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Hartford - Auto Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: The Hartford
Year Founded: 1810
Address: One Hartford Plaza
City: Hartford
State/Province: CT
Postal Code: 06155
Country: United States
Phone: (860) 547-5000
Overall average rating of 2.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 17 %
I was involved in a crash not my fault 1500 miles from home. I had full coverage, could not drive car due to accident. Hartford waited for days later, due to me telling them that my policy said states that they must pay up to a $1000.00 for emergency expenses. When I talked with claim adjusters at Hartford, asking simple questions, they would say "let me put you on hold" and then hang up on me. The Hartford insurance company is totally disrespectful and unreliable.
I have returned to the Hartford and am pleased with my coverage, the price, and the courtesy of the Hartford representatives: they answered all my questions quickly and efficiently.
Hartford has a policy to not attempt collection on an uninsured at-fault party if the amount is below their cost of collection on legal action. In other words, if they have paid out $2,000 to have an insured customer's vehicle repaired when the customer was not at fault, they will not attempt collection from the uninsured party at fault. They will deduct what ever your deductible is and you will never get it back. It is all about profit to Hartford and not about being fair to their customers. I would highly recommend not doing business with Hartford insurance.
I got my auto Insurance through AARP (The Hartford). They were less expensive than other insurers, and this was for a 1985 vehicle. One of the best things about the company were that it Cost LESS to have Comprehensive coverage, than to just have No-Fault. However, the vehicle was in a minor fender-bender, and per the Insurance company's instruction, it was brought (completely drivable) to a dealership. The dealership estimated the cost of repairs at $650.00. They stated that the car ran fine, though there apparently was a small leak. I brought it to my regular mechanics, who fixed the leak (it was a nick in the transmission line - easily accessible in the front of the car). Hartford (before I brought it to my mechanic) TOTALED the vehicle, stating that the Power steering unit was damaged by this fender-bender. They somehow created ~$2000.00 of damage to the car - NONE OF WHICH TURNED OUT to be accurate. I had a $500 deductible. When the vehicle was returned to me, from the dealership, their Tow Truck driver couldn't believe the Insurance company 'Totaled' the car. They brought the car back on a Jerr-Dan (Its 4WD), but proceeded to drive it down the driveway. The driver shook his head, and said to me, "Lady - There is nothing really wrong with this car, and my mechanics backed that up." There was a simple nick, easy to fix, and then a bent front quarter panel. I realize that this was an older car, but the fact that Hartford's Insurance adjuster made a $650 repair into one >$2000, in order to 'Total' it was unjust. My mechanics said so too. While Hartford was definitely less expensive, their claims department is not accessible on the weekends, and the fact that The Adjuster "made-Up" the damages - none of the things in his report were found by either the Dealership, or my mechanic, who runs a MD State Inspection station. The accident speed was
Stay away from Hartford Insurance/home or auto. Just because it is promoted from AARP, doesn't mean it is cheap!!! They are rude and improper!!! I joined Progressive Insurance for my Auto and saved $1200.00. Then they lied to me about my condo and released me... which was a blessing! I also saved for my Home Insurance.
Three months ago, I was broadsided by a Hartford insured driver. "Amber" called and accepted responsibility. She also agreed to restore my car to its condition prior to the accident. Then the shenanigans started. Without ever receiving an estimate, she called saying the "check" ($1,500) was ready and wanted to know where to send it. I demanded there be an estimate first. I put 500 miles on my car getting estimates for Hartford. Once receiving the estimates (+$5,000), Amber has done nothing but stonewall me at every turn and complained that I'm not being helpful. Their "professional" adjuster, John, claimed he'd never heard of the parts Nissan listed as damaged and actually claimed Nissan mechanics were making things up. Do as I've done: I secretly recorded every conversation I've had with these flimflam artists. Off to court we go.
My husband and I are satisfied with the Hartford. We are currently getting a discount because we haven't had any accidents lately. Very happy with the discount.
Rear ended by a hit-and-run driver 12-18-2015. Suffered from Tinnitus (ringing of ears) so severe that I needed hospitalization at one point. My balance and stability also affected. After extensive testing, Doctors say I need $6400 hearing aids (2) and an additional $4950 Tinnitus device. In addition need PT to regain stability. While they will pay for my twice weekly chiropractor visits at $30 each, they will not pay for any inner ear problems.Hartford has tracked down the hit-and-run driver, but refuses to turn her over to police or give me her information. However they say that based on the interview they did with this felon, the accident was not serious enough to cause my head injuries. I can no longer drive a car and walk with a walker to prevent falls. My hearing is totally destroyed. Hartford sends me to phantom employees with phone mailboxes always full. When I ask for supervisors, they say they will e-mail phantom... Last time I heard from him was 21 days ago. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. They will not protect you when you are in need.
Good rates and good customer service when calling to ask questions. Has website that is easy to navigate. Easy to pay online or direct deposit. Obtained Hartford through AARP. AARP saved me $1,000.00 a year on my policy.
I sign up for bundled insurance, both auto & car. I have only been a customer for 2 years. This payment period will be my 3rd year. I receive an invoice saying my account is past due. I remember making a payment in August. I click on to make a payment. It says my account is paid in full. So assuming the billing was sent in error, I do nothing. On Oct 26 I receive another invoice saying my insurance had been canceled. I immediately call Hartford. Come to find out my insurance policy expires Nov 19, not Oct 19. For some reason they separated my home & car ins without telling me. They increased both my car insurance which I had previously paid and they also increased my home insurance which I only now discovered.I try to reason my position with Hartford rep, but she gets very agitated which triggers an argument. I asked to meet with them face to face to show them my paperwork and she then says there is no physical office, they only work "online". I agree to pay only 1 month which would extend my insurance 30 days to Dec 19 which would allow me time to sort things out and evaluate my options.According to my paperwork, the one month fee would be $43.23. She asks for a payment of $65.47. I questioned why the increase and she said it was for a late fee and a service fee. I said, "How could I have a late fee when my policy doesn't expire till Nov. 19?" Again, she loudly argued her position. I discontinued my conversation with her and called my agent for another property we have and set up an appointment for tomorrow to sign both my car and home under his company. I will be cancelling my policy with Hartford as soon as the other policy is in force. I will never do business with Hartford insurance again.
On March 19, 2015 I was driving a rental car from Kingman, Arizona to the Phoenix, AZ area. And in Wickenburg, AZ I was going around a roundabout when I was hit by a semi-truck/trailer. Long story short, I was not, by the grace of God, physically injured but the truck hit the front end of the Camry I had rented and pulled off the entire bumper. Immediately after providing all the information to the police and gathering information on the truck company/driver, etc., I sat in the car (which was duct-taped so I could continue driving to the Phoenix area to turn it into the Enterprise there, and I called the Hartford to report the accident. I provided as much information as I could, which basically was everything but the official police report which I was told would take a couple of weeks to be available.Two days later I was in the Phoenix airport ready to fly home to Minnesota when my claims adjuster called me to review my claim. I was very stressed out by the entire experience and couldn't sleep due to visioning what could have been. After I repeated all of the information I had already provided by phone, this adjuster said "Well we will probably pay the damages out of your insurance since it was a rental car". I said, "like hell you will - I was NOT at fault" and the police report will confirm that and I have paid premiums for years (7 I believe) and I did not expect my insurance company to just pay out of my insurance when it wasn't my fault, not to mention I could have been killed and I was emotionally affected by all that happened.I had very little communication from my company and whenever I attempted to find anything out (all on my doing -- not like they kept me posted), and in fact I obtained the police report and submitted it to the Hartford as I wanted them to see it was NOT my fault. I was told they were waiting for the other insurance company (trucker's) to decide if they would accept fault before they could go further. My adjuster gave me the contact information for the trucker's insurance company and in the long run, I had more help, information and assistance than I did from my own insurance company. In the end they did admit total fault so my adjuster called me to tell me my file would be closed -- basically they were wiping their hands clean. I asked what about the $500 deductible I had paid to Enterprise car rental and would I be getting that back? You know what they said: "YOU WILL HAVE TO GET THAT BACK ON YOUR OWN". So unbelievable!!!At one point, I emailed the trucker's insurance agent and I "cc'd" the Enterprise claims people and my insurance adjuster. A few weeks later I got a piece of mail through regular mail from the Hartford with a copy of the email in it saying there was no claim number or policy number so they couldn't tie it to anything and therefore they were returning the communication to me (I had emailed from work so they had that mailing address - never bothered to look me up by name). My first thought was why is everything tied to a number? Could someone not find me by my name? I called and talked to a person who assured me "this is not the way the Hartford handles claims" and he would have my adjuster's supervisor call me back in "a day or two". It's been over a month and I've heard nothing.As of Friday I switched insurance companies effective June 15 and I advised the Hartford as there is some unpaid premium they will owe me. In the email I just got confirming my cancellation the statement was again "This is not indicative of how the Hartford treats customers". I wrote a scathing email back to them and all I can say is what a crock of horsey do-do. If I can stop one person from going through the Hartford, I will be happy.
