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Humana Health Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Humana
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 3 %
They refused to pay for the only medication that help my illness and refused to pay for CT scan. My illness got worst because I could not get medical help. I'll change my insurance in 2015.
I was denied insurance by Humana. I talked to them on the phone. I am retired and 74 years old. I was in the hospital for a knee replacement. They immediately told me that I don't qualify. Try Coventry. They pay the bills and treat you like you want to be treated. I don't trust Humana.
My husband and I bought Humana insurance last couple of years ago. When we purchased the insurance, we were told that our in net deductible is $5,000 and $10,000 out of net. Unfortunately, I got sick and had to go to emergency room at two different hospitals and then was hospitalized at a third one to get diagnosed, then had to have other visits to doctors for more testing. Two of those hospitals were out of net and the bills from the hospitals and doctors were about $35,000. One would think that Humana would apply $10,000 deductible for us to pay, and then pay the rest, but they only applied around $9,000 to the deductible, so we ended up with a full amount to pay because deductible was not reached. I hope you followed what I wrote. I know it's hard to understand. It took me a while to comprehend that. Then they said that my visit in net hospital was not emergency, so they do not have to pay that bill either. I do not want to write a very long review about all of our conversations with Humana and all my medical bills that was not paid by Humana. But be advised that Humana will sell you insurance and take your premium, but will do everything not to pay your medical bill even when your bills exceed deductible amount by more than triple.
I have the Humana Gold HMO. The plan offers a free dental cleaning once a year as long as you use Humana's dentist in network. Great. So I went to Coast Dental in my area. Got to the dentist and requested the general cleaning but to my surprise Coast Dental would not do the general cleaning unless I paid $150. I walked out. So then I went to another dentist in my network Aspen Dental. After 2 hrs of extensive trays they too would not do a general cleaning only a deep cleaning. For get this they wanted an astonishing $4,000 dollars. Guess what? I walked out. So in the end Humana sucks. I am now looking for another health care provider.
Humana prescription coverage plan drops a 60-year-old disabled man. There was a lack of payment since May. The gentleman contacted Humana on March 13th and let them know his new card number with new expiration date. They show no record of that update. On the 18th of September. The gentleman I spoke with stated that letters did not go out to this gentleman. On the 21st a person contacted this gentleman and said yes indeed the letters did go out. Although we don't have any record of having them. The gentleman paid the past due balances for May, June, July, August and September on the 7th of September. The final notice and the dis-enrollment came on the same day which was last Friday. It was dated August 12th. At this point a disabled gentleman with a heart condition and spinal injuries he needs critical medicines. This company did not send the information or make any contact with us until it was too late to do anything about it. The gentleman had longevity with Humana. We aimed to correct the problem. He at this point does not have Medicare Part D prescription coverage. Due to negligence on the part of Humana. They can state that they sent letters. However the receiver did not receive any letters. Again the credit card was updated with the correct and new expiration date. They claim they have no record of that as well. If you care about your loved ones please do not use Humana. The gentleman has an insurance agent who will no longer endorse Humana.
Simple math: I pay HumanaOne $35/month, plus a $72 introduction fee. Add the $150 deductible and that's about $607/year. I go to my dentist and get 3 fillings and x-rays. The dentist bills Humana $519. Humana pays the dentist $54 - $54! The dentist then bills me $465. So with insurance, I end up paying $1072 for dental work as opposed to the $519 it would have cost me without insurance. What, I ask, is HumanaOne doing with my money? I am absolutely furious with this company and will continue to call them every single day until someone listens to me. I ask for a manager and get put on hold for 30 minutes.
Their recent "feel good" commercials make me a little nauseous. I was a college student supporting myself by being a real estate agent. I bought Humana for myself and had it for years but never needed it until one day I couldn't talk without pain due to strained vocal cords. No one knew what was wrong with me so many different doctors and tests were done. They kicked me off the policy and left me with over 20,000 in hospital bills. They said I had a preexisting condition (this happened before the law changed) because months prior I saw a doctor about a sore throat. These people shouldn't be human. Really makes me sad that they are still in business. :(
Can't say one thing good about this plan and if you have their prescription coverage also... You're just screwed. It is the worst drug plan site ever devised. You don't pay a premium for this plan and there is a reason why. You get nothing for it. I pray I can stay healthy until the end of the year so I can get away from this plan. Their medications are filled for 3 months and the day you get it you better start the refill request so you can get your medications by the time needed. I am still waiting for medications I ordered on April 9th!!! And forget calling. You get some uneducated moron who will say, "I can help", listens to your problem then just passes you off. If you need a doctor's refill authorization forget it. Last one took my doctor's office nurse 4 times talking to those idiots to get the refill done. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Probably no use complaining to Medicare. This plan seems just want Trump would want for seniors, will kill us off faster.
So I got this insurance about 28 days ago. I did careful research. In the last 28 days I have gotten a 200.00 pair of glasses. Got my teeth cleaned. Went to my an eyeglass script. All at no cost to me. I also talked to customer service and got a great person to take care of one issue. Not sure about why there are so many 1 stars? So are trivial, though. And as a general rule people only complain on many sites like this.
I have been trying to get a hold of Humana since the 3rd. Phone system either gets stuck in a loop or hangs up. I called 24 times on Friday before I finally got through. I gave them the new address, phone number and asked for information on the mental health part. They gave me the wrong number to call. On the 6th, I called 37 times before getting through. They gave me wrong information again. I am going to call medicare and see if I can change plans. If I can't get my medical care, why should I pay for this plan?
Had to have injections on some herniated disc and was informed by Humana that they don't cover any procedures for pain. Absolutely blows me away.
My story is very long and I will log it later. My mother had two strokes and required three-hour acute rehab care and Humana Medicare denied our choice because they told us there were other facilities (1- and 2-star rated) that could do the same. No thanks. So we fought back and are still fighting. What I wanted to get across to all of the Humana screwees is to lodge your complaints with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB must answer all complaints and currently Humana has an A+ rating. That's right, an A+ friggin' plus. That's got to change and with the help of all of us and by spreading the word, it can quickly change to a C or D and then, they will be in hurting status. Pass it on.
Be very careful. I have had two situations that did not please me. First when the agent came to my home, all prescriptions and doctors were checked to ensure they were covered. Then went to fill prescription and told they no longer covered. Received a letter saying that another medication was available and should use it. Well, I had already tried the alternative medication and did not work out well for me. I felt like they were strong-arming me to force me to use the medication they chose. I ended up getting it covered by putting out more money and having additional blood tests ran and getting a letter from that doctor. So it was a waste to go over all medications as they will change their mind any time they feel like it. Second, I drove 130 miles in pouring rain to get a simple tooth cleaning at the dentist I had used for 30 years, just to find out that they were not in network after they had also been checked, just to drove back with nothing done and 5 hours of driving, gas, and wear and tear on my vehicle. All I can say is be very careful, and at this point, if it changes from day to day, better not make an appointment until you call and find out and call again right before any visits, or you may end up with a big bill or no service. This kind of behavior of trying to force individuals to take what they want is strong-arming, and if all are checked and okay, it is misrepresenting and falsifying their information. And I believe they have voided their part of the yearly contract, but I will end up having to keep up my end and pay monthly until the year ends. So what am I paying for, and obvious they are not trying to keep medical costs down.
This makes no earthly sense. The plan allows for 12 visits per plan year to a chiropractor. However, chiropractors must get prior authorization or else they will spend the better part of 6 months trying to get paid by submitting and re-submitting copious amounts of clinical notes and reasons for the visits. Chiropractic care is much cheaper than seeing a physician. If the plan allows for 12 visits, then why all this hoop jumping? Shame on you Humana. This does not affect me personally as I only owe my co-pay, however, my chiropractor never had any issues with getting paid when I was on Anthem (God I miss Anthem) and is just another way Humana tries to get out of its obligations.
Attempting to attain reauthorization, submitted information required. Received a return callback stating "Due to the number of faxes we receive daily, was unable to locate the information, thus a NOMNC letter will be sent." I have proof the fax was sent and have the conversation recorded. Stated she had called to leave another fax (never received). Stated had until 2/2 to appeal. When I requested the NOMNC be sent today as they are required to provide a 48-hr notice, the date was changed to 2/3. It is Humana's responsibility to have faxes and appropriate systems in place to provide the proper services for their patients. I would not even rate this company.
My doctor prescribed a medicine for Crohn's disease. Was told by Humana it would cost me $1000.00 a month. I couldn't afford that. My Doctor sent a letter explaining why I need it, but I was denied twice. Now I have to get surgery to remove my intestines. Oh they did have a nurse call everyday to see how I was doing. I stop taking the calls.
Humana has been a very good health insurance. I have been with them for a long time and have never had any problems. I would recommend them to anyone.
Nobody should ever have Humana healthcare. EVER! My father is a 75-year old Veteran of the United States of Armed Forces. He was recently hospitalized at Baylor All Saints Hospital in Fort Worth for about 30 days. Then he was transferred over to Kendrick Hospital for an in treatment program for his physical rehabilitation for another 30 days. Both hospitals took amazing care of him and have an incredible helpful and knowledgeable staff. God bless them, and thank God my father was released yesterday in good health and spirits. I went to our local pharmacy to get my father's multiple drugs prescriptions filled. When the pharmacist informed that my father's health insurance has been terminated. I get home and call Humana Texas and they inform me that because my father moved from the coverage area without verifying the information, his health insurance was cancelled (not mentioning that the move was only about 10 miles and in the same county and it was made because he could no longer take care of himself). Their best suggestion was because it had been 30 days since the insurance was terminated (he had already been admitted in Baylor for a month at that time) is to wait until the 15th of October and be re-enrolled into the program which would have his medications covered again, but not till November the 1st. I've been on the phone for two days now trying desperately to get them to understand that he was in the hospital for 2 months and just was released yesterday, and without his blood pressure, heart, insulin, kidney and hemoglobin medication, he's not going to make it to November the 1st. So a "customer service specialist" tells me that I could file a grievance and complaint and get my father's Insurance re-installed but that process would take approximately 60 days. (Piss down my back and tell me it's raining.) Anyway, thanks for reading. Anybody out there with an elderly parent if they have Humana, switch before they do the same to you. Heartless, soulless Company. I hope that somebody reads this and they might be saved from the same situation, and maybe Humana can get its head out of its ass and actually help a member in desperate need. At Humana - Mission, Texas.
