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Health IQ Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Health IQ
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 549-1664
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 92 %
Health IQ helped me cover my family in a transparent easy to follow manner. They fit into my schedule and didn't make me fit into theirs. Easy as pie.
Great quizzes about health, and personalized help finding the best rates for life insurance!
Health IQ helped me get into a larger policy for around the same price I was paying for something much smaller. Service was helpful, communication thorough and constant. I'm happy.
Can your ratings go higher than 5? :) Seriously, both Maria and Sam, of Health IQ, were excellent and very nice and pleasant to speak with. They answered any questions I had and returned my phone calls in a timely manner. It was a pleasure working with them.
Quick, knowledgeable, professional and responsive team.
Great communication from start to finish!!!
Easy to work with, very knowledgeable and great products!
I was very pleased with the process and service. Noby and Amber were both really helpful and friendly. I appreciated the casual yet professional relationship. I'm glad to have found HealthIQ through the Runkeeper app/ad. I had looked into life insurance options before but this made it all pretty easy and painless. "5"s all around.
I am very impressed with Health IQ’s level of professionalism, five-diamond level service, and high-rated industry partnerships to deliver what they promise—rewarding healthy lifestyles with high-quality comprehensive coverage and low insurance premiums!
I had an easy time getting the insurance I wanted at a reasonable price, even with the delays I added in on my own. I am so please that my wife is starting the process today. Thank you so much. Oh one last thing this company while being professional and performing follow ups is NOT pushy at all, a great thing for insurance agents.
I was honestly just going through my Facebook feed one Saturday evening and an add from HealthIQ caught my eye. I was about to do the LA Marathon and am in decent shape at 56 years old. I connected with them and early on Monday I completed my application, had my physical the week after the marathon and had my policy in effect a few weeks after that. The team was fantastic, very knowledgeable, and walked me through process very professionally. They were very responsive when I pinged them with a question or application status update. Great team, great experience, and great rates for a large policy for my age.
I was a skeptic, but after working with Health IQ, I am recommending them to everyone I can! My wife an I had term policies we began when we were young that would cover us through our kids graduation college. The policies were nearing the end and we doubted we would be able to get new policies within a reasonable price range. I was WRONG! My wife and I (she 51, me 48) are very active and Health IQ helped us secure 15 more years of $750,000 in Life Insurance for 1/4 of the prices we were quoted before we stumbled on them! We could not be happier with the end result, and our primary agent we worked with was fantastic! Communication was fantastic, and he really did a great job walking alongside us in a process that went much quicker than expected. I also feel he truly worked on our behalf to secure the best ROI for us both!
This is how life insurance should work- health assessments, knowledge assessments and attention to detail. HealthIQ is attentive to client needs and prompt to respond to your concerns.
HealthIQ is an Outstanding Company! They work tirelessly to provide science-backed reasoning to get discounts on life insurance policies for the health-conscious, and the whole process took me less than a month to gain a great, affordable policy that more than covers any potential unexpected events in my life. Thank you, HealthIQ Team! Best, Adam
Pleasant and professional. I think that I had to send a request for status once or twice, but no real complaints.
This is one company out of many that I was applying, simple smart and humble team of associates standby to successful understand my need and match best option. I am grateful to entire team and very satisfied with service and product
I learned about Health IQ through a podcast focusing on having a healthy family and financial life and decided to include them and their underwriting process while shopping for my family's life insurance needs. Their underwriting process was user-friendly, yet thorough, and I ultimately chose coverage with one of the providers that Health IQ recommended over USAA (whom I have all my other insurance products with) due to my overwhelmingly positive experience with every person (initial phone call, follow up phone calls, medical agent) along the process and ultimately getting rewarded a plan that holistically fitted me and my family's needs. I know that being healthy is a gift that keeps on giving, but Health IQ really added an extra level of assurance that my choice to live the way I do will benefit my loved ones as well, now and in the future, no matter what.
Although I was introduced to this company online, they quickly became familiar with me and my needs by phone. They were friendly, helpful and delivered a life insurance quote that was way better than I had ever expected. Thank you Health IQ!
