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Hanover Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Hanover
Overall average rating of 1.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 12 %
Overcharged and no refund for overpayment! For over a year we questioned the rates from Hanover/citizens insurance. When we change things on policy the rates would go up! We were trying to save! We recently purchase a used car in 12/16 and a used in 2/17 so we gave our oldest car away and took off policy. Our rate went up $290.00? Even the representative was confused. We cover myself, my husband and our 18 yr old son. All good driving records was the first thing Geico said when I called them. Saved $1935.00 going to Geico. We also increased bodily injury. Hard to believe. Feeling stupid for not checking earlier.So the second part of this is I paid my bill on 2/8/17 which wasn't even due til 2/24/17. 464.97 which 391.56 was for car ins. Geico so helpful on the phone switched everything on 2/24/17 and sent notice to Hanover. They agree on that date. I called to check on my refund on 3/4/17 and they tell me, we are even? I explained, that was March's payment that I no longer have! He said, "We recently had policy changes" and that was owed them now? I paid Geico my first premium in 2/24/17 for my March payment! I now will be going to the insurance commissioner! Not usually the one to make complaints but all of this is a huge injustice!
Today I had to speak with a claim rep, her name was Katie **. Make a long story short, she was the worst public worker I have ever come in contact with. Rude, extremely disrespectful, very nasty, snappy attitude, yelling over the phone at me to the point I couldn't understand her that I had to hang up. I am still in shock a public worker acted like this. She really is giving the Hanover insurance company a bad name. It's too bad to have someone like that working in the public eye. Anyone dealing with Hanover insurance company, beware of the claim rep Katie **.
My overall experience with finding the best auto insurance policy was not very fun as the ones who are reasonably priced tend to not cover as much with a long wait for returns if involved in any accidents. I love how fast Hanover Insurance Company caters to their customers needs especially when involved in a car accident. They have an estimate done with your vehicle ready within 2 weeks time. But I would change the five years that they go back on your driving history and the very high price ranges that they offer.
In March 8,2017 I got a leak in my roof from a bad storm. I hired a licensed roofer to check it out and make the repairs needed and update anything that needs it. Come May we have 3 days of nonstop rain and I make a claim on the leak because the roofer found nothing when I called him back. I just didn't want to make the claim and had no choice. 3 weeks before anyone came out. Nice man spent 3 hours here and said he can't find where the leak is and was sending another adjuster. She came with disposition I did not care for. Here for 3 hours and said could not find the leak. Sending engineer out. 2 weeks he comes and is here 20 min and tells me I need a cricket in the valley and I insist that is not the problem. I hire the pay 4800.00 for this cricket and it rains a week later and the roof leaks again. I call my agent and he says just do another claim.The new adjuster calls and tells me that he's not approving the claim before he even came out. The agent lets him know that I been a client for over 20 years and to come out. He comes looks and leaves and calls the next day to say he denied the claim because I never repaired the roof. He went up and saw the $4800.00 repair, I could not believe my ears. I insisted to have it writing. The upstairs of my home has ceiling falling and I continue to search for the leak.Very rude adjusters and no matter what you tell them or what they see they are right. I even asked for a new whole team of adjusters and there are none. This used to be a great company. I don't know what happened. Everytime I asked "what do you want me to do" their reply was "I DON'T KNOW, CAN'T HELP YOU." Even though you do what they say it's not good enough. I pay $2500.00 a year for insurance. I have a beautiful home. The best part now it shows 2 claims on my report with 0 pay outs, now what do I do? Watch out everyone. Not nice people working for them.
Overpriced. I have 2 cars and three drivers and they expect 490 a month! Just switched to Progressive and now I'm only playing 140! We haven't had an accident in over 5 years and shouldn't be treated so wrongfully. Who even pays that much for this?
Hanover Auto Insurance is the best insurance that I ever had in a while and also is cheap in many ways. Also, they give money back if you are with them for a year with no accident. The coverage is absolutely amazing in a good way and is a quality brand of insurance for me and my family. I recommend it to family and friends too.
Every year I perform a thorough search to find a more comprehensive policy and/or a better overall rate. I've had Hanover Auto Insurance for about 5 years now. By combining truck, homeowners, and umbrella policies, no other company has been able to scratch the surface of the rate or the coverage that I receive from Hanover. I save several hundred dollars annually and feel that I am well covered. Additionally, they value loyalty in their customers. This past year there was a glitch with my online bank payment for my policy causing it not to be renewed unbeknownst to me. My agent did not catch this but Hanover sent me a letter directly and allowed me to still renew my policy without interrupted coverage AND even better, they waived a late fee as a courtesy for my being a loyal customer. I would highly recommend this company (at least for someone who is claim-free with an excellent credit score!).