Humana Insurance might be good for others but I tell you it is the worst company to deal with for any matter for grievances or anything. They do not budge at all. I myself was set up by a consultant with my witness to sign up for Humana. Now that I had purchased or enrolled in Humana the representative that helped me get in the door with Humana, put me in the wrong category. I wanted an HMO plan but was put on a PPO plan. I like to see my doctor not theirs in the network. There a bunch of cheap doctors that can be found anywhere these days and Humana definitely is not the choice for you! I went to the dentist and was told from my representative that put me on and applied me for. Humana said I would be covered a hundred percent for dental, at that point when going to the dentist I had to pay full price. Be careful on choosing this insurance plan because it's screwed me over for 2 and 1/2 months until I got back on my original healthcare that I had before this horrible Humana service. The representative put me in the wrong category, wrong prescription plan also. Put me in the wrong category because I wanted an HMO plan and he put in a PPO plan. Nevertheless I found out about this when I went to my doctor and they said they don't take this insurance. In other words Humana which is a joke. I had to spend over $300 at the dentist. Not a dime was paid from Humana so I called Humana customer service and was told that I wasn't enrolled in a dental plan. Would you believe that??? Poor evaluation for this company. Please if you have any respect for you or family members to get them into Humana please take note of my problems. I had gone through for 2 months for them just to figure this out as in PPO as opposed to HMO. Couldn't even get my prescriptions even though I was told I have a plan that will let me go anywhere for my prescriptions so at that point my medication was needed and it cost me over $150 out of pocket because they were not in the network. Yeah so this goes to show you. Be careful with these people because the representative lied right to our face. When applying and getting into a Humana Plan for all of my needs. Dental prescription, doctor, etc. So wouldn't you believe they reimbursed me for that hundred and fifty dollars yes, no I am wrong. They only paid for $120 as opposed to my total price that I paid 150 dollars. Please go somewhere else. Get your insurance somewhere else because I'm still in a grievance about my dental that cost me out of pocket again $250 this time. Now they are insisting that I did not read what was sent to me with my new package for this Humana Plan. I'm just totally disgusted I live on a fixed income and I had a representative falsely tell me and my witness complete and utter lies. This is the representative's name that I shall share on my review here. His name was Bob **. Yes if Bob were to read this go for it buddy because you sold me down the road. You should not be a representative for any insurance company. You give false representation and many other things under the law. So everybody have a wonderful day out there and make sure about this. Don't go with Humana Insurance.
Humana Health and short term disability would not pay a emergency room visit in Feb of 2013. Said it was a non emergency visit leaving a balance of over $ 5000 - kidney stones left kidney. In September of 2013 went back to emergency room - kidney stones left kidney. Paid all but $200. My company just changed over to Humana at the beginning of the year.I have been out of work since October 18, 2014 and on Oct 18 of 2014 had surgery on left kidney - removing kidney stone 6 mm and a stent put in place. Release date was December 15. December 11 had stent removed from left kidney and a 5 mm stone removed from right side and multiple stones removed. Stones impacted and surgically removed. Stent installed and fitted for bladder stimulator. Submitted a extension to Feb 2 - continuous battle to get money. December 30 -had stent removed from right side - bladder Stimulator installed revoked at left kidney. Kidney has a 5cm strictures causing urine to not drain - needs a major surgery to repair blockage.Sent Humana all information. Sent in extension request asking for recovery time. Next surgery was on March 24 to replace stent. All these surgeries have taken a toll on my health. 3 months of multiple surgeries and being 58 years old the bladder stimulator required me to stay in bed for two weeks - not including other multiple surgeries with very close dates. I have a appointment with urology of Emory on Feb 11, 2015. They are the only surgeons that I can find that can do this surgery. Now on Jan 26 the extension has been denied. Having the Stent in, I am not suppose to do anything strenuous on lift over 10 lbs. I am a heavy equipment operator with various other duties.Now what am I to do?
My dealings with this company have been ridiculous. The wait times to talk to someone are INSANE. No one has any clue what's going on - I had two people in the same hour contradict themselves. They just told me today (4/11) that I have to wait on a mailed invoice that was sent out yesterday that will arrive in 7-10 days to pay them money, which is hilarious because they are emailing me EVERY DAY to say my account will be past due if I don't pay by April 17th. I am really, seriously just about to say screw this. As a healthy young adult I shouldn't have to fork over $400 a month because I'm a freelancer.
If I could give Humana less than one star I would. None of their customer service reps know what they are doing. They are poorly trained and they ALL have very heavy accents. It is impossible to understand them and I literally have to call multiple times to have the same conversation over and over because I can't understand most of their reps. They also give out inaccurate information. They'll tell me something is covered, and then I found out later that it isn't... Leading to hundreds of dollars in bills that I shouldn't have had to pay. I needed to have surgery but I was afraid to do it while I was on Humana because everything they tell me about coverage is incorrect. It was impossible to estimate the cost of surgery (and I know they'll find any excuse or bizarre rule to get out of paying for things), and I was terrified that if I had the surgery I'd end up with an enormous bill.To top it off, Humana's premiums are absurdly expensive for the quality of the insurance coverage. I switched to a different insurance company recently and so far they've been amazing. Their customer service reps are well trained and easy to understand. They offer a cost estimator tool on their website so I can prepare for my surgery and have a good idea of how much I'll pay out of pocket. I will never go back to Humana. They are by far the worst insurance company I've ever dealt with.
I joined Humana in March 2014, and I thought I had done my homework before switching insurances. When I thought all my meds were covered and no higher than my set copays they screwed me out of one of my meds. Dr. office called their specialty pharmacy for a refill for my injections I get through them. These injections are a prescription med, so they should be covered under Medicare Part D. Well Humana has a board of review that decided my meds should be covered under Medicare Part B. That makes me have a copay of $1,004.90. Under Part D they are no more than $6.35. I appealed it and the result was the same, $1,004.90 to get my shots. Because of them and their business practices I now have to skip a month of my shots. I can't afford $1,004.90, so I now have to wait til my insurance changes back June 1st to start getting them again.
When I signed up with Humana’s Medicare Advantage this year since I turned 65, I was assured that many doctors were in network and would take my insurance. Yes, some are on their lists - but when contacted they say they don't participate, including the only hospital (Indian River Medical Center). None of my doctors said they participated and no hospital. I signed up for the dental insurance as well. I can't find any dentist in the area even though they are listed. This constant hunting for a doctor or dentist scares me. I don’t know what to do except hope that I don't need serious medical care until next year when I can hopefully switch.
I paid by check for both my wife and I. The premiums were the same and the amount of the checks were the same but she owes them money for past due premiums but I do not. So far I've been on the phone with them for over an hour and can not get an explanation. It's too late to change providers but I'll be changing next year.
I am a healthcare provider myself and strongly recommend staying away from this company. I have had repeated struggles with them where their representatives have been nothing less than robotic and relentlessly unwilling to take responsibility for and correct their mistakes. They double billed me on two occasions, drawing money from my account without my approval. I had to go directly to the charge card company to correct this after spending hours trying to straighten it out with Humana. Just yesterday I got a voicemail from them telling me to call them back for an important message ASAP. Their voicemail menu makes absolutely no sense and kept shuttling me from place to place and then putting me on long holds. This so called health insurance company probably causes more illness than they help heal.
We have TriCare Prime Remote and Humana is our new insurance company this year. So far our experience has not been acceptable. I have an incurable chronic illness that I need treatment for every three months from my neurologist. My referral to the neurologist is good for one year and it was renewed in September of 2017. I saw my neurologist in December for the treatment and was referred to another neurologist because my old one was retiring. The referral was approved and I went to my new neurologist in January for a consultation. Humana paid for that consult and for my treatment in December. My treatment was to be March 26th, 2018. I got a call from the neurologist's office (3 days before my appointment) telling me that they cannot do my treatment because they have tried several times to contact Humana for approval and have not gotten a response. I had already taken the day off of work because I have to drive 3 hours ONE way to my neurologist. (Only a few do this treatment in MI.) I immediately call Humana to find out what is going on. 1 hour and 52 min. later I still don’t have a real answer. First I am told that I do not have an approval to see the neurologist. (Even though I went to him in January and they paid for it.) If it wasn’t approved they would NOT have paid the bill. Second they tell me that they cannot see in their system that I went to the neurologist and that it was paid. I was on their website and signed in and took screenshots of everything they paid for and sent them the copies. They told me that there is not an authorization code on them. (They have claim codes on them.) Apparently we as the insured do not get authorization codes only the claim codes. Well that’s two different things! So even though they paid, so obviously it was approved, because I don’t have the right code I have to get another referral. Third they told me that I had the wrong provider. What?! Even though on THEIR site the right provider is listed as my provider. (I gave them a screenshot of that also.) They tell me they cannot see what I see in their system. So first I had to get my provider changed. Then I had to get another referral, and wait for it to be approved (still waiting, 3-29-2018). Finally I have to have the neurologist send in a form for approval for my treatment. After it is approved I can make an appointment. So my treatment will be delayed until they have what they already had, but somehow lost on their side of the system. I can see just fine on mine.