We paid monthly through our account via auto pay. Our account was compromised by scammer at gas pump, therefore we were sent new cards. Unknown to us a payment was not paid. Hartford made no timely effort to notify us that payment was not made. We were notified August 1st. for a June payment. When we called to rectify situation, we were told we were cancelled. We unknowingly went one month without insurance. If an accident had occurred during that month we would have sued them, because we could have proven there was very poor effort of notification to us. That is a weird way to run a business.
My experience with The Hartford has been good overall and I trust them. I have auto and home insurance through them and I like that they give you discounts for multiple policies as well as multiple vehicles. They also have a vanishing deductible program. When I had a claim, they got everything taken care of in a very timely matter and had everything sent over for a car rental company to pick me up at the repair shop. But while The Hartford's rates are good and competitive, it could always be lower.
Good experience with The Hartford. The rates are relatively good and the service has been good. Been with them for several years. Have had a couple of claims and the claims were processed in a good fashion.
I have never had a claim so I really do not know what their service is. This was recommended from AARP. The premium rates are very good compared to other companies. This is why it was recommended by AARP.
A hartford insured backed into my car. The insured called me with a claim number the next morning. I had an estimate prepared and emailed with photos in four days. The Hartford does not answer my calls or respond to my emails, they just do not respond. The insured individual has called several times and feels terrible. They intend to change insurance and help senator Dave ** campaign to recognize the AARP as an agent for insurance and not a non profit for the elderly. I will drop AARP and help with the campaign.
It's a great company, good rates - have never disappointed me. I've never had a claim so far but have no doubt that they would quickly and professionally settle the matter. People think of them as only insuring older people, but am sure they insure people of any age. I would strongly encourage you to check them out and see what you may have been missing all along.
Hartford has been sufficient with providing us with coverage but raised our rates after one accident. I would consider changing providers if I could save $200 or more a year. I will be researching prospective companies in the next year to see if I can find comparable coverage for less than I am paying now.
This app is the most dysfunctional thing ever produced! The biggest issue is that it will stop in the middle of a trip so the trip does not get recorded. Then, unless you uninstall and reinstall the app, it will not restart. At this rate, my 180 days of monitoring will last until the day I die! Also, it eats your battery life to the point of 30 - 40% a day. So, what I have started doing is this: I record one trip a day then sign out and uninstall the app. Remember, they monitor based on number of days, not trips. Then I reinstall the app the next day, record one trip, etc., etc. It is easy to reinstall and I can use the same ID and password each time. Not sure if all this is worth it but I guess I'll find out!!!
We were involved in a rear end collision. Stopped at an intersection waiting behind two cars. The first vehicle making a left hand turn at a green light and waiting for oncoming traffic to clear before that vehicle could complete the left hand turn and we could proceed through a green light, when a vehicle hit us from behind at a speed of approximately 35 mph. The driver of that vehicle stated that she didn't see us stopped, was watching a man walk down the street and stated and look, he isn't even there now.Immediately my husband had a terrific headache, felt like his head was going to explode. He didn't want to be transported to the hospital by ambulance but we promised that as soon as we got home, unloaded a few groceries that we had in the vehicle we would go to ER. We did proceed to go to ER and upon examination they found that my husband had two frontal brain hemorrhages. They kept him in ER overnight. He suffered with headaches every day for 3 months.Finally after treating with a very good acupuncture doctor and chiropractor (the Neurosurgeon) did absolutely nothing to help him, his headaches and backaches subsided. My husband never complains of headaches. The person that hit us had the minimum amount of insurance (Nevada General) that she could obtain for the State of New Mexico and only partially paid for my husband's medical bills. We have paid for the best coverage possible through Hartford Insurance - $250,000 for each person, per accident to cover underinsured and uninsured motorists. They are refusing to pay a reasonable and statute allowed amount for pain and suffering therefore we have to sue our own insurance company.Don't be fooled, you get what you pay for. They may brag about low insurance premiums. Now we know why. They don't want to pay anything to their insured. We have always paid our premiums on time each and every month, and paid for the very best coverage and this is the kind of treatment we get. State Farm is the very best insurance company. Their premiums may be higher, but at least they stand behind their insured.
I have been a Hartford Auto and Homeowners Insurance customer through AARP for 5 years. Even I did not file any claims for the first 4 years, my premiums increased every year. This year, my new Lexus was damaged in a hailstorm. Hartford made it very difficult to take the vehicle back to the dealership for repair. Instead, they wanted me to take it to one of their preferred vendors which had poor reviews regarding paint matching. I paid premiums for insurance on a Lexus and therefore thought it only fair to have it repaired by a Lexus dealership. I received very little cooperation from Hartford and eventually, 7 adjustment checks later was able to get the vehicle fixed, mainly due to the tenacity and cooperation of the Lexus dealership. The repair took almost 3 months because of the back and forth between Hartford and the dealership! I had a crack in the windshield that Hartford refused to repair, saying it could not have been caused by the hailstorm. The crack was not there before the storm but was there after the storm. I had to pay out of pocket to have the chip patched. I have filed a complaint with AARP and the Texas Department of Insurance and will be dropping Hartford as my insurance provider.
They charge less and cover more than State Farm, and their claims department is fair, unlike State Farm. Do not ever use State Farm. State Farm is a criminal organization. The Hartford Insurance Company is also much easier to deal with live or over the telephone.
The Hartford is a good company. The cost of the insurance is affordable and they are easy to work with. I have been with this same company for more than ten years. In all those years I have only filed one claim. They took care of my claim very quickly and without any problems.
My daughter has been involved in several car accidents, and the Hartford has guided us through each step of the claims process. They may not be the least expensive insurance I could have purchased, but they've been well worth the amount spent in the peace of mind afforded me and my family.
Auto insurance injury claim payout / will not settle, being forced into court. I will write this review after we go to court and let the public know what I’ve been through with Hartford involving personal injury claims. So far it has not been good! Past 2 years now.
This was bait and switch insurance. The first year was lower than any other company but in the 2nd year, they raised our bill by almost 100% because they said we live in Florida and we are in a high-risk pool. Even canceling has required five phone calls, and they kept sending bills so I am still on the phone with them. The last person, who has me on hold now, figured out that the problem really was that they added my non-licensed 17 year old to the policy and that is why they raised our rates by $170 a month. So one hand doesn't know what the other one is doing. How can they add a person to the policy, raise the rate and not check with us? Not a trustworthy company.
