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Company Name: homeownersinsurance
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 90 %
I recommend with no reservations. Their representatives were attentive, clear, and patient with my indecision. I found the website by googling and chose it somewhat randomly as a way to compare various quotes. I was a bit frustrated when the page returned only one quote and then a long list of others with no numbers at all and the message to call if I wanted to know what the quote was. I gave up on it and turned away from the computer, when my phone rang and it turned out to be representative from - less than a minute after I had filled out the comparison form online. I'm a first-time home buyer and very cautious and uncertain about everything. The representative (Kristofer Erickson) began to ask me a lot of questions about the house that I didn't know the answer to. I asked him for a list of the things he would need to know to give me what he called a "bindable" quote, and he kindly told me everything he was going to ask me and then set up a time the next day to call back once I'd gathered the information. The same representative called me back exactly on time the day. He asked for all the information he had told me he'd need and then went through the lowest quote with me piece by piece. I was still uncertain and didn't know whether I should go with that, so I asked him to email me the information and I'd call back if I decided I wanted it. I received the emails with all the information for both home and auto insurance almost immediately. I called around a number of different insurance companies and discovered that the rate quoted me was, in fact, significantly lower than any others I was getting for the same coverage. I called the same representative at his extension back the next morning. His line was busy and after a couple minutes holding, someone else picked up the call and asked whether she could take a message. I asked for a call-back, which she said would be forthcoming in about 15 minutes. I hung up, expecting to be waiting hours, but lo and behold - Kristofer Erickson was calling me back in less than ten minutes! Throughout the entire process I was very impressed by his promptness, the assistance of his team, and his patience helping me through the process of choosing insurance for a my first house. I highly recommend Kristofer Erickson, in particular, and I hope all representatives from are as awesome as he is.
Ebony was smart, an excellent communicator, and a great salesperson. Excellent job!
Stephanie was very helpful in answering any questions we had and looked for the lowest rate possible.
We worked with Guy and he was very helpful and very knowledgeable about insurance. He got us excellent coverage at a great price. We would recommend this company to everyone.
I really enjoyed speaking to the agent after having spoken to several agents during the past two weeks, and being constantly disappointed due to lack of professionalism. Case # 14629466
My agent (Zachary F.) was by far the best at explaining everything and making it interesting. I had the easiest time getting not 1 but 2 quotes because of my uncertainty and Zachary was patient, laughed with me & helped make this an overall very pleasant experience!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Guy does a very nice job with finding the right Home Insurance for me, that i can afford. He is very polite ,as i'm hard of hearing and he did repeat some things and he did it kindly. I BOUGHT THE INSURANCE. KEEP HIM HE'S VERY GOOD AND NICE. Gloria Serbus
David Brown was the agent that helped me obtain a cheaper and better Auto and Homeowner Insurance today. Once I entered the information on the web site, I received a call from David. It helped that I had my current policies for my auto and homeowner insurance at my fingertips when he called. David was able to offer me the very same coverage, with a different insurance company, at a lower rate. What's more, he explained all the details of the coverage in the new policies and answered all of my questions. He was very patient with me, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend this company and this agent to everyone!
Diane saw us thru the process to save money on insurance. # 14928725
I have really been please with the pleasure of working with Dustin Miller. I couldn't ask for a better person to deal with on helping me with this! I just really appreciate his kindness and concern about getting everything correct. Making sure I am pleased with everything! He is an outstanding person! I would refer everyone I know to him for help. Thanks alot! Sincerely Howard Woodson
In searching for homeowners insurance for the first time I wanted to be sure to get the best, reputable service that I can. When I found and consulted with Guy Hudson on what I needed for homeowners insurance he not only helped me find the right homeowners policy for me, but also bundled my car insurance and saved me money on my monthly payment. Thank you so much Guy!
My agent was very thorough and professional. I appreciated the time that was spent by my agent to get me the best rates on my homeowners insurance and possible car insurance.
I got the help I needed, my agent Kenneth Rnyan was very professional right to the point and very friendly I would recommend him to anybody he saved me a headache.
