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Hartford Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: The Hartford
Year Founded: 1810
Address: One Hartford Plaza
City: Hartford
State/Province: CT
Postal Code: 06155
Country: United States
Phone: (860) 547-5000
Overall average rating of 1.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 10 %
My father died and had AAA for auto road service. It turned out in the 'fine print' it said that benefits were payable for 'home accidents.' He had fallen at home multiple times after being released from hospital after Medicare didn't consider him meeting the 'definition of disabled' at age 93 and after lying in a hospital bed a week. After the falls - (no head injuries -just basic falls, no broken bones) - he ended up back in hospital. A week later he died from an overdose. So, when I stumbled upon the "fine print" - I thought "I wonder..." I called AAA - this was about eight months after he had died - and asked. "Yes", AAA thought Hartford might consider his falls as qualifying as home accidents. Sure enough, after I called Hartford, they told me it would get processed by a third party company first, (screening) then it comes to them.I called that company and it passed the second level of screening. Then I called Hartford and it was walked through. From beginning to end, the first call to AAA to Hartford over-nighting a check I think all in all it was under four weeks. Very impressed with Hartford corporate and all the people along the way. Great and kind staff. Can't say enough positive comments. The one negative -- it would be nice to get policies directly from Hartford and skip over AAA and the third party processor. Not being able to directly reach an insurance agent for Hartford without having to do some research through the corporate office was frustrating. If I had tried to do this right after my father's passing it would likely have been overwhelming.
On April 30, 2010, I received a corrected income tax form for 2009. The corrected form was from Hartford Life Insurance Company for $3400 to the corrected amount $2550. Immediately I went to my tax preparer, EG Tax who submitted a claim for me for the difference of $212 on federal return and $71 on state return. Of course federal and state refused to settle my claim because I had filed too late past the April 15, 2010 deadline. I said to my tax preparer at EG Tax, I did not receive the corrected tax statement from Hartford Life Insurance until April 30, 2010 so how am I at fault. She faxed over a statement to effect that I was due a refund and the person at Hartford said the insurance company would pay the difference I was owed. I am now waiting for 4 years for the refund I am owed. I have had intermittent (three or four times a year) correspondence with my tax preparer at EG tax with no results! Please do not make me wait any longer.
Life insurance is thru my employer and to date I really have not needed to deal with them. They seem very competent, an update sheet is sent to check the beneficiary each year.
My father worked for Maines Paper and Food for over 30 years. He passed away on Christmas and my mom has yet to receive her life insurance check. The communication between HR and The Hartford Group life insurance company has been a disaster. On top of all of this, they misquoted us on life insurance amount. He made plenty of sacrifices for this company, and his wife is left waiting... Hoping... Wondering... Just unreal!
My husband passed away on February 7, 2016. He had life insurance with his employer (UHS). They were taking premiums from his check every two weeks, since he began work. The following day which was 2/08/2016 at 8:00 a.m. I began contacting UHS and The Hartford in every effort to make sure that my husband's final expenses would be covered and because his death meant that over half of my income was deleted, therefore it was imperative that I get everything taken care of in a timely manner. I had already assigned my husband's body to the funeral home of my choice. To make a long story short, after repeated contact with the insurance company (The Hartford Life Insurance Company) and his employer I recd. a packet from the Hartford requesting more information to process the claim. It is 3/18/16 almost three month later. HELP.
No one should trust The Hartford. The Hartford claims to provide insurance but my personal experience was the opposite of insurance: 5 years of delay and harassment by The Hartford's attorneys instead of insurance payments. I am not a litigious person but after five years, I had to get an attorney just to close my claim so I could take care of myself independently (not allowed to do that with an open claim). This is a vicious, sadistic company full of psychopaths who delight in harming people desperate for insurance they have been promised in a crisis. My extended family has decided to never purchase any Hartford insurance products because there is no insurance. It's a fraudulent claim. One star is generous.
Very good company and low cost. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you very much.
Only experience I've had is paying the bill every month and getting policy to begin with, other than that, I have not had any experiences with Hartford, my life insurance company.