I was hit by someone with The Hartford policy. Not surprising the other driver lied and said it wasn't his fault. My main issue was the adjuster for Hartford who continuously lied to me. She told me that they were trying to determine liability and took statements and my evidence from the accident and then told me the only considered was his statement. I went through the unpleasantness of giving a statement and getting evidence proving that their client was at fault which she said would be considered and then told me only his statement determined their decision about liability. Do Not Trust These People.
In July, a motorist with Hartford Insurance ran into my garage door, bringing it down. It is now unusable. Hartford Insurance only has to cover replacement cost minus depreciation. My garage door, being 20 years old, has "depreciated" approximately $700. Therefore, I now have to cover $700 worth of damages in order to replace my garage door and use my garage again.If any body's considering Hartford Insurance for coverage of their automobile, they should look elsewhere for their insurance.
I currently have my home and auto insurance thru The Hartford. I yearly request quotes from other insurance companies to ensure that I'm getting the best coverage and prices. Have gotten from Geico, Allstate, State Farm and always found that Hartford is from 250 to 400 lower than any other insurance company. This is for exactly the same coverage.
Two years ago we did some research on bundling our homeowners and our auto insurances. We decided on the Hartford at the recommendation of AARP, after we researched other companies online and by phone, and compared rates and benefits. We are very satisfied with the Hartford, especially on our homeowners insurance, which paid our hotel bill and meals when a power outage lasted more than one week in the winter, and we couldn't remain in our home. The Hartford even covered the food we lost in the freezer.
During my two years with the Hartford, they failed to get my personal info correct on my policy. They listed my car having a lien when it didn’t. They represented me as a homeowner when I clearly stated that I rented. I believe that they sell personal information to contractors who, of course, require homeowners to market their services to. After two years with no claims and no payouts, they dropped me. Good riddance - Geico is happy to take (less of) my money for the same coverage. Price compare - just because they get a nod from the AARP doesn’t make them a standout.
They have answered my every question, whenever I have called. I once was tapped from behind by another driver and was told by my company that they would contact the other driver and take care of everything. They insisted I have my car looked at and repaired any possible damage that might be hidden.
I received the worst customer service. The issue is that your representative (Susan) would not allow me to talk. She over-talked me, told me to be quiet and would not let me explain what I was calling for. She was extremely rude. Treated me like I needed to sit down, shut up and let her do all the talking. Finally, I had yell and tell her that I was the one with the problem, I was the one that pay the insurance policy, I was the one that needed to be heard. Reluctantly, she relented and let me speak, but not before I had to get this upset. This is totally unacceptable and unprofessional. I am the customer. Furthermore, I was the one initiating the call and the one that needed the information. I am very dissatisfied.By this time, she was mad, and proceeded to give me all sorts of mis-information. She told me that if I had an old vehicle that they would repair it with old/used parts. I am 65 years old. I've had insurance for over half a century -- and I know this is not the fact. When I finally got her to respond to my issue - she said that they did NOT have to replace the damaged part on my vehicle with something similar - that they could replace it with ANYTHING. Specifically, I had a specialized license plate frame from Fresno State and they replaced it with a simple thin black frame.I pay full coverage insurance on all my vehicles and expect that if anything were to happen, that they would be restored back to the condition they were in prior to the accident. This is the way I have always known it to be and if The Hartford has different policies – they should let people know before they pay their hard-earned money on a policy that is misleading at the least. Time to find a new Insurance company!
My fiancee's SUV was keyed outside of our house and we have had problems with our neighbors. So we call the police, filed a report and found it was the neighbor's daughter that did it by admission of guilt to the officer. So we call The Hartford, they say, "Yeah we got you guys because it's criminal damage. It falls under your policy to where we waive the deductible." Me and my fiancee trusted them and they referred us to an auto body shop to get the SUV fixed. Then we find out they didn't cover the deductible after we were told they would cover it due to criminal damage.So overall we call them and they state someone gave us the wrong information and we have to pay the deductible, after I stated to them "You guys need to listen to that phone call cause by FDCPA regulations all calls are recorded to show what was said." All in all they did nothing to help us. Just take the money, and I'm waiting to see if my insurance gets cancelled unexpectedly like everyone else but we are in the process with a new insurance company.
I called customer service to cancel my umbrella policy attached to my auto policy. They forward me to the umbrella policy department. I am told I have to send a signed e-mail with auto policy number and indicate that I want to cancel the policy. I do this and include the date in the e-mail. I get a e-mail from them a few days later stating they can’t cancel the policy since I did not specify a cancel date in the e-mail. Had to call back several times to resolve. Typical shady/corrupt practice. Stay away from them.
Called 1800 rescue to change a tire, called two days ahead of time when driver called to confirm, he wanted $95.00: $45.00 for his gas and $50.00 to change the tire. Never have I had a tow truck ask for gas money, also they called a company 50 miles south of where I live. I live in the county seat of the county. I complained to Hartford and the roadside service company and got nowhere. My neighbor changed it for free. So much for paying towing and labor charges on my policy. That one visit would have been my annual fee for a year. I canceled the appointment.
A good insurance company, can be reached by phone or internet, and answer right away to help you. If you are over the age of 50 you can qualify for this insurance. Have had it for many years and don't know who I ever change to.
I have AARP Auto Insurance since 2013. This month one of my car involved minor accident. After that I called AARP Hartford Insurance complaint and explain regarding the accident. They give me a claim number and assigned to me adjuster. After one time adjuster call me only one time and we discussed the accident and damage. Meanwhile I received the letter from other insurance company within fews denying their fault. Then I called my adjuster. Leave the message on reply. After several times I called then he pick up my call, then he told me he need to talk to other part and my wife who involved in the accident. After that me and my wife called adjuster and leave the messages, never reply up date. I never received this type of from any other insurance company in the past. I called his supervisor and leave the message, not reply yet.
They lure you in with 50+ premium discount deal then increase your premium few weeks into the policy. They quoted me $1450 for 2 cars which I thought was very reasonable. Then they went more than tripled my premium to $4558 because they claim there was a person living in my house who had a permanent address. I told them they don't live there and they said I had to prove it. WHAT? How do I prove someone DOES NOT live in my own house? They didn't make sense so I wanted to cancel my policy. But they said they can only refund $450. WHAT? So that's $1000 for 2 month coverage? THEY RIPPED ME OFF. So I am suing them. In conclusion, the customer reps were rude, unprofessional and all they wanted to do was get more money out of me. So buyers beware, they will do and say anything to get you to pay and bleed you dry. Avoid hartford at all cost! Run like hell when you hear that name... Hartford. They are rip off company and they don't care how they do it. You have been warned!!!
I was notified by my bank that our monthly car insurance rate had increased by $26.00 for no reason except that the State of Kansas had revalued the accident rates due to texting and inattentive driving caused by OTHER drivers not by my husband or myself!
In February 2015, we purchased a new(er) car and our agent (Front Range Insurance Services in Colorado) added this car to our policy but removed our son's car instead of the car I traded in. In August, when our son's windshield was severely damaged, the claim process came to a screeching halt when the error was discovered. Between communication with our agent (all one-sided, I had to reach out to them for updates) and with the Hartford directly, I have spent tens of hours trying to reach an agreement; there was never a full reconciliation of the corrections to our policy premiums. Each time I called, the excuse was they were going back to try to fix this (basic) billing issue. We were finally told in mid-October that this should be all corrected by our December billing cycle, but in the meantime, here are the new charges due! How could a calculation be complete for a new billing cycle without a prior eight-plus month billing cycle correction??? Needless to say, we moved from the Hartford in October (and are very happy with American Family Insurance) and my last two calls to the customer service department at Hartford promised me a full reconciliation "... within 24-48 hours..." The first call taking place in early November, the second, and final call taking place ten days ago. We are stuck paying the final invoice of $144 with no accounting of how that was determined because I do not want a delinquent note on my excellent credit score. And it's not the $$$, it's the principle. This has been the most frustrating experience I have ever had with an insurance company in 37 years. I wouldn't recommend the Hartford to an enemy.
