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Homeland Healthcare Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Homeland Healthcare
Overall average rating of 1.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 13 %
They get your money from your hand. They sell the insurance, get your money from your bank and the customer ID number is fake. They send 2 pages of paper with cards fake. I report to my bank and now waiting for investigation. Please don't call, this company is fraud.
I was pregnant with our daughter when my boyfriend signed up for the MultiPlan insurance so that we were prepared to have her covered as soon as she was born. For obvious reasons, I was reluctant to have found a company that told him they would cover everything and included dental and vision. Of course, I knew for the price he was paying monthly ($275.00), this was too good to be true but we trusted it. The first red flag came when scheduling appointments and 99.9% of doctors' offices I would schedule my daughter's well visits at had NO idea who this company was and they could never locate them. It would take the extensive work from the front desk staff to even locate her coverage. Then, the doctor's bills came after she was born. This of course surprised us since Fabina told us they could backdate my daughter's insurance. Lies. When we confronted Fabina about this, she started to become irate and completely threw professionalism out the window. This left us with approximately $2,000 in bills. Then to make matters worse, turns out they wouldn't even cover my daughter's well visit shots! After speaking with a nurse at Indian Crest Pediatrics she said that this wouldn't even be good enough to be known as a supplemental plan. After reviewing the coverage, it only covers 3 doctor's visits up to $75! After many months of dealing with their extremely unpleasant customer service, we cut ties and switched to a Kaiser Permanente plan (which is fantastic by the way). Then today I received a letter from one of my daughter's doctor's visits for her mandatory audiology appt. when she was born saying the hospital has not received a response for payment OR denial of coverage from that appointment. So I called MultiPlan who were rude per usual from the get go and they were saying they never received the claim from The Children's Hospital and again, pointed the finger at other people. All in all, it has been months since we cut ties with this scam of a company and we are still stuck in their tangled web they weave as they take advantage of real people in need of health coverage. Please, I am begging you, read ALL the reviews of this company and trust in us that this is a scam that will take your money and leave you in bad health with a pile of bills. I really hope that this prevents other innocent families from getting taken advantage of. Thank you.
My wife and I are the latest victims of this (sic) insurance company. It started with a simple phone call at night (first red flag). The lady (sic) on the line gave this far out speech (well rehearsed lie) about this no risk, all-will-be-well insurance deal for my wife - too good to be true? Yup! All they needed was a $99 start-up fee and she would be on the road to being insured (which she desperately needed, being severely diabetic).My guts were telling me, "Beware!" Long story short, I've learned to listen to them! I called them back to see if there were any websites available to peruse. They supposedly took my email to send me info (red flag number 2), but I didn't get a thing! I called back and was told to check my spam/junk (red flag number 3). The next day, I checked (after much searching to find a link, website, anything that my wife was enrolled). They wasted no time getting the $268 out of my checking account, that's for sure! My wife found this page and many others like it with people like us telling their tales of scam horror from this fraud of a company! My wife contacted them before I got home from a 10+ hour day to cancel the coverage. She was talked down to by the supposed manager (Christina) and given a complete runaround! My wife was waiting for me at the door, nearly in tears, from frustration from these criminals! I gave them a call back and told them to cancel and refund my money. There started my runaround. I was asked why I wanted to cancel. I told them I found out that they were ** and I did not want to do anything more with them, period! Please, my fellow hard-working public, do not fall for this as we did. It's my opinion that this low-life, bottom-feeding company needs to be shut down and its affiliates be put in prison for a long time!
On approximately 10/11/2011, my wife talked to an agent from this company. They pretended that you had to join a club for $115 to be insured, and then you pay $199 per month for insurance. She said that it sounded good so she gave them my credit card number and told me about it. I did some online research and found out that they are a company with a bad reputation. I called to cancel the order. They said that it had to be her. She called and they said that they canceled the order. They charged my credit card for $314 and credited my account for $199 and kept $115. We never received any benefit of any kind. And in fact, we canceled within 1 hour of her ordering the so called insurance. Since I received no benefit, I owe no money.
The sales person lied to us and showed us how we can even end up getting refund from hospitals or medical provider. The most thing bothered paying almost close to branded health insurance company. Medical provider don't even recognize them. Not to mention one of the medical provider laughter at me. It was insulting for me and my family. $10 discount on doctors visit??? Paying over $500 per month? When I found out I took my family out of it and they did not cancel till billing cycle ends? I did not use the insurance card. I think I deserve a full refund please.
