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Homesite Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Homesite Insurance
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 4 %
I contacted Homesite to verify my centralized alarm discount to see if I should drop the centralized monitoring. They said I had no such discount. I alerted them that I did indeed have the service and since 2014 when I signed up with Progressive/Homesite. They verified that and said, "You had it and in 2016 we dropped it because you didn’t send in a certificate of centralized monitoring." I informed that I’d never been contacted about that requirement nor was it mentioned in my yearly reviews with them - in 2015 it was renewed without that requirement and that I will send them that certificate plus paid invoices for centralized alarm so they can retroactively apply that. They refused to do so and after complaining to a supervisor they were quite clear that losing me as a client and Progressive losing me as a client for other policies based on these shady business practices didn’t bother them one bit. I have filed a complaint with the Maryland Insurance Commission outlining these shady practices and informed Progressive also of this incident (their stance by the way is that they don’t have any control over Homesite).
I switch to Geico for auto insurance. I took advantage of combining home & auto discount so I bought home owner insurance from Geico through Homesite who is the underwriter. The home insurance was bought on October 14, 2013. I cancelled my policy from Liberty Mutual from whom I had used over 7 years. In January my fuse panel caught fire. I put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. The fuse panel was replaced with a circuit breaker for $1640. I pay $1000 deductible and file a claim with Homesite. They reimburse $640. On October 14, 2014 I discovered my policy was cancelled from the Geico app on my iPhone. I called customer support on 11/11/14 and was told they mailed out cancellation mail weeks ago. My wife and I cannot find it anywhere. Now I have no insurance and any insurance company I request a quote ended up decline coverage because I had a loss claim on the house. I called Geico/Homesite again tonight begging them to re-instate the policy. The agent declined and connect me to another underwriter from Stillwater. I also found out Geico claimed my roof had MOLD. This is absolutely false. It has moss growing on the roof due to two big oak trees casting a shade over the house. I had since removed all the trees in the back of the house and the moss is gone too. Now I am unable to buy insurance anywhere. Stay away Homesite. I am without insurance for my home now.
I really don't have much to say about them because I really didn't have to use them for anything. I think they are a good company to have. They are always there to answer your questions. I can't say anything about them because like I said I really didn't have to use them yet. They always had their documents here on time and made sure they explained everything to you if you need it too. I would recommend them to anybody. They are nice people when you call them up to explain something for you. They are a good company to deal with. So if I had to pick a homeowners insurance I would pick them. I am happy that I have them and will always have them for a long time. Very nice people to have to explain everything for you and very courteous to you.
I have no idea who or what this company is. But they keep checking my credit report saying it's for underwriting purposes. So I look into it. Homeowners insurance. I have insurance - I don't want yours or I'd call you. Stop checking my credit report.
Attention, consumers of homeowners insurance with Homesite/AIG/21st Century/Geico/Progressive! Class action!I had a very negative experience with Homesite Insurance and with AIG/21st Century Insurance. We had long been customers of AIG getting our homeowners' through them as well as car insurance. We had storm damage on our old house and they paid with no problems. Then when we moved and went to get homeowners' like we always had, they got it for us, at the same price with the same deductible we'd been used to for years.Last year, 2012, we had damage to our house from two storms that hit within months of each other, causing over $10,000 in damage to our roof and water damage and structural damage to the roof and windows. 21st Century/Homesite claimed the damage done was due to wind damage and then said that wind damage had a deductible of 2% of the value of our home, which made it a lot of money. We said, "This is crazy; we have a $500 deductible," and the company has to cover the $10,000 in damage. But when we went to look at the policy language, hidden in there was a separate deductible for wind damage (not defined) with hidden and obscure language not giving a dollar figure but a 2% of value of the home per some formula that is not disclosed.The AIG/21st Century agent and adjuster told us nothing about this change in all our prior policy experience with them. We know that others have had this inserted in their coverage without explaining or disclosing that they've done this. So, you think you are getting coverage for storms with a deductible of, say $500, and then the damage happens with these many storms happening last year and it turns out the thousands of dollars in damage is not covered because of this hidden higher deductible that was not disclosed and something we never had before. They did not change the amount of premium and did not tell of this new Homesite product that deprives the consumer of a majority of the bargain because most storms have wind in them. We know that Geico, Progressive, and other major companies are also offering this virtually worthless Homesite product and passing it off as if you are covered for storm damage within your normal deductible, only to find this hidden and deceptive additional higher deductible that consumers are unaware of. This is outrageous fraud!I have joined a class action against Homesite and AIG/21st Century (and other companies) and their corrupt practices. Something must be done about this outrageous consumer fraud. These insurance companies are making billions off normal middle class consumers like us who are victims of these massive storms in the last two years. We should be compensated for the money we have lost and all they have put us through! If you are interested in joining a class action, email me.
21st Century Homeowners Program underwritten by Homesite. All these reviews are sickeningly similar to my experience with Homesite. I insured both my home and my late mother's property through Homesite for several years with only one modest claim in 2011. Every year, the premium increased dramatically. We live in a small West Virginia town with little crime, far from a flood plain and two blocks from a fire station manned by professional fire-fighters. Last year, we submitted a modest claim for wind damage, and it denied because the damage was "pre-existing." This year, the new premium quoted to renew was too outrageously high that I cancelled all of my policies. I received a refund for the one policy, but the refund for other policy was "lost in the mail." I sent repeated letters requesting payment, and they simply ignore them. I called their customer contact center, and I got the run-around. It is now four months since I cancelled the policy in question, and no refund received. Finally, at the end of my patience, I've lodged a complaint with the Insurance Commission. DO NOT deal with this company.
Our home suffered roof damage after a severe storm hit in August 2011. Front and rear shingles pulled up from the roof, some in sections 15'X20'. I called Homesite, and they send their adjuster without prior notice after I specifically asked to be present when the inspection takes place. Lo and behold, the adjuster finds only damage on one side of the roof. Then I received a check about 3 weeks later for what I'm assuming is shingles, as I can't find anyone to replace the rear roof for the amount they sent.I guess I'm on my own dime for labor. I called back and asked for a re-inspection. There's no return call. I called back again, but nothing. After 2 months of voice mails, I finally get to talk to my desk adjuster, Jim **. I am informed that he was under the impression someone else was handling my re-inspection request. Finally, I got the re-inspection set up, and they said they can pay to patch the rear roof which will void the 30-year warranty of the shingles already on the roof.I'll keep fighting until they fix what needs to be fixed. But I wouldn't wish this insurance company on anyone. The best part of all of this is my insurance rate almost doubles for the coming year, because home prices in my area are on the rise. They aren't; there are no homes selling in my area. How can prices be rising?
I decided to bundle through Elephant Auto (Homesite homeowners insurance). The auto department is excellent. When the inspector came he decided that my 14 year old house was in need of a roof for bent or raised shingles that I could not see, and the roof had to be replaced. Mind you this house has a premium roof with a 30 year rated shingle also that I had too much debris in my yard speaking about my thing. I live on 5 acres in the country. He then told me that these were hazards and that they would not insure my property. After a brief try at a negotiation he said his word was final. Ok I could understand if this was a brand new house, but be for real it has a lived in look and the house is in excellent shape. I just had a home appraisal done and was told the house perfect for the age. I would not recommend Homesite because they have no clue about real life and are rude and unwilling to work with their customers.
It is such a shame that Progressive Auto Insurance is tied in with Homesite for underwriting homeowner's policies. What a scam! 14 days after accepting us for homeowner's coverage, they canceled our policy with absolutely no warning. The only reason I found out is because I went onto the website to check my policy and it said "Policy Canceled". I called and was told by a very curt and rude person that our policy was canceled because our front porch was leaning slightly (it is March in Maine, this happens every winter due to frost), and because one piece (one piece!) of siding was loose (we had just had a major wind storm). They also said my dog was aggressive. No, he's not aggressive, but he does bark at complete strangers that pull up in front of his house, scramble out of the car with cameras and head up his driveway. Hello - he doesn't know you! Many, many dogs bark at strangers. This does not make them aggressive. He is not on the list of "aggressive" dogs - which list is horrible to begin with! Anyway, RUN - RUN - RUN - do not walk - from this company as fast as you can! Thank God for Allstate Insurance. We had been with them for many years and I was taken in by the lower rates offered by Progressive. Allstate took us back and I will never leave again!
It started with a terrible storm on June 30th with the wind hitting 91 miles an hour. Trees were down and power, phone and cell phones were not working. I was lucky with very little damage. I called to submit a claim and after not hearing back, I called again to find out there was no record of my claim. Going through the process again, I was waiting to talk to an adjuster to see what can be done. I asked Homesite to use my cell first to get in touch with me but that didn't happen. The adjuster called my home which was off. I will find another homeowner insurance company. Stay away from this company!
My wife and I bought a house at the end of June, and used Homesite Insurance for our home owners insurance. Everything went well through purchasing the insurance, and Homesite was aware that our roof was an older roof. I've just received a letter dated July 24, 2017 stating that our insurance was cancelled due to the roof having some missing shingles and wear. I am not disputing Homesite's right to refuse service. My issue is that I won't be receiving a refund for the rest of the year for 2-3 more weeks.If I return an item that I bought, it's general practice that I would receive my money or some sort of credit immediately, so what I'm failing to understand is how an insurance company can cancel a policy without immediately returning the funds for a service that they are no longer providing. Further, if I am required to have insurance on my home, how could an insurance company hold onto money that was directed for that purpose, thus hindering my ability to comply with the necessity of having home insurance due to their decision to not serve us.
We bought a Homesite policy when we bought our house in 2007, the cost was $373. We had one claim that was useless after a hail storm. The damage was $800 and the deductible was $800 for gutters and a roof square. They wrote themselves a check and we paid out of pocket for repairs. Then dinged us for the claim. We were the only house within sight of our house to not get a new roof in 2007. In 2008, the policy premium increased to $856 due to the 2007 claim. In 2009 the policy increased to $1217 with no claims since 2007. In 2010, the policy premium increased again to $1693, with no claims with the rationale that people replaced roofs a lot in 2009. I find that hard to believe because they refused to replace our roof in 2007. In 2011, the premium increased to $2131 again with no claims. A month or so later we filed a claim after some damage to the roof due to hail and ice. We had actually moved out of this house and had no idea we had to get a different kind of insurance to cover it. The worst part is I called and asked Homesite specifically if we needed to modify our homeowners policy when we moved. The woman we spoke to asked if lived in the house when I filed a claim. I said no and she immediately told me she was cancelling the claim and the policy and hung up on me. When I finally was allowed to talk to a manager, several days later she told me there was nothing she could do about the claim, but offered me two policy options. The first being to purchase a standard homeowners policy for $2800 a year and they would provide proof of insurance to our mortgage company, but there would be no coverage. They wanted me to pay them to lie on paper to my mortgage company and I would have to bear the cost of anything that happened to the property. The second option was to buy vacant home coverage which was quoted to me at $6000 for the year. She highly recommended the first option saying the likelihood of something happening while I found other insurance options was pretty slim. $2800 was better than $6000. The first year is cheap, but premiums double every year even without claims. Progressive told me during their last upsell of their Home Advantage they stopped using Homesite. My experience was so bad with Homesite. I researched every company that uses them and avoid doing business with them. It is too bad Progressive still uses this company.
Our claim number is ** and our policy number is **. We would like this email to be passed onto Susan ** along with her manager. We had lightning strike our home on October 25, 2011. Our home was unlivable from October 25, 2011 and we were able to move back into the first level of our home on November 10, 2011. I have tried contacting Susan ** two times on Thursday Nov. 10, 2011 and also three times on Friday Nov. 11, 2011 to notify her that all of our food was thrown out which was inventoried by Serv Pro, so we had no food in our home along with no money to buy any food. Five o'clock pm came on Friday and still no call back from Susan **. I then called 888-827-3183 to see if someone could please help us. The lady on the line stated to me, "I am sorry but it is after hours so there is no one that can help you until Monday." I stated to her, "You mean to tell me you have no one 24 hours that can help out with this?" She stated, "Well, I can email the emergency response team for you and they should be notifying you within 2 hours." I said that would be great. Phone call was then ended. I called this same number on Saturday 11/12/11 at 5:40 pm and spoke with a lady by the name of Shay to explain the whole thing all over again, so 24 hours later and no call back from no one. We thought this is what we have insurance for? So earlier today, Saturday 11/12/11, Pete and I thought we need to eat so the first time in our married life we had to go to the grocery store and actually write a check that we didn't have money in our account for. So due to this poor insurance company, we are going to have a bounced check in the amount of $522.53 along with bank fees and we won't be able to write a check for groceries again due to a poor insurance company. We understand there are other families with no homes due to fire, weather, etc. but this is no excuse! Susan *** or someone should be taking care of their customers. We have purchased the higher end of insurance regards to personal property and replacement coverage for our home owners policy because a person doesn't know when they are going to need it and now we need it and can't use it for "food!" In regards to Serv pro, we could not ask for better. They are doing an awesome job and if it wasn't for Kelly ** we probably wouldn't have had a place to stay because no one from Homesite would return any phone calls! This is just a brief summary of what is going on.
I moved from another state to my current state. I've had Homesite for 3 years. The first year my basement flooded due to a defective sump pump. They denied the claim and I had to pay $3,000 for basement clean up. Now, August 1 - we had a severe hail storm. First Homesite inspector comes over, spends 15 min and says I have $1,500 worth of damage. I couldn't believe it. I have pictures from the hail. My entire neighborhood was slammed by hail. I ask for second inspection. They send the SAME guy. Now I have two contractors with me and they find 'a little more damage' and the saga continues. Now I must find an appraiser myself and continue down the referee path. Like Angelica of Arvada, CO posting July 19, 2014 (I can't respond. Homesite doesn't allow that feature.... surprised, right?). They are valuating my house at $490K. I almost fell off my chair. What a complete, utter joke. I am not submitting a customer service inquiry and will file a formal complaint if we don't get resolution. They HAVE to be overcharging customers because there is absolutely NO basis for this figure. I have quotes from other insurance companies and they can't even come close to this made-up figure. However, I do see how they load up -- they charge 1% of home value for hail. The higher the home value (fictitious or not) the more 'deductible' the homeowner pays. Yikes! Stay tuned.