My mother worked for Burberry for 15 years. She went on LTD due to Ovarian cancer. Despite her continuous employment Hartford denied the life insurance claim after she passed. My research shows they are the worst. Ironically she had another policy with a no name company who paid out, no questions asked. Hartford has no problem collecting premiums but it ends there. I only gave them one star because I had to.
My husband had been paying $361.62 quarterly for a $175,000 policy. He decided to cancel the policy after he learned he could pay less than half of this amount on a $250,000 policy. He also did not receive a policy in the mail, yet he continued to pay quarterly. Hartford refused to send him the policy. When we cancelled, they refused to refund the premium we mailed out. He was told no refund, and it was out of their control. The customer service is horrible. They are only interested in getting your money and once they get it, they won't help you if there is a problem. Stay away from the company. I cannot imagine what would have happened if a loved one pass, what excuse they would come up with to not pay a claim. These people are crooks.
Had Hartford Home Insurance for approximately 22 years. Never had claim on homeowners insurance. Recently had two roofs, trees, fence damaged from Hurricane Irma. Our claims adjuster lied to my husband and me constantly saying different things. Going back and forth six months. Not wanting to pay for damages done. Even spoke to his supervisor and nothing was done. Even gave us problems over ten different contractors. Even lied about the amount being paid. Not the correct figures. Now finding out Hartford's figures were incorrect with another Adjuster being Approximately $2,0000 short of paying Restoration Specialist for repairs. Mr. Edward ** was our claims adjuster and constantly lied to us. And not the correct materials. We are still very upset with the results and how we were treated. Always paid our insurance monthly on time 23 years and was treated like this. Was first claim on home in 23 years.
I was sold a disability insurance at work. The monthly payments were automatically reduced from my paycheck. I got hurt on the job and as a result I needed surgery. Due to surgery I had to take off a few months. I submitted the paperwork to Hartford Life Insurance, the insurance company's representative was nice when taking my disability application and at the same time she became friendly on a personal level, telling me that she once lived in NYC. But when I call back to find out about my benefits, she told me that my case was denied, because the doctor was contacted and failed to respond to Hartford Life Insurance request to confirm my disability. I proceed to take Hartford Life Insurance to court, which their Attorneys, Rivkin Radler had drag on since 2008. I had found a couple of co-workers that had also had their cases denied and we are looking into a class action lawsuit on disability benefits. If anyone can assist me on the class action process or wants to join the class action lawsuit on disability benefits. Please feel free to add your experience.
I received a letter from one of my two credit unions that my account balance was negative???? It's a loan account???? I found out that The Hartford was attempting to withdraw a fee of some type from the account. I pay the bank charges and received a letter from The Hartford that the account was closed due to non payment. Several months later I received another notice from my bank with the same thing.Apparently they did not close the account and had tried 3 more times to pull fees from my LOAN account. I only have a LOAN account at this bank. I call them today pretty mad and get several smart ** comments before rude James lets it slip they are doing the same thing from my Credit Union Checking Account at a totally different bank and have been for a good while. I am furious that this has occurred and curious as to why both are credit unions. I had to demand the supervisor and give them a confirmation number as they couldn't give me one citing over and over I would get it in a letter in a few days. Has this happened to anyone else?
Won't send you a Claim Form to file a claim! (So they can say: No Claim was made & Not Pay it.) The claim service is a third party company they hire to "Process" claims. (That's a Pun folks!) They lie and every time you call, whomever you get reads from a script and tells you it will arrive in the mail in two weeks. When it doesn't arrive they say it's the USPS fault... Not theirs.When you ask for it to be sent by fax, they say two days! It never shows up. Last time I called claim center they said they would fax it over in five minutes then call me back. Never Happened! These people are liars! It's been a month now and still no Claim Form! Warning... If you have a Life Insurance Policy you very well may not be paid unless you take legal action which is exactly what I intend to do. Insurance is corrupt in today's world. They love to soak the little guy out of premiums and then they do everything they can to avoid paying off.It was a 25-year old Life Policy on my husband, a 100% disabled military vet. How despicable are they to do that to a widow of a vet who gave up nine years of his life to serve the same country these vultures suck the last ounce of blood out of. I'm warning everybody, everywhere, as to what they are doing. Don't Buy Life Insurance. Set the money aside for yourself to use, you won't regret it!