I have been with Anthem Blue Cross since 2007. I had the Smart Sense plan. Seemed to work well but every year they raised my rates and deductible to the point of not affordable. So after 8 years I shopped and found a website online for Multi-Plan or something. Sold me that I could save money and they were a PPO plan with Dental insurance. They looked up all my MD's and they were in the plan and I even had RX coverage for a 200 per month savings. I requested the plan coverage guide which they never sent. I have requested for 2 months. I went the Chiropractor and the front office manager said the plan is terrible and I had a discount plan only. So I was paying for nothing. Every time she called she was giving different coverage amounts. First I was covered with a 50 percent discount, then I had 3 visits and 1 exam per year. It was confusing to both us. Then I called again and was sent after demanding some chart in writing that I have on file that is completely different than what I was advised and also what was quoted to the office manager at the MD office. The plan is a scam and now after discussing with a broker I don't even have insurance and don't qualify legally that I have insurance under the IRS guidelines. I also had to pay an application fee of 163 the first month. I was ripped off! I now am told my Mammogram I don't have wellness coverage either! This company should be of business!
trying to find a less expensive health care I was contacted, after asking for quotes, by a sales girl from AWA who described how great this health plan is.I sent my money and received the cards and brochure. When I tried to use this "plan" the doctors office would not accept it or give any reduced price and the pharmacy was the same. I called to cancel and received a letter stating that some time latter. I waited a few weeks and called to ask where my refund was and they told me I didn't ask for a refund when I canceled but they would apply now. a few weeks after that I called again and was told that the policy was used twice so there is no refund.
Before you buy a policy from Homeland Health Care, be sure that you know you are not going to get back your application fee! Read your policy as soon as you get it to make sure this discount program is what you wanted. The dollar amounts for doctor visits were not the same as I was told on the phone. Some of the things I was told were accurate, but not all. Please ask many questions before buying and hope they are not misleading you. I called to cancel my policy and was told I would get a refund in 7-10 days. Let's hope this is true.
I called on January 24, 2013 to cancel insurance, which was scheduled to come out on January 26. The person I talked to said the request for the withdrawal was made on the morning of January 24. I said it wasn't supposed to come out until 26th. She said she couldn't stop it, so I said I would have to do something on my end because I was cancelling the insurance and wasn't authorizing direct withdrawal. I went to my bank immediately, put a stop payment on the withdrawal and paid the fee to do so. That was on Thursday.On Monday the 28th, the automatic withdrawal went through so I went back to the bank and was told they (the bank) would contact the company and fight the withdrawal. I went into the bank the next day and was told the money would be returned to my account by midnight. I checked my account the next day and the money had been returned to my account. However, when I checked my account on February 1, 2013, Homeland Healthcare had attempted to withdraw the funds again. This is not just a mix-up. This is blatant lying by the insurance company.
Kirsten used Cigna's and Blue Cross' names to convince me she was selling me a major medical insurance plan that also included a free supplemental plan to help offset the $2000 maximum yearly out-of-pocket expenses. I was told the major medical was approved by ObamaCare, that her company wasn't waiting for the deadline but was already in compliance. It covered all pre-existing conditions, with no deductible, no copay and paid 80% of everything, that upon reaching the $2000 out of pocket, it would pay 100%. She told me it would cover us immediately except for a 30-day wait for pre-existing conditions. She was so sincere, I believed her. Not only did I buy a plan for my husband and myself, but also for my adult daughter. Guess what? It was all a lie. Now I'm fighting for my refund. I've been charged for two months of premiums for both plans and it hasn't even been 30 days. I've notified my bank and had to cancel my debit card to prevent more drafts. Upon contacting Homeland, I've been told there is no coverage for 30 days, period. Then I was told I will get a refund of the policy if I haven't used it. How could I use it if it doesn't cover the first 30 days anyway? The two $99 fees for the 2 policies are not refundable. So now, I'm supposed to wait for my refund of $1212 and take a loss on the $198 fees. If it sounds too good to be true, it's false.