Humana is definitely just another business. My experience with their business from signing up for my son to finding some doctors that accept this insurance this mess. Everything is a fight. This wound vac is horrible. Constant problems, a total nightmare and I can't believe this is allowed. The wound vac is creating more problems it's total garbage. If you can get KCI wound vac do it. It actually works good. Humana legally cheating their paying clients and gets away with it. It's all about the money with Humana. I'm so sorry we changed insurance after moving to Florida. Medicare approved corrective boots for my son and when we changed insurance to Humana they denied the boots. I wouldn't recommend Humana to anyone. I wish I had something good to say about this illegal business but I don't. They are total bad karma. SHAME ON HUMANA. The only reason I give them 1 star is to post this not because they deserve or have earned it.
I think that all Americans should be aware that while paying for insurance with Humana with American money, that Humana sends our jobs to the Philippines. As a member, you will probably talk to a person from the United States because they know that a member would most likely be upset that he/she is talking with customer service in the Philippines. As a provider, we call the provider line and it is very frustrating that I can't understand the person I am talking to and that person can't understand me. They don't understand the American Health Insurance. I have to constantly repeat myself and if I dare ask a question out of the ordinary, the person just keeps reading from the computer screen. So, know what your money is supporting.
When my fiancé got Humana about a year ago, we thought it was great that he finally had insurance. Little did we know, it was the insurance from hell. The 1st claim went through and they took more than half the money because they said we had a one time a year fee, okay we said. So now, about October 2011, we sent in another one. Since then, we have yelled, screamed, cried and nothing seems to get through to them. They have hung up on us, transferred us and it hung up. They told us the claim was mailed out, lost the claim, which is over 100 pages 3 different times, sent the 1st check to my doctor, not me. Now they are saying once again they sent it to the wrong department I mean we have heard it all. We have never needed this money so bad, our home we were in the middle of moving in burned down, we had no insurance, and we have 3 kids. So we have called over 300 times only to get people who can speak English barely and who see the mistakes on the account and immediately hang up. It costs a lot of money to send those packages with the medication and pages in to them, only for them to lose them. Every person tells us something different. We need help so bad, it just doesn’t seem fair. We are good people. We do so much for others, only to have so much bad happen. I’d be willing to talk to anyone who would or could help. My email is ** and it’s at **, so please help us.
I was disabled and chose Humana for my insurance company. After several years I was able to work part time and I picked up a little supplemental policy that covered $6000 a year with $6000 deductible. Now Humana wants to call this new policy primary and them secondary. Humana is over $200 a month and the Blue Cross is $80 a month. Humana refused to pay for X-rays or anything else since they are claiming to be secondary now. Worst company I have ever dealt with. Do not use as their coverage is no better than Medicare primary which cost a lot less.
My mother has been with Humana since 2011. There has never been an issue until this year (2015), one month after open enrollment ended in January. When I took my mother’s prescriptions in for February, Humana denied the claims. After days of phones calls, they have assure me every month the problem was fixed. It is now May, and it still isn't fixed. If my mother had to deal with this, she wouldn't have any medications. There is no excuse for the lies, or the inept employees and supervisors they have. Here are the names of the people I have gone through. Not one of these people have followed through or fixed anything. I am at my wit's end.
What Happened: Humana representative advised me that I did not need to keep my traditional Medicare; now all I have is Humana Gold PPO, which I was scheduled for surgery in October 2012. Now, I am not able to have surgery because the Hospital that I was scheduled for does not take Humana, when the Humana representative told me otherwise. Now I am not able to find any in network doctors who will accept Humana, and I no longer have my traditional Medicare. (I later found out). I truly believe the doctors and providers have realized that Humana does not properly train their reps, thus leading the doctors and providers to deny any dealings with Humana.
I kept having to call them and trying to get my billing straightened out but they got rude with me, so I told them to cancel my policy and kiss my **. It was three days before the next month, so I signed up with HealthSpring and I am totally satisfied with them. I haven't had any problems since. Today, I got a letter in the mail from a damned collections agency saying that I need to pay Humana $21.42. I canceled in time before the next billing period and it is not my fault that they didn't do what I requested. They are slow to help, rude to deal with, and just denied most of what I needed. Corporate ** who don't give a ** about the people they are supposed to be helping. If you need good health insurance, call HealthSpring. They are so much better than Humana could ever hope to be.
First of all their in-network dentists are very limited. Those they do have all have terrible reviews on Yelp. They basically don't cover anything but teeth cleanings. I paid $500 for the plan and got $1500 of dental work done and they paid nothing. 0. Then, they sent me a letter saying they were going to charge me automatically to renew my policy. I never said I wanted to renew! Scammers...They have a terrible wait time with their customer service and the live chat only will help you if you want to order a new policy.
Humana is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. I went to the Doctor in Sept. and had some tests ordered. With every claim Humana requested medical records. Here it is December and even though my doc sent out 42 pages of records, Humana claims to have never received them and denied all of them. See the doc for insomnia, denied. See doc for back pain and MRI, denied. Everything denied. They just keep dragging it out and want records sent again and again. Worst company ever. Do yourself a favor and choose another company.
I have had the same team of Oncologist, Hematologist and Radiologist for almost two years since I was diagnosed with breast and uterine cancer. I see my Hematologist, Oncologist for medication monitoring and examination. I received a letter denying recent service stating "it was deemed not to be medically necessary." Of course I immediately contacted Humana at their toll-free # to ask for an appeal. Six customer service personnel and 2 days later I get someone of "authority" who basically starts to read the exact letter I have in my possession. I stop the person and they get an attitude. They advise me to write a letter of appeal... back at square one. Up until this point in time I had no real complaints, but this came totally out of the blue... now what?!
I have been trying to get my tire repaired or replaced for over a week, for my electric wheelchair but when I call I keep getting shuffled from person to another and then I get disconnected. My premium payments are automatically taken out before I get my check. I am seriously thinking about finding another insurance provider. They used to have better service but their service has hit an all time low. I will be filing a complaint with Medicare against them.
While there are NUMEROUS reasons why I am disappointed with Humana my most recent experience tops the cake. They cancelled one of the doctors enrollment with them out of the 5 in my OBGYN office. They were not asked to do so, they made an error and her credentials were cancelled with Humana making her out of network. Therefore, after I gave birth to my daughter with, you guessed it, the one doctor they "accidentally" cancelled I am now stuck paying $1300 out of pocket because they refuse to correct their mistake. They even told my doctor's office it was a mistake on their end and it was being "expedited".My daughter was born in July and it is now February of the following year. One of the customer service agents told my doctor to submit the claim under another physician who is in network at this time and guess what - that claim was DENIED. Luckily my husband's new job offers amazing insurance so I can finally break ties with this joke of a company. Thank you, Humana, for processing claims wrong, never fixing your mistakes, and for taking another $1,000 from me.
Flamboyant supervisor by the name of Kenny gave out wrong information and when I called another representative placed the call on hold and then hung up.
Made my premium payment online and even though payment was deducted from my account I did not get credit for payment and Humana canceled my insurance! HUMANA IS SET UP TO BE SOCIALIST LIARS! CIVIL SUITS INDEED!
Deny, deny, deny. For the last year and a half I have had to deal with Humana's incompetence in handling and getting claims paid. They had me listed in the wrong state (LA--listed as New Orleans, LA--is not Vegas people, read the entire address!). They claimed the codes were changed--they were the same codes they approved within the same coverage year. You must have ordered something extra--nope, didn't. I chased all this idiocy for more than a year. They have the power (they think) to keep stringing you along till the end of time. They bounce you from one rep to the other, they don't care if you get cut off, or they have sent you to the wrong department. They think you will give up--DON'T.How did I get results??? When you get a claims rep, immediately ask for a manager, not a supervisor, to expedite your claims mishandling. Take names, extension nos., employee numbers, and let them know you are doing that. Take notes with dates and times--document the daylights out of your conversations. But that most instant effect? File complaints not only Humana, but now go to Medicare and CMS (same but not the same for paperwork work). Make sure you politely and firmly give them all the details and all the screw ups and denial and mishandling for your claims. Boom! Fixed mostly within 24 hours. They oversee these clowns. Get the rep from Medicare's phone number--and they will get this done--freely and apologetically. They are your new best friend. No more games from Humana anymore.
Humana One dental - be aware. Signed up then made a visit to my dentist immediately to discuss care for the future. Was told he had better plan. Called Humana One to cancel. Told me to wait 24-48 hours. Called back next day and they won't refund the $35 enrollment fee even tho policy doesn't kick in for 3 weeks. Never used their services, not even 24 hours later. The people were rude and at one point hung up on me for getting upset. Their customer service is all in foreign countries, so the people have strong accents which are difficult for both parties to understand as well. I'm out my hard earned money and have had no service at all. Is this ethical? I call it a complete rip off and I'm sick and tired of these companies stealing money.
I, fortunately, have not had to use the health insurance much this past year, however the few times I have use Humana the whole experience has been fine. As with all of health insurance providers, the coverage is not as good as one would like and we end up paying for a good deal of the services out of pocket.
I KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM. First, have been taking an Rx for years but Humana decided not to pay for it and instead they tried to push me another one. I googled it and found out so many complaints about this new Rx that I spoke to my MD who agreed with me and he faxed them a note saying that the new Rx has not been tested enough. It has too many side effects and I should remain on the old Rx. Problem solved.Second, don't ever call them on the phone because you will get nowhere. Why? Because Humana hires Filipinos and Hindus who can barely speak English. They have a very low IQ, and refuse to admit their mistakes. I send Humana e-mails instead. Third, my former MD was superb. However, he got tired of the health system in this country and moved to another country. Humana's list of MD's is horrible where I live. They have nothing but Africans, Hindus who cannot communicate properly in English and Americans who couldn't pass the SAT so they studied medicine in Dominica, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, the Philippines or Cuba. Too bad Humana doesn't read the hundreds of complaints from patients about those witch doctors. It took me days to find a new MD and was lucky enough to get him. But many are older and sicker or have no clue about computers so they are stuck with the lowest quality witch doctors and care.