Greg was great! He took the time to investigate why my premium was so high and solved the the issue and got me the best price. He was very courtesy, pleasant and professonial and he has impecable follow up. He is a great asset and should be compensated for all his great work and customer serivce...
I called earlier tonight really expecting not to be able to get what I needed at the price I needed it to be. I was wrong! They provided me great service and a great product at the price I needed. Now I can finish buying my first home! Thank you for you great service!
Very professional and explained everything so that I understood exactly what I was getting in my insurance and exactly how much it would cost.
What I expected, a to the point, professional experience and service. Confirmation # 14248402
I highly recommend David Brown. It was great working with him. He is friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
I have to tell up front that shopping for homeowners insurance isn't something that I try to do on a regular basis. But I had to this evening. And I had the best time doing it !!! Your agent was amazing and thorough with getting me the best deal!!! And we had a few laughs. I don't always have a good one on one over the phone because most agents want to treat you like your below them. But I never felt that way with yours !!! Thanks for hiring him !!!
I commend David Brown for his professionalism and would plan to use him in the future. He is knowledgeable about insurance and fully answered all my questions. I found him to be friendly and helpful on all issues. I recommend him to anyone who wants fast and competent help with insurance matters.
Shantia Byers was a pleasure to work with and saved me money on my auto and hoe owners insurance. I would recommend Homeownersinsurance to everyone.
I had a great experience with the agent he was able to get me major savings on my car insurance and a great rate on home owners insurance! !!! 14442901
no need to go anywhere else this is the place it's great
William Haney did a great job supplying me with home insurance. He quickly cleared up a payment problem, and then had to re-send documents to my mortgage holder because I gave him the wrong address. I would feel comfortable recommending him to friends, absolutely. Oh, yeah, the cost of my policy was the lowest I could find.
I spoke to Phillip Drew awesome customer service great advice i will gladly refer my family to this company once they move to ga to thanks alot
I had the best experience with Jason he was very helpful and the transaction went smoothly, Jason was very knowledgeable and he made sure I understood everything about my policy, he didn't rush or push me, I look forward to doing business with him again.
I appreciated the professional manner in which I was treated in shopping for a new fire/dwelling policy for my second home. Merredith was truly a pleasure to work with. I would recommend to friends and family! Confirmation #14544478
Stephanie helped us find the perfect insurance company to insure our home and vehicles. She was very informative and patient. Glad I turned to them for help!
Easy process, great communication, excellent low rate, fantastic customer service!
If I were to shop around for any other insurance, i would definitely get in touch with Jared
This was a very easy way to shop for homeowners insurance. My only comment would be that it would be nice to hear what the other quotes were so I could make a decision in case the quotes were very close and I had a preference for a carrier. My phone contact was very helpful and pleasant. Conf. # 14568986
Diane answered all my questions and was extremely helpful in my obtaining homeowners for my new home in Asheville N.C. It was a pleasure working with her and I might add she is a credit to your team. Thank you so much Diane
I wasn't expecting much, but got wonderful customer service. I really appreciate all the effort that Ian put into helping me.
The people at Homeownersinsurance were extremely helpful in finding me the right coverage for a fantastic price. I will save more than $100 a month in my homeowners insurance! The auto coverage is $120 per month less than what I was paying. I highly recommend using them to find the best prices and coverage. The customer service was so very helpful!
Christopher was very polite and patient with me. He explained everything very clearly and was very thorough. It was a great experience and will recommend to others. confirmation # 15246498
Although the process asks lots of questions it makes the process of shopping for home and car insurance SO much easier. Deena was friendly and very helpful.
Diane was inquisitive, helpful, and thorough.
I saved over $300 with them and Stephanie was extremely helpful over the phone and I would highly recommend her!
I definitely recommend these guys for good rates.