So glad I took the time to read reviews. Why is allowing this huge scam to go on under their name? I called them directly only to get a Daniel ** at ** to assist with this scam. He had me believing that for $200.00 a month I would have all the "insurance I needed". He was almost licking his chops trying to get me to give him my card info. I thought this is way too fast of a talking guy and that has got me in trouble in the past and of course he couldn't guarantee that if I didn't buy right now that I could get this deal later (like tomorrow). He bluntly asked me why I wasn't buying today and I told him I never make quick decisions. Always take a day or two to check things out, think things over. That wasn't good enough so I made up another excuse that I needed to see what my employer had in store for me this year. I am so glad I read all these reviews. Thank you all for the advice. Appreciated.
I am writing this because I just read the other comments about Homeland Health Care. I just received my benefits package and for the money they asked for, it is not worth a hill of beans. I am going to call them to get a cancellation form tomorrow, but I am afraid that I will get the same run around as the rest of the people did. I just called my credit card company to cancel my card so they can no longer get any more money. I am unemployed and I am afraid that I just lost $348.00. Has anyone resolved this issue?
I tried to make a doctor appointment for my sister and when they ask me what type of insurance she had I told them Homeland Health Care and they never heard of the company name. It's not in the system. Then I look and see that there are all types of complaints about this company. I have been paying my health insurance with this company for 5 months and haven't gone to the doctors yet so what do I do now? I've talked to your representative and they haven't told me a doctor that I can go to.
On 6/5/2012, I received a call from a man Ted (probably not his real name), who was extremely nice and I asked where he was calling from. He said Kansas City. We chatted, offered a solution to all my health insurance needs. No deductibles, $30 co-pay. I asked if my primary physician was in network, I spelled the doctor's name, Ted put me on hold, returned to proudly announce "yes ma'am he is and all your office visits are $30.00 co-pay". The call seemed more on the up and up when his wife Kristen took the phone, recorded a very fast talking 3 minutes and asked me to say yes at a pre-determined cue of the questions.$209.00 was my monthly premium + $99.00 non-refundable processing fee (which I had never heard before). On 6/5/2012, they debited my account for $308.00 and never sent me a follow-up email to our transaction. I have called all the phone numbers they provided, never spoke to anyone. I left recorded messages and now I'm calling my bank fraud department.
I am looking around for health insurance and got a call and great offer from a guy called Alex from "Prime Nationwide". The deal just sounds too good to be true. I looked up the insurance company, they told me that I will be enrolling called "Multiplan PPO", and got linked to all these complains related to Homeland Healthcare. Essentially, they told me exactly same things as what others experienced with Homeland Healthcare. No deductible, monthly payment of $456.05 for a family plan (I originally quoted only for my husband and kids, and later I asked if including me, they said no premier increase, sounds really too good to be true), an enrollment fee of $170, and asking for my credit right away. This alerts me as I said I have not even seen the detailed plan yet, how come they need my payment right away? So I told them I need to check up their credential first before giving them my credit information. I am glad that I did this first, and found out this most likely is a scam. I don't know if they are the same group of persons, just using different company names. The guy called me, told me his company is "Prime Nationwide". I definitely will not sign up with them. Sometime things too good to be true, usually is not true. Hope others who did sign up with this company can share their stories with other consumers.
I had been shopping for health insurance several months ago and was told several times that I was uninsurable due to pre-existing conditions. I was very surprised when I got several calls that my application had been approved. I didn't recall applying recently. But I returned the call and argued with the representative (an insurance broker) who insisted that I was insurable and he had a policy from Homeland Insurance which was based on Obama Care. For an application fee of only $109 and $375-something a month, I could use my choice of doctors and all medical, pharmacy expenses, vision and most dental expenses would be covered (yeah, right). I wanted to see a copy of the policy, but he said that I had to pay the application fee first and that I had 14 days to approve the policy. I knew I would never see my money again. Beware.