Simply put this Humana is the worst insurance I have ever had. I moved to Minnesota and found that my AARP United Health Care, Medicare supplement was not accepted here unless it was an emergency. So I had to shop under the Minnesota system which was a nightmare in itself, but back on track here. I chose the Humana as it seemed on the surface to fit my needs, and a quick search of doctors on the Humana site showed a lot of covered doctors nearby. This was not the case!!! Once enrolled I started calling to set up an appointment, but found the doctors on the website were bogus. I called several of the numbers provided and most of the time the receptionist had never even heard of the doctor I was asking for, or the doctor had left.After many frustrating days of calling and searching I finally found a doctor at Fairview clinics. An appointment was set up and I was seen at the clinic. After going through my health history several referrals were made and a colonoscopy was scheduled at a Fairview facility. I should mention that by this time Humana had assigned me a health advisor to help me navigate my way. I asked if this was a covered procedure and was told it was covered fully. I felt comfortable because my previous insurance also covered it fully.The big day came and all was well until I got my bill. I was to pay $688.04 for my portion. WHAT? I called Humana and that's when the fun really started. My health advisor was unable to answer any of my questions and attempted to get me to claims which resulted in the call being dropped so I called back. My advisor was not available so I talked with someone else who did connect me with claims. So the first time I was told that it had been filed incorrectly showing Fairview was out of network, and that she would contact Fairview so they could submit it properly.Days went by and I received a letter from Humana saying they would not pay anything further on this claim. So I called again this time I was told that yes the colonoscopy was preventative and would be fully covered but then she saw that the doctor had removed several polyps so that changed things but on further review by her and someone she talked to, while putting me on hold, nope it was still covered just a different code and she would handle it. Now I get another bill from Fairview saying that Humana had paid their part but I still owed the $688. So once again I call Humana. This time I am told the colonoscopy is covered but the Polyp removal changed it to a surgery but my portion should only be $488.Now today 4/30/15 I get a letter from Humana saying the claim was processed as out of network based on a tax id number that was submitted, and I still owe the $688. I called Fairview and was told they are contracted with Humana so who knows. Humana certainly doesn't. What I know is I have several serious health issues that need to be addressed and it appears to me that I am going to have to wait till next year's enrollment to change to get some hopefully better coverage. I can't afford to be told I have coverage then get bills like this. Just hope the wait doesn't kill me...
After dealing with Humana for 9 months, I've come to realize they are either run by imbeciles or the devil. I was on ** prior to going on Medicare. When Medicare became active, so did my coverage with Humana PPO. They denied the ** but suggested I pay out of pocket $4,000 per month. After that they denied everything my doctor prescribed for my arthritis. 7 months later, I'm in a full blown flare up with a sd rate over 60 and CRP over 20. I'm now sick and can't get the meds I need. My doctor finally got them to cover **. Only problem was my co-pay was $5,000. I was able to get assistance through PAN network.I have a stack of denial letters from Humana. Some are dated the same day. I finally received an approval letter and was tempted to frame it in a gilded frame. As unbelievable as it may sound, I got a denial letter after their approval letter. I even got another letter stating they needed my doctor's authorization - after I received my first dose! When I called the number on the letter, they were just as shocked as I was. The number on the letter was to the pharmacy who transferred me to the specialty pharmacy who was equally confused. I asked to speak to the person who sent me the letter, Mr ** whose credentials included director of pharmacy professions. The specialty pharmacy didn't know who this person is. They explained that the insurance side sent the letter. (Insurance side?) So what I take from this is the left hand definitely has no clue what the right hand is doing! Like I said that in title, RUN from this company - stay away from them!
Deductibles and out of pocket max, customer service, tiny provider directory. I did, unfortunately, get the wrong personal health insurance -- Humana Detroit HMOx. I have had nothing but trouble -- denial of my meds, denial of services.
Having surgery in the morning and turned my prescription 5 days ago and Humana has yet to ok the order. I am not sure they will do the surgery without the meds. A surgery I really need. Really sad that a service provider like Humana treats clients in this manner. I realize there is nothing I can do but vent. If they lose my business I am sure they will not have to close their doors. Thanks Humana.
I went to the same radiologist for my yearly mammogram for 10 years. I went this year and the billing person told me to check with Humana because they have been having problems. I called from the office and verified my coverage. A week later an invoice came and it showed they paid the bill. Six weeks later I got a reversal letter and a bill for 1,500 dollars. They said they no longer had my doctor in their Network. I was told to file appeal. I did and a month later they said denied because I didn't file in a timely manner.Next month booked with my regular doctor. Later got a bill that he was out of network. I had checked because of my earlier experience. They said he was in network and sent a corrected bill. Then they send another bill saying out of network. I called again and they said they used his billing company address. They are out of network and they can use that address. I'm just done. I've had them 13 years and 2015 and 2016 changed everything. I'll make a complaint with the Medicare hotline tomorrow. This is robbery.
I just went to CVS to pick up my son's prescription. Again denied by Humana. Not on their list of drugs. Here we go again. I spent a year fighting with Humana to have a drug covered which is the only thing my son responds to. We went through appeal after appeal until finally the Medical State Commissioner overturned the decision sending a scathing 4 page letter to Humana REQUIRING them to cover the medication. Humana had to reimburse us for thousands of out of pocket money for the medication they refused to cover. Now here we go again. Some moron at Humana has decided to not cover it yet AGAIN! I will fight them again all the way again. But it is exhausting and ridiculous. Humana plays God. Interfering with your care and your doctor. Your doctor knows what is best for you, not some idiot at Humana. I have had to fight them on medical procedures that I have needed but Humana seems unnecessary. When did it become their right to play God and make decisions about my care when they haven't even examined me and have no relationship to me. This is the worst health care company ever. They only care about their shareholders and not the people that are their customers. It is a conflict of interest to be publicly traded and pretend that you are serving the interest of your insured. This is why we MUST go to a nonprofit single payer system where they are not trying to serve stockholders! I hate Humana!! I will keep fighting, but I shouldn't have to!!!
Humana has a new tier pricing. They now charge $8.00 for EACH medicine for a 90 day copay. The subsequent expense is exorbitant. Yearly premium of about $22./ mo. plus for 90 day deliveries would be $32 per year plus the 22x12 or $264. $264 plus $32 or $296 for 1 year for 1 drug!!! This is unfair business practices. Just imagine if you had 6 drugs!! Needless to say I have filed a complaint with Humana. I did not complete my order.
I fell and dislocated my right thumb, with a small chip fracture. This causes me great pain. I have now been given the runaround, referred to VRS offices and told that nothing is wrong with my thumb. I saw the X-Rays. The injury is clearly visible. The "M.D." who read them will not talk with patients. I will have to wait another week while they "refer" me to another specialist, and not even a bone doctor. It's another radiologist. So, that's 2 more weeks with no treatment. Solutions offered include switching primary care providers (start all over from the beginning with no guarantee that new provider will be any better) or go the emergency room (who will take an X-Ray again and refer me to a bone doctor). I am dizzy from the circles and tired of waiting in their very unfriendly offices. Their staff is not helpful, to put it mildly. They absolutely don't care. Their attitude is that I have to force them to do anything, and then wait until they are good and ready to do it. By the time I get treated for this injury, it will have healed wrong and I will never be able to properly use my hand.
When is a year less than 12 months? When you are dealing with Humana. My wife went on Medicare in August 2017 and was swamped with the song and dance sales pitch for advantage plans. She was assured by the salesman that Humana Medicare was the way to go, the only rub was you had to pay your $450 deductible in advance. It put a bit of a pinch on our finances, but we paid it, as the salesmen made it clear this needed to be done before open enrollment ended. What we were not told was that this same $450 would be due again in January, five months later. So we were tricked into paying $450 for five months. Thus the price for my wife's necessary Insulin to treat her Type 2 Diabetes, when from the already overpriced cost of $150 to $490, which we cannot afford. We contacted Humana about the issue and they could not care less. Humana does not give a hoot if you live or die, it's just all about how much money they can suck out of you to make huge profits.
This is by far the worst insurance I've had my entire life. The job I was currently employed with did not offer a company wide insurance. It was supplemental. So I decided to get my own insurance through the Market Place for better coverage. Humana offered coverage for health, dental, and vision. Not all together, but it was at a fair price so I signed up. I'm not one to go to the doctor often, just for check ups and annuals. Yet to my surprise all my initial doctors were out of network. Well who has the time to find a doctor in network when you have been seeing these for several years. S/N I just read that the doctors that were in network still charged you out of pocket. So my doctors stated that they would work with me and the insurance company to get the best possible coverage so that I would not have to pay an exhorted amount out of pocket. Well needless to say I did. Humana paid nearly to nothing for dental and health. They only managed to cover my birth control and that only cost $20 out of pocket. It was a total rip off. I called and found out why my premium payment was so high and yet I have a bill twice the amount and it should've been covered. I am furious with this company. Just bad customer service and insurance coverage. I will definitely be appealing this payment. I will be damned if I have to pay $149.21 when my premium payment (which I just paid on the 10th of December) is $145.32. Just outrageous. Why the heck am I paying you if you're not even going to cover my bill.I am single, no dependents, and no health issues. Yet I am paying over $100 a month for insurance that did not cover diddly. They sure as heck were slow about sending out the claims but were not so slow in sending out how much I owed them. Just unbelievable. Next time if I have to shop for health care insurance through the market place I will read reviews first and then sign up. All in all it's just best to go with Blue Cross and Blue Shied if you can. Runner up is United Health Care. Humana sucks and I hope they go out of business soon, because ripping honest, hard earning American citizens is a crime. If it was my choice I wouldn't give you a star not even a half a star.
