in was because my Dr would not fax it in. She kept on saying to have them fax it in at least 3 times. I could not get her to understand that they would not fax it in. I finally asked if she was even listening to me. That phone call ended with me saying I would mail it back in. After a week I called back and was told they had not received the Rx. I went to a different Dr that agreed to fax it to them and then received a recording saying they could not get the Dr to send more info. I called back and talked to them again for a few more hours and they said they would get it out to me after I again made them understand I had part B with Humana. The next day I received another recorded call saying they needed more info and was on the phone another hour and got nothing done except a requirement that the Dr call. I am worried that the Dr. will get the runaround as well and ruin my relationship with him.
Poor excuse for a pharmacy. Have repeatedly told them to not contact us by phone. They stop for a week or 2 and then start again. Dr called in renewal of prescription, Humana said it was in process, then they said it needed a new prescription. Had to contact Dr again and have them do it all over again.
I have the silver plan and have been paying the monthly premiums every month like clockwork, and now that I am sick they are giving me the runaround and denying my medication claiming it is not covered under my plan. The medication out of pocket is $832. I am filing with all agencies to let them know of these unethical practices.
I have been trying to get a rx refilled for over 2 weeks now. I called in to RightSourceRX and was told I should be receiving it within 7-10 days. No meds! In the meantime, I get two automated calls from RightSourceRX stating that my refill for this order has shipped and I should receive it within 7-10 days. Two automated calls from them! I called last night and was on the phone with RightSourceRX for 40 minutes, explaining the situation to them, I was told by the rep that she got a 30 day supply approved and would expedite it overnight at no charge to me. It's today and still no meds. As of this moment, I have been on the phone/on hold with a rep, escalated to a supervisor and got a lot of lip service, I escalated to yet another supervisor and got more lip service. I have now been transferred to the Prior Authorization department to see if I can have my doctor call in a new prescription to my local pharmacy without me having to pay full price for the meds. In short... never use RightSourceRX! I will be changing during the next open enrollment period!
All day on the phone for nothing is a waste of time!! No communication at all. They should be close down.
I tried to order my refills thru Right Source and it keeps saying it can't price it and kicks it out of the cart. I don't have time to spend 40 minutes on the phone. So I sent off an email to Humana about... They sent back phone numbers to call. Sent a message back to them saying "what part of I don't have time to spend 40 minutes on the phone trying to get the issues fixed". I will be going to Walgreens for my medication from now on. They are able to do refills without issues and I know they will send to the right address since I will be picking them up. Yes, it does cost me more in the long run but the stress I won't be under will be worth it. Do not use Right Source. The people that work there do not care, will transfer you back and forth and make promises they do not keep. I have complained several times on here and to them and to the FTC and BBB.
The last three orders placed with Humana were not filled promptly. Some, not at all. My last order was placed the beginning of February, it is now April and still it's not filled even after many phone calls from me and being contacted by my doctor. They ran out of drugs for one of my orders and when they finally did get them in about 30 days later as I was about to run out of my supply, they told me they would ship them if I paid an extra $18 shipping to cover their mistake. They were very good a few years ago but have been getting worse for about two years.
We went for a doctor visit on December 18, 2012 and he sent in a renew prescriptions for both me and my husband. On January 2, 2013, I received a call from Right Source RX saying they could not fill the prescriptions without talking to my doctor or me. They use a recording to call so how are you supposed to talk to them? After contacting the doctor again, he verified the prescriptions were sent on 12/18/12. The medication from the last prescription has been completed and now we are out of medication. I finally got to speak to someone after two hours calling over and over and on hold for over 1 1/2 hours just to be told I would need to go to a local pharmacy and get the prescription filled. My husband needed the medication, so I went to Wal-Mart and was charged $45.32 for a generic brand and they advertise a charge of $4 for generic brand medication.What happened to the advertisement of $4? These prescriptions are medication that we have been taking for years and now they cannot fill the prescription especially when the prescription was sent from the doctor himself. I suggest they hire more help, drop the recorded messages they contact you with and if they have a question, call the doctor and not send faxes as they claim that never get to the doctor's office. Yes, I have read and agree with the other complaints that Right Source RX is not a good business. If you have to go get your medication at a local pharmacy because Right Source doesn't know how to fill your prescription, then the way I see it, you have saved nothing and wasted a lot of time trying to get the problem solved that they created.