As regard to Health IQ, I had the pleasure of having a young lady by the name of Kate Staskus with Health IQ working on my behalf as my agent and case manager on a requested pending life insurance policy. She was very diligent and she followed through and kept me abreast of the progress on my pending prospective life insurance application. There was a delay but this was not on her part, it was admirable that she kept in touch and explained to me that the LIfe Insurance Company was still reviewing the application and being thorough on covering all the details. Which was good on the Insurance Company part to do. I highly recommend using Health IQ as an avenue or channeled partner to utilize when you are in the market for life insurance.
I had a very positive experience with the sales rep and the nurse.
Really helpful and courteous people. Found me a life insurance rate better than I espected. Great company with which to de business.
Great service and found me a health insurance rate I was unable to get from previous efforts
Excellent service and communication. Highly recommend Health IQ
Every touch point I had during the process was positive.
Next generation life insurance 5-star which they deserve every one of them! Thank you
Very knowledgeable and professional insurance group. I found the rates for term insurance extremely competitive. Mostly I love the fact that this company works hard to cover people who work equally as hard to stay fit and healthy.
I used Health IQ to purchase discounted life insurance. I thought it would be a simple process, but it took 3 months to get the policy issued. As an avid cyclist (150 miles a week) and swimmer (12,000 meters a week), I thought this would be a no-brainer process, but the underwriting insurance company is extremely picky. I expected to save about $1,000 over other term life insurance quotes based on rates initially quoted me by Health IQ, but rates that came back to me were $500 higher than planned. So, I saved significant money on my $2 M life insurance, but not as much as I had initially hoped. Overall, this is a start up business learning to compete with the life insurance giants. I think they are doing a great job but have some growing pains. Assuming you qualify, you should save $$, but you will have to work for it.
I highly recommend Health IQ for all your insurance needs
I heard about Health IQ via a podcast on Bullett Proof Radio with Dave Asprey, and my term insurance was expiring, so I gave it a try. I took their test, and then got quotes from their agents, and found a term policy that was considerably cheaper than my existing company. Their agent made the process pretty painless, and even arranged the medical check to happen at my residence. It seems like it took about three weeks to put in place and I am happy with the outcome.
quick, precise, they shopped around for the best price. i have had health issues in the past which prevented me from getting life insurance but health iq found a way to make it work for a fair price!
A convenient way to get the best cost on life insurance
I had a very good experience working with the HealthIQ team. From the outset the process was explained clearly, and most importantly I never felt like I was being pressured into making any decisions. I ended up with a great rate for the insurance cover I was looking for. I would highly recommend HealthIQ.
Absolutely delivered on their promise to save me money on life insurance. Less expensive than BOTH term life through my employer, as well as term life I had for years through one of the the big agencies. Process was easy, fast, and customer service level was very high. Highly recommend!
Great to work with! Simple process.
I was able to get the health insurance discount I was promised, they were courteous, friendly, and informative. If you are a decent lifter you should be able to qualify. I've been pleased with my service.
Fantastic idea. Fantastic price. Great service with kind and responsive personnel. My wife and I both got more coverage than with my prior company for half the price. The customer service personnel are very responsive. Overall a great experience. I recommend Health IQ to people all the time.
I got my life insurance through Health IQ and can't stress enough that the quality of service they offer is fantastic! Getting a quote and choosing a policy with a great rate is easy and uncomplicated. Customer service is also great.
Simple and easy. Got lower cost insurance with twice the benefit with just a few easy questionnaires and blood drawn by someone coming to my house. I'd recommend to anyone.
Probably the greatest team of professionals out there. From top to bottom everyone was a pleasure to work with
Good experience. I was able to get a great rate with their help. Would recommend them and use them myself again in the future.
The staff at Health IQ are so knowledgeable, friendly, and very reachable. No long waits on hold, customer service the way it ought to be.
Eros, my agent, was very upfront, knowlegable and very helpful. I would recomend Health IQ to everyone.