I had Homesite for over 3 years on my previous home. I recently purchased a new home and decided to shop around for other insurance. I purchased homeowner's insurance through another company who is now trying to increase my rate because of a claim placed in 2012. Makes sense, right? Sure, if I had ever placed a claim. I inquired about placing a claim, but my husband and I opted to pay for the repair out of pocket. We never received a dime from Homesite and we never received any information or documentation about a claim being placed. I had no clue they had this on my record until today. I called Homesite to tell them about the mistake and ask if they could provide documentation showing that a claim was not placed. Their records show that a claim was placed and they will do absolutely nothing to resolve the issue. They gave me the contact information of a third party who handles claims disputes.
If I could just give a “0 star” rating, I would prefer this. I made the big mistake in switching to Homesite, bundled with my Progressive Car Insurance from Geico/Liberty Mutual back in February 2018. It was sadly right after making the switch. There were major wind and rain storms in Maryland, starting in March 2018 and the following months until now, of course... Fortunately, I have a general contractor locally that was able to replace the blown off shingles and button up the siding that had come down during these storms to assure it didn't get any worse. Homesite hired a company to tarp my roof up in the problem areas because they did eventually leak in a newer construction part of the house. The next step was to have an outside adjuster come to my home and inspect all the damage. It was told to me that I was going to need all new siding/insulation and a new roof (25 year shingles/tar paper) with this claim. He did bring up that Homesite had my roof recorded to be 25 years old which didn't make sense because I only purchased this home a little over three years ago and the home inspector noted my roof being 10 years old, putting it at 13 years old. I did feel relief from this adjuster during that time and he seemed reassuring that I would only have to pay my $1,000 deductible only and I should be able to get the inside adjuster to change the age of the roof without an issue. I was sadly mistaken when I spoke with Wayne ** of Homesite.Wayne ** stated that they recorded the age of the roof to be at 25 years old when I signed up and it was never discussed when I signed up, nor was it mentioned in my contract. This apparently was public information of my county and it was told to me that the roof couldn’t exceed 10 years of age in order to repair at their cost. I told Wayne that I have inspection paperwork from when I bought the house stating the roof was 10 years old 3 years ago and he wouldn’t accept this. He then told me I would have to submit the following instead: "1. A roof permit issued by your local building department, or 2. An invoice for the work completed, color photos of the roof, and a statement signed by you confirming the date of installation, or 3. A certification from a licensed contractor with the estimated age of the roof, color photos of the roof, and a statement signed by you confirming the age of the roof."I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having my general contractor come back and get on my roof again for no reason after the shingle repairs were done in March, so I asked about the inspection again and was denied. Instead I was approved for the siding and was forced to move $4,262.12 from their account to my savings account digitally to have the siding done and was told I needed to come up with the other $5,600 that they quoted to the damage instead of paying my deductible only. This is my first home and first claim as well and I was feeling ignored when I emailed Homesite 3x and no response. I also called Wayne’s voicemail and didn’t receive a phone call back and another time the voicemail was full. There wasn’t strong enough communication on this whole thing from the beginning, so I decided to take this to the next step and try working with a manager. Now I’m working with Jennifer **, who is a manager in Homesite.Jennifer has been a little more informative than Wayne, so far and I thought we were finally breaking ground by her allowing to review my home inspection from when I purchased my home. Her and I discussed what I had done in the meantime of the damage happening and how I’ve been trying to be pragmatic about it. Jennifer evaluated my inspection and said that she’s unable to change the roof age in my policy because it’s at 13 years old, exceeding 10 years. I don’t think my file was even updated to reflect the 13 years which is half of the original 25 years. Though it doesn’t look like this has sadly gotten me anywhere either. She advised me to contact Baltimore County Housing and to see if there was a roof permit I could provide, besides 25 years of age. She also advised to check with my mortgage company to see if I could refinance my home and use the equity in my house to roll the new roof into the equation. I asked about the certified letterhead that Wayne suggested as my original inside adjuster and if I could get the estimated age written out to submit. She said she’ll submit this to upper management and try again once I get a letter from a roofer.Today (7/9/18), here we are over a month later since I’ve submitted this claim and I still have tarp on my roof and siding popping off my house. I have 4 companies lined up to provide estimates for the siding and the roof to submit to Homesite. Did as Jennifer recommended and contacted my mortgage company and will cross that bridge if I need to, also I contacted Baltimore County Housing. Baltimore Co. said that permits for roofs are only needed if the whole roof is being redone, including the wood. There’s no reason why there should have been a permit on my roof past this 25 years unless there was major damage, since then there was all new tar paper and shingles on the whole house construction due to their being an addition added to this home.At this time, I’m awaiting a phone call back from Jennifer, hopefully with good news that I can get the go ahead on having all work completed with just my deductible. I’m still unable to find anything on my agreements and declarations page with Homesite on the original age the roof that they recorded of my being 25 years old and where I would be denied my claim for it being 10 years+ old. I could understand if the roof was 15+ years old, but 13… And that was an estimate when I had the home inspected 3 years ago. I’ll still submit the letterhead with a roofer, if need be. But being denied this claim seems to be a common issue with most customers of Homesite according to a ton of “1 star” reviews on Consumer Affairs, see link:
NEVER NEVER NEVER get Homesite Insurance (they are underwriters for Progressive and Geico and I’m sure others). They are the biggest scam artists and ** out there. My garage was broken into back in November, two of my welders, and my tools were taken. Well I pay to have my items replaced at new replacement cost even though I bought a lot of them used. After waiting for their pricing team to complete the new cost for replacement they came back with a total of $50,680.57 with depreciation of $3,251.72 leaving the amount at $47,428.85 and I have a deductible of $500 so subtract that and I’m left with a grand total of $46,928.85. My insurance policy was only written for $25,000 which is way lower than what my grand total came to with pricing, depreciation, and deductible so I should be receiving a check for $25,000 to help replace some of my stolen items. Well after almost a month my adjuster comes to me with a settlement offer of $2,500 and said that in my insurance policy I have a $2,500 limit when it comes to business items. I told her those are my personal items not used for my job and she replies with, “You work at Roush Fenway Racing where your tools are used on a regular basis.” I told her, “No my tools are provided at work. I On occasion take in a set of wrenches and a Socket Set to help with my job.” So I said, “Fine I’ll prove to you that my tools are not used here at work” so I went to my HR Director and had her write me a certified letter stating none of my personal tools are used at my job that everything I use is provided by Roush Fenway and I sent them that letter for her supervisor to review. Well long story short they are giving me the runaround and complete ** excuses saying they need receipts and all when I followed the instructions I was giving when I first opened the policy which was to take pictures and document all of your property. When I sent in my contents I attached a photo with each individual item that I listed that was stolen. Well needless to say they have now pushed it off another day to review the pictures and items again. It’s a damn shame you pay for coverage for times like this when stuff unexpectedly happens then they want to do everything they can not to cover you or pay for your items. I do not trust this company and when all of this is said and done I will be canceling my policy. I mean really $46,928.85 in loss and they want to give me $2,500 hahaha. Yeah right. They will be talking to a lawyer unless they straighten this mess out and treat me fairly like the customer I am and for the coverage I pay for every month. I’ve already spoken to a lawyer and I’m ready and prepared to go that route if need be. I guess we will find out tomorrow on this matter either they pay me what I’m owed and it is what it is or they offer me the ** settlement they offered me and I will reply with, “You will be hearing from my lawyer” and I’ll sue them for the full amount of $46,928.85 in which they will try and settle with me before court and will end up paying more in the long run. I won’t roll over and get screwed by an insurance company with 90 percent of the people paying. Don’t ever use it and they are rolling in the millions and millions of free money being paid in each month from customers that never have a claim. Here we are supposed to trust and feel safe with insurance but in all honesty I feel like I’m getting scammed, used, taken advantage of, lied to, jerked around, and treated like the pile of dog ** they stepped in. It’s a shame and honestly ridiculous... Spoke with Lanette ** today December 6 at around 3 or 3:15 and she instructed me all they would be able to offer me is the $2500 they originally offered me and in her mind they shouldn’t give me that but they had already offered it. She stated that they wouldn’t accept my photos of my items because they couldn’t accept a picture of a picture. She also said that even though I had a certified letter from my job stating I didn’t use any of my personal belongings here at work all of my tools and welders still fell under the business limit in which I called ** on because I don’t own or run a business, I have no tax ID, and I use none of my tools at my job. She also tried to call me a liar by saying that I work in an environment around Tools and I could have took pictures of tools at work in which I responded that is the most rude, disrespectful, and stupidest thing I have ever freaking heard. All they are trying to do is get out of paying me the money owed to me for the coverage I pay for every month. The whole staff is disrespectful, liars, and **. I’m now waiting for their big boss to contact me Mr Mike **. I will give him the opportunity to make this right and treat me fair before I give my lawyer the green light to file a civil litigation against Homesite Insurance for the full lump sum of $50,680.57. I have had it with these con artists and I’m willing to go to whatever measure I have to ensure I’m treated fairly and I receive the money I am owed based on the insurance coverage I have. I trusted in them to only get spit on in my face. This company is a joke and I’m prepared and willing to fight them as long and as hard as I have to... Mr ** called me this morning 12/10/2018 at around 9:30am. We chatted back and forth to where I told him everything that’s been going on as well as Robin and Lanette trying to place my things under a business limit when I do not own or run a business nor do I use any of my tools at my job. He told me he would be reviewing the claim and would provide me an update tomorrow 12-11-2018. He said hopefully we will be able to finish things up and get me fully covered and I told him I hope so too or I would just allow my lawyer to finish the rest so I will get treated fairly. I also told him I had my lawyer working in this the entire time and if for some reason we didn’t reach an agreement I would just give them the thumbs up to handle everything the legal way. Now we wait for a call back by Mr ** tomorrow... Well I receive a call today stating my claim has now been denied in full because I’m one of my 60 some item list I uploaded a photo of the picture that I had of my item. It wasn’t a very good picture as you could only see the name of the item and all so I uploaded a picture from Google to show what the item looked like. I tried to call in yesterday to let them know the one picture was mine and the other was of one that was like mine and like always you can’t get in touch with anyone. Then today I’m told that my claim has been denied due to fraud. I immediately went off and told her Homesite was a joke and ridiculous and that they would be hearing from my lawyer... Talked to my lawyer. We are filing a complaint against Homesite to the North Carolina Department Of Insurance, if nothing is resolved with that we will be filing a lawsuit against this crooked, scam, and joke of a company... STAY AWAY STAY AWAY STAY AWAY.
Just a heads up to anyone looking to get Home/Renter's Insurance from Progressive (underwritten by Homesite Insurance). Save yourself the time and trouble and avoid this company at all costs. I've never had any issues with Progressive on my auto, but the one time I needed to file a claim on my Renter's Insurance and their "devaluation tool" rendered our claim useless.Long story short, we had a lightning surge that left us with $2200 worth of electronics damage. After filing our claim and submitting a dozen pictures and proof of purchase amounts, they responded 48 hours later, saying that our items have devalued by $1600, leaving us with $600 value in replacement/repairs which, ironically, is lower than our deductible. I honestly feel like this is a legal scam operation - giving you the "idea" of insurance, while not actually providing any coverage.
I signed up for car and home insurance through in September 2011 and paid in full. Our coverage for the home insurance started on December 9, 2011. On January 17, 2012, we received a notice of cancellation in the mail stating that, the roof shingles are curling. Our roof is less than 20 years old. We are not experts, but we don't see any curling, and on top of that, it's winter in Iowa. We have until February 16, 2012, to repair the roof, according to the person we talked to on the phone. She also said that a manager would be contacting us soon. That was 4 business days ago or 6 regular days. We have heard nothing.There was a little dusting of snow when we looked at the roof but when we think of curling, we think of actual curling that is noticeable even with a tiny bit of snow. From what I've read online, glue and adhesives cannot be used properly when the ambient temperature is below 50 degrees. The average temperature in Iowa during January and February is well below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I knew it was too good to be true. As soon as this is settled, we are switching companies. I wish I knew about this site beforehand.
On December 4, 2016 my washer leaked inside my laundry closet and hardwood floor was ruined. Homesite Insurance (partnered with Progressive apparently) sent PuroClean out to check out to assess the damage. Over the next few weeks I was sent SEVERAL different quotes for the repair. One for more than $6,000 and one for around $4,000. Then I was told by the claims adjuster Petronia **, that I should've never received those quotes. I was also told by Jodi at PuroClean to only speak with Scott, when someone else would call me and say no, "only speak to me regarding the claim". It was ridiculous.Also, I specifically told the claims adjuster at Homesite that I didn't want PuroClean to fix my flooring and that I wanted to hire my own contractor, but she sent the check to PuroClean anyway! Now, over a month later I am still without new flooring and no check. She said I have to wait until PuroClean sends it back to her before she can issue me a new check. I asked her to expedite the check because I need my new flooring installed before I can list my house for sale and I have a deadline. She told me once she receives the original check, she can deposit the funds into my checking account and asked me when I would like her to call and get that information and I immediately responded saying now. She never called. The next day I called to speak to her supervisor but of course no answer.I cannot believe how this company handles their "customer service". I will be cancelling my policy which is going to be a major inconvenience and I will end up having to pay a higher rate for my home insurance if I leave Progressive since I also have my auto insurance through them. I will be reporting this to their corporate office and the BBB.
Geico paired me with this group for my homeowners insurance. Inspector came out to the house and I received a notice of cancellation for some minor conditions. I fixed the 3 conditions outlined on the notice and submitted proof of the work/remedy. Homesite came up with another issue (which was not even accurate) and provided me no notice to remedy before cancellation. Stay away from this company and highly suggest you triple check working anything through Geico. They provided no decent alternatives and left me out to dry.
I acquired a leak in my plumbing pipe on the upstair floor that caused damages to the ceiling in my dining room below. The insurance company said that they would repair the damage to the ceiling but not for the plumbing bill to repair the problem that caused the actual damage. When I said I don't see that this is not my contract that say to check a specific page and when I checked mine contract, I discovered it was different than theirs. Theirs was about 15 pages long while mine was only about 7 pages in length. They have no appeal process in place to dispute any disagreement and complaints are only sent back to the original decision maker (adjuster) to re-review which naturally caused a refusal of my appeal. I ended up having to pay the whole $1400 as the Homesite company would of have only paid $50 of the total cost after my deductible if I would have filed a claim and have it against my record.