Like so many, an unwilling (and almost violated) victim. Ironic that the phone call came as I was sitting down to review other insurance plans after my surprise rejection from a major carrier. Me, an uber-healthy 61-year-old retired tweener, turned down. "Courted" shortly after by something out of a bad Clint Eastwood movie - a company with no name. My prying questions vaguely answered, neatly deflected, my "concerns" muted with the recurring schtick, being called the wrong name, hearing the sounds of phones ringing off the hook in a major call center. Finally, when the dust settles and I get a "real-live" insurance agent # from "my state," along with a "great rate" from a company I have never heard of. The basic rate sounds good, until I realize that the actual "health insurance" makes up less than 50% of the total package. When I ask if I can get the insurance just by itself, the price goes to $330 just for the insurance (HUH?). I back down once, then attempt to go back through the four different numbers of the verifier. When she puts the jugular down and admits that the credit card payment is going out RIGHT NOW, I throw it all out the window where it belongs, immediately get off the phone, proceed to get two more threateningly persuasive calls that "it won't look good on your record to be turned down twice" and go outside and scream in frustration, anger and disappointment that I was so stupid and such a sucker to let this thing play out.And I am proud to say that I GOT SMART and resisted this unappealing probably legal assault on my already bummed out health life and quite frankly at this rate WHO NEEDS INSURANCE. I'D BE EASIER OFF DEAD. I read over every posted review about this "outfit" and to the last guy who wrote and works for the company, how can you go home and sleep at night? The whole wasted day makes me puke!
I was notified via mail that my Prescription meds would be covered by a new company, RxEDO. I went to Walgreens to get two prescriptions filled and my card number indicated that I was not a member. I had to pay $24 out of pocket. I went back to Walgreens and I was told that they have a seven-day window for processing claims electronically and when I called Homeland Healthcare, they said I had thirty days to process the claim. Since I am outside the seven-day window with Walgreens, I was told that we would need to do this manually by getting Homeland Healthcare to send a paper claim for me to take to Walgreens. Homeland Healthcare does not do paper claims. I called to speak with Maria from Homeland and she was more than willing to try to help me. I have not been able to get with a customer rep this morning, 7/21/12. I also found out that my doctor is not in the Multiplan network after I was responsible for paying the majority of my doctor's bills myself, and Homeland Healthcare which is now American Medical Life insurance as of Nov. 15 2011 has only paid a little under $200. It is important to know if your insurance is going to pay for office visits to the doctor and actually how much.
If you are shopping for an affordable health care plan, DO NOT LISTEN and definitely DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD info to those scammers on the phone. I made the mistake of entering my data in and right away got calls from the so called independent agents. They tell you on the phone why they are cheaper and can sign you up, even do a mock check of your health status, congratulating that you are entitled to that affordable plan but that plan is only valid today (SIGN NOW! of timeshare salesmen comes into my mind), they claim it is a 100% money back guarantee. After getting the second call (they refuse to sent me a contract first per email so I declined the first) and hearing the exact spiel, I am sure that this all is a scam.
This company will call as U.S. health group and try to get you to pay a $99 application fee and will quote you the lowest health insurance premiums but won't mail or email any documents - can we say RED FLAG 101. Any legit company will have no issues sending you some type of information to read and if they say they have none or it will come after they get your cc info then they are really only interested in your credit card - these guys are great cold callers though - you can tell a lot of $$ goes into training them on how to use key words that will allow you to trust them. While my husband already gave his acct info but was still on line with them I started doing research and fell into a dark abyss of complaints and horror stories of seniors getting screwed by homelands AKA US HEALTH GROUP - so he immediately informed them we will not be moving forward and to cancel the app & 99/fee while I was already on the phone to our bank changing his card info and paying any fee needed to ensure these companies could not withdraw against our bank. The min my hubby said to cancel the rep got a total attitude and passed phone to a "manager" who ultimately called my hubby a ** and hung up on him - however this was after the first idiot had already given their direct lines, not the brightest crayon in the box are we ** - yeah you morons - we called you out. You guys are obvious scammers and I may not be around to witness it but I know for a fact that karma will be knocking down your door soon enough. It's one thing to go after people like us in our 30's but to go after people with families or retired senior citizens since they are easier to mislead - that is disgusting. You must not have mothers, fathers or grandparents - and if you do better hope they don't get a call from us health group or homeland healthcare - or is that part of the training process? Ok new employees make sure to go home tonight and warn everyone you love and know to never accept the crap you sell -- I bet it's even in the orientation packet or training schedule. Y'all should be super stoked that you have chosen a career that allows you to be proud of what you accomplish each day - "HONEY I’M HOME - I have great - super productive day today - I was able to cheat hard working Americans out of their hard earned $$ and offer them in return nothing at all except a few lies - I cheated 7 to be exact - ahhhhh it was a great day - now what's for dinner??" Scumbag pie - that's what Douches.