My mother is 73 and is currently in an assisted living facility with advanced dementia and COPD. She has a very small ($20,000) life insurance policy through Hartford that she has paid into for years. I took over handling my mother's finances over a year ago when she became unable to do so. Currently, she is billed quarterly for her insurance policy. After much discussion with a Hartford representative over a year ago to understand how her policy worked and what I had to do to maintain it, I decided to pay a good bit more on each payment to be applied to a small loan my mom had taken against the policy. Fine, so far so good. Throughout this past year, they have misapplied my payment several times causing me to have to call to get it straightened out. Still not a huge deal. Here is the kicker.I just received a letter stating that there were not sufficient funds paid into the policy to support the monthly expense of maintaining it so I have to pay nearly $600 within one month to prevent her policy from lapsing. I called Hartford thinking this was probably an error that could easily be straightened out. Wrong! They explained that the cost of supporting a policy increases yearly and the quarterly payment does not meet that cost. The so-called monthly cost to support a $20,000 policy is now over $160. What? I have over half million dollars in coverage for half that cost. Where do they come up with that number? Thank goodness, I am in a position to be able to find a way to pay this so her coverage doesn't lapse. I asked them when they sent Mom a letter stating that her quarterly payment would need to be increased to meet the expenses and explain what was happening - they never did. All they send is an annual statement with no letter of explanation.They feel by doing this, they are meeting their obligation to take care of the insured. Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that most older people are not going to know what the annual report states nor will they understand that they probably need to increase their billing amount. This is a very deceptive practice and I fully believe it is intentional so that they can justify cancelling policies that people have paid into for years. Halfway through the conversation, a light went off in my head. My father had a much larger life policy through Hartford years ago and this same thing happened to him. He was on a fixed income and could not afford to pay the several hundred dollars to "catch up", so he had to let the policy lapse. I have spent years trying to figure out how this had happened, and now I know. He died from cancer a year later, creating a situation where my mother could not afford to live on her own nor could she afford to stay in her home - I had to move her in with me, sell her home, and support for her for over 10 years before her dementia advanced so much that I could no longer care for her on my own. She was robbed of the dignity of being able to be independent and the strain it created for me was tremendous. I love my mother dearly and am grateful I was in a position to be able to care for her, but at a huge cost. As a result of what they have done to Mom's coverage, her quarterly billing now has to increase from $140 to $480 per quarter - all for a measly $20k policy. This type of practice is so unethical and wrong on every level and it should be criminal. Those guys aren't stupid. They know full well that the average insured is not going to understand how complicated a process handling a simple life policy is - this way, they don't have to pay a claim! I worked as an underwriter for 15 years and got out of it because of the blatant dishonest practices. I was continually instructed to do what I could to prevent having to pay a claim. I am sick to my stomach that we live in a country that allows this. I really don't have any recourse. My state's insurance commission will, I am sure, side with Hartford and technically, there has been no criminal action. But why is it that clearly unethical practices cannot be considered illegal? Out of nearly all nations in our world, our country makes it incredibly difficult for people to be able to live a decent life as they get older unless they have the foresight and ability to put away enough money to live on once they retire. Not everyone has that luxury - and it is disgraceful that so many of our elders should have to live well below the poverty level. Being older should be revered, not punished. I promise you I will never recommend these guys to anyone - and sadly, I am sure they are not the only insurance company that does this.
I never really had an experience. I just pay my bill every month for coverage. I have a term life with Banner Life insurance co. for $400,000 until I and age 80.
My husband does not have the HOURS to sit on hold trying to find out why his policy was cancelled. He sent in a third party approval for me to talk to someone. First I was told this will go through in 2 days. Then I was told 5 days. Then I was told 8 days and on the 9th day was told they were involved with computer maintenance and gave more and more excuses. Several calls back someone took my number and would get back to me. I will be dead before this gets figured out. They claimed I never gave a change of address and then when I asked why all of our other mail was forwarded and theirs was mysteriously missing they blamed it to me. Then... when I asked if I could change the address with the man at the other end of the phone... no!!! He took my address and I had to fill out a form and mail to them. He took my address!!!