Warning: Do not buy homeowners insurance through Homesite!! It is a rip off! In June of 2013, we had to file a claim because our roof started leaking. We had horrible damage to our roof, the inside of our home and also to the siding (aluminum) due to a bad hail storm and a week of rain. We were paying a premium of $1,596.00 for the last 3 years and had never filed a claim. Initially, the adjuster only approved the roof, some of the damage to the interior of the home and the siding to the back side of the house only. It took her almost 5 weeks to write up the claim and send us the first payment! Then, after reviewing the paperwork, we discovered that almost half of what we were getting for the repairs was listed under 'non-recoverable depreciation'. I called and complained and finally spoke to a supervisor who assured me that they would send a different adjuster out to look at all the damage and review everything including the paperwork. By the time he came out to our home, it was already September! By this time, the contractor was done with the roof and wanted paid! The new adjuster ended up adding all the sides of the house to the claim but couldn't do anything about the 'non-recoverable depreciation'. So, not only did we have to pay our deductible ($1,500), we also had to shell out the money for the depreciation. We paid the roofing contractor but we couldn't get started on the siding because they took too long (till the end of November) to send us the 2nd check. We live in Ohio and it was already too cold to start the siding, we would have to wait till Spring.Fast forward to the present which is March 2014... We get a statement from our mortgage company that our escrow account payment is going up $1,400 monthly!! I call Homesite to see what is going on and they tell me that they automatically renewed our policy, but we will be paying a premium of $14,980!! That's right, $14,980!! I thought it was a mistake, I have never heard of something so ridiculous! I spoke to a supervisor and sure enough, no mistake! They said because of the 2 claims they were raising it. I argued with him and told him first of all there was only 1 claim, secondly, how are they legally allowed to raise it that high? This should be against the law! We are first-time homeowners and we are very frustrated with all of this! I have been calling around trying to get quotes and the cheapest insurance we can get is through Travelers and they want $3,566 and they wont take us until we finish the siding. It's freezing here! So, now we're forced to pay $1,400 a month extra, until we can get the house done and drop Homesite! This is unethical and should be against the law!!!! Please learn from our mistake. Homesite is horrible!!
Due to hail damage I filed a claim in May 2018, is it now August, and we have been disputing the cost of metal roofing for months. I have obtained three quotes, all of which are twice as much as the amount being granted to complete this portion of the project. I have requested to speak with a Manager via phone and email, and have not had my call or email returned. I am unable to find anyone in my area willing to replace the metal roofing portion of the claim for the amount provided by the insurance company. I am incredibly disappointed and do not feel as though Progressive Insurance, who has hired Homesite Insurance company to underwrite their homeowners' policies. Additionally, I am beyond upset with Homesite Insurance for allowing this type of customer service. I pay my premiums, and deserve to have my home repaired. I hope others choose wisely before obtaining insurance through Progressive.
There was a hailstorm in my town, which did damage to my home. A contractor has filed a claim and said that things need to be repaired, but they do not want to pay for the repairs. They only want to fix what they say needs to be repaired. Why did I pay for this coverage on my home only to have them cover piece by piece? They said the siding on my home is faded and they want to put pieces on where the dents are. It will look like a patchwork quilt when they are done. And yes, they raised my premium $500.00 and raised my deductible for hail from $500.00 to $2,500.00. When you call them on the phone, they would not answer or respond to your messages time after time. They must be real busy with their coffee and donut time. They do not take care of their customers and are not pleasant at all. I have never filed a clam on my home in 40 years, so that's a lot of money for them to play with. Now they don't want to pay. I am very dissatisfied with this insurance company. Hopefully, I can get the repairs done and have my home back to the way it was, out of my own pocket.
I took out insurance on my home, which was valued for approximately $63,000. My insurance with Homesite was over $1500 a year. Never filed a claim, just very expensive. So I cancelled it around the 15th. As of today, September 28, 2016, I still have not received my refund. So I emailed them about it. They responded a couple of days later stating that they send out refunds 15 days after cancellation and I will be receiving mine soon. They couldn't even give me a date. I do not understand why I have to wait 15 days before receiving my money. All I want is my money so I can be done with these people for good. I'm also cancelling my insurance with Geico, after being with them for years. I will be contacting them again tomorrow to find out why I haven't received my refund yet. Please do not do business with these people. I am currently paying under half of what I was with Homesite. Thank you Lord for options!
So, if the policy is under my wife's name and I call to verify they received a cancellation fax, they won't give me that information because I'm not the policy owner and they need the policy owner's authorization to give that valuable piece of information... I spoke with ** (her last name might have something to do with her personality). She's a supervisor with 0 common sense. I wasn't requesting any personal detail on the policy. ONLY if they received the cancellation fax.Yet, I call 5 minutes later to upgrade the policy and they are OHHH SO HAPPY to do so, even though I'm not authorized in the account! VERY BAD PRACTICES!!! STAY AWAY!!! After that little "test" I did get my wife on the phone and in conference with them all they asked her was if she'd authorize me.... It could have been my grandma on the other line for all they know... (or care). I'd think twice before buying insurance from them... the reason I cancelled their insurance is because it went up 20% for no reason. I can understand a 2%-5% increase... but 20%? Anyway, see ya later! Or... maybe you won't ever again!
A hailstorm passed through the Denver area damaging many roofs. Both of my neighbors had a new roof before I received my claim check. I have a $1000 deductible on claims but it seems that hail damage had a $2500.00 deductible. I searched and found a great deal on replacing my roof, I purchased the materials and paid for labor. After submitting my invoice to recover the depreciable value I receive an email telling me that I did not spend enough money to qualify. Also not covered were items that the adjuster listed such as chimney cap and dented gutters. Homesite claimed it was only "cosmetic" damage. To top it off I wrote this entire review while waiting on hold to speak to an insurance agent. I'd find another insurance co.
Went with Homesite through Progressive renters insurance and to say that I am happy would be a understatement... Plumbing over flowed in the basement and it's a in-law suite and got bed set, rug, dressers, mattress and a couple other things... Called Homesite. They were very nice and professional. No hassles. Took about a week and a half and sent us the money no problems... They tried to say they was sorry when all I wanted to do was thank them... I've been through a car insurance claim that took months so needless to say I would absolutely recommend Homesite to other people. My adjuster's name was James **. Very nice person. Thank you so much and for making my experience hassle free.
Our roof leaked. Our ceiling collapsed and there was significant damage to our home and belongings. We spent over $18,000.00 on emergency repairs. They offered us a check for $693, and closed the case, sending a form letter that our claim was denied. After three weeks of relentlessly haggling, leaving voicemails that were unreturned, calling and emailing daily, they finally agreed to give us an additional $6,310, and denied the other $10,997.00. Meaning we still have to argue our case for the $10,997.00, and will most likely never be reimbursed for that.
$165 surcharge added to my homeowners policy for current year. Was told that my roof was over 20 years old. I had my roof replaced in the year 2002 and was told to provide proof of this and would receive a refund for this, that I am now waiting to see. I became a customer with in 2009 and don't understand where they came up with the information on my roof.
Unless you want to make a traumatic experience dragged out for 2 months and leave with no return, go to another company!! They will try everything in the book to not pay you for what you lost. I had a flood and lost basically everything... Please tell me why they sent a third party company to come PICK UP MY CLOTHES underwear and all! I had no clue that is what was going to happen. No other company does this! Mind you this is 3 weeks after my flood. They did this to not pay what I asked for. Instead they just ran my items through a washer and gave it back ANOTHER 3 weeks later. And told me some of my stuff was worn down... DUUHHH these are my clothes that I wear... that I can't anymore! Do you think I've heard back from them yet?? No and not it's 2 months since the incident occurred and I haven't slept in a bed since. This has been a nightmare. Way to throw salt on a wound!! As soon as I write this I'm changing my policy to another company.
I put a down-payment of $223 on house insurance with them. I was told that an inspector would be out in about 4 weeks to inspect. A week and a half later, he showed up and walked around the house and several days later I was told they would be cancelling. No specific reason why was given until I e-mailed and complained. I was sent several pictures of "hazards". This included two overhanging tree branches, some moss on the roof, some tar patches on the roof, and a back step that had crumbled during winter. We had the branches cut, chemically treated the moss, patched the roof, and poured a new step. We sent in the pictures as requested. We were then cancelled with no further warnings. I had to log into Geico to find this out. I e-mailed them again asking why... they told me that I had to send pictures of a repaired step (I already had!) and that I have until April 4th to REPLACE my roof. I wanted to call them back and ask them if this was their lame idea of an April Fool's joke. If it was, it sucked. Yes. I was given 3 days to replace an entire roof (thousands of dollars), not to mention that a new roof takes more than 3 days. I just sent them an e-mail telling them that I would not be spending thousands of dollars just because my roof was ugly and that I wanted a refund.
I asked for a renter's insurance quote. Several times throughout the conversation, the agent changes their story. When I ask for a supervisor or a manager, the agent laughs at me. When I call back and ask another agent for their supervisor or manager, they refuse to do.
I was living in a townhouse. The building had four units and my unit was the end unit. Each unit had three bathrooms, two upstairs and one downstairs. On 5/13/2015 while I was out of town I received a call from my daughter saying that water was coming out the front door of my townhouse. I immediately left and drove home (2 1/2 hours) to find sewage covering the entire lower portion of my townhouse and leaking out the front door to the street. Each time any of the other three units flushed one of their three toilets, sewage would back up into my unit. Sewage was continuously coming up and out of my downstairs toilet to the point of covering my entire first floor and running out the front door. After shutting the water off for the entire building, I contacted Progressive Homesite Insurance that night and they agreed to have an adjuster come see me the next day.It is now November 1, 2016, one year eight months, nine adjusters, three moves, lost my home and much of my contents later and Progressive homesite is now telling me I am not going to be paid for my contents that I lost. Everyone of the adjusters I have had, has quit, moved to another position or been terminated. The left hand never knows what the right hand is doing or has done and the process starts again.The contractors that did the repairs on my home had sent detailed pictures of all damages as well as pictures of all my damaged belongings, itemized bills and statements. Progressive Homesite agreed from the beginning that it was not safe for me or my pets to stay in the home. They then sent me a check and said the check was to cover some of my expenses. A week or so later they told me that the check was suppose to go to the contractors doing the repairs on the house and that I had to rectify their mistake. Since I had not spend much of the check I paid the contractors much of what was owed to them.It seems every time I talked to Progressive Homesite there was a new agent handling my case and of course did not know what had happened or at what point we were at or what to do next. One time I was told that there were four different claims going and that two of the claims should not be, so they were going to eliminate them and that I would a new claim number. Needless to say I was confused! After several agents later I was able to get the contractors paid and back on track. In the meantime, four months later I did receive a small check for the boarding of my three dogs (forget the cat and my birds) and for some of the expenses that I had incurred. I ended up having to stay with friends or family,boarding my pets when and where I could, putting most of my belongings in storage and continue to work fulltime in a town that was 75 miles from my home. Plus, every time I would contact Progressive Homesite to discuss the status of my claim I would have a different adjuster and would have to start all over again. One time I called and the adjuster I had at that time stated to me, "I am looking at the information and pictures you have sent us and we should have settlement check in the mail within a couple of days."The next time I spoke to Progressive Homesite, two to three weeks later I was told that they had received no pictures and I need to submit the list of items, pictures and proof of purchase again. What the... In February 2016 I was told this case should be completed and settled soon... A check was finally sent to me in June. It was for two thousand three hundred dollars and it was made out to me and the previous mortgage company. I called Progressive Homesite to ask why a two party check was sent. I was told the check was for items in the home that were fixtures in the home, like the appliances and fixtures that came with the home (for example the refrigerator).I explained to them that I had bought the refrigerator myself and the mortgage company had nothing to do with it and that the mortgage company has already been paid off and the home sold. I am the only one that has not been paid for my losses. They told me to prove it, so I contacted the appliance store I purchased the refrigerator from, explained to them the situation and they faxed and emailed a copy of my bill of sale to Progressive Homesite. Well that was (is) not good enough for them. Because the bill of sale only had the model number and the brand name (Frigidaire) on the bill, the bill did not say REFRIGERATOR on it. Progressive Homesite said "How do we know this is a refrigerator or something else?"At this point I would love to find an attorney that I could afford to take this case on. One would think I was asking for a million dollars or something instead of what I had been paying for the past ten years. All I wanted was to return to the lifestyle and/or close to the place I was at when this accident occurred. Progressive Homesite has put me through so much and caused me so much grief I don't think I will ever be right or even near where I was before this happened. PLEASE BEWARE OF PROGRESSIVE HOMESITE!!!