First let me open with the very first thing under member rights on the Humana website. "1). Be provided with information about your Humana health plan, its services and benefits, its providers, and your rights and responsibilities as a member." My husband and I have been attempting to go to an urgent care clinic for the entire day. We started by going to one across town where we have been to multiple times in the past. As it turns out, they no longer accept our insurance plan. However, they are still listed as accepting our insurance on both the Humana website and the Humana representatives on the phone claim they do as well.Our second stop I called ahead and was told they did take our insurance. As it turns out, no they didn't. At this point I called Humana only to be told that they try to keep the list of providers up to date, but they obviously can't. I was given two more locations over the phone via Humana that take our insurance. Well surprise, none these other two locations actually don't take our insurance either, so now we're up to 4 locations. I call Humana back again which is a labor in and of itself and tell them that this is unacceptable, that part of our agreement as a paying customer is that they provide us with a list of providers. Why am I the customer spending an entire workday doing their job for them?I was emailed a list of 32 supposed urgent cares in our network by the second Humana representative, but hilariously all four of the clinics we tried that don't accept our insurance were on it as well. I called 2 or 3 others on the list for good measure and only one of those clinics claimed to take our insurance. So they may as well have sent me a list of every urgent care clinic in our city and told me to figure it out myself. Considering litigation because this is completely unacceptable and sub par healthcare. This company should not be allowed to charge people an exorbitant amount of money for a service they aren't providing.
Humana illegally drafted my account and did not provide me with insurance!!! And they have the nerve to deny this!!! I have had to do all the leg work to prove this multiple times. I've spent days on the phone. Sent multiple faxes. Several three-ways with bank managers and my local insurance agent. Humana has been given permission to speak with my bank manager, insurance rep., etc. They have no excuse to not return my money... But they have came up with every excuse possible. I've even contacted the insurance commissioner. This company is very crooked. I have been jerked around every which way. Do not trust this company. They do not care about their customers at all. Yes, they illegally took money from me and did not provide me insurance. I couldn't believe it either. I will be lucky to get it back... Hopefully the insurance commissioner will!!!
I went to my local pharmacy two days to refill my insulin prescription. The pharmacist said that Humana was refusing to refill the prescription stating that I was taking too much medication. I tried six times to get through to the pharmacy. The girl who answered the telephone (who the customer service rep had told me was a pharmacist) was helpful but when I asked questions about the insulin, she could not tell me specifics. I knew then that she was not a pharmacist and asked her to connect me to a pharmacist. She sent me to a woman who said she was authorized to make overrides to denials of medications. She told me she could not give me an override on the amount of insulin I was requesting because the pharmacist had said I was on too much medicine. I asked to speak to that pharmacist and she told me I could not because she was the only one who could make overrides. And guess what? She wasn't a doctor or a pharmacist either. She became belligerent when I asked her how she could make overrides if she was not familiar with my case and was not qualified to answer questions about drug amounts. How can a mean employee on the low end of the food chain trump my doctor's prescription? He knows how much I need based on my blood sugars. She said I had offended her and continued to be loud and said she was gonna disconnect the call. I demanded to speak to her supervisor. She put me on hold to connect to the supervisor, and after another long hold, she hung up on me. I was on the phone for over 2.5 hours trying to resolve this issue, was shuttled to six others who then transferred me to this evil woman. And I still can't get my insulin. How is that for excellent customer care?
We have Humana insurance because one of our employers dropped our BlueCross plan and switched us to Humana in order to avoid a premium hike. From day one of the Humana insurance kicking in, we've had nothing but problems. The very first medical appointment payment was not applied to our deductible because the provider was "out-of-network," yet Humana sent us there in the first place! There are almost no medical providers in Humana's network in our area and those that are, are poorly rated. We had an emergency, 911 sent an ambulance, the ambulance took the family member to the nearest hospital, and Humana denied most of the payment because the ambulance and hospital were both "out-of-network." That isn't even legal!I had a medical crisis a few months ago while living in another state and Humana had no medical providers at all in their network in my state. I waited two months to get into a specialist because I needed a waiver from Humana accepting a specialist as "in-network." I finally got one for the only specialists' clinic in the state that specializes in my condition, but it was for only one visit and nothing else. The specialist and an insurance agent assigned to work on these matters finally managed to get a waiver for this physician for one year and I had necessary testing in his clinic. He said I needed immediate surgical intervention to prevent damage to my heart at best or death at worst. The insurance agent person got the authorizations and verified that the specialist had them. The specialist's office staff said they got the authorization for the physician to do the surgery at his usual hospital, the biggest in the city and state but out of Humana's network. I'd made it clear I would not bankrupt my spouse over medical expenses so I would do nothing without authorizations from Humana. Because I was told all authorizations were in and verified, I went ahead with the procedure.Well, now we are receiving "overdue payment" notices from the hospital, the specialist, and all the behind the scenes people patients don't know about until we receive their bills, totaling $72,000.00. Of course, we've also already paid our co-payments and co-insurance payments. The $72,000.00 is on top of those payments. Humana has paid between $3,000.00 and $4,000.00 and denied everything else as "out-of-network." Also, because they didn't come close to meeting the Usual and Customary standard for the state I was living in when I had the surgery, almost none of what Humana says we owe is being applied to our deductibles!!We did everything we were supposed to do before we sought medical care, and we did everything Humana told us to do to straighten out the problems, but it's made no difference at all. The bills just keep growing higher, and today the specialist's clinic called me and told me that not only is Humana refusing to accept as in-network the hospital it authorized, but now Humana is claiming I never had authorization for the surgical procedure at all! Humana is claiming they never authorized anything but the initial office visit to the specialist!Regarding prescriptions, every single time we go to renew an Rx, for drugs we've taken for years with no problems from an insurance company, Humana denies them and forces our doctors to spend inordinate amounts of time giving Humana far too much of our private information that shouldn't be necessary to establish medical need. Our providers are fed up and my spouse's doctor told him this week that his office will not do it for Humana anymore. My spouse is just out of luck. Now he has to figure out what to do about not having the medication that has given him a normal life and preserved a major organ for the last 20+ years! Humana even denied my cheap, synthetic thyroid hormone medication I've taken for ten years and need for the rest of my life!Now I'm in a different state, with no primary care physician yet, and I don't know who to go because the choices are so poor, and when I need to renew another prescription, Humana hasn't already hassled me over yet, I won't have a doctor to ask to jump through Humana's hoops. After reading the reviews of so many people damaged by Humana, I figure the next thing will be Humana trying to force me to use its pharmacy. At this rate, we won't be able to afford to keep the job that is providing this joke of an insurance plan. It will have gobbled up a year's salary half way through our first year on it! Humana should be fined by the federal government and by all states with laws it is violating, and removed from any and all federal and state government contracts.
As soon as I was eligible for Medicare I was bombarded with nice people calling to sign me up with Humana. They made it all sound perfect although call took about 2 hours in total just to sign me up. 2 months later I moved and they told me how good Humana was in Florida where I now live. They gave me the name of a rheumatologist whose name I needed before I moved as I need to see someone monthly. After going to him I was denied coverage as I was told they were out of network. I called (put on a total of 3 hours of hold time, going thru 6 different people) that doc was not in network although they referred me to him in first place and doctor says he is network.They said they would review and denied payment a second time. Aside from that they also denied lab work from Quest because they said person from Quest office completely submission form incorrectly. They also told me I would have a caseworker and I have yet to be assigned one. I could go on but I am soooooo angry I can't invest another moment on this company. Looking for another one tomorrow. NOTHING THEY PROMISED CAME TO FRUITION! Lastly, it is nearly impossible to call and reach someone!!! One recorded message after the next. Can someone from CF call me back at **... please.
I went to Humana for gap coverage between COBRA and Medicare, and now I will be poorer by $3,920 for an emergency room visit one month before my 65th birthday. Neither Piedmont hospital in Atlanta nor Humana deigned to let me know, though the salesperson was eager to sell me a policy, that Humana has no contract with the nearest hospital to me. No recourse now but to take Humana to court. It is fraudulent to solicit a customer without alerting him to significant holes he is likely to encounter in his coverage. Also, Piedmont was remiss to tell someone on a fixed income that he can afford to fork over 25% of his income to that hospital, because of Humana, is obscene. Both outfits make a mockery of Affordable Health Care, and so does the serpentine Come the revolution, bloodsuckers, guess what...
Humana tries to attract medicare members. It is the worst insurance. They do not cover half of the things that medicare covers. When the physician's offices tries to reach Humana insurance claims, the calls are forwarded to Philippines. When the calls are transferred to foreign countries, you can barely follow what they are saying. After hours of trying to talk to them, the calls get disconnected. We have informed all our patients today that we will not accept any more Humana patients. We are not able to provide proper care because Humana does not cover even simple injections. I would advise all members and physicians to run as far away as possible from Humana.
I will change my insurance away from Humana during next enrollment. I have had far too many difficulties with them as compared to other carriers. I will pay much more to a different carrier just to get reasonable service.
We have had Humana as Medicare supplement for 5+ years now and do not even look at options. My husband had to be hospitalized for 5 weeks. Never even saw EOB for months after. Humana took care of everything. I am eligible and ready to sign up this year for myself. Highly recommend....
I probably have a hundred websites that I sign into on a regular basis. Never any real trouble EXCEPT Humana. Try to get help? LOTS OF LUCK! Their requirements exceed anything resembling sanity. My and I share an email address. They won't accept us both on the same.