I ordered a 112mcg Levothyroxine tab and it was always free; then, when I received it on October 2011, they charged me with $22.59. I also ordered a 10mg Baclofen which was always free and in October, they charged me $28.76. I was so mad because they did not let me know that they started charging for those two medicines.I sent in a prescription for Sumatriptan tab and I wrote them an email to try and get my money back and also to tell them to cancel my prescription. But I have not heard back from them. I will call tomorrow and try to get my money back and to stop the prescription. I am so angry because they did not tell me they started charging for these medicines. Why do I have to pick a star for Right Source RX? I do not think they deserve any stars.
They send me things in the mail. THEY OWN YOUR INFORMATION, AND SEND IT TO EVERYONE! ALLOWING TELEMARKETERS TO CALL AND ANNOY YOU. Frequent telemarketing calls, they never stop. Customer raises their voice, when you do. Customer service can keep transferring you. The sales agent can mess you up your insurance when renewing and the possible result of the mess up could lead you to wait another month for it be effective. Even when your insurance is messed up, they won't spare you the convenience of a turnaround for inconvenient purposes, and when its their fault, still have to wait for the effective date - following month or longer, and if you prescriptions, too bad, still have to wait, and you possibly will have to paid out pocket, no reimbursements.Keep getting this RX SMART SUMMARY in the mail. I can never seem for them to stop receiving. I just got off the phone with them about this, and my response was: "Well what if I just give you guys a different address, because you don't really want to stop this from coming in my mail." And their response was: "Well we would have to end your insurance." And my response was: "End my insurance because I don't want to Receive these paper summaries in the mail." Really! "I am sorry, let me see what I can do before I transfer you," (and they never know) and possibly wont transfer you. If they transfer you, you will have to repeat your address and everything else, and re-explain to the next dept. why you're calling. Very Incompetent!
Maintenance drug not refilled because other drug was added and held because of co payment. Couldn't they have just sent the maintenance drug and dealt with the other one separately?
This is the most inept organization I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. It is beyond their capability to get an order right. I'm forever getting messages that my prescriptions are on hold. When you try to call them to try to straighten it out, their system is not working or their website is down.
I went to my doctor in December 2013. I am Diabetic, so I take several different medicines. On December 26, I sent in my new prescriptions to Right Source RX. I got the meds in that I needed January 4, 2014. Two of the drugs were over $100 each. I called Right Source RX and was told they did not have an account. I informed the idiot that my meds had arrived at my home earlier that day. I asked to return them even though I was in desperate need for them. I was then transferred to several different people. The last person I spoke with said she would send a tier reduction sheet to my doctor. If this is done, the costs of my meds should be lower. I called again about 8 days ago. I called today to check on it. Right Source RX tells me that they don't have a file on me still. I explained again. She said there was nothing that could be done. This is just incredibly stupid I think. Everyone drops the ball and there is never any solution, just problems. If you are considering Right Source RX, DON'T do it. These people will just give you the run around and create more problems. Stay away from these idiots!
Too bad I didn’t read these reviews before I signed up. I had Humana Walmart Part D last year and was very satisfied with Walmart pharmacy. During the current signup period I learned I could save time and money by keeping the plan but using Humana Pharmacy instead. During my 1st week as their customer I have concluded my only sane choice is to go back to Walmart. Absolutely every one of my 12 contacts except for initial enrollment has been a disaster. There is no coordination between departments, their website is a joke, their customer service reps are untrained, I have been given different prices 3 times, disconnected, etc. These lapses make me extremely pessimistic about the probability that their purchasing department and pharmacists are any more qualified. Will I receive the proper medication? Doubtful. My initial order consisted of 7 medications. They were supposed to contact 3 of my doctors. 5 working days passed and none of the docs were contacted. After many calls they are processing 4 prescriptions although their email to me states 5. As for the remaining prescriptions, customer service had no record of them. However, they appear on the enrollment department’s system. One hand doesn’t know what the other is doing which is very dangerous for a company which dispenses lifesaving drugs. I didn’t learn until today that there are no automatic refills. That would not ordinarily bother me but just thinking about repeating this exercise quarterly is enough to cancel my account. Stay far, far away.
I am a 70-yr-old retired physician and this is the first time in my life that I have written a complaint. I called to ask why my medications were sent to the wrong address after I had notified the company of my new shipping address. I was told by the pharmacy person that this was my problem. It is somewhat frustrating when the response of the service person was not "what can we do to help you get your medications sent to the correct address?", but "this is your problem and it is your fault and nothing we can do to help" other than someone will call you tomorrow. I would suggest that mail ordering, in spite of the small savings, might not be the way to go.
