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Haven Life Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Haven Life
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (855) 744-2836
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 87 %
Very good experience so far.
Easy to sign up. Great customer services. Highly recommend.
For my age, rates are the best I found. I had no phone calls hounding me, which was great. Everything went very smooth and fast. I had a policy in effect, within 7 days of my initial applying online. I would recommend anyone to check with them. I’m quite pleased.
Fast, efficient, easy to navigate. Great rates for $500,000 policy. My wife and I both got insurance policies here. Highly recommended.
It was my first time buying life insurance and it was much easier than I expected! I appreciate that, because I was dreading it. Now I need to get my husband signed up. I first heard about HavenLife from the Clark Howard show, and was happy to hear the recommendation since I didn't know where to begin.
I do everything in my life online. Paperless billing, online checking and savings, most of my shopping. I judge companies, and decide who to do business with, based on their web and mobile design. When I set out to look for life insurance (a benefit not offered by my employer) I came across some companies that appealed to me on these grounds more than others. Being able to get an online quote was important to me, but so was being able to complete my application start to finish. I didn't want to submit a contact form and get back calls from a bunch of brokers. Haven not only has a great web/mobile front-end, they are committed to this method of communication 100%. I was able to monitor everything from my online account, and when they had questions for me, I got clear and concise emails that directed me to docusign to provide additional information with a couple clicks-- no printing out paper forms and faxing in documentation. This included changing my name after marriage. The only part of the whole process that required me to interact with anyone in person was the blood test, and I can't fault them for that. From quote to policy in hand took two weeks. If you dread the idea of applying for life insurance, stop. They make it painless, and dare I say a little fun (which is close to impossible in this industry).
Relatively fast and easy process, in the end I got a much better rate than expected. Highly recommended.
By far better a better experience than I encountered with any other life insurance organization. That said, I fit the lowest risk class and still needed to take a medical exam and answer additional questions.
The process was easy and straightforward.
Easy life insurance The experience of getting life insurance was totally painless and very easy to perform. There were no hidden fees or agenda. They were upfront with the whole process.
Simple process with straightforward approach.
It was easy and I was approved quickly. I have nothing bad to report about this company.
Great product and service!
Great experience! Great opportunity! Great customer service! After I applied I got a call from a local agent to schedule a visit for quick physical. He came to my house for my height, weight, urine sample and small blood sample. Within a week or so I got approved. Feels great to know my family is taking care of if something were to happen.
Simple and easy to follow and understand process made the application like a breeze. Very impressed with the efficiency and clarity of material. The whole process is so self explanatory, never need any live personal help. Would highly recommend anyone for life insurance policies.
Love that the process is online! I would recommend Hevan Life to my family and friends!
I'm not sure the Haven Life I purchased is legit or a scam. I mean you heard to Lincoln or Protective Life, but never heard of Haven Life.
Easy process. I would recommend to anyone for life Insurance at a competitive rate!
This is seriously the the best customer service that I have ever had...anywhere. Paya was excellent! I've never had better customer service.
They were excellent! What an awesome, no hassle way to get life insurance.
Super easy to enroll, options very clear, had just what we needed at a VERY good price! Lab-work was easy to arrange, complete, and our technician was outstanding! Highly recommend Haven, friendly, easy, and economical. Wish more companies were like this!
Really excellent experience. Much simpler than I expected.
Haven Life provided excellent service and smooth application process.
Really easy sign-up experience and great rates. I've put off life insurance for years because I didn't want to deal with the hassle, but they've simplified the process so much that I finally got it off my to-do list. I had to complete a medical screening to finalize my policy, and even that was easy. Great customer service all-around painless process. Thanks!
I would recommend this company because of the costs (the price is right) and the services are excellent.
It was really great to NOT have to do a medical exam for the approval process! Saved me a lot of time and hassle. Thank you.
Great company, reliable and secure, and easy online process. I called the customer service line to ask a question and they were very knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely recommend Haven for straightforward term life insurance.
I saw and add about Haven Life and I filled out a quick online questionnaire. Within minutes I had a new life insurance policy. I was amazed at the price which was nearly half of what I was paying for another policy. I also liked the interaction I had with the portal which was very pleasant. I highly recommend this service. I am also glad that it is part of Mass Mutual which is a great company.