Good service and price!
Buying life insurance was a great pierce of mind for my family and I. Health IQ made it simple and the rates they gave me were a no brained. I was shocked how smoothly this went. I would strongly encourage anyone to do the same.
I had a great experience with Health IQ. They walked me through the whole process. My case was a little harder than most because of some prior health issues. I would highly recommend using Health IQ for your life insurance needs!
They made everything very easy!
Recommended. Curious and professional. Got me a great deal.
Lived everything from the first call all the way through getting my insurance in place! Conor and Jim were great!!
Health IQ was great to work with. They had so much knowledge and helped us get the best rate on life insurance. Thanks!
Health IQ provided a personal touch. They seemed to really care about our insurance needs.
Couldn't give me an accurate quote, due to having Diabetes. Disappointed.
Enjoyed working with my contact was pleased with the overall product and price. Communication dropped off a little during that approval period as well, particularly after I had to supply some additional information. A call or email letting me know that has been received etc would have been a good touch. However, this was a minor thing and not change my overall good impression. Good luck with the company. I like what you are trying to do re. Lifestyle based pricing.
Great Service! Great product! Makes me proud to know I qualify for an exclusive life insurance policy.
I purchased a new life insurance plan. I ended up saving money and receiving a better insurance policy. Finally a life insurance for individuals who live a healthy lifestyle.
Great company, very responsive, really glad I found them.
I would recommend to friends. Great services.
I was approved very quickly for the rate I was originally quoted.
I was working with two other companies while I was working with Health IQ, and they were absolutely the best of the three in responsiveness, thoroughness of explanation, and the best deal to top it off. I highly recommend Health IQ!
Very patient and excellent follow through.
Hello, I gave 4 stars because the lady who helped me on the phone and through the paper work process was great. The lady who did the blood work was also great. My issue was that I had requested a different dollar amount and time frame which was agreed on but the paper work was sent out to me different then what was discussed. I had a problem that this was not reviewed in house before it was sent out to the client. Then when that issue was corrected, signed and finalized I received an email about 1 week later saying if I don't sign my documents the policy will be deleted. I called the customer service number to find out what was gong on since I already signed my paper work and received a policy number and I was told to don't worry about it but no real reason why this email was sent to me. Not real good information going on between departments I guessed. Thanks
I give all their employees a 5/5. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, respectful and courteous. I give the concept a 5 as well. I am completely satisfied. I discussed my new policy offer with my current agent and they couldn't compete. I dropped the old policy.
I don't need no insurance i have my own thank you i want to move on please or I'll cut it off
This was an easy service that provided an extreme value to me and my family. I am exceptionally healthy for my age, but most insurance providers would assume that I am the average 38 year old. Health IQ really showed their intelligence by factoring my healthy life habits.
excellent service and a fair priced policy.
As a recently retired military veteran & power lifter at 6"3 275lbs shopping for life insurance was very difficult. Most insurance companies use the outdated and failed process of determining Body Mass Index (BMI) for your premium baselines, Health IQ does not as it asses your overall health, lifestyle, and fitness routine to determine your rates. The customer service and help getting a plan that was right for myself and my family was far above the 4+ companies I had quotes from. Do yourself a favor, give them a call today.
Health IQ was able to get me a very competitive rate and the process was very easy, convenient and the customer service was great. I recieved quotes from 3 very big and reputable insurance companies that were not only much higher, but the application process and questionnaires were very cumbersome and time consuming. I highly recommend HeathIQ!
The policy onboarding process was amazingly simple. This is a great concept that benefits health conscious consumers. This is far more affordable than life insurance through most workplaces. It's amazing how many healthy conscious people do not realize how much they are overpaying.
good services and great price, I had no issues with custoemr services
The team at HealthIQ learned about my needs and got me setup with exactly what I was looking for.
The experience and responsiveness was great.
The team was on top of things totally professional,courteous and helpful at all time.
Quick responses to all my inquiries and issues.
A very easy and quick process with the utmost professionalism! A pleasure to do business with!