I took out this insurance will I worked as a LPN... They faithfully took out their premium every 2 weeks. Was deducted out of my paycheck... through a Lutheran nursing home. Then I was diagnosed with cancer. Worked for a while, but chemo and radiation therapy took a toll on my body. Had to quit work... Almost died. They paid me 875$ a month. Until I was to see a Dr. out of their network. Dr. ** ... For him to do an eval... Which was touch my toes, walk, and talk to him. Question is he did nothing... I got denied. How convenient for The Hartford. Does not matter if I have memory issues, can't walk well... Or have bilateral hand tremors... I have been treated unfair by The Hartford and their Dr., Dr. **...
We just switched to them from being with Progressive for several years and saved over $900 per year! So far no problems with this company. Looking forward to a good and long relationship with them.
I received a mailer from Hartford Life and Accident Insurance advising me to complete the activation form. The first page includes the plans available with squares for you to pick one. The most costly is not only first on the list but is highlighted in yellow with the word "Recommended." Nowhere on the two letter size pages mentioned the cost. They ask for a credit card # and in fine print mentioned that activation happens with my first premium payment. On a separate much smaller folded paper (about 5 by 2 in its folded state), the rate schedule for the different plans are printed. You must open the almost blank folded paper to see them. I am concerned that this whole approach could easily confuse someone as it almost did me.
I was sent home from the War Zone in Afghanistan. I applied for disability medical insurance as my company recommend. After the first payment from Hartford Disability Insurance, Hartford rep told me to go back to the War Zone in Afghanistan and receive my medical treats there so they don't have to pay me. In order to receive the second payment I had to contact/report them to my company and my company contacted them. In the meantime I had NO money to buy medicine or see my doctors.As of today, now I am in the long term category and now Hartford is stating they need my medical records from last year to show I didn't get sick last year. Although my company doctor confirmed and provided a written document that I got sick this year. As of today... I still have not been able to receive my disability payments to continue my medical treatments or medicine. Hartford has No respect for War Zone employees and don't care if you are able to receive medical attention. Please never do business with Hartford Disability Insurance!
They ensure to keep me up to date in regards to changes, etc. They have friendly and knowledgeable employees who are willing to assist you with questions, concerns, etc. I feel secure in having my Life Insurance coverage through Hartford; they give me a great peace of mind. I would gladly recommend them to any of my family and/or friends. They have affordable rates available to meet all your needs. They are a well known, strong Insurance Company, who is there to help make sure you receive the coverage that is right for you, and they are able to adjust your coverage to satisfy all your needs.
My stepchildren lost their Father of 57 Feb 11th 2014. He had a $100,000.00 policy through Hartford. He had other policies through other companies and the children (all adults) are beneficiaries on all of them. The copy of the policy we have does not show the beneficiaries and upon contacting Hartford they told us that they do not have to speak to anyone unless it is a beneficiary and they will not deny or confirm who is the beneficiary on the policy. The funeral home had a copy of the policy, filled out all information and sent it in with the death certificate. This company refuses to budge and honor the policy. They refuse to correspond with any survivors regarding the policy. It is now May 2014. Now after reading these other complaints I am willing to bet that Hartford has tried to take the monthly premiums from the closed bank account and will now say the policy has lapsed. I am sharing this page with the children so they will know the uphill battle they are facing.
At 8:30AM on 12/19/12, Christopher ** called me on my cell phone. He wanted to review my claim. He indicated he could only pay the second and third days’ hotel bill as there is a 48-hour waiting period. We tried to clarify that the mandatory evacuation started on 10/28/12. He searched with me for the City of Long Beach messages and the County of Nassau messages. He found that County Executive ** issued a mandatory evacuation for the storm starting Sunday, 10/28. I have responded to Mr. **'s/ Hartford's 7 emails and as many written requests. I have filled out spreadsheets while under duress from relocation. I have searched websites to find the pricing of destroyed items. I have sent photos and I have sent copies of whatever receipts I could get.Mr. ** decided on this call after fishing around for an excuse not to pay the claim that since water was involved, he could not pay anything. This took him seven weeks to figure out? I asked to speak to a supervisor. He told me Heather was in a meeting and asked if I would like to call her back later. I said she might be in another meeting and to have her call me. After three hours, she had not called. I sent him an email notifying him that I had not been called. Now a day later, she still has not called. Mr. ** has a message on his phone that calls will now be returned in 4 business days. This in unsatisfactory customer service to: 1. Waste my time for many weeks; 2. Imply that payment is forthcoming via the multitudes of letters and requests; 3. To not be contacted by a supervisor. Let this email be the record that I will use when the issue is escalated within Hartford and if necessary, to any outside agencies.