I am a client of Homesite Insurance. Well actually, I was until my policy was cancelled without notification or letter of statement. I simply found out when I tried to log in to my account and contacted the customer service helpline. I elected to receive electronic communication and have still yet to receive anything directly from Homesite. Upon calling the Customer Service Help Line, I ask the representative to please email a copy of the Cancellation of Coverage in which he did.I am beyond disappointed with my experience with your company as well as your staff. The unprofessionalism exhibited throughout speaks volumes of the leadership within the company as well as your standards of which operations should be performed. Your employees have exhibited the following: 1. Misrepresentation. 2. Dishonesty. 3. Lack of Credibility. 4. Non satisfactory Response Time. 5. Poor Business Practice. 6. Lack of Integrity and Morals. 7. Lack of Knowledge and Training to perform effectively and efficiently.I have contacted and filed complaints with the North Carolina, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioners regarding the following business and individuals: -Homesite Insurance, -John **, adjuster, CJ- Supervisor of John **, Mark **, Field Adjuster, Edward **, Field Adjuster, Kimberly **. In addition, I have also contacted and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureaus in Boston and Wilmington.I have consulted with several different Insurance Adjusters as well as my attorney regarding my claim. Based upon the verbiage of the policy and the nature of my claim, my claim should be covered. There were several direct openings created in the building by Hurricane Florence. I was told by your Adjusters that because a tree did not fall on my house or my window was not busted out, the claim was denied.When I initially contacted John via email, he tried to deny the claim prior to even sending an Adjuster out to assess. Which is ridiculous. Upon our conversation he stated that he felt the claim was definitely covered and would arrange for a Field Adjuster to come out. The Field Adjuster spent less than 15 minutes at my home. He presented the mentality of get in and get out. I understand time is of an essence, however, in order to correctly perform his job is he not suppose to assess all items filed in said claim? He had no interest in even viewing those items. It then took him a week and half to supply required documentation to John for review. Highly unprofessional. Upon learning that my claim was denied I called and spoke to John in regards to this matter as it was clearly not acceptable. There are visible openings/holes in the building and on the roof as a direct result of the hurricane. John himself even stated that he felt the claim should be paid and that he would be upset as well, however, he really had no power at Homesite Insurance. In turn, I requested to speak to John's supervisor, CJ. At that time CJ was extremely condescending, arrogant and rude. He would not allow me to speak for speaking over me. Highly, highly, highly unprofessional. I requested that second adjuster be sent out, CJ complied and stated that he would get that scheduled. I was told that it would be a completely blind adjustment in which the adjuster would be assessing the claim as if it were brand new. I was told that he would have zero knowledge of the original assessment from adjuster number 1. CJ failed to schedule a second adjuster to come out. I had to follow up with John regarding getting a second adjuster scheduled. I then had to follow up with John as I had not been contacted by adjuster number 2. When adjuster number 2 arrived, he did not assess the property, he told me that he had seen the pictures and read the report of previous adjuster and was there simply to see if there were any openings present. He agreed there were several openings present on the building but said that he did not 100% if they were caused by the hurricane. He was dismissive and basically had made his decision prior to even arriving. It was unethical for CJ and John to lie to me in regards to saying this would be a "blind proposal" as all information was disclosed to the adjuster.I fully understand that profitability in a business is important but so are operating business practice with morals and ethics. These individuals are a direct representation of your company and you. John then contacted me to state the original denial would stand. Of course it would... The adjuster was allotted and provided all of the information prior to coming out. If there were not direct openings blatantly visible, there would be no issue. If the damage to my furniture, clothes, child's items etc was not directly caused by the Hurricane, I would not be pursuing this further.I called yesterday and ask to speak to CJ's Supervisor and was told no one knew who CJ was. I find that interesting and totally unbelievable. I was then put on hold for 10 minutes, I then ask for that individual's supervisor, in which I was put on hold for another 5 minutes to be told she was unavailable. I ask to be transferred to her voicemail and the agent was reluctant to do so. Finally I was transferred to a "Mary **" and left a voicemail at 3:35pm and have yet to receive a call back. In between 4:15/4:30 yesterday I called back and ask to speak to Jared **, Senior Supervisor of Customer Advocacy... to be told yet again... No one knew who he was. I was then put on hold for another 5 minutes, Monique came back and stated that I should speak to you, Kimberly **and that you were in your office. She stated that she sent you a message with a synopsis of what I needed but you did not respond. I ask to be transferred to your voicemail... She stated that she did not know your phone number or your extension... but could provide me with your email. Coincidence, I think not. Either you have uneducated and highly untrained employees or your company culture is simply terrible. I am pretty certain it was just a diversion technique. No one knows anything, No one knows who anyone is... terrible business practice. You should really train your employees in conflict resolution and customer relationship management because they have none. Brief RECAP to phones that have yet to be returned: "Mary" **, John **, You, Kimberly **. I spent over $35,000 last year and everything in my home was new. I have severe water damage from holes/openings that were created in the walls and on the roof. Clearly covered under the perils of the policy. All I am asking is for your company, Homesite Insurance, to do the right thing and pay my claim that you know should be covered. Claim ID: **. I have contacted your CEO, Fabian Fondriest and Jared ** directly as well. I will be sure to explain to them in detail the lack of integrity, professionalism, morals, ethics, misrepresentation and client concern that I have experienced. I will continue until this claim is rightfully paid as it should be. I greatly appreciate your prompt attention in this matter. Thanks so much!
Water leakage caused a serious damage to our kitchen cabinet. I called the company and filed the claim. They quickly sent an inspector and the claim process went very smoothly and I was reimbursed by a fair amount. Happy with their attitude and final results.
I have called our Claims Adjuster, William ** at least 10 times about a discrepancy in our claim on a flood in the house. One time, I talked to him and he said he would take care of it. That was in July. This is September but nothing has been done. I even talked to his supervisor and he ignores my calls. Not a good business.
Received an estimate to perform repairs on my property following a severe storm which included Recoverable Depreciation. I obtained the necessary materials and performed the repairs myself. Once I submitted all of the necessary paperwork including pictures of the repairs and receipts for materials Homesite provided me with an updated estimate which was much lower than the original estimate and stated this new estimate was based on "homeowner's rates". This new estimate now showed that Homesite owed $0 dollars for Recoverable Depreciation vs >$5,000 on the original estimate. The Homesite representative claims that I should have been informed that the original estimate was for "contractor rates" and that "homeowner rates" are different however there is nothing on their website and nothing listed on any of the documentation I have received.I feel like Homesite is ripping me off after I completed the repairs to my property. Furthermore they raised my home insurance premium by more than $1,400 and verbally stated this was because I have had some recent claims (1 small claim in 2016 for a backed up sump pump and 2 claims in 2017 (both 2017 claims are from the same severe storm). I am being punished for actually using the insurance I have continuously paid for and Homesite is desperately trying to recover any money they can from me since they paid out money to perform the necessary repairs to my property per my insurance policy. I am going to explore legal options now as what they are doing to me is illegal.
My wife and I decided to go with Homesite Insurance while we were in the process of buying our first house. Homesite came out to the house and did an inspection on the house 3 weeks before the closing date and found a few issues with the house. We did not know about the inspection and did not know that there were any issues with the house, because we never received any emails, phone calls or letters. 2 Months after we closed on our house, we got a letter from Homesite saying that our home owner's insurance had been cancelled but the letter did not give any information as to why it was cancelled. After calling, I found that the reason for them to cancel my insurance was due to a quote, "tree branch touching the roof and a missing hand rail." While I was on the phone, I went outside of the house and saw the Branch that they were talking about. The only thing that was touching the roof of the house was one single leaf from a twig. In addition, I had installed a new handrail on the house a week after closing. I tried to repeal the cancellation but they said it was already cancelled and that I had to apply for a new policy. Of course, the new policy that I tried to get had a raised rate because there had been a cancellation on my record. I decided to go with a different company and have not had any issues.
Do not do business with these people. I repeat, do not do business with these people. First of all, it is really a bait and switch situation when you sign up for Renter's Insurance through Progressive. Any claims you have will be handled through the fly-by-night frauds at Homesite. They are horrible and will treat you like a liar and treat you like absolute dirt. I am dealing with an adjuster there who is a total nightmare, completely unprofessional and very rude and very pompous and condescending. I spoke with his supervisor and asked for a different adjuster which the supervisor promised to do, but never did.On October 17, my apartment flooded due to a broken toilet water line from the apartment upstairs. The first adjuster I spoke to was very, very nice and very helpful. She was suddenly switched off of my case because "there was a computer error and she was assigned too many cases". Huh? Is this not 2013? I then got the adjuster from hell, absolute hell. Today is 11/15. I have been nickel and dimed out of my reimbursements (I was told that since, according to their records, I refused - which I did not - to go into a hotel with a full kitchen, my nearly $700 in out of pocket food expenses will not be reimbursed. It is expensive in my major city to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day). Further, with regard to the food I just purchased before the flood and which was damaged and inedible due to the conditions in the apartment, I will not be reimbursed for that at all since it was according to this adjuster "could not have been damaged in the flood since it was in boxes". I said to him, "Would you or would you let your kids eat food which has been under these conditions for more than 2 weeks (there were dehumidifiers, plaster and mold on and around food on my countertops and on top of my refrigerator)?" I have photos of everything which I supplied to him. I had to send him an itemized list of all the food which was damaged, when and where I purchased it and how much I paid for it! Then was told at first (1) we can only reimburse you for any amount over what you normally spend in a week and (2) we are not responsible for the food inside of your refrigerator, which I was not able to eat because I was not living in my apartment due to the flood 2 weeks prior! Then the tune changed to "we cannot reimburse you for any of your food expenses" because according to jackleg adjuster, I refused the hotel with the full kitchen, which by the way is a roach motel. Again, I asked him, "would you want your family to stay there?" I have ALL of my receipts and I have no hesitation whatsoever to take these frauds to court.Then the fraud adjuster asked me today "have you paid your landlord." I told him no, the money was being put into an escrow account at which time rent will be paid upon settling on an amount and my return to the apartment. I was also told by this jackleg adjuster that the money I would normally spend for rent would need to be "given to the hotel upon checkout". I have never heard of that before. Homesite agreed to put me up in a hotel through the 21st of this month, so where does the rent money upon checkout come from???The work in my unit has not been completed (will probably be another 2 weeks due to the extent of the damage and needed repairs), but I was told I need to be out of the hotel by 11/21... Where am I supposed to go? This is not my fault - I am caught in the middle between the fraudulent insurance adjuster and my landlord. By the way, the person's apartment who caused the flood? Oh, he's moved out. The jackleg adjuster needs to "verify" everything I tell him either with my landlord or ServPro about the extent of damages, condition of the apartment, what was "really damaged" (his words, not mine), etc. I have provided him with pictures, spreadsheets, everything he has asked for.Then for a reimbursement? $2,100 total. My 55" Sony TV, Sony Stereo System, mattress/boxspring, TV in the bedroom - $2,100 really? Then he says to ServPro that Homesite would reimburse me for the mattress and not the boxspring - have you ever heard of such a thing? I called him on this and once again I was questioned like a 5 year old liar. "Did the box spring really get damaged?" Well, yes, water has been known to travel through a mattress and through to the boxspring - by the way, the mattress/boxspring was 2 years old and like brand new condition, so there goes $1,000 of the $2,100 Homesite so graciously offered to reimburse me - what a joke. The remaining $1,100 will not cover a replacement tv of the quality I had (I have replacement value on my policy, by the way). Now that deal with that is as follows. He told me, go out and purchase a new tv, mattress/boxspring, etc and "If you can prove with your receipts that you spent more than the money we are reimbursing you, we will reimburse you up to an additional $683." Now keep in mind, I have not seen a thin dime from these people, they cheated me out of the value of my belongings which were damaged, are not reimbursing me for the food damaged in my apartment or my out of pocket food expenses, not ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS, if I want to replace my things with things like which were damaged (well, yeah, obviously), then "you pay for it and when we feel like it, we will reimburse you"., they asked me for my account information to direct deposit my reimbursement of the $2,100 - that was Monday of this week. I called to ask them where the reimbursement was and they said, "Oh, since we did not hear from you after we left you a message, we sent out a check." I was told by the jackleg adjuster the check was cut on the 7th of November. This past Monday was the 11th so (1) you had no intention of direct depositing my reimbursement and (2) how are you going to kick me out of the hotel with no place to stay and no reimbursement, which means I would be sleeping on the floor (the rest of my furniture is in storage 25 miles away - whole other story with ServPro) if I COULD go back to my place.I am so freakin' frustrated with Homesite. I am filing a formal complaint with the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance -- these frauds need to deal with people honestly and fairly or be shut down permanently, Progressive and the other insurers should be ASHAMED to be affiliated with Homesite. Progressive (or Flo or the Flobot who ever the hell from the commercials) should be honest with their policyholders and inform them upfront their policy is being handled by a third party bunch of frauds.
This is the worst insurance company that I have ever worked with. I have spent 3 months trying to get them to show that my escrow company paid my insurance in full. I have the confirmation of the check being cashed 2 months ago and they are trying to charge me a bounced check fee. I spoke with Eric #** who handled the situation horribly. He told me that I would not speak to anyone after him and that I could mail a complaint to their office if I wanted to make one. I will be changing my insurance company.
They don't cover **. They will find excuses like your deductible to not pay for anything. I had a fence collapse due to the storms and they use a bogus "fence depreciation" calculations where my claim doesn't pass my deductible. Therefore, they won't cover **. ** Homesite Insurance. They are scumbags.
I have been trying to file a claim since the end of July. Homesite is just the underwriter for National General Ins in my case. It took a week and a half for them to tell me that I was not insured with them. 25 calls later and almost a month into this Nat'l Disaster and I still cannot get not one person to let me know if I'm covered or what to do. None of the lead managers will return my call, I've been told five different things concerning the policy. I am filing a COMPLAINT with the Ca Ins Commissioner tomorrow and taking my blank limits policy to him to review. I have had to evacuate my home and animals and am a senior on disability, I have many losses and needs and their policy is to assign a 1 adjuster. Until that person reaches out to you no one is allowed to discuss the policy, therefore you can just do without all essential needs. It's been almost a month. I have an appt to see an attorney on 8/17/18 to take over this case. Worst run company I've ever dealt with. STAY AWAY FROM THIS INSURANCE COMPANY, unless you want to throw your money away and they don't save you any on their policies at all, They are liars and thieves in my opinion and I wanted to shout it out. Ruthless thieves with no organization within their company structure at all. I'm in a national disaster called a tornado fire that has consumed close to or over 200,000 acres to date and it is only 44 percent contained. They aren't going to help until they're good and ready and they have NO Management. They couldn't even find my policy number because they sold a bunch of policies to an underwriter to service for them but they said it was so long ago that now they don't even have those serviced policies information ar policy numbers. That's nice, huh? Rip off CROOKS. BUYER BEWARE... BEWARE.
Homesite, bad for employees and customers - I worked mandatory overtime at Homesite for months until I lost my voice. A week after that ended, instead of a simple "thank you," they cut our pay! As a potential employee, stay away! Unless you enjoy abuse. As a customer, their goal is to bind a policy with you and then inspect your home. If there is anything out of order, like a tree branch against your roof, they will cancel you immediately. No warning. Again, if you're a potential customer, stay away unless you enjoy abuse.
This year our homeowner's policy saw an increase to our premium by over 150% . When we contacted Progressive/Homesite they stated the reason for the increase was hits on our credit report. Not a decrease in credit rating which had actually increased by 40 pts from previous year but inquiries to our credit which was from a car purchase we made last year. For some reason they said that the inquires show that even though we have no late payments showing to anyone including them that we are now at a higher risk of filing a claim even though we've never filed one before and that this is why our premium has more than doubled in one year. We are now shopping for new home insurance. Also our deductible went from $1000 to two separate deductibles, one for $1000 and wind/hail one of $5800.
