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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation Online Reviews

Company Name: Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation
Year Founded: 2009
Address: PO Box 50034
City: Bellevue
State/Province: WA
Postal Code: 98015
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 453-4054
Overall average rating of 1.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 16 %
This company took forever to process my pet's claim even after they had all necessary records. It took 4 phone calls over a 2 week period to find out why the claim was just sitting without being processed. After all of this nothing was covered. I read the fine print and they seem to make up exclusions along the way to avoid having to pay anything. Complete lack of communication, and once you get someone on the phone they don't seem to have a clue as to what's going on. Stay away from them... Run fast!!
I’ve had Healthy Paws insurance for my dog for 4 years now at the policy cost went up 100% since we got signed up. My dog doesn’t have any health conditions, doesn’t skip the annual exams and always up to date on her vaccinations. Please be aware that the vet fees and vaccinations are not covered by Healthy Paws insurance. At the time I signed up for this insurance I was assured that the cost will may go up by $2-3 annually. Well that was a lie. These people are greedy and they will keep on increasing your policy cost beyond any reason. I just received another notice of policy increase and will be canceling. I’m very disappointed!
I purchased Healthy Paws Insurance almost a year ago. I submitted a claim for severe pain in paw at the after hours Emergency Pet Clinic. The diagnosis was a scorpion sting. I submitted a claim to the insurance. Claim was denied due to waiting period. Claim was denied due to preexisting condition with the second request claim. A third request was denied for not covered by family vet and records. They just kept making excuses to pay out. I immediately canceled insurance on my dog. In the year I paid almost $600. Zero money was reimbursed to me. I was warned that pet insurance won’t pay out. It was true.
I have been waiting SIXTEEN days since my paperwork was submitted for reimbursement. I MIGHT get it on 11/20. My dog and I are almost out of food and I only have gas for one trip somewhere. The Vet sent the paperwork, but not the invoice. HP sat on my claim for ONE week until I borrowed a phone and called them. They now offer DD but don't tell you that it takes 3-5 Business Days on their end. I could have gotten a check 3 days sooner. Doesn't seem long but when the food is being rationed and your little dog doesn't understand why she is hungry and hasn't left the house for a park in 9 days, it really hurts me DEEPLY. She is my child!!!
I've had the policy 4 years for 3 dogs. Every year they increased the cost by 10-15% and this year it's 20% and I've only had a couple of claims over the years for only one of my dogs. And it was all small stuff. My dogs are 5, 5, and 4 years old so this is crazy. I'm probably just going to drop it altogether and save the money instead. Or get a cheaper supplementary insurance. It's just unfair and impractical considering all the annual increases and all the things they don't cover.
This company is quick to take your dollar, but slow to reimburse. They love to flag claims, after a four year member, to review in order to delay payment. I regret ever choosing Healthy Paws!! Once your pet has a condition, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to go to another provider, due to that condition being ruled pre-existing!
I have been a customer of Healthy Paws for over 5 years now. I've had two of my pets covered with Healthy Paws within that time. I've never experienced huge increases in premiums with my first pet's insurance. She was covered for nearly 4 years, but that pet has since passed. Currently, I only have one pet covered since Jan 2016 with a premium of $39.72/month. After one year it increased slightly to $43.70/month, which is reasonable. However, the next year it jumped to $54.18/month, and they just raised it again to $67.81/month this year. These are substantial increases, which they justify as increased cost of vet care. They really put pet owners in a bind and forcing them to choose between what they can afford and their pet's life. Starting over with a new pet insurance company will make our pet ineligible for certain coverage based on new health conditions that have been found since then. Healthy Paws says that rates are not affected by the number or nature of the claims that we submit, but I do not believe them. Unfortunately, we have had to submit many claims for our accident-prone dog, so it's a suspicious coincidence that the premiums keep jumping up. I am not a happy customer of Healthy Paws and hate how they are taking advantage of the situation that many other pet owners will face.
I sent in receipts for my 4 Siamese cats. I called numerous times to see if they were processed. All I was given was the same story. "We only received receipts for two cats". I called again. They said, "We only received a receipt for one cat". Are you that unorganized. How is that possible when they were all neatly, professionally put together and sent to you. Now as of today November 8, 2018 your rep Shelly tells me, "Well if you cancel the policy we can't pay you." Well you have not paid me anyway. Have you.
My pets' insurance policy came up for renewal. We have 2 dogs on the policy. Both premiums went up by 20% even though we didn't even meet the deductible to have any claims paid back to us through the last year. When I questioned them about this I was told that because other people had a lot of claims that caused my premiums to go up. I don't think that's fair if my dogs are healthy that I'm expected to endure higher premiums.