We were told we would not run out of insurance and then now we are. We have to meet with them. We want to meet with the agent soon and find out what is happening.
For several weeks I have been trying to cancel a life insurance policy that I have had for over 25 years. Each time I call I have a minimum 1 hour wait. I have been waiting for a form to mailed to me so I can proceed with my cancellation and receive reimbursement of funds. Today my wait time on the phone was 3 hours and 15 minutes. No sympathy or apology for keeping me waiting so long. The Customer service Representative need a fax number in order to send me the forms, as soon as I gave her the fax number, the phone went dead... she disconnected the phone and never sent the form through fax. I'm beyond frustrated and aggravated. Is there anyone who can help me cancel my policy and get my money back? Desperate in Va!
My mother passed away due to an accidental overdose on a prescription that she was given. Now Hartford is asking for information that I am unable to obtain because I was not on my mothers accounts.
I called two weeks ago to customer service and made my semi-annual payment for life insurance. I asked for a confirmation # and was told they do not provide them and the lady gave her name **. Two weeks later it still has not posted to my bank account. I called this am, on hold one hour 34 min. Yes 1hr 34 min. The lady at customer service then answered and took my info. Then stated she would place me on hold. Instead of hold I was hung up on. Yes the call ended. Great I get to wait another hr and 34 min. I will cancel this policy. Hartford sucks.
When I was 16, my mother passed away. She had life insurance with The Hartford and it was set up as to when I turn 30 I would start receiving payments from said company. A few weeks ago (prior to my 30th birthday) I contacted The Hartford to make sure that everything was set up. They said everything was good to go and asked if I would like to set up direct deposit instead of waiting for a paper check. I agreed, was emailed the paperwork (after two phone calls to find out where said paperwork was). The following day, I faxed in all the paperwork they asked for. When I called to verify that they had received it, I was informed that a paper check had already been issued for an incorrect address. The lady said she would cancel the check and told me that my direct deposit would be available in my bank on the following Friday. Fast forward to Wednesday the following week when I called to verify that everything was where it should be for me to receive my direct deposit. I was then told by Will that my direct deposit was set up to be processed the following day (the day it was due) and that I would receive my direct deposit no later than Monday. I called that Friday (today) and spoke with Will again and was told that the paper check was never cancelled and that it would be next Thursday at the earliest that I would receive my funds. When I asked to speak to his supervisor (as I was upset that I had at this point been given 3 different days as to when to expect my money) I was told that the supervisor and everyone else was in a meeting and that there was no one else I could speak to. That was an hour and a half ago and I have yet to receive a call back. I will be filing a complaint with The BBB as well as taking it to social media if I must. I have been lied to from the get-go and am tired of getting the run around. I have all the legal papers from my lawyer stating that my funds were to be to me on August 21, 2014. It's now August 22, 2014 and I'm being told it'll be at least until the 28th before I see my money. Not happy. Not happy at all.
These guys paid out life insurance because our Dad passed away. They got their copy of the death certificate, as they paid the policy out. Well, I finally got hold of someone who I think may fix the problem! They have been taking their premium every month for 17 months(!!!!!) after REPEATED ATTEMPTS to get them to stop! Careful because if you're not on top of your account, they will continue to take money out even after they pay the life insurance. Our Dad passed away 17 months ago and these guys still try and take money out of your account!
My oldest son was killed in Atlanta June 21, 2016 and I had life insurance through my job Medical Facilities. When I tried to do my claim a representative called me from Hartford asking me for my 2015 tax papers & did he live with me. Please help me understand what does filing him on my taxes have to do with life insurance. He was in college working full-time. I couldn't file him. He was 22. They are not going to honor my benefits for my son because he didn't live with me and I didn't file him on my taxes. My human resources never explained that to me. I would have never got the insurance at my job. I have an unpaid balance at the funeral home that needs to be paid. I need some help understanding this situation.
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