I've been with the Hartford for approximately 11 years. The past 3 years, the Hartford started to raise my auto insurance rates for nothing I did; the increases were $20 to $25 each time. I am a 60-year old man with a clean driving record. I drive no more than 10 miles a week to the grocery store and to church. I finally got fed up with these yearly increases and found an insurance broker that my sister recommended. The broker saved me $100 annually for the same policy I had with Hartford. It pays to shop around.
They stand behind what they advertise... They are there for us when needed. We have used them a couple of times. They stand behind us - if an accident was not our fault. They do not cancel you for filing a claim. Whenever we have a question - they answer it within the same day... they don't keep you hanging for days at end. The bills and policies are very concise and easy to understand.
We have been with Hartford for 3-4 years. Have never had a claim. Last year we had a tire blowout on the highway. We did not hit anything, no pot-hole, did not lose control, all other tires fine. Simply an act of nature I'm guessing. The severity of the blowout caused slight damage. My husband put in a claim for repairs. $1000 deductible. Hartford paid $1200. Surprise! Our insurance jumped $3000!! For the next three years! The claim was put in as an "at fault" collision accident?! The claims supervisor was very nice and is changing the claim to a NOT at fault claim. However, this does nothing for us as I'm told it is a chargeable incident. Now all companies see it as this. Had we known, we would have paid for the repairs ourselves. Would have been much cheaper! Extremely disappointed with Hartford. For an incident we had no control over, no other vehicles involved. Will be switching to something a little less expensive. So much for being a good, paying, responsible customer.
My vehicle was backed into by a HERC Rental Truck. The operator hit my vehicle and ran later to be found with evidence of my vehicle under his truck. The renter/manager Hosh ** of the Marksman company out of Baltimore, MD would not provide ins. information. After contacting the management company for Herc Rentals, they provided a copy of an unsigned contract and their ins information. I immediately contacted Hartford Insurance and Fire, I spoke to the adjuster whom was very rude and unprofessional. He took my information and never returned any calls for resolve. All attempts to contact Adjuster Mathew **, are to no avail. He will not return any calls. I would not refer anyone to either company for any reason. Very unresponsive, unprofessional and not business savvy at all. Seeking legal action to recover damages.
I was happy with this company until my mom had a stroke and the doctor called and told me and I ran into a mailbox... no damage to the property but to my car. I have never had a ticket, etc., and when the next enrollment came they raised my premium. Now I find that there are better rates offered by comparable companies. The coverage is there, but I am not happy with the costs.
Absolutely the worst customer service! These people are extremely rude! They are not helpful! They are only out to mistreat people who are the victims of their clients “at fault” accidents. Pathetic is an understatement. I am so thankful I am insured by a company with utmost integrity! Horrible experience!!!
After an accident, the insurance was prompt and very cooperative. Once notified, they handled all arrangements for the tow and the repair shop which did a great job. The coverage was excellent. Great insurance.
It has been great. Good customer service. I was hit by a pickup and driver with no insurance and Hartford was great about the accident. I enrolled through AARP and got a special rate. My wife totaled her car and the Hartford was great about the settlement. I would recommend them to anyone.
I was reporting an accident where I was obviously not at fault. The 94-year-old man pulled out of a gas station right into my car. When I called Hartford to file a claim, the woman I spoke to was extremely rude and said that I was partially liable because I didn't see him coming from my rear. She would not listen to my explanation of what happened. I had to file a police report and go back to take photos. There was even a witness who supported my claim. Geico, my insurance, is fighting them in arbitration, but in the meantime, I had to pay the $500 deductible to get the damage fixed on my car. Maybe someday I will be reimbursed, but I can't tell you how much stress this caused me because the Hartford twisted my words. My advice to you, aside from not using Hartford, is to kick up such a fuss at someone who hits you from behind. The police will have to be called, even if it happened in a parking lot.
NEVER notified me that insurance was not paid. NEVER notified state authorities that I was driving without insurance. After a year went by they sent a request to pay for insurance! Letter they sent me after the fact said if I didn't pay I would be uninsured= this was a year after I THOUGHT I had insurance. Placed me in extreme financial jeopardy. Admitted their mistake but said I should pay anyway! BE warned. AARP is getting kickbacks for making Hartford their preferred auto insurance provider even knowing there are legitimate complaints about incompetent service from this company. They are senior abusers.
Claim was reviewed in a timely manner while my auto was sent to the approved shop for repair. I am a former employee of The Hartford, in Worker's Compensation, I get insurance coverage but not at any discount rate. I do think that the coverage I receive is top notch and the rates are extremely competitive, as I do shop around. I am 65 and my rates have gone up so I will shop around again and see what I find. I am also thinking of driving for Uber, so that could make a big difference also.
Bought a policy, paid their premiums and then they billed us for additional charges after the policy period had ended!! It's buried in their policies, so BUYER BEWARE!!! This was a business policy, I can imagine what they do to the consumers!!! Find someone else.
Dealing with this company during my claim processing was very hectic. My claim agent left on vacation for a week without letting me know or passing on my information. I was left to drive my car, which I could not open my driver door or turn left without a horrible sound. When I did get a hold of her after 9 days of calling, she was rude?! Disappointed in the service and decided to go with another company which saved me almost $80 a month with double the coverage and half the deductible. This company, in my opinion needs help! They are not worth the money they charge.
Hartford customer backed up from a parking spot in Walgreens, hit the side of my new 2015 Chev Equniox. They are telling me that they are not accepting damages to my new car. Plus I was injured in the accident and they are not paying for anything. Very bad company.
They were quick. Professional and fair. Filed claims with our email quick, completed by photos. Payment issued. We have rental included in our premiums.