Humana RightSourceRx - I ordered my Rx insulin last week. I was told it was going out UPS that day. When I did not get it, I called. They said they have no record of any order. I guess I need to go with local Rx.
My insurance sent me a letter saying they no longer cover my Proair inhaler. I have been sent 4 letters stating that I would receive a temporary inhaler in which my doctor supposedly sent a request for approval. I have been back to the doctor 3 times trying to get an alternative for a lower price or my temporary. A month and a half has gone by and I have received NADA, NOTHING! Every time I call the insurance company they say that they have no record of any letters being sent out to me. I call my doctor, her assistants tell me to call the insurance company. I call the insurance company they tell me to contact the doctor. The only alternative I have is my nebulizer machine which works well for when I am at home, but I can't carry it around when I go to the grocery store or someplace.I am just getting so confused now because I don't know what to do or who to talk to anymore. Everyone I talk to at the insurance company gives me a different story. I used to pay 7.97 a month for my proair. The price at my local pharmacy went up to $54. They tell me to get it from the Humana pharmacy. Each time I talked to someone from there I have received quotes for $54, $30, 3 inhalers for $0. Today I called and they were asking $171! Humana seemed great when I started out with them. I don't know what is happening all of a sudden. Sure, they call me constantly offering me a free flu shot. I don't need flu shots. I need my inhaler. I NEED my inhaler soon! I even tried applying for Medicaid because I was told that I qualify for assistance on my monthly premium and medications. I haven't even got a response back from the welfare dept. I am so confused right now. I don't know what to do.
If I hate everything about the medical part of my life, I would hate RightSource the most. Abysmal service. I ordered my prescriptions on JULY 8. On Friday, July 18, I was called by RightSource about a refill. I told them I HAD my prescription already. Curiously, $12.99 was billed to Amex and the other medications, which I was told were FREE were SHIPPED on July 8th. The next day, I received a letter stating my order was not filled as there was a charge. Now, it was on. On Monday, I called them while I was at my CVS Pharmacy. I asked them to get an override as I had not received my meds per the letter. The Tech was on the phone, and was never able to get the override. Conveniently, a blood pressure tester was there. My Blood Pressure was 174 over 110. This is due to how pissed I was. Left with one prescription. Three STILL not filled. Lo and behold, they called me AGAIN about the same prescription. I told them in very colorful language they shortened my life and were literally killing me due to my elevated hypertension. When I asked how much I owed them, this is literally when I blew my stack. $0.00. Closed my account and will be pursuing additional action. As of this writing, I had to spend over $50.00 to get my meds. Never again. Go ** yourselves.
First time in January, they needed authorization to fill the prescription and neglected to tell me they needed it until my prescriptions were running out and I was on the road. I had two weeks left. Once authorized (by whom? I wonder. Humana?), they used express delivery which I paid for and it still took a week so I had to pay UPS to deliver them to SC. The next time (90 days later or April 2, 2013) I reordered, they needed new prescriptions and couldn't contact my doctor. Strange since the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics doesn't seem to have any problems answering my calls. So guess what? I ripped all of my prescriptions out of Wrong Source and had them in two hours at Walmart. What a lousy way to run a circus. Is Humana trying to save money with these jokers? Please, someone put Wrong Source out of its misery. And JD Powers gives them a high rating this year. I will lose my faith in JDP too.
I placed the order on 12/5/12 which was confirmed. The order is still pending without any info of the reasons. I spent hours on the phone trying to clarify with no result and no medication. This is terrible!
An order was supposed to be cancelled because I could not wait for 5-day delivery of antibiotic. Not only did it not get cancelled as requested, I was charged on my credit card and billed! A diabetic testing kit was also ordered by my doctor at the same time, the doctor's order was generic. I have spoken with representative four times regarding these issues, and I am still waiting for the testing kit. I would be in bad shape if I was having to control on insulin. This is only one of several issues I have had. Needless to say, I will not renew in December.
Humana is not sending the correct order. I ordered a product and when it came in, the order was wrong. When I called, no one could help and they could not find my order. I am sure that I am not the only person this has happened to. Please look into it.