Stephanie took care of my concerns throughout the call and found just what I was looking for. I highly recommend this service. Thanks, Stephanie! Confirmation Number 15286863
Joel heard what I was saying, addressed my concerns, and got me nearly identical coverage (house, auto and umbrella) with an A-rated carrier that reduced my premiums by $500 per year. Very happy. 15511972
Quickly went through home and auto insurance coverage and questions. Extremely courteous and patient.
They were knowledgeable, quick and very helpful. No complaints.
Perfect! Recommend to all friends, family and co-workers
This was the best on-line experience I have ever have and kept with. It went on for a few months due to my side of things and through it all Dustin Miller was extremely patient and professional. He did not employ any "hard and quick techniques" and let the process unfold to today when we consummated the change of insurance companies. Truly enjoyable!
Christine at Homeowners Insurance is very easy to talk to and very professional. I was looking to find better auto and home owners insurance rates and although we were only able to lower our auto insurance the overall savings was still worth it. I love the fact that this is obviously an American English speaking professional who can talk to customers using "everyday" laymen's terms for things without making the customer feel stupid. She accessed all resources at her disposal to facilitate getting data we needed in an efficient way. Although Traveler's website was having issues that slowed things down for didn't take away from the service that Christine gave me. I would recommend to anyone to request Christine McDermott-Pope to work with if you are calling HomeOwners Insurance. I am pleased so far with Home Owners Insurance overall but proceed cautiously with all insurance companies and their affiliates. Sometimes a deal that is great today can bite you tomorrow.
I am a returning customer for, to purchase insurance for my town house. I was offered condo policy by agent stating this is the standard, besides converting the Auto policy to the same insurance to get additional discount. However I had to scramble around at the last minute, since my HOA said they do not cover the exteriors and I should get a HO3 or HO5 type policy. I am disappointed the agent did not provide me the right advice after checking all the facts. But I did get help in the end with rewriting this policy in short notice with a different agent.
After our first discussion with Patrick, I obtained quotes from Acuity, State Farm and Country Ins. (My former employer) and they were all substainally higher. I also was impressed with his knowledge of the Insurance Industry in general. Good Job Patrick!!
The customer service was great from the Insurance agent of Karen Sell. She had a lot of patience as far as going over the policy with me as far comparing prices from my old policy of Allstate to the Homeownersinsurance and I could not believe how much money I save. As a single parent I felt like she could relate to my situation and she save me a lot of money I would recommend this company to anyone who needs home and auto insurance. Karen Sell and Homeownersinsurance ROCKS!!!!!
I spoke with Katelynn, who is knowledgeable, intelligent, and a definite asset to the company. She was able to find coverage at a rate that beat expectations. Thank you very much! Confirmation #: 15426360
My agent stayed 21/2 hours late to allow my wife and I time to consider all our options and discuss everything before we made a final decision. He answered all my questions, and then apologized for how long it took to complete the process when clearly that was all on us. We appreciate your time and commitment, fantastic! Thanks again Dominic Cassidy.
I was impressed by the service. Everyone that I talked to was very professional and very eager to help. Confirmation # is: 14221141
It is always refreshing to talk to an expert. I have worked with two different people at and they were both extremely helpful. They were very good at returning my phone calls and emails. It didn't take them 15 minutes to find my file. Jared brought it up right away and even though the person I had started with had transferred to another department, Jared was able to step in with no "learning curve" and showed the same aptitude as the previous agent. I received better service from than my previous local agent who worked around the corner from my house. I guess being able to walk into an insurance agency is not worth much anymore.
Very helpful agent and truly seemed to be caring in his dealings with me. I could not be more pleased than I am about the rates quoted to me about both my homeowners and auto insurances.
I found Julio to be very helpful and knowledgeable in regards to my insurance needs. It was stress free and easy to switch insurance companies. I am able to save more money because of the time he took to find me the discounts to help lower my premium. #14190594
Dan really helped me out of the jam I was in and I am truly thankful that he was able to get me the coverage needes
Everything was done in great fashion and explain in very good detail.Would recommend their services. Great job
I had my Home insurance set with via Progressive in about 30 minutes! Excellent! Thanks. (The email verification below does not seem to work, which is a little bit awkward.)