Cardinal Choice Insurance - This insurance company is a joke and the customer service is terrible in almost every way. The only time I got them to tell me what coverage that I had was when I cancelled the policy. The agent did not even tell me that what I was purchasing did not even meet the minimum coverage allowed by the government, I will still be taxed even after the purchase of this insurance. So my lesson is that it is better to get in touch with a real insurance agent and have them explain the coverage that you are purchasing. That is what I am going to do.
Short version, I was promised all this coverage and got almost nothing. I was scoped top and bottom. It cost $900. They paid $50. I forget what I was supposed to get for my prescriptions. I never got anything for that. It cost me a fortune for basically no coverage.
I was seeking insurance and came across this company. I was told I'd have coverage on 9-1-14. That wasn't true!!! I was seen at an urgent care and the doctor wanted to send me to the e.R. for further evaluation. I called the number on card to try to find a hospital that I could go luck!!! Left name and number and was to get call back in an hour. That never happened. This urgent care visit was on 9-19-14, I got a call back on 9-22-14!! To my surprise I'M not covered until 10-1-14. I wasn't told that. Another red flag is I tried to register online in hopes to find a hospital within that hour...again no luck! The number on card meant nothing. I could not register at all. Oh!!! The first incident was a week or so prior to this....went to urgent care, they couldn't find this company. I had to show them an email the company sent that had urgent care that they not give any information to this place.
**. They keep taking money out of our bank account which put us in the negative 2 months in a row. We told them after the first month not to take it out but they still did. Once we got these cards I took them to our pharmacy and they told us they aren't worth anything. They do not do anything but give a discount on our medicines. We found a better company that does more for less. Homeland Healthcare are scammers, people stay away!
I got a call from a nice rep asking me if I was happy with my insurance. We went through the details and he said he could save me $25 a month plus I'd get maternity coverage for my wife. I didn't really believe him but thought I'd hear him out. He said this plan was for small business owners like myself only, that's why it was so cheap. The more he talked, the more it sounded like something way too good to be true. He wanted me to sign up immediately but the $99 app fee was the big red flag. No insurance company does that to my knowledge. Needless to say, I said I was going to look into the company and get back to him. What I found only confirmed my suspicions.
The person who I spoke to told me my premium would stay the same until I turned 65, and I would receive life insurance. I would have to pay a one time fee of $306 for administrative costs. I asked for a email or fax of what the plan covers and he said he could not give that to me. He asked several times for my credit card, I told him I would have to talk to my husband first. He wanted me to get him on the phone. When I told him that was not possible he again asked for my credit card so that he could hold my spot in the plan. I told him no, I also said I was reading reviews and asked if the $306 was for life insurance, after a long pause he said no. I checked with my state and this is NOT major health insurance. I am glad I saw these reviews.
After I was fired from my job as a teacher, I needed health insurance that was affordable and took pre-existing conditions (high cholesterol). I applied online for another company and was contacted by Homeland Health Care. They told me that my first five doctor's appointments a year would be covered with no co-pay and that afterwards, I would have a co-pay. I was assured that I would get prescription benefits as well. I was also told that preventative care would be covered. I paid for four months of insurance and had two appointments while "insured". They paid exactly nothing for either appointment, one preventative, the other a doctor appointment for an ear infection. The doctor's offices said they could never reach anyone at Homeland on the phone, which is typical. I spent plenty of time on hold with them too. I called to complain about the lack of coverage, only to find out the saleslady on the phone lied completely to me and they only covered $50 of the appointment fee. I told them they needed to pay the $100 total for both appointments and they still have not paid any portion of their ridiculous coverage. I cancelled them and am still furious with their fraud. They take advantage of people in bad situations, like I was, and steal from them literally. I want all my money back and as far as I'm concerned, I never had any type of health insurance. I still haven't received paperwork confirming my cancellation with them.