Humana RX plan through their pharmacy Right Source is the absolute worst service provider I have ever experienced. Two weeks minimum from the initial request for a prescription to be delivered to your home, that's providing there are no questions or problems. My personal physician has asked me not to re-new with them as they have continued to contact her office with frivolous requests.Whenever there is a question or problem with an order, you receive a phone call always during the daytime hours when you are not home which necessitates a return call whereby you must provide again all of your membership and verification information and then wait more time to speak to an inept service representative. Although you are initially assigned a Humana member number, this number is not valid with Right Source as the Right Source ID# is separate along with a mail order billing number which is also separate.Providing them with a billing credit card number, although required, is a disaster. When paying by check certain invoices for co-pay meds, Right Source charges your credit card again which results in you requesting a refund that will arrive possibly within 30 days. When enrolling, be absolutely clear as to which of your meds are covered 100% through mail order as listed in their formulary. I was informed too late that two of my maintenance meds would require a substantial co-pay due to them being tier 3 meds according to their formulary. Numerous meds listed in the Right source formulary as tier three can be found in other popular formulary listings as tier one. This explains the low premium. Word limitation prevents me from describing more frustrating experiences with Right Source. I strongly recommend looking elsewhere for your Medicare RX provider. Stay away from Humana if at all possible.
I tried Right Source Mail Order Pharmacy and never once did they fill my prescriptions without HUGE problems. Now I have tried to switch my prescriptions back to my local Walmart Pharmacy. No problem with the other prescriptons, but the prescription for insulin STILL gets sucked up by the Right Source Pharmacy. The insulin costs approx. $125 a vial from Right Source and only $24.88 from the local Walmart Pharmacy. I believe that is WHY the Right Source Pharmacy automatically gets any order my doctor prescribes by telephone or computer to the local Walmart Pharmacy. It happened again today. How can I get Right Source to leave my prescriptions alone? The consequence is that Right Source has charged me $125 a vial for insulin that should only cost $24.88. Since I am paying deductibles, I am required to pay in full. How do I stop this?
Right Source/Humana totally mishandled my most recent order. On January 2nd, 2013, I entered via the Right Source computer program a confirmation of all of my drug requirements. It was emailed to me on January 2nd, 2013. This contained the covering order number. After 10 days, I had not received any drugs or shipping notice. I called Right Source and was told there was no such order number. Their computer program showed a completely different order number. Discussions with several Right Source employees, over a number of days, could not explain why the change in order number and why I was not advised. Right Source promised immediate action and further calls by me showed nothing had been done, except for re-dating my order from 1/2/2013 to 1/17/2013. Reading the complaint of another Right Source customer, it could be their standard practice to try to confuse the customer and cover up their internal problems. I have no knowledge of actual problems other than a Right Source statement on 1/17/2013 that they were experiencing technical difficulties and cannot display New Prescription Request History. I finally received my drugs on January 31, 2013. A very poor performance by Right Source.
My Humana prescription benefit program is being used by Right Source to bill for prescriptions I never ordered. I had inquired about cost and when my doctor sent the prescriptions, Right Source called and told me the amount of co-pay which was about $800. I advised not to ship the order since I could not make payment. I live in Indiana and they shipped the order to FL. It was refused as it should have been by the apartment complex. I am now told I must make payment of over $200. Humana does not seem to feel I am truthful.
My agent suggested that I go with the Humana medicine plan for the upcoming year 2016. What a mistake. I checked the plan to see if they covered my prescription for Arthritis. It was in black and white that it did so I decided to go with them. The first prescription was filled and I was charged a $60.00 copayment for the generic. When I went to get it refilled, they denied the coverage. I called them and was told that they could deny any medicine that they wished to. I explained to them that they covered it the month before but they still denied it even with a prior approval from my Dr. This has got to be a breach of contract on their part as they promised to cover it when I signed up with them. Please stay away from this company. No one who works there knows what is going on. Now I have no choice but to keep them until the next open enrollment period.
My wife and I are vacationing out of state in Washington and our vehicle broke down delaying our return to our home state by one week. Since my wife will run out of a very cheap blood pressure medication in several days we called Humana and asked them to send us seven (7) extra pills that we were even willing to pay for. After being on the phone for over three (3) hours we were told that our doctor would have to call in a new prescription for these pills. Yesterday, our doctor immediately called in the new prescription at the telephone number provided by our Humana representative. Today Humana still refused to send us the medication and had the audacity to state that our doctor merely called in to check on the status of the expired prescription.I finally told a Humana supervisor, named Frank, that my wife can have a stroke or even die without her blood pressure medication and asked them if they cared in the least. The only reply I received from Humana was that, contrary to reality, the doctor did not call in a new prescription. Later today our doctor called in the same prescription for the second time and I was told that the order was being filled. Quite frankly, I'll believe it only if I see it delivered. There must be a better mail order pharmacy than Humana. Certainly there are none worse!!!
