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Hcfast Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Hcfast
Overall average rating of 5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 96 %
Mr. James Lett did a good job of helping me select the best plan that will work for me and my budget. He explains the policies to me so I can understand it and he sent me all the papers I needed for my records. James saves the day!!
Jordan was very pleasant and stayed enthusiastic the whole time he had helped me. When being put on hold for very brief moments to get help from others, he assured me he was still with me on the phone, which I also appreciated. Mansa and the lady of whom I cannot recall her name were also very pleasant and saw to it that my situation was resolved.
Excellent service- thank you!
I have been trying to look for insurance coverage from my family and I and I can honestly say we have found it! Lavour Lewis was very helpful he is the best and gave me lots of information explained everything very well and was very patient with us.
Teala Tyree was great helped me pick the right plan for me quickly love her attitude made me feel at home thanks victoria
We needed an insurance program for my husband after I retired from the company that carried our coverage for years. Being that I qualify for Medicare, it left my husband unprotected. Mr. Lewis and Ms. Cheek were very courteous, answered our questions and provided a great service. We would definitely recommend either specialist. Thank you. Sincerely, Valerie D.
They have the right people working for them. Very pleasant and informative and helpful.
So far, so good! I felt like I got accurate and complete information as I was searching for private insurance. Time will tell, but my sense was that my interests were represented. Agent has a wonderful personality!!
Rebecca was very nice and pleasant to work with.
Jordan worked very fast to help me find coverage! He did very well at explaining everything and he helped walk me through getting my insurance.
Easy and helpful
I love my Multiplan health coverage. I can go to any doctor and hospital i want to. Plus it's nationwide! It's awesome! Felicia Morris Indianapolis, IN
Jordan Parham was a great help to us! Really appreciated his patience, his clarity and his lack of pressure. He honestly tried to let us make our own decision, while giving us all the facts. THANKS!
Christian was extremely kind and knowledgeable. She made the whole process exceptionally easy for me in an area I don't feel totally comfortable.
My husband and I were looking for affordable health care coverage for ourselves. His employer offered insurance, but is was insanely expensive with a really high deductible. I called and spoke with Jordan Parham. Not only was he exceptionally courteous, but he was also able to find us a health, dental, and vision plan for HALF the cost of what my husband’s employer would charge and with a ZERO deductible. I am absolutely amazed and will be referring our friends and family to Jordan.
Very helpful easy too use all in all I would recommend too anyone.
Jordan did a great job resolving the issues I wasn’t even aware of. It was a great experience and I will only call him in the future!
fast and helpful.
My agent is amazing. She was very helpful and she had the knowledge to answer all my questions. Great personality and spoke very clear.
Lavour Lewis is my dude. Seriously I despise dealing with insurance situations and he walked me right through it all. He listened to my needs and situation then was knowledgeable and helpful in finding me a plan that worked for me. I legitimately wish Lavour was my personal customers service guy, so much better than an automated maze phone system. I could barely belive I was talking to such a useful human, literally couldn't believe it.
Erica Brown has been extremely helpful! I can email her any day and she is always so quick to respond. The attention she provides to her customers is top notch and personal. I’m not afraid to use my insurance anymore because I know I have someone I can reach out to with any question!
Christian Baker was a very experienced and polite woman. Very easy to talk to.walked me through all my insurance needs.i would recommend this company to anyone needing health insurance.thank you for helping me.
Ryan Coleman did a fantastic job of finding the right insurance for me quickly and efficiently. He was very patient and helpful with any and all of my questions.
Christian Baker was very professional and extremely nice. She was able to answer my questions and she explained every step of the way. I would recommend my friends and family to her.
Thank you, Ryan for taking the time to answer all of my questions and help me with my insurance needs.
Jordan was very helpful and expedited the process smoothly and was very clear in explaining the process. Again, thanks Jordan for a job well done.
Christian was amazing and very helpful finding an insurance plan that will protect my family.
Jordan was a pleasurable young that not only explain everything to me so I could understand he also made sure the policy I purchased was suitable for my needs and price range
Lavour Lewis made the process of finding a personal PPO Medical Insurance Plan easy for me. He found the right plan that fit for my family and our financial needs. He was very friendly yet knowledgeable about the plan and answered many of our questions. It was a perfect fit for what we were looking for. Lavour kept it very professional and did not make it a pushy sales pitch. He gave me the time I needed to check with my current medical offices to make sure they would cover this plan, which they replied, many use this insurance. He's a wonderful representative for the company.
I was connected from First Quote Health, and HCF picked up on the second ring (shortest wait ever!). Jordan took me through all the questions they needed to verify, and he was able to get me the best coverage immediately and in my budget. I would recommend them because they are easy to work with and will walk you through the process of setting up your health plan from your phone while over the phone. It made it simple and fast.
I have been looking for affordable insurance coverage for a little while now and having a newborn baby makes finding affordable insurance a little more difficult. Christian was extremely polite and helpful. She answered all of my questions so they were easy to understand and gave me an affordable offer. I couldn't be happier with this phone call.
I had the pleasure of working with Jason Lee. It was very easy and fast. He helped explain the plan to me step by step. He took a personal interest in helping me find the plan that would work for my needs. He was the most uplifting part of my day. Thank you for all your advice!
good people explained everything step by step and helped to get insurance thanks a lot
They are very nice and helped me with my problems.
Christian Baker was a very polite and resourceful lady. Couldn’t have asked for a more helpful employee . Not to mention the awesome benefits of my new coverage plan. Thank you guys
Quick and easy . Rebecca was helpful and friendly. I would recommend this company to anyone.
First time I had to fill out for insurance, my husband normally did this through his work. Since his passing with brain cancer, I have to learn how to do a lot of things. Carmen is very helpful, easy to understand, pleasant and curtious.
My agent was very helpful. She explained each step in the process. I was approved quickly. My agent also provided her contact info should I ever need assistance or have further questions in the future.
I had a great experience with Jordan Parham! He was very personable + helpful, and helped me to find a very affordable plan for my family.
The service was amazing! Other insurance agents that I talked to were very rude and I even had a couple hang up on me. Lavour was amazing! He gave me all of my options while keeping my budget in mind. Excellent experience!
Carmen walked me through everything and made the process a breeze! I have been looking for an insurance plan that fits my needs for a month and she immediately found one for me that was in my price range as well! I would definitely recommend using her!
Christian was knowledgeable of the different options available and knew the perfect plan for me based on my needs. It was quick and easy!
Friendly and professional
Jordan Parham was a tremendous help with in me making my decision for medical insurance. The service was very professional, quick and efficient! I am very satisfied!
I’ve worked in the insurance and healthcare field for over 30 years, and was dreading signing up for new insurance after a change in employment. However, Christian Baker, was knowledgeable, friendly and respectful of my numerous questions and requests for clarification. She listened to my needs and found the right policy for me very quickly!! I am extremely and pleasantly surprised, as in this day and age, you usually end up dealing with uncaring morons! Kudos to her!
Our agent was very helpful it was quick easy simple to setup our insurance I would definitely recommend using this
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