Easy to sign up, great coverage and service! I hope never to need the insurance but I am so glad I have it. Thank you!
I had been putting off getting life insurance, but when I had my second baby I decided it was time. I was pleased to find that I could use a largely online process. Everything was smooth - I applied on my phone and when I needed a medical exam, the lab tech came to my office. A few days later I was able to purchase my policy. I also had a good experience with customer service - they were very responsive and knowledgeable.
As I prepare to have a baby, I was looking for an easy experience setting up a life insurance policy without any hoops to jump through. The application was completed online, my questions were quickly answered as I went through them, and the examiner came to my home on my schedule to complete the medical piece.
I just got approved and the process was very easy and 100% online. The nurse came to my house for the medical exam so everything was very convenient. I am 37 and very healthy but had to take the medical exam because I'm not a citizen, but the rate after the exam was better than the one quoted without the exam.
Great experience. Thanks.
What I liked most about Haven Life was the convenience of signing up online. I don't know of any other company that I can start my coverage online, you usually have to request a quote and then some agent calls you. The website was easy to use and the payments were affordable. Best of all, it only took about 15 minutes of my time. I did have to schedule a lab appointment for a medical exam but even that was finished in about twenty minutes on a day that was convenient for me. After the exam, I ended up having a payment that was $30 lower than my original price which was fantastic. The online website for clients is also easy to use and sleek.
Just when I thought there was no hope and finding life insurance the way I wanted. Haven life insurance brought that sense of security back so now I feel relieved to know then I'm not going to leave my loved ones with my burden of bills.
Want answers fast? Polite representatives that deliver on their promises. When I needed help with my medical exam, Paya said she would be looking out for it and she did! Didn’t have to take to twice. Haven Life Insurance was prompt, courteous, and diligent in the whole process of getting a new policy. They are modern and EASY! Loved the whole process!
The experience with Have Life was excellent. The process was very easy and not burdensome. The response was quick and not drawn out like I experienced with other companies.
I had a great experience with getting my life insurance policy. The process online was clear and straightforward. I was required to take a medical exam which can be scheduled at your convenience. The results came quickly and I was approved for my quoted rate. Customer service updated me by email of the process throughout. Overall great experience
Such an easy process and they were really on time with getting the medical tests completed.
The online process application was very convenient. For the medical exam, it was easy as you can have it done in your own home and you can check your lab results online. Communication with Paya was always prompt and she helped to resolve all my concerns. Thank you Haven Life!
So many emails.. still awaiting final policy.
I was looking for a modern approach to life insurance and I found it! All the forms are online and easy to use. The support team was easy to reach when I had a question. The entire process was super simple and straightforward. Highly recommended!
A+ for Haven Life for successfully hacking how to apply for affordable term life insurance online. The process was elegant, simple and fast. Although my online answers still required a medical exam in my case, using Haven Life was still vastly easier and weeks faster than going through a traditional insurance company. I would highly recommend Haven Life.
Was able to get a larger policy with a premium that was less than I was paying before. The signup process was quick and painless and the calculator gave me a good ballpark of how much I should buy. My only suggestion would be the monthly payments, it'd be nice to get a slight discount and pay for the whole year up-front. Otherwise, nice job everyone! Now time to go skydiving! (Just kidding, insurance joke, ha ha).
Was very good experience waited about a month to be confirmed plus medical exam took only 5-10 mln I would recommend haven life too anyone
Great streamlined, software based insurance application and quotation. Very easy to use and Haven Life's customer service has been great every step of the way.
Good to work with...took a little longer than expected. First quote was extremely high but then was able to have adjusted to a more reasonable premium. Communication was good!
Same price as others but without all the hassle. Highly recommend
Very fast approval. Reputable company. Thank you very much!!!
Haven Life made the process of buying life insurance simple. I had a few items in my health history that prevented me from getting covered immediately when I applied, but it still only took a couple weeks for them to do their research and to approve me (as a side note, my rates seem extremely reasonable, even with a less than perfect medical history). The medical examiner came to my home at my convenience to draw my blood and take my vitals. As a new stay at home mom, I now have peace of mind now knowing my daughter's needs will be covered in case something should happen to me. The customer service rep was very helpful when I called with a question about beneficiary information on my application.