My problem is filling a prescription for one (1) tube cream estrogen 0.625 1 month at $45. I’m getting my doctor to call in a script for 3 months (hoping it would be cheaper). Right Source filled it to the sum of one (1) tube 0.625 now for $125 now for the same size tube. So one tube would do for either 1 or 3 months except now because the same tube will last 3 months, it will cost the same as if I was getting 3 tubes. Guess who's the loser? The patient!
I agree. They are the worst I have ever had to deal with. I just joined this year - 2013. They would not let me get things set up until January 1st. They said Humana would not give them access to my files until then. On January 1st, I was on hold until my cell phone went dead. On January 2nd, I had a fresh charge and was put on hold until it went dead again - 3 and 1/2 hours later. Thursday, I used a land line and was disconnected every time I was put on hold. Friday, I was on hold again. I watched a movie and was still on hold. I had things to do so I left the phone off the hook and left. When I returned 7 and a 1/2 hours, I was still on hold. I finally got through on Saturday the 6th. I gave all my info including my doctor and meds with phone numbers and everything else he asked for. I was told I could get a tracking number on the 9th. I called on the 9th and was told they had no prescriptions on file for me, so nothing had been ordered. I had my doctor fax them everything they asked for exactly the way they said they wanted it. I waited a week and called for a tracking number. I was told the same as last time - nothing on file and nothing ordered. I finally wound up on a conference call with the Rx and my doctor's office. I listened in while they got everything straightened out. I was told due to all the failures on their part, she would get it filled and shipped immediately. I called for a tracking number and found my order in process for 3 days. On the 4th day, it said it was shipped. The 4th day is Saturday. UPS does not pickup on weekends. The following Monday is a holiday, so my order will not go out until Jan. 22. I will be without my blood pressure meds for a month if they do get here in the 7 to 10 days they say they will. I do have the option of paying for meds at a pharmacy, with my disability income. I have nothing left to pay for meds so that is not an option in my case. I am filing this complaint on every site I can find. I hope you do the same. These people have a contract with us and are not living up to what we were promised. If I had not experienced how inefficient they are, I would find most of these complaints hard to believe. About halfway down the first page, I see someone has filed a complaint with the attorney general's office.
The representatives at Right Source are very difficult to deal with. They called me yesterday said that my prescriptions (insulins) would be delivered overnight by UPS. I waited today for the delivery but to no avail the package did not come in, so I called & spoke to a representative with Right Source & she put me on hold for at least 20 minutes & came back to tell me that my prescription had not been shipped yet & she doesn't know the reason why it was not shipped yesterday. I ask for a supervisor because she said that the insulin would be shipped maybe tomorrow or Monday & I would not receive it until Tuesday. This prescription is my livelihood I can't live without it because I am a Type 1 juvenile onset diabetic insulin dependent. They don't seem to realize that it is very critical situation because someone just didn't take the time to do their job. I spoke to Deldrick in the escalation department & he was no help or didn't seem to be too concerned. He told me that someone else is handling this problem, but couldn't give me a guarantee that I would receive my insulin by Saturday at the latest & in his way of handling the escalation call was that he didn't care & was talking very abrupt to me. So I asked for his supervisor Bernice & I explain the way his tone of voice was not very nice to me. Bernice said that she sits next to Deldrick & he was not talking to me rudely & he is such a nice guy. Obviously, she sounded like she was friendly to him & sit next to Deldrick & didn't want to hear me say anything about the unaccommodating call to him or anyone else. She did say she would call me tomorrow to see if anything can be done to speed up the delivery of my insulin.
I had lived in Illinois for years and moved to KY but was seeing the same doctor. He wrote me 90-day scripts for my pain meds. So after they filled them 2 times, I got a letter stating sorry, we don’t mail narcotics no more. So I started looking for a doctor here in Lexington, KY and boy, have they treated me like crap. Thanks Humana Right Source. This is my last year with them.