Austin, the gentleman we dealt with, was very helpful, answered all our questions as well as some we did not think to ask.
Everything went well, we were on the phone for over an hour and a half and he was very understanding. We did change our home insurance and saved a bit of money/year.
I am pleased with my agent. Even though there was a problem, Sarah handled it professionally.
ask for Matthew Harner he is the go to guy he knows what he's doing very fast and efficient & very thorough in finding you savings. he not only saved me money he saved me a significant amount and made it well worth my time in switching thank you Matt for everything. looking for a long lasting relationship in the future for my insurance needs thanks again . Jerry W from Columbus Ohio
I googled home owners insurance, found this site. I filled out the form and with a minuter or two started getting called. I couldn't answer the first call but answered the second when I was on lunch break. I spent a long time on the phone answering questions and they found a reasonable rate for me so I bought the policy.
Sara was very helpful, friendly, I really enjoyed talking to her and I feel she really worked hard to get me the best rate.
The broker explained the home policy professionally and clearly, also give some valuable suggestions to customers. They are very helpful in searching competitive home and auto bundle.
Moving to a new area, I wanted to make sure I shopped multiple insurance companies to get the best rate while still having reliable insurance. Jared was great to deal with and I would recommend using
David was a pleasure to work with. He was very thorough is getting me the best deal possible!
I didn't know where to start me search for homeowner's insurance; so I just entered what I needed in the search and came up. I answered a couple of questions and received a call with in thirty minutes. Spoke with an agent; answered some questions, then she transferred me to another agent who was considerate, kind and ready to assist. I got homeowner's insurance in less than an hour. I was impress. Confirmation number: 14665592
A penny saved is a penny earned. I just earned thousands. NEVER buy or renew home owner coverage without learning what is available from My agent was capable, courteous, and he found exactly what I needed for almost $500.00 less than the policy I replaced. Good buy for me & good-bye to GEICO.
I appreciated the agent's diligence and help to ensure all my needs were met. I placed homeowners and auto coverage and it took several conversations and emails to get all the information communicated, but throughout, Kaitlyn was extremely thorough and professional.
What a great tiime and money saver. I didn't have to go to numerous websites and enter information online to get quotes. Sarah did all the work and I got a great price on home insurance. She did an awsome job. One of the best customer service experiences I've had in some time. Confirmation # is: 14582296
Matthew was great! Very informative and explained everything in great detail and in the end he saved me $2003.89 CHA CHING!!! I was very happy with my experience with!! Confirmation # 14672973
Agent was thorough and exceptional
The representative found me a better rate on both auto and home insurance. I was with State Farm for over 30 years, and he managed to better both their auto and home rates.
I was impressed by the help I received by David Brown of Home Owners He knew exactly what I needed to protect me and to meet the mortgage companies requirements. I will refer him to anyone who has questions. Thank you again!
My experience was pleasant. The agent was very helpful and took the time to answer all my questions.
Everything was explained to me quickly and concisely and my new rate is MUCH better than my old company...thanks Kevin!
Agent very helpful in finding me a policy I could afford. Very patient in answering all my questions, and listening to my complaints of other insurance companies. He made sure that I fully understood everthing. Thank you David Brown.
I went looking for a new home owners insurance policy when my current carrier refused to decrease the coverage on my depreciated home. This agent started to work immediately and quickly found me another reputable carrier. My insurance bill is now more than $400 less/year. I'm telling every homeowner I know about this! Confirmation # 14230468
my agent was very helpful and informative. She save me a lot of money I appreciate her service. Thank you
The agent was a great help and was very helpful and knowledgeable
very patient, thorough. Knowledgeable, curteous, did I mention patient? I'm saving $1200 / year!! WHOOT! WHOOT!
confirmation #14655717
I had already received a quote for homeowners insurance from a company affiliated with my current auto insurance provider. I felt comfortable the quote was competitive, but still wanted to just look around a bit before making a decision. I went online and found the link for and quickly got to my local state information and made the call. I was close to hanging up (the wait was nearly an hour) but I'm glad I didn't since I ultimately got a better quote. I was on the phone for a total of more than two hours, but in the end I am saving some money with my new combined homeowners and auto insurance company. My agent was very pleasant to speak with, while being very knowledgeable about the business and other insurance companies. This made the experience a positive, since most phone calls with businesses typically leave me frustrated, but that wasn't the case this go around.