Overall this was a good experience. It did take a little bit longer than I initially thought. Mainly due to some misinformation between the paramed and Haven Life and another health questionnaire after my medical exam. A spot for improvement would be the initial quote estimate, specific to how you rate your own health. I think the average health selection should be clarified better. That if you have a medical condition you most likely end up here regardless of weight or vitals. In the end this process is easier and more open than traditional life insurance and I would recommend Haven Life.
I am reviewing solely based upon obtaining the policy, but the process was very smooth, and there was no exam required. I took out a 30 yr policy as my wife and I have a baby on the way, and we are a little later in life (mid-40s) to be doing that, so I wanted to make sure I had everyone covered. Anyway, solely for the purposes of reviewing the process by which I took out the policy, everything was very smooth and I would recommend them for that. I was impressed they are backed by Mass Mutual as that is a well established insurer with good ratings. As for policy function issues, well thank goodness I have no basis for reviewing them!
Entire process is fairly easy and straight forward. Physical examiner was able to come to my house at my earliest convenience.
Haven Life made the process super-easy and convenient. I liked going direct and not needing to involve an agent. The process to apply, do my exam and then get underwritten was just the right amount of thorough (no more, no less). Thanks for making it easy to protect me!
The process was easy and they made me feel relax and comfortable excellent customer services.
Website was slick and easy to use. The application process from end to end was even smoother. Thank you for the great service.
Haven Life offered a quick and easy application. My application for a $1,000,000 30-year term policy was approved in only two weeks at a great rate. Acceptance of my approved offer was literally as simple as a click of a button.
The whole experience was quick and easy!
Haven Life was very user-friendly throughout the application process. Great customer support when needed and very flexible with setting up appointments, etc.
No Salesperson...All online I appreciated that I was able to fill out the application online and didn't have to meet with a salesperson. It was an easy process.
Haven Life rocks. Online questionnaire was easy to complete. Lab work was scheduled at a convenient time at my home. Had lab results within two business days and a final decision on my life insurance application within two business days after that - at very reasonable rates. The rates were so good, I opted for more insurance and a longer term. Great customer experience!
I stumbled on Haven Life while researching life insurance options. The rest of the industry that is only accessible via the phone from 9am to 4pm M-F and who have a long drawn out underwriting process and Haven Life is the exact opposite. Everything can be done within their website at any time that is convenient. Not only is the process to apply thorough and fast, but if you are healthy there seems to be a good chance you can be fully underwriting immediately and begin a full policy within an hour. If you need a medical exam that is also simpler than it seemed with the rest of the industry as they quickly call to schedule a convenient time and this adds only days and not weeks to the process.
Pretty seamless experience
Havenlife made applying and getting life insurance a breeze.
They were very helpful in answering all my questions, and they did get my policy all done quite quickly. I am very impressed by the follow up they do. The pricing is awesome as well.
I searched through 5 websites, and this was the most helpful and affordable website. You can change the amounts & terms for your quote. Fill out your own application, is was so easy. Although when i was reviewing the policy it didn't have my husband's name like i filled out on the application as a beneficiary, but im sure that can be fixed. So far the best! I do recommend this website.
The application process and medical exam were both super easy, especially since I didn’t have to leave my house for either of them. I’m very happy with this company.
Easy and Fast! Great rate too.
Great rates, easy signup!
Application process was a breeze. Start to finish, it took about 10 minutes, policy arrived as digital copy by email next day. I should say I got a competitive premium, not the best though! I have take life insurance before, I had to schedule/coordinate medical, then paper work, and long wait (min 3 weeks) before the documents are sent.
Best life insurance company around. Quick, fast and efficient service.
Quick, convienent, and easy from the application to completing the medical exam.
Overall a fairly easy experience, though after changing answers to a few questions, my application went from instantly approved to needing a medical exam. Scheduling the exam required working with a 3rd party that wasn't as easy or seamless as using Haven online. In the end my application was approved, and this was a relatively minor hiccup.
I was impressed with the process and how quickly I was scheduled for my exam. Bria, my exam was amazing!