I should have come to Consumer Affairs to review this company before I went forward. I've worked all day to try to find individual health care coverage in Arizona. I went to websites of major carriers - Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, etc. and was redirected by each of them to a telephone exchange where there were supposedly licensed insurance brokers to help me find appropriate coverage. I'm a cautious person - I was very careful. Just like other reviewers here, I asked for a website that I could review the details of the policy terms and conditions - I asked for information to be sent to my email address for me to review before buying. There were always reasons that I couldn't get the actual specifics in writing - only over the telephone - and it was stressed that I would be able to have a period of 30-days to review the materials and cancel if I wasn't satisfied or everything wasn't as described. It all seemed just slightly fishy. But after trying for hours, searching major insurance providers for options, and getting "Multiplan" recommended by numerous supposedly independent and licensed insurance brokers on the telephone, I was talking with a person who seemed by far more knowledgeable than others earlier in the day, and I went forward with her so that I could learn more about the details. I asked A LOT of questions - she referred me to an expert to help with answers - and then back to the broker to finish up. I decided to go ahead and get the information and see if the written policy was "as good" as represented verbally. THEN, they started putting me through the "car dealer" treatment... leaving me on hold for long periods as they transferred me through three layers of verification of all the information and taking my credit card number. They kept repeating things over and over and wearing me down to the point where, after about an hour of this, I was tired out and just wanted to get it done. However, as I kept listening to the "fine print" and being asked to state "I agree" to things that I hadn't previously been told or understood. But, if I asked a question, they would stop and restart the entire recording process, so they told me not to ask any questions until they finished, so as not to interrupt their multiple recordings. I became more and more alarmed. In response to an "I agree" question, I finally said that I wanted to cancel the whole thing, as per the initial representations that I could cancel at any time, which they had said was "starting now." They immediately transferred me to the "Compliance" guy, and he proceeded to berate me for more than 45 minutes, calling me names like "stupid" and saying that I must have "turrets" - that I was talking in circles and making no sense. When I said I simply wanted to cancel, he asserted that the carrier (who was part of the Federal government) would not allow me to cancel unless I could give satisfactory reasons, to him and the carrier, and they would decide whether they were willing to accept my reason. I explained that I simply wanted to cancel because I didn't like the way I was being treated and I didn't like the company - he said that I should know that I was talking to the Federal government and they didn't care... didn't I know that the Federal government and Obama Care make the rules and they don't need to care? It was all getting pretty crazy - he even accused me of not caring about ISIS... what? And he said that he wouldn't allow me to cancel unless I could give him the exact name of the insurer, and he would bet that I didn't know the name. Finally, after more than 45 minutes of abuse, I said that I would have to call Visa and ask them to cancel the transaction if it posted to my account. He replied... "Go ahead... there is nothing that Visa or you can do. We have recorded everything that you agreed to, and you are stuck", and he also said they have done this to others that tried to cancel a credit card transaction. AND HE SAID THEY ALWAYS WIN because they have great recordings of every stupid thing that I said.I'm still shaking as I write this and I'm very emotionally distressed and upset. I finally just had to hang up the phone... this guy was going to stay there and continue yelling at me until I caved. I truly believe that this is a complete shake-down - if you ask and they refuse to cancel, they get your first month's payment, at minimum, and who knows what happens after that. I never post reviews (I think that is a risk), but in this case, this was behavior so unconscionable, I had to try to help other consumers figure this out before they get hurt like me.
I was contacted via phone by an insurance representative, Kevin **, who claimed to be able to provide complete medical insurance for my husband. They claimed to cover people who had pre-existing conditions. I called back as my husband had been declined by previous insurance companies. I was told that coverage would be 80% for in-patient hospital treatment and we would be responsible for 20%. I was also told that once out of pocket was paid, I then had 100% coverage through AWA insurance. When the brochure arrived explaining the plan details, nothing was as presented to me by phone. This is minimal coverage and not worth paying the monthly premium for. This is a scam. They sell this Medical Insurance as being like any other type you would purchase from Cigna etc., and this insurance is nowhere near being a regular type of medical insurance you would purchase for yourself or your family. They are more in the lines of life and disability insurance and product along those lines. This product can’t even be called a supplemental insurance. That is how minimal it is!!!
I called in to make sure my policy had been cancelled, especially after reading some of the complaints. I talked to my agent whose name is Mildred. Actually, I talked to her two times in as many days. The first day, she was okay, just a little of a bad attitude. However, the second day which is today, Jan. 30th, 2013, she told me that my policy was cancelled and for me to stop harassing her about it and she abruptly hung up the phone. I just wonder if she would feel that way if it was her money. No one with that attitude should be in customer service under no circumstances. I know, because I worked in customer service for over 28 years. Thank you!