I mailed my refill request on 02/07/13, but still had not received meds by 02/22/2013 so I called Right Source. Although the customer service rep found my mailed request in the system, she could not explain why it was not processed and shipped. I explained they needed to expedite my meds because I was nearly out. The rep confirmed my credit card and shipping address. I was told they would send it out. On Monday, 02/25/13, I received an automated call stating that my meds could not be processed without payment information. I gave the credit card information again and the auto system indicated my information was accepted and my order was being shipped. Two days later, 02/27/13, I received the automated system call again, stating that my order could not be processed without payment information! I immediately hung up and called Right Source as I had taken my last pill the previous night. I spoke with a customer service rep, who went on to explain that my order was not processed. I asked her what I was supposed to do. I was out of meds. I had verified my information twice and was told they were to ship back on 2/22/2013! Of course, the reps had no idea what happened! Ha! I asked her if they realized what a dangerous game they were playing. I repeatedly asked for a supervisor and was placed on hold. I finally spoke to another person whom I am not really sure was a supervisor. After getting no real answer, except that my med would be here in approximately 5 days, I told her to cancel the order. She stated she wasn't sure she could cancel the order. If the order hadn't processed, how could they not cancel it? She said they would try. I hung up after telling her I would never order from them again. I called my credit card company and they stated they had posted the charge on 2/25/13! This is the most irresponsible, ignorant and uneducated, not to mention dangerous prescription company I have ever dealt with. Fortunately, I was able to get my prescription from my local pharmacy, even though they are not under my plan and my cost is considerably higher. There needs to be an investigation of this company before someone suffers serious consequences from their inability to provide medications in a timely manner.
I have had nothing but good experiences with RightSource. I received a letter from Humana that certain drugs will now have to have a new refill on each time due to government regulations on them. One particular drug that I take can only be refilled every 30 as opposed to the every 90 days. So no more scripts for 90 on this medication which does not contained any narcotics. This is new government regulations not RightSource's problem. I have had nothing but good experiences with them.
For many of us, health and quality of life is, unfortunately, dependent upon prescription medications. Because of the gross negligence of this PDP, I have been without one of my Rxs for almost 2 months. Malpractice is inexcusable and Humana/RightSourceRx should be held accountable.
The pharmacy is the worst. No one knows anything about anything. I need testosterone injections, so as Humana is my insurance company I order from their pharmacy. Testosterone needs to be kept at a constant temperature. Humanarx mails out this product in Arizona when it is 110 degrees. No cool packs, no insulation, nothing! This rendering the medication useless. My Dr told me don't use it. Humanarx said they will not change the way of sending out this medication. So beware! If this is happening to you be careful. This is one of the most uncaring useless companies I have ever done business with.
I requested a refill on ** 3 weeks ago and when it did not arrive in a week I called to check. This is allegedly a life-sustaining drug and I was running low. Pharmacist said he would expedite the order because of an error on their part. That was a week and a half ago. I paid 492.00 for 90 day supply. AstraZeneca says it should be 135.00! I am now out of the Rx and it is still being processed. Paid 243.00 for this same drug and quantity in May. NEEDLESS TO SAY, I WILL NOT RENEW MY PART D WITH THEM. Silverscript copay for me would be 107.00. I have been with Humana for 15 years and have had nothing but grief but this is the last straw. THIS COMPANY IS UNRELIABLE AND DISHONEST!!! I am notifying Medicare, the Insurance Commissioner as well as the Attorney General and AstraZeneca.
First I was told that my insurance would no longer cover a specific medication my doctor had prescribed. My doctor was unable to convince Humana to approve it, so now I have to take a similar medication that causes a host of undesirable side effects (like extreme drowsiness). Then RightSource stopped charging no copay or a reduced copay for all of my prescriptions.Then RightSource tried to charge me full price for my medications (well over $600 per month), until I phoned in and explained things to them. This took six phone calls, three hours, and I was hung up on once by one of their reps who kept reading from a script and interrupting me when I tried to explain why the script she was reading from didn't pertain to my account. Now they're hanging up medications that I have to take daily, because they're having "problems with our payment processing". I could pay cash at a local pharmacy and walk away with 90 day supplies of the same drugs, at the counter. To this end, RightSource will now be fired and I will be talking to my doctor about moving my prescriptions to the pharmacy across the street from his office. They offer 90 day supplies on all but one of my prescriptions, either by mail or at the counter. I'll just pick them up at the drive-through and call it good. If I can find alternative insurance to Humana, I will cut all ties with Walmart forever.
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