Matthew was very efficient and did all the work for me. Saved me a lot of time calling agencies. I would highly recommend them. Great job and found me a great price. Thanks So Much!!
Representative was very thorough and knowledgeable and helpful in getting me what I wanted and needed
I called and the insurance specilaist really spend time with me on the phone to ensure the proper coverage on my policy at a competitive rate. I am a happy customer. Washington.
Ian helped me get the best price for home insurance and answered all my inquiries. Thank you! Confirmation # is: 14659381
Thanks so much for the help in finding my new Homeowner's policy. I've been looking for a new policy for quite some time but have given up and quit due to frustration. Steven Sutton was like a breath of fresh air. I really appreciate the help he gave in finding a new policy.
The process took approximately 20 minutes to check whether ASI rates could be my old insurance. Fortunately, ASI provided a quote less than my current home insurance company and with higher coverage on most lines. Overall, huge savings by switching to ASI.
I googled "home insurance" and clicked the first link that came up expecting to go through a lengthy process of shopping insurance options. I was hesitant when no quotes were shown and I was told to call to get quotes. Upon calling for a quote, I received another call and it was a live agent ready to set me up with quotes. After asking some simple questions on what I was looking for I was transferred to Ethan Brissette who walked me through the entire process to find the best rate and my home and auto insurance all set up over the phone. When I explained I was in a transition of purchasing a home and also calling from work where I didn't have all my information in front of me, Ethan moved forward and found the necessary info to get me squared away. (VIN numbers on both my vehicles) The process was very easy and took about an hour, but considering I thought it would take literally days to solve this and figured I would have to end up in an office to get everything set up, I was surprised that after it was all done, everything was set up, explained clearly to me, and settled. In the process of selling and purchasing a new home, and moving to a new state, this was the most painless part of the process. Ethan set up auto insurance for me that will save me almost $100 A MONTH! If Ethan lived in MN I would buy him a beer! Instead I will just say THANK YOU for helping me take care of an issue I needed to get the ball rolling on owning my next house and I'll just take some of that money I'm saving and have a beer for Ethan. Great service!
Very helpful agent. Friendly and worked hard to find the best price and coverage.
Zack was very helpful and knowledgeable.
The agent explained what their company does and ran a quote for me which saved almost 50%. He also explained that I was over insured, and he was right. He was not pushy and felt he was honest. confirmation # 14584192
I saved 1/2 the amount of the cost of the charge of my original house insurance! With just one phone call! I would recommend this company and especially Zach to anyone who wants to save money on their insurance. He worked hard to find all of the specials available for my family, and in these difficult financial times that means a lot, believe me!
After filling out the information requested on the web site, I was contacted by Tucker within 10 minutes. He did the comparisons for me and went into detail on which policies would give me the most bang for my buck and fit my home and family the best. He compared bundles with auto and home insurance, and even sent my information to ADT to qualify me for a free security system and free installation into my new home. My husband and I are buying our first house, and basically took all of the stress out of searching for homeowners insurance! I would definitely recommend this web site to anyone looking for homeowners insurance.
Thanks to Darren for walking me through options, quotes, and the full process to get our new house insured and our auto policy moved over to our new state. The experience was pain-free and delightful. Will definitely recommend to others. Confirmation # 15096316
Kyle was very understanding telling us ever thing in the policy and if they was anything we did not understand he would walk us through the entire policy. we could not have got a better person then Kyle Knoll
Rep was able to thoroughly answer all my questions in a clear manner; was patient; had no hidden agenda to sell me more insurance than I needed.
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