In fact, this company is bordering on no customer service. Make no mistake if you choose them, like I did, because they were the most affordable for the coverage. They are the most affordable because apparently, they employ very few people. So you are going to be paying a good deal of money every month and you may or may not be getting any coverage. If you don't have a job and can spend hours a day getting through to someone who can actually give you accurate information, maybe you'll have more success but honestly, I'm not even sure that person exists! I will probably lose my insurance in fact because I can't even find a way to PAY! That's how bad it is. No phone service before 8am and then it is a LONG wait; Chat hangs up on you before you even get connected and they don't give you an email address. Good luck but personally, if you have a choice, I'd go with a different company.What Obama has done to this nation regarding healthcare will destroy it. Because people are now forced to buy insurance, cheap companies like Humana can collect money and then do nothing! What was always wrong was the insurance companies/medical establishment problems, not the PEOPLE but the people were the ones punished and held accountable. Makes no sense. People will be going bankrupt or worse yet, dying, because the accountability was not required where it was actually needed.
Humana made an error on my dad's coverage, cancelling it, saying he moved out of area. He did not. For close to a year, I am still dealing with it. Have spent over 50 hours and hundreds of transfers I believe since I complained to every agent and agency possible. They are inept. They now have a vendetta towards me since I've been tenacious in being my dad's advocate. They are in-Humana. They do not live up to any of the responsibility they claim in their advertising. They don't care, they lie, they hang up on you. You try and try to get to the point and they never get there. Got some resolution, but it never ends. I requested they reinstate taking his Part D out of his SS nine months later and I get a coupon book. Now I get a call saying call an agent and set up an easier way. I refuse to call an agent and explain for the 80th time the same situation. I don't recommend them to anyone. The ironic part is his Part D only cost Humana 10.00 a month. $50.00 after they dropped him. He is 92 now and have caused nothing but anxiety, time, money and hundreds of hours. What do I get? A letter apologizing for the inconvenience and still it's not resolved. It does no good to go to the BBC, Insurance Commission, making complaints with the board of Humana, so don't waste your time with them.
Although I asked for electronic communication I continue to get “snail mail” letters, almost weekly. Every time I call in I’m told I have the wrong customer service rep. I end up talking to at least three or more reps. They say they will call back but don’t! Worst customer service of any company. Good Customer Service means to “Please and Delight Your Customer”.
I have been searching for the last month for a physician for my husband. Almost all of the doctors listed in the handbook and online do not accept Humana Gold Plus. This is truly disgusting. My husband has had the same physician for the past 22 years. Are these listings a "come on" to get business? I have worked with insurance and thought this was a good company to choose, but I am not so sure at this point. Since this is now election time to choose another carrier, I am really considering changing. It is unfortunate that seniors have to deal with this mess. Insurance companies need to be held more accountable or the consumer should have more of an alternative.
My wife received a referral for a mammogram. We made the appointment, she had the mammogram, and then Humana refused to pay. They said it was a self-diagnosis. It was not. It was ordered by our doctor. I appealed and was turned down by Humana. I even quoted a chapter and verse from Humana’s own handbook. They didn't care; they kept saying it was a self-diagnosis. Women are entitled to one mammogram each year according to Medicare. I appealed to Medicare and they ordered Humana to pay, months later. I have spoken to several people who do medical billing, and they tell me that Humana is the worst of all the insurance companies on paying claims. If people don't fight Humana for payment, Humana gets richer at our expense. Don't do business with them!
Our policy had an effective, start date of March 1 but was canceled for nonpayment in February. Funny how something can be canceled before the payment is due. We paid our premium on time, every month. After MONTHS of calling and being told that the representative would take care of it, every claim in March, April and May was denied. Finally in June a representative fixed the problem and the claims were reprocessed. BUT Humana has 2 systems and information does not automatically transfer from one to another. So about 2 more months of dealing with nonpayments. We are just NOW getting everything corrected and it is November.Just when I thought everything was ok and I was actually getting something for the $1000 a month I pay, another DENIAL. So I went to an immediate care facility and then sent to the ER because the immediate care did not have the equipment to treat me. The ER was in a hospital that was in network. Most of the claims were processed but one was denied. The reason went from the physician being out of network, the situation not being an emergency and then that report was needed. The only light at the end of this AWFUL tunnel is that open enrollment is next month and I can FINALLY get away from Humana. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND COVERAGE EVER!!!!
I had been with pup insurance and changed to Humana in November during my Medicare period to change plan. I was told from the Humana rep that I would get better coverage and there would not be a charge or change from my social security payment. Will I get a letter from social security and my payments have been reduced 96 dollars per month because Humana did not give me the credit on my part B as pup. I called Humana, all they did was tell me to write a letter of complaint. I was lied to. Am really pissed off!
Humana tried for eight months to force me to pay beginning on Jan. 1 that the actual effective date was Jan. 23. They kept refusing to pro-rate the plan and charge me for actual time covered. This year they are saying that a prescription written by my local PCP in February does not count toward my $500 deductible. I paid over $450 for the prescription in February. In March, they say for the same prescription, I am responsible to pay over $870 and the first $500 will go to my deductible and the remaining $380 will be applied to my out-of-pocket. My combined out-of-pocket, and say agree, is $1500. Before the March prescription, over $1300 has been applied to the $1500 total, yet they insist I pay the $870.
I received a liver transplant in 2014. Humana, at that time covered my rejection meds under part D. Now they have reclassified my meds to be covered under part B, which is costing a $100 more for meds I can't live without. I have wasted countless hours on the phone trying to get an answer why, yet no one could tell me. All they would say is file an appeal, which I did and they turned me down. Then I was told by Humana that I could file a grievance, which I did about 1 month ago. Yesterday, I received a bill from them for $756. They went back all the way to 1/2017 and reclassified all my rejection meds. They billed me extra for meds I HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR!!! I will not be paying them another dime. This bill is their response to the grievance that I filed.
Job changed from Blue Cross to Humana 2 years ago. It is far-none the worst medical I have ever had. I have stopped going to chiropractor; started costing $55 a visit, used to be 20 bucks. I have stopped taking medication since only generics are cost effective but depending on where in the world they are made means if they work or not. I went once for plantar faciitis exam; was covered. X-ray was covered, piece of tape not covered, orthotics not covered and shot not covered. Wound up costing me 200 bucks and I opted to not do an orthotic for an additional $250. I am scared to suffer a bad illness like a heart attack. Do I really have to ask for everything they are doing to me to see if it’s covered? It’s not right.
Humana lost my online medical and pharmacy records between June and December 2012. They told me that I had requested termination of my Medicare C account and my husband's Medicare C account, to be effective June 1, 2012. I asked them to send me copies of requests for termination. They have been unable/unwilling to do so. We were paying for services not rendered. I had doctors' visits not covered by the Humana Medicare C account.In fall of 2010, I submitted forms showing that I would be paying for my own and my husband's Humana vision and dental accounts in 2011. Humana said that we had requested termination of my husband's dental insurance. My financial records show that I was paying for Humana vision and dental insurance for both me and my husband in 2011. I asked them to send me copies of applications and requests for termination. They have been unable/unwilling to do so. I will never select Humana as my Medicare provider. Most of the personnel are hardworking, and try to help. They do not get adequate training and support from the corporation.I have thought of working with an attorney, but have not yet made a decision in this regard. I do not know if it is worth an attorney's time to wade through the many records I have. I have extensive records concerning their misbehavior. When I sent in complaints to the Humana head offices, I was sent a handful of complaint forms for completion. There have been so many errors and failures in communication that I simply gave up. I have all of the pertinent paper records in a box to use when I decide what to do next.
I bought Humana One dental insurance and thought the policy was the best I've ever found. However I cannot use it... It's pointless and a waste of money. They only let me choose from 2 dentists and they're bootleg; 1 permanently closed down shop running from the law. I called to see what could be done. They only offered me another plan that barely covers anything and there's a 6-mos waiting list for extractions etc. and I still could not see a list of Dentists for this plan. I am searching for another company. The lady I spoke to at customer service could barely speak English and after telling her 10 times I couldn't understand her she never offered to put anyone else on the phone that spoke English. Companies should hire Americans to talk to Americans. I wouldn't work in China on the phone talking to the Chinese unless I was an expert and could be understood. Her 1st solution offered to me was to cancel my policy when I explained they didn't offer good dentists and I needed help. She acted like no big deal and she didn't care. It was probably never reported to a manager that they need to improve their dentist list. How can you sell dental insurance with no legit dentists? Is this legal? Anyone could make up a policy and sell it if that's the case. You can ask the guy down the street playing doctor at his home to be a provider. You still get your money for the policy every month and nothing is done about it. Hey there's a new business idea. A huge rip off! It's like giving someone a TV that can never have electricity. Pointless. I should be refunded all the months I paid.
I have been trying to cancel my dental insurance with Humana One for months now due to the fact that my premiums doubled without warning. It is impossible to cancel. I have called, sent messages from their website, and sent messages from my personal email account without any resolution whatsoever. Each time I follow the steps they give me, which includes sending an email with my name, account info, and request to cancel. Each time I send the message and confirm while on the phone that a service representative received it. However, my account still gets the payment drafted from it. When I called to ask why this happened, they show no records of my account ever being canceled. It has been an endless cycle. I am ashamed that I stuck by this company for the last 5 years and will seek legal action if this nonsense continues.
I have tried unsuccessfully to cancel this insurance at least 3 times, each having to wait over an hour on hold. I either get hung up on, or I'm transferred and then forgotten. If you are ready to sign up, you'll get a new person on the line immediately, but if you need to change policy/cancel - you are SOL. I hate this company.