I had Homesite Insurance for homeowner's insurance on my vacation home for one year through GEICO with no problem. I received a renewal letter asking for payment for the next year. I paid for the policy in full about 2 weeks before the expiration/renewal date. Homesite's website verified the payment was received. Five days before the renewal date, I received another letter from Homesite indicating that they were not renewing the policy. There was no explanation as to why in the area where such information was supposed to be. The phone number Homesite provides on their bill is not correct and will not get you a representative. Upon calling GEICO, I waited for several hours in a few attempts to reach a rep who had the authority to deal with Homesite policies. I never got to one for over a week. On one of the calls, the GEICO rep told me there were 65 Homesite customers on hold before me. Clearly, Homesite is doing something wrong. Rather than wait for Homesite to get back to me (which they never did), I went to my credit card company and cancelled the payment and obtained insurance through another provider. Homesite did not contest the disputed payment and my money was refunded. Clearly, Homesite is trying either to red line policies they don't want by providing horrible service or is simply running a criminal enterprise where they try to get premium payment and then cancel the policy shortly thereafter, trying to make some quick cash. Imagine I had an actual claim. Do you think they would ever pay? No way! As a result of this experience, my association with Homesite is over and so is my relationship with GEICO. Shame on them for being connected with such a poor and disreputable sham of a company.
Purchased a new home last year and needed insurance. So I thought that I would bundle with Geico since I have done well with their auto insurance. When I purchased the house I had it inspected with the inspector noted the roof was in good shape and should last another 10 years. I just need the plastic vents replaced due to cracking and leaking and then the moss cleaned off that was getting rather thick. Being that I live in Western Washington, moss will accumulate one even a new roof in a few years if regular cleaning is not done. So a week or two after the house is mine, Homesite send one of their inspectors around and takes pictures of the moss. I then get a notice with couple of distance photo of mossy roof saying do the moss and condition of the roof that it must be replaced by a licensed contractor.So a few month later, I get a licensed contractor out there to look at the roof and he said that I just need to replace the vents and clean the roof and it will be good for another 7 to 10 years depending on how clean I keep it. The contractor did the work a couple a week later and I sent in pictures and the paid bill show the work done. The also a note say the roof was in good shape should last another 7 years and at least 10 if I kept it clean. Now it is 6 month later and I receive a notice that they are not going to renew my insurance for failure to replace roof.After calling Geico and talking I find out that it is Homesite's decision because I did not replace roof and their pictures show how bad my roof is. I did get Geico to have Homesite resend me the notice they first sent me with the pictures. When I received the notice for the second time I noticed that there were quite a few pictures that were not included the first time. The new pictures were close ups of the house showing the moss, but not one photo had a bent warped or damaged asphalt shingle. All the shingles look to be in good shape, just lots of moss on the roof.While I not out any money other than paying for a licensed contractor to do work that I could have done myself. I do not like someone sitting behind a desk making large financial decisions about my house while not accepting what a home inspections and a licensed contractor who both got up and physical looked at the roof had to say about its condition. The only reason I'm giving 2 stars and not 1 is that are just not renewing my insurance policy rather than just dropping me.
I mailed a letter to Homesite to cancel my homeowner's insurance because of a significant increase in the cost. The letter was correctly addressed to their Fredericksburg, VA office and it referred to my insurance policy number. I mailed the letter at the US Post Office and paid for a tracking number (**). According the post office tracking system, the letter was delivered to Homesite's address on Saturday morning (5/26) at 10:26AM. The main points in my letter were to cancel the policy that was scheduled for renewal on 6/2/2012 and to refund the money ($1,193) they had withdrawn from my escrow account.When I contacted Geico (Homesite's representative) by telephone today (6/4/2012), I was told that Homesite didn't have a record of my letter and had not cancelled my policy as I requested nor had they refunded the money to my escrow account. When I asked how quickly it would be refunded, I was told "10 business days from today". They would not expedite my claim even though they had mishandled the receipt and processing of my written request. What assurance do I have that they will handle it correctly this time when all I have is my word against theirs?
Unjustified new surcharges after cancelling the policy - After I declined to renew the policy, the company sent me a bill of $42. When I asked what the bill was for since I had paid the premium in full a year earlier, they said it was a surcharge that was not applied in the past but which I should pay now. I am happy that I don't have to deal with Progressive Homesite anymore.
Agent refused to provide a written or emailed copy of the policy after being asked multiple times. Said he had all the information and that I should trust him like Progressive Insurance trusts their company.
Last year a hail storm damaged my roof. After filing a claim I found that a $2500 deductible was in the fine print for storm damage. They also don't cover depreciation or recoverable loss. So my quote for $11,000 to replace the roof resulted in a $2400 payout. I decided to save the money and add to it until I could replace my roof. On the next renewal they QUADRUPLED my policy from $800 to $3200 a year, basically taking the money right back. Since my roof is damaged I have not found an insurance company that will take me. Homesite is basically extorting money at a faster rate than I can save to replace my roof. When I asked for justification they told me since I had made a claim and my credit rating was lower (I monitor my credit, it was not lower) that I was a high risk customer.
I switched to Progressive for my home and auto coverage after leaving Allstate. I had a Renter's policy with Progressive (Homesite). We had a banking fraud incident at our credit union where all of my family's accounts were wiped. We originally had autopay set up for these policy premiums. I got a bill from them in the mail and started mailing payments to the renter's policy after switching banks. A few months later I started getting refund checks back from Homesite because during that period of fraud and the process of switching banks and mailing payments, they cancelled my policy and issued refund checks. When I called to follow up on the returned premium checks, I was informed they couldn't "reinstate" my policy, so I had to start a brand new one with them which I did, and is now the policy in question. During that phone call to start the replacement policy, I asked many questions, and made sure I had the additional protection on there to cover the equipment and verified that it was “replacement” coverage. We even discussed adding flood insurance at a later date (sales agent’s name was Nicki).Fast forward: I came home after being in an outpatient clinic and ultimately, the emergency room all day and night on November 20, 2017 to find my home had been burglarized (2nd time! 1st time was back in 2010). They gained access to the home through the 2nd floor bedroom windows (climbed up a tree onto our porch roof and went through a bedroom window). My entire office was wiped out. This is the sunroom of our house and where I stored about $30,000 worth of professional grade photography equipment, lighting gear, Apple computers, laptops, and iPads. The burglars left our 2 TVs and took nothing else (we didn't have much else, because we couldn't afford to replace much after our first robbery. No video game units or anything else of value in our home).During the last THREE MONTHS of this ordeal, Homesite has done nothing short of delay the processing of this claim and create multiple roadblocks in getting it paid timely. I was very patient at first, but this has been stressful and ridiculous as the amount of time I have put into gathering ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS, submitted HUNDREDS of receipts, hundreds of pages of proof of purchase, prior renter’s policies, spreadsheets of my inventory with serial numbers, photos of the home damage, photos of some of the items stolen, photos of the ACTUAL boxes things came in with serial numbers, model numbers, and every possible piece of information we could find.This insurance company has acted IN BAD FAITH and never had any intentions of paying this claim even though my policy is a "FULL REPLACEMENT" policy. They continued to hold up the claim for ONE missing receipt for a used lens I had on my art camera (5D Canon converted to Infrared) that they never intended to pay anyway. I even submitted a RAW photo that had metadata showing the camera and lens that was used to take the photo. Even if we could not prove ownership of that ONE item out of $30K worth of other items, the claim could have been paid LESS that ONE ITEM for future follow-up. This process went on for over 3 months. I talked to multiple people, an adjuster came to my home and interviewed me. They switched claims adjusters, and said they had to perform multiple "round-table" discussions to review my "questionable" claim on this "new" policy (even though it wasn't "New" but a replacement policy), and I had even submitted proof of prior renter's policies with prior companies to the claim adjuster and to the claims agent when asked why I never had renter’s insurance before this. In the end, they are offering $3,000 as a settlement claim for a $30,000 original claim stating that most of my property had at one point in its lifetime been used "professionally" therefore, it didn't qualify and they were putting a "cap" on my policy of the $3,000.00.Talking to "supervisors" has been fruitless. Talking to the agents has been fruitless. It has been well over three months of constant stress and lack of cooperation in getting this claim paid. Now they are acting in bad faith in paying the claim at all. Looking at the complaints filed against them after the fact has just shown me they are a company with shady practices and should not be allowed to represent Indiana policy owners if they don't want to pay claims that policy owners pay premiums for and expect to help them in times of need.This company is RUDE, full of incompetent business practices, and they have NO intention of paying your claims! It's reality folks! Insurance companies are NOT here to help you in your time of need, they are here to find a way to save their own ** and NOT pay your claim, or to pay the least amount as legally possible to screw YOU, the consumer out of coverage you think you purchased!!! BUYER BEWARE!
I have called Dan ** last week and no call returned. The contractor's work was done with the wrong product. Dan gave him a copy of the supplies needed. Lots of errors, bathroom is unsafe. I still have toilet water dripping into my living room. Plus so many other issues. Contractor was given money from Homesite to remove gable and the walls that adjoined the bathroom. Contractor told me adjuster ** told him not to remove walls. He was paid. Contractor will not return money to us or insurance company. That is insurance fraud. When my mother, Carmen ** and myself, Kim ** called insurance company Mr. ** told us not his issue. There has to be a department that handles fraud cases and poorly, incompletely done work. My mother will need to put on another claim. Tub is unsafe, Kim has almost fallen out bathroom window inside the tub. Tub is unleveled. There is painters tape around Tub that was grouted and cannot remove tape. Also tape on outside of tub and grouted cannot be removed without scratching new tub, the same with toilet. Contractor also used wall tiles with a weight limit on floor that is also on wrong boards. Tiles are cracking. Tub tiles not grouted all the way. Faucet and shower pipe are 3 to 4 inches away from tile and inside the wall the pipe was not anchored. Sanding and painting was sloppy. I can not afford to hire a lawyer, have gone to every agency in CT for help. No luck. This man needs to pay back the insurance money and also fix my living room wall that he cracked when sledgehammering old tub. He was also paid to close up hole in living room. Did not do and won't return money. I need the insurance company's help with this one and it is like they wiped their hands off this. Because of my ex contractor my mother home rates will go up and the value of her home has gone down. This is unfair. My mother is 79 yrs old and I am disabled, lower back and hips have arthritis, I do not feel safe in the shower. I have already fallen twice while showering. I took the sink with me and hit my head on the wall. The sink was not properly installed. Please get back to me, I need to tell you one more issue and it is private, I do not want to put it on the web. But, I can say this I feel very unsafe in my home and in my yard. I do not go out like I use to. Fear of running into him or the 2 workers he had that he paid cash to for working, no taxes... taken out, that also is illegal. The legal dept needs to help my mother and me. If I do not hear from you, your company will also be brought up to the channel 30 investigation unit.
Signed on with them at recommendation of Geico, who I had auto with for many years. Geico has been great for auto. Had a minor water leak which caused some damage to wood inside home. I had a contractor come out to inspect and detected water in boards. Homesite sent out adjuster that said no damage and suggest just paint the wood. At my request sent second adjuster out that actually probed the wood and did detect water just like the contractor which is the reason I filed the claim. Paid the claim OK, but then raised my rate and specifically told me it was due to the claim. They are fine with taking money when nothing is wrong. Do not use Homesite.
Raised rates by 300 dollars. No errors or claims on my part, just a rate hike.
A faulty plumbing pipe leaked and caused water damage to the downstairs ceiling. I filed a claim and the next day the restoration company was at my door prepared to mitigate the problem. A few days later the machines were hauled away. They ripped out a large section of drywall in the kitchens ceiling. A few more days went by and hadn't hear anything. Finally I called Geico Homesite and informed them that I needed an adjuster to come out and write up the damage for and estimate. The adjuster came out and appraised the damage. Two weeks passed and I did not hear anything. I received two letters from Geico Homesite telling me they received my claim and they were working on finalizing the claim once they received the contractors estimate.After another two weeks, I didn't hear back from them. I finally called and got ahold of the claims adjuster. He apologized and explained he was in a training conference in Boston. He said he looked up my claim, but stated he hadn't received the report from the contractor. After two days of not getting an update, I emailed and called my claim adjuster and he ignored my calls and emails. I called Geico Homesite customer service and asked to speak to an adjuster who can give me information about the status of my claim. I asked for a supervisor and the customer service lady said the supervisors were also at the conference. Then she gave me attitude and asked me what I wanted her to do when all the adjusters and supervisors were at the conference.So basically, all the claims are on standstill and nothing is getting done. Meanwhile, a large section of drywall is missing downstairs in my kitchen. This is bad business practice. Customer claims should not sit for weeks and not have anyone to answer their questions or push their claims forward. As soon as they finalized my claim, I will cancel my policy because this is crappy business. Geico Insurance should evaluate Homesite's business practices and these complaints if they are going continue to partner with them.
Progressive wrote us a homeowners policy with the home value coverage at $440,000, and a premium of $1,322 which was agreeable to us. With the renewal policy for 3-1-12, the coverage has been arbitrarily increased to $462,000, with a premium of $1,401. However, we have not filed any claims or made any changes to the policy. The Santa Clara Tax Assessor sent a notice reducing our real estate taxes due to the property value decline so that our home is worth $383,000.We are deeply regretting the fact that we left State Farm, who, as I stated, never increased our premium in 6 years, with full replacement coverage on home and personal property. At this point, I am not only considering cancelling this policy and switching back to State Farm, but also filing formal complaints with several agencies.The customer service has been absolutely horrible. The e-mails I have sent through the contact us form on the website have been ignored. The e-mail sent by the assistant to Progressive Auto Insurance CEO, Glen Renwick, was not returned.I would like the home value to either be lowered to the $383,000 that the tax assessor states the property is valued at, or the $440,000 that Progressive/Homesite used on the last policy. I feel that it is simply being increased to collect more premium from the Insured, with no basis for raising the values. I guarantee that my home has not gone up in value an additional $22,000 in the past twelve months. It has gone down. If this change is not made, and the policy premium and limits are not reduced to what they were on the last policy, I will cancel this policy,I will be filing formal complaints with the Department of Insurance, BBB, Consumer Affairs and letting all my friends and family know that Homesite is no longer an insurance company that I recommend.
All insureds with big claim issues, contact your Dept of Insurance Commissioner in your state. These stories are horrible and this is why you need a professional insurance broker on your side!!