Flooded basement on Friday night. Noticed it Saturday and called Hanover Insurance Company. Was called back later in the day. They left a message. I followed up Sunday morning and claim representative asked some questions and said adjuster would call Monday. Monday it was 11:30 still no call. I called adjuster and he said they don’t come onsite and local remediation company would be onsite. Later Monday remediation company came out and just did a walk around. No suggestion to immediately start a outright cleanup to prevent mold, mildew or bacteria not even dehumidifiers. Heard nothing back that day. Called Adjuster Tuesday and he has the day off. I call claims advocate and they were helpful and at 12:30 an adjuster walked around and took pictures and said, "You don’t have sump pump." He is not sure it’s covered. He has to talk to his manager. Many phone calls later I called again and told my claim is denied. Why I was given a policy for a sump pump when I don’t have one is beyond me or why they sell it not asking if you have one. French drains and curtain drain backups are not covered. Why it took until the 4th day to tell me claim was denied is beyond me. I could have had ServPro out when I called them when I normative the flood. I will be switching insurance next month.
I'm going to sound like an echo here but here goes. Loyal customer for 20+ years, never had a claim, etc. My rates doubled, then tripled. I found another insurance agency that cut my rate back to a third of the Citizens' rates. My advice, run away from Citizens insurance. My husband and I noticed that Citizens Insurance was fine until Hanover took over the company. It seems that they are like a lot of 'take over' companies. Bleed all you can from the customers until there is nothing left and move on to the next take over. I'm just saying IMHO.
I was in an accident for the first time in 30 years and it was not my fault. I talked to my adjuster who did not inform me of much. He basically said to take my car where I wanted to get it fixed. Since the car is leased I chose to take it to the dealership. I was told to rent a car. I went to pick up my car from the dealership today and was informed that I needed to pay $500.00 deductible. The adjuster never told me and how would I know this especially since the accident was not my fault. The agent lied and said he gave me that information. Seriously, why would I go to get my car without money if he gave me the information? He and his supervisor basically told me I was stupid because I didn't know that I had to pay. I sat outside the dealership looking at my car and couldn't drive it home. My agent ** didn't care. My home and auto insurance will go elsewhere now and I will tell EVERYONE about my horrible experience with HANOVER INSURANCE!!!
Scammers, they are trying to find an excuse to deny my claim. My car had the tires and rims stolen. First, the appraisal want to price as used and record rims, super difficult to deal with. DON'T GO EVER WITH THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY EVER!!!
I have nothing good to say about Hanover Citizens insurance. I have had to beg to get my medical bills taken care of by Hanover. The car accident I was in was not my fault and yet I have been made to feel like a liar. I had surgery on my shoulder after many months of physical therapy. Hanover made me go to an appointment with a Dr. Casey **. He was not the nicest person to begin with then he wrote a report full of lies. Long story short they are refusing to pay. I'm stuck with less great credit because they took so long reviewing my claim (over three months!). These guys are just crooks. We have been with them for 15 years and this is how they treat their customers. Run and don't look back. They give insurance companies a bad name.
I was in an accident. The other party has Hanover Insurance. I was not at fault. Claims adjuster (Johnny **) claims I was fault that I didn't follow the rules of the road. According to their investigation that the other party’s not at fault, that I hit her, that they weren't going to pay for damages to my car. Had to get police report which states she was at fault for improper lane change. Still waiting a month later to get my car fixed and for them to re-reviewing the claim after sending the police report that clearly states who was at fault (not me). Very rude, ignorant adjuster. Worst insurance company to deal with and they don't return phone calls. Had to go through my insurance to deal with them.
If you are a business owner and you have Hanover Insurance as your insurance company, fire them. Immediately. It's been 35 plus days since my break in. Thousands of $ worth of camera gear stolen and not one payment on my claim. And it doesn't look like it will be paid in the next 2 weeks either. Yet every day that goes by, I can't work and earn money because my gear has been stolen.The guy has been caught and he is in jail. Yet here I am, without gear and without money to replace gear. I have filed a complaint with the State Insurance regulatory agency. They told me they still are not done investigating my claim. What is there to investigate? Guy has been caught, he's in jail and now I wait. You have also investigated me to so you know I have good credit, very little debt and now you still want to drag your feet? I am not sure what to do next... as I am at a loss. Shall I call my friends at the local news stations? Why have insurance if they refuse to pay? #Hanoverinsurance. Avoid them at ALL costs.
Would not refund money or bank stop fee of 27.00. They were taking money out of my checking even though I told them to stop over 2 years ago.