Great rate for a term life policy provided by MassMutual. Better than agents were quoting for MassMutual policies. Process was easy. Medical is needed for 45+, but is only a 20 minute at home process. After approval provided, you can adjust your term and amount and see price changes instantly before you decide.
Applied for insurance through an agent. Application process went on from January to August. I finally gave up on this other company, canceled with them, and applied with Haven Life. Even though my case was complicated and I was out of town a lot, the whole thing, start to finish was done in 30 days. - 26 minutes to fill the application - 20 minutes for the health exam - 11 minutes for a follow-up questionnaire All done!
The experience of opening the life insurance policy was a blast. I wish I could tell how they pay, but I'm afraid that I'll be dead by then :)
Very easy process, great customer service. Did this to protect our growing family. Couldn't be happier.
Very fast. Easy user interface. My husband is trying to get life insurance through his workplace, and he is still waiting- apparently the insurance company never received the results of his medical exam. Haven worked directly with the company that did my medical exam- the process was seamless. I must have done well on the exam because the premium price ended up lower than the initial quote.
Good company.
It's a great experience, but took a while to get approved after the exam. Maybe I put anemia on the application. I am happy with the rate, I did 550k for 20 years term.
I looked up Haven Life after attempting to sign up with another company that had horrible customer service. The online application was simple and easy followed by the medical exam. The process was quick and painless. My husband and I were approved in about a week (maybe less). Would absolutely recommend Haven Life to all and their families???
An excellent overall experience, very streamlined and efficient. Highly recommend Haven Life to all who are considering it, great rates too!
Paya was outstanding. She responded all my questions, ensured the process moved smoothly and even dealt with my doctor's office regarding the medical exams. I was a bit frustrated with the underwriter asking so many irrelevant questions and going back and forth many times. However, Paya was the intermediary and helped for the process to get to closure fast.
I was new to the process but the company did great in walking me through everything. They were upfront about cost and the website was easy to navigate.
Easy process and great customer service.
When I was looking for a life insurance company I really was out of my comfort zone. I have never applied or thought my husband and I needed it, but as we get older I realize it's worth it to have a sense of security. I started getting quotes and getting the annoying phones calls right off the bat. Then I came across Haven Life, after researching and finding out they are a part of Mass Mutual, I decided to give them a chance, and there quotes were VERY reasonable. We decided to go through them and begin the process. My husband was pre-approved RIGHT away, which was nice. The application process was rather simple, whenever i had any questions Katie, from the online Chat was always there to answer any and all my question. The whole process went rather smoothly. There were some hiccups on the way, and the approval for my husbands policy took slightly longer than expected and it caused slight frustration, but other than that, we are very happy with the application process, as well as the low premium rates we received. I would highly recommend HavenLife .
Easy enrollment.
Easy peasy to get life insurance online.
To this point, professional, helpful, timely good service! I would recommend!
Haven Life made getting term life insurance really easy. I did have to get a medical exam but I believe that helped lower my premium. No annoying phone calls or 30 minute phone interviews.
The whole process was straightforward, fast, and user friendly. Haven has gone to great lengths to modernize the process of buying life insurance and it's a huge time saver. Highly recommended.
Website application was easy to use. Mistakes were made, however in the medical history follow-up and despite my phone inquiry, I did not receive final response from Haven regarding those mistakes and how they affect my rate. A couple days after the phone inquiry, Haven just threw out the rate, which is high. I accepted it after a while, because I want to move forward, but I still want to know the specifics of my medical history and the factors used to determine my rate. This 'human connection' side of the process is lacking with Haven Life.
This was the easiest and best way for me to get the coverage I desired to protect my family! Easy process! Thanks!
Great stuff... very simple and quick
Very easy process. And no pressure from a agent trying to up sell you.
Have Life did for me in 3 weeks what Farmers can't do in 6 months. Enough said.
Been very helpful and the people have been great
No hassle and easy process. Highly recommend.
Was provided initial quote based on my current health, and referred to a physical exam. This process took nearly a month. The physical supported the information provided on my application, basically that I am a type 1 diabetic with an A1C below 7.0. For those familiar, this is exceptional control, yet this is the reason I was denied coverage, and is the exact information provided on my application. Sure, it's their "right" to deny for any reason they want, but also our rights as consumers to call out companies that won't stand behind their marketing BS.
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