I signed up for renter's insurance in July 2014 and found out Homesite Insurance is the subsidiary insurance company of Progressive. I filed a stolen property claim February 21st 2016. I've spoken to my adjuster 3-4 times since claim was filed and played phone and email tag since, Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016. I sent in all the requested information I had available (receipts, affidavit, pictures, and itinerary list) by fax (2-3 times), by mail and email. My adjuster finally called me to go over my missing property and began to interrogate me and say my list had repeated items on Monday, March 14th, 2016. She was rude, unprofessional and had poor Customer Service Skills. After listening to her statement/question, I attempted to respond and she began to interrupt and talk over me. I told her she would speak to me and that fashion and that I'll speak with her Manager and/or Director. I left a message for her manager Monday, March 14th, 2016. Today is Wednesday, March 16th, 2016, and I have yet to get a response in regards to my claim and complaint. I understand they have a job to do, but there's a way to do that. It is unfortunate, that companies have allowed Customer Service, Empathy, Professionalism, and proper Business Etiquette to go out the window. In a time of need I would think my insurance company would give me needed support, just as the police did. I look forward to having hopefully having some of my items replaced, even though my most prized possession (family heirloom) won't be replaced. I will never recommend this insurance company to anyone.
Like several others, I started new policy with Homesite on Sept. 12. The mortgage company paid premium from escrow account for a year's coverage. An inspector came out 3 weeks later. On Oct. 11, I received notice that I would be canceled on Nov. 12. due to roof shingles curling and trees overhanging my house. I don't have any trees overhanging my house. My shingles are less than 5 years old. This seems to be scam. I will contact Andy Wise and the Insurance Commission concerning this company. I will be waiting for my refund.
Read your policy. My roof was totaled by hail and 21st Century - Homesite paid $1000 on a greater than $10,000 loss. The rest of the neighborhood was paid out by but these guys SHAFTED me.
Do not choose. This insurance company is the worse insurance company in the world! They will never want to cover you anything. They always has any excuse because they don't want to pay. They think like a machines, they never want to help customers, always are the big rock in the shoe! Be aware for this guys!
I have had Homesite Insurance since November 2009. The city sewer backed up and flooded my house... Today (08/05/11-4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time) I tried to use my coverage for the first time. First, I could not find a customer service number. I ended up calling the number listed on my bill (800) 466-3748. I received a recorded message "Thank you for calling Homesite..." and then hold music for over 20 minutes. Nobody ever answered on the other end, and the message never said anything about it being after hours. I called a second number from their website for claims (866) 621-4823. After about 15 minutes of hold music, somebody answered. She asked for my name and asked what type of claim I would like to submit. I informed her that I wasn't sure if I wanted to submit a claim yet. I needed to know if a motel would be covered under my policy and if it was, was it subject to my deductible. (I have a $500 deductible, so if it was subject to the deductible, I would pay for the room myself and not submit a claim). She informed me that all she could do was open a claim for me, she could not answer ANY questions. I asked her if she could refer me to someone that COULD answer my questions...g maybe a customer service rep!?? She replied that it was almost 7:00 pm in Boston and they were closed. I would have to remedy the situation on my own. Nobody could assist me until Monday. Despite the fact that it was only 4:30 pm in California.REALLY!? Wow. after almost 30 minutes on hold, that is the help I get?!I am going to remedy the situation. I am cancelling my policy Monday morning (I would have done it tonight, but I can not reach a customer service representative to do it)!When the time comes to use your homeowners/renters insurance, it is usually a traumatic experience. At the very least, you should be able to receive some assistance from your insurance company!
This company is horrible! I filed a claim on Sept. 13th! I was notified 2 days later that I was canceled because of making a claim within 60 days of the policy being started. Who knows that their house will be burglarized?! I submitted all documentation to the company by the 19th, and the police report the following week. Phone calls aren't returned at all. The appraisal was done. They were still claiming that they need to check the validity of the receipts and police report after already speaking with the police department! The supervisor, by the name of Michael **, is a freaking idiot and does not seem to want to help. This company is a rip-off. And they don’t want to help their customers at all. I have new insurance now. They are amazed by what I have told them about Homesite and their lack of customer service or drive to help the customer!
My home (condo) burned down on 12/7/12 at 8:30 due to a fire that started in the unit across the hall. It was declared a total loss. I called the company at 9:30 am. They opened a claim and the agent assigned to my claim did not call me once until 1:30 pm and he said he was sending an adjuster out, in which the adjuster did not show up till 6:30 pm. I had been out in the cold and snow for the last 10 hours since the fire started. The agent assigned has been beyond rude, and unprofessional, and total lack of response to the claim to put it lightly. On 12/10 at 8:30 am, I received a phone call stating they are denying my claim, and have voided my policy.He stated they found an exception that allows my policy to be voided, and they would be sending me a letter and a bill for the adjuster (who keep in mind was extremely late and per his own words had more important things going on when I pressed him on why he was so late). At 3:30 pm that same Monday, the insurance claim rep called again. He said they have reinstated my policy and claim. A week went by and there was not a single word, even after leaving several messages and sent many emails. Finally, on Monday the 17th, my ins. claim rep called and is now stating again they will not be honoring the policy! This has been a hard enough experience to go through especially this time of year and, even worse, it is winter in MN too. What in the hell did I pay them for? What kind of customer service and/or basic human compassion is this?Really, when a homeowner is filing a claim such as this for a catastrophic loss, watched their home for 7 years burn to the ground because of no fault of their own as the fire started in another home, and at are the lowest emotional point and they treat you like you are worthless and nothing you are going through matters. I have maintained the policy, paid it in full, never missed an annual payment and never have been late with a payment and this is what they are putting me through. I hope and pray that if and when they ever have to go through this themselves, they are not treated like I have and am being treated. It is truly disgusting and honestly should be illegal for them to conduct business. It is beyond incomprehensible that they are allowed to sell insurance. Insurance is to protect you and help you, not beat you down during your time of need. I cannot afford to hire an attorney but I know I need one.
My first year premium was $788. At renewal time, Homesite felt the need to raise my premium to $1,438 per year. When I contacted the company for an explanation, they told me that due to claims from a wind and hail storm in Ohio from two years prior, they needed to raise everyone’s rate to make it fair. The only problem with this theory is the fact that the storm they were speaking of was 200 miles from my home and also, I did not even own the home at the time of the storm. Also, I have never made any claims against my policy. So then why the increase? Seems puzzling to me they would raise my rates by 45% to compensate themselves. Going by their logic, then if one of my neighbors was involved in an auto accident 200 miles from their home, then my auto insurance would increase. It makes no sense to me whatsoever. This is nothing more than corporate greed and gouging of the consumer.
My apartment was broken into and a lot of items were stolen, seems like a simple claim. The adjuster called me a few days after filing a claim and left a voicemail. I called back for an entire week and a half (including multiple emails) with not one shred of correspondence in return. I finally jumped up the ladder to "management" and they told me they would have the adjuster call me. Fortunately, I did receive another phone call. However, the adjuster made a remark like "Wow, you're hard to get a hold of!" We did my sworn statement and I sent my receipts, pictures and police report in within 15 minutes of completing our phone conversation. It has now been another week and a half and I'm on my sixth email/voicemail combo. I know people are busy, but a one sentence email letting me know that they have everything they need would be just fine. As of today, I have no idea where my claim stands, whether my hard copies got to them through the mail, whether my items are covered or when I'm getting reimbursed. There's nothing quite like being ignored for a month after all your valuables were stolen. Absolute worst customer service imaginable.
Homesite (21st Century) purchased AIG. I was paying $550 a year for homeowners from AIG insurance, then Homesite raised it to $685 the following renewal year, then to $1183, then to $1246. Just received my renewal for 2012, and it doubled to $2540. I have had no claims. That's it. I spent a few hours on the internet shopping around for other homeowners insurance, and I found it cheaper for the same coverage. Thanks State Farm! These Homesite underwriter folks just want to continue to insult a person's intelligence and think I will continue to be raped like that! No!
Homesite fails to pay - Do not buy Homesite Insurance. I had 2 inch hail stones fall on my 14 year old roof, causing visible damage to the shingles. However their 3 experts (ha ha) say that the damage was not caused by the hail but was caused by deterioration. I have had 4 contractors come to my home, confirm the damage is caused by hail, and each contractor has said it is impossible to replace just the damaged shingles. How can (this is their definition) old brittle carbon based shingles withstand 2 inch size hail? It is my belief that they should be banned from selling insurance in every state.
This company has a very high turnover rate due to the call volume and nature of the calls. The billing system was always under construction, the premium increases were sickening, and the morale was down to nothing. I worked there for over three years and every change that was supposed to "enhance the customer experience" only made things worse. They sent out incorrect information to policy holders on a regular basis and us customer service reps were there to take all of the brutal backlash from angry customers. I have never talked to a customer service rep the way people talked to me on a DAILY basis. If we weren't sending out incorrect information, sometimes we would not send it at all. We would have wrong billing addresses in the system and cancel people's policies due to non-pay....when they never got a bill to begin with because some idiot forgot to hit the "SAVE" button. We denied so many claims, but in all fairness there is a LOT of fraud. I felt bad for some people and other people...not so much. I hung up on you when you were screaming that you had been hung up on before. I transferred you to a different company when you asked to talk to a supervisor because I couldn't magically change the company policy for you. I put you on hold and laughed while you yelled. I hated this company and I am so glad I quit. I hate the consumer. Happy premium increases people. Peace!!!!!
Very bad experience with Homesite Insurance (21st Century). We had hail damage several months. Upon contacting the claim agent Karlo on 5 different occasions we were promised a pre paid card. Today I again called and spoke with Karlo, and as he has told me 4 times before the card was mailed I explained it had not been received. He proceeds to ask for my personal banking info. I refused. Again he claimed he will not personally mail the prepaid card, another company will. Today he claimed he will personally mail a check. This is very disgusting as it has been raining for 2 days.
In 2017 my insurance premium was $733.00. In 2018 my premium jumped 438% to $3,210.00. As I have never filed a claim, I asked why. I was told that they experienced massive losses in my area, keep in mind that I live in Arizona and my area has never experienced any type of natural disaster and Arizona has one of the lowest crime rates in the country and the particular area that I live is even lower than the statewide average. This company gouges consumers. DO NOT get pulled into their low introductory rate, they will gouge you later. SCAM COMPANY.
We created a policy. Less than a month later, WITHOUT NOTICE - no mail, no call - Progressive canceled our policy stating the inspectors had "weather" and couldn't inspect our home. They refused to send someone else and told us to take our own pictures of our Roof (which is insanely high and steep)!!! When I complained, in a robotic voice... "I completely apologize". They do not care about you as a customer, no empathy or sympathy and when I said I should cancel, she said, "Go ahead!!!" It has rained twice here in the past month and it was just rain. It is not our fault that they didn't show up. It is their commitment to me as a policyholder to come out and inspect, and should not be my responsibility to risk my life.
On my daughter's birthday we experience high winds and our neighbor's tree hit our house. Luckily no one was at home. Our adjuster David ** was on it very quick and within a couple weeks the entire roof was replaced. The interior was completed professionally as well. Lots of drama initially as expected but our adjuster was reassuring and very helpful during the entire process. Everyone that I interacted with at Homesite Homeowners Insurance was very professional. They did not try and cut corners on anything and actually exceeded my expectations with a completely new roof.
They offer a decent price for the area. They are always there to help when called. They offer great products and good customer service. They offer cheap prices and will always be there to help. They provide enough coverage that I know I am covered if something were to ever happen.
I am a customer of Progressive Insurance for over 8 years now and they offered/advised me to buy Home Insurance through them as they said, it will reduce my insurance premium. On the advice of the Progressive Customer Service Manager, I signed-up for home insurance on 03/05/2011 with Homesite Insurance. My understanding was that Homesite is part of Progressive Insurance Company.Homesite is not a good company at all and I will advise everyone not to buy insurance from them. It's very difficult to communicate with their claim advisers and there is always an automated message suggesting that calls will be returned in 48 hours due to increased number of claims. Furthermore, their adjusters will just deny your claims or not process your claims completely. At present, I am looking to switch to some other reputed company to avoid any frustration.
In June of 2013 I set up my Father with Progressive auto and homeowner's insurance. He was 88 years old, on a fixed income and this was a better deal. Homesite Indemnity did the underwriting for the policy that is paid up through June 4, 2014. My father passed away on March 8, 2014. When I realized that his policy was due for renewal in June, I called Progressive to let them know I would like to renew the policy and that I was in the process of filing the death certificate and beneficiary deed (I am the beneficiary) with the Maricopa County Recorder. A couple of weeks later I received a policy cancellation notice ("substantial change in risk - home is no longer owner occupied") from Homesite Indemnity with a cancellation date of 5/19/2014 (not 6/4/2014 when the policy expires). Needless to say, Progressive and Homesite have lost this former future customer forever. I'd like to give both Progressive and Homesite ZERO stars for their classy performance.
My husband and I are 68 years old & this is the absolute worst company we have ever come across. Was signed up with them for our homeowners in 2009 because of our auto being with Progressive & we allowed progressive insurance to bundle it with Homesite Ins. Never had a claim. After filing a claim with homesite for $8,700 we were cancelled. They gave some off the wall reason about our square footage changed to meet their "guideline" requirements (which they say changes yearly). When asked to see a copy of the guideline change that knocked us off, we are told that that is "confidential"... Yet we were okay each year as long as we were making our insurance payments without a claim? (red flag here) We went through hell with them even to get the claim handled, (they switched reps on us 3 times) so every time we called it meant being put on hold and this taking hours to reach someone. So we were hoping to eventually change insurance anyway. But by their dropping us it makes it hard to get another company to pick up the insurance especially since they have put our claim in for $14,308 in error ($5,555 more than we used). Yesterday I was on the phone 2 hours getting nowhere. This incorrect amount also becomes part of our record with Lexis-Nexis (sp?) for other insurance companies to see as you apply for insurance. Homesite Ins. could care less that they did this and now my days are spent reaching one message system to another. Yet no one returns my call. This insurance is a NIGHTMARE to say the least. It is unbelievable that they continue to get away with whatever they want to do to people, and after contacting the Ohio Insurance Consumer complaint dept. I was shocked to find out that there is no law governing how they run business as long as they give you a 30-day notice of cancelation. Not even the Attorney Generals office doesn't step in to offer help. So now we are done with Progressive Auto Ins. as well. I get sick when I see Flo advertising "bundling" by Progressive (What a joke). You won't know how reputable your homeowners insurance will be until you file a claim!