Great at charging for overpriced insurance and absolutely the worst at following through with claims. It took nearly 3 weeks for the adjuster to complete their work then they never called me and left the service provider waiting on my approval. After multiple calls to both and horrible treatment from citizens, I finally got the vehicle fixed 6 weeks later. Citizens told me I had been compensated with a rental CAR to replace my full size work pickup, so no work or boating from 1/2 the summer. 2.5 months later the 'repair' needed repairing again to the tune of $4000 and citizens refused to pay after giving the exact same level of service. Awful!
I was involved in an accident, and the driver has Hanover Insurance. Josh the Hanover rep told me if I wanted my car (2017 brand new) fixed I needed to file it on my insurance. A month later still waiting on a check; was told they would not pay for a rental car once my vehicle was repaired. I had to pay out of pocket for the repair to pick up my car from the collision center. Josh will not return my calls and when I have spoken with him he has been very rude.
My friend totaled my vehicle and Hanover refused to pay my claim.
I've had Hanover Auto Insurance since I was 18. It was a very small company at the beginning and they have been very friendly since then. Also, they know us all. I have never had a car accident... but every time I have a question they are more than happy to answer. I wish was cheaper... but since I've had this insurance for so long I don't know any better. I'm afraid of changing base on the good service we always get. I keep renewing... Everyone in my family has this company. It started with my In laws and then they have passed to their kids... now me. I guarantee you that my kids are going to use the same insurance.
They made changes to my policy, without asking, just to raise my rates. When I asked my agent to change them I was told Hanover wouldn't allow it. I tried to call Hanover myself and that is not allowed either. They will direct you back to the agent without answering any of your questions. I'm not allowed to speak to the insurance company I pay? That makes no sense. I'm done with them. Beware!
Hanover claims is a disaster. After an auto accident, they terminated my daughter's coverage & only paid for the cosmetic fix up & refused to pay for the damage to the mechanics of the car caused by the accident. My daughter had to pay $100 to replace cracked water pump & $1200 to repair a blown head gasket. All caused by the front end collision & the car overheating when driven to the body shop instead of being towed.
It seems that whoever runs the billing department at Hanover has never heard of customer service. In the past, I've been buried in premium revision notices, refused a refund of an overpayment and been double billed. The most recent action is the best example of how little Hanover thinks of its customers. I received a bill for my car insurance, I prepay the entire year and the premium is around $3,000. The payment was due on 12/31. I scheduled the electronic payment for 12/31 and could see it would arrive at Hanover on the next business day, granted, one day late.One week later, I received a cancellation notice from Hanover demanding payment of a premium they had already received. Now I get to waste more of my time dealing with these buffoons but I have a better idea. Apparently Hanover doesn't know there are other insurance companies out there that value their customers and this type of "customer service" is all the encouragement I need to change insurers. As for customer service, there is none. To quote them, "Your agent is the best source of information about this notice." Amazing since the notice didn't come from my agent. Avoid these people like the plague.
After being in the May 20th tornado, then getting our car totaled, the worst experience wasn't the tornado or the wreck. It was dealing with this company. Super slow on everything, never there to talk to. Made up so many excuses it was unbelievable. Apparently anyone can just become an agent at this company. It's been months since our claim and nothing. It's awful and we are so tired of it. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Worst customer service I've ever experienced.
First of all, I don't usually write reviews, but this is beyond the pale. DO NOT use this company. I have never had such a bad experience doing something as simple as cancelling an insurance policy. It seems the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing in billing department vs the other departments. Even though I clearly stated I was cancelling the policy, etc they continued to bill me for months after the date, I would get random amounts on bills in the mail-- it just basically felt like they were just making numbers up and sending out bills expecting you to pay them. It has taken me nearly 7 months to get something as simple as a policy cancellation finalized, and I finally just paid them an amount to make them go away, as I just couldn't deal with it any more and it was not worth the headache. I never even had a claim, etc with them. I can't even imagine what kind of experience it would be with that, given something this simple was so awful. STAY AWAY!
Utilizing the automatic payment at Hanover Auto Insurance was easy and nice to receive a small discount for going paperless. The email correspondence was convenient when initially setting up the insurance. Being able to print proof of insurance immediately was also convenient. I used an insurance broker to help make the decision. They helped with all the paperwork and finding the best policy for my needs. An improvement though would making the billing a little more detailed as to what the charges mean and are for. Wish emails were sent out to remind when a payment is due.
Hanover doesn't raise the price on insurance and they down on the payment every year. They are perfect in every way. My overall experience with them has been wonderful. I've been dealing with Hanover for years. I love this company and no one can get me to switch companies.
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