I have had three claims with the Hartford insurance company, I'm 53 yrs old and original bought the Hartford automobile policy through an advert from I seen in my AARP magazine. Two of the claims were not my fault, I am disabled through a serious technical spine surgeries that can be best viewed on a current Netflix documentary called 'The Bleeding Edge'. I cannot drive for longer than a 30 min period. I lived in a very rural area of Colorado while these claims occurred. I've got to hire help in my home and to drive me to and from Denver to my doctor appointments. While I first signed up with the Hartford I made the Hartford well aware of this fact. I was assured that anyone I allowed to drive my car would be covered under my policy. I was driving a 2005 Cadillac DTS under 65,000 miles, fully loaded, lt pearl blue. Mint condition, I purchased from an estate of a 91 yr old very wealthy woman. The car was in near brand new condition inside and out.This was to be the last automobile I ever bought, and I was taking care to share the ongoing condition of it as the woman before me had done. Within several months of transferring my old Audi to the Cadillac with the Hartford my car was STOLEN and wrecked through an airport fence. The airbags did not deploy, the car was taken early in the AM and drove back to my house, parked and left. This was detailed in a very drawn out Colo state patrol investigation, as well as county sheriff's department.Long story short, the 16-17-year-old male I'd hired to mow my lawn and surrounding meadow had taken the car while I slept wrecked it, drove it back and took for his grandparents home where he lived. I was unaware of the youth's actions until later into the investigation. I hired a prestigious attorney known for his outstanding abilities by his peers as well as nationwide. I had to hire the attorney due to local sheriff's deputies stepping well out of bounds as well as the Colo state patrolman working with the sheriff's department.I was never offered or gave at request any insurance information from the Guardians. I was never informed I could request monies from the family within a 90 day period. The Hartford was aware of the issues surrounding the legal situation yet sat in silence. Actually it felt more like a witch Hunt by every make involved which it was all makes I dealt with in every capacity. I literally felt strong-armed by both my insurance and local sheriff's department. I later understood this was probably due to the fact I owned a rather large home with land inside the town, I had no large debts, no criminal history, paid taxes on several homes within the county for over 35 years including a duplex. I was responsibly insured, both auto and home, prior business. A very nice savings account. I was in a different tax bracket. I had no doubt the deputy who was on my case had wanted to purchase my home and property at a point where I was thinking of relocating permanently to Europe. I denied the deputy any response regarding selling my property. I reported feeling harassed by him and the adjusters. Thankfully I had a great attorney to lean on.This next line is important... Right before I was set to meet these people, including the sheriff's department in a courtroom the lead deputy was fired and arrested. The next deputy involved is currently facing charges, and was arrested on route to Florida. It's worth noting that deputy is the son of the county commissioner at the time. The county commissioners overlook and are in charge of the sheriff's department. Conflict of interest? You be the judge. I currently am waiting on a settlement to be reached with the Hartford by council I hired. Suing the sheriff's department would be better done while I do not live in a corrupt county. My struggle with the Hartford was and is, why didn't they stand beside their customer of time and take action with me, help educate me of the insurance legally available options? I do not have a HATRED of men, not at all... I've two very successful sons I raised. I did though in every aspect of this case feel I was not going to be respected by any of these men. As stated I felt ran over by EACH of them. I was able to determine how the young man obtained the keys to my car, and later my home. I had trusted him with a riding mower key that was attached to my car and house keys. He'd decided to joy ride a beautiful car with a V8.Now, Because no motor damage was caused, 5,000$ damage to the outside of the car, light damage to the inside from debris, a vacuum would of cleaned that mess.My car was actually totaled by an adjuster at the Hartford. Tho comps for my car on lot of reputable car dealerships came in at over 8,000-9,000$. I had paid 7,000$. No more than a thousand miles were added to the car. Still under 65,000 miles. I was gave comps for my car from vehicle salvage lots, and also from a dealership in South Dakota with five 5! Previous owners and twice the mileage. I was unaware of the comps being pulled from lots some BUY HERE PAY HERE purchase at auction, a variety of repossessed cars, cars that were involved in accidents being lightly repaired and re-sold. My son who once worked at a high-end Toyota dealership pointed out where my comps we're coming from.He was able to obtain over 4 comps in my area, not South Dakota that were car for car comparable for sale at reputable dealerships. These comps were sent to the Hartford and I had to stay strong and dispute a variety of ruthless adjusters. When I say ruthless I do mean rude, arrogant, heavy-handed, overall a feeling of dealing with THUGS. I was fighting my health as well. A non forgive ongoing destruction of bone and much much more.The Hartford refused to repair my car at the 5,000 quote. Stating they always go 20% over the quote for the purpose of unseen damage. Tho no damage was found by OnStar, the shop or second opinion. The only damage was cosmetic. Based off the original comps the Hartford totaled my car with blinking. By the help of others I was able to finally obtain the 8,200$ comp found by my son over two months after the damage. The Hartford ignored valid comps, using their own comps to total my car. It would of been far less expensive and better for both the Hartford and myself if my car had been repaired.The adjuster in charge would not hold a respectful conversation with me. If I ever felt like I was treated as a woman who's being told to shut up and stay in the kitchen while the menfolk decide the outcome of my car, it would be by the Hartford. I kept a log of recorded phone calls between our interactions as I honestly felt I was being treated like trash. I couldn't say if they treated my medical condition with contempt more than me being a female who was gave good advice to fight them. Each felt equally as horrific.Because the car was stolen, I did NOT give permission for the young man to drive my car. I ASSUMED his Guardian grandparents home or auto policy would be responsible for the damage to both my car and the fence he drove through. To my surprise the Hartford paid nearly 9,000$ to mitigate the damage due to the negligent act of this young man.I brought up the comps on my car because if not for my son I'd never of understood where the low balled comps were coming from, I would of never know to fight for fair compensation. That in itself is outright fraud, misleading and taking advantage of someone not versed in the auto industry on any level. My car could of been repaired for 5,000$ a good, local auto body shop had gave a quote. No reason to believe the quote would be any higher than I'd been gave. I had work done to my Audi by the same shop, no unexpected charges or a shop with shady billing practices. Again a rural area where your reputation for success is only as good as your word and work.My comps remained low (5,500-6,500) as stated while my car was totaled. I'll carry the claim on this fault of another for up to five years! The mental and emotional abuse far outweighs the money involved. I worked very hard to become a success in my field if I was unable to physically keep working. I had built up everything I had in the past 30-35 years. Everything I owned was being paid off rapidly as I'd reached the turning point towards debt free. What took place in a rural Colorado town by the Hartford and Colo state patrol, local sheriff's department stripped away everything I had worked for and am unable to start a new by re-entering the workforce.I never thought it possible at over 50 I'd actually have to sell my home, lose my car, deplete the bulk of my savings over a car. Yet it did happen, and my insurance company did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO STAND BESIDE ME. I'M currently waiting on a settlement by suing the Hartford. The only chance I have of re bulilding a life. I've learned I'll never buy no more than the minimum insurance so I'm NOT a target. I'll never talk to any law enforcement without legal counsel no matter how tiny the situation. I've learned people are ruthless and jealousy is dangerous. There are people in positions of trust waiting to take advantage of YOUR hard work.I do not use handicap plates any longer, I do not show my home or any other life information on social media, and most of all I've learned a lesson by fire. I hope this made sense, my cursor was moving while typing, I wrote somethings twice I see. If anyone is willing to read and understand what happened to me I'm happy. Please don't ever trust your insurance company to have your back! When the wolf's come out they come in packs. Beware and be safe wherever you are.
I haven't used the Hartford personally, but my landlord used this insurance when the house I rented caught fire due to faulty wiring/ rodent damage to the electric lines. Despite having no fault in the incident, as per the official fire department report and arson investigation, the Hartford still tried to recover the damages from me, first through one collections agency, then another when the first realized the debt was not valid. I had to go through a huge process of recovering the police report and disputing the validity of the debt they tried to collect several times. If I hadn't paid close attention to the processes of this insurance investigation, that was not even on my own insurance, the Hartford would have destroyed my credit and life to balance their sheets. Evil company. Don't do business with them.
Day 1 - My vehicle was hit and damaged by one of their clients. Day 1 - I called them. Their client had already notified them as well. The first person I talked to gave me the wrong extension number for the assigned claims adjuster (ACA). Had to use their phone tree to find the right person. I was told I would have to wait until they could get the police report, or I could email it to them myself to save them the trouble. Day 3 - I email the police report and pictures of the damage to the ACA. - No contact from him. Day 4 - No contact from the ACA. Day 5 - I contact the ACA and he claims he never received my email. He gives me a "generic" email address that I can send it to and they will forward it to him. I go to my "Sent Mail" folder and forward the original email I had previously sent to him (showing his correct email address) to both the generic email address and to his email address again.Day 6 - I call the ACA since he has not bothered to respond to my email. He advises me that a person will contact me to come out and look at the vehicle and take pictures. I am not contacted. Day 7 - I email the generic email address again asking about the next step in the process. Day 8 - I am contacted by a different person, we'll call him the Auto Service Representative (ASR). He tells me, "No, a person will not be coming out." Instead I am to take my vehicle to the agreed upon auto body shop and they will work up an estimate, take pictures, and send them into Hartford. Day 8 - My vehicle is looked at by the agreed upon auto body shop. Pictures are taken, information is taken and the body shop says they will upload all the information to the Hartford.Day 9 - The body shop calls me to confirm the information was sent, and to schedule an appointment for my car to be fixed. We schedule it for Day 17. Day 10 - I call ACA to notify of scheduled date and ask for a car rental. No answer. I leave a voicemail. Day 11 - No contact. Day 12 - I receive a late evening email from ACA telling me he has been trying to reach me by phone and that I have 10 days to contact them if I wish to pursue the matter. Day 13 - I email ACA and ask him what number he tried to contact me on since I have not received any voicemails from him, nor did either of my 2 phones record any missed calls from him. I also advise him that of course I wish to pursue the claim and I remind him of scheduled fix date and ask for car rental procedure. No response.Day 14 - I forward my Day 13 email to ACA and the generic email, advising again that I have not been contacted and that I still wish to pursue the matter. Day 15 - Early morning... I leave a voicemail for the ACA advising of all my attempts to pursue the claim. Today is still Day 15 - 4 hours later. I am still waiting to hear from the Hateford/Hartford.