I purchased a policy from Homesite for a house I was buying. Three days after the closing, I received a letter from Homesite stating that they are cancelling my policy due to unspecified reasons. Mind you, I have had this policy in place for almost 2 months prior to the closing. I have a mortgage on the property so I need to have homeowners insurance. After an evening spent on the phone with their customer service reps, I finally get them to acknowledge that one of their underwriters filed a report that cited "The roof is worn" as the reason to cancel the policy. No mention of what is worn on the roof, or even what I would have to do to fix it to satisfy their underwriters. Again, keep in mind that this is after I have hired a licensed home inspector who has verified in his report to me that the roof is fine, as well as the bank assessor who came out to the property before the closing. Now, I'm scrambling around trying to find another insurance company to acquire a policy with. The only reason I purchased this policy is I have had Progressive auto insurance for 13+ years. I will be canceling my auto policy with them. In the 13 years that I have had Progressive insurance, I have always paid my premiums and never filed a claim, which I believe should make me a valued customer. This is terrible and no way to conduct business. As soon as I sort this mess out, I will file a formal claim against Homesite with the Better Business Bureau in my area, as well as the Maine State Bureau of Insurance.
After viewing all the people who had commented on how completely dissatisfied they are with Homesite, it is obvious they are nothing but scam artists who do not deserve a moment of time when considering your next insurance company. I have had the same nightmares and suffered the same frustration when dealing with this company, and all I can say about them is "good riddance". I have had my cars insured with Progressive for over 20 years, but after the experience I had recently with their homeowner insurance company they are affiliated with... I am kicking EVERYONE to the curb.
Overpriced, do not provide discounts for usual fire prevention items, keeping them on only until I transfer my whole package of two homes and autos.
I received my renewal home policy where the company has changed the reimbursement on the roof (tile). When I asked for a quote with full replacement coverage, it took a long time to get it and some clerk wrote that "this is the same type of loss settlement as in auto insurance. If you had a 2004 Lincoln Continental, would you expect your auto insurance company to pay for a 2012 Lincoln Continental?". I have a letter going to the CEO of the company and with the prior letters input, will follow-up with our State Insurance Commissioner. Needless to say, I am looking for other coverage with good customer service if I can't find great customer service.
I recently moved my homeowner’s insurance to HomeSite in conjunction with my auto, boat and liability umbrella, all of which I also recently wrote with Progressive. First, HomeSite canceled my additional jewelry rider after refusing to accept appraisals that were too old (the same appraisals that had been acceptable to State Farm, my relinquished insurer). HomeSite insisted on new appraisals, which turned out that I was unable to get accomplished in the short time frame (2 weeks) that they gave me to get them submitted. The three different places I visited with all my big dollar jewelry in hand indicated that they no longer did appraisals and none could suggest anyone in the immediate area that did them. I called HomeSite and asked for more time or a suggestion as to where I could get an appraisal. They stated they were unable to give me either - jewelry insurance was canceled! Two weeks later, about a month into my new homeowner’s policy, HomeSite sent me a letter stating that my homeowner’s policy was canceled. The stated reason: a corroded hot water tank and a damaged side entry door. Because my hot water tank is practically new (2 1/2 years old) and because I have no side entry door, I was sure this had to be an error. More annoying is that there was no phone number on the notice at which to contact HomeSite. When I found a number to call Progressive, the representative had to investigate. A day later told me the cancellation was based on photographs taken by a home inspector that had visited my home. The fact is that the so-called "corroded" hot water tank was simply rust on a copper fitting above the tank - not the tank itself. This incidentally was a sacrificial anode that is intended to collect corrosion to prevent it from happening to the tank itself, but the person reviewing the photos did not seem to understand this. The so-called "rotted" door was actually a steel door in perfectly secure condition other than peeling paint that did not adhere to the galvanized steel finish on the door. Although neither of these issues present any imminent risk of loss to an insurer, they summarily canceled the policy on my $400K valued home. And they did so without giving me any prior notice such as a message that says, "We need you to address these issues in order to stay insured, etc." They just canceled without any prior opportunity to mitigate the "deficiencies" on my part. What a crock of crap! I am truly incensed with this company. God forbid I had a claim with them! I would love to review records of some of their other insured to prove they are not enforcing such totally ridiculous underwriting standards equally across their base of clients.
Our car insurance company (Esurance - we'd been with them for about 8 years) offered to switch us to Homesite to save a few hundred dollars a year. We went ahead with it, and after about 2 months received a Notice of Cancellation in the mail. The reasons given: roof is buckling and/or lifting, siding is missing from house and there is debris in the yard. The report even has pictures of the items as follows:1. The roof is a 9 year old roof. We have had several professionals look at it and all say it is fine. We have the original roofing company coming to look at it to ensure that nothing needs to be done, but the roof is good. It is a 20 year roof and should be just fine. The picture shows the roof tiles and it looks fine.2. There is siding "missing" from around the new bay window we put on in the front of the house. It is clearly new construction that needs to be finished, but is not a sign of neglect or a hazard. The picture clearly shows the new construction wrap and tarpaper.3. The "debris" was our woodpile, neatly stacked on a pallet and covered with a tarp, 20 feet away from our house to avoid pests. Also 3 pieces of plywood and a bucket with paintbrushes in it from aforementioned new construction. Pictures duly taken.When we contacted them they agreed that if we addressed the items in question that they would resubmit a new policy, at a higher rate of course. SO imagine my surprise when I see the reports on here with the same "buckling roof" claims. I contacted an insurance agent, sent him the report with the pictures and he didn't see the problem. He submitted my information and the pictures to other companies and was able to get me multiple other policies quoted, surprisingly for about $300 less per year. I thought we were going to have to pay higher rates with this on our record, but the agent said that the report was clearly bogus information and he was able to take care of it for us.I do believe after reading accounts on this page that this is a common way for Homesite to raise their rates to either non-renew or come up with a reason for cancellation. I will be reporting them to my Insurance Commissioner. I spoke to someone at the office of the commissioner and they said that they will monitor complaints like this to look for patterns in marketing practices.
I had renter's insurance for 3 years with this Homesite underwriter through Progressive and every month for three years, the payment was auto debited from my account until June 21st, 2012. They say the bank rejected the payment and the bank says it never received a request. So, they sent me a letter while I was on vacation and cancelled my policy while I was on vacation. They will not reinstate the policy. Though no fault of mine, now Homesite wants me to pay them more money to reinstate. No thanks. I'll find another insurance company that might actually call me if they're having problems with a payment! When I asked them why they didn't call, their response was they had too many customers. Well, here's one less now.
I have been with Homesite for over 5 years and never had to file a claim and I have never been late with a payment. After making my last payment for the annual policy, I received a letter from the company a few days ago saying they are discontinuing my policy because my home is too far from the Fire Department. There is a Volunteer Fire Department less than 1 mile from my house and the regular Fire Department is approx 10 miles from my house. I live in the country and the 10 miles for the Fire Department to get to me is all open country traffic jams to deal with.I called them to see if they would refund any of my payments since this is all new information to me. Of course they refused. I decided that since I have paid $2000 for the past year I'll go ahead and have them look at some damage to my home. Without sending a claim adjuster they told me over the phone that the leaking roof is due to wind damage and there would be a $5700 deductible!!!!! Like everyone else writing about this company, I understood my deductible to be $500.I am not the only one in my family to experience this. Last month a huge tree fell in my mother's yard against her home but fortunately did not hit the home. Homesite said there would be a $5000 deductible to remove the tree because it was due to wind damage. Again, this was done over the phone. No claim rep. My mother dropped her insurance with them and I should have done the same. But, like I said that was just a month ago.I will be doing my research to find out how to participate in the class action lawsuit. I hope it's not too late. If so, I will have to get another one started. Based on all these horrible reviews I see I have plenty of company. I don't want to take out my anger on the staff who answers their phones. They are not to blame. It's their management who are collecting huge checks every time they cancel someone's insurance and then write up a new policy at a much higher rate. This is outrageous!! It feels the same as if someone broke into my house and stole $2000. I can't believe they have been getting away with this for so long!!
Since I have auto insurance with Geico and they seem to be reasonably priced I thought I'd go ahead with their home insurance too, which is really Homesite. A year later my renewal comes up so I thought "what the heck, I'll check other home insurance prices." I'm glad I did because I found out that Liberty will insure my house for less than half of the yearly premium and my deductible went from $2,500 to $1,000 at the same time and Liberty had a higher coverage too! So, I decide to cancel HS and notify them after I log into their website. Later I get an email saying I have to call to cancel so I send a smartass response saying how about if I just don't pay! I call them anyway (didn't really want to hear high pressure sales because my mind was made up) and sure enough, what do I get, moron salesman trying to convince me to stay!!! ARRGGG, keeps me on the damn phone for over 10 minutes, very annoying. Do yourself a favor and never do business with this unethical company.
On Oct. 31, 2014 I paid via on-line at the Homesite website, $166.40 for a payment due on Nov. 2, 2014. On Nov. 3, 2014, the amount was deducted from my account and then on Nov. 4, 2014 another $166.40 was Automatically deducted from my account, although I had not approved of it. I noticed on my bank account that I was overdrawn, and the bank showed me why. I called Homesite and was treated rudely after I asked to be transferred to the next in command. They wanted proof from me that I was charged twice and it clearly shows on my Homesite account that they were paid twice the $166.40 and that my balance is $83.20. The proof is in their accounting. They took money without my permission, yet wanted proof from me that they did, even though the account shows it credited twice the $166.40 amount. Every time I wanted to speak to someone in charge, they gave me the run around. Finally, I was able through some sleuthing of my own to leave a voice mail with a Vice President in Boston, MA., (Chris Conti). Curious as to whether he will return call or not.
I contacted Homesite Insurance to go with homeowner's insurance on a property I am buying, and have since moved into. I paid in full on July 6 for the insurance coverage to start on July 31. Although they had 3 weeks to do an inspection of the home, I never heard from them, and apparently they never did their inspection until later. On August 21, they cancelled my insurance without contacting me first to let me know about the inspection, that it was unsatisfactory, that an inspection was even completed, who the inspector was, nothing. They said the roof was in disrepair, but I have already had the home appraised by an FHA appraiser and an independent home inspector, and the inspector has said that there is about 2 years left on the roof. The FHA didn't mention it, but appraised at higher worth than I thought. They had weeks to complete this inspection, but did not do so, and they never contacted me. They are a terrible company with terrible customer service. They should have acted sooner to complete an inspection, and they should have communicated to me their findings and their concerns sooner.
Moving MD to NC I opened and paid, for homeowner's insurance with Homesite in order to keep our 40-year GEICO auto insurance, NC requirement being auto and HO with same carrier and Homesite was acting as agent for GEICO. I have NEVER had such a bad, unprofessional experience as I had with this company (Homesite) which left me, unknowingly, without coverage on a new house for 10 days or more. This despite my pleadings to resolve an issue regarding a home business Homesite accused me of running out of a house I had just purchased! I strongly recommend DO NOT USE this company. I am filing a complaint with NC Insurance Commissioner. Be aware in dealing with this company.
I called GEICO who then used Homesite as underwriter for my homeowners insurance to take effect on 4/18/2011. I set up payment at this time via escrow account. I received a letter of non-payment dated 6/30/2011 and cancellation notice for 7/17/2011. I called once I received it on July 12, 2011. I worked with agent and bank to set up the missing pieces to the problems with the escrow account. I gave permission on the conference call to expedite a payment from my escrow account at this time. I was told all was set. The next thing I know, I received a bill postmarked 8/31/2011 for partial coverage between 4/18/2011 and 7/17/2011. It's still not the official cancellation notice. I called Homesite to discuss. They are adamant they will not reinstate since it has been over 30 days in cancellation status. They will not rewrite at this time either. They told me I must use a 'high risk' company now, because I have been without homeowners insurance. They nor the bank on this call can tell me why the payment I authorized and was told I was all set did not go through. There is definitely adequate supply of money in the escrow account to cover this payment. Also, had I been informed that there was yet another problem with the payment, I would have paid out of pocket to ensure that I was all set. And at this point, no one can find the notes on the 7/12/2011 phone call in the system as to what may have happened. I got through to a supervisor. They told me Homesite has agreed at this point to rewrite a policy, but the quote may be different if the rates changed. I worked with Homesite agent. Now, my rate has gone up over $300 from the one I got 5 months ago. Not only that, but my coverage went from needing $273,000 to $351,000 on the same exact home. There are no changes. Later in the conversation, I had 2 entirely different representatives from GEICO and Homesite on the call. And apparently, notes appeared from the 7/12/2011 call that state the policyholder (me) did not authorize the bank to make the payment. At this point, I am also asking for an explanation on why I need so much more coverage all of a sudden. No one could accurately tell me a reason for this. So now, the GEICO agent stated that the notes from earlier on in this call state that Homesite did not agree to rewrite the policy, which was totally not true. If that were the case, why did I go through with an agent earlier to give all the information again and get the quote? Also, I was arguing that I still have yet to receive a cancellation notice from Homesite. And to make matters worse, I had continued to receive correspondence from them. It stated that they are here for me in case I need them due to hurricane Irene affecting my area. My argument was based on the 7/12/2011 phone call. I was told the payment was going and I was all set, with no additional notices of cancellation and receiving correspondences, making it appear I had a policy and coverage. Why would I have thought I had no policy in effect? This is a horrible company. Everyone you talk to has a different story. And the notes that were not there an hour ago suddenly appeared or changed. They told me they would look into it all more and call me back first thing the next day. That didn't happen either. Also, they want $120 from me for coverage between April 18, 2011 and July 17, 2011. I don't even want to pay this since who knows if I had coverage, and this is how I got treated. I spent over 3 hours on the phone with them trying to straighten out an honest misunderstanding apparently. And they could have cared less. They treated me like dirt, lied to me, tried to scare me into thinking no one will give me coverage except their high risk company, etc. I will never, ever do business again with Homesite (or GEICO). And I have already switched any insurances over to another, more reputable company. Homesite needs better customer service and should be there for their customers, which they are not definitely. I have had other insurances that I may have paid more. Even though they may not have been required by law to tell me anything else, after 7/12/2011 conversation, they should have called to tell me where I stood.