I am a new pet mom and I enrolled to Healthy Paws insurance for my first cat. Their statement was unclear for me so I make sure I called to clarify before I making any decision. For applying, putting claim, and cancel services, I asked their customer services before I took action. I confirmed if I can try to see if the insurance cover what I need and withdraw services within 30 days. I was told yes once “there is no claim.” I applied. My claim was denied which I understand it was not success claim. I called within 30 days and confirm if I would get refund, YES, I confirmed because I was not sure if the claim count. Again, I was told yes I would get refund. Thus, I made decision. Cancelled and thinking maybe apply it after I have all prevention exam done since nothing would cover during period of time. However, after I cancelled, I did not receive the refund, so I call and was told there was no fund for me and they pull out written statement which was what I confused about and CALL to clarify. Regardless all the miscommunication about definition for claim, I have asked very specifically about the result but was giving a people pleasing answer but not true. It was not bit amount of money but the whole process make me feel they are foolish customers and earning the payment by writing confusing statement and hiding important information. Not honest business. This is my first complaint review in my life because it really piss off.
Despite what they claim, they will jack up your prices every year. For two mixed breed dogs, I started at under $75 a month. This year they were increasing my rate from $119 (which is already too high) to $150 a month for the two dogs. They have doubled my premiums in just four years! I think they bank on people getting the coverage when their dogs are young and don't need much care. Since they jack up the prices every year, people will drop the coverage before their dogs get older and need more medical care. These guys are shady, steer clear.
Hello... I don't typically write reviews but I really want to let everyone know that Healthy Paws has provided me with exceptional service! When my best pal Laila needed surgery, they not only made the claim process simple, but also sent benefit payments quickly. A+. Thank you Healthy Paws!
I cancelled this policy over a month ago using their app. I was billed again. I again contacted them by email and again they billed my account. If they are this incompetent in dealing with a simple administrative procedure just how good will they be when your pet's life is on the line. I have never seen such a disregard for customer care nor this level of administrative incompetence in my life.
I've had Healthy Paws pet insurance for my dog for 3 years. He was 9 months old when I obtained the insurance. The premiums have increased as follows: Year 1: 15.03%, Year 2: 18.93%, Year 3: 24.28%. At this rate by the time my dog is 10 his monthly premiums would be $313.32! According to their website: "Due to the increasing cost of new technology and advances in veterinary and specialty care, your rates will increase slightly to align with the claim payouts of each state. These manageable annual increases provide you the opportunity to offer your pet the best medical and diagnostic options available today." I DO NOT consider a yearly increase of 24.28% to be slight or manageable.
I am so angry right now. I changed my billing method last month and was assured it was all changed over and cancelled at the other end. Voila, double charged and I also received a $40 insufficient fund charge as I was in the process of closing the original account I used, which I had explained to the agent. I called and the girl I spoke to WOULD NOT agree that I was double charged, kept saying she didn't see it anywhere, yet she continued to quote my two separate bank account numbers. Finally she said she would pass it on to "Ops", I asked when and she said immediately and this is day four. The agent was very snippy and rude. I will probably cancel my insurance if this is not sorted out immediately. Bad customer service on two counts!
Healthy Paw's customer service has been amazing each and every time. I love that they ask how my pet is doing before even discussing business and claims. They have actually made me feel like they care. I had a little bit of a problem initially but that's because I wasn't sending the information from the email that I had listed on file, so it wasn't linking it to my claim. Since that was rectified Healthy Paws has been quick at approving claims and just as prompt at paying the claim and directly depositing it into my account. In a world where I thought customer service had been forgotten- Healthy Paws surpassed my expectations and made me a fan!
I have been going to a very well known Pet Grooming place for almost 4 years now. I recently needed to have my dog's hair trimmed within a matter of hours for a family gathering and my usual spot could not accommodate me. I found Healthy Paws and I am more than amazed with the level of professionalism and also the level of dedication they had to make my dog feel like one of their own. #newdogspot!
After 2 years with this company I am dropping them. The first year I had some minor issues and they paid out accordingly after my deductible. The second year I had not claims. The reason I am dropping them is that every year they keep increasing the monthly payments. 20% this year! That is ridiculous. I understand increasing rates and the first year was under 10% from what I remember. Better off saving the monthly payments in a savings account and let it grow on its own! I too got the same run around about in my area increased vet costs. That is baloney.
We purchased Healthy Paws last year for our 8 week old miniature schnauzer. When we spoke with the agent we were advised that the average annual rate increase was 3%. Guess again! On our dog's one year birthday we received a notice that our rate would increase over 18%. When we called to inquire as to why such a high rate increase we were advised that our specific area (zip code) had a major jump in pet care costs, thus, the need to increase our premiums. The agent also denied that we would have been given a 3% increase quote. (Basically called us liars). Since the calls are recorded we recommended they pull the audio file). We had zero claims for the year and had purchased a $250 annual deductible with 80% coverage and no annual caps. We have canceled the policy and are very disappointed in the fact that Healthy Paws used a "teaser rate" to suck us in.
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