I was on AARP website and since Hartford is supposed to have special deals and discounts for members, I decided to get a quote. It was double what we are paying now for same coverage. What???
One of their insured rear ended my wife at 35mph while my wife was at a complete stop in stop and go traffic. It took them 10 days to take responsibility for the accident and issue us a rental car. The auto body shop contacted them to come and issue the car a total loss, which took Hartford another 7 days to do. Our claims adjuster, Dustin **, was very dishonest with us, and went days without returning our calls and emails. We still have not received a payment for our total loss, and the claims adjuster has not returned our calls and emails for 4 days now. We left messages with his supervisor that were never returned. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.
I made a phone call with Hartford. They said to take the vehicle to my dealer and that was it. The car was fixed, I had a loaner car and the case was finished. I was the one that damaged the other car and apparently they fixed that one also. Another aspect that I like about them is that I can pay my insurance yearly instead of every 6 months.
I am writing on behalf of my uncle in north Las Vegas who does not have access to a computer. He has been with Hartford for eons, no claims, no accidents, and recently received an unconscionable rate increase of almost 40%. No reason was given other the number of accidents in the area, so the rate is jacked up because of zip code of residence. He called to complain, got less (far less) than satisfactory customer service. So he checked with other companies and found a savings of $576 a year with USAA, which is an excellent company. Obviously when he called Hartford to cancel, they didn't much care. From what I've read on this site, I'd stay away from Hartford with a 10 foot pole or longer.
We were hit by one of their customers. They were some of the worst people to deal with on settling the tried to pressure us into settling before we had even finished getting medical treatment. They didn’t give us reasonable amount of time to find a replacement vehicle with only 5 days use of a rental truck. (We have horses and animals.) We lost our truck because of their customer. Low balled us on our vehicle by about 30%. We had to use our own insurance to get fair value. We were constantly lied to by the guy we were dealing with. We finally just settled just to done at about half of what an attorney told us it should be worth. Their lack of integrity and professionalism has created more hardship for us. I belong to AARP and before this experience was going to change over to them but seeing how they conduct business I could not in any way be associated with them. I am also going to complain to AARP and ask why you associate your selves with them.
Three years ago I purchased liability insurance from the Hartford. My wife and I have not had any tickets or violations in over 30 years. The liability cost for two vehicles was $660 dollars for the first year. On the second year we added another vehicle that we use on the farm for about the same cost rate as the others. Then one day we received a notice that they were raising our insurance another $1,350 dollars based on one of our children being under 25 years of age and had used our address when obtaining his licenses. Please note this child was grown and had his own insurance plus did not live with us and was off at college. We decided to pay it just in case he used our vehicle to help in our farming operation when he was home for the holidays. Ok so here comes the bill for the third year another $360 dollars. So insurance coverage that was suppose to cost around $990 dollars for liability was now up to $2,700 dollars.We decided to change insurance companies and now our policy cost is back to normal and we have twice the liability coverage for the same low cost as when we started. Also we offered to show the new insurance Co. that our child under 25 years had insurance with another company, but the agent said it was not necessary. Now here's another part that consumers should know. When we called the Hartford to cancelled we ended up in a big argument with them because they didn't want to cancelled. I give the Hartford a negative rating. They never took the time to discuss our policy before raising our premium and hassled us when we called to cancel. Always paid our policies in full upfront in advance never a monthly payment. Respect goes a long ways when dealing with your Senior citizens Hartford.
Liability insurance more than tripled - Our small business opened in 2010. At that time, we had two employees and had a policy that cost about $500. We now have three employees and our newest renewal notice said our premium changed to $2,500. This, according to the Hartford, was based on our payroll records. Their accounting of the records was off by about $80,000 because they said our partners were paid $39,000 each. In fact, our two partners didn't take a penny from the business last year so that we could stay afloat. We asked for a review of the audit and were denied. The Business Insurance Service Operations group refused to discuss it any further, instead referring us back to our agent. I'm unhappy and I'm vocal.
On April 16th, 2013 I was driving my wife to take a Test in Waukesha, Wisconsin. When I was rear-ended by a woman on Hwy 164 in Waukesha. If you look up my Driving Record it will state that I have an at fault accident. The problem is that My Insurance company at that time "Hartford Ins" has me listed as the driver of both vehicles and which shows me as a at fault accident causing me to have higher insurance rates. I have contacted them numerous times about it and nothing gets done about it. It is time to seek compensation from them and I think the amount of $5000.00 would be just.
My husband had car insurance with the Hartford Auto. We paid on time. I called to make arrangements to paid my September bill by the 9 and was told it was due by the September 1. Didn't get a letter or anything. And was to the insurance had cancel. Suppose to get a grace period. This is the worst insurance company. Ever.
After retirement we searched for affordable insurance to cover our main home, a rental home and also our auto's. The Hartford was reasonable. Four years later I called the Hartford to try to get cheaper policies. The rates still seemed high after review with higher deductibles. So I shopped around and found a much better rate. Rather than call and cancel with Hartford I chose to let the policies just run out. Not a problem until I received a late notice by several days for our rental. I called the Harford to make sure it was cancelled. Apparently calling was a big mistake. I was now charged for a policy extension, a late fee and service fees and the threat of being sent to collections. My lesson learned. Don't insure with The Hartford.
On the evening of May 6th, I was involved in an accident in which I was hit by a "The Hartford" client/consumer. While I realize I am not the only person in the world with an adverse claim against them, I am not the least bit impressed with the timeliness that they have handled the issue. It has been almost a week, and they have yet to provide me with a rental vehicle that has been requested. As is custom, I was informed I could rent a vehicle on my own accord until they spoke with their client to determine liability. My insurance company sent them a copy of the police report that included information on their client's citation for failure to move right safely, & a diagram of the instance of the wreck. I honestly do not understand how that is not in and of itself a sufficient documentation of their liability. While I understand they would eventually need to be in contact with their client regarding the accident, I ultimately do not understand why it has taken them so long to speak to their client to obtain such an admission. I do not feel that I should have to be put out any more than I already have been by having to rent a car on my own accord & pay for it to then turn in a receipt & wait weeks for reimbursement. It is bad enough that this collision involved my low mileage, high end, limited edition Corvette Z06, significantly diminishing its value & not receiving decent, timely customer service aggravates me to no end. I expected The Hartford to handle this much better & timely than they have since they are portrayed as an up-standing, better than average insurance company... Well, that appears to be a different scenario when you're on the other end of the spectrum like I am currently.
We have been with Hartford’s automobile insurance for many years and have never filed a claim. I still remember when I first started with Hartford I was paying $1,822.00 for both of my vehicles. After many years, my premium last year is around $1,200. I have 2003 Acura RSX (driven less than 7,500 miles per year) and 2005 BMW X3 3.0 (my wife drives less than 6,000 miles per year). We are good drivers and did not have any traffic. All a sudden we received a bill for $2,229.60. I discussed this matter with Hartford’s sales associates. They told me they have discontinued some insurance plans in California and I have been offered competitive plan, which I checked was at least 35% more than MetLife, almost 30% more than GEICO, and 30% more than Mercury, Inc. I tried to tell their sales associates about this, but their answer is: "Our price is very competitive and we are not here to match price.” I guess they no longer want my business.