The back story is that we had a tree fall onto our roof during Hurricane Isaac. It punched multiple holes in the ceiling and completely destroyed my daughter's room. I called the day after the storm and filed a claim with Progressive Homesite. They sent an adjuster out who said my damages totaled $20,000. I hired an independent adjuster who told them it would be $65,000. They countered with their own independent adjuster who said $17,000. During this time, I told them that mold was starting to form in the house. They told me to hire Servpro and get them out there immediately and to get the cleanup started. I did as they asked.When I submitted my contents loss, they said they could only verify less than half of what I had submitted. So for my daughter's room, they will only replace her bed and desk but not her dresser or books or toys or clothes. They aren't even replacing the things I lost from the attic. They sent an engineer out to my house and then when I asked about the report, they told me that he said that I had no structural damage. I asked to see the report and they said they hadn't received it yet. I waited a little while and asked again for a copy of the report (4 times actually) and I still haven't received a copy.My son's room has a window that is cracking on the bottom and top and is out of alignment. They are offering me $20 to remove and replace the window. They think it'll cost $115 to replace the carpet and $22 to replace the padding under the carpet in my daughter's room. The bathroom floor is so bad that I almost fell through it from water damage. They aren't even replacing the subfloor; they just want to put laminate down over it. The hallway is warping and door frames are pulling away from the wall. Cracks are throughout the home and mold is starting on the wood, and I'm allergic to mold There is no mention of mold removal or cleanup. I also have rats in the home now.The claims rep called me and yelled at me for calling the independent adjuster that they hired and asking him to come back out and look at the floor that I almost fell through. She said I wasn't allowed to contact the adjuster or the engineer. There are many other things that they aren't even considering paying for. They want me to remove the contents, but then they don't include the cost of a storage unit. I have a raised home, but there's no allowance for getting the home leveled. I have replacement cost insurance, and yet they are depreciating what they say they will give us. They put us in a hotel for 12 days after the hurricane and have offered us $25 a day for food allowance (total) - I have a family of 5! Not even on a dollar menu could I feed us every day for that amount.
I totally understand every complaint that is listed here by clients of Homesite and I wish I could tell you it is better if you are employed by them but it is much worse. All they expect of you is to sell, sell, and work overtime. That is mandatory by the way, to get those sales. These people have no regard for any type of balance with loved ones and do not care. People are trying to have babies and tend to dying loved ones and these jerks do not care, and will assist in no way with time off. If you try to talk to so-called scheduling department called WFM which should stand for working for nothing because they are clueless as hell, all they tell you to do is talk to your supervisor and all these idiots do is say, "Well, I will talk to the sales supervisor (Suzanne **),” which the entire company knows is a waste of time. She does not even respond to anything. They actually tell agents, "Just switch shifts with someone."Are you kidding me? How are you supposed to do that when the calendar has every single weekend blacked out so you can't take it off? And we won't even get into the fact that seniority does not mean anything here. If you have a few days off one month or have a bad month and don't produce sales, you lose your ranking and can end up with some crazy schedule because you're human and can't always sell everyone you talk to a policy. And if you believe for one second you might hear something positive from the so-called Sales Manager, did I mention her name (Suzanne **), you're dreaming. This woman does nothing positive at all. You never hear from her unless she wants you to do her bidding and work some more mandatory overtime to help kiss ** to Progressive. She is a joke and so is the entire so-called management staff. The so-called supervisors are all people that come from Customer Service and don't have a clue how to sell anything, let alone manage a group of people. Let me keep going. There is so much for me to cover, I might run out of room. Ask any employee what happens if they happen to wake up sick and can't come to work. Here, let me share with you what happens. You get written up. Yep, I said they write you up. For me, sick no matter what, you ask, "What if I have available time off?" Yes, you still get written up. So unless you have some way to look into your crystal ball and foresee yourself being sick and request that day off, you will be written up. Wait, there's more. If you don't sell over 2000 dollars a day for a whole month, they write you up also and then fire you after it happens 3 times. This is all true stuff. I am making none of it up, and if you call out 6 or more times, they write you up and terminate you as well.No matter how bad you need a job or a policy for that matter, stay away from this place. They have no regard for you as an employee. Management just hides and does not get involved and they just pass the blame from one person to the next. You have to have some compassion for people who work for you and listen to what they are saying.
If I could rate less than one star, I would! We had hail damage back in August. It is now the end of October and we still do not have our paperwork in hand or our check to start the repairs. The adjuster came out over two months ago! I have literally called and emailed Homesite dozens of times and no one responds! It is like pulling teeth to get any information. Now, I really do not know what to do. Our roof is still not fixed, we still do not have the paperwork or check from Homesite, and winter is coming. This is, by far, the worst customer experience I have ever had!
I filed a claim the beginning of March 2017 when we had a bad wind storm. An adjuster came out and estimated the roof. The estimate was around $7500.00, the depreciation was around $4500.00 and $2500.00 deductible. They send me a check for $416.83. I told them to close the claim and I sent the check back. This was an insult. So beware of HOMESITE HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE COMPANY who I got through Progressive auto insurance because they also judge your claim by the area you live in. So beware. By the way I switched my insurances. Hope this helps people before they decide to get this insurance company. Look up what they cover first before you decide to go with them.
I have a policy out of Kansas, the loss happened in Iowa, but Homesite is handling it out of New York. The loss date was 4-16, I filed the claim with registered mail on 6-3.I complained about this company before. The next day after filing a grievance with you as the insurance commissar, the insurance company finally gave me part of the claim approximately 2200.00. After that I submitted receipts to get the depreciation amounts back. Since I didn’t have much money, I had to buy my tools (loss) incrementally. Seeing how much trouble Homesite has given before, I wanted to make sure there were no mix-ups. I purchased the items on the depreciation list individually, one receipt for each item. I then wrote one of the receipts the number of the list of items. Also, I wrote all the info down like the item number, description and cost. I mostly just wanted there to be no confusion or any reason for delays as I had in the past. Anyway I sent all this info to Linette **, my claims helper. I emailed it to her, and with my claims totaling to 524.41. I said, "Please deposit this to the following account: routing no. **, account no. **, Metabank checking. I would ask to get a call to confirm you have received the 17 receipts, but pretty sure that won’t happen. There will be more receipts coming to you in the near future. Thank you very much."The next day, I finally got a call, two calls with voicemail from Linette. She wanted me to contact her. I was driving back to Iowa at the time. I pulled over in a safe gravel parking lot and called her. I’m pretty certain the first 2 or 3 minutes of that call was Linette ‘going off’ on me. Now this is not just unprofessional, and rude she was getting personal with me about the claim. She told me my email was rude and unprofessional. She tried turning everything around on me. Blaming me, like it was my fault that the claim was taking months to resolve. I thought she snapped. Really. After the tirade, I calmly asked her if she was done yelling. I told her simply, calmly that she had been about the worst ‘customer service’ person I had ever dealt with. I said I was done dealing with her. I requested someone else to handle the claim. She told me no. No one else is going to take care of the claim. She wouldn’t let me talk with a supervisor. She said she did everything perfectly pretty much. I had to explain to her she was wrong. That I did have a month or so before I sent in the papers. After that it's been a total unholy nightmare for me. It’s like a full time job. I reminded her that I had mailed the papers using registered mail, I have the receipts. Homesite ‘lost’ my papers for about two and a half weeks. You see, I sent the claims paperwork along with a very standard widely used ‘SD CARD’ with the pictures of the tools and whatever. I waited two weeks, then I called her. She said she can’t use the card. There is no way to insert the card into her computer. So much for trying to be helpful, whatever. Because she could not or would not use the SD card, I emailed her the same photos. But I had to call in. She made no effort to contact me about it. Then she said she got the papers and the photos, she said it would be some time before she could get to it. About a month and half later, she called explaining some details. Another month finally got a portion of the claim. About 2200.00. She explained how I could recoup the rest that was in depreciation. Great, I think we're finally getting somewhere. That was about the time I filed the first complaint with the insurance commissioner. Two weeks or has gone by and I emailed her the first set of receipts. She goes off on me as I said. She was going to take care of it. She said she would fund my bank account the money for the 17 receipts. She was mad but she did what she said. I got the money in 2 or 3 days. Then I go through the process again. Buying tools, individual receipts, making it super easy for them to confirm. And I even got a voicemail from Linette saying she would get to it quickly. That was September 19th, again, no response. Last Friday I was told it was being ‘handled’ by her and her supervisor. I wondered how it’s being handled. I once again called and called. Got a voicemail from her stating that the claim will be done ‘sometime’ and I wrote the following email: "Thank you very much for calling back and leaving the voicemail. I understand you must be super busy. I am a little surprised at the time it has taken for this 2nd batch of receipts since the 1st was handled in what seemed like just 2 or 3 days. Like I said before, I don't want to be a symbol of difficulty, and I can certainly understand that having extra phone calls to return may only add to the time to resolve and further add to any stress on your part. I think we both feel the sooner this claim is completed, it will be the best for all of us. Thanks again for your time." That was 8 days ago, 11/28/11. Nothing in response. The claim is from April! I think that Homesite is trying to delay things past the 6 month mark. I respect your time and involvement with this situation. I have been put through the ringer on this one. And Linette is supposed to be on my side, right? I'm not fighting tooth and nail to get this ** thing resolved. I am a very patient person. But I see the end of my rope coming. I’m not sure what you all can do as insurance commissioner, but I’m at my last resort. From April 16 to today, I have phone records and certified mail receipts showing the hundreds of times I have called. If you can do anything to help get this claim wrapped up, well, you would be my hero. From now on I guess I will have to record all my calls with Homesite. If I could have my wish, I would like to have anybody else to deal with this other than Linette. And I would like to just get this over with. Have Homesite credit my bank account and I will get the remainder of the items on the list, submit the receipts, get the money back again and just be done with this. It’s not that hard. But really I do feel Homesite is in the spirit of dragging their feet as much as possible. Maybe others are having the same difficulty as me. Maybe there should be a class action lawsuit or the like. I don’t know.Pease handle this fast. I’m just an ordinary guy who wants his tools back. Thanks for your help.
My car was broken into and filing a claim on my homeowner's insurance was a nightmare. Slow in process, snotty claims representative and basically accused of lying about stupid stuff such as why would I carry a screwdriver in my car and other small tools and she needed a receipt to prove I had them to begin with. Really! It is not like I am asking for every tool that Sears sells. I did not even value at true replacement cost since I had them for years. Replacement cost was a joke... Cancelled the policy as soon as I could. I have 1 more receipt to send and we'll see if they don't come up with another excuse. It is not easy to pay out of pocket for 2 new pairs of glasses over $1000.00 when you no longer have that insurance or discount available.
I filed my claim for water damage with Homesite for $2000.00. My only claim in 3 years with Homesite. Now they are canceling my policy. I never never ever filed a claim with any insurance company. If you go with Geico for homeowner's insurance tell them please don't use Homesite. Just a word advice to Geico I wouldn't offer Homesite to anyone for their homeowners insurance. Just a note, I did receive a check from Homesite for my claim but to get cancel because I filed too many claims in 3 years. I guess one was too many for their standard.
Subject: Homesite Insurance - Deliberate attempt to cancel the policy and defraud the insurance subscriber with false information for the reason of non-renewal and lack of reasonable attempt to notify the subscriber. Last week, as I was going through my mail, I opened a notice from Homesite Insurance that my homeowner's policy was being canceled. The strange thing is that by the time I received the mail notice, the policy was already canceled and I had no recourse. They stated that the reason was non-payment, which I knew that could not be true as I had a copy printed of my online confirmation and also received an email confirmation from them as well. I contacted the company and I spent several hours going back and forth, calling and speaking with various customer service agents trying to piece together what had happened. I'm especially puzzled because I am signed up for online billing through their online service center, which allows me to receive monthly statements online and I can access my policy document online.No attempt by Homesite was made to contact me via email or call that there was a problem. Online billing ensures that I don't miss anything important and I can stay on top of things as I work and travel, plus I receive my mail at my PO box because we live in a rural area and our mailbox at our residence has been stolen on several occasions over the years. I have switched all my accounts to online billing and notification and to ensure that I receive all important account updates. Facts, reason for cancellation and the timeline listed below the story just does not add up! I receive my statements like clockwork online on the 4th of each month. On October 4th, I received, "Your bill is available via email." On October 16th, I made my usual payment online. I received an online confirmation, which I saved. I also received email confirmation notice that my payment was received and would be processed within 24-36 hours. On October 26th, Homesite reversed the payment. This is 10 days later. They stated the reason was that I provided an incorrect account number, yet my routing code and account number on my confirmation and account (last 4 digits) was correct.I have been paying Homesite with the same account for years. They mailed out a notice via US mail stating non-payment with a cancellation date of Nov. 7th. I did not receive this until after the policy was canceled. I received no notification stating the reversal, asking me to update my payment information or to inform me that the payment was reversed. No attempt was made to contact me (no emails or calls). With the Homesite agent on the call, she asked me to do a 3-way call with my bank representative confirming that no request of payment was made to the bank and that at all time sufficient funds were available. The bank representative confirmed that everything was in order and also sent me a letter stating this for the insurance company. I asked the Homesite agent to send me a confirmation stating that my payment was rejected by my bank because of incorrect account number, but they could not produce this. They sent me via email the payment journal entries to my account and I saw that an EFT (electronic transfer funds), a credit back to my account, was made after the cancellation.I confronted them asking them, "How is this possible if you said that I did not provide you with the correct account info?" The agent said that they looked it up from my account and pulled it from all my past payments. So why is it that when the payment was submitted the first time, they could not look it up if they had it on file from all my past transaction? This appears as a deliberate attempt to cancel the policy and defraud the insurance subscriber with false information, lack of proper and truthful notification, and reason of non-renewal. Homesite customer service agents sent me to a sales agent to get a new policy, but cannot reinstate because they no longer cover Florida. I never received that notice of this either, but it should not matter because I am a longtime customer of several years and pay my insurance (always on schedule), right? The new sales agent stated that they have one underwriter that can write a policy in Florida, but since I had lapsed in coverage, they cannot help. At no fault of mine was my policy canceled.I made my payment on time, received confirmation and ten (10) days later, they decided that they could not process the payment and made no reasonable attempt to notify me of this situation. By the time I received the US notification, it is too late. On November 4th, I received no statement. I find this very strange that if my policy was not canceled until the Nov. 7th (by the way, what happened with my online statement that I was supposed to receive on Nov. 4th?). This is highly suspicious. The lack of online billing notification prior to cancellation raises a big red flag! To conclude, I received an EFT credit back to my account on Dec. 5th - in the account that I supposedly provided incorrect information. My homeowners is canceled although I had payment confirmation and a letter from the bank stating funds were available. I cannot be reinstated as they will not admit fault and let's not forget that even if they could, I was told they could not in either case because they no longer write policies in Florida. Furthermore, lapse of coverage does not allow me the ability to get other insurance either.
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