They were professional and quick to respond an I got a good quote
I heard about HealthIQ via their advertisements on podcasts I listen to. I was already in the market for added life insurance and figured I'd give them a try. My experience was great - they're focused on people who lead healthy lifestyles and realize that the "healthy" part of your lifestyle frequently outweighs the minor medical history blemishes that would otherwise keep you from getting the best rates. My advisor was very thorough through the interview process and found me a great policy match with zero pressure. I'd recommend HealthIQ to any friend.
Agent connected me with an insurance company to provide the product that suited me. Case manager worked to be sure the details of the final product aligned with my desires. Glad that I discovered Health IQ.
Great insight by HealthIQ to reward exercisers with Life Insurance. Just hope Health Insurers will lower premiums for exercisers.
I appreciated the opportunity to purchase health insurance reflective of my healthy and active lifestyle.
A solid product sold by knowledgable and patient people, my decision from start to finish took several months - during that time I wasn't pressured by annoying calls or emails, they let me take my time. The best part? The health test/ blood work was all done at home, in a little over an hour!
Happy with the whole process
I'm so happy I decided to pursue HealthIQ for life insurance. Their existence finally provides some tangible financial benefit to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. I hope that this trend only continues in other areas (not sure this exists yet for health insurance). The process was straightforward, the customer service was friendly, and I would recommend them to any of my fit/healthy friends. A+!
Fabulous customer service. Worked great for my wife and me.
I was searching the internet for life insurance options and I discovered Health IQ. I was quickly contacted by a Health IQ agent.The agent was extremely helpful and expertly guided me through the process. He and a case manager for Health IQ, stayed in constant contact with my wife and I until we successfully obtained life insurance policies that met our needs. We are very happy with the service and care we received from Health IQ and their dedicated and professional employees.
Thoroughly professional, great attention to details, the consistent follow up was always pleasant.
I had an absolutely amazing experience with Health IQ. I never felt pressured or rushed. Instead, everything was efficient and friendly. When I had questions, I was given thorough and patient answers. I cannot recommend highly enough!
This is a legit company. They cut our premiums in half and upped our payout at the same time. Friendly, fast and free. If you exercise regularly, I can't think of a reason you wouldn't let these guys do the same for you. My only regret is that they don't do health insurance. Man that would be a wonderful world!
I loved working with Health IQ! They were so easy and convenient to work with. They responded to voicemail and email right away. They did the shopping and comparison for me. Their research enabled me to save money because I am a triathlete. When there was there was confusion by the insurance company about my surrendering my CDL license they were proactive in working with the insurance company clearing up the misunderstanding. The best part was that I saved 10% on my 20 year term insurance policy!
Good communication throughout the process and got a great term life insurance product that suits my needs.
Health IQ is awesome.David Trevino The representative that helped me was great. He explained everything thoroughly and the enrolling process was easy. I defenetly would reccomend Health Iq to anyone.
It was a seamless process and they helped guide me through every step of the process.
Helpful, respectful, efficient.
Great idea! Great people! Of course, I suppose the final review comes after I die and my beneficiaries try to collect.
Great experience from start to finish. From the intake, to the test, to the ongoing case management, everything has been smooth. I particularly like that they focus on heal-conscious people. As a result my premium is about 2/3 what it was elsewhere.
Great experience. Will use this service again.
Great company, great service
I say they are very helpful with helping people with health and making sure they are healthy and make sure you receive all the care you need. If you need help just ask them and they will be there for you.
Great experience with this company!
The representatives at Health IQ were very helpful in my quest for affordable life insurance that takes into consideration my active lifestyle. I would not hesitate to refer my friends and family to Health IQ in the future!
Very helpful and great staff. Honest operation
Simplest way to get life insurance!!!! Terms and pricing emailed to me immediately.Everything was so easy. They set up an appointment with a nurse. She came to the house . Days later approved!!! I have never ever experienced such ease in getting life insurance. I am 59 and have had many policies throughout my life. None easier than this
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