On August 27, 2015 I was involved in an automobile accident where I was underway on a separated roadway at 5 mph and a young woman made a u-turn from the other side of the road at an increased speed and crashed into me. In Florida, most u-turns are automatically at fault, however I was found to be at fault. I contacted The Hartford Auto Insurance and filed a claim. An underage passenger in the other vehicle filed a $100,000 claim for bodily injury through Morgan and Morgan to my insurance company. I told my representative that I did not believe that I was at fault and also that the 15 yr. old's mother had told him to stay put at the accident site to obtain the police report. I later informed The Hartford that the mother was a former insurance adjuster. After this I called several times to request the status of the $100,000 claim. I was treated rudely by the claims representative, who said they did not personally investigate the accident, but followed a protocol, but she believed since she was a mother that the young man had incurred trauma. I asked that The Hartford keep me informed of the settlement of this claim, which they did not. The last time I had heard from them was February 2015. This claim was settled in August 2016, the injured young man's parents received $20,000, for nothing. The doctors were friends of the young man's parents. The young man's MRI showed very minor issues which I claimed were already in existence prior to the accident since he was very active in all sports. He was shooting "fake hoops" around the parking lot waiting for the accident report, as he had been requested to do when he called his mother for a ride home. No one in either vehicle claimed any injuries when asked several times by the police. Please beware The Hartford Auto Insurance. They do not conduct an investigation on their own and their claims representatives are rude, unhelpful and will not provide you with updates.
I joined thru AARP and have been with them for 3 years. My cost was reduced in half for full coverage after I transferred from another company. I have had one claim. The claim was handled quickly and stress free. They suggested shops to take my car in my area and once the car was in a shop, someone came out the next day to review the damage. There was a follow up call to see if everything went well. There was a need for me to change my billing date to a more convenient day. One phone call and it was done.
Having 4 cars with The Hartford for over 20 years. We had a $6,000.00 damage claim. They paid but the next billing cycle the rate increased by 100%! Thank god my husband is a veteran and we were able to get USAA at lower the previous rate with The Hartford.
I've been with Hartford for about 12 years, and have always been very happy and satisfied with their service. I was really shocked and appalled when I called to speak to one of the representatives to see if my insurance rate could be reduced. I had just purchased a new car and, I realize, the rates would go up, but didn't expect them to go up that much. I just wanted to make sure that all the discounts I'm entitled to were applied. The representative actually said to me: "Hartford isn't exactly a cheap insurance, you can always call around and go with someone else." Unbelievable. I'm still shocked that a representative would say something like that to a long-time customer. Otherwise, before this incident, I've never had any kind of a problem, and all the representative I had talked to in the past were very friendly and helpful. Hopefully, this was an unfortunate exception.
Hartford only wanted to pay a 154.00 of a 550.00 ER Doctor bill. So now the doctors are billing me for the difference. They failed to pay the over 1300.00 dollar hospital ER bill so the hospital filed a lien with the county I live in for that amount. My credit rating will be toast after this is over, what a nightmare.
I was hit at a stop light by a 90 year old driver and caused a 4 car pileup. The old man had this company and after the claim was filed they said to get estimates on the work my car needed, it came up to $4500. They said they were only covering $3100 and that they needed the shop to send them the photos. They did and refuse to cover it after they told me to get it done. Now that it has been repaired they say they needed to see it. Ryan ** and Alyssa ** are liars. I hope to God one of their clients don't hit you or they will do the same to you.
Hartford Insurance was purchased through our agent and we have never had any claims as yet so our description of our experience with this company is not available. I have read that this company was mentioned in the AARP information that was in the AARP magazine indicating the policy claims are settled satisfactorily for their members over the years. We do pay a satisfactory premium on the policy and plan to continue with them.
I was in a very bad automobile accident caused by a driver insured by Hartford. My son, a passenger, and myself, were almost killed by the driver. There was a police report, and Hartford assumed 100% responsibility. All we requested was to see a chiropractor for our injuries. We are now left with a huge bill from the chiropractor, and our adjuster does not contact me or return my calls - ever. It has literally been many weeks. She claims to be too busy. On my last voice mail message, I asked her to have our case reassigned to someone else if she is too busy. All we want is a reasonable settlement. The driver got off with a $100.00 fine because she went to court, and we are really suffering.
I recently got a letter from them saying my umbrella policy would not be renewed. They gave 4 claims in the last 5 years, but in none of those claims was the accident my fault. Three of them was where I was not even driving my car, parked, or was sitting in it with the engine turned off. On the fourth one, there was no damage to either car, so no claim was ever processed, but they still counted that against me. I brought that up with a representative, but they could not explain why I was treated so unfairly. Their remark was "that's our underwriter department." So that's why I am discontinuing my business relationship with them.
Happy with company. However they seem to keep going up every year. I have an excellent driver's record and I think they should give points or money back for this. I have not had an accident in over 20 years. The accident I had was not my fault. They give a discount if you purchase homeowner's insurance through them also.
I am happy with my auto insurance company. They have good customer service and are friendly. I have never had an issue. I have good coverage for a reasonable monthly payment. I would recommend my insurance company to others. When I had an accident a year ago they handled that quickly and reasonably.
No complaints at all. Always there to help. Know about the auto insurance deals. What else is it to said. They know what they are doing. They are great and dependable, caring, worth trust, a lot of experience, helpful, caring, happy with a smile on their face and a jingle in their pockets.
I had not shopped car insurance for several years. I contacted Hartford through AARP and was extremely pleased with assistance that I receive. Great reputation and I experienced great Customer Service. I lowered my rate, and obtained a higher level over coverage.
First I want to say that in 2015 I got hit by someone who had no insurance - total lost of my Lexus (I was at NO FAULT). Contacted Hartford Ins and got an amazing service, fast and courteous responses. Got the check for my car actual value and was very fair, no complaints. Note: We have two cars insured and both of us have a 100% clean driving record. Now PREMIUM: last year we had an increase of 37% for the premium and this year another 38% increase. A 71% increase in 2 years - reasons they gave us: flooding and hurricane in SC. That's $770 per year more than 2015 (we pay full for one year). Currently checking with other insurances and most of them don't have this level of increase in their premiums. AARP may want to double check them as their provider of choice.