I work for this company and the thing you all need to know is that agents who sell you the policy are not part of Homeland Healthcare. We are the third-party who can explain the plan to you and we do process the payments. Before a credit and or debit card is charged, you have to agree to a verification phone call and they go over everything; even telling you that this is a limited plan and all the phone calls are recorded from the time you talk with the agent to every call you make to customer care and claims. If you look into this, you can see that the department of insurance has never filed a suit against homeland healthcare and with the 40,000 people on a limited plan on Homeland Healthcare as the third-party admin, the limited plans that work for some people but not everyone.If you had cancer and it went away and did not have a company policy, no insurance company will take your policy as you would be a high risk or you would have high monthly payment. With limited benefits plans, that same person would be able to use that for doctors visits, surgeries, labs, etc. The plan pays set amounts and the member pays nothing up front and they have access to the Multi-Plan PPO Network (a network that has been around since the 1980's) and would get the repricing rate up to 70%. If you are looking for insurance, ask smart question like is this a major medical plan or is it a limited benefits plan.If you have a plan and are not happy with it, please call Homeland Healthcare's customer care departments and let them know you are not happy since nine out of ten you wanted a major medical plan. You call tell the agent you want to stop the plan and request a refund; it's that easy. I hope this helps you all.
I needed health insurance because my husband retired. I looked and looked. One day this man called with a deal I couldn’t refuse. He told me that I had lots of options for doctors in my area that are in the network. But when I needed a doctor, I had to go 150 miles to find a doctor. I could use an out-of-network doctor and the insurance would just pay less. I found that they turned down any claims. And it goes on and on. I had a fall and had to go to the emergency room. I knew I had coverage, but when I called they said I didn't have coverage. So armed with my schedule of benefits, I called back and was told they had changed underwriters and I didn't have coverage. The company didn't even notify me. I would like to tell everyone that will listen: do not even look at them.
Signed up with insurance January 6, 2014, paid $277.00 from debit card. I was told by DOUGLAS If not satisfied I could cancel and get my money back (within 30 days). Insurance went into effect the 15th @ the 21st, I canceled (not right for my needs). Asked for my refund (@277.00) and was told they would deposit my money back into my account. Checked my account and only $178.00 was deposited in account, they still owe me $99.00. I was told by PHIL ** that it was taken for process fee and to contact Homeland Security (they have my money). Phil has contacted me since my cancellation @ trying to get me to find a plan that is for my needs. I talked to 4 different people the day I signed up and I'm getting different responses from them. NO information was sent to me about the plan. I would like my $99.00 sent back to me, I can take this to the Better Business Bureau @ discuss this matter with them. I would appreciate a response and the rest of my refund ($99.00). Was not aware of process fee and was told that it was explained to me during conversation @ was recorded. PLEASE contact me as soon as possible about this matter. Thank you.
I have another update. I filed my complaint against Homeland Healthcare with Better Business Bureau and they sent the complaint to the company. They immediately refunded my money and apologized for the inconvenience. I do not know that this process will work for everyone but it's worth a try.
I have NEVER had a policy with this company, NEVER had any contact with or by this company.
Yet, a charge of $239.00 appeared on my July Visa bill.When I called the 800 number, the Customer Service Representative acted strangely. I had no confidence that they would refund my money so I was forced, after all these years, to cancel that card and to report a fraud claim.
Well, I had work as salesman for Health Benefits Center that represents MultiPlan PPO network and all carriers, and is a totally fake. People that get this insurance will never get what they are told. Actually any of those insurance has the minimum coverage required by the government and the people will be penalized by the end of the year by not having a real insurance. None of those carriers cover hospital, not ambulance coverage, not inpatient or outpatient facility coverage, not medications. Everything a lied and the maximum cash benefit will get is just $50.
Initial agent lied about prescription coverage, stated my primary care physician accepted this coverage and did not advise that automatic deductions were required. Avoid this company if you value your sanity. After over 75 communications, I finally filed a complaint with the Texas Insurance Commissioner. This is a company of Representatives trained in deception. BEWARE.
I bought this policy as a temporary, till my wife's insurance could take me on in September. The agent knew this when we got it. At the end of July, our premium was taken to cover the month of August. I submitted my cancellation form as instructed to but got charged again in August. I have been trying to call Customer Service and have been on a ringing phone with no answer for over 30 minutes. This is the customer service people. **? I really do not understand this. I just want my money back.
This is a poor substitute for health insurance. Preminum are removed before due dates. No refunds. No information given to individual about the plan or restrictions. What happened to quality.
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