I have my prescription drug coverage through my employer with Humana. They are among the worst companies that I have ever dealt with. Their customer service is very poor. In fact, I have to ask to speak to a supervisor every time that I call since their front line customer service reps provide such poor service. They changed my coverage with little warning. Their entire motivation is to make a profit and they don't care about the health of the patient. If you are looking for a quality company for prescription drug coverage, look elsewhere. These people should not be in the healthcare industry. The fast food business would be a better fit.
My husband purchased Humana Dental for our family last Spring as his job does not provide dental and we have 2 children (9&7) that need to go to the dentist (exam & cleaning without insurance would have been $220 each). I looked into the list of providers and the pediatric dentist that we use wasn't on the list but there really weren't many options available on the list. So I took them out of network after calling and hearing that they pay 70%. My 7 year old had 2 severe cavities in his molars that had just come in and they needed to be filled. Humana bass covered none of it and says that there is a 6 month waiting period for services (I guess that's in the VERY fine print). What they don't tell you is that they pay 70% of the cost that they deem to be acceptable so for a cleaning the dentist charges $81 and they decide that should have only cost $62, then you have to pay the $19 and they only cover 70% after a $50 deductible. So taking my two children to the dentist, if I had just paid the dents for the cleanings, sealants, fillings and everything I would have paid $733.60. Instead we purchased insurance for $1000 and are paying $523.60 to the dentist on things not covered by Humana. My husband and I have yet to go to the dentist as our dentist is not in network and I have yet to find one who is that I know anything about! In summary, don't waste your money, coverage is awful and list of providers is minimal, customer service is rude and unhelpful.
Refused to re-enroll my father - My father had coverage with Humana. He moved out of the "service area" and they cancelled his coverage. We attempted to enroll him in a plan in his service area and were told he had coverage. I hadn't heard anything so I contacted them and they said his application was "pending". I was assured it was being processed and he was covered. I continued to contact them and was always assured everything was fine. No coverage was provided and I contacted them a fourth time. I was then told 60 days had passed since his coverage ended and the application was "abandoned".These people are crooks! They flat out refused to process the application and once the 60 days had lapsed, claimed there was nothing they could do. We were forced to enroll in a different plan with Medicare Blue and now face a monthly premium penalty due to the fact that Humana refused to cover him. Humana should be paying this fine as far as I'm concerned. He went without coverage not by his choice, had to pay for his own medications during that time ($1700) and now has to pay a fine to be covered by someone else?! How is this system fair and equitable? He already had to pay for his own medications out of pocket and now has to pay a fine for not having coverage?!This is really the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. Why Humana isn't punished for hanging on to an application until the 60 days expired then claiming it was abandoned? Why did we continue to contact the company if we had abandoned the application? We could have enrolled in a different plan with another company within the 60-day timeframe if they had simply stated they didn't want to cover him. This program is ridiculous!
I set up an auto draft to come out of my checking account, based on my income I get government assistance through the Marketplace. Humana took $172 more out of my checking account on Sept 4, 2014. When I called to asked why Humana stated that I had been enrolled in a policy in April 4, 2014 that was cancelled April 30 2014. I told the Rep that I had no knowledge of ever being enrolled in any insurance policy.. I never received a bill, a card, nor did I receive and enrollment package, so how was that possible??? They told me through the Marketplace. So I called the Marketplace, they stated the info was sent over by accident but that they have back dated and sent over all the info need to have Humana refund my money. I called Humana back telling them the info that was giving to me from the Market Place, so for verification a conference call was made from Humana to the Marketplace. The Marketplace confirmed that the info was correct so the Rep from Humana said she was going to send in a request for a refund and that it should take 10 days. October 1st will be another month and Humana has yet fail to refund my money. Humana keep giving me the runaround and my money is very much needed for a bill that they stole it from.
My father has significant dementia. Television ads ask people to call their 800 number, which I think my dad did. Humana recently enrolled him in their Medicare Part D (prescription drug) plan. Had they asked a few questions, they would have known with absolute certainty that this man did not understand what he was doing. He already had prescription drug coverage. Their sales staff inappropriately took advantage of an elderly person with dementia. They will never get one dime in premiums from this family.
Both my elderly parents were using Humana Insurance. My Dad was recently awarded 100% service connected disability from the VA so they did not need the insurance anymore. My Mother would be getting Champ VA through my Dad and they would be saving a lot more money. We called Humana and told them of this and they said to call back on October 15, 2011 to disenroll. So we waited a few months and recently called on this date. We were told to fax or mail a letter to their disenrollment department telling them that my parents wanted to disenroll completely from Humana. We did this on October 16, 2011. We thought everything was fine until Humana wrongfully took money from their checking accounts. Well, we called to ask why and they said they were waiting on our disenrollment letter. Although we sent it and they knew it, we sent it again only to hear from them that my parents are still enrolled, stating they haven't gotten the disenrollment letter. Calling them will not help; they give you the run around. We faxed both times using our public library but the simple fact is Humana did receive the letter etc. They do not want to lose the money so they are making it extremely hard to disenroll from their plan. Warning to everyone that reads this: stay away from Humana insurance. They are rip offs!
My wife has a Humana plan. To me it's worthless. She has been in the hospital for 3 weeks. She now needs 10 days of rehab. Humana won't give us an answer if they are gonna pay for this. She has been laying in a hospital bed for 3 days waiting on an answer. Now the hospital says in 2 more days she is going somewhere either home or to rehab. We just need an answer so we can get prepared which way she is going. The hospital and the rehab center has called and called no answer yet. This is is BS.
Humana decided to steal over $1356.93 from my bank account and now deny involvement or stealing the money even though the bank has proof of who took the money on the date, amount, account number, and transaction number. They now say they will investigate the transaction and it might take several weeks. It only took 1 (one) day and one (1) transaction to steal the money. I talked with them and explained that they had taken all of my retirement and left nothing to eat with or pay for heat and electricity. Told me they would call me to discuss, but nothing yet. They have stolen my money without my permission and now will not even talk about it. I guess I can go and pay an attorney with money I do not have to try and get money I no longer have.
I am a type 1 Brittle Diabetic. My prior insurance company, which was also a Medicare plan, approved my insulin and pump. At the first of the year I switched to Humana. First off they denied my insulin, a prior authorization was done and it was denied again. Then they denied my pump supplies. At this point not only was my doctor's office working on this, so was I. I am going on almost 3 months now with NO INSULIN! If it wasn't for My endocrinologist and her office supplying me with samples, I would be dead. Also Omnipod has sent me a few pods to help, need a new one every 72 hours. Humana was NOT contacting my Doctor's offices after repeated calls to find out about the appeals. Their denials are untrue! What I was needing has been approved by Medicare, and I was receiving all this before Humana. By suggestion by 3 different medical specialists. Change insurance companies ASAP! Type 1 Brittle Diabetic, and denied insulin needed and pump supplies. Reason for denials have been proven BOGUS! What they are doing is criminal! Yes, everything documented, so if I die because of this, my family has a good lawsuit! They want to play Doctor, they better have Malpractice insurance. I just don't want anyone to have to go through what I am. Just glad Arizona Endocrinology and Omnipod company are helping me out, keeping me alive actually, till March 1st when new insurance kicks in.
We were treated well and received excellent care in a Humana PPO. The problem arose when we were released and had to make our own decisions on follow up care. We called for predetermination of benefits and when the bills arrived, they did not agree with the quoted amounts. We were told the quote is "just an estimate". I did not know that at the time. Just a warning.
I am a member of Humana Gold Plus HMO in Florida. I have decided I have had enough. I can't get a Well Woman exam from my gynecologist even though she is in my network because of a referral technicality Humana has not resolved, known as an "integrated denial notice." Basically, Humana benefits will state that I can go to my gynecologist for a Well Woman exam, but then later will deny the claim. If Humana sends me an "integrated denial notice," (and good luck finding anyone at Humana who will do that or who even understands what that means -- I don't either), I can visit my gynecologist for a problem BUT she cannot give me a pap smear, even though she is in their list of providers. This is because Humana will refuse to pay for the consult part of the Well Woman exam and I will end up paying it. So yes, I can go see her if I am willing to pay the insane fee for a consult that Humana should be paying.This is just one of many nightmare scenarios I have run into with Humana. In addition, their list of primary care doctors in our area is horrendous. The doctor quality is abysmal; they get low ratings and low reviews from their patients; Many of these doctors are all in the same few companies; yes, doctors are in for-profit companies now and no longer care about providing actual care to patients; My patient records are often wrong and need to be corrected by me at every visit -- What would happen if I were unconscious and relying on them to make sure there were no errors?? The doctors change frequently! They move to different offices and there is NO CONTINUITY OF CARE.Also, there is so much WRONG INFORMATION on Humana's website about doctors in my area and specialists. They list doctors who no longer accept Humana, or who accept Humana but not my insurance (even though I am signed in to myhumana), or they list doctors who are retired and no longer practicing! Or who have moved to another state! All of this I have encountered. Trying to get help on the phone from Humana's customer service is like a three-ring circus. Each department will refer you to another department but be unable to help you. Many times the people you speak with will be very nice, but still unable to help you. Either they don't have the information you seek, or they have never heard of this type of problem before, or they don't know who to refer you to, or they refer you to someone else, who also cannot help you.Humana does NOT care about people, or patients. They are a large, impersonal INSURANCE COMPANY. I remember the days when it was just doctors treating patients with no middle man. The doctors did what they thought was best for the patients. That is sadly no longer the case. Even in my physicals, I cannot remember the last time a doctor actually looked at me anywhere on my body or touched me during a physical. How can you see if I have bruises, lumps, cuts, or any abnormality if you do not have me undress and put on a robe for an actual physical exam??? This is ridiculous!For specialists, there is only one dermatology clinic in my network here with multiple locations throughout the city. Unfortunately, they are terrible! The lowest quality of care you can imagine. And this is who Humana has contracted with. There is so much more to say, but Humana simply is not worth it. After being with them for years, I will look elsewhere, although I am worried there may not be better options out there. To the young people who want "universal Medicare," or "Medicare for all," I would say, if you have not actually been on Medicare and do not know how bad it really is and what a poor selection of doctors and choices you have, be careful what you wish for.