On 3/13/15 I phoned the Hartford Insurance Company to file a damage claim that I sustained due to a severe wind/sand dust storm that I endured on 8/21/14 while I was traveling on interstate 10 going east to the desert to spend time with my brother for his birthday. The report was taken and then I was told that an assessment adjuster would be contacting me to set up a time for him to come to my home to look at the damage to my 2009 Toyota Camry that was caused by the storm. On 3/13/15 I noticed I received a from ** my auto adjuster but missed it on account of my phone was shut off but did return his call and got his voice mail. So I left a voice message and my claim number and that I was returning his call and I would try again on Monday. On 3/16/15 I returned his call again and he said he was working on the file and he would call me back. Shortly after I received a voice message from ** and he said he wanted to make an appointment to take it to Redlands Auto Collision for them to write up an estimate to do the repairs. I then returned his call and said that we would take it to Yucaipa collision and auto repair because it was closer to our home and he said, "Fine." After hanging up with him, my husband and I discussed it and decided to take it where ** had suggested. I immediately called him back to advise him we will take it to Redlands Auto body as he suggested and he sounded a little frustrated. I apologized to him for the confusing but beings my husband and I were going out that way, we said that we will take it there and he said give him a minute and he can make the change.While I was waiting not on hold “he was talking to himself I assume” something about the computer being slow and go through some updates. After approx. 3 min later he said he change it to show we were taking it to Redlands Auto body on 3/16/15. We then took the car to them that afternoon on our way to my Dr’s appointment. On 3/17 /15 at approx. 9:20 am ** called our home and spoke to my husband and said that he wanted to come to the home to see the vehicle himself. My husband advised him that yes he could however my wife has a Dr’s appointment at 10:30am and she has to leave the house by 10:00am and he said that he is on his way.** arrived by 9:40 and that is where the nightmare began He is rude, arrogant, and very unprofessional!!! When he arrived he asked me for the keys which I provided to him and he opened my vehicle and sat in the driver's seat and started to take photos of the inside of my vehicle. Then he started talking about the policy clauses but was not making sense in what he was saying so I asked him, "What is it you are talking about?" And he put his two hands together, trying to give an example of what I don't know nor do I think he knew. I finally said to him that I have to leave her by 10:00 am and let's talk about the damage in question and it is the outside of the vehicle that was damage. I started to walk away from him around my vehicle, pointing out the areas that received pivots and chips and damage from the wind/sand storm and debris flying around during the storm, asking him to walk with me so I can show him, which he showed no interest to do so and did not. He then got out of the car and walks to the front of it and said that this car is a salvage vehicle with an attitude and had been poorly painted. I then said, yes, it was a salvage vehicle and went inside to get the pink slip to show him that is stated on the title. I explained to him that I purchased the car approx. 2 years ago and after I paid for the vehicle (private owner -- big mistake on my part) and was not aware at that time I paid cash for the car that the previously owner did not disclose to us that it was involved in an accident until we received the pink slip 3 days later from previous owner that it was a salvage title. We asked the previous owner to allow us to return the car because he was not honest and upfront with us and questioned him as to what happened and he said it was a small fender bender and we already bought the car and he was not refunding our money. I then made a few calls to see what my rights were and if I could do something about it and was basically told that no, there wasn't, that I bought as is. So any work or paint that was done previously to the vehicle was done before I bought the car. ** then stated again, "Well, the car was painted with cheap paint," looking at my front of the car that was hit the worst. I walked to the back of the vehicle, asking ** to please come back to look at how the vehicle looked prior to the storm (which did not sustain the damage that the rest of the car did) to show him how it looks and that is how the whole car looked so how was I to know cheap paint according to his words!!! He would not even walk to the back of the car to look. ** stood in front of my vehicle mostly the whole time and I was walking around the vehicle trying to point out to him the damage that was done and after 3 times of him repeating the same thing, "Well, this is cheap paint." I then went to the front of my car and said to him, "What is it you are trying to say?" By this time I was getting very frustrated with him especially beings he was making no sense in what he was saying nor was it getting to the point. He then looked at me and said, "I need you to be more specific as to what you want done." I looked at him and said, "Beings you are showing no interest in what I was pointing out to you as far as the damage on the vehicle you tell me." He then said again, "You need to be more specific." I asked him again, "What do you mean???" And he then took his finger and pointed to one spot on my front bumper and said as he is moving his finger from spot to spot asking me, "DO you mean this spot or this spot?" And finally I stepped back and said to him, "**, I am saying the whole bumper/hood and whatever other damage that was caused" and informed him I was tired of playing his game and as far as I was concerned that I needed to leave due to a Drs appointment. And he looked at his watch and said to me, "Well, the way I see it, I still have 3 minutes more of your time. That is when I told him to leave my property and I will contact Hartford Insurance, that you have no more of my time. And I got in my car and left.After my Drs appointment I noticed he sent me an email with 2 attachments, I opened it up and found that he sent me an estimate of his version of the damage and what will be fixed. After taking it to an Auto body shop here in town to have them explain to me what work was being approved to be done, they explained to me it stated that the work to be repaired is the front bumper/hood. No mention at all of all the other damages around the car including my passenger wheel well that sustained damage during the storm that I tried to show him but yet he ignored me. I was also told that by the auto repair shop that when the repairs that were approved are done that the bumper and hood will not match the rest of the vehicle and they could not understand why at least the paint from the hood was not being blended into the front side panels. I then called my husband and he said there is no way we were are going have part of the car fixed. I then contacted Maaco to see what it would cost me to have my entire car repainted with the top of the line of paint and a clear coat and explained to them what the insurance is allowing us to have done. ** asked me take the car to them so they can evaluate the car and what needs to be done to have our car looking like it use to. Sadly to say they also said what was approved to be done will the car will not look right. So now I have to pay out of our pocket an extra $500.00 just to have our vehicle repainted to one color.I have had auto insurance all my life for 40 yrs and never been treated in such a manner. Nor was ever made so upset when I was not feeling well to begin with by you assigned adjuster that was sent to me by my insurance Company when I pay for full coverage to your insurance Company to have our vehicles protected!!! I spent most of my life with Farmers Insurance until approx. 3 years ago when we were convince by one of your agents that they would be able to save us $200.00 a year with the same COVERAGE WE WERE ALWAYS USE TO from our previous insurance company if we switched to Hartford Insurance, so we did. You have our home policy and both of our vehicles and never that I recall was the car rental fee disclosed to me if ever I needed to rent a car. It took an incident to happen and I file a claim, only to find out my rental per day is for $20.00 when I had always had $25.00 a day. I called ** 3/18/19 @ 8:30 advising him that I will be dropping my car off at Maaco @ 10:30 am and I needed arrangement to have a rent a car available. He then did a three-way calling to Enterprise to arrange to have a vehicle reserved for me. As I was on the line, he advised them that it will be for approx. 2-3 days, while my vehicle was being worked on. I interrupted him and said I was told that I was covered $20.00 a day up to $600.00 if needed and for him to state how long he feels I will need the car when he is not the one doing the work is unacceptable. Then the young lady from Enterprise cut him off and stated that they have the car reserved for 8 day if I need it. I then was advised by ** to call them when I arrive at Maaco to arrange for a pick-up and I then hung up. I arrived at Maaco @ 10:30 am to drop my car off and called Enterprise, only to find out that they claim that the pick-up was set for 6:00 pm by **. They were very nice and said that they can see he made a mistake and will be there in 15 minutes. When I arrived at Enterprise, they said for the amount that Hartford is allowing me, $20.00 a day, would only qualify me for their least expensive vehicle to rent to me. They pulled a Chevy Spark to the front and said that is what they have. I advised them that in no way was I going to get into such a small vehicle and they have to have something else. They said they can put me into a Dodge Dart and pointed to it but said if I choose to have that one that I needed to pay an extra $8.00 a day. I told them that I think that is very unfair that I have to pay anything when the Insurance Company is taking care of it. She said she was sorry but if I did not want the Chevy Spark because that's all $20.00 a day will allow me to have, that I will have to pay the difference. So for the fear of my life and family's life of getting into a vehicle so small, I agreed to the upgrade to the Dodge Dart and now I am on top of everything else have to pay an extra $8.00 a day. I feel that this whole thing is a total nightmare and we are sorry that we have transferred our services to the Hartford Insurance Company on the promise that you will provide us excellent service. The way I have been treated from the start from one of your own is unacceptable, and now I have to put out all this extra money in order to have my vehicle fixed properly and to be able to ride in a safe vehicle.
We have had this insurance company for several years now. Although we have had no claims to date they are great to work with. Learned of them through AARP and decided to get a quote, even though we had been with our previous company for many years we were able to save several hundred dollars. Every time we have contacted them by phone they have answered any questions quickly and updated any autos to add or delete asap. There are several payment options and with direct bank withdrawal there are no extra fees for monthly payments. Correspondence through email is quick such as sending proof of insurance for a new card. Would now and actually have recommended them to friends and family.
The AARP Hartford program is advertised as not raising your rate for an accident. FALSE ADVERTISING!!! I had caused some damage to my vehicle and just found out my car insurance went up 30% for the renewal!! This is usurious!! Stay away from this company!!! Additionally I tried to place my homeowners insurance with the Hartford. The idiot agent refused to sell large enough coverage to actually insure my home. They are a horrible company to do business with.
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