I dis-enrolled from their service the beginning of 2014. Humana does not acknowledge this, and continued to charge me for another 6 months. I did not use their service. They now have sent me to a collection agent. I called them in February, again in July, and again today the 25th of August. In February and again in July they stated that they would fix the problem. Today they said "sorry" but did nothing to resolve the problem.
I signed up for the Humana dental plan through my work insurance. When they give you the packet, the first page shows your cost out of pocket for each procedure and type of dentist. Humana makes you pick a dentist so you can't go to any other dentist and be covered. So I pick my dentist. I went and she told me I need a deep cleaning which is done by the periodontist in the office. They checked with my insurance company first and came back to me with a treatment plan and what it will cost me out of pocket. Keep in mind on my schedule of co-pays, it shows and it’s in the same office just a different room patient pays $55 per quadrant. I left my dentist office having paid the $110. (My insurance won't allow the whole mouth be done at one time.)So I scheduled the other half to be done a week later which makes no sense to me at all, again paying my $110.00 for services rendered. Now I am receiving a bill from the provider for $300. So I called the dental billing office and they told me Humana is not paying the claim. So I called Humana and the agent told me it was an issue with the address of the billing department being different from the dentist’s office. They were refusing thinking I had gone out of network. So she told me it will be paid. That was two months ago. Now, I get another bill from my dental group for $300, the same bill as before. So this time, when I called Humana, they told me to look on page 2. In the small paragraph at the bottom of the page, it states they do not pay for specialist services but I will get a 25% discount. This company is very deceptive in its practices.My question is why would you have a schedule of benefits and subscriber co-payments that include periodontics, endodontics and prosthodontics with co-pay on it if you do not cover the procedures. Why were they able to dictate how it was done if they were not going to pay anything? My dental office called them to see what my responsibility was; thus, I paid my $220 total to cover the two visits. I just don't get why it shows my co-pays for my specific dental plan if they don't cover it. It's very deceptive. It equals false advertisement. They should not be allowed to include the prices of co-payment for services that are not included or that they don't pay. This insurance does me no good. I will continue to have to see the periodontist. So the insurance I am paying for shouldn't be called insurance at all. It's a discount product and should be presented as such especially for people who need specialist services.
I am a psychologist and I have not been paid since Oct and have been assured it is approved to pay. Now I can't reach claims. I have been kept on hold forever and then dropped. Help.
I am complaining about Humana stand alone, not RightSource. I have been prescribed drug since 1982, and never had any issues with any Medicare D providers. When I changed plans in January of this year, I was told that "none of my drugs needed a "precert." After taking my first 90 day supply, I was told a precert was needed. Lie # 1 since on the Medicare website, and also Humana site this was never mentioned. This saga started on April 20, after many faxes and calls forwhat should have been a simple precertification, I was told by someone in the escalation department that the denial was a miscode of the drug in question? I assumed the miscode would be corrected and the precert would be approved. I have recently moved to NY and my physicians are NJ doctors. The drug in question cannot be filled in a NY store because the scripts were written in NJ. If I counted up the number of hours I spent waiting to talk and then being lied to like a naughty child. As an adult who needs a prescribed drug, Humana has no right to override my doctor's recommendation. They are simply pharmacists and clerks who are incompetent & lie. I have never in my life been so rudely and deliberately lied to over the course of three week. I intend to complain to Medicare, and see if there is something else that can be done to remove unscrupulous incompetent drug companies from dealing with Medicare patients. I have no direct contact with RightSource yet, but have applied to have my drugs transferred. This sounds like it will compound the problem.
BUYER BEWARE: PURCHASING INSURANCE FROM THIS COMPANY MAY LEAD TO ENDLESS CALL CENTER HOURS AND NON-COVERAGE. This company wrongfully terminated my policy after misapplying my entire premium payment (dental and medical) to only dental. After contacting them to address the problem, they completely owned that it was an internal problem and needed to be fixed. That's when it goes downhill. I have logged well over a dozen phone calls with futile results. Most calls take at least an hour and hold times can easily range from 30 to 45 minutes. There are typically multiple transfers from one call center person to another as they politely tell you, I'm so sorry. I did have one successful discussion with a supervisor, who gave me a call back number that doesn't work. To her credit, she was the one person who at least called me back to leave a message. After 50 days of Humana leaving me without a policy (that I have paid thousands for!), I'm having to pay 100 percent out of pocket to my medical providers as I have no policy that is recognized by the company. At this point, I am told one day that it has been "escalated to the home office" and the next day someone will tell me that they are going to send it to home office to try and escalate it. The left hand does not know what the right is doing as the best explanation given to me is that they don't know how to fix their error.
Before purchasing their short term insurance, they said I can change the billing cycle and it is 30-day money back/satisfactory guarantee. I needed the insurance for 2 months, let us say from May 28th to July 31st. I asked them that if my policy starts from 28, I can change the date to every 1st of the month, and they said okay. But after I spoke to them last Friday (06/21), I came to know that they are cheaters. I was asking them to provide the audio conversation and recording to comment anything but they are not agreeing and instead, they are transferring me to different teams internally, and at the end of the day, my BP increased... It is not like they are cheaters more than they’re really unprofessional customer agents. (I'm not telling that all are. JUST THE PERSONS WHO SPOKE WITH ME.)One more thing, last Friday when I asked for the next due amount, she said it is $450. Later, I spent 10 minutes and was finally able to let her agree that that amount is wrong. The amount is only $350. Then I realized that I should stop this policy immediately. I terminated the policy and switched to Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX. One more thing, first time they charged for 37 days, my policy started on 28th, but next billing was supposed to be on 30+7 days, right? But they are saying I need to pay on 31st day... How ridiculous is this? Again, their support time is between 8 and 5 and no weekends... Guys, please don’t fall into their trap. I'm not from any marketing and other insurance company. I'm an IT professional and this is all about my case. Please never buy their product. If it is a must, please read the reviews and ratings and then buy. Please do not make the same mistake I did.
Advocating for my elderly parents, I have had the unfortunate experience of calling Humana many, many times. You can guarantee being on the phone for a minimum of 30 minutes and often an hour. Then when you get transferred you have to get your elderly parents on the phone AGAIN with every person you talk to and have them verify their name, date of birth and zip code AND give permission to speak with me. (Even though the first person documented it in the system).My father has dementia and is hard of hearing. He never speaks on the phone because he cannot understand... EXCEPT with Humana. Customer service does not try and help. They say they can't find things in the system; even though, someone else found it there. Every time you get transferred you have to go through the story again and again. We are still trying to get services paid for since September 2017. Finally filed a grievance and appeal. Haven't heard anything. They also dropped my mother's insurance without warning or notice. Went to get medications and found out that her insurance expired December 2017. She is an insulin dependent diabetic and has high blood pressure. She can't go without medication. It has to do with us asking to have medication sent to a different address, in a different state. They assumed it was permanent and didn't bother to ask, but dropped the insurance. They left my dad's active. Makes no sense. Everyone you speak to says "sorry I can't help." Spoke to 3 supervisors. one finally listened and is trying to resolve. This took over 3 hours on the phone.
Switched to Humana for 2016. Dropped them for 2017. It took the place of my Medicare and secondary insurance. They said it would be easier but it was not. Some of my medical providers would not accept it and DID NOT want to get on it. In fact one of my providers got upset because the Humana office that called to see if they would start accepting their insurance got pretty pushy with them.ALL of my medical providers were unhappy with the switch. It was hard to find new medical providers that would accept me as a new patient where I have never had a problem in the past - or since I have switched back to my previous providers. Their web portal and explanation of benefits were difficult to navigate or understand. Final straw: we were on vacation in Michigan and I came down with a bad sinus infection. I went to an urgent care facility knowing it was probably out-of-network but I was too sick and time constrained to find another one. I was treated and paid the full bill for the office visit. They did cover their portion of the medications.After returned home got online and electronically submitted and claim form using the medical codes that were listed on my paperwork from the urgent care facility. They refused the claim. Multiple calls and waiting time to be told it was missing the medical diagnostic code. Called provider, they gave me the same numbers I had previously listed. Called Humana again - would not allow me to resubmit online as would be automatically kicked out as duplicate. End of November mailed me a new form (wouldn't fax) and had to fill out again and put "corrected claim ####" at top of form.When hadn't heard anything by mid-January called and spent a 30 minutes while they hunted for the original and the resubmitted form to file. Received another denial letter in February. Numerous calls and time to be told wrong code again. They would not tell me what the correct code for a sinus infection was. While I was online she called the providers office and left a message on their voice mail. I was told they would follow through. In March I called back and we repeated the 3 way call. Finally in July I called my Human Resources office. Only then was the case handled and I received a check to cover the out-of-network cost.
They do not have many doctors who will sign contracts with them and when you appeal a claim they take forever. After 3 months, hours on the phone and representatives passing my problem around, they finally tell me Medicare is not the same as Humana Medicare, so I'm not covered? Five times they told me my case was still "pending" and I would have an answer within 48 to 72 hours by phone with a letter sent, as well. Never happened. Every time you call you have to go through all the questions and give the information all over again. Frustrating. I finally paid my eye doctor the $700 myself. Medicare always paid for my visits in the past, but now that I have HUMANA, I have to pay myself. I will not renew.
My doctor no longer accepts Humana. Now I'm having problems finding a newer doctor that will. My old doctor sent me to a specialist for my hearing because my left eardrum is blown out. I don't want to lose my dr and would rather change insurance companies without the hassle. But I'm having a hard time changing my health care plan.
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